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Howard Shore

Howard Leslie Shore (born October 18, 1946) is a Canadian composer, notable for his Film Scores.

John Williams Hans Zimmer Danny Elfman David Cronenberg James Horner Concerning Hobbits Jerry Goldsmith Peter Jackson James Newton Howard Ed Sheeran Alan Menken Misty Mountains Michael Giacchino Ennio Morricone Star Wars Two Towers

Does she have that in her? Then again, we questioned Howard Shore about the same thing with LOTR.
The storm did not hit eastern shore at all. By the we made it back to Howard county the rain was done
2017 SNEAK PEEK! makes his Australian debut next year with Howard Shore’s new Guitar Concerto. https…
Speaking of Howard Shore, when are we going to get a re-release of Spider? Impossible to find a copy of this underrated gem
The Fly by Howard Shore. What an amazing score, beautifully grand and operatic. Brooding and yet completely listenable. Classic horror
Continuing our David Cronenberg / Howard Shore soundtrack series tomorrow with CRASH!
Gov. will survey the damage in Ellicott City. Canceled an appearance on Eastern Shore to meet with locals in Howard Co.
my favorite song from the hobbit . Feast of Starlight - Extended Edition (Howard Shore: The Hobbit the Deso...
That feeling when you realize Howard Shore's score for Ed Wood isn't on Spotify.
I swear the Lord of the Rings soundtrack changes my mood from 😠 to 😊 s/o to Howard Shore
*walks down da aisle 2 "Concerning Hobbits" composed by Howard Shore feat. on the Fellowship of the Ring Original Motion Picture Soundtrack*
And Howard Shore's music was utterly fantastic.
Theater and film are essentially the same - just different kinds of storytelling.
A little Howard Shore with DC goes a long way... Here's a fan-made Justice League trailer made in the style of...
Now for a bit of Howard Shore's Silence of the Lambs.
The only people John Howard cares about are bankers living on the North Shore. Eleven wasted years
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Example of the 2nd type: Howard Shore's scores to Lord of the Rings. They helped create a world in a very dynamic way that you could not
I think once a year it's good to look back at the history of Oscar and to embrace the great wo
Thank you for playing Howard Shore this morning! Love that piece of music.
Me: I need to listen to something to get TURNT UP for the weekend. . . . Turn on "The Ring Goes South" by Howard Shore and effin CRANK IT
"The Ring Goes South" by The Lord Of The Rings on The Fellowship of the Ring via
I live in Tuxedo Park, N.Y. and spend time in the West Village, where my wife Elizabeth Cotnoi
Howard Shore's 'Concerning Hobbits' is easily my favorite composition piece.
I'm interested in good collaborations and in working with directors who bring something new an
Amazing news: Howard Shore's Howe Records will release SE7EN in September. Hopefully this will lead to a vinyl release
As in Howard Shore's score? The local orchestra did that once or twice here and I wasn't able to go lol.
"...Howard Shore gave us perhaps the most complete and complex exploration of leitmotis in the history of cinema."
"In Dreams" from The Fellowship of the Ring, composed by Howard Shore
Team-FM is The Fellowship by (From the film The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship of the Ring) - Howard Shore.mp3. Do tune in! w
I Listen to Howard shore's LoTR and Hobbit sound tracks for months on end
- State Your Goals the SMART Way, by -
just started Cronenberg's CRASH and lemme say Howard Shore's opening music is amazing.
Howe Records to Release Howard Shore’s ‘Se7en’ and ‘Denial’ Scores
pls tell me who to suggest. 1.Thomas Newman. 2.Thomas Bergerson. 3.James Newton Howard. 4.Howard Shore
Tonight I shall be humming Howard Shore's fabulous Score from David Cronenberg' Brilliant 1986 version of The Fly.
hey sure did. I also wonder who will be casted to do the music. My guesses are Michael Kamen, Howard Shore, or Alan Silvestri.
Oh nooo!! Howard Shore has been swapped out for Pete's Dragon with a relative unknown. I wonder what happened.
The RAH is such an amazing location! Saw/heard the LOTR symphany with Howard Shore there ♥ Hope you had a great time!
imagine Dragon and Howard Shore. Though at the moment? Enjoying the murmur of voices I don't know.
MonsterMuffin20 is now listening to A Thunder Battle by Howard Shore
is doing John Williams, Howard Shore, and Harry Potter all this summer and I am freaking out 😍‼️🎉
MonsterMuffin20 is now listening to Old Friends (Extended Version) by Howard Shore
where one is signed by Howard Shore. So perhaps I should save that one instead. 2/2
I hope you had an amazing semester at Howard Del State University of PGCC College Park Eastern Shore. Post grades?
My first score for 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy, 'The Fellowship of...
(De Colombia) nuevamente una banda sonora: The battle of The Pelennor fieds - Lord of the Rings III; Howard Shore.
EHS Spring concert - Advanced Orchestra. The Lord of the Rings - the fellowship of the ring . Howard shore/arr...
I have a Howard Shore station on Pandora thst never disapoints, and Pandora One is cheaper that the other services.
Writing away when symphony by Howard Shore came on. So powerful and even without the moving pictures!
The music of Lord of the Rings makes me so happy, it's so beautiful and lovely to listen to when working and agh Howard Shore I love u
I would like to publicly thank Howard Shore and the LOTR soundtrack for getting me through every exam period; ever.
Concerning Hobbits by Howard Shore is one of the best pieces of music and film scoring ever composed!
tauriel theme song. The hobbit the desolation of smaug, by howard shore. via
Howard Shore is without a doubt my favorite composer of all time
Well we should call John Howard "new North Shore". We wouldn't want to remind him of his Earlwood origins, would we ;)
Howard Shore is one of my favourite people ever and 'The Breaking of the Fellowship and 'Concerning Hobbits' are in my top songs ever.
I'm listening to The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Howard Shore on
I never get tired of film music: Howard Shore's score made those films.
When you're working on film music, you're only working on 20, 30-minute sec...
Composing is sort of an intuitive act. You have to put yourself in the righ...
one day the water will rise toward the Hague. .where bush blair and howard will land on its shore
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Never ceases to amaze me how phenomenal the Lord of the Rings soundtrack is. Thank you Howard Shore
The Man of Steel trailer cut of "Bridge of Khazad Dum" by Howard Shore is fantastic. Perfect song imo
MonsterMuffin20 is now listening to Roots And Beginnings by Howard Shore
If I ever get murdered let it be to the musical stylings of Howard Shore
One of my best friends just told me her uncle is Howard Shore. He composed some of the music on the LOTR soundtrack
Peter Graham, David Arnold, Howard Shore, Karl Jenkins, JJ Richards, and John Williams -Thanks for the tunes! Yes!
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra: The Film Music of Howard Shore dates for your diary
Oh and Ennio Morricone is easily my favourite movie composer by far. John Williams and Howard Shore also up there. Legendary.
you know the day's been too long already when you confuse Howard Moon and Howard Shore
Storytelling through music: deconstructs how Howard Shore mastered the leitmotif in
Howard Shore dropping the sweet gamelan notes into the Lonely Mountain treasure scenes! .
The music for 'The Departed' could have been played by an orchestra, but yo...
confidence in the selling agent/cy yes. On the prop market in parts of Sydney / East and North Shore maybe
I have to assume the Wings can move Howard in the offseason to shore up their D.
NEW at Howard Shore's amazing Lord of the Rings soundtracks!
I'm listening to Evenstar by Howard Shore on
Howard Shore is definitely on my top 5 composers.
I'm glad I appreciate other composers aside from Hans Zimmer though. James Horner and Howard Shore are both still fantastic
and to think we've got Disney scores from John Williams, Howard Shore, Danny Elfman and Alan Menken all coming in the next year!
Loved how the score for this scene nods to "Creature from the Black Lagoon"-& Howard Shore quotes it in "Fellowship"
lord of the rings main theme- howard shore :One of the most popular movie scores in history by Howard Shore..
"Shelob's Lair" by The Lord Of The Rings on The Return of the King via
John Williams is at the top for movie composers followed closely by Howard Shore in my opinion.
Badlands, Road to Perdition, Inception, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Lawless all great but LOTR by Howard Shore top
Unfortunately not the best looking dragon😕 But there is Karl Urban & music by Howard Shore! 😃 Xxx
First look at WETA's newest dragon... Pete's Dragon! Starring Karl Urban (Eomer) and scored by Howard Shore!
Good choices. The Man from UNCLE by Jerry Goldsmith, Howard Shore's Saruman theme from LotR
Remember when Peter Jackson shot a pretty good 9-hour music video to go on top of Howard Shore's masterpiece symphony?
Howard Shore did a phenomenal job with the soundtrack. Peter Jackson as director, not so much.
The Departed Tango - feat. Marc Ribot and Larry Saltzman by Howard Shore ♫
If I could pick a bunch of my favourite composers to create an OST for my books, they would be Howard Shore, Jeremy Soule, and Trevor Morris
Listening to Howard Shore makes me want to go back to the Phoenix Symphony and just watch whatever
I voted for Banjo-Kazooie, Howard Shore for Lord of the Rings, and John Williams for Star Wars!
there little snatches of Howard Shore's score for Dead Ringers that sound like early sketches for LOTR
building on that, what would Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart think of like, Film Scores? John Williams & Hans Zimmer & Danny Elfman & Howard Shore?
Lorne Balfe and Howard Shore composed my life's soundtrack...
I liked a video Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Howard Shore & Isabel Bayrakdarian - Evenstar
what? No Trevor Jones or Howard Shore? You've been listening to Gladiator.
Looking up the music of Howard Shore, reminded of his strikingly gorgeous theme from Dead Ringers:
Ian McKellan, Lee Pace (his Thranduil was on point) and Howard Shore were the sole redeeming factors of The Hobbit films :-(
"How to play Misty Mountains Cold - The Hobbit by Howard Shore on Piano Sheet Music" : via
wow gosh listening to Howard Shore soundtracks while editing Fires of Aggar sure makes it more epic feeling
GO VOTE! Samantha Howard and Kristen Prindeville for The Top Playmaker in the Shore Conference!
I want to apply to Berklee but I'm too scared lmao Howard Shore, Quincy Jones and John Mayer went there 😔
My cover of by Howard Shore is now available to purchase via here: iTunes etc coming...
On Air : The King of the Golden Hall - Howard Shore - on -
Tottenham Hotspur fanatic Howard Shore was an ambitious 25-year-old when he founded Shore Capital 30 years ago as an independent
2. Howard Shore - The Shire. This is what I call a twist in this mixtape... town folk dancing required.
Guys everyone vote for my cousin Samantha Howard- shes only a freshman! ⚽⚽
I listened to: The Prophecy by Howard Shore on Spotify
Howard Shore, you wicked genius. Now I didn't even think about studying.
Howard and Family have been on standby since '72. Sub's off shore full of Hempscript. :-)
Howard Shore, writing 'The Black Rider': "Don't mind me... Just taking my Danny Elfman for a walk."
Fav composers off the top of my head: Joe Hisashi, John Williams, Nobuo Uematsu, Howard Shore, Yasunori Mitsuda, Hans Zimmer, Koji Kondo
Samwise the Brave by Howard Shore from the album: Lord Of The Rings 2-The Two Towers Original Motion Picture S…
"Rock and Pool" track from "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" album by Howard Shore
LOTR: Howard Shore's score for the Lighting of the Beacons. Still. Epic. 13 years later.
I'm listening to Lord of the Rings - Breaking of the Fellowship by Howard Shore on
Ferrante first, then Howard to shore you up for the next Ferrante...
Soundtrack was Howard Shore with Ornette Coleman on sax.
Dead children are being washed up on shore & yet there is silence. This far extends a mid-east crisis. http…
Howard Shore not using the Misty Mountains theme in the Hobbit sequels was just if I saw a Star Wars movie without the main J Williams theme
Big questions:. - how big is the universe?. - does God exist?. - why the *** Howard Shore didn't use the Misty Mountains theme in the sequels?
I'm listening right now Howard Shore & Metric - White Limos
I hope no one butchers his work. I would only approve of Hans Zimmer or Howard shore taking over
Listening to hobbit and lotr soundtracks. Shoutout to Howard shore
Tonight's drawing soundtrack: The Lord of the Rings Symphony by Howard Shore, followed by a couple of tracks from Blade Runner by Vangelis.
THE FLY - Howard Shore | Shore's music at the end adds such a moving aspect to the finale
Not sure what I'm more excited for, the on-campus screening of "Amy" or an evening with Howard Shore in the Berklee Performance Center.
Right now on John Lemley's City Cafe: Many Meetings from Howard Shore's score for Lord of the Rings.
(Zaragoza / Spain) 22.01.2016 - The Best of Cinema on the program:. Howard Shore - The Lord of the ring…
Howard Shore’s wonderful musical score plays over the scene, backed with a chorus singing Elvish words: ...
Howard Shore created the master piece of a life time with his Two Towers Film Score 😭😭😭
OOH YES. Alexandre Desplat, Dustin O'Halloran, Alan Menken, and Howard Shore are my dream team.
are we talking Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer or Trevor Jones here?
Here's the answer you've been waiting for... Richard Wagner influenced Howard Shore's Fellowship of the Ring score!
When Howard Shore composed LOTR he felt like it was so amazing someone should document it. That's how I feel about my drinking lately.
Howard Shore - LOTR: The Return of the King - The Complete Recordings - 30 Secs in, and I'm ear wormed already
I can't buy Howard Shore's "Complete Recordings" for the first 2 LOTR movies, but my wife convinced me to get the 3rd while it was available
I'm listening to Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring, Film Score by Howard Shore on
This morning I leaned it's very possible to use funk dance moves to dance to "Concerning Hobbits" by Howard Shore.
from last night: Massive Failures of Copyright and Capitalism The Complete Recording ed of Howard Shore's Oscar-wi
The virtual workforce works, on-shore and offshore. What type of outsourcing would work for you?
Risk with sons while listening to Howard Shore's soundtracks! I am black.
Listening to The Quest for Erebor by Howard Shore, on the album: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) […
It's a Howard Shore kind of afternoon.
the Howard government started off shore processing labor dismantled it under Rudd
Had a dream solely centred around me being mocked for thinking the score to Blade Runner was written by Howard Shore.
While five-beat meters were very important in LOTR, example two was the only Howard Shore excerpt. Sorry!
the LOTR soundtrack has to be the most enchanting ones I've ever listened to. howard shore never ceases to amaze me.
Our last live music night on the North Shore until September: The John Howard Trio performs from 7-9!
• Far over the Misty Mountains cold • . To dungeons deep and caverns old •. Read more: Howard Shore -…
Best movie score not composed by John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Michael Giacchino, Danny Eflman, Howard Shore or Jame...
Must be a lie he closed down the Howard off shore processing, Labor only panicked & reopened by Rudd. A LIE
Yoms~ ♫ The Return of the King by Howard Shore & Sir James Galway, Viggo Mortensen and Renee Fleming —
What do Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Howard Shore, Georges Delerue, John Barry, and David Shire all have in common?
Very cool read from one of Howard Shore's music programmers. Yes, the famous Film Score composer.
The London Philharmonic orchestra. How do we join, we wanna do Howard Shore soundtracks.
I know John Williams is a big influence for you, curious to hear your thoughts on Howard Shore and his LOTR scores?
For me, the biggest telltale was Olivia Williams sobbing in that Carol Spier podtub to Howard Shore ambience. Pure DC.
Oh definitely not Eclipse, which was Howard Shore. Carter Burwell did Twilight, and he melded all in BD1+BD2.
No. Just for NM. Carter Burwell did BD and Howard Shore did Eclipse m
I'll never get tired of listening to the scores from the LOTR and The Hobbit. Howard Shore is a genius.
Like I can't hear this soundtrack without tearing up a little ♫ Fire and Water – Howard Shore
Nino Rota, Howard Shore, and Ennio Morricone are easily some of my favorite Film Score composers
woah woah... John Williams and Howard Shore were on stage? ;)
Next Grammys: Howard Shore's arrangement of 'All about that Base.'
I'm sorry but Howard Shore will always be greater than Hans Zimmer...
The magic of Elrond and the Elves of Imladris! ♫ Warg-scouts – Howard Shore
Howard or Eastern Shore. Smh this is my Dilemma. If cost wasn't an issue my decision would have been made
Howard shore I love you but what happened with the botfa soundtrack
Howard Shore's The Lord of the Rings score is legitimately one of the greatest things in cinematic history
At the end of Return of the King, when Saurons tower falls, and the Mordor theme is played in a major key. 👌 Howard Shore is a genius.
the soundtrack for Eastern Promises by Howard shore has been the playlist for just about every angsty thing i have ever written.
It's John Williams' birthday and I've been listening Howard Shore all day? *gasp*
WOW! Just made my day and love the Howard Shore score from under the track! Thank you for sharing!
listening to the LOTR soundtrack and reading The Silmarillon jah bless Tolkien (and Howard Shore) thanks for these incredible gifts
"It's hard to leave Middle Earth" - Hear more from Howard Shore on his latest Hobbit movie in our exclusive.
John Williams, Howard Shore, and Alexandre Desplat need to write my life theme song
It's easy to forget that Howard Shore has collaborated with David Cronenberg, but then again Peter Jackson isn't remembered for Deadalive
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Howard Shore
Id love to see either John Williams, Thomas Newman, Trent Reznor, Hanz Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri, Howard Shore or Ennio Morricone
Why do Vue insist on playing terrible covers of movie themes before the film? Howard Shore's 'Misty Mountains' should not make my ears bleed
Howard Shore and should be lauded from the Shire to the Misty Mountains. Thank you for sharing your work/passion.
Something without lyrics. Movie scores are great, especially John Williams or Howard Shore
Desplat, Powell, and James Newton Howard ESPECIALLY. And then Howard Shore should take over DC if er wants out.
I'm seeing James Horner at the Royal Albert Hall in april next year so that'll be a second. Really wanna see Howard Shore
Steve Jablonsky and Howard Shore should team up
Production Still: The Fly is a 1986 American science fiction horror film directed and co-written by David Cronenberg. Produced by Brooksfilms and distributed by 20th Century Fox, the film stars Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis and John Getz. It is based loosely on George Langelaan's 1957 short story of the same name, which also formed the basis for the 1958 film. The score was composed by Howard Shore and the make-up effects were created by Chris Walas, who, along with makeup artist Stephan Dupuis won the Academy Award for Best Makeup.
What worked: Julian Moore's fearless performance in quite the unflattering role and the score by Howard Shore.
Day 2 of filmlinc Maps to the Stars. Q&A with Cronenberg, Howard Shore, Bruce Wagner…
I hear a lot of John Williams, Howard Shore & Jerry Goldsmith in Tōru Takemitsu, I bet they all use the same synthesizer.
Today I am mostly listening to John Williams, with some Howard Shore and Michael Giacchino.
Full soundtrack details announced for David Cronenberg's 'Maps to the Stars' feat. music by Howard Shore.
The versatile percussionist Ian David Rosenbaum makes his BCMF debut tonight performing on a Howard Shore world...
The title track on Howard Shore's music for The Panic Room is utterly inspired. David Fincher is a great director & deserves more credit.
ok some examples of composers in my library: Aaron Copland, John Williams, Howard Shore, George Bruns, and Vivaldi are some
I like both myself. In classical, Wagner, Sibelius, Holst, Howard Shore and John Williams are among my favourites.
True. Apart from The Dead Zone, which sounds like Howard Shore's later scores for Cronenberg. As for James Horner...
I want to thank Howard Shore, John Williams and Nicholas Hooper for putting me to sleep for the last 10 years. Wouldn't be here without you!
Mother a.k.a. CAPS President Deborah Howard is a South Shore Woman (Summer 2014). Check out the teaser:
Howard Shore - Samwise the Brave on Lord of The Rings: Two Towers
If you are going to HCC go to the south shore campus. It's by far the best one
Playing Lego Lord Of The Rings for a considerable amount of time has left me with all the themes in my head. Howard Shore you babe
Just finished Desolation of Smaug... – Beyond The Forest by Howard Shore, from
I have a deep respect for Howard Shore.
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Soundtrack CD by Howard Shore $7.98
Oh - and maybe this one is a bit sad - but I have the first 3 LOTR soundtrack CDs signed by Howard Shore. Geek out, ha!
how am i supposed to pay my bill with my credit card? HOWARD SHORE
i can not pay my bill on your website with my credit card, the Site is down again and again.. HOWARD PAUL SHORE
when Frodo set sail for The Grey Havens, Howard Shore's score soared, and the tears fell.
"I'm the only wrapper in a Fruit Roll-Up/You'd think my castle made of sand the way I got it shored up" (over a flipped Howard Shore sample)
Not even Tom Howard can save brazil now
some of the defending reminds me of a young Howard Shore.
My love for Howard Shore's music will never cease.
Howard Shore: Lord of the Rings Just heard it on the radio on requests, thank you for making my day.
"This is not the end, it is the beginning. You cannot falter now. If you trust nothing else, trust this, trust love". evenstar - howard shore
On air now:. Enya - Howard Shore - May It Be. Listen to Concept Radio!.
I just learned that Howard Shore did an opera version of The Fly in 2008.
Angelo Badalamenti was another good one when it came to making great scores for David Lynch films.Howard Shore v. Badalamenti in a score off
Videodrome was as weird as I remember it being. Now on to The Fly. Howard Shore used to make such beautiful but eerie scores for Cronenberg
Howard Shore - The Riders of Rohan on Lord of The Rings: Two Towers
John Williams has to be my favorite composer. As well as Howard Shore.
Something about this tune mehn... Brb "HrHCoolshegs You should try Howard Shore's Evenstar..Song for Aragorn and Arwen"
Great atmosphere music never gets old to hear this... ♫ "Many Meetings" by Howard Shore (@ Irving, TX, USA)
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Tomorrow summer music: Benny Goodman in Jazz Band, MKTO in Marching Band, Howard Shore in Movie Band, Lady Antebellum in Country/Bluegrass.
John Williams. . Howard shore. The best composers out there.
A10. David Fincher directing a Shane Black script filmed by Darius Khondji scored by Howard Shore with Wynona Rider
"We should die tonight. We should all die together" - I see fire/ Howard Shore
Howard Shore's are getting me through deadline war this week 🎶
the scores for all these films are incredible. Gotta love Howard Shore!
Howard Shore and Klaus Bladelt and Harry Gregson-Williams are my life
I wish Howard Shore and Hans Zimmer could score my life.
Reason 3: Neat cast, no regulars. Still Danny Elfman doing the music. :/ This is a spirtual Ed Wood sequel wish was Howard Shore again... :(
I have a very love/hate relationship with Howard Shore at the moment.
Get me a mix-tape of Ed Sheeran + Howard Shore and I will love you forever.
Bless John Williams an Howard Shore for their ability to compose glorious music 🙏
...and the sudden Howard Shore scoring make me feel like Hobbit in the kitchen, sniveling away for food.
Waiting for a new experience , gonna watch The Lord Of The Rings - Two Towers in Live Soundtrack Performance by Howard Shore on Gaint Screen
I wish middle earth existed and Howard Shore was playing
Going to see the Howard Shore Lord of the Rings Symphony in Singapore. Check that box good!
Howard Shore is a genius. I mean, just look at the music he composed for 'The Lord of the Rings'. Beautiful stuff. - Immortal
. Was swept to a sound sleep by waves of Howard Shore soundtracks. Didn't notice the rain.
LOTR Howard Shore' Soundtrack performed live | Thank you for the invite! 😉 it's amazing!
Going to have a because only Howard Shore can take away this pain.
If I pass my exams I would personally like to thank Howard Shore
probably Howard or eastern shore lol...
miss your arms around me. send a postcard to you, dear. Cause I wish you were here😢 ♫ First Kiss by Howard Shore —
Me and LIVE back in 2004 when I worked for 102.7 FM WJSE Howard stern affiliate rock station jersey shore trump M
Dear Friends -. Please do catch the Asian Premiere of Howard Shore's Sountrack of "The Lord of the Rings: The Two...
look, I think Peter Jackson and Howard Shore have made enough money from this series that they'll be okay.
When studying,Movie scores > Classical music. All you have to do is listen to "The Bridge of Khazad" by Howard Shore to see my point
More Lord of the Rings or something from The Hobbit (or just more Howard Shore)
It doesn't compare to classical but some great names outthere: John Williams, Howard Shore, James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith..
I'm listening to the Lord of the Rings Film Score. Never fails to take me far from reality. Howard Shore, genius.
// Howard Shore did the music. So that's a plus
Videodrome for my Howard Shore and David Cronenberg challenges. .
Congrats to m'friend - on the same list as Howard Shore and John Williams for a Saturn award!
Open introduce as favourites "John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Howard Shore" and have yourself an eargasm.
Neve Campbell, Howard Shore, Michael Landsberg, and Drake all went to the same high school in Forest Hill.
Howard Shore needs a lifetime achievement award... this score is exquisite
We're celebrating Canadians such as Howard Shore, Mychael Danna, Jonathan Goldsmith, Christophe Beck, Andrew Lockington & more!
Music of Howard Shore - Middle-earth and Beyond - Q&A Howard Shore and Doug Adams Howard Shore, Composer Doug Adams, Author, The Music of the Lord of the Rin...
Admittedly, a lot of it is Howard Shore and Murray Gold. And maybe three albums worth of David Arnold and Michael Price NO I AM FINE maybe
Its a John Williams, Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, Bear McCreary and Danny Elfman kind of day.
Broxton Recommends Evans THE POKER CLUB "like Howard Shore, or Christopher Young" "keeps the listener firmly...
People have been posting the top 12 albums to stick with them. This is an imperfect list of 14 and not given much serious thought. Nonetheless here it is: Abbey Road - The Beatles (1969) The River - Bruce Springsteen (1980) Northwest Passage - Stan Rogers (1981) Joshua Tree - U2 (1987) Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morissette (1995) Clumsy - Our Lady Peace (1997) Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers (1999) Learning to Breath - Switchfoot (2000) Fellowship of the Ring - Howard Shore (2001) (and the others) Once - Nightwish (2004) In Between Dreams - Jack Johnson (2005) Fight With Tools - Flobots (2007) Please Come Home - Dustin Kensrue (2007) Hunter's Lullaby - Raine Maida (2007) Ummm 14... oops. Years of release may not be perfectly accurate... Sorry for all the re-edits while I fixed my post.
We can officially be best friends if you know who Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, and Dario Marianelli are
and something from Danny Elfman's Meet The Robinson Soundtrack. AND something from Howard Shore's LoTR soundtracks!
I found myself loving music with no words in it. Howard Shore, Alexandre, John W, Daft Punk, Hans Z and many many others are my best friends
I'm listening to The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey, Film Score by Howard Shore on Pandora
Howard Shore's "The Fly": German Première at Trier The two-act opera The Fly by the film composer Howard Shore receives its first German performance on January 18, 2014 in Trier. In 1986, producer David Cronenberg and Shore created the Oscar-winning horror film The Fly. 22 years later, the two met again over the same story, but this time in another genre: together with the librettist David Henry Hwang they created an opera. Rather than returning to his original soundtrack, Shore composed a completely new score for the opera. Cronenberg also took advantage of the possibilities of an opera production in order to highlight the singers on the stage. The world premiere in Paris and further performances in Los Angeles were conducted by Plácido Dominco, who commissioned the work. For the Trier production, the young director Sebastian Welker has staged this work under the baton of Joongbae Jee, with costume design by Angela C. Schuett and stage design by Gerd Hofmann and Arlette Schwanenberg. In the work, the s ...
The musical score for The Desolation of Smaug was composed by Howard Shore in association with local New Zealand writing teams. It was performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album was released on December 10, 2013. It received positive reviews, especially for its new themes.
PAIRS: The only moment in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS when Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter touch. Eventually the strains of Bach's "Goldberg Variations" are heard, then an ambulance siren, then a gun shot, then some dramatic Howard Shore music, and, well, you get the Best Picture of 1991.
Howard Shore and Alan Menken are musical geniuses.
Howard Shore ft Elizabeth Fraser on vocals, Taken from the "Two Towers" From "The Lord of The Rings" Originally a 40 second singing piece by Elizabeth, with ...
oh yeah, 10, why was Ed Sheeran doing the song at the end? It needs to be Billy Boyd, Enya, or Howard Shore. That's it.
Brand New Track from Howard Shore's Soundtrack of The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug.. Titled as I See Fire by Artist Ed Sheeran COPYRIGHT MGM, NEWLINE and...
Howard Shore and Hans Zimmer have been doing great drops for years. Different variation, same concept.
This was also difficult. And I can't really explain much for these ones so I'm just going to put their names on here and a movie(s) they composed. 10: John Debney- Passion of the Christ 9: Patrick Doyle- Thor, Rise of the Planet of the Apes 8: Danny Elfman- Tim Burton's Batman 7: James Newton Howard- Unbreakable 6: Alan Silvestri- Avengers 5: James Horner- Titanic 4: Howard Shore- The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy 3: Klaus Badelt- Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 2: John Williams- Indiana Jones, Star Wars 1: Hans Zimmer- Dark Knight Rises, Inception Please leave any opinions in the comment box below. Thank you.
Tune in this Wednesday to the Morning cafe for Great Instrumental Movie Soundtracks!!! Playing Danny Elfman, John Williams, Michael Giacchino, James Horner , Jerry Goldsmith, Wendy Carlos, Daft Punk, Henry Jackman, Howard Shore, and Much More! Tune in!! 6am - 9am
Features new music from Academy Award-winner Howard Shore & a new original song from Ed Sheeran. Pre-order at Amazon.
Howard Shore, James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer, Randy Edelman, John Williams, Alexandre Desplat they are my idols.
Can't help but think that it's been over a year since I have retired from my musical career in piano are my top 10 musical composers: Terry Gilkyson- Bare Necessities and Ev'rybody wants to be a cat Danny Elfman- Simpsons Silvestri - Roger Rabbit and Forrest Gump Nicholas Hooper- Harry Potter films 5 and 6 Howard Shore- Lord of the Rings trilogy Walter Murphy- Family guy theme and musical numbers Sherman Brothers- I wanna be like you, A most befuddling thing, Higitus Figitus, That's what friends are for Alexander Desplat- Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2 John Williams- Harry Potter films 1, 2 and 3, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Hook And the winner is THE SPECTACULAR Alan Menken!!!- Be our guest, Zero To Hero, One Jump Ahead, Hunchback, Little Patch of Heaven, and my all time favourite. FRIEND LIKE ME !!! :D
See, what Howard Shore did for me for the score to the film The Game (Michael Douglas, 1997) = reborn. Genius. And one of my fav films.
John Williams, Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore walk into a bar
Review by Ted Mills You couldn't do much better for a soundtrack to David Cronenberg's adaptation of William S. Burroughs' beat classic than have Ornette Coleman team up with Howard Shore, a film composer who keeps within the strictures of classic Film Score ideals and colorations, but explores them with the intelligence of Bernard Herrmann. Coleman's free jazz complements the schizophrenia of the film and pays homage to the generation that preceded (and gave birth to) him, while Shore maintains the melancholic dread that powers most Cronenberg films. Like the film -- where the Algiers of the story might only be Bill Lee's imagination -- Shore uses Arabian elements sparingly, and in the context of the cool New York sound. Wondrous strange.
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