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Howard University

Howard University is a federally chartered, non-profit, private, coeducational, nonsectarian, historically black university located in Washington, D.C., United States.

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Although times can be very rough being so far from home... I feel extremely blessed and honored to attend Howard University
Virginia Man Arrested Today. Police say he threatened to murder African Americans at Howard University. . https:/…
Sex offender arrested for threats against Howard University students: ‘It’s not murder if they’re black’
It is the custom at Howard University that the Sunday Morning preacher wears the robe of theologian Howard Thurman.
Howard University, the African Methodist Episcopal Church and Payne Theological Seminary have blessed my life beyond measure.
Update: I have my AA degree form Cerritos College & now on the road to get my BFA at Howard University - HU19😉 Oh &…
Thank you to all the Howard University students who shut him down. Shame on the Howard administration who gave... https:/…
Handouts being passed out on Howard University campus by HU Resist .
James Comey's speech at Howard University's convocation was met with chants of “no justice, no peace” by protesters
The former FBI director spoke at Howard University. It did not go well. - CNN
Why would Howard University invite Comey to speak? Someone should be fired. He should sweating out an indictment…
WTOP via what a joke bunvh of chumps protesting a fired shill community coll
There is no space for white supremacy on Howard University's campus.
Which Chris brown Song was I singing today? @ Howard University School of Law
Howard University should be ashamed of themselves for inviting this criminal to speak. . Total disgrace that Comey isn't…
Myopic, Self-Aggrandized MISSED the opportunity to HEAR answers from abt &
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Howard University’s Class of 2021 has an average of a 3.52 GPA and 1200 SAT ✨
Protestors disrupt Comey & Chant-"we Shall Overcome","I love being black" & "No justice, no peace, no racist police"
Howard University has turned off streaming and is no longer allowing viewers to see the protest https…
COMEY UNDRESSED: Howard University Says *** No' to James Comey w/ Chants like "Get out Comey, you ain't my homie!". h…
Comey is supposed to be giving the convocation address at Howard but he's been interrupted by protesters for 5+ mins https:…
Howard University police assaulted us multiple times and forcibly kept us out of OUR SPACES
Comey address derailed by angry Leftists at Howard University .. You know the side he works for 👍🏼 .
Former FBI Director James Comey was interrupted by protesters while delivering address to Howard University. More:
Protesters greeted him at the university chanting, “Get out James Comey! You ain’t my homie!”
After waiting about 15 minutes for the chanting to subside, Comey decided to deliver his speech over the protesters.
Students at Howard University protest James Comey during his opening speech: "Black lives, they matter here." 📷: Samayia Taylor…
James Comey gets rough reception at ... -
Comey convocation address derailed by angry protesters at Howard University via the A…
An angered group of Howard University students stand in protest of James Comey's presence. "Get Out, Comey!" 😂
JUST NOW: Howard University students chant "Get out James Comey, you ain't my homie!" before his keynote address.
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James Comey was welcomed at Howard University the same way Betsey DeVos was when she spoke at Bethun…
The Howard Gospel Choir of Howard University blessed us greatly last night as we celebrated 100 years of Ministry...
The Howard Gospel Choir of Howard University is coming to NYC and we are excited to announce that this Sunday's...
Wonderful weekend of legislative action. Now off to US Capitol, Howard University & National Museum of African Amer…
Cam Newton's younger brother, Caylin Newton, just pulled the largest upset in CFB history for Howard University (+45 poi…
This young man is David Chin I had the pleasure of meeting him last year at Howard University's…
A Jack 'N Jill Georgetown Octoroon boy (Truce Harding) took my virginity when I was 17. AT THE DORMS of Howard University.
"James B. Comey, the former FBI director, will hold an endowed chair at Howard University during the upcoming academic yr."-Chronicle of Ed.
Former FBI director James Comey to teach a lecture series at Howard University
No biggie, James Comey is a hero to Howard University & the Blk Misleadership, now that he's at odds with Trump... https…
Comey's going to to give lectures, will give $100k salary to a scholarship for students from foster homes
Comey can't find FT work nor anything even close to his profession. Can you spell, L-O-S-E-R?. is a
Y'all really love Howard University more than I can ever understand
James Comey going to the Mecca. Wow. don't just shine, they illuminate the whole show...
Just in: "Howard University appoints James Comey as this year’s Opening Convocation keynote speaker"
Wow. Former FBI Director James Comey is joining Howard University which is an HBCU.
Comey taking lecture position at Howard University in DC. In other news I'm enrolling there for another bachelors. 🤘https:…
Roberta Flack and her Delta Sigma Theta sisters at Howard University, 1965.
Howard University does not care about victims of rape/sexual assault.
Note: Howard University has done more to silence survivors/allies than they have to investigate title 9 violations and condem…
Howard University adds that Comey will donate $100,000 salary to scholarship $ for students coming from foster care. htt…
there is nothing like Howard University 😂😂
.is hiring ex-FBI chief James Comey, who is donating his salary to helping foster kids h/t
James Comey appointed endowed chair in public policy at Howard University, will deliver convocation address
Howard University - promoting narrow-mindedness hate silencing free speech! HU is trampling on constitutional rights…
From the brothers of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. Alpha Tau at Howard University welcome back to the Mecca!…
Howard University, you continue to be disappointing with this "Johnny Come Lately" project. The buffoons i…
Every day of my life, I'm reminded that going to Howard University is the best thing to ever happen to me
Hey I'm Shania, bio major from the Bronx, incoming freshman at Howard University 😬🙋🏽
Visiting Emory, Spelman, Clemson, UNC, Duke, and Howard University all in 5 days for my lil sister smart *** .yall dk how proud I am.
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It may seem inconsequential and irrelevant to my life, but it's not. I'm an Africana Studies major educated at Howard University, the Mecca
I gradauate in December from Howard University. I go to law school the following year . Crazy im doing this forreal.
This past month, Bro Will Sykes was enrolled in the Pre Law Scholars Program @ Howard University focusing on law co…
I'm saddened by the news of Geri Allen's passing, we were@ Howard University, I was a freshman & she was...
My God is working 🙏🏽 I am blessed to receive my 2nd scholarship to Howard University!!
Rising 9th graders! Check out this summer program for STEM & health sciences at Howard University.
Today I received my 4th D1 offer to play DB at Howard University!! God is great🙏🏿 thank you so much
Here's a of Notorious BIG at homecoming in 1995 with Mr. + Mrs. Howard University.
Lawsuit claims Howard University shamed and did not help sexual violence victims.
Congratulations to the Howard University class of 2017 School of Communication! So black and so unapologetic.
Howard University graduates swag surfed at their graduation ceremony. Like how can someone hate black people? We live b…
Howard University probing wheelchair ‘dump’ of hospital patient
Congratulations to Matthew Golden who now joined his Cousins James Wilson and Doniven Davis as Howard University...
Today in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was founded at Howard University in 1920.
Mateo Jackson of Hermitage has added a scholarship offer from Howard University.
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Head a lot about Howard University from a US visiting professor to the University of Cape Coast, when I was a stdt
Excited to announce that I will be continuing my academic and basketball career at THE Howard University with Coach Ni…
Howard University guard will transfer to Missouri State
met at Hampton University & graduated from Howard University medical school together. two black doctors engaged. . m…
We salute Cathy Hughes School of Communications at Howard University in Washington, D.
lovely meeting and sharing with Prof Tamarah Moss from Howard University's School of Social Work.
today we welcomed to our engine room Professor Tamarah Moss from the Howard University's School of Social Work...
Google partners with Howard University to open a school branch on Google's campus for black engineering students,…
Bonita Stewart, Google's VP of Global Partnerships, has been working with Howard University president Dr. Wayne Fred…
How exciting is this! Thanks .- Love to see more support for programs like .
This is game changing. LCW is proud to see what our friends and colleagues at both Howard University & Google do nex…
"Howard West the centerpiece of Google's effort to recruit more Black software engineers from
Bold move by Google to increase diversity in the university computer science education pipeline
Google and Howard University launch residency program for black engineers
Howard University campus opening at Google in diversity push - CNN Money
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Props to Zuckerberg talked about diversity but it looks like Google is about action.
Google to Train Black Coders at Howard University West - 30 juniors and seniors from Howard University will ...…
From Chocolate City to Silicon Valley: Google offers residency to Howard students via
Google and Howard University partner for more diversity in tech
Howard University opens up a campus at GooglePlex. "Howard West" as they call it in CA is now…
partners with Howard University to launch program for black engineers
There’s going to be a Howard University campus at Google
You think they will let me in for level two training? Lol.
Everywhere I go I run into my St. John's family. @ Howard University
Google is opening a campus for black coders—and reaching all the way across the US to find them.
Howard University campus to open at Google’s headquarters via
Very very excited about this news coming from my beloved Howard U. .
Howard University partners with to launch computer science residency in Silicon Valley https:/…
Google partners with Howard University to develop future black engineers
Blessed to receive an offer from Howard University‼️ 🔵🔴⚪️
domain names
BREAKING: Howard partners with to launch summer residency in Silicon Valley for students.
We're partnering with to open a new campus in Mountain View for Black computer science majors:
Did y'all see this Thanks for sharing this
This is a good move Nice work, y'all!
Howard University is opening a campus at Google to train black coders
Google opens Howard University West to train black coders
Google has partnered with Howard University to launch a school branch right on the company’s campus, where undergraduate s ...
Got a surprise Vanguard Award at Howard University for supporting women's empowerment with Congresswoman Karen Bass and Ms Sa…
While pursuing a degree in theater at Howard University, I went on tour with an amazing musical production called “…
So this is on Howard University's Yard this morning.
QB & WR if you want to get vertical down the field... Howard University is the place for you... . https:/…
Ernest Everett Just dedicated his life to the study of cells & was head of the zoology department at Howard University
or until a republican weighs in, i.e.Dems poking fun @ rand Paul for going to Howard University
Meet John Mercer Langston (first dean of the law school at Howard University.
Read about Dr. Yolanda Wilson of Howard University expresses her views
Many thanks to 2015 Beau Jason Butler who showed our current beaux the ropes at Howard University and let them...
In 1868 an African American named John Mercer Langston founded and organized the first law school at Howard University for African Americans
I am truly blessed to receive my 1st offer from Howard University.
Fun Fact In 1934 Dr. Mays accepted a position as the dean of the School of Religion of Howard University in Washington, D.C.
Education Secretary DeVos made her first visit to a school: Howard University - Washington Post
Howard University unveils $144 million deal for new residence halls.
Day 7: Edgar Amos Love, Oscar James Cooper and Frank Coleman founded the fraternity on Nov. 17, 1911, at Howard University.
Lailah Robey signing to play lacrosse for Howard University on National Signing Day!
From last nights victory over Howard University!
Congrats to 2x State Champ, All-State, All-Metro DL/LB Aaron Motley (for receiving his 3rd offer from Howard University!
Congratulating my Howard Gospel Choir of Howard University family on such outstanding news, having officially...
The Howard Gospel Choir of Howard University is OFFICIALLY a Stellar Award Nominee. God is SO GOOD, and SO FAITHFUL.
I'm BEYOND excited to announce that the Howard Gospel Choir of Howard University has been OFFICIALLY nominated for…
God continues to remain faithful!! The Howard Gospel Choir of Howard University has OFFICIALLY…
1913 – Sorority, Delta Sigma Theta was founded on the campus of Howard University
So proud of our young people getting involved. Rock on, Howard University. MLK is smiling down on you. Morehouse? Spellman? Tuskegee? HELP
Phi Beta Sigma fraternity is founded at Howard University for the aims of “Brotherhood, Scholarship and Service” (1914…
I am blessed to announce that I will be joining my father on staff at Howard University.
Excited to begin coaching football at Howard University. I am blessed and thankful to be put in this position
Dorothy Porter Wesley at Howard University: Building a Legacy of Black History by Janet Sims-Woods via
Howard University has a new initiative called the Bison STEM Scholars program. Students must apply via Common...
I went to Howard University and majored in Film Production and minored ...
YardTalk101 : Actor Lance Gross graduated from Howard University in 2004, where he majored in Theatre Arts.… …
Did you even go to Howard University? *** lol. So I guess Morehouse , Hampton, Spelman, and Clark Atlanta and NC…
One way to brave is through a warm, thick coat, like these women at Howard University in 1931:…
Student activist-survivor at Howard University & Student Advisory Committee member shares her story:
A GR line train to Greenbelt has been holding at Shaw-Howard University for 5 mins (6:56pm)
I've been accepted to Howard University, Tuskegee, University of Texas, Dillard University, & I'm still waiting.
We will be at Howard University at Georgia Ave and Bryant Street for lunch today, Veterans eat free with their...
Debbie Allen gives gratitude to Cathy Hughes at Howard University today.
Today we celebrate the naming of the "Cathy Hughes School of Communications at Howard University".
The ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. at Howard University better step! Representing the first chapter well💙🐱
Will Aisha be the next Ms. College Hall North to represent for Howard University's ResLife Court?
Town Hall for Youth and Police with US Atty General at Howard University. COPS Director Ron Davis.
Howard University's Simone Missick in 'Luke Cage' leads a new wave of Marvel actresses
Nov 17, 1911:. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity (ΩΨΦ) is founded on the campus of Howard University (DC). 1st Frat Organization foun…
Seth Meyers and Michelle Obama head to Howard University to give first-year students advice on how to adjust to...
Would Donald Trump recognize this picture, or know that Howard University has been around since 1867!!?
I went to the High School for Performing Arts, and to Howard University on a talent schola
receives honorary doctorate degree from Howard University
"Are we stupid, Steve? I have a Master's from Howard University, but I can't tell you when a fish is giving me the business."
Students at Howard University show beauty in all different hues of melanin.
We love you London!. She raised $2800 and donated it to Howard University's Sickle Cell program!. Stay...
A tablecloth, with statistics sewn on, can be found in the Howard League collection at the University of Warwick!
"Welcome ! We need you!" from Howard University's presentation at immersion week.
Enjoying life at Howard college Ukzn university with
Listen to some of the BEST radio programming from Howard University right here on our Soundcloud:
Going to and Graduating from Howard University was the best decision I've made thus far. more great decisions pendi…
8 weeks of free promotion for shop in Howard University see
I liked a video from Fat Joe backstage Interview at Howard University's Homecoming!
Howard University, I'm heading to you! Talking fashion today at the Digital Auditorium at 12pm. See you soon!
Congrats to Jeremiah, on his way to Howard University 💙❤️
Youth are here at Howard University Blackburn Student Center learning about the Effects of Social Media
Hey! University of Gerogia, Howard, LSU of course & others lol
Just caught my 3rd Pikachu by Howard university
🚨BREAKING🚨 . Former NBA All-Star, Josh Howard, is the new head basketball coach at Piedmont International University! https:…
Robert G. Shaw. Shaw neighborhood. Howard University. Gentrification. Now I'm annoyed all over again.
Seeking campus reps for Clark, Spelman and Howard University!
That time the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. at Howard University perfected the ripple 💗💚
"I tell her that I graduated from Howard University...we both did a dance!" Keisha Herbert meeting FLOTUS in Liberia h…
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We must understand that Rep. Brown is a product of the Philadelphia Public School system and a graduate of Howard University
no problem! I definitely think it varies by school. I attended Howard University. Amazing opportunities there
I'm watching Dr. Greg Carr of Howard University on on 7am-8am EST. TuneIN
The Federal Communications Commission has started an auction to allow Howard University to sell off WHUT, our...
Fourth as Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated founded in 1911 at Howard University.
"Transracial" Rachel Dolezal spotted at Howard University filming documentary on race:
Guessing all those cheering *** at Howard University are shocked, or not.
Thank you for honoring her life/legacy and for bringing to light her law school contributions to Howard University.
On May 19, 1952 the First chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia was chartered on the campus of Howard University.
LIVE on air is Dr. Adenuga, Special Adviser to Gov. on Health and Associate Professor at Howard University, D.C with Victor MARK
the White House, Marvin Gaye, Howard University, the March on Washington, mumbo sauce (condiment), National Monument
Harry G. Robinson III, Professor and Dean Emeritus, Howard University delivers the commencement speech
Our group from Howard University had the kids in Ghana lit during community service today. It was so humbling
On May 10, 1930, on the campus of Howard University the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) was established.
Obama heaps praise on Detroit senior at Howard University graduation - Detroit Free Press
Hamilton Collection
Just listened to Obama's commencement speech at Howard University. If you listen, you'll understand why he screwed up race relations.
What CNN, BBC, Aljezeera and western media wil not tell you about Nigerians.On Saturday,7th May, 2016 at Howard University in Washington D.C
When will Howard University get a decent mobile app?
Obama's commencement speech to Howard University: 'Beyoncé runs the world'
Congrats to Cicely Tyson for receiving her honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from. Howard University...
Howard University class of 2016. BBA in Information System & Decision Sciences. . One of the best days of my life.
"Be confident in your blackness." Obama's commencement address at Howard University today. Watch the full speech.
VIDEO: Obama tells Howard University's graduates the world is different than when he graduated college.
President Obama shared some advice in his commencement speech at Howard University
President Obama at Howard University: What did he say about racism? - Christian Science Monitor
President Obama at Howard University: "Passion is vital, but you got to have a strategy"
.to Howard University students: "Be confident in your heritage. Be confident in your blackness."
President Obama delivers the commencement speech at Howard University 👏
Congrats to the graduates of Howard University ✊🏾🙌🏾
I am Howard University graduation with Michael Eric Dyson and my daughter, Jennifer, as we celebrate my...
"Howard University is the standard bearer. The benchmark" ~ Michael Eric Dyson
Howard University gives tuition rebates to some members of its graduating class
Howard University is struggling, and its students are paying the price. What does the future hold?
My story on Howard University and the students fighting for their education. .
Graduating Summa *** Laude with a B.A. in Journalism from Howard University next week.
Signed to Howard University today. History made, I can leave JPT with no regrets. Thank you everyone who was there💜
I wonder what went on at this High School on the Howard University campus?
Meet Mary, Kira and Tianni -- they are off to the Culinary Institute, Pratt Institute and Howard University this fa…
Howard University! Kudos to my alma mater for it's forward thinking commitment to it's student population and invest…
Wow.another one of our beloved professors at Howard University gone...😞 Rest in peace,…
My school's on a roll! --> Howard University opens $70 million laboratory building, with hopes for more to come
I gotta Delta go to Howard! I'm so proud of my LS and SGA President for her acceptance into Howard University for Grad School! ❤️
President Obama to deliver 2016 commencement address at Howard University:
✊ PresidentObama will deliver commencement address at HBCU Howard University & receive an honorary doctorate degree.
Howard University: flagship HBCU in the world partners with NNPA, GM Chevrolet, MC Lyte, & HU School of Communications: Journalism scholars
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President Obama will deliver 2016 commencement address at Howard University
President Obama to deliver commencement address at Howard University.
After careful consideration, I've decided Howard University is the move for Medical school
Today, Howard University's School of Business students will attend one of SFE&PD's Mind Over Money Skills financial education seminars.
Howard University is the Beyoncé of all schools and colleges everywhere. Your school could NEVER!! I mean...EVER! 😩😍😩
President Obama to give commencement address at Howard University, his first graduation speech to a DC-area school.
President Barack Hussein Obama will deliver the 149th Howard University commencement address!
Howard University. Jesus. I STAY stressed about that school.
I was just offered a full academic scholarship from my top school, Howard University. God is so good🙏🏾
22, no kids, about to graduate from Howard University & go to graduate school, yet all my mom focuses on is the fact that I like girls 🙃
My dream school is Howard University, and all I need is a good SAT score to get in .
I will be in debt in order to go to my dream school, Howard University.
The awesome Howard University students shared their Howard experiences with the High School students!
i just want to graduate High School and go to Howard University. can we please fast forward a year.
After the war, Cary became a pioneering spirit in a new direction, earning a law degree in 1883 from Howard University.
.on 💚💚💚 At my alma mater, Howard University, School of Business. Impacting Lives.
Howard University students selected to the Peace Corps selections mark H...
Bihhh my brother going to Howard University law school in Washington. S/O to you proud of ya ✊🏾💯
Im proud of my bae she worked hard to get where she is and finally got her acceptance letter to Howard University
. akin to Lee Atwater being invited to speak at Howard University and the students
Students at Howard University are taking a stand against campus rape. . Read more:
George mason University, George Washington, Howard University, Trinity. We're coming to your school tomorrow 😼
3/29/16 Join alum for an insiders tour of Howard University. Meet @ 651 Penn Ave SE Noon
An acceptance to Spelman College, Clark Atlanta University, and Howard University. Accomplish my short terms goals🌻
Students at Howard University began their campus sit-in demanding campus reform and more courses in black history(1968)
amartin126: Vote for Howard University love and peace
Anaheim Servite 2018 WR Delon Hurt has received his first offer from Howard University
I liked a video from Howard University "Glory" Homecoming Pep Rally 2015
When Drake stops by Howard University, girls go crazy:
Drake show up to Howard University and now everyone's turn into a track star 😂
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Howard University's gospel choir just went crazy!😭
Sanders clapping along with the Howard University gospel choir In Chicago
From my years at Howard University. Biggie and Mr. And Ms. Howard U. Homecoming weekend.
on designating Howard University as an official polling center for the 2016 election.
Check out this engineering student at Howard University!.
National Trust for Historic Preservation announces its new National Treasure: Founders Library at Howard University. htt…
Yale seeks to honor Edward Bouchet: In 2005, Yale and Howard University found...
Howard University signs deal to turn Meridian Hill dorm into luxury rentals 1. Howard still owns it. 2. I approve.
27th Annual James A. Porter Colloquium on African American Art...will be held April 8 - 9, 2016 @ Howard University.
. My take on Pokemon the animated series
Being introverted at Howard university is the hardest thing ever lmao it takes so much courage to ask people stuff in person
Go check out first published article for
This problem doesn't have just 1 solution. "Why doesn't Silicon Valley hire black coders?"
Go check out first post to The Odyssey! .
Howard:"I work at the same University as you!". Sheldon:"& Hawkeye is part of the Avengers but u never hear anyone say 'Help Hawkeye!'😂
I love ! She's so smart and interesting! I'm so glad I met her at Howard University 😊
Howard University’s Founders Library named a national treasure (hope this will also spur $ for staff …
Vintage portraits at historically black Howard University, in 1946
i did the same thing last year lol. and I went to the University of Louisville it was cool asf. my homie went to Howard and they
Shout to my sis on her first published article❤️
Hey guys Troi wrote this amazing *** article. Read and share to everyone.
Like can you imagine Howard University with a Michael Vick? Or a Randy Moss? Cam Newton? Reggie Bush? All of these megastars?!
Check out and share my first published article for the Odyssey! .
A must read. Let's support our own HU! .
Bc my poppin' roommate/bestie just posted her first article for The Odyssey Online. Go check it out!
So my best friend published her first article for The Odyssey. Check her out .
The historic library at Howard University has been named a national treasure
9. February 18 - In 1913, the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was incorporated at Howard University.
The oldest Black sorority is Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., founded in 1908 at Howard University by Ethel Hedgeman-Lyle.
Feb. 15th. Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first black Greek Letter Sorority, was founded at Howard University on Jan 15th in 190…
Jan 13 1913 at Howard University by 22 illustrious founders the greatest sorority on this planet was born. https:…
Congrats to Howard University alum Taraji P Henson-winning Outstanding Actress in a drama series at the NAACP Awards
Howard University looks so pretty sigh I'd love to go to school there
I want to to transfer to Howard University, or just go there for Graduate school.
Dr. Gregg Carr speaking to our Howard University middle school…
When I graduate from Howard University, I'll be struggled tf out. Nothing will phase me once I leave this school lmao
Howard University has always been my dream school 😅
Howard University or Clark Atlanta 🎓 majoring in communications
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