Huma Abedin & Muslim Sisterhood

Huma Mahmood Abedin (born 1976) is a Deputy Chief of staff and aide to US Secretary Of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. 5.0/5

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EXPOSED! Saleha Abedin 👉Huma Abedin's mother, is the LEADER of the Muslim Sisterhood & is on of Hillary's Bosses!
Huma Abedin is "Muslim Brotherhood". And her mother is the head of " Muslim Sisterhood" . They are both Pakistani. Jihadis
Weiner's wife is Huma Abedin - Hillary's top "adviser" & a member of the Muslim Sisterhood..
Saleha Abedin, Huma’s mother, a leader of the Muslim Sisterhood.
Hillary Clinton IS A MUSLIM MISSIONARY. HUMA ABEDIN A MUSLIM, MARRIED TO A JEW ANTONY WEINER THE PERVERT WORKED FOR HILLARY her mother, Saleha Abedin. Saleha is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood and also directs an organization, The International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child, that comes under the umbrella of the Union for Good, a U. S.- designated terrorist organization. Just for general knowledge. We've seen this before, but now that the MEDIA is already pushing Hillary as the next President, Americans need to read it again, take it seriously, pray and realize what is actually happening in the USA . . . Wake Up America! The FOXES have entered the hen house. Anthony Weiner's Wife... I've especially wondered about a Muslim marrying a Jew. That's just not normal. AND WHAT IS THE REST OF THE STORY ??? Have you given any thought lately as to why Huma Abedin is standing by her man -- Anthony Weiner. Yes, this the politician who exposed himself to numerous women and was forced to resign from the ...
According to a recent report by World Net Daily, expected 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is embroiled in yet another international scandal. Still reeling from what many perceive as a botched response to the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, reports indicate the former Secretary Of State is being investigated by Egypt’s attorney general.Z Hisham Barakat’s criminal complaint against Clinton alleges she conspired with the wife of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi – and the Muslim Brotherhood – to encourage rebels in the nation. According to a translator, Morsi’s wife, Naglaa Mahmoud, reportedly claims to have a “treasure trove of secrets from the White House,” indicating Clinton “fears my wrath.” Mahmoud goes on to confirm she “will not speak about Huma Abedin,” a former aide with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Sources indicate Mahmoud works with Abedin’s mother, Saleha, as a leader of the Muslim Sisterhood. As Morsi heads to trial, the actions of Barack Ob ...
wife is one of 63 leaders in Muslim Sisterhood, alongside Huma’s mother Saleha Mahmoud Abedin
: HRCs TOP AID Huma Abedin mother is one of 63 leaders in the Muslim Sisterhood
I believe Huma Abedin, Hillary's faithful aide, is not connected to the Muslim Sisterhood like her mom
"One year ago, when Walid discovered the names of 63 leaders who make up the Muslim Sisterhood – which is...
Did you know that the mother of Huma Abedin (who is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Hilary Clinton in the State Department and who is a close advisor to Hillary) is Saleha Abedin. Saleha Abedin (the mother of a senior State Department official) is on the "Guidance Bureau" of the Muslim Sisterhood - the women's arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. She serves with the wife of Mohamed Morsi. Mohamed Morsi is the President of Egypt and one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. A direct family link between a senior member of Hilary Clinton's State Department and the Muslim Brotherhood? That's amazing!
Killing Kaddafy Kaddafy deserved to die for Lockerbie Scotland and many other mass murders but was it ethical or wise to kill him? When Bush caught him red handed shipping uranium to Libya he made an agreement and kept it. Although the press has forgotten about it Kaddafy did not so killing him was murder. Make no mistake, we killed him regardless of who pulled the trigger. Now instead of having a neutralised Kaddafy we have the Obama supported Muslim Brotherhood raping and murdering our Ambassadors apparently without consequence and murdering all non Muslims. Gallop polls show 90% of Muslims in Egypt support death for leaving Islam. The U.S. Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton has a high ranking member of the Muslim Sisterhood ,Huma Abedin, as one of her top aides. Huma is the wife of former Rep. Anthony Weiner and has close family ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and her mother is best friends with the wife of the Muslim Brotherhood's new president of Egypt Morsi, she is also a member of the Sisterhood. ...
Sunday was worst ever. Dana Loesch who accused Huma Abedin of being nonexistent "Muslim Sisterhood" on her radio show? Really?
Huma Abedin the Chief of Staff for Hillary Rodham Clinton is the daughter of the leader of the Muslim Sisterhood. Michelle Bachman takes on the infiltration ...
Brainless liberals defending Huma Abedin can't even do TWO SECONDS of research to find out that Huma's mom is a Muslim Sisterhood leader!!!
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