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Howard Beach

Howard Beach is a neighborhood in the southwestern portion of the New York City borough of Queens. It is bordered in the north by the Belt Parkway and South Conduit Avenue in Ozone Park, the south by Jamaica Bay in Broad Channel, the east by 102nd-104th streets, and the west by 78th Street.

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I die at these houses in Howard beach
"Meteor from Perseid Meteor Shower, taken from Portobello Beach, Edinburgh" by at
Wish I had more friends in Howard beach because I'm seriously craving ice cream right now
Amazing how powerful and intense BLACK FRIDAY is,Hogans Beach Shop feels like a 1000 Hulk Hogans are grabbing Ron Howard for stuff HH
Just realized Son of the Beach took place at Malibu adjacent...did Howard Stern invent adjace?
and Port Seton at night, viewed from Portobello Beach. 0009hrs on 13/8/15
Howard Beach is rated 23rd safest area in NY. compared to Harlem, which rates 64th safest (for violent crimes).
Meteor viewed from Portobello Beach at 0018hrs tonight
I got a ride thru Howard beach home God bless mothers willing to pick up
Howard Beach. Two black kids were attacked by bat wielding teens, who chased them into highway traffic ending in death for 1
I'm not familiar with Howard Beach or Little Italy but I'm thinking resources are delegated based on crime rates.
if you're go do it, do it all over and in every community, like Howard Beach and Little Italy.
I'll take beach drive over South Howard anyway
Gold's Gym Howard Beach is opens Monday at 5am until Friday at 11pm! Saturday and Sunday 7am-10pm. Let us help...
biking the whole Howard beach by my lonesome isn't fun be my friend already
Apply now to work for Citigroup as Teller (20 Hours) - Howard Beach Branch in
Sorry for my hometown, but after that stunt that the Chamber of Commerce allowed Sally Howard to do in '08, good.
Howard Dlugasch has a show on 08/12/2015 at 06:00 PM @ Loggerheads Beach... in Folly Beach, SC...
Brooklyn-Far Rock-Woodside-Richmond Hill-Howard Beach-Far Rock-MillBasin. & the day isn't over yet ladies and gents.
Wed, August 12th... The Hottest Rooftop Party in Howard Beach!!! Music by djps1!!!…
Vengo films is covering our friend djmikeveccia at new yorks best rooftop rvrooftop in Howard Beach.…
Sunday family dinner after the beach! (@ Cross Bay Diner in Howard Beach, NY)
A train service is *SUSPENDED* btwn Rockaway Blvd and Far Rockaway in b/d due to an incident at Howard Beach
b/d, no train service b/t Rockaway Blvd & Far Rockaway due to a NYPD investigation of a customer injury at Howard Beach.
Enjoyed my time in Howard Beach this morn, including w/ a spry 95 yr old WWII Vet
At the request of a 3rd-grade class, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Howard Beach), asks for yield signs at the school.
The Hole. A small triangle of near rural life between East New York and Howard Beach.
Peter Chestnut Gold's Gym in Howard Beach is apparently where She-Hulk works out
Howard Beach native sent to federal prison for loan-sharking plea: A reputed mob captain with Howard Beach roots…
she reminds me of girls I dated back in college, from Howard Beach,sorry
...I am HOWARD BEACH...LOL...stop with the gangster talk, that's not your lane
Watching abt life in the Greece isles. I feel like Howard Sprague watching the travel log abt "beach life". Andy fans get it.
I live in Ozone Park. Right outside of Howard Beach. Lol
I believe there's 3 B's that can fix any problem: beach, burrito, and Ben Howard.
been to the beach one time and you got a salt life sticker.. Smh
Showers after the beach will forever be the best feeling in the world
Taking pics at the beach while jumping in the air in front of the ocean
Yeah Harden has been without Howard but the thing is, Howard doesn't really matter.
I like going to Howard Beach and playing find the druggie
Peyrin Kao, Forrest Hu, Benjamin Chen, Matthew *** Kevin Gu, Howard Alcosser at Math Day at the Beach on PI Day 2015
Always searching for that one grain of sand along am endless beach.
but shoutout to mr Howard for havin the same bday that beach pic looked dope af af ha
I dk the back story,I think he's from howard beach, got into the wrestling thing n has always been good 2 me
Just passed Ryan Howard's freaking beach manor. I want it!
Howard if that puck was a beach ball you still couldn't stop it!! Philly is killing Detroit.
Our very own Cllr. Howard Henshaw appear on TV this evening in support of sand yachting and other beach related...
From jfk to Howard beach takes so long .. I be like Damnn we still not there 😐
Howard can't stop a beach ball right now
The BOGO Code for my at Sporty's On The Beach, is “I'M A YANKEE DOODLE DANDY”. Just call...
Compare health ratings for restaurants in Howard Beach before you eat 20150314
Happy Birthday!! Hope you have the best day ever!! Can't wait to spend more time with you & sky at the beach 💙💙.
Bill Howard at 78 leg press 735. beach
hey Patrick, hope all is well...Tom and I moved to Howard Beach...please let him know when you're passing through!
Thanks to I found this image… Beautiful… ☺️. A panorama of one of the canals of Venice Beach. 📷 Roger Howard
Virginia Beach to Howard spring break is looking like a go !
A breezy day at the beach is still a day at the beach 🌊🌞 @ Ferdandina Beach
I wonder what broken rail can wait until the morning to repair..NYCT is also doing emergency work Sunday
Tell me why it's spring break and I'm not on the beach with a big margarita 😡🔫
Service on the A Line between Howard Beach-JFK Airport and Far Rockaway-Mott Av and Rockaway Park-Beach 116 St will be suspended in both…
Texas Holdem Tournament for Autism 03/20/15 Howard Beach NY.Would love to have you attend. See my page for details. Thanks
Deon Bush, Edgerrin James & Tracy Howard. Spring Break on the beach.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I hate that anytime I want Red Mango I have to drive to Valley Stream or Howard Beach 😒
b/d there is no train service b/t Far Rockaway & Howard Beach, due to a train with mechanical problems at Howard Beach.
Old masters Ginette Bedard long-distance runner, 81 near her home in Howard Beach
It's not just about It was 25 minutes to Penn Station from Howard Beach, 20 minutes from Woodhaven, 15 from …
Be the first to apply! Seasonal Sales Associate - Gap Adult - Cross Bay Plaza in Howard Beach, NY.
Thank you to all those members who RSVP, and will attend our holyday\meeting on December 10th @ Lenny's clam bar in Howard Beach.
Stanley can barely contain his excitement about Thanksgiving! @ Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY
We now have satellite offices open in Howard Beach and Mill Basin. Check out for hours and locations. Please RT!
Bernhard Goetz Main article: Bernhard Goetz Bernhard Goetz shot four African-American men on a New York City Subway 2 train in Manhattan on December 22, 1984, when they approached him and allegedly tried to rob him. At his trial Goetz was cleared of all charges except for carrying an unlicensed firearm. Sharpton led several marches protesting what he saw as the weak prosecution of the case.[25] Sharpton and other civil rights leaders said Goetz's actions were racist and requested a federal civil rights investigation.[26] A federal investigation concluded the shooting was due to an attempted robbery and not race.[27] Howard Beach Main article: Howard Beach racial incident On December 20, 1986 three African-American men were assaulted in the Howard Beach neighborhood of Queens by a mob of white men. The three men were chased by their attackers onto the Belt Parkway, where one of them, Michael Griffith, was struck and killed by a passing motorist.[28] A week later, on December 27, Sharpton led 1,200 demonstr ...
*** happened in Howard Beach last night
shooting Cross Bay dinner in Howard Beach gunman still at large just happened
Was there a shooting at the Cross Bay Dinner in Howard Beach last night ?
A black person gets shot, there is a protest led by Al Sharpton. There is a shooting in Howard Beach and some want the mob back?
Shooting w one man still on loose right now at crossbay diner in howard beach, how settling.
Howard Beach patrol really making a difference here
Believe what u want but the crime rate in Howard beach sky rocketed once the pathway in linden wood connecting us to Brooklyn was opened.
Cops all over Howard beach looking for Ebola.. Reportedly at large, armed and dangerous just flew in from JFK
one of those combative working class whites stabbed Rev Al in Howard Beach back in the day
Gunman on the loose in Howard Beach after diner shooting. This is scary!!
what is really good with howard beach lately?¿
Helicopters in Howard beach looking for a gunman 😬 hide yo kids and hide yo wife
Shots fired in a Howard Beach diner on a Monday night is a real thing that is happening in 2014
shots fired at the Crossbay Diner in Howard Beach tonight, 3/4 perps have been arrested, 1 is still at large
Does anyone know why there's helicopters In howard beach?
Police helicopter and policemen searching around old Howard Beach for someone. Been about 20-25 minutes. If you're around the area...
helicopters flying over Howard Beach, whats going on?
So someone got shot in howard beach cool
Now police cars all over Howard Beach right now! Does anyone know what is going on?
Why is there a helicopter circling so low over Howard Beach right now?
Does anyone know what's going on in Howard Beach. There's an NYPD Helicopter circling my house? Howard Beach Lindenwood Civic
Sophie Howard on the beach with C Marshall (3)
Sophie Howard on the beach with C Marshall (1)
Sophie Howard on the beach with C Marshall (2)
.in the daytime (Bensonhurst, Howard Beach, etc.). So it's weird. And super complex.
New routes proposed in Howard Beach, Ozone Park for Jamaica Bay Greenway: Howard Beach and Ozone Park will be home…
Last night on October 01st, 2014 we had the honor of having Mr. Ian Bains a reporter from the Sunday Times of London news paper, Mr. Bains and his Photographer was doing a ride along with our patrol, reporting stories right here from NYC and sending it to their London news office. Even London cities have crime, and quality of life issues. During our tour we spoke about issues within our community and Quality of Life issues we are addressing. At about 10:00PM we were in the parking lot of the Lindenwood Shopping center and came across Councilman Eric Ulrich which is a Lindenwood resident. Eric was asked about his feelings of the start of our Howard Beach Civilian Patrol, and he made a brief interview showing his support of the C.O.P. Program in NYC.
continued...and please tell your MTA Bus Drivers like in Howard Beach, NYC to BRAKE FOR ANIMALS. My mom lost five cats.
I left at 4:30 and got home at 11:30. Will hold onto my LA connection forever, even when I'm living on the beach in SD.
would love to see a graphic novel regarding Howard Howe and his backstory with him on the beach with the walrus.
you are a DISGRACE. You're from Howard Beach. MY friends are asking YOU wheredda go
Wills, Trusts & Nursing Home Asset Protection at Vetro in Howard Beach, NY, US on 10/23/2014
Hope everyone at Howard has fun in class tomorrow... I'll be at South Beach 🌴
continued..Anthony J Trimboli Howard Beach, NYC- Well, REST and have a clear mind. Just know in NYC, the NH man would be arrest
Giuseppe collects debts in Howard Beach in a fila track suit
I love Howard Beach I lived there a few months ago
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that is very good. The people speed too quickly on the block here 98 st in Howard Beach.
Only in Howard beach will you see someone hop out of there 80,000 dollar car to deliver a pizza. Lmfao.
We've been bringing you the catch of the day since 1981. Thanks for all the love, Howard Beach!
Good intentions of getting to JFK early ruined by candy crush saga and me missing the Howard beach A stop
Cos Howard is good at taking pictures.
The fact that Ryan Howard got his house built in Clearwater beach with a lazy river goin around n under his house is pretty dope lol.
Howard Beach Civic back from summer: After a summer hiatus, the Howard Beach-Lindenwood Civic Association resumed…
Following an earlier incident at Howard Beach, train service has resumed with residual delays.
DOT changes the light bulbs in Howard Beach: A darkened section of Howard Beach is getting a bit brighter, just in…
23 years ago Greg and Ashleigh Howard were part of the Models for Christ group which I led in South Beach. Greg...
OVA beach player Chaney Howard has become the third OVA player to receive a beach volleyball scholarship!!!...
why was the 45 min delay this morning between Howard Beach and Far Rockaway wasn't reported!?!?
DOT Pledges to Beautify Lindenwood Walkway: After months of pleading with officials, Howard Beach and Lindenwood...
So happy to bee part of this addition to the Howard Beach community!! We are open for business!!…
I would really love to live in howard beach or any upscale part of queens.
I think this would be heaven for Howard Howe, yes?
I gotta start talking to girls outside of howard beach
Howard beach for the night to get some dinner
Thanks for following Howard! Love the cover photo. Now I want to hit the beach!
What happens when there isn't enough sea ice
Physical Therapy for the hip is essential to it's recovery. Sign up for today!
Check out our job opening for a Purchasing Supervisor in Howard Beach, NY! Trandon Associates,
Pls join us at the 2nd round of community workshops in Howard Beach/Ozone Park on 10/7 at 6:30pm
Take a listen: Guitar and Harpsichord Richard Durrant & Howard Beach out this weekend
Stranded at a mcdonalds in Howard beach meanwhile I'm supposed to be at a college tour in jersey at 9 ... Lol 😒
OMG. reminds me too much of my encounter with John Howard in speedos on Hawks Nest beach before he became PM. o_O
Sophie Howard on the beach getting ready (1)
This Sat 4 October something new from Richard Durrant and Howard Beach
probably howard beach. But I want to move out to the island.
If you're looking for a FIAT Dealer near Howard Beach, look no further than FIAT of Manhattan.
Thank You for all the early support, please share this page with all your friends and local businesses in South Ozone Park, Ozone Park, Howard Beach, Woodhaven, Broad Channel, Lindenwood & The Rockaways. Also share with youth athletic groups and let your voice be heard on this page that the team and stadium is wanted and would be supported in the area, make the choice easy for ownership Thank You
I like going to Sporty's On The Beach during their philosophy hours. It's really quite interesting. The other...
airtraining it to howard beach Sunday, 14 Sept.
Howard Beach has lots of these Green Parrots
Howard to play full time in the sand and will soon be calling his oceanfront digs on Palm Beach his main crib.
Howard Slatkin cites the former Palm Beach residence of Mrs. Charles Wrightsman as an influence, whe
EXCLUSIVE -- Sources: Howard Stern wants to make Palm Beach his permanent home! -
A4: Growing up, Fred Howard Park in used to be the best spot for a quick beach trip.
The A train is terrible from Howard Beach too. Always take it from Rockaway Blvd
So Howard Stern saying he's moving to Palm Beach full-time next year sounds like an indication he doesn't want to renew his Sirius contract?
Not many feelings like just missing the A Train at Howard Beach because the AirTrain hesitated for five minutes.
I wonder if the Howard of Howard Beach would be happy his legacy is confusing tourists boarding the AirTrain at JFK.
Biking through Howard Beach, devastated by Sandy in '12. Community is rebuilt both through anger, hope, and donated dry wall.
The sun is shining bright in Howard Beach right now.
HONEYCOMBS from the underworld beatles beach boys hollies queen howard blaikley
Proud to be participating as a speaker @ Crowdfunding Your Startup This Thursday Sept. 18th in Newport Beach @ 6pm
I guess Howard Beach is the only one I can't place, but still
watching 1st season of Law and Order (1990) with and every cultural reference - squeaky fromme, carnac, howard beach - lost on her
Getting seriously vibey lying in my living room listen to Ben Howard. Take me to the beach, give me a blanket, light a fire and gis a banjo🍁
Now in: signed copies of Howard Engel's 1940s Hollywood mystery, City of Fallen Angels, at (Beach) - catch them if you can!
Second Beach twilight at Olympic National Park in northwestern Washington • photo: Howard Snyder on
The Parrots of Howard Beach: North of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens is a m...
Famous viner from howard beach cant handle his mikes hard lemonade and passes out with a shirtless dude
- Liberty Travel - Travel Agent- Queens, NY at Liberty Travel in Howard Beach, NY.
Don't miss this opportunity! Liberty Travel is now in Howard Beach, NY.
Thank you to Howard Perry and Lance Robert from 100 Black Men of Long Beach. Confused about navigating the...
New York is beautiful today 69 in Howard beach better than cali
Dinner with aunt Naomi and AmeliaRose ❤️ (@ Gino's Pizzeria & Restaurant in Howard Beach, NY)
In high school we had this table of really cute tough guys from Ozone Park/Howard Beach. I'm laughing so hard looking at pics of them now 😂
My cab driver doesn't speak English and can't drive from Howard Beach to Ozone Park w/o a gps 😐 featured in NBC s Science of Love
The population of Howard Beach is entirely made up of 90 year old women and the Gotti family
Disgrace that Pia Toscano from Howard Beach is repping the Kings singing the national anthem
As was discussed at the last civic meeting. Thank you both. BUILD IT BACK STAFF TO BE STATIONED IN SEN. ADDABBO’S HOWARD BEACH OFFICE AS WELL AS ASSEMBLYMAN GOLDFEDER'S Ozone Park AND ROCKAWAY OFFICE (June 3, 2014) – Representatives from the city’s storm rebuilding program, Build it Back, will be stationed in State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.’s Howard Beach office, 159-53 102nd Street, every Thursday from 1 to 4 p.m. starting Thursday, June 5. For an appointment, call Pat McCabe in the senator’s Howard Beach office, 718-738-1. “Time and time again my constituents come to me and say they either haven’t heard a word from Build it Back, or they are being given the runaround. It’s time to bring the program’s representatives straight to the people, where they can be given the attention and face-to-face courtesy they deserve,” Addabbo said. “I am thankful Build it Back has people in the Rockaways, but residents off of the Peninsula were affected as well, and they should be able to get h ...
Page 20: Job fair for veterans in Howard Beach.
The city is finally repairing the boardwalk connecting Hamilton Beach and Howard Beach after Superstorm Sandy made it dangerous to use.
My friends and family! Exes, lovers, past and future! Coworkers, past and present! I feel the love, Ladies and Gentlemen! And it feels good! Thank you all so very much. It was a beautiful birthday. The weather was glorious! The New York Rangers kicked *** The Yankees won! We watched the Preakness and California Chrome won a thrilling race and the stage is set for a Triple Crown Winner! Dinner at Bruno's Restaurant in Howard Beach was fun and delicious, thanks to Jessie, Ava, Nancy, Michael and my folks! What can I say?! Perfect in every way.
Setting up for the Flea Market today ! Come down to NYFAC Howard Beach and see our goods for sale today
Howard beach is nothing but filled with wanna be tough guys/girls and wanna be gangstass lmfao Nuff Said.
HALLANDALE BEACH, FL — A man is “fighting for his life” after being shot in his home while unarmed during a...
Ok. So. I'm not allowed to drink alcohol or coffee or eat any Italian food & I'm stuck in Howard Beach. *** is that all about? Ulcers get the gasface :(
In Howard Beach and Lindenwood, city workers are clearing the sewers of debris, doing whatever they can to prevent a backup like what happened during the last major rainfall when the streets turned into rivers.
Just wondering.beach or Castle Howard for our picnic today?
I have to say that the view driving across the Howard Frankland Bridge in Tampa to St. Pete's Beach at sunset was quite lovely.
u don't live in Howard beach no more ?
I hate when Howard Beach actually turns into a beach😑🏊
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I should swim to Howard beach for some new park right now
With all the money the government takes from me in taxes you would think that they would clear out the gutters for the rain to go through. Welcome to Howard beach where every passing shower the town becomes an oversized Olympic pool.
Times like this make me hate living in Howard beach
Howard Beach is on flood watch tonight. You may have taken my mustang, but you can't take my Jeep.
Hoping all my peeps in Howard Beach are OK with this rain!
More problems tonight in Howard Beach in queens and other places having the same exact issues with heavy showers...
Howard beach floods for the 16th time this week
Idc I'm moving out of howard beach.
This rain is making me nervous, Lord put your hands over and protect everybody that lives in a flood zone, especially my father and everybody else that lives in Howard Beach. My poor father has to sleep with one eye open as he is still dramatized from Hurricane Sandy, he lost everything the first time.
There's girls from Howard across from us at the beach me and are about to egg their house
In Howard beach n this flood bout to having a *** swim home
s/b, trains are running with delays, due to signal problems at Howard Beach. Allow additional travel time.
Howard Beach residents prepare for repeat flooding
Lets go out or have a bonfire on the beach 🌜🌊
Flooding problem in Howard Beach, Lindenwood man-made: In Howard Beach and Lindenwood, city workers are cleari...
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Hmmm who's trying to be the first person to get the scoop on the rain fall in Howard Beach lol smh.
There will be a Veterans Job Far on Sunday in Howard Beach, Queens.
DEP says computer problems at this water treatment facility caused flooding in Howard Beach, Queens
EXCLUSIVE INFO from NYC DEP on flooding problems in Howard Beach. Team Coverage with Reports at 5 & 6
mama Howard lives on the beach and would always welcome us...
Hello beautiful ladies, and gents, dont forget to join Ingrid and I on Saturday @ 10:30 am @ Stanford Dance Studio 82-17 153rd ave ste: 208. Howard Beach NY. Can't wait to shake off the pounds with you ladies, we can do it together. For zumba wear go to and shop for video games, sneakers, clothing, Dvds and accessories, on checkout put in discount code BOUGHE for 10% off your entire order.
Howard Hughes’ hermitage for sale: Just steps from the beach! The home is the perfect summer retreat A seclude...
So, anyone else in Howard Beach worried about this rain we are supposed to get tonight?
Thanks Joseph Addabbo, Jr. for stopping by to thank volunteers for in Howard Beach.
Ave Maria Catholic Academy recently held its second annual Family Math Night. The two-hour event was attended by children and their parents from the K-8 school located in Howard Beach.“At Ave Maria, we work hard to ensure that our children have a strong foundation in the subjects that they will need…
Helping out with Wells Fargo at Howard Beach for Rebuilding Together NYC
Getting ready for flooding in Howard Beach, Queens. Neighbors concerned about sewers backing up
and I live in Howard Beach. So. Just need my Italian stallion yanno. 🐎
today's work scope in Howard Beach, Queens with
Please join me in supporting Relay For Life of Howard Beach!
volunteers install insulation, weatherizing and improving energy efficiency in Howard Beach, Queens home.
Thanks NY Building Foundation for donating azaleas! volunteers are planting them in Howard Beach today!
Today we're in Howard Beach with volunteers!
A family affair: Sunova Beach, Howard Avenue's latest addition to its burgeoning culinary and bar landscape, i...
3 weeks today and I'll be led on the beach sipping cocktails with my baby 🍸☀️
To those Members of this group who still live in Howard Beach- Staples on Crossbay Blvd is closing. Stop there are some Great Savings !!
Can anyone recommend a doggy day care near Howard Beach? Thought it might be fun for Opie a couple of days a week.
Schedule your Weekend appointments for Howard Beach and Lynbrook!
Look out for a Black Dodge Dakota pickup truck license plate Axh4500. Suspiciously driving through Howard Beach and watching/following little kids. White male middle aged. Anyone know who he is?
Reminder: Dancing Towards a Cure will take place this Sunday, May 18th at Steps Ahead Dance Studio!! We are very excited for this event and have amazing teachers/choreographers lined up for the day! Participants will receive a Dancing Towards a Cure T-shirt on Sunday to wear throughout the day! Please take note of the schedule for Sunday. 10:00 A.M. - Participants arrive at Steps Ahead Dance Studio 10:15-11:00 A.M.- Contemporary (barefoot, socks, lyrical shoes) 11:00-11:45 A.M. - Street Jazz (Jazz shoes, sneakers) -15 minute break- 12:00-12:45 P.M. - Hip-Hop (Hip-Hop sneakers, street sneakers) 12:45-1:15 P.M. - Zumba The event will end at 1:15 p.m. We will be raffling off a free blow out from Vipsalonandspa Howard Beach at the event and the top fundraiser will be receiving a special prize! Please remember that you can still hand in donations the day of the fundraiser- so keep raising! You can also make a donation at the front desk up until June 6th if you are a member of Steps Ahead and you are unable to ...
We took over the Howard Beach bar scene tonight :)
I can't wait for summer and being downtown and the beach and bonfires and fair❤️
I missed you whole you were in Howard beach the other day! Thanks for the great coverage!!
Basements and garages in Howard Beach, Queens were left a muddy mess after Wednesday night's drenching downpours. Residents in the area blame the neighborhoo...
It is important to the Lindenwood/howard beach residents. As it stands today, we have a big problem in our area with flooding conditions. We are...
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Click to get this lead now! It is a 2 Small bedroom 4500 lbs. Long Distance move from Howard Beach NY, 11414 to ...
First person on line for our Howard Beach Sunday At 10:00 AM. Great house great Gold jewelry. See you in the AM.
Like many Howard Beach residents, Gina Oddo is still trying to make sense of the waist high waters that wreaked havoc inside her home Wednesday night.
I feel bad for Dwight Howard, the only way he's gonna win a ring is if he takes his talents to South Beach
On my way to my first foodie throwdown! Join Howard & me 3-6 PM at Allora Pizzeria in North Palm Beach cast your...
I hate Howard beach No one wants to do anything around here
That's seriously the worst. Especially people who know nothing outside of Howard Beach let alone Queens.
Tim Howard hasn't even attempted to make a save really. He's on the beach enjoying the money the Sheikhs have given him!
A Howard Beach man was busted for allegedly stealing a dozen vehicles, selling them to Long Island scrap yards and pocketing thousands of dollars in return.
man sold 12 stolen vehicles for scrap metal: DA
Why does the beach have to be so far away?
Old Howard Beach. 20 Church St is a quiet culdesac. This 2 story home has a Full Above Grade Cement Block Basement. Basement needs to be gutted and refinished and is 1 Huge open room with a separate
Traveling today 💯 , Howard Beach , Lindenwood , Elmhurst , and Forest Hills , *** want their ticketsss 🔥 , meetups at qcm hmu !
The HH CLAN at Clearwater Beach Fitness after going through a grueling Arms workout. L The Ron Howard,…
Just seen a Howard honey I met in south beach at the McDonald's at Howard lol I love DC
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Forever waiting for the bus. @ Lindenwood, Howard Beach, New York
The way I have been in queens lately I'm convinced I wanna move to Howard beach 😍😏
Hi! I did not grow up in Hauppauge or Long Island for that matter. I am from Howard Beach, Queens. I wanted to offer my children more of a smaller, closer knit community life then I had. We started out in Commack with my two older children and moved to the Pines area when I was pregnant with my third. Well, that was just over 17 years ago. My two older children are not only Hauppauge High School Graduates, they are college graduates as well. My daughter is currently going to Adelphi for her Masters in Social Work. My youngest is a junior in Hauppauge HS. I feel happy and lucky to be part of such a lovely, kind community.
Good Morning The attached photo is one picture of the tradgedy I Andrea Navas suffered on April 30th with the storm of last Thursday in Lindenwoid/Howard Beach. My entire area is in hardship. I received 5 feet of water into my basement when the lsrge surge of water headed down my driveway and into my basement and halfway up the stairs to my first floor. My basement is totaled and we lost our 2 cars in the process. This was all do to the city not taking care of our sewer drainage in Lindenwood. We thougt after storm Sandy they would have paid attention but we were still neglected. For my area as bad as Sandy was this was so much worse. The sewer drainage needs to be corrected and the city knows this. I have put this on FB for the support of everyone. Please share this with everyone. A petition is being set up also to our Senator. We need as many signatures as possible to get this process going. If anyone knows how I can get this accomplished please reach out. Right now my area needs all the he ...
“What TEAM would you like to go to Dwight Howard.☺️😂” I'm taking my talents to south beach
Dwight Howard Finna take his talents down to south beach to get his ring
Howard better take his talent down to South Beach
"I'm taking my talents to South Beach" -Dwight Howard
Is Howard going to take his talents to South Beach now?
Dwight Howard: "alright I'm taking my talents to South beach"
Dwight Howard boutta take his talent to South Beach
Dwight Howard: "After tonight's game I believe it best to take my talents to South Beach"
Thx for fighting 4 Howard Beach residents today post-horrible flooding..providing support tonit…
Acknowledgment would be appreciated, A dedicated Artist has lost during the incident on Howard beach tragedy
Everything I need to survive and live on is on one block in Howard Beach. Gold's gym, Starbucks and GNC.
If you have friends in Howard Beach who were flooded. LOVE that Ronnie G. Rigos is in the photo--he works SO hard...
The view from the top of MLB player Ryan Howard's beach house 😍😱
Yummy dinner at one of the best places to eat in Howard Beach. . 😜
I feel so bad for the folks in Howard Beach They say it was worse than Superstorm Sandy.
For Howard Beach Lindenwood Civic residents. Clean-up kits available tomorrow from 9am-noon.
For those who suffered damage in this week's rain storm, my Howard Beach office will be open Saturday, May 3rd, from 9am to 12pm. It will have available the Red Cross Emergency Clean Up Buckets which include a mop with collapsible handle, sponge, broom, scrubbing brush, masks, gloves, bleach, degreaser, floor squeegee and garbage bags. Also available are the NYC Comptroller forms. My office is located at 159-53 102nd Street.
Hundreds of South Queens residents came out for the Howard Beach-Lindenwood Civic meeting Tuesday night at St. Helen’s. Photo by Anna Gustafson
Senator Addabbo's office is located at 159-53 102nd street in Howard Beach. Kits are limited to one per family.
On Day 2 of operations in Howard Beach continued great partnership with Sen. Addabbo,
.tim did son of a beach lol w. howard! Howard's series
It that time of year Howard Beach kids take out mommy and daddy's sport cars and drive around trying to show them off..😂😂😂
still in Howard Beach distributing relief supplies to residents affected by flooding
Numerous families in the Lindenwood section of Howard Beach spent most of Thursday cleaning out their basements and trying to salvage what they could after a storm dumped more than five inches of rain over Queens on Wednesday.
MT Hundreds of cleanup supplies have been distributed to Howard Beach and E. New York residents
CCBQ's Workforce Development Super Storm Sandy Employment Program (SSEP) held its first Veteran's Services Seminar in April at Catholic Charities Brooklyn Homebase site. Veterans and their families learned about the many helpful programs and services that they may be eligible for. It also provided an opportunity for the service providers to network and collaborate. Presentations were given by Stanley Scriven of Easter Seals New York, Amanda Morales and April Arroyo of Brooklyn Workforce Innovations, Genise Acevedo from Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizen Council (RBSCC)-Supportive Services for Veteran's families program and Torriel Harris from Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO). The SSEP program followed up with a Veterans Services Seminar in Howard Beach, Queens at the new Catholic Charities Howard Beach Senior Center in the Peter J. Striano Residence Building. Speakers included Natasha Holliday of Access VR, Torriel Harris of WIBO, Amanda Morales of Brooklyn Workforce Innovations, Howard Ingerman . ...
Never been, my opinion Joe's 2 (hyde park) in Howard Beach, Queens best sicilian I've had.
was checking up on Howard Beach residents yesterday after the April 30 rain storm. Here is one of our...
'Worse than Sandy.' Last night's storm floods numerous homes in Lindenwood section of Howard Beach.
A city cop started his day with a little target practice at the NYPD firing range -- and ended it by getting blind drunk at a bar, pulling out his gun and blasting a random stranger who had pulled up next to him in a car, police sources said Wednesday. ... The Westchester shooting wasn't the only incident of an NYPD officer getting drunk and firing at a car. Sgt. Wanda Anthony fired at a woman's car during a domestic dispute in Wat­chung, NJ, around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday... [It] also comes on the heels of an incident in which an on-duty and drunken officer allegedly shot his partner by accident after they had drinks at a Howard Beach diner.
just heard that my cousins kids got hit a bit hard with the flood in Howard Beach. If anyone is moving and getting rid of furniture this week, please let me know. Maybe they could use these things.
Due to F Train derailment, service impacts on all trains to Sutphin Blvd Station. AirTrain customers are advised to take A to Howard Beach or J to Sutphin Blvd Station. // This alert posted via RSS. (Subject to 15-minute delay.) Subscribe to Airport Info-Alerts to receive real-time updates via text and/or email:
Parts of the city are still struggling to clean up from Wednesday's heavy rainfall. In Howard Beach in Queens, residents blame an outdated sewer system for flooding their homes.
I really don't think I've ever been to the Howard Beach/Ozone Park/South Ozone Park part of Queens before. It's an interesti…
Yes! Yoga Class is happening today at 9:45am - Howard Beach Crossfit!
Cleanup crews pump water from roads and basements in Howard Beach in Queens, where some residents say the flooding damage is worse than from Sandy. Rob Schmitt reports
I live two blocks from where Robert Moses is in Howard Beach and the area is back to normal in terms of driving
Could Obama be seeking advise from Al Sharpton on how coerce people to vote for the Democrats in November so he can keep his control of the Senate under Harry Reid? Al Sharpton the wannabe "pimp" turned, FBI "rat" who, like Obama, thought of himself as a "community organizer" who has been on the wrong side of just about every controversy to come down the pike since Jessie Jackson appointed him as youth director of Operation Breadbasket in 1969. Sharpton has been embroiled in and made a fool of himself in such things as Bernhard Goetz who in self-defense shot and killed 4 black youths that were trying to rob him. Sharpton tried to make it racial and requested a federal civil rights investigation. Sharpton involved himself in the Howard Beach incident, the Bensonhurst incident, the Crown Heights Riot, the Freddie's Fashion Mart incident, the Tyisha Miller incident, the Vieques affair, the Ousmane Zongo shooting, the Sean Bell affair, the Dunbar Village affair, the Tanya McDowell affair, the George Zimmerm . ...
Great night at Queens County Conservative Party dinner in Howard Beach. Thanks, Chairman Long and all for support!
This from a state that has Bernie Madoff, Amadou Diallo, Howard Beach killing and Central park rape Bernard Geotze, really sad
Favorite Chinese back when: Jimmy Yu's on Woodhaven, Sun Luck East in the back of the Queens Center, China Leaf and Danny's Szechuan on Cross Bay in Howard Beach. Also a good one on the corner of Metropolitan Ave and 118 Street in Kew Gardens. Early days was Sunny's or was it Sunnings on Queens Blvd in Rego Park across from Alexanders.
I've been in the Howard Beach area for a while now. Are you going to be showcasing any clubs in the city soon?
Springtime in Queens means brush fires Borough's beach grasses add to its beauty, fire risk By Tobias Salinger / New York Daily News Queens is burning now. Brushfires broke out in two spots in less than a week in the borough’s wide-open, suburban areas, marking the return of a common but underappreciated threat. Fire experts warned residents from Howard Beach to College Point to take note of the high risk in Queens, where springtime winds can turn picturesque beach grasses into fast-igniting tinder. New York City counted 887 wildfires between 1996 and 2013, or about 50 per year, according to the FDNY, and Queens was second only to Staten Island. More than half of those blazes flare up in the spring, posing difficulties for the smoke-eaters whose job it is to put them out. “The tall grass is very high, and even a small amount of wind can burn it through the area,” said Jim Long of FDNY. More than 130 firefighters combatted a blaze Saturday at 83rd St. and 163rd Ave. in Howard Beach that raged for nea ...
Well mommy and daddy been home for about 3 hours now and mommy is red but not bad. She had a lot of fun today. They went to Howard Beach in Tarpon Springs then the Sponge Docks after that. While on the beach they walked the whole island and the water was warm too. Well its been a long day so we are signing off for the night. Love you all my dear friends. Mommy will post pics of the fun they had today.
This is a reminder. Our next Division meeting will be on Monday, March 17, 2014 at 7 pm. It is hosted by the Ozone Park club and it will be at Prima Pasta & Cafe located at 161-50 Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY 11414 (718) 659-7278. We are having a food drive for Ronald McDonald House and Queens Society for Autistic Children (QSAC). Please bring can foods and be as generous as possible. Bring them to the Division meeting on Monday. Thank you. The Foundation meeting will be at same location at 5:45 pm.
I have been to Long Island City, Howard Beach, Babylon, Crown Heights, Park Slope, & Harlem (twice) over the past 36 hours. I WANT A MEDAL.
Check out this new opportunity! Cross Bay Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation P.C. is now in Howard Beach, NY. ...
This is a man whose credits are so long, I don’t know where to begin! Let’s talk about this radio and TV talk show host, Civil Rights leader, and Baptist minister: ladies and gentlemen, the Reverend Al Sharpton! He was born in Brooklyn, New York on October 3, 1954. He gave his first sermon when he was 4-years-old, and then toured with singer Mahalia Jackson. He, of course, went on to graduate from college and dug even deeper in his work of ministry. But let’s look at some of his activism work: he founded the National Youth Movement in 1971 to raise basic needs for enervated young people. He led a march through the streets of Howard Beach, New York on December 27, 1986 after three young African-American men were assaulted and killed. Rev. Sharpton led another march in 1995 when a tenant, Fred Harari, was asked to evict a Black-owned business in New York, the Record Shack. In 2006, he led a peaceful protest through the major river crossings in New York City when a young Jamaican man, Sean Bell, was sh ...
The Floating Kitchen - My brother-in-law, Thomas Perone, runs a company in Brooklyn he's spent the last few years building up from nothing. In the storm last week, he lost his kitchen and everything in it, when Red Hook was flooded. His business was totally wiped out. Since then, he's been using borrowed supplies, neighbors' kitchens, and donated food to send out tray after tray of hot food to shelters, clean-up crews, and families in the Rockaways, Gerritsen Beach, Staten Island (all over the island), Coney Island, Red Hook, Howard Beach, and Belle Harbor. He's been cooking non-stop. Even though he basically lost his business, he's been sending out food all week to help others. It's pretty inspiring. Neighbors, friends and relatives have been chipping in to buy the food that he's cooking and the basic kitchen supplies he's using. The guy's been hammering out tons of trays. By John Russo via Sandy Storyline
One African-American man was killed and another was beaten in Howard Beach, Queens, New York, in a racially charged incident in December 1986 that heightened racial tensions in New York City. The dead man was Michael Griffith (1963–1986), a 23-year old man who was born in Trinidad and who lived in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. He was killed after being hit by a car on December 20, 1986. Griffith was chased onto a highway by a mob of white youths who had beaten him and his friends. Griffith's death was the second in a string of three infamous racially motivated killings of blacks by white mobs in New York City in the 1980s. The other victims were Willie Turks in 1982 and Yusuf Hawkins in 1989. Late on the night of Friday, December 19, 1986, four black men, Michael Griffith, 23; Cedric Sandiford, 36; Curtis Sylvester, 20; and Timothy Grimes, were riding in a car when it broke down in a deserted stretch of Cross Bay Boulevard near Broad Channel. Three of the men walked about three miles north to seek help ...
HEAR YE HEAR YE ALL OF ROCKAWAY lets ALL MEET AT BarBQ belle harbor yaght club sunday 12 noon meet greet exchange info and have a well deserved GOOD TIME !! from Bayswater to broad channel and Howard Beach as well happy event on Sunday so friends from Bays water can attend as well can somebody have a KOSHER GRILL FOR OUR FRIENDS AS WELL
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