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Hudson Hawk

Hudson Hawk is a 1991 American action comedy film directed by Michael Lehmann.

Bruce Willis Die Hard David Caruso Once Upon Two Days Sandra Bernhard

/huhgus/ Hey, if the Hudson Hawk tells you to do a thing, you do it.
Why does Juan still have the hawk...?😂😂
waiting for LadyHawk and Hudson Hawk to finish appearing on my computer. while i watch crocodile dundee 2
These are OUTSTANDING suggestions, and I'm with you on Hudson Hawk. First 3 quarters.
Mission Impossible 3 appears to be a mix of Hudson Hawk and Adventures in Babysitting.
I need to go rewatch Hudson Hawk and Fifth Element now. Love me some silly Bruce Willis.
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but that wine coolers dude was in Hudson Hawk with that Sandra Bernhard
you know Hudson Hawk bombed because they spent literally millions digitally retouching his hair line?
and hudson Hawk. And North. And billy bathgate.
Dear Bruce Willis, just one squeal to Hudson Hawk please? Thank you.
Bruce Willis commercial for Honda may have been his worst performance since Hudson Hawk
Honda hired Hudson hawk for a commercial huh?
Sometimes I feel like the only person that likes Hudson Hawk.
Hudson Hawk is goddamned classic, sir!
I kill my wife after she puts on a bluray of Hudson Hawk. Too specific?
Earlier, I Hudson Hawk'd my ramen. My definition is singing a song or series of songs to act as a sort of timer.
I went to see something else at the cinema but it was sold out. Ended up seeing HUDSON HAWK instead. A fortuitous event.
Realized I've started judging lengths of time Hudson Hawk style with songs. Accurately.
"Am I the only one who measures time using songs!"" Bruce W. In Hudson Hawk
Meet Sandra Bernhart and talked to her about the movie breathless for an hour before i told her how much i loved her role in Hudson Hawk
Hudson goes skiing and flies like a hawk :).
Spotted this hawk on the Hudson today. He let me take 3 pics, flipped me the bird & flew a few trees down.
Was going to go to bed but saw Hudson hawk was on, classic film
".Black Hawk helicopters rehearse their fly-over over the Hudson River (via
So how hungover you gotta be to watch Hudson Hawk?
Congrats to my masadonian hawk great job pero I'm proud!
take that back, Hudson Hawk is awesome!
Freedom tower has sea hawk colors,Empire estate has bronco colors,fireworks on the Hudson, glad i'm not in the middle of no where (Florida).
Hudson Hawk: Will you play Nintendo with me? Anna: I can't think of anyone I'd rather play Nintendo with.
There's the line that made me watch this movie lol. Hudson Hawk: Looks like you won't be attending that hat convention in July. 90s humor
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Dude behind me in Loblaws singing "Swinging On A Star". For one dreadful second I thought I was in Hudson Hawk
Pic of Black Hawk fly over the Hudson download the App take a look
"..everybody knows when the north wind blows.." Hudson Hawk
yuss hudson hawk!! i know what I'm up too next friday
Praise The Lord! Or would you rather be a fish? A fish is an animal that... “HUDSON HAWK: THE MUSICAL. Let right be done.”
“HUDSON HAWK: THE MUSICAL. Let right be done.” I'm with that :-)
Finding old movies to watch. Hudson Hawk is on!! I love Bruce Willis !!!;)
"Swinging on a Star" and "Side by Side" are the songs in Hudson Hawk, not "I Love Paris"
Please tell me you've seen Hudson Hawk, his 80s action-comedy-musical.
Down town Anaheim farmers market until 5 tomorrow. Come say hi. I'll be reading comics and roasting peanuts. For now, Hudson Hawk-ing it up.
yeah it sounds that way. Like we'd be doing gags like Martin and Lewis or Willis & Aiello in Hudson Hawk
Blue Hawk boys leading Alvirne by six at half out in Hudson
"C'mon, Pierre! Read my lips: steak burger! French Fries? This is France, you gotta have French Fries." - Hudson Hawk
Love "Hudson Hawk." One of my all time favorite funny films.
loved the Hudson Hawk reference. One of my favorite movies.
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Hudson Hawk is the greatest movie ever.
I am an unapologetic HUDSON HAWK fan. No other movie in my collection has been more greatly misunderstood and unappreciated.
ok obscure film time, who remembers Hudson Hawk, where Bruce Willis plays an ex-thief that times his crimes to music? and who remembers black moon rising, coolest car, starring tommy lee jones and linda hamilton?
Checking out old films with and watched Hudson Hawk w Bruce Willis & Sandra Bernhard.
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First time I tried a cappuccino was because of Hudson Hawk :)
On radio 2 they just mentioned the post office railway and the film Hudson hawk. In which there was an underground railway under the Vatican. Which was actually filmed at point pleasant sorting office. My job was to take 3 50year old dirty greasy dark red trains and paint them white. And Seb complains about refreshing a bit of magnolia in an office lol
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No one at my office appreciates the comedic genius of the movie "Hudson Hawk." I'm not sure I can work here anymore.
going back to Hudson hawk movie wine bacon crackings
Just watched Hudson Hawk. I can't believe I never seen it before. Funny movie.
What are your two (only two) all-time favorite movies? Mine are Hudson Hawk and Elizabethtown. Disney movies are all great, but these give perspectives of life in an enjoyable fashion, plus some great acting. Welcome to share.
after a couple of megadrive games if anyone had them legend of galahad and shadow of the beast 2 if u have them I still have maximum carnage cart and Hudson hawk for trade
Personally washing and air drying CloccaCapes that are custom ordered with barbershop logos. I make sure they are clean dry and ready for use right out of the box! Thanks Hudson Hawk Springfield MO for your second order of 10 for your new shop opening soon!
maximum carnage cart only v good condition £15 posted Hudson hawk Gameboy boxed with instructions no inner tray label on right hand side £10 posted
OK, I think I'll start one of these "pass it around" things on FB. TASK: List five films which did not do well at the box office ... or were otherwise considered duds ... which you love. The catch is none of your films can have gone on to be "cult classics" (ie. Rocky Horror, The Evil Dead, Serenity, The Fifth Element) nor can they be films folks watch as a guilty pleasure because they are laughably awful (ie. Plan 9 from Outer Space, Manos Hands of Fate, Halle Berry's Catwoman). Your five films must be genuinely unappreciated. Include a star or director for folks to find them on IMBD or Netflix. My list is ... 1. Hudson Hawk (Bruce Willis) 2. John Carter of Mars (Taylor Kitsch) 3. Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai (Forest Whitaker) 4. Last of the Dogmen (Tom Berenger) 5. Valley of the Gwangi (Ray Harryhausen) TAG: At least ten friends who love movies.
I watch CSI and I giggle because I can't help seeing David Caruso in that lovely dress from Hudson Hawk. Every time.
I posted this about a week but I needed to update the lists. If you have any questions feel free to message me, I will send pictures of the DVDs that you are interested in. Some of them have only been watched a couple times and some of the cases have been damaged but the disks are all playable and in good condition. They are for $3.00 each unless otherwise stated. They Are As Follows Children’s: Popeye’s Voyage: The Quest for Pappy, Hoodwinked, Bob the Builder 4 Pack, The Wild, The Snow Queen, The PageMaster, Chicken Run, Treasure Planet, Kung Fu Panda, Big Bird in China, 102 Dalmatians, Igor, Bedtime Stories Family: The Mask, The Toy, Popeye, National Velvet, The Long Shot, Halloweentown 1 & 2, Sylvester (un-Opened), The Pacifier, My Fair Lady, A Prairie Home Companion, Hidalgo, Johnny Dangerously, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (DVD Only), Grease (Disk Only), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Disk Only) Comedy: Top Secret, Hudson Hawk, Run Ronnie Run, Tim Conway Double Feature, ...
How did Bruce Willis ever work again after Hudson Hawk?
"But I want to do community service; I want to teach the handicapped how to yodel." -Hudson Hawk
Seriously, NOW TV do not have Die Hard in their On Demand Service, but do have Hudson Hawk, the worst Bruce Willis film I've ever had the misfortune of seeing! Get a Grip NOW TV!!!
Watching Hudson Hawk for the first time ever. What a mental film, always good to watch Richard E.…
Watching Hudson Hawk for the first time ever, what a mental film...
Hudson Hawk should be cult classic by now. I mean, come on now, what's a guy got to do to get a cappuccino after getting out of prison?
Watching Hudson Hawk for the HDTGM podcast tonight
Leftovers coma 3.0, couch and one of the best movies ever made "Hudson Hawk".
I'm thinking a kickstarter to fund a sequel? Well, this or Hudson Hawk...
Just read a 75 worst movies of all time list. Hudson Hawk was on it. I do not agree.
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Is everyone excited for December aka 31 days of watching the movie Hudson Hawk?
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I hope when I die, I get my 100 minutes I wasted watching Hudson Hawk back.
Photoset: dbvictoria: one of my all-time favorite movies - Hudson Hawk
So. I'm just sitting hear thinking and have decided that "Definitely Miami" was the best episode of Miami Vice. Good plot, with a great extended remix of Godley and Creme's Cry, and Ted Nugent delivers the line "so Crockett, we meet again." Other great episodes include: "Phil the Shill" staring Phil Collins, "Back in the World" staring G, Gordan Liddy, "No Exit" staring Bruce Willis before he was Bruno and Hudson Hawk, and others.
I didn't take advantage of any Black Friday deals and now I'm punishing myself by watching Hudson Hawk.
27 for me. Glad to see worst movie ever, Hudson Hawk, represented. RT
Hudson hawk: master thief who leaves his fingerprints on EVERYTHING. Y u no wear gloves, Hawk?
This is my guilty secret film, it's so bad it's good
My friend Leo and I are walking downtown, and we pass a couple where the woman is obviously late in her pregnancy. "Look at that, " Leo says. He shakes his head. "Poor kids..." Poor kids? What do you mean? Having a child is one of life's most magical events! "Oh no...not that. That's well and good, and all that. That's not it." Well what are you talking about? "Now they have to name the kid. That's gonna be brutal." What do you mean by that? "Well lemme ask you a question. How would you describe that couple? You know financially? Rich...poor...what?" They looked like a nice, typical couple. Nothing out of the ordinary. Middle class. "Exactly! Middle class. So they have no chance naming that kid." How many Makers did you drink back there? What are you talking about? "Look if you're rich, you can name the kid anything you want. The Getty kid, that actor, what's his name, Balthazar? You grow up with any Balthazars? Did you have some Balthazars on your team at the schoolyard?" Well no. But that's his middle . ...
There is seriously a Hollywood Homicide/Hudson Hawk blu-ray. No, really! I think I have to buy it.
I've already got all those. But I file Black Hawk Down with my other hawk DVDs, Hudson Hawk and Hawk The Slayer.
OK. This podcast is almost over. Where is the "FOOLED YOU! Hudson Hawk actually *** " line?
DVDs are 20% off at JB right now. Hudson Hawk will accordingly be...$6. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. GO BUY.
I'm with ya, Hudson Hawk is a gem of a film. One o my favs. Beautifully ridiculous.
:Hudson Hawk: bet BWillis is ashamed; Supergirl, what were they thinking?; and Superman IV...loads of crap!
What I miss about Thanksgiving in MA: freezing our butts at NQHS-QHS football, Hudson Hawk, Son-in-Law, & ENC friends.
New family tradition starting this year, watching Hudson hawk
Sandra I loved you in the movie the Hudson Hawk a commercial flop I liked it lots of action & comedy. schtick
Turns out Kate Phillips LOVES GROUNDHOG DAY. That was last night's warm start to Thanksgiving. Later, HUDSON HAWK and, if there's time, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL. Ha ha. Just kidding. Of COURSE there's time... Happy Thanksgiving :D
Last night I brought GROUNDHOG DAY to for the 1st time. Humanitarian holiday! Later: Hudson Hawk.
Listening to podcasts in between lectures has made me want to watch; Dragnet, Grosse Point Blank and Hudson Hawk. Possibly in that order.
Did they seriously just kill a dog, and act like it was no big deal? Hudson Hawk, you went to a new low for a crappy movie.
I've got the Boxed Set to watch. I also quite like Hudson Hawk.
attached is the personal drinking game I made for Hudson Hawk. Been waiting for this since you guys started!
next week How Did This Get Made podcast is doing Hudson Hawk! Love it.
But he's so annoying. Is Hudson Hawk on anywhere? It's the HDTGM movie next week lol
I know has set Hudson Hawk in its sights, but that movie always has had a soft spot in my heart.
Hudson Hawk next up on How Did? - seeing that film was an important moment in my childhood: I realised Bruce Willis was no Oscar winner...
watching now, but I can't believe I just watched all of "Hudson Hawk". That was painful. How did that get made?!?
I see why some one might like Hudson Hawk, I think it's interesting and baffling. I don't know how I feel about it.
I sorta love Hudson Hawk, its a guilty pleasure move. It’s also where I learned the songs “swinging on a star” & “Side by side"
Hudson Hawk is the craziest thing I've ever am still watching.
The sound effect from the fictional video game in Bones episode "The Boy in the Time Capsule" Is the same one played when Hudson Hawk escaped from programmable handcuffs in the eponymous movie.
I've anticipated few things more highly than the upcoming Hudson Hawk episode of That movie was insanely bad. "Should I rape them?"
Renting Hudson Hawk has been they greatest four dollar purchase of my life!!!
Thank you for choosing, Hudson Hawk! I've been waiting to hear this one for some time now.
hey How are you going to spend an hour telling us how ridiculous Hudson Hawk is when the movie spends 100min. doing it with relish?
The next movie on "How Did This Get Made?" is "Hudson Hawk." I've heard it's awful. Should I watch it?
I distinctly remember, in the 90s, saying Hudson Hawk was his fave movie, and he even named his dog Hudson after it.
Next episode of How Did This Get Made? is Hudson Hawk. I'm literally wet with anticipation. (also I spilled coffee on myself)
Finally, Hudson Hawk. My guilty pleasure of movies
Is that a Hudson Hawk reference? Please tell me that's a Hudson Hawk reference.
Nooo!!! is going to ruin Hudson hawk for me just like they did to demolition man
No animals at all or just no animal named in title? Howzabout: Hudson Hawk; Eagle vs Shark
Hudson Hawk is the progenitor of all things.
Hudson Hawk podcast with financed by
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I liked a video The Story of Hudson Hawk, part 3
Could be worse. You could be watching Hudson Hawk.
someone needs to remake this movie. It's great, up there with Hudson hawk
I Dont know why the movie Hudson hawk wasn't a smash hit! I love it! Every time it comes on TV I watch it.
Got my wine some dinner working and Hudson Hawk on TV. Great way to finish my day!
Watching Hudson hawk love this movie
Hudson Hawk, an underrated classic movie :)
The Hudson hawk has to be one of my new favorite movies!
i will watch Hudson Hawk ever single time its on...if you don't know what it is...educate yourself.REINDEER GOATCHEESE PIZZA??!?!?
That awkward moment when you're watching Hudson Hawk and you realize Butterfinger is Lattimer.
Sippin on some Cafe' Bustelo and watching Hudson Hawk
"Pick up the phone you reindeer, goat-cheese eating *** " Eddie "Hudson Hawk"- Hudson Hawk.
Watching one of my favorite movies- Hudson Hawk. is my favorite in this! Classic!
*** stars encore action is showing the worst movie ever Bruce Willis in Hudson hawk no! ):
Hudson Hawk is on. What's so great in your life that you're not watching it?
Watching Hudson Hawk before BJJ class. Don't know why I love this movie.
I kind of like stupid movies like The Last Boy Scout and Hudson Hawk. But mobster movies are my fav The God Father rules
Boss: what are you doing?. Steve: writing a sequel to Hudson Hawk. Boss: This is a builders practice. Steve: What's another verb for barfed?
Well he has died hard 4 times now. Never the same since Hudson Hawk.
Stumbled across the trailer for “Vampire Academy,” which looks awful, but it’s written by Daniel Waters, of Heathers and Hudson Hawk fame.
Ha ha blah blah blah.your the Hudson Hawk of
Hudson Hawk come on. It's a classic
It's Hudsy Hawn's birthday and you better believe Hudson Hawk and Master Sergio have some celebrating to do.
I rated 'Hudson Hawk' 2 out of 5 stars ▶
I thought I would post my top 5 worst movies. Keep in mind its NOT a debate I don't care if you agree or disagree what I do care about is hearing about your top 5 worst movies! TELL ME! 1) The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai 2) Hudson Hawk 3) Howard the Duck 4) Tank Girl 5) movie 43
Hudson Hawk is one bizarr-o movie ... how come I've never seen this before?!
love this movie :-) just watched it again on hallmark now I'm watching Hudson hawk :-)
no one did Hudson Hawk. it just happened x
what's you favorite movie that was critically panned eg: Mine is Hudson Hawk
Best thing about growing out your hair. . Not paying full price for haircuts and $10 clean-ups at Hudson/Hawk.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
My wife just now: "C'mon! We have to get back so we can watch Hudson Hawk!"
Cleaned up at Hudson/Hawk and now working out of the Mudhouse for a few hours. Spending my last day…
5am 33 degrees upstate. ol man winter & hudson hawk came out this morning... Glad I'm home now!
Me too..Neal doing the fancy footwork reminded me so much of my fav. scene from Hudson Hawk:
And when they’re done Hudson Hawk would like a word.
who's your boy at Hudson Hawk? I went there last time and got one for $20, but I'd much rather get one for $10 lol
Hudson Hawk, its downtown by brew co, straight razor shave, hair cut, steamed towel for your face & if you go to my bro $10
That 5/10 is mostly out of politeness, by the way. I was much more engaged with both TMNT2 and HUDSON HAWK (4/10s) than this.
Favorite line from Hudson Hawk: ...on display at the Louvre in Paris. As opposed to the Louvre in Wisconsin?
Just heard that a former Hudson Hawk leads the nation in tackles.
I'd watch HUDSON HAWK a hundred times before I'd want to watch NOTHING BUT TROUBLE again.
HUDSON HAWK (1991, 4/10) - mind-bogglingly ill-conceived, but sort of ramblingly scattershot enough to keep from becoming interminable
Alright, jumping right into HUDSON HAWK, which is shorter than I realized.
The film Hudson Hawk (Bruce Willis) features a pair of crooks who time robberies by the length of a song they sing.
I agree with all, but they need to add Hudson Hawk
beat it with Hudson Hawk (BW's finest film btw), but that was only on the free version.
Honestly I don't understand why Hudson Hawk is not better appreciated.
We did threaten a Hudson Hawk episode…
his is definately Bruce Willis's love child, conceived on the set of Hudson Hawk :-)
Pretty sure Hudson Hawk is a Bruce Willis character...he's a hero!
Decisions.. What to watch? House of a 1000 Corpses, Black Swan, Hudson Hawk... All on TV at same time. What to choose???
laughing my head off at David Caruso copying Bruce Willis in Hudson Hawk! Hillarious!!
Also the characters from Hudson Hawk are clearly on the Impossible Mission Force books too:)
I wanna see assassins creed used to make a Hudson Hawk game.
BJ just turned the channel from Die Hard to Hudson Hawk. I...I...GODDAMIT!
Anyone else dig Hudson Hawk as much as I do? Also, I miss Bruce Willis: mostly from 2000 & before though.
At Okerlund's with blinds closed. Gene puts on "Hudson Hawk" for 5th time in a row. "It's such a classic,Tony!"
Just remember Hudson hawk is a very evil evil man.
Now watching Hudson Hawk. Haven't had a stay in bed and do nothing for no reason day for a long time!
Enjoying a movie classic this morning, Hudson Hawk...some of Willis's finest work
- I liked Hudson Hawk. Does that make me a bad person?
Hudson Hawk is a very strange movie.
via FILMoragphy • Hudson Hawk (1991). FILMography is an ongoing art project by Canadian photographer Christopher...
I would love to be fat Hudson Hawk.
"What do you mean you haven't seen Hudson Hawk?"
I misread that as Hudson Hawk. Love that movie!
How the *** have you guys not reviewed Hudson Hawk yet?
Oh, pish, I can do that voice. But the Hudson Hawk Incomparable needs you.
I love Hudson Hawk. It's one of my favourite films. I've seen it over a thousand times...
I can tell I'm a bit squiffy - I want to watch Hudson Hawk again. I only watched it a couple of weeks ago :-D
I'm the Hudson Hawk of cooking. When you're hungry Pink Monster is better than Comforting Sounds. To explain?
For a master cat burglar, one would think that Hudson Hawk would know to wear gloves on a gig
Watching Hudson Hawk, I thought you all should know.
On HTV later this month, Cody House visits Hudson Hawk Barber and Shop, where he gets in the chair himself.
(Not kidding, I really did like Hudson Hawk. Judge me if you will)
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Ah, yes. The old "for some people" argument. Very well. Hudson Hawk is an awesome film. For some people.
Currently sitting next to a Hudson Hawk... This is interesting
I cannot help it but I still see him as SKITTLES in HUDSON HAWK! ;-)
I know it's a ridiculous plot, and features only over-acting. But I just love the movie Hudson Hawk. Would you like to swing on a star?;-)
And and I watched Hudson Hawk, it was ridiculous with an unexpected line about rape. ***
I can't wait to see Kurt Russell's new film 3000 Miles to Hudson Hawk 11.
I wonder if 1991s winner Hudson Hawk will ever be redeemed.I laughed like a drain when I saw that
I still think Hudson Hawk was your best work
"12 Monkeys, but Bruce Willis is an actual monkey! No? Hudson Hawk but Bruce Willis is an actual hawk! No? Stop fighting genius!"
I’m assuming that’s better than holding a Hudson Hawk.
Hudson Hawk. All time favourite film tonight is a good night
thanks for removing Hudson Hawk and Blown Away from instant... why?!
Thanks to for a great Might throw Hudson Hawk on before bed!
You beat me to it. Was going to single out Bruce Willis and Hudson Hawk as a prime example
My favorite line in Hudson Hawk: "I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Rome. I did my first bare-handed strangulation here."
Hudson Hawk on tv tonight. New word.
Ok, Red (the movie) was actually pretty enjoyable. It almost had a Hudson Hawk vibe.
yeah but it's not as good as Hudson Hawk, right? no. good. x
There is nothing wrong with Hudson Hawk.
dude that's practically abuse. Hudson Hawk is awesome!
Hudson Hawk is great if watched in the spirit intended. That is, the spirit of a Michael Lehmann movie not a Bruce Willis one
When I was 10 I thought Hudson Hawk was The Best Movie Ever. I'm rewatching it for the first time in 20 years. 10 yr old me had great taste.
HUDSON HAWK is the all time greatest punchline
“Right, and now she turns out to have been a Vatican nun. You know. Like in Hudson Hawk!” (pause) “John, you’ve gone very quiet…”
That weird moment, when I know people hate Hudson Hawk, yet I loved the silliness of it since being a kid -_-
Must be the 1st time anything with Bruce Willis has been banned pity nobody did the same with Hudson Hawk and other useless
Wow, interesting choice of movies to pick! "In the advert, Hudson Hawk and Bonfire of the Vanities star Bruce Willis"
The "Hudson Hawk and Bonfire of the Vanities star"? How much does hate Bruce Willis?
The thing I never got about that Bruce Willis / Sky advert was, why they used clips from Hudson Hawk? Bruce's fave film, maybe?
what about the video dead or Hudson hawk?
Could possibly even relieve you of Weekend at Bernie’s and Hudson Hawk... Just have to Drug the boys and I'm good ;)
Okay so we're timing the heist to "Side By Side" like in HUDSON HAWK. "Oh, we ain't got a barrel of muhhhney..."
Hudson Hawk is still one of my favorite movies. You can judge me all you want.
ouch man, that hurt like Season 6 of Oz…. Hudson Hawk vs Lincoln Hawk.
Hudson Hawk movie press kit photos Bruce Willis Danny Aiello Andie MacDowell $4.99
Maybe this is the best time for fabricated Hudson Hawk 2 rumors.
A GIANT thanks to the hospitality this morning at Hudson Hawk Barber & Shop! We had a great group of listeners...
Austin Robertson KTTS News is looking pretty slick with his shave from Hudson Hawk Barber & Shop. We'll be here...
Remember the end of Hudson Hawk when the narrator says "Eddie finally got his coffee"? Yeah, that. Except Skyla and vodka.
I miss you too! We need to talk Hudson Hawk, at the very least. Lunch next week?
no. Bruce Willis did it in Hudson Hawk
would it dethrone Hudson Hawk? That's my current all time worst movie.
Things that also hates: Hudson & McCoy, the Hudson river, the movie Hudson Hawk
Hey! has new episode out where the talk about Hudson Hawk. One of my favorite movies!
Do you think they'll make a sequel to Hudson Hawk? Bruce Willis is getting on a bit now.
Oh no. is it that bad? Please tell me you do not have Water World or Hudson Hawk
I'm watching Bruce Willis in the 1991 movie "Hudson Hawk". Which I own. On DVD. And Bruce & I are both embarrassed by this.
Lots going on this coming week at KSGF. Tuesday join the KSGF Mornings crew from 7-9am at Hudson Hawk Barber &...
Now I'll watch Hudson Hawk because everyone says it's pretty bad. In defiance of my advice to
how he could be in Kiss of Death, Jade, AND Hudson Hawk and wasn't buried out in the desert in the late 90's I'll never know.
(although I have to admit I'm tempted to continue watching Hudson Hawk)
"The Vatican has foiled the advances of pirates and terrorists. We will not lie down for some schmuck from New Jersey." -Hudson Hawk
"Have y'all even seen Hudson hawk? Lol" nope but im sure Die Hard was better
Hudson Hawk is on. Incredibly underrated movie!
Hudson Hawk is really my favorite Bruce Willis movie
Ohhh shoot hope you all have Encore. Hudson Hawk is on at 9!!
Have opportunity to watch tv all by myself... Anything I want... End up watching Hudson Hawk, which I own on DVD.
Hudson Hawk is possibly the best movie of all time
Oh Hudson Hawk, you are just as terrible as I remember. And I can’t quit you.
Watching in Hudson Hawk. I thought it was unfairly maligned.
There are 2 kinds of people in this world: those who love Hudson Hawk, and those who despise it.
I think I'm the only one who likes the movie Hudson Hawk.
I don't care what anyone says, Hudson Hawk is an awesome movie
There is no better way to spend a Saturday, than sitting on the couch and watching Hudson Hawk.
Does anyone else remember the movie Hudson Hawk?
Watching Hudson Hawk when Bruce Willis was still hot!
In a swamp of remakes & reboots, another swing at Hudson Hawk wouldn't be such a bad thing Add all of the Red cast with Willis & smartphones
I'll never understand why this movie is universally reviled. So good. ★ Hudson Hawk —
I love val Kilmer, i’ll look out for it. If you like silly/funny watch Hudson hawk, one of my faves
I am going to watch Hudson Hawk. I taped it. I am very curious to see if it is as good as I remember (movie I loved as a little girl).
Discuss - Are we to the point yet that Hudson Hawk can be considered a kitschy classic of sorts? I say yes.
Here's a game I am playing: The "actor" I was given was Andie MacDowell via Thomas Howard Movies I loved: Groundhog Day (in spite of her), Hudson Hawk (at the time; leave me alone). Movies I liked: Green Card (at the time, people; I was 19), Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan. Movies I did not like: All the rest of her movies that I had the misfortune to see.
Actor given to me by Adam Lipkin: Bruce Willis Movie I Loved: This is a really hard one... Die Hard is the obvious, but it could just as easily be Hudson Hawk, Four Rooms, The Fifth Element. Movie I Liked: RED Movie I Hated: Death Becomes Her Movie Roger Ebert Hated Hated Hated: North Like this status as I'll give you an actor.
Just went to see Now You See Me! One of the most amazing movies I have ever seen! It might have just topped my favorite movie, Hudson Hawk!
We have a hawk nesting in the area and shrunk roaming around!! Where the *** am I?
When the security guard in Hudson Hawk shakes his spaghetti out of his thermos for his lunch
Don't chance it might be Hudson Hawk.
Hudson hawk... One of my all time favorite "bad movies"
When and I get older, I suspect we'll be Mayflowers from Hudson Hawk
Going on six hours now. Hudson is back up so I'm hoping we are going to be soon. I really don't want to have to throw out all of our food.
Reread that looking for sarcasm because I thought you said "I really HATE Hudson Hawk"
As just pointed out re: Hudson Hawk, James Coburn's death line is one of the best: "MY PENSION!"
In that case they should have called it Hudson Hawk West. Boss tha'.
Five Die Hard sequels but no Hudson Hawk 2? : *** teeth:: I blame Reagan.
Bored... somebody come up with an idea. It doesn't even have to be a good one...
My handsome husband got Hudson Hawk'd today. Looks great!
While I watch the last NBA game of the season, I shall read the recap of "Hudson Hawk" in
You know that feeling? When you're just waiting to get home into your room, close the door, fall into bed. Just let everything out that you kept in all day. That feeling of desperation. You're tired. Tired of everything, tired of nothing. You just want someone to be there and tell you it's okay. But no one is going to be there. You know you have to be strong for yourself, because no one can fix you. But you are tired, tired of being strong. For once you just want it to be easy. To be simple. To be helped. To be saved. But you know you won't be. But you're still hoping, still wishing. And you're staying strong and fighting with tears in your eyes. You are fighting.
I told you Hudson Hawk, Dirty Work, and Louis CK. What more do you want from me Matt Damon?
Anybody know what one actor all these films have in common? Once Upon a Time in America, Ruby, The Godfather: Part II, Hudson Hawk, Moonstruck, Two Days in the Valley, and Dinner Rus?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Helicopters are active, anyone know why? pet meds and on my way homebto watch new Bruce Willis movie
Come into The Pie Hole and try some of our decadent creamy Cajun Pasta! Add your choice of chicken or shrimp or both! And don't forget about our Eat Lafayette promotion going on...come in and order either the Jackson 5 or Hudson Hawk and mention you saw it on Eat Lafayette and get $2 off any appetizer!
most random thing of the day, seeing Fred Peacock from Coronation Streets head explode in Hudson Hawk.
A few years ago Bill and I were in a bar in Manhattan(Hudson Bar and Books). It was in a very trendy neighborhood and it was early on a weekday so it wasn't very busy. We made friends with the bartender. Bill was asking him about real estate, I on the other hand was asking about celebrities. When I asked him had anyone famous ever came in he said "you just missed Ethan Hawk and James Gandolfini by about 30 minutes." He went on to tell us that Gandolfini was a regular. I always make Bill go back there so maybe we can catch a glimpse, but we never had any luck! He was such a great actor...RIP Tony Soprano!
I'm rather certain that the last movie I watched was Repo! The Genetic Opera...I find my situation to be precarious...
IIRC, nice version of "My Mother the War" on that 10,000 Maniacs collection. Hudson Hawk FTW.
Yeah so watching tv with Lauren there & we both smell this horrendous smell at the same time coming from the hall... Hudson has diahorrea like a 57 year old alky that's just polished off last nights kebab... I retched so hard I've pulled a muscle in my neck & given myself a sore head. Took me about 15 minutes to clean it up after I made a makeshift hazmat suit out of my hoody & a dish towel over my face & because he done it next to my front door, the close is reeking too so my neighbours are gonna think we're manky *** .. Chicken enchiladas for dinner doesn't seem like a good choice anymore 󾰕
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