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Hudson Hawk

Hudson Hawk is a 1991 American action comedy film directed by Michael Lehmann.

Bruce Willis Sandra Bernhard Die Hard Andie MacDowell David Caruso Michael Lehmann John McClane Mama Mia

I was quite surprised that Hudson Hawk was not mentioned in this weeks EPCD. You and Mags Swingin' or a Star.
Don't look at me, I'm the one who wanted a big budget remake of Hudson Hawk.
featured in Hudson Hawk starring Bruce Willis. One of the platforms was transformed into the…
Die Antwoord should star in a movie as assassins that coordinate by music, like Bruce Willis in Hudson Hawk. Hollyw…
Will someone please remind me, if I become a mucky muck, after we knock out that community movie: Hudson Hawk remake for real
It amazes me to this day how amazing Heathers was, then the writer and director followed…
Hudson Hawk came up a surprising amount today.
movies I hate to love. Bruce Willis' "Hudson Hawk".
Always thought this should have become a cult classic...! Great, great, vastly underrated and very funny movie...!
I'm going to end up watching this again, aren't I?...
Would You Like to Swing on a Star, as performed by Bruce Willis in Hudson Hawk.
The Misunderstood Ambition of “Hudson Hawk” Sandra Bernhard was not shown in the trailer for the movie and sank it.
Hudson Hawk is an under appreciated gem!
I wanted to make a Hudson Hawk joke here, but I couldn't come up with anything that didn't feel forced
Blue Monday. Hudson Hawk. Who can tell me why?
Q-League Exhibition...Cape Breton Screaming 3 Moncton Wildcats 2. Antigonish's Jacob Hudson with an assist for...
Like an EXTREME sequel to Hudson Hawk. (10/10) would watch
I love Hudson Hawk! I watch it every time it comes on 😊
"Trump is the 'Hudson Hawk' of presidents"
“Hudson Hawk” is nuts, and the execution of its comic inspirations often falls far short of their conception.
Great show as usual. But no love for Hudson Hawk? Lol. Have you seen Lassiter starring Tom Selleck?
Supreme Irony: A bomb shelter that screens "Hudson Hawk"...
I added a video to a playlist Bruce Willis, Andie MacDowell - Hudson Hawk (1991)
Listening to MorningStream. I agree with you Quick Change is so fantastic! That, Hudson Hawk & Midnight Run are all GREAT. GMTA
favorite in law, not brother. Point is failing to prepare killed Hudson Hawk.
311 grassroots, mortal kombat soundtrack, Hudson hawk soundtrack, Elton John and/or Billy Joel. Those work for me
The "hat convention" joke is the only low point of Hudson Hawk.
did you all ever do a Hudson Hawk episode?
I've not watched this. But loved him in Hudson Hawk. 🙈
how about Hudson the Hawk. as in Hudson Rd!
. i get the feelingn its like a key item, like a Hudson Hawk kinda thing
plus there's some weird Nintendo references in that movie that I didn't understand until I realized they made a Hudson Hawk NES game
Imagine having Universal Soldier III and Hudson Hawk in the same dvd collection.. Shocking
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit anxious to get back down to Springfield just to get a fresh haircut at Hudson Hawk
If you didn't get your haircut at Hudson hawk this week do you really go to EU?
Someone in the office has the electronic handcuffs from Hudson Hawk as their ringtone.
Lest you think my judgment in men is always movie-based, please note that my ex-husband's favorite movie was HUDSON HAWK. Mistakes were made
Bruce Willis was previously in Hudson Hawk, and had reservations about doing this movie for cheap
Famous structures help 3rd graders learn about math, more | The Hawk's Eye: They had to compare and contrast the…
this is the biggest twist since Bruce Willis turned out to be a ghost in that film he was in! Hudson Hawk, I think it was.
The official soundtrack to the movie Hudson Hawk.
It does have a Cult Following for "Hudson Hawk" Reasons. There are some things to use.
Meet Hudson the hawk who greeted us upon returning from our youth group retreat.
Too cliché. You should've come back with something leftfield. Like the upcoming Hudson Hawk reboot.
Holiday Tradition: watching HUDSON HAWK for the holidays and thinking incorrectly that it is directed by Hugh Hudson.
Hudson Hawk is underrated, in my opinion.
You were Awesome in Hudson Hawk. Much better than Michael Bay's Armageddon!
Let me clarify: Hudson Hawk is an AWFUL movie, but it's like... you can't help but smile at it?
I've had a not-great day so I bought Hudson Hawk on Amazon video and am now watching it and things are better
Beautiful block from Hudson, but an even better read to sense the FB and go inside.
I added a video to a playlist Hudson Hawk (NES) - Continue?
I have to admit I had to google Hudson Hawk 😀. You can have bruce and Ill have Hanni and Will, lol 💜
Kiss of Death, Hudson Hawk and Session 9... three great movies that show the range of David Caruso
speaking of movies I just saw this movie called Moon on Starz(have 1 week trial via Prime) it's S-Rank also saw Hudson Hawk 😬
Listening to cover Hudson Hawk the other day, watching it tonight!
Golden child and Hudson Hawk also awful
If I'm not ashamed to show Hudson Hawk some love, I'll show BvS some if I like it
Another friend of the Wild Buffalo, Hudson Hawk. Which one is a little odd?. Bonus Coins -
This movie is so classic! Favorite. If you haven't seen Hawk (24 May 1991 (USA)) -
Hudson Hawk was a ridiculous movie.
Rewatching Hudson Hawk. I know it's bad, but I love it anyway.
Good film there Hudson Hawk:) tonight I'm watching The Crow, 1986 Commando, and some prancing sheep eventually. Take care and see you soon✌💕
Hudson Hawk is an amazing movie. How have I not watched it
Feeling a little under the weather in Shanghai. Today and what do I find on tv Hudson Hawk?!?!? I can't help it's a guilty pleasure
It's a slow night when your only reasonable option on tv is Hudson Hawk.
Enjoy stacks of old copies of Iczer One and Hudson Hawk for the NES at your local Blockbuster today
favorite movie Hudson Hawk or Hogan's Heroes?? Anybody you prefer to Heil?
We did get a Hollywood-produced Lupin III movie. It's called Hudson Hawk 😜
Bruce Willis mentioned reindeer goat cheese pizza in Hudson Hawk as well as this action movie
Cutthroat Island. Hudson Hawk. and. The Shawshank Redemption should be features in your list.
YEAH! We're too! Hudson Hawk is fun enough. We cant join you on Affleckdevil though.
Hey did you ever notice a LaPaglia - Anthony or Jonathan - as an extra in HUDSON HAWK? Far left.
I would sing Swinging on a Star to baby Dee BECAUSE of Hudson Hawk. She will never love that movie the way I did!
Hey - Hudson Hawk is on TV. What are you doing wasting your time doing ANYTHING else?
Hudson Hawk. Seriously. Makes me smile every time. A lot.
I'm with this person. Hudson Hawk was the first thing I thought of. Wasn't sure of the score though.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I listen to everything, even if I haven't seen it. Sometimes it makes me WANT to watch the bad movie. Even Hudson Hawk.
Yes damnit - "Hudson Hawk" is one of best movies we have ever seen...and we dont care who has an issue with it!
Fans of Hudson Hawk have long, funny ears. .
I will fight you on that I saw Hudson Hawk in theatres
Beating out Hudson Hawk, The Postman and "Striptease", 1995's Showgirls is named Worst Picture of the Decade at...
I stil say Hudson Hawk is an unsung classic. I'm still waiting for time to prove me right.
There's nothing I can say to make Hudson Hawk successful. I mean, David Caruso's in it. Enough said.
Hudson Hawk is objectively a great film. Science has proved this.
don't look at me. I loved Hudson Hawk
Starting the day searching for Hudson Hawk gifs is the sign of a good day to come.
What's wrong with Hudson Hawk? It had Side by Side filled with explosions! I also enjoyed the game made by Special FX for Ocean.
Funny, I just mentioned this in a Hudson Hawk think piece!
Hmm, I liked Hudson Hawk, so maybe I'll enjoy Batman vs. Superman?
Did drop a Hudson Hawk reference in AMWHBPBB part 6? hang out, play Nintendo.
they at least get points for not including Hudson Hawk
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
So i got good news were moiving after months of crying and stressing out thank GOD and Hudson Hawk Hayes
Oh jeez Hudson Hawk is on Netflix now that is a stinker.
Hudson Hawk is the bomb-diggity. . It's absurdity and "strategic badness" strikes me in just the right fashion. 😛
I just saw Hudson Hawk based on recommendation, which I now realize was him trolling. Well played, sir
"Looks like you won't be attending that hat convention in July."
Hudson Hawk was the first Action Movie I played over and over as a child. I feel like my parents judged me for it.
I wrote a think piece from 1991 The Failure of Hudson Hawk is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!
R-rated musical action comedy was maybe a hard sell in 1991, but in 2016 with the likes of DEADPOOL out there, HUDSON HAWK just might fit in
If you've never seen HUDSON HAWK, watch HUDSON HAWK.
Haven't seen this in ages. Revolutionary? Probably not. But still fun. Think Piece From 1991: The Failure of &
Hudson Hawk is one of Dan's favorite movies. I still haven't seen it.
I really dig Hudson Hawk so this really is just preaching to the choir. Still a great read though.
First Steps in Career Planning. Please join us and meet the presenter, Joyce Hawk-Hudson Valley Special Education...
I primarily like sci-fi and paranormal, but due to amusement and personal reasons? Hudson Hawk. Be kind with the firing squad.
Anyone else see the Black Hawk helicopters flying over Hudson?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
What if Harry Crumb and Hudson Hawk teamed up? Worst movie ever? lol
.John Wick is the slightly more splody version of Hudson Hawk.
Even if the film is dreadful? You won't feel the same if you watch Mama Mia or Hudson Hawk or Avatar
I'm with Simon Crook in Adventures In Streaming I really like the film Hudson Hawk!
- 2nd favorite movie after Hudson Hawk :)
Christian Slater was ok in Robin Hood. Richard E Grant EXTREME over the top in Hudson Hawk. Dan comment =P
Monkey Island V ít is like kapuccino for Hudson Hawk (Bruce Willis),last I saw was the Longest Journey [('April Ryan) What worries me]
I like to think that if you look a few hundred years back on Korben Dallas' family tree you'll find Hudson Hawk.
My head canon has her as the lost and vamped younger sister of Sandra Bernhard's character in Hudson Hawk:)
"Hudson Hawk" was worse than "Last Action Hero." But since there is literally no movie worse than "Hudson Hawk," it aint saying much
I feel like Sandra Bernhard's costume from Hudson Hawk is gonna eat James Corden.
Hudson Hawk is the Citizen Kane of movies.
.obscure life goal complete - tracked down a copy of Hudson Hawk on Blu-Ray
episode directed by Michael Lehmann who went from cult classic Heathers to Hudson Hawk going MIA for years after
All the pathos and masterful wit of any given line from Hudson Hawk, ladies and gentlemen.
Update your maps at Navteq
Special thanks to "Amy Orr" at Hudson and Hawk Barber Shop for the always 4th of July haircut. Book…
That's it for So Good It's Bad. I've always been partial to Hudson Hawk, personally. Good night! -ac
Happy Independence Day from all of us at Hudson Hawk. We are closed in honor of our great country.…
it's not quite Hudson Hawk if that's what you're asking
Everyone's always amazed when people say they've never seen Star Wars, yet when I tell them I've never seen Hudson Hawk they just shrug.
No idea if it's on Netflix/Hulu, but: The Last Boy Scout, and Hudson Hawk (yes, I like that one, it's silly and fun!)
Hudson Hawk is a movie that is crying out for a reboot. Won’t someone answer the call?
lifts up in prayer support staff retirees Tim and Sharon Hawk and Bob and Bonnie Hudson.
Watch Hudson Hawk if you haven't yet!
I actually enjoyed Hudson Hawk, I don't think even Bruce Willis likes it ;)
We bring up Hawk while talking to Darren Hudson
his cross nickname shall be Hudson Hawk.
Hudson Hawk just isn't the same with commercial interruptions.
FYI, I called you out on the newest episode of The Lair regarding "Hudson Hawk". Give it a listen:
i was just a kid when i saw your movie Hudson Hawk here in pakistan,u looked beautiful then & u look beautiful now,amazing
Top four bad movies in no particular order. Masters of the Universe, On Deadly Ground, Cobra, Hudson Hawk. Subject to constant change.
I did! And now o have to watch hudson hawk again. :-)
Crews with Hudson Ambulance, Black Hawk County Sheriff’s deputies and the Iowa State Patrol were called…: Crew...
I'm going to watch Hudson Hawk tonight - on cable!
Current 'I should watch that soon' list:. The French Connection. Hudson Hawk. Hardboiled. Goodfellas. The Protector
discovered your spirited defense of Hudson Hawk! Glad I'm not the only one that loves that flick!
Me, Nolahn, and first time guest Shane spend too much time discussing "Hudson Hawk". Sorry about that.
Can he wear his toga from Hudson Hawk?
Battletoads is *** purpose. Hudson Hawk is hard because it's the worst designed game of all time.
Hudson Hawk is the weirdest, stupidest and hardest game ever so that works just fine.
Don't worry, next time I'll suggest Hudson Hawk for the NES and I wouldn't miss that for the world
I saw Hudson Hawk in the cinema in Bournemouth. I was there again last week...
The hawks across the street from my house make a morning walk amazing. I've appropriately named this dude Hudson Hawk
Avater was boring not seen Mama Mia and Hudson Hawk was terrible but I think the twilight films are worse
(Hudson Hawk was my joint favourite Die Hard sequel, along with Last Boy Scout.)
He's neither John McClane nor David Addison; he's Hudson Hawk, and we are disappointed.
“I’m tired of not understanding things!” - a thing Hudson Hawk says/the writer talking to Joel Silver.
well gee now I can think of nothing but Hudson Hawk. This is going to ruin my life.
you're thinking of Hudson Hawk. Stop thinking of Hudson Hawk.
That time Andie MacDowell spoke like a dolphin in Hudson Hawk
Hudson Hawk is on. So underrated. Like Matt Ryan this year in fantasy football.
On that note, I'm headed to a Hudson Hawk work party. Never have I been so paranoid about how my hair looks.
You'll be pleased to know that I'm working with Michael Lehmann. Now if only I had the VHS copy of Hudson Hawk from
After one rough and worn out week I have to say the silver lining was working with a brilliant producer that did our Alice in Wonderland along side Tim Burton then discovering her stories as producer on Lethal Weapon 2, Hudson Hawk, Die Hard 2, Austin Powers, Momento, Across the Universe, Boiler Room and License to Drive. Yes I was calm but geeking out under it all when she suddenly geeked out about Disneyland and our geekness became one.
Reminder: No new episode this week! But we’ll be back next Friday for to introduce to Hudson Hawk.
I'd love to see Hudson Hawk featured - woefully unappreciated, brilliant film
yes! I think they computer generated his hair for Hudson Hawk?
We both love Hudson Hawk and the Shadow movie. It makes perfect sense.
Congrats to and on the birth of Hudson (aka Hawk)! Can't wait to meet you!
Watching my all time favourite movie. Hudson hawk. Awesome
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thanks for the love guys. I got the notification right as I'm working through the Hudson Hawk episode. Bonkers.
I liked Hudson hawk, far as I can remember anyway was a kid when I saw it. Bruce Willis, Fedora? That's it...
not that my taste in films should be used as a guide. I didn't like Blade Runner but enjoyed Hudson Hawk.
Met some dogs named Hudson and Hawk tonight they were chill also put a snake around my neck
Have seen HUDSON HAWK? IS IT NOT AS sad as it was proported to be? Was it ahead of its time? Does HH deserve a second opinion?
Yeah, I'll watch Hudson Hawk just for Andie MacDowell...idgaf.
am sure its my collection they are using. Only matter of time before Hudson Hawk gets an airing...
Right?! It's like how 80s action movies had to have explosions for no reason (Hudson Hawk ambulance). CGI is the new boom.
June 4th Hudson Hawk. When at home monday will calculate time. IT is early as my kids wanna join.
June 4th Hudson Hawk. Will you join then?
I am going to Hudson Hawk See also ;)
All fans: remember June 4th GLOBAL WATCH Hudson Hawk Eur19 UK18 1pmEASTusa 10amPACusa fun for kids too!! Join us!!
A fellow fan of Hudson Hawk. Aw yeah.
Hudson Hawk comes to mind. And that's rare.
Bruno Willis smirked at the old man who invented the concepts for Hudson Hawk todAY on
Sometimes I think I'm the only person who really liked Hudson Hawk. It's not true, but I feel that way.
Daughter too but she likes him no mather what LOL... So next Global Watch Hudson Hawk: they join!!
My son also does theatre and loves pantomime. He is in awe with DC's Kitkat from Hudson Hawk..
GW JADE sure was the best ever, hard to top that. Maybe you can attend next GW... June 4th Hudson Hawk
I'm hoping to see a Hudson Hawk soon.
SNAP! - The Power even better when it's sung by in Hudson Hawk x!
Realized I didn't mention the 23rd anniversary of HUDSON HAWK yesterday which is tantamount to forgetting about that hat convention in July.
Will do Hudson Hawk prob June 3 or 4 time suitable f my kids. They want to be part of least 1 Global Watch.
Capuccino'ing like Hudson Hawk before race day. (@ La Provence)
Can you imagine a modern day Hudson Hawk? Glorious...
Hudson Hawk, the movie, was released in this day |
New Hudson hawk sticker on the Mac. Pretty stoked about it.
yeah.Will do Hudson Hawk soon, on kiddies time, so my 2 kids watch (they love HH & too young for others)
Hudson hawk is a misunderstood classic.
23 years late, finally watching Hudson Hawk. It is as bad as they said it was.
One of my favourites, that some hate.Hudson Hawk.
even that terrible movie with horse-face about the boat-cops was better than Hudson Hawk.
Hudson Hawk was pretty ahead of its time imo tbh
Because Monday is Memorial day, we will announce today's Hudson Hawk motorcycle qualifiers on Tuesday morning. We...
Hudson Hawk? Yes. Yes. Yes! (I'll watch what they're watching) oh would ya like to swing on a stat?
Come on folks, where's the Hudson Hawk love?
Hudson Hawk is a fun flick. I won't spoil it. But watch it soon.
Hey, it's Nick Reed- make sure to pop by Hudson Hawk Barber & Shop at Farmers Park before 6pm to get registered...
I usually listen to short version of but gonna listen to entire Hudson Hawk ep just for outbursts from (cc
The Best Thing about Hudson Hawk:1991 Playmate of the Year Lisa Matthews made an awful Br Willis movie watchable
It was like a very self-serious version of Hudson Hawk, as co-authored by Clive Cussler and Dan Brown.
I much prefer Hudson Hawk to Hudak, who is closer in temperment with Hordak.
Misread that as Hudson Hawk. My brain added a lot of letters. ;)
Ah, but Hudson Hawk is brilliant. :-)
Which reminds me of ANOTHER thing I love about HUDSON HAWK: The obscure sibling of a famous crook is played by Frank Stallone.
Then 1991 has 'Drop Dead Fred', 'City Slickers' and 'Hudson Hawk' - all 80s movies in disguise...
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You should always remind people how important they are in your life. For instance, I sent this email to Universal Pictures this morning: To the Cast of Hudson Hawk, Sorry it's taken me so long to write this, but what a great film! Keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel. Or a prequel. Love, Jon P.S. Not "love" love. You know what I mean! LOL :)
Thinking of my friend Jason Mello. Was watching Hudson Hawk and Brian Regan, laughing my butt off and thinking of you. Miss you, Mace.
Let me tell you how I met the King Of Nepal's mother. Obviously I was in Kathmandu, Nepal! Anyhoots ... if you've ever lived near a singer, a good singer, you would know that they practice, practice, practice ... practically ever waking moment! In 1971 I lived across the street from Eydie Gorme, and we wound-up having a tug of war with whom could sing the loudest ... Steve Lawrence won. Anyhoots ... that's how I met the King's mother ... my voice carried across the land between our homes and she wanted to know who I was. Yep, it was that simple. I liked her, though she needed a translator, but I didn't care for how she kept trying to give me things ... as though I were in the same caliber as Frank Sinatra ... a million miles away from him. However, I did have one thing that Frank had ... the "IT FACTOR!" Anyhoots ... I was treated as though I were some special person that had graced her with my company ... any idea how humbling that can make a person feel? Especially when you know you may well be special, ...
'Happiness are get from achieving a goal.' - Hudson Hawk (1991)
I haven't seen Hudson Hawk in forever! Used to love it!
Nothing wrong with liking Bruce Willis unironically. Guy's done some good stuff. And Hudson Hawk, so has a sense of humor for self.
Mother's Day movie marathon with the best mamacita! Starting with one of our faves: "Hudson Hawk"! "I must speak with the dolphins now..."
-Well loving Hudson Hawk & your persona earns you a follow We'll do it right - Here's your song
It blows my mind that Hudson Hawk only has a 24% tomatometer rating. That movie is pure gold!
Gossip Wolf: Rhymefest crowdfunds a lavishly packaged new LP -
Seeing dances to Swinging On A Star always make me think of, and want to watch Hudson Hawk.
Saw Johnny Depp Lone Ranger. Glorious mess. A reminder Westerns don't work like they used to. Hudson Hawk in Arizona. What else could it be?
was that you I saw in Hudson Hawk? Seen it a million times and just noticed a character that I swear was you???
I don't know why, but for I really wish there was a blue ray release of Hudson Hawk. Yes, I liked that movie.
Wow I heard you were directing the remake of Hudson Hawk. So that's not true either? Lol!
"Baja Blast is single and ready to mingle." -William Hawk Hudson
Well, Army of Darkness is only 81 mins, Hudson Hawk is 100 mins and Doc Hollywood is 104 mins.
My homie Rupert at Hudson Hawk will do you good
Hudson Hawk. I hope this movie doesn't flop
The Hudson Hawk is in the water and ready for summer time fun!! @ Cayuga Lake
I know it's not from the 21st Century but my under loved movie I love is Hudson Hawk
Okay, I might be a year or two late on this but the movie Hudson Hawk is so god damned awful that it makes me wish I was never born.
You'd think their follow-up film Hudson Hawk would work better as a musical. I mean, the songs are built in.
As you should - as a Die Hard it *** BIG TIME but as something with Bruce Willis in it, eh, still better than Hudson Hawk.
My choice of viewing is limited to what's on this memory stick. Hudson Hawk, Dante's Peak, or NXT Arrival. Hmmm.
I wonder if "80's movie" is enough of a genre that they could be made outside the 1980s. Like, is Hudson Hawk (1991) an 80's movie?
I respectfully disagree and submit Hudson Hawk for your assessment
Yeah. Most likely. My second movie is Hudson Hawk which has been a "Very Long Wait" for months. :-P featured in NBC s Science of Love
dude. I just saw Hudson Hawk. Was that you???
Tuscany brings back memories I did my first bare handed strangling of a Communist Politician from the movie The Hudson Hawk
we have seen Hudson Hawk and still you are seeming so perfect for comedy.Have you try apple juice and cardamom.oxoxoxoxox.
I think I actually owned this once, and filed it between Hudson Hawk and Kiss of Death.
Video: Red-tailed hawk draws attention at scene of 5-alarm fire in Union City
Great read, some horrid stinkers in there. I had Hudson Hawk on video and watched it a lot though. The shame.
I can't believe we live in a world where there haven't been AT LEAST eight installments of the blockbuster "Hudson Hawk" franchise by now.
That's right Hudson Hawk is where's it's at! Ah yeah boy! Photocred:
Oh, no, Hudson Hawk is one of my favourite movies. What's not to like about timing a heist to a song?
If you watch Hudson Hawk, I'm in that one. I play Anthony Mario.
AWW that is so sweet! My 9 year old daughter also loves his character Kitkat from Hudson Hawk.
just found Hudson Hawk in an 8 DVD pack for $2.96. score!
reminds us about what's awesome about, 'Hudson Hawk' via:
I might be the only person alive who deeply loves Hudson Hawk, and I'm at peace with that
People don't get Xanadu, Hudson Hawk and Zardoz. It's not about good and bad. It's about particle acceleration. You learn…
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Next you'll try & convince me Hudson Hawk & Doctor Detroit aren't stone cold great classics.
the reason why I hate Hudson Hawk is not because it sucked,but that Sandra Bernhard was funny enough that's I watched more of her.
Richard E Grant and Sandra Bernhard were such great villains in Hudson Hawk.
Hudson Hawk is one of my favorite movies. It's silly like the last Indiana Jones movie but it's not campy and dumb.
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People laugh when I say one of my favorite Bruce Willis movies is Hudson Hawk. My wife always says "Bunny ball ball" to her dog.
Yippie-Ki-Yay! Happy 59th birthday Bruce Willis (aka Walter Bruce Willis; b. March 19, 1955) actor, singer, and co-writer of the story for Hudson Hawk. Mr. Willis has graced many awesome productions over the years, including, but not limited to Moonlighting, Look Who's Talking, Death Becomes Her, Pulp Fiction, The Fifth Element, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Sin City, Grindhouse, Moonrise Kingdom, Hudson Hawk (yes, Hudson Hawk), Red and The Expendables. But if you were to ask us to pick a favorite, we'd say Die Hard, Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard. We'd try to be sly about it, but it would just blurt out. That's a great film. Image: Scene from Die Hard (1988, 20th Century Fox) All images ©2014 respective copyright holders. All rights reserved.
Not my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger, but one I've always been fond of. I think this movie was just misunderstood, ala Actor "Bruce Willis"s' Hudson Hawk (one of my favorite Bruno flicks). It's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, but also action - a predecessor to Shoot 'Em Up. Tons of Arnold and action movie gems like Sly Stone as the Terminator in Tasker's world; appearances by both super-extras Sven-Ole Thorsen and Al Leong (who's killed by an ice cream cone); Franco Columbu's direction credit to Harry Tasker IV; Sharon Stone's and Robert Patrick's cameos; Maria Shriver, Jim Belushi, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chevy Chase and John McTiernan playing themselves, and, perhaps best of all, Arnold as Hamlet, plus the F. Murray Abraham bad guy reference. A new one I just saw, Ian McKellan as Death from Ingmar Burgman's The Seventh Seal. Bad *** I appreciate Tom Noonan in this one, as well.
hello Andie i have an obsession with the film "hudson hawk" is it a film that you are proud of?
/huhgus/ Hey, if the Hudson Hawk tells you to do a thing, you do it.
Why does Juan still have the hawk...?😂😂
waiting for LadyHawk and Hudson Hawk to finish appearing on my computer. while i watch crocodile dundee 2
These are OUTSTANDING suggestions, and I'm with you on Hudson Hawk. First 3 quarters.
Mission Impossible 3 appears to be a mix of Hudson Hawk and Adventures in Babysitting.
I need to go rewatch Hudson Hawk and Fifth Element now. Love me some silly Bruce Willis.
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but that wine coolers dude was in Hudson Hawk with that Sandra Bernhard
you know Hudson Hawk bombed because they spent literally millions digitally retouching his hair line?
and hudson Hawk. And North. And billy bathgate.
Dear Bruce Willis, just one squeal to Hudson Hawk please? Thank you.
Bruce Willis commercial for Honda may have been his worst performance since Hudson Hawk
Honda hired Hudson hawk for a commercial huh?
Sometimes I feel like the only person that likes Hudson Hawk.
Hudson Hawk is goddamned classic, sir!
I kill my wife after she puts on a bluray of Hudson Hawk. Too specific?
Earlier, I Hudson Hawk'd my ramen. My definition is singing a song or series of songs to act as a sort of timer.
I went to see something else at the cinema but it was sold out. Ended up seeing HUDSON HAWK instead. A fortuitous event.
Realized I've started judging lengths of time Hudson Hawk style with songs. Accurately.
"Am I the only one who measures time using songs!"" Bruce W. In Hudson Hawk
Meet Sandra Bernhart and talked to her about the movie breathless for an hour before i told her how much i loved her role in Hudson Hawk
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Hudson goes skiing and flies like a hawk :).
Spotted this hawk on the Hudson today. He let me take 3 pics, flipped me the bird & flew a few trees down.
Was going to go to bed but saw Hudson hawk was on, classic film
".Black Hawk helicopters rehearse their fly-over over the Hudson River (via
So how hungover you gotta be to watch Hudson Hawk?
Congrats to my masadonian hawk great job pero I'm proud!
take that back, Hudson Hawk is awesome!
Freedom tower has sea hawk colors,Empire estate has bronco colors,fireworks on the Hudson, glad i'm not in the middle of no where (Florida).
Hudson Hawk: Will you play Nintendo with me? Anna: I can't think of anyone I'd rather play Nintendo with.
Dude behind me in Loblaws singing "Swinging On A Star". For one dreadful second I thought I was in Hudson Hawk
Pic of Black Hawk fly over the Hudson download the App take a look
"..everybody knows when the north wind blows.." Hudson Hawk
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