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Huey Morgan

Hugh Huey Morgan (born 8 August 1968 in New York City as Hugh Thomas Ángel Munger Díaz Morgan) is the frontman of the British-based, of New York origin, rock/hip hop group Fun Lovin' Criminals.

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Anyone have contacts for Huey Morgan ? can you point me to best place.
No way! I nearly did, but that's because I thought you were Huey Morgan, but you're not, so... sorry.
can't see Huey Morgan on the stage times, is he still on?
Don't you know Huey Morgan is coolest guy on this planet, I feel sorry for you.
I'm sick of those with too much Yak Yak, apart from R&M, Cerys, A M Hobbs and Huey Morgan. They're alright.
Pretty sad to find I'm blocked by Huey Morgan. He's a man of much political wisdom (he's not).
shout out to Huey Morgan for playing Fight the Power during Elvis Week on 6 Music
I love how the Huey Morgan radio show occasionally turns into a vintage Sesame Street soundtrack.
It's working. A stranger complimented me on my hair today.
🎧 Don Letts (tells Huey Morgan (why debut is such an important album.
No Lib Dems or Greens but we get Trump gimp Charlie Wolf and Huey Morgan, who had a hit song decades ago.
Huey Morgan from Fun Loving Criminals threw his guitar pick at me and issy but we lost it :-(
Have you heard of Huey Morgan played 'Gravel Pit' today, lots of great music.
Interesting fact: Huey Morgan, from the radio and that dog food band, is actually from Halifax.
Huey Morgan playing some great stuff this morning especially Doris Duke, Baby Huey, Buddy Miles, Love and stuff!🎸
Amazing mix of music every time , just great - Huey Morgan - 23/07/2016 -
One of the very few radio shows I still listen too. . Huey Morgan - 23/07/2016 -
.Morgan reveals 10 guitar albums that blew his mind:
Huey Morgan: 10 guitar albums that blew my mind
Have you heard ‘POT SONG’ by puffpaddy on the best pot song ever huey morgan by puffpaddy no1
Have you heard ‘BADD LADD’ by puffpaddy on huey morgan ant it funny how you can see this badd ladd
Have you heard ‘THE DARK FAME’ by puffpaddy on fame and greed huey morgan this songs about you
Have you heard ‘REBEL REBEL’ by puffpaddy on heres a real rebel huey morgan the puff paddy
Have you heard ‘JELOUSY’ by puffpaddy on huey morgan blocked me for speaking my mind listen to this
And now Eric Trump with a speech about how Huey Lewis and the News' "Sports" is one of the great, underrated albums.
Jo Harman is on the The Ayala Show this week (Friday 22nd at 10pm)... When describing her Huey Morgan...
I hope Celeb Big Brother in a week get Huey Morgan from the Fun Lovin' Criminals on so they can do the double.
Saw Huey Morgan at a rural garden centre/tea room. How's your bank holiday so far?
Brilliant radio. Huey Morgan on 6, Ellis James on Radio X then Giles Peterson & Craig Charles on 6. . I've not been out much today.
Listen to being interview by the man on BBC 6 Music last Saturday about our RSD Release.
Am I safe to turn back now? Huey Morgan is really pissing me off!
Wow, The Huey Morgan Show is pumping some good music down the pipes today. Editing suite is bouncing.
No Huey Morgan for me this morning, Cillian Murphy is on Radio 2 ❤️📻
I liked a video Never Mind the Buzzcocks - Rizzle Kicks upset Huey Morgan.
Only 2 months left! Huey Morgan & Pee Wee Ellis in London on Jul 1. Grab the tix! 👉
Huey Morgan: 'The album is kind of a lost art these days' - Portsmouth News
Stick 'em up punks! headline the Summer Show, we spoke w/
A new favorite: Nothing Leaves The Archive - Huey Morgan interviews Mr Thing by First Word Records on
yes indeed huey Morgan did an amazing tribute to prince today😢
Love - saw Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Man, Huey Morgan became an angry drunk jerk 😔 Sad to watch.
mine was also Huey Morgan. I think it happened a lot of people on the same day
Who is the most famous person who has followed you, clearly angling for a follow-back, then unfollowed you 24hrs later? Mine's Huey Morgan.
Thanks pal, our pleasure. Glad you got home safe, took us a while but Huey Morgan kept me awake 'ont radio.
Convince people you're BBC6Music's Huey Morgan by preceding every mention of a third party with "My man".
listen to Huey Morgan on to help you through
Huey Morgan's voice broke playing Bowie there on 6music and I lost it for the 475577743th time.
Woke up to Skratch Bastid (Paul Murphy) on BBC Radio 6 Music with Huey Morgan. Good old Huey gave our little...
why does Huey Morgan always put that baby voice over each track he starts with.
10:00 The Huey Show: Huey Morgan from Fun Lovin' Criminals brings his own brand of music to the station.
Huey Morgan must have got so much fanny back in the day.
will get on it... Tis a gert lush venue, good crowd. Huey Morgan is a local if you have any poptastic friends 😉
I like Desmond Carrington (89!) more music variety than Huey Morgan! Don't like Friday night is music night though :)
Fun Lovin' Criminals frontman Huey Morgan speaks out ahead of band's O2 Academy Newcastle gig: Find out why Huey…
"We were just left to get on with it: That wouldn't happen today" - Huey Morgan on Come Find Yourself: Jan issue!
Well! The interview with Huey Morgan of FLC went well: So well infact that he wants to hang out with me in Leeds!
Huey Morgan plays this Police track quite often 😊 Also one of my fav's off the album
- Huey Morgan, Fun Loving Criminals, talks ahead of . .
just as long as Huey Morgan doesn't start doing limericks...
much love for ! so proud of you Huey, congrats on the ship 🏆⚽️
how good is Huey Morgan early Saturday prog?. He should be on in the afternoons instead of Wright
morning Jim! I've got on, Huey Morgan plays some uber-cool stuff on a Saturday
I've already said it a couple times today but I'mma say it again HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB ILY 💖💖💖 Party hard for me tonight 😉
Piers Morgan on gun control: 'To me, doing nothing is unconscionable' . hear-hear here in Texas :( but I'm being fatuous Toure! aren't I
Love You're gonna love this live in h…
Love You're gonna love this live in
Ahead of tour next year catch live in on 9 November
Nice. This is the Vodoo Lounge. Huey Morgan from the Fun Lovin' Criminals part owned it
want to review this fantastic band - 'One of the best albums this year' Huey Morgan BBC 6 Music
Nov 20: is back again at w. an even bigger line up headlined by
Back to the Future is a very realistic film. I, too, heard Huey Lewis and the News playing when I was late for school.
I've been on 6music for a few years now. Always an education. Huey Morgan and Craig Charles, and great documentary content.
google 'fun lovin criminals Huey Morgan ' ! Separated at birth ? lol
I'm listening to Katy Puckrick instead of Huey Morgan on BBC6. Feeling a little bit short changed.
An evening of music, humour and tales with Monday 9 November ht…
Less than 4 weeks to go until the Ashley Cross Park is transformed for we can't wait to see DJ Huey Morgan and Jazzy Jeff!
can't pick the most awkward one actually. Huey Morgan or Henry Cavill..funniest have been 1D and Mila Kunis for sure.
Have Stephen K Amos and Huey Morgan fallen out with the Wright Stuff producers? Not been on for ages, miss them.
03:00 Huey Morgan: Paul Sexton sits in for Huey Morgan with rarely heard gems from his record collection.
Ahem. Only HUEY MORGAN on The Afternoon Show on Monday !!! Tune in at 2 ! Gonna be on
Mighty News!! - Huey Morgan from the Fun Loving Criminals will be playing a track from Paolo's new album...
Being followed by Huey Morgan of of Fun Lovin' Criminals is todays highlight
Original James Brown horn Pee Wee Ellis is back tonight with special guest Fun Loving Criminals Huey Morgan... ht…
Check my verbs y'all. The book comes out this Spring. Pre-order so you don't miss out.
“Huey Morgan straight jazzin' last weekend still got it!
Huey Morgan straight jazzin' last weekend
Interested in trying new restaurant Huey Luey's? Read what Morgan has to say about it here:
Huey Morgan still follows that’ll do. He’s better than the 54 who unfollowed anyway.
Huey Morgan following me for a few days. He must like
Merchandise for Phantom Runners. They've got a fan in Huey Morgan
WOW! So cool to have the Fun Lovin' Criminal himself Mr Huey Morgan follow me...gee, thanks man, totally too cool ;)
Huey Morgan was a guest and they both got rat arsed. Funny as fk.
Still at Ronnie Scott's Stonking performance by peewee Ellis and Huey Morgan
You were nominated the best band from the North East of England on Huey Morgan's BBC Radio 6 show. Take a bow alongside Mr. Johnson :)
Huey Morgan & Pee Wee Ellis created a superb atmosphere last night! Bring on tonight! Pcis courtesy of Hyde and Hyde Photography
Say what you like about Radio 6's Huey, but at least he's not 'Lord Morgan of mis-timed cod-funk'
Freestyle's Sam Redmore getting props from Huey Morgan on his BBC 6 Music radio show. You can catch them both at...
I heard a beautiful solo song of yours on Huey Morgan and missed the title, can you help me out please? Cheers
Good work! Just heard your stuff on Huey Morgan's show on Loving your work. See you soon! Jeah!
Great end to the week at Ronnie Scott's with a very funky version of Scooby Snacks (in D minor) by Huey Morgan and Pee Wee Ellis
I gained Huey Morgan and grumpy cat - random!
Huey Morgan just followed me. I'm pretty chuffed.
Morgan Freeman cannot play Granddad & Jaden Smith cannot play Huey. TF
Morning all. Some Led Zeppelin thru the Beats for this morning's & a tip of the cap to Huey Morgan.
One chick did Huey and Riley Morgan freeman when John Witherspoon still alive? 😒😒😒😒 "pls yes .
i can see how jaden is Huey, they both kinda philosophical but Morgan freeman could never be grandad and the Wunclers are white.
tell a lie... Huey Morgan is playing a hip hop Christmas track then again it sounds funky
Just bought 'A Love Supreme' thanks to Huey Morgan. Should have got this YEARS BACK :-)
Huey Morgan on Alt-J: "I like that cat, man. I like what he's doing". A national radio disc jockey there, ladies and gentlemen
Huey Morgan on radio 6 i like. My friend had a thing with Huey once :-O
03:00 Huey Morgan: Huey Morgan from the Fun Lovin' Criminals raids his personal record collection.
My main and I doin work runnin the scoreboard today😂💯
Massive thanks for coming on my radio show Huey. Apreciate it. Listen here if you want to. X.
My last radio of 2014. With Watchet organizers & killer tunes to warm up your winter. X
And, I'm a huge Huey Morgan, Craig Charles, Liz Kershaw and Marc Riley fan. You've got the best!
You know Huey Morgan follows me, right? (incase I forgot to mention it).
We are still catching up with Craig Charles, Don Letts and Huey Morgan! Too much good music!!
So far on my scoresheet, I've written Michelle Keegan (Ukraine) and Huey Morgan (Belarus)
Hello friends heading to The USA in a few weeks but have this brilliant event in support of a single that has just received plays on bbc 6 , bbc radio 2 fro Huey Morgan and Bob Harris, please come!
Show me can on right after hello world🙏
Huey Morgan is now championing Jo Harman debut album, Dirt On My Tongue. Although it is fantastic you can't actually SEE any of the music being made. If you come to the Jazz Cafe you can see AND hear the music being made and keep an eye out for the following exciting features... Jo's footwear! Always awesome! Terry Lewis' barnet. Never the same two gigs in a row. Andy Tolman's bass lines (never the same two gigs in a row,) and complex dance routines! Stevie Watts massive organ and Happy Chappie BV's and last of all, Martin Johnson showing that size really isn't important! IF YOU'RE NOT THERE YOU BETTER BE DEAD OR IN JAIL! And if you're in jail.BREAK OUT!!!
Huey Morgan's asking for a Metal album to nominate for his crate collection on Radio 6 and a good 45 b side to play on his Radio 2 show. I'm lost in genres. what's just Metal? I know heavy metal or gold and platinum records.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
If it wasn't for Huey Morgan and Craig Charles, BBC 6 music would basically be a form of government subsidised looped musical torture.
Huey Morgan knows how to get me going on a Saturday. Today shall consist of haircuts, stilton and cocktails with friends.
Playing Supergrass then dedicating the Supergrass a song to one of Supergrass. And that people, is why I can't bear Huey Morgan.
Really enjoying Huey Morgan on However that's just been ruined by arrival of the imbecilic - time to switch off!!
Huey morgan playing robert johnson on the radio. What a hero!
Just chillin' listening to Huey Morgan spinning tunes on 6Music. I'm right where I want to be right now at this moment.
The Dennis Bovell/Stone Foundation dub mix of 'Don't Let The Rain' gets an airing on the Huey Morgan show. 2.10...
Y'all need to listen to the Huey Morgan show on six music, best radio show fo sho
yes lads! shout outs to Huey Morgan on before
- best thing I've heard this morning: Huey Morgan on BBC 6Music saying, 'Vale of GLA-morgan' (as opposed to gluh-MORGAN)
And now onto the gorgeous dreamy dulcet tones of Huey Morgan
Huey Morgan on 6 Music stopping me getting on with things. Just played some new Pixies
*turns up the volume on the Huey Morgan show on to very loud*
More great news for our amazing artist Jo Harman …. Go Jo!!! More R2 airplay of the UK's coolest Radio station. Huey Morgan said 'Jo's album, 'Dirt On My Tongue', is great you gotta get it!' You have indeed! Come see Jo and her happening band famed The Jazz Cafe on 26th February, gonna be some celebration! 'Call me vain, but Huey picked two songs to play on his Radio 2 show that I wrote all by myself - feeling validated! He also said 'gonna continue with great female's Dinah Washington' (after playing me!). Sorry, when you've worked as hard as we have, excuse me punching the air. It's not so much the commercial realities but the artistic validation that pleases me I apologise, normal service will be returned soon'.
'This is a great track' Cheers Huey Morgan for giving us a spin on BBC Radio 2 he played Under the Hawthorn Tree,...
Loving the music on tonight's Huey Morgan show on BBC radio2, is it peaking with Stone Roses' Fools Gold? Not likely!
It's late, I've got Radio 2 on and Huey Morgan is playing Dinah Washington. My quiet time.
Listening to huey morgan on radio 2 til 3am. Great music from the past 60 years. Anyone still up?.
find the time,huey morgan BBC RADIO 2 right now.
Dour morning commute brightened up by spotting Fun Loving Criminal himself, Huey Morgan in full combat gear
Huey Morgan (Fun Lovin Criminals) talks about Jo Harman on his BBC Radio 2 show. Nice one Huey!
“When you start feeling it at a party
Tomorrow's tl: I'm so single ugh. and maybe a few I love you's from some people. But mostly people saying their single. So get ready
'from Carlisle but sound like they're from L.A' Huey Morgan (BBC Radio 2) on THIS tune:
The OkCreepy game is for completing insane OkCupid bios & helping find true love:
B-side stream on the way today. This is the tune Huey Morgan gave a play to on his show at the weekend.
When Huey Morgan made my daughters day
Our next live show will be in London at Paradise by Way Kensal Rise on Friday 21st February with guest DJ's Joe Whitehouse (bass tha rippa) and Huey Morgan - hope to see you there :-)
BBC Radio 2 - Huey Morgan, 08/02/2014 Love how Huey get's a guilty pleasure from the Electric Light Orchestra
6music DJ runs through the 6 songs that changed his life:
Met Huey Morgan last night, what a complete *** he is.
one of our families fav stations, we esp love Don Letts Huey morgan
Listening to Huey Morgan on 6music - just look at that playlist...
Huey Morgan 😘 Running around robbing banks all whacked off of Scooby snacks 🔫💰
Huey smashed it! Mr. Morgan was an MC par excellence at the TPi Awards last night and graciously agreed to...
when I got out I could hear u sing midnight memories chloe😂😂
What about this Caroline McConnell, Wee Huey Morgan, Yvonne *** Clare Thomson and all other drinking buddies! Love it. X
Thanks to and Huey Morgan for playing 'Butterfly' of the EP X
Fun Lovin’ Criminals frontman Huey Morgan is here, spinning his eclectic mix of funk, soul, hip hop & reggae. The Rotten Hill Gang are also down in force to bring the party with their discolated funk and hip hop sounds.
Jo Harman Project was played alongside Janis Joplin, Curtis Mayfield and Stevie Wonder on Huey Morgan's BBC Radio...
You can hear 'The Emptiest Place' on Huey Morgan show from today around 1hr 7mins in:
Great 2 hear Huey Morgan played SMM on his Radio 2 show last nite! Now 2 enjoy lush sunset b4 our first Curaçao gig!
I haven't watched Kingsley In so long...
Huey Morgan says of "he reminds me of this cat right here, Gram Parsons". Praise indeed. That...
Huey Morgan says of last night 'Sometimes you hear a voice that leaves you speechless….I am' BWBF 2014
hi, just to keep you in loop - airplay this week: BBC Radio 2 (Huey Morgan) + 6 (Lauren Laverne, Steve Lamacq, Marc Riley)
Catch us live at Paradise by Way in Kensal Rise on Friday 21 February with DJ sets by Joe Whitehouse (Bass tha Rippa) and Huey Morgan.
Well I guess my journey really doesn't end till I reach home and Wolviston. That has become totally clear to me by circumstances that I have been given today.  I awoke feeling quite good, even though kept awake a little my guests next door. I was excited for breakfast , hoping it was to be a good one. I headed down stairs full of anticipation. A friendly lady served me, with a gentle smile, even though no English and my French non existent. I got a great big serving of coffee and bread, quiossants & bread along side a natural yogurt, with jam and a magic extra, that they don't serve in Italy, butter. Bread and butter will resonate with me today, if you stick with my writing you laugh, I'm sure. I sat and ate, feeling my energy and mood rise as I did so, another pot of coffee and a time to relax.  I went back to my room and with wifi connection got my bbc radio player on, the fantastic Mary Anne Hobbs and who would believe it , a track in French playing. Last year I had a shout out from Huey Morgan and N ...
How lovely to see Jo Harman listed in "Music Played" alongside Janis Joplin, The Allman Brothers, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles! Huey Morgan has the best ear of any DJ on BBC Radio
Cut out the Huey Morgan bits and the Huey Morgan radio show would be ok.
stitching going well, sunshine, Huey Morgan on 6Music, who could ask for more!
Huey Morgan's given me a reason to love radio again. Soaking up the tunes in a bubble bath.
"You know.. Sometimes you're speechless when you hear someone sing.. I am".. That was what Huey Morgan said after he played 'Sweet Man Moses' on his radio 2 programme a few minutes ago
We just got a shout out from Huey Morgan on BBC6 Music! Awesome ;)
An hour in the bus aint a bad thing with the sexy voices of huey morgan, Robbie Williams , john connor and olly murs in my ears.. .
So, my 21 month old daughter would rather listen to Huey Morgan on BBC Radio 6 Music than watch CBeebies. So proud!!
Our friends over at Cambridge Corn Exchange are putting on a rather exciting gig in The Guildhall on 22 March – Hackney Colliery Band with a DJ set from Huey Morgan. Full details here a tongue-in-cheek, yet respectful, nod to the great tradition of British brass bands, Hackney Colliery Band mine nuggets of Funk and Hip-Hop from the musical coalface and throw in a few chunks of Ska and Balkan brass for good measure. The band will be playing tracks from their new album ‘Common Decency’ but expect old favourites like ‘Inner City Life’, ‘No Diggity’ and their infamous 'Prodigy' medley. Over the past two years the band have earned themselves an army of loyal fans and have played at some very special events. From live collaborations with the late Amy Winehouse and more recently Eliza Doolittle plus being the only fully live band to play at the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. With DJ support from Fun Lovin’ Criminal, BBC6 Music presenter and all round music legend Huey Morgan who’ ...
Mushroom tail wordpress Magazine review, from last weeks Manchester show' There’s a certain irony about the Fun Lovin’ Criminals playing in Manchester cathedral, many of their songs openly refer to drug use or ‘having supermodels on my D’. That aside, there couldn’t be a more intimate and picturesque venue for the veteran funkstars to play. This was the first night on their sold out ‘Bong Remains the Same’ tour, promoting their new live DVD. After the traditionally long wait between the support band and main event that often feels like you’re standing forever on sore feet with drunk 30 year old women swaying into you (well, in this case anyway), the Fun Lovin’ Criminals finally took the stage. Without hesitation, all three members were bouncing across the tiny stage rapping to ‘Bear Hug’, an unexpected surprise from their debut ‘Come Find Yourself’, shortly followed by the band taking their instruments and storming into an effortlessly cool performance of the ‘King of New York ...
I wonder what caused it? Huey Morgan of the FLC I don't mind but Darren Eadie? What on earth??
Slept through my radio alarm... which resulted in me dreaming about being in church with Huey Morgan... was weird...
Decorating with Huey Morgan proving much more productive than yesterday's shift with Steve Lamacq, (manager of the nation's largest Landfill Indie facility).
Lazy day, 6 Music with Huey Morgan, bacon, coffee, papers. That is all.
I wish Huey Morgan would stop mentioning us on BBC 6Music
Grace Coddington's autobiography, Huey Morgan on the radio, crumpets and a pot of winter-flavour tea. Why do I have to get out of bed again?
Why is Huey Morgan there every time I switch on my radio?
Huey Morgan is ruining 6music for me :(
6Music - always my hero - 'No Sleep til Brooklyn' and Huey Morgan. God bless 'em...
Actually scrap that, I'm going to listen to 6 Music because Huey Morgan is on.
Worthless people in pop: Huey Morgan. Go away.
Huey Morgan decides to finish today's show with a Bad Brains song and chooses - Soul Craft. ***
Xmas tree and decorations down. Sad times. Listening to Huey Morgan on BBC6Music whilst doing it - bliss. Good times.
I think I'm in love with Huey Morgan
Sunday's at Huey Morgan's house are pretty special
Huey Morgan channeling the radio ghost of Victor Lewis-Smith on with a tape-wind effect. That dates me :-/
I can't stand Huey Morgan, think he's a tosser. But his radio show is stellar! Where else can you tune in and find the Pixies, Led Zep, ac dc and the violent femmes these days? Real Music! PRAISE JEEBUS.
Last day of Huey Morgan being super-eclectic with his choice of music on BBC6 music. Back on radio 2 late tonight tho. Give him a listen. Anything. And I mean anything might get a play.
A thought for the day from BBC Radio 6 Music's Huey Morgan.
Should be out grocery shopping but the tunes on the radio are to good. *** YOU HUEY MORGAN
JEAH! Huey Morgan is back for his last week day takeover this week! He's got an awesome Diggin' In The Crates record for you from Miles Davis PLUS an extra record from Bad Brains! Huey will also be taking a look back at his best interviews from 2013 and today's is with Alice Russell - it's a gooden! Tons of Friday tunes to keep you going this afternoon too from the likes of Aretha Franklin, King Bee and Joe Cocker. Get in touch yo! 64046 / huey.6music/
Who is playing on Huey Morgan's playlist at the mo
6music, I love you, but I am turning you off. Huey Morgan, jeah?
Sail down the Thames to the perfect party soundtrack as Soundcrash takes you on a 4 hour journey aboard London’s most popular party boat. So all aboard the ‘Golden Flame’ as Huey Morgan takes over the decks to deliver a very special DJ set filled with the most vibrant Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae and...
. Saw them host Never Mind The Buzzcocks and desperately hoped Huey Morgan was going to punch them in the pus. But he didn't
That Rizzle Kick has nothing but my respect since the Huey Morgan debacle.
Did you see the clip of Buzzcocks where they were presenting and Huey Morgan went bonkers and smashed a mug?
Huey Morgan just picked this as the quintessential Detroit record. I beg to differ, but it's still deadly, .
The first episode of a brand new series that looks at when and where music collides with fashion and art. Sophie interviews Huey Morgan and Ami James at thei...
Huey Morgan on 6 music: 'This one goes out to my bank.' Then plays the Eagles 'Lying Eyes'. Class.
Got my shout out on 6 Music for a bit of PE by Huey Morgan!
Huey Morgan on BBC Radio 6 is talking with the founder of MC5. They're talking about St. Andrew's Hall and the legends of places of Detroit Music. My Aunt Jessica is surely here - those were her people.
Huey Morgan just referred to James Dean Bradfield as 'my man Jimmy Jam' on 6Music. The year is 1997 and a nation mourns the Notorious B.I.G.
Huey Morgan is a moron and the current Warpaint single is exceedingly dull.
Is there anyone cooler than Huey Morgan? Unlikely.
I used to think Huey Morgan was a cool cat, I don't anymore. He seems to have a serious chip on his shoulder about something.
Up a ladder, playing cards, Huey Morgan on the radio, lunch in the oven
Ahhh Jeah! Huey Morgan is here with you till 4pm. Lots in store including Thursday's Diggin' in the Crate an interview with Wayne Kramer and tons of music from the likes of Johnny Cash, Dawn Penn and Ian Drury and The Blockheads... JEAH.
Huey Morgan on is going to make the first day back a LOT better.
Fielding for sure. Huey Morgan seems pissy but not a phonie I don't think.
Men who I think have a carefully constructed facade of 'cool' but are probably right, pissy phonies: Wayne Coyne, Noel Fielding, Huey Morgan
Remember when Huey Morgan smashed the mug on never mind the buzzcocks, that was brill 😂
Just watching the Karate Kid remake, Jackie Chan looks like Huey Morgan!
Basketball just takes everything off of my mind
I am very competitive. The phrase, "just for fun" doesn't apply to me.
Huey Morgan called round to go out on the town? :-D
[UK] News Huey Morgan and the fine art of the TV walkout - via
its Huey Morgan from the Fun Luvin Criminals lol lol
Put Huey Morgan back on in a normal week please
Huey Morgan just dropped a killer to end his show!
Huey Morgan sure plays some good tunes on the radio
shout out to my family and friends from none other than Mr Huey Morgan live on 6 music. HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!
Still waiting for the day when Huey Morgan reveals himself to be an ex-public schoolboy from Chipping Sodbury called Crispian. Y'all.
Huey Morgan on BBC Radio 6, just how a radio show its supposed to be, minimal chat and great diverse music.
Just had a shout out on radio6 by Huey Morgan! Thats 2013 made!
Huey Morgan on 6 music . FFS how do these guys get the gigs, music great, presentation worst ever.
Huey morgan 6 music the lcd soundsystem track has live drums not drum machine ! . dude :/
Huey Morgan playing Joe Walsh on the radio? High Five Sir!
Huey Morgan's still doing the New York schtick that once beguiled Chris Evans I see
Here's my NYE schedule: Huey Morgan and Craig Charles Funk and Soul on 6music, Jools on 2 all accompanied by rum. Thanks BBC
Huey Morgan from March this year, possibly the coolest man ever!
Catching up on some old Huey Morgan shows, he just played David Bowie - yuk, hate it.
I know what you mean; to avoid morose type 6 music do Lauren Laverne, Radcliffe and Maconie, Huey Morgan shows.
My New Year's Resolution was to watch the entire episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks in which Huey Morgan smashes a mug. Thanks I-player, I'm now ahead of the game.
if you want to hear a good dj tune into bbc6 music for Huey Morgan right now the guys a legend
"What's that? You want to hear some Stone Roses? Really loud? Here you go!" - Huey Morgan on brightening up my Monday afternoon!
It's official. Huey Morgan (Fun Lovin Criminals, BBC 6 music) does live in Frome. He just confirmed it when he read out a text of mine 5 mins ago on his show. Welcome to Frome Huey.
Few things as depressing as tuning into and finding that Huey Morgan chap is on.
you after a shoutout from Huey Morgan?
It seems Huey Morgan thinks Jack White is in the White Keys or Black Keys
Huey Morgan please go away and take your rubbish R.E.M. records with you
Rate Huey Morgan's 6music show today. Not getting much work done, but am having a bit of a dance.
Huey Morgan's on Radio 6 from 1pm for a couple of days. A treat :)
Listening to the rest of huey morgan funk and disco show.
I love Huey Morgan. The man is a ledge.
Brighton's favourite Funk band The Impellers are playing a one off intimate gig at The Prince Albert on the 8th February. They will be premiering tracks from the new album 'My Certainity' due for release in the Spring. We are delighted that Along Came Shifty and DJ's are also going to play a part in this party! “Great stuff man! I’ll be playing more” Huey Morgan, Fun Lovin’ Criminals/BBC 6 Music on The Impellers. Tickets are still available on the link below.
Listening to last night huey morgan show on i player, just heard the 12 inch of boogie wonderland earth wind and fire so this should be interesting.
have you seen the episode they hosted when Huey Morgan storms off? They just annoy me 😤
You are a masterpiece by God. You are unique for a reason, and he is perfecting your life with every brush stroke.
Julian Cope was being an *** backstage to Huey Morgan, until someone told Julian Cope that Huey Morgan was Huey Morgan, then it was okay!
Why can't Huey Morgan be on radio 6 everyday, he makes working much more enjoyable?
Loving Huey Morgan Radio 2 right now . NO! christmas songs for 25 mins :-) x
Buzzcocks - Huey Morgan smashes mug and walks off Fun Loving Criminal Huey Morgan flips out at 1:50 5/11/13
Huey Morgan, radio 6 music. I've nothing more to add :-)
Big thanks to Huey Morgan for spinning Half The Man feat. Sam Scott this morning on BBC 6 Music
I know Huey Morgan is a bit if a *** but he does play some mega songs. When Doves Cry - Prince. What a way to start a Saturday morning! *** YEAH
More decorating󾌡 on a plus side I do get to listen to Huey Morgan BBC radio, he's a bad Brother. Best music on Saturday radio without a doubt.
DJ & singer Huey Morgan gets the hump during the Next Lines round on Never Mind The Buzzcocks...
Huey Morgan . . . Where did it go SO wrong? that is all . . .
33 years ago I played in a local prog rock band called Low Profile. Our last number was always our souped up guitar spectacularised version of Scarboro Fayre. We got together and recorded it last year and it's now being played on Radio 2 - Huey Morgan and Bob Harris - Madison Square Gardens here we come!!!
Huey Morgan makes for comedy gold! Thanks for the heads up Richard & Catherine. Oh and, thank for a lovely Sunday day out. xxx
Join Huey Morgan after midnight as he guides you through his favourite tracks.
Huey Morgan performing "Fly Me To The Moon" on Jools Holland's Annual Hootenanny, backed by the Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with Dave Swift on Bass. www.daveswi...
Think I love Huey Morgan, his six music Saturday show has been a great companion to my studies this morning. Speaking of which..
2013 is easily one of the best years for music discoveries I've ever had. Please enjoy this "mixtape" I have assembled as much as I do. Biig thanks to BBC Radio 2's Janice Long & Huey Morgan amongst other wonderful music sources! Turn it UP.
Chris Kamara? That's a new one! I was out last night and a lass said I looked like Huey Morgan!
I'm watching Never Mind the Buzzcocks 27x07 "Rizzle Kicks, Huey Morgan, Lissie, Laura Whitmore and Paul Foot"
Hey, UK: Sitting in with Huey Morgan tomorrow, 10-1 on BBC 6 Music. Tunes and tales. Join us, if you can.
Fun Lovin' Criminals front man Huey Morgan answers our questions backstage at Buzzcocks.
Have only just seen Huey Morgan flip on Buzzcocks. Should not have been there. Terrible programme, unfunny, in need of Mark Lamarr.
If Buzzcocks wants ratings, bring back Mark Lamarr. And never let Huey Morgan back on the show ever again.
Fun Lovin’ Criminals star Huey Morgan apparently wasn’t lovin’ the fun at his appearance on Never Mind the Buzzcocks this week, storming off stage - after smashing his mug live on film!
Noel Fielding says the Buzzcocks audience backed Rizzle Kicks, not Huey Morgan". Please put this show out of its misery.
I'm watching Huey Morgan's mug smashing mel... on
Got fed up of washing up. Tempted to flip out Huey Morgan style...
Huey Morgan was such a knob on Never Mind The Buzzcocks
Huey Morgan losing your cool on Never Mind The Buzzcocks aint the one fella lol. Check out
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
. remember when you shouted out Forge Radio's hip hop Knights? Well done for this anywho
Huey Morgan didn't half cause everyone on the latest to think 'Jesus H Christ'. Rizzle Kicks handled it well.
Just seen the clip of Huey Morgan behaving like a wanker on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Wow.
Just watched that Huey Morgan/Never Mind The Buzzcocks thing. Who were those *** hosting it? The wheels have really come off that show.
NOT so Fun Lovin' Criminal: Furious Huey Morgan smashes a mug and storms off set following guest appeara…
In case you missed it: Watch Huey Morgan smash a mug and storm off Never Mind the Buzzcocks -
Watch Huey Morgan from Fun Lovin' Criminals lose it on Never Mind The Buzzcocks last night. Not a happy bunny >>
Awards tantrum few yrs ago, mug smashing on NMTB, & his current radio trailer moaning he "only gets 3hrs a week". Huey Morg…
it ruins it when people try to hard to be funny:L I just found them annoying:/ I didn't get why Huey Morgan got so angry.
Just told him I've invited Huey Morgan over for a brew.
Huey Morgan demonstrated the 'head pop' perfectly.
Fun Lovin’ Criminals Huey Morgan smashes a mug and walks off Buzzcocks! via
A farce aint huey morgan 's MUG of tea either. huey is a tosser...of mugs . . Rizzle Kicks would…
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