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House Oversight Committee

The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is a United States House of Representatives committee that has existed in varying forms since 1816.

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Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, won't seek re-election
Did you miss the investigation report? Or are you playing partisan dumb? . 3 bill dollar biz doesn't need my money!…
A letter to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform:
The House Oversight Committee is mostly Repub too. So the is investigating the on financial corruption too. Double hmmm... 🤔
Reviewing ATF's Failures in the Death of ICE Agent Jaime Zapata - House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform h…
Finally some action from the House Oversight Committee! At long last, Sid the Science Kid will be held accountable…
Thank you for your bipartisan effort to exercise oversight authority
In your capacity as Chairman of House Oversight committee, this is your responsibility. Investigation re…
Thank you House Oversight Committee please also investigate Trump conflicts of interest
Top Democrat on House Oversight Committee: Kellyanne Conway in 'blatant' violation of ethics rules. https:…
House Oversight Committee to hold hearing on postal "reform" Tuesday - via
House Oversight Committee demands meeting with Govt Ethics director, changes meeting to make it private, won't agre…
Again, I've made calls to Speaker Ryan & House Oversight Committee offices & don't know if I'm in the minority or…
GOP chairman who targeted Clinton in no rush on Trump: The Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee,…
Look how House Oversight Committee, and FBI have behaved why wouldn't he feel above the law
chair of House Oversight Committee, won't respond to requests to investigate Trump conflicts of interest.
Chaffetz, chair of the House Oversight Committee, has suddenly lost interest in investigating the next president.
Yes, if reps on House Oversight Committee, contact them. Story: List:
Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee released the message. "If it is...
House Oversight Committee::Watch Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the filibuster professional, turn our Justice...
House Oversight Committee member on the new investigation of Clinton’s statements made under oath.
In Comey's House Oversight Committee hearing one member took the opportunity to point out that the KKK is active but no mention of BLM scum.
House Oversight Committee member "None of the members of this committee can be objective on this issue.".
House Oversight Committee member talks about Thursday's grilling of FBI Director James Comey.
LIVE: FBI Director testifies before House Oversight Committee on Clinton’s use of private email
James Comey showed a flash of anger during his questioning by the House Oversight Committee
- House Oversight Committee to investigate PFOA response
FBI director James Comey just admitted to the House Oversight Committee that he didn't check whether Hillary...
Watching the Republicans on the House Oversight Committee demolish the FBI dir. and DOS/ODNI IGs is so satisfying.
.your work in the house oversight committee is absolutely amazing. I'm not fan of your immigration views, but this is great
See LIVE House Oversight Committee investigation on &Rhodes deceptions. Rhodes will plead 5th if subpoenaed!!
House Oversight Committee aka Mall Cops...stop or I'll yell stop again
My testimony today before House Oversight Committee on White House spin of deal:
Video: Today's Congressional hearings on how WH misled (lied) to the American people to ram through the Iran Deal.
Right now: testifies before House Oversight Committee on White House narratives re: Iran Deal. Watch: htt…
The White House told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Monday that Deputy National Security...
he Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act of 2016 or H.R. 5224 was crafted following hearings in the House Oversight Committee. I
The American - Sucked into watching the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee on Fascinating stuff.
.announced that the House Oversight Committee has passed his bill!
Top Dem slams new Flint answers from Michigan governor - The top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee says...
You claimed you wstched "full videos" yet the House Oversight Committee hasn't seen those yet. Perhaps they should know?
Before Daleidon edited the videos? Bcs that's funny. Even the House Oversight Committee hasn't seen all the footage.
Texas Border Chief at House Oversight Committee border security hearing: Terrorists have been caught at the border
Gov Rick Snyder is testifying at U.S. House Oversight Committee on Flint Water crisis. GOP vows tough hearing
Offering an amendment in the House Oversight Committee to further strengthen protections for gov. whistleblowers
ICYMI Director Bill Evanina's statement on security clearance reform before the House Oversight Committee:   10% Off
4 reasons the House Oversight Committee doesn't love NBIB
Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will testify before the House Oversight Committee...
US House Oversight Committee issues subpoena for former emergency manager of Flint, Michigan, to testify Wednesday https:…
Update: Education Dept Chief Info Officer Danny Harris collapsed as he walked out of the four-hr hearing with the House Oversight Committee.
Also he has declined to testify to the U.S. House Oversight Committee investigating the Flint debacle
US House Oversight Committee hearing on will air 9am tomorrow on C-Span3 or if u don't have cable.
House Oversight Committee calls out Ed Dept Chief Information Officer for misconduct. CIO admits to poor judgment.
ICYMI: House Oversight Committee slamming for cyber security failures:
A recap of today's RAWA Hearing in the House Oversight Committee by
Recap of Wednesday's House Oversight Committee about banning iGaming in the US:
Endless hearings by the House Committee on Uterine Oversight.
Impeach the IRS Director - "Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, says the IRS…
as the chair of the House Oversight Committee, what are you doing to hold your members accountable for telling outright lies?
America needs to see the horrifying reality of abortion and the abortion industry.
Wake up America! This is what abortion and the industry surrounding it looks like. This is what callous disregard...
House Dems: Oversight Committee Should 'Apologize' to Planned Parenthood - See more at:
Educate yourselves. . Planned Parenthood:: Numbers do not lie. - 1.3 billion in revenue in 2014. - 41% came from...
I'm at the House Energy and Commerce Committee Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, which will grill Volkswagen U.S. CEO Michael Horn.
Federal Judge says CMP may release all unedited undercover videos to House Committee on Oversight and Government
House Dems say apology to Queen Murderess? You can't make it up! .
House Dems: Oversight Committee Should ‘Apologize’ to Planned Butcherhood & ISIS while we are at it
How is it that GOP TeaP thug/bully like Chair House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz is allowed 2 abuse his power openly! MSM DO UR JOBS!
House members EXCORIATE colleagues over Cecile Richards' House Committee hearing:. “This hearing was not...
E&C Oversight subcmte will hear testimony from tomorrow at 10AM on emissions cheating:.
Oversight Committee to consider reauthorizing the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program at Friday's markup
Top House Democrats are accusing the chairman of the House Oversight Committee of refusing…
Church Committee worked because they did not leak like Pike Committee (House) did
Secret Service rejected - Representative Jason Chaffetz, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee
Cecile Richards to House Oversight Committee: You're Not 'Trying to Get to the Truth':...
Speaking before the House Oversight Committee, Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings delivers a stern…
Kitzhaber emails release as House Oversight Committee backs off investigating Cover Oregon disaster?
If this were 1945 and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), was the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee as...
House Admin committee on guns, bathrooms, training at USCP hearing - tablet video
House Oversight Committee sends letter to Planned Parenthood president requesting records on federal funding
The House Oversight Committee's ranking Democrat is demanding to know more about how the Center for
Oversight Committee probing the use of $528M of federal funds in ops:
House Oversight's gone Buzzfeed again. (Maybe it was another committee that previously did this, but whatevs...)
oh good the house oversight committee is releasing press releases with GIFs in them. that bodes well.
The House now considers the Home Affairs portfolio committee report on the Oversight Visit to Gauteng Province.
Oversight Committee chairman presses Homeland Security over government hack:
The House is now considering the report by the Portfolio Committee on Police on Oversight Visit to Mpumalanga.
Illegal devices, technology and - agenda topics for Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee this Fall
House Oversight Committee continues to probe delayed decision, now focusing on Obama's environmental agenda
.will be testifying on I-P in House Oversight Committee next Tuesday up against and a few others.
Will be testifying in House Oversight Committee next Tuesday, along with and a few others. Should be fun!
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John Kerry won't testify before House Oversight Committee after all | Washington Examiner
"Also reminds me of this..."The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing on the…" — NJ Bailey
CBLPI president testifies before House Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight
The House Oversight & Govt Reform Committee is going after Obama's environmental regulatory regime
Republicans turn subpoena power on Obama's...: Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have ...
WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of the House Oversight Committee is criticizing what he calls "glaring management failures" at the
Secretary Vilsack testifies before Agriculture Committee on agency oversight and accountability
House Oversight Committee seeks to eliminate funding for NHPRC to address Office of Personnel Mgmt data breach. .
Secretary Vilsack testifies on agency oversight and accountability: Today, the House Agriculture Committee hel...
Check out today's Committee oversight hearing on Obama Administration's Social Cost of Carbon here:
H.R. 3089, the Grants Oversight and New Efficiency (GONE) Act --> PASSED out of Committee by voice vote.
HR 2320, the Federal Improper Payments Coordination Act of 2015 --> PASSED out of Committee by voice vote.
OGR Markup: H.R. 598, the Taxpayers Right-To-Know Act . PASSED out of Committee by voice vote.
Secretary Vilsack is now answering questions on oversight of the USDA in
Will the fate of NHPRC be decided by the Oversight Committee or will the rest of House & Senate need to approve it, too?
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This morning, USDA Sec. Vilsack testifies in on oversight of the agency
Today at 10, will discuss oversight of the Watch live here:
It's not clear to me from the committee's schedule
.testimony on criminal justice reform submitted to House Oversight & Govt Reform Committee:
House oversight committee chairman John Mica on Metro's safety and money issues... "Fed up with the whole mess".
Interim GM Jack Requa tells House Oversight Committee on Transportation that a new, permanent GM should be decided this fall.
The House Oversight's Committee agenda for tomorrow is on their website at
Happening Now: House Oversight Committee on smoke incident. More on at 11.
oversight committee to hold hearing on Metro - Jul 21 @ 8:58 AM ET
You have 1 broken link in - House oversight committee to hold hearing on Metro safety
Watch this morning’s House Committee on Oversight & Gov Reform hearing on Crim Justice Reform
.Pres Liz Ryan spoke before the House Oversight Committee last week. Read her powerful statement here
House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, along with 17 other Republican lawmakers, on Friday called on
& talk before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing
Great to see the Committee holding a hearing on implementation. Tune in July 24: …
Veterans' Affairs Committee Approves a Bill Making it Easier to Fire Federal Employees via
If House Oversight Committee held hearings on BLM, NPS, FWS, FS, et al as with IRS, info would be damning.
Correction: it was House Benghazi Committee, not Oversight, that subpoenaed Hillary Clinton
House Oversight Committee Chairman suggests as many as 32 million people affected by OPM breach
Ranking Member of House Oversight Committee says IRS Scandal is "Solved" and we should "Move on" - Walid Shoebat
Government Oversight Committee votes to investigate LePage's threat to withhold funding from charter school if Spkr of House was pres
He should at least form oversight committee at Insaf House pashwar , he is wasting time in unnecessary thing.
State House Committee meets today to consider investigating LePage in Mark Eves case.
So Ben. How long til House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed & as go barrelling into a ditch?
The House Oversight and Ethics Committee is reviewing a dangerous piece of legislation that we have a chance to...
House Oversight Committee's whistleblower hotline now uses HTTPS by default. A major improvement.
Looks like the House Oversight Committee's website is now HTTPS by default (w/ a mixed content warning). Congrats.
When Rep. Meadows was stripped of his sub-chair position, the committee was called "House Oversight and Government Reform". Doh!
It's time to subpoena Bill Thompson, enough is enough!
A couple of days back former House Oversight Committee chair Rep. Darrell "Viper" Issa (Reptilian-CA) had to be...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The government is going after a cybersecurity firm that claims it has more data than Snowden via
RTCommittee launches innovative new website..
HAPPENING NOW: Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on Public Expenditures at the House of Representatives
"House Oversight Committee to Border Patrol: We told you to stay away from the border and leave it…" — Patriot_ll
Afghanistan: Honoring the Heroes of Extortion 17 - United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
The DID break the so dynamiting logjam MIGHT inspire others.
Maybe ppl will start to demand accountability
Whistleblower Tells Oversight Committee of Crimes Committed By Hillary and Huma Abedin source: ht…
House Oversight Committee hearing on Federal agencies violating Freedom of Information Act
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton to Testify before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
Let your voice be heard! Submit your FOIA complaints for the House Committee on Oversight & Reform |
Oversight Committee launches innovative new website -->
Journalists testifying to the House Committee on Oversight slam government evasions:
Tom Fitton testified on FOIA for the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform. Read the transcript here:
.wants to hear your horror stories. Check out the House Oversight Committee's site
Have a FOIA horror story? Don’t tell me. Tell the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. h/t
House Oversight Committee has opened up a Complaint Site
House Oversight Committee had opened up a Complaint Site
U.S. House Oversight Committee solicits public comment on issues with the Freedom of Information Act:
In time for Tell Us Your Experience with FOIA - Committee on Oversight & Government Reform: ht
Oversight Committee to hold field hearing on DC Opportunity Scholarship Program:
The House Oversight Committee would like to know your horror stories.
Second House FCC Oversight Hearing Scheduled: The House Energy & Commerce Committee isn't done with the FCC ju...
Hi, there! I hear you're looking for horror stories (Here's mine:
House Oversight Committee asks for FOIA horror stories
Hello and Where can journalists submit our horror stories? CC
is testifying to Congress on FOIA soon, and I want a popcorn machine in the hearing room.
Get your stories ready! comes early again | House Oversight Committee asks for FOIA horror stories
White House asks how to improve FOIA process
Hold them accountable for their insensitivity. Dems who walked out on testimony:.
"Also testifying at FOIA hearing.. ' one of the foremost leaders on using FOIAs . .".
Chemical Safety Board Improvements Occurring in Response to Oversight - Committee on Oversight & Government Reform:
A report Tuesday from the House Oversight Committee identified specific instances in which IRS emplo
House Oversight Committee released more emails that prove the IRS was feeding Rep. Cummings with confidential tax information.
Must MUST see this. Jason Leopold will TESTIFY! Stay tuned and tune in.
House Oversight Committee asks for FOIA horror stories via
House Oversight Committee prepares to subpoena Clinton email
"Over the years I have heard from many of you that the FOIA process is broken"
8:20pmET: A House Oversight Committee hearing titled "The Worst Places to Work in the Federal Government"
As chairman of the Illinois House Tollway Oversight Committee, Bob knows the imp...
House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has released surveillance video of a supposed "crash" at White House by a…
House of Reps offers a sacrificial lamb after "sexual misconduct" report findings on DEA
House Oversight Committee blames Chief Record of Incompetence. I think called it ht…
Thank you to the 18 AZ House GOP who signed letter to asking for bipartisan committee oversight & to
Yesterday, PA House Gaming Oversight Committee held a hearing to consider authorizing online gambling in the state:
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Wow: House Oversight Committee issues bipartisan declaration of "no confidence" in DEA chief.
CNN: House Oversight Committee grills DEA head over report
In wake of renovation plans, 18 House GOPers ask for bipartisan committee to review expenditures
Majority on House Oversight Committee have lost confidence in DEA head via
If that is what you think you might want to read my testimony to House Oversight Committee on 38.
House Oversight Committee Slams DEA Chief Michele Leonhart: Twenty members of the House Oversight Committee is...
House Oversight Committee Grills Head Over Scandal The buck stops with her. Time to …
DEA chief under fire over failure to reprimand agents' 'truly breathtaking recklessness'
I closed my eyes & prayed when Dr Boyle LIED before House Oversight Committee. Time for 2 be heard http:…
The Chairman of the House Oversight Committee just RT'd a photo of US troops posing with an SS flag lmao
"New" Chairman of the House Oversight Committee..UH I said heard it all before..just ask
House Committee wants DHS answers on White House security: The House Oversight Committee wants to know how sec...
Oversight wants briefing on WH fence
Tell and his House Oversight Committee to stop with the B.S., & hold hearings on Bush/Che…
Here's bio Asks great questions on Oversight Committee. Gowdy picked him for Benghazi.
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Assign oversight for each agency to a single House single Senate committee, says
Groups urging House leaders to create new committee to beef up oversight of the nation’s spies/ intelligence program:
IRS strictly reports to bi partisan house oversight committee same as DC..
With Jason Chaffetz replacing Darrell Issa on the House Oversight Committee, that could mean changes at NCPC.
New Chairman of House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, says he will conduct…
rerunning House Oversight Committee hearing, which is busy with its hateful accusations. Noticed there are NO Democrats in the room.
Rep Cynthia Lummis needs to remove herself from the House Oversight Committee. She's emotionally unstable and biased.
Cue the carnival music as House creates new Oversight Committee sub-panel on Obama's environmental & energy policies.
Gruber Obamacare Documents Subpoenaed: Today, outgoing chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Darrel ...
.has joined 50+ other orgs to call for reform to the House intel committee
First meeting of House Legislative Oversight Committee. Charged with review of up to 231 agencies. Daunting task. http…
House Oversight committee adds subcommittee to focus on environment. (another sign of GOP priorities next year)
Like the Church Committee of our day, groups now calling for a "modernized" board to oversee collection programs.
Jason Chaffetz to chair House Oversight committee - CNN
The House finished work last might so why am I at the statehouse again? Oh right the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee
Pls does anyone know which Senate or House Committee has oversight of
Democratic congressman Elijah Cummings tore into MIT professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber on Tuesday for his remarks on American voters and the passage of the Affordable Care Act. The ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee made GOP chairman Darrell Issa’s opening statement so…
Under oath today in a House Oversight Committee hearing, Mr. Gruber said that during all of his leaked taped recordings where he said that Americans were stupid, that he was trying to be glib, joking, and acting like an amerture politicians. None of the things he said was true as applied to the Affordable Care Act. If that be the case, things weren't the truth then but his comments today are the truth, then he should repay all his fees he received from the Federal Government and the States .
Rep. Darrell Issa Compares Jonathan Gruber To Forrest Gump &you stupid?& View Video › WASHINGTON — Rep. Darrell Issa asked Jonathan Gruber if he was a "successful stupid man" like Forrest Gump at a House Oversight Committee hearing Tuesday. "Night before last I was at the Kennedy Center Honors, where they honored -Check out more @
Jonathan Gruber is to testify before the House Oversight Committee on December 9th. What do you think he will say in t…
IBD: “Burwell admitted the ["mistake" only after the House Oversight Committee exposed the book-cooking scheme.”
Instead of doing their jobs, new House Oversight Chair and Lindsey Graham plan to rehash Benghazi
GRUBER SUMMONED TO TESTIFY before House Oversight Committee, on Dec. 9. The committee will “examine Ocare transparency failures"
should say to House Oversight Committee, I agree with penalties & subsidies really are TAXES.
What about him? Oh, you mean his invitation to testify in front of Issa's house oversight committee?
NA House Chairperson: each portfolio and select committee must have the necessary capacity to carry out oversight on a quarterly basis
Jonathan Gruber, the Obamacare architect caught on camera calling Americans “stupid” agrees to testify before House Oversight committee
This story is brought to you by Youngevity by The Uncensored Report @ Gruber agrees to be...
House Gov't Reform and Oversight Committee: Mr. Gruber, Come on down testify! And what about those videos?
Gruber to testify before House Committee regarding transparency: (via
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Jonathan Gruber: Obamacare consultant to testify before House Government and Oversight Committee: W...
Gruber has "Grubered" himself right into the House Committee on Oversight on Dec. 9th...
Unlike CIA, MI5 never had oversight committee before 1980s - and that is toothless and essentially in-house. Farce
Gruber agrees to be grilled by House Oversight committee for ‘stupidity’ comments
Remember her before you vote Red Tuesday!!! Valerie Wilson's Testimony at House Oversight Committee: via
House Oversight and Reform Committee video: Highlights of the illegal IRS targeting of American Citrizens
Darrell Issa got caught telling countless lies about the Benghazi victims, yet he still chairs the House Oversight Committ…
SpudLovr:3 House members have video evidence of Walker lying under oath
Three House members have video evidence of Scott Walker lying under oath
Okay. House to debate Joyce Murray's intelligence oversight committee bill in about 15m. Stay tuned.
"White House Perimeter Breach: New Concerns about the Secret Service" from Committee on Oversight & Government Reform
14-year-old girl arrested for armed robbery :/ Might grow up to chair House Oversight Committee.
House Rules unanimously approves proposal to create new 20-member legislative oversight committee. Members serve in addition to "bix 6"
WATCH LIVE at 9:30 am ET, Oversight Committee hearing on ebola crisis and US gov response:
The IRS scandal: A refresher: (Scott Johnson) The House Oversight Committee has released the video...
House panel approved creation of House Oversight Committee on Socialized and Low-Cost Housing.
House panel OKs creation of oversight committee on socialized, low-cost housing
Top congressmen on House Oversight Committee demand independent review of Secret Service
thanks for the heads up! MT: House Oversight Committee hearing on Tiversa for today has been postponed.
House Oversight Committee hearing on Tiversa, scheduled for today, has been postponed.
Billy Tauzin who headed the House Oversight Committee become head of the Pharma pharmaceutical lobby
uncovers FRAUD. We want an investigation. Join
Join and investigate claims made by
Join and investigate claims of FRAUD by
Hilda Solis asked to testify about alleged misconduct before House Oversight Committee
"I was the staff lead on the original House Oversight Committee’s investigation looking into concerns about...
when the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee revealed DoJ's abuse of power in
House Committee participation is critical to move transformative agenda. MCAs role is legislation and oversight at county level.
House Oversight Committee Testimony by Dr. Daugherty is a group of
Some interesting spending going on at USDOL: $600,000 on weekly elevator posters and $100,000 to promote a book club.
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House Oversight's April announcement on its recommendation to find former IRS exec. Lois Lerner in contempt.
Which means the "House Oversight Committee" is bunch of wimps nothing like House Committee on UnAmerican...
House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) on Monday called on Attorney...
House Government Oversight Committee accuses IRS of conflict of interest | TheHill via
How can the administration be able to choose not to release anything requested by the house oversight committee?
So what is Rep. Darrell Issa going to do with his House Government Oversight and Reform Committee? What is going...
Members of the Obama administration refuse to cooperate with the House Oversight Committee. Read more:
The union, she said, has given to 11 of the 18 Democrats on the House Oversight Committee.
MORE Government E-mails . Destroyed, or ... "Lost" ... . . Last October the House Committee on Oversight and...
IRS is picking & choosing when & how the law is convenient for its purposes
Between the IRS and HSS, if my students want to use the excuse, "My computer crashed" or "someone must have...
Everyone associated w/Obama Administration should go to prison
Earlier this week, Democrats on the House Oversight Committee sent letters to Republican governors who rejected...
COLLUSION: employees made campaign contributions to 11 Democrats on the House Oversight Committee:
testifying now 4 and House Oversight Committee Investigates the Investigator. htt…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
My report on yesterday's hearing, cc:
House Oversight Committee announces investigation of Tiversa & its relationships with CASE STAYED!! http:…
“House Oversight Committee inserts itself in the middle of FTC trial against LabMD." Sigh...this is NOT wha…
Expand it! Care about your people!. "This week Democrats in the House Oversight Committee sent a letter to...
A report by House Oversight Committee confirms W/H officials worked with health insurance execs for a massive bailout
Louis Lerner used personal email for IRS business
.Director is testifying in today's Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Hearing—> Watch LIVE NOW:
'Rotten, broken IRS cannot be repaired': WASHINGTON, D.C. – At a hearing of the House Committee on Oversight a...
This new staff report by and is a solid assessment of TSA's use of the SSI designation:
The House Oversight Committee will be holding an IRS hearing today at 9:30, must see TV.
ICYMI: The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee passed Audit the Fed [H.R. 24], legislation that would...
Issa’s Onto Something.The Oversight Committee has raised legitimate questions about the White House political office.
Will Lois Lerner testify before the House Oversight Committee? - CBS News
Ooh! Koskinen is in front of House Oversight Committee right now?
Issa makes "mockery" of House Oversight committee--admits he wants to subpoena people who haven't done anything wrong htt…
A serial car thief, alleged arsonist, and insurance fraudster in charge of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee...
House Oversight Committee Accuses Valerie Jarrett of Negotiating with Insurance Companies to give the...
Republicans on the House Oversight Committee went after IRS Commissioner John Koskinen again Monday. Listen:
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