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Hugh Grant

Hugh John Mungo Grant (born 9 September 1960) is an English actor and film producer.

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no because Natalie, the one Hugh Grant gets with, she's shamed because of the size of her thighs HA
Would you rather shelter Daisy De La Hoya or fill Hugh Grant
Watching Bridget Jones Baby and just thinking how lucky she was to hook up with Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey and Hugh Grant. Ultimate goals.
Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones is a bit of me 😁😁😍
or Hugh Grant tbh. I feel like Jackson is more a last name people use as a first name anyway
Hugh Grant to make dig at Piers Morgan in love actually 2
Really hoping for another Hugh Grant dance sequence in the Love Actually sequel
Your first look at Hugh Grant in looking even more like a Prime Minister than he did in 2003
Looks like Hugh Grant and are still a couple in the Love Actually reunion skit…
Hugh Grant Returns as Prime Minister in 'Love Actually' Sequel: See the Pics: Hugh Grant in Love Actually, 2003.……
YES Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and Colin Firth are some of them
Calling all fans! First pictures of Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon emerge amid filming of sequel.
Love Actually 2: First look at Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon in Red Nose Day sequel
Fresh set photos reveal what Hugh Grant is up to in the reunion special
I have such a weak spot for Hugh Grant
A true dark horse would be Hugh Grant now that he is older.
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his look-a-like Hugh Grant is more left wing than him!
"I'm not very friendly, I'm tired all the time, and I really like Hugh Grant." -Me, the next time I have to introduce myself
Watching a stupid Hugh Grant movie and Trump has a cameo. Jesus ...
I think I got it wrong. I think it's hugh grant
These beloved characters are still a couple in the 'sequel' to 'Love, Actually' via 😍
Sneak peek at Hugh Grant in Love Actually sequel
Love Actually set snaps of Hugh Grant give away more than you realised about Red Nose Day sequel
Hugh Grant, wonder if he still has any sex appeal? reunion
New photos from the shoot reveal the fate of your fave couple:
'Love Actually IS all around': First pictures emerge of Martine McCutcheon FINALLY reuniting with Hugh Grant
This couple is still together in the 'sequel' to 'Love, Actually'.
He's back! See Hugh Grant return as the Prime Minister in new photos from Love Actually sequel:
I see you and in photos in this US article about Love Actually ❤ Looking lovely! ☺️.
Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon are still together in the "Love Actually" follow-up
When you see new photos from the set of the sequel:
New reunion photos reveal the fate of its most scandalous couple
James Wilby and Hugh Grant as Maurice and Clive in the E.M. Forster’s Maurice.
Hugh Grant couldn't pass on the opportunity to work with Meryl Streep -- though she both thrilled and terrified him.
Florence Foster Jenkins-7/10-It's too broad at times, but the film works thanks to moving performances from Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant.
Hugh Grant in Notting Hill is the perfect hangover cure 😍
did you hear the creators of Notting Hill got funding from the government to make that movie? It was a Hugh Grant
I love that line. Julia Roberts to Hugh Grant in the book store , scene from Notting Hill. RIGHT
Notting Hill on Sky Valentine and Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts are just about to fall in love, spread the word❤❤❤
2 of my favourite actors are Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant so you can only imagine how much I love Notting Hill
All great, but you left out the great kiss Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant share in "Notting Hill" (after they go over the fence).
Dan Stevens in is like a cross between Ben Stiller and Hugh Grant.
If you click play for Rowan Atkinson, you also get Hugh Grant, Patsy, Jim Broadbent, Saffy and Richard E Grant.
Think Theresa May needs to watch love actually and get some tips from Hugh Grant! "A friend who bullies is no longer a friend"
he's thinking of Neville Chamberlain rather than Hugh Grant
Liz Hurley was on all the covers and shows. It girl. That Versace dress. That white dress after Hugh Grant was caught with the prostitute.
Hugh Grant (Mickey Blue Eyes, hookers) is embarrassed by LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM.
Where was Hugh Grant when Theresa May was selling her soul to the devil in the White House today?
Did she just Hugh Grant our poor man's (rich man's?) Billy Bob Thornton ? 🌟🌟🌟
If Theresa May was Hugh Grant then Martine McCutcheon would have been sacked after being fingered by Billy Bob Thornton.
This is the year the British PM goes off on the US president like Hugh Grant did to Billy Bob Thornton in Love Actually, probably.
please stand up to him like Hugh Grant to Billy Bob Thornton, only not just because he tried to shag your woman-possession!
In my head, I picture Peña Nieto's decision not to humor like the Love Actually scene when Hugh Grant sticks it to Billy Bob Thornton
I imagine Peña Nieto announcing this like Hugh Grant in Love Actually while Billy Bob Thornton/Trump look on & scowl.
Am not religious or a May fan but currently praying she does a Hugh Grant on Trump's Billy Bob Thornton.…
As Theresa May meets Donald Trump today, she'd do well to remember how Hugh Grant responded to Billy Bob Thornton in Love Actually..
I feel like Theresa May needs to give Donald Trump a Hugh Grant to Billy Bob Thornton speech in "Love Actually".
"The end of Notting Hill completely falls apart if Hugh Grant thinks that Julia Roberts is kinda 'aight'." 😂 .
he's like the *** in the Notting Hill film that walks into Hugh Grant's travel bookshop looking for cookery books
"The end of Notting Hill falls apart of Hugh Grant thinks Julia Roberts just 'aight'." - best quote
Also,Simon Helberg stole Florence Foster Jenkins.If anyone from that movie should have been nominated it's him.(Hugh Grant second)
as president is like Billy Bob Thornton in better get his Hugh Grant on asap.
Theresa May has gone all Hugh Grant here, will she mention David Beckham's right foot
Ben Sherrington AKA Ben Shepherd has got to be the poshest West Ham "fan" ever.Pimms o'clock with Hugh grant at Fulham seems more fitting.
Hugh grant is like emma stone; he plays the same character in everything, but that character is always too adorable to ever…
Hugh Grant will be honored with the Hollywood Supporting Actor Award for at the
watching love actually and omg pogi ni hugh grant w a t??¿¿?
Music and Lyrics, Two Weeks Notice and Sense and Sensibility are definitely my favorite Hugh Grant movies 😊
And I know Hugh Grant is not the most handsome, nor the youngest actor out there, but I really love his movies. 😃
Now watching Music and Lyrics, which is one of my favorite feel-good movies of all time! Love me some Hugh Grant 😉
I always imagine every time an issue about here is brought to him he does a Hugh Grant style "right"…
I think only Colin Firth and Hugh Grant have made careers out of being bumbling English men with charm ❤
The moral of in Britain is that you will be screwed by the weather. - Hugh Grant
really only Hugh Grant understands me
Remember when we had Hugh Grant on our podcast? ? Neither do we! Internet misinformation rife! Should've asked abo…
Hugh Grant: British newspapers are like 'mafia families'. . Isn't it Ironic that he said this to ? LOL!…
Hugh Grant vs. Hugh Jackman . They are not the same person...
nowhere is safe - watched a Hugh Grant movie & DJT had a guest shot. historical or British drama - only escape?
sounds very emphatic. LOL. Do you think Hugh Grant has a shot at an Oscar nom?
ok but can we talk about how good Hugh Grant looked when he was young bc !
still cannot believe. (Just by chance saw, again, 2weeksnotice, movie), at the end,Hugh Grant, says "Hi D.."guess who was 😏
I love Notting Hill and Hugh Grant so much
Pop- Pop goes my heart. Watching Music & Lyrics. Love Hugh Grant!
Lewis just said that Hugh grant is overrated and now I'm not sure I can live with him next year
Watching Bridget Jones and its all the guys in the room who are saying 'Hugh Grant breathes straight fire, he could take me' not girls
Watching Bridget Jones Diary, JJ doesn't think Hugh Grant is dreamy and says Colin Firth is "ok." What?
How can I trust a pilot who sounds like Hugh Grant
*** yeah that Hugh Grant special relationship
I would just like everyone to know that I love Hugh Grant
hugh grant in love actually gets my heart pumpin BOI
My British accent? . Imagine a slightly more charming Hugh Grant. Yeah, nothing like that.
The first celeb couple I admire and had been for years is def Jada &Will and strangely I once admired Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant
I don't think Colin Firth is a very goood kisser but Hugh Grant though.😍😘👄💏
Wow. "I think Hugh Grant might be more qualified to be Prime Minister than the Prime Minister they currently have." - Ouch.
The unexpected hero: the This is how farmers make use of to protect the Earth
So... les' say you a good lookin' white woman in Hollywood an' you FINALLY able to screw somebody get you a part in a movie with Hugh Grant
yup. Here you go, Erik. Bonus: Hugh Grant & Kristin Scott Thomas as kids.
Life of Brian meets Jaws - Hugh Grant stars as a sarcastic superhero. Inspired by true events.
Simon Helberg is such a GREAT actor. Howard Wolowitz is one thing, but to be great next to Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep, something else!
From Michelle Williams shaming Ryan Seacrest, to Hugh Grant sharing some thoughts on Meryl Streep.
Florence Foster Jenkins could be one of the best performances from Hugh Grant, to date. Review soon on
I just saw the trailer of Florence Foster Jenkins, oh my god Hugh Grant has aged so much 😭
Florescent Foster Jenkins, brilliant movie. Meryl Street and Hugh Grant are superb.
Florence Foster Jenkins: very good. Hugh Grant conveys empathy and protectiveness so well, and Meryl Streep's singing is comic perfection.
Hugh Grant deserves a Best Actor Oscar for his performance in Florence Foster Jenkins. Let's get the Academy to notice.
Evan Harris, Hugh Grant & Peter Jukes denounce the fake sheikh but support Haslam:
How do you kill off Daniel Cleaver in Bridget do joy kill off Hugh Grant in anything! How!!
After seeing Love, Actually for the first time yesterday, I'm convinced Eddie Redmayne is the new Hugh Grant.
Still maintain that Hugh Grant would make a quality Prime Minister :P
The scene from Notting Hill where Hugh Grant says, "oops-a-daisy" is my lifeblood.
The way Hugh Grant says 'Bernie' in Notting Hill is the finest acting of his career
ah, shame 😉 most of them are pretty creepy/stalkery but I'm torn between Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and little ginger kid
Folding laundry movie of the day :D starring a Young and cute Hugh Grant and a lovely Andie MacDowell :) – ser Four Weddings and a Funeral
that's like Hugh Grant's character saying 'oopsie daisy' in Notting Hill.
Hugh Grant was lovely as well, but the true star of the film was and Simon Helberg as Cosme. His facial expressions had me in stitches.
Another year, another opportunity for me to get Hugh Grant and Collin Firth confused in love actually.
Colin Firth is Jamie, Hugh Grant is David, Liam Neeson I think is Daniel and Emma Thompson is Karen I believe
...and not only that but imo 'Love Actually' had the best opening monologue, ironically the best thing Hugh Grant had ever done as an actor.
So wait...did Prof Snape smash his skanky assistant in 'Love Actually', or did he do all that trickin? Meh, its cool, my boy Hugh Grant hit.
You're smart like Hugh Grant the superstar, but stupid like Hugh Grant the person.
I have such a complicated relationship with that movie and it's creepy male fantasy crap but also…
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Hugh Grant would've kept us in the EU.
I wish Hugh Grant was actually our Prime Minister
Of course is in when I'm trying to go to bed. *** you Hugh Grant and Keira Knightley
Hugh Grant reveals why he turned down a role in Two and a Half Men - Entertainment Weekly
Sometimes you just need to dance like Hugh Grant in Love Actually
Any bets the Secretary of Agriculture will be Hugh Grant?? Cmon you puppet!
Whenever I watch a movie with Hugh Grant on it I can't help but think that he looks like an older version of Danny Jones
Cole Sprouse kinda looks like Hugh Grant in his younger days.
The Hugh Grant still in Love Actually is even funnier when you know about Billy Bob Thornton's antique furniture/Benjamin Disraeli phobia.
Love Actually, but with Jeremy Corbyn instead of Hugh Grant and Bernie Sanders instead of the other guy
Made me wonder though: whatever happened to Hugh Grant? He was the rom com king for awhile there.
You sound smart like hugh grant the movie star, but you're stupid like Hugh grant the person.
What if a 🐧, who thought it was Audrey Hepburn, fell in love with a handsome 🐡 who thought it was Hugh Grant?.
Watching 'Love Actually' reminds me of one thing— Hugh Grant never would have let happen
He is my Latin Hugh Grant, sans prostitute.
All purpose parts banner
The scene where Hugh Grant dances through the house to the Pointer Sisters and then side shuffles across the hall is great cinema.
Hi, I'm Grant Show. You may remember me from television's Melrose Place. To my right is Hugh Grant.
Not sure why I liked this on my first watch. Just because of Hugh Grant probably. I don't like it much now.
Martine McCutcheon says her Love Actually kiss with Hugh Grant was ‘with tongues’
Are Golden Globe-and-SAG nominees Viggo Mortensen, Hugh Grant and Octavia Spencer now slam-dunks to land Oscar...
Hugh Grant when he dances around Number 10 in Love Actually is one of the greatest movie moments ever.
I love Colin Firth with my whole heart and even more so now that I know that him and Hugh Grant are two people
Hugh Grant just dancing his way back into my heart
I can't pretend that I won't light up candles if Hugh Grant is nominated for an Oscar. He had one of toughest jobs…
Petition to make an entire movie based on Hugh Grant's storyline in Love Actually
Yesss my fav is Hugh Grant's character. I wish he could become real and marry me 😁
I also have a fondness for the little boy and Hugh Grant's character.
Hugh grant dancing about his house on love actually is my favourite thing ever
Update: I have just learned that Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are not the same person.
If I'm anyone from this movie, I'm Hugh Grant.
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I didn't think Hugh Grant's political party in Love Actually mattered. But it does.
There's something proper sexy about Hugh Grant...😼
According to an Elite Singles survey, New Zealanders love Hugh Grant, Love Actually and Sandra Bullock!
Farrell is enjoyabaly candid here. // Hugh Grant & Colin Farrell - Actors on Actors
💔 Is anything better than Hugh Grant in Notting Hill
Florence Foster Jenkins is pretty grating but Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg are wonderful in it. Meryl not so much
& Hugh Grant over Simon Helberg. Grant was great, Helberg even better
Hugh Grant, Simon Helberg and Meryl Streep all gave incredible performances in "Florence Foster Jenkins". Well deserved nominations.
Hugh Grant says he's thrilled to see "up and comer Meryl Streep" land a nomination:…
Tonight's film in the Church Rooms is Florence Foster Jenkins, a comedy drama starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant htt…
to be clear i HATE the movie Love Actually starring Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson & many more
Jesus Morris-Clarke looks even more like Hugh Grant in Four Weddings than normal. I'm 99% sure Hugh wore that shirt
Morris Clarke to be played in the movie by 90s Hugh Grant (compliment)
Morris-Clarke. My favourite of Hugh Grant and Kris Marshall's love children
Morris of Jesus reminds me of Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant will always be associated with his scandal, and so will Ma...
The supporting actor Oscar is anyone's guess - I made the case for my faves Hugh Grant & Stephen Henderson!:…
Today I feel so much like Bridget Jones, only I don't have Hugh Grant and Colin Firth chasing after me
Horses look RIDICULOUS fighting. Exactly like Hugh Grant & Colin Firth in Bridget Jones's Diary in fact
Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman, Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy & Andrew Lincoln is too much charm for 1 movie.
I am so jealous of this guy at work, he's worked with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in Love Actually and Bridget Jones😭😭 my absolute faves😻
After seeing Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, I have concluded that Eddie Redmayne is the second coming of Hugh Grant.
yeah.. Eddie Redmaynes impression of Hugh Grant was exceptional
During Fantastic Beasts was not the ideal time to realise I don't like Eddie Redmayne's affected 'Matt Smith meets Hugh Grant' performance.
Am I the only person who thinks that Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander is like Hugh Grant's younger, adorably nerdy little brother?
Nothing against you Eddie Redmayne, but you're like a mildly retarded Hugh Grant.
Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are very handsome in this movie.
People the Simpsons drawing of Wayne Gretzky could also be:. -Hugh Grant. *** Jagger. -Young Sideshow Bob. -That guy at the…
Next Please don't let it be any of these 5:. 1. Helen Mirren. 2. Daniel Radcliffe. 3. Hugh Grant. 4. Miranda Hart. 5. Pudsey the Dog
Classic wedding costumes worn by Hugh Grant and Kate Winslet feature in Harrogate Brontë and Jane Austen exhibition
Hugh Grant just reunited with his Four Weddings co-star Andie MacDowell: Hugh Grant just reunited with his Four Wed…
Aw,Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell just reunited 22 years after Four Weddings:
Four Weddings and a Funeral stars Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell reunite
Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell's 'Four Weddings' reunion was stunning -
Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell reunite 22 years later (and still look amazing)
Me: Shall we watch 'Four Weddings and a funeral'?. Granny: Oh yes! It has Hugh Grant in it!
Hugh Grant shares reunion with Andie MacDowell at Hollywood bash 22 years after they starred in Four Weddings and a…
Hugh Grant's finest moment and the only part of Richard Curtis's work I can stand:.
Eddie Murphy, Hugh Grant, & Robert de Niro were all honored at the
I love this interview with Hugh Grant: He seems like a guy with a proper sense of humor about himself and life.
Saw Florence Foster Jenkins. La Streep is predictably splendid, but so is Hugh Grant. Fun watching Nina Arianda gnaw on the set, too.
There are only two things I want from the Oscars, diverse nominations/representation and Hugh Grant nominated for Florence Foster Jenkins
A night at the movies? Friday 11 November 'Florence Foster Jenkins' PG; starring Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep.
I wish I was a teenager in the early 90's so I could appreciate the beauty of men like Hugh Grant and Robert Sean Leonard in their prime
Oh goodness if this happened, it'll be the best after Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts!
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'Hugh Grant & Elizabeth Hurley photographed by Patrick Demarchelier… see more
I just don't see why Hugh Grant can't actually be Prime Minister of England...
Hugh Grant was once assistant groundsman at Craven Cottage (Fulham Football Club).
Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson to star as impeccably-named characters in Paddington 2
or is that the one with Hugh Grant where Miranda Priestly has syphilis?
Hugh Grant among cast of Paddington sequel.
and that dummy Hugh Grant cheated on this fine woman with that street hooker.
I would do anything for a young Hugh Grant
BBC News - Hugh Grant to star in Paddington sequel
A new Paddington film is being made. We like to think Paddington Bear would choose our bread to eat with marmalade. https:/…
. You can thank Hugh Grant for that
Hugh Grant to star in Paddington sequel -
Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson Join Paddington 2 as Filming Begins. Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson join Paddington…
This keeps getting better and better.
Breaking news. Grant to star in Paddington sequel
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Can't wait! 2 recruits Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson as filming begins
Hugh Grant to star in Paddington sequel as a vain acting legend past his prime
How are they making a sequel? Didn't they learn from the first one?
i saw that they're also adding Brendan Gleeson and Hugh Grant to the next installment!
Hugh Grant joins Paddington cast for film sequel playing 'vain actor past his prime'
Hugh Grant to star in Paddington sequel Via (Harradox)
Hugh Grant to star in Paddington sequel : October 18, 2016 at 01:27PM via mikejulietbravo
Hugh Grant will play a vain, charming acting legend in
Hugh Grant to star in Paddington sequel Whizzy_Walexzy
Hugh Grant to star in Paddington sequel via
BBC - Hugh Grant to star in Paddington sequel
Filming on 'Paddington 2' is underway with Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson joining the cast.
Hugh Grant to star in Paddington sequel | BBC
Hugh Grant to star in Paddington sequel via BBC
Hugh Grant to star in Paddington sequel via BBCBreaking BBCWorld
Hugh Grant to star in Paddington sequel
Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson join the cast of 2 releasing in 2017
Fun fact: Colin Firth & Hugh Grant are both mentioned in the book Bridget Jones's Diary, well before being cast in the film adaptation!
Morris Clarke definitely has a young Hugh Grant thing going for him
Jesus Morris Clarke has a real Hugh Grant in 4 Weddings vibe going on which I appreciate
Hugh Grant quit This is one tournament that desperately needs a revamp. Maybe Muirfield, & Gullane next year?
Welcome to Fife : Jamie Dornan, Andy Garcia and Hugh Grant take centre stage at St Andrews
📷 coconutmilk83: Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant photographed by Brian Bowen Smith, 2016 (✗)
tbh I'll take anyone that looks like young hugh grant
Please RT? Hugh Grant sings the praises of extramarital af
Last night i watched the mega awful Notting Hill. If you want hugh grant, stick with about a boy or Bridget Jones diary
Mr Grey and Mr Cleaver, players in the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship...
About a boy... I believe that's where Hugh Grant was at his best.
Alright you are LYING if you say Hugh Grant is not the ultimate 10 out of 10
It's 1am and I'm crying over Notting Hill. God dammit Hugh Grant.
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Jamie Dornan and Hugh Grant look dapper while playing golf in Scotland
" If it wasn't such a long way from London, I'd live here "-Hugh Grant. Follow for more of what the players…
New up 🎀✨Take a little peek and catch up on my London diary!
You remember the song from that the PM dances to? Yeah, it's on at this restaurant and I'm dancing like Hugh Grant.
Was it like Colin Firth & Hugh Grant fight in Bridget Jones Diary?
Hugh Grant and Now that's an interesting duo.
In the club: Jamie certainly made the game look easy as he swung into action 
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing! The 50 Shades actor was on fine form
Jim Carrey, Hugh Grant, Sacha Baron Cohen, Philip S. Hoffman and Colin Firth were first considered for this film
Alex Noren on having Hugh Grant in his fourball at Carnoustie "He’s pretty much like he is in the movies.”
Watched "Two Weeks Notice" on plane to London; weird Trump cameo in which he tells Hugh Grant he plans to steal his woman (lawyer.)
I was thinking, maybe have Hugh Grant as me & Jason Statham as Mac
from afar you look like a young Hugh Grant.
Has Ann Hornaday ever mentioned The Rewrite, with Hugh Grant as a Binghamton professor? Somehow I'm watching this now.
Grant is a young Hugh Jackman. Younger than this pic. Use your imagination.
Happy Birthday to my favorite Conan intern and the only person I know that loves Hugh Grant and Colin Firth as much as I do,
How I spent my Friday -- watching Hugh Grant's Nothing Hill and Love Actually.
Rain Coat of Love starts to play and I feel like Hugh Grant from Love Actually
Good film but didn't like when Bridget made light of hugh grant's character's death, while at his funeral. disrespectful, and sacrilegious
I'm sort of not surprised is that bad? Also his voice sounds like Hugh grant's
ok srsly now but how hot was young Hugh Grant? (///▽///)
Jamie Dornan and Hugh Grant play golf at Alfred Dunhill Championship via
Never really expected to be in the same place as Hugh Grant, Steve Redgrave and Andy Garcia! Bring on Sunday.
Hugh Grant was the best thing in it. It's a shame 'cos I loved the TV show and Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes films are great fun.
Hugh Grant and Divine Brown were a thing.
Do you like ? You should not miss this unique golf segment with Hugh Grant and Charles Barkley:
This is the danger:the likes of Matt Dawson,Steve Coogan,Hugh Grant & politicians who don't want a free press expos…
Public says, Hugh Grant's not romantic with his gold digger *** he is 'cunning and conniving.' Own that ugly ***
You can't say 'omg I am LITERALLY Bridget Jones' unless you have posh babes like Hugh Grant and Colin Firth after ya
Hugh Grant will defo be the 'I'm the dad' cameo twist.
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He recalls seeing the 1987 adaptation of Maurice starring Hugh Grant and Rupert Graves on the weekend he realised he was ***
If you don't look like Rupert Graves or Hugh Grant, they'll have you playing the gardener.
Hugh Grant didn't need to run for the hills, but BJB is just fine without him thanks to the always endearing Patrick De…
Have you ever considered collaborating with Hugh Grant?.
Sat 9pm Channel 4 & the finest rom com stars of our day! Meg Ryan,Hugh Grant, Simon Callow,Rupert Everett
Unless Ryan Lochte got Hugh Grant-ed and took it out on the call girl, I don't care.
When this whole situation settles down, I wonder if Ryan Lochte will need some advice from Hugh Grant or Eddie Murphy? Just a guess...
Hugh Grant does his best Joan Crawford impression in audition for ‘Mommie Dearest’
What does Hugh Grant think happened to his character, Daniel Cleaver, from Bridget Jones?
Hugh Grant auditions for Joan Crawford’s part in 'Mommie Dearest'
took on Hugh Grant as a customer in a barber shop; either he or his tiny dog shat in the shave basin when I wasn't looking
AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER: Hugh Grant thinks affair can help a marriage last
Hugh Grant on working with Meryl Streep: "Between a great dream and one's worst nightmare"
Hugh Grant says Colin Firth wants to play him in a film 'more than anything': The actor took part in a brilli...
Hugh Grant brands himself a "nasty piece of work" and an "ego-maniac" who believes in extramarital affairs: T...
Electronic Device Insurance
Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant's Reddit AMA was both revealing and so hilariously British
Hugh Grant thinks cheating is good for marriages
Hugh Grant says affairs the secret to a happy marriage
Hugh Grant discusses the panic attacks he suffers while acting:
BAFTA winners Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant at our screening of
Hugh Grant on the panic attacks he suffers while acting
Hugh Grant is pretty certain Colin Firth is dying to play him on screen
*snort* be more like Hugh Grant and his former marriage?! No thanks. LOL
Astoria, NY, August 10, 2016—Hugh Grant with Chief Curator David Schwartz at Museum of the…
Hugh Grant joined The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM for the first time on Wednesday in promotion of his upcoming...
Florence Foster Jenkins is very good and, even better, has one of Hugh Grant's best performances:
Great interview with Hugh Grant on Howard Stern show today, likeable and funny
Hugh Grant (HackedOffHugh) compares director Stephen Frears to Woody Allen and Ang Lee
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