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Howdy Doody

Howdy Doody is an American children's television program (with circus and Western frontier themes) that was created and produced by E.

Howdy Doody Show Howdy Doody Time Captain Kangaroo Buffalo Bob Smith Scott Walker Bob Keeshan Jeff Dunham

Mike Yung lost out to Howdy Doody 2.0? Nice job America.
Howdy Doody made his debut in 1947. Clarabell the Clown was played by Bob Keeshan - Captain Kangaroo.
Trump running 2017 "Howdy Doody" show. He is an evil "Buffalo Bob" with Mitch McConnell as Phineas T. Bluster.
Vintage Howdy Doody Time clock over on eBay. Go check it out...
I hope little howdy doody is still on vacation. ( George )
Are you a closet case like Comey w/o the Howdy Doody fetishes or just a Loyal Lefist that hates America ? Pray tell
James Comey's Howdy Doody fetish with the UK Royals along with Jeffery Epstein,...
Good afternoon and Howdy Doody to ya. I had that Don McKee on the FM dial with that Steve Trev with AM
Howdy Doody at it again! The poster boy for inbreeding showing his real partisan colors. 's plan to ha…
It was obvious that he's not up to it, in addition to not being up for it. Harold Gowdy presents himself as a post…
He really does look like Howdy Doody's evil, twisted twin.
If only one of those girls were dressed like Howdy Doody...
Oh gee shock and awe. Howdy Doody is dropping the investigation.
Thank you. Trey Howdy Doody deserves some anti love.
Why do these people not just fade away. Go retire in Calgary with Howdy Doody & Harpo
Serios shade you're throwing over Trey "Howdy-doody" (💩) Gowdy, Ron. Great job... thanks
Starting a conversation with "hello, hey etc" is too common. Next time I'll start with "howdy-doody! I come in peace moshorire"
Ryan looks like a puppet, his goofy l…
Yes,and with all of the inuendo's this is a game that could have some singing Howdy Doody very loudly…
Maybe this is some more good news…..Former govt contractor sues James ‘Howdy Doody’ Comey,
I knew Gabr when I lived in NYC prior to 1965. The best as was Tom Brokaw in LA when he started his career. Howdy D…
Trump is racking up so many obstruction charges, his lawyer must be Howdy-Doody. Thrre are just…
"Buffalo Bob [of Howdy Doody] was like Timothy Leary for little kids" - Iggy Pop on his influences
Just another no brainer passed along as insight by SN's Pat "Howdy Doody" Tabler
what color hair is a Michael going for now?? Howdy Doody?
This looks more like as if Howdy Doody and SpongeBob had a love child together.
And theirs AG Howdy Doody Jeff Session he's as clueless as the day is long. That *** as to go. He's bad for law enforcement.
.running for Flashback to him being called a "howdy-doody looking nimrod" on the House floor.
Howdy Doody (was it good that) said I was texting too much to you that was it you
that finally does it. You Gary, are the worlds biggest nerdo dweeb father. Get a life howdy doody
Howdy Doody ( Paul Ryan ) will do nothing for the hard working tax p…
Thanks to the TIL that Howdy Doody's 48 freckles corresponded to the 48 states that were incorporated in 1947. 👦🏼
Funny, otherwise I'd usually go straight to Howdy Doody and Sidney Gropplebottom for clear-eyed socio-political analysis
Kinda weird that Howdy Doody doesn't think growing up with your dad in prison for murdering someone w…
Might as well vote in Howdy Doody, would do a better job. He looks better too.
Well Tom Brady had the greatest coach ever leading his team. Dark has howdy doody
Move out to a district in Cali you howdy doody lookalike for congress
Weirdly, you could probably do that with the Howdy Doody Show, too. ...Did this get dark? I think it got dark.
This President, with his popularity standings, has about as much. political influence as Howdy Doody. And he doesn't get it !
(...So does the Injustice 2 Joker's makeup remind anyone else of the old Howdy Doody puppet, or is that just me.)
Four ombudsmen and a Howdy Doody clone?
Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring needs to rejoin Howdy Doody. Enlist in our patriot army at
adam doody Howdy I invite you to this adult webcam totally free join Click on my profile.
.John, you seriously looked like a 3rd grader up against Not a good look. Stick to Madonna or Howdy-Doody.
Still not as popular has her brother . Howdy Doody .
Tell me, the voices, do they talk to you too? They just sing the Howdy Doody theme to me.
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Yep Chelsey does look just like howdy doody
OMG.. Chelsea looks just like howdy doody. I never saw it before
Thats great. I had forgotten howdy doody. The other one seems to be just doody these days.
Warning: there is a Virus attached to this. Howdy doody Trump is also in the credits!
TIL the actor who played Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan) was also the original Clarabelle the Clown on the Howdy Doody Show. …
OK, Howdy Doody dolls, all together now."It's Howdy Doody Time so lets protest our maker Buffal…
Check out Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob Smith in 1955 via
Close, Bob Keeshan. But did you know he was the original Clarabelle on Howdy Doody?
- isn't that the show that Clarabelle moved to after Howdy Doody??
I'm a Baby Boomer: Veteran of the US Marine Corps during Vietnam war era...Howdy Doody Show was on TV when I was a kid
Being that you remembered where to put the nozzle in '56, i figured you were old enough to remember Howdy Doody a…
Ted Baxter lookin a lot more like Howdy Doody nice,.,
Mr. Daniels, please don't insult Howdy Doody...I grew up with him and I loved that show! Dumb and Dumber best descr…
Michael Madsen's portrayal as "Punch and Judy doll dressed up as Howdy Doody" isn't so much a character as a long-term lifestyle decision.
"Say kids, what time is it? Howdy Doody Time!" Display inside City Honors, former Masten High School where Bob Smith attend…
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Yesteryears: Howdy Doody, Part II: A patriotic puppet, right down to his 48 freckles. (Sent from Daily Progress)
62 years ago today.Gabby Hayes guests on 'Howdy Doody' live on
Almost time for the Howdy Doody Show.
ETRADE's IPO Desk is Howdy Doody Time since 2014-15. Get your crap together guys. Luckily other brokers have a clue...
have you ever seen Garrett and Howdy Doody at the same place at the same time? Think about it. Makes you wonder doesn't it?
I heard a person from another state label Ohio Governor John R Kasich as Howdy Doody. I think he's right.
Remember how cute Annette Funicello was on Mickey Mouse Club, Howdy Doody, Shari Lewis, Captain Kangaroo, Uncle Milti etc
About 7 or 8 here,dressed as "Clarabell the Clown" from the Howdy Doody Show for a costume contest at Halloween
Same Pledge the all signed..wonder who will spin this into a sob money is on Howdy Doody aka Jeb or Cruz?
"Leave it..." Funny how this Howdy Doody like character thinks he can order people what to say or think. KMA, Ryan.
1948 Book says Howdy Doody received 11 Million votes and was elected President of the Children of USA.
Still to say howdy doody to with Knot Just Another IPA.
I said good morning to a guy and he replied Howdy!. I thought Doody in my head . That made me smile
As with so many things in life, we have Howdy Doody to thank (plus racism, probably).
Trump called Senator Warren Pocahontas for being American Indian. Then he's Howdy Doody a stiff in a wig, won't shut up or leave the 50's⁉️
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He's always put on a good show. I like to call him "Sound Bite Gowdy". Maybe I should change that to "Howdy Doody Gowdy".
Howdy Doody aka KCooper attempted 2 insult by comparing her 2 the Moncks Corner Maw Maw. Shame on him
How did you get Howdy Doody to look so life-like?
that's def just Howdy Doody acting tough. "What's that nerd? Records? OK MR PROFESSOR."
Hugh loves having creepy ventriloquist dummies handy for late-night lighting tests. Here we see Howdy Doody...
Enda & the phony Howdy Doody face Franny just met on gang crime, Im sure the criminals are shaking in their boots
Just a thought, doesn't Hillary look like Mrs. Howdy Doody? And Warren can be Princess Tickle Feather!!!
Hillary has her Howdy Doody daughter Chelsea now sucking Muslim *** for donations to her foundation
TIL there was a Canadian version of Howdy Doody with Robert Goulet and William Shatner.
Wow!! I am impressed! I loved the Howdy Doody Show when I was about that age along with The Mickey Mouse Club!!
And Howdy Doody is the GOP nominee. Are the drugs on the water actually working ?
HUGE moment in the game and we have Ty "Howdy Doody" Kelly up at bat, un freakin real!
I'm pleased as punch to see so many people get my Joanie/Howdy Doody reference. Good work, people!
Nina in front of that TV camera reminds me of Chipmunk Joanie on Happy Days in the Howdy Doody episode.
Kerry is a colossal *** We might as well have sent Howdy Doody over there.
Howdy doody people. Just booked tickets to see this sexy man👍🏼😍
I never saw it. THAT'S MY Favorite Howdy Doody moment.
From Major League Soccer to Angel Oak Creative, this marketing consultant can kick harder than you.
Share your favorite Howdy Doody moment with us.
Well if youre into people calling you Howdy Doody .
Howdy Doddy glasses, Set of Howdy doody Welch’s glasses, 1953 by Morethebuckles via
hope Christian hackenburg turns out to be a good qb.but he doe's look like howdy doody!just saying
We made it out . by grace. and whimsy. it's rock'n roll. pass slate quarry. Howdy Doody. store/ summer sprig. we got...
HOwDY DOODY MY FRIENDS, Heres my latest journal you fill out yourselves and have fun with.
Your typical white trash- likes the steelers, hates the Browns, roots for Ohio state. Drinks cheap beer. Howdy doody.
I wonder what Clarabelle would genetate?. (Google it 😉 hint: Howdy Doody)
Howdy Doody baby face...smiling after getting worked over by backstage - is gonna HATE that
When every 1 of 2 men in the gym or appearing on mounted LCD TV wears a man bun = the trend is dying. My howdy-doody hair will trend, soon.
Holy cow there's someone in the St. Louis crowd that's a spitting image of Howdy Doody. Eerie.
I don't expect much from a howdy doody lookalike but pease at least some respect for our vets
Mr Rogers beats you on national security. so does Howdy Doody and Pee Wee Herman
Cory Perry, Ralph Malph, Howdy Doody. Can you tell the difference?
Today in 1957, the first episode of The Gumby Show premiered a spin off from Howdy Doody. .
it reminds me of the Howdy Doody Show
The Geist/Kasich town hall was the twin Howdy Doody Show.
What time is it? Is it Howdy Doody Time? It was a great show back in the way. However, it is Weekly Sale...
1947 - "Howdy Doody," hosted by Buffalo Bob Smith, made its debut on NBC-TV.
The Story of Howdy Doody with Buffalo Bob Smith & The Original Cast on LP
is going to waste our time talking to Jeb. Anyone know what channel Howdy Doody is on?
Howdy Doody for president He's America's choice the favorite of all the girls and boys Let's sweep him on to victory 1948
Mr. FinBaum , the only time you ever bought a suit was in College station. Howdy Doody, Walmart special, ahahhahh
Those were the day's My Friend. I remember Kate Smith singing "God Bless America" on her show before Howdy Doody. Great stuff
Today is Rice Krispies Treats Day! Need the recipe? Get this original 1951 Rice Krispies ad!.
What's up after Scott Walker, Howdy Doody, Bristol Palin brought to you by Odell Hair Trainer?
Chris Christie: 'Leadership is not about me, it's about us' | Howdy Doody the Clown is better than that *** BO!
Not sure I need to see Elle Fanning in a movie where she's "transitioning," per that bad wig, into Howdy Doody
We have a howdy doody puppet and the crier always willing to bow down to Obama rather then stand up for party / people
no Howdy Doody you and your crew are
Broncos are trying to Mr. Howdy Doody Peyton Manning. This will work out well.
BIDEN, PLS RUN!. Jeff Dunham needs a new dummy and it's not Howdy Doody!!!
Biden, please run. Jeff Dunham needs a new dummy, and its not Howdy Doody...
howdy doody. Losing Jordy made me sad :(
Please don't make the mistake of putting your Howdy Doody Butt in The Running for White House. No More Obama suck-ups. Sick of You
howdy Doody Scott Walker must be talking about himself.
That's it. I'm watching reruns of Howdy Doody from here on. The old puppets were much much better.
I can't decide if Ted Cruz is Sylvester the Cat or Howdy Doody? You?
...&by the left u mean who? . 1st it's "us" vs now it's us vs 55% of &this is Doody wannabe white's platform
When they created Howdy Doody in the '50s did they know that his name could be interpreted to mean "Hello Feces"?
Turned on what I thought was a debate but it was more like the Howdy Doody Show. Seriously they want us to vote for one of them.
I watched a Howdy Doody rerun. The old puppets are more fun to watch.
Your Mary-Margo presidential campaign take-away (for what it's worth):. Santorum is Howdy Doody with elf ears.
3 guesses on how Howdy Doody addresses every bowel movement.
There are only a few days left to see Howdy Doody at the DIA! . The DIA's VIPs, or "very imp
Ronald Reagan was Howdy Doody with a nuclear function.
Is it just me or does Bart Durham's new picture on the side of Nashville buses look an awful lot like Howdy Doody?
I finally see a look alike for Scott Walker - A dark haired Howdy Doody
I swear, add freckles & a red wig and Scott Walker is Howdy Doody. A much more evil Howdy Doody but, Howdy Doody none the less.
Debates are a clown show howdy doody BS
OKAY you MUST KNOW.. That tie and Howdy Doody thing you got working is not working
Trump: "I will know more about the problems in this world..." Than whom, Howdy Doody???
Why is turning his head like a Howdy Doody puppet? Just asking . . .
It's not the 1st time I've seen that comparison. For the record, I'd vote for Howdy Doody. Even though I want Walker out of WI.
Scott Walker looks like Howdy Doody after a car crash.
Scott Walker reminds me of a dumber Howdy Doody.
Rand Paul looks like Howdy Doody on a bender.
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All right! The Marilyn Patch Show comes on on Sunday morning. Otherwise known as The New Howdy Doody Show.
Howdy Doody Gowdy, what do emails have to do with Benghazi? Can you spell "partisan witch hunt?"
You wanna get high man?. Does Howdy Doody got wooden Balls man? .
It's Cubo Torres time, It's Cubo Torres time, (sung to Howdy Doody Time)
I don't think so... If you say he looks like Tiny Tim or howdy doody then sure.
Makes me think of Howdy Doody. Others pull his strings & he has both wooden balls and brains.
What time is it boys and it's not a Howdy Doody Time. IT'S WINE THERAPY TIME!
Y'all know what time it is? Of course you do. Sing it with me now...It's mani-pedi time! It's mani-pedi time! Howdy Doody eat your heat out
And when the speech wasn't on all they talked about was him. I put on old Howdy Doody Shows.
. Preston looks much more like Howdy Doody
Knock knock howdy doody! Hope u have a great day and keep out of trouble!! 😇😇😇😇
Imagine if movies or TV followed this format. If producers just aired Howdy Doody and Roy Rogers, over and over, endlessly,…
It's Howdy Doody Time! From and the Princess, a from 1952. by
I'd rather watch Get Smart, Giligans Island, Little Rascals, or Shirley Temple, but Howdy Doody Show... *** NO!
My Grandma loves talking about when she was a small child and she loved watching this old childrens show called Howdy Doody.
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U sound like my Grandma when she is reminisc'in about when she was a child and her watching this show called Howdy Doody.
Budget time, it's Howdy Doody Time.. *** Joe Oliver looks like that famous puppet.
. LMAO. Howdy Doody Time is definitely anal.
My dad told had his own Sat AM story of visiting a neighbor's house weekly at that time to watch Howdy Doody. In the '50s.
Oh gawd: Alabama's cringeworthy Sen.follows great At least Howdy Doody Jeff is silent on
howdy doody! We start that big sun room job today that I showed you a couple of months ago. Nervous!
Well excuse me Howdy doody , but can I get a nudie of that big beautiful booty
I literally said howdy doody to my friend today. Can't get much whiter than that.
Wasn't referring to you. Meant for Howdy Doody.
Many believe beloved Howdy Doody shd not b defaced in this manner.
Is it time 4 a I think it's time 4 a woman vice president, or it's Howdy Doody Time, or sumthing. & don't call me Hillary.
omg you are so bad - love it! I can just see the younger genertations Googling Howdy Doody!
I've been watching Howdy Doody for hours now and, honestly, I'll take this over E! any day.
The Howdy Doody avi is at your incompetent hero's expense. Not that you're capable of recognizing parody.
Yes the NUT with the Howdy Doody Avi thinks I'm embarrassing myself. TK
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My parents are watching Howdy Doody Time... It's not the 1950s...
Apparently, break time starts at somewhere in the 1960's today. Howdy Doody is on the tv in the break room.
Pork Chop racing lead the Howdy Doody Forksprung Dirge Technique racing team.
Howdy doody! I'm paused on the falling stars above the clouds.
Anyone else spend this much time and effort dwelling on unrequited Runner's Nods?.
You're too young to recognize him, but it's Howdy Doody not Alfred E. Newman.
*Blows away dust* Welp, like The Simpsons even when they try they can't kill me off. So howdy-doody, folks.
Maybe get out of your howdy doody Mayberry towns (apparently)and see the real world
Jordan will be better than howdy doody. Mark my words.
Oh please, I couldn't stand looking at Howdy Doody in the WH
my addiction to the Howdy Doody Show
I don't want Howdy Doody Rory to win anything
Looking like howdy doody in chucks.
Umm...I think you thew that peanut from the gallery & missed. No more Howdy Doody for you! :)
My old boss dresses like a side character from Howdy Doody.
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How can Ustand being like Opie,Howdy Doody,John Boy&Richie Cunningham all in 1? Y all the screaming in your promos? TheyDontScream
Hysterically running to get home for the 5:30 televisions Howdy Doody of their gun toting Neal Cassady'd Hopalong childrens.
looks like Bob Backlund had a baby with Howdy Doody.
Live from the capital, it's the Howdy Doody Show.
I can't think with my left hand. Howdy doody!
Oh, dear lord, it's Howdy Doody Time.
jen must be cold.looks like Howdy Doody though.
Why is he even on . Who wants to see puppets? I can watch reruns of Howdy Doody.
my youtube recommendations tomorrow are gonna be like "Dateline, Howdy Doody, & Immortal Technique"
Barbarically ridiculously amateur. Harpers A team includes Howdy Doody and Christopher Robin.
With his howdy doody face, prancing around jestering at as if Russia knows better, the result-->bang!
howdy doody mi old bud. Hope yersen n Mrs Trev are ok? both me and had been down again but once more on the mend!
Watching Jason Garrett is like watching Howdy Doody. Just can't see the strings. He really thinks he's a good HC.
How many freckles did Howdy Doody have?
Fortune tellers make a killing nowadays, me oh my. Howdy Doody's past the house of Aquarius, bring me more whiskey and rye.
To be fair, Howdy Doody had someone's hand up his *** making him say stupid stuff.
: increasingly looks like Howdy Doody's crazy uncle, with a head full of sawdust and turpentine. No brain.
Thanks to Daria, I have a line to use at TFF. "Don't touch me, you howdy-doody looking creep."
Howdy Doody and her valley girl puppet.
Howdy doody. Also, is it still phrigid as phuck in Philly?
Does this woman have an incredible *** you ask? Does Howdy Doody have wooden balls. Then there's your answer!
called it. Howdy Doody is making his real-life cameo.
who cares if they get Howdy Doody to there Pre and Post game. All I want to win already!!
put her on Howdy Doody or Captn Kangaroo TV reruns
A big howdy doody to you all from Yola at *** Dairy.
"Howdy Doody we are just so doggone proud of you". Listening to my grandpa is like listening to a 50s sitcom.
Jeb is 4 indoctrinating our kids with Common Core (Crap). I will never vote for him. Will vote for Howdy Doody first.
You are a puppet leading *** You are evil Howdy Doody. Cut the strings and get a spine, quisling.
Every cop in this movie looks like that howdy doody puppet
or,also, maybe who should get to play the postmodern version of Howdy Doody or Captain Kangaroo.
Howdy! Doody has wooden balls ... I heard this from Clarabelle Hornblower.
I haven't seen acting this wooden since Howdy Doody played Hamlet at the Kennedy Center.
and Trey Gowdy is as much a partisan hack and buffoon as his namesake, Howdy Doody.
excellent shades bubba. You teach rikishi to wrestle but the Howdy Doody teach him to dance and
howdy doody Zane Lowe! It's going to be a whole munch bum of a gestation top show tonight!
Why is Sonny looking all terrified of Howdy Doody?
Howdy doody just wondering if there's any news on the front. I know you're incredibly busy but i thought I'd ask.
"howdy doody" I have always found talking dolls a little scary.
you and coach howdy doody can kiss my big orange *** We comin
Howdy Doody Your Brain On Ska is happening now on 91.7fm WKDU or online at
Bonjour Mr Burgess! Everything is Howdy Doody. We really must catch up at some point.
Howdy doody I hope you are having a fantastic Monday! You're probably sleeping so no doubt it's pretty great thus far.
"I'm the captain of the Howdy Doody Circus Army!"
“Are you drinking yet?” Does Howdy Doody have wooden balls?
If David Byrne and Howdy Doody had a baby, it would be Beck.
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watching Howdy Doody I use to love this show as a kid ,not so long ago ha ha ha
Too bad the "Right to Life" march couldn't hold their event on the same day in hopes that we could be in his "Howdy Doody" face,!!
The All-Star game is here to stay, no matter when it's played -- summer, spring, winter, or fall. think that name of Howdy Doody character.
Famous movie producer Waldo Dizzy visits the Howdy Doody Show.
Yes. I'm just grateful you didn't bring up Howdy Doody. Spent the best years of my life watching that wooden head.
my username in some places is BuffaloBob, a nod to the Howdy Doody Show. Bob Smith was a DJ in Buffalo before the tv show
In 1976, I went to tapings o Howdy Doody in Miami with my family. I have a Phineas T. Bluster sketch by Fletcher the Sketcher
Howdy Doody truly was fortunate to find a secondary career in wrestling. Lightning doesn't often strike twice
howdy doody friend-a-rooney. Im here if you need to talk
York: "We wanted someone with qualities like Howdy Doody; a puppet. Winning doesn't matter, only my ego does."
ah finished! Howdy Doody will be posted when I get home in 20 mins!
😳 Mine's starting. Gonna see about getting a 92yr old to do the Howdy Doody Dance!😈
A revelation to see what Howdy Doody looks like "all grown up."
It's Howdy Doody Time have a great Friday!
Please bring back saying stuff like golly gosh, dandy, and howdy doody
Howdy Doody would be better than Blatter, so Ginola is an uptick.
Well howdy doody!!. Find in the latest edition of on sale now! Thanks…
Jeffco BOE majority is channeling either Kurt Vonnegut or Howdy Doody. The absurdity wars with the tragedy.
How did Howdy Doody end up in Detroit? We have the answer, in addition to what happened to 10 other props you’ll remember from childhood.
I always love talking like a uppity white dad lmao saying stuff like "howdy doody" or "this dunk'n donuts is the beez knees"
Howdy doody and balloon boy from 5 nitghts at Freddy's 2 look very similar and its very creepy
.Like, I would like to reclaim Howdy Doody as a non-sponsored character. It was wrong then, it's wrong now.
cowabonga, an exclamation frequently used by the character Chief Thunderthud on the Howdy Doody Show..
Nice news from Cuba. Anybody got a carburetor for a 51 Chevy? Marco Rubio looks like Howdy Doody, only with more strin…
You don't want to look like Howdy Doody.
there is No Johnny football.only a kid with a head like Howdy Doody.
Captain Kangaroo!!! He was also Clarabell the Clown on The Howdy Doody Show.
I know of no other woman hornier than Amy Farrah Fowler on Wish I could find one as horny. Howdy Doody ALL NIGHT YA'LL
1947- The "Howdy-Doody Show” debuted on NBC. Buffalo Bob, Howdy and Clarabell the Clown, also known as the Puppet Playhouse.
I know you could be punning on the "HD" but the HD I meant was Howdy Doody's corpse in a box.
2day 1947 Original version of puppet "Howdy Doody" makes his debut on NBC's "Puppet Playhouse" w/ Buffalo Bob his pal
The children's TV program "Howdy Doody" debuted on NBC today in 1947. Its "Early TV Memories" stamp:
Also this day in 1947, it was heard on NBC-TV for the first time. . “Hey kids… What time is it? It’s Howdy Doody Time!
Watched that show many times and Howdy Doody was my first Marionette
Howdy Doody, female Skeletor, Woody Woodpecker with purple hair and Kathy Griffin are the "Fashion Police?!?" Seems legit, E!
It's Howdy Doody Time. On this day in 1947 Howdy Doody made it's debut on NBC.
Its Howdy Doody Time... NO it is made up black fake holiday time
It's Howdy Doody Time on Dec. 27, 1947, when the kids' TV show premieres on NBC
I've had about all I can handle from that Howdy Doody Internet troll.
sigh! That's the best Howdy Doody Day Present I've ever gotten! Thank you! (I was expectin' another HD corpse in a box!)
It was 67 years ago today when Howdy Doody was first introduced to TV audiences on "Puppet Playhouse" in 1947.
Howdy Doody debuts today in 1947 on TV. The puppet had 48 freckles, one for each state in the union at that time
I was actually thinking, Howdy Doody! We love Jonathan.
TODAY IN HISTORY: In 1947, the original version of the puppet character Howdy Doody made its TV debut on NBC’s “Puppet Playhouse.”
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Happy Saturday! Apparently it's Howdy Doody Day, it's also Visit The Zoo Day. Foodies, you get National Fruitcake Day.
It's Howdy Doody Time! Classic kids show "Howdy Doody" debuted on NBC on this day in 1947. It aired through...
Today TV History: Say kids, what time is it? It's Howdy Doody Time! HOWDY DOODY premiered 1947 w/ Buffalo Bob Smith
Can anyone name this freckled-face puppet who made his debut on this day? It's Howdy ... -
"Hey man you wanna get high man?" . "Does howdy doody have wooden balls man"
"I thing George "The Torturer" or George " The Little" Bush was really Howdy Doody refurbished!"
Dec. 27, 1947 - The children's television program "Howdy Doody," hosted by Bob Smith, made its debut on NBC.
Today is Howdy Doody Day [what time is it?] and Visit the Zoo Day as we take a deep breath this holiday weekend
The Howdy Doody children's television show debuted today in 1947
He is a candy *** and he knows nothing about football. Plus his teeth are yellow and he dresses like Howdy Doody.
. It sounds to me like he was dancing like howdy doody!
If you watched Ed Sullivan and Howdy Doody, you know what this is.
It's like Howdy Doody died for nothing.
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