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Trump sycophant Steve Bannon ordered far-right House Republicans to vote for and they just laughed at him https:…
All credit to those House Republicans who saved the GOP from a disaster, conservatism from an embarrassment, & the country…
The only thing they know how to do is blame Democrats. They own the House and couldn't pass it. Thank you House…
.needs to tell House Republicans they just wasted 8 weeks of his time! . for any of them! .
via Aw, cheer up, Mr. Ryan! It ACTUALLY DID come VERY close to passing; about as close as "A" is to "Z"!
Republicans now discussing repealing and replacing Paul Ryan:
Republicans land a punch on health care, to their own face.
, you got the house, the senate and the prez. Ya'll can't do nothing. Boo you, boo Republicans,. Liars. Liars. Boo
Here's the next hill Ryan and House Republicans could die on
With Obama in the White House, Republicans vote to fully repeal Obamacare. With Trump in the White House, Republicans do…
What Trump sinisterly didn't say is HE would use media-voters to oust the GOP. .
Trump trying to blame the Democrats for his failure to pass health care bill while Republicans control House and Senate i…
So Republicans control 1.) House 2.) Senate and 3.) Presidency, and they lost out on 1 bill?. They blew a 3-1 lead, one might…
The House Republicans have been a governing disaster for the last seven years. Trump's election didn't change that.
Trump couldn't even persuade House Republicans to vote *for their own bill*, but Bernie's gonna get them to pass Medicare-for-all?
Here’s the next hill Trump, Ryan and House Republicans could die on
I want gone as much as the next person, but not if they replace him with one of 45's cronies!
"We need to make it their fault if I can't keep my promise." - POTUS on House Republicans against AHCA.
American Hospital Association letter to House Republicans: . "We cannot support the American Health Care Act in its current…
if Trump was so supported by the Republicans the AHCA bill would have passed..they have a 44 seat majority in the house. 😂😂
President Trump says GOP bill fell short due to ... lack of support from Democrats. . FYI: 237 Republicans in the House. 215 vo…
Reports are that nearly SIXTY votes from moderate as well as Republicans were AGAINST. . That's a QUARTER of…
A sensible conservative replacement for Obamacare will easily pass the House & Senate--this is what we elected you to do,…
House Republicans R Ready 2Replace He misled the public & Prez Trump by repeatedly promising he has the vote…
The President should have one or more Republican Senators and less House Republicans
Trump blamed the Dems, you're blaming Ryan. Republicans control house & senate and even they couldn't back it.…
Best headline of the week:. "Republicans Land a Punch on Health Care, to Their Own Face" . 😭😭😭.
Allowing Establishment Republicans to create Heath-Care was a mistake. These were the same people who opposed Trump's Ele…
House Republicans scrapped a vote on their health care plan after defections made it clear the bill wouldn't pass
Obama is laughing today at how Donald Trump, Speaker Ryan the House Republicans all though Healthcare was easy.
helped from House Republicans and Speaker Ryan in their -Time for /…
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Speaker Ryan and House Republicans had 7 years to get their act together and they failed. Paul Ryan must resign!.
So how is that Winning going for ya? (In my Sarah Palin voice). "House Republicans". "Art of the Deal". "Sp…
The bill dies in the Senate, Trump and House Republicans get off the hook, and the Republican Party avoids destruction
We’re tracking how many House Republicans support the proposed health bill. 216 votes are needed to pass.
House Republicans say vote on health care bill will happen Friday
Rank-and-file Republicans won’t regret voting no on read explain why:
Per last night, House conservatives talked about ditching ACA preexisting condition ban
Shot to death after criticizing Putin, the same guy now pulling the strings in our White House. Great job, Republicans! https:/…
Hey, House Republicans, new poll shows that even your voters hate Trumpcare
At the height of the epidemic, House Republicans vote to worsen the epidemic by repealing & vital ad…
Exactly 7 years ago today President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. Today, House Republicans will vo…
Reading between the lines... Do you think would take a chance voting on a health bill if they t…
How House Republicans Are Planning to Vote on the Obamacare Replacement - The New York Times
Can someone send me the final text of the bill overhauling 1/6 of the economy that 200+ House Republicans will vote for ton…
Possible: some House Republicans said they'll vote no but will vote for the bill in order to make Trump look like he was a good negotiator
domain names
19 House Republicans call on their party to do something about climate change | Dana Nuccitelli
But you threatened the seats House Republicans who vote no on You know that's voting, right?
House Republicans: . 17% of Americans support the AHCA bill. . 56% oppose it. . Listen to Americans, not Trump. .
And of course House Republicans have to break their own rules because that March 23rd deadline is so crucial...?
Barack Obama is subtly trolling House Republicans the day they vote to replace Obamacare
This is where all of House Republicans stand on the GOP bill
Don’t take it too literally when you hear about House Republicans “leaning no” on the health care bill
100% this. Most House Republicans came in after Obama, have never actually had to govern
UPDATED 'No deal': Trump can't secure backing, prospects look dim for vote on Republicans' showcase health care bil…
Yeah, except he just had two disastrous sessions with House Republicans where his dealmaking prowess was exposed as a sham.
House Republicans’ first post-election act was to try to gut the Ethics Committee.
this is in direct conflict with what many House Republicans are saying right now on Capitol Hill.
One day the Republicans will have to deal with a crisis that they did not create.
In 1974 Republicans lost 49 House and 4 Senate seats. The perception of defending corruption was deadly. . Proceed acco…
Today, on the 7th Anniversary of the House Republicans move to take away the it gave to 20 million Am…
Keep calling, friends. It's working. We can win this vote.
TODAY, the House will vote on If 21 Republicans vote no, the bill will not pass. Call these 27 members and…
To We will oppose any efforts to lessen our constituents’ access to basic preventive & primary care http…
House Republicans are reportedly considering a deal to make the following optional for health insurance:
Trump to House Republicans: Time to put up or shut up on Obamacare Commander Cheeto now holding gun to heads
.announce updates to strengthen the It’s time to >>
House Republicans are poised to kill poor people on Medicaid in or to give the wealthy massive tax cuts.
Tonight we have taken additional action to strengthen the American Health Care Act. Read more here:
GOP senators hoping for changes to health bill emerged from a "frustrating" White House meeting, Sen. Mike Lee said.
House Republicans *literally* have to pass their health care bill to find out what's in it: https…
Trump to visit Capitol Tuesday, urge House Republicans to vote for health bill.
132 House Republicans now support the GOP health care bill, 51 are undecided and 54 have concerns or oppose.
House leaders will propose an $85 billion fund for tax credits to help people aged 50-64 get health insurance.
Must read from my good friend Obamacare Lite is not what the GOP promised to the American people!
Guys, scroll down to read some of the GOP changes to AHCA.
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The manager’s amendment to the GOP health bill is out. Policy changes: Summary:
Republicans said anyone under investigation should not be in the White House use that as a catchphrase
Here are the governorships the Republicans want to go from blue to red
This is extraordinary. The Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have apparently decided to turn this into a hear…
"The house is on fire, Donald Trump is running around with matches, and the Republicans are asking who called the fire department?" lol
.and other House Republicans are covering for Russia by suggesting that its subversion was about voting mach…
Republicans just released big changes to their Obamacare replacement bill days before its most important vote yet
Moscow carried out an attack on our democracy and House Republicans are focused on leaks. This is why they can't be trus…
House GOP leaders unveil changes to health-care bill to address concerns from rank-and-file members
As House leaders scramble for votes, New York Republicans win a provision to shift Medicaid costs from counties
To The Left. On Sunday Senator Tom Cotton issued a warning to House Republicans. He told them that if they pass...
House Republicans are divided over the bill to replace the ACA. To unite them, Paul Ryan points to deficit cut
White House press secretary Sean Spicer: “CBO coverage estimates are consistently wrong”
CLC's quoted in coverage of House Republican Climate Resolution
This story is brutal for House Republicans - "did not mention the analysis' finding that millions co…
Group of 17 Republicans sign US House resolution to fight climate change
The growing list of GOP lawmakers opposing the ObamaCare repeal bill:
Excited to see all of the FL Republicans supporting the House climate change resolution. Thank you
Some House Republicans say they want climate action . but not a carbon tax.
Trump’s promise to build a barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border is about to hit a wall of its own https:…
House debating this now. Republicans say repeal will restore Medicaid eligibility cut in budget
The bill passed the Democratic-majority House 97 to 40, with eight Republicans supporting it.
Top House Republican won't respond to call to probe Trump's conflicts of interest
House Republicans: we need market-based & clean energy solutions to create jobs & clean the env. can help
Depressingly, 7% of the House GOP signing on to a symbolic resolution to fight climate change is a "high water mark"
Lindsey Graham on GOP health bill: “The House bill, in my view, will have a hard time getting through the Senate”
An example of Senate Republicans who say they would not support House Republicans' ACA repeal & replace bill
Paul Ryan's conference call with House Republicans 10.10.16 via Ryan= *** of the year !!!
This is why select House Republicans are coming out on action for climate change. Too important in their districts…
Changes to in the House Republicans' Healthcare bill puts the health of 30 million children at risk
Group of 17 Republicans sign U.S. House resolution to fight climate change.
Rachel Maddow pointing out 226 House Republicans voted against requiring the President to release his tax returns. The…
Ros-Lehtinen is one of 23 House Republicans whose district did not go for Trump in 2016.
Trump is a figurehead used by republicans to gain control of the house and senate to push their agenda.
House Republicans seem ready to award themselves a participation trophy on Obamacare repeal:
A group of House Republicans are calling for climate action in the Trump era, reports
Hoping my congressman House signs on: GOP group calls for action on climate change
Fake-tough Rep. McCaul - - ready to water down the wall Walls have worked, "flexible" fails
My full statement here: "Hypocritical for Republicans to Run from CBO Report"
New says midterm voters might stay home if Republicans don't pass something on health care:…
The House Budget Committee, full of rogue Republicans, takes up Obamacare on Wednesday:
Finding out 17 House Republicans sponsored a res. towards addressing climate change and accepting that such actions…
Republicans finally control the White House and all they can do is argue with the President. WE. WILL. PRIMARY. YOU
Dems & Republicans can agree on this: it's time to pass the Act
1) So here is the real deal on House Bill 2. 72 House Republicans and at least 30 Senate Republicans called for th…
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Caught on tape: House Republicans have no clue how many of their constituents are on Obamacare
Genetic testing in the employment sector is wrong. It has nothing to do w/wellness. Don't ever comply 2 this demand!
At present the "Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017" is sponsored by more Republicans than Democrats
Republicans have attempted to pass meaningful tort reform since pledging to do so in the 1994
Republicans control House & Senate "Not Democrats" & its why. Cuts to Coast Guard. Cuts 2 TSA. FHA Mortgages up. Russian Ste…
House Republicans expect Trump will get on board with Medicare, Social Security Cuts via
House Republicans: The surest way to fail is to be scared of failure. Just repeal the *** ACA.
Been Reading: . 2/ Reactions have streamed in since House Republicans on Monday introduced their bill designed to replace Obamacare.
Georgia's GOP state House rammed through a bill to re-gerrymander its own seats to protect vulnerable Republicans https:/…
Trump backs House Republicans’ plan to overhaul ACA: He joins with House leaders despite conservatives who want an…
What the *** !! House Republicans would let employers demand workers' genetic test results
House Bill lets employers demand workers’ get genetic tests or pay huge fines!. h…
NC House Republicans split on GOP Obamacare repeal bill
W in T actual F:. House Republicans want to give employers the ability to demand workers’ genetic test results:
The American Medical Association announced that it opposed the House Republicans' proposed health plan
"The bill was approved by House committee on Wed, with all 22 Republicans supporting it & all 17 Democrats opposed."
Amid the chaos of Trump's White House, Republicans laud the man who's next in line , though Pence is not a nice guy
It's a point made to & not having a CBO score yet means that House Republicans voting o…
Trump adds to chaos of health care deliberations - Still fewer than five days old, the House Republican bill to...
✌ "California House Republicans hesitate to back GOP Obamacare repeal bill"
A pre-dawn vote just gave House Republicans an early victory in overhauling Obamacare
They really have no end of horrific ideas. House Republicans wd let employers demand workers’ genetic test results
House Republicans are proposing to alter the way the federal government has financed Medicaid for more than 50 years
House Republicans approve bill in committee that would allow companies to demand workers' genetic testing results:
.sees 'glimmers of hope' in House Republicans' health care plan
.CEO Jonathan Bush sees 'glimmers of hope' in House Republicans healthcare plan $ATHN
Bob Goodlatte & other House Republicans ask for FBI to investigate Russian meddling, wiretapping claims, and leaks:.
Missouri Congressman (R) returns to Jefferson City to address House Republicans. My story.
Obamacare Gone!. Republicans publish plan to repeal and replace Obamacare via
Whoa. CBO has told Rs that 10-20 million people could lose *employer* coverage under their bill, per https…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Tell your members of Congress not to support House Republicans' proposal that helps the rich and hurts the poor
Paul Ryan's plan has massive tax cuts for rich people and corps, paid for by slashing assistance to the middle-class ht…
The Republicans take on health care -- and it won't be easy -
House Republicans can't even name one way their healthcare bill improves anything about the healthcare system. What a joke.…
No wonder House Republicans hatched their plot to take away healthcare in secret and kept it hidden for so long. https:/…
Moments after House released replacement bill, & talked to
Obamacare 101: What's in the House Republicans’ replacement plan?
GOP Godless Soulless party that uses TrumpCare to take healthcare from 20M & gives Millions in tax breaks to Wealthy
House Energy and Commerce Committee draft link. If you want a PDF, direct message me.
Please stop calling it "Trumpcare." We need to hold *all* House/Senate Republicans accountable for it.
Republicans shrug off Trump's unproven wiretap claims
Obamacare 101: What's in the House Republicans’ replacement pla -
B/c of ledes like this? . "House Republicans’ Obamacare replacement plan would cut taxes on the wealthy by hundreds of bill…
."With respect to women, 'TrumpCare' would send us back to the dark ages"
Two takeaways from GOP repeal bill:. • defunds Planned Parenthood. • jacks up cost of insurance for older Americans.
.everything wrong in America.. sits in the White House, in GOP, Republicans = amassing personal fortunes, on bones of dead poor
It’s clear why Republicans in the House felt it necessary to keep this repeal plan hidden behind lock & key. https…
How about turning the "SCREWS" on the House REPUBLICANS to put out a "REAL" OBAMACARE REPLACEMENT or. Let em know their DONE in 2018
One of those Republicans not pleased with the House GOP bill
Some Republicans are drawing a line in the sand.
ICYMI: National News: House Republicans released their plan to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act.
WATCH LIVE: House Republicans hold a press conference on Obamacare replacement bill
House Republicans want to turbocharge health savings accounts. Here's how that would work
Republicans have released the text for Obamacare replacement bill. It's called the American Health Care Act.
Republicans unveil their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare amid conflicting pressures
."...It does, however, greatly benefit the very wealthy and special interests." https…
House GOP wants Poor, Old & Middle Class Americans to grab our collective ankles as they 'repeal & replace' ACA.
More on the hasn't even been vetted by the Congress is debating in the dark...
That awkward moment when House Republicans release their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, and then forget to include…
House Republicans Unveil Plan to Replace Health Law - when people aren't insured, the insured pick up the tab
And now we have the announcment of Trump Care :P .
This site is a pile of crappola.first thoughts, you people are close minded uneducated dummies.I feel sorry for you. I will pray for us all
Congressman Jason Smith returns to Missouri Capitol to address House Republicans
House Republicans unveil new plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with the Millions Die in Medical Pover…
House Republicans' plan to replace Affordable Care Act keeps in place two of the most popular Obamacare provisions.
House Republicans have released the text of a bill that would remake the Affordable Care Act in the coming years.
House Republicans release bill that would dismantle Affordable Care Act, likely resulting in more uninsured.
House Republicans have dropped their ACA replacement bill, and it includes the defunding of Planned Parenthood
House Republicans unveil new bill to repeal Obamacare - Centre Daily Times
Leaked draft of ACA reform could eliminate Medicaid expansion in 2020
House Republicans promised to we are keeping our word.
House Republicans: Hm what terrible awful thing can we do today?. *spins wheel*. how about... poor people... can't... laugh in public
The GOP effort to cobble together an ACA alternative, like the repeal crusade in general, is an unthinking mess.
There's not much House Republicans can do legally to punish Clinton — but there is damage they could do to her poli…
house Republicans were sworn in to represent the people and should keep their word. Country before party! Do your job!
CBO thinks, when you create an age-rated credit, lots of employers drop coverage because their workers can qualify. https:/…
REUP: How many times did Republicans accuse Obama of having a 'secret deal' with Russia? Yet they wont touch Trump:…
Two Republicans break with party to join Dem effort demanding Trump’s tax returns
Great news from Utah where republicans & democrats voted together to pass ranked choice voting in the state house!…
Waters: 'I don't trust the Republicans' in House via
House Democrates are impotent to do anything. The Republicans have all the power and want their hateful agenda to get through. Sad!
Two Republicans sign on to effort demanding Trump’s tax returns.
Four House Republicans call for Trump to release his tax returns
."I don't trust the Republicans on the House side"
Per I was right about the horrific CBO score.
With Republicans controlling the White House, Congress and regulatory agencies, mutual fund and ETF rules may shift: h…
Chris Collins recently said House may go to vote on plan without CBO scores, this may explain why ...
In all fairness to House Republicans, they have proven themselves exceptionally talented at investigating nothing.
This is interesting, and also a hilarious reminder that Republicans had 7 years to think this through and didn't.
the Republicans in the House are fighting among themselves regarding the replacement. Trump seems to favor Ryan's plan.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
House Republicans expected to introduce legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act early this week. https:/…
Facing political hurdles, House Republicans ready a legislative push to repeal Obamacare Ready after only 7+ years!
Why are Republicans rushing to repeal the ACA without a CBO score? Now you know why:
That time you tried to repeal Obamacare, accidentally dropped millions off employer health plans.
yep just wait until 2018. The ignorant Republicans will have 60 seats in the Senate and control of the house. Good luck
Turns out only House Republicans will be able to see the ACA bill in a Hill BASEMENT...
229 House Republicans just voted to keep Trump’s tax returns secret
Tonight, House Republicans voted for party over democracy. You have them on record. Let them hear you.
I don't understand why House Republicans are proud of that? Don't you want to see his tax returns?
House Republicans do not support transparency.
229 House Republicans go for a Trump cover-up. Cover-up is a good look / fit for the GOP but we still see Trump.
ICYMI: my statement on tomorrow's vote on our & GOP efforts to try to bury it: https:…
Americans who signed petition to see Trump's taxes: 1,000,000. Republicans in Congress who voted for it: 0. .
Pelosi slams GOP after the House ruled against the privileged resolution on Trump's taxes: "What are Republicans afraid o…
.is getting ready to betray U.S. while its citizens sleep.
“The American people have the right to know whether or not their president is operating under conflicts of...
The knows what is hiding. This is more than this is https…
229 Cowards helping defend a traitor. Makes me sick.
.Don't betray the U.S. while its citizens sleep.
Why is no one talking about this breach of trust by the Republican Party??.
The just proved they are too cowardly to question Trump. Don't expect impeachment.
WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans have blocked an attempt by Democrats to force President Donald Trump to release tax re…
One thing this makes clear is that if the Democrats take back the House or Senate, they can get Trump's tax returns
House Republicans demand climate documents from state attorneys general — again
literally why. "House Republicans on Wednesday weighed legislation that could lower the number of students...
House Republicans are not expecting much from President Donald J. Trump.
Despite their new white paper, House Republicans still don't have a real plan to replace the ACA.
Most problematic parts of "Obamacare" are parts contributed by House Republicans per RomneyCare per Heritage Foundation
Paul Ryan just released the outline for the House Republicans' "replacement" health care plan. It's atrocious.
House Republicans want an investigation into EPA officials using encrypted chat apps
House Republicans on Tuesday blocked an attempt by Democrats to use an obscure law to obtain President Donald Tr...
Republicans side with Wall Street to block states from helping people save for retirement
Democrats want Republicans (control House,Senate) to start Trump impeachment proceedings. How many Repubs are globalists?…
House Republicans vote not to request Trump's tax returns
Just left House Floor, demanded that Republicans investigate corrupt White House/Russian connection and stop acting like T…
Yes it is a bombshell. No it won't move House Republicans. They are all in with Trump (and Putin).
Republicans must distance & denounce the present Putin puppet regime in the White House to save their Party.
Did some one not inform the Democrats that the Republicans control the house?
While most distracted by White House chaos, GOP Congress works on making it easier for banks to rip off consumers
Because the house is more dysfunctional then Trump's family. Why not get his tax returns for all to see. Scumbag Republicans
CORRECTION: No, House GOP hasn't voted 50X to repeal Obamacare -(6X) That's what I get for believi…
Congressional Republicans say, Flynn's out. So, no more problems with the Trump White House. Congress wants this President above the law.
NYT trashes Paul Ryan and company for opposing workers' efforts to save for their own retirement
1/23 Here are the House Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee who voted NOT to request Trump's tax returns from Trea…
Scramble to fill Tom Price's seat in Congress provides Republicans and Democrats with trial run for midterms
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Republicans hold all 3 branchs of government.They're acting like they only have one,the White House. . DEAR REPUBLICAN PART…
Today proposed reforms to deliver relief, move forward with 21st-century health care. We have a htt…
Imagine what House Republicans would do to a Dem who worked with a Moscow-directed subversion campaign aimed at helping h…
Here are the names/office numbers of the House Republicans who voted no on forcing to re…
Paul reportedly leaves meeting with House Republicans on Obamacare
House Republicans will move on a plan to gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
Anne Frank Center calls out Trump and House Republicans for “anti-Semitism” over Holocaust statement htt…
House Republicans passed on a resolution stating that the Holocaust targeted Jews: via
This is turning into a disaster for House Republicans: congressman just walked out of town hall, avoiding questions as crowd s…
House Republicans prepare to kill five Obama-era regulations
House Republicans kill streams but revive bribery.
Obama regulation aimed at preventing coal mining debris from being dumped into nearby streams is killed by House GOP https:/…
He is mentally ill. Republicans need to grow a pair and get Trump and Bannon out of the White House.
“House Republicans push forward anti-union ‘right-to-work’ bill” by race to bottom
House Republicans push forward anti-union 'right-to-work' bill
Is it any wonder House Republicans' 1st order of business was to try to neuter Ethics Oversight? Pesky rules! .
Meanwhile over in the House...scumbaggery on full display.
We need to take back our country. . Come on, Republicans... get this clown OUT of the White House, while we still have allies.
The republicans are burning the house down while the democrats go furniture shopping.
They should have to drink that water exclusively!
It's up to the Republicans in Congress to right this wrong. White House Inc.
House Republicans to target Trump opponents for House Oversight investigations
House Republicans have voted to overturn a rule that protects waterways from coal mines
It's a toss up between 1 and 12 depending on if House and Senate Republicans ever grow a spine
"Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, senior Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee, said repealing the stream...
Yay house republicans just approved a measure to repeal legislation that stopped coal companies from dumping debris int…
Republicans to call about getting Bannon out of White House. If phone is busy, mailbox full, look up fax numbers. You can…
Republicans to repeal Obama rule that prohibits pollution of water sources near coal mines:
this is how u will help Republicans run the House/Senate maybe even governors.U guys can't control anything including 19yr olds
you probly don't even know what that means keep it up will soon be all Republicans in the house and Senate
.“The voters spoke and they elected Republicans in the White House, the Senate, the House, and they did it with g…
And I thought Trump was bad... and the House Republicans are shortsighted and actually quite evil:.
House Republicans kill a rule meant to keep coal mine waste out of streams. Who needs clean water?
U.S. House Republicans finalize list of rules to kill in Wednesday vote
They are not the party of "more local control." They are the party of "anything for business, screw the people." https…
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