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Hugh Grant

Hugh John Mungo Grant (born 9 September 1960) is an English actor and film producer.

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Fun fact: Colin Firth & Hugh Grant are both mentioned in the book Bridget Jones's Diary, well before being cast in the film adaptation!
Hugh Grant quit This is one tournament that desperately needs a revamp. Maybe Muirfield, & Gullane next year?
Welcome to Fife : Jamie Dornan, Andy Garcia and Hugh Grant take centre stage at St Andrews
📷 coconutmilk83: Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant photographed by Brian Bowen Smith, 2016 (✗)
tbh I'll take anyone that looks like young hugh grant
Please RT? Hugh Grant sings the praises of extramarital af
Last night i watched the mega awful Notting Hill. If you want hugh grant, stick with about a boy or Bridget Jones diary
Mr Grey and Mr Cleaver, players in the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship...
About a boy... I believe that's where Hugh Grant was at his best.
Alright you are LYING if you say Hugh Grant is not the ultimate 10 out of 10
It's 1am and I'm crying over Notting Hill. God dammit Hugh Grant.
Jamie Dornan and Hugh Grant look dapper while playing golf in Scotland
" If it wasn't such a long way from London, I'd live here "-Hugh Grant. Follow for more of what the players…
New up 🎀✨Take a little peek and catch up on my London diary!
You remember the song from that the PM dances to? Yeah, it's on at this restaurant and I'm dancing like Hugh Grant.
Was it like Colin Firth & Hugh Grant fight in Bridget Jones Diary?
Hugh Grant and Now that's an interesting duo.
In the club: Jamie certainly made the game look easy as he swung into action 
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing! The 50 Shades actor was on fine form
Jim Carrey, Hugh Grant, Sacha Baron Cohen, Philip S. Hoffman and Colin Firth were first considered for this film
Alex Noren on having Hugh Grant in his fourball at Carnoustie "He’s pretty much like he is in the movies.”
Watched "Two Weeks Notice" on plane to London; weird Trump cameo in which he tells Hugh Grant he plans to steal his woman (lawyer.)
I was thinking, maybe have Hugh Grant as me & Jason Statham as Mac
from afar you look like a young Hugh Grant.
Has Ann Hornaday ever mentioned The Rewrite, with Hugh Grant as a Binghamton professor? Somehow I'm watching this now.
Grant is a young Hugh Jackman. Younger than this pic. Use your imagination.
Happy Birthday to my favorite Conan intern and the only person I know that loves Hugh Grant and Colin Firth as much as I do,
How I spent my Friday -- watching Hugh Grant's Nothing Hill and Love Actually.
Rain Coat of Love starts to play and I feel like Hugh Grant from Love Actually
Good film but didn't like when Bridget made light of hugh grant's character's death, while at his funeral. disrespectful, and sacrilegious
I'm sort of not surprised is that bad? Also his voice sounds like Hugh grant's
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ok srsly now but how hot was young Hugh Grant? (///▽///)
Jamie Dornan and Hugh Grant play golf at Alfred Dunhill Championship via
Never really expected to be in the same place as Hugh Grant, Steve Redgrave and Andy Garcia! Bring on Sunday.
Hugh Grant was the best thing in it. It's a shame 'cos I loved the TV show and Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes films are great fun.
Hugh Grant and Divine Brown were a thing.
Do you like ? You should not miss this unique golf segment with Hugh Grant and Charles Barkley:
This is the danger:the likes of Matt Dawson,Steve Coogan,Hugh Grant & politicians who don't want a free press expos…
Public says, Hugh Grant's not romantic with his gold digger *** he is 'cunning and conniving.' Own that ugly ***
You can't say 'omg I am LITERALLY Bridget Jones' unless you have posh babes like Hugh Grant and Colin Firth after ya
Hugh Grant will defo be the 'I'm the dad' cameo twist.
He recalls seeing the 1987 adaptation of Maurice starring Hugh Grant and Rupert Graves on the weekend he realised he was ***
If you don't look like Rupert Graves or Hugh Grant, they'll have you playing the gardener.
Hugh Grant didn't need to run for the hills, but BJB is just fine without him thanks to the always endearing Patrick De…
Have you ever considered collaborating with Hugh Grant?.
Sat 9pm Channel 4 & the finest rom com stars of our day! Meg Ryan,Hugh Grant, Simon Callow,Rupert Everett
Unless Ryan Lochte got Hugh Grant-ed and took it out on the call girl, I don't care.
When this whole situation settles down, I wonder if Ryan Lochte will need some advice from Hugh Grant or Eddie Murphy? Just a guess...
Hugh Grant does his best Joan Crawford impression in audition for ‘Mommie Dearest’
What does Hugh Grant think happened to his character, Daniel Cleaver, from Bridget Jones?
Hugh Grant auditions for Joan Crawford’s part in 'Mommie Dearest'
took on Hugh Grant as a customer in a barber shop; either he or his tiny dog shat in the shave basin when I wasn't looking
AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER: Hugh Grant thinks affair can help a marriage last
Hugh Grant on working with Meryl Streep: "Between a great dream and one's worst nightmare"
Hugh Grant says Colin Firth wants to play him in a film 'more than anything': The actor took part in a brilli...
Hugh Grant brands himself a "nasty piece of work" and an "ego-maniac" who believes in extramarital affairs: T...
Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant's Reddit AMA was both revealing and so hilariously British
Hugh Grant thinks cheating is good for marriages
Hugh Grant says affairs the secret to a happy marriage
Hugh Grant discusses the panic attacks he suffers while acting:
BAFTA winners Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant at our screening of
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Hugh Grant on the panic attacks he suffers while acting
Hugh Grant is pretty certain Colin Firth is dying to play him on screen
*snort* be more like Hugh Grant and his former marriage?! No thanks. LOL
Astoria, NY, August 10, 2016—Hugh Grant with Chief Curator David Schwartz at Museum of the…
Hugh Grant joined The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM for the first time on Wednesday in promotion of his upcoming...
Florence Foster Jenkins is very good and, even better, has one of Hugh Grant's best performances:
Great interview with Hugh Grant on Howard Stern show today, likeable and funny
Hugh Grant (HackedOffHugh) compares director Stephen Frears to Woody Allen and Ang Lee
Yes, she is, like Hugh Grant, Simon Helberg & Stephen Frears STUPENDOUS! Oscars: 'Florence Foster Jenkins'
Tune-in tonight to see Hugh Grant discuss Florence Foster Jenkins on It all starts at 12:37ET on CBS
Anyone want free movie pass to see "Florence Foster Jenkins" with Meryl Streep & Hugh Grant tomorrow night at 7pm Tinseltown theater. 😀
MOVIE REVIEW: hits high note with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant
Open book: Hugh Grant, 55, held back little in a chat Sunday with CBS correspondent Tracy Smith…
I want to be Bridget Jones and have Colin Firth and Hugh Grant fighting over me, that's the dream
the Hugh Grant and Colin Firth fight in Bridget Jones' Diary will forever be my favourite film moment EVER
There's a little part of me that always wants Bridget Jones to pick Hugh Grant and I hate that part of me
I've never seen Bridget Jones but from the Tom Cons I have seen Hugh Grant is a weirdddo
We're watching Bridget Jones's Diary and turns to me and goes "I wanna marry Hugh Grant!"
Hugh Grant's hair in Bridget Jones' Diary is on point
Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones is the absolute man
Im sitting across from Hugh Grant and I am imagining myself to be Julia Roberts in Notting Hill. Oh, Jesus help me. What a…
Former co-stars Renee Zellweger & Hugh Grant went to the same event last night https:/…
but is this impacting Hugh Grant's travel plans?
Things I learned watching late night shows...Hugh Grant is hilarious, Miles Teller is not.
Tonight is all-new,. with Hugh Grant,. Nikki Glaser. and music from Miranda Lambert!. After
This May and Merkel thing looks all set to be the sequel to Hugh Grant and Billy Bob Thornton's Love Actually tear up.
Re watching Bridget Jones diary and Bridget Jones because who can resist young Colin Firth and Hugh Grant 😍
I want someone to look at me the way Hugh Grant looks at Julia Roberts at the end of Notting Hill
what about Whitney Housten declaring her love for Hugh Grant with the Classic "I will always love Hugh"
So basically, Tony Blair should have done to George Bush what Hugh Grant did to Billy Bob Thornton in Love Actually.
Nigel Farage. Just look at him. And yet he's younger than Lee Evans, Nigella Lawson, Hugh Grant, Jane Horrocks...
Hugh Grant is the coach of all-rom-com all-star team and Keira Knightly is the shooting guard. Miles Teller is the stretch four.
Hugh Grant reprising his PM role. Bill Nighy as Farage?
Petition for Hugh Grant to become the next Prime Minister
This would have new rules happened if Hugh Grant were still the Prime Minister.
43. About a Boy - dir. Chris and Paul Weitz. 🎬Fun family movie. 🎬Hugh Grant tho. 🎬sweet movie about life changing momnt ht…
i'm watching Notting Hill right now and wouldnt mind Hugh Grant's face being the last one i see.
How to survive a plague. It's about the AIDS crisis in the 80s. It's sad I cried but it's amazing or anything with Hugh Grant
Amanda Platell bodyshaming Hugh Grant in today's paper is a joke. Wonder how she would react to comments about her chins?
If you're reading the Daily Mail... my guess is you should not expect much! Hugh Grant is fab in every possible way!
Srii sehaat to ♫ Way Back Into Love by Hugh Grant, Haley Bennett & Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett (at Hotel) —
I would really like it if Hugh Grant would marry me pls
-.- NO! H means Hugh Grant or Harry Porter only!
The fight between Collin Firth and Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones's diary is my favorite movie scene ever
Tom Hanks was SNL. Halle Berry should be getting more roles. Doona Bae was the best audience surrogate. Hugh Grant should only play cannibal
Hamilton Collection
British actor Hugh Grant was in attendance on the Philippe-Chatrier Court to watch Andy Murray.
I'm more of a Gary Busey in Lethal Weapon than Hugh Grant in Love Actually, Sugar Norks.
Thomas Sangster is a distant cousin/second cousin, once removed of Hugh Grant
Last night's film: Notting Hill. I am always in the mood for Richard Curtis and young Hugh Grant. Always.
I feel like I could only hope that at some point in my life Hugh Grant and Colin Firth fight over me in the street
New on we talk AMERICAN DREAMZ w/ What would we rather talk about than Hugh Grant? KoЯn. https:…
White Worm is Ken Russell crazy but it has this one amazing Hugh Grant soundless dream sequence. And better than ***
no I was watching a interview on Hugh Grant. & me too omg😍
Why are Hugh Grant and Colin Firth 55 years old😭
Meryl fabulous as ever, Helberg absolutely hillarious, but Hugh Grant steals the show; his best performance ever!
I couldn't be less interested in the movie. Might as well be a rom-com w/ Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant. It looks that level of bad.
Has anyone else noticed how Hugh Grant is morphing into Patrick McGoohan? Prisoner re-make please!.
What was the conversation between you and Hugh Grant in the green room when you were on Alan Carr?
Hugh Grant as the vanquished jockey Ryan Moore. Assume that grey on right is meant to be Chautauqua? Moreira plays himself?
when u wanna tell someone they look like Hugh Grant, but then u accidentally say Van McCann ffs
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Bridget Jones's Diary - Renée Zellweger and Hugh Grant rowing scene-Season of mists and mellow FRUITFULNESS Bridget!
it would be Bridget Jones Diary, so I could show Hugh Grant and Colin Forth how to fight properly.
Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant star in Florence Foster Jenkins | Official Trailer [HD] -
...also they got Howard Wolowitz to accompany Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant. [pic] —
Delightful discovery of the day: Impromptu, a 1991 rom-com about George Sand (Judy Davis) and Chopin (Hugh Grant!!)
"I bet Hugh Grant sends the best goodnight texts." . "Remember when he cheated on Elizabeth Hurley with a prostitute?"
We had an incredible interview today with Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg! More to follow on soon.
Study with a bit of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.
Brilliant performances by Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg in - a moving story with so many laugh out loud moments!
We could have done with Hugh Grant representing us "A friend who bullies us is no longer a friend." Shame we only had
A3 I have a weakness for the meet-cute between Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in
Flat above Notting Hill bookshop that inspired Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts romance in hit film is for sale:.
If you like Hugh Grant its IMO one of his better ones. Has Julia Roberts etc. He was cute at that age
📹 coconutmilk83: Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg - Behind the Scenes of Florence Foster...
Have a look (and a giggle) at the making of with Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant & Simon Helberg
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Notting Hill is a doc about how awkward civilian Hugh Grant fell into stardom after meeting Julia Roberts. Inspirational and fascinating.
it didn't stop Julia Roberts from making a move on Hugh Grant though!
Nothing like watching Hugh Grant stutter at Julia Roberts after a long day.
I don't think I've ever felt so old till I've seen Hugh Grant on Graham Norton
Hugh Grant's face while listening to Lara Croft's 'Tomb Raider' sound effects is top-...
Joe and Jake went to The Graham Norton Show. Here with Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant, Keeley Hawes.
Have U seen Cloud Atlas? I think of the Asian prosthetics on Hugh Grant, Hugo Weaving, and Halle Berry and I cringe.
Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant arrive for the UK film premiere of ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ a…
Florence Foster Jenkins premiere: A chat with Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep
Hugh Grant, Meryl Streep, Simon Helberg and attend the London premiere of Florence Foster Jenkins. https:…
Shameless twisting of the bad behaviour in the Milly Dowler case simply because Hugh Grant & Steve Coogan. Vile people.
D'you mean the Richard Curtis thing? GOOD. Rhys Ifans is 100% more of a babe than Hugh Grant.
Watching am I mad or does have a bit of a young Hugh Grant about him?
Sam Elliott: "Hugh Grant is the main man. He's the number one romantic comedy man in the world."
So Mum's telling me about the movie coming out with Hugh Grant, and she refers to him as "that other actor from Bridget Jones." Poor Daniel.
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Still sad because of Hugh Grant's absence. Both of his fight scenes with Colin Firth were iconic.
Most normal things to see in Britain:. 1 The Queen walking her dogs. 2 Hugh Grant jogging by. 3 Louis and Harry kissing in a…
I confronted Hugh Grant about whether he is the father of Bridget Jones's Baby. "Nothing to do with me," he said. A mealy-mouthed response.
I really want to know what Hugh Grant has going on in his life that he deems so important that he can't be in Bridget Jones's Baby.
also I hope there is at least a cameo from Hugh Grant...
Patrick Dempsey is no Hugh Grant. But pretty excited about that Bridget Jones trailer nonetheless.
I still don't know if Iike the trailer of the new Bridget Jones. No Hugh Grant? Hum...
British acting legend makes surprise appearance in first Bridget Jones' Baby trailer.
Bridget Jones without Hugh Grant is like bread without butter, mac&cheese without cheese. It's okay, but it feels odd
Don't know how I feel about Bridget Jones without Hugh Grant,it doesn't feel right
not sure how I feel about a new Bridget Jones without hugh grant
Why is Hugh Grant not in the new Bridget Jones . I'm surprisingly cross over this
When you walk into a bar and see an old man with his daughter and on scrutiny realise it's Hugh Grant with his girlfriend.
I'm only 37 years younger than Hugh Grant. This gives me hope.
Why even make Bridget Jones sequel if you are not going to get Hugh Grant in it?
Team Mark. I don't want Mcdreamy to be the baby daddy. 🙈😂 It will be so strange without Hugh Grant.
Where do the likes of Adam Levine, Bono, Hugh Grant, Imran Khan and Prince Albert II enjoy F1 Abu Dhabi? Here...
what do we want with Bridget without her Hugh Grant? -.-
Sad that there's no more Hugh Grant but at least Colin Firth is still there!
At least Daniel is no longer in the picture, hate him! Love Hugh Grant, just Daniel. But I hope it's Mark Darcy's baby.
Hmm no Hugh Grant?? At least Colin Firth is in it and Yasss Emma Thompson!!
Watch the official trailer for Bridget Jones' Baby via
The new Bridget Jones won't be the same without Hugh Grant!
New Bridget Jones looks great but I'm sad that Hugh Grant isn't in it :(
Idk why but i really hate Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell play terrible, likable men in completely different ways in this match.
Someone just did a Hugh Grant on me:"if-if-if-if-if-if you...". I counted 6 at least. Forgot what we were talking about by the end of the ifs
Me too! I don't see Hugh Grant though, I hope he makes an appearance, I love these movies lol
but... But... But... I need my yearly fix of Hugh Grant! 😭
I'm so excited for although i'll miss Hugh Grant
I Love Bridget! But is Hugh Grant not in this movie? 😢
It's annoying Hugh Grant isn't in the new Bridget Jones, why ya gotta be so salty Hugh
Yeah-what was she thinking? SMH - Wonder if Patrick Dempsey and Colin will get into a woosie fight since no more Hugh Grant?
Legit-est trilogy!! Colin Firth doesn't kiss as good as Hugh Grant, tbh. Not that I've… ★ Bridget Jones's Diary —
Bridget Jones isn't gonna be the same without Hugh Grant
I wanted 2say something really bad-but thats what came out-lol-may have heard Hugh Grant say that a time or to. :)
Been working in for more than 4 months now and I've still not located Hugh Grant's Blue Door.
I think Hugh grant is the love of my life???
Just watched the trailer for the new Bridget Jones. It had no Hugh Grant. I draw this to their attention so that they can add him in post.
She's back! Watch the official trailer for here:
So we've lost Hugh Grant but gained Emma Thompson! Perhaps the new Bridget Jones film has potential after all...
Please tell me hugh grant will at least make a cameo in Bridget Jone's baby.
The new Bridget Jones movie looks mint but where is Hugh Grant 😔
I'm all James Bond movies. If a white English male as Hugh Grant as the woman Ghostbusters.
I'm all for the idea of Idris Elba being James Bond. As long as Hugh Grant can play Martin Luther King.
I neglected to mention my favorite scene: Emma Thompson's response to Hugh Grant's declaration of love. So awesome.
Plus Ben Wishaw, Hugo Weaving, James D'Arcy, Jim Sturgess, & Hugh Grant all on screen together can only be a good thing 👍
Meryl Streep & Hugh Grant star in new Florence Foster Jenkins trailer
Amidst all the news of Monsanto fiasco, just found out that the CEO is Hugh Grant!. Surely not the Oxford educated actor from Notting Hill :P
It was not an indie movie. I saw it at my local Cineplex. It starred Hugh Grant as not-Simon Cowell and Dennis Quaid as not…
The only reason my work seems to be eclectic up to a certain period is because I was a failure as an actor. - Hugh Grant
You sound so smart, like Hugh Grant the actor but you're so dumb, like Hugh Grant the person
Hugh Grant is the only actor who I love inspite of his hamming. Love the guy.
Whenever I ring someone in the it's always time to do my best Hugh Grant impression...
"Well we need an actor who can read a monologue at the beginning of the film". "Hugh Grant". "Bingo"
Eddie Redmayne is like a younger, better Hugh Grant... Also I keep expecting him to sing
Didn't know any British man could be more jittery & nervous than Hugh Grant. But Eddie Redmayne came along & changed the game. 🇬🇧
Eddie Redmayne is the second coming of Hugh Grant.
Eddie Redmayne looks a little like Hugh Grant in that tux. Very handsome.
Eddie Redmayne is basically if Hugh Grant was less handsome and he had to learn to actually act
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So, Eddie Redmayne is basically a clone of Hugh Grant, right?
Eddie Redmayne stammers and dithers just like Hugh Grant!
If there was a world where everybody was kind of Hugh Grant, Eddie Redmayne would be the leprechaun.
Eddie Redmayne carries on Hugh Grant's legacy by being charmingly befuddled.
True: Eddie Redmayne is the Masterpiece Theater reboot of Hugh Grant.
Is Eddie Redmayne prepping for the inevitable Hugh Grant biopic?
My : Eddie Redmayne is a more talented Hugh Grant.
Eddie Redmayne is trying SO hard to be Hugh Grant's heir apparent. So hard.
Eddie Redmayne deserves an award for the role he plays everyday--Hugh Grant
Jacobite and pamphleteer Hugh Grant can stick his National Treasure award. By Sir Ephraim Battalion. Really funny.
New post (Hugh Grant awarded Fellowship by British Film Institute) has been published on
Thought of KK opp RE: 'passive terrorism'. Bridget Jones scene where she covers head with scarf for minibreak with Hugh Grant
Florence Foster Jenkins, starring Meryl Streep & Hugh Grant & written by chum Nick Martin - in which I appear as an extra! - opens in May!
Watch the first trailer for 'Florence Foster Jenkins' starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant:
Movies: Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant in a Teaser for Florence Foster Jenkins, a Biopic About the Worst Op... [Vid]
Exclusive teaser: watch Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant in Florence Foster Jenkins | via
my casting for Keep Calm; Sonya Walger, Hugh Grant, Bill Nighy, Graham Mactavish (as bodyguards), Nina Zeheter as Steel
Adam Sandler Jim Carey and Hugh Grant movies on. It’s like the TV gods got together and asked each other “what would make Shaun stab his tv”
I want the car that Hugh Grant drives in the beginning of Four Weddings and a Funeral 😍. I know I won't fit, I'll deal with the leg cramps
One day someone will make a film starring Hugh Grant about Stephanie and Jeremy.
Legitimately Trump is in it. Donald Trump. In a movie with Hugh Grant. That probably a handful of people have watched.
Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Grant, Ricky Martin, Michael Douglas, Rob Lowe - have never been People's Sexiest Man Alive!
I also bought a bunch of Tom Cruise movies for the weekend. And one Hugh Grant. Haven't seen any of these...
MARK RUFFALO speaks his mind to Monsanto CEO, Hugh Grant. After the interview that Hugh Grant gave to CBS This...
[Celebrity Centipede Apprentice]. Trump: You're fired!. Prince: “All 3 of us…or?”. Hugh Grant: mmmff!!. Frankie Muniz flops lifelessly in back
1. Which beastly boy actor had his heart restarted by Teresa Palmer in 2013?. . A) Hank McCoy. B) Hugh Grant. C) Nicholas Hoult. D) Hank Azaria
there will come a time when Richard Gere, Hugh Grant, and Michael Douglas' obituaries come up on these news feeds.
Meryl Streep/Hugh Grant's upcoming movie where Meryl is Florence Foster Jenkins - aka the worst opera singer in the world!
Wonder what took me so long to watch something with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in it!
When Colin Firth and Hugh Grant sing happy birthday mid-fight in Bridget Jones, it's my favourite thing. 😂😂😂
That so-called 'friendship' was brilliantly displayed by Hugh Grant and Billy Bob Thornton in Love Actually
Yea, that was kind of shown in Love Actually, with Hugh Grant and Billy Bob Thornton. LOL!
Well, this is 'Bridget Jones meets Kenneth Branagh meets Richard Curtis'. Think of Colin Firth and Hugh Grant rom-coms
Watching Notting Hill before EB. Happy birthday to the Hugh Grant of Julia Roberts,
I am so Julia Roberts and gets it, still looking for my Hugh Grant
I love 'Notting Hill' (1999) that stars both Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Comedy that 👍👍
if Richard Curtis and/or Hugh Grant starred you would have gone?!
Hugh Grant was here. Julia Roberts was here. I was here. Coincidence? I think not. @ 280…
Ahhh just one of my favorite movies. Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts
I've been watching Julia Roberts back to back. Pretty Woman & Notting Hill. Not my favorites (But they are).Okay stop here goes Hugh Grant!!
The Lost World, Uncle Buck and Bridget Jones are all on ITV2 today. My dinosaur, John Hughes & Hugh Grant loving heart is happy!
. Thats a long way to go for a Hugh Grant film
I very strongly ship Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts just because of Notting Hill
Thanks to the cast of course because: Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan 😻
give me a Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts or Hugh Grant romcom and I'll likely give it a decent shot. lol
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Two great scenes back to back. Praise for the great Joni Mitchell followed by awesome Hugh Grant dancing.
It's going to be me, mum, Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Will be perfect 😊. Marry Christmas 🎅
Notting Hill is bracing itself for the arrival of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts (and Rhys Ifans' underpants).
True, but imagine a Hugh Grant romantic comedy directed by him.
also observation must be right, but at most it means that Hugh Grant is playing Gordon Brown.
I prefer the Notting Hill movie with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts tbh but I love Love Actually too
Imagine how much better our country would be if Hugh Grant actually was our Prime Minister Hugh Grant a tory Prime Minister in Love Actually?!
January's Cheap Date Movie Night selection is "Notting Hill", starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. $10 gets you...
“Don’t forget I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” — Anna (Julia Roberts) to William (Hugh Grant)
All I care about is whether or not Hugh Grant is in the new Bridget Jones movie.
Wait. A. Minute. . ...Hugh Grant isn't going to be in Bridget Jones's Baby?!???
I HATE how Hugh Grant isn't in the new Bridget Jones Diary
A Bridget Jones movie without Hugh Grant is like wearing a sexy bunny costume to an afternoon party...ALL WRONG.
Is it really even a Bridget Jones movie if Hugh Grant isn't in it?
I saw Bridget Jones once & the one with Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts & didn’t like them. So out this in the same category
Any movie with both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in it is a good movie, yes including Bridget Jones 2
Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are so sweet in Love Actually and Bridget Jones's Diary
Sweden abuzz with Hugh Grant baby rumours: Baby gossip quickly spread across Sweden on Monday after a regional...
Hugh Grant circa Bridget Jones' Diary can get it
But Colin Firth is a close second to Hugh Grant... No wonder Bridget Jones had such a tricky decision
Whenever I see Hugh Grant and/or Colin Firth in a film, I immediately wanna watch Bridget Jones
Hugh Grant level of gorgeousness in Bridget Jones' diary is sky high
Strange when girls compare themselves to Bridget Jones when they're lonely. She was getting off with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.
Hugh Grant and Rodrigo Santoro just melted my heart. Ughh, british and hot? Amen! 😋
Goldingtons in Hertfordshire was the setting for the first wedding of the 1994 film where Hugh Grant's character, Charles, meets and falls
As Abbott, Debora-Lee and Hugh Grant pushed for overseas adoption law changes
Can't believe that Gary is watching love actually with me..he absolutely hates Hugh Grant. .made my Christmas
*I make eye-contact with Van McCann look-alike on street* *Hugh Grant begins monologue about love*
My favourite Christmas movie is Love Actually. I especially like seeing Hugh Grant dancing around inside Downing Street xx
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Hugh Grant uneasy about next comedy fight in Bridget Jones 3...
Love Actually is a cinematic masterpiece for many reasons, not least of which is Hugh Grant dancing around 10 downing Street.
there's just something about Hugh Grant and I don't know what it is😍
Finn loves romantic comedies and he gave Hugh Grant and Rob Smith (I think) as examples
depends what you count as canon. Could make arguments for Tom Baker, Hugh Grant, John Hurt & Ecclescake off top of my head
Same country, different topic: Hugh Grant is starting to become Angela Lansbury.
Richard Osman, Hugh Grant, Lily Allen, Uri Geller and Michael Jackson…have a bit of that:
Hugh Grant is among guests as Andy Murray, Tim Henman, Kyle Edmund and David Ferrer take part in today's tournament.
I have the hugest crush on Hugh grant. 💘
na it's more your about your wife realizing she should have married your buddy. & that Hugh Grant is hotter/sleezier than Clinton
When I realized I was in love with Hugh Grant...
Hugh Grant whispers into your ear, “I just murdered a highway drifter.” . How horny do you get?
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