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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or a modern-day form of slavery.

Human Trafficking Resource Center

Give to stop Human Trafficking. Your donation can go a long way stopping the violent crime of Human Trafficking...
TVC N. The Police Command in Katsina State says it has arrested 22 victims of Human Trafficking in Katsina...
I work for a non-profit in NC who is working to end Human Trafficking. We must stand together and be a voice for the victims!
Yes, Human Trafficking affects everyone especially those who want to change their lifestyle and their…
May 11th: Free screening of "Human Trafficking: Canada's Secret Shame" - 10:00am at Hyland cinema. Presented by... https…
Join us on the 18th at Salve Regina University for a Panel on Human Trafficking; 6:00 PM at Bazarsky Lecture Hall…
What is Sex Trafficking And How is it Different from Human Trafficking?.
Please give. United Nations Foundation - The UN Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking
Mark your calendar and register today for the Symposium on Human Trafficking right here at St Thomas A Becket.
Season 3 of ABC’s ‘American Crime’ Addresses the Issues of Human Trafficking and Undocumented Workers
Meet the students who took on human trafficking in the FT Challenge 2016
,Back in Ol' Blightey, they have a human trafficking epidemic of massive proportions, involving political elite
Iran is trafficking in human beings from Afghanistan to save Assad in Syria -
Human trafficking is a complex monster of a problem. This new interactive resource can help.
So, by a process of elimination, he could be in a human trafficking ring or an illegal dog fighting ring?
has launched a campaign to raise awareness on human trafficking. Can you please share? Thank you!
'Men, children make up a larger percentage of Human Trafficking victims' --
Preparing for the Awareness, Education, and Action Fair on March 14 by making pledges to end human trafficking!
Human trafficking: Poor women and girls targeted in Albania
Working towards a world free from animal slavery and human trafficking -
✅Trump vows to fight 'epidemic' of human trafficking! Thank God!.
There is a film here by a woman Afghan journalist which is illuminating...
'using migration crisis' force more people into slavery: EU report warns children become prefer
With some members of CNN PH team at today's Center of Hope visit where 50 kids recovering from Human Trafficking are house…
Law Enforcement can have charged with human trafficking.
I hear you are a Hunter focusing on fighting Human Sex Trafficking.Is that true?
Modern-day slavery: The repulsive reality of
The youngest child rape victim at an. NGO shelter in Antipolo for victims of rape & human trafficking is only 2 years old. Parents sold her.
Human trafficking is sadly very common and it happens everywhere. have you read this story?
Our next story is on Human Trafficking in the High Desert. Please join our news Our next story is on Human...
The Democratic Party uses illegal aliens for human trafficking, drug trafficking in sanctuary cities
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With Giuseppe Loprete Niger 🇳🇪 is heavily touched by the criminal trafficking of human beings A tragedy in a tra…
Yes. Human trafficking is still a major problem. Sigh.
Trump vows to fight 'epidemic' of human trafficking .
The members of these NGOs should be jailed for illegal human trafficking.
So weird to be welcomed into Canada to play and then be strip-searched by US, coming back home. Meanwhile, human traffickin…
&Human Trafficking! Must be the kin or acquaintance of the pervert that allowed "ADULT SWIM ON THE CARTOON NETWORK"!
Heard today-Review of C/C logs showed many reported crimes not crimed. Inc human trafficking , shows figs not right in…
'Yoga stops trafficking' demo held - - With an aim to raise awareness and put an end to human trafficki…
Human trafficker threatens victim at court - - SUSPECTED human trafficking agent Norest Maruma's relati…
why not ask yourself why this is happening? Drug dealers, human trafficking n cheap labour, your thoughts?
MSM: Hundreds gather to spread awareness of human trafficking in Indiana via
A Nation of Laws—What About Immigration? - - ... fleeing domestic violence and human trafficking, makin…
These are the ‘bad hombres‘ Trump was talking about. They have no conscience and think prison is a joke. They... https:…
The border needs to be secure for several reasons Jihadist,drugs,human trafficking ,most of all our federal laws r to be…
So you Liberals support Human Trafficking now that you see Trump is against it? DISGU…
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This is not a one month issue. We need to keep bringing awareness to Human Trafficking.
The Northeastern Ontario Research Alliance on Human Trafficking has recently released its results on human...
The Northeastern Ontario Research Alliance on Human Trafficking is looking for your participation in its research project.
It's standard human trafficking tricks. They send you to a country, make you work knowing that you will not make enough to fly back home.
In Tammany Parish, Louisiana, 350 miles from the city of Houston where she was abducted most likely for for human t…
What did the "Pakistan" dude do? What any person trapped in human trafficking would do - use the money to run back home or somewhere.
Any age, gender, or nationality can be a victim of human trafficking. Know how to ID it & who to call…
Look beneath the surface: a public health approach to raising awareness and ending human trafficking
Rich in funds but short on facts: the high cost of human trafficking awareness campaigns
Proclamation for human trafficking awareness signed in Del. - - Governor Jack Markell has signed a proc…
Local group battling human trafficking - - CORPUS CHRISTI (KIII NEWS) - January has been designated as …
10 Disturbing Facts About Human Trafficking You Need to Know - - Human trafficking is not a thing of th…
How hypocritical for Sen Diane Feinstein to question Jeff Sessions on human trafficking when CA just decriminalized teen-ag…
Wear Blue Day set for Wednesday to combat human trafficking: People across the nation and in…
One person arrested on human trafficking charges in south Lubbock
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Prostitution and human trafficking are NOT the same thing
Isn't hiring illegal foreign workers & distributing them around the Country for the right price human trafficking?
Statistics about Human trafficking: 2.2 million children are sold into the sex trade every year. That's over 4 child…
Why I say that these "Pakistan" shops show signs of human trafficking and should be probed:
is proud to join on for Human Trafficking Awareness Day tomorrow. Learn more:
and join in on Jan 11 for raising public awareness of the hidden crime of human traffickin…
.Being the Victim of Human Trafficking - Prt 2 Info for Writers
National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is JAN11 Learn about the city's efforts at
Join us THIS Wednesday, January 11th for National Human Trafficking Awareness Day! Remember to wear BLUE!
Join the fight against human trafficking & help MCSA to bring children home safely SMS MCSA to 41006 - R25…
I thank you Mr President. . "During National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we resolve to shine a...
I'm just going to say this:. There is CURRENTLY a system of human trafficking, so NO I'm not as interested in some hist…
the goods on Clinton Foundation, human trafficking and they allegedly may have him in PC. Wow could be Huge
At today’s nomination hearing I discussed Sen. Sessions's record on human trafficking, Roe v. Wade and more.
I've been saying that these shops show signs of human trafficking.
there are 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally. 1 is too many. It is happening in your children’s...
Start your year right and learn more on how you can fight human trafficking by signing up for our 30 day email cours…
Inside New York's bustling but unseen world of human trafficking
Wed. January 11 is Wear blue alongside the DHS this Human Trafficking Awareness Month:
m, I want to Google it but i don't want to get flagged for some type of human trafficking. 😂😂
I also learned this in a training on how to detect a building used for human trafficking
let me see if I can find some stuff! For now check out Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal enterprise in the world. See how we fight to
Book review: More reveals human trafficking from the villain’s perspective.
So what do you think? Could it be human trafficking-related? Migrants stranded and then executed? -KvH
one of my professors was the executive director of a nonprofit working to end human trafficking. Her research is persuasive.
Dignity Health works to raise awareness of human trafficking
Canadian police charge young Muslim man with trafficking women for sex, assault of two women
USAID launches new project to counter human trafficking in Asia
January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Learn how you can help featured in NBC s Science of Love
I dug deeper with my other friends Dad and come to find out they were human trafficking
Consider writing to your member of Congress to ask them to help end human trafficking.
Eur Mensenrechten Hof: G.J. v. Spain and Access to Justice for Victims of Human Trafficking via
Why shutting down the adult section of does not help human trafficking
This man watches his people starve&deal in drugs/human trafficking.Millions would rather leave their own country th…
Gabriel Gomez has a warrant out for his arrest from Modesto Police for Human Trafficking charges. Gomez is last...
Female (21) charged with Human Trafficking for Prostitution. Other offences being considered by Crown Prosecution Service. -DLM
Fight against Human Trafficking and modern slavery. Learn:
Great BBC documentary on the fatal realities of Human Trafficking across Latin America. . https:…
360 video: Inside the horrors of human trafficking in Mexico - BBC News via
"The threat of human trafficking in construction is real. This project will help companies to protect staff..."
Feel the cultural enrichment yet, Minnesota?. 29 gang members/pimps were arrested for human trafficking back in 2…
Ms Eva BIAUDET Chair of the Board of Governors, is speaking on Human Trafficking today at Tangli…
I am so EXCITED for Dressember. Gunna wear no pants for a whole month and hopefully raise $500 for human trafficking victims! Leggo!
Join me @ "2nd Annual Christmas Boutique" & fight human trafficking with style.
With every person that becomes aware of human trafficking, we are one step closer to abolishing slavery for good.
Malawi woman wins US human trafficking case after 3 years 'in prison'
Abortions, human trafficking, foreign and domestic terrorism...We need Jesus more than ever!!. . .
"18 people for taking newborn Join us:. https:/…
A TON of human trafficking, we even took out a cartel believe it or not, *** this guy who owned a chicken business was a narco
with partial proceeds to Animal Rescue & Anti Human Trafficking:
We cannot leave these women and girls behind. Human trafficking is a form of violence that must be stopped.
Thank you for sharing. Bringing awareness to human trafficking of children will help!
Punishment 5 of the Republic: Those convicted of human trafficking shall receive the penalty of death by hanging.
Human trafficking in our community - - Data collected from the National Human Trafficking Resource Cent…
UMD students partner with College Park SAFE Center to raise awareness of human trafficking - - Susan G.…
Couple charged with sex-trafficking teen girls - - Lott stated, “Human trafficking is happening right h…
Seven arrested in Harris County prostitution, human trafficking bust - - Seven people were arrested in …
BJP: Human trafficking a thriving business in K'taka - - BELAGAVI: “Rise in cases of trafficking of chi…
will preside the Sec. Council in December. Among our priorities, the fight against terrorism & human traffi…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Frank Giustra is a movie mogul and involved in the mining business, two industries with major human trafficking issues.
How bad is a charge of human trafficking in Botswana?
So this why FBI won't investigate Cause owner of Besta Pizza works for DOJ Human Trafficking division?. htt…
Join us fighting pedophilia and human trafficking! Elite inner circle exposed.
There is a woman I know from Pinville,I'm told she is been arrested at Botswana for human trafficking since January
People abuse ukuthwala&Chobediso for criminal abduction,then the West disingenously label it as human trafficking. .
Yes! The recruitment of to for financial gain is human We have seen it time and…
Dep. of Health and Human Svc. Resource guide for victims of trafficking
Check out my book - 'Tess - Valkyries United: The Abomination of Human Trafficking' - on -
Human trafficking victims will soon have shelter in Virginia
Eden - human trafficking.Beware of fake Modelling Agencies, that offer young women work often
16 Days initiative to raise awareness about Human Trafficking
Striving everyday to erase the devastating cycle of human trafficking. Today, support
remember Human Trafficking as one of truffles election platforms. More evidence for the International Criminal Court…
Bravo to and partnering this week on events battling Human Trafficking.
"Murder in the Bayou" - Reports Sex & Human Trafficking in Southwest Louisiana: via
My new foundation held 1st event:The Empowered Girl: How NOT to be a Victim of Human Trafficking. Watch live stream! htt…
Human Trafficking victims will not be sent to jail, according to the first draft bill of trafficking
Don’t miss Bill Shepherd’s keynote address on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery at today!
Human Trafficking is a crime against humanity. It involves an act of recruiting, transporting,…
The draft Human Trafficking bill makes no mention of the existing Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act. ..
Human Trafficking can't be fought from the bottom up. It must be fought from the very top. The question is...who is at the very top?
Here is a great free resource to download to help your church fight Human Trafficking!
TODAY → UN Special event "Voices of Victims of Human Trafficking" in NY, with Gloria Steinem
Human Trafficking is an incredibly important issue facing our country and world. So glad this was addressed in a UAB…
The next stage of my challenge re Human Trafficking & Exploitation Act NI is set for hearing in the High Court on Apri…
If you're hungry and hanging out by University Ave come checkout Gators against Human Trafficking's International Food Festival !
A sneak view of The Red Sand Project @ UW-M. So great raising awareness for Human Trafficking ?
Misa Nguyen will address The Phenomenon of Human Trafficking in Houston @ LSC-University Park.
First results of IOM-survey on Human Trafficking and Exploitation Prevalence on Eastern Mediterranean Migrant Routes
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Letter to the Editor of NY Times on Human Trafficking from Senator Dianne Feinstein
Everyday you can use YOUR voice to bring awareness to human trafficking.
20.9 million people are bought and sold worldwide due to human trafficking. Help them:
Human trafficking is about more than just sex and labor. Evil has a way of snowballing, which is why illegal...
Thank you to for playing hard to fight against human trafficking today
Read here how United Way Worldwide brought together buisness and technology leaders to elevate the fight against HT:
Bengal has become hub of illegal activities .
Scientist, Artist, Fulbright Scholar: Human trafficking must be such a hard habit to break.
PLEAE EVERYONE SHARE THIS. Steph was believed to be kidnapped & it could be human trafficking.
TBI campaign combats human trafficking in East Tennessee...
The problem is with Eni, Guilio most likely found labor issues, slave human trafficking, and poor working
Watch police raid human traffickers in India:
Supporting on 19th March 2016 to support to create awareness about human trafficking https…
Countries which rank higher in economic freedom are better at preventing human trafficking.
"He said, 'I'll show you human sex trafficking.' And I said okay."
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Thank you all who came out and supported my birthday/fundraiser to stop human trafficking as I…
who did human trafficking?At this point the only thing confirmed is strippers. Btw point shaming is a felony that was proven
I always forget that Houston is the human trafficking capital of America
Man accused of human trafficking arrested in Cole Harbour
More 21 million people fall victim to human trafficking. 5.5mil are children. 55% are women and girls.
Honored to be with & next week discussing crucial issue of human trafficking.
Human trafficking is even more heart breaking when you learn the stories of those affected.
Anoche, felicitaciones Great show! And thanks for all your work to combat human trafficking
Human trafficking affects 21 million people around the world. Read about one alum waging war on slavery
Learn more about how truckers are combatting human trafficking.
Approximately 80% of human trafficking victims are women and girls, and up to 50% are minors. Source: [TIP, 2007]
Need Buy where partial proceeds go to Anti-Human Trafficking Orgs.
"Our fight against human trafficking is one of the great human rights causes of our time." - President Barack Obama
am not Christian cannot understand ur rules. I have mine. do not believe in Mother Teresa who was into human trafficking
you weren't kidnapped and sold into human sex trafficking so that's a plus. You got that going for you
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Every shirt to rescue girls out human trafficking. Partnered with and 100% of the profit do…
Letter: Human Trafficking: Senator Dianne Feinstein discusses the role of website in facilitating the sex trad...
Turkey and Europe: Human Trafficking on a Scale Not Seen Since the Atlantic Slave Trade via
Last Friday at the Conference on Human Trafficking, Sexual servitude and Forced Marriage. I'm in the middle.
Human Trafficking Resource Center - a hub for resources used by victims of human trafficking. We assist victims who want out. Please help.
Halifax police, RCMP partner to launch human trafficking awareness campaign. Say something..if you see something.
Part of global corporate cleptocracy wishing to honor no gov to practice whitewashed human trafficking.
Keep mercy flowing at Bakhita Villa home for survivors of human trafficking. Give them a chance to heal and grow.
End it. let's put an end to slavery and human trafficking once and for…
Merge human trafficking and foreign employment acts: Ministry.
Human Trafficking Investigation, . One man, one girl arrested. There may be other vicitms. Check out
Forced labor, sexual abuse, and organ harvesting increased by 40%. Heartbreaking 💔
The Korean Peninsula. A lot of Korean families sold there daughters in The Human Trafficking Trade.
This advert by government agency says Human Trafficking is our wish
Migrant cash, RPGs, & selfies: Inside the world of human trafficking in the Horn of Africa
Iowa lawmakers combat human trafficking Found at
Youth human trafficking victims in too
Story covers Reportalo project on human trafficking in California's fields.
Merge human trafficking and foreign employment acts: Ministry - - Feb 28, 2016- There is a need for har…
There's no way that Steven Adams doesn't run a human trafficking ring
Connecting threads - wonder how much human trafficking myths emerge from anxiety over human value (or lack thereof)
My "Not involved in human trafficking" T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt.
Google collaborating with on bringing up human trafficking hotline network
Human trafficking and/or being kidnapped are honestly my biggest fears.
Planning to attend the New England Faith & Justice Summit on Human Trafficking? Session details and a link to...
"Online platform for NGO's provides real-time information to help END
thx for your rt. Awesome & honored you follow me. God bless you for your cmtmnt to abolishing Human trafficking.
Manchester man indicted in human trafficking case | New Hampshire
Stories of human trafficking remind us of the tragic pervasiveness of this issue in US. Soror Nina Hickson
Truckers, Highway Patrol team up to fight human trafficking
New official figures have shown that during 2015, an estimated 3,266 immigrants from 102 different countries w...
According to the Human Trafficking Resource Center, Florida accounts for the third-highest call volume of human...
It's also one of the highest rated places for human trafficking
Number of UK human trafficking victims increases by 40 per cent in a year as crime gangs exploit EU free movem...
Shouldn't they be more worried about drug and human trafficking in Mexico or may be their own corruption?
Human trafficking victims from the Philippines on Hawaii Five-0 😖😅😥
accuses of destroying Europe, indirectly participating in human trafficking.
Human Trafficking is the fastest growing & 3rd largest organized criminal activity in the US - via (
Foster care children at risk for sex trafficking predators January is Human Trafficking and… https:…
Focus on the Family with Jim Daly - Human Trafficking: What You Need to Know - ll
Human Trafficking: What You Need to Know - l - Listen to Jim Daly from Focus on the Family
Great resource for Bar Associations looking to raise awareness on Human Trafficking via
I'm standing in the fight against Human Trafficking because we are ALL Gods children and deserve to be free!
Discussion on Human Trafficking today, 8 p.m., South Hall Lobby. Guest speaker is Ruth Welters-Smith.
At a rescue home.Human Trafficking awareness day.Third largest organised crime after drugs& arms trade across globe.
"Homelessness, Survival Sex, and Human Trafficking: As Experienced by the Youth of Covenant House New York"
Join the Skagit County Coalition Against Trafficking on January 11th, 2016 for a Rally to stop Human Trafficking.
Tune in now to hear Presidential Interagency Task Force on Human Trafficking to par…
4,168 cases of Human Trafficking were reported in 2014. . -Polaris Project
'Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling in Southeast Europe and Russia' - new on the shelves -
HB465 (Human Trafficking) passes Florida House 113-0. People are not commodities to be bought and sold.
Human Trafficking & Slavery - Guarantee of ethical practices in seafood products still a long way off...
Contest to develop apps to fight human trafficking via
Human sex trafficking is the world’s fastest growing criminal enterprise - Read 3 Ways to End Child Sex Trafficking
to be fought and prevented. Here are a few ways to report human trafficking cases:
Vivid portrayals of the way women and/or men may be and are lured being trafficked for sex. Please be in prayer...
Human Trafficking is a Crime that Violates Women and Children!
Human trafficking suspect handed over to Myanmar - The Nation
Please donate to help get to She is a human expert in need of $ help.
Saw "Pimp my Party" & still dont know what human trafficking has to do with it. Waiting for "Pedophile my Cooking" segment tho
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I might just cross over the Mexican border & allow myself to be used in human trafficking bc honestly, I am just not feeling this thing :)
Good news. One of six new regional enforcement teams will investigate out of Portland, OR.
continues to be a problem in | News Talk 980 CKNW | Vancouver's News. Vancouver's Talk htt…
"De Ross handles the disastrous effects of human trafficking in a believable fashion".
And it's not just human trafficking. There's the possibility they could've taken the kid to chop him up for "mhuti"
April 2015: Pope takes initiative against human trafficking and the Armenian genocide
My UNSC remarks today on what we each must do to & human trafficking:
Before today, had met on trafficking of arms, drugs, oil, but never before on trafficking of human beings, which…
FBI arrests and sentences 4 men on charges of HT. Read more:
Prepare for next month (which is this Friday) by learning some facts about modern-day slavery/human trafficking!...
Campaign shows shockingly common forms of human trafficking in Egypt
Smartphone app to aid in trying to stop human trafficking
Malaysia aims to be upgraded to Tier 1 status in the U.S. TIP Report by 2020 for combating
this is the KERNEL of human trafficking...where there is MILITARY there are COMFORT women...suck a disgusting...
Hope for Human Trafficking: Recognize the Signs and Speak Up via
Buy Miche Bag Online!
What was the name of that one fake company that sent letters to everyone but is associated w human trafficking?
Norwayne graduate intervenes in human trafficking
Help share the facts to fight human trafficking
In order to spread awareness about human trafficking we performed a Nukkad Natak.
How is human rights violations and organ trafficking funny
January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. We will be setting out cards with a few local facts on...
Checking out "Human Trafficking.the virus of humankind" on Shadow, Heart, and Soul of the B:
Islamic State has sanctioned the harvesting of human organs in a previously undisclosed ruling by the group's...
Whatsapp, Telegram and Line come in handy for female victims of human trafficking .
Soros Is AFRAID Of Losing Corrupt Profits In Human Trafficking: Trump & Cruz be Afraid of Tyranny and Georgie
Ways that women, especially girls, are lured into the evils of sex-trafficking.
Fatwa Number 68: Islamic State sanctioned harvesting of human organs — may be trafficking in body parts
We're discussing solutions to end Human Trafficking.
Join me and in the fight against human trafficking on January 7.
Like nicki got slated for supportin her bro but what a sjw silence when drake celebrated his human-trafficking-friend's re…
Texting out an -- Messaging are helping some escape |
Dude came in the Barbershop saying he trying to raise money for Human Trafficking and my Barber laughed and said "I got 3 *** myself"
Congrats Evelyn Chumbow who's been appointed to the US Advisory Council on Human Trafficking htt…
.founder Tina Frundt appointed by Pres Obama to the U.S. Adv Council on Human Trafficking
Cllr Parks Tau calls on mayors to fight Modern Slavery &Human Trafficking in cities.
LECTURE: "Human Trafficking in Orange County: Domestic and International Factors" by Linh Tran, 12/1/15, 6:30 pm,...
I'm glad to walk down the promenade and see CAU is raising awareness on Human Trafficking.
Kentucky Man Sentenced for Human Trafficking - - Human Trafficking A Kentucky man has been given ten ye…
5 Arrested, Including Boy, 16, in Suspicion of Human Trafficking - - Five people were arrested and thre…
Working for Gift Box USA at cathedral of St John the Divine to raise awareness about Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking awareness. A woman raped 43,200 times. .
As some of you may already know...Human Trafficking is something that is close to my heart in terms of wanting to...
If I wanted Human Slavery I could watch Human Trafficking with Robert Carlyle! When I watch Fairy Tales I want Hope,like
Whoever wants to learn more about Human Trafficking, come to Founders Hall at 11:30am. We'll be having a panel discussion on the topic.
Human Trafficking & Modern Day Slavery in the UK. You have to question 2015 Britain. Conferences on Slavery?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
As a member of the States a Human Trafficking task force, I applaud the work of the FBI, but grieve at the terror...
So proud of our team & supporters at the Human Trafficking event in Durban today.
Will be ministering at Winners Chapel Kabusa Abuja today by 5pm, on Human Trafficking... And Role of Christians...
Please share and help find her - Relisha Rudd and the Horrors of Human Trafficking - News & Views - EBONY
Did you know that the 02nd -09th of October is Human Trafficking awareness week in South Africa ? . Women Arise...
Clearwater FL - this is horrible news - Florida: A Modern Slavery Hub for Sex and Human Trafficking
A great video on Human Trafficking and how it work from the Welsh Government. Traffickers prey on the young and...
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