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Howard Hughes

Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. (December 24, 1905 – April 5, 1976) was an American business magnate, investor, aviator, engineer, film producer, director, and philanthropist.

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Howard Jacobson is a wonderful host. Without Robert Hughes to interview his story does lack the energy of the others.
Photo: Jane Russell, a woman notable for … Measurements that made Howard Hughes design a bra for her.
Alan Alda: Juan Trippe is a patriot, he's not interested in making money Howard Hughes: hm. Bet his stockholders would be glad to hear that.
'A seething cauldron of belligerence' - Howard Jacobson on his time A splendid doco on 3 faculty greats - Greer, James, Hughes
Booker Prize winner Howard Jacobson traces the footsteps of Germaine Greer, Barry Humphries, Clive James and Robert Hughes on now ABC
The Howard Hughes I knew began to change after his plane crash in 1941. Gene Tierney
Friday 8.30pm: microsphaeric howard hughes heaven movie, Charlotte Prodger's new performance Come early to get a seat!...
Among those featured in this film, a documentary, is billionaire Howard Hughes -
THE ROBBER AT the howard hughes mall was wearing a SECURITY SHIRT!! ghetto
Robbery at Howard Hughes Center got a GOLD iPhone ( gold is best ), and a Galaxy note,
My father told me, never have partners. Howard Hughes.
I'm not one to complain. but Howard Hughes Has the worse SERVICE ever! This is the ...
To the guy in a black "SECURITY" shirt that just robbed people at gunpoint at the shady theaters on Howard Hughes...shame on you sir.
I feel like if u go see a movie @ the Howard Hughes Ctr, you should only expect to get in a frivolous gang fight, but not get robbed.
Robber at Howard Hughes Center stole a purse w money in in, and two iPhones. You know, the kind of phones worth stealing.
WESTCHESTER: Robber wearing a "security" shirt just jacked somebody @ the sketchy *** movie theaters on Howard Hughes. LAPD enrte.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
bad stuff going down at Howard Hughes??? Say it ain't so...
Robber w a gun is fleeing on foot down 2nd story stairs towards the parking garage at Howard Hughes Center. Buncha cops hauling A over there
Dude with a handgun and a black shirt that says “SECURITY” just robbed someone at Howard Hughes Center on Sepulveda.
I was at my house eating a banana watching the Today Show. Matt Lauer was interviewing someone about Howard Hughes.
i'm Walt. i'm like Howard Hughes. i'm like David Stern. i'm like Steve Jobs. if anything that's a compliment to them.
Simple explanation:two lady's find the where abouts of a abandoned Howard Hughes aircraft tooling factory. Problem is its not abandoned
Google LA considering move to giant Howard Hughes airplane hangar in Playa Vista:
John Ward's design process for: What kind of car would Howard Hughes take Cruella Deville out in. Tesla stuff too:
UFC apologizes to judge Howard Hughes for his removal at Fight Night Macau.
A lot of criticism was directed towards UFC president Dana White for removing judge Howard Hughes from the UFC Fight Night 48 card in Macau, China due to White liking his scorecards in the first two fights on the card.
Howard Hughes aviator and legendary film producer was one of a kind just as our suite named after him...
don't forget Leo DiCaprio's Howard Hughes in the Aviator. To me better than Fox's and both nominated same year.
Frank Gehry gets together with Howard Hughes and Whole Foods. Really.
Howard Hughes and Ava Gardner Scandal - Conclusion - Bubblews via
Rickie Fowler reminds me of Leo decaprio as Howard Hughes.
*** Malthouse is like the Howard Hughes of coaching: "no issue with Cameron Ling despite half-time spat..."
If I were going to produce a film worthy of one-upping Howard Hughes, then I would probably consider the following: - An action film that takes place in different countries - Different versions of that film that are localized to take the perspective of the respective countries those versions were produced in (i.e. an American perspective in America, an Indian perspective in India, a Japanese perspective in Japan). - An enhanced replay value to encourage American version fans to watch other versions to discover parts of the story that weren't in the American version (e.g. a mystery in the American version is solved by a clue in the British version) - An adequate storyline and fictional universe that cohesively binds those versions together - A surreptitious social media campaign to cast Character as the lead role in the Polish version - Allow localizations to be wholesome and true to the style and customs of their production team's host nation - Incorporating a notion that that universe's weather reports r ...
Next up on the Howard Hughes watch list: George Michael. I guess he's lost faith
Rickie Fowler or Leo Dicaprio as Howard Hughes in the Aviator?
Wilford Brimley was Howard Hughes' body guard during the War of 1812 at the height of the AIDS epidemic.
Now Ben is suddenly Howard Hughes and quoting Richard III. Yep.
Lots of entertainment news to share with Howard Hughes on before 8!
my feet are just swollen, red itchy rashy blobs. This is how Howard Hughes became a recluse I'm pretty sure.
You've had more girls than Howard Hughes had money..
I am the only son of Howard Hughes jr. and husband to Angie Martinez "Barry" check my adoption papers
Jane Russell poses for poster art for Howard Hughes's notorious Western, THE OUTLAW:
With a little Howard Hughes mixed in.
It would have been easier to get Howard Hughes to go out partying his last nite in Vegas than to get Kluwe to listen to attorney & shut up.
King Mula Broadway Baby Jay the resident Farina "El Residente" of the Hal Roach Laugh Factory. I am the son of Howard Hughes
jajaja, Newly declassified documents reveal new information about the CIA's Project Azorian Hughes
Accounting Assistant at Howard Hughes (Las Vegas, NV): Provides accounting support and reports ...
Anyone wana go to dave n busters at the Howard Hughes Center?😴
Watching a documentary about Howard Hughes. The man evidently bore a startling resemblance to actor Leonardo DiCaprio!
*** it. Your show was my only excuse to be social, pretty soon I'll become a Howard Hughes style insane hermit. Thanks Lil.
Famous Americans who have died without a will include: Sonny Bono, John Denver, Howard Hughes, and Martin Luther King Jr.
I dunno. I found some of the information on site helpful, before she went all Howard Hughes on us. :/
"There's too much "Howard Hughes" in Howard Hughes. That's the trouble."
awesome Howard Hughes development coming your way $HHC
Princes stand in queues, they stand accused. Death in solitude like Howard Hughes. All wrapped up the same. All wrapped up the same..
Howard Hughes head instructor of Combat Athletics Paignton is off to today the tomorrow Great card!
For anyone who missed will be repeated today at 5:30pm Golden Keg Howard Hughes Temple...
Forgot how good "Scarface" is. I'm talking about the 1932 picture produced by Howard Hughes. THE WORLD IS YOURS
Sepulveda Boulevard : Obstruction on the road at Howard Hughes Parkway -
If they put every 1994-1998 SportsCenter on Netflix Instant, I'd emerge from my apartment in 5 years with Howard Hughes beard & fingernails.
Can't believe I finished reading this book about Howard Hughes. for fun.
Paul Muni in Scarface circa 1932 directed by the great Howard Hawks and produced by Howard Hughes coming on TCM now.
and it was Howard Hughes he was absolutely the most remarkable man of his time.
So excited! The original Scarface (1932) produced by Howard Hughes and Howard Hawks will be on TCM tonight & I can record it!
f.y.i. Howard Hughes on the movie set of "The Outlaw"
Howard Hughes Senate committee clip from the Aviator is one of the best rinses I have ever seen in my life you BOSSED it
Also, see if Portland is doing a beer festival and Oregon hosts Howard Hughes Spruce Goose.
Congratulations to Howard Hughes Daughter in law ...Back on air .long time mi amor..King Mula
Going back to 2006 for - the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Janelia Farm Research Campus in Ashburn VA. htt…
guess that just upped the property value. Seriously, do you have a panic room Howard Hughes?
I heard Colsen faked his own death to sneak into the Brookings Institute and get all those letter Howard Hughes sent you
Photo: Innovating science education: First Pakistani to get Howard Hughes professorship Boston University’s...
A scant few seconds after he officially set a new speed record for land planes with an average speed of 347.29 mph at the Irvine Ranch near Santa Ana (today South Santa Ana), Howard Hughes, millionaire film producer and speed flier, crashed his plane to the ground when fuel lines clogged. Although shaken, he was uninjured. The plane was damaged, but not crushed beyond repair. The site of the crash is near what today is Edinger Ave and the 55 Freeway. In one of the pictures you can see the Holly Sugar Factory in the background, today the Embassy Suites Hotel On Edinger and the 55 Freeway. This accident was depicted on the movie The Aviator.
JUST IN: HCDA approves 35 year lease agreement with Howard Hughes Corp. 7-0 for operation and development of Kewalo Basin.
He did all of that. Howard Hughes same. Walt Disney same. Elon Musk same. Ghandi same. Mother Theresa same. Even Aristotle eons ago same.
You know Faith Domergue? I did not. She was in over 50 films, she was Howard Hughes' mistress, and she died in 1999.
If I was Howard Hughes, I'd have done the exact same things. Except the OCD. The OCD. I wouldn't do the OCD. THE OCD. Wouldn't do it.
"Luddy built a birdhouse once" Katherine Hepburn's mother interrupting Howard Hughes as he spoke about a new spy plane in The Aviator
in 1988 this place was sold for 70 million dollars to Margaret elardi, before this howard hughes owned this place thru summa corp.
Pedro Escobars herd of hippos kind of beats out Howard Hughes' Mormans bodyguards and uncut fingernails.
Linda Moulton Howe on The Unexplained with Howard Hughes 12-09-08: via
I believe Jeff Bezos is turning into Howard Hughes.
Flashback Fridays .. Howard Hughes Talent show .. We shut it down tho .. I was obviously the star of…
Award Program, Partnerships, Acquisition Agreements, and Technical Updates - Analyst Notes on Bank of America, Val...
Small man's tiresome new phase: marching around the house declaring with disgust that everything is dirty, like a miniature Howard Hughes
If you're into the paranormal and UFO's, and enjoy podcasts, search for The Unexplained with Howard Hughes or visit
Is The Teardrop Explodes song 'Reward' the only one to namecheck Howard Hughes? This kind of thing occupies my mind.
If you see someone who looks a bit like a cross btw Howard Hughes and Crusty the Clown with a Go-Pro on his head at Gartnavel around 1ish...
We have a client looking to buy 800 tonnes of fodder beet for 2014/15 winter. Contact Howard Hughes 0161 927 7562
We all do and wish that. We all do. Also thank Zeus he's directing a new picture, on Howard Hughes, too. Been too *** long.
Leonardo's portrayal of Howard Hughes makes me happy that I don't have that level of OCD
We all know is the Howard Hughes of our day.
Pretty soon I'll be breaking things like Howard Hughes...
Howard Hughes was obsessed with Ice Station Zebra. He also collected jars of his own urine. So basically a guy's guy.
.always think of Howard Hughes in "The Rocketeer" whenever I see Terry O'Quinn for some reason
This was of course because of the twins. And so they go looking for him to be sure he's okay. He's become a hermit, pulling a Howard Hughes
Howard Hughes used to call into his Vegas TV Station to play ISZ for him all of the time, too.
Here's a good example:Howard Hughes' investment in TWA circa 1940.Invested $7 million,ROI of 11 times that.1st pick in the investment draft?
I just noticed how much Sean Le Mass looks like Howard Hughes.
Howard Hughes says, "This *** Change it.": I almost had a good day today. Or at least a not-bad day. Actual...
“Passion will make you crazy, but is there any other way to live?” ~Howard Hughes
I told Ari lets go on $7 tuesdays at Howard Hughes and she said thats too late
to hottie Valentin who works at the Howard Hughes Center!!! Were those eyes just friendly... or more??
There's still time to attend Brian Kral's conversation about Howard Hughes! . And then join us tonight for an...
And I'll go on losing millions... It's just what I do - Howard Hughes, one of my biggest role models,…
GRUB will be open tonight from 11pm until 2am! Also, lunch Friday in front of Howard Hughes Appliance 11:30am-2pm...
we would be nothing right now without Tim Howard 🇺🇸
Tim Howard reminds me of a young Sophie Hughes. So much talent there
Giants' Roster Breakdown: Travis Howard seems to have little chance of sticking with New York
After a year or so I really thought I was Howard Hughes. Here I was at eighteen years old, getting all these checks. - Michael J. Fox
The B Side of Twisterella & which is presumably about the US magnate/aviator/recluse. Ride - Howard Hughes
Imagine what Howard Hughes directing a Transformers movie would be like.
Howard Hughes : to Form JV with Discovery Land Company to Develop Exclusive Community in Las Vegas $HHC
Like I always say to many ego's and not enough time...
The Aviator - Howard Hughes in the Theater Room Scene-.mp4: via
Meier was an adviser to Howard Hughes and Robert Kennedy.
Kevin Kline as Errol Flynn paired with Dakota Fanning, Warren Beatty as Howard Hughes with Lily Collins... Who's next? Wallace Beery?
Contemporary Philosophers As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind - every part of t * When the white missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land. ~ Desmond Tutu * America is the only country where a significant proportion of the population believes that professional wrestling is real but the moon landing was faked. ~ David Letterman * I'm not a paranoid, deranged millionaire. Dammit, I'm a billionaire. ~ Howard Hughes * The only reason they say 'Women and children first' is to test the strength of the lifeboats. ~ Jean Kerr * I've been married to a communist and a fascist, and neither would take out the garbage. ~ Zsa Zsa Gabor * You know you're a redneck if your home has wheels and your car doesn't. Jeff Foxworthy * When a man opens a car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife. ~ Prince Philip * A computer once beat me at chess, but it was n ...
When leo played Howard Hughes in the aviator best biopic of all time >>
Howard Hughes and John Huston both killed pedestrians while behind the wheel of their cars apparently
Howard Hughes had the insight that I could only dream of.
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Someone sent me a link today that Katherine Hepburn's historic Connecticut house is for sale. Here's a link in case you're interested - understand that Howard Hughes used to fly a seaplane there to visit her. Could it have been the Sikorsky S-43? Here's also a shot of Howard and Katherine in some kind of (now) vintage plane. Beech Staggerwing maybe? I met someone not too long ago that lived near Katherine and this house and she told him that she and Howard used to skinny-dip off the wing of the S-43! It's funny how history repeats itself, because when I landed the Short Sunderland in Florida after a several year journey from start to finish (and 40-hours flying) from England to Oshkosh to Florida, we celebrated with lots of champagne and I seem to remember somehow losing all my clothes and jumping off the Sunderland wing. (Actually, there are pictures to prove it!) I'm now wondering what will happen when we finally test fly the Sikorsky? Might be a fun party if the spirits of Katharine and Howard have ...
Member Howard Hughes has suffered a stroke and is in Baptist Hospital in Columbus. I don't know how bad it is but he is not responsive right now. Please pray for him and his family.
I look like Howard Hughes right now, trying to finish the second new record. I only go out at night. I wanna complete it. lol
this guy is Howard Hughes reincarnated
Howard Hughes, Producer: The Outlaw. Multi-millionaire businessman, film producer, film director, and aviator, born in Houston, Texas. He studied at prestigious Rice University and the even more prestigious California Institute of Technology. Inherited his father's machine tool company in 1923. In 1…
"Howard Hughes was one of the most colorful men of our time. He was an inventor, an adventurer, a multi-billionaire, a ladies' man and finally a nutcase. Without being crazy, he was Howard Hughes." [cit. Stan Lee, creando Tony Stark (Iron Man)]
On June 15, Fathers Day, the Rodeo Drive Concours D'Elegance, in cooperation with the City of Beverly Hills, is hosting the annual automobile car show. The theme "100 Years of Horsepower". They are also featuring "Cars of Stars" including the pictured Tom Mix beautifully restored 1937 Cord that he was killed in, + autos that belonged to Fred Astaire, Jean Harlow and Howard Hughes. Those living in So Cal should come on out and see this wonderful display of exotic, rare automobiles and say hello to Bob White, Scottsdale, AZ, owner and restorer of the Cord. Great car and a great, friendly guy!
Howard Hughes Medical Institute picked this fish as their image of the week!
Elon Musk is a maverick the silent Howard Hughes of our generation.
A year after the Howard Hughes Corp. broke ground on Downtown Summerlin, a 1.6 million-square-foot retail and shopping environment near Charleston...
The progress at is looking exciting
MSU has been awarded $1.5 million from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to expand efforts for students in science to learn effectively and...
Free omelets at work today!! And they were yummy!! Thank you The Howard Hughes Corporation!!!
. I gave up on Lfc books/autobiogs due dull sameness. Thank you for abs top notch esp Howard Gayle chapter.
"WOODY WOODPECKER EN SU BARRIO" 1973 "LAS SONRISAS EN SU CARA" Broadway Baby j es "King Mula" I said in 1973 in my first Reggaeton " I put smiles on your face that you'll never erase" Pictures of me that you can see on your tv. And.The writing is on the wall... it's Broadway baby jay ..I am that prophet rapper dapper snapper that plays basketball" woody woodpecker de su risa es medicinal .madera de mi barrio es medicinal Canela wepa la risas wepa son esta medicinal" Woody Woodpecker de su barrio! 40 years of Hip Hop! Broadway Baby J Es "King Farina" Es "King Mula" MULA GANG. (HOWARD HUGHES' PARK AVENUE CREW "KING HOWARD") DE LOS FRAGMENTOS' "LITTLE RASCALS" Emanuelito Torres Delgado Hughes
"I'm gonna be what y'all would consider or classify as the new Disney, as the new Steve Jobs, as the new Howard Hughes, as the new David Stern, as the new Michelangelo." LOLOLOL
Howard Hughes was one of the brightest figures in Las Vegas’ neon history. But he came to Las Vegas under the cover of darkness during Thanksgiving weekend in 1966. Hughes rode in on a fortune. His father had invented an oil well drill bit that could penetrate hard rock, leaving ...
31 Positive Thinking Quotes from Famous Entrepreneurs 1. “I intend to be, the richest man in the world.” – Howard Hughes 2. "To be successful, you must act big, think big and talk big." – Aristotle Onassis 3. "It is my utmost desire to become a billionaire in my life time and also give away billions of dollars. I don't think any paid employment on earth can help me achieve that dream. If I become a billionaire in my life time, I will just be another self made entrepreneur on the list. But if I don't; I will die knowing I gave that dream my best shot." – Ajaero Tony Martins 4. “Like success, failure is many things to many people. With positive mental attitude, failure is a learning experience, a rung on the ladder, and a plateau at which to get your thoughts in order to prepare to try again.” – W. Clement Stone 5. “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” – Luke 6:45, Matthew 12:34 6. “Be careful of your thought, for they may break into words”. – Anonymous. 7. "I lik ...
Would you like to work at The Howard Hughes Corporation? A new opportunity is now available in The Woodlands, TX. ...
Hello- would there be any chance of a quick interview today with the lovely Howard Hughes at lunchtime. Just two mins...
with a new at The Howard Hughes Corporation in The Woodlands, TX.
I've never felt more like Howard Hughes... lol
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Highlight of my day was speaking to a 98 year old radar engineer that worked hand in hand with Howard Hughes.
Howard Hughes got by with cheap tennis shoes.
Seeing "Locke" in a totally empty baby-theater. I feel like Howard Hughes.
06/12/14 Thurs: Regarding my 1976 inheritance/my Howard Hughes McDonald Corps: When you conspirators bilk you perpetrate federal offenses. When you conspirators fabricate your perverted schizophrenic fabricated stories you perpetrate federal offenses. Regarding your fabricated stories: It isn't a question of whether anybody believes you or not, you know you're liars, I know you're liars, everybody knows you're liars. It isn't: You are. Liars. That's: You are liars. You perverted schizophrenic fabricators. Darragh isn't myself. Self and selves are self and selves, self and selves aren't elf and elves, elf and elves aren't a sexual context. Rhyme is rhyme, rhyme isn't crime. You shouldn't act cryptically, just say there are cases against yourselves, you were committed. Never is never, never isn't forever. There were never cases against myself. I never registered. I never committed myself. I was never committed. Never isn't forever, NEVER is NEVER. I was born 06/29/63 and as of 06/29/63: There were NEVER cas ...
Relating to Howard Hughes in The Aviator WAY too be ignored.,.. but proud...
Howard Hughes look in a late 1920s jacket.
We just made a new video. Congrats to the team! Amazing work. Howard Hughes would be proud.
Howard talks on type D personality and stress responses
So is anyone else waiting for the part where Elon Musk goes Howard Hughes-style crazy or is it just me?
Stan Lee is my dude! Because I just found out Howard Hughes is Howard Stark.
Reminds me a little of Preston Tucker in 1940s, although obviously there are differences. Hopefully more like Howard Hughes.
Queen rehearsals are at the Playa Vista area of LA, previously the Howard Hughes Airport.
We're giving away 2 tickets to tonights event at Howard Hughes' IBM building. Click for details!!!...
is given $1.9 mil by Howard Hughes Medical Inst. to develop retainment strategies for students
Agreed. Will be a fascinating story to report, watch over the next decade. Howard Hughes or the Hudsucker Proxy? Dunno.
Treadmill, squats, and crunches for lunch. (@ Spectrum Club - Howard Hughes Center)
Congratulations to the Biology Department on recently receiving a $1.4 million grant from the Howard Hughes...
$HHC Fitchitt new face of Howard Hughes for Columbia
I think secretly people want him to become the next Howard Hughes.
I have been locked in so long writing I am starting to take on a Howard Hughes look. I promise I have not watched Ice Station Zebra today.
I understand, more and more, how sweet little souls filled with love and a vision of the Divine end up as cynical old curmudgeons with a spiritual kinship to Howard Hughes still . . . happy space happy space happy space I will sit and rock with my unicorn plushie and all will be well :)
Gene Tierney and Howard Hughes at a costume party in Hollywood, 1951
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Global Brain - The Internet could become conscious by mid-2030s March 15 2008 / by futuretalk Category: The Web Year: Beyond Rating: 12 By *** Pelletier The World Wide Web is a network of inter-connectivity that goes everywhere and follows its own intelligence. The advent of this newly emerging communication field around our planet has enabled citizens from all lifestyles to communicate globally via words, sounds and pictures – inexpensively, person-to-person; and from the safety of their own homes and offices – for the first time ever. The Internet represents a major step in our evolution, and is a forerunner of things to come. Artificial intelligence researcher Francis Heylighen sees huge growth as this new world-wide communication system continues to gain power from billions of humans adding to its intelligence every day. “It will get smarter,” Heylighen says, “as it morphs into a global super-organism that could one day provide solutions to most of humanity’s problems.” Experts comp ...
Watching "The Aviator." Good flick, but it doesn't cover ALL of the eccentric behavior by Howard Hughes. 7 inch nails, long matted hair, and strange disappearances...
More Letters From Paradise Old Fears Recalled The front page story in our local paper, "The Hunt For K-129", set my thoughts racing. The writer, William Cole, tells how 40 years ago the CIA had a plan to raise a sunken Soviet submarine under the Soviets' noses. The complete story can be found in the book, "Project Azorian: The CIA and the Raising of the K-129" by Norman Polmar and Michael White. Briefly told, the Soviet submarine K-129 sank 1,800 miles northwest of Hawaii in March 1968. The cause of the sinking is unknown. The submarine carried a crew of 98, two nuclear-tipped torpedoes and three intercontinental ballistic missiles. Each of the three missiles had l-megaton warheads with 65 times the destructive power of those used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The intended targets were Pearl Harbor, Hickam Field and Camp Smith, in case of war. The story continues to tell how the CIA interested Howard Hughes to became involved. The billionaire Hughes was always interested in projects, such as designing ...
Film legend Warren Beatty has wrapped principal photography on his Howard Hughes project--the director's first feature in almost 20 years--after a 74-day shoot. The film's plot is being kept under wraps, but reportedly focuses on a late-life affair the aviation pioneer (Beatty) had with a much younger woman (Lily Collins). Beatty is 77, Collins 25. It's taken quite some time for Beatty's film to take off: just this February, Deadline reported that billionaires Ron Burkle and Steve Bing, Windsor Media’s Terry Semel, Arnon Milchan’s New Regency and James Packer’s and Brett Ratner’s RatPac Entertainment had finally come together to finance the roughly $27 million production.Beatty wrote the film and will star as the older Hughes, joined by Alden Ehrenreich as Hughes's assistant. In addition, Martin Sheen, Annette Bening and Matthew Broderick will also star, along with Alec Baldwin as Robert Maheu, a confidante of Hughes who purportedly received all his instructions from the idiosyncrati...
Aviation! Yum. Howard Hughes was onto a good thing.
Becoming What We Are By Robert Anton Wilson If you stroll through a large art museum, you will notice that Van Gogh does not paint the same world as Rembrandt, Picasso does not see things the way Goya did, Georgia O'Keefe doesn't much resemble Rivera, Salvador Dali looks like nobody but himself, and, in general, no world-class artist became a "classic" by doing what somebody else had already done or even what everybody else in his/her own era did. And in science, the names of Einstein, Dirac, the Curies, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schroedinger, John Bell etc. live on because none of them took Newton as Holy Gospel: they all made unique and unpredictable innovations in basic theory. And, in case you think this applies only to "arts and sciences," consider the most successful people in industry. Henry Ford did not get rich copying Fulton's steamboat; he made a car so cheap that anybody could afford one.Howard Hughes produced movies that nobody else would have dared to attempt, and then went on to revolutionize the a ...
by Chuck Maultsby. A good start in taking back America would be: Arrest and prosecute each and every person responsible for perpetrating the horrors of 9/11, the cover-up of the 9/11 Operation operatives, and the perpetrators of the subsequent wars in Afghanistan & Iraq (mostly Israelis and Zionist Jews starting with Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon, Josh Bolton, Michael Ledeen, Jules Kroll, Lewis "Scoter" Libby, Ronald Hamburger, Alvin K. Hellerstein, Mete Sozen, Larry Silverstein, Dominick Suter, Dov... Zakheim, Douglas Feith, Philip Zelikow, JamieGorelick, Paul Wolfowitz, Henry Kissinger, Jerome Hauer, Michael Mukasey, Michael Chertoff and Bibi Netanyahu).Then stripping all of the ownership of Major Hollywood studios (there have only been 3 non-Zionists owning major Hollywood studios... Darryl Zanuck-Walt Disney and Howard Hughes)... Strip all of the owners of major TV networks (except Trinity and Univision)... and all the owners of newsfeed organizations. that way Americans would actually stop being bombarded ...
Windi and I were sitting outside at a coffee shop in Middleburg, VA called, Common Grounds, earlier this afternoon. An older man walked into the place and I immediately recognized that he was Robert Duvall. He sat down at a table with two women. I've always thought he was a great actor and enjoyed him on a few talk shows over the years so I walked over to their table and said, "Excuse me, Mr. Duvall, may I shake your hand?" He said, "Sure." I introduced myself and said, "I wanna ask you one question - Did Wilford Brimley once tell you that when they say, 'Action!', you better think of something?" He said, "Actually he said, 'When they say 'Action!', you better come up with something' - meaning don't come up with something, don't over act." We laughed and he then talked about how Brimley worked as a body guard for Howard Hughes as a young man and later became a jazz musician. Said he was a very interesting man, not just an actor and that they've been friends for years. Windi then came over to the ...
George Peppard, Jr. (/pəˈpɑrd/; October 1, 1928 – May 8, 1994) was an American film and television actor and producer. Peppard secured a major role when he starred alongside Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961),[1] portrayed a character based on Howard Hughes in The Carpetbaggers (1964), and played the title role of the millionaire sleuth Thomas Banacek in the early-1970s television series Banacek. He is probably best known for his role as Col. John "Hannibal" Smith, the cigar-chomping leader of a renegade commando squad, in the 1980s television show The A-Team George Peppard, Jr. was born in Detroit, Michigan, the son of building contractor George Peppard, Sr. and opera singer Vernelle Rohrer.[2] He graduated from Dearborn High School in Dearborn, Michigan. Peppard enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at age 17 on July 8, 1946 and rose to rank of Corporal in the 10th Marines, leaving the Corps at the end of his period of enlistment in January 1948.[3] From 1948 to 1949, he studied C ...
Steve Mcqueen & Mamie Van Doren~They dated in 1959. Because of her, McQueen publicly threatened to break Howard Hughes' nose if Hughes did not stop harassing Mamie. Needless to say, Hughes never bothered Van Doren again.
I don't think Tom hanks is a great actor, at all. His best role was Bosom Buddies. Forrest Gump sucked. Anyone can act like a *** try acting like someone smarter than you-that is a challenge. Di Caprio acted like Howard Hughes, that is acting, and that deserved an oscar. Not acting like a *** if that is academy award worthy, Obama should get it everyday.
$9.5 mil to be loaned to Howard Hughes for MPP, $500,000 for cultural programming by Downtown Columbia Arts & Culture Commission
obsessive-compulsive personalities Many famous artists who lived in the past strongly displayed symptoms of depression, with some of the more well known of these cases being Vincent van Gogh and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. There are many other artists that that were depressives, including: Edgar Allen Poe, Lord Byron, William Blake, John Keats, TS Elliot, Mark Twain, Noel Coward, George Frederic Handel, Charles Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams. In terms of politicians, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill are known to have been depressives. Among the best-known obsessive-compulsive personalities were Michelangelo, Charles Darwin, Florence Nightingale, Howard Hughes and Stanley Kubrick. More contemporary personalities with obsessive-compulsive tendencies include Woody Allen, Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, Cameron Diaz, Kathy Lee Gifford, Fred Durst, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Martin Scorsese, and Billy Bob Thornton. Many of the great authors, poets, artis ...
Live like a rich recluse in Howard Hughes' $19.5million second home on Lake Tahoe
$19.5M can now buy you Howard Hughes' Lake Tahoe retreat, take a look via
Howard Hughes' Lake Tahoe bolthole can now be yours for $19.5M via
Howard Hughes' Lake Tahoe retreat is now for sale, take a look
Howard Hughes' Lake Tahoe $19.5million estate hits the market: Hughes purchased the home on Lake Ta...
Howard Hughes' Lake Tahoe cabin hits the market for $19.5 million: . .
Are you a fan of Howard Hughes? Have you ever wanted to live like a recluse on the shores of Lake Tahoe? Do yo...
Howard Hughes' perfect 'little' log cabin on Lake Tahoe for sale..
Live like a rich recluse in one of Howard Hughes' second homes: Aviator's estate on the shores of...
Interesting - I, too, had heard that Rita Rd. was named after Rita Hayworth - here is another explanation-Legend has it that Rita Ranch, on Tucson’s southeast side, was named after actress Rita Hayworth by one-time beau Howard Hughes, who once owned the land on which the master-planned community now stands. Hughes bought leases and options for 32,000 acres near Tucson International Airport in 1951. Real estate magnate Roy P. Drachman romanced Hughes (photo at right) from afar and persuaded him to build a Hughes Aircraft Co. manufacturing plant here rather than in Phoenix, El Paso or Albuquerque. The Falcon missile was the first product it produced. Raytheon Co. purchased the company in 1997. The eccentric billionaire built a ranch home on the property and is said to have referred to the land as “Rita’s Ranch.” Hughes held on to much of the land until he died in 1976, when his estate sold it off to come up with cash to handle government claims against it. Aries Corp. bought the land, but later went ...
Some of the heroes that inspired Matt to undertake his journey: Howard Hughes, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk - and Tony Stark (
Who is Howard Hughes and what did he do during world war two
Howard Hughes, the reclusive billionaire who left his mark on the aerospace industry, once owned a Lake Tahoe estate that has come on the market at $19.5 million.
Alec Baldwin revisiting the strange world of Howard Hughes in Warren Beatty's upcoming biopic.
Howard Hughes' onetime estate on Lake Tahoe lists at $19.5 million
The politically correct commissioner will do all he can to destroy the game of football. To make it anything but a very rough man's sport is a mistake. A person's sexuality is their own business. Fans don't give a *** just phonies like the Commish'. He's not a business oriented person. His background is FBI. Howard Hughes found out how good ex generals and government officials are. Their lack of competence cost him a bundle.
Born on this day in 1903 was silent film star Billie Dove (real name Lillian Bohny). Dove was was born in United States of Swiss immigrant parents and went to work while still a teen to support her family. She was eventually hired by theatre impresario Florenz Ziegfeld to join his Ziegfeld Follies Revue. After treading the boards for a few years, she made her way to Hollywood and began appearing in silent films. Some of her on screen credits include: All the Brothers Were Valiant (1923), Kid Boots (1926), The Black Pirate (1926), The American Beauty (1927), The Painted Angel (1929) and Blondie of the Follies (1932). Dove was once the girlfriend of millionaire businessman Howard Hughes and was briefly married to film director Irvin Willat (1923-1929). She retired from the screen in the early 1930s to concentrate on family life. Billie Dove died in 1997 at the grand old age of ninety-four.
Sometimes I wish I were rich so I could just trap myself in my apartment like Brian Wilson or Howard Hughes and hide from the world.
Writers group to support Dad in 2nd draft of memoir: I Was A Teenage Spy For Howard Hughes
Ironically, Howard Hughes died on a plane flight. Its ironic because he revolutionized aviation and loved planes.
We visited the Evergreen Air and Space museum outside of Portland OR. and it was outstanding. Just as impressive as the one in WA DC and Florida. We loved it. We saw Howard Hughes Spruce Goose - it is the biggest plane we have ever seen! Thanks Toni and Steve!!
As of now - I have around 2,780 Votes for this contest with only tomorrow left. So ow taking Bribes and putting these votes for sale. If Nate Sinclair want's em' he has to get Howard Hughes to glance at my tour avails I sent last month ;) , for Jon Stringer - has to book me in Waco AND take a Headshot wearing Raymond Orta's T Shirt (no duck butt), and Dr. Juan Salinas has to graduate me with full honors at UT. All that or I'll take a Coke from Danny Palumbo.
it was made by Howard Hughes, who dictated the plot. I love Jane singing San Berdo, & Bob ironing his money!
Well, well -- so Howard Hughes wasn't so crazy after all, when he built a flying boat.
Can't fix stupid. Job change goes to will left by Howard Hughes. I didn't ever get a copies so your working without knowing. Sweet!
Just to let you all know I'm going all Howard Hughes from on. Good day.
Today on 'Paranoid Bunnies' we're examining the case of Marilyn Monroe & the TRUTH about WHY she was paranoid. With good, common sense, Monroe was paranoid. She was being stalked, monitored and threatened by a group of ZIONIST doctors who extorted her estate while she was alive & after she died. It is ILLEGAL & unethical for doctors or lawyers to be named in a client's will. Dr. Marianne Kris had her violently & abusively committed in 1961 and used 'commitment' to threaten Monroe. Monroe was forced to see the doctor 5 times per week, extorting funds for the unneccessary & fraudulent visits. Dr. Greenson, Marianne Kris & Freud were a network of predatory doctors that surrounded Monroe. Dr. Greenson even forced Monroe to be monitored under the guise of a 'housekeeper' he had chosen. Monroe's estate & copyrights is still controlled by the 'Psychatric Mafia' under the guise of a Children's Center in London. They not only funneled the Marilyn Monroe Estate out of the USA, they have extorted the estate for year ...
Future Honolulu skyline, and this is only the Howard Hughes portion of "Our Kaka'ako" -- 60 acres from Queen Street to Ward Avenue. 21 buildings in next 20 years; Anaha and Waiea breaking ground early June. Beautiful suites still available! Come and get your new home!
I am watching "the call centre" these people petrify me and bring me closer to Howard Hughes. Life is hard isn't it
Wot, after the Gilded Age Robber Barons, and Howard Hughes? besides, tens of millions is chump-change for Our Owners.
You either a playboy or a activist. Malcolm X or Howard Hughes. Can't be both.
Casting Net: Charlize Theron is reportedly in talks to star in and produce American Express, an indie for director Nash Edgerton. Plot details are being kept under wraps as the film is shopped at Cannes. Theron can be seen next in Seth MacFarlane‘s A Million Ways to Die in the West (May 30). Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) has been cast in Warren Beatty‘s untitled Howard Hughes pic about the reclusive mogul’s assistant (Alden Erenreich) and his burgeoning relationship with Lily Collins. Baldwin will play Hughes’ lawyer Bob Mayhew. Annette Bening, Martin Sheen, and Matthew Broderick will also star. Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) will star opposite Kate Winslet and Isla Fisher in The Dressmaker, a romantic drama set in Australia about a woman who returns home after she was accused of being a murderer as a child. It’s based on Rosalie Ham‘s novel, and Proof helmer Jocelyn Moorhouse is set to direct. Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City) and Jessica Lange (American Horror Story) will join Shirley Macl ...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Happy happy Tuesday! Howard Hughes 7:30pm Power Yogis: The lovely Renee Greiner will be subbing my class. Please show up and show out! I'll be back Thursday bright and early at 6am. See you on the mat :)
Barron Storey has been a commercial illustrator since the 1960s, and his clients have included major magazines such as Boys' Life, Reader's Digest, and National Geographic. His cover portraits for Time of Howard Hughes and Yitzhak Rabin hang in the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery. His giant painting of the South American rain forest hangs in New York's American Museum of Natural History, and a 1979 rendering of the space shuttle commissioned by NASA, the first official painting ever done of it, hangs in the Air and Space Museum on the National Mall. As a book illustrator he as done cover illustrations for the Franklin Library classics, War and Peace, The Good Earth and Stories by Sinclair Lewis; as well as the covers of Fahrenheit 451 for Del Rey / Ballantine; and, most famously, the 1980 reissue of Lord of the Flies. ~ Wikipedia
George Marrett, a test pilot for Howard Hughes, gives a fascinating insider's account of the aviation genius who set speed records in the 1930s and went on to develop some of America's most famous aircraft and weapons. Marrett takes readers inside Hughes's complex world - a world that has kept it...…
Actor Alec Baldwin has been cast as eccentric Howard Hughes' lawyer in a new Warren Beatty film.
The great four times Oscar-winning actress Katherine Hepburn. Brilliantly played by Cate Blanchet in Martin Scorsese's epic movie about Howard Hughes, THE AVIATOR
* Charlize Theron will produce and star in American Express, the latest directorial effort from Nash Edgerton, Joel's brother and director of 2008's The Square. There are zero details as of yet but we do know Megan Ellison's rebranded Annapurna International will be selling it at Cannes. Stay tuned for details. * Warren Beatty continues to cast up his untitled Howard Hughes biopic with some
I have learned you cannot fulfil a great purpose like the building of Nevada and make ice-cream on the front porch every night too. ~ Howard Hughes
Colliers International announced the finalization of a lease to Hendricks-Berkadia of an office property located at 3930 Howard Hughes Parkway.
Howard Hughes people? The cops and the news media. They are admitting to conducting assassinations all over America. First today the cops were saying the UN kept contacting them and UN told everyone to never contact them. They refused to answer any calls and emails. I don't know. I was just sitting here when Howard Hughes people threatened me out of no where and the cops killed them for the newsmedia. Howard Hughes knew me since I was a little girl. I would never murder them and they knew it.
Tom Warden of Howard Hughes says Summerlin will double in size to 220,000 before development finished.
Watching 'The Aviator' starring Leonardo DiCaprio as industrialist/aviator/movie producer Howard Hughes. Hughes might have had his phobias that drove him to become a drug-ridden recluse, but he contributed a great deal to the aircraft industry...
The Howard Hughes Corp. has reached contractual agreements for about half of the 482 units in its two ultra-luxury high-rises in Kakaako — Anaha and Waiea — part of its Ward Village master-planned community, according to its first-quarter earnings report released Thursday.
A third-year Georgetown University School of Medicine student is one of 70 medical, dental and veterinary students nationwide selected to participate in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Medical Research Fellows Program .
Ward Village is set to become Hawaii’s first (and North America’s largest) LEED Platinum community. Read our piece on this development from The Howard Hughes Corporation:
Happy Monday!!! Never miss a Monday workout...find something you love to do and get it done! You can join me 3 different times today: 10:30am Zumba at Equinox Southern California in Beverly Hills, 5:30pm Flirty Dance Fitness at Spectrum Athletic Clubs, and Physical Funk 7:30pm at Spectrum in Howard Hughes. Email me for guestlist and Let's Dance :-)
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I did not know that Howard Hughes had a connection to Boeing I just thought he owned TWA and Hughes Aircraft
Howard Hughes was able to afford the luxury of madness,like a man who not only thinks he is Napoleon but hires an army to prove itTed Morgan
Kids, was reading an article about celebrities who have committed murder and found the story very pathetic. Along with murderers like Phil Spector, Johnny Lewis, Don King, Jayson Williams, Howard Hughes, and Gig Young, I found it pathetic that they also listed the names of Oliver Stone and Jimmy Stewart. Their crimes ? Jimmy Stewart was a pilot who flew bombing missions during WWII, and Oliver Stone, he served in Vietnam and killed enemy soldiers with a grenade. What ? More lack of respect for those who have served.
He married Lana Turner and claims to have edited the only real Howard Hughes autobiography. Robert Eaton's story in Sunday's Accent
"When I first began getting into Tony Stark, I imagined him as having a Howard Hughes kind of boldness..."
Before becoming the Wolf of Wall Street, Calvin Candie the slave owner, Howard Hughes, The Great Gatsby, breaking into peoples dreams, cashing fake checks, investigating on Shutter Island or searching for Blood Diamonds, a young boy by the name of Leo DiCaprio starred in a movie called The Beach. A truly great performance of an actor who would then become one of the most talented and prestigious artists of his time. Directed by Danny Boyle, to who we owe Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours, The Beach is a great movie. Worth a watch!
Howard Hughes said I could come and feed him ham but he wasn`t coming out because of the weather =^..^=
the new Howard Hughes development near Ward Warehouse and Center also owned by Hughes Corp. Sales Center
Howard Hughes had a tough time getting government contracts too. Those government contractors have all been...
I want to become wealthy to the point where I'm able to reach Howard Hughes level crazy.
Howard Hughes Corp. announces first multifamily development in downtown Summerlin -
Lin Shao, a researcher at Howard Hughes Medical Institute,won third prize in a Nikon contest for his 3D video of a live cancer cell...
ik there's on @ Howard Hughes Center but they have bomb fish tacos I heard lol it's a "mexican grill" yet it's mostly sea food
After a Soviet submarine carrying nuclear warheads sank in the Pacific in 1968, the Soviet Navy failed to locate the vessel. That's when the U.S. government, keen on getting classified information from the sub, asked the CIA and Howard Hughes to help.
Howard and Johnson have just presented Will Hughes with the Derby County young player of the year award
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Apartment complex planned: The Howard Hughes Corp. recently announced plans for the first multifamily resident...
Martin Sheen joins Warren Beatty in untitled Howard Hughes movie
Jane Russell maybe at the public library. Russell (1921-2011) was signed by Howard Hughes for The Outlaw (1943),...
the grand sugar daddy...Howard Hughes
Gene Sarazan, one of five golfers to win all 4 majors, in 1935 hit “the shot that was heard around the world”, by holing his second shot for an albatross on the 15th at the Masters . In 1932 however he won the US Open & the British Open with a sand wedge he redesigned by attaching a flange. The story goes that some time in the late 1920s, he went flying with Howard Hughes, the aviation tycoon, movie producer and scratch golfer. When Hughes's plane took off, the flaps on the wings came down and Sarazan made a connection between the flaps and the flange you could add to a club that would allow it to slide through the sand and help the ball pop up. As an addendum to that I played quite a lot of golf years ago with Jay Dolan, an American tour player now in his mid 70’s, who got a lesson from Gene himself some 50 years ago, about sand shots. He then relayed the lesson to me. A little bit of history!
Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the biopic of entrepreneur and aviator Howard Hughes in the Martin Scorsese directed epic, The Aviator, on Saturday at 7.35pm on Sony TV UK (Sky 157, Virgin 193, BT 454, Talk Talk 454). Watch our promo!
“People in many fields, including evolutionary biology, anthropology and sociology, have long debated whether the evolution of the human brain was a special event,” said senior author Bruce Lahn of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the University of Chicago. “I believe that our study settles this question by showing that it was.”
Lin Shao from Howard Hughes Medical Institute has created a video that shows, for the first time, the inner details of the mitochondria i..
Elon Musk is the modern day Howard Hughes
So recently, a customer at work finally made a funny (I know, FINALLY, right?). He told me about an exchange that business magnate Howard Hughes had, at a party, with a fellow guest: Howard: Would You Sleep with me for 1 million dollars? Woman: Yes Howard: How about 20 dollars? Woman: What kind of a woman do you think I am?! Howard: I *know* what kind of woman you are, I'm just negotiating the price. :D :D :D
Deposit Alert: Date: 25 - April - 2014 Time: 8:00am EST Click To Collect Alert. * Warmest regards, - JB ---Our Contact Info--- * We receive recompense when products and services featured herein are acquired. Results are unique. Your results will vary widely. This is not a receipt. This is not a payment notice. This is not a bill. This is a broadside. C/O J.B. 3773 Howard Hughes Pkwy, Ste 500 N Las Vegas, NV 89169 I get a kick outta these emails. they make me laugh out by breaking up the day- to-day.
Watching Howard Hughes' 1930 WWI flying epic *** s Angels and the film switches to color a half hour in. Is every print like this?
Im so glad they cast Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes in The Aviator.
Leonardo DiCaprio has been shut out of many opportunities to win an Oscar. I think that if there was one performance that he should have won was for his portrayal of the eccentric Howard Hughes in "The Aviator" (2005). The award went to Jamie Foxx for "Ray."
Politicians in khaki from Hughes to Hawke to the recent crop of charlatans
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Watching THE FLYING LEATHERNECKS. Never knew it was a Howard Hughes film.
Children need to play even — and perhaps especially — when they endure tragedy. It is that routine and structure that can help kids overcome trauma, says Dr. Kerry Ressler, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute researcher at Emory University.
'The Aviator', great film, Howard Hughes was/is infinitely fascinating!
t is exciting to see the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Research Council, the National Academy of Sciences, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the U.S. Department of...
I noticed we were docked next to the Queen Mary. Once the grandest ocean liner in the world, the Queen Mary is now a full-service Long Beach hotel, historical landmark, and entertainment venue. Our number was called and we soon found ourselves on the sky walk to the Long Beach Cruise Terminal which was inside the dome that was formerly home to Howard Hughes Spruce Goose flying boat. Looking down as we made our way through the walkway I could see much activity below with several tractor trailers being unloaded and taken on board the Imagination as luggage and other items were being removed from the ship.
maybe he's practicing being the next Howard Hughes he always dressed down too.
At the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, we believe in the power of individuals to advance science through research and science education, making discoveries that benefit humanity.
What in the World -- from the SWF3 Festival in Offenburg, Germany in 1982. "[Rory] became a Howard Hughes-like...
Customer: It’s signed by Howard Hughes. Chum: You got some Playboy bunnies?. Rick: No Howard Hughes, not Hugh Hefner!.
checkout the latest HIP HOP from HOWARD HUGHES
The Howard Hughes Corp. is going to build a gated luxury apartment complex next to the Shops at Summerlin
Oh yeah, I know, just feels a little like I'm drifting from mildly anti-social to full Howard Hughes and I'm a bit young for that.
Harry Reid was part of the Howard Hughes that ran Vegas and Nevada? you mean Benji Hughes? Or should I actually be looking up Ben Howard?
checkout the latest project from HOWARD HUGHES
I-405 N/B : Obstruction on the road at Howard Hughes Parkway -
reminds me of Howard Hughes fighting Pan Am's monopoly on international flights
If you're a germaphobe please lock yourself in a room for a couple years like Howard Hughes
Yes & Howard Hughes had a beautiful mind have you seen that movie w/
This film's star first visited when he was hired by Howard Hughes to deliver a team of horses there -
Reminder that Boo might be our first baby but I'm already a mum. Birthday relaxation put on hold to thoroughly clean the living room thanks to a poorly Dotty-Do (sick everywhere!) Team effort with Howard Hughes!
Dear Students, If you still haven’t found your summer internship, make sure to check CCI Connect! and MOJO. There are still many internships available with application deadlines due this week at great organizations such as: • Smithsonian National Zoological Park • Magnet Media Films • Natural Resources Council of Maine • World Camp for Kids Malawi And for those of you on the hunt for a job, here’s a sampling of the newest posted in MOJO: • Digital Producer for 10 Speed Labs, a Manhattan-based advertising agency • Activity Leader/Caregiver at Elderly Services working to promote the independence of Addison County senior citizens • Research Technician at The Pellman Laboratory at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute • Coordinator of Planning & Reporting at Conservation International, an innovative nonprofit working to protect the Earth’s biodiversity • Paralegal at Boston-based law firm, Lurie, Lent & Friedman
Just knocked out my insanity. About to read my Bible scriptures and go see my trainer. In a few weeks I'll be teaching boxing to my clients. Come get your memberships at Spectrum gym. The gym is amazing with a relaxing environment. It's not one of those typical gyms that feel like a meat market. They have three levels in the gym with non stop aerobics and cycling classes. The locker rooms are huge, clean and have a dry sauna as well as a steam room. Come and sign up at the Howard Hughes Center and tell them that Monique Kennedy sent ya! Let's get fit!
3 days being home sick and my house has almost achieved full Howard Hughes status.
Regarding the golf scene in The Aviator with Katherine Hepburn & Howard Hughes; I believe Cate Blanchett would DESTROY Leo DiCaprio in golf.
Hughes Corp. Plans Apartments for Downtown Summerlin: The Howard Hughes Corp. and the Calida Group have unveil...
Reminds me of Howard Hughes saying to Kate Hepburn, in The Aviator: “You don’t care about money because you’ve always had it.”
They say I'm a recluse like Howard Hughes what the f--k in them streets for me
So with Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 12 coming June 28th. I am looking to finalize the undercard. So I'm looking to match all k1 amateur fights:- 72kg, 78kg & 84kg men, 61.5kg female. If you are interested please get in touch asap. This is gonna be one *** of a card! Also confirmed as referees Leon Roberts & Howard Hughes.
Howard Hughes "Leg Room" is from his upcoming album to be released this summer 2014 entitled Villa Riviera. Track produced by Joe Allen and video by Bob Daff...
We have a tiger by the tale and I ain't gonna let it go *** it! Howard Hughes.
The Howard Hughes Corp. has announced plans for the first multifamily residential development in the 400-acre downtown Summerlin.
I'm going to take a drink for Howard Hughes
Turns out to be a new Howard Hughes film starring Warren Beatty. Gonna be awesome!
LITTLE KNOWN SUPERHERO FACT Iron Man was created as a dare! Stan Lee and artist Don Heck created Iron Man at the height of the Cold War in 1963, when the American people were very much aware of war and its impact on their lives. On paper, Tony Stark offered no alternative to this; in fact, he really wasn't the most like-able superhero at all. He was an arms dealer, a bit of a womanizer and more arrogant than possibly any other comic book creation. But this was the point. Lee was challenged by his publisher Martin Goodman to create a superhero who was also a “wealthy capitalist war profiteer.” Lee took on the challenge, believing all the while that Stark would be a big hit—and he was dead right. Perhaps one of the reasons for Iron Man’s success was the fact that he was loosely based on the celebrity Howard Hughes, who embodied many of the superhero’s traits in real life. And when the artist Heck first sketched the hero, he imagined the popular actor Errol Flynn.
Were he still alive, my Grandpa Wood would have turned one hundred years old today. Born on the eve of World War I, it is amazing to think how much the world changed in his lifetime. One of thirteen children, he grew up on a farm in Missouri and hopped trains out west after he finished high school. He worked at the sheep ranch on Antelope Island, helped build the Spruce Goose for Howard Hughes in California, and delivered donuts and other tasty baked goods early every morning around Salt Lake. He gave up smoking cold turkey the night he met my grandmother. I love this excerpt from his obituary: "Although his life is not decorated with awards, medals, or worldly accomplishments, everyone that knew Cecil knew that he was decorated by countless acts of kindness, compassion, and nonjudgmental love." I will always be a little sad that I was not able to go to his funeral. The older I get the more I wish I had taken more time to ask him about all of the amazing things he did in his life. But he left me with so m ...
A Little departure from the usual Mansions on the site this is The "Culver Studios Mansion" in Culver City, Ca. It was built in 1918 for Thomas Ince, actor, director and producer of Silent Films. The Mansion was a Colonial Revival modeled after George Washington's home in Mount Vernon. The 15,000 sq ft Mansion was used as an administration building by owners, Cecil B Demille, RKO, David O. Selznick, Howard Hughes, Desilu Studios, Sony pictures and now owned by a conglomerate of investors. Notable films made at this studio was King Kong, Gone with the Wind and Citizen Kane. It has been used for many movies and TV Shows. The Mansion is reported to be haunted by the ghost of Thomas Ince.
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