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Human Rights First (formerly known as the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan human rights organization based in New York City and Washington, D.C.

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Young men should care about gender equality first and foremost out of concern for human rights -Sinéad
This would be a super weird time for the return of Christ, his followers would be the first to deny him basic human rights.
Iheoma Obibi: human rights activist, feminist, and groundbreaking entrepreneur
The first part of was AMAZING. LET'S FIGHT BACK. Here, in Iraq, and everywhere. rights are human…
"Recent example of launching of the first National Human Rights Action Framework in the Maldives last December" - FM
"In the first week of Feb 2017 coastguard intercepted more than 1131 migrants near the city of Sabratha" https:/…
So Obama denied your basic human rights for the first 7 years of his presidency?
First they decide to start making nuclear weapons again and now there thinking about quitting United Nations...
I agree so I think prob the wrong approach. When we find the first severe human rights issues we prob need a different channel.
Human Rights by Gerald S. Snyder ISBN 0-531-04103-4 in it specifically he described affects of slurs to Fir…
Nothing feminist about deference to Eastern patriarchy. Cultural/religious norms do not supersede human rights. https:/…
"Only by first accepting fundamental human rights could all else: durable peace & success in development become possible." Ze…
.Australia has made its first official bid for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council but asylum seeker treatment could stop it
Who wrote the first human rights charter 2500 years ago...
Liberals are not people. Let alone real people. For human rights... One must prove that they are human first. Burde…
if anything he knows about human rights living in the country he does. He's seen first hand.
Will the US Withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council? by via
New on the blog: Drinking water crisis in First Nations communities violates human rights
First A+ of the semester! 25/25 on my paper about Property Rights vs Human Rights!
the fashion industry is not exactly the leader in human rights. They should first clean up their mess.
Human rights, Australia must clean our self and our own back yard first, before going to UN.
US to withdraw from UN Human Rights Council? Would be bad for US & bad for rest of world.
ASIA | America First? Trump's US prepares to talk human rights in Geneva
"The right to LIFE is the first human right. Without that right, all other rights are meaningless."- https:/…
"Their feelings are hurt and you should remember that family comes first" um except when human rights are on the line. Yeah no thanks bye
US withdrawing from UN Human Rights Council would leave rights allies abandoned and rights adversaries emboldened.
A great Persian expression, apt for moments like this, when Iran lectures America on human rights: "Please wipe your own…
By Jennifer Quigley for Human Rights First - Washington, D.C. ‑ Following today’s announcement from Department of...
Secretary Clinton She led the effort to pass the first-ever U.N. Resolution on LGBT Human Rights
this show gave me the first spark of inspiration I ever had to start acting and gave me a passion for human rights❤❤❤ tysm
For the first time, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights takes up tobacco use as a human rights issue... https:/…
Alexander Bard loves the first and foremost tech defenders of human rights in Sweden. Support Bahnhof!
Greece deports its first round of migrants back to the Middle East while a debate of human rights rages:
LIVE VIDEO: First Mississippi House rep to speak calls it "the most hateful bill" he's ever seen.
"European Union [is] sending back more than 200 migrants in the first stage of a plan to deport thousands "
. Forget abt Human Rights first..terrorists r not humans..hit the Seculars first
NGOs produce training manual for human rights activists on investment projects
I study Human Rights. To work for would be a dream, but I have to finish my essays first!
Persian King Cyrus the Great issued the first ever decree on human rights.
+ I came to the first negotiations--I said "I am here to demand my rights as a worker and a human being."
Learn more about the Federal Budget and how it affects populations.
Why are Retards allowed to have social media access!!?!? . Screw human rights... Basic intelligence should come first!
As first refugees are deported from Greece to Turkey, here's five reasons that deal should never have happened:
1997 - ANC writes first foreign policy document - disentangling themselves form human rights claims & policies adopted at time of transition
: 53 executions in first two weeks of January.
Not really a surprise.but hope this helps make things better!
win CAN Human Rights Tribunal a first step in reversing discrimination of children
Sir, first put all those policemen/officers behind bars who have been found guilty of human rights violations.
In many cases, the mental illness comes from your government not respecting human rights in the first place,
“This is a great day for First Nations children and all Canadians who believe in justice and fairness.” Dr. Cindy...
Ottawa to increase funding for First Nations children.
Government to renovate system after human rights tribunal finds First Nations children are underfunded
Cuba the first Nation before North Korea as the violator of Human Rights. Btrtal beatings, disappearances &Prison the norm!
I support HM rights. Human first. F off, god.
Why when people speak of human rights the first topic they mention is homosexuality?
First Q: How does your party balance human rights and needs and economic and environmental concerns?
Celebrate the first Indian to receive International Amnesty (8th Human Rights) Award (Thread)
welcomes Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Ruling in favour of
In its ruling, the Tribunal said that it “acknowledges the suffering of those First Nations children and families...
Listen to the new podcast Talking First episode: victor’s justice at the via
53 executions in in first 2 weeks of January, we say & call on to act to http…
The right to life is the first among human rights. -shows
Important piece from on why refugee resettlement is a foreign policy issue.
Check out this story from StarPhoenix
Nepal up first: recommends that Singapore continues strengthening its human rights mechanism.
Listen to podcast Talking Justice. First episode: victor’s justice at the ICC? via
I don't really care which economic doctrine politicians follow, so long as human rights come first in everything they say and do.
Key stats on the First Nations child welfare human rights case. Read the full document at
first you talk about human rights of thousands of Kashmiri Pandit women who were raped and were ousted from their home
Amnesty Int’l: King Salman’s first year in power in Saudi Arabia has been a dark year for human rights
"You must do the things you think you cannot do." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
It's time that Disability is recognized as a demographic. Sign this petition ->
Special Rapporteur on right to development reports,"in order to realize human rights, human needs must first be satisfied"
Excellent response for our Youth Action on Human Rights series of events. Young people of York are keen to get involved. Firs…
"Australian researcher creates world-first Indigenous translation of Declaration of Human Rights"
ready to cooperate over human rights issues with other nations? Has to stop harassing protestors and harvesting org…
Growing opposition to use of incendiary weapons suggests it's time to revisit the law - https…
.don't research disability. Sign the petition asking them to change
Seems unbelievable, but it's true. . . .
Homophobia in the Baltic States: The Eurobarometer - Human Rights First (blog) |
For the first time, the Declaration of Human Rights has been translated into an Aboriginal language
My first short documentary "Not for Girls" has been selected for the Short Competition at Diritti a Todi - Human Rights Intl. Film Festival.
A first for LGBTI recognition at National Indigenous Human Rights Awards
My first blog about the Ghost Town of Hebron as a human rights monitor:.
First mention I've seen of the mobilising of pro-China supporters to offset human rights protesters...
Looks like Britain is 4 sale deals,same old story money first people human rights second 👎🏻💰👿
President Xi is met by human rights protesters on the first day of his UK state visit:
I don't think Cameron or the privileged classes in general were that keen on Human Right…
Cameron's first big step towards not just repeal of HRA, but also quitting the European Convention of Human Rights: https…
for my religious beliefs I pay respect to her for being the first human for women's rights.
Huge treat to see and feel our new edited book 'Disability and Human Rights' for first time!
Excellent article: the complex reality of and in the twenty-first century
Kelly McParland: Trudeau is set to fail his first human rights test
I think Canada needs to protect human rights first.
First the UN rewarded Saudi Arabia with chairmanship of human rights panel. Now Mugabe wins "Confucius peace prize." https…
.– sort out your human rights abuses before hosting the first European Games http:/…
I say yes. They were only considered felons in the first place bc of the outdated draconian human rights laws against cannabis
The Persians were the ones to shape the world’s first human rights charter
Tax injustice results from tax opacity; let’s get fiscal but first, let’s get parency
"Obama has sent a clear message of support for the protection of the rights of all Jamaicans"
Why are you thanking a white man for basic human rights you deserved in the first place. For finally seeing you as you are, human.
Progress: publicly commits to respecting human rights in all its operation for the first time in its history
We welcome Obama’s support for Jamaican civil society & human rights of people worldwide h…
PIE Chat: Omar Houri on Beirut Arab University & how it came to host Lebanon's first permanent human rights centre:
Absolutely right . Human rights legislation needs a complete re-write ensuring rights of citizens, protection of, come first
example why Islam is incompatible with the 21st century where human rights comes first.
Little Giant Ladders
We shall never allow any human to be detained without trial but to understand human rights you need to be a human first
First (official) Human Rights campaign I've worked on and today is the launching day!
Maybe 'meeting with LGBT activists' in release is the youth leaders meeting you were at
The first civil rights movement was designed to fight the law that said that black people were not full human beings, …
Dear First no featured image on this piece and now no piece only :( Dafuq! (1)
First give importance to human rights, later you can pay respect dance.
If you can stomach it, detailed Human Rights First report on cases of soldiers torturing & executing Iraqi civilians: http…
Applications for ACE Rule of Law Fellowship at Human Rights First are now being accepted through September 30:
Some U.S. churches are trying to take things to another level. On June 26th, the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. and approximately 50 other churches in 26 U.S. states will publicly read from the Quran during their Sunday worship services. This is all part of an interfaith project being promoted by the Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First. The theme of this Sunday is “Faith Shared: Uniting in Prayer and Understanding”, and the goal is apparently to show how much Christian churches in the United States respect Islam. At its core, this project will bring together Christian, Jewish and Muslim clergy to read from and hear from each other’s sacred texts. In doing so, they will serve as a model for respect and cooperation and create a concrete opportunity to build and strengthen working ties between and among faith communities moving forward. The truth is that all Americans have the freedom to read the Quran whenever they want. But should Christian churches be reading from it during Sunday w .. ...
Remarks by National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice at the Human Rights First Annual Summit Washington, DC Wednesday, December 4, 2013 “Human Rights: Advancing American Interests and Values” Good afternoon, everyone. And thank you so much Elisa for your incredibly kind introduction, but even more I want to thank you for your long career fighting the good fight, and for your dedicated leadership of Human Rights First. For more than three decades, this group has been a clarion voice in defense of human dignity and the rights and freedom of people everywhere. And it really is my deep honor to be with you today. Sixty-five years ago this month, representatives to the United Nations General Assembly came together to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights—a worldwide recognition that all members of our human family are born possessing certain equal and inalienable rights. These same rights are reflected in the founding documents of the United States, and we cherish them as part of our nationa ...
AFRTN | The Eagle Washington FM Top Obama aide rebukes China, Russia over human rights A top aide to U.S. President Barack Obama rebuked rivals China and Russia over human rights Wednesday but admitted “painful” tradeoffs were sometimes necessary to ensure U.S. security. National Security Advisor Susan Rice argued in a major speech that balancing human rights with other U.S. national security priorities was complicated in a world of swirling geopolitics, multiple threats and authoritarian governments. “We sometimes face painful dilemmas when the immediate need to defend our national security clashes with our fundamental commitment to democracy and human rights,” Rice told a conference organized by the Human Rights First group. “Let’s be honest: at times, as a result, we do business with governments that do not respect the rights we hold most dear,” she said. “We make tough choices. When rights are violated, we continue to advocate for their protection. But we cannot, and I will not, preten ...
Waiting for the Human Rights First 2013 Human Rights Summit to start. Oh my! There are so many important people here Jonathan Capehart, Susan Rise, Aryeh Neier
here's a speech by Dr. Denis Mukwege, the founder of the hospital I've been suppourting in the Congo that's been treating rape survivors since the violence over cell phone minerals began in '97. Dr. Denis Mukwege has just received the 2013 human Rights prize. This award was given to New York on October 23, 2013 during a dinner marking the award ceremony. Human Rights First Award Thank you Human Rights First for this award, and to all of you for being here. I studied medicine to help bring life into this world. But much of what I see today is about destruction – of women, of families, of communities. Our hospital was established to help pregnant women in eastern Congo. But we confronted an urgent medical emergency for women there: an epidemic of brutality through the use of rape as a weapon of war. Through our doors come women who have been stabbed or shot in their genitals, raped by gangs, forced into sexual slavery, impregnated by violent men and boys, and often infected with HIV/AIDS along with t ...
Senators Call on Obama to End Force Feeding at Guantanamo - Human Rights First
Senators Urge the to Cancel Contract with Arms Supplier Human Rights First via
Dept of Corrections responds to prison conditions lawsuit w/ "facts" that require correction:
6 Steps for the U.S. to Support Successful Transition to Democracy | Human Rights First via
An article by an official of Human Rights First on the first anniversary of the arrest of Nabeel Rajab
- I say the same thing I always say: they should've thought about their victims' human rights first...
there have been noises. And an ENDA bill was released but it's not passed. Also backwards. Human rights first, then ENDA, then ME.
Is an Internet Freedom Crackdown Sweeping across the Arab Gulf? Human Rights First- via
How many ways can u violate Addi's human rights?First no jury, next no prosecutor, today - no files.When will Babylon adm…
RELIGIOUS LIBERTY COMMISSION PRAYER ALERT May 9, 2013 Sources: (BBC UK, Open Doors, Teutopolis Press, House of Commons, Canada, DFAIT, Canada, Human Rights First) Syria has long been a country of concern for persecution of Christians. It currently ranks 11th on the World Watch List, which annually identifies the top fifty countries where persecution of Christians is most severe. Syria has a population of just over 21 million, where Islam (represented by various sects) dominates as the country's main religion. Christians, who number 1.7 million (many from Muslim backgrounds), live in devastating and unimaginable circumstances; ostracized by family, friends, and targets of extremists. In the current civil war, many are now displaced both inside and outside of their homeland. The on-going two year civil war has claimed over 70,000 lives. According to the United Nations, 6 million people representing Sunni Islam, Christianity, and Atheism, are registered for assistance; about 4 million were i ...
.Human Rights First responds to comments on in "No in
Bernie Ecclestone Plays Down Unrest in as the Crisis Continues | Human Rights First via
"Daphne Eviatar of Human Rights First said the Abu Ghaith experience shows the right way. "Today's efficient arraignment is a far cry from the clumsy military commissions proceedings we see at Guantanamo", she said Friday. "Today's hearing took 17 minutes, the government had already turned over the bulk of its unclassified discovery and the judge announced that he will set a trial date next month." By contrast, 13 hours were needed for the initial processing of the alleged 9/11 plotters when they got to Guantanamo and no trial date has been set. "The prosecution of Sulaiman Abu Ghaith clearly demonstrates that federal courts are the best venue for federal terrorism trials," she said." - [Agence France Presse, 3/8/2013]
This bill that Obama passed is just nuts. Here are the top 3 reasons in the bill that would make any US president signing it look like a communist. 1. The Indefinite Detention Clause: The NDAA has become the most controversial element of President Obama's foreign policy. Section 1021 of the NDAA bill of 2012 allowed for the "indefinite detention of American citizens without due process at the discretion of the President." Section 1021 has been challenged as a violation of constitutional principles and the United States Bill of Rights. The indefinite detention clause has been broadly denounced nationally and internationally. It may very well be the only thing that has true bi-partisan support. The Act was strongly opposed by the ACLU, Amnesty International, Human Rights First, Human Rights Watch, and The Center for Constitutional Rights, the Cato Institute, Reason Magazine and The Council on American-Islamic Relations. It was criticized in editorials published in The New York Times, Al-Jazeera, and The Gua ...
“He [Chen] had exposed a program of forced abortion and sterilization in Shandong,” Bale told attendees at a Human Rights First event. “A program of forced abortion means that women are being dragged from their homes against their will. They are being forced to have abortions, sometimes late-term&nb...
Aslama, Human Rights First, an NGO in Washington, D.C is looking for contacts, please give me a shout out if you're
Who Will Watch the Watchmen? Amnesty International and the Human Rights Industry by DANIEL KOVALICK When I studied law at Columbia in the early 1990s, I had the fortune of studying under Louis Henkin, probably the world’s most famous human rights theoretician. Upon his passing in 2010, Elisa Massimino at Human Rights First stated in Professor Henkin’s New York Times obituary that he “literally and figuratively wrote the book on human rights” and that “[i]t is no exaggeration to say that no American was more instrumental in the development of human rights law than Lou.” Professor Henkin, rest his soul, while a human rights legend, was not always good on the question of war and peace. I know this from my own experience when I had a vigorous debate with him during and continuing after class about the jailing of anti-war protestors, including Eugene V. Debs, during World War I. In short, Professor Henkin, agreeing with Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, believed that these protestors ...
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On Thursday actor Christian Bale presented blind forced abortion opponent Chen Guangcheng with an award at the annual gala of Human Rights First. In December 2011, while Chen was still in China under house arrest, Bale attempted to visit Chen but was roughed up by thugs, who prevented him from visi...
First ASEAN human rights declaration criticized: Civil society groups in ASEAN have expressed…
“On 9 October 2012, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) published its first ruling of a breach of …”
the universal declaration of human rights 1948 says:'we're all first and foremost citizens of the world' y do I need a VISA to live in NY???
Creative Nonfiction: resources for teachers and students | "an easy way to enter an issue"
I know *** women who are voting for Romney because they believe the economy comes first before human rights and I kind of get it tbh
Talk about a real-life superhero. Bravo, Christian Bale! — Human Rights First
Actor Christian Bale presented blind opponent of forced abortion Chen Guangcheng with an award at Human Rights First's gala...
- Human rights and women's rights one of the first strategies Emirates
Enjoying my first book about Human Rights
Batman thwarted, now Bale finally meets Chen Guangcheng: Chen honored in US by Human Rights First. (HT
October 29, “Cyrus the Great Day” anniversary first declarationof human rights
Prisoners threw away any human rights by breaking the law in the first place.
Facts? You mean if the case can be considered a violation of human rights in the first place?
The human rights train is coming: Cayman's first Bill of Rights will bring wholesale change to government...
First the U.N. should require human rights for women like the right to vote, drive, peripheral vision, etc.
Cyrus the Great Day, October 29 .King of Persia, who declared the first charter of human rights in the world
Dooley from Human Rights First writes about social media crackdown in
Tackling human rights: The organization founded the club in the hope that a piece of literature could provide an...
Bolivar Hall packed for the first film of the Ecuadorian Human Rights Festival. Amazing documentray + they're showing it again on Wednesday.
The human rights approach to health care>> we need to create the awareness in the population about the rights the have first
Listening to MP Charlie Angus talk of the continuous denial of human rights for first nations people. Struggling to comprehend the situation
150 on Day of says Observatory for Human Rights (watchdog group opposed to
How can you say human rights means no when you have no philosophical argument for human rights in the first place?
I think this is the first time I've heard of 'empty air' -- Aquino's human rights record all empty air, group says
Maybe first mention all the types of rights that are involved in fishery. Property rights is only one, next to human rights, historic rights
Learning about human rights is the first step toward respecting, promoting and defending the rights of all people
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 150 people were killed on the first day of a cease-fire in Syria. WK
Today i want many of you to answer my Question. WHO THE *** ARE YOU TO DENY HUMAN RIGHTS???... many people are posting... dont kill gots and cows today... killing hens is OK for u... what a pity animal love... am asking again Who the *** are you to Deny the traditional Food Habits... Is animal rights are Important than Human rights,?? FIRST PLZ THINK OF UR FELLOW HUMAN BEING... am asking u again WHO THE *** ARE YOU TO DECIDE MY FOOD HABIT...
Last night, at the annual Human Rights First Award dinner, Christian Bale finally met blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng whom he attempted to visit this past December in China.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
lol Batman finally made it, Bale got his *** kicked outside that village in China.
Great CNN coverage of the story of Chen Guangcheng and his meeting with Christian Bale at our awards dinner last night.
Ok 80% of my review videos got "demonetizated" and need to ONE BY ONE resubmit for review to tell them if I have "rights" or "permission" or "license" to use the materials including music/audio/photo/video footages. 1. I film everything myself 2. Fair use commentary to anything is alright as long as it won't compete with the original content and in this case applications which is NOT even videos/music. 3. Seriously, my reviews will result in more awareness of applications that had been reviewed and shouldn't be seen negatively by "publishers" in fact many asked me to review for them and I rejected many due to their apps' quality. Instead of applying for reviews again and risk getting "banned" by youtube, I deleted all those "suspected" videos to save youtube the trouble. I feel helpless as an content creator/owner as youtube dictate what is original content. I think it's time I change my review methods and goes to FACE to Face with the audience and have SMALL snippet of the applications in question. I hat ...
我想去旅行 I want to TRAVEL by!!
Human Rights First, "an independent advocacy and action organization that challenges America to live up to its ideals", gave Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng its "Human Rights Award" at its annual gala in New York on Wednesday.
Fan of Sidney Lumet award-winning Homeland? Watch Claire Danes and Damian Lewis give a shout out to Human Rights First and all of you!
Christian Bale is a hero both in acting and reality
Christian Bale, the Batman actor, has honored blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng in New York.
Be a HUMAN first, and then a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian. - Sada Hauq Aithe Rakh. Fight for your rights. - Self-defence. It is NOT 'Hinsa'. It is protecting your rights, identity, surroundings and existence. - Respect everyone. - Na kissi ke saath bura karo, aur na he bura hote dekho. - Help others. Dussaro ki zindagi savaro, apni khud he savar jayegi. - Be an INDIAN first, and then a Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi or from any other region.
If one more person tells me I shouldn't listen to certain music or I need to act a certain way because I'm "Black" imma read them their rights! I am Human first of all and I am Myster secondly. And Black Leaders are not the Rulers of Black People so I don't have to agree with everything they say.. Just a rant after a friendly political debate.
Made a small donation to Human Rights First in New York. Thank Microsoft for Giving Campaign Matching!
Human Rights First is a human rights advocacy group working on issues related to: refugees, civil liberties after September 11, the prosecution of war crimes, labor rights, and the promotion of democracy.
Rape as a Weapon of War Takes Center Stage at the International Criminal Court | Human Rights First
On April 23, 2012, President Barack Obama announced the creation of the Atrocities Prevention Board (APB), a high-level, interagency group responsible for developing atrocities prevention and response strategies for the U.S. government. In this fact sheet, Human Rights First offers an overview of the new board and recommendations for the Board.
in case you missed it: Chen Guangcheng Chosen for 2012 Human Rights Award | Human Rights First
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Take Action: Tell Secretary Hillary Clinton to Stand with Chen Guangcheng and His Family by Human Rights First: ...
Sign a petition to defend Chen Guangcheng and family Human Rights First via
Al Qosi Transfer Out of Gitmo is Opportunity for Progress at Guantanamo | Human Rights First via
Al Qosi Transfer is Opportunity for Progress at Guantanamo - Washington, DC – Human Rights First welcomes the transf...
chosen for award by Human Rights First.
Salah Alshayeb: One of the Overlooked Victims of Revolution | Human Rights First via
Human Rights First | Salah Alshayeb: One of the Overlooked Victims of Bahrain’s Revolution |
Voice your personal support for Chen Guangcheng, write him a personal note via Human Rights First:
HRC presents the release of 'The Road to Safety' by Human Rights First. RSVP or watch the video here.
Statement of Elisa Massimino on the Passing of John Payton | Human Rights First via
Today at 2PM (EDT), I will hold a conversation with Elisa Massimino, President and CEO of Human Rights First on...
Human Rights First is honoring Shehrbano Taseer ’10 with the 2011 Human Rights Award on October 26, in NYC.
Celebrating World Refugee Day - As the world marks World Refugee Day this week, Human Rights First would like to ext...
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