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Human Right

Human Rights are commonly understood as inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being.

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Looking forward to co-hosting this event with my Museum of the African Diaspora Vanguard family on this very sensitive issue. The outmigration of African American's in San Francisco is something that needs to be talked about. I'm glad more organizations like the Human Right's Commission (Equity Advisory Committee) has also been working on this issue. See you there!
Human Rights code...and that's all I'm going to say
Happy last minutes of Human Rights day Mina I'm chilling kwa mse
I'm not using my sadness as a weapon. Sadness isn't an excuse. But I'm human that sometimes feel sad. I think that's fine,…
Whenever I lay down my dog comes right up and takes up the whole bed ok are u a human
With Shaukat Ali Kashmiri Sahib and Mehran Baloch at the 25th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.
Ukraine, EU sign political part of Association Agreement The signing ceremony, which was attended by all heads of state and government of the EU member states, as well as the presidents of the European Council and the European Commission, and Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk, took place in Brussels on Friday. The document was signed by Yatseniuk, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and the leaders of the 28 EU member states. In particular, the sides signed the preamble, Article 1 and Titles I, II and VII. In the preamble the EU acknowledges the European aspirations of Ukraine and welcomes its European choice, including its commitment to building a deep and sustainable democracy and a market economy. It also states that democracy, respect for Human Rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law are essential elements of the agreement. It also promotes the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine ...
we need a government that respect the human right and the freedom. People engaged on our common wealth no particular interest!!!
I'm weary of any business model solutions to the water crisis... many are cropping up and before anyone buys into their slick words and bandaid initiatives ask these questions: *who are their leaders & what privilege do they represent? *who are they partnering with, and who is giving them money? *do they regard water as a human right? *do they address/acknowledge the role of ecosystems in the preservation of freshwater resources? *are they heavily invested in technology and development? *how are they offering solutions? are they more focused on encouraging foreign investment than they are focused on encouraging locals to take initiative? (are they the knights in shining armour flying in with all the right solutions, or are they seeking to work together as a friend and ally?)
Anyone who would repress another human being's right to live, and thrive is a wanker, Na*i's included.
Drinking games & human centipede 2.something's not right lol
Does Thiago Motta play for PSG?. Despicable human being. Is he Brazilian, Italian or something completely different right now?
Crisis in forces neighbors to choose between national interests and democratic principles
If by "do life right" you mean watch as a series of spec scripts slowly unwind a human being, then yes. (thanks bud)
Nyt ma lovely frndz ,it was a fantastic holiday(Human Rights) hope u enjoyed it ma frndz n fmly love u all equaly!
and human males think THEY have problems (male bottom right)
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Right to life is the primary human right. You people R 4 killing 2 avoid "Scary" Future
Was @ shrpville stadium Human Rights day
What a pleasant human being is, right? Makes me glad his ilk is an endangered species.
the lack of housing developments is their fault, thus violating a human right. That being providing shelter to SAn citizens.
Dudes and Dudettes and everyone in between! This is the script for the skit "The Gender Box", an absurd little ditty starring Colin (as the Box) Robert Neel (as James) and Bekah (as the dude) Any questions or concerns please contact me, and don't worry! The other skits will be going up shortly! READ AWAY MY PRETTIES. THE GENDER BOX Written By: Chlotoris Von Strange Lights up on the host of one of those nature show type deals, James. Off to the side is someone sitting in a box with either just their head or mouth visible. James: Hi folks. Welcome to this episode of “The Weird in the Wild”! We’ve got a special treat for you today, it appears that we’ve spotted the rarely seen gender box! What a treat! Now, as you all know, we here on “The Weird in The Wild” make it our mission to show little known animal phenomena- and the gender box is certainly that! It’s a predatory creature that feeds on the fear and insecurities of people and had an extensive population boom in the 20th century, but in re ...
my math lecturer said its my human right to study maths 2day So I followed her advise nd spend my Human Rights day,in pj's studying maths Not cool! Bt I hope it worth it whn I gt results.
Exercising my human right to sleep.
Human Right Everyone has the right to freedom of thought. the awareness of Human Rights in YOUR community and help make Human Rights a fact. Watch, discuss and share the videos. Download the FREE action kit broadly raise awareness of the 30 inalienable rights as proclaimed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Church of Scientology sponsored the production of a corresponding series of Public Service Announcements illuminating these rights. Each is intended to provide young people with an appreciation of a fundamental tenet within every free society, so that the generation of tomorrow need not repeat the errors of its predecessors.
& that makes me very upset. Great though ppl are smart enough to take their human right of expression themselves!
Don't miss this – register for 2014 Human Rights Conference and Annual General Meeting right now:
nd u guys hv a Right 2 keep feedin us wth dat knd of music nd we've da responsibility 2 dance rights day
I missed the live stream because of school. Right now I hate 85 percent of the entire human race.
Pretty sure that I'm more mud than I am human right now
It was fitting I spent Human Rights day at the Slave Lodge..Take it back to where the right to be human was stripped from our people
Today marks the biggest failure of our species - the vanity to deny another's equal right to be human. Oppose ALL prejudice!…
Huhuhu is done. Saddest human being on earth right now. :(
At work with a headache and no patience. I'm very nice but no human better test me right now.
Common Sense: A government of our own is our natural right: And when a man seriously reflects on the precariousness of human affairs, ...
"Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other Human Rights."
Women’s rights are Human Rights – and empowering women and girls isn’t just the right thing to do, it also makes econo…
Invitation for World Water Day Program WaterAid Nepal takes this privilege to invite you and your family/beloved and friends in the World Water Day program organized by 22 organizations (INGOs, NGOs, Civil Society Networks, Government, Private Sector) in Nepal under the leadership of our organization (WAN) on 22nd March 2014 500 walkers are expected to gather in the National Table Tennis Hall, Lainchaur at 7:45 am, walk nearby to Kings Way and conclude the walk in the same hall, with a formal program attached herewith. Distinguished guests expected in the program are Constituent Assembly members representing 4 major political parties and the chief guest expected is the Deputy Speaker of the Constituent Assembly. The campaigners will hand over an appeal to all the guests for their especial effort in including Human Right to Water and Sanitation in the new constitution of Nepal so that -No-one practices open defecation. -Every one has safe water, sanitation and hygiene at home. -All schools and health facil ...
European Commission fails to recognise Human Right to Water - "Water should be a not a comm…
you're not the first to bring this up :) Need to find the right bone of contention. This?
We are individuals in our own right, however, we must remember that we belong to human society as well, we are social creatu…
Clean drinking water is a human right and should be free the world over.
Short lived?! Hah! ...oh right, you're a human. Shame that. Ya kinda cute.
2dae it Human Right Day and i also thnk tht it is also our right to get urban beats playlist thnk you
Column: The European Commission is not recognising the human right to water
The very name "Economic Freedom Fighters" is a misnomer of the highest order. Their aim is to destroy every human …
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Just gunna listen to Human by Christina Perri on repeat until I hate it because that's all I wanna listen to right now.
Human right activist “Chaley some girl steal shada go repu oo... And this is not her first time make we forgive
Yes. Now oafish slob is finding the right part of the entertainment industry. Steroids-deranged human golems.
omg you're probably right. I knew she was too pretty to be human.
I feel like a human robot right now with this thing attached to my chair 🙎🙆💇
The right to laugh is one of the most important Human Rights “Thank you so much,This really makes my day…
16 Things Libya Will Never See Again There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity is free for all its citizens. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at zero percent interest by law. Having a home considered a human right in Libya. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 dinar (U.S.$50,000) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start up the family. Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Gaddafi only 25 percent of Libyans were literate. Today, the figure is 83 percent. Should Libyans want to take up farming career, they would receive farming land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and livestock to kickstart their farms are all for free. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need, the government funds them to go abroad, for it is not only paid for, but they get a U.S.$2,300/month for accommodation and car allowance. If a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidizes 50 percent o ...
Gud nite guys how is ur human Right ?
This is Maggie. She needs to be rehomed from her current human who is over-stressed right now and unable to care...
The sad reality is that before 1994 we knew that the majority of the people were not educated and various programmes such as free/subsidized education, affirmative action and racial/gender equity, ABET were implemented to redress such. It is unfortunate that the people who saw value in these programmes were the very same people that were directly affected by the struggle for freedom from oppression via inequality and racial segregation. The majority of those born into the Freedom/Democracy era are sadly struggling to understand that for someone to succeed self sufficiency is required. Success is a basic human right and acquisition of tools to succeed is the fundamental element of this right. The born free individuals
Article I wrote on the right to water and the European Commission's drive for water privatisation
See the way this goat be looking left n right like a human being before crossing the road, wonder who thought them
courtesy visit by the National Human Right Commission in conjunction with NOLLYWOOD to my office in Owerri. In attendance were, Prof. Ben Angwe executive sec, Zack Orji / Lopez of NOLLYWOOD, Ifeoma Nwakanma, Zacky Zacky, Chief Lambert Oparah and Barr. Tony Ojukwu .
Education is fundmental human right.
Paul Murphy MEP on the drive to privatise water across Europe and the right2water initiative that's fighting back.
People have a human right NOT to be humiliated and ridiculed , especially in front of other people for no reason at all ! I can't stand by and allow that to happen !
Equality is a fundamental, human right for all. Social injustice is addressed and resolved through discussion and action.
I'm now seriously concerned about the human race. . Sellotape Selfies Are So Hot Right Now via
I have never heard a pro choicer speak callously about human life. It is an untruth used by the right.
22 March is World Water Day. Water is a human right, over three-quarters of a billion people, most of them poor, still do not have this basic necessity. Photos by Georgina Smith and Mark Maseko.
Men need abortion services too. Men need prenatal care, etc. So do GQ people. Abortion is a HUMAN right.
This is Burma, non Muslim burning Muslims alive. Where human right to take action? There no human right for Muslims. Please post this video to every pages.
I think we shuld all thank d Lord hmself for bringng us dis far, 2 reach 20 yerz of our fredoom nd 4 securing us evry dae untl dis dae of human right nd any othr dae z importnt 2 us coz our livez lies in his palm of d hand so wake up nd thank hm 4 being ALIVE.
I'm sitting here wondering and thinking!!""when this politicians say is human right day what axectly they mean?those 34 ppl died in marikana those ppl died in mokgutlong and others including tatane was brutaly killed by saps all of this ppl did they knw abt their rights? Im jst asking do they work kea botsa if they do for which ppl? democracy must stop selling us a crap bt teach us hw to get on top none of this ppl are role model bt hypocrites
This day has been hijacked by the ANC, even though our history point to only one man, called "the Man of Africa, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe" All South Africans today MUST celebrate Robert Sobukwe's bravary to challenge the brutal & inhuman government of the white people, when he pioneered a powerful resistance strategy that saw about 200 men marched to Orlando police station to be arrested for refusing to carry a stupid pass. Mind you all ANC members including all its leaders used to carry stupid pass wherever they used to go, but it was Sobukwe on this day, Monday 21, March 1960, who strategically brought the apartheid government to its knees. His idea was to make the unjust police system dysfunctional and that will see the Bantu Commissioner's court where a magistrate usually disposed of all pass cases in few minutes. The truth is Mandela, Thambo and many other ANC leaders used to carry their passes wherever they used to go, even when going to the shebeens at night, but it was this African man who defied ...
Happy human right day evryone n u hyv a right to say no
I like 2 rimnd mi frndS abt human right dy,is evry important dy 2 every1 in S.A. Bcause nw we hv rights 2 protect us.
I enjoyed my day people i give thanks you all i hope you also enjoyed ur human right day lot of love and sleep peacefull
This list of countries of the OEA! Blacklist are complicit in corruption and murder in VENEZUELA. The white list are countries that if they know it's democracy and human right.
Do we have another military base apart 4m d one America is about to close down? d ans. is yes, and where is dat. base surprising it maybe to u is in d home of our UN SECRETARY GENERAL HON.BAN KIN MOON SEOUL SOUTH KOREA AIRPORTS. Can imaging there is no human right OFFICE in all SOUTH KOREAN AIRPORTS? there is serious RACISM in SOUTH KOREA can imaging no black work in all SOUTH KOREAN AIRPORTS? there is not one human right office at any of their AIRPORTS. SOUTH KOREA HAVE AN UNDERGROUND PRISON where they are keeping so many BLACK AFRICANS. They take then there only because they were denied SOUTH KOREAN VISA. They keep u in there when ur ticket expire they tell u that u have to buy another before u can leave, but how will buy ticket when u can go out and no body can talk to u beside immigration how? In short they keep until ur death. No body is allow to see u neither talk to u when u die they put u in d back of their AIRPORT and ground u up into a death me-chain can u imaging how wacky those SOUTH KOREAN .. ...
PBD-"Selective human right activism. ..moved by emotions. They all died with the football referee right? "
Hppy human right day guys niyek ukug'y ngabany abant hau kant ninjan.
My human right day has became my family gatherings day i enjoyed a lot xem.
Gaism is nt a human right.its a human wrong.obama & his allies should know.
Ish i had a ride 2dy wth a donkey wat a nice human right day 4 me...robalang hantle bagotsi
Happy human right day nd good morning
Happy Human Right day to all of u my pp nd Enjoy the rest of ths day.
Thanks God human right day is over now let me realise my right and strive for success
Nyt nyt my friends i hope everybody enjoyed human right day
Dj Clocks human right is vandalised
One of the new introduced human right of the day:''NO CONDOM NO SEX
Am follow south Africa happy human right day or independent day or freedom day to u all
At last m home i spent my holidae at wrk& its bn a long dae 4 mwa, wena how ws ur human right dae? Nyt my lvly bookers. . . .
Do anto people as you would like them to do anto you.Respect is very spacial and now other people right's.Today is a human right day,aspect good if you do good
Tjo hayi mina am enjoyng my human right
Human right does nt means right to do anytin u like,it just means doing what is right at d right time wit out fear ov anybody.
HUMAN RIGHT DAY. We are so fortunate that we have Human Rights as at least we can go to Court and right wrongs. I see that in many countries they do not have this and I feel that we should do everything we can to safe guard our freedom of having 'Human Rights". Appreciate what we have today and fight for a better tomorrow. Enjoy the day, relax and have fun because this day belongs to all of us.
Why is it that, wheñ Nigeria Police arrest someone they will not allow the person to express his/her foundamental human right,instead they will use words like:you have to remain silent else any you say or do will be use against you in the court of law? Because of this statement, so mañy inñocent young youth are wallowing in jail..the question is why.?
Hello frnds, hope u enjoyed your Human right day, so do i Ay noma sesngalala ke manje Sweet dreams kuni nonke bo Zarling Love yo'll *winks*
2dae it Human Right Dae speak up nd stand up 4 yo right (we ol equal)
Happy human right tt oll i think niberyt enjoy this day
Cityboyz n Dj Ralp at sharpville promoting human Right day
Goon 2 Deep in deed at The Brothers Joint. It's your human right after all...
it was so nyc at Sharpville wen we cellebrate human right with our president J.Zuma. & also some of artist lyk uhuru vha ngana zwi a difha hezwo .ni e dele zwa nthesa.
One more beautiful venezuelan girl...dictatorship's victim.repression and abuse human right doesn't exist in Venezuela for it's people...only for the government's convenience
Happy human right day bogood people and GOD bless us
that is INDIA.we have human right..RIGHT TO RAPE :)
Yes!Yes! Human right day we all celebrate it ka dilo tse di different bt dnt forget dat u did hurt sum1 sumwhr,tell him or her u a sorie coz sekgowa sere wht goes around comes around let's do it nd clap our hand with evrythin u hv In ur hand nd say I did it goes bo our brothers,sister,parents r in hospital or in different plc so o koo ma godimo will nvr fail u bt us we do fail him let's say thank God
Happy human right day !! What a performance eholweni fighting for Ancyl in W/C to come bck wow all i can say 2gether we can grow... Bt shame i had 2 leave early.calls# halala Youth!! Pull ur socks .
Pakistanis want their gov’t to condemn Bahraini regime atrocities: Pakistani protesters have poured into the streets in thousands to condemn an ongoing visit by Bahraini King Hamad Al Khalifa to their country. The protest was organized by the Majlis Wahdat ul-Muslimeen, which is the country’s largest Islamic organization. The demonstrators chanted slogans against the Al Khalifa regime, and urged Islamabad to remember the Bahraini King’s role in the killing of many Shia Muslims during the uprising there. The protesters also called on the government not to expand its ties with the Persian Gulf monarchy. Manama has been recruiting former soldiers and policemen from Pakistan at a steady rate to strengthen the government's forces. Pakistani and Saudi forces have played a major rule in suppressing anti-government protests in Bahrain since the beginning of unrest in the Persian Gulf country. The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) has repeatedly said that the Pakistani recruits have behaved with a heavy ...
“There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you *** well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.” - P. J. O'Rourke
Hw did u celebrate human right im startin nw.
Happy human right day 2 all pple in s.a even my gf
Happy human right day face book friends
It human right day,bt non of us as African dnt care,al we celebrating z asiyanga anywhr,yaz smthymz ukuba umzulu z useless dat y same races taking us as Dome people we nt educated ngama ryt ethu,we stl nt free at South africa,dat y amandiya ezenzela 2 our elderz,hw cn we let umunt ezozenzela kini?
The problem of these country is we don't know the kind of system of Government that we are practising, that is the reason why the masses don't know what to do. How I wish am the Human Right Activist in the these Country my voice would have been had by now. Thank you
Its my human right to be different and to love it
What a lazy day . Definitely exercised my human right to do absolutely NOTHING. *doing the circus afro shuffle and air pumping* just what I needed .
It's our Human Right to enjoy lunch with Sav Blanc in
Venezuelan-American count on your support to S Res 365 to condemn Human Right violations in Venezuela,
The European Roma Rights Centre invites applications for the post of Human Right...: The European Roma Rights ...
What is the Human Right to Health and Health Care? | NESRI | National Economic & Social Rights Initiative
"Health Is a Human Right" exhibit at the CDC makes quite a statement. I'd like to go visit, who wants to come w/?
okay since Paula Friedman posted this from a thread i guess i should post on my own status: Paula Friedman 2 hours ago From fb good friend Chenae Meneely, commenting on Grayson's claim that the ACA may yet lead to Medicare for All-- "The whole basic issue is one of Ethics.Health Care is a Human Right. No reform that does not recognize that and continues a system that profits on suffering and death is ethical. I say this from the direct experience of thirty years as an RN. We, who are witnesses to hundreds and thousands of such stories, are legally gagged when telling you the names of the dead.This is a close parallel to the struggle against Slavery... you can not "grant" basic Rights. Yes, I am glad that some have survived because preexisting conditions were lifted, just as I am glad that there was an Underground Railroad and some escaped. This is an issue where many people will continue to die as long as their Right to live is in the Marketplace. You can not compromise the Ethics, even while you welcome ...
Literally the world have kept silent on what is happening to us Muslims around the world because no serious action is taken anywhere such atrocities is happening. From Borno state in Nigeria to C. A. R and to Burma in Asia. The so-call " Universal Declaration of Human Right", have lost its value and legitimacy. The effort of the international community is null and void. The situation calls for action and not verbal condemnation as we always here. Were what was happening involved Americans or Europeans it would have long been addressed. The international community should intervene in any situation where people are being tutored to death for no crime other than believing in their religion of choice. It is now that i clearly understand that being free can only be achieved by being armed.
Please purchase your tickets early for the March 30th, 3pm Moisture Festival 2014 'Variete Matinee Backbone Campaign Benefit'. Great fun for the family and you'll also be supporting the Backbone Campaign's artful activism with each ticket sold! Tickets are just $20 for adults, $15 senior and $10 for youth. Tickets can be purchased online through the link below: proceeds from the Moisture Festival Benefit will support Backbone Campaign's artful activism that invigorates and amplifies citizen engagement. Proceeds will fund travel and training scholarships for passionate low-income activists from impacted and front-line communities. These scholarships enable participation in our creative and effective activism training camps and workshops like our annual Localize This! organizer training camp in the NW. Proceeds will also support creative, fun, and inspiring actions that garner mainstream media attention for vital issues like Housing As a Human Right, Migrant Rights, and revitalizing our democracy. Moisture ...
The European Commission must declare and implement the Human Right to water now!
FOLLOWING the no-case submission of an Abuja High Court, which quashed a 16-count financial crime charge against the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole on Friday, Human Right lawyer and social critics, Festus Keyamo has described the verdict as unacceptable. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), yesterday, said it would appeal the judgment, which discharged and acquitted Bankole of complicity in the N874m contract inflation scam. In a telephone conversation, Head of Media and Publicity at the EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren, however, told The Guardian that the Commission would study the charges before taking the next action. Justice Evoh Stephen Chukwu of the Federal High Court Abuja, who was reported to have said that prosecution failed to establish a prima facie case against the former Speaker, delivered Friday’s judgment. This makes it the second case the EFCC will be losing on the former speaker. The first was the N10 billion-loan scam, which was allegedly obtained t ...
Dear Colleagues, On behalf of Care California Foundation, It is a great privilege for us to invite you to global Congress meeting held on Human Right ,against Economic Crisis, Child Protection & HIV/AIDS Treatment, Prostitution, Sex Work ,forced Labor. The meeting is scheduled to take place from April 2nd-4th 2014 in California the United States and in Dakar-Senegal from April 9th - 11th 2014, all interested delegates that requires entry visa to enter the United States to attend this meeting will be assisted by the organization, in obtaining the visa in their passport. Free air round trip tickets to attend this meeting will be provided to all participants. For registration information you are to contact the conference secretariat via e-mail: infoshare the information with your colleagues. Sincerely, Dr.Syed Furqan Ali (Ph.D) Senior Activities Coordinator. B.A. from Denison University; M.A. from American University.
More change in store for rights commission: THE federal government hopes to restore balance in the Human Right...
"The Practise of Sports is a Human Right" by Olympic Charter.
The obsession of Indians with white skin!! Always wondered what if Rajiv Gandhi wud have married a lady of African descent... Would the colonist minded Indians still make her a "goddess"??!! Shame on us!! SONIA GANDHI AND THE GREAT ARYAN MYTH Everything has already been said about why Sonia Gandhi holds such a fascination for India : the fact that she belongs to the Nehru dynasty, and that the Congress propaganda machine has been working full swing since independence to impress upon the minds of the simple villagers that the Nehru dynasty is akin to God. Or the eternal inferiority complex that a part of the Indian intelligentsia seems to be holding towards the West. This is particularly striking amongst a section of the Indian media (Outlook, Asian Age…), which always appears to look at India through a western prism and constantly worry how the foreign press views India, how the foreign countries - particularly the United States of America - perceive India, what the Human Right agencies say about India. ...
Rescue: A man carries a tiny baby, wrapped in a blanket, from the wreckage of its home after what activists say was an airstrike by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad. Innocent: The tiny infant, dressed in a blue baby-grow appeared to have survived the air strike unharmed Terror: Men held an injured boy, whose dust-coated face is streaked with his own tears Devastation: The war, now in its third year, has killed more than 130,000 people, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Right, which keeps track of the fighting.
Salva Kiir must be compelled through all means possible to hand over power unconditionally to either Military or Riek Machar in order to avoid more bloodshed in this newly independent state. Its obvious that Salva Kiir have violated Human Right by turning his army against the innocent civilians in particularly the Nuer tribe. The people of South Sudan have spoken not through the ballot but through a military take over which is also acceptable world over to avoid bloodshed. The provisional government shall then be established and General Election must be held within a period of two years.
Inmates inside the notorious American prison of Guantanamo have been on a hunger strike for the past twenty days. According to information, the prisoners have deprived themselves of every basic living need due to their absolute necessity from which some ill inmates are said to be in a life threatening condition. Inmates inside the notorious Guantanamo prison are being held in conditions which violate all international principles and norms. The prison is being run in such a state that the cruelty, savagery, barbarity and tragedies taking place against the inmates inside are being mostly kept secret from the public however latest information by some news outlets and Human Right workers suggest that for the past twenty days, the prisoners are spending time in a very depressing condition and if it continues much longer it can lead to a big humanitarian tragedy. The inmates began their hunger strike due to the inhumane treatment by their American captors, physical and psychological torture as well as insults t ...
On Dec 10,2013 Mam Sonando invite by European Union for Human Right freedom of expression in Cambodia.
IRAN: New President must deliver on Human Rights promises | Amnesty International Surprisingly today 15/07/2013 “Mr. Jack Straw or Mr. Jack Tehrani” said he is ready to go to Tehran again to meet his friend “Rohani or Jack Lodoni” and make a deal with Iranian regime like past that they made many deals together during” Mr. Jack Straw’s Foreign Ministry” included the punishing and torturing the U...K Bombing Attack Prisoners In Teheran by the Iranian security forces, selling the security facilities for torturing the prisoners and securities cameras and so many other things…….., to the regime of Iran from UK Supporting the regime of Iran to stay on the power but ignoring the Human Right issues that Iranian regime has denied to do any attention to the human right watch dog, human right conventions and to co-operate with any international human right organisations by support of the UK government on its behind on that that time of “Jack Straw’s Ministry” That is why during the 2013 Irani ...
Dear all South Sudanese If you are an Euatorian, The Nuer, the Shilluk or any other tribes please send me the name of your loves one that you have lost in Juba to be reported to Human Right as soon as possible. please send a name and where in the individual come from and what tribe Send it to my private email Gatluke
How UK Home Secretary Theresa May under those issues mentioned below of allegations??? 1.Hoisting torn National flags throghout Government buildings and establishment even in State program times?? 2.Sell of false Passport and ID's ruining National Image? 3.Using former MI5 Chief's Bank account without knowledge and consent breaching Human Right's Act's Part-1 Substantative law-- 2. Liabilities of the Crown in tort (b) in respect of any breach of those duties which a person owes to his servant /agents at Common law by reason of being their employer;and (c) in respect of any breach of the duties attaching at Common law to the ownership,occupation,possession or control of property. 4.Ignoring Public security appeals even in emergency time breaching Human Rights Act's using INDIAN Intelligenges and Chinese and Japanese students as well for helping her political activities- ARTICLE 5 (Rights to liberty & security) 1.everyone has to right to liberty & security of person.No one shall be deprived of his liberty s ...
Peg Franzen is at the Vermont Statehouse every day pushing for a single-payer Health Care bill. "You have to keep working and keep educating people," she said. From committee rooms to the cafeteria, Franzen is committed-- working for the group Health Care is a Human Right. The group relies on volu...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
South africa has failed Nelson Mandela legacy. ( Human Right)
Calgary prayer and Candlelight night for our Brothers and Sisters Victimized by Human Right abuse in Saudi Arabia!
Angelique KIDJO : Health is a non negociable Human Right :
Brilliant OpEd & report- A Dream Deferred: The Human Right to Food in America
Maude Barlow - Human Right to Water - more kids in global south die from water borne disease than all forms of violence + war
They said peace has return to our dear Kaduna State. and i Said what is the Silent Achiever Governor Hon. Mukhtar Ramalan Yero Wetting for to lift the Law Banning Riding of Motor Cycle From 9:00PM in Kaduna State? at a time When the law is only been Used against the less Privileged people who can't afford to get a car. its is now a Very Good Business for Men in Uniform both the recognise ones and even Vigilante. Police that are send to Banks as security in the night are using the opportunity and hide when ever it is 9:00pm they arrest bike riders, use there GUNS to extort Money From poor bike riders by threaten to shoot them if they refuse to stop. and yet Some Selfish People will go to media and say they are Human Right activist but yet if a law is impose that only affect the poor you will never hear them say anything but let the Government make law that will affect them they go to media make noise and at the end Compromise collect money and Go. i had Comrade Shehu Sani in DITV Kaduna on Monday in a reb ...
the very fact this current regime is enforcing Acts Legislation Illegally when it's own Blacks Law Dictionary spells it out it is illegal to enforce Acts Legislation without an individual's consent proves we live under a bloody tyrannical government their all *** period the queen swore to uphold the laws of the realm common law of which most of the common wealth is common law jurisdiction her oath in biblical professional scripture also clearly stated not to Legislate and what did she do she has gone on giving royal assent to legislation and I do not care what any solicitor police officer or the treasonous scum bags have to say in Parliament this is not a collective our Laws have always been based upon individualism our police ect do not even want to recognize the 1948 U.N Universal Declaration of Human Right's if none of these people can respect the rule of law By: Do They Deserve Respect In Return
1950:Happy Birthday Disney Legend Howard Ashman born on this date,The UN declared the Internet as a Human Right, If some
The next leading country of the Commonwealth is scheduled to be blood soaked Sri Lanka. A country condemned by the UN US and every Human Right organisation worldwide for the rape/execution of up to 40.000 men women children in 2009 alone. Its Freedom from Torture's number one referral country ( more people tortured there than anywhere else on earth) more people disappear in Sri Lanka never to be seen again than any country in the world bar one. Its one of the most corrupt countries and Governments in the world, fueled by Chinese protection and money. The country is run as a dictatorship by four brothers who control 80% of the countries money supply, two of whom have been named by the UN as being war criminals and three of whom are actually joint US - Sri Lankan citizens ! However, in spite of all of the evidence available detailing how Sri Lanka is fast becoming a new North Korea, Prince Charles and David Cameron plan to visit next month to wine and dine these criminals. For the first time ever i am asha ...
Gender equality is a basic Human Right for all- men, women boys and girls! Support Human Rights for ALL!
COMMEMORATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE (20 September 2013-United Nations office in Geneva) In the context of commemoration of the International Day of Peace, the Foundation for Dialogue Among Civilizations (FDC) participated in organizing an international meeting on “The Role of National Institutions in the Promotion of Education for Peace and Peace as a Human Right”. The meeting organized on September 20, 12013, at the European office of the United Nations in Geneva by FDC in partnership with Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace, Spanish Society for International Human Rights Law, United Network of Young Peace builders, International Civil Society Network on Infrastructures for Peace, Finn Church Aid, World Council of Churches, Japanese Committee on the Human Right to Peace, International Association of Peace Messenger Cities, and Foundation Peace without Borders. The meeting supported by Non-Governmental Liaison Unit of the United Nations Office at Geneva and Interna ...
Colorado State Fair Outreach: Health Care is a Human Right and a Public Good
The motion is awesome! I proposed the Violation of Article 5 of Universal Declaration of Human Right and no one rebutted that. Nice!
Why We Think the Internet Is a Human Right: As decreed by the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human R...
BRAND NEW: A concept mixtape collaboration with Housing is a Human Right, the Cornel West theory, Notable...
I taped Gregory Torrance, Assistant Executive Director of the Minn. Dept. of Human Right stonewalling an...
defendant Dzhokhar Tsarnaev based on Due Process. of The Defendant is a Human Right.
sentencing murders to life is a ` breach of their Human Right ` say the European board I say *** THEY HAVE NO Human Rights when they have committed murder raaah x rant over !!!
The sooner we get rid of these Human Right *** the better..fuming after just seeing the news Gr
The decision by Washington to pressurize World Leaders to deny Edward Snowden asylum is unjust. For decades the United States has been one of the strongest defenders of the Human Right to seek asylum. Sadly, it voted for by the United States in Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is now being rejected by the same United States. What a double stand and hypocrisy? Edward Snowden has being made passportless and stateless without any judicial order. We fully support his asylum in Caracas. May God forgive the United States for their hypocrisy.
Is't not Ironical as a Giant of Africa. Leading member of Ecowas and Africa Union, with largest broadcast in African, adequate and intelligent Journalist touring all part of the world with exceptional delivery of BREAKING NEWS? Splendid Analyst in the shore of the country, still, we are leading the Chart of PROBLEMATIC state in African. What exceptional thing 'll you say Nigeria lack? Except good political leader. Lord Acton; "Power Corrupt, absolute power corrupt absolutely". A.V Dicey; "Supremacy of Law over every citizen" but it seems some men 're bigger than law in Nigeria cos they have the corrupt power and embezzled money to manipulate court decision. (bribery the only expected reliable body that citizen look upon to in secure and protecting Human Right "Court") Constitution "Agreed rule in which power to administer the state is derived" but it seems our Political Government, has another corrupt constitution made for themselves, and make 1999 Federal Constitution just a leaflet and Camou-Flag set o ...
Seek Justice Seeking Justice from good peoples who love justice and truth Subject : Without any justice and the most atrocious criminal breach of Trust & Rule and Human Right in Penang High Court(2)Civil Suit No.22-444-1998 Malaysia. Reference: Justice requested regarding corruption, cheating, covering, fraud and breach of TRUST committed by Stephen YeapYeap@ Yeap Leong Huat Deputy Chairman of BHL Bank Berhad, Penang, Malaysia. Justice purely covering the truth, cheatimg,conspiring, dishonest servants, Injustice bahaviours, Lawless Jurisdiction, Just a meaningless actions, One sided influential method, without character of persons are on both sides of unethical Lawyers, respective authorities and mainly is Steven Yeap, Directors Board of BHL Bank. Kindly Take note: This is true case Dear Sir/Madam We respectfully request and write to inform for justification of our case to those who love justice and truth. May we take this opportunity to seek your help concerning our predicament and concerning our inh ...
A Human Right To Science, Locked Behind A Paywall, Inspires New Meme We've spoken out for a long time about why paywalls are generally a bad idea. Sure, they can earn some companies a bit of money that may slow down their decline, but there's little evidence that they can be useful in the long term. Paywalls go against almost every core concept of what works online. They make information harder to share, harder to discuss, harder to build upon. They also open up huge opportunities for others, who don't have paywalls, to step in and scoop up the missing traffic. Over at the Neurobonkers blog, they've noticed something rather ironic in a new paper from the famed journal Science, called A Human Right to Science. Apparently, that "right to science" is so strong that Science (with a capital S) has locked it up behind a paywall. In response, the folks at Neurobonkers have tried coining a new meme, known as bp;dr, or "behind paywall, didn't read" a play on the well known tl;dr. There is an unfortunate irony at w ...
This photo is from a page titled Ayn Rand collected Social Security. I imagine she did, it would take a particular kind of *** to not collect money from a system you paid into. Liberals got African American's the right to vote? In the 1860's it was the southern Democrats "Human Right" to force people to work on their plantations for free. Come to thing of it they still feel very entitled to the resources provided by someone else. Liberals did create social security. They at least got that one right. Liberals ended segregation? Well, the civil rights act was signed by Lyndon Johnson, himself a horrible racist who said things that would make Paula Deen's head explode. He also brought us the Vietnam war. The Civil rights ask voting broke down like this. Yea 152-96 (Democrats ) 138-34 (Republican ) A higher percentage of Republicans voted for the bill than Democrats. Did Liberals pass the clean water act?: Well it was vetoed the first time by President Nixon, a Republican. The house ...
Obama saying that he failed to visit Kenya because of the International Obligation (read ICC) is not only a lame excuse but a hypocrisy of the highest order. Whether Obama come to Kenya or not, hiyo ni shida yake na jamii yake. Surely when did self style Ocampo become an international "icon"¿¿¿¿. Guys, when you hear someone like Obama speaking causal like a layman or someone from my small village then just note that this is indeed the end of the world. In fact it is neither the government of Kenya not UN that took innocent Kenyans to ICC but it was an initiative from Ocampo himself. America is not even a signatory to ICC despite being the world leader in the violation of Human Right.
Just had 2 Police Officers here concerning a post I made on the 18th June 2013, it concerns myself naming and shaming Cardiff Social Services Legal Adviser. I invited these Police officers to arrest me for harassment but they refused. The so called legal adviser called Police crying over phone saying my post had disturbed her. Disturbed made me laugh because it's only disturbed people that steal and lie to steal children from innocent parents. Why did they not arrest me, well clearly it's because I have not committed an offense. All I have done is name and shame people who I feel have stolen my children, lied in the process and also in-fact caused Emotional and Mental Abuse to my children and also caused mental torture to myself and my partner. Clearly the visit of officers today from South Wales Police was nothing more than harassment as all I have done is used my Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression which is my Human Right. South Wales Police are actually trying to protect the ones I named and s ...
Pls if any1 knows Navi Pillay UN Human Right chief, tell her may God forgive her! If her parents were *** she wouldn't have existed! Its morally wrong for same sex marriage and in Nigeria we abhor it! Its so irritating to even imagine it and no religion supports it either, religion is as old as man
Gujarat High Court did a commendable judicious job . High Court is monitoring the C.B.I investigation about the nature of encounter took place in bumping off the Lashkare E Taiiba members [ a Civil Society of Pakistan ] by Gujarat Police. I hope so ,Delhi High Court too follow the path to initiate the C.B.I. enquiry to investigate the Batla House Encounter in which alleged innocent members of Indian Mujaheedin [A Civil Society of India ] were killed by in-humane Human Right violators Delhi Police..
**DANGER EVERYWHERE!!** How Human Rights Commission Boss, Odinkalu, 50 Others Cheated Death Following Power Outage At Ibom Airport As Arik Plane Was About To Land Just as was reported yesterday that a Lagos-Bound Dana Aircraft on Thursday evening escaped being crashed following problem its right engine developed while on the runway which made it to return to base, another air mishap that could have been a major air tragedy for the nation was scarcely prevented in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital, on Friday night, due to power outage to the Akwa Ibom airport when an Arik Aircraft Flight W3 533 was about to land with its landing gear fully on motion just as it was making it to touch down on the runway. In the said flight was Professor Chidi Odinkalu the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, and other passengers, some who were Federal Legislators travelling to Akwa Ibom State for a retreat. In a statement, Prof. Odinkalu narrated how the God saving encounter happened, according to the Human Right ...
News By the way..Group Seeks Probe of Callers For Makama Release The National Association of Human Right in Nigeria has described those calling for the unconditional release of a Kogi state lawmaker as criminals. The spokesperson of the non governmental organisation Comrade Ranti Abass in a chat called on the police to investigate the activities of those calling for the release of Hon. Friday Makama and made public their findings. He expressed disappointment a faceless group calling for the release of a criminal that has killed and maimed many innocent people of the state. 'It is very unfortunate that such group of person still exist in our dear state they should be investigated". He said the allegations against Hon Makama are criminal and should not be released without proper litigation. "All the allegations should be looked and investigated proper the security agents should ignored their call for release ensure legal procedures are followed". He said the people of the state are interested in all the pr ...
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My Son Jeansil graduated from Concordia University with a Baccalaureate in Art major in Communications Studies ( Specialized in PR and Graphic Design ) with a major in Religion ( Specialized in Religions of Asia / Women Studies ) and with a Minor in Diversity of the Contemporary World at the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability . On top of it all, he received a DISTINCTION For a Acadamic Achievement! What a SON. I am so Proud and blessed to have Him! This coming September he will be studying in Canada # 1 Law School- McGuill University ( Canada's Harvard) in Common and Civil Law with a Major in International Development and Human Right! Another Lawyer in the Family! ALHAMDULILAH!!!
The Public Justice Center's Human Right to Housing Project is bridging law reform and community organizing through a new grassroots partnership in Baltimore’s Park Heights neighborhood. Using a Human Rights framework, PJC and its partners are connecting tenant evictions and mortgage foreclosures to…
Join the quest for a Human Right to a clean and healthy environment
It would be a "political disaster" if the UK pulled out of the Human Rights convention, the president of the European Court of Human Right says.
These guys talk about Human Right of their buddies nowadays.
ITS OFFICIAL THAT SIGNING OF AN IMPEACHMENT FORM OF NAROK GOVERNOR OLE TUNAI STARTS TOMMOROW 1st JUNE AT NTULELE AND SUSWA. Its bearly 80 days after electios and Narok county is dancing on forward back tactic between human right activist and ole tunai. This is an idea whose time has yet come. Am neither opposed to it nor support to it because one the case is in court:court decision has yet come out. Court should also act promptly because Justice delayed is justice denial As long as we act and interprete Kenya constitution well,Its proves this move wrong. Article 104 of the constitution on recalling right stipulate that recalling can be done after 24months of election and before 12 months to another election that clearly set a break of the song above. Laws are many and amendements are varied if this has to Happen in any other article then our Governor will be the first to be impeached out of office in less than a year of just concluded election. Tge ball ins the court of the Trusted Society of Human Right ...
This people and tradition. Our fundamental Human Right as citizens of this great country is being denied us. But if u go to my state (Abia State), they are freely going about their day to day businesses and amassing wealth to come and develop their villages. Go to Ariaria Main Market they are there, Cemetary Market, they are there, Ngwa Road Market, they there etc. But here, one is not given a breathing space because u are not an indigen. I can't believe that we are all inside our houses as refugees because of masqurade celebration. God help this people because they are 100 miles away from development. In this 21st century, when men and women should be concerned with the things of the kingdom of God, so many people are still in the issue of African Religion, a premitive issue and most of these people carry cross and chaplate very early on sunday morning while others are still asleep. God i pray that u deliver them from the hands of their deceivers. They need ur deliverance.
PROTECT THEM THAT PROTECT US: Target: UK GOVERMENT Sponsored by: Neil G. On the 22nd May 2013 A soldier was in normal clothes was walking down the street and was 1st hit by a car then the occupants two suspected Islamists got out of the car and murdered him they then dragged him into the middle of the street and attempted to "behead and disembowel him"as he left his barracks. Armed police then arrived 20 mins later and shot the two suspects as they walked towards them with weapons drawn! lets enact the dealth penalty and have a public hanging These SKUM don't deserve to be locked up to serve there time in prison at the expense of the UK TAX PAYER Please sign this petition to let the government know we the undersigned want them hung as "OUR" and the soldiers family's Human Right!
Wednesday, May 29: Emerging Issues on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: What are the New Debates on the Topic? Olivier de Schutter, Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food Catarina de Albuquerque, Special Rapporteur on Human Right of Access to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Juana Sotomayor, Human Rights Officer, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Victor Abramovich, Executive Secretary of the Public Policy Institute of Human Rights of the Mercosur Moderator: Laurence Burgorgue-Larsen, Professor of Public Law from the Pantheon Sorbonne University of Paris Friday, May 31: The International Court of Justice and the Protection of Human Rights: Recent Judgments and Its Impact Antonio Cancado Trindade, Judge, International Court of Justice Reed Brody, Counsel and Spokesperson, Human Rights Watch Nienke Grossman, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Baltimore Moderator: Gudmundur Alfredsson, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Strasbourg Monday, June 3: Current Issues in Tran .. ...
  CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS BY THEIR CHARACTER AND YOUR SOCKS BY THEIR COLOR.  CHOOSING YOUR SOCKS BY THEIR CHARACTER MAKES NO SENSE, AND CHOOSING YOUR FRIENDS BY THEIR COLOR IS UNTHINKABLE.   UNIVERSE. Astronomers have discovered a planetary system orbiting a distant star which looks much like our own. They found two planets that were close matches for Jupiter and Saturn orbiting a star about half the size of our Sun. Martin Dominik, from St Andrews University, UK, said the finding suggested systems like our own could be more common than we thought.  And he told a major meeting that astronomers were on the brink of finding many more of them.   WORLD.  Women are discriminated against in almost every country around the world, a UN-commissioned report says.  It says that this is despite the fact that 185 UN-member states pledged to outlaw laws favoring men by 2005.  It adds that 70% of the world's poor are women and own just l% of the world's titled land. The report, which was prepared for UN Human Right ...
Eric Holder says that US citizenship is a Human Right. Do we have room for 6.5 billion people here?
In Brazil a Human Right's organization rallies for the plight of the Baha'i people living under the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Baha'i religion were the fi...
Dear Sir or Madam, “Greetings from SHELTER” SHELTER is a grassroots level government registered NGO working from 2000 in Bangladesh and works in different fields like as: Research, Consultant, Human Right, Gender, Woman impairments, Agricultures, Water & Sanitation, Health, Non formal & adult Education, VGD, IGA, Baseline Survey, Social works from different development sectors, under-funded and partnership with UNICEF, IOM, GIZ, JICA, WFP , Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Dhaka , Government of Bangladesh, ITF UK, EVERGREEN UK, HOPE’87, ATSEC Bangladesh and Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) 2 programs under Department of Women Affairs (DWA)GOB, World Food Program (wfp) and Trust Fund GOB. SHELTER’s major focus is Environmental and Climate Change programs. Working with ITF UK and SHELTER Nursery. SHELTER provides Tree and Plantation to the School, Mosque and Madrasa, Garboards, Shosanghat and poor people for donation and Road and Riverbank under partnership from GOB. SHELTER also provide ...
KESC: New Model of East India Company. Violating this basic Human Right and rule of Justice: One Cannot be punished for another's crime.
'WE WANT TO KILL MYANMAR BUDDHIST" SAVE ROHINGYA by holing the poster which is giving message to kill all Myanmar people !!! Is it what they want Human Right or they feel lossing Human Right or they really understand and support Human Right ?
Case Histories: Diane Pretty had Motor Neurone Disease & campaigned for euthanasia. She failed as you've the Human Right to LIFE not death.
About to present on the Human Right to Housing at Columbia Law School w/ NESRI and NLCHP
Human Right violations continue in Malawi under president Joyce Banda as police fire teargas on peaceful DPP...
So a sexual preference is now a Human Right? Move over Sodom. Next will be Human/Pet sex considered a Human Right. Sick
Remove then send bloody Anundhati Roy, Prashant Bhushan and other so called Human Right activist to J&K.
Remove the AFSPA & Send this Bloody Arundhati Roy,Prashant Bhushan & Human Right activists to Srinagar
Northern Dispensary - NYC Built in 1831, this 3-sided building on Waverly Place in the village has the distinction not only of being a building Edgar Allen Poe visited for medicine for a head cold in 1837 but also as the only building in NYC with one side on two streets and two sides on one street. The mission of the dispensary board was this: "We treat anybody and everybody who is sick and poor; if they can't come to us we go to them, just the same as your doctor goes to you." The New York Times states that according to Terry Miller's "Greenwich Village and How It Got That Way" the dispensary refused treatment to AIDS patients in 1986 and, after trouble with the city's Human Right's Commission, it closed in 1989.
Motion of the house is – Capital Punishment is neither unjust nor degrading – And I’m going to speak against it. “An eye for an eye, will make the whole world blind.” In today’s era, where no one is generous enough to pardon someone even in the most trivial issue, this phrase might sound meaningless but the question is whether the ‘eye for an eye’ method actually holds good? There are certain inalienable rights that all human beings have and Right to Life is one of them. Morally speaking, neither the state nor any other person has the right to take away someone’s life. Proponents of the motion might put forward the argument that it had been practicing since time immemorial but to end such practices only, The Charter of United Nations was signed in 1945, declaring Right to Life as a Human Right. However our country allows Capital Punishment in ‘rarest of rare’ cases. But the matter of concern is who will decide ‘the rarest of rare’ situation. Different judges have different opinio ...
Reaction of spokesman of Islamic Emirate regarding the desecration of the Holy Quran in Guantanamo and strike by inmates Details Created on Monday, 04 March 2013 12:19 Written by - Category: statements Hits: 770 For a long period now, the invaders have been carrying out reprehensible activities, under a pre-drawn plan, aimed against the sanctities of Islam which unquestionably is very offensive and worrying for the Islamic world. For twenty days now, inmates in the notorious Guantanamo prison which is operated and controlled by America, have been protesting the desecration of the Holy Quran carried out by American soldiers inside and to this day no organization has heard their voice. The Islamic Emirate condemns this despicable act with the strongest of words and considers it a cowardly and shameful action of the defeated America. It likewise calls on the Islamic world, all Human Right organizations and every international aid/assistance group to investigate this act of America in the mentioned prison and ...
A political Economist - DANIEL WEBSTER opined thus: ''Nation do not get the type of government they desire, but nations get the type of leadership the body politics precipitates'' The main obstacle in Nigeria is not 'Reformation Agenda', or availability of resources but the deliberate policy of government to exclude its best minds in the agenda setting and the lack of commitment of Nigerian Government to the goals they have set in the reformation agenda. Respectfully, we must dedicate our agenda to the following: (a) The protection that is afforded to the growing minds and bodies of our children. (b)The provision that is made for those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged in our nation. (c)Respectfully to law and order,Due process and equality before the law. (d)Eradication of corruption, nepotism and mediocrity. (e)Building institution for the well being of the people. (f)Opportunity for all to education,employment and access to capital (g)Pursuit of Human Right and Respect for civil and Political Liber ...
As the out-going President of the Association of Serious Bachelors; My attention has been drawn several times to girls whose 'behinds' are doing the walk of shame on highways, offices, and in public places like churches. these girls are just tragic spectacle, showing off their underwear or cleavages of a robust breast inside under-sized cloth. They display their wares in a desperation for a catch, and often they succeed with men of easy virtue. In case you dont know, those unattractive and indecently exposed 'und-ies' are really violating our Human Right of personal peace; hence causing us grievous psychological damages. What do we do to these daughters of Eve? Sir Dave (GCON)
It's Human Right's Month! Who is ur favorite Hero / Heroine of the Struggle against Apartheid & What do u think his/her Hit Track Wld be in 2013???
We were proud to sponsor this "Housing is a Human Right" bus tour with the Coalition to Save Rose McGee's Home: Jewish Community Action, Northside Community Reinvestment Coalition, and Occupy Homes MN!
Pls for Christ sake,what is or what suposed to be the basis of Billie Human Rights criticism of Chief Ben Onwuka? Instead of rallying round with your brother,why rubishing the person of Onwuka for no reason.Going to court is a very different thing from what Onwuka is doing. I learnt that Billie helped in the South Sudan Liberation as a Human Right group and they didn't form the government of South Sudan.Why do they insist that they must form the government of Biafra because they are in court.
What Human Rights Commission is doing when the servants of this country are killing while fighting against all unlawful things. If a criminal hanged to death all of sudden the Human Right activists will come into picture...!. Great India the value of a criminal life is more worth than life of a soldier. I dont know where we are heading towards...
Where is the Human Right commission ?Is Human Right is Specially for Terrorists,jehadi,bangladeshi infltr,LTT!
People behind the bomb blast should be protected under Human Rights. We will have to recognize that the bombers are also humans (why the *** care about the dead, they are anyway dead already). So the bombers should not be allowed to be tortured by the police (the government will anyway not do that, so nothing to worry about them). Calling all the Human Right activits to fight for the Human Rights of the bombers.
May I toss a question to all these intellectuals, law makers and politicians? Why are the killers of Kashmiri Hindus roaming free and enjoying the security cover given to them by Government of India? why are the conspirators of killing and mass-exodus of Kashmiri Hindus sharing the dais of Indian politicians, law makers, Human Right activists as well as intelligentsia. Shouldn’t they be sentenced to death on the same lines as Afzal Guru? I am sorry to say, this rhetoric is nothing short of melodramatic acts performed by maudlin stage actors. Remember Balwant singh Rajaona! His death sentence was not carried out by the Govt. of Punjab even though he openly confessed of conspiring to kill Beant singh-former Chief minister of Punjab.On the other hand the mass killer of Kashmiri Pandit-Bitta Karate is roaming free like a bird although he had also openly confessed of his crime, or for that matter Yasin malik.The List is long , the message clear, the perpetrators of genocide of Kashmiri pundits will remain fr ...
Sandy Storyline is a participatory documentary about Hurricane Sandy and efforts to recover and rebuild our neighborhoods. A collaboration of HOusing is a Human Right and the MIT Center for Civic media, in partnership with Cowbird, Interoccupy and Occupied Stories
"The Government should pay Basic Subsistence level Welfare support to British Citizens as a Human Right and on the basis of Need alone."
America do not be silent Fascist like Rubio and Cruz start exactly in the same path.. slow but constantly violating every Human Right on the Book.DO NOT BE SILENT CHALLENGE THEM POUND THEM HUMILIATE THEM BUT DO NOT BE SI8LENT .
District President Department (Cell) of Legal and Human Right for Indian National Congress News Published in Dainik Bhaskar and Naidunia
The suspect Mr Wale Akinusi A 49- year-old man has been arrested by the Human Right department of Ilemba Hausa Police Division, in Ojo area of Lagos has arrested for allegedly having carnal knowledge of his teenaged daughter for five years. It was discovered during investigation that his daughter Janet(not real name)got pregnant in the process twice, only for her father to allegedly abort the pregnancy with the aid of a herbalist. Sitting at a corner in the Human Rights Office, 17-year-old Janet could not raise her head to face her father, Wale Akinusi, who was also there. When approached, she simply stated that at last, she had been freed from the psychological trauma associated with her father’s sacrilegious act. Narrating how it all started, Janet in her sitting position with her head bowed all through, said: “When I was leaving my grandmother’s house, I was happy because my father said I would be attending a better school. But I waited for months without being enrolled in any school. “One ...
Ifeanyichukwu Okonkwo shared Human Right & Environmental Conservation Activist's status. Saturday Low Self Esteem part 2-FAMILY VALUES : - I contend that our youths are victims of bad leadership and are held down by lack of opportunities in our body politic . More so , our young women are viewed as spectators in the Nigerian economic platform . I contend that there is a failure of a regime of "Brotherhood & Sisterhood" in our communities for the synergy in community development . The educated elites are opting out from solutions on agenda to save our youths , instead they choose to compare the times they grew-up , with the conditions apparent for the youths of today, thereby , the elites have unknowingly ignored their role as mentors and become inpatient and unfriendly with our youths who failed to win or are left behind . I submit that whatever is the cause of our failures , let us in the new spirit help our young men/women by first of all exhibiting the spirit of accommodation & love so that we all can ...
Not sure about fair trial,but the outrage of *** separatists, Human Right activists and Hafiz Saeed proves deserved what he got
Asked a question from Carta lecture as to what is the latest about Human Right inquiry in Sri Lanka.
Analyze these Founding Father's statements. They are The Framer's of Our Constitution. Can America continue to exist with promotion and funding of immorality??? Were they not saying "Morality" is the foundation of "Self-Government". Self-Government is the foundation of A "Republic"!! Hillary while serving as Secretary of State demands *** Rights, Human Right's. Globetrotting over the planet specifically handing out USAID to promote homosexuality. Putin and Russian men are so upset, they passed law few months ago stopping all USAID. In fact Putin has signed law stopping American Adoptions from Russia. *** Rights Are Human Rights" Speech by Secretary Clinton and Gomorrah- proof of the supernatural foundation of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality; ...the propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained..." George Washington, First Inaugural, April 30 1789 . ...
Recently, which among the following is awarded with the National Communal Harmony Award for the year 2012? A. Center for Human Right & Social Welfare B. The Foundation for Amity & National Solidarity C. Ramakrishna Mission D. Sahana foundation
The Human Rights Universal Declaration. by Kurt Alleyne on Tuesday, 1 January 2013 at 07:12 ·... The below are the given Human Right as noted by the United Nations Declaration; * PREAMBLE Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world, Whereas disregard and contempt for Human Rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people, Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that Human Rights should be protected by the rule of law, Whereas it is essential to promote the development of friendly relations between nations, Whereas the peoples of the United Nations have in t ...
the Australian Government is running this country into the ground. Changeing "Australia Day" to "Citizen Day". you can't voice your opinions on religion in a public place. Schools are stopping our national anthem from being played. There's a new Bill being made that will affect our Human Right "freedom of speech". Protesters get fined and sometimes jailed, for voicing their opinions and defending their Human Rights. China aswell as many other international countires own a good percentage of Australian farming land, oil, coal, shops, and icons e.g "vegemite" ect. The Australian Government are nothing but push overs and sell outs. IF we simply stopped allowing boat people/foreigners into OUR country. we wouldnt need "the dole" there would be more jobs for Australians, it would reduce bulling in work places/schools. I just think Australia would be a much better place! It makes me so angry that WE go out of OUR way, so they feel more comfortable and non offended. yet when we go and visit 3rd world countries . ...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The Catholic church is the worst paedophile ring this planet has ever known. It's not stretching it to think that the child raping must reach right to the very top of all authority for there to be no action taken against this monstrous criminal outfit. Yes officially The Vatican is its own state, but as Geoffrey Robertson QC Human Right's Lawyer says, it's not a proper state, it's a palace with gardens, there are no Vaticanians, no person is born there, unless by mistake.
What rights do you have to make me shut up? Under the Universal Declaration of Human Right, I have a right to religion.
didn't create This page to suddenly become an activist or Human Right whatever like Some are today e.g a So called Former MP from Kogi State, but for people to see that even though if you are not a Politician,an Activist, A Lawyer,journali st,Musician or a Celeberity e.t.c. Your Voice must Rise above the voices of the Oppressors for Change to Come into Nigeria and to Stay For Life. Say out your Mind let others Know how you feel towards the happenings in our own Country Nigeria ,but mind you before you say something here you must check yourself and see that even the Society apreciates you for your own personal attitude, becuase it will be unreasonable to be a case of easier said than done or A sweet Mouth
Nebraska Green Party (Good News) Digest Number 500, January 13, 2013 From Reader Supported News Idle No More, Think Occupy With Deeper Roots, by Bill Mckibben, Reader Supported News, January 12, 2013: "I don't claim to know exactly what's going on with the surging movement of indigenous activists that started late last year in Canada and is now spreading across the continent - much of the action, from hunger strikes to road and rail blockades, is in scattered and remote places, and even as people around the world plan for solidarity actions on Friday, the press has done a poor job of bringing it into focus." Continued at Nations Movement Is Our Best Chance for Clean Land and Water, by Winona LaDuke, YES!, RSN, January 10, 2013: "In an urgent pursuit for environmental justice and basic Human Rights, First Nations gather across North America under the banner of Idle No More." Read at Truthout Mr. President, Education Is a Human Right, Not a Product, by Bill Ayers, Truthout, January 10, 2013: "Educati ...
Now where is Arundhati Roy and her Communist supporters they jump in to blame Indian Army for Human Right violations in J&K ? Where are the so called Human Right groups and activists now ?
There are approximately 237 million people in Indonesia and only about 2 million of these people are Papuans. We are appealing to the remaining millions of Indonesians to stand in solidarity with the people of West Papua who ask nothing more than their Human Right to Self Determination and Independence. Your support is some of the most valued and important. It is vital that Indonesian citizens will be brave enough to stand up against their Government and military for the Freedom of West Papua. Indonesia now recognizes East Timorese Independence and Nationhood. Will you not be compassionate enough to recognize the people of West Papua's inherent sovereignty and Independence of their own country? If you want to be a good citizen of your country, and a good human being then Support the suffering people of West Papua who are striving solely for Self Determination and Independence. Then you can tell your children or the future generations of Indonesians that when hundreds of thousands of Papuans were being kil ...
Do we really have an Independent Students Union Government at the level of Federal Polytechnic, ilaro? This is a question that has been on the lips of all and sundries of the polytechnic community. Ever since the inception of 2012/2013 session led by the intelligent ' TEXTBOOK ' the S.U.G are yet to get mark. If a clerk of the S.R.C could have been slapped by a security operative without action been taken, then an ordinary student like me can be beaten with a whip. The student community are asking questions like " what is happening to our congress? "when will freshers' nite take place? Are we not playing rector's cup? Why is D.S.A having absolute power over S.U.G. These are burning questions that are yet to be answered. The Committee for Defence of Human Right ( c.d.h.r ), F.P.I tatafo amebo, and the polytechnic community at large is using this medium to put it to the leadership of ' Textbook ' led regime that these questions be answered immediately. We are waiting.
The Calvert County Chapter of the Healthcare is a Human Right: Maryland campaign investigates the importance of participation when attempting to bring change...
Human Right and CEDAW ” Training Dear all, This is our pleasure to inform you all that we are going to conduct "Human Right and CEDAW ” Training from 14th to 18st January 2013 which is aim to get knowledge and skills of human resources in NGOs, the following agenda; Training Title : “ Human Right and CEDAW Training” Course duration : 5 days Date : 14th to 18stJanuary, 2013. Time : 9:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m Place : No (10) Second Floor, Diamond Condom, Tower(E), Helden, Kamaryut township. Please see the attached files for detail information about the training announcement and application form. For detailed information about the training, please contact Ma Nyo Mi Htut 09 49341165 and Ma Ei Khine 094200 54514 Training application form.docx
I am amazed by how much has happened this year; all governments have received copies of the Concept Paper, book number 2 was published and the University of London's Human Right's Consortium of the School of Advanced Study launched their Ecocide Project .this and so much more (see below).
Does the Lagos Environmental Sanitation Law violate the fundamental Human Right to freedom of movement guaranteed under the Constitution?
(Berlin, December 18) -- The Ukrainian government should condemn homophobic speech and attacks on a peaceful protest in Kiev on December 8, 2012, Human Right...
Okay when you also cover the Human Right of Kashmiri Pandits and Security Forces ..Post that also once you were done
Former tight end Dan Wilcox on Cam Cameron: "He never admitted he made a bad call. There's no leeway with him."
Good morning friends! Check out the Rundown for Monday's show. In honor of Human Right's Day, December 10, the episode will be devoted to topics pertaining to the right's all people deserve to have. Speak and Be Heard Episode Rundown 12/10/12 Producer: Rachel Freeman Host: Barry Allan Co-Host/Comedian: Esther Povitsky Guest Panelists: Dr. Robert Williams, Ph.D associate professor of political science, international law, international ethics, and Human Rights at Pepperdine University. Ellie Hamrick is the National Campus Organizer for the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative, STAND, Amnesty International} Jonathan Hutson, Spokesman for the Enough Project and the Satellite Sentinel Project Washington, DC 00:00 -00:30: Intros 00:30 – 02:30: Show open/Monologue 02:30 – 12:30: Did you know? 12:30 – 28:30: Topic Human Rights Day; If there is a declaration about inalienable rights, why are people’s dignity and worth in constant question and only recognized once a year? 28:30 – 31:00: Poet { Dorian S ...
BAIL IN NIGERIA What is Bail? Bail simply means a way by which a person arrested for a committing a crime is released on a short time based on the condition that he will appear whenever his presence is required on a certain day, place and time until investigations are concluded or the matter been settled. The law that allows bail to be granted is of importance in the sense that bail is necessary because to complete an investigation at the police station or to conclude a matter at the court usually takes a long period of time therefore bail is necessary so as not to conflict with the law that provide for freedom of movement thereby constituting a violation of Human Right. Laws Regulating the Grant of Bail in Nigeria In Nigeria, different laws are applicable in different part of the country we have the Criminal Procedure Act, Criminal Procedure Code, Administration of Criminal Justice Law of Lagos State regulates the Criminal Justice System in Lagos State which regulates the southern part, northern part and ...
From our friends at Healthcare is a Human Right - Maryland, in Frederick!
Michael Charles Richards Great group and a great page! I've been doing some research into ATOS, after being asked to attend a 'Work fitness assessment' 20 miles from my house (I'm currently signed off due to severe anxiety and depression), it seems i'm not the only one who has a strong dislike for this government's scheming lies. I didn't bother going to my ATOS appointment, I simply filled out the form explaining that 2 different GP's who have known me all my life have signed me off, a list of my medication + side effects, why I feel the ATOS appointment would be completely irrelevant as a 3rd party interloper acting for the DWP on a paid basis are non independent and are acting in a manner that's corrupt, misleading, deceitful and nothing but a farce. I also expressed my concerns in regards to Schedule 1 of the Human Right's Act 1998, and the fact that this whole farce is on the brink of creating a breach of a persons basic human right's and civil liberties. ESA isn't a privilege, it's a right, a right ...
Ogbe Onokpite: One year after Posted on 29th Nov 2012 under NEWS BY THE HOUR. *What happened to the petitions? Author: By Brisibe Perez Monday, November 26th made it a year since the Chief Ogbe Onokpite, a former Citizens Peoples Party (CPP) was killed by men of the Nigerian Police Force on allegation of gun-running. While he was alive, not many people in the State, except his native Okpe local government, Uvwie and environs, reckoned with him. Being the youngest gubernatorial candidate in Delta State since the creation of the State, the 38-year-old who was shot dead by the police at Beeland hotel, Orhuwhorun in Udu Local Government Area could be said to have grew larger than life as at the period he was killed, but that seems to be the reverse, a year later as despite series of petitions by the family and other Human Right group, his remains is still laying in the morgue waiting finial investigation by the authorities before he would be interred to mother earth. A couple of weeks prior to his death, he g ...
I want to have sexual intercourse with a female human right now
Cecil Singleton (Elmo victim) is on Dr Drew. Thats quite a human, right there. I think its a human, at least.
well folks,, back again with another saying,,THE MOST IMPORTANT HUMAN RIGHT IS THE RIGHT TO DREAM have a nice day/night
Naghma Habib has invited the attention to the double standards / attitude of Pakistani Human Rights Activists and has expressed her views on their silence for the West.
Goals for 2015- UN Gender equality as a specific goal and mainstreamed across other goals: Gender equality has long been recognized as both a core human right and development goal. In addition, discrimination against women has been proven to impair the achievement of all other development goals, and to worsen and deepen the impact on women of the other forms of discrimination to which they are subjected. These are reasons to support the option that the post-2015 agenda both directly addresses the challenge of gender inequality in itself, as well as the need to advance gender equality across all relevant dimensions of the agenda. To be effective, a goal on gender equality should include a much wider set of indicators and targets than MDG 3 currently does.25
Sen. Pia Cayetano blasts CBCP over 'anti-women' claim. "When an organization of men call a move [RH bill] to empower women through knowledge and access to services [as] anti-women, it makes you wonder," she added. "I push for women's access to family planning [as] a human right and I'm anti-women, says CBCP, an [organization] of men," Cayetano said.
Living free from violence is a human right
This is a world wide problem. Females in most societies are second or third class citizens without a voice. It takes all of us to make a difference. We cannot do this without male support. They have to truly believe in Women's Rights.
Night two of curfew in Kenema. My goodness, what a gross human right abuse! I will defy it and venture out to hang out with my friends on face book. Here I will stoutly resist any arrest.
Article 3 of the Declaration of human right Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
Access to a dry Martini with one extra olive is a human right ok!   10% Off
When heinous crime is so common in your country and your presiedents prioritY is the suspeks human right.there's really a big problem...
since toowoomba bully water and take over the region etc the people out here have toxics in supply dumping it in it is cloudy colour? Not nice what they contine to do break basic human right laws not to mention My Own Internal Laws of Nature and Truths. It lacks all basic sound intellectual measures it a crime and it has to criminally intent network to get away with this or f,--whose law do they follow it aint good. They write after the fact some can predict outcomes and be productive but it aint them nor media the mega bucks buys their ideology and people like me we are insignificant yet they are suppose to be our trusted public servants. Trust no one.
Minn. man says he 'fired more shots than I needed'
What will YOU do about this? Reach out, speak up and listen to those who speak out to you.
the Canadian bill of rights act-1 an act of recognition and protection of human right and foundamental freedom states of canada 1960-8-9 Elizabeth 2nd chapter 44 I am a Canadian free Canadian. free to speak without fear, free to stand for what i think right to oppose when i believe wrong. free to chose those who shall govern my country. this heritage of freedom. I pledge to up hold for myself and all mankind. the right honorable John G Defonbaker prime ministor of Canada
And let the oBomber cult unleash their butthurt anger. I was going to make a video explaining how Obama is obviously a well adapted psychopathic Narcissist a...
the human right as a women to choose and make her own decisions. Simples!
Living free from all violence and loving life!
I see a lot of people in through various media making rights statements. I am not questioning whether or not people should be treated with some sort of respect at all the different levels of society. I am asking these questions because I am interested in an open conversation as to what is meant when a person makes a claim of a "civil right". I am not interested in a statement of the existence (or needed existence) of a legal protection, but what you personally mean by civil right, human right, human sub-group right (ex. religious right, women's right, ect.). Again, I am asking these questions with the intention of open, peaceful dialogue. It would be easy for me to say I have a right, and use an existing legal protection to justify me shaking my fist in the air, but then I would be speaking with an angry fist and that isn't a route I want to take:)
16 days of Activism against Gender violence
I pray for women. No woman was born to be a prostitute and theif or anything but to bring forth life if she chooses.and if she is one who is medically incapable she still has the natural nurturing which most females do...They are not put on earth for abuse of any kind...
Dear Congress - AGAIN I ask you what about VAWA could you possibly object to? For all the mother haters - stand up and be counted.
-- Millions of Americans with disabilities have gained innumerable rights and opportunities since Congress passed landmark legislation on their behalf in 1990. And yet advocates say barriers and bias still abound when it comes to one basic human right: To be a parent.
Many Humans do not know what is human right and what to do when something happens to them when other humans wants to take thir rights to express and the right to do anything. well there is some education that tells you what is humans rights and what to do when this situation happen. Educated yourself on what is humans rights. You wont regret it DJs Angels
The radical feminists’ push for universal access to contraception went on steroids with the just-released report from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
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But some just want islamic ideology, on the cost of human right violation. By protecting a state of army coup there r many other ways. Like passing a bill ,not more then 6 month tenure for any army cheif to remain on seat.
Iran is a country afta my heart not for their theocratic polical system but for d strides it has made in scientific a country it has a lot to do in terms of human right and fredom of conscience.
Rumour has it they are sponsoring bokoharam indirectly in Nigeria. US predicted Nigeria will break up by 2015. There is already a war ship presented to the country as a gift! This is the largest population of black Africans. UN is also another killer, promoting everything against our culture all in the name of human right and we know they want to achieve their aim of reducing the world population to 2billion. FIRE ON THEM ALL
Art that Opens your Eyes to Self Responsibility and Self Honesty
It is commonplace for new Human Rights to be bootstrapped by advocates and through dishonest reporting. Did you know there is a universal human right to family planning? This was announced last wee...
You've got rights! Youth for Human Rights International presents 30 powerful and emotional public service announcements promoting the Human Rights protected ...
Peace, Unity and protecting human right i.e citizen's and non citizen's,we only want in this country. Not ignour protest ,bcs Nigeria is a Land of peace,Unity and Authorities.
Dedicated to the GIS (Austria), the GEZ (Germany), the BBC (UK), and other would-be media police. Owning a radio, television or a computer should not be taxed - it is a human right to be able "to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers." - Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19 (Cf. Articles 12 & 27).
In a recent report, the United Nations have declared that access to contraception is a universal human right. This is on the basis that restricting women's access to contraception – whether legally,
Sign Bilingualism is a human right.
posted on November 23, 2012United Nations: Tax-Payer Financed Contraception is a Universal Human RightFiled under Government, Law/Legal, National Healthcare, Prevention, Women's Health0Every so often, I share breakthrough stories about advances in “Human Rights” around the world.In France, it is aga...
Every single person on our planet has the right to receive an education. You can help to enable people to receive this basic human right by funding one of our projects. Help the world’s most disadvantaged overcome the barriers of poverty by choosing one of our effective and evidence-based projects today! Every contribution will make a difference!
Where r human right activities when police officers r killed?
Water is a human right. Attempts to privatize it are a bridge too far. What's next? Air?
Why did Canada vote against the universal human right to water at the UN? Because it would give the US free rights to pump out of Canada.
“Why were the young children killed? [Gaza, January 2009]They are so young and cannot even hold a stone. Like my brother Ahmad. My cousins who were infants were also killed. I have heard that the soldier who kills more – and younger children – moves up higher in ranks.” What did the children do to deserve to die this way? What did the women do to become widows and what did the old people do to see all this? Nobody is defending us. It is like we are nothing. We do not have a normal happy life like other children. Where is the human right of the child?” Testimony of Mahmoud who was only 12-years-old at the time of 2009 attacks, saw his father shot in cold blood by the Israeli soldiers. He told the panel that he and his friends were playing football and mud balls around a fruit tree when they saw F16 planes flying in the area and shooting bombs and missiles. Displaying maturity beyond his young age, Mahmoud related the terrifying ordeal he and his family underwent during the January 2009 attacks. T ...
Nigeria govt,faces terrible charges of human right abuses,genocide and crime against humanity as BILIE HUMAN RIGHT INITIATIVE take federal gov't of Nigeria to ICC.see biafra/Nigeria court case at GOOGLE.
Human Rights is an important part of humane evolution.  Empathy for others is what makes us connect... (163 signatures on petition)
Where Human right's NGO's ,international media & Pakistani media:((( Plz must watch & Share it.
RECORD PROGRESS in reducing the number of new HIV infections and lowering the numbers of people dying from AIDS-related causes indicate that the end of AIDS is "entirely feasible".
"Parents with disabilities continue to be the only distinct community that has to fight to retain - and sometimes gain - custody of their own children," said autism-rights activist Ari Ne'eman, a member of the council. "The need to correct this unfair bias could not be more urgent or clear."
IT'S HERE! THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT -EVER! PWP is launching our "Joy of Giving Campaign" today. Go to the Partners With Purpose face book page and check out all the details on the "Joy of Giving" tab. For a tax deductible donation of $90 you can provide the opportunity to educate - empower - & emancipate a Haitian person by sponsoring them in the PWP Literacy program. If you donate as a gift for another person, make sure you let us know and we will send you a card you can forward to them with a personal note. If you are not a PWP "Friend" take a moment to send us a "Friend Request" while you are there as we will be posting monthly to let everyone know how close we are getting to our goal. Also, after you check out all the details, we would really appreciate it if you would SHARE this post with your friends. This is a fantastic chance to invest in a significant way in the lives of Haitians. "EDUCATION IS A HUMAN RIGHT FOR ALL PEOPLE."
Human RIGHT is still God WRONG! SAME SEX Marriage. While God Loves the individuals . God HATES the Act! ((( THERE IS A CREATED . "ORDER!" ... MALE & FEMALE ))) Topic is Discussed on CNN this Morning.
HINDUS feel united on Internet and as a FORCE, which can challenge the Entire PSEUDOS of the World.. Great work brothers. RISE, UNITE and ORGANIZE to defend ...
505u4w Looking forward to reading more. Great blog post.Thanks Again. Really Great.
The refusal by the Chief Justice osuofia Nigeria (CJN), justice Aloma Mukhtar to swear in Justice Ifeoma Jumbo-Ofo as a justice of the Court of Appeal on the ground that she is not from Abia,the state that nominated her,has continued to generate reactions.Jumbo-Ofo is from Anambra state but married to an Abia state indigene.she was nominated by the Abia state government.But in a dramatic twist,the CJN refused to administer the oath of office on her,ostensibly based on petitions challenging her eligibility to fill Abia state's quota. Since then,there has been a raging controversy as to where a woman who elects to marry outside her immediate community or state of origin belongs.For instance,is Jumbo-Ofo from Anambra or Abia?. This is a nagging question over which opinion is split.Lawyers,Senators,Human Right activities and even ordinary Nigerians have their different views on the matter.So,where is a woman's place of origin,especially when she is into a mixed marriage?is it her initial state before she wed ...
Impact makers are recognized by their virtues and sterling qualities they posses,in selecting your role model u need to be extraordinarily careful coz u will often be tagged by the product they bear,as an activist of Human Right here in Nigeria quite numbers of time we had being and been tutored by late Chief Gani Fawehinmi,Late Dr.Beeko Ransome Kuti our ever passionate Senior Comrade Femi Falana(SAN),Comr.Bamidele Aturu,Fela Anikulapo Kuti, our own ever consistence frontier leader in the struggle who has never give up at anytime Comrade.Tunde Oladunjoye,a man with proven intergrity,ever passionate,reliable,God fearing,human right activist per excellent, so often i wonder the kind of human being he his as his priority remains striving for the masses,poverty alleviation among the people and constructive agitation for Peoples Rights even at his expense.the Impact of this comrade in CDHR is such that can never be undermined,all i could wake up and do is to pray that God Almighty spare his life for greater ex ...
So apparently a few months ago Jerry Brown passed a Human Right to Water Act... did anyone actually know about this?
With my brother at Liberty's awards ceremony. He just won Human Right's Lawyer if the year award! V proud older brother. And nice to see Emile Sande perform at the end.
one of d wisest choice's i've had 2make is choseing 'Human Right' against 'Intellectual Property Law'. If i had gone 4 I.P,i wuld've fallen sick a 100 and 1 times.ask me y.
the pregnancy to term, and evidence so far doesn't show it's medically necessary to abort. United Nations Population Fund: Contraception a Human Right? In the United Nation's Population Fund's (UNFPA) Annual Report published on November 14, 2012, and entitled "By Choice, Not by Chance: Family Planning, Human Rights and Development," Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, the executive director of the fund, described family planning-which is code for artificial contraception-as a universal human right. Florida Clinic Rushes Woman to Hospital After Botched Abortion A Florida abortion clinic located north of Orlando is responsible for botching a woman’s abortion today. Pro-lifers outside the All Women’s Health Center in Altamonte Springs report that on November 14,2012 an ambulance arrived to the Florida abortion clinic. Ohio House committee approves bill to defund Planned Parenthood Opponents of a bill stripping about $2 million in federal dollars from Planned Parenthood packed a Statehouse hearing room, producing d ...
UN says access to contraception a human right
Not one of us is stronger than all of us. The words of our erstwhile head of state and government of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Valentine Strasser. Moral if we are united as a country there is little we cannot achieve. Think Positive Sierra Leoneans and let's showcase our political maturity in the sub-region by going into the November 17 Elections in a Non Violence,Peaceful,Free and Fair manner. Peace is a Human Right.
I think free WiFi should be a human right.
. Helen Dodds put on my profile that would you be interesting in the Human right's Legal Service's and then said it disapeared from there, I rang up the Human Right's in Sydney and put it to them and they said the same as Helen Dodds, but they said that there is an Human Right’s Aboriginal Commissioner. C/O Phone number ( 0 2 ) 9 2 8 4 9 6 0 0. and I asked what he was there for Aboriginal people or just to make it look good in showing the World that he is doing and very good job amongst his people, but when you asked his people they will tell you just 1 question show me just what he have done for his people and when they put me on to his Office then they got back to me that he is on another line if you want to wait and I said I will test you people out and just see what next you will come up with and within 35 minute's they got back to me and said he is still on the phone I will get your number and he will ring you back, I said you white people got him train very good in playing the acting in show Abori ...
by Rob Roper The ostensible reasons behind the push for a government take-over of Vermont’s healthcare industry are high-minded. “Healthcare for all!” “Healthcare is a Human Right!” Etc. But the real reason the SEIU is pouring $13,000 more dollars into
In the year 2010, the United Nations General Assembly has recognized the right to water as a Human Right.
Disability Act,Human Right, UNCRPD, still 'Accessibility' for PwD's remains on paper in the capital of India. The RTI's reveal the inaccessibility status of Delhi's Post Offices.
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