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Hugh Jackman

Hugh Michael Jackman (born 12 October 1968) is an Australian actor and producer who is involved in film, musical theatre, and television.

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Jay Z, Serena Williams and Hugh Jackman got in for Beyoncé's final show:
Grant is a young Hugh Jackman. Younger than this pic. Use your imagination.
asked Sullivan Stapleton if he knows Nicole Kidman, Iggy Azalea, Hugh Jackman because they're all Australia. Ignorant.
You think Hugh Jackman is circling days on his calendar until Logan reshoots are done & he gets to eat carbs for the first ti…
So I'm going to see Samuel L Jackson and Hugh Jackman play golf on Saturday and just.??? What is my life?
Watching Kate and Leopoldo. Hugh Jackman almost married Kristen Schaal and Viola Davis gave him a ticket for not picking up dog poo!
Micheal hanchet say you know Hugh Jackman as a huge crush on you I watch him watch you he beats Dennis in his dreams he says murders him
But walking to tunnel parts fade I make love with my husband Hugh Jackman as he dead so know he their be too with me
There's an event happening at my mom's work in October and George Clooney,Hugh Jackman, Michael Douglas, etc are gonna be there DAMNIT
George Clooney, Matt Bomer, Hugh Jackman, Jane Lynch, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas all together in the same room... I am fine
Saw a strange movie that was quite nice with Jake gylenhall and Hugh Jackman plus star cast about a chik abduction
Ryan Reynolds is to Deadpool as Robert Downey Jr. Is to Iron Man as Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine.
Hugh Jackman is no longer Wolverine... It's definitely time for Fox to take the spiderman route and call up Marvel Studios to reboot X-Men
flushed away, my favorite Hugh Jackman role
I would've loved to see Hugh Jackman & Ryan Reynolds against Chris Evans, Hulk, & RDJ.
Did you know: Hugh Jackman, Elijah Wood, Tobey Maguire, and Leonardo DiCaprio are members of a cult that sacrifices virgins…
I liked a video Barbra Streisand with Hugh Jackman - Any Moment Now
Javier Bardem in Vicky Christina Barcelona, Hugh Jackman in Scoop, Colin Farrell & Ewan McGregor in Cassandra's Dream
Film crew and dressing rooms spotted today along County Road 155. Filming Hugh Jackman's new Wolverine series...
RDJ is Ironman. Chris Evans is Cpt America. Chris Hemsworth is Thor. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. Can't replace em.
I only don't like Hugh Jackman as JVJ because Alfie Boe auditioned for it too and was rejected
.jonathan moran writes Chris Hemsworth is Australia's biggest export in Hollywood... Um Hugh Jackman is way bigger.
Hugh Jackman is his wife's biggest fan! via
Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine but he can also sing and dancg and not kill pevple
- Character X-23 could be Hugh Jackman's successor
If I'm a lush at anything, it's food and drink. I'm not materialistic in any way, but I value food.
do I think Hugh Jackman is thinking about me right now? Honestly... yea
okay I'll wear white or silver ⚪️⚫️ make sure we get a seat next to James Corden and/or Hugh Jackman 🤓
Unpopular but accurate opinion: . Hugh Jackman is too tall to be a really good Wolverine (By about a 12")
X-men films should just be called the chronicles of Wolverine, he's the best one far and obviously the main guy. Hugh Jackman slays it🔥💪🏾
What I would do to kiss Hugh Jackman ... 😫
🎶 New minisode is now LIVE! Since we’re taking on the Hugh Jackman poofest known as Van Helsing next...
of the book is a man showed up here... Hugh Jackman and some important goon squad
now u see i dont wanna watch rotg bc The Abuser had it and httyd as his faves Ever but also? sexy hugh jackman rabbit
i cant watch rotg bc of the Abuser bt what i DO know is id get on rabbit hugh jackman
"To me, the smell of fresh-made is one of the greatest inventions." ~ Hugh Jackman
So in keeping with the "Bacon Pancakes" theme from earlier today, have you seen this one by
Henry Cavil should be the next Bond but I wouldn't mind Hugh Jackman either.
hugh Jackman and also David Bowie before he died live here and few others I don't remember
That one time when Hugh Jackman looked like Triple H 😂🤔
The part in Pan where Hugh Jackman sings a bit of Smells Like Teen Spirit is possibly one of the worst scenes in cinematic history. Bravo.
Petition to have Hugh Jackman do this in the last Wolverine movie
They're rebooting Van Helsing. If only they could get Hugh Jackman again
Hugh Jackman has to be the sexiest older guy I've seen😻
Hugh Jackman is so tiny in the original X-Men. His current self would have this one for a snack.
Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton chat about 'Eddie the Eagle'
Goal: To have a life as mildly exciting as Hugh Jackman's Instagram
where is that video of Hugh Jackman slicing onions and crying?
Hugh Jackman's hair is so nice in "Van Helsing" that at first I thought he was Kate Beckinsale (yes also watching "Van Helsing")
Ed Sheeran and Hugh Jackman support Jamie Oliver for Food Revolution Day vía
Michelle Williams in talks to join Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman's... More Related:
pls. ellie=Mackenzie Foy - Joel= Hugh Jackman - Sarah = Kylie Rogers? how's this cast for Last of us The movie?
Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams go to the circus!
The Greatest Showman on Earth starring Hugh Jackman follows the story of the founder of the famous traveling circus
Watchted Eddie the Eagle, surprisingly not an animated movie, and I stand by saying that Hugh Jackman truly nails the American accent. Bravo
Taylor Swift - don't you dare go for Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana or Chris Martin! Thank you!
Hugh Jackman as Huge Axe Man. I'm sorry that was terrible I'll just let myself out
I'm sure other people have already thought of this but I just realized Hugh Jackman's name is literally huge jacked man and I can't deal.
I would say like Hugh Jackman for Gaston but he's never really played a huge *** before
I like to call Hugh Jackman 'Huge Ackman', because he is quite a big fella.
There is a huge hole in my heart that only Hugh Jackman as Wolverine can fill.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Madge Ramsay, Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Shane Warne, Hugh Jackman, Don Bradman we gave your boys one *** of a beating
Forever my Hugh Jackman in a huge jacket
I have a really huge crush on Hugh Jackman.
The two good things about X-Men Apocalypse were Hugh Jackman and Micheal Fassbender .
Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts, Rose Byrne & more join new ‘toon Larrikins:
The other fans can have their Hugh Jackman and James Marsden and Shawn Ashmore. I want the cute one!
Hugh Jackman & Taron Egerton will be on the Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday March 19th! https:…
Another pic of Taron Egerton & Hugh Jackman from Saturday's episode of "The Jonathan Ross Show"!
I liked a video from The Jonathan Ross Show S10E11 with Taron Egerton & Hugh Jackman
Eddie The Eagle: Taron Egerton is excellent and Hugh Jackman's a soaring success -
4 things you need to know about Hugh Jackman's skin cancer - New York Post: New York Post4 things you need to ... http…
I can handle petty but wait till you see Hugh Jackman. 😒😂
I added a video to a playlist Wolverine 3: Hugh Jackman's New Look
I'm just looking for Hugh Jackman and Stan Lee in this movie! ★ X-Men: Apocalypse (at —
"Kyle Richards, Khloe Kardashian, Hugh Jackman & Tom Hanks." - Jennifer Lawrence on the Four Horsemen she would pick f…   10% Off
no way! 2 hours of legit Hugh Jackman violence is way better than Sansa wannabe invincible mutant :p
I promised Hugh Jackman a part in my movie. Then we ran out of money.
Hugh Jackman announced that X-Men: Apocalypse will be his last portrayal as Wolverine in the X-men series
THOSE MOVES!!! (ft. Michael Fassbender and hugh jackman 😏)
lol... hmmm... lemme get my Hugh jackman mask.
Read on if you've already seen Apocalypse or don't care about being spoiled!
Hugh Jackman is my unproblematic fave
Hugh Jackman und Taron Egerton in «Eddie the Eagle» - 1988 in Calgary war Eddie Edwards ein...
Bad guys of 'Wolverine 3' revealed: The bad guys, whom Hugh Jackman's character will be squaring off in 'Wolv...
Gucci went in with a bowling ball in his stomach and came out as ripped as Hugh Jackman
Yep thats the one, the first scene had Hugh Jackman balls on his neck😂😂 does that ring a bell ?
And Hugh Jackman before he quadrupled his muscle mass.
cyclops Jean and Storm that's the Xmen. I like Hugh Jackman's wolverine but he has had too much spotlight from the beginning
I cannot accept anyone else as Wolverine except Hugh Jackman
It seems like Hugh Jackman didn't really age. 😍😍😍
Hugh Jackman will always be wolverine to me no matter what movie it is.
This is the younger Hugh Jackman. Yo welcome. :P
Hugh Jackman is such a gorgeous human!
gonna watch my boy Hugh jackman in X Men: Apocalypse
i wonder who would be the perfect replacement for Wolverine after Hugh Jackman retires.
Hugh Jackman is the sexiest 47 year old man. That is all.
Hugh Jackman's 3 will feature these villains
Wolverine 3: Who will face off with Hugh Jackman's adamantium-clawed mutant - International Business Times UK...
Ryan Reynolds, James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman attend Comic-Con International 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center
Hugh Jackman is a 17th century opera singer whose voice is so deep that it can only be heard by ghosts
'X-Men: Apocalypse' news: Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is much violent, different from the previous movies? - Internat…
The Graham Norton Show episode with Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy is still my favourite. . I'm laughing so hard.
The Graham Norton Show - S15E05 - Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, Jame... | I could watch this forever again...
Idris Elba is a phenomenal actor. But there's absolutely no way he could be James Bond. I vote for Hugh Jackman.
David Guetta writing an album with Hugh Jackman in a blues-rock style, produced by Martin Hannett
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
If you squint its Hugh Jackman and Martin Freeman.
As America's favorite Australian besides Hugh Jackman and Angus Young, what does this say?
I liked a video Hugh Jackman plays Innuendo Bingo - hosted by Kylie!
There's a Hugh Jackman film on the film circuit this year about Eddie the Eagle. Here's the story
just watch interviews of Hugh Jackman. You should try a Scottish accent
If actor to character height difference was a reason not to cast someone, we wouldn't have RDJ and Hugh Jackman. https:…
Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman and Christopher Nolan directing I think, if you pay attention all the way through it's lit
Main issues being the casting of the Die Antwoord crew, and the completely 2D Hugh Jackman role. So bad.
*** that Hugh Jackman.Thank goodness Olivia Munn balances the equation.
Look I know Hugh Jackman is tired of playing Wolverine but he jus gotta ride the wave for the culture
Hugh Jackman's performance as Jean Valjean will always be a treasure to me
"Hugh Jackman is so ripped, confetti is jealous." ~ my dad
Bruh I don't even want to see a Wolverine not played by Hugh Jackman
who knows. they slave Hugh Jackman like real comic wolverine
can't see anyone else than Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Stephen Merchant will star alongside Hugh Jackman in Wolverine 3
it's NOT that list mine has old men on it like Adam Levine and fat Tim McGraw,Keith Urban,Hugh Jackman
yeah they have catered for Angelina Jolie, Hugh Jackman and many Aussie musicians. xxoo
For all my theatre geek that Hugh Jackman!
Tim: you'll love it. Hugh Jackman is shirtless through most of its 😂😂😂
Don't suppose you've got a Mark Ruffalo, Hugh Jackman or Gerard Butler version, have you?
Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine . Ben Affleck as Batman
Guys hello can you answer how Australia has made Errol Flynn, Hugh Jackman and Hemsworths but then just stopped
Who's *your* b'day gangbang? Mine's Les Dennis, Carlos the Jackal and...Hugh Jackman. BOOM!
Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman star in ‘Eddie The Eagle’. Our review…
Eddie the Eagle was nothing short of incredible. Matthew Vaughn is incredible. Taron Egerton is incredible. Hugh Jackman is incredible.
Hugh Jackman in Me and Earl and The Dying Girl is hilarious. Or whoever does his voice. Matt Bennett is a weirdo in it which is great. 😂
Didn't they just put one out with Hugh Jackman?!?!?
The 47-year-old actor held onto the hand of his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, 60, after a swim in the ocean during...
Hugh Jackman steps into the role of global ambassador for
Googled Hugh Jackman Life Coach (elderly iPad cannot cope with a link AND a blog) and found THIS!
Deborra-Lee Furness to star in new Australian crime series via
I liked a video Montblanc 110 Years Anniversary in NYC with Hugh Jackman, Charlotte Casiraghi and
Hugh Jackman shares adorable throwback wedding pic to...
I felt like the movie lost its story half way through. ET would have never thrashed Hugh Jackman!
Hugh Jackman celebrates 20th wedding anniversary with...
We kind of just got one... With Hugh Jackman... Called Pan... Which did not do well. Am I wrong? 🤔
Who's free to sit in a comfy chair on Monday night?
Ryan Reynolds:. • huge crush on zayn malik and hugh jackman. • stepped into a dead horse. • real life wade wilson. • way too fu…
Hugh Jackman: Changing lives, one cup of coffee at a time
Why does Tilda Swinton look like Hugh Jackman in The Fountain?
Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness celebrate 20 years with romantic second honeymoon | DailyTelegraph
Hugh Jackman to Play Apostle Paul in Upcoming Christian Film - via
kill people u guys. i open up here... Hugh Jackman and the night, Cape Flattery, Cape
Hugh Jackman's rescue of son, others from rip current a...
domain names
Humble Hugh Jackman says Bondi Beach rescue was no big deal...
Are you sure you want to remake the last one with a grunge soundtrack and Hugh Jackman bombed hard.
Hugh Jackman is quite the gent as he celebrates 20th anniversary
Any man you choose to be your Quarterback!! Even Hugh Jackman,Ryan Reynolds, Leo.etc.
Hugh Jackman goes for a swim in St. Barts and you get to (pretend to) towel him off:
Michael and Hugh being adorable dorks on the set of Days Of Future Past, 2013! 😂❤
'I get stopped more on the street for my coffee than my movies': Aussie actor Hugh Jackman's on ...
my brother thought he was gonna see Hugh Jackman last night in Les Mis because Jean Valjean 🙄🔫
My favourite thing about Eddie the Eagle was how Hugh Jackman based his performance on Jean Claude Van Damme from the Coors Light ad
Hugh Jackman - lean, athletic guy who works at the Garmisch ski-slope - was a pretty functioning alcoholic, it must be said. No John Candy.
Hugh Jackman has had some personal drama at Sydney's Bondi Beach when he and his son Oscar got caught in a rip, before the film star
Hugh Jackman saves man and his son from strong currents at Bondi Beach - The Independent
Hugh Jackman confirms what we all knew: He's a hero in real life.
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian actor Hugh Jackman turned real-life action hero at Sydney's Bondi Beach on Saturday, when he…
Never seen X-Men, but good on ya mate. Hugh Jackman to the rescue at Bondi Beach
QUIZ: Do you know more about Eddie the Eagle than Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman?.
Eddie The Eagle - brilliant feel-good movie, a long time coming & well worth seeing. EVEN Hugh Jackman wasn't bad in it. ~ Bearly Normal
I zoned out for a second and now I'm watching Hugh Jackman and Breckin Meyer...I'm watching Kate and Leopold aren't I?
national institute of dramatic arts. Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger and so many more famous people graduated from there
Hugh Jackman and his wife Debra Lee Furness, adopted there kids, and the mother of one then killed herself. Debra...
Eddie The Eagle review: Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman are flying without wings...
Never thought I'd see Hugh Jackman playing Family Fortunes on 💞
I dreamt of a world where we had an MGS film series with Hugh Jackman as Snake, Sam Elliott as Ocelot, Harrison Ford as Old Snake. Dreamt.
New movie with Kevin Costner and Hugh Jackman coming this fall. "Dances with Wolverine" is the title.
I would definitely go out for a drink with Hugh Jackman - top man and ledge
I don't need no Jack Johnson or Taron Egerton . I'm becoming a Hugh Jackman account
Hugh Jackman's cameo in X-Men: First Class is pretty great, as short as it is
Bernadette Peters, Hugh Jackman and Alfred Molina. Jackman looks more like Huge *** here at…
20th floor. Tyler Perry hurls a bird seed at Hugh Jackman. Jimmy Kimmel does karaoke all the while.
Lap of luxury: Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness have recently purchased this luxury, ..
Kiss mash-up with Heartbreak Hotel by Nicole Kidman mash-up with Hugh Jackman ♫
Robert Downey is way to good for Iron Man and same with Hugh Jackman and wolverine.
I added a video to a playlist DreamGlass® - Hugh Jackman plays with Smart Glass on Antena3
I'm getting teary. Please please give her Colin Firth crossed with Daniel Craig with a twist of Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman should play the next No actually Geoffrey Rush would be better.
Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Sean Connery & Hugh Jackman are all 6`2 1/2 ". Pretty big guys.
Oh, well, Noe. Another chance for Jackman bites the dust(We had imagined Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris)
Check out Christopher John Farley's terrific interview with Hugh Jackman & star of "Eddie the Eagle", a movie I...
- Hugh Jackman teaches us you can smoke, drink whiskey and ski jump at the same time in blue jeans
Hugh Jackman is to Jimmy Cagney as Channing Tatum is to Patrick Swayze.
So who wants to come over and watch Les Misérables??? (2012 version bc of Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman)
I just realized: Kristen Schaal was in Kate and Leopold (she played the chick Hugh Jackman was supposed to marry).
Hugh Jackman, Marshawn Lynch team up to coach a group of high school students in Oakland https:…
Parthiv Patel replacing Dhoni is actually worse than Ritesh Deshmukh replacing Hugh Jackman in Wolverine.
Following his treatment, Hugh Jackman is appealing for people to wear sunscreen and get regular skin checks
or Hugh Jackman & Luke Evans (who would be into girls for this purpose).
The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show got red carpet interviews with Eddie the Eagle stars Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton!
Another shot of Hugh Jackman, Taron Edgerton, Dexter Fletcher, and CAPT Mike Steffen posing for a selfie with the...
Hugh Jackman, Taron Egerton, Dexter Fletcher and CAPT Mike Steffen pose for a selfie with the audience at the MWR...
Downey Jr. Chris Evans. Chris Hemsworth . Paul Rudd. Scarlett . Cumberbatch. Hugh Jackman. Ryan Reynolds. Dammit too much, you get the point!
Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman and director Dexter Fletcher in Miami for the Eddie the Eagle screening!
Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman, and Dexter Fletcher at the advance screening of Eddie the…
talks w/ director Dexter Fletcher and actors Hugh Jackman & Taron Egerton in
Hugh Jackman & Robbie Rist are both in Chicago. I can't even.
Photo shoot last night w/ Hugh Jackman, Taron Egerton,Dexter Fletcher @ advance screening of, EDDIE THE EAGLE in Chicago
Hugh Jackman, Taron Egerton, and director Dexter Fletcher promote their new movie Eddie the…
Shot some eagle eyed red carpet portraits tonight with Hugh Jackman and Director Dexter Fletcher
Hope it captures the gung *** ~ Talking Eddie the Eagle with Hugh Jackman, Taron Egerton and Director Dexter Fletcher
Sam Smith giving me Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean just escaped from prison emaciated vibes. What's going on with him,
Van Helsing was on and i returned to the part when the love interest dies and Hugh Jackman yells as he turns back into a human and the pose
Hugh Jackman has FIFTH skin cancer in two yrs removed from his nose Important medical warning from Van Helsing star.
Gracias ! We were on the El Hormiguero TV show in October with Hugh Jackman. :)
remember when Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, Dominic Monaghan, Will.i. am and Ryan Reynolds were all in the same movie? LOL
I watched the new night at the museum movie the other night. . It bitter sweet seeing Robin Williams again. . Cool surprise Hugh Jackman was
Whilst making this Hugh Jackman and his co-star kept on daring each other to perform more stunts
Taron Egerton talks about working with Hugh Jackman and who he thinks will win the Bafta Ri... via
X-Men actor Hugh Jackman has cancerous growth removed from his face.
Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness' love has stood the test of time. While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday to promote his
Hugh Jackman has the sweetest things to say about his wife of 20 years:
Hugh Jackman is celebrating 20 years of marriage to Deborra lee Furness. How many years are you celebrating this...
Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness will celebrate 20 years of marriage this April and after all this time, their relationship is still
.Hugh Jackman vs Chris Hemsworth. It can even be in an Australian football stadium.
"Aaron Tveit as Danny Zuko gives me hope that we'll get 13: Live! with Hugh Jackman and Chita Rivera next year." AVClub allstar commenter
Hugh Jackman says Wolverine can take down
It is SO GOOD. At Fox, Hugh Jackman will be there!! Are you in LA? Want to come?
Lee Pace, Hugh Jackman, or Vince Vaughn as Skeletor. Natalie Dormer as Teela. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Duncan.
Have you seen Prisoners? Hugh Jackman, Terrance Howard, Melissa Leo, lots of subtlety, nuance, good acting.
Hugh Jackman, Terrance Howard. Let me know when u watch it
The play lit up Broadway in 2009, with Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman. Now Andrew Pearson directs the London premiere.
There is, quite simply, no celebrity with a big enough name to draw viewers that has the total ability of Gene Kelly. Not even Hugh Jackman.
Hugh Jackman drops huge hint that he’s landed the James Bond role:
Just as awks watching reporter swoon or giggle at Hugh Jackman or R Brand & Julia Morris with Dr Chris on Celebrity 2/2
Think Real Steel along with Van Helsing is peak Hugh Jackman.
Absolutely. It's too bad he ripped off that Hugh Jackman robot movie but other than that, a spotless career!
i can't believe that Hugh Jackman is both Wolverine and Jean Valjean
There's a woman who does 24 hr obstacle racing for fun. Unless there's a stack of gold or Hugh Jackman at the end, I'm not running 24 hrs.
For our cinema trip I have to pick between Ron Howard with Chris Hemsworth & Ben Whishaw or Joe Wright with Hugh Jackman, help my poor soul
well done. Excellent implementation of Hugh Jackman. 10/10 would Wolverine again.
I didn't know Hugh Jackman was a copier lol
Hugh Jackman must never, ever, ever, not in a million years or multiple alternative realities stop playing Wolverine.
It will be a lil weird seeing him act now that he's older though and it's also weird not seeing Hugh Jackman as wolverine 😂
Hugh Jackman seems a tad upset at being owned
Hugh Jackman in X-Men, Kiera Knightley in PoTC, and Anne Hathaway in the Princess Dairies
If a Last of Us movie is being planned, Hugh Jackman would be the perfect pick for Joel.
Time for an early evening pick me up! Hugh Jackman says hello.
Prisoners was a pretty good film, I'd recommend it to thriller fans. With Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal
MORNINGS. There is nothing we can do… But watch Hugh Jackman on COMING UP!
Most the people who don't want Hugh Jackman to leave the X-Men, are the very people who didn't want him in the X-Men
when Troye came out people sent me articles like "wolverine comes out as *** thinking it was hugh jackman but it was actually Troye lol
'Eddie the Eagle' Trailer: Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman Are Going to the Olympics
going to watch wolverine so I can cry over how I will never be hugh jackman's girlfriend
New this Week: PAN starring Hugh Jackman. Plus PAWN SACRIFICE, WAR ROOM and more...
awesome. No one likes Hugh Jackman do they?
a few years ago I'd've said Hugh Jackman for Bert but he might be a smidge on the old side now (but I love him so it's okay)
“To love another person is to see the face of God.” –Hugh Jackman ‘Les Miserables’ 2012
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watching the graham Norton show with fassbender, mcavoy and Hugh Jackman 😏
It felt like a music video gone awry with Dev Patel and Hugh Jackman having wandered (mistakenly) on to the set...
same goes for wolverine don't think there will be anyone better to portray him than Hugh Jackman!
Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine but he can also .ing and dance and not kill penple
What do Hugh Jackman, Ronald Reagan, and have in common? They are all adoptive parents.
Bring home the enchanting movie PAN starring Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara - Now Available to own on Blu-ray and DVD!
For New Movie Tuesday, check out on Fidelity on Demand! Hugh Jackman stars as the ruthless pirate Blackbeard!
Watching BT Sport and journalist Hugh Jackman also confirmed it
Hugh Jackman starring in New movie about Apostle Paul, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck set to produce the film.
well true, Dave Grohl, David T or Hugh Jackman could get away with wearing socks
Like sure we could all look like Hugh Jackman & Henry Cavill & Chris Hemsworth & Gerard Butler & Christian Bale & Daniel Craig do if we had
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