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House Speaker

The term speaker is a title often given to the presiding officer (chair) of a deliberative assembly, especially a legislative body.

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The was almost never built? The reason: A very powerful House Speaker:
.exclusive: House Speaker makes secret visit to
House Speaker makes secret visit to Vero Beach via
What do the House Speaker, Senate Majority Ldr, Defense Secretary General, and Vice President have in common?
Democrat Scott Drury, whose district includes Glencoe, chose not to back Michael Madigan for House Speaker, the...
A Democratic state representative said he’s being bullied for not voting for Mike Madigan as the House Speaker.
House Speaker: We'll fund the border wall - Arutz Sheva
House Speaker and "serial child molester" Dennis Hastert wants his hush money back now that he's in prison
Mr. President, let me tell u how messy our state govt is in Illinois. They voted to keep Michael Madigan as House Speaker.
JUST IN: Michael Madigan has been elected to his 17th term as IL House Speaker by a vote of 66-51...
Del. Michael E. Busch of Anne Arundel County, the House Speaker, giving remarks to Legislature.
Former U.S. House Speaker 's home township considering becoming 'right-to-work' community…
Shameless and offensive hypocrisy from the House Speaker. By for
Nancy Pelosi will be Democrats nominee in House Speaker election for 9th time Tues, 2nd for Paul Ryan as GOP nomine…
Of course Gingrich hates ethics laws. After all, he is the only House Speaker to be censured & forced to resign ov…
Young lawyer employed by N.C. House Speaker appointed district court judge via
Young lawyer employed by NC House Speaker appointed district court judge
As President pro tempore of the Senate he's 3rd behind VP and House Speaker
Pleased to have the next KY House Speaker with us for today's Committee on Public Affairs meeting
fr ! so many republican politicians in Congress are funded by fossil fuel companies even our own House Speaker :-)
Republicans choose Paul Ryan as House Speaker again via
So. here I am with former House Speaker & Leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives (Minority Lea…
One of the smartest ladies ever -- Pelosi for House Speaker. I'm done with that scumbag, Ryan.
Paul Ryan confident he will retain House Speaker post! When this RHINO is up 4 re-elect. Wis.voter need 2 vote him out!
At the behest of Paul Ryan is ousted as House Speaker in favor of Albert Speer.
I remember seeing that jerk on COPS bragging abt making his prisoners watch Newt Gingrich speeches while he was House Speaker
Paul Ryan disinvites Donald Trump from event amid controversy over lewd comments about women: . House Speaker...
Woman in OD photo gets jail time, frmr House Speaker joins Big Tobacco, Obama launches new heroin crisis effort
Now we know why John Boehner stepped down as House Speaker. He's joining tobacco company Reynolds American's board.
McCarthy's truth is the reason Paul Ryan is House Speaker. GOP did not want voters to know why they wasted $7 mil.
Donald Trump backs House Speaker and fellow Republican Paul Ryan for re-election days after snubbing him
I see working hard everyday for the House Speaker position. Where's Paul Ryan's Campaignin…
MT Perfect Sample of Common Core Alignment led by House Speaker now facing jail.
.who supported NATO expansion in the 1990s as House Speaker, is a disgrace
Former House Speaker Gingrich: Deport American Muslims if they support Sharia law
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich suggests testing all US Muslims to see if they believe in Sharia law,...
In the wake of the attack in Nice that killed at least 84 people, former House speaker Newt Gingrich – who is on...
Ryan keeps breaking GOP fundraising records: Speaker Paul Ryan has set a new record for House Republican fund...
United FC's property tax break back on radar after House Speaker Kurt Daudt says special session set for sometime in August…
Gregg will need to clean up the mess he left as . house Speaker first
Delighted to be at Pakistan House London. Mr Speaker and parliamentarians in UK to augment parliamentary diplomacy. https:…
Even farther right than Current House Speaker Ryan? That IS saying something. . . .
Ex-US House speaker: Deport US Muslims who believe in Sharia
“I have known New Gingrich since 1990 (I emceed his event the night the became Speaker of the House in 1994) he has been a…
Governor Wants Trust Vote on Saturday, Speaker Says No: In a house of 60, BJP claims the support of 43 MLAs.
House Speaker Paul Ryan welcomes Trump's decision to tap Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate:
Newt should be Speaker of the House again or AG. What do you all think?
Governor is an exceptional leader, and an even better man. My statement on the 2016 GOP VP pick:
House Speaker announces he will NOT be a candidate to replace as GOP governor nominee.
House Republicans have held exactly zero hearings into how a serial child molester was House Speaker for 8 years
Gingrich, former House Speaker who helped pass NAFTA, now hates NAFTA and loves Trump.
the outsider, considering Newt Gingrich, ethically challenged insider lobbyist & former House Speaker as his VP. Unbeholden indeed.
Important to prepare now. House Speaker unveils new plan that would transform Dodd-Frank:
In an interview by the House Speaker, Paul Ryan, said some interesting quotes.
CEO to Host Fundraiser for House Speaker - Two traitors !
The Meck : Former governor (testifies in corruption trial of indicted House Speaker.
FINALLY House Speaker endorses Donald Trump- Ryan's re-election in Wisconsin not smooth & Trump bigger than Republican Party.
Jim Wright, House Speaker before ethics investigation, dies at 92 =father of American totalitarianism.
. She ain't. House Speaker, to be again,. Nancy Pelosi.
“I went from being a Housewife to the House Speaker.” is a
Boehner: What? You are the worse House Speaker in the history of America Congress. Clinton to drop out as you did? What a shame?
John Boehner isn’t popular with conservatives these days, but the former House Speaker deserves an apology from...
Alabama House Speaker being undone by the same ethics laws he helped pass
Former Speaker Of The House rants about people on a TV program.
exactly my point! Repub Speaker of the House forced The bal budge…
6 Questions for Paul Nehlen, the Man Running Against House Speaker Paul Ryan - via
Ryan,speaker of the house.You have let "We the people" down.You sided with Globalists.Blurred lines with Democratic desire.Forgot your job.
Great respect for . The Speaker of the House should not be allowing to make statements Ontario's…
This man was forced to resign as Speaker of the House of Reps bc he SOLICITED A BRIBE ON TAPE and now he leads the 2nd biggest party
proud to have served in the FL House for you Mr. Speaker!
Sharkey Says Personal Commitments Led to Retirement - Speaker of the House Brendan Sharkey told reporters Monda...
Because nothing says I've got your back like a former House Speaker forced to resign in disgrace.
.( ͡°- ͡°) Andy was House Speaker and uses a soft voice and boyish charm to diffuse the bombs he lobs while gri…
House Speaker Mike Hubbard just left the Lee County Justice Center after the first day of jury selection
the house speaker is helping TRUMP make president we the people don't like getting spit in the face we voted MR TRUMP IN
Packed house partner summit with as guest speaker !
House's powerhouse budget committee will meet again tomorrow. Speaker Hickman has already said the House will meet the next tw…
Congrats to the new Manitoba Speaker of the House.
If the Speaker of the House were a naturalized citizen and were needed to step in as Pres or Vice Pres, would they be skipped over?
Craving for attention. It's what happens to discarded child stars like House Speaker, Eddie Munster.
He is a great choice because he is a former Speaker of The House.
House speaker Ryan just called trump a "warm and genuine person?" That may come back to hurt him.
PA Dems have a rare shot at taking down st House Speaker Mike Turzai in November Want 2 C him gone so bad!
Alabama's chief justice forced 2 resign speaker of the house & gov facing indictments hey gov was that a banjo on your knee or a sexatary
ALERT: Former Indonesian House of Representatives Speaker Setya Novanto elected as new chairman of Golkar party - Jakarta Globe …
Speaker (R-WI) 's House of woes. Almost 6 mos into the job, struggling to advance an agenda.
We're working to fight the Zika threat & plan to provide more resources to prevent & treat it via
The longest sitting Republican Speaker of the House Molested his students. He's in jail!
Alabama Update: the House Speaker on trial for corruption; Gov Bentley faces impeachment; Chief Judge suspended.
You can't have a Globalist be Speaker of the house. will be fought at every turn. . Vote for
A favorite of the Speaker of the House..
Don't vote Republican because they elevated a child molester to Speaker of the House...
Ya girl was the only one at trivia tonight who knew that the Senate president pro tempore is in the line of succession after House speaker
A new favorite: Speaker of the House - Redwood by on
My name is James Lowery, the 'speaker of the house' for a local expression of Christ's Body called. TiTw Assembly.
Deal or no deal if there's a hung parliament, government remains in caretaker mode until house decides otherwise. Vote for speaker crucial.
. Bill did well on the economy because was the Speaker of the House, passed Contract with America.
House of Commons Speaker Geoff Regan just did something that’s only been done 10 times since Canada became a country ht…
Former House of Reps speaker Setya Novanto elected chairman of Golkar.
I didn't know that, interesting. Janna Ryan, Paul’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
As you know CPC House Leader is the former speaker & knows the rules.
Mississippi is now a Sludge...The Governor is a *** Chief Justice is on Suspension & The Speaker of the House is a Thief! OleMiss!!!
Alabama's 'trial of the century' starts; House speaker faces 23 felony ethics charges
Jury being selected for indicted Alabama GOP House speaker
Your speaker is at my house. I use it every. night
Today, the Speaker of the House of Commons voted to break a tie for only the 10th time since Confederation (1867).
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Pia Cayetano rules out becoming 1st female House Speaker. Here’s why.
No, he stunk as speaker of the house! Are you kidding me, a liberal ***
"On Friday, Human Rights Campaign presented Vermont House Speaker Shap Smith with an HRC Equality Award for his...
The NC delegation thanks Gail Curtis for her service as Speaker of the House.
Police in suburban Chicago say Irish singer Sinead O'Connor is safe and no longer considered missing:
Coming up on An interview with former House Speaker & Kansas Congressman
Mr. Trump and the House Speaker, Representative Paul Ryan — who said last week he was “not ready” to endorse the presumpti…
Rep. discusses funding options for project at Youngstown air base w/ House Speaker. .
Cruz following the Boehner for Speaker strategy, ask for their 2nd vote. Blunt lost the first House Speaker vote, Boehner won 2nd.
Dino Malaye fought for Patricia Etteh to remain House Speaker and she still lost her seat. The same thing will happen to Saraki.
he's fake. He was only bipartisan in office because Newt Gingrich was a great House Speaker.
A pedophile managed to be House Speaker for several years. This should be bigger story, but I guess Trump sneezed. https:/…
House Speaker on nomination talk: ‘Get my name out of that. Morgan Freeman will accept lol
House Speaker pledge: No more than 5 percent cut to education: OKLAHOMA CITY – Thursday, the Oklahoma Speaker of…
"... rules must be followed." Even by the House Speaker. Mr Gunn should NOT be the exception.
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WASHINGTON - House Speaker is using a speech before America's leading pro-Israel group to hammer the Obama
Today I remembered that I got a side-hug from Newt Gingrich when I was 14 and he was House Speaker. 😂
Boehner backs Paul Ryan for GOP nomination: The former House Speaker has taken a look at the Republic...
"I doubt that. Nancy Pelosi was equally confident that she would still be House Speaker after…" — HiltonHead_Dude
👍🏻. Thank you, Mr. Gingrich. Loved your work as House Speaker.
Blame Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus for the Rise of Trump: John NicholsThe House Speaker and the RNC… |
"he tried to pin the problem on House Speaker, Michael Madigan?" Have you counted the number of years Madigan's been in office?
House Speaker wants new commission to study retirement system, reforms
House Speaker called Rep. Don Gosen's sudden resignation the "right decision."
.EXPOSED on Pushing as FL House Speaker!! Another one of
Remember when Obama attacked the next House Speaker in order for Ryan to win? Going on since Jeri Ryan too.
Paul Ryan is the youngest House Speaker since 1869
She is, to her credit, not acting like she can pass the New Deal x100 with Paul Ryan as House Speaker.
Polygamists meet with House Speaker over bill | Fox-13 Salt Lake City
Coup in Waiting: Inside Rep. Phil Williams' plan to replace Mike Hubbard as House Speaker
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Indiana's House Speaker puts a damper on the chances of a new civil rights bill passing.
House Speaker and Senate Judiciary Chair Charles Trump hanging out in House committee to watch right to work debate.
Louisiana legislature rejects Gov. Edward's candidate for House Speaker. Check it out at
Remember the House Speaker is this d-bag:
P2016: Per The Hill, Ben Carson claims House Republicans asked him in 2014 if he wanted to replace John Boehner as US House Speaker.
MD House Speaker says he would push for legislation this year allowing for automatic voter registration
I wish Newt Gingrich or Dennis Hastert was still the House Speaker.
The Popes visit that influenced John Boehner to resign from the House Speaker position...
The ties that bind House Speaker to Midway Airport parking deal.
yeah, and I seem to remember Nancy Pelosi going from House Speaker to House Minority Leader.
for 2016 House Speaker nyan congresman, together with for Senate Pres. Yan ang bagay parang Aldub ang dating
John Boehner as House Speaker, as he wants to do, his priority will be the highway funding bill and transforming the federal government
Why have a GOP House Speaker when got EVERYTHING they wanted in the massive 2,000+ page budget bill? Lied to …
GUILTY, AGAIN: first it was NY House Speaker, now NY Senate President guilty. A state political culture, indicted:
House Speaker and Senate President Peter Courtney call for overhaul of Oregon Energy Department
Oregon's Senate President and House Speaker will appoint a special committee to revamp Oregon Department of Energy
WASHINGTON - House Speaker says Congress may miss its Friday deadline to wrap up a huge $1.1 trillion
Ryan to run for House Speaker if he can unify Republicans
Tfyd meeting. Off to the house of Speaker Belmonte ✨
The fact that 3/4 of this house has full blown convos via speaker phone at a high pitch 😐
Great evening at Speaker's House with hero Kelly Brown
House Speaker Rayan, can we trust him on immigration reform just because Rayan says it with such conviction is not true!
As Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan Will Continue to Wage an Ayn Randian War on the Poor via
Fiji's Parliament House Speaker is part of march .
•• Omfg my dad put in his house this Siri like speaker and it's scary sometimes bc you like just talk to the room and ask it stuff😞
Former Speaker of the House Moss dies at 87.
Lol these two guys are playing basketball outside my house and they brought a speaker & are playing YG 🤗
How is Paul Ryan adjusting to being Speaker of the House?
VIDEO: Inside look at the rarely seen Speaker of the House of Commons' apartment on Parliament Hill.
Thomas W. Jr., former speaker of Va. of Delegates, dies at 87: Thomas W. Moss…
Sir, imho , You should have been voted in as Speaker of the House , not Ryan.
New Republican Speaker of the House is flailing around much like the last one
House speaker, ex-health chairman clash over demotion: The former chairman of the Indiana…
Russia has right to military response after jet downing: Lower House speaker
Va. House speaker proposes another round of pension reform
Winnipeg MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette wants to be Speaker of the House
Le Visiteur's brand new house club smash 'With you' is out now on Traxsource A proper speaker rocker!
Thomas W. Moss Jr., former speaker of Va. House of Delegates, dies at 87
WASHINGTON -- A House Speaker who was relieved to quit his job handed the gavel to a successor who never wanted it Thursday…
House Speaker w/delegation of UK Conservative Friends of Cyprus Group (CGC).
Paul Ryan (Takes Over as House Speaker & New Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee Announced
Rep.&Ryan (R-WI) inched a step closer to the House Speaker position by getting outgoing speaker John Boehner to …
Pope made John Boehner, House Speaker, to Resign From Congress.what an interesting thing,maybe I need to meet the pope h…
Florida Republicans loved to bring up Jim Greer to tar and feather Crist, but was House Speaker during that same time.
I believe the Sgt at Arms can remove the President at the behest of the House Speaker and Senate, and should be.
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Highway bill debate is Paul Ryan's first road test as House Speaker
Fmr. NH House Speaker to hold meeting w/ conservative activists about mounting primary to Kelly Ayotte
Continued - House and Senate should not bring up Bill that Speaker and Majority Leader can't persuade a majority of his party to support
Paul Ryan to continue Boehner's ban on using private jets | Getty
The Freedom Caucus will devour the next of the House says
Newly Elected Speaker Paul Ryan Has a New Motto for the House: ‘Opportunity for All’ via
If Rubio wasn't in the Senate (a job he clearly isn't interested in), how big of a joke would his candidacy be? An ex-state house speaker.
Paul Ryan (Miami U 1992) has been elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives.
Paul Ryan's new powers as House Speaker put it there
Is that clear now? >New House vows not to push until at least 2017 …
Boehner reflects on leaving 'lonely' job as House speaker - Business Ins.. Related Articles:
10 fun facts about one of Washington's most powerful positions you may not have known
Majority of House Freedom Caucus backs Ryan, clearing way for him to ascend to ... - Newser
Paul Ryan sets aside some initial reluctance and announces he is going to run for speaker of the US House of Representatives.
Politicians react to Paul Ryan's election as House speaker
On Wednesday, Rep. Paul Ryan was officially chosen by his Republican congressional peers to take over as Speaker of the House,
New Speaker for the House, Paul Ryan: No reform while O in office ...
Farewell to a leader who has long supported the business community
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is expected to be elected Speaker. How he went from no-chance to next Speaker of the House: htt…
House GOP, eager to mend wounds, ready to make Ryan speaker
Election to replace disgraced MO House speaker John Diehl is Tuesday in West County.
Wisconsin's Paul Ryan, 45 years old, is now the Speaker of the House, replacing the retiring John 236-…
And the Speaker of the House of the Republican Party said this.
Ayn Rand admires the pancake abs of newly elected speaker of the house Paul Ryan
Republican Paul Ryan to succeed Boehner as US Speaker of the House :: The US House of Representativ
House Speaker Paul Ryan is ruling out a future presidential bid, saying 2016 would have been the year for him to have sought the Oval
Paul Ryan has officially been elected as the 54th speaker of the House
Congratulations to my friend Paul Ryan on being elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Dr LKAdvani, Speaker & others in Parliament House paying Tributes to Sardar Patel http…
House Speaker Paul Ryan to top Sunday talk shows
Paul Ryan vows not to push immigration reform as House Speaker until at least 2017
Congratulations to Brother Paul Ryan (Gamma Upsilon Chapter) on his election to House Speaker!
Paul Ryan is elected House Speaker: Rep. Paul Ryan was elected the 62nd speaker of the House on Thursday by a fractured party looking...
Country is about to get a new House Speaker
Good morning. Following US House Speaker election this morning. Will try to keep an eye on Kansas representatives
Live now: House Speaker vote | At 9:40AM, will deliver farewell remarks
Boehner Reflects on Leaving Lonely Job as US House Speaker: . WASHINGTON - On his last full da...
Ex-House Speaker pleads guilty to evading bank laws.
Democrat Mickey Kaus still hoping Nancy Pelosi will be elected House Speaker.
Or, for House Speaker. Not politics but common sense. These are the times that call for a Cinnamon Melt from
Paul Ryan's bid for House Speaker opens top job for Kevin Brady on Ways and Means: If successful, Brady's move...
Boehner's Voucher Legacy: The House Speaker saved scholarships for poor kids in Washington.
Paul Ryan says he'll run for House Speaker - Foot
God forbid the American people expect the House Speaker work on a Saturday! Out of touch spoiled politicians!
laid out his ground rules for House Speaker. He is going ham.
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Former VP candidate Ryan open to House Speaker role, with certain conditions
Paul Ryan secures support of hardliners in race to be House Speaker
Freedom Caucus Majority Backs Paul Ryan for House Speaker: As a condition of assuming the key post, the Wiscon...
Is this like a royal decree? I Paul Ryan confronts dissident GOP conservatives in offer to be House Speaker via WSJ
Breaking News: Paul Ryan will run for House Speaker | Newsradio WOOD 1300 and 106.9 FM
Former House Speaker shares thoughts on search for new House Speaker, presidential campaigns,...
Scott Walker on Paul Ryan as possible House Speaker, do it your way!. “If they want you, why do you have to...
House Speaker threatens to suspend sitting of Finance Committee due to constant cross-talk.
Republican Representative Bill Flores from Texas plans to run for U.S. House Speaker.
Congressman Tom Cole: Paul Ryan is the best person to run for House Speaker:.
.tells that is the best candidate for House Speaker
Was John Boehner forced out as House Speaker because of GOP power struggle over whether to rescue Clinton from Benghazi investigation?
Ted Cruz Names an Unlikely Man to Succeed John Boehner as House Speaker via
Sean Hannity continues campaign to draft his colleague Newt Gingrich as House Speaker:
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy took his name out of the running for House Speaker today in a stunning move that cam…
Hey, did we come up with a new House Speaker yet?
Talk radio: "Only acceptable House Speaker is a conservative who achieves total, everlasting victory - and is still mad as ***
How are you Democrats going to bail out the Republicans and help them pick a new House Speaker as they can't even do that.
U.S. Rep Michael McCaul says he plans to run for House Speaker -- but only if Paul Ryan doesn't run for the job.
Two Republican women from Tennessee talked up for U.S. House Speaker job via
LITERALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel now. from TN up for U.S. House Speaker. via
Could the next U.S. House Speaker be a Republican woman from Tennessee?
On Capitol Hill, pressure is building for congressman Paul Ryan to run for House Speaker:
- Rep. Jim Jordan says Freedom Caucus is "not there yet" for Paul Ryan as House Speaker
Do you think would accept the House Speaker job, given his current position?. via Gloria Christie Reports
Paul Ryan will be your House Speaker, but he's got a few demands.
CEO of Cannabis Sativa Inc. & Former Governor Gary Johnson has a viewpoint on House Speaker race -
8 Republicans could replace John Boehner as House Speaker, and one of them is Boehner
The GOPe goes along with whatever Obama & the demoncrats want. They should make Allen West the new House Speaker. Imagine that!
Fun fact: James K. Polk was first, only fmr House Speaker to become president 170 yrs ago. Reason for Ryan's reluctance?
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Could Rice University grad John Kline (R-Minn) be the ‘caretaker’ House Speaker?
Who's fooling who? Everyone knows the real House Speaker is Canadian anchor baby Ted Cruz
Gen Stanley McChrystal for House Speaker, leader. Coalition builder Team of Teams
General Stanley McChrystal for House Speaker,consensus builder Team of Teams
A guy dropped out of the House Speaker race?? [screams, marries a horse, sets fire to self]
Dr. Brown of Athens State University joins Dale to discuss the ongoing race for the vacancy of House Speaker in the…
BREAKING: Phoenix based Mexican-American isn't acting like he knows how the House Speaker leadership works because he doesn't.
Boy, talk about partisanship! Longest election for House Speaker.
I can’t be the only one thinking Jim Gilmore for House Speaker.
Conservatives threaten deadlock over House Speaker: WSB’s Jamie Dupree reports the most conservative…
Jason Chaffetz to run against McCarthy for House Speaker role: "I learned this week I'd rather challenge a dumb guy than …
First Draft: Jason Chaffetz Announces Bid for House Speaker: Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah, the chairm...
discriminates vs Daniel Webster, respected senior Florida Republican first announced for House Speaker
Tea Party backs Arab-American of Syrian descent for House Speaker position — MSM media still smears TP as "racist". htt…
In an eight-page letter to House Speaker, J. Alex Tyler, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has concurred with 18...
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next House Speaker reveals truth about Benghazi committee; confirms just how unethical are..
Lew Rockwell Calls for Grassroots Campaign to Draft for House Speaker - Ben Swann's Truth In Media
Lew Rockwell - Draft Ron Paul for House Speaker. via Wouldn't it be great ?
Fact is ppl like Cruz want a House Speaker that will break the law to stop Obama!Then they will be in a Camp with a fence!
With John Boehner departing as House Speaker. We the People now seeking to oust Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “McConnell resign!!”
Speaker Boehner resigns as House Speaker [October 2015] ..."for the good of the Republican Conference and the institution"
King Kong announced today he will run for House Speaker. "Kong an Illegal with big calves," said
Ethics Reform and a lack of Investigation are squashed by the House Speaker. . Pols and Union Member...
Meet the man that wants House Speaker gone..
FL House Speaker creates select committee to reduce cost of health care and improve transparency
(2/2) So WHY is ALP wanting Bronwyn Bishop to resign as House Speaker? . . Are THEY the REAL 'DINOSAURS'?
Ohio man who threatened to kill House Speaker ruled insane.
The race to be House Speaker in 2020-21 takes another interesting turn as Brad Drake de-pledges from ...
Non-Eisnaugle supporters now say class is divided 9-9-1 about who should be House Speaker in 2021-22.
NC House Speaker has new job working for Cleveland County
“In playing his mediatory role, the former House Speaker, Gov. Tambuwal agreed to take our position to Dogara group for consideration and.."
Scott Turner, who challenged Joe Straus for TX House Speaker, not running for re-election, per
Your rep was a tool for lobbyists and the House Speaker. His sole goal in life was to party at public/lobbyist expense.
Speaker of the house, Deleo recognizing the great work of the team from Winchester high
Here’s a quick primer on the bills the House will vote on this week to strengthen Advantage for seniors
Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yusuf Lasun, from Osun State, has responded to public outcry over...
Beth also spoke to House Speaker Crisafulli for Florida Face to Face this morning. It's up @
- - House speaker and in attack on Bank of Greece governor - ekathimerini - cc
Oregon House speaker to introduce proposal for $13 minimum wage
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