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Hugh Grant

Hugh John Mungo Grant (born 9 September 1960) is an English actor and film producer.

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I don’t like Hugh Grant and I don’t like the kind of movies he stars in-Emraan Hashmi
Where we stayed in Chelsea, I just found out Hugh Grant lived opposite and Frank Lampard lived 4 doors down. Now that's cool!
the movie 'Bridget Jones Diary', Hugh Grant has your sense of humour!!!
Gary Busey as any character previously played by Hugh Grant
Love Actually starring Our Very Own Andrew Lincoln (Rick, TWD) and Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley,etc. is on right now.on my T.V., it's on "W" channel.try and see if you guys can get it!
I fancy so many of the Love Actually cast: Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson...
All I wanna do is find a way back into love 🎶 ♫ Way Back Into Love by Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant —
ComRes asked 2000 voters which hollywood actors would be best suited to portray the party leaders of each major political party ahead of a channel 4 spoof focused on UKIP... Hysterically, Ed Miliband should be played by Rowan Atkinson in a film, according to 27% of the British public! Around one in ten Labour voters think Hugh Grant (12%) and Colin Firth (11%) should play their leader while Sean Bean is UKIP voters most popular choice to play Nigel Farage (14%), closely followed by Alan Rickman (13%). Marie Anne Smith, Kliff Williams, Samuel Nicholson, Rob Sargeant- This had me in stitches! :D
Watching the fight between Hugh Grant & Colin Firth in Bridget Jones 2 & wondering if that is what Clegg & Cameron would look like fighting
Gosh. I am, provided he's not channelling Hugh Grant. I like serious Colin Firth very much.
Jemima re-joins ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant, after separation with Russell Brand. http:/…
Imagine if Tony Abbot did a Hugh Grant when he was talking to President Obama.
I feel like the Andie MacDowell to Hugh Grant.
Swear I just saw Andie MacDowell and Hugh Grant macking out on the street. Someone said it was raining, I didn't notice.
Hugh Grant for a starters, Bill Nighy, Emma Thompson, and that little kid who is now hot af & in the maze runner HOW COULD YOU
Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson starred in what 1995 Jane Austen adaptation? We guessed Pride and Prejudice.
you sure do! British movies with Hugh Grant and Collin Firth in it are a must! 😉
4 Weddings and an Enchantment under the Sea Dance starring Duncan 'Hugh Grant' Metcalfe
I just found a great photo of Hugh Grant 😀 :)
Collin Firth and Hugh Grant are my type bc they british and have both been in films based off of Jane Austen novels
My favorite part of Bridget Jones is when Hugh Grant and Collin Firth fight!!!
Collin Firth and Hugh Grant's fight scene in Bridget Jones Diary 💕
If someone was going to play you in a movie about your life, who would you want it to be? Meryl Streep (along with Hugh Grant) recently signed up to appear as one of Wilkes-Barre’s former residents...
'The Rewrite': Hugh Grant tickles as a has-been View on
Suki Waterhouse shows off her claws at the Unicef UK Halloween Ball at One Mayfair on Thursday night (October ...
Can Dominic West stop playing cads, so I feel less guilty for loving him? Or is it the reverse Hugh Grant?
Stars light up Halloween ball: Guy Ritchie and Hugh Grant were among A-listers at the UNICEF Halloween… RT
Carry your blockbuster video membership card. You can be Hugh Grant from Nottinghill. On second thoughts.
it's like ur hugh grant and I'm Bridget Jones xx
I hate the fact that I love Hugh Grant so much. Why he is so fckn cute with that I-am-good-boy-smile but be badboy at the same time?
I have a certain respect for the fact that Hugh Grant never even tried.
i'm clearing some songs off my ipod and wondering WHY i bought the entire soundtrack to music & lyrics w/ Drew Barrymore & hugh grant
Idea: THE TRIP: CALIFORNIA, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon driving around L.A., but this time with Hugh Grant
I would love a movie with RDJ, Nicolas Cage, Raúl Esparza, Hugh Grant, Hugh Dancy, Hugh Laurie, Colin Firth, Simon Baker, and Gary Sinise
Jon Ronson used to write film reviews for Select in the mid 90s. He once described Hugh Grant as having 'smug hair'.
Didnt know Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei had a movie together! Want to watch it!
Oh Marisa Tomei, you are so much more better than a mediocre clichéd Hugh Grant led un-rom-com. 💤💤💤💤
I rated The Rewrite (2014) 4/10 I like Hugh Grant, and love Marisa Tomei, but that was a waste of my time.
Dan Stevens is no Hugh Grant but he's rather good.
Hugh Grant on Hollywood, hacking and celebrity: Actor Hugh Grant, who became the poster boy for the ...
What is this, a rom com with Hugh Grant now?
Hugh Grant Drops Out of "Bridget Jones 3" via oh no!! It's too much no Daniel Cleaver n Mark Darcy dies 😡😡
Movie News Hugh Grant talks Cloud Atlas and says he is
Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant are tuning up a project together. The pair are in negotiations/talks to join as an yet untitled film directed by Stephen Frears 
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NO! Although I know of it, Hugh Grant is in that right? You def have my interest peaked at this point!
Hugh Grant won't be in Bridget Jones 3... Ruins it for me :(
"who did you have the most chemistry with?" . Hugh Grant: "Sandra Bullock, who I loved and I love to this this day". 😄😍😭
Omg that Hugh Grant joke was so bad lmao!! 😂😂😂
without Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, can't imagine it'd be worth watching!
About to start on is Loose Ends: Clive Anderson, Hugh Grant, Clive Owen, Beverley Knight, Madhu...
Hugh Grant niet langer in 'Bridget Jones 3'
The Rewrite: exclusive clips from new Hugh Grant romcom
Hugh Grant pulls out of the third Bridget Jones's Diary film
My name is Marissa Martinez & I am completely & utterly in love with Harry Styles, Michael Clifford, Evan Peters, & young Hugh Grant.
My aesthetic goal in life lies in a void between 90's Hugh Grant and the lead singer of A-Ha in the video for Take On Me
Hugh Grant: I won't be back for a third 'Bridget Jones' movie.
The best part is that my ex said he'd snog Hugh Grant, so I suggested a foursome
When Orly calls Ichabod 'Hugh Grant' 'Colin Firth' or 'Cumberbatch'...that's going to make Crane very confused.
"It’s frustrating to me." Hugh Grant on the financial failure of 'Cloud Atlas'
Trying to choose between being Owen Wilson or Hugh Grant is harder than choosing between Friends or Seinfeld
Mulle meeldis video Hugh Grant on Hollywood and Projectile Vomiting - The Graham Norton Show (
Hugh Grant, on the other hand, seems like a complete *** in real life :/
Hugh Grant no quiere participar en 'Bridget Jones 3
Watching Hugh Grant dance in movies gives me life
'Julia Robert's got big mouth and Renee Zellweger's top snogger', Hugh Grant says -…
Seriously.. I try to pick a random movie which should not be with hugh grant, and the one I choose is with Drew Barrymore -.-
"Hugh Grant says he's not doing a third 'Bridget Jones'" via
I haven't commented on Hugh Grant dropping out of Bridget Jones' D3 because I refuse to believe it. Nope.
Sarah Bernhardt, Hugh Grant, Matt Hatter ... now Notting Hill venue has a starring role
Fact learned from the podcast: Hugh Grant once made a film called Extreme Measures, but Trevor Eve wasn't in it.
This is the second time I've seen Hugh Grant pretty much slag his on new film off. Genius.
'The new Ice Bucket Challenge' adopted by Stephen Fry, Hugh Grant and Nigella Lawson:
Hugh Grant interviewed by Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode -
Can't cope with Julia Roberts and Hugh grant in the same film 😍
Do very much like Notting Hill. Curtis and Hugh Grant both back at their original best.
I just want to be done with my homework so I can watch Hugh Grant rom-coms.
Hugh Grant admits having children has made him more emotional: ''I'm easily touched these
Hugh grant on Danny Murphy getting the manager role;“I want him to do it. He has proper Fulham blood in him and I think he would be perfect
Advance Showings. The Rewrite. Hugh Grant stars as a jaded writer who learns a few life lessons in this spry...
Hugh grant says if Fulham owner Shahid Khan has any Sense and Sensibility he will appoint Danny Murphy as the club’s manager.
Hugh Grant in Notting Hill is my ultimate dream man.
Great to hear calling on Fulham to appoint that bloke that led us to a European final -
We had a chat with the legend that is Hugh Grant ahead of the release of his latest film, The Rewrite. Report by Andrea Lilly.
Hugh Grant talks to Sky News about stepping back from making films and campaigning against press intrusion.
Hugh Grant on Hollywood, hacking and celebrity
Felt sick to the stomach when I saw that pic of Hugh Grant today.Masonic Cover-up. …
Is he really on? I’ve spent the last 3 minutes listening to Hugh Grant and Newcastle traffic updates.
Just seen that Hugh Grant has revealed he never prepares for his roles. Trust me mate, we already knew that.
Hugh Grant on "good egg" George Clooney: 'I know he's on our side'
Hugh Grant has some BIG Bridget Jones news, folks   10% Off
Hugh Grant on nude hacking scandal: Rewrite star 'frustrated' by people who say Hacked Off is about celebrity privacy ...
Hugh Grant tells talkSPORT: I want Danny Murphy as Fulham manager!:
This is why the have been protected, scroll down to Hugh Grant...Both Masonic Scum. .
91% of Britons wish Hugh Grant was still the Prime Minister.
Hugh Grant and Marissa Tomei star in likeable but imperfect comedy The Rewrite
Oh man Hugh Grant as 007 & a female Ghostbusters. Can you hear me rolling my eyes?
Hugh Grant on playing James Bond: 'I do bring a natural menace to the screen'
Hugh Grant almost didn't get '4 Weddings and a Funeral' role because he was...too handsome?
continue to plug along until Hugh Grant drops the restraining order and realises we are meant to be together. *grinning*
WATCH: met yesterday - and dared to ask him a personal question!
VIDEO: Hugh Grant feels 'too old' for romantic comedies
Can Hugh Grant just be the prime minister in real life
"You are so delightfully weird" talking as if he's in a Hugh Grant movie. I am not your Julia Roberts. More your Rhys Ifans.
Interviews with Fiona Phillips, Hugh Grant and Sir Trevor McDonald at an event for the Child Rescue Alert
Wonderful evening mondrianldn raising money for missingpeople with Hugh Grant and Sir Trevor McDonald…
Every Hugh Grant movie ever made (with the exception of About a Boy, a great flick) is exactly the same. Clumsy English bloke meets and charms his way into the pants of vanilla American woman. Hilarity ensues. No wonder I never watch his movies.
Hugh Grant: 'I'm too old for Rom Coms now'
My favorite the Hugh Grant. ..Love Julia Roberts. ..!
Hugh Grant says he's "too old for rom-coms". I'd also suggest he's too old to SAY rom-com.
Aali just pointed at Hugh Grant and yelled birdy birdy birdy! And for the very first time I thought 'why? he does...
Hugh Grant says he is 'too old' for romantic comedies, show business in general ►►
The latest celeb charity gimmick involves the faces of celebs before any daily sorcery is applied:
Grant: I'm too old for rom coms: Hugh Grant has declared himself too old for romantic comedy at the ...
Photo: See Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley reunite. Time to walk down memory lane.
No!! Best looking 54 yo I know The Rewrite star Hugh Grant says he's 'too old for rom-coms' via
Hugh Grant says he is 'too old' for rom coms: London (AFP) - Hugh Grant declared himself too ol...
I feel like I'm watching a romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock & Hugh Grant 💜 when I watch
3 cheers for the Greens, immune to the Hugh Grant charms of the bankers man in Europe
Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and Luke Evans join Graham for a good old chinwag on at 10.35pm tonight.
sean, mark from a1 and Hugh Grant marry avoid
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Yes but as Hugh Grant famously said to Gene Hackman in 'Extreme Measures', "You're not God."
The GREAT Sir Bobby Charlton was taken to the hospital after he fell ill playing golf with Ruud Gullit, Hugh Grant and Sir Steve Redgrave.
Elinor is supposed to be 19 but Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant are in their mid thirties in this movie. It's a bit of a stretch.
Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and Luke Evans on Graham Norton Tomorrow Night! (Oct 3) Will be mentioned?
Graham Norton will be joined by Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson ...:
I'm watching Love Actually,a 2003 British Christmas-themed romantic comedy film by Richard Curtis,with Hugh Grant,Liam Neeson and ColinFirth
performances in the movie by Shabana Azmi, Hugh Grant & Supriya Pathak were brilliant,the script didn't do much justice to the book.
So did any1 else knew,Hugh Grant starred in an Indian movie wid d beautiful Supriya Pathak, Shahid Kapoor's step mom!
Rory Stewart always looks to me like the love child of Hugh Grant and David Schneider. There, I said it.
Luvvies versus Belarus: Hugh Grant, Jude Law, Joanna Lumley and Stephen Fry take on Europe’s last dictatorship.
Supriya Pathak and Hugh Grant once played lovers on screen! The movie is 'The Bengali Night' :O Gobsmacked.
Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei in leading roles.the 20 year cycle seems to be in full effect. We do need more Marisa though
Marisa Tomei still hot as ever. Hugh Grant back to making the same film again.
Met Pastor Sam who looks so much like Hugh Grant. Also met Pastor Steve who is not so young but so awesome. Two media staff and JOSH. :">
Hugh Grant is finally back in the romcom scene after 5 years! (co-starring Marisa Tomei) opens on 16 Oct.
then he regenerated into Richard E Grant. then Jim Broadbent. Then Hugh Grant xD
TODAY IS Michelle Williams,turns 34 today. She starred in "My Week with Marilyn" which was 7 more days than I got. Macy Gray turns 47 today in Earth years today. Her birthday is a national holiday back on her home planet. Adam Sandler celebrates birthday number 48 today. One year for every movie he's made. His movies have been major supporters of the direct-to-video industry. Hugh Grant celebrates his 54th birthday today... hopefully in a way that won't get him arrested. OK, ladies, is he still hot... or has he cooled down to warm? Former Washington Redskins quarterback and football announcer Joe Theismann turns 65 today. He gave us some of the greatest broken leg footage of all time. National Teddy Bear Day -- The teddy bear was named after President Theodore Roosevelt, after a 1902 incident on a hunting trip in Mississippi. The president found a wounded bear and ordered it killed to put it out of its misery. After reading the story, New York toy store owner Morris Mitchtom got Roosevelt's permission to ...
September 9th: Hugh Grant! Born on this day in 1960, he is an actor best known for stammering and being charming. Starring in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Nottingham Hill, About a Boy and Bridget Jones's Diary he approaches his acting in a way to make it seem spontaneous and soaked in sarcasm. My favorite movie he was in was American Dreamz. What is your favorite Hugh Grant movie? Honorable Mention: Russian playwright and author, Leo Tolstoy 1828 Founder of KFC, Colonel Sanders 1890 (His real name is Harland David Sanders) Soulful singer, Otis Redding 1941 Actor who played Luke Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard, Tom Wopat 1951 Actor and comedian from SNL, Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler 1966 Model, Rachel Hunter 1969 Actor from ER and Ice Age, Goran Visnjic 1972 Loungeful singer and occasional actor, Michael Buble 1975 Actress from Dawson's Creek, Shutter Island, Brokeback Mountain and My Week With Marilyn, Michelle Williams 1980
. OOOH! I love the idea of Michael and Cote as the next Sandra Bullock/Hugh Grant - but with …
See a millionaire paid Liz Hurley £50,000 . for a kiss at a charity ball ,He'd have been better off giving Hugh Grant a shout
Lair of the White Worm has Hugh Grant, Peter Capaldi AND actual heir to the British crown Lady Catherine Oxenberg.
George Clooney to direct UK phone hacking film. Hugh Grant as Andy Coulson?
Need to start a diary as I believe I could be Bridget Jones reincarnate but with less chance of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth fighting over me.
I feel like is the Colin Firth and is the Hugh Grant.
The fight scene between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones will never not be hilarious
Bridget Jones's Diary = a prediction of my life in about 7 years, minus Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, obviously.
is it like Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones?
I've said it before and I'll say it again - Hugh Grant deserved the Oscar in 2000 for Notting Hill ahead of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty
While promoting "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" on the Daily Show, Hugh Grant angrily asked, "What is that clip?...
Hugh Grant stars as Binghamton University teacher in new rom-com. Marisa Tomei is a student.
Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei new movie "The Rewrite." Story about a student and teacher in Binghamton University...
Marisa Tomei goes to and Hugh Grant is her teacher:
We are way past the golden age of Hugh Grant, but I'm still slightly excited for this rom-com. I blame Marisa Tomei.
UK trailer for The Rewrite starring Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei
Video: Hugh Grant doing what he does best in the first trailer for The Rewrite, alongside Marisa Tomei,...
Wow! I just won this for free, Extreme Measures DVD-Hugh Grant (Actor), Gene Hackman (Actor),
Looked up Kristin Scott Thomas. Realize she's in Bitter Moon. Realize Hugh Grant is in Bitter Moon. REALIZE VANGELIS SCORED BITTER MOON.
THE MANY VIEWS OF DETECTIVE *** JAPOWSKI. The lair of the White Worm (1988). Peter Capaldi and Hugh Grant are...
Perhaps you could add: Here are some suggestions... John Terry, Ashley Cole, Vernon Kay or for a bumper payday, Hugh Grant
There's Hugh Grant & Emma Thompson in Love, Actually, but they don't share a ton of screen time.
Telling Jim Sturgess not to flirt is like telling Hugh Grant not to get *** from hookers.
I always forget how great a cast the 1995 version of Sense & Sensibility has. Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Hugh Laurie etc
Waiting for to arrive at King Shaka Airport and I feel a little bit like I'm in a Hugh Grant movie. Love actually is all around.
"... the BPX cable channel … airs film biographies exclusively, 'U.S. Open coming up, golfer biopics all this week, Owen Wilson as Jack Nicklaus, Hugh Grant in The Phil Mickelson Story. . . " . . . and sure enough, here's Christopher Walken starring in The Chi Chi Rodriguez story. . . . Chi Chi wins the 1964 Western Open by a stroke, over Gene Hackman in a cameo as Arnold Palmer." -- _Bleeding Edge_ by Thomas Pynchon, pp. 93-84
"I mean you sound smart like Hugh Grant the actor, but your stupid like Hugh Grant the person" -Steve Smith
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Hayden Christiansen, the Hugh Grant of science fiction
Hugh Grant scrambling over the gate in Notting Hill gets me everytime
Notting Hill is such a cute film that is only made better by Hugh Grant's floppy hair
Never forget Anthony Stewart Head in Nescafe in the 80s..he makes Hugh Grant look like a bag lady
Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant. Who could ask for more?
About A Boy is such a beautiful film, couldn't love a combination more than the one of Hugh Grant and a little Nicholas Hoult
I really, really, really, really, really fancy Hugh Grant.
Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, and Colin Firth... What could be dreamier than this cast ?
"I've never had do anything so physical, unless you count pulling Hugh Grant's hair!" - Colin Firth htt…
Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones, oh my god Daniel Cleaver you beauty 😍
I did this to Hugh Grant with Two Weeks Notice once
watching Love Actually for the first time with Beth because Hugh Grant
Bridget Jones is the cutest movie, but why didn't she end up with Hugh Grant?! 😒
Notting Hill is just too good. I love you forever, Hugh Grant.
I wish Love Actually was a movie about Hugh Grant and Billy Bob Thornton being world leaders who are mad at each other but also in love
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Re-watching and can't decide which is funnier: Hugh Grant as UK prime minister or Billy Bob Thornton as US prez.
Ah, a reminder of Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant!
If my life was a movie it would be Notting Hill, and I would be Hugh Grant, and Julia Roberts would be the love of my life.
"Surreal, but nice." Hugh Grant zu Julia Roberts in 'Notting Hill'.
BRA-GER is like watching a romantic comedy with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts: you already know how it's going to end after 15 mins.
BEHIND THE CURTAIN -- Jay Leno's Tonight Show comes alive in this book by insider DAVE BERG, who spent 18 years as Jay's co-producer. There were always two shows: the one on stage and the one behind the curtain. This narrative weaves both together, featuring the show's most legendary moments, including Hugh Grant's game-changing mea culpa, Arnold Schwarzenegger's shocking political announcement, and the historic booking of Barack Obama as the first sitting president ever to do a late-night show. But it doesn't stop there. Every page is full of zany, wacky and serious moments with celebrities, political and sports figures at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Foreword by Jay Leno and endorsements by Laura Bush, Bill O'Reilly, Bill Maher, Gary Sinise, James Carville & Mary Matalin, Larry the Cable Guy and more. (Pelican Publishing)
Is that where Hugh Grant did his movie with Julia Roberts
I forgot how much I love the movie Notting Hill. Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant are perfection.
say hi to Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant!
Yes, Viking Hill was quite different. Julia Roberts actually invaded Hugh Grant's country to kill the competition
Keep an eye out for Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, live locally apparently.
Colin Firth and Hugh Grant brawling in the street over you
William and Kate will take their seats in the Royal Box on Centre Court alongside Princess Beatrice, Actor Hugh Grant, comedian Michael McIntyre and England rugby union coach Stuart Lancaster.
19 years ago, Hugh Grant was caught on the street with his *** in a hooker's mouth. There's little bar to a Royal Box invite.
That was from Notting Hill only that it was Julia Roberts saying it to Hugh Grant in the movie
Website Builder 728x90
watching Bridget Jones Diary with 8 year old daughter Hugh Grant comes on screen and she says 'ah it's john bishop!' :)
Whenever I wait at Airport Arrivals I can hear Hugh Grant saying Love is actually all around - wait ! Was that Liam Neeson ?
As long as they don't call you Hugh Grant, you're in the clear.
Before finding success in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Hugh Grant was an assistant groundsman at Fulham FC.
Latest dT meeting, location Notting Hill. Disappointed not to see Hugh Grant.
So this happened today... Hugh Grant in Dalston for the East End Film Festival premiere of Rich…
out today. Here's our front page, making Hugh Grant and Holly Willoughby look particularly crimson!
[Y!FB] While Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant and John Cusack may have stolen the limelight at...: While N...
(Hollywood Reporter) Growing links between Hollywood and China were in focus as the Shanghai Film Festival opened over the weekend, with Nicole Kidman, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Hugh Grant, John Cusack and Gong Li adding glamor and a fistful of deals were announced.
Oh *** this Siddharth Malhotra should be bottled and sold. Utterly gorgeous in a Hugh Grant-ish way.
22/11/2011, Steve Coogan with Hugh Grant, gave evidence to Leveson Inquiry favouring regulation of the press now patron
I am a living person. I was born 1967 I am best known as an actress I'm 5'9" tall People magazine has called me one of America's sexist people I turned down Gwyneth Paltrow's Oscar- winning role in Shakespeare in Love. My brother is an actor I was born in the South Entertainment Weekly listed me as one of the 25 greatest actresses of the 1990s I won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in 2001 I graduated from Georgia's Campbell High School in 1985 In 1989. I ate Mystic Pizza I have co-starred with Mel Gibson, Hugh Grant and Brad Pitt Ypu have seen me in Steel Magnolias I married a country music star Forbes named me the "most powerful celebrity on the planet" in 2000 Richard Gere and I reunited on-screen in 1999 In My Best Freind's Wedding i tried to steel the groom I've played a runaway bride and I've never been one I've been called a pretty woman and I've played one. Who am I ???
Cause sometimes a girl needs some time alone with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore
I avoid Hugh Grant too but I like Matt Damon in the Bourne movies. He is quite monotone as well, though.Kevin Costner also dull
|| Where are the Benedict, Gary Oldman, Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, Matthew Goode and Hugh Grant fakes at?
Sandra Bullock was honored with the Decade of Hotness prize at Spike Guys' Choice Awards last night (06.07.14). The 49-year-old actress was joined on stage by three of her past co-stars, Hugh Grant,...
On Saturday, June 7, Sandra Bullock was awarded the Decade of Hotness title at Spike TV's Guys' Choice Awards. Surrounded by past co-stars Hugh Grant, Keanu Reeves and Matthew McConaughey, she was handed a gold "Mantlers" trophy, which hope...
Hey ladies! How would you feel being surrounded by the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Keanu Reeves and Hugh Grant? We’re thinking you’d feel pretty darn good. That same feeling resonated on the beautiful face of Sandra Bullock. The 49-year-old… [ 312 more words. ]
Unless the Hugh Grant movie is wrong and Will isn't as big a *** in the book. I found High Fidelity hard to read so gave up on Nick Hornby
It's a Speed reunion and a trio of hotness! Sandra Bullock hangs out with former co-star Keanu Reeves and with British hottie Hugh Grant at the 2014 Guys Choice Awards, where she was awarded the Decade of Hotness award.
Not one but three of her hunky leading men, Hugh Grant, Keanu Reeves and Matthew McConaughey took to the stage to present the beautiful brunette with her gold 'mantlers,' a Miss World-style blingy crown, sash, and a bouquet of red roses.
Nice to know getting off your *** and if you're still up for the task, picking up a roadside slapper like Hugh Grant is helping our economy! (Altho If I was with Liz Hurley a line would do me!)
Colin Firth's & Hugh Grant's fights in Bridget Jones are the best ever!
there's also Leo DiCaprio, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth ((when they were a bit younger tho))
DVD Bridget Jones 'The Edge of Reason' Starring Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. £1 and postage £1.17 to jeanne
When my cats fight each other, they bear an uncanny resemblance to Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in "Bridget Jones' Diary".
Daily Message from the Spiritual Mogul - May 28, 2014 The Importance of Energetic Polarity What Were These Men THINKING? Remember when Hugh Grant cheated on Elizabeth Hurley with the prostitute? Hurley was considered at the time one of the most beautiful women in the world. And everyone thought that Grant was crazy. Or how about Arnold Schwarzenegger cheating on Maria Shriver with their housekeeper, Mildred, and having a child with her?... Why in the world would these men DO this? Well, it is because men are not really attracted to looks as much as they are attracted to ENERGY. If a woman turns on her MASCULINE energy, then the man cannot see her as an attractive WOMAN. In Arnold's case, he is a very MASCULINE man, yet his wife Maria was ALSO very masculine. So there was no polarity and he looked for the first FEMININE energy he could find, his housekeeper, even though physically by most standards, she is not the LEAST bit attractive. In Hugh's case, he is running more FEMININE energy, so since Elizabe .. ...
With Moni yesterday at Portobello Market in London in the Rain. We walked around and found the Bookstore from the Movie " Notting Hill" with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Inside the Store you can search for Bob! 😁 Later Bob on Stick at the blue Door also from the you remember Spike nearly naked when he opened the Door and all the Reporters where doing Pictures from him?
you want a funny film watch anything with Robin Williams in or Hugh Grant or Ben Stiller
Just finished Extreme Measures. A decent, not perfect but rather enjoyable thriller/drama. Great performances from Gene Hackman, Hugh Grant and the rest of the cast. Overall: 7.6/10= Very enjoyable thriller/drama and most different thing I've seen Hugh Grant do in years (and I do like him).
I love the McConnaissance, but you've got to admit that Hugh Grant really owned romantic comedy.
so far we've had Hugh Grant, David Jason and now Ross Kemp. There's more have adopted this approach than I thought.
Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant star in this captivating romantic comedy that swept the Ten Best Lists and was named the Best Picture of the Year by the Golden Globes(r). Based on Jane Austen's classic novel, Sense and Sensibility tells of the Dashwood sisters, sensible E...…
watching Sense and Sensibility again, something in Jane Austen calls to me, I also love Pride and Prejudice and Emma, I love how Emma Thompson and Keira Knightly and Gwyneth Paltrow bring the characters to life and their supporting casts, including Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant
Good luck runners in the Belfast city Marathon today in memory of Bronagh Vernon, Hugh Grant & Oisin McGuinness
Jude Law & Hugh Grant have a lot to answer for
TRUTH! Good King Wenseslas now. Hugh Grant is looking for Natalie
I added a video to a playlist Music and Lyrics - Hugh Grant - Dance With Me Tonight FULL SONG WITH
please follow I mean she even fancies Hugh Grant! You have to follow her.
RIGHT!? it's like... wow way to be a retread of Pretty Woman and Every Hugh Grant Movie in the 90s all at once
also 4 weddings and a funeral, absolute belter a Hugh grant classic and valentines day... A guilty pleasure 😂
Watching Love Actually. Hugh Grant is about to kick Billy Bob Thornton' *** over Natalie.
How does one choose between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth?
Hugh Grant is the best man, like a dream man ohhh nooo 🎩👔👖👞
yknow there's no such thing as a 'British accent'? Really pisses me off when people think we all talk like Hugh Grant.
Hugh Grant meets a 12-year-old boy that changes his life in About A Boy. Watch it anytime on GO:
I like older Hugh Grant, where he's teetering on the edge of skeeze.
And now the ensuing conversation about Hugh Grant has led to a discussion about foppishness and its etymology. Because that's how we roll.
The husband makes fun of my love for About a Boy by calling it a dumb *** Hugh Grant movie - then he picks Notting Hill. I don't understand.
Goodnight gotta go to bed .like Hugh grant n shame warne used to say i gotta be up Hurley in the morning
There's just something about Hugh Grant mmm
Great day had by all today.Thank you to Grant for the support. well done!
apparently Hugh Grant was in Burger King earlier WHY WAS HE EVEN IN RUGELEY?
Actor Hugh Grant visits Burntwood to launch new emergency service vehicle. Read more:...
Cant believe hugh grant was in Burntwood this afternoon and noone told me!
I fancy Hugh Grant so much I need him
I have such a humongous crush on Hugh Grant its unreal
Seriously seriously good performance of Sense and Sensibility tonight. Tears streaming. Watch out Hugh Grant...
Hugh Grant has been in the Midlands to unveil a First Responders vehicle in...
Why couldn't my Dad of worked alongside Hugh Grant and got to be a baddy in Spider-Man 🙈😂
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it's on Hold the Front Page or Birmingham Press Club website. Love your Hugh Grant pic today.
Hugh Grant is so attractive but Colin Firth oh my god
Hollywood star Hugh Grant hands over a brand new car for Burntwood CFRs
Impossibly young Hugh Grant and Peter Capaldi in "Lair of the White Worm" (1988)
Hugh Grant is defo my favourite actor
irresistible appeal of the British guy: Erm...Hugh Grant isn't a typical
Why was I not informed that Hugh Grant was in rugeley today! Im extremely disappointed!
Making some last minute changes so that I can say the words "hugh grant" in the West Midlands update at 10:30 . See you there.
Why is my aunt hanging out with Hugh Grant all of a sudden ?! Yeye that's cool don't worry about Alice over here ✋
Rob Brydon cracks me up on the trip, his Hugh Grant impersonation is the BEST. 👌
oh look there’s St Paul’s Cathedral and Hugh Grant it must be classy.
Rupert should have just asked his pal Hugh Grant for an introduction if he wanted to meet a prostitute
"if you call me Hugh Grant one more time I'm going to take your platinum visa card and shove it right up your.!"
how did just mistake Hugh grant for Rob Brydon
Well done to my mate who roped some actor guy called into helping out at his charity event
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Can't believe Hugh Grant was in Burntwood today & I wasn't there :-(
P-Hugh what a close thing, was nearly Grant-ed a new rider 's launch
Garfield is so going to be the Indie Hugh Grant when he grows up.
Have fun chaps. I'm off to the local public house for some warm flat ale. Tally *** (all in a Hugh Grant accent ;-))
Hugh Grant was guest of honour at at Burntwood charity event today
MOM: What are you doing?. ME: Watching 4 Weddings and a Funeral with Hugh Grant and Andie McDowell. MOM: Yeah right! You don’…
Actor Hugh Grant unveils new Community First Responders' new Response car:.
Golly, I think Bridget Jones's Diary is just sooo funny and Hugh Grant really is quite a dish!!
Life is over! Just found out hugh grant was in burntwood. Who failed to notify me?!?!
FAMOUS UK Actor Hugh Grant was in Burntwood today as the star guest at the official launch of a new emergency medical service vehicle. The actor, famous for a host of films including Four Weddings...
Hollywood star Hugh Grant has unveiled a new car to be used by community first responders in Burntwood. He was part of a glitzy ceremony at Burntwood Rugby Club this afternoon (May 2) where the response vehicle was showcased for the first time. …
Dead jealous,gutted not fair. Gemma has stood on the Stafford station today next too Hugh Grant. Gutted cos I had just dropped her off at the station. Knew I should have gone on the platform to see her off. Dam Dam dam oppourtunity missed !
So Hugh Grant was in Burntwood today! How did I miss that???
Well I have just found out Hugh Grant has been to Burntwood Rugby club today why did someone not tell me?
Look Hugh grant for the first responders yipppe a job I can't wait to volenteer my time todo
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Ok ok next train problem. I've got myself a table seat and opposite me is a polite young man with a laptop. He's sat awkwardly because the sun is to the left and is shining on his screen. I'm also suffering with my extremely shiney phone screen and want to put the blind down but we are both wearing headphones and I've turned more foppish than Hugh Grant. God.
Oh nice little treat itv-hd, central news we get on that, but up pops hugh sorted :)
Hugh Grant has told ITV News Central presenter Sameena Ali-Khan that he is brave to be in the Midlands. The actor has been in the region to unveil Burntwood and District Community First Responder's new vehicle. Hugh is an ambassador for the scheme.
I have just seen my cousin kissing Hugh Grant on the news !
So the prime minister was in the studio yesterday and Hugh Grant is in the region today, I know who I am gutted I missed!! Lucky Sameena Ali-Khan- I envy you today- xx
Hugh grant! And we made it on the central news tonight!!! Xxx
Cant believe Hugh grant was at Burntwood rugby club, bloody missed it !
Just a normal lunchtime at Burntwood Rugby Club with Hugh Grant and guests. A fantastic event for a very worthy cause - well done to all involved.
It's not everyday you get to spend your day with Hugh Grant! Fantastic to be involved in organising and running the event this morning to unveil the new Burntwood Community First Responders ambulance. Handling loads of press too!
I'm having one of those "Hugh Grant Hair" kind of days. For the uninitiated, that's a good thing.
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