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Hugh Dancy

Hugh Dancy (born 19 June 1975) is an English Emmy Award-nominated actor and model.

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Hugh Dancy was the first celebrity crush I had where I was like, SHOCKED by how old he was lol. He was like 30 and I was. 13? Maybe?
Tbh I only started Pastrygram cause y'all kept calling Hugh Dancy a cinnamon roll and I went with it. Some will say…
. *throws a towel over his head* . There, I can see again. Stupid Hugh Dancy.
John Hurt (pictured here with Shooting Dogs co-star Hugh Dancy). The great man turns 77 today.
Exclusive photos from Hugh Dancy to February/March, 2015. Photos by:
I am so happy that this show exists, mostly to give Hugh Dancy and Michelle Monaghan super-interesting characters to play.
Kojima please hire Hugh Dancy for Death Stranding look what I've got for you if you do it
//I already have Lego Will for Hugh Dancy to sign. I want the whole set: Lego Hannibal, Will and Bryan!
Kojima hire Hugh Dancy and you can see that LIVE
Hugh Dancy's laughter lines are love. ♥
I hope Kojima intends to work with Hugh Dancy in the future sob please adopt this precious lamb
is that the one with Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne?
Made this for the Hugh Dancy fanbook :X. Hope it's alright...
Who knows,but DrFlynn is in the movies!Played by Hugh Dancy ☺
Fun fact, according to Hugh Dancy, this was originally a strawberry. Are you enjoying that revised mental picture?…
📷 Another one of handsome gent Hugh Dancy for the Observer
I didn't expect Cal to say to Sarah what he did to Silas 😱. Hugh Dancy is fantastic as ever 💕.
Jensen Ackles: Destiel doesn't exist. Hugh Dancy, 2013: I don't think Hannigram will be a romantic item, but I won't take t…
And here we have a picture of Hugh Dancy where he looks like a doll person.
Tonight on the show: Cate Blanchett, Hugh Dancy, and
imagine Hugh Dancy being adorable at the same level :3 (28 days)
Hulu's The Path gets even more esoteric — and better — in season 2 - So proud of my friend, Hugh Dancy,...
Hugh Dancy talking about Cal Roberts: "My character...". Hugh Dancy talking about Will Graham: *refers to himself as if he…
This ALSO has the best version of Will Graham played Hugh Dancy. The series takes William Peterson's version & takes it to a new level.
I'm watching David Copperfield with Hugh Dancy. He is so young here.
📷 Patrick Wilson, Hugh Dancy, and Gabby Hoffman in rehearsal for Willie Nelson by Christopher Oscar...
I know Basic Instinct 2 is kinda trash but it has David Morrissey & Hugh Dancy but this would also take 2h of my life time but Hugh Dancy 🙆
Colin Firth, Hugh Dancy and Colin Morgan in one movie. I won't survive that...wait Emily it's going to be there too
Ella Enchanted is an underrated masterpiece. Hugh Dancy, Cary Elwes, Eric Idle, Heidi Klum?? And that Queen cover??? ICONIC.
Even when. My heart won't stop pounding. I'll keep on even… ♫ Even Then by Lea Michele, Megan Hilty & Hugh Dancy —
Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy attend the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on 09.18, 2016 in LA. htt…
Next up: Hugh Dancy cast as conflicted first officer and Lawrence Fishburne as the sector commodore.
So I'm on episode 7 and 4 things:. Michelle Monaghan is an amazing actress. Aaron Paul frown a lot. Hawk is precious bby. Hugh Dancy handsome
Blood and Chocolate (dvd no cover) Agnes Bruckner, Olivier Martinez, Hugh Dancy
So many great British actors in Black Hawk Down. Including the forgotten Tom Hardy, Hugh Dancy. & Danish Nikolaj Waldau (currently watching)
//Oh my gods I'm just imagining tiny little mini Hugh Dancy and Martin Freeman now. IT'S SO ADORABLE!
//I just want to take little Hugh Dancy and Martin Freeman and put then in my pocket. I shall call it 'Two Brits in a Pocket.'
huh. Hugh Dancy as sweet bunny Robbie Ross.
First shot of Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes at the alongside designer
Hugh Dancy and and wife Clair Danes in New York yesterday 😌😊
Tonight I met someone who went to school with Hugh Dancy, and he called him "Claire Danes' husband, who is also an actor."
I owe Hugh Dancy an apology. Claire Danes too probably. Mads Mikkelsen? Na, he'd find it hilarious.
King Arthur is on! Shameless confession: I love this movie. I love Hugh Dancy and Ioan Gruffudd. And Clive Owen. And Keira Knightley.
are you mad that Hugh Dancy is extending upon Dennis Reynold's character in "The Path?"
granpappy-winchester: I really love that Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen have this innate ability in every...
Hugh's "Tempo" scarred me tonight. I saw that piece of trash twice, too. (because I'm trash. Hugh Dancy trash. And now I'm bitter).
PS Whilst in hospital, I was forced to watch an episode of The Path. Love the opening visuals & Hugh Dancy. The rest? Meh.
Hugh shares his top 10 favorite books with NYTimes
And I just saw that Hugh Dancy is going to be Dr. Flynn !!! OMG !!
Hugh Dancy is another amazing addition to the cast and just how we pictured Dr Flynn...he's such a great actor htt…
Just when you thought he couldn't get any cuter... went and got a puppy:
It's got Aaron Paul and Hugh Dancy - but is Hulu's The Path...
How many favourite books do you share with Hugh Dancy?.
3.) Hugh Dancy- ...does this even need commentary he's just a beautiful person with beautiful hair
ICYMI: is officially returning for the
We can't handle the cuteness! took his new puppy to a red carpet event:
Tumblr:late night conversations get deep. Liss & Anna:so if you fill Hugh Dancy's *** with biscuits and beer will Mads come a-running?
Hugh Dancy is so good in this very non-Will Graham role. Plus Aaron Paul & Kathleen Turner! Check out
By default, my favorite Hugh Dancy film is Martha Marcy May Marlene as I love Sarah Paulson & that was just phenomenal
I hate Hugh Dancy because I was/am so emotionally invested in Will Graham it's DISGUSTING
who keeps picking up stray dogs and naming them after Dickens' child characters. Again, Hugh Dancy please.
is it Hugh Dancy or the character? I am all in on both. Also there is some action later on, but it the tableaus are constant.
3. Hugh Dancy. • very nice 2 look at. • is the Will Graham. • loves bein covered in fake blood. • pumpkin enthusiast
us "do I look *** enough?" "on a scale from straight-Will Graham, you're definitely Hugh Dancy."
Happy birthday to Hugh Dancy. A brilliant actor and even more brilliant friend to Mads.
Life is hard when Hugh Dancy exists and you can't have him.
ok i'm very interested in Essex Hugh Dancy
Hugh Dancy just got married wearing a velvet glittery tux. If Harry Styles doesn't wear something similar I'll be so disappointed.
We're watching Ella Enchanted and Hugh Dancy is wearing leather trousers plus a crushed velvet pink waistcoat
that's why it's only a dream. I don't think Hugh Dancy can be mean to anyone. 😕
Hugh Dancy is actually an otter: confirmed
Hugh Dancy was cast by The Path show-runner immediately after she found out Hannibal was cancelled. "She wrote me a nice …
📷 hannibalsdong: here have some pictures of hugh dancy for burberry bc holy frickk (X)
Hannibal being cancelled was just brought up, an audience member cried out loud. Hugh Dancy: "I completely agree with th…
📷 carrot931: Hugh Dancy is nominated for Hannibal, go here Vote tons for Hugh...
Things that would make a better president than Donald trump Hugh Dancy's beard
It's not often that we see Hugh Dancy wearing sunglasses, but when he does, he levitates.
The Pride featuring Ben Wishaw, Hugh Dancy, and Andrea Riseborough; and Nick Dear's stage adaptation of Frankenstein. *sigh*
We've just watched the most 90s movie of all time 'The Jane Austen Book Club' & I have to say fetus Hugh Dancy playing Grig is bae
Still a better haircut than Hugh Dancy's.
If Hannibal ever returns, it'll have "quite a change in tone"
Me han confundido con Hugh Dancy. What a beautiful sweaty day to be alive.
can we just clone Hugh dancy or maybe shrink him down into puppy form and clone that? it's either that or I need my fix!
"You called us Murder Besties” ⁰- (Hugh Dancy, slurring across the room after getting drunk, probably)
Getting Hugh Dancy drunk is the greatest thing that came out of the whole CCA business tbh
Are you guys watching the for Hugh Dancy?
Hugh Dancy is the Best Actor in Drama Series. Pass it on.
Hugh Dancy on his hopes for to return one day, how Season 3 ended and more
Wes Bentley + Hugh Dancy and more at the Awards:
Hugh Dancy probably heard "Hannibal Lecter's bestie" and was like, Alright I'm gonna drink myself into a coma.
Hugh Dancy before the Fannibals got him drunk 😆
Hugh Dancy, starred in Hannibal, age 40, born in England.
I quite like Hugh Dancy as an actor, so why do I find him so annoying in Hannibal?
In other news I just heard Hugh Dancy sing. OH WOW. SEND HELP.
to Hugh Dancy, thank you for the SMOLDER!
to Hugh Dancy and also 10 puppies so he knows it's from the fannibals.
for the incredibly talented Hugh Dancy!
📷 radiomeow: Critics Choice Awards 2016, AKA operation get our bestie Hugh Dancy really drunk
Real talk: "episode 1" of the BBC's Daniel Deronda starring Hugh Dancy is number 4 on my iTunes top 25 most played list.
I agree. Hugh Dancy is genuine class. We want him to win but he'll be OK. He looked happy 😍
Hugh Dancy | he became one of the most important sunshines in my life in 2k15, ilhsm
Media confirmation: operation get Hugh Dancy drunk was a smashing success 😏
Hannibal star Hugh Dancy talks Season 4, Hannibal Movie and a new Clarice Starling.
Ugh don't even get me started on them! Claire Danes then left Billy Crudup for Hugh Dancy!
Remember when Hugh Dancy made out with Ben Whishaw? Remember when Ben Whishaw made out with Eddie Redmayne? The circle of life.
Lots of laughs when Hugh Dancy was asked whether working on dark series is more relaxing than
I think Lawrence Fishburne "undressing" Hugh Dancy from his tethers is kinda sexy... 😊
|| I’m laughing. The gif is Julianne Moore, Hugh Dancy and Eddie Redmayne
Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy started filming more than a little while ago and it looks really good.
First Look: Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy in Hulu’s ‘The Path’ via this is scientology story
First look images from The Path starring Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy
My sister and I are watching Cinderella and all I can think about is Ella Enchanted. I want Hugh Dancy.
My god Hugh Dancy is beautiful in Ella Enchanted!
actress talks love and marriage with fellow actor Hugh Dancy
William Petersen is pretty good as Will Graham, and is a pretty good basis for Hugh Dancy's interpretation of the character
Oh, you never forget first love... just swap it from William Petersen to Hugh Dancy!
Why did I watch all on my own? I cried my eyes out 😭 But it's such a wonderful movie! Rose Byrne and Hugh Dancy did a fantastic job 💞
Hugh Dancy photographed by Mikael Jansson for the GAP
mine would be Lee pace and Bryan Fuller but recently I developed a fascination for Hugh Dancy as well xx
Hugh Dancy during his time at St. Peter's College, Oxford circa 1994. Courtesy of Alexander Fiske-Harrison
Hugh Dancy as Will Graham in is one of the best character portrayals I've ever seen. He's also hot af!!
that moment when Hugh Dancy finally stopped trollin' and said that hannigram was in fact a romantic relationship. I was …
Hugh Dancy is a vampire, pass it on.
*every time there's a new photoshoot with hugh dancy*. me: CAN THIS BE Will Graham'S MURDER HUSBAND LOOK ??
Is there anyone available to help with the polls? The % is moving nowhere >_>.
nuh uhh, Hugh Dancy will most definitely steal them from me 😠
📹 anorexorcist13: Hugh Dancy on Will’s wardrobe. “For me the pitfall there was not to be just a...
I've been voting an hour and it's gone up like 0.07% 😂.
Sam is behind, we need to pull him ahead! Keep voting!
Mads in Fair Isle calling Hugh Dancy "wee man" is what I needed this morning
To show your appreciation for art, VOTE for him in the poll💞. ➡️
Hugh Dancy is definitely the only man that would make me change my mind and want children. I can't even ...
Update: Hugh Dancy is still a beautiful man.
I know we've lost some ground with the polls, but we CAN catch up again! We just need to keep it up until December!.
A happy Friday, courtesy of on the set of with and Hugh Dancy.
I know everyone compares Hugh Dancy to a puppy, and I support that, but look at this adorable pup!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Was not my intention but he sort of looks like Hugh dancy.
. & Hugh Dancy are an exceptional team. & reunite them.
Good looks must run in the family. Say hello to Hugh's brother, Jack Dancy, co-director of https…
Vote to for Rami Malek to get an honorable nomination for Best Drama Actor for the 2016 Golden Globe Awards. You... ht…
I miss watching Hugh dancy's cute face.
Rami hasn't been nominated YET for a Golden Globe, you have to vote to get him on the list. So go vote in the poll - h…
A great opportunity to show your appreciation of work❤️ 🔥VOTE🔥:
Who is your pick for Actor in a Drama Series? Vote for Lee
And Hugh falling behind by 5% points. While there vote for him as well. .
When is the happy prince happening when will I get Rupert Everett as Oscar Wilde and Hugh Dancy as Robbie Ross I NEED IT
Wes Bentley, the original Thomas in VENUS IN FUR, is the Will Graham of He got Hugh Dancy's sloppy seconds for a change.
I still think Hugh Dancy in Ella Enchanted was a gift to us all.
Sometimes I get random urges to fake either Andrew Lincoln, Hugh Dancy or Robert Downey Jr but I don't think I could get them right.
The cast list on Black Hawk Down is nuts. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Tom Hardy, Hugh Dancy & Ty Burrell all "before-they-were-famous".
Hugh Dancy che pensa a Mads Mikkelsen like :
Shame ended but was good while it lasted.Hugh Dancy's the definitive Will Graham + Mads Mikkelsen came close to usurping Brian Cox
Hugh Dancy signed up for Jason Katims' new Hulu show, Mads Mikkelsen's going to be in a "Star Wars" movie...
Dear One awe-some part of Hannibal is, Hugh Dancy as Will Graham
I'd like to remind everyone that Hugh Dancy starred in a movie called
"Is Hannibal in love with me?" I love Hugh Dancy's acting here. So much internal conflict obvious
Gawd, Hugh Dancy has the wounded look down to a science. *** him.
I really want to know what Hugh "it's platonic love" Dancy's reaction was when he found out Hannigram was becoming canon.
Hugh Dancy's hand are never off topic!
Here's a little video I made of Hugh Dancy. Because he drives me crazy.
it would definitely help so you can have a general idea of Nigel and Adams personalities. Hugh Dancy is so amazing in 'Adam'.
Actual photo of Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen's biological child
Hugh Dancy is just so good. If this season's the last we see of him as Will Graham I will be extremely disappointed.
Hugh Dancy does a freaking amazing job of playing Will's two warring sides - the guilt and compassion vs. the curious killer ALL AT ONCE.
Dear We need a home, please take us with you. We can be good. We also love Hugh Dancy.
Dear is unlike any other show. It has Hugh Dancy so you know it's good.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
General note that Hugh Dancy has beautiful delicate hands.
is supported by amazing talent such as Hugh Dancy
Isn't Blood and Chocolate also the name of a werewolf movie that Hugh Dancy was in?.
So the book’s title IS Blood & Chocolate? Getting a lot of mileage from that Hugh Dancy movie reference, eh?
Assumptions you make when you can't watch the show: *pets hugh dancy* cute cute cute
"It’s an instant love between them, it is as if Will met not the best chess player in the world" Hugh Dancy, cute
"The bond with is, even for Will, a source of uncontrolled, involuntary pleasure." Hugh Dancy, so sweet/cute
.Hugh Dancy is perfection as Will Graham. Pls pick up
WATCHING tonight i love this show Laurence Fishburne an Mads Mikkelsen an Hugh Dancy ,Rock
Hugh Dancy's facial expressions are an 11/10 tonight.
Will and Molly getting their sex games on. Ok, it's Hugh Dancy & Nina Arianda performing in "Venus in Fur".
and The Way with Aaron Paul, Hugh Dancy and Michelle Monaghan. A Jason Katims production. ;-)
I'm actually glad that Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugh Dancy, and Mads Mikkelsen aren't on social media because if they did-
Oh hey, Molly is played by Hugh Dancy's Venus in Fur co-star. I didn't see Venus in Fur but my dad would not shut up about it for weks.
Currently watching King Arthur and I recognize many actors. Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, Ioan Gruffudd and Keira Knightley for instance.
Hold on... Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen were in King Arthur together. I guess I have a movie to watch.
*** appena visto i love shopping solo per Hugh Dancy e Joan Cusack. Please erase my mind now
Dear A life with Hannibal is like Mads Mikkelson without Hugh Dancy.
Dear and the Emmy for Best Actor 2016 is a tie going to Mads Mikkelson & Hugh Dancy
Hugh Dancy and/or Mads Mikkelsen covered in blood.
Hugh Dancy & Mads Mikkelsen are the finest actors on TV. are so lucky to have such talent on their channel.
Imagine Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy on Alan Carr's, Jonathan Ross' and Graham Norton's shows everyday *-*
Imagine Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year
Hooked on Hugh Dancy shines as Will Graham, while the terrific Mads Mikkelsen is incredible as Hannibal Lecter...
Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are too precious for this world
Daniel Deronda rewatch. Hugh Dancy is so beautiful it hurts
Watching the BBC's Daniel Deronda bc I watched all of Hannibal last week and I'm in love with Hugh Dancy again just like I was when I was 16
i swear Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes are the cutest 😭
A little late but some quick shots of and Hugh Dancy at the press room!
"A lot of Francis Bacon went into - . "And a lot of bacon." - Hugh Dancy. First of all, how dare y…
adding Showtime, Claire Danes on Homeland needs Hugh Dancy on so please
Let's unite Hugh Dancy with his wife Claire Danes on the same network!
Watching Martha Marcy May Marlene for the second time. I forgot that Sarah Paulson and Hugh Dancy were in this.
Congratulations to Hannibal, Hugh Dancy and Laurenc Fishburne on their Saturn Awards Win!
bc it has an amazing cast: Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, Joe Anderson, Caroline Dhavernas etc :)
Happy birthday to a fine up-and-coming talent of the and Hugh Dancy.
Happy Wednesday, please never forget that Eddie Redmayne, Hugh Dancy, and Julianne Moore had a threesome in a movie
2013 NPH vs Tina Fey and Amy Poehler via You can see Hugh Dancy an…
Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy were at my parents' gig last night omg ?
The fandom needs Hugh Dancy in those same William Petersen wore in Manhunter. We KNOW you can make it happen.
Thank you for our 6 nominations: Michael Pitt, Caroline Dhavernas, Laurence Fishburne, Hugh Dancy, Mads M…
Photoset: Hannibal!AU: Hugh Dancy takes on the role of serial killer and cannibal, Hannibal Lecter with...
All I want for Mardi Gras is Raul Esparza or Hugh Dancy or Mads Mikkelsen . Or all of them. Okay?. Okay. xo
And just looked at the cast list to this movie and got really depressed. How do you waste Patrick Stewart, Hugh Dancy, Bernadette Peters...
Wonder what the balance of power will be this time. Tony winner Nina Arianda joins Hugh Dancy as his wife in
Odds & Ends! FROZEN's on reprising His Olaf on Broadway, Nina Arianda reunites with Hugh Dancy & more:
Hugh Dancy at The 11th Annual White Tie and Tiara Ball to Benefit the Elton John Aids Foundation in association with
9/10 for Confessions of a Shopaholic. Hugh Dancy is so hot 😍
for a chance to win this VENUS IN FUR playbill signed by the show's stars Hugh Dancy and Nina Arianda!
watching two shows with two leads named will, and Matthew Morrison is like the poor man's Hugh Dancy.
I'm crying at Hugh Dancy's big, blue eyes looking into mine
Hugh Dancy. This should just be illegal.
Hugh Dancy in Confessions of a shopaholic 👌👌
“Touch. all I can think is hugh dancy smh
You know the part where she's told to stab Hugh Dancy in the back?
btw I've been watching Hannibal for the past few days.Hugh Dancy get in mahhh pants!
I must watch hysteria on Netflix tomorrow bc Hugh Dancy is babe
Hugh Dancy and Rupert Everett are playing with steampunk vibrators. This is greater than any fan fiction I could make
Did Hugh Dancy get more attractive in the second half of season 2?
can I just skip to the part of my life where I'm married to hugh dancy
Soraya's avi is making me thirsty for Hugh DanCY FU CNK
Hannibal is creepy af but Hugh Dancy could get it
I'd like to thank god, jesus and obama for hugh dancy's twink!phase
I meant that as Letterkenny's Answer To Hugh Dancy. It's not actually him.
Letterkennys Hugh Dancy has decided he wants to start going to my gym. Whelp, gonna have to find a new gym. 😍
Hugh Dancy makes me proud to be British
Hugh Dancy. Younger, older, just as attractive.
Amy said Hugh Dancy looks like a Picasso
sexual orientation: Hugh Dancy charging through the snow w/ shotgun in an impeccable casual lumberjack costume to rescue a d…
Hugh Dancy makes me want to lie on the floor and stay there forever
Our style crush today is no other than
i used to have the hottest English teacher in my last year who looked 50% Orlando Bloom and 50% Hugh Dancy
I just want to dress like Hugh Dancy circa Ella Enchanted.
but Hugh Dancy is starring so how can I pass that up Lol
Reasons to be happy: Hugh Dancy baring some skin
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
also Hugh Dancy plays the marshmallow man named Marshall Mallow, which I like to think is an Eminem goof
23 High Quality Photos of Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy filming today!
Watching the pilot with commentary from and Hugh Dancy. Learning tons about TV's Best Show.
Hugh Dancy is nominated in our 2014 awards for Hottest Male - vote
Hugh Dancy looking constipated at the King Arthur premiere :D
"So Mads Mikkelsen is in Florence, Hugh Dancy is in Florence, Gillian Anderson is in Florence, Laurence Fishburne is in Florence…
Mads Mikkelsen's First Visit to the Set was the Marlowe Home. He bonds with and Hugh Dancy! http:…
It is scientifically proven that Clare Danes is the luckiest girl alive for having been Juliet to Leo DiCaprio and being Hugh Dancy's wife
Bought a mag because Claire Danes was on the cover and I secretly hoped there would be cute pictures of Hugh Dancy. There wasn't.
—Hugh Dancy on his first recollection of wife, Claire Danes.
Claire Danes talks about getting shy with her husband Hugh Dancy in 'Glamour UK'. See the cover here:
back when we were stark sands and Hugh Dancy
I would love a movie with RDJ, Nicolas Cage, Raúl Esparza, Hugh Grant, Hugh Dancy, Hugh Laurie, Colin Firth, Simon Baker, and Gary Sinise
SocialQ's: Standing in the shadow of great beauty--with Hugh Dancy (and a side of Claire Danes) + more!
Photo: pyojihoohoo: Hugh Dancy on set by David Slade
I want that or James Earl Jones, Christopher Walkin, Mads, Hugh Dancy "This is my design.", Ian McKellen
Julianne Moore + Hugh Dancy + Eddie Redmayne in a threesome. I didn't realise this had become a reality.
Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugh Dancy, James McAvoy & Jim Broadbent feature in this great vid from on acting
i see you like you mean the series on TV with, Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy. It's a great tv- serie. I Like it too!
Fotoset: hellotailor: thekatediary: Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen as Sid Vicious and Andy Warhol this is...
An incredible visual & auditory aesthetic – fantastic performances by Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, and the rest of the cast. S02E13
Oh you know, just spending my free time crying over Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen...
My friend and I skipped through Ella Enchanted today to marvel at how hot Anne Hathaway is and at how much of a twink Hugh Dancy is.
here is a Matthew Rhys/Hugh Dancy gif set to start off with
Young Rufus Sewell is the bottomiest bottom to ever bottom. It’s like Hugh Dancy levels.
OMG Hugh Dancy from Hannibal,Kim Coates from Sons Of Anarchy and Jaime Lannister haahhah
Biggest Emmy Snubs: Dean Norris for Best Supporting, Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy for Best Actor in a Drama, Michael Pitt for Guest Actor
It appears will be sans Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen at their panel this year. Bummer.
So I binge watched all of Hannibal in the last week. Tonight I watched King Arthur, and sure enough Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are in that as well as Tristan and Galahad. Weird to see them together in something that came out ten years ago.
I'm serious, baby Hugh Dancy is making me cry so much😭😍
Now if only NBC would do that and give us more shirtless Hugh Dancy .
Hugh Dancy reading smut from a book is v refreshing *indirect to micole*.
Expectation vs reality: Sherlock, Hannibal and 5 more surprise TV hits
"Riveting performances from Mads Mikkelsen (putting Hopkins in the shade) and Hugh Dancy as tortured FBI profiler Will Graham."
Photo: thegestianpoet: hugh dancy ignores his struggling wife and child in order to look momentarily...
also Hugh Dancy is extremely nice to look at
Now watching BLOOD & CHOCOLATE with Hugh Dancy. Just realised the fire at the start...totally Teenwolf/Derek Hale backstory. Uhm.
That would be Hugh Dancy. Also a psychopath. (His character)
Not to mention Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelson are mesmerising to watch and play off each other so well!
I feel like Hugh Dancy will play a good (Hardin) harry styles😍
Hugh Dancy is twenty years my senior. This makes me . Upset.
Good job on the "no *** front for a het character, Hugh Dancy, gooD JO B
Hugh Dancy and Timothy Olyphant are my baes.
I don't think there is, but... Is there any chance I could snuggle inbetween Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy at night?
Reminder that Hugh Dancy once kissed Patrick Wilson in Evening and it was awesome
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Emmys 2014: 'Hannibal's' Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy and the creative team deserve nominations.
Do not mention Hugh Dancy or else I'll cry.
Hugh Dancy Hugh Dancy oh Hugh Dancy congrats on your face
Фото: nbchannibal: fallontonight: Hugh Dancy and Jimmy compete for best Rob Ford impression. Hugh Dancy...
Hugh Dancy. Mads Mikkelsen. Sexy. Cannibalism. I never thought I could make a sentence out of those 6 words.
we finished watching the jane austen book club it was cute and lame and hugh dancy is the MOST ADORABLE PERSON WOW
Someone photoshopped me a feminine Ancient Greek Hugh Dancy. The internet is full of wondrous people.
Join a live chat with 'Hannibal's' Hugh Dancy on Wednesday - Hugh Dancy has become someone who needs a watchful...
I'll alway look at Hugh Dancy & Mads Mikkelsen as psychopaths no matter what movie or show they play in.
Hugh Dancy looks like he watches anime
I think the only acceptable Iggy Azalea parody should be "I'm Hugh Dancy" as performed by Hugh Dancy.
On the bright side... Sam Worthington, Charles Dance, and Hugh Dancy are somewhere in South Australia right now ;)
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