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Howard Beach

Howard Beach is a neighborhood in the southwestern portion of the New York City borough of Queens. It is bordered in the north by the Belt Parkway and South Conduit Avenue in Ozone Park, the south by Jamaica Bay in Broad Channel, the east by 102nd-104th streets, and the west by 78th Street.

Michael Griffith Cross Bay Blvd John Kasich Ozone Park Long Island

just got bitten by 9 mosquitos at Manhattan bound Howard beach A train station.. can we please do something about this??
Can't wait for the chipotle in Howard beach even tho I wish it was qdoba but whateva 🙄
Bro don't even talk about Howard beach to Rockaway, people be coming with entire surfboards and this…
Sat on the beach having a *** listening to Ben Howard, Mondays can be okay I guess
Ben Howard telling you to Keep Your Head Up whilst you're sunning yourself on a there anything better??
Mooch will return to where he belongs: at an OTB in Howard Beach, reading the NY Post and complaining about De Blas…
Rick howard applause for Kobe's Switch big spin at Long Beach Convention...
A pair of brilliant offerings Bard on the Beach's more modest “black-box” sideshow tent of the Howard Family Stage:…
Howard Beach? If so, I had it once -- long ago. I don't remember it well.
Does anyone know if you can just take the JFK air train from Jamaica to Howard Beach
This was Doug's first time at the beach
I offer you my home in Howard beach queens to demonstrate your TESLA roof and power wall.
Single dudes, get to the Howard Beach A stop stat! Woman's talking about hating cats because she can't figure out where she stands with them
Al was lucky to be fat when the Italian *** stabbed him in Howard Beach. As thin as he is now the knife…
New Park Pizza in Howard beach! So close to the Rockaways and so amazing
We will continue our journey. We will get some pics of the beach in the morning before we head to Cast…
There is no place like the beach... where the land meets the sea and the sea meets the sky. ~ Unknown http…
Fishing without me (at 'n' Tackle in Howard Beach, NY w/
your article is misleading, there are no entry fees at Fred Howard park, but there is a 5$/day charge for parking near the beach.
Windy and cloudy. But it's the beach. (@ Fred Howard Park Beach in Tarpon Springs, FL)
Carl, have you ever been to New Park Pizza in Howard Beach?
The reaction I get from ppl when I say I'm from howard beach: 😳🙂 . Then when I say old howard: 😅😌 Faces get so relaxed😩🤣
In 10 years if I'm not on the beach cracking a cold one with the love of my life watching our dogs play I'm going to be very…
The line starts to blur in places. Howard Beach and Bay Ridge feel more like Long Island than NYC.
Staten Island, parts of Brooklyn close to Staten Island, Howard beach, Ozone Park, share a bit with t…
Whitestone/bayside/Howard Beach is way more like suburban LI than NYC. And so if…
Aside from Howard Beach and the Rockaways how much of Queens is still like that? Very, very little
Meet the Chairman!. Today,Beach Hut 5,Central Prom, Mablethorpe, 2-4.30pm. Chat to the Chairman of the Council, Counc…
I was just up there last month. From Howard Beach, grew up Long Island. What part r u from?
‘Normandie by Ligature’ [from The Ashes Of Howard Beach book + cassette]
I checked in at Queens Borough Public Library - Howard Beach on
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The rabid Trump supporters that accept his words blindly remind me of the kids from Howard Beach, Maspeth, Middle Village we used to fight.
“We will continue to patrol the areas" See how the NYPD is keeping safe
This is my best friend's dad. Missing since Mon morning in Nassau County. From Howard Beach.
Time for a frozen treat. (@ Uncle Louie G's in Howard Beach, NY)
Check out Incident at Howard Beach by Charles J. Hynes and Bob Drury Signed in Wraps via
😍Yes. 😍😍😍😍 I am so excited to be celebrating my birthday at this awesome beach event...
Free car seat safety inspections by the at Bennett Beach Wed July 12th
Congratulations to Andrea Scelisi on her Contract at 86-29 155th Avenue, LD, Howard Beach!!
Oh man, Eric Sogard and I closed down Nowadays last night with a run on the ping-pong table- figured we'd just bike to Howard Beach
Y'all know Ima fool.well if your really know me...great time out here in Howard Beach…
One of our favorite artists, Howard Pyle, at the beach!
This photograph of Howard Pyle and his children at Rehoboth Beach makes us want to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean…
.Your "Juwan Howard 2: Electric Boogaloo" analogy for Porter's offer sheet is your best since comparing Norv Turner to beach erosion.
I actually REALLY care about ocean life, so to see someone dump this much garbage on the beach breaks my heart 💔 https:…
Honestly, I feel weird about building a casino in Howard Beach and not Tim…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Part of the reason im transfixed by an extension near Howard Beach is the casino…
If they brought back the Rockaway Branch, you could make the same turn at Howard…
Could you not run the A from Howard Beach?
Ross dresses like a Gambino from Howard Beach. and that's perfectly okay.I want to wear track suits and Stan Smiths
Little bit of light shopping at the supermarket! @ Keyfood, Howard Beach
Congratulations to Celia Calcagnile on her new Listing at 155-26 79th Street, Unit BB, Howard Beach!!
"The Heat are coming for the King… South Beach is about to take its talents to the Conference Finals." — o…
Next car seat check Bennett Beach on July 12
Our group has donated 12 Icom TwoWay Radios to the Howard Beach Boy Scout Troop when on camping trips they can…
What was happening with Q53 service? Waited 30 minutes in Howard Beach, then 3 buses at once. Missed my connecting bus in Rockaway
Ken Howard is one of my faves. Met him on the beach in Mousehole recently, so modest!
Green Air tran to Howard Beach and take the A 👍
stopped to clean up fireworks left on the beach. nothing but respect for MY planet.
THURSDAY, 7pm: hosts their Independence Military Ball at Russo's on the Bay in Howard Beach *Details:…
Congratulations to Janice Mercadante on her new Listing at 88-08 151st Avenue, 4M, Howard Beach!!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Congratulations to Maria Trinceri on her Contract at 160-04 92nd Street, Howard Beach!!
The next car seat check will be held at Bennett Beach on July 12.
Yesterday I was at my Friend House in Howard Beach in Queens he Had a Lot of Fireworks
On it but why is it just sitting at Howard beach- people are already very late!?
, My body hurt and all I did was walk around the beach with jada last night
I love fireworks I don't even mind Howard beach sounding like a war zone all night
Lmaooo the cops really put up a "fireworks are illegal" sign in Howard beach as if that's stopping anyone
about neighborhoods where cars are relatively dense-- Howard…
Wondering how many fingers, hands and eyes will be lost tonight in Howard Beach.
Artist/Model Brittany Derby. Seriously check out this girls drawings. @ Howard Beach, New York
Howard Beach is definitely one of the strangest places in NYC
It really is pathetic, someone should lock Howard in a wardrobe and leave it at the low tide mark o…
I take it Mr Howard will be first off the boat and onto the beach We've all seen his type of leadership .
I don't believe the poor kid did it. Pretty obvious that family has mob ties. Howard Beach, c'mon. Sad that a young, black guy has to deal.
I'm with The BEACH Howard was our first donor today, thank you Don. Food drive at several Publix at...
This after-school program in will stay open after receiving city funding
Sunbathing in the garden listening to Ben Howard ✌🏻️😎 would prefer a beach in Cornwall tho
Late night is midnight to 6 AM. Let's hope I get an A that decides to run express to Howard Beach.
I appreciate all the people on my snap that didn't invite me to the beach. Y'all are the best
When Floral is more than an accessory, but a Lifestyle — feeling relaxed at The Breakers Palm Beach
Start with Chelsea, Tribeca, gramercy park, then move to Brooklyn heights , park slope, what ab…
Still trying to play Howard Beach Thug That is an insult to Howard Beach thugs
Howard somehow this just isn't working out. It's time for a beach vacation. I would love to have you come to my coffee shop.😊
Sales Associate job - 7-Eleven - Howard Beach, NY . The person who greets and helps customers in a ...
Compare health ratings for restaurants in Howard Beach before you eat 20170401
Cool event by on April 30 at their new Howard Beach home...
5 o'clock can't come soon enough.. I'm ready to head to the beach!!
No other neighborhood has the problems Howard Beach does
really? Are you going to put a jail in OZ/Howard Beach? What nhood will absorb the issues of a jail? Visitors, traffic, parking
We are pleased to showcase a memorial display to honor local World War II veteran Howard Paul Beach during the...
I just checked in at Matteos Of Howard Beach with Download today!
R/T if your ready for some beach time?
Fergusons so good u forget his name was a scene of race riots. I failed at it. My real names Artie Howard Beach! https:…
All kinds of Howard Beach love...and all that talent!
the men's locker room at your Howard beach NY location is horribly nasty!! If you like smelling *** this is your locker room!
are the air trains going to be working good tw? (The JAMAICA air train or Howard Beach).
Michael Griffith dies fleeing a white mob in Howard Beach in 1986
Michael Griffith's murder would lead to heated protests in the Italian-American enclave of Howard Beach, Queens.
Brooklyn man, 20, charged in murder of Howard Beach jogger Karina Vetrano
LIVE: Karina Vetrano's parents speak on 6-month anniversary of Howard Beach murder:
Press conference in Howard Beach today at 4pm. 83rd St. 164th Ave. All are welcome to attend.
We’re out in Howard Beach at the Queens County Division Dinner for an evening of networking, dancing and...
Today in 1986, Michael Griffith died fleeing a white mob in Howard Beach
.Michael Griffith's 1986 Howard Beach death uncovered the shrouded racism of the northern U.S.…
The unjust killing of Black folks never stopped. From Jim Crow lynchings to Howard Beach mob to Amadou Diallo
Congratulations to on her new Listing at 84-10 153rd Avenue, 2K, Howard Beach!!
Congratulations to on her Contract at 88-12 151st Avenue, 6M, Howard Beach!!
We're Read about our latest opening here: Family Nurse Practitioner - Howard Beach - NY
.Howard Beach food pantry receives turkey donations from
great meeting u guys at pc Richard . Elliott from Howard Beach
Every time I hear "Howard Beach", Michael Griffith immediately comes to mind.
Who is this? wants 2 talk w man seen near where was killed
Physical therapy exercises to strengthen your knee and reduce pain
Howard Hughe's the Spruce Goose hanger still stands at the Long Beach harbor next to the Queen Mary. It looks like a dome.
All these gangstas wont go to Howard Beach with all that nonsense...italians will wash em up early 😂😂😂
JUST IN: Police find possible lead in Karina Vetrano murder case.
PEEPS, this guy is a potential witness in murder of woman in park in Howard Beach. Contact police with info.
Sketch released of man who may have info in slain NYC jogger case Check border of Brooklyn and north Howard Beach!
This is the man the want to talk to, after being seen near where the Howard Beach jogger was killed.
[HOWARD BEACH] Police release sketch of man in Vetrano murder case: See this story at By…
BLOG: Dr Erica Howard explores the legal context to the burkini ban in France
Howard Beach-bound Q11 buses will utilize Hamilton Beach, due to DOT paving on 99 St between 162 St and 165 St.
release sketch of person of interest in Howard Beach jogger murder.
just released sketch of witness they want to talk to re: Howard Beach jogger murder.
Man could provide NYPD 'additional leads' in Howard Beach killing: The man in the sketch could be seen coming out of the weeds around...
Meet the man who could help crack the Howard Beach jogger murder case.
Sketch expected of witness in Howard Beach jogger murder
Sketch released of witness in Howard Beach jogger murder
"Are health stations right for Palm Beach County School District?" - Dianne Howard w/
wants to talk to this man reportedly seen near the scene of Howard Beach jogger's murder https:/…
BREAKING: Sketch of man would like to talk to in murder of Howard Beach jogger Karina Vetrano
what's the hipster population of Howard Beach?
Police want to talk to this man seen near area where Howard Beach jogger was killed.
Sketch of possible witness in Howard Beach jogger murder released via
Sketch: Police release composite sketch of man wanted for questioning in murder of female jogger in Howard Beach...
domain names
Witness in Howard Beach jogger's murder sought by police
Police release sketch of a man they'd like to speak with regarding Karina Vetrano's murder: https:/…
NYPD releases sketch of possible witness in the murder of Howard Beach jogger Karina Vetrano
Boy, I wish the investigated ALL murders like they are the Howard Beach Jogger
Terrible murder of young woman in Howard Beach!
Catch me on w/ updating the Howard Beach murder case of Karina Vetrano
Going to see the broziah out in Howard beach
To all women in Howard beach, I highly suggest u hold off on jogging until this dangerous person is off the streets
no woman is safe at Howard beach as long as this predator is on the loose, no one will sleep safe tonite until an arrest happens
well if you're anywhere near Howard Beach, I don't blame your mom. Scary.
unfortunately it's looking more like a stranger. If it is, then Howard beach is on a severe alert,
Howard beach isn't the greatest area, particularly where she was running
Here's a narrative change for the worse in Howard Beach case-whoa!
Search for clues & evidence continues in the murder of a Howard Beach jogger; New poll now has Hillary with a 15% lead over Trump.
We're here at Our Lady of Grace in Howard Beach Queens giving out 󾬡 samples and sponsoring the dunk tank making a...
John Gotti, Grandson of the 'Teflon Don,' Arrested for Peddling Drugs in Howard Beach... via
Community meeting to update public on Howard Beach homicide.
Beach time is Henry's favorite time!
I could be reaching but something about the girl killed in Howard Beach doesn't sound right. Her father seems fishy to me. Idk
.says Howard Beach jogger was raped and murdered. He said her father actually found her. "My heart goes…
Howard Park at Tarpon Springs, FL. This is a nice multi-use beach park in Tarpon Springs, FL
My appearance on Police post flyers seeking information about Howard Beach jogger
live in Howard Beach Lucy had the pleasure to meet Krarena worked in Brothers Ravioli on the C.B BLVD lovely girl and hard worker
Murder/rape in Howard Beach we think it's either a Muslim or a Minority Unsub karinavetrano
I totally cried about that beautiful girl who was raped and killed while jogging in Howard Beach. Her bestfriends Instagram 💔💔
Rape & murder of a female 30 yr jogger discovered by her traumatized retired Fireman dad.Howard Beach is being overrun by minorities/muslims
Reporting on a heartbreak story. Police still looking for killer of female jogger .
"An unwritten rule of Howard Beach is 'after dark, don’t go in the weeds"
▶Police search for clues in Howard Beach jogger murder
I live near Howard Beach and lets just say it's not a place where you're welcome if the people there don't know you
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,just wanted to say Howard Beach is In New York City, not near nyc. Just saying Queens is still part of the city
Tragedy in Howard Beach. Karina Vetrano, 30 found dead in a marsh after going on a jog Tuesday afternoon. http…
John Muir just described Howard Beach as "in Queens, near New York City."
Cops hunt for killer of 30-year-old woman slain while jogging in Howard Beach, NY
NYPD raises reward in Howard Beach jogger murder to $10,000; Mayor de Blasio says "we really need the public's help with this o…
So John gotti's grandson along with other crime family get arrested in Howard beach & the 30yr old girl was strangled by her house
NYPD offers $10K reward after only receiving 3 tips in search for jogger's killer:.
Crime Stoppers offering $2,500 reward for information about the murder of in Howard Beach.
Here's update on the Howard Beach jogger murder today; reward raised to $10,000
Forgive me Lord but I hope the man who Raped/Murdered that beautiful girl in Howard Beach dies a slow & painful death...
I didn't know this young lady but I am deeply affected by what happened to her. My heart goes out to her dad,...
Rip to the beautiful girl that was attacked in Howard Beach. So close to home. It makes me really want to never leave my house.
Jogger found dead in Howard Beach was strangled, medical examiner says
[HOWARD BEACH] Woman found murdered in Howard Beach marsh: See this story at By Patrick…
Queens jogger Karina Vetrano strangled to death in Howard Beach; NYPD searches for evidence
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Also at 9 on -> What questions do you want answered in the murder of Howard Beach, Queens jogger Karina Vetrano?
residents and neighbors are devastated by the murder of 30-year-old runner Karina Vetrano.
Interesting victim blaming you got going on in this article,
So that jogger who was murdered in Howard Beach. I know her.
Captain Closs of National Park Service said it is in discussion with NYPD to increase security patrols at Spring Creek Park, Howard Beach.
FREE Soccer Clinic for Summer Enrichment Program at St.Barnabas Church in Howard Beach. Helene Zinser runs an...
Congratulations to on her Contract at 151-40 88th Street, 3G, Howard Beach!!!
B-Day dinner for Pops and Skillz (@ Lenny's Clam Bar in Howard Beach, NY)
shout out to the Bow-Wow on Cross Bay Blvd in Howard Beach!
Wines & Spirits of Howard Beach is officially Devoted so swing in and pick up a bottle of Devotion Vodka today!...
Congratulations to on her Contract at 84-20 153rd Avenue, 1M, Howard Beach!!!
Tthere's still time to get your blue extension for autism awareness at VIP Salon, located at 161-24 Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach!
I remember that. Howard vacationed at Myrtle Beach before that. Always thought that was why they broadcasted him so early on.
Beth Stern's book proceeds to charity is less than her $10M closet.
Beth Stern spends $10M on 1 closet but that's more than what she gave to charity from her book proceeds.
Little Giant Ladders
Beth Stern buys 1 closet worth $10M but her book proceeds that go to charity total less than the closet.
Happy birthday to hope you have a great day. Can't wait to hit up the beach with you and the gang 😝😝😝
Smoke a j on the beach like this, hang with bae at the beach like this
Presidential candidate John Kasich grabs a slice in Howard Beach after
Figures Kaysuck would go to Howard Beach in NYC for a rally--probably the most racist community in the city.
I don't think I express enough how much I really hate Howard Beach
is getting a gym for autistic children thanks to the Borough President
Join CHICK-FIL-A LONG BEACH TOWNE CENTER - John Howard, Owner/Operator every first Saturday of the month for a...
One of your drivers from your Howard Beach NY location came within inches of running over me and my daughter. He blew the light
I'll be on a beach somewhere when I'm 40.
.you & your guest honestly thinking it was LESS racially hostile in NYC & Yonkers than in the South? Bensonhurst, Howard Beach?
Am i charitable if i bought 1 closet worth $10M but later sold books with the proceeds going to charity?.
April is month April 2 Show your support @ Howard Beach 11414
Republican candidate John Kasich grabbed some pizza after his town hall at We have pictures.
So, opened the Howard Beach town hall by saying we're close to NYC. Howard Beach is still part of N…
/32 Kasich on Howard Beach residents: "You have common-sense, you're god-fearing people, and then you got wiped out by San…
Pizza pie press gaggle at Gino's in Beach
John Kasich speaking to the press at Gino's in Howard Beach … https:…
Kasich Serves Up Slices at a Howard Beach Pizzeria as the Ohio Governor Stumps in Queens:
HOWARD BEACH: A struggling Kasich comes to Queens: See this story at By Gabriel Rom…
Gov. John Kasich Stumps in Howard Beach Ahead of the NY Primaries via
. visited Gino's Pizza in Howard Beach & ATE PIZZA W/ A FORK. That's not all. My story for https…
we made in Howard beach. Looking for a for your next…
Raphael AKA Ted Cruz insulted New York John Kasich speaking in Howard Beach of living paycheck-to-paycheck.doesn't know NYC
ben howard was made for sunny weather @ Portsalon Beach
Note to politicians! Do NOT go to Howard beach and eat pizza w a fork. Suck it up. That said, still 👍❤️
happily obliging photo requests from the cooks and waiters at Gino's in Howard Beach Queens http…
MSNBC hosted Kasich town hall in Howard Beach
Pres candidate outside Gino's in Howard beach
Ok but then it would also double headways at Howard Beach and allow more flexibility where A trains terminate.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Same could be said if you extend the M train to Howard Beach or Rock Park. Then you don't lose 1 seat ride.
The race for the White House halted in Howard Beach on Wed for a Town Hall w/ &
Kasich Talks Trump, Staying in the Race at Howard Beach Town Hall: PHOTO: St. Helen Catholic Academy on Wednesday…
This hangs at St Helen School in Howard Beach where we are holding the Kasich town hall. WH candidates take note?
Also: he was in Howard Beach, and he didn't go to New Park Pizza?
Used to be a time when eating pizza with a fork in Howard Beach was dangerous. Kasich is lucky
I checked in at Bruno's Ristorante on
or is in Howard Beach and goes to Gino's not New Park. Lol
it's been some time but New Park was much better than Pizza City in Howard Beach.
Lol and he was in Howard Beach and didn't go to New Park?
John Kasich went to Howard Beach and was taken to Gino's for pizza. Gino's is good, but New Park would have been more presidential..
Anyone from the Howard Beach area knows New Park Pizza is the place. Love Gino's but gotta go to the best!
Going to Howard Beach and not eating pizza at New Park is sacrilege in itself. Terrible
Is campaigning @ Gino's in Howard Beach instead New Park Pizza b/c he heard it's the local favorite, or b/c history @ New Park?
Trump will prob go to New Park Pizza in Howard Beach for the same reason Reagan went to Philadelphia, Mississippi
So this morning there were no A trains between Far Rockaway and Howard Beach, with no alternative given but 'guess you'll be late!'
Come see us at the new Stop & Shop stores: Cropsey Ave, Bayside, Whitestone, Belle Harbor, Ozone Park, Howard Beach & Long Beach!
I really really really want a house on the beach
Why are team Jordan's still the highest selling shoes in Howard Beach ?
The people of Howard Beach never cease to amaze me. Let's throw snow into the street!!! How innovative! Such intelligence!
There is Planned Work on the A at Howard Beach-JFK Airport causing delays in service. ^JP
Until I'm on a beach, I probably won't be happy
The King used to shovel snow when he lived in Howard Beach
At the annual meeting of the North Beach Association, St. Lucie County administrator Howard Tipton gave a...
From the comments on Beach Boy Mike Love's Howard Stern interview on YouTube - "you have to be an *** to wear your own band's hat" 😂
Bryan ordered Chinese food in Howard Beach. It was so dry and didn't have taste. There's just somethings the hood does better. 😒
nice man, Howard beach here. Born and raised.
Melissa Howard in action beach sprints
Hey, we're promoting your event Valetine's Weekend at Vetro Restaurant & Wine Bar We hope it goes well!
Howard beach taxi drivers driving like fast and furious taxi drift
A train is delayed at Howard beach for 20 minutes now. Any reason why?
Join the Fresenius Medical Care team! See our latest opening here: NY
HOWARD BEACH: Terrorist registry bill floated: See this story at By Sadef Ali Kully…
BTW, you'd be (not) shocked to learn I had a on-seat ride on the Airtrain from T2 to Howard Beach tonight.
Meanwhile, people here at Howard Beach have told me they've been waiting close to an hour for a Manhattan A Train.
HOWARD *** !! TRADE HOWARD! That was a terrible goal to give up.he couldn't stop a beach ball!!
Schools in Howard Beach are atrocious, streets not plowed, sidewalks full of snow, especially PS232 on 83rd St.
No A train from Howard Beach to Manhattan for 1.5 hours. Two passing not stopping. We freezing. What gives?
I used the transit app .. They literally left us for dead. So many people at Howard beach didn't even speak English
that made absolutely no sense since Howard beach was only Three stops from where I had to go (going toward Mott ave)
if I didn't check we would have never known that the train was not running anymore. Howard beach a platform is outside.
we were kicked off the A train at Howard beach. The role us that they were using the train for a "rescue" for passengers
what about A to Manhattan at Howard Beach? Waiting with hundreds of people for 30 min
pointed out b4 Howard Beach is in Queens. The A train still the longest stretch underground
It's now six o'clock. I was on the A train at 340 when kicked us all off at Howard beach. At 4   10% Off
In Hermosa Beach in search of an iconic jazz club. Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse Cafe
AirTrain JFK service has been restored however change trains at federal circle to Jamaica or Howard Beach.
AirTrain JFK resumed full service however customers traveling to/from Jamaica or Howard Beach must change trains at Federal Circle.
Can you recommend anyone for this Pediatric RNs and LPNs Needed for Home Care in Howard Beach, NY -
AirTrain JFK operating from Jamaica & Howard Beach to Federal Circle, bus service avail from Fed Circle to all terminals.
come to 84 and liberty in queens so u can see the mess .. its bad. Howard beach is a ice skating ring.but bayridge spotless?
*** happend to to ozone pk howard beach its a mess in queens. Like seriously i fell like twice already so no cool
At a party on the beach, I was smokin like cheech
AirTrain is operating from Jamaica & Howard Beach to Fed Circle. Free shuttle buses available from Fed Circle to terminals.
I had my cab driver last night tell me the swept side streets were in FH, Rego Park, Middle Village, Howard Beach and Whitestone
Someone asked me if I was wearing KD's 😭 @ Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY
They want to give me a heartattack @ Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY
Steven, like many responded while off-duty, with members of Engine 331 from Howard Beach via bus heading into Manhattan.
Best pizza in NYC, with New Park in Howard Beach (a favorite of both myself and a close second.
I mean, if you're adding service, where do you send it - Forest Hills/Jamaica, or Ozone Park/Howard Beach?
Congratulations to new Eagle Scout & Howard Beach resident Phil Granickas & family!
A diner with no Apple pie. Ugh. 😥 (@ Cross Bay Diner in Howard Beach, NY)
So many people from Howard beach with the new Infiniti Q50 cars getting played out!
Howard Beach from above. One of the coastal neighborhoods hard hit by Sandy.
Congratulations to Joann of her Closing at 155-24 86th Street, Unit 4, Howard Beach!!!
Beatlemania in Howard Beach: The hottest ticket in town last Saturday was for the Howard Beach Kiwanis Club’s…
Crime up in New Howard Beach: Schiff: Deputy Inspector Jeffrey Schiff, commanding officer of the 106th Precinct,…
Spring Creek work concerns some: Some residents expressed concerns at the Howard Beach-Lindenwood Civic Association…
Flood insurance a scary topic for some: Imagine this: walking through Howard Beach and seeing hundreds, possibly…
Big day for me meeting and getting to know all Airline divisions at JFK (at in Howard Beach, NY)
Will all the game pieces make it onto the screen?
HOWARD BEACH: Build It Back improves for Sandy victims: See this story at By Sadef Ali…
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