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Howie Rose

Howie Rose (born Howard Rose in 1954) is an American sportscaster. He is currently the radio voice of the New York Mets on WFAN, and the television announcer for the New York Islanders on MSG Plus.

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That interview was great! I like Howie a little bit more after that one. Looking forward to this draft. And I'm definitely going!
Listening to Howie quote lines from New Jack City concerning the NFC.😀😁
Look deep in Mushnick and find 60s nostalgia with Howie Rose and Sonny Fox: Plus stats nonsense.
Great move getting rid of Howie Rose from broadcast. Time to show Butchy the door. He is a nice individual but atrocious color man.
And where is Howie Rose these days? Chillin' in Boca or wherever this is.
Howie Rose sending in his tribute poolside is hilarious
Gotta love how every Howie Rose interview is now done in the yard in Florida. Respect.
I like Brendan Burke, but my word, do I miss Howie Rose.
ICYMI: Here's Howie Rose's take on the 2017 Hall of Fame Class
Howie Rose sounds so relaxed. So happy he's not on duty.
Howie Rose shared some strong thoughts on Bonds and Clemens and their status on w/
Howie Rose joins now on to discuss the
Reaction from Howie Rose on the 2017 Hall of Fame class at 6:20 tonight with on
Howie Rose should win first. Then Eddie Coleman. Then gary.
the games on tv were much better with Howie Rose. Really miss him on msg
Excited about honoring Announcer, Howie Rose to receive 2016 Madden Award on 10/14/16 at Harbor Links Golf Outing.
He doesn't have the longevity yet, but I think Howie Rose is top of the line.
Lindsay Nelson, Ralph Kiner, Frank Messer, Bill White, Howie Rose, and the best baseball announcer today, Gary Cohen. NYC tradition
you and Howie Rose should have a NY baseball podcast together. Would be fantastic
Can there a be a shirt with Howie Rose???
I always get sad on the last game of the season because I love Gary Cohen so much. At least we still have Howie Rose.
Howie Rose is my Vin Scully, and I don’t know how I’ll handle it when he hangs it up someday
LISTEN: Howie Rose pays homage to the great Vin Scully!
Today is Vin Scully's last call. Howie Rose says goodbye and thank you to the legend
Excellent column from Howie Rose on Vin Scully here:
Howie Rose salutes "the greatest friend the game of baseball has ever known," Vin Scully.
Howie Rose wrote a terrific column for The Post on Vin Scully & his impact. Proud to have it:
We will not be playing FOX sound for game. We'll be playing Howie Rose 710 AM. LET'S GO METS!!!
... "And the Mets' troubles continue," Howie Rose said. At that moment, it seemed hopeless. Wait till next year.
LISTEN: Howie Rose Final Call & All Postgame Interviews as the are
Howie Rose and join now on the Postgame Show
One and only Howie Rose on the call
Howie Rose is a master of baseball play-by-play.
cut off Howie's Rose's radio call with a JCPenney's commericial.
PUT IT IN THE BOOKS!! Mets are headed to postseason & I was fortunate enough to be listening to Howie Rose on the final call
We are underway in Philly as the look to clinch a playoff birth. Howie Rose & have the call! 📸
Howie Rose’s ode to Vin Scully: How he makes me a better man
Lol, yeah pretty much (sighhh) but they've been better the past couple yrs lol. Tom worked on WFAN with Howie Rose in 06 and 07
It's so sad to see Vin Scully go but thank god we still have Duane Kuiper, Gary Cohen, Bob Uecker, John Miller, Gary Thorne, & Howie Rose
we did this 2 years ago. Zero regrets. Though no SNY. But that's what sports bars are for. And Howie Rose.
"Here's De Aza, for whom a slump would be an improvement." - Howie Rose/WOR710
Found a video with highlights and the voices of Howie Rose & at the HOF. ☺. It was last year's 😭
The guy filling in for Howie Rose in *** smells like curry
Howie Rose just referred to Bartolo as Snorlax
‘The Eric Andre Show’ Season 4 to Feature Jack McBrayer, Amber Rose, Howie Mandel, and More: A new season of ...
'The Eric Andre Show' season 4 to feature Jack McBrayer and more
Little Giant Ladders
ICYMI: MSG hopes to name Howie Rose’s successor for broadcasts soon: via
hopes to name successor for Islanders broadcasts soon
Between the Piazza documentary on and tonight, Mets history is getting plenty attention. Howie Rose is everywhere.
It's my dream to buy the Mets just so I can fire Howie Rose.
Just watching 30 for 30 wow unbelievable stories we didn't know about Gooden and Strawberry.Nice to see Mets radio Howie Rose.
"They looked as out of place in the (Yankees) pinstripes as a pork chop at a Bar Mitzvah." -- Mets announcer Howie Rose o…
"They looked as out of place as a park chop at a Bar Mitzvah"-Howie Rose
Congrats you've morphed into the loveable Howie Rose - --
Fantastic interview right now on with Howie Rose and Gary Cohen
Keith Hernandez the pessimist jinx the again. I'm tired of hearing fair broadcasters. Bring in Howie Rose on TV
Glen, what are your thoughts on Howie Rose leaving the Islanders booth?
I'd go as far as saying Howie Rose deserves the Foster Hewitt Award from Hockey HOF and, one day, Ford C. Frick Award from Baseball HOF.
New York trends now: Jeff Hornacek, Blake Lively, scotus, Howie Rose, and
Thank you Howie Rose for 21 memorable years of calling games on
Howie Rose is calling winning sports for the first time in ages. Did the Islanders through the 1st round and now back to the Mets   10% Off
about to begin! Tune in to Howie Rose & Josh Lewin for all the action from
Watching the on TV isn't the same without Howie Rose. Don't care for the national syndicate's talking heads.
Howie Rose shouting out Rico Brogna as one of the great defensive 1st basemen of the Mets
Whoever is doing the radio broadcast with howie rose tonight absolutely ***
Shea Stadium’s Queen of Melody Jane Jarvis as Remembered by Howie Rose
.nostalgia alert: Two Jane Jarvis recordings, via Howie Rose and one of them a rarity:
Top 3 people I'd like to have dinner with . 1. Howie Rose. 2. Keith Hernandez. 3. Papi from Highly Questionable
If you know the name Jane Jarvis, give this a listen and thank my pal Howie Rose.
The announcers on need a respirator. No life. I miss Howie Rose and on the call.
Our radio announcer, Howie Rose was telling the MOST hilarious Skip Carey stories the other day. I was roaring.
Sitting by the Farmington River listening to Howie Rose spin great stories while doing pbp makes me wonder: is he the new Scully?
"Suddenly the dark knight has re-emerged." - Howie Rose after Matt Harvey's 5th K.
Not like it needs to be said, but Howie Rose is a gem.
Why not get Howie Rose. Can talk both Islanders and Mets with him.
radio voice Howie Rose talks about Jane Jarvis, calling her "The Queen of Melody." Ready Howie's post here.
I am now a kid again, running into Gate C. Thanks to Howie Rose, the immortal Jane Jarvis, and
Hey fans, do you remember hearing these songs at ? Howie Rose reflects:
even tho it's the Mets... Howie Rose is the actual GOAT
Unfortunately no, had to settle for the golden chords of Howie Rose and Josh Lewin. Saw the replay tho. Pinch hit HR's are tight
for those who remember, here's Howie Rose with "Let's Go Mets" as s music bed.
Nice to have Howie Rose back on radio!
Howie Rose: And Colon is working on his next 3,000.
I wish he would pronounce Frans and Okposo correctly. This is making the presumption that Howie Rose does.
Enjoy how Howie Rose looks like he's chuckled & said, "You had no business playing if you didn't have the scratch."
Great stuff from Lupica with quotes from the great Howie Rose >>>
don't know much about others but Howie rose is great. Butch is the worst
calling Howie rose terrible is the worst ores call ever. He has the most famous hockey call ever
In case you somehow missed it, Howie Rose's call of John Tavares GW 2OT goal to
Dave taking shots at Howie Rose made my stomach turn.
ICYMI: Howie Rose calls the game winner from last night
Howie Rose looks like Marv Albert just before he bites somebody
Sydney turning on the sunset tonight - the view from Rose Bay 🌇👌🏽 @ Rose Bay, New South Wales
Howie Rose keeps talking about playoff matchups still being in doubt. Capuano decided to play FLA right after NYR vs DET ended today
Even Howie Rose and Butch Goring don't want the islanders to win tonight.
The Mets allow Phillies their first win because no Howie Rose... Where did he go?! :(
Howie rose Curtis mayfield just scored his first nhl goalie
Well Howie Rose just called you Curtis Mayfield. Congrats on the first goal. Lots of looking good!
It's rare that Howie Rose makes me laugh. He just did. "Who knows if he's been in the dryer." 😂
Howie Rose and Butch Goring are just chat through this whole game like they're at a Tuesday afternoon baseball game.
Someone let Howie rose know both teams have a Nelson Brock and Casey.
Put it in the books! These ARE the top five calls from our beloved voices over the last 20 years.
LISTEN:Howie Rose & highlights from this afternoon's 7-2 win & with
Thanks Ed. One batter was enough. I'll leave the rest to Howie Rose and Josh Lewin.
Just heard Howie Rose shoutout the immortal AKA "Flip" on Mets' Radio.
Just heard Howie rose first "put it in the books" and I just absolutely love baseball
so rare to see the infield fly rule actually work to a fielders advantage, put it in the books Howie Rose!
It was not that according to Mets radio announcer Howie Rose.
I love that I get to listen to Howie Rose call games for the and the
My graduation cap inspired by Howie Rose
Add Howie Rose and you have a complete race.
*** did I miss Howie Rose. Such a difference
Listening to the Mets game on the go! Howie Rose got me AMPED! 🍎
Even Howie Rose agrees that Duda was wildly inconsistent 7 times he hit more than 1 hr in a game that just shows
Howie Rose just said Duda was "wildly inconsistent" in 2015 and now has exploded. Good riddance, though.
The love/hate relationship with Howie Rose begins as I listen to 1st game of season. But as soon as he does game, I dont like him
Smart move. Howie Rose has to be happy right now with the Mets and the Islanders' success. :)
Howie Rose spills the beans on baby deGrom's status. Love it!.
I can't wait until I can watch GKR call a Mets game. Unfortunately, today is not the day. At least, I get Howie Rose.
Not even going to attempt to have the sound on today. Will sync the TV with radio with Howie Rose and Josh Lewin.
did u hear how howie rose pronounced Jacob DeGrom's name? If u didn't, u should so u can start pronouncing it correctly.
If the excitement in Howie Rose's voice doesn't get you pumped, well, you're not a Mets fan
Neill walker is so hot i think howie rose flirted with him during his intro
First sub introduced: Wilmer Flores. Howie Rose started to call him Carlos Gomez but then stopped halfway thru.
Howie Rose is announcing the players on Mets opening day. . "The defending National League Champions, the New York...
Gotta love Howie Rose's versatility - calls the Isles game Thursday night, does OD Mets festivities Friday afternoon. And loves the Beatles.
HERE. WE. GO. Howie Rose introducing the teams on the field! .
Howie Rose is pretty good at the radio. And first time I'm going to miss opening day in 5 years .
.tradition of booing Huge cheers now for Howie Rose
We're getting complete introductions pregame from Howie Rose. This is the moment the clubhouse staff lives for.
Howie Rose gets big cheers. Clearly could take Hizzoner in a Citifield primary
Looking forward to hearing Howie Rose and today!
It's Voice Howie Rose!! Live now pulling into the Citi Field Parking Lot! Listen:
Opening day at ! I'll be tuning into Howie Rose today for my play by play
Hey "one more hill to climb" for ? C'mon! Here is the original via Howie Rose!
By the way update on my Tuesday class during Mets game... flipped my teacher off and listen to Howie Rose the entire class
Another PP coming up. More importantly, Howie Rose said "fanny" on TV.
Quality right here. I click on the home broadcast, get Howie Rose. Lovely.
Just spoke to the great Howie rose. Tremendous guy.
What will you pursue in your retirement?. This retiree called an inning w/ Howie Rose in the https:…
It is like the playoffs in April. Howie Rose will love this
Long-time radio voice Howie Rose pays tribute to Shannon Forde >>
Honestly, aside from Howie Rose, Josh Lewin, Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling sports announcers and commentators are bad.
Howie Rose is great on play by play. Butch Goring is the worst color guy in the NHL
Anyone watching Broncos vs Patriots, Howie Rose wants to know
Howie Rose won call of year on radio when colon hit for double . Must listen
WATCH: & Howie Rose look back at the loss to the
Goldie and Potvin getting pelted with apparel. We don't do that to Howie Rose, how rude!
Poor Howie Rose has to announce like he's doing a high school game.
In the words of Howie Rose: "put it in the books!" First semester at is officially over
I'd have more sympathy for Pete Rose if he didn't seem like such a ***
Breast Cancer Awareness
Howie Rose just mentioned you on MSG
It's nice to know I'm not the only one who remembers Howie Rose goal calls by heart sometimes lol
Howie Rose thinks we "youngons" dont know who Frank Sinatra is...smh
ICYMI, here's Howie Rose's call on OT winner presented by
LOL Howie Rose's call "Bailey with the game on his stick!" then drop pass. I've watched the replay 5 times don't know how it went in
Howie rose is actually really good at his job it's a shame he has to work with Butch Goring
Howie Rose: "if thats the call why did it take so long." He is absolutely right
Howie Rose saying the same thing -- Torts' face on camera is priceless
Howie Rose on says Strome has an upper body injury
Howie Rose promo MSG 1974. amazing concert-I have Cd. The Howard Cosell intro is off the charts watch it 8pm sun
I wonder how much gets Mets nostalgia when he listens to Howie Rose commentate Islanders games.
.& - telecasts are incredibly better with Jiggs McDonald than with perennial loser Howie Rose
And now I'm watching the Islanders just to listen to Howie Rose.
I loved the way Howie Rose was happy the broadcast beat the cannon
"and Span runs it down in deep center. PUT IT IN THE BOOKS!" - Howie Rose in 2016.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
That is some really good Howie Rose.
I still remember Howie Rose dropping a reference to "The Island of Dr. Bazardo" in a slow moment of a game Yorman pitched
The Islanders TV Play-by-play man, Howie Rose, is actually a Rangers' fan, though I think he does a good job. Lots of Isles
"I will remember his days with the fondly as I will with Jonathan Niese" Howie Rose on Daniel Murphy
Howie Rose joins now and is expected to be followed by Assistant GM John Ricco on the
Lots of tonight, Howie Rose joins at 6:35p plus new HC Chris Ash joins at 7:35p on the
Hot Stove is lit! Talking and Neil Walker. Howie Rose at 6:35. LISTEN:
Howie Rose's "They're timing Colon with a sun dial" for Bart's double might be my favorite call of all time:
Relive the 2015 Season next with all your favorite Howie Rose & Josh Lewin calls next with
I'm gonna miss the nights of listening to Howie Rose and Josh Lewin.
I can only imagine how much Joe Buck must be cheering right now b/c I'm listening to Howie Rose and Josh Lewin
Nothing beats syncing up Howie Rose and Josh Lewin.
I love listening to Howie Rose and Josh Lewin call the games on the radio, they get so into it
Decided to mute FOX and listen to Howie Rose and Josh Lewin on
Howie Rose mentioned that Kevin Plawecki has been on the roster for the entire postseason, but not gotten a single sec…
Gary Cohen & Howie Rose are Better than you and John Sterling you know that
Nice job, Jerry Seinfeld. In the booth with Howie Rose at the Mets game.
Seinfeld in the Mets radio booth with Howie Rose right now. Good stuff.
We're over in the radio booth. I don't know if Keith got his socks but we did find a space heater for Howie Rose.
Ha, Howie Rose just telling story of Nails taunting Oil Can Boyd in 86 WS.
I feel bad for ball clubs that don't have GKR and Howie Rose.
Ratings are because the fans left after 94. When Howie Rose said "that will bury the Islanders" he didnt realize how much.
I think any fan can listen to a Howie Rose call.
Is Mr Yomark going to lecture and scold Howie Rose for voicing his displeasure of the subway goal horn ??
I am a Mets fan. I'll take Howie Rose any day. Thanks, though.
Not to mention Howie Rose grew up in my neighborhood and played ball as a kid 8 blocks from where I live which is amazing
And Howie Rose has the most famous call in NY Rangers history from 1994 which in itself makes him a legend as well
Howie Rose calling the mets a hot mess might be one of the best things i have heard in sometime.
Who is making the sound in that clip? It sounds like Howie Rose.
WATCH: fans go behind the scenes at with Howie Rose
Wow the mets radio guys are totally pathetic cmon Howie Rose grow a spine and leave Robles alone
What did Howie Rose say when Doc Emrick skated over his foot?
Derrick Rose injured in scrimmage, will have surgery tomorrow:
'Give a brother a break.'. - Howie Rose, on Chase and Travis d'Arnaud
Gary Cohen and Howie Rose calling playoff games would be vintage mets And maybe a guest spot by Keith
you should be able to hear either Howie Rose or Gary/Keith/Ron
NYM SNY: Howie Rose talks about the Mets winning the NL East and their NLDS roster
Here is today's Mostly Mets Podcast. The great Howie Rose, voice of the Mets on WOR, joined us.
The one tradition this team no doubt would love to dump is MSG life-long Ranger fan Howie Rose. Atlanta his only honest moment.
The Voice of the Mets on WOR, Howie Rose, joins us today on the Mostly Mets Podcast. Will post this afternoon.
Howie Rose said it on the radio during the broadcast the other night too
tx for the follow. Please be sure to help spread the word on fea Howie Rose, Vin Scully, John Sterling & more
Really nice job by using the Howie Rose drops today!
Howie Rose's reaction to hearing it for the first time should be priceless though
they came very close to doing it for radio voice Howie Rose 2 years ago.
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and I will bring in Vin Scully or Howie Rose to mute sub-par telecast.
Howie Rose coming up at 9:43 with the Home of the NL East Champs
Listening to radio broadcast of game & Howie Rose talking about (my paraphrase) embracing the success of the moment is right on.
I was in the car last night with Howie Rose calling the last out! Had to wait 'til midnight to see the champagne!
But what's Howie Rose going to do? He's the announcer for both teams.
Listened to the final out calls for the last night. Most real and heartfelt: Howie Rose Most manufactured: Gary Cohen
HOWIE ROSE is the greatest play by play guy on radio.
Another I couldn't be happier for is Howie Rose, who called a ton of crappy games in 2 sports before 2015 playoff seasons f…
win the NL East. Joining me next on legendary radio PBP man Howie Rose to discuss the 11:15…
Howie Rose and Josh Lewin especially has been awesome this year. Josh's call of Flores walkoff homer was even better than Gary
Howie Rose off. Suzyn Waldman off. Is Cohen off on SNY?. They must he Jewish
Bob Murphy is rolling over in his grave. I'm still wondering why they can't borrow Howie Rose when Gary takes time off?
A nice 14er at the office today. Howie Rose told me all about that 8th inning though.
I will B @ GABP in Sept. 26th 4 a book signing of fea Howie Rose Pls fav & rtwt
I will B @ GABP Sept 26th 4 vs to sign fea Howie Rose & more. Preorder one 2Day
He's a buffoon. Everything is shtick and no play by play. Listen to Howie Rose or Tom McCarthy. Rooting is ok
Nuthin' against but how hard are you working on cloning Howie Rose?
hope you're at GABP Sept. 26 for vs & book signing for fea M. Brennaman, Howie Rose & more.
"The New York Mets will head into the clubhouse a first place ballclub." --Howie Rose
"Colon is taking this station to station thing to new absurd heights." - Howie Rose
"This is some kinda breakout night for Yoenis Cespedes in the National League" - Howie Rose on
I don't hear my idol, Howie Rose, alluding to complaints about SNB, do I? Because he would NEVER do that on a broadcast? :)
"Technicolor nonsense" - Howie Rose on the Marlins HR Fish Machine
and in the middle of all this craziness,Howie Rose had to be taken off a team flight due to illness & then last week his mother died.
Can you tell me where I may be able to find the audio recording of Howie Rose calling Wilmer's walk-off HR on Friday night?
Mets broadcaster doing fine after health issue
Howie Rose sums it up: "We haven't seen this kind of power output... in years."
Why is it that Howie Rose doesn't do the play by play for every inning? It should always be Howie play by play and Lewin color.
Love Howie Rose. Extra uumph in the "Put it in the books ... A message to the National League that the Mets are back in business."
"Put it in the books" - Howie Rose whispering sweet nothings as the Mets sweep the Nats.
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Just hear Howie Rose say "Put it in the books!" on live radio and it was so, so good.
"Citi Field opened in 2009. In some ways, it RE-opened this weekend..." - Howie Rose
After Friday night's game, Howie Rose said in the post game, "Flores uped his trade value with that walk off HR." Classic line Howie lol.
Unrelated sorta random thought: Howie Rose calling meaningful baseball is a gift from the gods.
Rose Heard you tonite mention the loss of your mom, my condolences to you and your family.
That's it, I've had it. Lowered sound on TV, and pumped up Howie Rose on the radio.
These clowns on ESPN are so bad I ha e on Howie Rose on the radio!
Howie Rose just said on WOR that tonight's game did not sell out like yesterday's game did
A couple of hockey references so far 2night. Howie Rose must b looking 4wd 2 the Isles nu home as well lol
Condolences to and Howie Rose, whose mother passed away last night. Mary Rose was 90.
Condolences to Howie Rose and his family. Howie's mother passed away last night.
Condolences to Howie Rose. His mother Mary passed away last night. He will miss remainder of series.
Howie Rose is great. The Islanders are a hint in his history quiz. Howie: "A team that used to play on Long Island." THE BEST.
Howie Rose is talking about Bob Murphy & Ralph Kiner being father-figures to him and Gary Cohen.
Josh Lewin: "Tomorrow morning, Howie Rose will check in with our morning show Berman & Schnitt." ~ Berman & who?? Ha. Poor Howie...
Dear Long Island NY Rangers fan...Howie Rose did and now here is your chance. It's all about the ISLAND!
Hope the Islanders get bounced from the 1st round of the NHL playoffs so Howie Rose isn't absent from the Mets radio broadcast for too long.
Pierre McGuire? No! Need some and we know Howie Rose prolly off-limits due to Jeff Fredo
Howie Rose on WOR right now: the Nats wanted Daniel Murphy at last year's trade deadline, Mets requested Steven Souza or Michael Taylor.
as Howie Rose said, Long Island has chosen to become "minor league," thanks.
Lol, Howie Rose is too funny. Joking about Anders Lee,
hey Book feat: Howie Rose, John Sterling, and others like Scully, Steiner, and Brennaman follow
Howie Rose on "It's a totally different, much deeper team than we've seen for a long time on Long Island." |
I long for the days of the simple pin stripes with NO NAMES on the back. I'm with Howie Rose when it comes to tradition!
as long as they replace Sam with Howie Rose
Howie Rose the Yes chants are a copied chant from WWE superstar Daniel Bryan
sssh Howie Rose is the radio voice of the mets. Don't replace Rick Nash with Howie in your dog house!
A 70th birthday shout to Tom Seaver by Howie Rose on MLB Now. Howie also wants Gil Hodges to be in the hall of fame.
"Please, please, put Gil Hodges in the Hall of Fame" -Howie Rose
gruden doesnt count, he's not the play by play guy. I think Howie Rose is number 2 for me
In his retired teacher Ed got to call an inning in the with Howie Rose.
No announcer is better than Howie Rose.
it was Chris King, normally their radio guy- Howie Rose's wife had appendectomy
depth is as good on the ice as is it is in the broadcast booth. Chris King is splendid filling in for Howie Rose
Doesn't my Rose look a lot like your Howie,
Get will soon to Howie Rose's wife.
Anyone else enjoying this game more without that retard Howie Rose calling the game?
I hate this Howie Rose replacment. He is God awful.
Best wishes for speedy recovery to Howie Rose's wife, who's undergoing appendectomy according to Chris King & Butch Goring on Isles telecast
Love me some Howie Rose, but having worked with Chris King, awesome to hear him get some air time. Well deserved
Fingers crossed that Howie Rose's "family issue" keeping him home tonight isn't too serious.
Chris King and I will call game on MSGNetworks as pregame starts at 630pm tonight.Howie Rose at home handling a family matter.
I didn't even realize baseball was on until Howie Rose mentioned it on the isles broadcast
According to Howie Rose, you only get to count to one Mississauga after the puck is gone to finish your check esp. when playing the
Really? Well, according to Butch, it has been since 1967 since the Leafs have won the Cup. Howie Rose just noted it too.
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On the other hand, the chance to listen to Howie Rose calling the Islanders game tonite is too good to pass.
Just think, Howie Rose wanted to do TV for the Rangers. MSG decided to keep Sam, Howie did the Isles because it was TV
we gotta turn up for our birthdays b. Xans and rosè and good tree erwhere
Howie Rose will be so excited, he'll be speechless.
come to my Howie nei. Rose should've just followed me home
I really enjoy Howie Rose, I can't stand Butch Goring
It's always nice to hear the voice of the great Howie Rose. I'm gonna miss baseball in a few weeks :(
"I don't know if 50-60% of the forwards in the league get that penalty that Crosby just got." -Howie Rose. It's nauseating.
And props to Howie Rose for calling them out on my last point
I like to watch the Isles just to hear Howie Rose's voice
Pretty sure Howie Rose is reading Wikipedia as he's commentating this Islanders game.
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