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Howard Hughes

Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. (December 24, 1905 – April 5, 1976) was an American business magnate, investor, aviator, engineer, film producer, director, and philanthropist.

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Stocks: Schaller Investment Group Inc. decides to keep it stake in The Howard Hughes Corp. (HHC ...
Howard Hughes' estate is on the market. To see midcentury homes like this one, check out “Modern on the Market”:…
I very sorry for you don as you are a very sick man in need help, you like Howard Hughes. Have lost your mind,as did Hitler
I'm my Father Howard Hughes Jr's only son He structured myTax schedule. He built me
Como my Father Howard Hughes jr structured my Tax schedule. A Church!!
.- they're trying to make Peters out to be a Howard Hugh…
Shall we just start calling him Howard Hughes now and skip the build up?
Maybe with a reclusive Howard Hughes kind of ending, with Blair sitting in solitude collecting his urine & finger n…
Hi, do you see my all of my ownership portraits up with the name Howard Hughes Jr. underneath it, in all of my casinos?
as long as he doesn't start saving it in jars like Howard Hughes...
I hear about Trump's aides a little too much. He's becoming the modern day Howard Hughes. Please watch the length of his fingernails.
he's a future Howard Hughes type guy, storing his *** in jars and having 7inch fingernails
Alas there is the rub. We've never had like a Howard Hughes or an artist so guaranteed to sell they can make what t…
Howard Hughes designs his first car
Clips I've seen of Debbie's vid look fun- & funny. Shelley Winters in the back row asking who there slept w/Howard Hughes. 🤣
Graydon Carter on Trump from the Spy Magazine days: He'll be "the greatest Bond villain of all time or Howard Hughes" https…
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Tony Stark is based off of Howard Hughes
Howard Hughes was obsessed with me. But at first it seemed as if he w...
just casually telling everyone about the time Ava Gardner threw a bronze bell at Howard Hughes's head & would have killed him, nbd
We've known since before the days of Howard Hughes & William Randolph Hearst, if you're rich enough, you can rewrite perception of reality.
I was born in 1942, so I was mainly aware of Howard Hughes' name ...
hang in there. Thank you for all u do. Mitt n Glenn remind me of Howard Hughes @ the end. Mormons cared for him. 🎄
The Howard Hughes Corp is handing over ownership of Merriweather to the Downtown Columbia Arts & Culture commission.
Elsevier’s annual profit of $1.13 billion is ~1.3-times entire annual budget of Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Yes, Puplic Enemy, it is China Seas with Clark. I have one more. *** Angels, Howard Hughes is the dir…
PLAYA VISTA . . . I blame the ghost of Howard Hughes.
Rules don't apply was a star studded ode to old Hollywood and Howard Hughes. Interesting take on a very eccentric man.
(The Star):the many faces of Hughes on film : Much of what we know..
omg wait until you hear about Howard Hughes
The Rules Don't Apply */5 Warren Beatty stars & produced directed this life inspired look at Howard Hughes
My father told me, never have partners.
A 350-unit multifamily development and two office towers will break ground in Columbia in early 2017…
Saw the Howard Hughes film . very well acted. Loved the cars/clothes but Hollywood still needs me. Ford Falcon in 1958 oops
We don't have a monopoly. Anyone who wants to dig a well without a H...
have you seen the airplane built by Howard Hughes?
I am high up on the "Howard Hughes Germophobe Scale.". Long story, but I had spinal meningitis as a baby.
Trivia point: pick as treasury secretary has a cameo in the new Warren Beatty movie on Howard Hughes…
it's $5 discount day so i am seein a movie by myself . . . and i mean by *myself*. eerily fitting for a film about Old Howard Hugh…
"Don't expect a data lake to be built overnight. Data is a key asset and worth a dollar figure" Daryan from Howard Hughes
hoard pee bottles like Howard Hughes
presents its Tsoo King Memorial Seminar TODAY with Eric Schreiter from Howard Hughes Medical Institute
'A good start underway,' Howard Hughes officials say of Columbia's downtown redevelopment
I'm not a paranoid deranged millionaire.
(’16) ★ as agreeable, consistent, and well ordered as the aging Howard Hughes’ mind.…
Ahhh the beauty that said NO! To Howard Hughes. I fell in love with her in Solomon & Sheba. She is still a beautiful woman.
Reportedly Howard Hughes used this movie to fire staff at RKO, sacking those who would not work on it…
Howard was gifted in weaving history with mysticism
In desperate need of a haircut, starting to look like Howard Hughes and not the fashionable Hollywood era Howard Hughes
I liked a video Warren Beatty channels Howard Hughes
The Hercules' was a monumental undertaking. It is the largest aircra...
First time on the market in decades!
Howard Hughes himself was a regular at the restaurant, and in a w...
Old School Street Scenes / Howard Hughes test flying a model of the Spruce Goose
Howard Hughes, Eva Gabor, writer Paul Keyes all owned this Palm Springs midcentury home
Howard Hughes keeps popping up in pop culture, 40 years after his death.
Warren Beatty returns as Howard Hughes in but as good as he is, his costars are even better. Review https:…
\'Rules Don\'t Apply\': Quirky mogul Howard Hughes still fascinates film world
Warren Beatty applies all the wrong rules in this odd Howard Hughes story
Warren Beatty is Howard Hughes in Rules Don't Apply. Told as a '50's teen, he never dared seduce a girl…
❤ ❤ 'Rules Don't Apply': Quirky mogul Howard Hughes still fascinates film world
Is Trump's germaphobia confirmed? And is it genuine or a Howard Hughes affectation picked up from American Tabloid?
THIS is who think is speaking for the everyday joe? He sounds more like a Howard Hughes reincarnate.
This whole thing seems like Howard Hughes "Spruce Goose". A lot of engine revving but not getting off the ground!
Pretty impressive but I'd hate for 500-800 passengers to be lost if things go wrong. Howard Hughes' Spr…
Harbaugh looks like he’s about to grill Howard Hughes for not making a Spruce Goose.
to quote your quote: “That we have made a hero of Howard Hughes tells us something interesting about ourselves.” – Joan Didion
Mr. Peanut is the Howard Hughes of corp mascots. He pees peanut oil in jars while watching old ads for days on end. Don't @ me
Howard Hughes refinancing $238M in debt on Ward Village projects: The Howard Hughes Corp. (NYSE: HHC) has ref...
Legendary filmmaker Warren Beatty, who stars as Howard Hughes in RULES DON’T APPLY, will received SB
After a year or so I really thought I was Howard Hughes. Here I was at eighteen years old, get
He argues that Musk is a contemporary amalgam of inventors and industrialists like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, and Steve Jobs
3 of 5 stars to Howard Hughes by Donald L. Barlett
.Lots of kooks have been successful in business, e.g., Howard Hughes, John Macafee, etc. What's your point?
Are Gallows and Anderson sponsored by Rose's Lime Cordial or are they supposed to be Howard Hughes style jars of *** .
My dad spent the summer of 1941 working for Howard Hughes
the fight clip is in the Howard Hughes burli folder ;-)
Is that Howard Hughes from Capital Radio Breakfast from more years ago than I care to remember?
It's kicking off and TalkRADIO with Howard Hughes.
Luise with Martin Scorsese and Cate Blanchett at The Aviator UK premiere, 2004. Luise knew Howard Hughes in the '30s
I think I just heard Howard Hughes's the Spruce Goose discussed on and this wasn't even instigated by
The name Howard Hughes has nothing to do with the term casino markers.
Howard Hughes is doing some 'lid lifting' on Marilyn Monroe. Right now on On DAB and online at
The Unexplained with Howard Hughes. He's picked the changing LEDs tonight. All the colours! Ready for mysteries
The classy America of Howard Hughes and Katharine Hepburn is no more.
Listening to the unexplained with Howard Hughes live on check it
Lunch date with the lil cuh cuh — eating sushi at Kabuki Restaurant Howard Hughes Center
I just want enough money to be Howard Hughes crazy.
what we don't know is whether or not his estate will become like Howard Hughes' was with a line of pretend-to-be heirs
The late great Howard Hughes, who said my word is my bond. Michele Obama said pretty much the same thing at the DNC
I found out the other day Howard Hughes left me a bag of used AA batteries in his will. can't say i'm surprised
was better as the brilliant, mentally ill Howard Hughes than he was in
Update your maps at Navteq
Howard Hughes and his Flying Boat by Charles Barton, 1982, 1st edition paperback
His performance as Howard Hughes in THE AVIATOR disproves that belief for me now. DiCaprio is better than I previously gave him credit for.
Leonardo DiCaprio should have won an Oscar for portraying Howard Hughes in "The Aviator".
Accident, two lanes blocked in on I-405 SB before Howard Hughes Pky
“These are from the Howard Hughes for Men line of apparel.”
If elected she'll be a Woodrow Wilson who goes Howard Hughes. Bill will drive the bus.
Pin up artist Zo Mozert paints Jane Russell star of the Howard Hughes film The Outlaw 1943
This phot reminds me of the time I was very honest in a sex website profile and ended up meeting Howard Hughes' godson
The first roller cone drill bit patent was issued in 1909 to Howard Hughes Sr.
The Howard Hughes I knew began to change after his plane crash in 1941.
She's still in "Howard Hughes" mode. Hiding and/or receiving secret medical treatments. Avoidance will be her strategy now.
The absolute shame of it..a Howard Hughes-style retreat beckons
Live now until 1. Many, many tunes and continuing thediscussion about Hedy Lamarr and Howard Hughes :-)
What do art forgeries, Howard Hughes, and The War of the Worlds have in common? Find out in this documentary from...
Watch now and get the story behind our unique restoration work on a Howard Hughes classic.
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Howard Hughes got pretty weird - but had the decency to keep it behind closed doors
Howard Hughes is, rather problematically, my spirit animal.
Epic Fail on all levels. No basses? (ditch the 6-strings). Also, bad form to attempt a Howard Hughes comparison.
how would you personally describe Howard Hughes? was he such an enigma?
Howard Hughes is so super interesting to me. We need more guys like him.
wow is looking pretty red and puffy 202...maybe he should quit the Howard Hughes routine
Reddit Adventures: We went and filmed the Air Museum in Oregon where they keep Howard Hughes "Spruce Goose"
Never leaving this room. Gonna go Howard Hughes in this @ Weaver Lake Park
I recall reading in 2002 David Thomson's biographical dictionary of film predicting a time when Warren Beatty would play Howard Hughes.
is Wernher von Braun, Howard Hughes, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and every other badass, all rolled into one.
$TSLA is he Steve Jobs or the next Howard Hughes.or the wonderful wizard of OZ SCAMMER
- Next up, for the take-down, is Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell, with Howard Hughes smilling down from heaven against MNAT
Sheck's got his driving goggles on. Like some mad cross between Charles Lindbergh and Chuck Yeager. I'm a Howard Hughes man, myself.
It's this kind of stuff that ends up making you Howard Hughes living in a sterile room kinda crazy.
Elon Musk the Howard Hughes of tech? . There's only one AI company that worries me
Blue skies and big cranes for the final phase of precast erection on Howard Hughes Merriweather parking structure.
Howard Hughes Sr. changed the oil industry - and Houston - forever
He is Tony Stark and Reed Richards in real life. Current day howard hughes
Watched the Howard Hughes movie and still don't know the moment when and why he decided I'm never leaving the house again
Nixon was in the pocket of Howard Hughes and/or the Mafia.
Howard Hughes to continue pairing up architects from Hawaii with those from elsewhere in future Hawaii projects.
News Howard Hughes to continue to pair world-renowned and Hawaii architects in future projects
My lover Howard Hughes built my plain. 1920s goose is a grand ole girl! My lovers lair fun until hurt: he he thought a…
I don't know who was more obsessive about catching infections Porky or Howard Hughes!
Just found out my Great Aunt was Howard Hughes’ personal nurse at one point. Wish I could have another game of cards with her noOooOo
PW activity at Howard Hughes Pkwy offramp 405S this morning. 2 CMX trucks Nbnd there. C rdwy rpts & video today
1946: Howard Hughes got badly injured by a plane crash. Instead of quit, he made and flew the largest plane of his time. He was a Capricorn.
listening to a podcast about Howard Hughes in the 40s and it's soundtracked by Kanye. basically all of my favorite things in one package.
Hank Moore wrote about Burt Bacharach, *** Clark, Howard Hughes, Lee Iacocca, Steve Jobs and more.
surely you two will get press passes with Howard Hughes, what a great item for the show.Bring the Yeti guy
It looks the Warren Beatty-as-Howard Hughes film not only has a terrible title but it also has Alec Baldwin as well.
So, apparently, the long untitled Warren Beatty-plays-Howard Hughes movie has a title. And that title is ... Rules Don't Apply.
Warren Beatty stars as Howard Hughes in his first film in 18 years:
First look at Warren Beatty as Howard Hughes in Rules Don’t Apply
Shame that Warren Beatty won't be reviving this look for his Howard Hughes film.
Howard Hughes lived in Las Vegas in his latter years, and my dad worked for Hughes Aircraft, so there u go. :-)
Howard Hughes was the first to order aircraft with $GE engines in them.
Did you know Tony Stark was modeled after real life billionaire industrialist Howard Hughes . Still hoping to see Civil War
Waiting In Wings: I heard a week or two ago that Warren Beatty’s Howard Hughes film, which has been untitled ...
they lost Howard Hughes, Steve Warner, RCH & now Amy is embarrassing Heather on what will be a nightly basis
Amy, Howard Hughes, Steve Warner, Bryan Alvarez... That's just off the top of my head.
According to Stan Lee, Tony Stark/was based on magnate Howard Hughes. (via
Jane Russell in “The Outlaw”—a Howard Hughes film. Considered quite scandalous at the time (1942).
ICYMI: Howard Hughes' seen and unseen roles in enforcing the Blacklist:
New ep: Howard Hughes' role in the blacklist, and the truly subversive independent film he helped to squash
The real reason was in London last week: to reprise his role as Howard Hughes on
Beatty’s Hughes Pic Peeking Out in Pasadena: Warren Beatty‘s still-untitled Howard Hughes film, which will be ...
Warren Beatty's passion project about Howard Hughes will be released by Fox this fall:
Apparently Warren Beatty's Howard Hughes film will be made.
Finally! Fox will release Warren Beatty's Howard Hughes film this fall:
Must-read. He worked on the Howard Hughes estate, may have taken acid with Tim Leary and may have dated Maya Angelou
Pam, she literally can't tell the truth; it is pathological, it's like freaking Howard Hughes or Murdoch or Ailes
Terry Moore wrote a book about her relationship with Howard Hughes.
So between Tony Stark and his father, which one is actually Howard Hughes?
I just obtained this book by Terry Moore on her relationship with Howard Hughes. Will see what it says.
I'm back in the 90's with Howard Hughes, used to hear him on Capital Breakfast with Chris Tarrent
2/2 Howard Hughes, which was the subject of my Baby Buffett cover continues to do very well. New shareholder letter
Hamilton, but call him Hammer. HH folks do well. Howard Hughes, Hefner, Holly Hunter
if they rob him again I may have 2 boycott. Howard Hughes. Gatsby. Titanic. Romeo. J Edgar. And other timeless roles. Come on!
Great time in LA last night w/my astronaut friends Gene Cernan and Jim Lovell... Jim won the big Howard Hughes award h…
Yeah, he bought Howard Hughes house in the scotch 80's.
Ear defenders Ray. She howls! Not with pain, just anxiety. I'd leave it but she looks like Howard Hughes.
What do you think of Ava Gardner's friendship with Howard Hughes?
Musk is the Einstein, Howard Hughes, Steve Jobs, & Isambard Kingdom Brunel of his generation... . Peerless.
Ava Gardner's memoirs of a man-eater: How she nearly killed Howard Hughes and sent Sinatra half-mad
Is Jonathan Blow the Howard Hughes of video games?
King dream a nightmare for bigoted Howard Hughes via
Howard Hughes is gone rogue next thing go slam Hollywood actors for making 30 million a picture
Howard Hughes and the Spruce Goose: The Story of the H-K1 Hercules Howard Hughes' Life Ambition Was to Make a
Howard Hughes wouldn't be happy with MLK Day
King dream a nightmare for bigoted Howard Hughes
King's dream was a nightmare for bigoted Howard Hughes
I think that inspired Howard Hughes to build the Spruce Goose
Howard Hughes once transformed his Vegas hotel suite into an epic private screening room:
at the old Howard Hughes field in playa del Rey! So you're watching a movie while sitting on aviation history lol
"Howard Hughes: His Life and Madness" by Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele, is a good example.
Happy birthday to Howard Hughes, born this day in 1905! Ava Gardner and Howard had a friendship that lasted over...
Howard Hughes young. He spent entire winters holed up in Boston's Ritz Carlton, taking an entire floor. My...
Another good move: Leo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes in The Aviator.
a la Howard Hughes and his medical institute.
This film's star first visited when he was hired by Howard Hughes to deliver a team of horses there - http:/…
and between Day Lewis playing Abe Lincoln and DiCaprio playing Howard Hughes its fairly obvious who the better actor is
Still waiting for Howard Hughes to give me a cool jetpack so I can kick punch Errol Flynn
Matt Graham starts the series with a Loin cloth and goes to Bolivia looking like Howard Hughes. I just love these Gs
A number of famous people Wyatt Earp Jack Dempsey and Howard Hughes
…I realized that Daniel Carver is based on be Steve Jobs. It’s a lot like Willard White / Howard Hughes in —
The Dave and busters at Howard Hughes is the most chipped place I've ever seen in my life
He could have more money than Howard Hughes and it wouldn't matter now.
he’s *this* close to pulling a Howard Hughes and locking himself up in a room and drinking his own pee
A stunning view that will leave you breathless.
I just ate a pea after reading Howard Hughes used to measure his peas to make sure they were the right size. Now I'm wondering.
Howard Hughes once wore Monopoly boxes as shoes, because the game was afoot.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute is a Sr. Financial & Budget Analyst in Ashburn, VA
Harwood was trying to set U up as a Howard Hughes germ freak ( "just my view" ,english expression)
Her married name has a very rich tradition in Las Vegas! Research Howard Hughes and you will find out about him!
I have to assume we'll hear something about that Warren Beatty-Howard Hughes film eventually.
Finished biography; makes a convincing case he's the most important innovator and driver of the human spirit…
I'm at Howard Hughes Cinemark in LA, and they're not showing Rifftrax pre-show despite my complaints. Please help!
If only I had the Howard Hughes kind of money it takes to be the kind of recluse i know i can be.
Ok, if that's the case, if you think Dwight Howard is worse than Gobert or Horford, you're delusional.
I think Howard Hughes would have loved this in the movie The Aviator.
I worked nights for 8 months in An Post Finiskillen. Grand at the time but turned into Howard Hughes. No energy, sleep deprived.
Mr. Trump may become the modern-day Howard Hughes! He has his own hotels to seclude himself to.
The Outlaw, Howard Hughes, and the pursuit of money!
like Howard Hughes and Congress. Will the right ever learn. smh
Beautiful day in LA.Come try my Baked Fried Jerk Chicken- Howard Hughes Farmer's Market. Come early I run out by 1pm
I'm in a cinema, and there is no one else at this screening. A wee bit creepy! I'll just pretend I'm Howard Hughes or something
Oh good, that new "Yelp for people" app is going to do wonders for my introversion. See ya never, guys! Going full Howard Hughes now!
Vicko in the photo & the Rosie's girls & Trev out of shot as he does not like being photoed him and Howard Hughes
Howard Hughes kept a ruler in his hotel room to measure any peas he ordered, sending back any that were 'too big'.
sounds a little like Howard Hughes. I agree with when he says it was a massive engineering feet.
Howard Hughes was a recluse. Certainly you wouldn’t be able to present a weekly primetime TV show.
I also think he’s far more Howard Hughes than Steve Jobs
There's discerning and there's paranoid. Warren Buffett is the first. Howard Hughes was the latter. Know the difference.…
It's amazing how history repeats itself. Warren Buffett is on his way to becoming as crazy as Howard Hughes was.
Hey Warren Buffett: When Howard Hughes lost it he did us the favor of locking himself in a hotel room
if I took LSD id be Steve Jobs, Howard Hughes, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, and Warren Buffett combined.
Howard Hughes helped man go to the moon, and didn't leave his room. That's amazing to me. 😳
Stark's based on Howard Hughes, right? Hughes bought RKO. MJ's an actress.
just don't go Howard Hughes's!!! Maybe when 5 years have passed you will stop to being famous with someone replacing you. It's possib
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Hugh Hefner, Howard Hughes & Hubert Humphrey were very mixed up in my head till the Girls Next Door show finally clarifie…
Ava Gardner: You listened to my phone calls?. Howard Hughes: No! No! No! Honey I would never do that! I'd never...
If you're having a bad life, know that Leo DiCaprio so excellently channeled Howard Hughes & still doesn't have an Oscar.
it's time 2 go on surreal Vegas gambling journey and reincarnate as Howard Hughes
I wish someone would remake The Rocketeer. Keep the same time period just with better special effects, and maybe Leo as Howard Hughes.
It's said that Howard Hughes had a locket of Harlow's pubic hair, as Harlow & Hughes were lovers.
Real HIPHOP is the new rock check it out.
I can't remember the details but I think Howard Hughes also invented Guided Missile Systems for Aircraft.
Everyone probably know Howard Hughes the nutty recluse but knows nowt of his genius running Hughes Corporation & as Test Pilot.
Howard Hughes amazing bloke - his Dad bought him a Stutz Bearcat Car in 1920 ish when 12 years old and HH stripped & rebuilt in a week !
...totally true - I believe it's still parked up where it was landed after Howard Hughes only flight...
after Festival 8 I'm essentially Howard Hughes during his Vegas years
Howard Hughes is such a fascinating man. Absolute one of a kind.
Howard Hughes not the only one to have sat in the pilot’s seat of the Spruce Goose,
Tim Howard got lobbed. In the 6 yard box. Standing up. 😔
domain names
On November 2nd, 1947, aviation pioneer Howard Hughes' 200-ton plywood flying boat made its 1st and only flight.
The story behind the biggest plane in history, which only flew one time.
Shout out to ADR's Eric Elizaga and to this cutie, Gabriel Morimoto for booking Ward Village/Howard Hughes! Congratulations!
LAPD all over Howard Hughes Center situation under control
custody held by Dave and buster security at Howard Hughes Center
Man with a gun still on scene. Parking structure Howard Hughes Center
Man with a gun at Howard Hughes movie theater Center and Sepulveda
Enjoyed a great convo w/ former director David Lee on film & TV today, working for Howard Hughes, 'n more!.
Howard Hughes: Will you marry me?. Ava Gardner: You're too crazy for me. - The Aviator, 2004
Otherwise know as the Spruce Goose. . Not so much an aircraft as a folie de grandeur on the part of Howard Hughes.
Larry and Sergey are now entering their "Howard Hughes, the later years" phase of existence.
Nice story in Engadget about the plane. At first glance, it nearly looked like Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose!
Doing his best Howard Hughes impersonation and watching Ice Station Zebra alone. Only without the tissue boxes.
I have become like Howard Hughes watching Ice Station Zebra 100 times. I have listened to Veronica Nails It 20 times.
Doubt VSE Com. of Inquiry was Glen Clark's idea of sick Howard Hughes joke, why'd he name mormon from Davis & Co?.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
1947~ Howard Hughes in his H-4 Hercules 'Spruce Goose'. It's said he wasn't too keen on the nickname.
Am I Thomas Edison, William Randolph Hearst or Howard Hughes? No, so if I'm going to ask you to spend money n time...
don't mean to inconvenience. But do u know if the Howard Hughes film by Warren Beatty Is still a 2015 release?
Prediction - Jack White will get kinda Howard Hughes-ish by the time he's 47
Me, everyday: is Howard Hughes burning in ***
Our offices can be this cute. We're not kitten around here! Howard Hughes Center.
Can't wait for the scene where Howard Stark meets The Rocketeer's version of Howard Hughes.
Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose will remain in Oregon museum
We are opening another brand new location! Howard Hughes Farmers Market will open August 20th, 2015! Stay tuned at
MT The newspaper featured Thank you Parimal!! Mr. Howard Hughes would approve!
Accomplish more...with a private office at the Howard Hughes Center. Starting @ $509/month.
No matter what though Hughes can't be a major player in the MCU since Howard jacked all his stuff. Even his Congressional hearings
New opening at Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) in -
Elon Musk is a lot like Howard Hughes
Today in 1938, City Council renames Municipal Airport for Howard Hughes after his record-breaking flight around the world.
.I wonder how Princess Diana would have responded to his demands for an STD/HIV test? Another Howard Hughes in the making!
famous for being famous..a 4th-rate Howard Hughes, a pathetic figure who postured & preened for the media
to love my wife..In each romance of my Father Howard Hughes jr he
There's Howard Hughes in blue suede shoes, smiling at the. majorettes smoking Winston Cigarettes.
George Knapp Had a constituent who would from time to time would go cut Howard Hughes hair at the DI, great story...
there was a sealed room containing a pool and a dead body for fifty years. This was a favorite rest place for Howard Hughes.
"My father told me, never have partners.". Howard Hughes
"Every man has his price, or a guy like me couldn't exist.". Howard Hughes
Melvin Dummar,briefly an heir to Howard Hughes fortune, is back in Nevada, still says "Mormon Will" will was legit. Interview…
Hey man, what kind of sunglasses are those?. Howard Hughes: they're aviators avi- a- aviat- aviators aviators avi- aviators
*LAPD. Pursuit. 4 units in plus a supervisor. 405 at Howard Hughes.
They say me and my Dad Howard Hughes got a thing for pee pee .Angie another
needed in at Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Apply now!
Ok folks, finally talking about Ant-Man tonite; looks like maybe 7:50 at the Cinemark 18 & XD (Howard Hughes...
why does my pee look like Howard Hughes' in the aviator I've been drinking water all day
Jane Russell in the Howard Hughes film The Outlaw(1943) wonderful poster with a striking image of Jane Russell.
After reading both these books, I honestly feel is to our generation as Howard Hughes was to the 1930's..
And now for some This L.A. pad is sexy AF
Howard Hughes would be ashamed of his company & employees.. If race is still a factor in 2015, than White Amerika lost centuries ago.
Love all the Howard Hughes stuff here in 👍 I wish it…
Jane Russell in “The Outlaw”, directed by Howard Hughes in 1943 | Millican Pictorial History Museum
This is the H-4 Hercules dubbed the Spruce Goose, get it right! Howard Hughes never graduated High School or College, remarkable.
Jamming Daniel D'artiste's The Commons V1 as I reincarnate as Howard Hughes -
Word on the street is that Harper Lee's lawyer may also have the official autobiography of Howard Hughes.
Is Tonja Carter, attorney for Harper Lee, starting to reek of Howard Hughes' "autobiographer", Clifford Irving?
.So nice to see Howard Hughes out of the Desert Inn.
During the 1950s and 1960s, David Klein designed and illustrated dozens of posters for Howard Hughes
This was the second time an actor was nominated for playing Howard Hughes. The first was Jason Robards in MELVIN AND HOWARD.
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