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Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis (Hugh Anthony Cregg III, born July 5, 1950) is an American musician, songwriter and occasional actor.

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let's. try some trivia! if you get answers right, i will play the video to the Answer. Name 1 o…
As Huey Lewis would say, that's the power of love.
Today’s mystery.why did I wake up singing “The Heart of Rock & Roll” by Huey Lewis & The News?
Taking our show down IH-35 to Laredo and ready to rock the mic with at the with…
My communist girlfriend just said "I'm over it" while changing the radio station away from Huey Lewis - "The Power of Love". Who does that?
Wow Huey Lewis, amazing! Soundtrack to my geeky life in early teenage years! Thanks for p…
Huey Lewis!!! Are you sure we were not separated at birth!! Tune!!
loving head over heels into Kate was amazing, now Huey Lewis! 80stastic
. Huey Lewis and the News. Awesome. I had Fore! and Sports. X
I'm still waiting to see the post that says new album with release date!
A bit early for New Year's Resolutions, but here's mine - apply for German citizenship.
you'd think the WH would have an expert on hand who could google for them so…
Who wants to spend New Years Eve in Nashville watching Jimmy Buffett and Huey Lewis & The News? Register now for...
My uber driver had Tina Turner, Kim Wilde and Huey Lewis on the trip. That's a great music badge from me dawg.
FRIENDS. FOREVER. Also: Bobby Brown > Ray Parker. Bobby didn't have to steal from Huey Lewis.
Totally stoked… Spending an evening with Huey Lewis , Chris Berman , and Karen Klarides Tour bus and dinner!
Power of love: Huey Lewis and the News, Jennifer Rush, Frankie goes to Hollywood ☄️💥
My son was jamming to Huey Lewis and the News this AM. He insta-liked, "Power of Love." Somewhere, smiled unexpectedly
My sources tell me that Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer have teamed up w/ Huey Lewis to create a super band "Huey Lewis…
Frank Sinatra recording with Huey Lewis in a garage rock style, produced by Dr Dre
Summer 17: jorts, Oreo thins, Huey Lewis and the News, and mich ultra
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Huey Lewis & The News - Doing it all for my baby "
Dan Gilbert: David Griffin who? *flexes into the mirror while nude listening to Huey Lewis and the News*
Slightly jarring on my playlist to go from last of the mohicans soundtrack to the heart of rock and roll by Huey Lewis and the...
Saw you in Atlanta. Saw Rick Springfield one week later. And then Huey Lewis the next day. My music loving heart is happy!
How about Jimmy Buffett at Wrigley with Huey Lewis and we had seats in CF on the field. All this after Friday night @ Kingston Mines 😳
Ah. Of course. Have you noticed Huey Lewis and/or The News singing 'Phil The Power' (Taylor) at the…
The Patrick Bateman of golf. Bet he's a huge Huey Lewis and the News fan. And agreed. I can't get enough of it.
Time for Huey Lewis and the other News at Summerfest
When I write about Pokémon it's sort of like Patrick Bateman describing Huey Lewis and the News.
If you don't leave that habit in Europe, I might have to teach you about Huey Lewis and the News
Happy birthday to my lord and savior Huey Lewis
Happy Birthday Huey. Looking forward to seeing you at Milwaukee Summerfest Friday night for a great show.
Happy Birthday Huey. Hope birthday is awesome & fun
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to one of the greats, Enjoy your day, my friend!!
Happy birthday hope it's great keep rocking 😀
Happy Birthday to born July 5, 1950! Revisit his musical legacy at https…
2 tickets for Jimmy Buffet Live with special guest Huey Lewis
A very happy birthday to 🎂 Still the beating 'Heart of Rock N Roll'! Hope it's brilliant!
Happy 67th birthday to Huey Lewis! Thanks for keeping The Joint rocking. 🎶
Don't you have to go listen to Huey Lewis & The News "Sports" while you cry in your pillow bec…
Bit of news for you - it's Huey Lewis' 67th birthday today
Huey Lewis turns 67 today. He's reached the age where he's now known as "Huey Lewis and the Fox News."
Revisiting the Back to the Future Soundtrack this afternoon! Huey Lewis VS Chuck Berry!
Happy 67th to singer Huey Lewis and the News ('Do You Believe In Love,' 'Stuck With You,' 'The Po…
Happy birthday to music legend Huey Lewis, who performed "Once Upon a Time in New York City" in OLIVER & COMPANY!
first they were playing Huey Lewis and the News then they went straight into True from Spandau Ballet.. really can this d…
Sami Zayn referencing Huey Lewis and the News. . Give that man the *** title.
I tried to do the Huey Lewis spike in high school but could never get it right.
Thanks to Sami I'm now going to blast Huey Lewis and the News greatest hits all day.
Im like Huey Lewis my drug is just need to pick the right song for the right mood...
Get your tickets for Shellabration 2017 featuring Huey Lewis & the News this Saturday in Fort Dodge. Find our link …
Happy Birthday to Share your favorite record with us!
950, Born on this day, Huey Lewis, singer, actor, Huey Lewis and the News.
NPR announced Huey Lewis' birthday then transitioned by saying "next up the news"
"Huey Lewis' Birthday today, the rocker turns 67 years old. And now, the news". NPR HOW DID YOU MISS THAT GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY IN THE LINK
Today is Huey Lewis' 67th birthday, in case you're wondering why you're seeing him around the News
RICHIE: He's the guy who made it hip to be square. Happy Birthday Huey Lewis!🎂
Legends nails it's "RockStars" to a "T".Huey included. All the moves, the characte…
Happy Birthday See all of our channels featuring the music of Huey Lewis and the News…
On This Day - July 5th 1950. Hugh Anthony Cregg III is born. He's better know by his stage name Huey Lewis. Sports…
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[a comedic 80s-style music video like Huey Lewis' If This is It but Im trying to win the heart of…
Huey Lewis and The News at Indian Ranch this afternoon. Then off to the Comedy Connection to hang with Corey Rodrigues, and Derek Moore.8pm
It's All Right by Huey Lewis and the News on
I also don't like this "Young people music". I like Glenn Miller. Dean Martin. Hasselhoff and Huey Lewis. Big fan of Ozzy Osbourne though.
.is in rare form tonight. 1st he confused Sound Garden with Strawberry Alarm Clock then said Huey Lewis was his fav hip hop act
I've been on a Huey Lewis kick lately... Figure you'd be proud of me
Handled by Anthony King and Huey Lewis and the news yeh ? Handled it what you say
Such a horrible day, but at least I discovered Oliver & Company somehow features songs sung by Billy Joel *and* Huey Lewis.
Awesome 👍 just had quite the shopping spree myself: Soundgarden, Huey Lewis, Dark Star Orchestra, T…
Oliver peoples glasses and Valentino suits with Huey Lewis and the news
Here's my turn at this. Which one have I not met?. 1. David Ortiz. 2. Paul McCartney. 3. Huey Lewis. 4. John Kerry...
Huey Lewis and the New then? Ah, the Jennifer Rush song is a good one too :)
Fun Fest concerts feature Huey Lewis and the News, Rick Springfield, Jeremy Camp
Dan, is awesome. You can't vouch Huey Lewis and rag on Top.
wanna go just for Huey Lewis and trombone shorty and Aesop rock
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I saw Huey Lewis at the Snoqualmie Falls casino and it was incredible
did you guys do a segment for the Logies years ago miming to Huey Lewis 'Stuck with you' Good old days, you, Bill, Tony, Rich
"If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody" by Huey Lewis & the News
Huey Lewis and the News, June 11, The Lawn at WRSP. 4-hr version of Heart of RocknRoll?
The only thing making this long line at the bank tolerable is that Huey Lewis and The News is playing at an abnorma…
He's right though. Hotel California is straight up corporate pop. *** Huey Lewis could have cut Long Run!
Been listening to Huey Lewis. Fun fact "If This Is It" was filmed at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk... I miss the Bay Area :(
(80s) Michael J. Fox and Huey Lewis on the set of Back to the Future.
Listened to Huey Lewis & the News too loud & now I have a ringing in my left ear. After 10yrs of thrash metal, I was done in by dad rock
Enter to win tickets to see Jimmy Buffett and Huey Lewis and the News
Jimmy Buffett will play Wrigley Field July 15th, 2017. Huey Lewis and the News will open.🎵
Jimmy Buffett and Huey Lewis announce date this summer when you should stay way the *** away from Wrigley Field
Attention Parrotheads: returns to Wrigley Field in July with Huey Lewis. Details: htt…
Other famous Sligo people include Michael Flatley, Huey Lewis (not the news) and Keyser Soze.
The Bruce Springsteen cover band have pulled out of Trump's inauguration but their slot will be filled by Huey Lewis and t…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I could see Sammy Hagar and Huey Lewis dueting that fetid song. That's somebody else.
and with that I'm off to the Fort for a 4 day weekend, let's get this commute going Huey Lewis
Star of "American Cuck". The unpopular sequel to "American Psycho" with an unironic Huey Lewis soundtrack
Can't stand the Dr. Pepper guy but I love the one with Steve Spurrier and that Huey Lewis song. you know what I'm talking about
Can't really associate this show with Huey Lewis, but then again...
I'm going to say She & I or The Fans. She & I sounds like Huey Lewis and The Fans is just as pandering as it sounds
Me: Hey, you guys know Huey Lewis And The News?. Car Full Of People: **silence**. Me: **heart breaks for my poor, deprived friends**
too hip to be square like huey Lewis
If Huey Lewis and the News has been overlooked AGAIN then that's the true outrage.
The best you've never heard Huey Lewis - Stuck With You
Only if I could hear Huey Lewis and the News blaring.
Also Huey Lewis & the News are performing at the rodeo i need to go
especially if done to the sounds of Huey Lewis and The News.
I love the idea of Huey Lewis being illicitly found music
there was admission to the zoo and a free Huey Lewis concert.
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my sister found a Huey Lewis tape on the ground and my parents were so made.
will there be Huey Lewis and the news in said kitchen ?
I also was obsessed with Huey Lewis and the Stray Cats. I had a FischerPrice boom box that I listened to those albums
listener request and : Lewis, Huey - I Want A New Drug at
heyo sam do you have some good 80s music recs — y ES i'm sending u bands . anything by Huey Lewis...
I liked a video Huey Lewis and the News - Back In Time (1985 HQ)
but let's be honest. ALL the characters are fans of Huey Lewis and the News
I'm so happy Blizzard confirmed Tracer is a fan of Huey Lewis and the News
I didn't know Huey Lewis lived in Albuquerque
Huey Lewis and the News is more newsworthy than this!
I guess Huey Lewis & the News will see a bit more in their royalty checks.
I expect to hear plenty of Phil Collins and Huey Lewis on Inauguration Day.
Yes we need more Huey!! can't you feel the power of love from Ohio?
Another year and another snub by Rock and Roll HOF of Huey Lewis and The News. So sad
On this day in a fictional 1987, Patrick Bateman believed he killed Paul Allen after sharing his love of Huey Lewis and…
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I've thought that *was* Huey Lewis since the movie came out, like Leverage has that guard who looks just like Jeremy Roenick.
Last night I learned that the Ghostbusters theme was a rip of off a Huey Lewis song. It was settled out of court.
They didn't have to live through the Ray Parker/Huey Lewis & the News court battle over the theme song. . They're the lucky ones
Now Coach Blake joins his team, Austin, Sundance and Courtney, with The Heart Of Rock'n'Roll (Huey Lewis & The News).
Chill I can't tell if my dream guy is young Nick Nolte, young Huey Lewis, or present day Josh Brolin. I'm so obsessed with these hunks 😍
Because of Jake mentioning it, Huey Lewis has been stuck in my head for about a day now.
Kinda disappointed in Brooklyn Bowl 4 playing same Huey Lewis song twice in an hour. Then again I'm disappointed in them 4 playing it once.
Huey Lewis & The News? Seriously?You trying to wind me up? 🎣You'll be telling me next that you've a soft spot for Jennifer Rush!
Scottish Power have the weirdest hold music, a was listenin to Paolo now it's Huey Lewis & the News
I hear they listen to a lot of Huey Lewis, Whitney Houston & Phil Collins too.
The Trump sons look like they can talk waaay too much about Phil Collins and Huey Lewis & The News.
I thank my Dad 4 my love of music he played errthang from Michael Jackson 2 Phil Collins 2 Huey Lewis and the...
don't laugh, but I had that exact Walkman blaring Phil Collins and Huey Lewis back in the day.
"Michael Phelps will join Bill Murray, Huey Lewis and more for the Ryder Cup’s celebrity golf match." .
Paul Kantner and Huey Lewis but a 7 out of 9 aint bad, you still get a B+ in The School of Rock lol. -
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I added a video to a playlist Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis - Cruisin' (with Lyrics)
they probably like Huey Lewis and the News
he looks like Christian Bale in American Psycho. If I ever hear him ask "do you like Huey Lewis and the News", I'm out
sorry more than 5 Poison, gnr, motley crue, crowded house and Madonna. Maybe some till Tuesday and Huey Lewis and beastie boys
"Mike gave me a list of his favorite Springsteen songs. Three were Huey Lewis and the News, one was Tracy Chapman's FAST CAR."
"When did you and Susan meet Huey Lewis?". "Uh, that's our friend Tanya."
Standing around. Huey Lewis and the News load in New Lenox, Illinois 7/16/16…
Diner music is epic 80s tonight: Bryan Adams, Huey Lewis, Diamond Dave, Kenny Loggins and Phil Collins. Help me.
And now Eric Trump with a speech about how Huey Lewis and the News' "Sports" is one of the great, underrated albums.
I feel like listening to some Huey Lewis and the News, or perhaps Phil Collins.
Huey Lewis and the News Power of Love @ River Cree Resort & Casino
oh god that first photo looks more like Mel Gibson ate Huey Lewis
How can someone be an '80's Baby and not know who Huey Lewis is? (Oddly enough, he did point out Billy Zane behind Biff though)
Doing It All For My Baby by Huey Lewis and The News - listen now:
Not sure if there's a God, but I did just see a baby in a high chair aggro-dancing to "The Power Of Love" by Huey Lewis.
"Mom, I want a Huey Lewis party for my 5th bday! Where do we get a Huey Lewis cake? Something with his face on it".
Barry Manilow, Kenny Loggins and Rick Springfield are on my Mt. Rushmore of singers. Who's the 4th? Quite possibly Huey Lewis. Go Bills
Huey Lewis and the News at Choctaw Casino Resort Durant - Durant, OK (F ...
Saw someone's da driving around town in a BMW with the top down blasting Huey Lewis & the News
80's style... Footloose, Power of Love by Huey Lewis & The News, Eye of the Tiger, The Final Countdown by Europe
Remembering big shirts & Keds, flirting w/ boys at the lake & not being miserable. Huey Lewis sang about drugs & the heart of r…
in my mind i sound like Patrick Bateman discussing Huey Lewis and the News
Sign 1: his name is Patrick Bateman. 2. He looks a lot like Christian Bale. 3. He likes Huey Lewis & the news
my wierd thing was the Huey Lewis one w Patrick I was like 👀👀👀👀
Ready to rock Nashville? Huey Lewis & The News at Schermerhorn Symphony Center on Jun 20!
Walking On A Thin Line - Huey Lewis & The News via It's not about hamburgers, but Hamburger Hill
Chopping fruit with a large knife while Huey Lewis and the News played in the background had me feeling quite Patrick Bateman-esque today
Huey Lewis and the News hold music with my energy supplier - as though they want their customers to go all Patrick Bateman on the phone.
Some evenings you just feel like Huey Lewis - wanting to stick your head in sink full of ice water.
has gone ahead of Bailley Peacock Farrell, Farah Fawcett Junior Lewis and Huey Lewis as favourite to be new Head Coach.
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Good news! I'm going to see Huey Lewis in Chicago! Bad news: I'm apparently also going to see Jimmy Buffet.
Charlie Daniels Band. . Huey Lewis and the News. . Moxy Fruvous (with band member Jian Ghomeshi)
Yeah! That would be great! Huey Lewis and Kenny Loggins with Special Guest, Quiet Riot will be in charge of the soundtrack! \m/!
Faith No More: What is it?. Huey Lewis: If this is it, please let me know. Kenny Loggins: This is it. . Loverboy: Lovin every minute of it!
I might go to Huey Lewis & The News at Horseshoe Southern Indiana in Elizabeth, IN - Jun 17
Check out our version of this Huey Lewis classic from Back To The Future….. Marty McFly and Doc Brown would be...
Got Hall & Oates into Huey Lewis happening in my house, for all yr newmusicmonday needs.
Workin on the American Psycho monologue. Most fun I've had in a long time. You like Huey Lewis and the News?
Darude blowing minds with Huey Lewis & the News in an indie-pop style, produced by Andrew Weatherall
Tim Duncan's celebration for this victory will be playing Huey Lewis and The News' Sports at a medium volume while drinking one light beer.
"No problem, makes sense. As an aside... do you like Huey Lewis and The News?"
Got caught doing some hip shaking and lip syncing on my walk. *** you Huey Lewis and your funky beats!
Backstage before the show with Johnny Colla the saxophonist of Huey Lewis and the News and my…
Is it just me or do Huey Lewis and Greg Proops bear striking resemblances to one another
Class of 1986: grew up watching MTV; listening to Prince, Van Halen, U2, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Huey Lewis...
Little Giant Ladders
Artists that need to be kept safe during 2016:. - Huey Lewis. - Alice Cooper. - Paul McCartney. - Jimmy Page. - Bob Dylan
Tonight is going to be a good one in Raleigh! Huey Lewis opening. Walnut Creek Amphitheatre
Headliners include Trace Adkins to begin, Huey Lewis and the News on April 22
Do any of these bands have Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, or Huey Lewis?
Her: "OMG, have you heard the news?". Me: "Yeah, they totally carried Huey Lewis."
I'm missing Huey Lewis & the News for the same reason. Feel your pain.
Colby just told me her favorite music group was Huey Lewis & The Jews. I can't. I honestly can't. 😂😂
Linda Doucette, Dwayne Kay & Kelly Anne Kelly have registered to see either Billy Joel in New York, Huey Lewis in...
Episode Three is a Huey Lewis and the News party!!!
News: is great at racing, but can't sing as well as Huey Lewis and the ...
What celebrity pair would make an ideal couple? — Huey Lewis and Bonnie Tyler OTP
Shun the green jellybean - it is the Huey Lewis of the jellybean world. It has no place among the other flavors."
Please come to PDX! You've been the theme song(s) to my fiancé + me & we'd love to head into our nuptials w/ the real deal!
I just used Shazam to discover I Want A New Drug by Huey Lewis & The News.
Now Playing Power of Love (Live) - Huey Lewis and the News presented by
A bit of Huey Lewis and The News and the childhood memories..
listener request and : Lewis, Huey - The Heart Of Rock & Roll at
Huey Lewis.. on hand for the game Saturday. Can you catch all the Huey Lewis songs in my highlights?
CAN YOU CATCH THEM ALL?. Huey Lewis was on hand for Saturday's game. . So I decided to add a little...
There's gotta be a craft brewery out there that has approached Huey Lewis about writing a Huey Lewis and The Brews song.
▶︎ Huey Lewis got his stab at managing the Giants Saturday vs. the Cubs
Huey Lewis in uni but he will manage Giants today
To the real punks, INXS is basically Huey Lewis, and Huey Lewis' existence isn't acknowledged, bc
no doubt. Sports and Fore were always in the tape player.
S/O Elvis, Huey Lewis and the News, and for getting me through the drive back to school🙌🏼
Huey Lewis arrives in camp with Rick Sutcliffe and will be Bruce Bochys bench coach for today
Huey lewis and the news, the o'jays, rainbow
Huey Lewis takes batting practice with Cubs:
Huey Lewis takes batting practice with Cubs
god Huey Lewis takes batting practice with Cubs:
Did Huey Lewis' album 'Sports' tell us anything about managing?: How we expect Huey Lewis to manage the Giants
LIONHEART are bigger than Huey Lewis and the News!
I think he's actually a guest of the Giants (that's how I'm rationalizing it, as a fellow Huey Lewis fan!).
Broadcasting now: Huey Lewis and the News Heart and Soul
I had a dream last night where I was hanging out with Richard Dean Anderson and Huey Lewis. That's how I know today is going to be good.
'White people stole black music' conveniently overlooks that Ray Parker Jnr's Ghostbusters sounds like that Huey Lewis song
Coming up later: The power of love / Do you believe in love - Huey Lewis & the News, no. 9 single this week in 1986
More tomorrow from 1986. Tracks by Mike & the Mechanics, Huey Lewis & the News and Whistle.
Huey Lewis and The News was fantastic. I'm excited for next weekend.
...deftones, ATDI, Huey Lewis, Jane's, Black Angels, Ghost...a handful more I would check out.
A song pops in my head and it takes me a bit to realize it's that song Huey Lewis and Gwenyth Paltrow did. I think someone lobotomized me.
Jimmy Buffett (w/ Huey Lewis & the News opening), to play at DTE Energy Music Theatre at 7 p.m. June 18. Tickets on sale noon Feb. 26.
Congrats to Joseph of Iselin, he won tickets to see Huey Lewis & The News at the Wellmont Theatre, April 17th.
People in Tokyo used to tell me I looked like Huey Lewis or Arnold Schwarzenneger. You judge.
Outstanding. Eveh the top 10 was okay...Tina Turner, Prince, Chaka Kahn, Huey Lewis..and the wonderful She Bop.
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Dear you know I ❤️you, right? But, really? Huey Lewis at 6am? It's too much. One Corey Hart and we're through
I smell a big opportunity here for Huey Lewis & the News.
It's even funnier if you imagine Russell Wilson as the lead singer of Huey Lewis and the News.
Um sir, could you play anything from Peter Gabriel, Kenny Loggins, Hall & Oats, or Huey Lewis and the News?
Calling all Parrotheads! Jimmy Buffet, Huey Lewis & the News coming to Klipsch in June
FACT: It's absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to not dance around when you hear Robert Palmer "Simply Irresistible." That and anything by Huey Lewis
Getting my daily dose of Huey Lewis while remembering my beloved Aunt Cathy. — feeling nostalgic at Sprouts...
"Strange how my favorite Huey Lewis song is also my favorite deodorant." - guy who confuses "The Power Of Love" with "Old Spice"
I have Rainbow (the band), Huey Lewis, and Blue Oyster Cult shirts coming in the mail and I couldn't be happier.
Huey Lewis was redeemed somewhat by Christian Bale and Brett Easton Ellis.
I once found the most insane Huey Lewis fan in the comments of a random brooklyn vegan article:
Just spotted Huey Lewis on there. And they're performing Sports! What a bill.
Hard not to have a great day today. Getting my heat fixed in my apt/cleaned my apt/crushed it at work/and Huey Lewis and The News is playing
My nephew thinks I'm the "cool aunt". Little does he know I just tried to win Huey Lewis & The News concert tickets.
I'm going to listen to a bunch of Huey Lewis and the News while I do boring work.
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Huey Lewis and the News + The Front Bottoms at Shaky Knees music festival... I'm not too hip to be square
Some good acts at Shaky Knees this year but Huey Lewis was the only one that really made me consider going.
Huey Lewis is going to perform his 1983 Sports album, at the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta in May. The...
That's an awesome dream! My husband met Huey Lewis and News back in the day. His stepmom worked for their label.
I did not know that. I like that Sheryl Crow plays a song for a coffee, and it's like no she would not
the best thing about One Tree Hill is the cameo appearance by in 2 episodes
a 2016 UK Tour would be awesome please 😁
You bet your *** Huey Lewis said "Evansville" in the roll call of cities when he sang "Heart of Rock and Roll" there on his Sports tour
Janes Addiction is touring Ritual and Huey Lewis is touring Sports. I stand corrected and now agree wholeheartedly with you
Tons of indie rock bands (and Huey Lewis and the News!) take over Atlanta, Georgia in May for the
Come on if this is a thing, you need to do the UK festival circuit. Get Lol to call Michael Eavis!
Ok, now I have some dodgy desi Huey Lewis ear worm..thanks a bunch
Look at the trendy company are keeping this year
I completely lost my mind right now... Huey Lewis And The News - Do You Believe In Love
Basement flooded and while going through wet boxes, I found Nickelback and Huey Lewis CDs. God sent the flood as punis…
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It's safe to say I don't pay attention to Sports anymore. Why'd I capitalize the "S?" Because I'm talking about Huey Lewis' hit LP.
San Francisco was warmer all day come home to a colder weather than san Francisco ca. BECki
it is very dark at night saw 3 limo there by time I got to bart. was happy to get home easy bay area home and cold home
I guess I was walking all over san Francisco. ca know me way people turning on car lights to lead me th way there. all over
yes I got lost up a hill between geary and California. and then just got home at 10 p.m . and took bart home. BEcki
hi Huey your music on 101.3 star san Francisco ca. was all day there up and down hill lost between up a hill took 4 bus
I love outdoor concerts, throw out a blanket, pack my camera gear
👀do you like Huey Lewis and the News?
but ive only 4 records here: To Pimp a Butterfly, Sleater-Kinney's No Cities to Love, and 2 Huey Lewis and the News albums
This May Huey Lewis & The News will be performing Sports in its entirety. We’re in there somewhere as well.
because it's Huey Lewis and the News?
Heh. Remind us not to discuss Huey Lewis & the News.
Omg, 104.5 went from ABBA to Huey Lewis and the News to ELO to Elton John! I'm DYING of happiness!
Who in music chose Huey Lewis, U2, Grateful Dead and Michael Jackson as their fave album of all time? Check it.
We are thrilled to announce - performing Wednesday night at the Invitational!
Huey Lewis And The News - The Heart Of Rock & Roll. I thought these only did one song.
.thanks for info, luv Iowa, see my pic Sioux City across frm Huey Lewis concert, Sioux City super Hilly, ate by river, nice!
Eric Stoltz: I AM A SERIOUS ACTOR AND THIS IS A RICHLY DRAMATIC ROLE. . Zemeckis: You do know Huey Lewis is doing the soundtrack, right?
Todd Tondera and Kelsey just helped me sneak into the floor section at Huey Lewis // Jimmy Buffet that is the power of love
Anyone trying to see Jimmy Buffet and Huey Lewis at Barclays on NYE?
everyone from Pat Boone to Bob Dylan to Huey Lewis has covered Stagolee
Mirror Universe Lester Holt is the name of my Huey Lewis and the News cover band. - my wife. CC:
Song title appeared in the charts 3 times in 1 year, others by Huey Lewis and the News/Denise Rush
The Neville Brothers, The Hooters, Hall & Oates, and Huey Lewis & the News
you mean between Jennifer Rush, Huey Lewis and the News and Frankie Goes to Hollywood? Tough Call, but I'm saying FGTH.
📹 A surprisingly good cover of Huey Lewis by Anya Marina.
San Frans own Huey Lewis has to join Coldplay for some Power of Love. that would save it
Ok, I love the Tears for Fears and Huey Lewis & the News & Tarzan Phil Collins vibes 1D is hitting these days, but when we getting old Phil?
Its Friday. Time to put a compact disc on. Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?
All your favorite PUNK songs from PUNK artists such as:. - Huey Lewis and the News. - Human League. - Toni Basil.
Thinking about James Whale & FRANKENSTEIN, so of course Huey Lewis comes to mind.
Don't begrudge Huey Lewis. That commercial may keep him from having to play Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom this summer.
Gone from Huey Lewis and the News to Ronan Keating. Sack your playlist maker
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