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Human Brain

The human brain is the center of the human nervous system.

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Technology is literally growing AND the human brain has not yet fully evolved to understand this very w…
The human brain isn’t fully functional for learning until after 10 AM, science has proved that schools begin way too e…
take a peak into minds of these terrorist suspect see what is inside if not INTEL INSIDE LAPTOP WHAT IS PROCESSING INSIDE HUMAN BRAIN
It's crazy how the human brain blocks out certain memories to protect it's self from hurting over ..and over
The human brain is so powerful but we've chose a limited society. We should be worrying about better ways to live instead just chase 💰
If human beings are planets, the brain is the ocean. The more we explore and discover, the less sure we are of what we may find next.
Immigration and brain drain is often overlooked in fragile states which are loosing some of their best human resources
Taking Iniesta off is like removinf the brain from a human body.
A human brain on the left, a dolphin brain on the right.
Very well said! Decades of data processed through the human brain cannot be duplicated in a…
The average human brain weighs about 3 pounds.
News flash : Beyoncé is an imperfect human !She has flaws . She has to work hard for her success & she's has a brain that functions .
Our lack of understanding of how brain works has a very high cost. Both human and financial
Researchers reverse engineer the human brain to make machines smarter.
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a toupee stamping on a human brain, forever.
Human Brain Project releases neuro-computing tools, but will neuroscientists use them?
Testing to Start for Computer With Chips Inspired by the Human Brain: Lawrence Livermore Nati...
I had learned all this during my foundation studies in Human Brain or Human Development subject
. They're brain dead and they set the human race back decades. They are regressive.
⭕️ Maxify ⭕️. Inspiration to live and lead by‼️. 🔆The human brain🔆. Three things the brain cannot resist: food, attractive people, and da…
Don't miss, HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING, Implication of frontostriatal circuits in young smokers
My voice echoes in my brain. My body does not move. I've ejaculated half my organs, after all. What human could move after such a feat?
Don't forget the people that hardcore believe in evolution but *know* it doesn't even touch the human brain somehow
saw a human brain today! 3/08/26!! ...thinking abt that Arthur Weasley (or Molly?) quote
it's trying to make sure that he doesn't overrule your human brain too much which is the challenge. It's tricky 🤔
Time-of-flight angiography of human using 7T To learn more, visit us @ bth18
Brain re-training is a human possibility. You are more amazing than you realise! Boost Your Emotional Intelligence:
The human brain is amazing but fragile- here's the behind what happens to the brain when you stop drinking:
So an *** sapiens : 1400cm3 of brain volume ... Brainack you are no human lol (kidding). bipede locomotion and run (Hank not on four!! )
trying to make sense of the man. He was just too mysterious for her poor human brain to grasp. She took a shower and put on+
I literally cannot comprehend the complexities of the human brain and how unique the brain is to every single person
The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public
What's on our elementary HiCap program menu today? The human brain & indoor planetarium!
Which means, THIS is the VORTEX of the DAY. (I just love how the human brain works.)
The brain is the center of the human nervous system, governing our thoughts, feelings and movement. . It filters...
If I could pick my favourite human it would have to be Tesla. I would kiss that man's brain.
Human beings and robots getting closer to each other?
This is simply working with two truths about the human brain, and the human being
About seven thousand brain cells die every day as a human ages, but having regular sex may help build new ones.
The Neuroscience of Drumming: Researchers Reveal the Secrets of Drumming & The Human Brain https:/…
heal the human brain with my hands through God's glory.
Reasons during sleep human maybe see things Outweigh pressure of his mind It begins to bring sounds to relieve pressure on brain!
The human brain is awesome,it functions 24 hours a day from the day we are born and only stops when we are taking an exam or falling in love
Live recording from the Conference in Las Vegas about and human and -
There are three things Human brain cannot resist:- Food, attractive people and danger
Progress and challenges in probing the human
The ghost in the machine: Vicarious and the search for AI that can rival the human brain | ZDNet
New post on the effect of air quality on the human brain, with great resources from and
"recognises strengths and weaknesses of the human brain". Predicting patterns of behaviour.
David A Bednar has ultimate power, which has destroyed his empathy and made him less than human.
I HOPE that BRAIN FRIES as soon as they hit ENTER...LOL. They can't keep hackers out but are going to let a HUMAN...
Once you have learned to read, you cannot help but read words.
Human muscles are limited by our brain – we actually have the strength to move cars and boulders.
I need a 3D model of a human head, brain and eyes by consito
Massive NN directly connected to the brain cybernetically with brain wifi would enhance human intel
Disney clears up Goofy/Pluto confusion: "Look, Goofy is simply a man who killed a dog and wears its skin. He has a human br…
I have 450% more of iron in the blood, I have a brain working 1450% more than a basic *** Sapiens, isn't that enough to not be human?
Join together 100 billion neurons with 100 trillion connections and you have yourself a human brain
Warning signs of premediated violence show up in the hypothalamus, mouse study finds: via
Brain and Human Brain project. worth it? The big question. Prof Richard Morris's opinion on
"When a dog sees their human, their brain secretes the same substances as ours when we are in…
There are three things the human brain cannot resist noticing; Food, attractive people and danger.
might I ask how do you get so much knowledge into your head because you can only use 10% of your brain as a human ...
Llandudno student with impresses software bosses after creating computer model of human brain -
Johns Hopkins researchers are growing tiny replicas of the human brain to help the study of neurological diseases.
A human brain, on the right, and a much larger dolphin’s brain on the left.
A sleeping human brain can still hear and understand the words being spoken around it.
MRA • n. “Male Rights Activist,” human male who's been denied proximity to a *** for far too long and is practically brain damaged
you and your grandkids will one day be separate species. They are post human. Ur brain isn't. Time is up.
A human brain weighs about three pounds.
If the human brain were so "simple" that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn't.
Inflammation in Human Body Affects Brain's Reward Centre and Increases Risk of Depression via
Scientifically speaking, chocolate is more addictive than cocaine, both having the ability to dramatically alter the human brain.
2016 "Valentine day " is my first success . . I accepted in my brain and my heart my adorable human nature of unconditional love
Researchers found that the brain utilizes its resources to complete tasks differently between seasons >>
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
PLOS Computational Biology: Modeling the Impact of Lesions in the Human Brain
An Ultra-High Field MRS Study of Post Exercise Lactate, Glutamate and Glutamine Change in the Human Brain.
Writing, Violence and the Human Brain | Join PEN, Steven Pinker and Ken Dryden TONIGHT at
THE AWAKENING – Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain & Consciousness via
Faith, the Most Wonderful Aspect of the Human Brain: By: Seyyed Ali Shahbaz “As for the brain, it is the greatest…
Believe, it's now scientific fact that whilst listening to music on weed the human brain becomes more creative
Never apologize for how you feel. You are human. You're supposed to feel. You heart will hurt&your brain will get tired. These are feelings.
Money, Gold, grain, are all just a human construct in the brain to transfer value (of food/materials) between producers/consumers.
Researchers find the organization of the human to be nearly ideal
Even Inside we look like Trees. Dendrite in the Human Brain
What makes our human life precious is our marvellous brain. We have an ability to cultivate compassion in a way no other bei…
Human brain may contain a map for social navigation
Make your own human brain in Python
Certainly one of the human race with a good brain - and an excellent past president of the royal society +ARyl
Yup. All that AND injecting acid into a beating human heart and spinning razor into active human brain. It's a lot of things.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Sarcasm enables the human brain to remain healthy and efficient in terms of problem solving & emotional strength.
How long does it take the human brain to realise something is gone forever?
/made device for reading human thoughts / brain decoder inner voice / Brain Computer Interface / discovery is not published
The human brain is complicated. This article on the Supraoptic Nucleus doesn't make it any less so.
Wikipedia has a 'Future Timeline' based on forecasts and predicts such things as a $1000 computer matching the human brain by 2019.
The human brain is awesome. It functions 24/7 but only stops functioning during exams...
Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster than text by the human brain, making branding and logo design imperative t…
Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain. - Edward de Bono
Shoutout to the woman who brought out a real human brain during her TED talk
I really love my country, so much. But I don't like people trying to take over the human brain. Pls Stop you make me cry
IBM develops computer chip that 'functions lik
Stanford bioengineers create circuit board modeled on the human brain:
Past Climate change has been good for human brain development as we were forced to adapt. adaptation needs more focus.
The weirdest facts about the human brain!
Chewing gum helps in making a human brain run efficiently and effectively.
I wanted to accept the way your brain could never be. I want a reset in your mind. I want a different human being. I don't choose you.
well Cortana is also fictional and not at all a good depiction of an AI. She's just a human brain made into a machine
A Three-Dimensional Atlas of the as a Virtual “Reference Work”. brain
Haven't heard this in years, but still no every line of the lyrics. The human brain is kinda scary ... .
Simone Weil on Temptation, the Key to Discipline, and How to Be a Complete Human Being | Brain Pickings via
Research that's replacing animals using "all human" model to study brain tumours:
"All my life, computers have been approaching the human brain. let's hope it doesn't happen too fast."
I'm quoted in this interesting article:
the human brain is amazing. It functions 24/7 from when we were born & only stops when you take a test or talk to someon…
and please note for me All Religions are the Off shoots of Human brain...while we all are same, same skin and blood :)
I have memorized every part of the human body. My brain is about to explode now 💥
The human brain send email through 'telepathy' - In this case, the brain does...
Listening to music uses the entirety of the human brain, this is one of the few activities that does this.
Andreas Schleicher says if computing power continues at current rate it will soon have power of human brain
Soon the computational power of computers will out preform the combined human brain power on the planet.
The human brain is more awake and receptive to new information during the afternoon, school begins way too early for student…
Biologically speaking, the human body requires certain things to work in order to make a baby. Unfortunately a brain isn't one of them.
A cat's brain is more similar to a human brain than it is to a dog's brain. Humans and cats have identical regions resp…
Is About to a Who's Part of His (Ah, the milk of human kindness boils in
If we were honest about shortcomings of human physiology then "optical illusions” would instead be labeled “brain failures”.
Chewing gum helps in the human brain run efficiently and effectively.
Is Huntington's disease just a side effect of increasing brain size in the human lineage?
The non-Von Neumann architecture of the Human Brain - CPUs and GPUs do not function like the human brain:
twenty-two Pictures Which will Ignite Your Grubby Part of The human brain...
22 Photos That can Interest The actual Filthy Component of The human brain...
Omg this is a human brain and I love this class☺️
a plane is not so similar to a bird so No reason a good AI looks like a human brain
Research using 3D “all-human” in vitro model to study brain tumour invasion: http:…
Just touched a human brain with Britt💁
We're funding research into brain tumours using a human cell culture model: http…
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The human brain never cease to amaze me! 😲😍🙌
I don't know what I feel. Just like a human without brain😖
The human brain is a wonderful organ.It starts to work as soon as you're born & doesn't stop until you deliver a public speech_George Jessel
One for our fellow light nerds: Coelux simulates sunlight so well that cameras, and even the human brain, can't tell:
I wonder how long before the human brain can be simply uploaded into. Would make things either simpler or terrifying.
Did you know the storage capacity of the human brain exceeds 4 Terabytes!
"Arie Yoder is interested in how the brain processes information." Student research in Health and Human Development
Psychology says that too much stress literally causes the human brain to freeze and shut down temporarily.
Myth- Your IQ stays the same for your whole life. Truth- Your IQ changes.
Did you know that the human brain starts to function well at 10am and throughout the day? It's a proven fact.
2: You dont gain wrinkles in your brain by learning. Rather you gain wrinkles simply from over time.
Playing with a real human brain in anatomy
Learn Science of Visuals and how the Human Brain Responds
That humans have the largest brains sperm whales actually have the largest brains weighing at 17 lbs!
Cats have infected over half of the human population with a brain-dwelling parasite.
The brain is grey the brain is actually black, white and red
Maxing out a gives him a past, a precise goal, a brain - like a human being.
1Continued: ...amount of gray matter.
Human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it decodes text. VISUALS MATTER (but not just cats)
What Is the Memory Capacity of the Human Brain? - Scientific American
From this coming Sunday's New York Times Sunday Magazine:"Quest to Map the Human Brain"
When human brain cells called astrocytes are let loose in mouse brains, they rapidly overwhelm the mouse cells and make the rodents smarter
I'm reading "Mindsight" -- which is apparently about how we can run our thoughts about negative events through the higher parts of our brain, rather than the lower, for better results: though the author has no ability to spell it out this simply! Byron Katie also has a method for doing this. Say you're tired, irritable, low blood sugar, and someone cuts you off in traffic. Your first thought may be "That person was just released from prison and they are trying to kill me. I must respond appropriately!" Katie thinks your 2nd thought should be a BETTER thought, such as, "Oh well -- we're all tired. This person is probably racing home to help their sick child, and doesn't actually want me dead." The better thought leads to the better action, of NOT trying to go medieval on the bad driver! I'm hoping "Mindsight" will have more insight into this very important aspect of the human brain -- how our better thoughts can lead to better actions. So if you fly off the handle a lot, keep an "enemies" list, and find yo ...
Double that for my over-analytical brain. "Almost 70,000 thoughts hit the mind of an average human everyday."
I saw a link to an article that appeared to be scientific in nature, and claimed to address the phenomenon of quantum entanglement and its ramifications for human physiology and psychology. My skeptic alarm started going off right around the time that I realized the author was trying to make the case that the emotions of intimacy and deep connection that we can feel towards our close friends and lovers is actually the quantum entanglement of physical particles within the bodies and/or brains of two or more separate individuals. If you want to read the original article (which I can't say I'd recommend to anyone with at least half a brain), I've posted screenshots of the article's content at the bottom of this note. Naturally, I felt compelled to write a snarky comment advising the author to try reading a book or something equally droll. But, as frequently occurs when I decide to put my thoughts on paper, I got on a bit of a roll. What you see below is the comment that got way too long-winded to actually po ...
"""Amygdala"" is the part of the human brain that controls fear. Remove it, and you lose any sense of fear."
By 2023, the average $1,000 laptop will be able to communicate just as fast as the human brain.
Daydreaming actually keeps the human brain stronger, increasing your ability to solve complex problems.
In light of the sad and terrible suicide of young hopeless teenage transgender girl named Leelah, I have felt it vitally important to re-post my educational treatise on what makes a person Transgender. I have changed the scenario two and it will seem very familiar. Please copy and paste, then print out to share with any people who are clueless about who we really are. Let's save some lives! - Karen Adell Scot What makes someone TRANSGENDER? WHAT should a family do to help them? A TransCare Educational Document, by Karen Adell Scot, Founder/Director, TransCare Development In the development of human beings there are birth differences that occur. Some are developmental, and happen during the formation of the little child in the womb. Others are genetic, and can be from normal genes not being expressed or by the over-expression of genes. Some differences are caused by random mutations. Throughout history, as far back as human memory, there have been transgender people. In many cultures of the world t ...
Learning to play a musical instrument and or learning a foreign language slows the aging process of human brain.
Intelligence : Documentary on the Limits and Possibilities of the Human Brain (Full Documentary). 2014 The documentary you will see here along with the other...
(09/12/2014): ...Was really lucky to go to a really interesting lecture by Uta Frith from the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, the pioneer of much of the current research in autism and dyslexia today. Frith spoke enthusiastically about the advances in neuroscience, mentalisation theories, what autism really means, its portrayal in the media and what we can learn about ourselves. Her vivid accounts of some of the research studies carried out were absolutely fascinating and offered a unique insight into the complexities of the human brain. -A really stimulating talk indeed! As part of the INSIGHTS: Public Lectures programme at Newcastle University.
I think I've shared this before but I can't remember. still hold s true though. The Explanation: Brains of older people are slow because they know so much. People do not decline mentally with age, it just takes them longer to recall facts because they have more information in their brains, scientists believe. Much like a computer struggles as the hard drive gets full up, so to do humans take longer to access information, it has been suggested. Researchers say this slowing down it is not the same as cognitive decline. The human brain works slower in old age, said Dr. Michael Ramscar, but only because we have stored more information over time. The brains of older people do not get weak. On the contrary, they simply know more. Also, older people often go to another room to get something and when they get there, they stand there wondering what they came for. It is NOT a memory problem; it is nature's way of making older people do more exercise. SO THERE!! I have more friends I should send this too but right . ...
Here is some "health" wisdom for the New Year: Find Inspiration The human brain is naturally programmed to succeed, according to psychologist and author Tory Higgins. But, if your internal motivation dwindles, seek out external inspiration, such as: join a fitness class or group, follow a helpful health blog, or set a reward for yourself to have once you reach your goal. Use your local health food store as a resource for helpful products and educational resources from books to seminars.
Some people just think like its magic! That the human brain with a core i7 processor! And majority think like a PII box!!
Limitless I don't know real exactly this move was so creative in looking how could human brain work like that mh but at least they can think
"“Tell-lie-vision” has a drug type effect on the human brain by releasing endorphins similar to heroin or oth...
The human Brain is Amazing. It Functions 24 hours a day from the day we were Born and Only stops when we take Exams or Fall in Love. Brains
Cuddling strengthens the frontal lobe of the human brain, the region of the brain responsible for how you react to emotional stress.
It is no exaggeration to say that the human brain is an impressive organ. No other brain in the animal kingdom is capable of generating the kind of higher consciousness associated with human ingenuity, with our ability to make plans and write poetry. Yet the most complex structure in the known unive…
A baby's brain holds the key to understanding what it means to be human:
The right side of the human brain is responsible for self-recognition.
It is estimated that there are over 1, 000,000,000,000,000 connections in the human brain.
The human brain can store about 100 terabytes of information.
Snapple cap says.." The human brain is about 80% water" Guess I'll have to drink more water and less Snapple!!
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The human brain is insensitive to pain. The suffering of a headache comes not from the organ itself but from the nerves and muscles lining it.
We observe/experience the human universe through a human brain; the experience itself is not in the brain,it is in timele…
Looking to shed some of that extra holiday weight?! The human brain weighs 3 lbs.
VSC - Dr. Richard Deth- Oxidation and methylation in human brain: from autism to Alzheimer’s
"The human brain is a lawyer, not a detective." Robert Wright
Today's Fun Fact: Did you know that a cat's brain is 90% similar to a human's? In fact, cat and human brains are more similar than cat vs dog brains or dog vs humans. Cats and humans have nearly identical sections of the brain that control emotion. Cats also have longer term memories than dogs, especially when they learn by doing rather than seeing.
Love listening to the debate betw 9yr olds about what they think are the 8 wonders of the world. Human brain Vs the heart. Computer Vs TV.
The human brain is so much more than just another organ.
That's amazing! I really enjoyed watching this before my brain got wiped out by Human Centipede.
You sneeze, and a tiny book titled "A spiders guide to navigating the human brain" shoots out your nose. You faintly hear …
As we examine our universe, nothing else in it even remotely approaches the complexity of the human brain. Stephen Hawking compares the human brain to computers.
Pity would be no more If we did not make somebody Poor; And Mercy no more could be If all were as happy as we. And mutual fear brings peace, Till the selfish loves increase: Then Cruelty knits a snare, And spreads his baits with care. He sits down with holy fears, And waters the grounds with tears; Then Humility takes its root Underneath his foot. Soon spreads the dismal shade Of Mystery over his head; And the Catterpiller and Fly Feed on the Mystery. And it bears the fruit of Deceit, Ruddy and sweet to eat; And the Raven his nest has made In its thickest shade. The Gods of the earth and sea Sought thro' Nature to find this Tree; But their search was all in vain: There grows one in the Human Brain. - William Blake
Hawking claims the Human Brain could be Outside of our Body 00:34 Activist 1 Stephen Hawking thinks the whole idea of an afterlife is a big fairy tale for people afraid of the darkness and death. However, he does believe that the brain can exist independently without the body. Hawking, speaking at t…
"Surface of a living Human Brain this is where u think
Only been awake a couple hours today and I've held an actual human brain so far😳
The human brain is an amazing thing. It functions 24/7 but stops when we. have tests.
The 10% of brain myth portrays that most or all humans only use of 10% (or some other small percentage)of their brains. The concept of Artificial General Intelligence can't compete human brain. Actress Scarlett Johansson played her role fantastic.
So my psychology prof. showed us very detailed video of a human brain just taken out of a dead cancer patient 😳😳😳😳
What a well rounded dream. Proof that human brain is amazing lol
ATOS SE Japan has been gang stalking, thief to kill my brain activities by V2K technology I can't think anything like human.
// Probably neurology is the only type of 'science' I like. Studies of the human brain to be precise.
Direct brain-to-brain communication demonstrated in human subjects.
The human brain has about 100 billion neurons but sone if you act like you've got 0
At least until we can ditch the hassle of flesh&blood & just become robots housing memories once belonging to a human brain.
Come join the conservation about climate change and the human brain tomorrow at with George Marshall 12:30
Research on the human explains why ratings are problematic. MT
New project that I am working on or at least the thought is brewing in my head. I am curious as to how interesting this is to other people, so to be blunt it is a marketing test. I am laying out a premise, and would like to know what people think about it; This is modern fiction; the time frame is the now. I am working on a story about modern zombies, so a twist on the story I am already working on. The difference here is that the “virus” is not a virus in the traditional sense. It will also not be immediately apparent. It will follow a group of people that are affected and some that are infected. So thing of the “red shoe diaries”, or “crash” format; a series of interconnected short stories that comprise a larger story. Where this is not a typical zombie story, I want to make this relate-able, and very real. I want to look at the brain as a machine. So we have an operating system, this could be thought of as our soul. Ap’s that we have are more familiar with the basis of emotion. So lookin ...
Lewis on what you missed this a bittersweet record of those [we] love this is surrounded by the best reads, human brain pickings newsletter?
It's sad cause that's how the human brain works
The Washington Post describes how IBM's chip was inspired by the human brain.
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I was nominated by Jan Loubna for the Book Bucket Challenge so here's the list of top 10 favorite books I read: in the same context , i nominate Art Oùmaima Houda and anyone who want to nominate him or herself to list your 10 fav books 1/ BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL nietzche 2/ The interpratation of dreams Freud 3/ Orgueil et Préjugés Jane austen 4/ the alchemist Paulo coelho 5/ 11 minute Pailo coelho 6/ 50 shades of grey E.L james 7/ Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind V.S. Ramachandran 8/ Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain Antonio R. Damasio 9/ Free Will Sam Harris 10/ Scientific Miracles in Ocean and Animals yusuf al hajj ahmad
I've been contemplating how following/followers is like synapses in the brain. I'm not alone:
Going 'batty' when studying how the human pays by
Source: | Original Post Date: January 25, 2012 – Scientists this week published a study that reveals what the human brain looks like under the influence of psilocybin, the hallucinogenic...
I wonder if a peach can catch a human cold. . *brain needs more coffee*
I started my day off by looking at a human brain
How do you know when it's going to be a good day? When you see a human brain in class without passing out.
Almost everything I know about the human brain is a direct result of taking seminar about zombie neuro which was 50% watching zombie movies
Human Brain Analysis Man vs. Woman 1. MULTITASKING: Women - Multiple process Women's brains designed to concentrate multiple task at a time. Women can Watch a TV and Talk over phone and cook. Men - Single Process Men's brains designed to concentrate only one work at a time. Men can not watch TV and talk over the phone at the same time. they stop the TV while Talking. They can either watch TV or talk over the phone or cook. 2. LANGUAGE: Women can easily learn many languages. But can not find solutions to problems. Men can not easily learn languages, they can easily solve problems. That's why in average a 3 years old girl has three times higher vocabulary than a 3 year old boy. 3. ANALYTICAL SKILLS: Men's brains has a lot of space for handling the analytical process. They can analyze and find the solution for a process and design a map of a building easily. But If a complex map is viewed by women, they can not understand it. Women can not understand the details of a map easily, For them it is just a dump of ...
The human brain is a toy, it's so easy to get into peoples heads and make them think what you want them to think. And do what you want them to do mind control in a sense is a real thing because if you work a job and have a boss if he tells you to do something do you do it?
I've done that before. I swear the human brain wants to see crap like that.
“A part of the bottom side of the human brain, Olfactory bulbs, magnified 250x 👀like…
Find out the weirdest facts about the human brain!
Expressing my thoughts & feeling on paper seems relaxing as well a therapy for the Human Brain
I just got to hold a human brain and it was probs the coolest thing of my life. 😍
Just found out there will be a human brain in class for us to see Thursday. Cool.
0wned by DodePersie ~ The human brain is approximately 70% water.
Need a set for your spouse? Mind Messaging: Thoughts Transmitted by Brain-to-Brain Link via
is rewiring the human brain. Stimulating it like a substance addiction:
BLACK ZOMBIES In recent times that have come with a plenitude of crisis in Africa, I've had to ask myself if the human brain varies according to race. The seeming superiority of the white's brain to the black's, and while Africa seem to have laid herself on a dishonourable ground for the white man to trample upon and explore to his advantage. It reminded me of Nasir Jones (Nas), one of my favorite rappers, in one of his songs titled "Black Zombie"; hence the title for this piece. Two issues fiercely tugs on me, one of which my heart bleeds unseen tears. Never have I thought myself to be inferior because I'm black, but I had a strong reason to face that painful fact (I'm however glad that a fact is not necessarily 'the truth') when all African leaders were invited to the white house for a summit. "Never before have we hosted a dinner at the White House like this, with so many Presidents, so many Prime Ministers all at once." The US President said. Of course the US president was right, neither European lead ...
"With current technology, it would take 10 million years to map every synapse in a human brain":
There is a protein in the human body named after Pikachu. It transmits electrical impulses from the eyes to the brain.
The human brain is so complex, more than we can even grasp, don't put restrictions on it because old men made rules millions of years ago
The capacity of the human brain is extraordinary
The second brain: Gut bacteria control human behavior to get the best nutrients
New iphone to be super smart b/c it will contain actual human brains. Please report to nearest Apple store for brain siphoning immediately.
ItÍs proven that all parts of the Human body can be replaced with machinery, except for the brain.
The Use of Light Waves to Visualize and Stimulate the Human Brain
Check out these Awesome facts about a human brain 😀.
Fish oil linked to structural changes in the brain: Human data via
If the Human Brain was so simple we would be able to Cure Motor Neurone Disease . Bit as it's not, support & RT
I literally have the brain disorder where I hate when ppl crunch loud or smack or just be human and it haunts me so bad...
I added a video to a playlist The Human Brain - Documentary
Lucy is just a more violent remake of Limitless.Morgan Freeman was wrong.Bradley Cooper was actually the first human to use their full brain
We don’t run because we’re afraid; we’re afraid because we run. There is no such thing as neutrality in this life; by your apathetic nihilism you tacitly consent to the exploitative, heierarchical pyramid scheme being perpetrated on humanity and the biosphere by the powers that be, or by your activism you oppose it and live the praxis of freedom. A Freedom Resource Guide: Nonfiction: Behold a Pale Horse, by William Cooper; The New World Order and the Throne of the Antichrist, by Robert O’driscoll; The Creature from Jekyll Island and World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17, both by G. Edward Griffin; End the Fed, by Ron Paul; Pedagogy of the Opressed, by Paulo Freire; Society of the Spectacle, by Guy DeBord; Restoring Your Digestive Health, by Jordan S. Rubin and Joseph Brasco; Amazing Grace, by Lee Albert; Iboga: The Visionary Root of African Shamanism, by Vincent Ravalec; Running on Emptiness: The Pathology of Civilization, by John Zerzan; Industrial Society and It’s Future, by T. K ...
I literally want my parents to burn in *** The amount of hate I hold for them cannot be processed by a human brain.
“how the human brain really works RT
FACT:The human body is pretty weird. It would take you 2,500 years to count every neuron in a human brain, and the pressure of a heart beat could squirt blood around 9 metres. Message me if you would like to know more about your "TELOMERES" everyone has them...Ask yourself would you like to be able to extend their life and protect them.I'm protecting mine .
About SKULL Skull symbolism is the attachment of symbolic meaning to the human skull. The most common symbolic use of the skull is as a representation of death and mortality, but has changed with modern times as in clothing most skulls are designed for fashion rather than the historical symbolism. Humans can often recognize the buried fragments of an only partially revealed cranium even when other bones may look like shards of stone. The human brain has a specific region for recognizing faces, and is so attuned to finding them that it can see faces in a few dots and lines or punctuation marks; the human brain cannot separate the image of the human skull from the familiar human face. Because of this, both the death and the now past life of the skull are symbolized. Moreover, a human skull with its large eye sockets displays a degree of neoteny, which humans often find visually appealing—yet a skull is also obviously dead. As such, human skulls often have a greater visual appeal than the other bones of th ...
It's strange how the human brain works.. Always complain how people can be so evil and selfish yet I'm ignorant as to how they think/feel. Not a nice way to be but maybe some people can't appreciate the small things like the rest of us ☺️
Some important knowledge: 1. What is Yellow Fever? Jaundice like disease affecting liver, it is caused by a Virus spread by a spices of Mosquito called “a edes aegypti”. 2. Name the Lightest Gas? Hydrogen. 3. How Many Cells are in Human Brain? Twenty Billion. 4. What is Ecology? Ecology is the scientific study deals with Animals, Plants and Environment. 5. What do you understand by word “Vixillogy”? Vixillogy is the scientific study of the Flags. 6. Name the Vegetable with high Potency of Vitamin C? Alma. 7. Who discovered the law of Floating Bodies? Greek Scientist Archimedes in 3rd Century B.C discovered the law of Floating Bodies. 8. What is Bloodless Revolution? Called also glorious revolution in England, It marked the end of despotic ruling of the Stuarts and gave away to Parliamentary rule in 1688. 9. Which City is called Forbidden City? Tiger. 10. Which City is known as City of Skyscrapers? New York 11. What is Schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is sever mental disorder damages the patient’s pe ...
Today we went to the Ponce School of Medicine and held some grey matter(Human Brain in our hands. At the end we had some drinks at ocean side bars. Today was a good day. Tomorrow we swim in the Caribbean Sea then leave Ponce and go to our condos then swim more but in the Atlantic.
On Wednesday, Sam Kean published one of Slate’s most popular stories of 2014, “Phineas Gage, Neuroscience’s Most Famous Patient.” The piece extends from Sam’s work on his latest book, The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons: The History of the Human Brain as Revealed by True Stories of Trauma, Madness
If you are an neurology and physiology geek you might like this... 'Sechnov, the "father of Russian physiology" was the first to observe nerve cell inhibition: he found that a frogs spinal reflexes, such as kicking, could be suppressed by intense stimulation of the sensory nerves. Vvedensky then found that an individual nerve become inhibited if stimulation were too intense or too frequent, and that this was not mere fatigue, since it could begin functioning immediately under weaker stimulation. Pavlov found many conditions in which a particular behaviour could be inhibited, and also noticed that the entire nervous system could go into an inhibited state. He discovered that inhibition is not an inactive state, but the cell is cut off from stimuli, and undergo a process of restoration. Inhibition-Mind and Tissue, Russian Research Perspectives on the Human Brain. Ray Peat
21 Short Walks Around the Human Brain via 3quarksdaily - David Schoonmaker in American Scientist: ...
Abs my dear Abs"Pacs "largest part of the human brain is called?
Human brain is a complex computer...
The obsession is becoming unhealthy,but the human brain can endure quite a bit
The power of the human brain, them *** figured where oxygen came from.
Only having access to 1/4 of the brain's potential explains why the spiritual properties of the human to expand consciousness is missing.
""The human brain cannot maintain more than 150 relationships..." Yeah I can't even maintain 4, leave me alone D:" RT
Somehow reminded me of what you're doing :
"The human brain is the most complicated organ in the known universe, and we still have almost no idea how it works."
Man arrested for allegedly stealing jars of human brain tissue from museum & selling them online
Rajesh Rao’s human-to-human brain interface: on Discover Magazine’s “100 Top Stories of 2013″
Scientists all over the world are wondering. how long a human being can live without brain. Please tell them ur age. :p
"If I only had a brain...". What do you think are the BEST songs about the human mind or brain?
It's crazy how we can just look at a note, and our fingers immediately know what to press. The human brain is an incredib…
The memory capacity of the human brain is around 2.5 petabytes(1 million gigabytes) Large enough to store everything you …
Quit it! Worrying and or over thinking too much can literally age the human brain by 10 to 15 years in a matter of days.
The amazing abilities of the human brain. ...
Right brained people are creative and left brained people are more logical.Here's how to tell which one are you: http:/…
All I am doing today is curling up into a tiny human ball and watching Jimmy Neutron to help stimulate my brain for this semester.
- The human brain is only capable of maintaining 150 stable relationships.
"Listening to music is one of the only activities that stimulates the entire human brain."
The human brain has around 100,000 miles of blood vessels.
GOD IS NOT HUMAN. *** people are dumb , leave the religion aside you should figure this out from ur brain
Complex and deeply mysterious, the human brain is an odyssey unto itself. Take this journey into the inner workings of the mind. Discovering Deep Space:http:...
This is kind of fascinating. The melding of human and computer intelligence. Right and left brain. Way cool!
Spindle cells are special neurons in the human brain that serve as the hub of higher-order cognitive processes: judgment, emotion, morality, recognition, self-awareness. Neuroscientist Patrick Hof looks for these cells in the brains of primates, whales, and elephants in search of the secret to…
Which hormon provide the emotions in human brain?
The human brain is so advanced not simply because of its large size, but because its rapid growth caused neurons to develop new connections and circuits, a new study suggests:
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