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Howard Hughes

Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. (December 24, 1905 – April 5, 1976) was an American business magnate, investor, aviator, engineer, film producer, director, and philanthropist.

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This DEFINITELY isn't the movie about Howard Hawks (Hughes?) Whichever.
I think there's been a few movies about Howard Hughes.
This is the first step in my becoming the Howard Hughes of animation
An ashtray makes a great frisbee... Ask Howard Hughes.
The American dream is having enough money to achieve Howard Hughes' level of insanity.
luckily, with MyMagic+, the CM at the gate was able to greet her by name. "Welcome, Mrs. Howard Hughes."
Consider borrowing some Leadership Marketing tips from Howard Hughes.
Howard Hughes strikes deal with Edison that allows it to develop large Seaport building via
Apr 6, 1976...Howard Hughes dies of health complications related to syphilis.
where do you think I got the idea? I totally forgot Locke plays Howard Hughes.
Fact: Jane Greer's appearances on the cover of Life magazine caught the eye of Howard Hughes who started her Hollywood career.
Fact: Howard Hughes refused to screen Stromboli (1950) for the press in order to capitalise on Ingrid Bergman's scandalous affair (Cont.)
Kind of feel like Howard Hughes wouldn’t have really fit in anywhere that wasn’t Howard Hughes’ based...
Today in 1974 one of the world's richest men Howard Hughes dies on a plane to Houston, Texas, having spent two decades…
Howard Hughes died on this day in 1976. Photo: J.R. Eyerman
or just live in hotels like Howard Hughes, you need never do dishes/cleaning/laundry again
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you mean I stand up for Little Edie and Howard Hughes every day.
Because Danny Archer is the same as Jordan Belfort right? && they're the same as Howard Hughes && Frank William Abagnale Jr. yeah?
Chatting all things entertainment news with Howard Hughes on before 8. Including Ron Burgundy's Hollywood honour.
I think Adam Sandler showers and shaves about as regularly as Howard Hughes.
Warren Beatty is almost done with his Howard Hughes biopic. Note to Beatty - Martin Scorsese made one 11 years ago.
Ford is badass like Howard Hughes was
Re Santa Monica Airport celebrities U missed the most famout one - Howard Hughes learned to fly there -
The final profile -- Howard Hughes' former pad in Hancock Park -- is a knockout:
His Kind of Woman - Robert Mitchum manages to shine in even the most shambolic of Howard Hughes productions.
just admitted he wrestled the controls from Howard Hughes & flew the Spruce Goose!
Today, SNL honcho Lorne Michaels is exactly as old as Howard Hughes was the day he died: 25,670 days.
Howard Hughes engaged in combat with the Angel Sachiel, 1935.
Before they moved it I saw Howard Hughes "Spruce Goose" in San Diego years ago. Unbelievable!
I still find it incredible that Warren Beatty finished shooting that Howard Hughes movie last year.
surely he ain't gunna sit in his room for a month Hughes
Howard Hughes referred to as the late Gordon Lightfoot. I can't find any news stating he's passed
I was a big fan but he's becoming our generations Howard Hughes.
I want to partner with you and do a Finding Vinnie Documentary about the elusive Howard Hughes like Vinnie Vincent!!
hi!! did I just see you in the Howard Hughes Center??
I mean, seriously, Abbott has gone right off the reservation and descended into Howard Hughes type madness.
About to bang bang everything at the Howard Hughes Center.
)ust dont become like Howard Hughes, sweetie.. We love seeing you outside.
Leonardo Di Caprio was far too good looking to play Howard Hughes.
On a scale of 1 to Howard Hughes, my OCD is Howard Hughes.
The data center I work in, I swear, is an incubator for cooties. I'm beginning to think Howard Hughes was on to something.
Di Caprio as Howard Hughes in The Aviator. Goodnight and thanks.
In the 1930s Howard Hughes displayed signs of OCD. He was obsessed with the size of peas & used a special fork to sort them by size.
Speaking about big shots, Are you happy with Howard Hughes Corp, or want to go on your own? Forgive me my noisy, Partner :)
The Aviator is on at 9pm. An excellent biopic of Howard Hughes made with a stunning cast.
Do you know the name Henry Kaiser? He's the one who asked Howard Hughes to design and build what would become the Spruce Goose.
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R u God or the spirit of Howard Hughes?
Ice Station Zebra was entertaining, also very manly and quite technical. But it wasn't a great film. Wonder why Howard Hughes loved it...
The original group name was The Children of Howard Hughes..they had a big Disco hit in 1974..
Jane Russell made her screen debut 72 years ago today in Howard Hughes The Outlaw. The role made her a Hollywood icon …
Sitting in the cockpit next to Howard Hughes when the Spruce Goose lifted off the water. A moment I'll never forget!
I'm selling 'Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2000 And Beyond: Confronting the Microbe Menace' Click to see
A Miami manse once owned by Howard Hughes.
Spruce Goose - or am I wrong? Possibly Saunders-Roe Princess. But I think from the pic of a young Howard Hughes must be Goose
Ha! I love how people expect Tony Stark, Hugh Hefner, Howard Hughes etc. but get Working Joe With A Camera!
Want to say Thank you Kimberly Hughes & Howard Thanks very much ;-)
Eccentric reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes seen here in '52 photo with the Jetliner now in
I'm bad now.after reading your article..I would be literally one step away from being like Howard Hughes ..
Ask Howard Hughes if he'd rather be rich or without pain.
every time Nicki is sick and has the shades closed during the day I call her Howard Hughes.
MY usage is at "Howard Hughes" later years level. Does anyone know if has "Ice Station Zebra"
The Howard Hughes that sits in his house with tissue boxes on his feet eating chocolate in his underpants.
Oh he is very close to morphing into Howard Hughes.
This is good news... Congrats to Ward Village!
Why can't seaplane vacations compete with cruise ships. Because the technology was lost when Congress tried screwing Howard Hughes?
Watching Skrillex teach Ron Howard how to DJ makes me want to chuck up blood...
Howard Hughes inside of the H-4 Hercules, more widely known as the “Spruce Goose”.
How are you man this is The son of Howard Hughes jr I lived across from your boss both Judges Sheindlin
Movie night with my mate, imitating Howard Hughes, we are watching Ice Station Zebra! Cool, manly stuff.
Imagining a time of Howard Hughes becomes reality with the likes of and
Gatsby and Howard Hughes. Two men who both had a lavish but flawed life
Free lunch where I'm working at Howard Hughes Center. Dopee. Mad good too.
On the Market: A Miami manse once owned by Howard Hughes.
Missing Miami Beach already. Want to live in a suite at the top of the Fontainebleau overlooking the ocean. Howard Hughes or Elvis style.
I wonder if it's true that Brian Williams helped Clifford Irving with that Howard Hughes bio? Ghostwriter indeed.
LOS ANGELES--The center secures funding to build a 375-unit multifamily development called the Village at Howard...
The Aviator (2004): While not quite as prolific as Marilyn Monroe, Howard Hughes’ life has yielded a few biop...
And he did do good work ... I dunno maybe this is what it was like to see Howard Hughes slide...
Interesting how he's trying to be Howard Hughes, buying up WashingtonPost, getting in bed w Woody Allen.
Had dinner in Lincoln, NE w/ 2 wonderful people: Mark & Susan Musick who met Howard Hughes' last wife & wrote "Boxes"
Did Howard Hughes die in 1976 as history states? Or was he the man pictured in this photo who died decades later?
Was Howard Hughes a conspiracy Sheldon Whitehouse? Go back and look at the Devil in the face, then blanket dismiss what you don't know
Today in Had a meeting with an old pal in the office that Howard Hughes used to…
History teaches us that flying machines are problematic and expensive. See Howard Hughes' "Spruce Goose"
Oops - mistake on line 1. Lefkowtiz (HHMI), shared the Nobel with Brian Kobilka, not Howard Hughes!
When did Johnny Depp start transforming into Howard Hughes? I blame Burton.
Hughes D-2: American fighter and bomber project begun by Howard Hughes as a private venture.
Today in History: . 1937 Howard Hughes flies from Los Angeles to New York in seven hours and 22 minutes!
Charisma levels Howard Hughes, fat level Winnie the Pooh
Yesterday's about Gene Tierney broke my heart. She was luminous in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir:
Good to talk with Howard Hughes about the absurdities of league tables. A fair, balanced discussion thank you
Empty Kleenex box, or penny loafer for Howard Hughes?
1937. Howard Hughes sets transcontinental speed record flying from LA to Newark in under 7.5 hours. h…
Howard Hughes was able to afford the luxury of madness, like a man who not only thinks he is Napoleon but hires an army to prove it.
In undergrad, I did a yr long internship with Howard Hughes at UA. it was on microvilli of the python vs. water snake.
SOAR1 (as HS junior) & Howard Hughes Summer Scholars Programs at XULA (right before freshmen year of college) at XULA
Jan 19 1937- Howard Hughes sets a new air record by flying from LA, California to NYC in 7 hours, 28 minutes, 25 seconds
Howard Jacobson just did a doc about the 4 famous expats: Germiane Greer, Clives James, Robert Hughes and Ba…
Super Mario Timeline more expansive than Lord of the Rings and paints a picture of Mario as Howard Hughes
Love your cooking but that's the fish that turned Howard Hughes into a sputtering Kleenex-box wearing mess in The Aviator.
I've decided to withdraw myself from the public life to become a Howard Hughes-esque recluse.
Reading about Howard Hughes' all makes a bit more sense now
If you learn one thing from I hope it's that if you have measles, of any kind, you should stay home
That's Wilfred Brimley the oatmeal guy, former bodyguard to Howard Hughes, stunt man, and star
I don't have a god complex, I have a Howard Hughes complex.
so crazy dogg! All he needs to finish morphing into howard hughes is an ill fated plan to build the worlds heaviest airplane
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More movie choices at Howard Hughes Video. Great deal with your Rent 1 get 1 free rental!
She's one of my favs. I'm listening to a podcast about her and Howard Hughes.
I like being alone also. Sincerely, Howard Hughes
when you're rich and famous you can collect/do anything you want! Just ask Howard Hughes...
Maybe Howard Hughes wasn't so nutz after all eh ? lol
The Howard Hughes Corp. reveals new details on Embassy Suites in The Woodlands - Houston...
Jan 28 1963 set staffer Tommy Thompson's book on for September publication.
yes but recast as an aging doorman with a shadowy past who works outside a Manhattan building owned by Howard Hughes
So Howard Stern thinks that Sam Smith is fat and ugly? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Howard is one ugly mofo.
Here is my talk with Howard Hughes on some top trends to look for in 2015
The new on Gene Tierney, has tragedy, heartbreak, and Howard Hughes
Today I was like Howard Hughes but not in Vegas or with the money, just reclusive!
Howard Hughes Medical Institute scientists identify the brain’s on-off thirst switch
My illustration for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. My copy just arrived today- such a nice surprise!
January 19 History 1997 - Yasser Arafat returns to Hebron after more than 30 years 1969 - Czech student Jan Palach sets himself on fire in response to Soviet Union invasion 1966 - Indira Ghandi takes charge as first female Prime Minister of India 1937 - Future billionaire Howard Hughes sets a record for transcontinental air flight 1920 - US Senate votes against membership in League of Nations This Day In Business 1955 - The board game market would never be the same again - as Scrabble hits stories for the first time ever. This Day In Entertainment 1955 - The first edition of the board game "Scrabble" is released. This Day In Geography 1419 - Hundred Years War: Rouen surrenders to Henry V of England completing his reconquest of Normandy. This Day In Sports 2002 - The famous NFL Tuck Rule game - the Raiders lose to Tom Brady and the Pats because of the obscure rule.
The Hughes H-1 is a racing aircraft built by Hughes Aircraft in 1935. It set a world airspeed record and a transcontinental speed record across the United States. The H-1 Racer was the last aircraft built by a private individual to set the world speed record; most aircraft to hold the honor since have been military designs. Design and development During his work on his movie *** s Angels, Howard Hughes employed Glenn Odekirk to maintain the fleet of over 100 aircraft used in the production. The two men shared a common interest in aviation and hatched a plan to build a record-beating aircraft. The aircraft was given many names, but is commonly known as the H-1. It was the first aircraft model produced by the Hughes Aircraft company. Design studies began in 1934 with an exacting, large scale model (over two feet in length) that was tested in the California Institute of Technology wind tunnel, revealing a speed potential of 365 mph. Technical details Streamlining was a paramount design criterion resulting i ...
I wonder if Howard Hughes really burned every article of clothing he owned that Katherine Hepburn touched after she dumped him.
Interesting thing. I was just reading an article about the Texas politician, Randy Weber, that compared President Obama to Hitler, saying that even Hitler went to France (referring to the recent solidarity march in Paris). It got me thinking about Texas and all the weird characters that come from there. Howard Hughes, Rick Perry, Gary Busey, George and Jeb Bush, and others. I just googled famous people that came from Texas hoping to find a balanced mix of nobility and nut cases. I was less than surprised to find that the nut cases far outnumber the nobles. However, some of the notable nobles are Willie Nelson, Ann Richards, Lyndon Johnson, Michael Nesmith, maybe Joan Crawford, Owen Wilson. Texas, generally seems like a place full of regressives. I think it would be great if they seceded from the union. It would be another foreign country close enough to L.A. to visit within less than a full day's driving distance.
Howard Hughes was this visionary who was obsessed with speed and flying like a god... I loved his idea of what filmmaking was. - Martin...
The cogent argument against Howard Hughes development of South Street Seaport we've been waiting 4. Thx
OK. History report. July 11th, 1946 / Culver City ~ Howard Hughes takes off in the XF-11 photographic plane for its maiden flight. Soon after the first photo was taken, Hughes’ landing gear jammed and he attempted to land at the L.A. Country Club golf course, but missed and crashed ~ smashing into Beverly Hills homes. Hughes was seriously hurt. One residence was demolished in the resultant blaze. A corner was chipped from the other house ~ a masterpiece designed by architect Wallace Neff. (805 N. Linden Dr.), and trees were flattened. Parts of the plane were scattered between the two damaged houses. The Los Angeles Conservancy reported in late 2013 that the 6,246 square-foot remaining house (color pictures) had been slated for demolition by its new owners. The Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission began drawing up paperwork in October to have it designated as a local landmark soon after. The good news is the Wallace Neff home at 805 N. Linden Dr. is no longer in danger of being demolished thanks to ...
I immortalised legendary icons such as J. Edgar Hoover, Howard Hughes and Frank Abagnale Jr. on screen.
George Bush is associated with Houston, Howard Hughes is associated with Houston. There defiantly is a connection.
Showalters took care of Elvis, Howard Hughes and Walt Disney at Orlando Executive Airport(Orlando news)
If I ever retreat from society, hopefully it'll be like John Hughes & not Howard Hughes.
Watched the yesterday , another great scorcece film. I'm interested in reading more on Howard Hughes now.
My second cousin, three times removed, Howard Hughes. @ Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum
Just saw "The Hoax" with Richard Gere, about Clifford Irving's bogus "autobiography" of Howard Hughes. I liked it.
How to Become a Self Made Billionaire in 10 Years or Less 1. Start with a dream “I intend to be, the richest man in the world.” – Howard Hughes “It does not take money to make money.” – Robert Kiyosaki Becoming a billionaire begins with a dream. One of the free gifts given to us by our creator is the gift of imagination. It costs nothing to dream. Yet, most people don’t dare to dream and those who do, dream small. “People who dream small dreams continue to live as small people.” – Rich Dad “Aim for the highest.” – Andrew Carnegie On several occasions, I have shared my dream with friends and all I got were fingers pointing at me saying; “you must be a joker.” Do statements like that deter me? My answer is no. I still continue to dream big and pursue that dream vigorously. If becoming a billionaire is your lifetime goal; then allow your mind to wander; dream big and shut your ears to critics. “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minut ...
rejected Howard Hughes' request - West Windsor council has rejected the Howard Hughes Corporation's request to ini...
Also, in honor of Leo's 40th...favorite role: Howard Hughes, The Aviator.
"I know Brandon ..TY for the connection" . MT "reminds me of Leo decaprio as Howard Hughes.
Today is Sunday, Nov. 2, the 306th day of 2014. There are 59 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Nov. 2, 1889, North Dakota and South Dakota became the 39th and 40th states with the signing of proclamations by President Benjamin Harrison, who deliberately shuffled the papers to make it impossible to know the exact order in which the Dakotas were admitted to the Union. On this date: In 1783, Gen. George Washington issued his Farewell Orders to the Armies of the United States near Princeton, New Jersey. In 1795, the 11th president of the United States, James Knox Polk, was born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. In 1865, the 29th president of the United States, Warren Gamaliel Harding, was born near Marion, Ohio. In 1914, during World War I, Russia declared war on the Ottoman Empire. In 1936, the British Broadcasting Corp. inaugurated "high-definition" television service from Alexandra Palace in London. In 1947, Howard Hughes piloted his huge wooden flying boat, the Hughes H-4 Hercul ...
So excited to be opening our new office at the Howard Hughes Center
maybe he lives with Wenger like Howard Hughes, pissing into jars and wearing tissue boxes on his feet.
I'm not. Even in S5 Sam likened Callen to Howard Hughes
Why do I wish the were Howard Hughes? An overabundance of caution wouldn't CAUSE panic, it would quench it...
Rare photo found of Howard Hughes using airplane coach bathroom. Hughes
... It' a great school to attend, I believe Howard Hughes was the, Dean !!!
... ballerina with her mother. // Howard Hughes also spoke to John Houston about flips for Anjelica. But the blocking list was busy ...
.Frank Ryan is good. Hobby and Howard Hughes, too.
1990 – Green Valley and Summerlin: Throughout the 1990’s, Henderson and Las Vegas would explode with population growth. Many would be attracted to two newly developing master planned communities: Green Valley and Summerlin. Both master planned communities had their origins in the 1970’s, a decade after developer Del Webb would begin construction on his Sun City retirement community outside of Phoenix, Arizona. In 1972, the City of Henderson sold 4,700 acres of land to Las Vegas Sun Publisher Hank Greenspun for what would become Green Valley – the area would expand several times. Similarly, after the death of Howard Hughes in 1976, the Summa Corporation would take control of more than 25,000 acres in the western portion of Las Vegas, originally intended for aerospace development. The Green Valley Master Planned Community was founded in 1978 by American Nevada Corporation. The first phases were developed along Sunset Road and Green Valley Parkway and included a number of neighborhoods of suburban si ...
A businessman that doesn't like to shake hands, rightio then. Donald Trump the next Howard Hughes
As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind - every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder. ~ John Glenn When the white missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land. ~ Desmond Tutu America is the only country where a significant proportion of the population believes that professional wrestling is real but the moon landing was faked. ~ David Letterman I'm not a paranoid, deranged millionaire. I'm a billionaire ~ Howard Hughes . After the game, the King and the pawn go into the same box. ~ Old Italian proverb Men are like linoleum floors. Lay 'em right and you can walk all over them for thirty years. ~ Betsy Salkind. The only reason they say 'Women and children first' is to test the strength of the lifeboats. ~ Jean Kerr You know you're a redneck if your home has wheels and your car doesn't. ~ Jeff Foxworthy When a man opens a car door for his wife, ...
Donald Trump to go full-on Howard Hughes, lock himself in a penthouse, grow out his fingernails, etc. -
Dario Del Fabro, seen in public less than Lord Lucan, Shergar and Howard Hughes
THE AVIATOR.Reading Ava Gardner bio & cant help but see Leo & Kate Beckinsale when it talks about Howard Hughes and her.Perfect
What do the 3.3 million pound Fairmount Hotel, Howard Hughes' historic aircraft the Spruce Goose, and the...
I know who Howard Hughes was silly! Just wasn't aware of the tissue thing. He is a big wooden aircraft to me
Fun Fact: The term "platinum blonde" was coined by a publicist working for Howard Hughes to increase the popularity of actress Jean Harlow.
Rising senior and biology major Makeda Austin earned a spot this summer in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute...
Been listening to The Unexplained podcast by Howard Hughes. Great listen if you are into the paranormal and such.
several people around me have come down with strep throat-so far I'm fine, but please don't judge me if I go all Howard Hughes on the hand washing.
.Op-Docs debuts new paper-puppet animated video series on scientific discoveries in collab w
Today in 1935, Howard Hughes sets a new airspeed record of 352 MPH in his H-1 Racer.
Reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes was kept awake at night by a neon casino sign. He bought the casino and dismantled the sign.
I found it very confusing that Hawkes was the director of films commonly associated with Howard Hughes. Hughes just produced them
Hopefully one day you'll go the way of Howard Hughes. Locked in a germ free room with tissue box shoes.
Ugh, highly overrated. Think of the germs! Think of Howard Hughes!
And if you believe that then Howard Hughes was a fun, open and thoroughly decent chap?
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Howard Jacobson is a wonderful host. Without Robert Hughes to interview his story does lack the energy of the others.
Photo: Jane Russell, a woman notable for … Measurements that made Howard Hughes design a bra for her.
Alan Alda: Juan Trippe is a patriot, he's not interested in making money Howard Hughes: hm. Bet his stockholders would be glad to hear that.
'A seething cauldron of belligerence' - Howard Jacobson on his time A splendid doco on 3 faculty greats - Greer, James, Hughes
Booker Prize winner Howard Jacobson traces the footsteps of Germaine Greer, Barry Humphries, Clive James and Robert Hughes on now ABC
The Howard Hughes I knew began to change after his plane crash in 1941. Gene Tierney
Friday 8.30pm: microsphaeric howard hughes heaven movie, Charlotte Prodger's new performance Come early to get a seat!...
Among those featured in this film, a documentary, is billionaire Howard Hughes -
THE ROBBER AT the howard hughes mall was wearing a SECURITY SHIRT!! ghetto
Robbery at Howard Hughes Center got a GOLD iPhone ( gold is best ), and a Galaxy note,
My father told me, never have partners. Howard Hughes.
I'm not one to complain. but Howard Hughes Has the worse SERVICE ever! This is the ...
To the guy in a black "SECURITY" shirt that just robbed people at gunpoint at the shady theaters on Howard Hughes...shame on you sir.
I feel like if u go see a movie @ the Howard Hughes Ctr, you should only expect to get in a frivolous gang fight, but not get robbed.
Robber at Howard Hughes Center stole a purse w money in in, and two iPhones. You know, the kind of phones worth stealing.
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WESTCHESTER: Robber wearing a "security" shirt just jacked somebody @ the sketchy *** movie theaters on Howard Hughes. LAPD enrte.
bad stuff going down at Howard Hughes??? Say it ain't so...
Robber w a gun is fleeing on foot down 2nd story stairs towards the parking garage at Howard Hughes Center. Buncha cops hauling A over there
Dude with a handgun and a black shirt that says “SECURITY” just robbed someone at Howard Hughes Center on Sepulveda.
I was at my house eating a banana watching the Today Show. Matt Lauer was interviewing someone about Howard Hughes.
i'm Walt. i'm like Howard Hughes. i'm like David Stern. i'm like Steve Jobs. if anything that's a compliment to them.
Simple explanation:two lady's find the where abouts of a abandoned Howard Hughes Aircraft tooling factory. Problem is its not abandoned
Google LA considering move to giant Howard Hughes airplane hangar in Playa Vista:
John Ward's design process for: What kind of car would Howard Hughes take Cruella Deville out in. Tesla stuff too:
UFC apologizes to judge Howard Hughes for his removal at Fight Night Macau.
A lot of criticism was directed towards UFC president Dana White for removing judge Howard Hughes from the UFC Fight Night 48 card in Macau, China due to White liking his scorecards in the first two fights on the card.
Howard Hughes aviator and legendary film producer was one of a kind just as our suite named after him...
don't forget Leo DiCaprio's Howard Hughes in the Aviator. To me better than Fox's and both nominated same year.
Frank Gehry gets together with Howard Hughes and Whole Foods. Really.
Howard Hughes and Ava Gardner Scandal - Conclusion - Bubblews via
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Rickie Fowler reminds me of Leo decaprio as Howard Hughes.
*** Malthouse is like the Howard Hughes of coaching: "no issue with Cameron Ling despite half-time spat..."
If I were going to produce a film worthy of one-upping Howard Hughes, then I would probably consider the following: - An action film that takes place in different countries - Different versions of that film that are localized to take the perspective of the respective countries those versions were produced in (i.e. an American perspective in America, an Indian perspective in India, a Japanese perspective in Japan). - An enhanced replay value to encourage American version fans to watch other versions to discover parts of the story that weren't in the American version (e.g. a mystery in the American version is solved by a clue in the British version) - An adequate storyline and fictional universe that cohesively binds those versions together - A surreptitious social media campaign to cast Character as the lead role in the Polish version - Allow localizations to be wholesome and true to the style and customs of their production team's host nation - Incorporating a notion that that universe's weather reports r ...
Next up on the Howard Hughes watch list: George Michael. I guess he's lost faith
Rickie Fowler or Leo Dicaprio as Howard Hughes in the Aviator?
Wilford Brimley was Howard Hughes' body guard during the War of 1812 at the height of the AIDS epidemic.
Now Ben is suddenly Howard Hughes and quoting Richard III. Yep.
Lots of entertainment news to share with Howard Hughes on before 8!
my feet are just swollen, red itchy rashy blobs. This is how Howard Hughes became a recluse I'm pretty sure.
You've had more girls than Howard Hughes had money..
I am the only son of Howard Hughes jr. and husband to Angie Martinez "Barry" check my adoption papers
Jane Russell poses for poster art for Howard Hughes's notorious Western, THE OUTLAW:
With a little Howard Hughes mixed in.
It would have been easier to get Howard Hughes to go out partying his last nite in Vegas than to get Kluwe to listen to attorney & shut up.
King Mula Broadway Baby Jay the resident Farina "El Residente" of the Hal Roach Laugh Factory. I am the son of Howard Hughes
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jajaja, Newly declassified documents reveal new information about the CIA's Project Azorian Hughes
Accounting Assistant at Howard Hughes (Las Vegas, NV): Provides accounting support and reports ...
Anyone wana go to dave n busters at the Howard Hughes Center?😴
Watching a documentary about Howard Hughes. The man evidently bore a startling resemblance to actor Leonardo DiCaprio!
*** it. Your show was my only excuse to be social, pretty soon I'll become a Howard Hughes style insane hermit. Thanks Lil.
Famous Americans who have died without a will include: Sonny Bono, John Denver, Howard Hughes, and Martin Luther King Jr.
I dunno. I found some of the information on site helpful, before she went all Howard Hughes on us. :/
"There's too much "Howard Hughes" in Howard Hughes. That's the trouble."
awesome Howard Hughes development coming your way $HHC
Princes stand in queues, they stand accused. Death in solitude like Howard Hughes. All wrapped up the same. All wrapped up the same..
Howard Hughes head instructor of Combat Athletics Paignton is off to today the tomorrow Great card!
For anyone who missed will be repeated today at 5:30pm Golden Keg Howard Hughes Temple...
Forgot how good "Scarface" is. I'm talking about the 1932 picture produced by Howard Hughes. THE WORLD IS YOURS
Sepulveda Boulevard : Obstruction on the road at Howard Hughes Parkway -
If they put every 1994-1998 SportsCenter on Netflix Instant, I'd emerge from my apartment in 5 years with Howard Hughes beard & fingernails.
Can't believe I finished reading this book about Howard Hughes. for fun.
Paul Muni in Scarface circa 1932 directed by the great Howard Hawks and produced by Howard Hughes coming on TCM now.
and it was Howard Hughes he was absolutely the most remarkable man of his time.
So excited! The original Scarface (1932) produced by Howard Hughes and Howard Hawks will be on TCM tonight & I can record it!
f.y.i. Howard Hughes on the movie set of "The Outlaw"
Howard Hughes Senate committee clip from the Aviator is one of the best rinses I have ever seen in my life you BOSSED it
Also, see if Portland is doing a beer festival and Oregon hosts Howard Hughes Spruce Goose.
Congratulations to Howard Hughes Daughter in law ...Back on air .long time mi amor..King Mula
Going back to 2006 for - the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Janelia Farm Research Campus in Ashburn VA. htt…
guess that just upped the property value. Seriously, do you have a panic room Howard Hughes?
I heard Colsen faked his own death to sneak into the Brookings Institute and get all those letter Howard Hughes sent you
Photo: Innovating science education: First Pakistani to get Howard Hughes professorship Boston University’s...
A scant few seconds after he officially set a new speed record for land planes with an average speed of 347.29 mph at the Irvine Ranch near Santa Ana (today South Santa Ana), Howard Hughes, millionaire film producer and speed flier, crashed his plane to the ground when fuel lines clogged. Although shaken, he was uninjured. The plane was damaged, but not crushed beyond repair. The site of the crash is near what today is Edinger Ave and the 55 Freeway. In one of the pictures you can see the Holly Sugar Factory in the background, today the Embassy Suites Hotel On Edinger and the 55 Freeway. This accident was depicted on the movie The Aviator.
JUST IN: HCDA approves 35 year lease agreement with Howard Hughes Corp. 7-0 for operation and development of Kewalo Basin.
He did all of that. Howard Hughes same. Walt Disney same. Elon Musk same. Ghandi same. Mother Theresa same. Even Aristotle eons ago same.
You know Faith Domergue? I did not. She was in over 50 films, she was Howard Hughes' mistress, and she died in 1999.
If I was Howard Hughes, I'd have done the exact same things. Except the OCD. The OCD. I wouldn't do the OCD. THE OCD. Wouldn't do it.
"Luddy built a birdhouse once" Katherine Hepburn's mother interrupting Howard Hughes as he spoke about a new spy plane in The Aviator
in 1988 this place was sold for 70 million dollars to Margaret elardi, before this howard hughes owned this place thru summa corp.
Pedro Escobars herd of hippos kind of beats out Howard Hughes' Mormans bodyguards and uncut fingernails.
Linda Moulton Howe on The Unexplained with Howard Hughes 12-09-08: via
I believe Jeff Bezos is turning into Howard Hughes.
Flashback Fridays .. Howard Hughes Talent show .. We shut it down tho .. I was obviously the star of…
Award Program, Partnerships, Acquisition Agreements, and Technical Updates - Analyst Notes on Bank of America, Val...
Small man's tiresome new phase: marching around the house declaring with disgust that everything is dirty, like a miniature Howard Hughes
If you're into the paranormal and UFO's, and enjoy podcasts, search for The Unexplained with Howard Hughes or visit
Is The Teardrop Explodes song 'Reward' the only one to namecheck Howard Hughes? This kind of thing occupies my mind.
If you see someone who looks a bit like a cross btw Howard Hughes and Crusty the Clown with a Go-Pro on his head at Gartnavel around 1ish...
We have a client looking to buy 800 tonnes of fodder beet for 2014/15 winter. Contact Howard Hughes 0161 927 7562
We all do and wish that. We all do. Also thank Zeus he's directing a new picture, on Howard Hughes, too. Been too *** long.
Leonardo's portrayal of Howard Hughes makes me happy that I don't have that level of OCD
We all know is the Howard Hughes of our day.
Pretty soon I'll be breaking things like Howard Hughes...
Howard Hughes was obsessed with Ice Station Zebra. He also collected jars of his own urine. So basically a guy's guy.
.always think of Howard Hughes in "The Rocketeer" whenever I see Terry O'Quinn for some reason
This was of course because of the twins. And so they go looking for him to be sure he's okay. He's become a hermit, pulling a Howard Hughes
Howard Hughes used to call into his Vegas TV Station to play ISZ for him all of the time, too.
Here's a good example:Howard Hughes' investment in TWA circa 1940.Invested $7 million,ROI of 11 times that.1st pick in the investment draft?
I just noticed how much Sean Le Mass looks like Howard Hughes.
Howard Hughes says, "This *** Change it.": I almost had a good day today. Or at least a not-bad day. Actual...
“Passion will make you crazy, but is there any other way to live?” ~Howard Hughes
I told Ari lets go on $7 tuesdays at Howard Hughes and she said thats too late
to hottie Valentin who works at the Howard Hughes Center!!! Were those eyes just friendly... or more??
There's still time to attend Brian Kral's conversation about Howard Hughes! . And then join us tonight for an...
And I'll go on losing millions... It's just what I do - Howard Hughes, one of my biggest role models,…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
GRUB will be open tonight from 11pm until 2am! Also, lunch Friday in front of Howard Hughes Appliance 11:30am-2pm...
we would be nothing right now without Tim Howard 🇺🇸
Tim Howard reminds me of a young Sophie Hughes. So much talent there
Giants' Roster Breakdown: Travis Howard seems to have little chance of sticking with New York
After a year or so I really thought I was Howard Hughes. Here I was at eighteen years old, getting all these checks. - Michael J. Fox
The B Side of Twisterella & which is presumably about the US magnate/aviator/recluse. Ride - Howard Hughes
Imagine what Howard Hughes directing a Transformers movie would be like.
Howard Hughes : to Form JV with Discovery Land Company to Develop Exclusive Community in Las Vegas $HHC
Like I always say to many ego's and not enough time...
The Aviator - Howard Hughes in the Theater Room Scene-.mp4: via
Meier was an adviser to Howard Hughes and Robert Kennedy.
Kevin Kline as Errol Flynn paired with Dakota Fanning, Warren Beatty as Howard Hughes with Lily Collins... Who's next? Wallace Beery?
When leo played Howard Hughes in the aviator best biopic of all time >>
Howard Hughes and John Huston both killed pedestrians while behind the wheel of their cars apparently
Howard Hughes had the insight that I could only dream of.
Someone sent me a link today that Katherine Hepburn's historic Connecticut house is for sale. Here's a link in case you're interested - understand that Howard Hughes used to fly a seaplane there to visit her. Could it have been the Sikorsky S-43? Here's also a shot of Howard and Katherine in some kind of (now) vintage plane. Beech Staggerwing maybe? I met someone not too long ago that lived near Katherine and this house and she told him that she and Howard used to skinny-dip off the wing of the S-43! It's funny how history repeats itself, because when I landed the Short Sunderland in Florida after a several year journey from start to finish (and 40-hours flying) from England to Oshkosh to Florida, we celebrated with lots of champagne and I seem to remember somehow losing all my clothes and jumping off the Sunderland wing. (Actually, there are pictures to prove it!) I'm now wondering what will happen when we finally test fly the Sikorsky? Might be a fun party if the spirits of Katharine and Howard have ...
Member Howard Hughes has suffered a stroke and is in Baptist Hospital in Columbus. I don't know how bad it is but he is not responsive right now. Please pray for him and his family.
I look like Howard Hughes right now, trying to finish the second new record. I only go out at night. I wanna complete it. lol
this guy is Howard Hughes reincarnated
Howard Hughes, Producer: The Outlaw. Multi-millionaire businessman, film producer, film director, and aviator, born in Houston, Texas. He studied at prestigious Rice University and the even more prestigious California Institute of Technology. Inherited his father's machine tool company in 1923. In 1…
"Howard Hughes was one of the most colorful men of our time. He was an inventor, an adventurer, a multi-billionaire, a ladies' man and finally a nutcase. Without being crazy, he was Howard Hughes." [cit. Stan Lee, creando Tony Stark (Iron Man)]
On June 15, Fathers Day, the Rodeo Drive Concours D'Elegance, in cooperation with the City of Beverly Hills, is hosting the annual automobile car show. The theme "100 Years of Horsepower". They are also featuring "Cars of Stars" including the pictured Tom Mix beautifully restored 1937 Cord that he was killed in, + autos that belonged to Fred Astaire, Jean Harlow and Howard Hughes. Those living in So Cal should come on out and see this wonderful display of exotic, rare automobiles and say hello to Bob White, Scottsdale, AZ, owner and restorer of the Cord. Great car and a great, friendly guy!
Howard Hughes Medical Institute picked this fish as their image of the week!
Elon Musk is a maverick the silent Howard Hughes of our generation.
A year after the Howard Hughes Corp. broke ground on Downtown Summerlin, a 1.6 million-square-foot retail and shopping environment near Charleston...
The progress at is looking exciting
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