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House Music

House music is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the American city of Chicago, Illinois in the early 1980s.

Frankie Knuckles South Africa

Beautiful evening of House Music with good friends 😊
RAIN VENUE - House Music! & Screening of MOONLIGHT at Marcus Garvey Park! - FRIDAY!
Clinton Clinton aluminum & bass was, found it Cyber so that one in the phones have a good look" to bring back women House Music to mo
Loleatta Holloway meets Frankie Knuckles in The UnUsual Suspects: Once Upon a Time in House Music in Chicago
The BRAND NEW Slip’s House with a unique blend of House Music and more... Track list:. Jungle 70 - Know About...
Anatomy of love/ 3h.Deep Relaxing Romantic Sensual Chill Out &House Music
2016 Documentary: Frankie Knuckles and The Roots of House Music [by UNSUG] via Nice, but where's Ron Hardy?
that House Music is underatted in Metro fm awards
Get urself a goofy girl w/ a side of freak that likes to wear ur t shirt with just underwear walkin around tha house ra…
The atmosphere of DJ's house last night was into 80's and 90's music kaya super enjoy ang mga tita's
Home, just relaxing, music and gaming (@ Xavier's Dog House in San Jacinto, Calif)
Home Sweet House Music! See you at The Eagle NYC for Beer Blast with Bobby Duron slamming it later! Haus Of Oz is in the building!
Okay enough procrastinating... I'm blasting this country music and getting this house clean 🎶
Maybe something new to try out tonight?? Music starts at 10 pm! 🤘. The Gallon House, Silverton, OR. .
Great light show displayed on the Senate House & Great St Mary in Cambridge this evening, accompanied by music, as…
I can't wait till I get my own house so I can blast music extra loud when I wake up to put myself in a good mood for the rest of the day
Electronic Device Insurance
With music, tech, food, sports, and more, we've got it all at the house at Are you ready?
L'Opera Garniere, Paris 🌹. May your house be filled with music and love . ~ Cosi Fan Tutte 🌹.
Hooray 'Robbery at The Monkey House Music Shop' is included - Claim and find more stats here
I love days like today. Abby and I have done nothing but lay around the house, listen to music, play, clean house and now making dinner. ❤
Hispanics on Saturday mornings cleaning the house with Fabuloso and salsa music blasting 😂 .
Out in back of my house enjoying a good cigar and of course some music
in the house! MikeSolus presents Lost in Music Fridays @ 10.2.17 on
Today a Chicago legend was born from playing house music for my mama era to the juke tracks of my era happy birthday to…
manolo programming deep soulful house music for our toronto THERAPY edition...
In a house music type of mood today😌
have vinyls of his I still play.good taste music doesn't expire.afternoon dancing…
the whole statement is true. There is some FIRE house music
My kind of happy turn up music ranges from dance, house, trance. I love it when it puts a smile on my face 😁
Cleaning my house... music blasting... windows open cuz the sun is out 😍
SAVE THE DATE--the 5th annual Eye Believe will be on March 5th! Come to the CPC hope house to hear some live music…
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Are you a talented or music producer with unsigned originals? Please send it to:…
Now playing Been in the Wars by New Politicians! The best Electronic, House & Alternative music played by THERUNNNER
I hate when my momma blast blues all through out the house like woman I'm trying to cook I need some rap music 😭
What happened to the all the good house music ?
Fendi: oh this guy says he makes "murder music" let's book him. 21: pull up at ya momma house and put some rounds it. Fendi: omg…
If music house and movement house become 1 they will be 'musement house--->amusement house--->amusement park
I can't wait to have family parties at my house one day. Mexican music, beer, good food and good company
Just relax and watch the sundown 🌤 on a great progressive house music also 👇.
Mr. G's Val. Day Tip Music is essential to every good Valentine's Day. If you didn't pay the band to play at their house,…
I swear Frankie Knuckles "Move Your Body" can convince/turn anyone who don't like House Music into "House Heads "💃💃💃
I liked a video Unsung: Frankie Knuckles and The Roots of House Music documentary
Next to yanno..Christian Hip Hop which is on par with Gogo BMore House Music and Reggaeton as the worst things ever invented by man..
'Africa Mama' taken from 10 Years of House Music. Another great song for your body, mind & soul. Courtesy by...
This is the sort of event that South Africa should have soon. We are the biggest House Music market, Isn't it?
Hardrock Cafe is gonna be lit tonight with Africa's House Music legend, Black Coffee! .
domain names
A short film looking at 'The Godfather of House Music' Frankie Knuckles and his influence during the birth of...
The DJs that brought House Music to the White House
Missing Ft. Greene Park, the Board Walk at Coney Island on Sundays and House Music in general!…
Marshall Jefferson's Move Your Body to jump off the House Music set
One thing I like about House Music is that it has no competition, its all about the feeling...
Come out & join us tonight for House Music with D.J. Twenzino on the 1's & 2's from 8pm - Close . $5 Admission Ladies FREE Until 10!
Guys which tracks are House Music classics for you ? From any eras... Underground, chart toppers or... Anything...
Open your eyes and see. . . . Let. House Music set you free.
& they both does it when it comes to air playing House Music!
They be a party by my house with some house music but I wasn't invited
BIG shout to for tonight show on awesome work guys great show each and every time.
Good morning day off so need to clean the house before the summer season starts so let's blast some music starting with ❤️
it's crazy because i can hear the Jazz Fest music from my house lol.
It's a packed house tonight with music from "Mostly Hims"! :)
Son of Dragon 🎧 Chisa wanana Chisa. SA house music is the one mayn
WHY is Wakiem blasting his frickin music throughout the entire house at this hour. I may be awake but I'm not appreciating the loud noises😪
When am hurt,deep house music heals me.
When you been pressing about his music & then u run into him at trap house 🤔🙃
What a fun night in Nepal! beingnitish07. ・・・. A great Evening at House of Music.…
Listening to DJ Sandee broken dreams mixtape, on my way to church ... House music all day, everyday . . .
About to hit the stage at House of Blues Parish in New Orleans!
Take a peek into the lives of your favourite artists with our updated house pics of the week
just brought the house down at the Grammy Salute to Music Legends show! SO AMAZING!
*prances around the house singing along to the S9 boxset music*
I can hear the music from jak and daxter playing in my neighbors house. can I join? :3
Goodmorning, kindly follow the link below to download my guestmix for Seroba House Music Show. Seroba House...
We need throwbacks rn not house music 🙄
4 bikes just rode by my house with their music playing so loud and Fab and I looked out the window and their tires were n…
To find someone that loves all types of groovy house music & loves filthy bass and also loves awesome indie music. I like em Versatile.
House Party 10pm music by and lots of Keep it 2 4 2 hrs
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I can just picture my future husband and I blasting music while cleaning the house then we just start dancing.. One day
My song and oh btw it's my prod house too :)
Dj Vivid new single is out now on Future House Music music! Download or Stream at the link:
Is it silly song in my house today. I swear I about to place my music on.
Found out I could actually hear the music from disneyland forever at my house... I'm just missing the projections now 🎆
We're about whose mixes are moving the masses
Confirmed. The Very Best of will be house music at our gala https…
Listening to 'Genius of Time' Larry Levan mixes double LP. Loud. Searching out the roots of House Music samples all over the place.
Acxit Web Radio Canada on Rob Moore - House Music... - Full support for this track, in the show. (10/9)
London House Cats Choir - unique contemporary choir using House Music at its core
Hey friends and family :). Be on the lookout for the first 2016 release of pure House Music pleasure to your...
I love spending the first half of my spring break sitting in a house in Delaware 🙃
I know I've been teasing this but I might have to move to Florida sooner than I music is just bigger there
I went and saw the great Lucinda Williams (at for on Thursday night:
This has trapped me in my house but I wanna go out! Wa gwan tonight people?
Update your maps at Navteq
People who don't get good music and are just on the house music band wagon annoy me 🙈😩
No , but I have a very great music video parody I made :). My House - Flo Rida
Listening to all the Gqom and current House music before I leave for Stellies.
WATCH: High school janitor brings down the house with rendition of “A Change Is Gonna Come.”
Best Music on my 17th podcast episode! Electro, House, progressive. get it for free!
House music should make you feel like
Press play on your and let's now with the of The House Keepers - Go down on
Thumping house music from above reminds me...Reasons I won't miss London: my neighbours in the upstairs flat. Smug, arrogant yuppie knobs.
My pup appears to have acquired a strong taste for electronic house music recently...
Someone is playing music over my Bluetooth speaker in my house but I'm home alone I think this is how I die
House is shaking cuz decided to crank music up till the speakers clipped. Living with a dog CEO is tough
You can now WATCH us live from the studios ... Will is on air right now with House music .
Nothin like having the house to yourself and blaring music 😁
2 days to go🙌🏽. Join us for a shisha on the terrace or move inside for the best RnB & house music all night long🍹 https…
Dawg wish I had a house with a pool in the back. I'll be there until 5 in the morning bumping music and floating aroun…
New upload future house music check it out and subscribe !.
tonight !. Ready to spin some tunes with tonight!
I honestly don't understand why the *** down the street think it's okay 2 always blast their crappy music so loud I hear it in my house 😒
Any of you out there love EDM, House, or trance music as much as me ? 😁❤️
No jazz tomorrow - Easter Sunday (live music still on in Quaker House) next time s the pre festival launch on...
Music is what feelings sound like. Premiere: Hiroshi Watanabe - Soul Transitions (Original Mix) by
my parents have a band, so we have a large back room of our house as a big music room. It's kickass. 👍
Music is what feelings sound like. Premiere: Ishmael - That Piano Track (Original Mix) by
New Music: DJ Big N – Erima ft. Dr Sid x Wizkid: Mavin Records presents a new joint by its in-house disc jocke...
Great weather like this is just begging for house music and lotss of dirty bass
All I know is house music and breathing
All production is in house and the music is home grown and its looking like gold. Cruise with us or lose to us.
Get in Add music to our for at House Gang
When Jesus said yes nobody can say no. My debut Gospel House Music Album is finally here.
Why I don't leave the house without headphones and my mp3 player loaded with
Alright so tonight. Yes tonight. I will be in at The Pour House Music Hall 224 S. Blount Street Raleigh, NC 27601
The thing about house music is that you can break your neck just nodding to the heavy basslines
If I'm not in Roswell I literally don't go outside. I'm In this house all day making music and watching movies.
South African house music is actually pretty nice.
Genre - House Music . Composed by Bhargav Upadhyay . Special thanks to Abhishek Mohite . Enjoy the mu…
app & searching Souljack digital or by going to our website via phone or ipad. We stream House Music & Disco, specialt…
and the continuation of that is it mutated into House Music, post-the Comiskey Park Disco Demolition Nights
Listen to New Electro & House Music 2013 Dance Club Party Mix by DJ PKay on .
Originally released in 1991 on Calypso Records, Don Carlos' Alone is a true anthem of House Music and considered...
Tonight it goes Downtown Las Vegas Your Monthly Dose of House Music all night long, coming up on 13yrs...
Marc Tattoo on Luis Radio feat Sabrina Johnston - House Music - Reshape (House) - Love the mix done by PAT RICH! (10/10)
promising to reign in Wall Street is like a fox offering to stand guard at the hen house.
Here's an update on what has been working on: Hear his new music 2/27:
The House of Gold music video will never not make me laugh until I cry. Can't explain it but idk...the ending...
the latest house music offering from PULSIVE SOUNDS
Update your maps at Navteq
I already live without TV. Music plays in this house al day long!
"You have the house to yourself untill so late. What ya gonna do?😉" turn the music up high enough that the pictures fall off the wall bye👋
See this interview with House duo Gotsome.
If your 2-year-old likes dogs, he or she will probably enjoy Swedish House Mafia's 'Save the World' music video.
At a party and there's a baby here and she changed the music to absolute deep house belter 😂😂😂
I didn't really know him that well but whenever I would go to their house we will talk about spanish music and novelas lol 😔
Okay can you not sit outside my house with your music blasting? So *** ignorant.
Clearly Peyton does not watch procedurals. I wouldn't have walked in that house once I saw graffitti & heard loud music.
Can't wait to eat tacos and listen to house music all night tonight
Remember that five-second period in 1991 when hip-hop and house music crossed streams?
I'M A Different BREED BABY ripping The walls of your House apart one beat at a time LOL,New Music by Genre Master.
Thankful for being in a house where my grandparents played Because it's the beginning of every genre of music .🙏🏾
First Fuller House Trailer Hits as the Gang Calls Michelle to Tell Her 'You Got It Dude!'
It's not tropical house music, it's dancehall.
'I'm a bit young, I can't legally get into a nightclub yet:' the 17yo DJ
We want to hear your productions. Add them to the site here:
Take a producer, throw in some heartbreak & you get moving album
Everything is acceptable as... long... as... house... prices... don't... crash 📡 📀
America’s Would-Be Robot Presidents, Ranked: None of them has won the White House — yet.
Tbh 90s music 90s rap did nothing for me. I was too busy playing barbies and house
How do people leak music do you crawl into the artist's house and like put it on your hello kitty jump drive
is killing me😘 when her new music comes out I'm gonna cry so much😭 my mom might kick me out of the house😂 but it's worth it
Yoo.take a quick listen to my new music...No For Realz...I'm Fire.
That time they called dancehall music "tropical house flavored."
is now playing Lood - Shout-N-Out (The DJ Dub) The home of Soulful House, Classic R&B and Christian Music!
Well this is fun. Friday night 'House Music' in the home of my friends Barb &
I discovered Goldie today! Turns out it's not house music, but is more like beautiful soundscape drum and bass music :D
Disco house sounds we're still getting down to
A recent history of micro genres that meant everything, and then didn't.
*sitting at Waffle House* . Waitress: y'all wanna hear some music?. Haley: Dude does that thing have an aux cord. 😂😂😂😂
How people can stand to listen to edm/house music constantly is beyond me
I'm sleeping in a house next to the club ! & the music is keeping my soul awake
For the new kids to dance music - when a house beat cuts to half time we don’t call that “trap” music…
Pand Express' music is 🔥. It's the only other place I've heard Mumford and sons "Babel" besides my house.
rocking the house with some great country music Saturday, January 2nd! 🎶🎉
Breathe Carolina shifted to House music already?! Can't wait for Slipknot to shift to EDM :))
I can't explain why I love house music, but it changed my life
South Africa has the most House Music (Electronic music) listeners in the world. It's also the world's largest House M…
When I get a house music will be playing in every room 24/7/365
Which is why I’d love to get to link a chick that can either produce or DJ dope house/electro music
man I'm about to sit outside my house and listen to music 😂
to Kingdom Music Trinidad News His financial situation got so bad he almost lost his house . -That was a season in my life. Like being
"House rules, Sammy. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole."
Tickets to our gig on the 22nd are now! Get your today!
Back to reality tomorrow. Such a nice long weekend and beginning to a new year. Started fresh by clean house! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Why why why isn't trending? That is and there isn't even any music in the big giant house.
"I know every time you're close to my house bc I can hear your music from like a block away" sorry 😂
It's cause I hate trap music and listening to house or dubstep music is annoying after two songs.
yea Ima listen to the person with your progressive house music w year ago lmao
It's all about the house music and always has been
MUSIC in my veins . Everything just becomes beautiful with the right set . I'm a progressive house junky
If you can't just chill and enjoy listening to music (all kinds) at the house are you really a "music fan"
Whats better than hitting waffle house after a night of drinking and making music? Nothing
been my crush since. Daddy's little girls. House of Payne. Hannah Montana. Grown ups. A.N.T Farm. Grown ups 2. Music/Videos. And more!
Evan is playing stupid "grinder@ music in my house. Vacation I over
Full house.not the show..real life ghetto house that makes great music with great souls...full house...real house.
I'll just put on some music whilst I clean the house *waits 10mins for laptop to reboot bc it won't connect to sound system*...sigh
Last night @ Amami Treviso...with the King of House Music...DJ TONY HUMPHRIES !!! AMAZING PARTY ! / Sabato...
One hour of House Music . Selected and Mixed by Damon Grey - Jango Music &...
Hangin wit my girl jenasmiff for some house music upstairs on the balcony. A lil house…
Music alert!!! Droppin my 1st Deep House single 2mrw.. For my Ep.. Best believe the work is lit..
Live Wire: Folk, feminism and multicultural music: Witch House turns 20. Full story:
Do me a favour. Look up for a music school near your house. You urgently need to join one.
Had a long day and evening today, but music makes my house SO happy!
also ppl who mosh at house/techno shows why didn't u just remain in hxc punk scene rather than migrating subcultures to dance music?¿¿¿¿
that's what quin says when I say I won't take him to your house 😝
A week in the world of house music, told in pictures...
Concert tonight at 7.30pm - walk ins welcome!. Join us for a wonderful evening of music with the Derek …
What inspired you to be a House Music Dj and how do you handle the pressure that comes with the industry?
Of course "Kavonna just turned the music off at a house party on accident"
Angazi Noma um no longer a fan or folowa f da house music, bathong is der any hot new stuf frm mzansi DJs dat is gonna make us dance,
not sure how to work the music off my phone for the new speakers in the house . so Yonkers just started playing in masouds…
Guys go check out my cover of burning house by
Love playing in Kiev, always an amazing vibe! 💕. Tonight @ night club KeY.
Ekar Architects completes canal-side house in Thailand with adjoining cafe and music room https:…
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House Music so early in the morning💁🔥
"Dark Sessions Mix - Banco-Boi. . Listen to good music . Deep in de dark, dark session"
*while decorating the house for christmas*. Family: Why don’t we listen to Christmas music?. Me: Sure. Me: *Puts the ‘Pop P…
This world belongs to House Music lovers, in House we believe
on air now Alexander Hope let the music take you - 1984
My new sounds: EARY 90'S HOUSE MUSIC - NU GROOVE FES.- on
Chromecast Audio update lets you fill your house with music: Music lovers, take…
All I want to do is decorate my house and bake things and listen to Christmas music
. Aw, the house gang and D12 keeping you up?!. SUSUSTUDIOO TIME! 🎉🎊💥
Production house that brings to you the magic of music,love & travel,in the soulful journey of the spirit https:…
Pumped for Open House! Come by and join us for music and a beer!
The pied piper of tropical house music is back with his new single! Listen to by Kygo
I strive for spontaneity. currently in a limo from 98 drinking whiskey with a group of ladies who love house music
Dont let your friends listen to bad music. . .
I liked a video from 4 Hour Deep House Music Playlist by JaBig: Background Mix for Studying,
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Good Morning SMA FM 104.9 and the crew in the house. I am up and jumpy this morning with your aired Music and the... ht…
I'll really pull up to my house and sit in the car and listen to music for ever
This house plays music when it rains. Dresden, Germany.
to the discussion of music techology and the rise of the electronic music alongside House Music legends Joe Sm…
"House Music" has always been a huge music genre I have followed since the Tony Humphries days. And in the past...
EDM sells out worldwide, and has its roots in House Music. So why no black DJ's? This blog post is an eye opener. .
why don't you play House Music on the House Music Radio station? Honest question!
Photoset: dynamicafrica: Chatting to Ghanaian DJ Steloo About Fashion, Visual Arts and the House Music...
there are many people who live their whole lives without hearing House Music. thank God, I'm not one of them.
A mixture of technique & social dancing, lovely House Music, with a DJ! Beginners welcome to party!
The History of House Music exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center closes on August 16th! Any friends down to make...
Here's our weekend... Friday & Saturday night 21:00-00:00 it's TUT FM96.2 with House Music . Saturday and Sunday...
Thanks to the help of and Sunday Times I'm after getting into House Music! Love it 😂
Steven James Adams preaches about House Music in the Church. Hallelujah
Tonight I'm in Chicago, the home of House Music.. Can't wait to spin at !!! See you all there. .
The Welsh Wizard and Future of House Music, Sean McCabe , sinks in his trademark soul sounds which complete one... http:…
Lady Alma - It's House Music (Feel it mix). Tracks like this one make me wanna go to my local tavern and buy a crate of Castle Lite & Smira.
Rock & Roll Nazis tried to kill disco in 1979. A few years after this House Music was born, in Chicago. Boom.
And why didn't Noel Redding jump on the House Music scene for Noels House Party?
A House Music like no other. A Friday evening like no other. A life like no other. But a global family.
Check out my latest article for London's Empire Radio Magazine, LLC. ("The Kings and Queens of House Music"
Want to introduce your kids to House Music and electronic music production? This is super cool!
I've been parked outside my house for a while listening to music
A nagging mum, coffee & background classical music from your neighbors house are the ingredients you need for an extreme acid trip.
Are you in your house, car or where? Let’s jam this MUSIC: -
Me when I throw a house party and I get to pick the music & my friends are drunk so they go with it 💃.
I'm not a house music fan but my this morning's jam is Mobi Dixon's City Rains yoh awesome track that...
Fact people who listen to deep house turn to remember things faster as their brain compares them to music. WHY NOT! EDM has benefits
Did I mention that Im play a house show next week? Did I mention its gonna be rad? Did I mention my music is bad?
Elhae has the best music to play when you in the car or in the house alone with your piece
Whoever keeps driving by my house with their loud *** music, please stop -.-
It's me up cleaning my house top to bottom, jamming some music 🎧🎼🎶
It's ! with , listen to ,Let go of your , cause it's , have fun only at Cafe House!
Celebrate World Oceans Day this Saturday at the Gorge Waterway Nature House in Esquimalt Gorge Park. Music,...
I love when I get into my house and my little sister is listening to Demi's songs non stop! ❤🎶❤
Don't be that guy waiting for the drop. House music all night long 🏠🎶
When you can't leave the house cause Luke won't put pants on -.-
You know it's going to be a good day when you wake up listening to house music!
25/8 NSST: Loudd Magazine has done it's another HOT *** Review for all the Loudd Mag fans! Read up...
HOUSE MUSIC LOVERS: “It’s Alright” by Soundtrk f/ Siedah Garrett, getting rave reviews in the clubs. Check it out at htt…
What an absolutely miserable day it is. The sun's shining in my house though. Have my music on!
Some photos from rehearsals from featured on
Bouncing around the house to 'come on Eileen'. Blasting music is the best thing about having a free house
Who’s in tonight?! From 7:30pm Miel will be performing at the Blackpool Opera House
Full house in the Inn and music tonight and tomorrow on the Patio. Cheers!
Vidi Aldiano: Bringing that Vice City feel, all around the love of House music. We feature Andezzz, Adit Kadi, Pada…
When you pull-up to your boy house for the kick back and you can already smell weed and Trap Music blasting
It's were we things http:/…
Ha! Not only am I the of I'm a STUDENT OF LIFE says
It's called house music but you ain't playin it in your house
Some photos from rehearsals featured on
They're letting me blast my music in Waffle House. I have been actualized
yoh the love u have for House Music is just amazing
House Music - Shaun Escoffery - is a British soul, r&b and house music singer and accomplished actor, who was...
Saturday night and the sun is out and if you are up for a bit of House Music then you can catch me spinnin some... http:…
3. Harael Salkow, Soul Candi Records on the House Music scene in SA
I hate people that say Limpopo is another province of Zimbabwe. Where would we get House Music then ? Producers from t…
Jaye, I'm still into the old skool UK Garage Jesus, next year I'm 30 years into House Music!
What a great way to finish the half term!! St George worthy winners of House Choir & well done to St Andrew for overall House Music winners!
So I'm forced to do House Music, I really don't want to because I'll do badly and I'm the only lower school pianist on the list.
*** man what are all these mainstream beats from random Dj's coming from?Its quite annoying how they are just ruining the "House Music" name
Real NYC House. Just came out on the world renowned House Music leader Kult. Exclusive on beatport.
Directed by London, Wicked 7 Network and Ibiza Live Radio come together to launch a new Sunday Experience in the heart of Canary Wharf. - ***MAZI*** (COMING TOGETHER) - A night for you sexy, mature, sophisticated lovers of House Music. Taking you straight into the zone with our blend of Deep, Tech and Soulful Underground House will be our resident ‘MAZI’ DJs, who have played at some of London's leading club nights such as EGG, Pacha, The Warehouse, Gate Crasher Passion, Rio's Leeds, Nomad, and Ministry Of Sound. DJs on the night will be - ///MAIN TERRACE AREA\\\ - Francesco Poggi Miky J Classic Wabaso (Surprise b2b) Varon V Paul Bradley & Neave - ///ROOF TOP GARDEN\\\ - Miss Luna Martin Bundsen Luy G Joe Berry Destiny Maglorie Samuel Quatin ^^Supported by^^ Flipside Soundsystem Saxophone live by Groover Sax Energy Virtual abstract artist Streetartdrop one of London's up and coming artist with his original Art drop brings original art to 'MAZI' *THIS IS A SMART CASUAL AFFAIR MANAGEMENT* *HAVE THE RIGHT ...
There were legendary DJ's before me when I started to DJ @ 13 in 1979. I was able to catch the end of the disco era and the beginning of hip hop which turned into electro and freestyle by the mid 80's. At this point global Disc Jockeys were unheard of, they didn't exist. I was the first American DJ to capture the attention of the British youth right in the middle of their own revolution called "The Summer Of Love". Rave culture began to take shape in 1988 and by 1989, it became bigger then any scene which came before it. My first show at a festival called "Energy" was on a single stage to 25,000 people. It wouldn't be long before I did the same all over Europe. The fliers below are just some of the few, there was literally thousands of shows. The American Rave Scene began to take shape in 1990. Anything before 1990 was the club scene, House Music had become popular from 1985 on and most American cities had a House Scene, The Rave Scene was something completely different. House relied on Track Ac ...
Hey yes I am. Afrohouse and House music.
Had a fella at the benefit last night, put his arms around me and tell me that he loves …
I think I need to order my grade 8 music book again. I've not been able to find it since we moved house.
I make listen to house music every health and social lesson
Very happy. Ticket to the states for xmas☑ to my nice house and with my happiest fattest cat= music, golf and the parties with my friends
Picking up all house music lovers into 2015.
PE made me enjoy dancing to house music. But I can only be at my full potential when is around. :'D
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