Houston Rockets & Miami Heat

The Houston Rockets are an American professional basketball team based in Houston, Texas. The Miami Heat is a professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida, United States. 5.0/5

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Houston Rockets vs. Miami Heat preseason game preview: The team plays back to bac...
How the Houston Rockets reacted when Chris Bosh agreed to a MAX deal with the Miami Heat: status!
Rumors: Chris Bosh will sign the 4-year max deal w/ the Houston Rockets if Lebron James opts to leave the Miami Heat
Chris Bosh has only met with the Miami Heat and the Houston Rockets. ()
According to multiple sources, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh is seriously going to consider an offer he received from the Houston Rockets.
I wished Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony made their minds up already on which max deal they want, they're holding the hostage with their patience and so far only 7 of the Top 50 Free Agents have a new deal. Speculating, I have a funny feeling LeBron will see Ohio again with Cleveland Cavaliers making moves to free up cap space, I could see Melo in LA Lakers gold they're only on the hook for $35M in 2014, Bosh going to the Houston Rockets makes just all the sense in the world money/scheme plus he's from Texas. That leaves Dwayne Wade going back to Miami Heat while (IF they're w/out LeBron) they go to plan B with that sad life without LBJ. The major points here are two things homecomings and patience, what gives first?
TOP 10 BEST FREE AGENT OF 2014 1. Lebron James, Miami Heat, SF, 29, UFA: James could go wherever he wants – and he won't lack for suitors, including the Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns. But the four-time MVP is expected to stay in Miami after four straight trips to the NBA Finals. 2. Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks, SF, 30, UFA: Anthony has no frontrunner among the teams interested in signing him. While the Knicks are still in the mix, he is expected to visit Dallas, Houston, Chicago and the Lakers, a source said. 3. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks, PF, 36, UFA: Nowitzki said last week he will not leave the Mavs and will meet with owner Mark Cuban to come to a new contract agreement. 4. Chris Bosh, Miami Heat, PF-C, 30, UFA: Bosh has said several times that he wants to re-sign with Miami. He seems to enjoy his role in the shadow of James and Wade. 5. Pau Gasol, Los Angeles Lakers, PF-C, 34, UFA: Gasol will likely be more interested in returning to the Lakers with coach Mike D'Antoni gone. Phil Jackson ...
Resurrecting my post from a year ago: I offer the following list of professional sports team names that should also be changed, just to keep things fair. If I entered into the college realm this would turn into a book. * Detroit Pistons: How can anyone name their team after a key component of evil carbon-burning machines? * Golden State Warriors: Promoting violence, mocking native Americans. * Houston Rockets: NASA is dead, and rockets kill people. * Miami Heat: Don’t promote global warming!!! Al Roker might blame them for Superstorm Sandy. * Philadelphia 76ers: Why promote terrorist revolutionaries? * Sacramento Kings: Promotes the 1%. The fix? Change the name to Obamas. * Kansas City Chiefs: Obviously hateful, chief. * Cleveland Browns: That’s just racist. You might as well call them the Cleveland You People. * Oakland Raiders: More violence. * Minnesota Vikings: They pillaged and burned. Bad role model. * Tampa Bay Buccaneers: More stealing and violence. * San Francisco 49ers: Promoting gold-diggin ...
I would rather stop being an NBA fan than root for the San Antonio Spurs. Y'all think I am going to sit here and root for SA, to support their cause for championship festival in their city while mine is still starving for one, still grinding for one? *** naww. If any festivities should happen in the magnanimous state of Texas it should be in HOUSTON. Furthermore, you know what's great the Miami Heat? They got that boy RASHARD LEWIS cuh, a Houston child that was raised here into a soldier. Case closed. Gotta root for the Miami Heat. Plus, maybe the Rockets' didn't have an answer for Portland during these playoffs, and maybe SA has had an answer for almost every team thus far, pulling away with the best record in the NBA and now battling in the Finals. But you know what? SA should be kissing Portland's feet cause the Spurs never had an answer my Houston Rockets THATS WHY MY HOUSTON ROCKETS SWEPT THEM BOYZ 4-0 IN THE REGULAR SEASON THATS IT BRUH EDGEBROOK LETS GO
Dont forget to watch the San Antonio Spurs vs. the Miami Heat ..NBA finals.go Miami Heat.even tho I love the Houston Rockets . :) !
All NBA-First Team Released The NBA has released their All-NBA First Team, and this year's team is highlighted by MVP Kevin Durant. Durant was the lone unanimous member of the team, as he averaged an NBA-high 32.0 points per game along with 7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game. This is Durant's fifth All-NBA First Team appearance in just his seventh NBA season. Miami Heat forward Lebron James made his eighth All-NBA First Team, but was not a unanimous selection, receiving 124 out of 125 votes. Los Angeles Clippers Point Guard Chris Paul earned his fourth All NBA-First Team after leading the NBA in assists with 10.3 per game. Houston Rockets guard James Harden made the First Team for the first time in his career as did Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah. The Second-Team All-NBA team selections were San Antonio Spurs Point Guard Tony Parker, Golden State Warriors' guard Stephen Curry, Los Angeles Clippers' forward Blake Griffin, Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard, and Minnesota Timberwovles forward Kevin L ...
Just found a VERY interesting Stat for ya Eric Bates. Since 1980, every NBA Finals had at least the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, or San Antonio Spurs playing for the championship. NBA been rigged for decades.
How many in our family are also fans and watching the Texas, we have 3 teams in the running: the Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, and San Antonio Spurs! Of course, we cannot forget our Online states either with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat! Show us your team pride!! Who do you think will be in the
Well so far I've seen ONE person rockin a Houston Rockets jersey in downtown San Antonio today. And alright for the dude that was rockin a spurs jersey with a Miami Heat hat... I'm jus like...? One and counting lol
NBA playoffs get started today and I think we have some solid first round matchups. East: Indiana Pacers over Atlanta Hawks in 7 Miami Heat over Charlotte Bobcats in 5 Toronto Raptors over Brooklyn Nets in 7 Washington Wizards over Chicago Bulls in 6 West: San Antonio Spurs over Dallas Mavericks in 5 Oklahoma City Thunder over Memphis Grizzlies in 6 Los Angeles Clippers over Golden State Warriors in 7 Houston Rockets over Portland Trailblazers in 5
Lebron James takes shot to broken nose day after scoring 61 points in Miami Heat's 106-103 loss to Houston Rockets.
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Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, and the NY Knicks have shown interest in Shannon Brown. (Source: Sam Amick)
TRADE DEADLINE RECAP: -Indiana Pacers trade Danny Granger and a 2015 second-round pick to the Philadelphia 76ers for Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen. -Sacramento Kings trade Marcus Thornton to the Brooklyn Nets for Jason Terry and Reggie Evans. -LA Lakers trade Steve Blake to the Golden State Warriors for Kent Bazemore and Marshon Brooks. -Sixers trade Spencer Hawes to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Earl Clark, Henry Sims, and two second-round picks. -Miami Heat trade Roger Mason Jr. and cash considerations to the Kings for a protected second-round pick. - Charlotte Bobcats trade Ramon Sessions and Jeff Adrien to the Milwaukee Bucks for Luke Ridnour and Gary Neal. - Washington Wizards trade Jan Veselý to the Denver Nuggets for Andre Miller and send Eric Maynor and two second-round picks to the Sixers. -Nuggets trade Jordan Hamilton to the Houston Rockets for Aaron Brooks. -Los Angeles Clippers trade Antawn Jamison to the Atlanta Hawks for a $1.4 million Trade Exception. - San Antonio Spurs trade Nando de Colo t ...
Mate of mine is into his NBA so here is the **£10-£100 challenge NBA**. Between mine and his research we are running *£10-£100 CHALLENGE* Miami Heat -3 Houston rockets -5 Golden State +12.5 BET ONE 1.01/1 -- £20.06 return
My NBA prediction picks for day 101 of the 2013-2014 NBA season. San Antonio Spurs(36-14) over Charlotte Bobcats(22-28): 103-95 Atlanta Hawks(25-23) over Memphis Grizzlies(26-22): 98-95 Denver Nuggets(24-24) over Detroit Pistons(20-29): 109-101 Portland Trail Blazers(35-15) over Minnesota Timberwolves(24-26): 113-106 Houston Rockets(33-17) over Milwaukee Bucks(9-40): 106-86 Phoenix Suns(29-20) over Golden State Warriors(30-20): 107-104 Miami Heat(35-13) over Utah Jazz(16-33): 103-92 My record was 4-6 for Day 100 of the 2013-2014 NBA Season. My overall record is 470-276 for the 2013-2014 NBA Season. If you have any questions about my NBA prediction picks, just ask and I will try my best to answer your question.
When it comes to the San Antonio Spurs, one thing must always be remembered: The regular season means very little. Sporting a sparkling 33-12 record, the Spurs are sitting pretty in a spot where they’ve found themselves all too often for nearly two decades: near the top of the Western Conference standings. For a team that has experienced as much postseason success as the Spurs, however, their place in the standings carries about as much weight as an “insightful” Gregg Popovich halftime interview. You’re not learning anything new. The same can be said for the Spurs’ abysmal record against the elite teams in the NBA. Much has been made about the 1-11 mark the Spurs currently sport against the upper echelon teams in the NBA—the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Indiana Pacers, Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers. If this were any other team, that record would be a precursor to future problems. An inability to defeat the teams you would most likely face in the playoff ...
Back to back wins for my team: Miami Heat and Houston Rockets! Yeaah buddy 👌
411: The San Antonio Spurs have won their 10th straight game in the NBA, cruising to a 126-96 triumph over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Spurs blitzed Cleveland 35-11 in the second quarter to set up their victory, while San Antonio sank 16 three-pointers as they moved to the top of the Western Conference with a 12-1 win-loss record. San Antonio's victory ensured they stayed ahead of the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference as the latter also won, knocking off the Golden State Warriors 113-101. Portland trailed by a point with a quarter to play at Golden State's Oracle Arena but destroyed the Warriors in the final term with 32 points to 17. The leading two teams in the Eastern Conference also won with the Indiana Pacers overcoming the Philadelphia 76ers 106-98 and the Miami Heat notching a sixth consecutive victory, prevailing 101-99 over the Orlando Magic. The Charlotte Bobcats trumped the Milwaukee Bucks 96-72 and the Houston Rockets cruised to a 112-101 triumph over the Minnesota Timberwolves ...
I have the Houston Rockets vs Miami Heat in the final, and the greatest player win a 3 peat!!
Oklahoma City Thunder: Oklahoma City Thunder have been the best in the home and away season, although crumbling in the finals. If Oklahoma City Thunder make it to the conference finals, can they defeat the likes of San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets or Golden State Warriors? If they get that far are they a match for the Miami Heat or the Indiana Pacers? Roster is as followed; Point Guard: Russel Westbrook / Derek Fisher / Reggie Jackson Shooting Guard: Thabo Sefolosha / Jeremy Lamb Small Forward: Kevin Durant / Perry Jones / Ryan Gomes Power Forward: Serge Ibaka / Nick Collison Centre: Kendrick Perkins / Daniel Orton / Steven Adams / Hasheem Thabeet Russel Westbrook suffered knee injuries in the playoffs last season and that could be why Oklahoma City Thunder were eliminated. Derek Fisher only has one more season left in him although Reggie Jackson looks to be a promising youngster. Trading James Harden for Jeremy Lamb was a bad idea, as in my opinion Thabo Sefolosha just isn’t the future of shooting gu ...
I'm ready for the NBA season. Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets, Houston Rockets, the return of Derrick Rose. And most important.. The MAVS lol
Who do you all have in the NBA Finals in the upcoming season? I have Miami Heat vs Houston Rockets. I don't think the Spurs are going to have it this year. Duncan,Parker,Ginobili are getting to old, and we could see Memphis in the Western Conf Finals too! So that leaves the Spurs with pretty much, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Gary Neal to run the team, what your thoughts? -The NBA Admin
*** Dwight Howard going to the Houston Rockets wid James Harden (/_\) Glad Derrick Rose coming back talking bout ready to see some bandwagon Miami Heat fan go
Dwight Howard will sign with the Houston Rockets. He's saying all the right things about being coached by Kevin McHale and playing with guys like James Harden and Chandler Parsons, but how much did California's 13% income tax rate on those making more than $1 million factor into the decision? Obviously, it had some effect on the decision, but how much? And, will higher taxes drive free agency in all sports in the future? By signing to play for teams in Florida or Texas, for example, a player can actually take less money but have more to take home since there is no state income tax. Take the Miami Heat, for example. Lebron James and Chris Bosh will reach the end of their deals in the next year or two. With Kobe Bryant long in the tooth and coming back from an Achilles, the Lakers are going to need some serious star power to take them into the future. Lebron James would be just the start that storied franchise needs, but LeBron already is in the 39% tax bracket for his federal taxes plus he has to pay FICA ...
NBA Asia yet to receive any word on PH visit by champion coach Spoelstra NBA Asia has lined up several activities to drum up interest in the first-ever NBA preseason game in the country between the Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers. Unfortunately, a visit by Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra won’t be part of it. Carlo Singson, NBA Asia country manager, said the soft-spoken Spoelstra is not scheduled to appear in any of the major events being prepared ahead of the October 10 game at the Mall of Asia Arena. “It won’t necessarily be coach Spo this time,” said Singson. The activities include visits by former and current NBA players beginning with former Lakers and Pacers star Sam Perkins, who arrived in the country on Monday. But Singson said the door is very much open for Spoelstra, whose mother is Filipina from San Pablo, Laguna, if and when he plans to return to the country, saying they are actually just a phone call away. “We told him to just call us and we will arrange everything,” said Si ...
Dwight Howard is going to play for the Houston Rockets next season. If he miraculously can convince Chris Paul to join him ill be expecting a Houston Rockets vs Miami Heat in next years NBA Finals.
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I was just looking at a piece on Michael Jordan MJ said something very interesting he said let's not look at the greatest player he said let's look at the greatest teams ! Just imagine the Great Chicago Bulls team that broke the Lakers record for the longest winning streak would probably have to be one of the greatest teams of all time !! I'm not a hater but I don't think the Miami Heat man for man could match up with those guys I know it's a different era think back to Detroit the bad boys magic and the Lakers Larry Bird and the Celtics Dr J Moses Malone Philadelphia. You can even go back to Bill Walton Portland Trail Blazers how about when Shaq was in Orlando with Penny Hardaway all the Houston Rockets when they had Akeem Olajuwon!! All of those had good players but they were also good teams these days you probably couldn't even give me the name of everybody on the starting lineup for most of these teams ? Back then you know the line up and you do the bench Michael Cooper... Vinnie Johnson . The mi ...
Well, that was certainly unexpected, wasn’t it? Please stand up if you predicted Russell Westbrook would injure himself, resulting in the No. 1 Oklahoma City Thunder sweating out Games 4 and 5 against the No. 8 Houston Rockets before a necessary Kevin Durant takeover and Kevin Martin explosion transpired in Game 6. No one? Really? Before the playoffs began, the Thunder were penciled in to roll their way to the Western Conference Finals and almost a lock to meet the Miami Heat in the Finals. Now? Their path is much more difficult, especially since their opponent in the Conference Semifinals is the fifth-seeded Memphis Grizzlies, a team coming on strong. Led by budding Point Guard Mike Conley, the all-around greatness of Defensive Player of the Year Marc Gasol, and the crazy, wily low-post ways of Zach Randolph, aka “Z-Bo,” the Grizz bounced back from two crushing games in Los Angeles to roll four straight double-digit wins against the No. 4 Clippers. What to expect from Oklahoma City Besides Durant r ...
【NBA】I often watch the game of NBA. I love Miami Heat!! Especially,I love Chris Andersen. And I also like Houston Rockets and Brooklyn Nets!
The Magic's pro summer league will add the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets - Orlando Sentinel
its official ill be at AA arena tomorrow to see the Miami Heat take on the Houston Rockets ;)
Here are today's Must-See Matchups: -Atlanta Hawks at Washington Wizards-In John Wall's return game, he will be against the Atlanta Hawks. Can John Wall be the one piece the Wizards need to get on a roll, or will the Hawks steamroll the Wizards? -Houston Rockets at Philadelphia 76ers- James Harden and Evan Turner meet each other again tonight in Philly. Can the rising Rockets win, or will the 76ers capture this win? -Miami Heat at Sacramento Kings- In what could be the Heat's final visit to Sacramento, LeBron will try to help his team get out of their slump. Meanwhile, DeMarcus Cousins will be a key factor for the Kings tonight. -Jordan23
And the winners of round 1 are. Memphis Grizzlies, LA Clippers, New York Knicks (by 1 vote), Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets (Barely), Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder! Round 2. Grizzlies- *** Gasol and Randolph. VS Heat- Lebron, Wade and Bosh. Clippers- Paul, Griffin and Crawford. VS Rockets- Harden, Lin and Asik. Knicks- Melo, Amare and Chandler. VS OKC- Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka. Place your votes and ill anounce the teams that go to the semi finals in 10ish minutes! -JD
Today's Must-See Matchups: -Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat- Despite the main stars being out tonight, both teams are prepared to go at it with 110% intensity. Can the Bulls run down the Heat, or will the Heat stifle the Bulls? -Philadelphia 76ers at OKC Thunder- After a win against the Lakers the other night, Jrue Holiday will have his hands full again defending Russel Westbrook. The Thunder, meanwhile, look to put their last loss behind them. -Houston Rockets at Milwaukee Bucks- A few guys from the Rockets return to Milwaukee tonight. The backcourts for both teams are stellar and will determine the outcome. -LA Lakers at LA Clippers- One of the more anticipated games of the year. The Lakers will look for a surprising win against the leaders of the conference. Plenty of superstars, plenty of highlights. -Jordan23
Basketball fans may want to find a comfy seat and the remote. Tonight at 7 p.m. CT, you can flip between NBA action on ESPN with the Chicago Bulls at the Miami Heat and college hoops on ESPN2 with ...
Must-See Matchups for today: -Miami Heat at Orlando Magic- The two Florida teams clash right now. The Heat look to get back on track, while the Magic seek some consistency. -Atlanta Hawks at Houston Rockets- The frontcourt of Al Horford and Josh Smith will be important for the Hawks tonight. The backcourt of Jeremy Lin and James Harden is vital for the Rockets. -Brooklyn Nets at San Antonio Spurs- Deron Williams and Tony Parker, two elite Point Guards, will determine the outcome of the game. With so much talent on both rosters, this game is a must see before the year ends. Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve! -Jordan23
This is the last day of the year, what NBA game do you want to watch? 3pm/et: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Indiana Pacers 3pm/et: Charlotte Bobcats vs. Chicago Bulls 5pm/et: Orlando Magic vs. Miami Heat 7pm/et: Atlanta Hawks vs. Houston Rockets 7pm/et: Brooklyn Nets vs. San Antonio Spurs 8pm/et: Phoenix Suns vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
We have a total of nine games tonight guys and only one will be nationally televised. NBA TV apparently thinks the game between the Suns and the Blazers is the most interesting game tonight, gotta say I couldn't disagree more. I would rather see the Bulls at Hawks game or the Lakers at Warriors game but that's just me. Anyways, here are the game schedules for tonight: Detroit Pistons at Washington Wizards at 7:00 ET Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks at 7:00 ET Utah Jazz at Miami Heat at 7:30 ET Indiana Pacers at New Orleans Hornets at 8:00 ET Memphis Grizzlies at Houston Rockets at 8:00 ET Cleveland Cavs at Milwaukee Bucks at 8:30 ET Charlotte Bobcats at Denver Nuggets at 9:00 ET Phoenix Suns at Portland Trail Blazers at 10:30 ET (NBA TV) LA Lakers at Golden State Warriors at 10:30 ET
Alright guys all the games for the night are final and I gotta say tonight was an interesting night for the NBA. Notable results: Houston Rockets come back after being down 17 thanks to their bench leaving Kobe with the final shot to win the game but to no avail as the Rockets finish on top. The Wizards get their second win of the season against the Miami Heat despite Lebron's triple-double. The Thunder upset the Nets in Brooklyn as the Nets played without Brook Lopez. The Grizzlies beat the Suns in overtime as Zach Randolph finished with 33 points and 22 rebounds!! Pacers beat the Bulls thanks to Paul George's big game. Timberwolves beat the Sixers as a lot of the scoring came off the bench for Minnesota. Here are all the scores and stats guys: Houston Rockets 107- LA Lakers 105 Houston Rockets (9-8): Toney Douglas- 22 pts, 4 rebs, 3 ast, 2 stl Greg Smith- 21 pts, 9 rebs, 2 blks James Harden- 15 pts, 10 rebs, 6 ast, 1 stl LA Lakers (8-10): Kobe Bryant- 39 pts, 6 rebs, 2 ast, 2 stl Dwight Howard- 16 p ...
Watchin this Celtics and Jazz game waitin on this Houston Rockets and New Orlean Hornets ill prolly flick bck and fourth til Miami Heat prepare too lose lol
Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin had a chance to give his team the lead and upset the Miami Heat but he shoots an air ball in the last seconds of the fourth ...
Miami Heat vs. Houston Rockets 11/12/12: Video Highlights and Recap: The Miami Heat are still the league's best ...
Check it out as the Miami Heat beat the Houston Rockets in a thriller, thanks to Lebron James 38 Point night and Chris Bosh with a BIG BIG rebound and free t...
NBA Basketball Recap: Final statistics from the Miami Heat vs. Houston Rockets game played on November 12, 2012
*** Miami Heat suppose too be so *** gud but barely beat the Houston Rockets by three points they definitely not playing like defending Champs
Houston rockets and Miami Heat game with my niece and Lil cousin!!!
Long live the KING of Basketball--Lebron James for his superior performance against the Houston Rockets. Another MVP and championship on the way. go Miami Heat!!,!,!,
Great game by Lebron James and the Miami Heat. The refs were trying their best to hand this game to the Houston Rockets but LBJ and Co. refused to let them steal it away. Huge 32 points in the second half for LeBron. A 4th MVP is sounding like a real possibility.
Just now leaving the Miami Heat vs. Houston Rockets game.all I gotta say is LBJ!
So proud of my Houston Rockets for hangin tough against the Miami Heat! Lost 113-110 to the defending champs is great considering how early it is into the season & how young they are! The future is bright in H-town!!!
Hey anyone know how the Miami Heat and the Houston Rockets game is going so far thanks
Heck Yes, The Houston Rockets are leading 107-103 over the Miami Heat! Still about 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter, I hope they can pull it off!
Houston Rockets vs Miami Heat live video stream with high end quality streams. The best and most complete live stream of Houston Rockets vs Miami Heat watch it here. FirstRowSports ultimate source for entertainment - Online TV Live Sports Stream Movies Online
Houston Rockets playing Miami Heat tough at home... Watching the game online as I do not have Comcast. Are they really the only cable network showing Rockets games?
If there was any doubt about how James Harden was going to mesh with his Houston Rockets teammates, he silenced those with one of the great team-debu
I have the hookup for amazing Los Angles Lakers vs Warriors (both December and March Games), Miami Heat, NY Knicks, Chicago Bulls, Opening night (Memphis Grizzlies), Houston Rockets, and much more.
I was gonna buy tickets to the Miami Heat & Houston Rockets game,, but imma just wait until I get paid again. Gotta save my 💰 for Dallas.
Jeremy Lin to Houston Rockets, Lamar Odom to LA Clippers, Ray Allen to Miami Heat, Dwight Howard to LA Lakers
I'm such a good big brother!! Gonna take my sister to the Houston Rockets game vs Miami Heat in Houston on her...
Officially going to see Lebron James and the Miami Heat play the Houston Rockets in November with someone that is so amazing.
Jason Kidd to New York Knicks. Joe Johnson to Brooklyn Nets. Steve Nash to LA Lakers. Jeremy Lin to Houston Rockets. Ray Allen to Miami Heat
So I'm reading up on Espn looking at the NBA Jeremy Lin going to the Houston Rockets, Jason Kidd to the New York Knicks, Ray Allen to the Miami Heat, Steve Nash To The Lakers, Anthony Davis goes to the Hornets, Thomas Robinson to the Kings. This next season is gonna be great I'm picking Miami out the East and LA or OCT to be in the finals
Miami Heat are reportedly working on a sign and trade deal with the Houston Rockets to aquire 6'11 Center Marcus Camby for Point Guard Norris Cole.I dont like this trade we need to keep Norris cole
Jeremy Lin to Houston Rockets. Nicolas Batum to Minnesota Twolves. Steve Nash to LA Lakers. Jayson Terry to Boston Celtics. Hasheem Thabeet to OKC Thunder. Ray Allen wanted to go to Miami Heat???
here's a wild news from the NBA folks, Steve Nash - LA lakers, Jason JET Terry - Boston Celtics, Jeremy Lin - Houston Rockets, Jason Kidd - New York Knicks Lamar Odom - LA Clippers, Jamal Crawford - LA Clippers, Brandon Roy - Minnesota Timberwolves, and now Ray Allen is trying to make his way out of the Boston Celtics. and its either the Defending champs, Miami Heat, or the LA Clippers. wew! whatta wild NBA free agency Battle!
Lol sumlight He picked Miami Heat and I was Houston Rockets Miami HEAT Are to over rated !
There are actually only 7 teams in the NBA who rallied from 3-1 to win a playoff series. They are the Boston Celtics (1968), Los Angeles Lakers (1970), Washington Bullets (1979), Boston Celtics (1981), Houston Rockets (1995), Miami Heat (1997), Detroit Pistons (2003) and the Phoenix Suns (2006). So Mathematically only 23.33% of all NBA teams won an NBA playoff trailing from 3-1. OKC will be the 8th team!
Hey Rockets fans, at least we have 2 former Houston Rockets in the NBA Finals this year: Scott Brooks, Head Coach for the OKC Thunder, and Shane Battier, Small Forward the Miami Heat.
Thank goodness my hometown Houston Rockets didn't play the Miami Heat in the finals. I would be torn. haaa!
Don't think I've ever disliked a team as much as the Miami Heat. Honestly, would prob rather see the Red Sox win (vomit). Only other team that factors into this discussion is the '94 Houston Rockets...
NBA TRADE PROPOSAL (by me) : Houston Rockets receive Dwayne Wade; Miami Heat receive Luis Scola, Courtney Lee, Goran Dragic via sign and trade and a first round pick. Everybody wins. We finally get our superstar and the heat get some much needed depth.
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Miami Heat tops the Houston Rockets, Lebron James makes case ...: Lebron James finished with 32 points and eight...
Lebron James (6) of the Miami Heat drives against the Houston Rockets' Chandler Parsons during the second quarte...
I know I'm a little late bu the Miami Heat and the Houston Rockets hook up tonight.The game doesn't mean much for Miami.If Miami gets the W,great.If notthat's fine too.Let's just not get anyone injured.Let's Go Heat!!! Beat Houston!!!
Watching Houston Rockets vs. Miami Heat game now...I love this game
At the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets game. Sorry to my family in Houston Texas but GO HEAT!
Watching the Miami Heat vs Houston Rockets. NBA League Pass is the way to go!
Tris & Mel @ the Miami Heat vs Houston Rockets game tonight--wave to LeBron for me.
Watching Houston Rockets at Miami Heat with Viggle Sun | 12PM | NBA TV Get real rewards just for watching TV.
Oregon is in the house to watch a little Miami Heat v. Houston Rockets!
Cheering on the Houston Rockets tonight vs. Miami Heat!! Go Rockets!!
Houston Rockets vs Miami Heat live in HQ at
LeBron active; Bosh, Wade both out vs. Rockets - Miami Heat forward Lebron James will play against the Houston Rocke...
For starters: Houston Rockets at Miami Heat:     A look at the starting lineups, inactive lists and referees for...
The banged-up Miami Heat hope to bounce back from a rare poor performance on their home floor when they host a Houston Rockets team with no room for error.
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