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Human Right

Human Rights are commonly understood as inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being.

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Panel discussion Internet Connectivity as a Human Right. The role of private sector civil society and government…
Water is a Human Right! Still nothing. Governor Snyder should go to jail.
Human Right # 4: No Slavery. Click to learn more about the Universal Declaration of
Rubby Peggy’s case is an abuse: National Commission on Human Right
Good. F***ing heartless people. Disagreeing politically doesn't give right to have no human decency.
Abortion is NOT a human right, BUT LIFE IS! . .
A child not a choice! Follow me for updates on standing for the right to life and human dignity.
Liberals: property damage is violence. Also liberals: healthcare isn't a human right.
I don't see Dave as Left or Right. I see an intelligent human being using his brain to call things out…
In truth, while of course I absolutely support women's right and Human Rights, I don't see Mr. Trump threatening those rights.
In terms of DNA it is a life and is human absolutely, but it's not conscious, it's not sentient, a…
Access to clean drinking water is a human right, not a commodity.
A big thank you to for supporting the & equality for all. Women’s Rights are a Human Right! 💪💕
U fight 4 the right 2 kill helpless human lives
.you do know Jesus was a human right? Like, a brown person.
the US signed UN Declaration of Human Rights, recognizes right to self-determination, which US has supported numerous times
All you need, right here. At least, if you're a human being who understands how people show feelings.
- whether they can kill someone or not. Life is the most important right for a human being and no one can take it away -
The acceptance of the right to abortion has planted the seeds for a broader disrespect for vulnerable human life.
Exactly the problem with rankings that change daily--human understanding. right back where they belong--top 5
You call your expectations of a right to ownership of another human being, love. You create that cage for the pair of you.
I believe in equality, diversity, inclusivity, and human decency. I realize this might offend some members of alt-righ…
well SS&Medicare will be gone by the time I need it-don't know what aca is. Not worried about right as a woman but Human Rights
Millions of women across the globe show that they want to preserve women's right & basic Human Rights. Spread peace
I march to free women from oppression. Women's rights are Human Rights, including a woman's right to choose.…
The GOP seems to believe that human life begins at conception and then loses the right to protection upon birth.
im defending Human Rights. He has a right to follow whatever he wants. Doesnt mean people should be violent to him.
But isn't this whole bit kind of... strange..? :D I mean the tricks work on me, I'm suffering all right, but..
For those mad about movie dogs on set you know they are shooting human beings down for no reason ...right?
Hard to do when those who try to be responsible while enjoying their human right of sex, don't have access..birth c…
hows that wall around ur house coming. yeah u r a special human right there with Hitler Caligula Stalin
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The first episode of is ready to watch right now, right here! Featuring &
Read this comment, and sign the petition. HealthCARE is a basic human right, & its way past time for ... via
Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but also the foundation for a sustainable world.
I had to pay $100 for an inhaler today, a medication that helps me breathe. But please tell me how free birth control is a basic human right
I've spoiled every human being that has ever came into my life, tried to do everything right & still got done greasy 😐
FACT: The human brain will justify the most obvious lie to reconcile preexisting beliefs. ALT-FACT: yeah right
ok Amy I get you were a fan but he is human and he has a life.He has the right 2 step back and if people don't like it..😏
I agree that we need to get it right, but the human element, Brian. As baseball fans I thought we always championed "no clock"
“Controlling your own wealth as a basic human right” by
Plz, wld, don't allow this to happen. Access to internet is fundamental human
I bet I could punch that stupid head right off those scrawny little girl shoulders you worthless piece of human waste.
Asma Jahangir must not b consider as Human Right Activist,She is infact Politician. Even she did'nt raise voice over MT…
Yep. Other extremist positions I also hold:. *universal human dignity. *equal opp'y. *free speech. *free press. *right to protest…
Forget the sorrow, Do not chase. The sadness, the end is coming always. It is human, right?. It's the role of time. happy new w…
Today is International Day of Human Right, please watch our Human Rights short films playlist on YouTube
BIAFRA: Petition to United Nations General Assembly on the Violation of Universal Declaration of Human Right ... https…
Join us for the screening of Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy World by on Oct 4th, at Lord Elgin…
.I am sending petition to the European Union Commission on Human Right & political affairs. Nigeria is looking Gestapolike.
the Bahraini authorities should release Nabeel Rajab unconditionally as he is detained solely for expressing his Human Right
No, more Austerity, more cuts, attacks on our Human Right, so wrap yourself in a Union flag and blame migrants for all
Affordable Healthcare is Human Right,not a Privilege! is owned by Big Pharma! We need ht…
Philippine SRHR NGOs submitted a Position Paper to the Philippine Commission on Human Right in relation to the...
National & community leaders need to make the security of Women a priority. Home Security is a Human Right.
Gov`t Urged to Bring Human Rights Cases in Papua to Court: Chairman of the National Commission on Human Right...
Barbara Pierce Bush, at Global Leaders Conference says, "Health is a Human Right"
Note: . The policy of European Court of Human Right . is to take the UN HR ^watchdog^ experts' published Opinion as definitive.
Reason why i hate most NGO that hiding under 'Feminism' and 'Human Right' they never promote equal protection to both gender.
Why do we want to support, protect & maybe even have relations with Saudi Govt this barbaric? Human Right & Justice?
For the excellence achieved in Human Right Reporting and promotion of the rights and freedoms of the Universal Declaration of Human Right.
The open letter from the Special Rapporteur on the Human Right to safe and drinking and Sanitation >>
Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor: Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Right...
Being Black is a Human Right...stop co-opting the Civil Rights Movement to support your lifestyle choice -whatever
Sign the petition: Don't Deny Families the Human Right to Water
Dr Zainab Bagudu-Shinkafi, wife of Kebbi state Governor elect, is speaking on: is Health a Human Right?
'Look at connectivity as a Human Right, connecting the 'last' billion is the challenge' - Nicholas Negroponte
Thought we'd hit rock bottom, but now they're rolling out the Human Right to a Granny. Which doesn't exist.
Our 5th year of Purple Cake Day is launching on Friday March 20th with the theme 'Education is a Human Right -...
A Human Right at Risk in America USA water crises underline need to return UK water to public…
What is Human Right, See What United Nations say on Human Rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights...
French Revolution International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences French Revolution French Revolution BIBLIOGRAPHY The French Revolution invented modern revolution —the idea that humans can transform the world according to a plan—and so has a central place in the study of the social sciences. It ushered in modernity by destroying the foundations of the “Old Regime”— absolutist politics, legal inequality, a “feudal” economy (characterized by guilds, manorialism, and even serfdom), an alliance of church and state, and created a vision for a new moral universe: that sovereignty resides in nations; that a constitution and the rule of law govern politics; that people are equal and enjoy inalienable rights; and that church and state should be separate. That vision is enshrined in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen of 1789, whose proclamation of “natural, imprescriptible, and inalienable” rights served as the model for the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Right ...
LIVE NOW: Health Care is a Human Right protest on the floor of the House at the Statehouse in Montpelier.
A Song and Film Montage by NISH and REDLIME Development is a Human Right. The people have the right to demand for better development and brighter future. This is the story of post war Sri Lanka.
The sins of Prof pastor Osibanjo (Buhari's VP Candidate) *He once raped a student of Unilag (Human Right violation/ Attempted Murder) *He was once suspended from Redeem Christian Church Of God ( Corrupt Papacy) *Cold war between Daddy E.A Adeboye and Prof Osibanjo (Insubordination "Disobey of higher authority"/ the act of using church offering for personal use) *He is using his church's money to fund the campaign *He stole Lagos state money when he was attorney (Corruption of the highest order) Buhari and Prof are Birds of the same feather More of his Iniquities
Mufassil Islam from Bangladesh lives in New York claims that providing shelter to persecuted Rohingya is a core human right. He also points out towards Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as she is violating Geneva Convention of Human Right by pushing back Rohingya to death paths instead of sheltering.
That word doesn't mean what he thinks it does. "MD Gov Martin O'Malley: 'WiFi Is a Human Right'
Did you know we have advocated for the 2010 recognition of the Human Right for Water and Sanitation
I think what they really want is a Human Right-wing Act.
Wentworth Miller's speech at the Human Right's Campaign (via &
Netanyahu: UN Human Rights Council legitimates terror groups: … lashed out at the UN Human Right...
New Visiting Scholar to Examine the Human Right to Health Care Is a human right & constitutional right?
Abdul Salam Sayyid Mustafah shared the following link: planned a systematic massacre of hundreds of demonstrators at two protest camps in what probably amounts to crimes against humanity comparable to the 1989 killing of protesters around China's Tianamen Square, according to Human Right...
you're right, commit War Crimes by launching rockets indiscriminately against citzens and using Gazans as human shields
Panic At The Disco turned a Westboro Baptist Church protest around to their advantage by using the church to help raise funds for the Human Rights Campaign.
I would love to eat a hot pocket right now, but they gone wake all the way up to complain about me eatin cause I'm hungry, cause I'm human.
Education is a universal human right, being denied access to school is common for the world’s 93 million children with d…
PRESS STATEMENT POLICE RESPONSE TO ALLEGATIONS OF Human Rights VIOLATIONS The local media have today carried stories to the effect that Police violated Human Rights of leading personalities in Kanungu District. This follows a case of Arson on the Amusement Park locally known as Kibingo in Kihihi Town Council that belonged to Mr. Karabareme Benson alias Karabu on the 15/7/2014 at around 2330 hours. The complaint was filed at Kihihi Police station on the 16/7/2014 under Crime Report Book (CRB) No. 424/2014 and inquiries instituted by the Police, with technical support of experts from Ferdsult Engineering Services and the Government Analytical Laboratory. The investigating team headed by the Ag. Deputy Director Special Investigation Division gathered evidence that led to the arrest of a prime suspect called Nuwagaba Aziz, who upon interrogation confessed to the act upon being procured by three instigators that included Ali Rugomwa; Turyatemba David; and Drake Atukunda. The three co-suspects were arrested on ...
Human Factors - looking out as well as in from via
Just days ago at the UN Emergency Session on Gaza, dictatorships and Human Rights violators from around the world - Syria, Iran, and more, attempt to silence UN Watch for calling them out on their own Human Rights violations. What alternate universe is this? What an incredible insult to all the lives lost because of these brutal dictatorships. Disgusting.
Making mistakes is a hobby for some folks. It's ok we human right
Queen Tazu: "Ah! Don't sneak up on me like that, human! You scared a poo mine right outta…
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Utterly disgusting I'm ashamed to be British right now
Amazingly, this speech coming out from a west christian journalist. A rare brave honest man he is, if only many others wud open eyes ears minds. Chris Hedges was part of the team of reporters at The New York Times awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 2002 for the paper's coverage of global terrorism. He also received the Amnesty International Global Award for Human Rights Journalism in 2002. The Los Angeles Press Club honored Hedges' original columns in Truthdig by naming the author the Online Journalist of the Year in 2009, and granted him the Best Online Column award in 2010 for his Truthdig essay "One Day We'll All Be Terrorists."
Who gives us the right to try and control a human?
URso right but laws must be made stricker fear does prevent some people we have become too lenient because of Human Rights UGH
Sport is a human right but it has been overlooked by the leadership.
If only we can Use The Money and Resources of the World in the "Right Ahimsa Nirvana way for General Human Good...
P-noy: this job isnt easy & i am only human. - he is right. Give him the chance & time to do his job. What he has done so far- 👍👍
Maybe Asimov had it right in his Foundation: complexity will just outgrow the human race's ability to manage it.
I just hate when a human disrespects another human. It just ain't right.
okay fine. Sorry la Im like stuffed with Human Rights right now
Nestle CEO is pathetic by saying water is not a human right and should be privatized! *ngeri!*
actually, it's not bout religion. But, it's about HUMAN RIGHT.
Interesting "MT a national resource for to encourage, learn & inform says
The NHS really needs a national resource for to encourage, learn and inform says
What are the most important differences between the historical (non-human) drive...? Find the answers right now:
Only the realist human beings are up right now
why thank me? You're your human right tbh. Everyone should be nice to you.
Eid Mubarak to all, and a wish for peace and health to return. Diversity and Equality should not be limited, and health is a human right.
Money, money, money! These are human lives! Ugh, this is useless. I'm shutting you down right now!
Who cares if they date? Their human, they have the right! I think true fans would be happy for them and support them, like me!
Charlie is a human and not your cat, right
Why are you awake right now? It's 1AM. Get your beauty sleep, you flawless human being.
Recent footage of Human Rights situation in Bangladesh
Al-Makura's Impeachmt. 5- SAN can't stop ongoing terrorism on d oppositions. It is high time, human right activit…
it's fine to not be ok, you have every right as a human to breakdown and cry. But you also gotta realize whatever you're going+
Self-defense is a human right. Its exercise shouldn't be limited to improvised or obsolete arms. http:/…
Europe supreme court slam LGBT for SSM as human right and as European trend-majority. the court indicate that the...
Hmmm… *She holds her chin, looking pensively up at the ceiling* It’sss not human, right? I’m supposed to eat it too, after all!
as a human being, I'm in such a weird state right now
can you guys just let us know all your secrets about our universe? All human beings deserve the right to know. Quit being shady.
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The right attitude toward others can be developed on the clear realization of the oneness of all human beings."
The human brain is most outstanding thing.. it functions 24hrs 365 days.. it functions right from the time u r Born.. until you fall in love
Ordinary Human is one of the best songs in the world right next to the rest of the OneRepublic songs all at
Example of a Ukrainian channel using the methods of Russian state tv. Telling Human Right Watch to shut up.
Julissa is like a human whisperer. She always says the right things. I'm taking my happy *** to bed now
Marriage inequality erodes existing marriages. No one should have to divorce to have their gender recognised.
“Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself.” ~ Robert Green Ingersoll
I believe religion can be good but as of right now it's a human device being used to control the thinkers.
is a supporter of Hamas terrorist! Shame on cowards like them who use human shields & then call foul. Israel …
When Ugandan President Kaguta Museveni signed Anti-homosexuality law, Sweden through its Finance minister Anders Borg, withheld its aids to Uganda because the law violates Human Rights. It has now emerged that Swedish government has resumed aid support to Uganda and announced $200 million (Shs526b) in “development strategy cooperation” for the next five years. The aid will also be channelled to other areas such as research, innovation and business sector. The funds will help to improve child and maternal, including sexual and reproductive health and rights, sustainable growth and employment.
Bytes for All, Pakistan is organizing a four-day residential digital security training (Aug 25-28) for Human Rights defenders and journalists in Multan. If you are interested in attending this training, please click on the link below and fill the given form by August 6 in order to be considered. Limited seats available.
According to latest media information that Hamas rockets has landed near the Israel capital Tel Aviv Bengurian International Airport .Major European and American airlines has stoped their flights towards Israel.This is the major failure of Israeli strategy towards International support on behalf of there Gaza invasion.Other hand this is the success of Hamas fighter .In this incidence Israel is now also seized and isolated from the out side world like Gaza.Israel also give proposal to International Airlines to use their Southern Elat city Airport which situated in the Sinai desert ..Already in this invasion of Gaza 29 Israeli soldiers and 3 civilian dead and nearly 600 palestinians dead in this savage war.The U.N security council and U.N Human Right commission also condemn Israeli brutality on peoples of Gaza and they also condemn Rocket firing to Israel by HAMAS.UN and American top diplomats are trying to solve this problems and arrange cease fire.Gazans are now facing serious human crisis.This is the mo ...
As the Labour Critic on the Green Party of Canada's Shadow Cabinet, I am proud to announce that all my policy resolutions have passed relating to labour issues. The GPC now recognizes that collective bargaining is a Human Right and that discrimination on the basis of union activity should be open to charges laid under the Human Rights Act. Wal-Mart, who goes out of its way to recognize and persecute union minded employees will eventually have to change their attitude and promote to management those so inclined. As it stands now, if one is not anti union, they do not get promoted to management.
The cold hand of death has snatched one of the few remaining genuine Human Right, Barr. Lawyer Bamidele Aturu. I will greatly miss you. Rest in peace Aturu
THE BAD NEWS -Did you know that Hillary is PRO ---GMO's . Monsanto---Round -up has her in their pocket too. Lord save us! ( The irony is that every time I read something about the Poison that Round Up is ---I STARRED in a National ROUND - UP commercial ---in ---the late 80's it was on the OSCARS. I was so excited---OMG. Now ---that Feels like Blood Money ---promoting such a destructive product). ANYWAY --- there is plenty of Scientific Evidence NOW !!! Let's be SMART. THE GOOD NEWS ---There is a proposal to the LA CITY COUNCIL ---to make LA ( we would be the first city to do so!!! ) a non - GMO growing and seed area . It would prohibit the use or growth of GMO crops in the city and counties of LA. It is looking VERY favorable With strong citizens support this looks like we CAN do this. More to come on that as I will be participating in getting signers supportive to this We need and can ---flood the city council with the demand for healthy. natural nourishing food. An inalienable Human Right.
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David Cameron insists Abu Qatada will not be allowed to return to UK He will Dave his family here his Human Right
Reasons why some of us Africans never hated Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi like most people did but simply admired him: 1. Electricity is free for all Libyans. 2.Loans in Libya are free with 0% interest as banks are state owned. 3.Homes are considered a Human Right in Libya - Gaddafi vowed that his parents would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a home. Gaddafi's father has died while him, his wife and his mother were still living in a tent. 4.All newly married people in Libya receives US$ 50,000 by the government to buy their first home to help the new family. 5.Medical Treatment and education are free in Libya. Before Colonel Muammar Gaddafi ruled the country, only 25% of Libyans were literate. Today the figure is around 83%. 6. If Libyans wanted to take up farming as a career, the Government funded people from equipment to seeds, all for free. 7. The government subsidised 50% of the price of a new car if a Libyan citizen wanted to buy their first car. 8.Petrol price in Libya is around ...
Ellen Page isn't the only actor to come out in the last year or so. Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, 41, came out on September 7, 2013, at the Human Right...
Human Right's Watch close ties to the U.S. government call into question its independence.
Freedom Of Speech is a Human Right. Social Security Administration., SSA Office of the Inspector General , Department of Homeland Security Police, Choose Work!Simply because your agency has violated my civil and Human Rights does not give you the right to attempt to take away my right to free speech.
News - South Asia Summit on Youth and Human Rights in Colombo: President of Youth for Human Right...
Kim Ji-gwan has a succinct explanation for why he, his father, and two brothers all chose to go to jail rather than be drafted into the South Korean armed forces. In the past, the US and many other countries accepted religious beliefs as grounds for opting out of military service. The UN Human Right...
President Barack Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom—the Nation’s highest civilian honor—to a person who have made meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors. This year’s recipient was Dolores Huerta, who co founded the United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez. An honorable woman who fought side by side with Cesar Chavez for Human Right for farm-workers. To me it was an honor to have met her, such an intellectual woman, a woman with humble beginnings with monumental desire to help the less fortunate, an incredible woman with a heart of a Lion, she is an educator, a fighter of Human Rights an advocate voice, she teaches individuals that they have personal power that needs to be coupled with responsibility and cooperation to create the changes needed to improve their lives. I remember thanking her for all her work, she replied by saying "Xavier, you have a gift, there i ...
Dear friends and well-wishers, I wanted to share that this year, I was conferred the “Adarsh Yuva Vidhayak Puraskar 2013” by Indian Student Parliament. The felicitation program was on 11 January 2014, and was organized by Union Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports (Government of India) & UNESCO, Chair of Human Right, Democracy, Peace & Tolerance; the UN, CommonWealth, the SAARC & the Inter Parliamentary Union, Geneva. The Chairman of this initiative to reward legislators from across the country is Shri T.N. Seshan, former Chief Election Commissioner of India. Other members of the selection committee were Shri Tushar Gandhi, Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, and Shri. Mark Tully to name a few.
Somalia: UN calls for moratorium after execution of murderer: New York, Apr 5 : The United Nations human right...
In the WSOD para143 of 2005, all the States reached a consensus for the bottom line of Human Security, the right to live in freedom&dignity.
I'm in two minds about zoos - it's not a human right to see other animals caged for our convenience
But... The eternal world, that seems got no end, will somehow disappear, as the human forget about the right of each other...
The human brain is so amazing. It functions for 24 hours right from the time we were born and only stops when we take ex…
If I was a reasonable human, I wouldn't even be awake right now.
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Comparing Abbott to Hitler is mentally ill, numbnut. U would have to be a Human Garbage supporter, right? A greens?
great quote from a women who said healthcare is a human right and gave free healthcare in UK
History Lesson: 132. The human arm has evolved into just the right length so that your hand can be easily place onto one'…
Natural RT"EVERY HUMAN BEING have the same basic right to
make the right choice. You can't mix the blood lines, keep it human
Human brain iz the most outstndng. object in da world,. it function 24 hr a day, 365 day in. year. It function right...
So fundamental human right that relates to employment falls within the jurisdiction of NDIC. These our SANs sha
Remember in high school when you wrote about the "human condition"? Yea, I could write some stories right about meow about that stuff
I could die right now from a sattelite malfunction crash and that makes me so human, the fact that I recognize this
I hold the right to believe any lifestyle apart from my own is wrong, it's a basic human right to preserve certain personal opinions. 😆 lol
"Omojuwa & Uche Briggs arrested for leading protest over NIS tragedy Human Right Jeopardise...
SAME SEX RELATIONSHIP . - They are just also human who are exercising the right to love and to be loved, who found...
Really not ok with human interaction right now
absolutely, Max Weber continues to be right it's just human bureaucracy is replaced with machines:
Where have India's females gone?where are the human right activists
All purpose parts banner
I just wna be a freedom human who can go anywhere I want right away.
Human as well as non-human animals have a RIGHT to their lives!
"The elements of which compose human society." You sure got that right! Thanks for the follow!
I can't even imagine what is going through right now 😔. Losing someone is an impossible thing to go through, human or pet.
Having sex with a lower energy being just not where it's at right now. I am much to into myself to lose any part of myself for another human
This is remarkable: Australia's Human Right Commissioner, Tim Wilson, on the use of the offensive word *** .
Air quality features heavily on page today incl one from me: clean air should be a human right
Photo: hayleu: this truly scared me i thought the legs on the right were some crispy burnt up human legs i...
Our Human Rights commissioner, fighting for the right to use the word *** . This is Australia right now.
Dear do you really want the right to call an Indigenous person *** Or were you misquoted?
Free nosejobs should be a human right tbh
If Archie was still here he'd fall asleep right next to me like a little human... I miss my puppy :(
We ask the IMMEDIATE release of Naji Fateel ACTIVIST
We ask the IMMEDIATE release of Naji Fateel HUMAN RIGHT ACTIVIST
Necronomicon is best example of judge a book by its cover: "Oh, bound in human skin? Well maybe it's a story about FRIENDSHIP." Yeah, right.
Little Giant Ladders
|He scowls.| Right... you human pigs see us as... much differently.
Lost somewhere in translation why be a clone of someone when you can be you? We human beings right ?
The left side of the human face appears better looking than the right.
Are you not attracted to anyone right now? — What makes you say I don't? I'm human, after all.
so you understand why He's my favorite human over 300lbs right?
I'm so proud to be a Benedict Cumberbatch fan right now. He's just an amazing human being.
"Marriage is a human right, not a heterosexual privilege"
The Moroccan NCHR is able to monitor human right s in Western Sahara
Is Katy even a human being right now
beef is an important factor in Kerala I believe. Food is a basic human right
oh all right.. So since the Bible is human beings' manual, who wrote it? Cc
Human beings have an inalienable right to invent themselves
+ us human. I want to do this, whatever it is right too. I can't.. I don't even really know the first thing about dating +
Id be a great human squat bar for those go hard or go home people right now.
Literally the tiredest human being right now, long day.   10% Off
you know that human body parts were used in English medicines up till late 1800s, right
To get Human Rights you need the right humans
If you're not right in your relationship with God, no human relationship will fill that emptiness.
“Left, right, left, right. is she even human? Like what
I know right! Like who gives a crap! The guys wife just gave birth to another human being! His priorities are straight
It's ok to think the human meat on looks delicious because it's not actual human meat right?
1:05 am right now. I feel like a nocturnal human.
Looking forward to co-hosting this event with my Museum of the African Diaspora Vanguard family on this very sensitive issue. The outmigration of African American's in San Francisco is something that needs to be talked about. I'm glad more organizations like the Human Right's Commission (Equity Advisory Committee) has also been working on this issue. See you there!
Human Rights code...and that's all I'm going to say
Happy last minutes of Human Rights day Mina I'm chilling kwa mse
I'm not using my sadness as a weapon. Sadness isn't an excuse. But I'm human that sometimes feel sad. I think that's fine,…
Whenever I lay down my dog comes right up and takes up the whole bed ok are u a human
With Shaukat Ali Kashmiri Sahib and Mehran Baloch at the 25th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.
Ukraine, EU sign political part of Association Agreement The signing ceremony, which was attended by all heads of state and government of the EU member states, as well as the presidents of the European Council and the European Commission, and Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk, took place in Brussels on Friday. The document was signed by Yatseniuk, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and the leaders of the 28 EU member states. In particular, the sides signed the preamble, Article 1 and Titles I, II and VII. In the preamble the EU acknowledges the European aspirations of Ukraine and welcomes its European choice, including its commitment to building a deep and sustainable democracy and a market economy. It also states that democracy, respect for Human Rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law are essential elements of the agreement. It also promotes the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine ...
we need a government that respect the human right and the freedom. People engaged on our common wealth no particular interest!!!
I'm weary of any business model solutions to the water crisis... many are cropping up and before anyone buys into their slick words and bandaid initiatives ask these questions: *who are their leaders & what privilege do they represent? *who are they partnering with, and who is giving them money? *do they regard water as a human right? *do they address/acknowledge the role of ecosystems in the preservation of freshwater resources? *are they heavily invested in technology and development? *how are they offering solutions? are they more focused on encouraging foreign investment than they are focused on encouraging locals to take initiative? (are they the knights in shining armour flying in with all the right solutions, or are they seeking to work together as a friend and ally?)
Anyone who would repress another human being's right to live, and thrive is a wanker, Na*i's included.
Drinking games & human centipede 2.something's not right lol
Does Thiago Motta play for PSG?. Despicable human being. Is he Brazilian, Italian or something completely different right now?
Crisis in forces neighbors to choose between national interests and democratic principles
If by "do life right" you mean watch as a series of spec scripts slowly unwind a human being, then yes. (thanks bud)
Nyt ma lovely frndz ,it was a fantastic holiday(Human Rights) hope u enjoyed it ma frndz n fmly love u all equaly!
and human males think THEY have problems (male bottom right)
Right to life is the primary human right. You people R 4 killing 2 avoid "Scary" Future
Was @ shrpville stadium Human Rights day
What a pleasant human being is, right? Makes me glad his ilk is an endangered species.
the lack of housing developments is their fault, thus violating a human right. That being providing shelter to SAn citizens.
Dudes and Dudettes and everyone in between! This is the script for the skit "The Gender Box", an absurd little ditty starring Colin (as the Box) Robert Neel (as James) and Bekah (as the dude) Any questions or concerns please contact me, and don't worry! The other skits will be going up shortly! READ AWAY MY PRETTIES. THE GENDER BOX Written By: Chlotoris Von Strange Lights up on the host of one of those nature show type deals, James. Off to the side is someone sitting in a box with either just their head or mouth visible. James: Hi folks. Welcome to this episode of “The Weird in the Wild”! We’ve got a special treat for you today, it appears that we’ve spotted the rarely seen gender box! What a treat! Now, as you all know, we here on “The Weird in The Wild” make it our mission to show little known animal phenomena- and the gender box is certainly that! It’s a predatory creature that feeds on the fear and insecurities of people and had an extensive population boom in the 20th century, but in re ...
my math lecturer said its my human right to study maths 2day So I followed her advise nd spend my Human Rights day,in pj's studying maths Not cool! Bt I hope it worth it whn I gt results.
Exercising my human right to sleep.
Human Right Everyone has the right to freedom of thought. the awareness of Human Rights in YOUR community and help make Human Rights a fact. Watch, discuss and share the videos. Download the FREE action kit broadly raise awareness of the 30 inalienable rights as proclaimed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Church of Scientology sponsored the production of a corresponding series of Public Service Announcements illuminating these rights. Each is intended to provide young people with an appreciation of a fundamental tenet within every free society, so that the generation of tomorrow need not repeat the errors of its predecessors.
& that makes me very upset. Great though ppl are smart enough to take their human right of expression themselves!
Don't miss this – register for 2014 Human Rights Conference and Annual General Meeting right now:
nd u guys hv a Right 2 keep feedin us wth dat knd of music nd we've da responsibility 2 dance rights day
I missed the live stream because of school. Right now I hate 85 percent of the entire human race.
Pretty sure that I'm more mud than I am human right now
It was fitting I spent Human Rights day at the Slave Lodge..Take it back to where the right to be human was stripped from our people
Today marks the biggest failure of our species - the vanity to deny another's equal right to be human. Oppose ALL prejudice!…
Huhuhu is done. Saddest human being on earth right now. :(
At work with a headache and no patience. I'm very nice but no human better test me right now.
Common Sense: A government of our own is our natural right: And when a man seriously reflects on the precariousness of human affairs, ...
"Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other Human Rights."
Women’s rights are Human Rights – and empowering women and girls isn’t just the right thing to do, it also makes econo…
Invitation for World Water Day Program WaterAid Nepal takes this privilege to invite you and your family/beloved and friends in the World Water Day program organized by 22 organizations (INGOs, NGOs, Civil Society Networks, Government, Private Sector) in Nepal under the leadership of our organization (WAN) on 22nd March 2014 500 walkers are expected to gather in the National Table Tennis Hall, Lainchaur at 7:45 am, walk nearby to Kings Way and conclude the walk in the same hall, with a formal program attached herewith. Distinguished guests expected in the program are Constituent Assembly members representing 4 major political parties and the chief guest expected is the Deputy Speaker of the Constituent Assembly. The campaigners will hand over an appeal to all the guests for their especial effort in including Human Right to Water and Sanitation in the new constitution of Nepal so that -No-one practices open defecation. -Every one has safe water, sanitation and hygiene at home. -All schools and health facil ...
European Commission fails to recognise Human Right to Water - "Water should be a not a comm…
you're not the first to bring this up :) Need to find the right bone of contention. This?
We are individuals in our own right, however, we must remember that we belong to human society as well, we are social creatu…
Short lived?! Hah! ...oh right, you're a human. Shame that. Ya kinda cute.
2dae it Human Right Day and i also thnk tht it is also our right to get urban beats playlist thnk you
Column: The European Commission is not recognising the human right to water
The very name "Economic Freedom Fighters" is a misnomer of the highest order. Their aim is to destroy every human …
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Just gunna listen to Human by Christina Perri on repeat until I hate it because that's all I wanna listen to right now.
Human right activist “Chaley some girl steal shada go repu oo... And this is not her first time make we forgive
Yes. Now oafish slob is finding the right part of the entertainment industry. Steroids-deranged human golems.
omg you're probably right. I knew she was too pretty to be human.
I feel like a human robot right now with this thing attached to my chair 🙎🙆💇
The right to laugh is one of the most important Human Rights “Thank you so much,This really makes my day…
Gud nite guys how is ur human Right ?
This is Maggie. She needs to be rehomed from her current human who is over-stressed right now and unable to care...
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The sad reality is that before 1994 we knew that the majority of the people were not educated and various programmes such as free/subsidized education, affirmative action and racial/gender equity, ABET were implemented to redress such. It is unfortunate that the people who saw value in these programmes were the very same people that were directly affected by the struggle for freedom from oppression via inequality and racial segregation. The majority of those born into the Freedom/Democracy era are sadly struggling to understand that for someone to succeed self sufficiency is required. Success is a basic human right and acquisition of tools to succeed is the fundamental element of this right. The born free individuals
Article I wrote on the right to water and the European Commission's drive for water privatisation
See the way this goat be looking left n right like a human being before crossing the road, wonder who thought them
courtesy visit by the National Human Right Commission in conjunction with NOLLYWOOD to my office in Owerri. In attendance were, Prof. Ben Angwe executive sec, Zack Orji / Lopez of NOLLYWOOD, Ifeoma Nwakanma, Zacky Zacky, Chief Lambert Oparah and Barr. Tony Ojukwu .
Education is fundmental human right.
Paul Murphy MEP on the drive to privatise water across Europe and the right2water initiative that's fighting back.
People have a human right NOT to be humiliated and ridiculed , especially in front of other people for no reason at all ! I can't stand by and allow that to happen !
Equality is a fundamental, human right for all. Social injustice is addressed and resolved through discussion and action.
I'm now seriously concerned about the human race. . Sellotape Selfies Are So Hot Right Now via
I have never heard a pro choicer speak callously about human life. It is an untruth used by the right.
22 March is World Water Day. Water is a human right, over three-quarters of a billion people, most of them poor, still do not have this basic necessity. Photos by Georgina Smith and Mark Maseko.
Men need abortion services too. Men need prenatal care, etc. So do GQ people. Abortion is a HUMAN right.
This is Burma, non Muslim burning Muslims alive. Where human right to take action? There no human right for Muslims. Please post this video to every pages.
I think we shuld all thank d Lord hmself for bringng us dis far, 2 reach 20 yerz of our fredoom nd 4 securing us evry dae untl dis dae of human right nd any othr dae z importnt 2 us coz our livez lies in his palm of d hand so wake up nd thank hm 4 being ALIVE.
I'm sitting here wondering and thinking!!""when this politicians say is human right day what axectly they mean?those 34 ppl died in marikana those ppl died in mokgutlong and others including tatane was brutaly killed by saps all of this ppl did they knw abt their rights? Im jst asking do they work kea botsa if they do for which ppl? democracy must stop selling us a crap bt teach us hw to get on top none of this ppl are role model bt hypocrites
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This day has been hijacked by the ANC, even though our history point to only one man, called "the Man of Africa, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe" All South Africans today MUST celebrate Robert Sobukwe's bravary to challenge the brutal & inhuman government of the white people, when he pioneered a powerful resistance strategy that saw about 200 men marched to Orlando police station to be arrested for refusing to carry a stupid pass. Mind you all ANC members including all its leaders used to carry stupid pass wherever they used to go, but it was Sobukwe on this day, Monday 21, March 1960, who strategically brought the apartheid government to its knees. His idea was to make the unjust police system dysfunctional and that will see the Bantu Commissioner's court where a magistrate usually disposed of all pass cases in few minutes. The truth is Mandela, Thambo and many other ANC leaders used to carry their passes wherever they used to go, even when going to the shebeens at night, but it was this African man who defied ...
Happy human right day evryone n u hyv a right to say no
I like 2 rimnd mi frndS abt human right dy,is evry important dy 2 every1 in S.A. Bcause nw we hv rights 2 protect us.
I enjoyed my day people i give thanks you all i hope you also enjoyed ur human right day lot of love and sleep peacefull
This list of countries of the OEA! Blacklist are complicit in corruption and murder in VENEZUELA. The white list are countries that if they know it's democracy and human right.
Do we have another military base apart 4m d one America is about to close down? d ans. is yes, and where is dat. base surprising it maybe to u is in d home of our UN SECRETARY GENERAL HON.BAN KIN MOON SEOUL SOUTH KOREA AIRPORTS. Can imaging there is no human right OFFICE in all SOUTH KOREAN AIRPORTS? there is serious RACISM in SOUTH KOREA can imaging no black work in all SOUTH KOREAN AIRPORTS? there is not one human right office at any of their AIRPORTS. SOUTH KOREA HAVE AN UNDERGROUND PRISON where they are keeping so many BLACK AFRICANS. They take then there only because they were denied SOUTH KOREAN VISA. They keep u in there when ur ticket expire they tell u that u have to buy another before u can leave, but how will buy ticket when u can go out and no body can talk to u beside immigration how? In short they keep until ur death. No body is allow to see u neither talk to u when u die they put u in d back of their AIRPORT and ground u up into a death me-chain can u imaging how wacky those SOUTH KOREAN .. ...
PBD-"Selective human right activism. ..moved by emotions. They all died with the football referee right? "
Hppy human right day guys niyek ukug'y ngabany abant hau kant ninjan.
My human right day has became my family gatherings day i enjoyed a lot xem.
Gaism is nt a human right.its a human wrong.obama & his allies should know.
Ish i had a ride 2dy wth a donkey wat a nice human right day 4 me...robalang hantle bagotsi
Happy human right day nd good morning
Happy Human Right day to all of u my pp nd Enjoy the rest of ths day.
Thanks God human right day is over now let me realise my right and strive for success
Nyt nyt my friends i hope everybody enjoyed human right day
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Dj Clocks human right is vandalised
One of the new introduced human right of the day:''NO CONDOM NO SEX
Am follow south Africa happy human right day or independent day or freedom day to u all
At last m home i spent my holidae at wrk& its bn a long dae 4 mwa, wena how ws ur human right dae? Nyt my lvly bookers. . . .
Do anto people as you would like them to do anto you.Respect is very spacial and now other people right's.Today is a human right day,aspect good if you do good
Tjo hayi mina am enjoyng my human right
Human right does nt means right to do anytin u like,it just means doing what is right at d right time wit out fear ov anybody.
HUMAN RIGHT DAY. We are so fortunate that we have Human Rights as at least we can go to Court and right wrongs. I see that in many countries they do not have this and I feel that we should do everything we can to safe guard our freedom of having 'Human Rights". Appreciate what we have today and fight for a better tomorrow. Enjoy the day, relax and have fun because this day belongs to all of us.
Why is it that, wheñ Nigeria Police arrest someone they will not allow the person to express his/her foundamental human right,instead they will use words like:you have to remain silent else any you say or do will be use against you in the court of law? Because of this statement, so mañy inñocent young youth are wallowing in jail..the question is why.?
Hello frnds, hope u enjoyed your Human right day, so do i Ay noma sesngalala ke manje Sweet dreams kuni nonke bo Zarling Love yo'll *winks*
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