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Human Nature

Human nature refers to the distinguishing characteristics, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting, that humans tend to have naturally.

Michael Jackson David Hume Gabor Mate Robert Sapolsky Michel Gondry Liberian Girl Miles Davis

The Nature of Human Nature; Man’s origins and recent social evolution are freshly explored by a scientist and poet…
. A heartwarming story, puts your faith back in Human Nature and gives hope for the future!
Don't miss the Human Nature at Margaret Court Arena on Feb 3-4!
Nov 9. 6 Books of the Commonwealth, Leviathan. Nov 16. Two Treatises of Govt, Social Contract. Nov 23. Treatise of Human Nature, Spirit of Laws
Human Nature talk with Robert Sapolsky, Gabor Mate, James Gilligan, Richard Wilkinson (the only ppl who know)
Miles Davis covering Human Nature from Live Around the World. Sax solo by Kenny Garrett starting at 6:00 is .
John Mayer playing Human Nature at Michael Jackson's memorial was just the most beautiful thing ever.💓
LOVED this interactive map/database of baskets & materials in Human Nature gallery of at !
Human Nature - Live Version - Austria by Miles Davis it ain't nothing ♫
Should you really "follow your heart"? The Middle Ages, part 1: Human Nature
If you don't want to skim a summary read Hume's A Treatise of Human Nature in full
"Endless Night" (2016). Mark Andy Garcia. oil on canvas. 84x48in See more of Garcia's work in "Human Nature"...
Books that I will be reading this next semester:. Justice, Power and Human Nature. Nicomachean Ethics. Plato's Republic. Mandragola
Steven Pinker: Language as a Window into Human Nature (Video) In this new RSA Animate, re
"New Lies for Old" not working out to the Carroll Quigley formula well enough for you Tom? Human Nature trumps the NWO.
A free market system does not discriminate constituents by any category. The market is predominantly driven by human nature and psychology.
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And the doctrine of original sin affirmed the incorrigible wretchedness of human nature
Something about human nature that waits for disaster before fixing things...
"Race hate is not human nature. Race hate is the abandonment of human nature"
Men aren't strange or weird, simply different from us. There are no duplicates in nature, why would the 2 human genders be alike?-Shoba RG
…and the nature of human knowledge, which accords quite well with what you write in your excellent piece “The Road to Rationalia”
this is simply human nature. You do what's best for you. If you feel your life is in danger then you act.
when i Sing human Nature I sing the High note
nobody's saying anything about being superior due to race. It's just simple human nature that when it comes down to it
Human nature by Michael Jackson is so good and relaxing 😩
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance nature compulsions habit reason passion desire - Aristotle
"Be This is seemingly simple value, but it’s nature to remain lax on non-priority matters."
puts people in a position of power in a fake prison, people just become drunk with power. Human nature 😔😔😔
A big hurdle facing makers of self-driving cars: the person behind the steering wheel
If they say why..why. . Tell em that's its human nature
I feel so defeated sometimes. Human nature to desire victory in all one does..
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Your life hidden in Christ 9 Don’t lie to each other. Take off the old human nature with its practices
Everyone wants control over their lives, it's human nature
I dont think its in human nature to hate/be prejudice towards another solely based on skin colour. The system defo plays a part
and you think thats racist?...thats human nature. Ppl are bound to take it easier on their own kind
Making mistakes is not a big failure. It is just human nature. The keү is to learn from it so үou can do better next tim…
They should have bias. It's human nature to have disposition towards statistically most dangerous people
Connecting people is fundamental to human nature.
thank you for saying "some". Calling out an entirely of ANY group is the worst of human nature.
Each & every tip given by Dr.G inspire us 2 be a good human being first & den be good for others & natur…
You will never be prepared for all life's situations, but it's human nature to adapt and overcome.
People with good will can do better. Our society can do better. Biases could be our human shadow but our bright shinny nature would prevail
where there is limited distribution, it breeds scalper trolls. Human nature and we'll never get rid of 'em.
Genius by birth evil by nature human by chance.. Ff.
This blessed my heart. Human beings can learn a lot from nature. I wish that all mothers had this instin…
'The little sparks of human nature are evident in the larger mechanisms'
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"Jesus unites the divine nature w/ human flesh so that humanity might for all time be united w/ God & enjoy him forever." . -…
Wheels: Makers of Self-Driving Cars Ask What to Do With Human Nature: The difficulty of getting drivers to ta...
Earthly things don't matter in end but I am a human born with sin so it's basically in my nature to keep fighting for an ideology.
Jason Derulo performing MJ's Human Nature, made me not want to watch the rest of sorry Arsenio. We love you, but not this.
Simply monstrous.Some damage, given human nature and the fallen world we live in, is inevitable.
I've never understood why human nature makes us so interested in drama/negativity. I choose love/light instead.
There is a long discussion of belief, religion, cults, the nature of the universe and psychology as well as human nature
Yes it won't, Why A: It's not govs business to involve itself and B: Human nature.
TV review: The BBC's heir apparent to Attenborough is back with a new series on the factors shaping the earth
why the miracle of Mother Nature: human skin colour adapted to the location on the planet as we evolved causes such discrimination
Makers of self-driving cars ask what to do with human nature
Someone is playing Human Nature on the Sax 🎷 badly in Desperately needs lessons from Bob Holness!
just killed that Michael Jackson tribute to Human Nature!! Gave me goosebumps!!
Love this smooth jazz rendition of Human Nature.
Bertrand Russell (Part 1 of 6) Authority and the Individual: Social Cohesion and Human Nature
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Michael Jackson - Human Nature (Live at Wembley) - ya'll should watch this performance, so much love
Too bad we can't bring back Abraham H. Maslow to redo "The Farther Reaches of Human Nature"! Wow!
Abbott pinched the blue tie from Barrack Obama's first election style › Human Nature
The Teachings of Modern Roman Catholicism on Law, Politics, and Human Nature by
Take a look at our new short film titled 'Human Nature'. This is an ongoing passion project meant to explore our... https…
How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life: An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and a Forgotten Book by One of
Tom Milner & Dave Barnes - Human Nature (Michael Jackson) Cover... Hope you enjoy folks.. So much fun with this one!
Human Nature and the French Revolution : From the Enlightenment to the...
in 2011, the group Human Nature went to see Celine Dion's show at Caesars...
Seminar series at KCL on Religion and Human Nature in the European Enlightenment: Today 5.15pm
Human Nature on Nova right now is actually super fun...
Chris Brown last good album was one with the track that had the "Human Nature" sample .. Forgot the name of the song
So wonderful that my mate Toby Allen from Human Nature came to my show Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino! What a...
Basically Erotica ft. Justify My Love with a lil bit of Human Nature in there. All for 2015. .
5 of my top 10 fav songs will forever be:. J Legend - Another Again. Isley Bros - Voyage to Atlantis. MJ - Human Nature. Marvin G - I Want U
i think Rock With You, PYT and Human Nature are top three in no particular order. but then there Butterflies, Liberian Girl. too many tbh
Listen.. Why is DJ khaled going OT on the cross trainer whilst singing Human Nature by Michael Jackson lol
Nobody found shot It was "Human Nature" (2001) by Michel Gondry. Next shot in 5min!
review of Nature, Human Nature, and Human Difference: Race in Early Modern Philosophy, in t… h…
In 1739, David Hume in his A Treatise of Human Nature approached free will via the notion of causality.
I added a video to a playlist 2CELLOS - Human Nature [Live at Exit Festival]
Last Sunday, Human Nature in partnership with Minka and the Philippine Dental Association's Bulacan &…
I liked a video from Jacque Fresco - Human Nature (Part 3 of 5)
Darling...Debbie n I are at your Human Nature show. Xoxoxoox
Consumerism is not a byproduct of human nature it is a machine of mass destruction, destroying nature, psychologies, life.
There are misconceptions about battle. In the fighting arts/martial arts it is a stepping stone to learn about human nature and the self.
Being willfully ignorant about human nature will only lead to frustration and disappointment. Learn.
Heard a sound Bonikowski - WHY? [demo] - Michael Jackson Human Nature Mpc2000xl Chop by on
Human Nature by MJ chopped up. Love it. New song. Miles Bonny!!
Summer�s keynote is abundance This fact of nature is in sharp contrast to human nature, which seems to regard perpetual scarcity
Listens to D. Feinstein who said "attackers will put down their guns when they see we are unarmed; it's human nature." ***
I honestly don't think it's just writers. I think it's human nature.
Son reminds me get with it Mom! Human nature isn't improving at the same pace, son
That's the sad thing about human nature. If they can't find meaning, they'll invent one.
Wait one last thing...understand us as humans are powerful BEYOND MEASURES...limitations are man made and breaking them are human nature
It's just human nature for people to want what they can't have. I think it would be a different story if people were drawing
"Energy is a commons...we are using nature for our human needs... They are for everyone"
no it's not human nature. Lots of players get paid without a drop off. You can't assume. How can you *** his effort level?
An interview of Grammer a human ethologist of the Germanic school and student of principles of human attraction
We're all immigrants if you go back far enough. Everyone moves from bad places to better places, it's human nature.
I feel like women somewhat accept it because it's human nature to at times want to be "bad" or "defiant" against society norms but... (cont)
I’ve always been drawn to the intersections between human made and nature made. I think the possibilities are there
I agree and looking at human nature and society as a whole do you feel like some might take advantage of that. Excuse all ..
Oh I so do dwell. upon human nature like a spell. upon those who brought me *** I am supposed to wish them well
Human nature, the anecdotes of the internet's stubborn anonymity, and hundreds of arguments have given me experience in
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most will prefer what they started with, that's human nature. I compared exe to a vcr earlier.
Society is so stupid but whatever Religious wars has been going on for Centuries guess its just human nature
It's human nature to feel uncertain when things suddenly or unexpectedly change. Life is always changing. So embrace it. It'…
Clash of the Titans: Noam Chomsky & Michel Foucault Debate Human Nature & Power on TV 1971 https:/…
I don't care who it is, liking someone or something because of sudden relevance is lame but unfortunately a common part of human nature
If violence becomes an everyday thing in Paris, it will also stop making the news. That's just human nature.
Anthropocene: era of human domination, culture over nature
William James: "The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated."
We must fight human nature to be a great teammate. . One of the great things team sports teach us...selflessness. .
As Christmas is the season of giving, we've to our amazing Human Nature ambassadors for...
I want a nature girl, a girl who actually enjoys human nature, and loves to travel and sight see, not you washed up social media ***
It's human nature to miss someone who means so much to you
I'm a being, i'm a human being... I even in my "own way" on a "known to be in you? 🌏✌️
The deepest urge in human nature is “the desire to be important.” ~ John Dewey
Human Nature is the greatest song of all time.
Life is trial and error, just human nature. You'll always get to where you're supposed to be tho, that's some amazing human nature.
"Adel Termos broke human nature of self-preservation. His heroism transcended his own life to save others".
Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax.~Scopenhauer ��
Everyone wants to be apart of something, to me accepted by a number of your peers... It's human nature
The prisoner who now stands before you was caught red-handed showing feelings. Showing feelings of an almost human nature. This will not do.
Paracingulate sulcus morphology is associated with hallucinations in the human brain
did I miss some filth? It's just human nature. Like people who slow down to see a car wreck!
Human nature has to be one of Michael Jacksons best songs.
Freedom is the fundamental nature of God, the Essence of the Human Soul.
Personalities are made of many parts. It's human nature. I'm sure he has a quiet side.
Don't miss the Human Nature at Phoenix Symphony Hall on Jan 16-17!
As Martha was such a Rose clone outside of Smith and Jones and Human Nature, Donna would have prevented the angst sooner.
David Hume on Human Nature, and the Myth of Selfishness via
David Hume on Human Nature, the Myth of Selfishness, and Why Vanity Is Proof of Virtue Rather Than Vice
the scarecrows story w. Martha Jones was adapted from a Virgin novel, "Human Nature". Bernice Summerfield was basis for River
Part of ISSP 2015 final works featured workshop Human Nature by and -
UC Berkeley, author of Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature. Sunday 10/04 at 10am Tuesday 10/06 at 12noon.
Berkeley professor discusses his book Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature at 7:30pm . ($5 admission)
"When people are ignorant of the true meaning of Islam and human nature, and they lack moral standards and...
Honestly its human nature to judge other people but as long as you dont say anything to them whos gettin hurt
The messenger is human, uncut, imperfectly here, framed by squares of nature.
. The difficulty of knee-jerk reactions is that they don't take into account human nature.
"That's human nature. We have regrets, and go on blaming ourselves forever." - Kazuki Kuwanomi
"It's human nature to gripe, but I'm going ahead and doing the best I can"
Learn more about *** naledi, the tiny-brained human recently discovered in South Africa >>
Racism may be socially constructed or innate to human nature.If we are all a bit racist but dont act with prejudice is it harmful?
It was an act of his human nature... Survival instinct, I supposed.
Just becos it's been around, it is human nature? A tad too simplistic. Polygamy? Child marriage? @
Wisdom is a kind of knowledge. It is knowledge of the nature, career, and consequences of human values.
All human language draws its nature and value from the fact that it both comes f - Read full quote @
U said, I've "unrealistic expectations about integrity in people, considering d main factor is Human nature" Well YOU disappoint me d most!!
Crowdsourcing digs up an early human ancestor in Africa
Virtue & vice are both intrinsic to human nature.The only difference is that some people discipline themselves,so virtue…
If you are losing faith in human nature, go out & watch a marathon. -Kathrine Switzer.
>> and discovered by women. Girl power!
More hard labour, vulgar abuse, and thoughts on human nature at the Pig Sty Avenue
'Employment is nature’s physician, & is essential to human happiness.' - Galen
"The world as viewed from the lunch room" Dark Comedy drama exploring human nature
Human takes his wolfdog Loki on epic adventures to show that dogs belong outside:.
Sadly if Muslims gain hold here human nature will follow own, regardless of freedom they would lose
Fapping is impossible to not do its in human nature
You might not be a Christian but biblical accounts continue to be relevant in understanding human nature.
That new human species? Rejected from Nature because, authors say, they couldn't make it fit into a 2500-word format ht…
I think it's natural human nature to compete
Natural selection and prooves it, human is a lot of with a healthy bit of ! Don't make it worse
Genes and Human Nature ... From Atoms to "Good & Evil" -
Exactly but we didn't recognise that after its too late .. It's human nature:)
absolutely true, I know this more than most having M.E. I always try 2push myself 2far though. Human nature I suppose x
Goes hand in hand with the belief that human nature can be rewritten at whim.
this weekend: Cello Suites, exploring human nature through what he makes possible on one instrument.
It's human nature to desire the other sex, but not everyone wants commitment at this age. Girls receive more hate for it tho
Great night out yesterday with for Michel Gondry's Human Nature.
One of nature's miracles, but absolutely NO place for human tourists & sightseers. The turtles have important...
It's just like human nature to question everything when times get hard. I know better. Shouldn't happen still.
. It's just human nature I guess, give a man power, he wants more, give a man money, never eno…
We pry even when we don't mean to, one lies on account of caring it's human nature
Don't we wish human nature was the same in enforcing human rights
"Nature was experimenting with how to evolve humans, thus giving rise to several different types of human-like creatures".. ..
Good News Translation Romans 8:6 To be controlled by human nature results in death; to be controlled by the Spirit results in life & peace.
This weekend spend some time hanging out in with your both and human.…
NOW: Plenary with Richard Lee and Kirk Endicott "Hunter-Gatherer Research, Human Evolution and Human Nature: Dialogues and Debates"
Lou Andreas-Salomé, the First Female Psychoanalyst, on Human Nature in Letters to Freud | Brain Pickings
Also.Racism is Human Nature and is here to stay. Prof. Derrick Bell wrote book "Permanence of Race"
Happy 290th to 1 of my mentors, John Newton! Thanks for pushing me to the 4 books of Scripture, Providence, Creation, & Human Nature.
1-25 two of my favourite tracks mixed together - Human Nature and Inner City Blues at Mambo on
Songs from MJ that 🎶Lady in my life, I cant help it, Liberian Girl, Break of dawn, Human Nature, rock with u🎶🔥🔥
Though I always have trouble not seeing Rhys Ifans as Puff from Human Nature.
More No 1)s than the latter... Human Nature id say!! .. Am sure there wud be some 2)s too!!
Today in 1983, Michael Jackson drops "Human Nature" the 5th single from Thriller
It's Elliott Rose on "What is Human Nature & how do we formulate Theories of Human Nature?" And the film crew!
Manhattan Arts International Call for Artists for the "Hot Topics in Nature & Human Nature"
Real Time: "Bill Maher expresses concern that the growing surveillance state is[.] changing [.] human nature itself"
I figure it's human nature for us to be somewhat manipulative, but to what extent?
Just one more thing about The Family of Blood/Human Nature-- it feels like some garbled commentary about the futility of war, but...
I think we're going to the moon because it's in the nature of the human being to - Read full quote @
Socrates: To prefer evil to good is not in human nature (Protagoras)
Human nature has a tendency to admire complexity but reward simplicity. - Ben Huh
Animal can live in nature since million years ago, while human tries to create some. everything is turning to wrong direction, I think.😕
What trees teach us about human nature and relationships — wisdom from a 17th-century gardener http…
Short film combines the beauty of nature, wanderlust, and the deep love that can exist between a human and dog
You really got to tell women about life, the universe and human nature, and tell them all you want is to be encompassed inside them today
The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man 🌞 @ Chimney…
political parties are themselves groups ppl affiliate with. It feels good to have a group identity. Human nature
I look at nature animals the human body and that's all the proof I need in a creator
Why War—Einstein and Freud's little-known correspondence on violence, peace, and human nature http:…
People like Troye Dan and Phil really contradict my option that human nature is basically evil
Human nature is so funny. We constantly want what we don't have, but the second we have it, we don't want it anymore.
human "nature" is malleable and I believe we are supposed to evolve to work cooperatively
.Stalin became dictator because it is human nature to be self serving, not commune/collective. Ergo, force.
it's human nature to be in a group of clan. We survived that way and even now a feeling of belonging is important.
Judgmentality is a stain on human nature & you regardlessly demonstrate it daily & project it into all types of people & for what?
Wanna glimpse into human nature? Try asking someone to move two seats down because they sat in someone else's seat. Should…
its human nature to want to be right , but I think in the long run it will only waste ur time and hurt ur trading
The very nature of human perception is such that, right now, whatever a human being is involved with, that will...
Site visits and adoring our Human Nature with Urban Retreat Gold in the model suite corridor - that's…
It’s human nature, we blame others  so we don’t take responsibility for our mistakes.
"It's human nature to always be hungry"
Oh look! is in this episode of - Ferb, Paul McCartney, Jojen Reed, and now Tim in "Human Nature"
Anatomy of a freak. My column about Duncan Keith in Bleacher Report.
Some people need to be controlled. It's human nature
smh honestly I feel like male and female should not do it but hey it's in human nature to act on curiosity
human/furry nature, I shouldn't have taken it that way in the firsthand.
Good luck changing human nature. If you could have compliant society, communism would work but it cant long term
The Human Cost of Keystone XL - . In ND’s oil boomtowns, rape, sex trafficking, and violence rates are spiking
The human story of Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld is captivating and the accompanying nature footage is utterly cute and charming.
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Human Nature is one of the greatest songs of all time and no it's not up for debate.
Argh! Even worse! This got nothing to do with feminism etc. just with common sense & understanding of human nature.
Is it in human nature to push away the good things and keep the bad things in hope that it'll change for the better? Or maybe we're stupid.
“The weird self-defeating stuff that people do isn't random and inexplicable but fundamental to human nature...”
Meta-analysis: No human trait has a heritability of zero All traits are partially heritable
Now listening to philosopher JohnGray discussing human nature: we are the only animals who are willing to die for our be…
You're going to do what makes you happy whether it hurts someone or not, that's human nature.
Daniel is right. Plus people judge each other on the daily, like it is human nature. Believe it or not...
"I struggle everyday to find balance between being a human who craves nature and a productive member of society who needs to focus" 💭
I added a video to a playlist Tootsie | Michael Jackson Human Nature Cover
I liked a video from Tootsie | Michael Jackson Human Nature Cover
At peace: Men, women and children hold hands as they form three human circles at the Bosnia International ...
I'll admit that I made a lot of stupid mistakes and deserved some of the anger I've received. That's human nature. No one's perfect.
It is for the sake of a free society that men must deny the evils of human nature
If that were only possible. Sadly, by their very nature, the human race is not made to live peacefully with each other
domain names
Subdue your appetites, my dears, and you've conquered human nature. Charles Dickens
This could really help people who are affected by mother nature and human circumstances
There are killings wherever there are humans. Not about any one thing just human nature.
Fursuits are like a reverse butterfly. From the beautiful fursuit cocoon emerges a sweaty and smelly human! Nature is bea…
It's human nature to make instantaneous judgements of others based solely upon their physical appearances. No good at all.
"Exploitation of nature leads to exploitation of human nature" -Trevor Hancock
Everything bad what we do, is our fault, mostly because of our human nature and inexperience. Why don't we just invite…
Some pigs are always looking to be more equal. That's human nature.
To Dr. John Nash ... One of the brightest minds who changed the very nature of human negotiations and showed us new path of dialogue.
Capricorns have a strong ability to think and they can understand the human nature the way no one else does.
People only care about themselves. It's human nature and it's easy to exploit by those with money.
everyone does it - it's human nature. I do it. I'm just sick of following along blindly
It's true. They don't want you until they see you with someone else. It's human nature to want something you can no longer h…
imagine fetty wap singin' 'human nature' by MJ. lol
8 quotes from Alan Watts on life, human nature and love:
And how I can approach them better. Still making small mistakes along the way but that's human nature. has been very helpful
Those who exist on the human ("speaking") level of development are already capable of acting against their nature...
I am not so binary. I support our troops, I think war is deplorable and also understand human nature.
Thank yu human nature that my moons in cancer !!
Our corruptible human nature dictates, that history will repeat itself & patriots will need to rise again
it's called human nature. Just observe history. Lack of a good defense ends in ruin each and every time.
To understand human nature, look how worn out the elevator's "close the door" button is compared to the "keep the door …
It is human nature to blame the messenger but I equate ITIL with "thou shalt do ServiceNow" value to the b…
could relegion be needed for human survival. Nature selects relegious people.
that's human nature. Don't beat yourself up over that. We all make the same mistakes over. Eventually we learn.
"Awe is the basic human emotion that lifts us far above languishing... because it makes us feel." - Ph.D. Paul Pearsall
We are experiencing a defining moment in human history.  By using our unique foresight, we can...
Part of human nature, is that you can't help but find imperfections with yourself when most likely they don't actually exist.
The thing about the flash, great it fundamentally considers human nature as evil.
it won't help. Human nature never changes. Always have a % of the population that r *** Tech is cheap, accessible to all
Nature commits no errors; right and wrong are human categories. -PARDOT KYNES, Arrakis Lectures
Nature doesn't make or destory H2O. there is dinosaur pee, hyena *** rotting human bodies, Hitler's sweat, in every glass of water ya drink
Spent Memorial Day watching Human Nature/The Family of Blood on with Fantastic story with relevance!
"Want a result glimpse at human nature? Stand in the way of someone's mocha latte" -dexter
"Nature took millions of years to perfect the human body". So why are you killing yourself doing workout at a gym instead?
I spent time this weekend researching Irish residence visas. But what I really need is less human nature.
Do not be sad if one did not appreciate your interest in human nature did not realize his attention to yes only after disappearance
then it lies in everyone and it’s known as human nature lol . People lie and do sneaky things to move up in life everyday B 😂
Human Nature and Family of Blood for me... my fave new who story and in my top 5 doctor who stories ever :)
Seasonal variation in human transcriptomes
It's human nature to fear things or people different than they are used to!
Nature has been our friend but our greed has distroyed this delicate fulcrum b/w Nature & Human.
Hooray missing sign returned with note " sorry for taking your sign we was drunk" faith in human nature restored
You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents...
It’s human nature to always wait for the next big event in our lives. Or Salvation.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
A fully blossomed human potential is enlightenment.It is becoming a child again, and coming back to your original nature. -
The annoying nature of fake human beings around me kills my everyday life
Widespread seasonal gene expression reveals annual differences in human immunity and physiology
It changes nature of God in Christian understanding. If Christ, fully God and fully human is raised to heaven, God is changed
Every human nature is in office. From good to f**k . From diligent to lazy. From quiet to talkative. What make them same?
'Risen Christ, you have raised our human nature to the throne of heaven.' And so the world is changed
I guess that's how human nature is. You look out for eachother but you also destroy eachother. .
Children, Man is not different from Nature. He is part of nature. The very existence of human beings on earth depends on Nature. Amma
Very unhealthy way to view human nature.
Everyone is a hypocrite. Even me. It's human nature.
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