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Howard Webb

Howard Melton Webb, MBE, (born 14 July 1971) is an English professional football referee who officiates primarily in the Premier League and has been a FIFA-listed referee since 2005.

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Howard Webb, It's a crazy call. Zlatan gets his foot up, but he’s not within two meters of gk Valdes & he pulls his foo…
Howard Webb currently clutching his Chinese phrase book, desperately hoping for a controversial decision.
Howard Webb: "I think it is daft to appoint him to referee the fixture between Liverpool and Man City so soon after his mi…
Inside Knackered Tony Plaza, Harry Redknapp had decided I’d interfered enough. “Kev is going to get us all killed,” he told Howard Webb.
Howard Webb's recent revelations probably don't help the prices either. Harry Arter is head of the market in B'mouth game.
Howard Webb on BT Sport commenting weather it should be a Throw-in or not! Bore off, I'd rather listen to Harry Webb aka Cliff Richard! 💤💤💤
'What type of tackle is that?' - Howard Webb slams Rojo over Zaha lunge
Who is the mini Howard Webb, behind Howard Webb?
"Howard Webb, what did you think of that incident?". "U-N-I-T-E-D! United are the team for me!". "Thanks Howard. More from…
Howard Webb. "Goodison is the best place in the premiership for this kinda night.the supporters play such a huge part,they really do.
Howard Webb - Clatenburg did well. Oh yeah, gives a corner that they score from when it should have been a goal kick! Yeah…
Howard Webb is smoking something kmt
Howard Webb what is he talking about?? He kicked Sanchez knee not the ball
This month's FourFourTwo interview with Howard Webb is a stone-cold classic.
James Richardson just burnt Howard Webb so badly he'll need some aftersun.
v chaos: Howard Webb speaks out on Sergio Aguero and Cesc Fabregas
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Howard Webb on Sergio Agüero's tackle: "It's awful, studs up. It's not even a tackle, it's a flying attack on David Luiz."…
Howard Webb has ditched his wife after a romance with this German referee... by via
Signed up to to listen to the Howard Webb interview & have just finished the Woodhouse one too - great job on both 👍🏻
Can't actually see anything from this camera angle and then what happened when they went to Howard Webb then 😂
Howard Webb with incredible knowledge of red cards!
Howard Webb: "Do I think Monreal in his attempt to get the ball impeded AV? Yes. I think its a penalty & I’m surprised Andr…
Howard Webb has had a look at the Sterling incident and reckons it's 100% a penalty to Man Utd.
Martin Atkinson, John Moss, Mike Dean and Michael Oliver...worst refs in the league. Clattenburg is the best and bring back Howard Webb lol
2-1 today, Will and Harris with the goals, Andy doing a great impression of Howard Webb reffing a United game
Howard Webb in some hot water after exposee.
Howard Webb: "The Premier League player which gave me the most grief would be Craig Bellamy."
Penalty all day Thomas. Howard Webb backed up John Hartson. Dallas by name and nature 👊
I just realized how much Howard Webb looks like Matt Reis.
Howard Webb tells BT Sport replays inconclusive and should give ref benefit of doubt. I don't think Jose will...
Howard Webb has looked at the Middlesbrough goal again, and he's admitted he's changed his mind. "Penalty to Man United,"…
Howard Webb used to referee with one eye.
I hope Howard Webb does a Paul Scholesesque return and teach Clattenberg and his blues a lesson in next derby. 😃
When you buy back Paul Pogba and you really needed to buy back Howard Webb.
"We've got our own bald legends - Wayne Rooney, Bobby Charlton, Howard Webb" - killing it 😂😂😂
Manchester United make one change for today's match against Tottenham. Mike Dean comes in for Howard Webb.
He's bald he's red he sleeps in fergies bed Howard Webb...
Oh Howard! It's not a Jimmy Webb song. Written by the Addrisi brothers. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine, sunshine. x
Oh please, the only person managing the team and the match that day was Howard Webb in 2nd half
Oh yea 10 years ago. How many times do you have to suck off Howard Webb to win a game?
moffy and Sean I will do a Howard Webb on Nigeria 3penalties 3redcard if e no work I go do own goal
shame we can't buy Howard Webb from you, guys.
Precisely. Then you've got BT and Howard Webb who's all of a sudden very happy to be in the public eye criticising every
I'm weeping: Howard Webb has begun networking a with his extradition to Poland.
If Howard Webb was in charge Man U could get away with that all day long!
Howard Webb, respected throughout the game, a Miller so he'd hang around and got the necessary acumen!
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No mate because Howard Webb retired in 2014
are expecting howard webb to turn up so you canimprove your league? So does everyone outside the EPL mate.
at Buck Palace a football match was held between Civil Service FC & Polytechnic FC and was refed by Howard Webb. Man U…
Are you Howard Webb has climbed to the very top of Ben and discovered a cheerful headstone.
Was a great game before Howard Webb became a United player
Howard Webb became an assistant when he was 22 years old
harsh... But fair, Howard Webb says no card
Good advice from Howard Webb. Especially the part about adults keeping 'in' in check because the players emulate...
I have 5 tabs open one of them is luxury comedy 3 mins in, one is robert webb's dance for comic relief and 3 are russell howard's good news
I have just received the sweetest Howard Webb poster
Dwight Howard will have the number 8 on him for the first time since... 😱💀
The other big news comes from back on Palangonia. Howard Webb, one of my assistants at The Owen Coyle Memorial Academy, is getting married.
She's lucky. It was my daughter's birthday yesterday. She shares it with Howard Webb...
Rikell Howard: Yes. . Mayor Cranley: I absolutely support it. I believe Black Lives Matter and not to just say it but to live u…
Rikell Howard asks the moderator to relinquish the floor to the community who she says really matters more than the panel
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Rikell Howard: "Why is it so hard to fire the police? If I kill someone, I lose my job."
Question 2 to panel: What is the role of community in policing? . Rikell Howard: Police shld serve community. Understand comm.…
After a hard long think United have had to come to terms with the fact they should not have rested Howard Webb for such an important game.
In a gap at the pub quiz, I've turned Howard Webb from an awful pundit *** into an awful hipster *** for you.
It's Howard Webb's birthday today. Wonder what got him.
Happy Birthday Howard ManUtd Webb...your errors still lingers in my memory. Hearty Cheers to you allthesame!
OTD 1971: Birthday of Howard Webb, 1st person to referee the World Cup & Champions League finals in the same year.
Howard Webb: "No one should blame Mark Clattenburg for Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury."
Howard Webb: "Payet went in with a bit of force but nothing exceptional. It was a clash of knees, which can happen." htt…
Wishing Howard Webb a very Happy Birthday today. All the best from everyone down at the club 🎂🎉🎊🎁
aye Howard Webb is scum, there was no one around Viduka, 5 mins left and 1-1 would've kept us up looking back
he did the same at Blackburn. Howard Webb sent us down disallowing viduka's (allardyce signing) goal v Fulham
Idc what anyone says Howard Webb is a g
Mark clattenberg is one of the (top) best refs in the game now...after retirement of Howard Webb, he has really came through well...
Definitely a Pierluigi Collina look from Howard Webb there!
Does anyone care what Howard Webb thinks.
Think bt sport ref watch would be taken more seriously if they had pierluigi collina instead of Howard Webb.
Dele Alli is in hot water. This is the view of Howard Webb, World Cup final referee in today's
over to you Howard Webb in the tactics truck... Even more thrilling
turns out Howard Webb agreed with me 👍🏻
Every time commentators refer a decision to Howard Webb after any FK not given another tree in the rain forrest falls down!
Dear I don't need Howard Webb to tell me whether it's a penalty or not. I have eyes and a brain. I can make up my own mind. Thanks
What is the point of Howard Webb for this game What exactly is he doing during it?
Most pointless thing eva must be Bt insisting on asking Howard Webb his opinion. I don't even believe they ask him any more, just make it up
Dear BT Sport,. We do not care what Howard Webb thinks
Howard Webb is stealing a living working for BT sport sticking his opinion in once every 4 games, bell end
Please stop telling us what Howard Webb thinks. We don’t care!
*Modric takes a shot, it's deflected for a corner* Howard Webb has said thats a corner.
Referee could say no foul to a neck high challenge and Howard Webb would still agree
Has Howard Webb ever disagreed with a referees decision on ?
"Let's go to Howard Webb for an opinion that nobody gives a toss about"
Oh lets ask Howard Webb. You may as well ring my nan and ask her opinion shes going to have the same amount of influence in the game.
How is Howard Webb getting paid all this money to watch a game and state the obvious??
Since when was Howard Webb the voice of all reason. It was only 3 years ago everyone thought he was a right tosspot.
I wonder how much Howard Webb is paid by BT for the most pointless job in the world
'Howard Webb thinks this, Howard Webb thinks that', since when was Howard Webb Gandalf?
Has Howard Webb ever said the ref was wrong? That is the true question
What a surprise Howard Webb once again agrees with the referees decision 😴😴
Convinced howard webb isnt even there
What do Ryan Giggs and Howard Webb have in common?. Both won the PFA Merit Award.
I interviewed Howard Webb at an event recently. Really nice guy & clearly knows his stuff.
Howard Webb is at hand to help clear up any incidents in the game. "Liverpool can't defend" is his verdict so far. Thanks…
Howard Webb says Gabriel was lucky not to be sent off
Howard Webb's verdict on that Mangala tackle is that it was a definite penalty for Manchester United.
Howard Webb calls Fellaini a "thug on the field". Says he should have been sent off in both legs.
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I will never forget Ryan Babel for his dive against us in the CL, but his picture of Howard Webb in a Man U shirt. 😂 http:…
Howard Webb genuinely just said Danny Welbeck falling over is a penalty
me too Dave, he doesn't strike me as the sort to dive either, even Howard Webb said it was a poor decision not to give a pen
Howard Webb & Dermot Gallagher have both said that was a pen.
That's Howard Webb and Dermot Gallagher both saying it was a penalty...even LVG says there was contact
Howard Webb now says the Man U goal shouldn't have stood as there was a foul on the keeper. Scenes!
Just the SIX minutes for Howard Webb to call that foul on Randolph - this TV replay lark isn't going to work is it?
what's the point in Howard Webb? The decision has gone regardless of what he says and Ian Darke needs to just be quiet!
Howard Webb says Fellaini is lucky to not get done for violent conduct.retrospective video ref required IMMEDIATELY. …
Howard Webb... it was a penalty... Snoop Ferdinand... I dunt tink it was a penalty...dur. What a *** !!
I turned it off. The whole BT Sport team, Jake apart are garbage - but he's Posh 🤓. Howard Webb was that a pen...yes pen to MUFC
Carragher, Henry, John Hartson, Mark Lawrenson and now former referees Graham Poll and Howard Webb all say penalty. Why's there a debate?
Martin Tyler surely now is Man Utds no. 1 fan, just ahead of Howard Webb
For the English games have Howard Webb, can not get Kenny Clarke / Hugh Dallas. Better getting a professional opinion!
Howard Webb on Irish League ref Arnold Hunter's performance in the Europa League tonight: 'he's had a shocker.'
I liked a video from Lewis Holtby takes out Howard Webb
Don't forget, Howard Webb is on hand to discuss any refereeing decisions, should we need him.
Glenn Hoddle questions what Howard Webb would've said on the controversial 2nd man u goal. Well he's probably standing in the away end.
Clattenburg is the next Howard Webb for me, a walking ego. Michael Oliver is the best referee in Britain in my humble opinion!
use to be class, like Howard Webb, Michael Oliver is probably the best ref now
This referee is just like how Howard Webb used to be for ManU! :D
what a day to be present for that moment and shared a flight to Dublin that night with Howard Webb 😀😀
Howard Webb became an Assistant when he was 22 yrs old.
Just a quick reminder that you can listen to our interview with Howard by clicking here:
Howard Webb on the penalty:. "That was definitely a penalty for Man Utd". "We're at Man City, Howard". "Oh. In that case, it wasn't…
Rockets have begun contacting teams about trading Dwight Howard reports Y! Sports.
Throwback to when Howard Webb decided to play... .
Boss story... ...but is it just me that thinks it looks like Mo Besic and Howard Webb? . 😂
That said, if he's on the ballot in Florida, and the other two are Peron and Howard Zinn, I'm voting Webb.
CLASSIC: When referee Howard Webb decided to get involved.
Throwback , when Howard Webb decide to play
Since the retirement if Mike Riley, Howard Webb and Alex Ferguson; the results have become very unpredictable.
I'd like to have Howard Webb around to adjudicate on my daily life. "Hey Howard, who's right here, me or the missus?". "Pen…
Mike Dean was on one for them tonight, mind. Loan move appearance to replace Howard Webb with a view to a permanent deal.
no one does except Mike Dean, Howard Webb and United fans.
Howard Webb's justification defies credulity - the defender had his back to ball. How on earth did he intend to block the ball with his arm?
Seems like Mike Dean has been attending the Howard Webb school of refereeing Man Utd games.
Hmm, Howard Webb disagreeing with absolutely everybody who says it shouldn't have been a penalty to Man Utd. Didn't see tha…
Funny video with & Howard Webb at the WH World Darts Championship.
Who provides least to the broadcast. Howard Webb or Glenn hoddle? Webb confirms what we already know. God knows what Glenn does
thought he was big time disagreeing with Howard Webb
"Let's cross to Howard Webb.". Webb: "never a penalty that and I used to suck farts out of Fergies bum hole". "Thanks H…
Wonder how having Howard Webb as a 'referee pundit' changes the game for officials who want to retire early - we going to see more of them?
In his pundit role Howard Webb has now given a penalty against United at Old Trafford and a red card to Wayne Rooney. Defi…
Well obviously Howard Webb would think it's a penalty for
Howard Webb trying to give a penalty at Old Trafford when he's not even refereeing. Some things never change AMIRITE?
millions of morons out there pal. As the ONLY person I've seen mention it of any stature is Howard Webb!!
What united needs to do. Fire & sell names below . Van gaal. Depay . Jones. Young . Rooney. Blind . Smalling. Call howard webb back to job😂
Howard Webb says all of the first 3 goals shouldn't have stood
never has & never will. But for only Howard Webb to talk bout them & EVERYONE else sweep it under the carpet is horrendous
Referees union (Howard Webb) pointed out, which is that all of their first 3 goals shouldn't have stood... Is quite simply dumb.
Steve Bucknor looks to be celebrating with Pakistan. Reminds me of Howard Webb and Manchester United
Even the overrated Howard Webb now giving his opinion on BT sport is reluctant to actually criticise poor decisions by a ref always excuses!
Ogbeni... HOWARD WEBB on BT clearly said the game was decided due to 3 bad referring decisions. Could be a spoiler
Only one man can revive man yoo. . Howard Webb 👍
At the very least get a solid LT prospect to come in and challenge Howard/Watson/Webb... eventually take over Penn's spot.
In times like this, I miss Howard Webb.
when Howard Webb is showing up post match and showing how the first 3 goals shouldn't have counted, you know you got screwed
You fool, we don't need a new manager. We just need a new Howard Webb.
yup, no longer the case since Howard Webb retired 😂😂
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Where did the EPL get a hack like Jonathan Moss to Ref? Makes me wish Howard Webb would come out of retirement.
Having Howard Webb back you up is nothing to shout about
Even Howard Webb agrees we were robbed immensely,but yet & our band of WOBs ignore that fact. 👍👍
Howard Webb just did in depth analysis of 3 of Southampton's goals which were illegal. Ends with saying "can't blame the…
Poorly we played. Howard Webb pretty much clarified that very strongly too.
Howard Webb is explaining that we've got basically screwed by the referees tonight
Lolz... We all miss him "In times like this, I miss Howard Webb.
Webb of Deceit. . Howard Webb tells a load of lies and loses the run of himself. Starting Robson Green.
PeteSmith published Stoke City: Was Howard Webb's 'top boss that hates visiting...
.detectives reckon Howard Webb's 'boss who hates visiting Stoke' is Roy Hodgson
Former Premier League referee Howard Webb admits Stoke City "is the hardest place to referee!". Keep it up Stoke...
The team comprises of myself and Howard Webb, Sir Tom Jones, Annie Lennox, Zoe Ball and, even though no-one invited him…
Join us on from 10am with David ginola, john Barnes,Ray Wilkins , Fabio borini, Jason mcateer and Howard Webb
Scumbag TV coverage: *complains referees try and make themselves center of attention - puts "celebrity ref" Howard Webb on TV every week*
Howard Webb expects the FA to have a look at Diego Costa's incident with Martin Skrtel, but he doubts they will take action.
City missing Silva and Aguerro. United missing Sir Alex Ferguson and Howard Webb.
Howard Webb. Clattenburg. Mike Dean would relish this corrupt challenge
it's good they have Howard Webb on as well. Nice to hear a refs perspective
Maybe they could get Howard Webb to give them a Red Card?
Of course, Tony Barrett is a red as is Tony Evans. The refs aren't impartial.Lee Mason and Howard Webb prove that
Howard Webb just sat behind us on train💁🏻
Have we talked about how Sergio Parisse looks like a Hollywood movie version of Howard Webb?
where is Howard Webb? Jon Moss is the most inconsistent ref in EPL
Did Paul Scholes just call Howard Webb a 't**t' on live TV? (Video)
Blame Rick Parry,blame the club for not moving stadiums,blame Howard Webb,blame the dead chicken 😩
Howard Webb said on BT Sport 2 minutes after the incident that Costa should have gone. End of discussion
Hardly a media storm, Howard Webb said at the time on BT Sport that Costa should have went and Gabriel's decision was harsh!
fact remains best Fergie dodgy Utd signing was Howard Webb by mile an half Fergie time. Oh well
England f.a aren't naive like howard webb who called paulista silly boy
'16 Brian Jessie: Citadel & Howard recruiting the athletic guard with nice midrange jumper.
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Great news: Howard Webb has had his contract with material from Dover's ice hockey stadium cancelled.
I was watching the game at a pub and Howard Webb came on as a reference about calls like Mike Pereira for the NFL
when Howard Webb refereed the World Cup final people were desperate to say it's basically England winning it
Howard Webb has no doubt about the Costa Gabriel incident, a penalty to Man Utd
And the ref has blown for offside lets go to Howard Webb with the analysis what can you tell us Howard?. H: it was offside. Thanks Howard
neville, you're a dinosaur. Howard Webb said two reds. If youre going to shout your mouth off, read the rules of the game. Okay.
Your judgement could be a little clouded since you had Howard Webb on your side back in the day.
Hand in the face is a straight red card. Howard Webb went through it on MNF before.
yes and what about their all time best player Howard Webb. He was world class for them.
I agree he does like the attention, but Howard Webb watching the game for BT could do the same job for the FA and avoid it all
If Howard Webb can tell the BT viewers if it was a red card within seconds, why can't an actual referee do that at the time baffling.
what about the two penalty appeals that Chelsea were denied? (Howard Webb with video analysis admitted they were.)
I agree with that Katie but compared to some Refs we've had, he was positively Howard Webb 😩
The standard of officiating in the Premier League has been terrible since Howard Webb took over as Technical Director.
Man should be a League One ref, he does not deserve a PL match. Howard Webb should be back on loan for Big Games like that
Howard Webb would have given Costa three yellow cards.
Something the club has been missing for some time now?
Howard Webb openly stated a week or two back that he has plans to improve the standards but ppl higher up won't allow.
The spirit of Howard Webb lives in Mike Dean, I'm convinced now more than ever.
If Howard Webb says Costa could've been sent off 3 times, hopefully that means he gets 3 bans 😏
Howard Webb was at the BBC studios explaining ...
It's amazing that BT have Howard Webb watching matches via video and feeding back to the studio within seconds, but the FA have nothing.
It doesn't matter if it is Mike Dean or the retired Howard many EPL Refs see the match as a stage for them versus the match?
Ya saw that in morning. They want him banned from all Arsenal matches. It's Howard Webb saga all over again.
did Howard Webb get the same pay rise?
Ok let wait and see maybe another howard webb is coming
Mike Dean - the new Howard Webb of PremierLeague, but for Chelsea. Now I can't hear the end of it. But, still funny.
. you have just described exactly what. Howard Webb did! ☆☆☆.
They are about hugs and rude text messages today with the idea of Brazil hating Howard Webb.
Re Howard Webb: don't ever forget he carries a red card around with him on nights out.
So, Fergie only managed 4 world class players in his time?? They were ... Riley. Bennett. Halsey. Webb (Howard not Neil)!
Jordan Ibe looks weirdly like Howard Webb. Poor effort.
Fergie says he only ever had 4 world class players, but forgot to add Howard Webb to the list...
Even when Howard Webb used to rob teams in favour of United things never dragged this much. 😒
So Alex Ferguson says he only had 4 world class players during his time at united. Slap in the face for Howard Webb who is not named
that can't be right you didn't include Howard Webb
Howard Webb: "Costa is a lucky boy. Three incidents he could've been red carded."
Howard Webb: "Costa is a lucky boy." Says Costa did 3 red card offences.
I think I want to agree with Howard webb. No leader in Arsenal.From the board to the last *** in
I don't know how long Arsenal have been facing it. For Liverpool, it has been ages when it came to Howard Webb. Huhu.
This is so true it's scary!. Daniel Jinks, Andy Howard, Pat Stapleton, Marty Pleasant, Stuart Milne, Scott Webb,...
Our OL Ranking as of 2nd Week: Rodney Hudson 7th Center, Gabe 1st in Guards, Howard 17th and Penn 10th in Tackles. Webb rat…
Howard Webb has a theory as to why Diego Costa was taken off, brilliant!! It's for theories like this that Howard is paid t…
Howard Webb: “Costa is a lucky boy. He’s done 3 things he could've got a red for" - Mike Dean.
Don't worry lads Howard Webb is behind the scenes to tell us about that sending off decision..
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I swear to god Howard Webb is Johnny Sinns
Quality. Howard Webb would have been good at that, sorry we never got to see it
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