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Hugh Grant

Hugh John Mungo Grant (born 9 September 1960) is an English actor and film producer.

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I saw Mr Darcy vs Hugh Grant in a movie once
Watching the end of Two Weeks Notice. Why didn't we get more Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant action in our lives??
omg and hugh grant is late for his big meeting because of it, but that's how he meets sassy cab driver Jenn (Parker Posey)
Hugh Grant was mocked for his cheap Halloween costume
The real question is Hugh Grant or Colin Firth? It's an ongoing personal battle.
Why must we try and tear down cinematic masterpieces like Love, Actually? Why can't we all just dance like Hugh Grant?
Disgraceful. All of it. Let me enjoy Hugh Grant dancing in peace, ***
I've just watched "The Rewrite" with Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei. An ok movie to finish the sunday with. 6*
People can't decide how they feel about Hugh Grant's Halloween costume...
I'm scared that if I was a guy, I'd be Hugh Grant
I loved this scene in Love Actually till heard how angry Hugh Grant was at having to do it = hates dancing.
pop station having Hugh Grant marathon.just wanted to follow you cuz u make fun & moving pictures!
When I grow up I want to be Hugh Grant.
If you say oops-a-daisy 3 times whilst looking in a mirror, a Hugh Grant character appears.
“Once you open your door for one person, it’s open for anyone to come in.” –Hugh Grant ‘About a Boy’
This movie is so weird without Hugh Grant's British accent @ Paris, France
don't we all!Rough struggle...Hugh Grant or Colin Firth? Whoever shall I choose? I only get asked out my homeless old men
Before breaking into films, actor Hugh Grant headed a comedy group called the Jockeys of Norfolk.
Hugh Grant wins for the worst Halloween costume ever while Jemima Khan and Chloe Green go ...
Hugh gotta be kidding!: Photo credit:  Corbis Images:  Hugh Grant is pushing the Octomom for the t...
"Oh, Bother" (New Line Cinema, 1992). Hugh Grant tries to interrupt a loud man to ask for the time at a busy intersection. 3h…
Hugo is literally the love child of Hugh Grant and Spencer from Made in Chelsea
Hi News, Why not Hugh Grant for Elwood P Dowd? think about it
Calvin Harris going to a Thai massage parlor is almost as mystifying as Hugh Grant in Vegas in the 90s
Colin Firth or Hugh Grant: which British actor who's older than my father do I pursue/marry. DECISIONS
I'm still such a hardcore Colin Firth fan and Patrick Dempsey has replaced Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones. The year legit just peaked.
suddenly have a weird desire to quote Hugh Grant as PM in Love Actually:
.Unless they're like the one Hugh Grant's character did for Horse & Hound (allegedly) in Notting Hill.
Seriously can not wait for Bridget Jones 3, although shame Hugh Grant won't be returning...
Sam Neill is so incredibly accomplished at playing Sam Neill. He is like the Hugh Grant of the festival circuit.
people tend to forgive & forget. Michael Richards, Vanessa Williams, Hugh Grant, Woody Allan to name a few.
the world has gone all wrong Bridget Jones without Daniel Cleaver/Hugh Grant is sacrilege I can't watch this :(.
Served Ronan Keating, Hugh Grant, Michael Ballack and Kevin Peterson tonight not bad at all!
Hugh Grant anyone? I mean, he had Elizabeth Hurley at home and went for THIS? smh
"I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." — Anna (Julia Roberts) to William (Hugh Grant)
That just means Colin Firth as Mark (not Fitzwilliam) Darcy and Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrars will have to smooth things out!
I'm not saying it's raining heavily, but I looked out the window and Hugh Grant was stood there shifting the face off Andie MacDowell.
Gawd. I used to know someone who was in "Piers Gaveston" dining club same time as Hugh Grant.
BigMeanInternet: Wikipedia says Hugh Grant was in that same club with Cameron so...
Love actually is such a fab film... Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Alan Rickman! What more could you want!
dear any storyline that does not involve Hugh Grant, Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman, Liam Neeson or Colin Firth,. nope.
Joking really - you know you are the ginger Hugh Grant!
I really think we would. He's just like a young Hugh Grant, every girls dream I think!
Y aunque no es principal, Hugh Grant participa en. Bitter Moon. Sense and Sensibility. The Remains of the day.
Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett - Invincible lyrics and translations
all I wanna do is find a way back into love 🎧🎵 ♫ Way Back Into Love by Haley Bennett & Hugh Grant —
Mi birthday is on the 9th... this month obviously. And Adam Sandler, Michael Buble and Hugh Grant too. Their birth is on that day too.
In other news, Hugh Grant has just been cast as John Shaft.
I liked a video Hugh Grant talks to Joe Leydon about "Notting Hill"
Hugh Grant is wrong. Hacked Off didn’t save the press from police spying – ...
we play the trailer at my work and I'm tempted to see the movie just for her and Elizabeth and Hugh Grant
Four Weddings and My Funeral because of young Hugh Grant
why Hugh Grant was cheating on Elizabeth Hurley
The original screenplay for Notting Hill contained a scene where Hugh Grant got wasted & then drove off looking for hooker
/ probably Matthew macfadyen and Colin Firth are my favs Mr. Darcy. Dan Stevens and Hugh Grant as Mr. Edward Ferrars
Hugh Grant on His Crazy Connection to Guy Ritchie, Why He’s Not in Next ‘Bridget Jon..
Tonight on "I Am Cait" Eddie Murphy and Hugh Grant stop by.
In Michael Jackson's final moments, he thought about Several intertwining love stories featuring Hugh Grant.
Alan Carr to Hugh Grant:. "You had a *** kiss in 'Maurice'. Did you ever think, when you were kissing a man, 'Ooh I could get used to this'?"
or be a TV travel presenter - remember Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones. That could be you but you would bring NI ethics to table 😉
Hugh Grant may be a terrible person in Bridget Jones Diary but he makes up for it in Notting Hill ❤️😍
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones gets to my soul every single time 😧😍
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Patrick Kielty sits in and talks to actors Hugh Grant and Daniel Mays.
The fight scene between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones will always be a classic 😂
If anyone hasn't seen Colin Firth and Hugh Grant fight in Bridget Jones... Please do x
94% of Britons can't see Hugh Grant and Benedict Cumberbatch in the same place at the same time and maintain a healthy he…
Tomorrow 11am The real Notting Hill details and bookings here no Hugh Grant, ever!
" IMPROMTU" one of my favorites with Hugh Grant as Chopin - he is fab - I prefer fav "SHINE" - with Geoffrey Rush - watch !!!
A Hugh Grant film? A Peter Lorre film more like. I suppose you'll need to have a quiet word with her unless the goon comes back.
So I'm looking at Benedict Cumberbatch, Timothy Carlton, Hugh Grant, Bradley Cooper, Deepika Padukone (instead of the game :/)
Live video from Leveson inquiry, Hugh Grant testifying regarding phone hacking
I haven't seen it in at least 12 years. Hugh Grant has so much hair! Julianne Moore absolutely gorgeous
Funniest statement since Hugh Grant's to the LAPD about that Divine Brown ***
Why am I obssessed with male celebrities who are really older than me? Like Johnny Depp, Chris Noth, Heath Ledger, Hugh Grant omfg 😍😍😍
Well- you're reaching high here. Lots of Prince Harry, Hugh Grant, George Clooney and Elton John.
For my 24th birthday I would like Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant to get back together, thank you.
han only if that 55 yrs old looks like Tom Cruise, Colin Firth, Sean Ben, Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Pierce Brosnan, etc etc
The day you start preferring Colin Firth to Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones is the day you reach true adulthood.
I'm 15 minutes into Sense and Sensibility and I already ship Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson so hard
Drew Barrymore for Margo's granddaughter! Hugh Grant for the executor of Van Houten's estate! (Just my suggestions. Good, right?)
I'm in Notting Hill going in all the book stores to try and find Hugh Grant. I've got my orange juice ready for him to spi…
No scene has been better since Geri Halliwell's cover of It's Raining Men played while Colin Firth and Hugh Grant fought in Bridget Jones
the movie.Directed by Richard Curtis,stars Hugh Grant as Tea drinking Rock Star who falls in some mud.Hilarious!
Hugh Grant tucks into a snack while filming scenes with Meryl Streep via
don't know why. This painting reminds me of the actor Hugh Grant!
Hugh Grant was in today filming scenes from biopic Florence Foster Jenkins. http:/…
NEW pictures of Meryl Streep on set of her upcoming movie 'Florence Foster Jenkins' with Hugh Grant in Liverpool http:…
NEW photos of Meryl Streep & Hugh Grant filming 'Florence Foster Jenkins' in Liverpool today (17th June 2015)
Couple of 1940s taxis on the set of upcoming film Florence Foster Jenkins, starting Meryl Streep & Hugh Grant
Yeah I never had a clue that Hugh Grant, Meryl Streep and Simon Helberg were shooting for the film Florence Foster Jenkins in town
It's like being in Hollywood 😂filming of Florence Foster Jenkins with Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep
All purpose parts banner
Hugh Grant: "The only reason my work seems to be eclectic up to a certain period is because I was a failure as an actor."
Hugh Grant and Rebecca Ferguson film steamy scenes for Florence Foster Jenkins 😘
Two Week Notice would of been the best rom com of all time, if Sandy Bullock ended up with me instead of Hugh Grant
How OLD is Hugh Grant looking in these new pics?
Hugh Grant cuts a dapper figure as he rides along in vintage car
So yesterday there was a whale in the Mersey and Hugh Grant was making movies in Wallasey? Big day for our little peninsu…
Want to see what Hugh Grant looks like as a 76 year old? Click away:
Hugh Grant spotted in today filming his new movie . Florence Foster Jenkins
Thanks to who has spotted actor Hugh Grant reading his script in
Hugh Grant transforms as he joins Meryl Streep and Rebecca Ferguson to film Florence Foster Jenkins: The actor…
Hugh Grant is my favourite actor i love him so much
it does! Hugh Grant smashes that bird from Groundhog Day, and he didn't even have to pay for it
How he gets work is beyond me. Got to be the most one dimensional actor since Hugh Grant.
13 juin: Hugh Grant, English actor and producer, was born 20 000 days ago (on 9 Sep 1960)
Hugh Grant in Notting Hill makes my life.
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All I know is Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, and Alan Rickman are all in it so it has my sign of approval.
Just remembered how good this piece by Richard Curtis is on The Curse of Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep in and as Florence Foster Jenkins. Intriguing!
We are delighted to show you the first image from Florence Foster Jenkins starring Meryl Streep & Hugh Grant
Martin Freeman to reprise Hugh Grant's part as the PM of LOVE, ACTUALLY in CIVIL WAR. Neutralises foes with Curtis-esque atrocious dialogue
Bridget Jones Diary has Colin Firth AND Hugh Grant. I don't know what more anyone could ever want as far as older British men are concerned.
Turned up for a meeting with at Methodist Central Hall & walked into a filmset with Hugh Grant. http…
Watching Bridget Jone's Diary for the first time and I can't tell if I like Colin Firth or Hugh Grant more.
Hugh Grant. Ulysses S Grant. Mission Main St Grant. Obviously grants are cool... So help us get one by voting!
Still can't believe Hugh Grant had Elizabeth Hurley at home and went looking for a prostitute. .
We are thrilled to announce Florence Foster Jenkins has begun filming today. Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant star in Stephen Frear…
omg the film of S&S has Hugh Laurie, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet in it
Just saw your Careersvid. U should film 1 of your Hugh Grant impersonations, I’d drop my job immediately and join u guys!
"So can I be the Hugh Grant to your Julia Roberts in Notting Hill?" . "What?". "Well, you're an actress and I'm British.".
I think Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley made around the age of who??? Me and 13 and Dad thought...
Thank you, 2002 Sandy Bullock / Hugh Grant fluff vehicle, you are much more enjoyable than I remember.
Remember when Hugh Grant had that career-defining erection with Divine Brown in Los Angeles?
On a scale of 1 to Hugh Grant's hooker Divine Brown guess how many times your boyfriend's *** has been in my mouth.
Patiently waiting for the day Hugh Grant and Colin Firth wrestle each other into a pond in pursuit of my love as they do f…
Hugh Grant: the Benedict Cumberbatch of the 90s.
Grant Shapps. is several chaps. People in the. media. think he fiddled wikipedia. Grant Shapps. never lies. He mistakenly. …
Just want Tiva happy ending. Maybe MW/CdP team for some movies? like Sandra Bullock/Hugh Grant did a few yrs ago.
Just saw Avengers: Age of Ultron. Spoiler alert: Bruce Willis is dead the whole time, Verbal is Keyser Soze and Hugh Grant gets the girl.
If you were to meet the Queen and Hugh Grant at the same time there's a 96% chance you will physically explode with Briti…
"Hugh Grant: the Benedict Cumberbatch of the 90s." Already a classic line!
"Here Hugh Grant, let's kick off with that story about you getting caught with your *** out in that underpass."
"Hugh Grant wanted it but then he didn't" on HG replacing Charlie Sheen on
"Hugh Grant wasn't just mentioned to replace Charlie, a contract was reached! At the very last minute he changed his mind." -
I cannot explain how sexy I find Hugh Grant in the early Richard Curtis (etc) films
Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral though
Love story hee dekhni hai tou 2 weeks notice dekho, it has Hugh Grant too :P Ya more The Heat dekho its a comedy type
really, Hugh grant news?! Now I'm just going to look like a bellend to the world 😂😂
Channel 4 interview with was about as awkward and embarrassing as Hugh Grant's Horses & Hounds interview.
Gonna be an extra in a film with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant 💃💃🙋🎬
"Yes this is Hugh Grant.. yeah the 90s Benedict Cumberbatch." LOL
. "fight, fight, fight". *pictures Colin Firth/Hugh Grant fight in first Bridget Jones movie.momentary distraction*
I'm currently listening to "That's Why They Call It The Blues" while watching the rain. It's like a scene from a Hugh Grant movie.
The game is underway! Tom Grant '15 takes the mound for the Cavaliers. Hugh Devlin '15 is behind the plate.
LOL ! I remember mostly Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman XD Looking at the cast on IMDB, I've forgotten quite a lot of people ^^;
Talking to Hugh Grant on the phone was the BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE !!
Hugh Grant keeps greeting me from the sides of passing buses. Go away, Hugh.
Hugh Grant has never been more Hugh Grant-like than in this movie
"It’s me, Hugh Grant, the Benedict Cumberbatch of the 90s”
Hugh grant is the Benedict Cumberbatch of the 90's HA!
First thought was Nine Months with Hugh Grant.. then I got it - Raising Arizona!
I hear Hugh Grant speaks highly of! Twopenny halfpenny scribbler.
I don't mind the carnival (street party) but if Hugh Grant ever appears then I'm moving out & taking my servants with me.
They're showing that Dave Clark Five doc again on PBS. I guess Mike Smith looked like if Hugh Grant and Daniel Bryan were able to procreate.
Great news for our film Florence Foster Jenkins, directed by Stephen Frears, starring Meryl Streep + Hugh Grant. . http:…
It would realistically look like the Colin Firth/Hugh Grant fountain slap fight from Bridget Jones...and I'd pay to watch it.
Notting Hill right now. One of my fave scenes is Hugh Grant brought Julia Roberts to his sister's bday dinner. :)
Tempting but No from the Movie another with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.
Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, or indeed in pretty much any movie, is simply radiant. I think I would be just like Hugh Grant if I met her!
Paying homage to Hugh Grant in Notting Hill while asking Richard Madden about "intimate" scenes
Emma Thompson & Hugh Grant are like the emotional Fred & Ginger in all their scenes together. Perfection.
For tonight's debate, the part of Ed Miliband will be played by a melting plasticine effigy of Hugh Grant.
yes. Just look at Hugh Grant in Love, Actually.
Can't we just have Hugh Grant from Love Actually as our new Prime Minister?
Did you know that The Last of Us is actually a re-release of Hugh Grant drunk dialing his ex-wife?
Patrick Dempsey appears on tv, my dad: "That's Hugh Grant, right?", tv commentator: "Look, there's the guy from Emerge…
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As much as people may hate him, I kinda like David Cameron because he reminds me of Hugh Grant in Love Actually
yeah, but you know Cameron does a Hugh grant dance when he's on his own in no10
Friendly reminder that Hugh Grant is going to be in a movie with Meryl Streep so Everything Is Going To Be Okay Kids
Going from this heat into my frigid office I know what it was like for Hugh Grant to film that market scene in Notting Hill.
Dave vs Ed...I say bring back Hugh Grant!!
Why isn't Hugh Grant our Prime Minister
Im surprised you took Hugh Grant is hot too.
Clearly having a Hugh Grant movie day Hmm what movie will be next?
Who cares about Miliband or Cameron, I'm voting for Hugh Grant...💁💃😎😉
Yes, defintly Hugh Grant is me fav actor ever ! Be akward with this british touch of class.
I swear I see somebody different to everyone else when I look at hugh grant ffs the thought of people finding him attractive makes me cringe
must be the only *** out there that likes About A Boy with Hugh Grant
The best sign that the singularity is coming is how Hugh Grant and Phil Mickelson look more and more like one another with each passing year
Apparently i have more weddings then hugh grant 😁
dance to it. You know that one tune no matter what I have to. I think I am Hugh Grant in Love Actually for 3 mins. +
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My hair rn is Hugh Grant in Notting Hill
and Hugh grant looking over his shoulder!
James Heath of Atkins Thomson - comments on the current High Court hacking trial
Yes the black Versace dress. Showed up with Hugh Grant at the Academy Awards. U wowed the crowds and the media!!
Just been served coffee in Pret with Hugh Grant causally standing next to me.
Anyone else notice that Hugh Grant looks like Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill?
Fun fact: Hugh Grant was originally wanted for the role of Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets🐍
98% of Britons don't care who the next Prime Minister is as long as it's Hugh Grant again.
Hugh Grant why? Why didn't you have the dates for Gilderoy Lockhart?
It has been said Hugh Grant was a natural for the part. Getting too old to be asked l guess?
I think I can never get over films which have Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant together. Even more, Robert ' s movies.
Hey that's good. Was trying to think some Hugh Grant movies ones. Four Weddings & A Funnel-Cake? Both bread related. Huh.
Currently watching Bridget Jones Diary, swooning over a young Hugh Grant, the love of my teenage years
You can never go wrong with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.
Hugh Grant and Colin Firth dancing in Bridget Jones Diary is the only thing that matters.
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News last week: Hugh Grant has become critically after swallowing an endangered species.
Hugh Grant is actually hot in this movie. It must be some kind of witchcraft.
What's the movie where Hugh grant's wife is pregnant for 9 months
Remember when we saw Hugh grant in the airport
Me when I have to go to school: dead on the inside, but lookin a little like hugh grant nowadays
I mean kinda. Imagine multiple variations of Chris Tucker in J-Berg...with Robots and guns and Hugh Grant.
Now that Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, and Sean Penn have taken their turns at being middle-aged action heroes, can Hugh Grant get a shot at it?
I have been watching so many Hugh Grant movies lately... I think i am behind with the times.
The guy from Wham! so forgettable they don't mention him in the Hugh Grant-Drew Barrymore movie about him.
You cannot beat a Colin Firth and Hugh Grant fight scene.
I've never seen it before but I love Colin Firth and Hugh Grant so I love it so far!
Jerica : "I'm just really in a Hugh Grant type of mood.". Me: "No you're in a British rom-com type of mood because it's the story your life."
did you ever want to see JLaw, Hugh Grant, Swayze, the kid from Slum Dog, Julia Stiles, Johnny Depp,
Yeah, I'd totally do Hugh Grant. Even in his fifties
Cannot contain my love for Hugh Grant
I like The Rewrite, but it's not the best of Hugh Grant. He is repeating himself again and again, plus He is getting so old.
So, Sarah is watching Bridget Jones Diary. I'm trying to ignore it. Also, why is Hugh Grant almost always the bad guy in these things?
who has a gif of Hugh Grant running in those little shorts?
Hugh Grant is SO white. He's got a nice farmer's tan happening, though
I would watch "Chappie" if it was a buddy cop movie starring Hugh Grant & Mr. Bean.
Hugh Grant sets up unrealistic expectations for British men
Hugh grant is in every British film I watch!
The age old question: Hugh Grant or Colin Firth?
PS Calling Hugh Grant "Flopsy" because of also I think I've missed the character's name
Oh, poor Tom just got demoted from groomsman because Flopsy Hugh Grant showed up
Is it too much to ask to be Hugh Grant in Notting Hill?
Here we go. so ready for Hugh Grant to charm the pants off me
The solution is always more Hugh Grant
I'm extremely in love with Hugh Grant it's a serious problem.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Hugh Grant is so sexy and charming in Bridget Jones' Diary.
So there was a period in the 90's when everyone thought Hugh Grant was attractive? That man will always look like a weasel.
“'Bridget Jones's Diary' is on now. My favorite Hugh Grant. 😍👏” >>Hugh's good; Renee's better! 😎
I've watched a ton of movies lately. Last night I rented THE REWRITE, with Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei. It's the...
did you ever see About A Boy with him and Hugh Grant?? And James and the Giant Peach lol??
Hugh Grant makes me so happy you guys have no idea
if you had guys like Colin Firth and Hugh grant in your life I would know
Nine Months with Hugh grant luv this movie ps:don't know know if u spelled his name right
Just watched with Hugh Grant. Nice enough but cliche ridden and a little bit dull. Was just waiting for it to end.
My plan is to go back 30 years in time and marry Hugh Grant
told you 😁 best romcom ever. Lets just leave Hugh Grant out of it...
Focussing on male presenters for a change: Is Robert Peston the new Hugh Grant?
Notting Hill gives girls false hope of ever finding a man even half as gentlemanly as Hugh Grant
no a film with Hugh Grant,Liam Neeson,Emma Thompson,Alan Rickman etc. Begins with similar airport sentiments re human emotion
almost cried while watching Notting Hill (1999) my goodness gracious Hugh Grant you are adorable like a baby
You really can't go wrong with this cast: Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman, David Tennant, Imelda Staunton & Brian Blessed
Hugh Grant won’t go nude on film Cindy Adams reports
Craig Bennett: "He [Hugh Grant] reckons Julia Roberts has the biggest mouth to kiss... it's like the Hollywood Bowl!"
Q2: Who did Hugh Grant kiss towards the end of 4 Weddings and a Funeral? Andie MacDowell or Renee Zellweger?
Can we talk about how awkward Hugh Grant is on good luck with this guy it's like when dealt with ryan kwanten
Watching Four Weddings and a Funeral. Hugh Grant used to get me so hot. Now I'm all about John Hannah and all the Laura Ashley florals.
looks like Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley in the 90s.
If it was just about Hugh Grant and his friends - and Andie MacDowell's character didn't exist - it would be so much better.
The Antlers?? More like "I wish I was in a RomCom with you and I was Hugh Grant"-lers!. ;0
Tonight: Playing Hallway Golf with Hugh Grant (and Charles Barkley! Plus stand-up from
Hugh Grant hair? Not a bit of it. Robert Peston is actually bang on trend:
BREAKING NEWS: Robert Peston arrested on suspicion of stealing Hugh Grant's hair in Four Weddings And A Funeral.
Nine Months, feat. Hugh Grant, Julianne Moore and Tom Arnold, the definitive montage
"I can't think of anything good Hugh Grant has been in...except Liz Hurley!" ~
Watching this crappy movie feat Hugh Grant & Sarah Jessica Parker is doing one good thing for me: slowly putting me to sleep...
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The bad ex in this Hallmark TV movie looks like the love child of Hugh Grant & Greg Kinnear.
When I put on my wooly hat I think I'm Martine McCutcheon in the last scene of Love Actually when she meets Hugh Grant at the airport
Alec Baldwin or Hugh Grant ummm is this really that hard of a decision.
The only actors I know of are Tom Hanks, Sean Connery, George Clooney, and Hugh Grant. In that order.
Al Sharpton looks like the hooker that Hugh Grant shacked up with in the 90's. He's a pimp and a back seat ***
Depends on who you ask. The NFL, Hugh Grant, Eddie Murphy, and Larry Craig all have different answers to your query.
Michael Caine. Sean Connery. Hugh Grant. Emma Thompson. Kenneth Branagh. :) Bare off the top of my head.
Love Actually yes I am 12 years behind you all. SO Happy now watching Dear Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. I wish I could watch this every day. LOVE. ACTUALLY and TOTALLY. I am grateful for these movies and how they make us feel and thanks for making me laugh today. 2003 movie "Love Actually " with Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Laura Linney and many other wonderful actors (you will recognize them too I think Kiera knightly is one of them but have not researched) Life is GOOD again for tonight
I've always imagined Joe as sounding like a cross between Hugh Grant and James Earl Jones.
If little Hugh Grant worked more and kept his wee in his pants he wouldn't need to join the
Kris Marshall is just a poor man's Hugh Grant. Either way, I'm sure Richard Curtis has him on speed dial.
It says a lot for the films Bridget Jones and Love Actually that they're amongst my favourites despite having Hugh Grant in
In 'Notting Hill', Hugh Grant said that when the law changed, he would marry Rhys Ifans. Well, the law has changed, Hugh, so, come on then.
Let's all be honest and admit we all just want a coalition government run by Martin Sheen and Hugh Grant.
Stand in the rain and belt out "She's The One" by Robbie Williams like I'm in a Hugh Grant movie
Nah there's loads of ★s in it. Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon, Halle Berry, Ben Wishaw, Hugh Grant, Hugo Weaving ;)
Just dropped off A very bumbling Hugh Grant and girlfriend in Draycott Ave. No sign of Jemima K
Hey you got the DW part, yay. Augustus, John Watson, Hugh Grant, Merlin & Arthur, Zachary Levi (Chuck), & the 11th Doctor.
This NYCFC/MCFC situation is like the opposite of Billy Bob and Hugh Grant's relationship in Love Actually
The moment Hugh Grant picks Andie MacDowell over Kristen Scott-Thomas. 20 years on & I'm still infuriated.
Oh... & Hugh Grant taking up the roll of Michael Sam. Defining the absurd is why I love you & Rush Limbaugh!.
Wait.what?! Thomas Sangster and Hugh Grant are cousins? How did I not know that?
What's more unbelievable in Love Actually: . Hugh Grant as the UK Prime Minister or Billy Bob Thornton as the US Presid…
I'd say Miss Congeniality out of your choice, it had Michael Caine and no Hugh Grant. Win/win.
what a great idea. Hugh Grant as a slave? Rupert Grint as the Slum Dog Millionaire?
Hugh Grant, Theo James, Colin Firth, Rowan Atkinson, Robert Pattinson, Daniel Craig, Jude Law (lei/law, if you know what I mean)!
31% of Britons wanted a huge grant for Christmas but got Hugh Grant instead.
Also, Hugh Grant shaking his groove thang is also very special. Carry on.
Natalie and Hugh Grant are actually the OTP of the show, i just decided
I know Hugh Grant is kind of a jerk but he plays adorable characters
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Hugh Grant making some nationalist revolutionary speech because Billy Bob Thornton got with the girl he likes >>>>>>>
just watching love actually here. Hugh Grant is Prime Minister. What a film
Hugh Grant is Prime Minister and a british white chick marrys a black guy, this is all in the first 4 minutes
It's true. It is. British Frat Bro and all. Hugh Grant can prime my minister any day. (I don't know what that means)
A. The answers are: Stephen Fry, Robert Patrick, Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey. Thanks for playing!
I thought it had to be more, your question reads a one. Hugh Grant, Stephen Fry & Robert Patrick.
Poor Natalie got reassigned for nothing of her own doing. You should feel bad PM Hugh Grant
For an actress no one really knew outside of the UK, Natalie sure did slam dunk her chemistry and presence with Hugh Grant
Can't go wrong with a film that's got the likes of Hugh Grant, Collin Firth and Kiera Knightly in it.
No I obviously don't but I'm still upset you watched Hugh Grant abd Emma Thompson without me
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