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Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park is one of 77 officially designated community areas located on the northwest side of Chicago, Illinois.

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The only reason I know about Humboldt park is the Latin king gangland that used to come on 😂💯
1 killed in McKinley Park, 3 shot, including 14-year-old, in Humboldt Park.
2 men, teen boy shot in Humboldt Park drive-by
I've lived in Lawndale, Bridgeport, and Humboldt Park when it was bad. Trust me, I'm aware.
Thanks to DNAinfo for the article. We are happy to be part of the Lincoln Common.
Bullets rip through Humboldt Park Family Dollar for 2nd time in 6 months
The best dance critic continues to be Joan Acocella. @ Humboldt Park, Chicago
A man was standing on a front porch in West Humboldt Park when someone walked up and shot him:…
Renovated apartments filled with amenities in Humboldt Park! via
Philly Bros cheesesteak shop moves from Humboldt Park to area.
A 27-year-old man was shot in the back here in Humboldt Park near Division and Springfield. He was standing on the…
Man, 27, shot on front porch of Humboldt Park home
Growing up in Humboldt Park this wouldn’t have phased me, but now that ish scared the ish out me just now.
Even the national currency in Puerto Rico is American dollars. I'm sitting in humboldt Park eating a pincho. Is this really happening?
His music even spoke to this Puerto Rican Chic from Humboldt Park. I will forever be a grateful and a fan.
The only acceptable way to fill a pothole @ Humboldt Park, Chicago
Website Builder 728x90
Humboldt Park about to be bussin huh
My tree looks even more beautiful today than it did yesterday. @ Humboldt Redwoods State Park
Learned so much today about affordable housing & gentrification visiting w/my colleagues…
Humboldt Park, with its own heron. Middle of the city.
This eve I'm going to a Humboldt Park update on PR hurricane response, then driving up to drop off books for this 1/
The Puerto Rican community in Humboldt Park Chicago has a massive supply drive going on if you're in the area & can contribute.
A little reminder from our stage in Humboldt Park to the are loved. Remember that.…
Want to help Puerto Rico hurricane victims? Here's 7 ways to donate locally
We would love to show you our listing at 442 North SPRINGFIELD Avenue Chicago-Humboldt Park, IL. Contact Angel...
So many people seeing their first Shakespeare play today in Humboldt Park. Love…
Come see at Chill on the Hill at Humboldt Park in Bayview!
Chicago's first caviar bar opens next week in Humboldt Park
4 wounded in Humboldt Park shooting via
4 wounded in Humboldt park shooting
Four people shot in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood
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4 wounded in Humboldt Park neighborhood shooting
Four people shot in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood:
At the scene in 900 block of Monticello Ave in Humboldt Park where 4 people were reportedly shot
Hendrik and I hiking in the Red Woods on our families camping trip! @ Humboldt Redwoods State Park
If you're visiting Chicago the best places to go is: . Parkway Gardens . North Lawndale. Gage Park . Humboldt Park . My fave i…
Rahm Emanuel just got booed while dedicating a kids baseball field in Humboldt Park
Nothing changed at a Humboldt Park. Every year fights
Threatening clouds on the far horizon. @ Humboldt Park Beer Garden
Our friends at the West Humboldt Park Healthy Community Initiative are leading a family cooking class at the...
Everybody n they mama is still outside in Humboldt Park lll
UPDATE: A man killed early Monday in a Humboldt Park shooting has been identified as 33-year-old Deandre Robinson.
Puerto Rican Fest organizer in Milw., WI announced, no one under age 17 without a parent allowed into Aug. 13, 2017 PRfest at Humboldt Park.
Enough is enough? Call in National Guard. Shut city down at night. -Shooting in Humboldt Park becomes 300th homicide
Shooting in Humboldt Park becomes city's 300th homicide Way to go Chicago!. London, Kabul & Baghdad were SAFER!
Glad I didn’t go to the PR fest in Humboldt Park
Went to Endor today, but I didn't see any ewoks. @ Humboldt Redwoods State Park
A 33-year-old man was shot and killed in Humboldt Park:
Not to be confused with the Park family: Morgan, Norwood, Lincoln, Albany and Humboldt.
Exploring Humboldt Park, of course I had to stop for a glass of rosé and a nosh. @ Café Marie…
when the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind !! @ Humboldt Redwoods State Park
taken from my car at 3100 wabansi in Humboldt Park
Match of the weekend: Rochelle Probst beat Christine McPherson at Humboldt Park: 5-7, 6-4, 7-5.
Hey, how are you supposed to park in the handicap spaces with this in the way??? Humb…
Great Job this weekend by the organizers of the Puerto Rican Festivities in Humboldt Park and the Taco Fest in Pilsen.Orgullo Latino!!
This is every white person who just moved to Humboldt Park rn
"A cautionary drama about Mexi-Rican twins from Humboldt Park and the price they pay for their…
You ain't from humboldt park if you don't know the Chicago classic cruisers 💯
Who's tryin to go to humboldt park for the Puerto Rican fest lol 🇵🇷
Ponch & John having fun while keeping people safe at Puerto Rican fest in Humboldt Park.
The only report I give a thumbs up to. No negativity what so ever . Thank you NBC and Telemundo for a good report...
Humboldt Park shootings wound seven people since Saturday:
Humboldt Park shootings wound 7 people since Saturday
Hey, Luis, I was on active duty with the IL National Guard in Humboldt Park (your old district) when you…
did you know the armory in Humboldt Park has a massive auditorium?…
Our journey continues in the Humboldt Park neighborhood on the west side
Drew, Meredith & Dan explore their (redwood) roots on Avenue of the Giants, Humboldt State Park CA
Ancient redwood on the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt State Park CA
For a moment late Thursday afternoon, it seemed like everyone in Humboldt Park had turned out to welcome home...
Big crowd here in Humboldt Park to greet Oscar Lopez Rivera
I'm so excited to attend the tomorrow in Humboldt Park. Definitely check out this awesome festival
Humboldt Park street renamed for freed FALN leader via
Oscar López Rivera receives a hero's welcome home in Humboldt Park after release from prison. Huge crowd cheers…
At the welcome home celebration in Humboldt Park
Marching at Humboldt Park for welcome celebration!
Big crowd waiting to welcome in Humboldt Park Chicago!
Got the info for Saturday's game. 9:00 at Humboldt Park against Muchin
Excited that John LaTorre, who pastors here in west Humboldt Park, is up for Coach of the Year with the Chicago Bulls!…
Common Johnny!!! Vote for Jr. NBA Coach of the Year! Pastor John Latorre with New Life Humboldt Park deserves…
Humboldt Park street renamed for freed FALN
Humboldt Park street renamed for freed FALN leader .
Anyone wanna be my roommate in humboldt park starting august 1
images & posters everywhere on Division in Humboldt Park.
Humboldt Park street renamed for freed FALN leader
Panorama view of celebration at Humboldt Park boathouse! .
Big crowd at Humboldt Park boathouse for freedom celebration! .
After three decades in prison, Chicago welcomes home Oscar Lopez Rivera with a parade through Humboldt Park
OK, so we are planning for a lead-up workout tomorrow morning at Humboldt Park, in Bay View, 830a, at the bier garden,...
The smallest frog in the N.Hemisphere (9mm) rests on a thumbnail in Humboldt National Park, . . Monte Iberia……
Pepe from the Rockstar Colony wants us to smile and have a nice day. @ Humboldt Park, Chicago
Humboldt Park cell tower plans ditched over health concerns
Here's how Art Administrator Gibran Villalobos is using to talk about increasing Latinos in leadership:…
So great to see the new comprehensive diabetes center at It's poised to do great work in Humboldt Park.
CPS got $5.3M for Courtenay, the sole N Side school closed in '13. Ward in Humboldt Park sold for $10K & Armstrong in Austin sold for $250K
Humboldt Park is stunning as the colors of spring explode into bloom
Just a heads up; H Block isn't in Hyde Park, its in Roxbury. Humboldt, Hutchins's, Homestead, Harold, ***
Red-winged black bird from our walk yesterday in Humboldt Park.…
Lol these park district workers chillin on a bench bumping hardcore Chicano Rap I feel like im at Humboldt Park or Harrison back in the day
Bullet grazes man's head as he drives in Humboldt Park
BREAKING: Rahm praises order blocking Trump from cutting off aid to sanctuary cities
Is there still that sweet swing at bicknell park in humboldt? If so I'm totally going when I'm home next if not I'm gonna cry
According to trash *** Javy Baez, it's not HUMBOLDT Park, it's Humble Park... so that's what I'll call it from now on lol .
PT for in Blue Island, Carol Stream, Chicago Heights, Humboldt Park and Kenilworth. Details here
The neighborhood of Humboldt Park borders a 200-plus acre park of the same name and is a…
Anybody doing anything tonight? Imma be around Humboldt Park and Pilsen. Lemme know whats good
More than a third of women in West Englewood and Humboldt Park have been victims of the highest level in…
Daniel Kralik gets 26 years for strangling his girlfriend, Victoria McManus, in 2014 in Humboldt Park apartment.…
Need a little inspiration for your home renovation? Take a look at this two-flat in Humboldt Park.
This Canada Goose photo bombed my iPhone vid of this absolutely gorgeous Wood Duck on Earth Day at Humboldt Park...
Humboldt Park warehouse-turned-rehearsal space shutters, leaving local bands in search of new places to jam…
Javy Baez in all his fine *** glory in Humboldt Park today.why did I miss this?!!?!?! 😩😫😩
Today's a great day for as he gets an honorary street sign in Humboldt Park!
Someone got a good deal on the longtime Humboldt Park clubhouse of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club
Here's Humboldt (127) sitting in the park, looking shifty.
I wish Riot Fest would come back to Humboldt Park. We (the true residents of HP) miss you and are still fighting to bring y…
WATCH: Stolen van smashes into taco truck in Humboldt Park ...
on a side note, why tf does Sancho say he's from Humboldt park?! 🤔
Neat event on the Milwaukee River this Saturday. Hope to see you there. Turtle Park - just north of Humboldt.
Craig sets up a gofundme and doesn't care:
See our latest IL and click to apply: Biomedical Technician I - Humboldt Park -
They gonna Go Crazy for these in little village and Humboldt Park.
Approved today by City Council: Cubs 2B Javy Baez will have an honorary street sign in Humboldt Park.
Look at this poseur - the great explorer himself, Humboldt (127) returns to the park!
Heard a dude say Humboldt Park (we live here) is full of millennials and just like Wicker Park. I'm like, where are they?
making a difference in Humboldt Park
it is so true. I did my time in Humboldt park bro. Weeest side!!
Ask me how long I've been waiting for this moment. Hint: forever. @ Humboldt Park, Chicago
The materials at Humboldt Park's Read/Write Library tell the story of Chicago by Chicagoans in their own words. https:/…
Spike your milkshake with Spinning J’s new BYOB menu: The Humboldt Park soda fountain's customizable cocktails are…
Serving the homeless and less fortunate packed meals in Humboldt Park for The Night Ministry…
hope they know they were in Humboldt Park lmao
Rent this three-bedroom apartment in Humboldt Park for $1,239
Humboldt park. Can u put pegs on a SpaceGhostPurrp mixtape and let some of my short time.
I wrote a new Dead DIY Space piece on memorializing The Beach House in Humboldt Park!.
Puerto Rican girl that caught white guy looking at her - m4w (Humboldt Park)
You live in Trump Tower never go to China/Greek town little village Pilsen, Humboldt park, Devon ave. Just eat Stea…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Chicago City Council approves naming Humboldt Park street in honor of
Background on Oscar Lopez. I am sure my old Humboldt Park neighborhood is celebrating tonight.
been living in Humboldt Park just outside of Logan Square
Humboldt Park makes feel at home in Chicago.
I'm in the bass with Sindoolaa today 2:30p at Chill On the Hill, Humboldt Park bandshell.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel walks through a garage to greet a woman on her back porch after an event in Humboldt Park.
HEY! Pratt Beach is hot between 7-9pm. Washington Sq Park has Scythers. Humboldt Park has Pikachu.
Shooting on the edge of West Town & Humboldt Park kills 1 person, wounds 1, police say
Two men wounded in Humboldt Park shooting -
Two men wounded in Humboldt Park shooting
A 24-year-old man was shot to death in Humboldt Park:
Just opened for the Humboldt Park Orchestra with Jeffrey Martinez!
I checked in at Humboldt Park Beer Garden on
What are you doing about gun violence in Humboldt Park?
Back in a long time in Humboldt Park getting ready for the *** March...
Artists of Chicago! We are accepting art for a new show at a new space in Humboldt Park! If you make New Medi...
oh the *** March! its at two in uhhh Humboldt park I think
Somebody just took a dome shot by the park smh it's still going up
Humboldt park needs my undivided care. Lol . Good luck to everyone out there.
Love this East Humboldt Park condo! Recently rehabbed, 2 bed 2 bath with a private deck. Just a block to the...
Shooting in Humboldt Park at Washtenaw and Potomac. Red tape. Assumed targeted gang attack.
It's kind of like a more assholey Humboldt Park
Man shot in Humboldt Park: A man was shot in Humboldt Park on Friday evening.
Save the date! Team LSNA will be racing in the upcoming Humboldt Park 5k on August 14, 2016. More info on how to...
Sitting in on meeting of West Humboldt Park Special Service Area (biz improvement district). Great tool for n'hood stewardship
Leaving Sunnyvale for County at noon. This time tomorrow we're leaving to hike a few groves in Jedediah Smith State Redwood Park.
Old-growth redwoods tower above the forest floor in Rockefeller Forest of Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California.
The beat the Humboldt Eagles 12-0 at the Arcata Ball Park. Matt Burwell gets the W for the five twos! Next game Fri…
Latin Kings: mostly found in Humboldt Park, treat 99% of black people like GDs or opps, often have 1 black member http…
Police searching for driver that struck woman in Humboldt Park,
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Same woman shot twice this month in West Humboldt Park
The tree on the left grew up in Humboldt Park. The tree on the right moved here 3 years ago and…
Not the Alejo's Boathouse Cafe in Humboldt Park Chicago, but Richmond's famous Boathouse Restaurant. It is...
Humboldt Park Interns! (After 2.5hrs of Cerner training we're still smiling)
We sure got messy today making The space smells great! @ Humboldt Park YOUMedia
Who doesnt know what Humboldt Park is 😒😒😒😒
The landscape is lush and green in Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Humboldt County, California
Employee steals boss' identity to buy a car. Welcome to
Filming a mayonnaise commercial in Humboldt Park on the children's playground
A friend's condo just went on the market near me in Humboldt Park. Great location!
near the Garfield Park Conservatory for about an hour. Then on to Humboldt Park. Sing for
Two of the 53 people shot so far this weekend were in Humboldt Park, walking on Pulaski.
Shyt just last year we N Humboldt Park @ da P.R carnival & parade & N broad daylight with all da police present dis mf-ers started shooting
We're happy to announce we're performing at Chill on the Hill in MKE on June 28th at Humboldt Park!
3 men arrested after shots were fired in Humboldt Park, leading families at the park to run from the scene: police
Update your maps at Navteq
I will Presume working at NaughtyNailz in Humboldt Park, 3634 W Fullerton Ave Chicago Il 60647. Monday-Friday:...
eh, it's Humboldt Park what ya expect?!? It's not Oak Brook or Lake Forest...
There's an all-purpose utility to Humboldt Park's new corner bakery. Review:
Street closures along Division between Cicero and Kostner from Tuesday's fire at Buyer's Flea Market in Humboldt Park.
Humboldt Park has several great vehicle campgrounds you can use as staging to go deeper into the…
Stop off the 606 for doughnuts at this cafe, and you'll hear an inspiring refugee story, too
Thanks for once again filming on my block on the coldest day of winter forcing me to park blocks away. Humboldt hates you!
Historic Humboldt Park home no more. Demolished to build five new $900,000 homes.
well *** bro I live on kedzie. Mf always say humboldt park west side but I never really be thinking that
$1,500 Gets This Top-Floor Three-Bedroom Apartment in Humboldt Park: It's certainly rental grade, but at the price,…
Cyclist pulled off bike, robbed by group on The 606 after hours, police say
Avenue of the Giants, Humboldt Redwoods State Park. After spending a day driving through the rest of Oregon we...
Black women are amazing. Bless the sisters.
RCN...what would it take for you to offer service in Logan Square/Humboldt Park? A petition? A bribe? HELP!!! ATT & Comcast SUCK
We have a great need for more members at Humboldt Park 4th of July Association
Breast Cancer Awareness
Not just another story about another new doughnut shop
606 doughnut shop owner was inspired by her mom's strength fleeing Eritrea as a refugee
What mighty Wood you have between your legs! @ Avenue Of The Giants - Humboldt Redwoods State Park
"Asked how she juggles managing the restaurant in Rosemont, starting a business in Chicago and taking care of...
Keep eye out for National Ultra Sport bike, taken in '606' mugging, victim says
Unique cloud and rainbow formation over Humboldt Park Chicago
This woman is an inspiration. Also, donuts.
Donut Delight owner cites mom who escaped war in Africa as inspiration behind new cafe
make doughnuts part of your trip to here's the story behind Donut Delight
Cyclist jumped, robbed while riding along the 606
The city put $1 million toward a forgivable loan program to fight gentrification along the 606 in Humboldt Park .
Police: Man shot to death in Humboldt Park
Greystone with unique angular ionic columns at California and Division across from Humboldt Park
Th tallest tree recorded is located in Humboldt Redwoods State Park California.It is a coast redwood nd has been measured at 117 metres high
"A developer is betting on Humboldt Park, with plans to build five homes with starting prices above $900,000...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Thx! Come visit my studio in Humboldt Park. We'll go for some Rican food.
Reading articles about gentrification in Humboldt Park. Not a good way to start my day.
I feel so sad for original residents of Humboldt park. 10 years ago this would never have happened. Sad.
WDS (storage/distribution) leased 88,140 sf of space, which includes 21,910 sf we are adding
At least 8 injured in shootings since Thursday afternoon, including man shot in the face in Humboldt Park
.should walk through Park without a gun.
CALL TO ARTISTS! Looking for artists for our 3rd year at our new location, Humboldt Park! We are now a monthly...
UPDATE: Man critically wounded in Humboldt Park shooting.
Man critically wounded in Humboldt Park shooting.. Related Articles:
Man shot, critically wounded in Humboldt Park
7/12/2016-Humboldt Park's racial tensions surface online over a top 50 list of HP Movers and Shakers that excludes longtime comm. leaders.
A 19-year-old man was shot multiple times in the face today in Humboldt Park, taken in critical condition to Sinai
Man, 24, shot in the face in Humboldt Park alleyway, police say:
Starlin Castro on growing up in Chicago, moving to New York and where to score killer oxtail in Humboldt Park
.Humboldt Park is also seeing growth, according Rodkin, as are neighborhoods along the 606 trail
That address sounds more like Garfield park ,Humboldt Park starts further north!
1 in custody after Humboldt Park barricade situation
Hogsalt vets at Bar Marta stealthily take Humboldt Park
A team of Hogsalt Hospitality vets stealthily take Humboldt Park with the stellar Bar Marta.
here are the co-community quarterbacks for Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood -
Chicago Sun Times - 3-year-old boy shot in the head in Humboldt Park
3-year-old boy shot in head in Humboldt Park | Chicago Sun-Times
Places like Chicago's Humboldt Park or Buzzerville on the Southside are a lot easier for outsiders to navigate now.
Open Mic tonight at Richmond's (Grand/Richmond) in Humboldt Park. Starts at 9 pm, No cover, cheap drinks!
Not Cool: Someone is robbing ice cream trucks in West Humboldt Park.
Also? I'm very very excited to move and live in Humboldt Park.
Go (gang only). City of go. Late nights in humboldt Park on the L . Spaulding sh☆t. Hirsh luv . Amo
South and west sides. Also bad: Humboldt Park, Back of the Yards, Grand Crossing, Little Village, Pilsen, Lawndale...a few more
ayee. I'm looking at Pilsen or Humboldt or Wicker Park
I think Geli & her titties is from Humboldt Park lol
*** Humboldt Park bad too lol that's what my auntie told me
Look who surprised me on my last day in Chicago...all the way from Toronto ✈️ @ Humboldt Park
Raul Lagunas shot to death near home in Humboldt Park
My cousin: "if she calls him tell her we will cut her, we do it Humboldt Park style"
So very needed. Fresh air and big beers. (@ Humboldt Park Beer Garden in Milwaukee, WI w/
Nice redwood bowtie for your next event. @ Humboldt Redwoods State Park
Man suffers critical burns in Humboldt Park -
Lincoln Report (Man suffers critical burns in Humboldt Park)...
A 28-year-old man shot to death this morning in Humboldt Park has been identified as Raul Lagunas.
now i'm back and it feels like i never left. @ Humboldt Park
Yet the Blue line suburban Yipster wanna be's think Humboldt Park is up and coming.
Me when I get back to Chicago and get active in Humboldt Park with the fam
you live in Humboldt park bruh you should know
A man who has burns to his legs is in critical condition at Stroger. Police say they're not sure yet how it happened.
Man suffers critical burns in Humboldt Park   10% Off
Police: Ice cream truck drivers robbed at gunpoint in Humboldt Park
Man injured in Humboldt Park neighborhood shooting
Police: Person shot to death in Humboldt Park -
Lincoln Report (Police: Person shot to death in Humboldt Park)...
Person shot to death in Humboldt Park
Prosecutors: A 14-year-old girl was blindfolded, sexually assaulted by men for days in the Humboldt Park neighborhood
Police: Person shot to death in Humboldt Park
chicagonewsnow: Police: Person shot to death in Humboldt Park
My discovery of day 4: wandering around Humboldt Park (on the left), nice beer and lunch at…
Thousands paraded from Ashland Avenue & Division Street to the Kosciuszko monument in Humboldt Park in 1957.
Ever seen 450 HS students doing community service together? Come to Humboldt Park 8am Tuesday to see what is all about!
Building permit for veterans affordable housing in Humboldt Park issued cc:
Report: Chicago police: 7-year-old fatally shot in the chest in Humboldt Park - http…
"A lot of people think gentrification is this benign, natural thing... but in Wicker Park and Humboldt Park it involved a lot of politics."
Canceling my plans for going to the P.R.fest at humboldt park today. Upset stomach & vomiting since last night ugh! No bueno 😩 😩 😩
If I ever just almost got hit by a ratchet... Relax bro, humboldt park ain't going anywhere 😒
Puerto Rican Pride across the street from my house
About to drive through Humboldt Park. Pray for your girl 😩😂.
I guess honking your horn driving down Humboldt Park streets lets people know just how Puerto Rican you are.
Abouta be blessed w life at humboldt park😍😩
Tomorrow after CHURCH Service, I will be in Humboldt Park CELEBRATING!! XOX TEXT ME TO LINK UP!! . HOPE...
kinda trash for not having any Puerto Rican stickers for Humboldt Park in Chicago today.
Found my first white dude walking around Humboldt Park documenting damages!
I'm shooting Humboldt Park/Puerto Rican Fest on assignment but can't help feeling like I'm some pro-RiotFest narc looking for "evidence"
FYI: Tennis courts at Humboldt Park are wide open.
Puertorican Fest is today and I live in Humboldt Park .
Buya, setting up for Fiestas Patronales 2015, Humboldt Park. 4pm
Humboldt is LIT baby! I love my beautiful Boricua people! @ Humboldt Park & Division Street, Chicago
Too much traffic in Humboldt park lol.
We are marching in Humboldt Park to demand freedom for Oscar Lopez!
Hanging out at the at Humboldt Park celebrating at the booth
This is wild I aint been to humboldt park in about 4yrs! The roots
First time in Humboldt Park and obviously I had to snap a pic of this awesome…
Catch me and at Humboldt park zoo passing out flyers for his shoot lol hate that place
Chilling with the cruisers of Puerto Rico in Humboldt Park.
Waiting for the parade to begin . YA TU SABES! @ Humboldt Park
While everyone is heading into Humboldt park for the festival I'm trying to leave my house/neighborhood. Thank...
Man nobody is down to head over to Humboldt Park for the fest 😒 scary *** ***
Here with T. Rios, Alix Shaw and for Tramps of Our Flora in Humboldt Park. About to stroll!
Screw working near Humboldt Park, especially this weekend!
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