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Hughie Fury

Hughie Lewis Fury (born 18 September 1994) is a British heavyweight professional boxer of Irish heritage fighting out Manchester, England, signed to Hennessy Sports.

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Wilder looked *** poor last night. Get him in with Dillian Whyte. Or Hughie Fury.
Did Parker just tell Wilder what date his fight with Hughie fury is? I'm sure he did
fury's cousin Hughie would beat him too
I think hughie fury will give parker his biggest test
Job done wilder, parker or hughie fury would be interesting fights next
Joseph Parker v Hughie Fury is Saturday May 6 in NZ. Maybe Jeff Horn main support but ideally he headlines his own Aussie show
Parker may not be champ much longer if he fights hughie fury he will need a ko i see him getting out boxed thoughtโ€ฆ
I'd back Fury, Haye and AJ to all do the job on Wilder plus Vlad & Ortiz. Hughie Fury, Dillian or Del Boy would beโ€ฆ
Whyte, Otriz, Chisora, could all beat Wilder.Joshua way to good for him.He will pick hughie fury/Parker tho :(
Jarrell Miller, Luis Ortiz, Joseph Parker, Hughie Fury, Bryant Jennings, Dillian Whyte, any of these guys would be better
would like to see it but Wilder won't take it. Doubt he'd even fight winner of Parker/Hughie Fury
"that's all she wrote" wilder KOs washington,right to top of the head,no doubt he has power,too many holes,let's see him fight hughie fury
Good luck to all these champions.. I'm only interested in Hughie fury.. hIS time is now.. he will be WORLD champ and a long reigning CHAMP
Also, I think AJ passes Ortiz if he knocks out Wladimir. Hughie Fury moves in Top 5 or 6 if he beats Parker.
๐Ÿ‘‘ Unbeaten Heavyweights and have put pen to paper for their huge World Title fight ๐Ÿ–Š.
No rematch clause in the Joseph Parker vs Hughie Fury fight
Vargas has got that PED Hughie Fury spotty back!!
Vargas back is like hughie fury chest. Gammy feen
The contracts have been signed! set to challenge WBO World Heavyweight Champion ๐Ÿ’ฅโ€ฆ
mandatory challenger Hughie Fury has signed the contract to fight WBO Heavyweight Champ Joseph Parker most likely iโ€ฆ
shhet...thought was while the show was on. Tyson Fury vs AJ / Hughie Fury vs Wilder. John Fury vs Lennox Lewis
Tony Thompson: Will boxing's biggest spoiler face Hughie Fury?: Andy Ruiz has pulled out of his fight with Hu...
Peter F. says Hughie Fury ready for Joshua: By Scott Gilfoid: Hughie Fury is ready to challenge Anthony Joshu...
Breaking: UKAD issues statement on Tyson and Hughie Fury's drug test failure - โ€ฆ see more
Hughie Fury turned down what would have been a very tough fight against Dillian Whyte (16-1, 13 KOs) for the British hโ€ฆ
nobody has compared Hughie Fury to Iron Mike.I think you did lol..Saying Mike at 20 etc
People saying Hughie Fury is only 21 . Where was Iron Mike at that age.
Full footage of Hughie Fury weigh in with celebrity guest commentary by
Good load of boxing this weekend. . Vijender Singh, Hughie Fury, Liam and Ryan Walsh, James DeGale..
Hughie Fury hopes to follow in cousin Tyson's footsteps
well said Tom. Some might call Michael vulnerable, staying to watch Hughie Fury last week on a par.
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he bottled my offer to fight Tyson years ago and bottled offer to fight or spar with Hughie
good job done there Hughie making it happen
Good Luck Hughie whoever you fight mate. Maybe you could get on your undercard one day mate!!??!!
I may be biased but for me,Hughie Fury beats Anthony Joshua.It may not be easy but over 12 rounds but Hughie is proven over the distance.
aj will stop fury.and only reason hughie not fought for British is cos of aj.
No boxing betting on site for Broner tonight, Last Sat none for Hughie Fury, You lot are starting to take the ***
Hughie Fury has far superior boxing skills than Anthony Joshua
gutted didn't see Hughie Fury on TV think he's got a lot of potential Peter. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
Hughie is quality. His counter punching handspeed is light years ahead of AJ
I get u like Joshua but u can't say he's beaten any1 Hughie wouldn't
haye wouldn't take the fight! I like Hughie fury going nicely under the radar
Me and the boy Norton got moved to ground floor for the Hughie Fury fight. Listening to theโ€ฆ
"Hughie Fury will fight for a title on April 30" - Frank Warren
Our [INTERVIEW] with about Hughie Fury future, potential fights & Current heavyweight scene
he's a WC bottom line, ain't no mug, I laugh when people say Hughie Fury wouldn't stand a chance with him,
he has Fury for ppv and Hughie on BoxNation
He's worn socks and underwear! Must be a freak if wants Hughie merchandise
April 30th will be awful. . BJS v ๐Ÿšฎ . Hughie fury once again v ๐Ÿšฎ. and the undercard will be a whole load of ๐Ÿšฎ. Only ovill can save it
Don't know what would be worse fighting Hughie Fury or trying not to pop his spots
Briggs needs to fight A REAL UK MAN!He needs to come to UK to fight Hughie Fury on April 30th!
ahh, well really looking forward to Hughie's next one anyway! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป another future world champ in the making
My interview with on Blackwell tragedy, Saunders, Hughie Fury, Brook, Hearn & Shannon Briggs
Haye seems lined up. But there's more, Wilder, Povetkin, Chisora, Briggs (!), Hughie Fury. Tyson would psych him out right no
"I think in the next 18 months, heโ€™ll be challenging for a World Title" - Frank on Hughie:
would like to see him fight someone like Hughie fury he's unbeaten & nobody will fight him be a good match up
Late entry: Michael, for not getting home until 2:30 in the morning after waiting to watch Hughie Fury.
Briggs turned down a fight with Hughie fury cos the money wasn't good enough
Hughie Fury fight isn't being shown live on TV even though it's going on. Tyson Fury is the ring girl for the fight. htโ€ฆ
Strange how Wlad, Brook, Joshua, Hughie Fury all get that 1 'injury' a year isn't it?
Why does Hughie Fury get a pass, calling out Joshua then ducked him twice, same with Peter, good coach but talks ***
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come to Hughie furys fight on the 26th March... Gonna be mad
Hughie Fury V Opponent TBC - Saturday 26th March 2016 at the SSE Arena Wembley, for ticketsโ€ฆ
Hughie Fury would be a good test for you next month,OS! It can be a make or break match!
Bang on i see either of them happening after Martin if he wins maybe even Hughie Fury. Saying that Chisora Whyte makes sense.
Ustinov rejects offer to fight Hughie fury.
Can it be Hughie Fury? No way. Further on down the line maybe!
Next on WBN as confirms to that is close for UK, updates on Hughie / AJ talks
Next on WBN as discusses Fury v Klitschko II, Hughie title certainty, AJ-Martin with
You mean when Wilder offered Hughie at 5 weeks notice??
I reckon he's fighting Hughie Fury. Because Hughie's also announcing his next opponent tomorrow too.
that was team fury sorry Ustinov not fighting hughie
If this is accurate, there's only one thing for U & Hughie to do, which is "kill it."
Be great to see you knock out Hughie Fury
Unless Ustinov takes Hughie Fury fight, he is Ortiz' mandatory. GBP will have to break the bank to get that on 5/7 card
that's Young Fury, his name is also Hughie but he goes by Young Fury, he's like 3-1 or something
"Hughie Fury vs. Alexander Ustinov in negotiations for March 26th"
it is hughie Fury but the wrong Hughie Fury
Hughie Fury vs. Alexander Ustinov possible for March 26th at Wembley.
fight hughie fury. Could be your ticket to a crack at the real champ tyson. Let's go briggs
Hughie Fury could be fighting WBA Alexander Ustinov for his next fight on March 26 on the undercard of the Eubank Jr. vs. Nick Blackwell
So Ustinov is going to turn down a fight with Ortiz (could lead to a world title fight) to meet Hughie Fury
fury wins. Team fury sent contract to Ustinov for hughie
Tyson Fury, Lennox Lewis and Hughie Fury take to the streets of New York together
rest up man and come back stronger. Surely knock that chump Hughie Fury out then who knows
yeah on another note I would love to see Whyte fight Hughie fury next
exactly if Hughie Fury fought on sky, the casuals would be going crazy about him
LOL an interview from 5 years ago! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Forget Tyson, Hughie Fury would school AJ
are these two on drugs what has Hughie Fury done this year boxing matters
it was smith until Saturday, hughie fury is a crap chioce
Gareth A Davies picks Hughie Fury for young fighter of the year on boxing matters *** lol
You did Ok despite the media stitch up & far better than Greg who the Jumper, I've met you & Hughie a couple of times
Would you ever train someone who ain't a Fury? If they had the drive and dedication Hughie and Tyson have
hughie will one day be a world champions mark my words always said it from day one like I did ๐Ÿ‘Š
tell Hughie to ditch that scarf. LV or not it's disgraceful looks like prince Patel ๐Ÿ˜‚
Tyson and Hughie will dom8n8 the heavy wait div for meny years. Grate boxing family, your gonna see
He can bang a bit. Be interesting him v Hughie Fury
Looking forward to seeing back in the ring again early 2016, Hughie Fury would be a great fight
Spoty? He's not on the list but Hughie Fury wins he's covered in them.
to be honest neither beats either fury, Tyson or hughie
Stop bickering and discuss/make Hughie Fury vs Joshua please. Great fight!
I really want to see hughie fury vs Joshua in 2016 I think hughie beats him! Makes sense for British and commonwealth.
The fight i would love to see is Dillan and Hughie fury .just for starters
Have I missed the memo or something? Everyone seems to think Hughie Fury is the new Ali since tysons win. Great prospect but chill out
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hughie would beat Joshua .joshua is a body builder not a boxer .Whyte Rocked Him ! It's all about Team Fury!!
. Merry xmas to you and all of team Fury. Hope Hughie follows in his cousins footsteps
Hughie Fury beats Anthony Joshua everyday of the week
which Tyson? And you're comparing Hughie Fury to Klitschko? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Hughie Fury doesn't deserve to be named in the same breath as AJ, different level completely!!
is Hughie Fury the next logical step for AJ? No one seems to have mentioned him
Would like to see Hughie Fury as Joshua's next opponent. Hughie has something to prove and right now, AJ is the best thing about the HWs
he can but power movement stamina technique & heart Hughie has all in abundance
If British board insisted on Hughie fury fighting AJ,would accept& I bet AJ or femi would vacate,HES A MODERN DAY AUDLEY
Answering no more *** on here. 8/10 weeks Hughie will be in the ring. Against any one in the world. No exceptions. *** oโ€ฆ
Rate Hughie Fury but takes him out as easy as everyone else for me ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป
hughie Fury is the best heavyweight on the planet right now. Would you put him in with Haye and Wlad if it was offered to you ?
Peter I'm not having a pop I'm team fury I just think u don't tell us the whole truth about hughie
lol you actually buy into the Joshua hype. Hughie Fury is a bigger talent than him by far
Wonder what the future holds for hughie fury
ah I see. Hughie and fury would beat wilder now but id like to see Hughie in with chisora, price to gain experience
Hughie Fury to be stepped up as Furyโ€™s eye two world champions by 2017 โ€ฆ
Hughie wouldn't just stand there and let AJ hit him, and can dig too. Fury mid rounds
Peter you're the man. Best wishes to Tyson and Hughie Fury alike. Absolute gentleman.
Hughie looks like he's about to drop a log ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ˜‚
The mural to Tyson & Hughie Fury in background has to be BOTW!
My Hughie Fury piece is next to piece on Vijender Singh. two faves ๐Ÿ‘
Nov 28th witness the Heavyweight takeover.. Before that NOV 14th BRISTOL HUGHIE FURY
Tyson Fury will beat klitschko ..apparently hughie is as tough
Hughie Fury back on 14 nowember in Bristol against TBA and he will be back on Fury/Klitschko undercard against Nicolai Firtha.
Hughie Fury still fighting on Klitschko-Fury undercard (via
NewslockBoxing: Hughie Fury still fighting on Klitschko-Fury undercard
BOXING | Hughie Fury still fighting on Klitschko-Fury undercard
Hughie Fury still fighting on Klitschko-Fury undercard [
Hughie Fury still fighting on Klitschko-Fury undercard
Hughie Fury still fighting on Klitschko-Furyย undercard
have u ever spoke to matchroom about hughie an Joshua. Should happen early next year that fight ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ
Tyson- do you think hughie could beat Luis ortiz?
Will you ever let Hughie knock you out?
Hughie vs Chisora would be a great fight
Tyson and Hughie Fury better watch out for the fashion police ! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜„
Hughie will be on the undercard of Klitschko-Fury so doubt he fights December
I think/ hope Tyson can beat klitscho, rate tyson highly, best of luck, hughie fury is a class act to well done to you,
with the likes of hughie, AJ and big dill and that's just British prospects
any further foward with an opponent for Hughie, not noticed it being announced
same day as wlad v fury? They going to screw poor hughie over and not give him any exposure,
Hughie Would Destroy Thompson ! Something that plumber couldn't do ! David Price
I would be honored to be knocked out by you or Hughie. :)
sort out AJ v hughie ed as a warm up ๐Ÿ˜‚ then it's a story for when he meets dyson ๐Ÿ‘
ask him if he's so confident does he want Hughie 24th? oh and be real on the money!!
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flying from the UK to Dusseldorf for Are you fighting Hughie Fury on the undercard?
Offered the fight to Hughie Fury but 'cause he wasn't in the Top 15 couldn't sanction it
I added a video to a playlist Hughie Fury talks about the possibility of fighting Dereck Chisora
I added a video to a playlist Peter Fury Previews Hughie Fury vs Rudenko
there are still some good domestic fights for him, don't you think? Sexton, Hughie Fury, Towers, maybe Cornish?
Hughie Fury offered a world title fight at 20 against Wilder, yet everyone goes on the Joshua hype train all because sky sports has power!
Jamie does hughie fury without the combover still train in retunder
Hughie is a amateur pedigree.. Winning world title, young fury is learning,has TYSON,Hughie and Eddie Chambers to learn from
young fury has stopped a fighter, many couldn't.. At only 18. Hughie hits harder than most..Not even got his man strength yet
My choices would be. Hughie Fury, Lucas Browne and David Price. In no particular order. Its not happening though.
RIP Hughie Fury Snr. My thoughts and prayers are with you peter and your family Keep your head high peter ur family r gr8 people
RIP Hughie Fury Sr ๐Ÿ‘ผ!! A lot of people came out to show they last respect!! As a team we going to Keep his name alive!!
Raising a glass to Hughie. Gone but not forgotten, our loss is Heaven's gain
There were a lot of proud and sad people today in Lancaster for the burial of a proper fighting man. Hughie Fury Snr was a proper person.
Funeral today of Lancaster boxing figure Hughie Fury Snr. He was 'a true family man' according to brother http:/โ€ฆ
My thoughts & prayers for all of Team Fury today โ€ฆ
Amazing turn out for Hughie Fury's funeral this morning, with a lovely Service at Skerton Catholic Church . Hughie...
Hughie Fury, Tony Thompson, David Price. Needs a test and needs to be hit. Then you can judge
Also Mitchell Smith, Hughie Fury, Eddie Chambers potentially aswell rather those 3 than Kean, Romeo and Buglioni but we will see.
Frankie Gavin on and Liam Walsh vs Sykes too plus Eddie Chambers & Hughie Fury. Card of the year!
Anthony Joshua, Hughie Fury, Joseph Parker are my top 3 potential champs of the future but im sure an American will emerge!
Rather see you fight Anthony Joshua or Hughie Fury. You dont deserve a shot against del boy
well done to Hughie Fury, Bradley Skeete, Frank Buglioni, Tyson Fury and Derek Chisora!!
C'mon Eddie not perfect Frank's rebuilding and Buglioni looks great as does Hughie Fury just saying
Live Boxing from the Copper Box on BoxNation from 7pm, featuring Dereck Chisora vs Kevin Johnson and Tyson Fury vs Joey Abell. Frank Buglioni, Bradley Skeete, Hughie Fury, Tom Stalker, Georgie Kean and Steve Collins Jr also on the bill.
American heavyweight hitman Eddie Chambers has joined Team Fury Promotions and will be trained by Peter Fury. The Philadelphian bruiser turned professional in 2000 at just 18 and has amassed a record of 40 fights with 36 wins and only four defeats. At 31 he has been in with some of the leading names in the heavyweight division including IBF, WBA and WBO world champion Wladimir Klitschko, as well as going the distance with Alexander Povetkin and Tomasz Adamek. He now joins the stable of rising heavyweight sensations Tyson Fury and Hughie Fury, who have made huge strides in recent times under the tutelage of Peter Fury. After falling just short of world title glory, Chambers, a former cruiserweight, is now aiming to go one step further by capturing such honour at heavyweight with Team Fury. Eddie Chambers said: "I am happy to be part of Team Fury Promotions. Being with Peter Fury and part of Team Fury is going to take me to the level Peter knows I'm capable of. "They have the right resources and boxing know ...
Change of opponent for Hughie Fury today [World Boxing News].
think ur going to run through Skelton, McDermott, and have a showdown with either Hughie Fury or Anthony Joshua and beat both
Tonight is the night! Fight night in Norwich. My professional return, Nathan Dale and Ryan Walsh new champions, Billy Bird pro debut, Scott Moises getting hiself in line for another title shot, Sam Sexton climbing back up the domestic ladder and Hughie Fury in his 6th pro fight with 4 KOs out of 5 wins ins matter of weeks as he aims to break MIKE TYSONs record to be youngest EVER heavyweight world champion. Get your tickets while u can pull
Something different to watch is the weigh in for the Boxers for tomorrow's boxing event at Epic Studios. 7.30pm for The Live weigh in and Interviews for the Shamrock Boxing promotions Event at Epic Studios . See Nathan Dale , Ryan Walsh, Sam Sexton,Hughie Fury and Billy Bird LIVE on
Leaving for official weigh in for Nathan Dale's championship fight. Will be great night really excited bout the all star line up, Sam Sexton, Iron Ryan Walsh, Hughie Fury, Scott 'iron duck' Moises Billy 'boy' Bird, Craig Poxton. Team Shamrock
" Hughie Fury says heโ€™ll beat Mike Tysonโ€™s record as the youngest heavyweight world champion: By Scott...
Was impressed with coverage of yesterday. Hughie Fury looks the biz, Kid Galahad looked good, James DeGale done well
I clicked the link I can't find anywhere saying Hughie Fury to break Mike Tyson's record??
Any local Boxing fans fancy watching Chris Eubank and Hughie Fury fight on channel 5 on my big screen in hd at my place in Bare Saturday night just msg me and pop along ;]
London (May 23) Heavyweight star Hughie Fury goes looking for his fourth straight win in as many fights tomorrow, May 24, Timisoara, Romania.
They meet in Castlebar on Saturday, June 8 on Assassin Promotionโ€™s value-for-money 15-fight show that also includes Irish champions JJ and Paddy McDonagh, Anthony Cacace and heavyweight star Hughie Fury.
This Big Man 6.9 feet tall and 256 pounds will be in Shediac Fight Fest may 11,at Fightin Fisherman 9 Pro Boxing Card as his Cousin another giant Hughie Fury from Manchester Unite Kingdom will fight a great N.B Giant Himself Dean Storey that as face such boxers as Eddie Chamber,Chris Birds,Eric Butterbean Eric Esch and Canadian Cruserweight Champ of Boiestown N.B Chris Norrad and Eastern Canadian CHAMP of Fredericton And Atlantic Fighter of the year Brandon Brewer,Many more N.B great boxer to see this May 11 Don`t Miss this Action fill BOXING card you can inbox me or call me for tickets at 625 9992 for the Shediac And Moncton area CC Lounge and Baraly Boxing Club in Moncton ,you can also get tickets from Boxers and Dwayne Storey and Melanie Doucet get them know as there going fast and cheaper before the DOORS!
Hughie Fury been selected by Team GB squad 28th july Sheffield!!!
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