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Humanitarian Award

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Congrats Dr Fraser Golding Humanitarian Award. Nomination: "made us feel a crucial part of our daughter's med team"
Favorite Humanitarian Award I teared watching that segment. "Trying to change the world you find…
George Clooney won the Humanitarian Award last night at the Golden Globes for his bold, brave and daring decision to finally get married.
Rightful honor! given Cecil B. DeMille award. Saluting his humanitarian efforts & work in the Darfur region of Sudan.
George Clooney honoured with Cecil B DeMille Award at for contribution to cinema and humanitarian work.
Remember when Jodie Foster got the humanitarian award and then came out on the Globes and gave this totally wacky speech? (con)
Congratulations George Clooney for your award and your humanitarian statement! "We will not walk in fear. Je suis Charlie."
The George Clooney - Amal Alamudding humanitarian award joke was probably one of the best jokes in awards show history.
Nice things said of your father by George Clooney in his humanitarian award. It was touching. Watch the stars up above I do.
Well deserved lifetime achievement and humanitarian award for Congrats!
- Oprah Winfrey accepts her Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 2011 Governors Awards
recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award Congratulations for being such a great director and humanitarian!
just nodding to you on Humanitarian Award for Jeff told me ;-)
Clooney receives lifetime award at Golden Globes, lauded for “not forgetting where he’s from.” I appreciate his humanitarian efforts, but...
So happy that George Clooney got the Cecile B. DeMille Award for all of his humanitarian causes and for his work in television/movies. ;-D
Maybe his humanitarian work played a part in getting the award?
Commercial transition fail. Humanitarian award- great speech by looney- ad for banal 50 shades tripe.
Relationship goal George Clooney thanking me for being his wife in his humanitarian award acceptance speech
The Cloon Man.Well deserved honoree of the Cecil B. DeMille award @ the Golden Globes. Guy is a fantastic actor and even bett…
So sure, give Clooney the handsome humanitarian award. I think he's earned it.
getting Cecile B DeMills Award. He is a Great Actor-Director, Humanitarian for people around the World.
Julianna presenting Humanitarian Award to Clooney. She looks lovely with her pale skin; much better than fake orange tan.
Congrats on your cecil demille award Class act on, off and huge humanitarian 👍
Such an amazing acceptance speech by Ben Affleck yesterday at the People's Choice Awards when he accepted the Humanitarian Award. He quoted, "It's important for me to try my hand at philanthropy because I want to leave behind a record of someone who did more than just gobble up stuff for themselves. I realized that a life lived for yourself is not much of a life. There's no guarantee when you set out to change the world that you'll be in any way successful except it's absolutely guaranteed that you'll change yourself and that I have found to be true."
I will be proud to announce the 2014 A Valley and Beyond Humanitarian Award Winner later today.
Getting ready to perform for professor Robert C Gallo during his 2014 global humanitarian award recipient.USA
‘I used to think being me would be a barrier': transgender woman honoured with humanitarian award
Go to jail? More like win humanitarian of the year award!
Bon Jovi to receive humanitarian award - via
Transgender woman recognized: Wed, Dec 10 – An Alberta woman is being honoured with a humanitarian award for paving…
We will bestow our Humanitarian Award on philanthropist this Sunday during our ceremony.
“The man should be given a humanitarian award.” Absolutely
The man should be given a humanitarian award.
BEAUTIFUL FACES has been named a finalist for the 2014 Accolade Humanitarian Award. We're honored to be in the...
( ) Humanitarian Award for advancing the arts for Chicago's underprivileged...
The Chairman’s Award recognizes employees for extraordinary contributions to the community. Nominations du…
Terry Fox Humanitarian Award is up on our blog. $28,000 scholarship. Check it out. Deadline is February 1
Congrats Dear on yet another well deserved Award 4 all yr Humanitarian work
Thank you to for the honor of receiving the James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award last week! -TT http:…
Now your Mayor and Sharpton will charge you for police brutality and give him a award for humanitarian activities!!
They should name a Humanitarian Award after you
congratulations & in receiving the most prestigious award! It's a proud moment for all the members of humanitarian fmly
The City of Sandy Springs is accepting Nominations for its 2015 Humanitarian Award honoring the legacy of Dr.
Congratulations to Elspeth Garman on being given the Humanitarian Award from
Garfield HS's (Seattle) BSU wins humanitarian award for their work in social justice!.
Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City wins the Top Company for Diversity & Talent Development Award! Congrats to
Every American should listen to Jim Vallvano's speech from the 1993 ESPY'S upon receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award!
Congratulations to the best basketball player of all time mr laker and wonderful humanitarian for winning SI sportsman award
Unlike anti-Hindu NGOs, No Hindu-Saint ever awarded with a Magsaysay or other award for mass humanitarian activities!
and Tony Blair oh wait American branch of Save the Children gave him a humanitarian award last month
Jon Bon Jovi to receive Humanitarian Award on Tuesday Nov 18th in Philadelphia via
Andy Murray presented with the ATP Humanitarian Award named after the great Arthur Ashe. Nice moment and well deserved for …
Accepting With Joy, and Barbs - Harry Belafonte will be a recipient of the Jean Hersholt award ...
.will receive the 2014 Hope and Inspiration Humanitarian Award on Nov 15. More info & tickets:
Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all! ❤️. Great article! …
The submission deadline of the 18th Luis Valtueña Humanitarian Photography Award competition expires shortly!
to receive the 2014 Hope and Inspiration Humanitarian Award
Celebrating my Humanitarian Award with colleagues at NSW African Australian Awards last night.
Congratulations to H&M for the award Humanitarian of the year
Inflatable baby incubator wins award. Sounds good humanitarian aid
So honored to have won the Humanitarian and Science award from my main gal pal on the left ☺️…
"Congratulations for being awarded “The Emirates Woman of the Year Award 2014” in Humanitarian Category. Thank you ★
HIV/AIDS org to bestow humanitarian award on Linda Gray
received 2013 Humanitarian Award for volunteer work through and ht…
Girl, you are amazing. You should win a humanitarian award. Not for the charity work, but for keeping ur cool in the face of evil
yes I'm with you on that thought. Animal Rights/ Humanitarian of the Year Award, Anyone?
H&M wins Humanitarian of the Year Award. Today the company employs more than 116,000 people, 77% of whom are women!
The Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School has named humanitarian Eric Gre
freedom award dinner in Newyork raised more than 4.5 million to aid in humanitarian work
Congratulations to for being honored with the 2014 Hope and Inspiration Humanitarian Award!
Harry Belafonte Receives Humanitarian Oscar: Harry Belafonte, who will receive the Jean Hersholt award from th...
HIV/AIDS org to bestow humanitarian award on | QNotes
Vanderbilt YMCA’s Mike Beck was awarded with the ANIBIC’s 2014 Humanitarian Award on October 19th.
Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are accepting the Humanitarian Award, Derek Hough…
Michael was presented with this Humanitarian Award at the October, 2003 Radio Music Awards by Beyoncé.
Congratulations to board member Bob McNair for the Humanitarian Award!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
George Clooney made his red carpet debut with fiancee Amal Alamuddin over the weekend – and he also revealed details about their upcoming wedding. On Sunday, the Oscar winner was at an event where he received a Humanitarian Award in Florence, Italy, and he shared with the crowd info on where he and Amal will tie the knot. George revealed the news as he and British lawyer Amal attended the Celebrity Fight Night gala, benefitting The Andrea Bocelli Foundation and The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center.
Khan is featured in the University of Oxford's Hall of Fame and has been an honorary fellow of Oxford's Keble College.[80] In 1976 as well as 1980, Khan was awarded The Cricket Society Wetherall Award for being the leading all-rounder in English first-class cricket. In 1983, he was also named Wisden Cricketer of the Year In 1983, he received the president’s Pride of Performance Award In 1985, Sussex Cricket Society Player of the Year In 1990, Indian Cricket Cricketer of the Year[29] In 1992, Khan was given Pakistan's civil award, the Hilal-i-Imtiaz On 8 July 2004, Khan was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2004 Asian Jewel Awards in London, for "acting as a figurehead for many international charities and working passionately and extensively in fund-raising activities."[164] On 7 December 2005, Khan was appointed the fifth Chancellor of the University of Bradford, where he is also a patron of the Born in Bradford research project. On 13 December 2007, Khan received the Humanitarian Award at t ...
ray rice? Probably not. The way things are in the NFL he'll get a humanitarian award or some idiotic thing
George Clooney makes an uncharacteristic overshare about hisforthcoming wedding:
Ram Dass being awarded the Spiritual Humanitarian Award via Skype at Bhakti Fest right now. He said, "I love you... http:/…
My sister was nominated for Glenn J. Winuk Humanitarian Service Award, so proud of her!!
It is truly humbling to be recognized among such exceptional Black Heroes and Role Models.This painting is by world renowned artist Davood Roostaei. Davood's painting has been sold to many presidents and hundreds of world's biggest stars and he has donated over $25 million to many charities. Please join Davood as he receives the 2014 African Humanitarian Award at the 2014 African Oscar Awards Sept 13th at the Beverly Hills NAFCA - African Oscar Get your tickets now at To know more about Davood, please visit
Honoured to present Slaight Music Humanitarian Award to my talented & caring friend
Hooray for Harry Belafonte! He'll get the Oscar's Humanitarian Award! It's very well deserved.
Well looks like Ray Rice isn't in contention for the Humanitarian award anymore..
As if wasn't getting enough attention, & Amal Alamuddin to wed in later this month.
Giving Ray Rice hope. Worse offenders like Jim Brown can will Ali Humanitarian Award Winners - ABC News via
Former Somalian refugee wins Young Humanitarian of the Year award for work in Manitoba.
ahhh Venice! Lovely choice as are most involving Italy! And congrats on humanitarian award too! Grazie grazie!
Dr. Carol Shields will be receiving the Humanitarian award at the Melanoma Research Foundation's Wings of Hope Gala
Congratulations to winner of Humanitarian Award last night.
(1960) Helen Keller receives a Humanitarian Award in 1961 from District Governor William Smith (left) and Second...
- Another one bites the hopes trashed.
so now that it's obvious you are pro domestic violence will Ray McDonald get a raise? Maybe a humanitarian award?
if Blair can get Humanitarian award why not Blatter?
William Daniels has been awared Humanitarian Visa d'Or award in Perpignan. His work in is impressive:
Asixa takes out CILTA humanitarian award
Dr Magnani of & Herbek humanitarian award for screening http:/…
News: Clooney reveals wedding will be in Venice: George was presented with the Humanitarian Award at the...
Winner of ICRC Humanitarian Visa d'Or award, William Daniels pic of displaced people queuing, Bangui
Her last award was given 2 her in 2009. She was named Humanitarian of the Year by the ACM. God bless U & LeAnn always!
George Clooney Talks Wedding Charity Event in Italy: So far, the veil of secrecy! Receive a Humanitarian Award...
Congratulations to Joe Field on winning the 2014 Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award for all his hard work with Free Comic Book Day and his other behind-the-scenes efforts to promote comics to a wider audience! The award was presented last Friday night by Ruth Clampett at the Eisner Awards ceremony; Joe Ferrara accepted on Joe's behalf, since Joe fell ill that day and had to head home from Comic-Con early.
So good at minesweeping he should get a humanitarian award. He’s the Princess Diana of last orders.
So grateful to .for his work to help kids w cancer. Vote for him to WIN Branch Rickey humanitarian award!.
CDN medicine's premier humanitarian award is open for nominations -recognize a colleague
20 days left to vote for for the Branch Rickey Humanitarian Award He's in 3rd, let's push him over the top!
World Humanitarian Day video is nominated for an MTV Video Award, for "Best Video with a Social Message.".
Fact is, Christians can afford Humanitarian efforts because their charitable contributions all...
That lady is a gift and someone needs to give her a humanitarian award
Breaking news! Justin Bieber wins Young Hollywood Humanitarian Award. INSIDE INFO:BARELY beat out Putin! Last minute work by Kerry seals it!
Didn't Know there was a Young Hollywood Award show. Tonight's honoree for his Humanitarian work...Justin Bieber! I guess $ can buy anything
Bieber got the 'humanitarian' award this take it with a grain of salt.
This award symbolizes goodwill benevolence & peace" Presenter at the 1999 Bollywood Awards on the Humanitarian Award ht…
Today Executive Laura Neuman is seeking nominations for the 2015 Dallas G. Pace Humanitarian Award.
Robert B. Miller, MD to received the Humanitarian Award. At this year’s UC Davis School of Medicine Alumni Day,...
.nominated for Branch Rickey humanitarian award. Vote for him here!.
Grammy award-winning musician, producer and humanitarian invites you to
Why John Walsh by catching scumbags who are fugitives don't have an Humanitarian Award?I'm just saying!
The Hilton Humanitarian Honor - and a $1.5 million award - has been given to mental health organizations for the...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Humanitarian or Soul harvester ? “Indian among the pre-finalists to receive humanitarian award http:…
Check out the Scholarship Board for new scholarships posted, specifically… Terry Fox Humanitarian Award – up to...
Preparatory Health Sciences grad has been selected to receive the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award
What does Brianna Sitwell have that you don't?! The 2014 Terry Fox Humanitarian Award! Congrats!
Congrats to Brianna Sitwell on winning the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program Scholarship
This man deserves a humanitarian award for saving everyone a lot money on tire replacements. . >>
Second-year student Nick Czehryn received a Terry Fox Humanitarian Award earlier this year in recognition of his...
has been nominated for a Branch Rickey Award for his humanitarian efforts. Please vote at
Joan was our Richard H Bierly Humanitarian Award winner this past weekend at She…
"Lifetime Achievement Award for Hips" is what I'd give you. 🙏. "Humanitarian Hips" even.
TIL Desk International-Houston/ An Indian humanist is among the pre-finalists of a humanitarian award worth USD 1...
Congratulations to for receiving the Humanitarian Award from Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Hi all pageant moms! I'm so execited for our upcoming pageant. We're all going to have so much fun! As most of you know this pageant will be supporting Leon County Military Families. They are asking for beef jerky to send in care packages for our guys in service. So please everyone, bring beef jerky! Whoever brings the most Jerky, contestant or guest, will receive a beautiful crown and the Humanitarian Award! So Contestants, another way to DOUBLE CROWN!
Congrats to honorary co-chair Eva Longoria on receiving the Humanitarian Award from…
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Pays Homage to a Great Literary Giant Philadelphia, PA – May 28, 2014 –The Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. sadly announces that one of its most honored recipients of its Humanitarian Award, Maya Angelou has transitioned from these terrestrial shores. The world remembers this seemingly angelic woman, who used her life to make metaphors, similes and prose instruments for transforming lives of every ethnicity, gender and position, into lives of purpose and greater understanding of what humanity is and what it is intended to be. Although Maya Angelou ascended to heights not generally reached by human-kind, she lived a life that captured the meaning of the words by Booker T. Washington; "Cast down your bucket where you are.” She was exalted as “National Poet Laureate”, in recognition of the brilliance of her mind and the relevance of her words. According to William “Randy” Bates, Jr., Esq., Grand Polemarch of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.; “It seems as thoug ...
One week ago today, The Moyer Foundation's Champions for Children Annual Giving Luncheon in Seattle brought together over 525 individuals and raised $300,000 for our mission and the children we support! We are so grateful to all who joined us and made this event a great success. Thanks to our generous sponsors including New York Life Insurance Company, Brotherton Cadillac Buick GMC, Savers/Value Village, and the Seattle Mariners, 100% of the funds raised that day will benefit children impacted by loss and family addiction. Congratulations to the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks on receiving the Foundation's 2014 Humanitarian Award - a well-deserved honor for their commitment to excellence on and off the field! Here are a few photo highlights:
Got the Academy Award of Achievement 😃 and 🎉Congrats to Janissa for getting the Humanitarian award and…
Whoever came up with the idea of a beer ice cream float deserves a humanitarian award!
Paula Francis KLAS-TV Anchor, Hall of Fame Inductee Highly respected as a local anchor at KLAS-TV CBS Affiliate in Las Vegas since1988; Paula has also enjoyed her stint as a character “self” on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She has been chosen "Best TV Anchor in Las Vegas" by the readers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal every year from 2000 to 2012 second only in 2004 to Gary Waddell, her co-anchor and dear friend. Paula has received a number of humanitarian awards for her community involvement, especially her campaign for breast cancer awareness, Buddy Check 8. In 2005, Paula was honored as a Woman of Distinction by the National Association of Women Business Owners for her years of community service. The same year, she received the prestigious "Heart of Gold" award from the American Heart Association. She has won numerous awards for medical reporting. Paula is a founding member of the Nevada Chapter of the International Women’s Forum.
I should be wining the award of Greatest Lord / Humanitarian right now.
And now Ambassador Donoghue will present Tom Arnold with the Helen Keller Humanitarian Award!
loving u bythe Sec 😂😂 Kaido you see what you do to us.. Exo should be given an Award as humanitarian, being people together
Congratulations to my nephew and godson Joseph. He will be graduating high school and we are very proud of him. He received two awards one the Ivy Lynn Chaplik humanitarian award. This was awarded it to Joseph because he "exemplified sensitivity involvement and empathy and some segment of the home school or community through his contributions of time and energy". For this he received a scholarship . His second award was The Mary Pat Carr award. This honor is awarded to the student "who encompasses the spirit of Niles West". Dream big Joe! You will make this world a better place.
Sandalwood PTSA won the follwing awards today from the county: Program award for our advocacy program, Acorn Award for Faculty Membership, Advocacy award, blood drive, creative communication through technology, diversity and Inclusion award, family engagement award,grandparent award, health and safety program award, History book award, Humanitarian award, Local Unit Achievement award, Our Founders Cared award, reflections participation, right foot award, student involvement award, vision screening award, volunteer award. These ALL would not have been possible without amazing parents, volunteers, teachers and Admin. Thank you all for your support!
Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point has announced that its 2013 Physician Frist Humanitarian Award was...
GreenLife Africa will be recognize at the Trokon Glay Community Clinic first annual Liberian Humanitarian Award on July 19, 2014.
ANOTHER (ALMOST) ALUM: STEVE LAWRENCE Steve Lawrence (born Sidney Leibowitz, in East New York), just like Danny Kaye (born David Daniel Kaminsky), who was born twenty-four years earlier than Steve, didn't graduate from Jefferson either. As it was told to me -- I'm sure I will be corrected if I'm wrong -- went on the Jack Paar Show while he was still a student, and the rest is history. Below is a photo of Steve in a tux -- perhaps this is a photo from an album cover, I don't know. The other photo is a fun one. Taken on January 4, 1969, it is a group photo, where Steve is receiving a Humanitarian Award, which the Yiddish Theatrical Alliance (of which I am the official archivist) used to give out each year. The award is inscribed as such: "1968 Humanitarian Award presented to Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme," in recognition of their faithful devotion and untiring efforts in behalf of humanitarian causes and exceptional achievements in the theatre arts..." Yiddish Theatrical Alliance, David Kulok, President, C ...
In 2014 UCP will be presenting Sacramento's premier humanitarian award to Rob Lynch, President and CEO of VSP GlobalSM, at the 2014 Humanitarian of
receive Sportsmanship Award for "resiliency and humanitarian efforts” after 2013 flooding.
By collaborating w/ more than 10 million people in the US have received >$400 million in needed medications:
.receive Sportsmanship Award for humanitarian efforts during and after the 100-year flood in Boulder:
Congratulations to Chrissy Couture for her selection as the Anne Frank Humanitarian Award recipient!
Know an inspirational youngster? Nominate them for the Humanitarian Citizen Award
Raelee Fehr, a student from RVS, has won an MTS Young Humanitarian Award. See the Manitoba Teachers' Society...
Very proud of my daughter, Paloma Solis for receiving the Aaron Klothe Humanitarian Award today for "Seeing the value in all people that crosses boundaries of culture, race and socio-economic background...For cheerfulness and kindness to all people." In addition to her citizenship award for "The Courage to Do What is Right." OM SHANTI. All are one!
Humanitarian award to American track $ field star Lopez Lomong. One of the Lost Boys of Sudan
Update May 20. I've been working here in the U.S. since last Friday night at the amazing 31st Alltech Symposium. Over 2,000 people here from all over the world hearing presentations on Health & Wellness, food and natural nutrition for animals and humans. I simply can't believe that so many wonderful people from so many nations have been following Alexander's story on social media. They are so so supportive. So may people praying for justice, compassion and kindness. I had the honour and privilege of presenting the Annual Alltech Humanitarian Award (and boy was it heavy) to a wonderful man Lopez Lomong. Google him. He wrote a book called Running for Your Life. A refugee from Sudan, he escaped death as a child so many times, and ended up carrying the American flag at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. I had some great chats with him. When it comes to overcoming life's obstacles he is truly an inspiration for us all. Now he is giving back and wants to make a difference in the lives of children in the Sudan. After ...
Jamaica is the Most Adamant Humanitarian Neighborhood in NYC, with the most concerns about neighbors' unmet needs tod
Pleased to be sponsoring this year's Award at the upcoming Arab Media Forum 2014
Turns out Sean Penn is happy to be with Sheldon Adelson and his Iranian holocaust threats Another …
Mary Lambert has officially become My Idol & favorite artist of all time 👏👏👏 you deserve a humanitarian award for just your lyrics 💕
Dr. Folorunsho Alakija to receive the Prestigious Special NAFCA & Humanitarian Award
Was anyone more elegant or gracious than Audrey Hepburn? Why am I seeing these comparisons to Kim Kardashian ( mainly from Kim Kardashianand Kanye West). I don't want to be cruel BUT Audrey Hepburn was named Ambassador to UNICEF for her tireless work with underprivileged children around the world and in 1993 she was awarded the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her continued work with the underprivileged. Audrey was a natural beauty, wonderful actress (she won the Oscar in 1953 for "Roman Holiday" with Gregory Peck ).and an all around lady. She was quite a role model. It takes more than cutting one's bangs and putting on an all black outfit sit on a bicycle and have a magazine shoot and compare yourself to a legend, an icon than to actually be one. Just my opinion but NO WAY!! Perhaps Kim and Kanye should have done a little research on Ms Hepburn before they went for this. Her inner and outer beauty is timeless.
If you receive a "humanitarian award" from scumbags like Sheldon Adelson & Shmuley Boteach, what kind of human are you …
Roni got her Humanitarian Award on Friday, May 16th. The woman in the first and last picture is Patricia Burkart, CEO of GSWPA. Roni gave a wonderful acceptance speech to the 450 people in attendance. Proud moment for us and South Park. Thanks to all of you that created so many memories for her and gave her the opportunity to work with your troops. Thanks!
Well michelle obama you have shown our country what a worthless and embarrassment first lady you are with your speech over the weekend with bringing up something that happened over 60 years ago. You and your *** husband seem to keep the barrier going and stronger with both of your speeches and action. For someone's whose husband just received a humanitarian award, you are a disgrace as our first lady.
Congrats to for receiving the humanitarian award! Proud of him.
Peyton won her very 1st humanitarian award...we are so very proud of this amazing kid!
Check out "Music Biz 2014 - Harry Chapin Memorial Humanitarian Award - Dee Snider" on Vimeo
Pearse Lyons and Declan Coyle presenting Humanitarian award to Lopez Lomong
Vote for your favorite People Taking Action story! The winner will receive the People Taking Action Humanitarian...
presented its 2014 Alltech Humanitarian Award to Lopez Lomong, a South Sudanese-born American track and field athlete
Honorable Dr. Folorunsho Alakija will be receiving an Image and Humanitarian Award from the prestigious African NAFCA in Beverly Hills Hollywood California USA comes the 13th of September at the Legendary Saban Theatre of Beverly Hills.
Congratulations to Jordan Kelly on receiving The Humanitarian Award, Most improved Student in Science, and Most Improved Student in Reading at Robinswood Middle School.
Congratulations Sabrina Pelfrey, Olivia Hardie, Haleigh Hallcox, Amy Scandlyn ! On behalf of The SuperHeroes Foundation, you have been selected to receive the 2014 Micheal Goins Humanitarian Award. We are excited to offer this award that is intended to offset the costs for required books during your first semester.
Charles Ferguson was honored with the ninth annual Al Bunch Humanitarian Award at the Mental Health Association of Saline County's annual dinner Tuesday, May 13, at Martin Community Center. "Al Bunch is someone who was on our board... and we honor him each year," Marty Hird, board member, said. ...
"To me, there are three things we all should do every day. We should do this every day of our lives. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two is think. You should spend some time in thought. And number three is, you should have your emotions moved to tears, could be happiness or joy. But think about it. If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special." Taken from Coach Jim Valvano's acceptance speech in 1993, when he received the Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award, at the first ESPY Awards ceremony. This was three months before he died from cancer.
Im confused- happen to turn on Billboard awards show & Jenny from the Block receiving a Humanitarian award and yet the whole intro was just about Jenny... um what great humanitarian stuff has she done? Massively self indulgent and then she PERFORMS!! Why not focus on all the attention on her CAUSES not her?! Ug... Turned the channel right when she hit the stage.
Mario Frangoulis was presented with the Humanitarian Award for Artistic Achievement at the 23rd Annual Hellenic Times Scholarship Gala on May 10, 2014. Congratulations to all of the scholarship recipients, other honorees and to Mario!
WOW - the Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation, gave Obama a Humanitarian Award, but for what? It took a LOT of public pressure even for him to get involved in tracking down stolen school girls in Nigeria, and help in that situation should have been as no brainer, helping the innocent should have been AUTOMATIC..
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Wait, so Sterling got a Lifetime Achievement Award from the NAACP, and they were about to give him a Humanitarian Award? Because he gave them large sums of money? Advancement, indeed.
Today in Frank Sinatra History...APRIL 24, 1980: At the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, Variety Clubs International presented Frank Sinatra with the Humanitarian Award. He received it from Henry Kissinger.
A World AIDS Day Special, Circumfetish Magazine presents the Golden *** Humanitarian Award. This satirical parody was created to bring awareness to a seriou...
You weren't a saint but you were extremely close. Out of all of the people on Earth, I've always loved you the most. It will be very painful as they lower you into the ground. Life will never be the same because you're no longer around. You were a wonderful human being and a terrific mother too. Your family and friends will always love you. You were so sweet and kind that you should've been given a humanitarian award. The people in Heaven are happy because you're there and so is the Lord. You're in a better place and that makes your friends and family glad. But as people see the tears rolling down my cheeks, they know that I'm so sad. You were one fantastic lady, you were truly one of a kind. Knowing that Heaven is your new home gives us peace of mind. From time to time I wasn't the ideal son and that's something I regret. You gave me life, love and happiness and that's something I'll never forget. It hurts very much because you are deceased. Everybody loves you Mom, may you rest in peace.
is up for All Sports United Humanitarian Award!! Vote here -
Congratulations on receiving the Humanitarian Award at
With my boy Brennan who received a Humanitarian Award from Perry Township Schools for gifts to Zimbabwe orphans!
I voted because u deserve this award n more. Thank u 4 being a Humanitarian 4 our nation. So many 4get 2 touch lives of people.
As part of the Trickle Up annual benefit gala on April 8 in New York, CGAP was presented with the 2014 Glen and Mildred Robbins Leet Humanitarian Award. CEO Tilman Ehrbeck received the annual award in recognition for CGAP’s leading role in the CGAP-Ford Foundation Graduation Program, a global effort to understand how safety nets, livelihoods and access to finance can be sequenced to create sustainable pathways for the poorest out of extreme poverty.
Wish me luck tonight I was selected to receive the 2014 Humanitarian Award. I don't know why all I did was love the kids. Hope I can keep the tears in.
Holy Cross' Jeff Reppucci is being honored in arena between stoppages for winning this year's Hockey Humanitarian Award.
We are so proud of PVPDH player Jeff Reppucci for winning the NCAA Humanitarian award!!! Great job Jeffrey!!!
Our co-founder is nominated 4 Humanitarian OTY Award. Vote 3x per day to help him &
Please vote for our amazing partner, Justin Tuck, for the All Sports United Humanitarian of the Year Award!...
Super excited to be in LA next weekend. Meeting Jermaine Dupri for a humanitarian and song writer award!
All Sports United Soon to Announce Philanthropic Nominees. The Humanitarian Award will be presented at an award ceremony in Chicago, Illinois on June 23, 2014
I am so very humbled and so very honoured to have been given this Humanitarian Award In Music for my participation in the Music for the Documentary Film "We can Take Some Of The Hurt Away" for Mixing & Mastering the track of the REM song "Everybody Hurts" This Fantastic Music Award - the G.O.D (Global Officials of Dignity Awards) from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for my work on the Amazing project came about due to the kind invite of the Stunning Vocalist and Artist Marneen Lynn Fields who invited me to work with her on this brilliant project which is a charity work to help education situations for Indonesian children. The World famous cinematographer and director of photography Roydon Johnson asked Marneen Lynn Fields to record REM's "Everybody Hurts" after hearing her voice. He felt her voice was perfect for his charity film. I was invited to Mix and Master the song. I am also truly grateful to have worked alongside alongside Grammy winner Tom Weir whom I share the award with and who record ...
Kansas men's basketball coach Bill Self was presented with the Wayman Tisdale Humanitarian Award at the Devon Energy College Basketball Awards in Oklahoma City Monday.
North Brunswick, NJ - April 14, 2014 - Sylvia Axelrod, Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness of New Jersey (NAMI NJ) will be honored with Humanitarian Award by Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of New Jersey (PLAN/NJ) at its 25th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday, June 5, 2014…
The Merle Wood Humanitarian Award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding meritorious contributions to benefit others.
In April of 2004, Michael Jackson received the Humanitarian Award from The African Ambassadors' Spouses Association, for his worldwide humanitarian efforts, ...
Nominations have opened for the Hugh O’Flaherty International Humanitarian Award. The Kerry Monsignor was responsible for helping more than 6,000 people escape persecution in Italy during the Second World War. The winner will receive their award at the annual Memorial Weekend in Killarney in November. A sculpture of Monsignor O’Flaherty in Killarney was unveiled last year, marking 50th anniversary of his death. Nominations for the award are open until August. Last year the honour was posthumously awarded to Blennerville teenager Donal Walsh.
Northside Hospital is pleased to announce the receipt of the 2013 Frist Humanitarian Award to Heather Wood. Heather is a Certified Hand Therapist...
Bill Self will now accept his Humanitarian Award at the USBWA Awards in Oklahoma City. Watch LIVE:
Steven Van Zandt vowed that "the struggle against racism continues" as he received the Humanitarian Award from three-time Grammy award winner Nile Rodgers at t
PRESS RELEASE March 7, 2014 Champions Against Bullying: NASCAR's rising star Daryl Harr and Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer Nick Lowery teaming up with JD Motorsports! NASCAR driver Daryl Harr (No. 87) and Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame Kicker Nick Lowery are teaming up to make Daryl the first NASCAR driver to make a major statement against bullying. The NFL Hall of Fame nominee and Chiefs all-time leading scorer leads perhaps the country- and the NFL's best program against bullying. Lowery, a Harvard Masters graduate, knows all about making a difference: he helped launch the Points of Light Foundation and Americorps for Presidents H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, and is the recipient of the NFL Player's foremost Humanitarian Award, the Justice Byron Whizzer White Award. In addition, Plasmacar has come on board in our cause to fight against bullying! Plasmacar, which is manufactured by PlaSmart, is an innovative ride-on toy that harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, friction, and kid p ...
Bishop Noel Jones has accepted The New 40's offer to honor him with the "New 40 Humanitarian Award." Save the...
Congratulations to Sequim Farmer Gary Smith, a recipient of the 2013 Citizen-of-the Year Award! The Community Service Award was bestowed to Al Friess, and Patsy Mattingley. Leo Shipley received the Humanitarian Award. Congratulations to ALL!
*Live From Nashville* Day one of Country Radio Seminar (CRS) in the books. A wonderful Country Radio Hall of Fame Ceremony and then rocking out at the Big Machine Label Group party. Folks wait till you hear the new music from Tim and The Flatts Boys. Those two singles sent to radio aren't even close as to what is about to hit your ears, really some good stuff. Today Brett sings the Anthem to get things in full swing. Carrie Underwood receives the Humanitarian Award. SONY Music Brunch to feature Jerrod Niemann and Tyler Farr. Interviews with Will Hoge, Eli Young Band and Chase Rice. Full day and we're sure to have some surprises. Stay tuned an look for photo's to be posted when we can. Make it a great one.
"Humanitarian Award" honoree, Chairman of Board of Governors, Steve Hitter and…
Congratulations to our co-founder Laura Talmus on receiving the Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award, from the Marin County Human Rights Commission last night! Beyond Differences is honored and inspired.
Thanks to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Tucker Bishops’ Storehouse for their Humanitarian Award!
Jennifer Hudson took home the Humanitarian Award last night at the People’s Choice Awards, but not before she gave an emotional speech. It’s safe to…
My tribute to racer friend Don Satterfield of Roebuck who entered heaven a year ago after a courageous battle and race thru the final lap with cancer. Don was a friend to all and willing to help anyone in need. He was a big man with a giant heart and a competitive spirit rarely matched. Unknown to many, Don and his wife Darlene bought Christmas gifts for shelters and families in need over the years I knew them and never ever wanted any credit for it. What an example to see. Don proudly displayed the Shriners Hospitals for Children decal on one of the most visible parts of his race car and made several visits to Shriners Hospitals to allow patients to view and even sit in his car. He was a constant presence at Furman University at Special Olympic events and participants loved the experiences and attention he and his crew showed. Don was also honored by USAR Hooter's Procup Series as the 2002 winner of the Humanitarian Award for his work with the Victory Junction Gang Camp. Donations from the series racers ...
Thank you for taking the time to listen to The Nicole Claude Show- Your voice is on Power 102.1 FM sur la Radio Continentale. A recap about The Motion Picture Association of Haiti (MPAH) was done with the on line information that was shared on Nov 24. It was show time with co-hosts Hollywood Actor Benz Antoine and 2010 Miss Universe, Professional Model Sarodj Bertin. On Monday morning many of the guests as they were leaving have reserved their seats for next year. Our own Prof. Laura Pincus Hartman received the Humanitarian Award. Prof. Hartman is passionate about her work at L'Ecole Choix. We're currently doing the count down to her scheduled interview for The Nicole Claude Show. I take the time to congratulate Mr. Hans Patrick Domercant and Mr. Marc Sinclair of MPAH in planning a yearly memorable event in Boston, Oscar style. MPAH was featured on The Nicole Claude Show and truly prepped us for this tasty moment.   Sur les ondes tonight...ak ti la lune is Ms. Jennifer Blanc, Esq a Chicago. Artist Lesly ...
The 2013 Monthly Society Calendar Our 20th Year Serving LA and OC Audiophiles December: 20TH ANNIVERSARY SOCIETY GALA AND AWARDS BANQUET - December 8th, 2013 The Founder's Award will be presented to Robert Harley, Editor of TAS, at the 20th Annual Society Gala and Awards Banquet on Sunday, December 8th, 2013, in Los Angeles. Big News: Alan Taffel, 11 year veteran reviewer for TAS, will do the Pre-note Speech at the Gala. Other major reviewers on the staff of TAS will give Introduction, and Keynote Speeches. Richard Beers, President of THE SHOW Newport will also speak. Robert H. (Bob) Levi, now in his tenth year as President of the Society, will be the Master of Ceremonies. BIG NEWS: Ray Kimber to receive the new Humanitarian Award! PLUS, Neil Gader, Robert Greene, and Paul Seydor will be there from The Absolute Sound!!! You do not have to be a member to come to the Gala. Gala scheduled Sunday, December 8th, 11 AM - 3:30 PM. Grand Ballroom, Holiday Inn, Buena Park. Huge Holiday Raffle and lavish buffet lun ...
Happy birthday, Blair Underwood. Blair Underwood supported President Obama’s candidacy and spoke at rallies to show his support. He got to know the President while he was president of the Harvard Law Review during his time in law school while researching for his role on ‘L.A. Law.’ In 1989, Underwood co-founded Artists for a New South Africa, a non-profit out to promote democracy and equality in South Africa. For his work with the Los Angeles chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Underwood won the Humanitarian Award in 1993, and in 2003 along with Ashley Judd, he served as the spokesperson for YouthAIDS. He is heavily involved with AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Blair Underwood Clinic in Washington,
Angelina Jolie receives the Humanitarian Award at the 2013 Governors Awards:
Angelina Jolie stuns in atelier Versace as she is honored with Humanitarian Award at 2013 Governors Awards. Steve Martin and Angela Lansbury were among the honorees. Amy Adams, Naomie Harris, Tom Hanks, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto, Mark Wahlberg attended...Pics +Video here:
Beyoncé presented Michael with the Humanitarian Award at the Radio Music Awards on this day in 2003.
Idris?? *SWOON* MT - to receive Humanitarian Award at Britannia Awards on 9 Nov:
BAFTA News: will be honored with the Humanitarian Award at the Awards on Nov. 9:
Exciting news from - Idris Elba is to receive the Humanitarian Award at the Britannia Awards on 9 Nov:
volunteer Don Post of has my vote for this year's Humanitarian Award. Vote here
Actor, pilot Harrison Ford to receive Humanitarian Award at
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MUSIC SUPERSTAR BARRY MANILOW TO BE HONORED WITH THE FOUNDER'S HUMANITARIAN AWARD AT DREAM FOUNDATION'S 12TH ANNUAL CELEBRATION OF DREAMS GALA October 26, 2013 Santa Barbara, CA – September 4, 2013 – Dream Foundation, the first and largest national wish-granting organization dedicated to adults and their families facing life-threatening illness, is pleased to announce their 2013 Celebration of Dreams Gala Founder’s Humanitarian Award honoree, Barry Manilow. In addition, this Grammy, Emmy, Tony and AMA Award Winner is delighted and humbled to lend his voice to the gala and the mission Dream Foundation strives to fulfill with each final wish. Throughout his iconic career, Mr. Manilow has inspired and helped millions through his music and gracious philanthropic gestures. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Manilow arranged that for every US dollar donated by his fans to the American Red Cross, he would personally and through the Manilow Fund for Health and Hope match the donat ...
Simple Plan fact: They got a Humanitarian Award from Juno Awards for their social activities through Simple Plan Found…
Congratulations to our Board Chair Tim Rice for receiving the Duneland Chamber's Humanitarian Award
Come out and join me as Sylvester & Connie McCracklin receive the Humanitarian Award for our work with H2D Entertainment & the S.C.R.A.M. Campaign to Stop Child Rape&Molestation. Contact me asap for $30 tickets. Red Carpet Concert included.
In compliance with Article VI,Section 2 of the International By-Laws,I hereby issue the Official Call for the 2013 International Convention.Our 96th International Convention will be held in Hamburg, Germany.It begins at 10 00 a.m. July 5 and ends July 9.The purpose of the convention is to elect a president,first vice president,second vice president and 17 members of the International Board of Directors and to transact such other business as may properly come before the meeting. Hamburg is a historic,beautiful city with an international flair,.,vibrant city Lions will enjoy and cherish. Convention week is an unforgettable experience filled with fellowships,fun and enrichment.Lions will enjoy many decades-old traditions such as the stirring flag ceremony,the festive international parade and the highly entertaining multicultural international show. The lively plenary sessions include a keynote speech by former U.S.First Lady Laura Bush,the presentation of the 2013 Humanitarian Award to the legendary Italian ...
I WON the G.O.D. Humanitarian Award for MUSIC last night thanks to producer Maria Amor and We Care for Humanity for my recording of REM'S "Everybody Hurts" in famous cinematographer Roydon Johnson's film "We Can Take Some of the Hurt Away." A film to better education situations for Indonesian children. You can see the video by searching me on YouTube. The music video and my recording also garnered me a Best Female Vocalist of the Year nomination in Al Bowman's 2012 LA Music Awards, and a Best Music Video of the Year nomination in Mikey Jayy's 2013 Artists in Music Awards. This marks my 8th nomination and my 2nd win since 2012. My other big win being "Outstanding Comedy Screenplay" in Max Worthington's 2013 LA Comedy Awards. Thank you with all my heart to these amazing producers for the great recognition and honors. I'm so proud to be part of these major Los Angeles Awards Shows after 37.5 years in the entertainment business and working my way up from a young college gymnast coined the original Fall ...
How is Dwayne Wade getting d Humanitarian Award, they go from a dude like Don Cheadle to D-Wade, I'm curious to see how he gat d award?
Okay, so tomorrow evening I will present Phoebe Cates Kline with my company's Humanitarian Award at our annual Golf Classic. Will be posting pictures, so stay tuned kiddies:-) :-) :-) :-)
Myrlie Evers-Williams receives Humanitarian Award from the University of Mississippi- the same…
Myrlie Evers-Williams honored with Humanitarian Award by Chancellor Dan Jones. B-roll avail. on request
Ariel Castro allowed his captors to watch TV to pass the time. Now we know who gets the next Humanitarian Award.
"King Jordan Radio is proud and honored to be featuring the distinguished and respected Defense Attorney Tom Meserau Jr. on May 6th at 10PM est. 7PM pst. Mr. Meserau is best known for defending Michael Jackson at his 2005 trial. He has also defended Mike Tyson, Robert Blake, JoeBabijan and Claudia Haro. Although known for his celebrity cases he has also received the Humanitarian Award from the Blacks For Criminal Justice. You do not want to miss this interview with one of most respected and leading Defense Attorney in the country today." AA
Red Rock SAR sure is popular this week... I am contacting you from televised (link) "The Best of Silver State Awards" hosted by Emmy Award winning news anchors, Nina Radetich, Chris Saldaña, Dayna Roselli and multi Emmy Awards winning actor Ian Buchanan (General Hospital & The Bold and The Beautiful) with special presentations from Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid and Congressman Joe Heck, recognizing excellence and exemplary achievement by individuals and companies in 36 categories. Over 500 prominent prominent leaders in business, politics and entertainment will join to honor the nominees and winners in the Arts, Leisure, Hospitality, Entertainment, Retail, and Real Estate industries at the Summerlin Performing Arts Center. The awards' distinguished nomination committee has selected your organization, Red Rock Search and Rescue, as the recipient of this year's "Humanitarian Award". I've attached the formal invitation for your review. “The Humanitarian Award” is given to honor an organization/Indi ...
Kiss Drummer Peter Criss Receives Society’s Humanitarian Award for his fight with
At the Beverly Wilshire supporting my cousin who's being honored for the Humanitarian Award! Musical Guest: Seal and Hosted by Debbie Allen!
Breast Cancer Awareness
attended the 9th Annual Moreno Valley Black Chamber of Commerce (MVBCC) Business & Community Awards Gala dinner Friday eve, Feb 15th, at Pechanga Resort & Casino, near Temecula. Supervisor Marion Ashley was one of the award winners this evening (Humanitarian Award). Great job by Linda Wright and Jacqui Miller, congratulations to all of the many award recipients tonight.
Happy Birthday Mike Farrell – 6th Feb 1939 Liberal Activist (Bill)Most of us know him as BJ from M*A*S*H. I’ll touch on this just once. The war killed 400,000 Korean civilians. B.J. response: “This is not a good place to have a career as an innocent bystander.” Even before he was well-known, Farrell was an activist for many political and social causes. He has worked with Human Rights Watch, was on the Board of Advisors of the original Cult Awareness Network, and has been president of Death Penalty Focus for more than ten years, (see below) being the first person to be awarded its Human Rights Award, subsequently named after him in 2006. He received PETA's Humanitarian Award in 2001, and narrated a public service campaign for them about animal abuse. In 1985, Farrell was in Central America, helping refugees from the civil war in El Salvador. (Making him a SUPER Hot Liberal Hero) A guerrilla commander, Nidia Diaz, had been taken prisoner. She needed surgery, but no Salvadoran doctor dared to help he ...
And I watch the NAACP awards on TV right now. Harry Belafonte accepted Humanitarian Award .and what brings to my mind . are two . no.three poignant memories of my life that always stayed with me. Some of you will read this through .and.some of you will not. History implants these impressions in my mind and the meaning of what it has led to during my time of living. 1) 1963 . at 5 y/o . when our President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. 2) 1968 .visiting family in MD .while driving thru DC, we passed Resurrection City and I recall asking my Auntie what was this about. I will NEVER forget that image in my brain .implanted there forever. As an 11 year old, I never knew what the significance of that moment would be in my mind and what it stood for. 3) Around early 1990's .when I visited the Vietnam Memorial in DC . I searched for my "MIA" soldier, whose nickel plated bracelet I wore for a few years as a teenager. Sgt. James Rozo .and I found his name, placed a piece of paper over top and made an impressi .. ...
You wont like to miss this weekend special @ Nigeria’s Steve Job—Celebrated Drop Out At the age of 26, he became the youngest Nigerian to be given a National Merit Award (MON) by President Ibrahim Babangida in 1986. He is also a recipient of the Nigeria Chamber of Commerce industrialist of the year, Humanitarian Award by Humanitarian Club of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; Volunteer Award by the International Association of Volunteers; and the National Merit Award. Others include: Youngest Bank Chairman Award, Special Award by the European Union in Brussels, Belgium; the prestigious Leon Sullivan Award by the World Bank. On July 11, 2007, two days before his son's birthday, he was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on charges of corruption during his tenure as Governor. Born on the 21st of April 1960 in Aba, Abia state Nigeria. He attended Christ the King School (CKC) Aba and later moved to Government College, Umuahia. He attended Barewa College, Zaria ...
Stana Katic was SOOO robbed on the People's Choice Awards tonight!!! But good for Sandra Bullock getting the Humanitarian Award! Beautiful lady, terrific actress and generous too! Not to mention she's a UNCW grad :)
Some awards Michael Jackson humanitarian and charitable May 14, 1984: In a ceremony at the White House, President Reagan honers Michael for his efforts and for his participation in a national ad against driving under the influence of alcohol. January / 1989: "Say Yes To A Youngsters Future" program honoring Michael announced to encourage children to natural sciences and grant award year for a national coalition of civilization artist humanitarian March / 1989: the global runway in Universal City, California Universal City, California Michael receives special award from Black Radio for his humanitarian efforts. September 22 / September 1989: Gives Children's Museum of the Great Michael Best Washington 1989 Humanitarian Award in recognition of his efforts to raise money for the museum and the unending support for children February 3/1990: Michael receives in Japan ideal role Prize. April 5/1990: During a ceremony Michael was awarded the contract artist, Michael met with President George HW Bush who was hono ...
Posted on December 20, 2012 Former Long Island University men’s coach Arnie Ramirez will be honored at the inaugural NYC Soccer Gala at the New York Athletic Club on Thursday, Feb. 7. Ramirez, a Costa Rican native who recently retired as women’s coach at Ramapo College, is among four New York City coaches, a builder and U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati who will be honored. The first class also will include: * Jerome Belson, recipient of the Humanitarian Award. Belson was the force behind St. John’s University building a soccer-specific stadium on campus, named Belson Stadium * Dieter Ficken (Columbia University) * Frank Schnur (Fordham University) * Carlo Tramontozzi (St. Francis College). “The gala is the result of a unique partnership formed to honor the truly great people in the sport of soccer with an event that is bigger than any individual school,” St. John’s coach Dr. Dave Masur said. “The teamwork in organizing this inaugural event has been fantastic and we are all looking forward ...
Ames Human Relations Commission accepting nominations for the Humanitarian Award through Dec. 21. More at
Katy Perry and Nigel Lythgoe were guests of honor at a special charity event on Friday night. They were presented with the Founder's Humanitarian Award as part of Dream Foundation’s 11th Annual Celebration of Dreams gala at the glitzy Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, California. Your source for the...
Four Foundations instituted by Ghanaian celebrities have been nominated for a Humanitarian Award at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards (GIAMA) for 2012. The nominated Foundations are; The McBrown Family Foundation by actress Nana Ama Mcbrown, the John Dumelo Foundation by actor John Dumelo, ac...
The Armed Forces Foundation recently chose Dana White for the Humanitarian Award.
My other beautiful Miss Sprint Cup Ms Kim *** beautiful girl but Ms Kristen stole my heart she is my favorite
Garth Kemp deserves a humanitarian award. He's has been collecting $$ for Sandy victims since 5am PST! Let's not even talk
You deserve the Humanitarian Award!Didn't Sister Teresa get that award? Well,so should you baby! XO
Wow! will be honoured with the Allan Slaight Humanitarian Spirit Award in 2013 - congrats, friends!
Any reason why a Humanitarian award winner is being ageist?
Instead of sending all the marathoners home we should put them on tread mills to generate power for areas without. First one to clock 26 miles wins the marathon and the one that runs the longest wins a humanitarian award.
is having an amazing week. Two awesome awards. Congrats on the Annual Humanitarian Gold Award.
No wonder I like nascar so much the maker of the foundation one of the members has the name Betty Jane, lol except I am not rich like her
Cast your vote for the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award! The winner gets a $100,000 donation to their cause! -KC
Loved being a part Mellisa Nielsen~ Between YOU, Sarah Tschupp and Lindsay...I have a lot to look up to!
man I love wiki. - In 1999, Seagal was awarded a PETA Humanitarian Award. lol. what an ***
I personally think they need to cancel the NYC marathon and let all those who don't show up and paid to participate a Humanitarian award! They are kicking locals, that are homeless,I out of hotels for those who have Reservations related to the Marathon! That's just wrong! What do you think?
BIG Congratulations to Stanley Black for receiving the 2012 Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors Humanitarian Award...
Congratulations to alumnae Aline Williams, winner of the Humanitarian Empowerment Award by the TEECH Foundation.
Check out the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program. Apply for the yearly awards!
Eva Longoria's photo "So proud to give the Mandala Humanitarian award to my dear friend You are such…
Seriously, Cory Booker is going to win some kind of humanitarian award, right? Dude is a giving machine right now.
for a humanitarian award for the private work he does with Aboriginal communities. PLUS he's said he plans to swim at the -
I remember when rascal flatts would get the humanitarian award:)
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
If doesn't get some type of humanitarian award.I'll be upset.
Congratulations to Kay Krill CEO of Ann Taylor on being the 2012 recipient of the BCRF Humanitarian Award. Since 2005 Ann Inc has donated $13 million thru the AnnCares card to BCRF.
Congrats to Kay Krill on being the 2012 recipient of Humanitarian Award. From 1 award recipient to another.
Reminder, submissions for the 2012 Award are due Nov 6 at 12pm. Open to all Van grad students
KF iNC Studios Great News! It looks like the FDC is making some exciting changes! KF iNC visits tons of AMAZING studios of all sizes across the country and while some end up in the FDC Top Studios List (much deserved!) I see others that are smaller & attend less competitions overlooked. I can't wait until the day when all of them are on that list together and they can all go party in Cancun together! Stay tuned for more info. Oh...and don't forget to book your KF iNC Choreography & Dance Doctor Cleaning so you can rack up your FDC points this season ;-)
Woodson is a HOF player and a legendary Humanitarian. This guy needs the highest award possible! Wow!
This is indeed a lovely photograph... Give this fireman a humanitarian award!
GOOD NEWS ABOUT TEENAGERS: Duluth teen 1 of 4 finalists for national humanitarian award @
Have you reserved your seat yet at our 58th Annual Humanitarian Award Dinner? Individual tickets and corporate sponsorships are available.
SRK is d only Indian who has won UNESCO award 4 his numerous charitable/humanitarian work & philanthropy! .
So good to see folks still DOING positive out there? Check this out...and vote for your favorite story! Once you look at will know my pick! lol
Thrilled to be honoring John Seigenthaler with the Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award on Nov. 8 in Join us! Info:
only 5 days left to submit your application for the 2012 Award. Details can be found here
Read more about amazing Arthur Etheridge of Hope Carriers Trust, an AidEx Humanitarian Hero of the Year award finalist
Oh I got a humanitarian award so by law i cant be referred to as an *** for at least 15yrs
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Brad Pitt donates a 100k to *** marriage rights. I'm conflicted here.. 1) Hurricane Sandy leaves families homeless and hungry. That is a more urgent issue right now. 2) 100k is pocket change for he and Jolie. 3) Look at someone like Christina Aguilera who just won a Humanitarian award for the world ginger relief find. Do you have any idea now much she has raised and donated? Millions and millions of dollars. Yes Brad, this was a nice contribution.wrong timing though.
Local pro wrestler receives award for charitable works
For those of you in the Dance Competition world, I wanted to share the Federation of Dance Competition news.Big changes coming.
Shara Akamine liked Prince Harry to visit U.S. to receive humanitarian award: Britain's Prince Harry is to travel to…
$28000 Terry Fox Humanitarian Award - $7000/year for 4 years. For more information about the program, or to...
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