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Howie Day

Howard Kern Howie Day (born January 15, 1981) is an American singer-songwriter. Beginning his career as a solo artist in the late 1990s, Day became known for his extensive touring and in-concert use of samplers and effects pedals in order to accompany himself.

Tyler Hilton Anna Rose John Mayer Black Crowes West Warwick Gavin Degraw Buffalo Tom Snow Patrol Jason Mraz

A wish it was open all day mate lol 😪
Raiders have always been my team but to see them play politics I guess is the flavor of the day. Howi…
Dennis Elvis is a huge fan of logic. Your thought was logical. Every day Pederson coaches h…
One day Adoree Jackson is going to get a return touchdown that counts. One day. Bad call.
Definitely not. The third day of the draft is inexcusable at this point. Howie needs to go too.
When you've been a Thunder fan since day one
Had it on until Terry b and Howie showed their ignorance. It's a nice sunny day, I'll take the wife…
. Howie & Molly. GREAT presentation on the National Anthem. THANK YOU!. If you missed it worth taking 15…
Not changed a bit. Pay attention. No AGENDA here like Bomani and Howie,…
looking forward to the day when howie kurtz retires and u take over- Fox r u listening.?
by the way also 'COME LAY DOWN' by HOWIE DAY. Give them a listen-do I have2 come down there&be a DJ…
Then she asked if I can play Howie Day's Collide. I said yes, then she sang with me. Hihi. That is my first interaction with her --
Interested in seeing what Fox game day with Terry and Howie have to say
Tomorrow kicks off spirit week with Jersey Day! Show off your favorite sports teams to earn points for your class! https:/…
G'day Howie it's gotta be Sunday night.Rossi is crazy but that's why we love him👍👍Ian
Fitness update: I Kelsey Howie am wearing a size 12 jeans. Never thought I’d see the day again.
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Forgot to tell you all I got a scam letter in the mail the other day. Like an actual letter! It was very exciting
Just a chilled day today. I’ve been in bed and on the couch so far.
Howie Day if i am I can hardly see enrique iglesias instead when we're playing with a punk Vebeduct Cynvervatrch Venerated
Birds gotta find a way to get Saquon. Need some Howie magic. He is absolutely unreal. Will change an NFL team completely day one 🏈
Here's a quick look at how my day went at the open tryout.
Day 6 of the diet completed. Bar 2 mince rolls, i haven't caved to a drop of alcohol or any fatty food. 24 more days to go 😣😣😣
If Butch hadn't flipped Dobbs on signing day, would he have made it past 2015 without getting fired?
"Even the best fall down sometimes. Even the wrong words seem to rhyme." -Howie Day
Well. *** that song. It's right up there with Bastille's Icarus & Howie Day's Numbness For Sound.
I have a confession to make: I like the song Collide by Howie Day
Have a great day in burns country and good luck on the GG's!!
At the beach. The water is colder than Peter Dutton’s heart and my bits are now smaller than Malcolm Roberts credibility. Lovely day though.
I could listen to Collide by Howie Day non stop. Great song.
Born on this day in 1902: legend Howie Morenz, arguably NHL’s first true superstar
Check out -Howie Day Trader $GRB has a tight float and great story! ……
Not a day goes by I don't thank the Rams FO for not only taking Goff but also putting us on by letting Howie know 👀👀
G'day Howie, is there an email I can contact you on?
Howie is having a day off from that
Joey Barton explains what happened that day against Manchester City via Read it here:
Like a Howie Day type of collide or more Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball collide
I shared this earlier, and till then I didn't really know who Howie Day was, but he's so cool to have done this!
Happy birthday hope you have had a great day and night!!xx
Headed out with Jump Little Children and Young Mister next week, had a great tour with Howie Day, and we hit over...
Howie Day- Collide- With Lyrics - when i her this song i think of him and how i wish it could be
I heard great response about Albert and Howie at the Wichita Game Day. They brought their…
Paramore, FM Static, Mayday Parade, Hinder, Boys like girls, Simple plan, Howie day, Lifehouse and many more.. 😌🎧
ha ha... nah... Friday is a much better day... 😉xx
4.11 groundhog day Christmas episode with Howie Mandel guest starring ❤ This is such a fun ep.
I, John W. Hickenlooper, Gov. of the entire State of CO, do hereby proclaim forever after 4/11/17 as National Champ…
Yes. listed his advertisers the other day. And Howie's whole career he said he would NE…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
sarah_meechan 90's tour continues with Howie Day at in Annapolis. He can def…
I added a video to a playlist Howie Day - Collide
"Selling to Goldfish - challenge of modern day marketers.. Part 1" by on
It's custo appreciation day. I'm personally handing out free meth to the tweakers. I wouldn't have bussdown Rollie'…
Can't blame Howie. I mean with a diet of one *** and a leaf per day, his memory is not like it used to be.
Howie Day just finished the most amazing show in Annapolis. Just when you thought he couldn't be any better….
I been to so many redskins game its crazy but i love to tailgate its like a long fun day
Howie Day is touring again (@ Rams Head On Stage for Howie Day in Annapolis, MD)
Every time I watch The Fault In Our Stars I feel like it was a complete waste that they never play "Collide" by Howie Day in the background
Happy from He makes my life happier every day! ❤ 🐩
Howie is such a strong force for voter registration! See you guys on Earth Day.
Howie on his adoption day with one of his new sisters. Happy boy, happy new family.
Been my guy all along. I know it will cause Howie some cap headaches. But it's doable. I think…
WE DID IT! 10k VIEWS ON MY LAST DAY TOURING WITH HOWIE DAY! Think we could do 20k for my birthday?
The first doggy beach day of the year was a success! (Spot Howie the wiener dog)
Hush, Howie. You might wake him. BTW still looking more like Whitey every day!
On this day in 1956, Howie Meeker was named head coach of the Maple Leafs. He previously won four Stanley Cups with…
Howie from the Backstreet Boys posted me on his IG. This is the best day ever! I HAD POSTERS OF HIM 😵💕
look who hasn't learned a thing since 2006 on how to win. Maybe one day there won't BE any Democrats…
Tough to be a howie on a day like this
I am a true South Philly-ite, I work at a steak shop hoping to one day work at Pat's/Geno's and I am u…
This weekend we hold our Family Fun Day, just £10 (adult and child) and £20 (2 adults and up to 6 kids) -
Have a wonderland day to you howie early start for you too
"I worry I won't see your face light up again." - Howie Day
Howie Rose channeled his inner John Sterling night: "Oh, the Bruce is loose alright!". .
If you sign up for you'll learn these things every single day! .
If that's what sways you, the A's had t…
We want HOWIE back 2 hours a day... DEAL or NO DEAL... can't believe Family Feud on the air 7PM to 11PM NOT for Family too dirty! Nolga
unwillingly listening to Collide by Howie Day in a waiting area. 🙄
Howie can play LF when they wanna give either reddick a day off or move reddick to RF to give Puig a day off. So win win
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Hi there! I never heard back from you. Let me know if I can assist any further. Enjoy your day! ^K
How am I supposed to cover up a bad hair day without my Glengarry?
Yo just remembering Dawkins remarks the other day. Sounds like he's gunning for Howie job! 😂🙌
Morning you guys, nother wonderful day to be alive. Now go and spread your wings.
Howie Day's cover of Help is literally one of the best covers
I've come to the conclusion I will lay in bed all day, order a pizza, and watch all the Harry Potter movies.
I be walking 10,000 steps a day in September for help someone with all donations welcomed
I'm really over 'summer' now, just want the dark nights now, cosy pjs, hot chocolate , snuggles and Christmas movies al…
To this day ballout still walking around wearing the chain he snatched from soulja boy.
Did a cover of one of my favourite songs :)
I try to time all my packages to come on the same day. I get a mini Christmas every week.
Nothing brightens a day like a chance encounter with
Need someone who appreciates the song collide by Howie Day as much as I do so we can scream the lyrics😩😂
Howie Day looks like Damon from TVD except with half the testosterone.
Howie Day is playing in Worcester in the Canal district for free. His career has...fallen a bit.
Rainy day? More like Howie Day! A huge crowd is gathered to hear internationally-renowned artist
This Wednesday, we are hosting Howie Day in The Canal District for the Canal District Music Series!
First day at ORHS tomorrow. I don't even know what time it starts
Collide by Howie Day "Out of the back you fall in time, I somehow find you and I collide" ♫
Me on Guitar playing Collide by Howie Day: via
Hey I want to to Collide by Howie Day. Thank you
I tried to sign up to a website the other day. I put my password as "BeefStew" but it said password wasn't stroganoff.
Mega day with and ripping a jetski around! First time - blisters and aching!
Kelsey and I ate BK nuggets in the parking lot while we waited for our Howie Rolls to be done... 10 nuggets each too.. CHEAT DAY I DONT PLAY
My new wrist band. I wear it every day!
You know how games back in the day used to be easy af until you reached that BOSS level ...I'm on that level rn in life 😒
Everyday? My kingdom I would give for only one day!
Collide by Howie Day is literally one of my favorite songs of all time
Howie day casually just walked up to me...🙃
Collide by Howie Day will always make me feel something.
This day is so nice all I wanna do is frolf but wind is too mighty today! Mother Nature why you breathing so heavy
They pulled him up for senior day and he stole home. You gotta make this go viral.
Howie Day & Tyler Gahn performed at Capps Club on Friday. Check it out:
I always thought these lyrics were strange: here we are, set into motion, steal a car, crash it in the ocean... Like Howie Day, what even?
Collide - Howie Day I can never get tired of this song
Scratching one off the bucket list. 😁💕 Howie Day is incredible live 😳 I feel like I just went to…
Photo from my show with Howie Day last night! One for the books that's for sure! Photo cred to JJ Blodgett! Check h…
Capps Club, be there or be somewhere not fun! 👍 Howie Day next.@ Capps Club
The 7 train watching The OC is spent anticipating a Howie Day song at the funeral
Such a fun show last night with Howie Day! He absolutely killed it and I was privileged to share the stage! 🤘🏼
O'reilly word of the day dont be a "Mooncalf" Artie!
Howie probably tossed it on the ground after he charged one day of the QB salaries on it and it hit it's limit
Chillaxing with the Booboo after a long day — eating dinner and cocktails at Bad Monkey OC
".There are always a million reasons to Find at least one every day!
Loved both acts. What Marco can do with a cheap upright... reminded me of seeing Howie Day in college, but with more personality.
He needs a day off to rest, also gives Howie extra bats to regain his swing.
Collide by Howie Day changed my life 🤘🏼
Getting a great body isn't just about the hour you spend in the gym. It's about the decisions you make the other 23 hours of…
Settle this argument: have you ever heard of the song collide by howie day?
It took me until the last day of senior year to finally fall down the auditorium stairs...wearing heels and a dress.
She Says by Howie Day - I listened at May 13, 2016 at 02:52AM
just sing collide by Howie day, easy
Howie Day Playing Live Friday Night at 7 PM at Capps Club in Seattle, WA via
Their delivery system *** I had a similar experience with Howie Day.
Happy Birthday to this pretty lady, i love you howie, have an AMAZING day
Last day of school and tomorrow is the day
Eating clean all day to justify a takeout tonite 🙈
I was recently asked to go through my high school pic files. Now, I'm listening to Buffalo Tom, Dashboard Confessional, Howie Day...
collide by howie day has been my favorite song since I was 5
happy birthday Addy have a lovely day xxx
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Would you rather have your team win New Year's Day Bowl game, or lose in the first round of the college football playoffs?
Catch Jon and Howie several times per day and night...
58-6 win today on senior day...I love my team man. 2 more games to get a…
You can say You're Beautiful by James Blunt is an annoying song but 9 times out of 10 Collide by Howie Day is worse
Even tje best fall down sometimes Collide - Acoustic Version by Howie Day ♫
I'm just tryna be like Howie Hash one day 💸
It's a Hungry Howie's and Star Wars kind of day
Howie Day credits of The master,the pioneer of on http…
brilliant!!! I'll arrange a day and time with you then I'll rally the troops up! Thanks Ron!
Which is your favorite song? — As of now, Out Of My League by Stephen Speaks and Collide by Howie Day
Howie Day brings solo show to Ludlow Garage
Watching wake up from anesthesia is a great way to start your day:
Hi Howie! How are you? Follow you me! Please? ♡♥ I wish you and your family a Happy Halloween Day.
Last home game tomorrow vs Gallaudet on senior day.
Howie Day, Duncan Sheik and Gavin Degraw share a loft in Portland. Jason Mraz is their wacky neighbor.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
My iron level was too low to donate blood and Howie broke up with me so today was a pretty bad day.
Remember Howie Day lol?. "Listen To Your Heart" by D.H.T. Why this song spoke to you: Remember puberty? Remember …
Hello fellow Canadian! I'd like to hike with you some day eh.
A beautiful day to be at the State Golf Tournament at the Missions Inn Resort at Howie-in-the-Hills, FL
hi Howie this shoutout if for you :-) happy day!
Jose Mourinho on day release from the mental asylum.
Howie Day's "Collide" just started playing on my iPod. How's that for Throwback Thursday? "Even the best fall down sometimes.…
Collide by Howie Day will always be a top 10 no doubt.
Happy International Cat Day from Rat Boy! Late but Mum had my iphone all day👿
Five casinos in one day. I'm proud to be an Indian
Tourney - Day 2 Howie Sr. 18, Jr. 19. Howie Jr. leads 36 to 34 heading to the finals tomorrow...
hi howie you made my day! When you where talking about going to random people
Dominic Oduro seems like a lock to play for DC some day.
Play Of The Day at Emerald: COACH ROYAL. In great form right now and trainer Howie Gibson says he's feeling great. Good enough for me.
My second cover of Harley by Howie Day
Order Miche Bag Online!
Howie: Window installer by day…exotic dancer by night TequilaSunrise
us too!!! Have a great day everyone. Expect extra tuna, grooming and cuddles!!!
Happy birthday to my bff the real wiz khalifa💞💞I hope your day is better than the 4th :/
"The dawn is breaking, a light shining through, you're barely waking, and I'm tangled up in you." -Howie Day
For day's slate, I really like Carlos Gomez, Howie Kendrick, and Kyle Seager. Build around those guys for GPPs with some stacks.
Tonight at the Bag: Howie Day with Olivia Millerschin - Doors 8pm - $20 - Are you ready?
Tonight we open for in Ferndale, MI! What a day, you could almost say it's a... Howie Day. *runs away*
FIRST OF ALL it wasn't Ryan Cabrera it was Howie Day and that song was depressing af
Collide by howie day will always be one of my favorite songs.
Well Howie does a Fantastic job & if He ever needed a day off I'm sure H&H would fill in for Him.
This is Collide by Howie Day! Hear the last few tunes for tonight via
>> Today is the last day we received greetings to the birthday Howie, if not already made you in time, THANK...
Horrible coffee... I suppose its just another normal day, with a normal start.
My last day can't thank Andreas and enough also everyone else involved in my development as …
When I serenade you with Howie Day, that's when you know it's real
All purpose parts banner
Getting turnt with and at and our waiter is so judgy.
Had a good night, thank you so much for the invite tonight Caitlin and I hope you had a great day!
I hope it's just a day off for but and are the elite of play by play announcer's ! Shades of
So who's coming with me to see and Howie Day on Saturday at world cafe live?
Collide - Howie Day woah its been long since i've heard this song hehe
After Monday any day now. Let the surprises commence.
Howie Day - Collide while reading The Elite is ❤️. Good song plus good read is beyond perfection.
From being booed by Arsenal fans on deadline day to being a bargain and the next Henry in just two weeks. Truly incredible.
Why is it embarrassing to help your girlfriend wear shoes? She's wearing a dress & her shoe broke clearly in a bad day lol.
Thank you We deeply appreciate the support you have to our event.
Thank you This event would not have been a success without the generous support you have provided us.
Now that I've seen John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Howie Day live, the dream is to see Damien Rice, Pete Yorn and Gavin Degraw.
A night to remember with Howie Day. And yes, I did collide with him. What a night!! :D :D ♥♥♥ @ Amber…
So he was shadowing him on this day ->
I just used to sing along to Collide by Howie Day
Buy Miche Bag Online!
This Spotify recommended playlist just GETS me. Howie Day's acoustic version of "Collide?" Be still my teenage heart.
I'm convinced that you hide in the washroom and take selfies all day😂😂. Jk you hot ❤️
Can I just nap until dad's day starts tomorrow?
...And the day it drops, I wouldn’t be surprised if schools across the country cut sports left and right."
I'm going to at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville, TN - Dec 3
Gas blew $3/ gallon? Back in my day it was barely over $1...
"If you speak truth to power in the Obama era, they call it hate speech. The IRS will audit you." -Howie Carr
Howie explains how many times a day you can enter with
“So I put howie in my car the other day” OMG THIS *** THATS GREAT!!
Primary1 joined Primary 2 for their first assembly today. Ms Howie read the story of Rumplestiltskin and we sang about a sunny day ☀️
Mel B was on the other day. today is just Howie
Britney is playing all day on today
I'm open, you're closed. Where I follow, you'll go. I worry I won't see your face. Light up again... — listening to Collide (Howie Day song)
No free drinks here, Howie. What's happening to make your travel day less than perfect?
Dearest KUYA can u sing "COLLIDE" by Howie Day and play the guitar and make harana to ate ♡♡♡
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Howie follow me please this is my dream.Have nice day.I likes you polish fan :)
Today is a national day of mourning for Howie the Hamster.
When you've been up for so long that you suddenly find yourself singing along to Howie Day, it's time to force yourself to go to bed.
I'm about to order some Hungry Howie's and watch Brother Bear 2 til it comes. good day ppl
I'd love it if that happened, but I saw the Islanders website and they play away that day. Hopefully Howie's on vacation
Hungry Howie's: "Ha ha, I have a good idea, let's put a lot of pepperoni on the vegetarians pizza just to make her day that much better!"
I don't think i'll ever get tired of Howie Day's - Collide.
"If its and buts were candy and nuts, it'd be Christmas every god *** day." -Howie J
2 and a half years later and I still can't listen to Collide by Howie Day because Genia Morris used to play it in chemistry.
I thought we’d walk these streets together . Now I’m hoping that i'll never have to meet you. howie day – ghost
how has Howie been an Angel for so long and never had a bobble head give away day?
Collide by Howie Day and Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol will always be timeless songs to me
afternoon Howie. I hope you have a great day & i hope you had a great weekend. I wish you a great monday. Love you ❤️💛
Hurby Luv Bug's triplet shakers used to give me indigestion. Howie all day. He still has us stumped on loops
Mark Howie wishing AATE a Happy B'day. Congrats again on the Life Membership
Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran or Collide by Howie Day. Love you Justin, goodnight 😘❤️🌙
“If I don't know you and you send me emojis, *** do you expect me to say?! Tf.”have a blessed day"
VHC all day Howie Cup camp begins tomorrow. Another opportunity to wake up and help players passion for the game grow. Blessed 4 what I do.
Howie Day and the rain outside my window. Mellow nights are the best
good night howie. Sweet dreams. And i hope you had a great day. Love you ❤️💙
Born on this day in 1955 was the late Howie Epstein; who is best remembered for his fine bass work with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
FYI, "The Longest Day" is on HDNet. The best classic war movie ever made.
Howie Day dies in head on collision.
I'm not happy about the situation. But, yes, Maty is my boy until the day I die (just not in Neyland)
Fun day at the Augusta Southern Nationals...thanks Bryan Howie for having me over...great watching the races from...
FAN APPRECIATION DISCOUNT! JKB Booking is offering $5 off per ticket to my performance with Howie Day…
First hit with a RISP all day. Way to go, Howie.
Bruh ... Gucci has to drop "first day out 2.0" when he comes home. FREE BIG GUWOP
Howie Day - Collide brings back a lot of memories ☺️ love that song !
Howie doesn't get out much.. Yesterday was a very special day for him, he went to the fair.
Awesome to open for Howie Day yesterday at The Amityville Music Hall! Thank you East Coast Collective for having us! Thank you Ellen Benedetto for all of the pictures
TONIGHT! Satellites Fall is opening for Howie Day over at Manchester 65 in West Warwick, RI. Doors are 7:00. They...
ATTENTION: I'll be opening for Howie Day tonight at Manchester 65 in West Warwick, RI. This is your last chance...
Tough decision to make for the Bottlerock Festival in Napa At the end of this month. Which one day pass do I buy for Jackie Schielein Carroll and I? Quantity? Or one of the greatest bands of all time that I have never seen live? Bands of note: Friday: Cure, Gin Blossoms, Sublime and a day off from work to start a second consecutive 3-day weekend that is sorely needed after implementing an ERP system for the last 15 months Saturday: Weezer, Heart, Third Eye Blind, De La Soul, *** Smash Mouth, Howie Day, Robert Earl Keen
This is quite a find from our archive! This is a rare solo acoustic performance by Howie Day when he was UNSIGNED! He uses the line 6 DL-4 to create awesome ...
I've got to start saving up a little nest egg. Atlanta has some crazy good concerts coming up soon. Stroke 9, Howie Day, Counting Crows, 3 doors down (acoustic), Sister Hazel, Better than Ezra, OAR, and probably some others.
Try Collide by Howie Day, In The Sun by Joseph Arthur and Winter by Joshua Radin.
Just to clarify what is going on tonight at the Hot Stove Cool Music benefit concert. Members of REM, Dream Syndicate, Buffalo Tom, Black Crowes, Belly, The Gravel Pit, J Geils Band, Little Feat, Letters to Cleo, The Figgs, and more with Will Dailey, Joan Osbourne, Kay Hanley, Tanya Donnelly, Howie Day, Kingsley Flood, Parkington Sisters, Scott McCaughey and emcee Mike O'Malley. It will be awesome. Come down at 7 if you're anywhere near Boston tonight.
The 2013 Hot Stove Cool Music Concert and VIP party will take place Saturday, Jan. 11 at the Paradise Rock Club on Commonwealth Ave. in Boston. This year’s Hot Stove Cool Music Sports Roundtable will take place Tuesday, Jan. 21 at Fenway Park’s State Street Pavilion.Cubs president of baseball operations/former Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein will once again team up with Peter Gammons to bring the series to Boston. This year’s concert will feature performances by Howie Day, Trigger Hippy featuring Joan Osborne, members of the Black Crowes, The Baseball Project featuring Mike Mills from R.E.M and others. Actor/comedian Mike O’Malley will emcee the event.Those with VIP concert tickets for the Jan. 11 event can enter at 5:30 p.m. for a pre-concert party. Doors open at 6 p.m. for those with general admission tickets, and the event will kick off at 7 p.m. General admission tickets are $40 and VIP tickets are $150. Gammons will moderate the Jan. 21 event, which will feature a roundtable discussion w ...
Howie Day, Tyler Hilton and Anna Rose bring their charm and brilliance tonight! See you here at 9pm $20!
TONIGHT: Howie Day with guests Tyler Hilton and Anna Rose Day’s warm tenor voice, “soars into fluttering, high registers, but also grates with real, pleading grit,” as one critic put it. After sales of over a million albums and two Top 10 hits, Day is back on the road showcasing old favorites, as well as new material from his upcoming studio release. $15 advance/$18 door Doors 8:00pm, Show 9:00pm
Howie Day w/ special guest Tyler Hilton & Anna Rose will be at Yoshi's in Oakland on December 10, 2013
What do Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys, Todd Rundgren, Paul McCartney, Hall & Oates, Pink Floyd, Howie Day, Elton John, Dennis Wilson, The Animals, Tom Waits, The Who, Nirvana, The Small Faces, The Velvet Underground, The Doors, TV On the Radio, The Rolling Stones, and Ornette Coleman have in common? They have all been sampled for a new mix tape project I'm working on called HIT HARD. Happy Sunday, friends. Track one is done!
7 days until the day I was born . Nothing to important doe
The last thing you should do when you're depressed is lay in bed in the dark listening to collide by howie day.
Breast Cancer Awareness
do something that's not country and MAKE it into country :3 do Howie Day- Collide? Or if country I want crazy hunter Hayes
Big day for Duke. No. 1 recruit Jahlil Okafor, No. 4 Tyus Jones commit to play for Coach K and the Blue Devils.
I was a given a band by Howie Noeldechen Band I was given: Nine Inch Nails Do I like the band: Sort of, depends on day/mood, a few songs ...
Hungry Howie's for day has been made. Thanks
Everytime Collide by Howie Day comes on I melt a little inside ❤️
The top byline from Gotham mock-up? It's Clark Kent, apparently on location to see BatKid save the day h…
still nursing chest DOMS from wednesday and its leg day feeling a pre workout to get me going for it!
Knew today wasn't gonna be a good day
When we were dining in Tagaytay, there were 3 old men probably in their 70s singing to us new songs (Avril Lavigne, Howie Day, The Script)
“you have a great day too Howie 😄” thank you, have a great day also for me. 😃
I could listen to Howie talk all day.. lmfao
. Its greattl day happy and sing. The birds are chirping and warm weather
Some *** not even here for a day and he's already ate all my Nutella
Justunfollow is my eye of mordor. 1 new follower & 1 unfollower in the past day and I see them all.
"If you're gonna be there, be there. If you're gonna stay, stay tonight" -Howie Day
Little Giant Ladders
Can't sleep so I'm listening to Howie Day - Bunnies.. ♥
At this point, I'd imagine doing lines off a Howie Mandel impersonator's *** is the only way his staff make it through the day.
Pandora has started my night with Snow Patrol, John Mayer, Howie Day, and now Dave Matthews Band.
I need someone to come sing "Collide" by Howie Day with me. I keep getting the words wrong -_-
Howie Day pandora station is the best
The connection between Luck and Fleener reminds me so much of Peyton and Dallas Clark back in the day
When I leave work before my day off 👋
Maybe back in my day. I'm all about the Pre-Calc. Ask or
Please tell me I didn't just see a guy rip his shirt off, put his ear rings in, and drive off listening to collide by Howie Day..
I'm listening to Perfect Time Of Day by Howie Day on Pandora
"turn down for what" - howie and zoë as they run around the apartment all *** day
I might go to at Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA - Dec 14
give me love-ed sheeran. Little lady-ed and mikil pane. Collide-howie day. Moments. Case close,pretend it's…
Brett Dennen on Wednesday and Howie Day on Friday! So stoked!!
Okay, so I stumbled upon a hidden gem in my room. It was an un marked burned cd. I instantly uploaded it into iTunes. There I found I had once burned the most outrageous mix of 20 songs. I do not know what I was thinking back in the day lol the playlist consists of (in order): Have A Little Faith In Me by John Hiatt, Chain Hang Low by Jibbs, Give It Up To Me by Sean Paul & Keyshia Cole, Eternal Flame by The Bangles, Don't Stop Believin' by Journey, Somewhere Dead In Hollywood by Talan Torriero (he was on Laguna Beach season 3), Tension by Nural, Gone So Young by Amber Pacific, Roxanne by The Police, Get Low by Lil' Jon, Snap Yo Fingers by Lil' Jon, E-40 & Sean Paul, Strawberry Fields by The Beatles, Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams, Good Mother by Jann Arden, Try by Nell Furtado, Hallelujah (cover) by Imogen Heap, Speeding Cars by Imogen Heap, Collide by Howie Day, We Belong Together by Gavin Degraw, and Finally For You I Will (Confidence) By Teddy Geiger... LIKE I SAID MOST RANDOM PLAYLIST EVER... LOL I'M SO ...
One of my favorite past times is playing old CD's (yes, CD's) in the play room while I play with the kids. Thanks all my friends who influenced my music preferences over the years. I am stuck in many of the old mixed tapes from all of you and need some new tunes to add to my collection since I've been removed from the music scene for the last 5ish years. My favorites remain The Format, Elliot Smith, Kalai, Death Cab, Damian Rice, Something Corporate, Ben Folds, Bright Eyes, Howie Day, James Taylor, and Weezer. I challenge you all to share your current favorite song so I can make a new mixed tape from everyone!
Travis Wall's contemporary choreography for Collide by Howie Day is still my favorite dance ever 👌
Howie Day will always have a spot on my playlist
Howie day breaking into the Game of Thrones theme tonight
The next month for concerts in Charlotte literally makes me cry! Parachute, Emilie Sande, City and Colour, Alt-J, Howie…
Collide by howie day will forever be one of my favorite songs❤
Howie Day and friends to perform in Mt. Pleasant Saturday.
Collide by Howie Day gets me every time. Hearing "even the best fall down sometimes" after losing in the state tournament hit me...hard.
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