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House Intelligence Committee

The United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is a committee of the United States House of Representatives, currently chaired by Mike Rogers.

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The democrats on the House Intelligence Committee look so sad & defeated that FBI Director James Comey has no evidence.…
No evidence that Trump Tower was wiretapped, top House Intelligence Committee member says - Mic
JUST IN: GOP House Intelligence Committee chair says "we don't have any evidence" that backs up Trump's claim of wiretaps on T…
House Intelligence Committee leaders say there's no evidence of a Trump Tower wiretap
House Intelligence Committee leaders say they do not believe Trump Tower was tapped during
JUST IN: Justice Department has asked House Intelligence Committee for more time
Sally Yates is testifying about Donald Trump’s Russia scandal to House Intelligence Committee
House Committee Intelligence Chairman admits "there's no evidence of anything" between Trump and Russia -
Hi For the record, we're not demanding a "witch hunt" into Trump's alleged ties to Russia. (1/)
again, the Trump campaign isn't the one with shady Russian ties
So Liberal Democrats and Hollywood Hacks, this is what we call real evidence. Do you understand? No Fake News! Se
GOP congressman says House Intelligence Committee chair shouldn't be coordinating with the White House.
Chair of House intelligence panel sees no evil in claims of Trump-Russia links - The Guardian via
Dispute erupts over investigation: white repubs will protect the nation's 1st despot & traitor to the bitter end
Devin Nunes (R) 22nd dist. CA must be removed. Call his office today. Read this:
The House intelligence committee leadership signals differences over the Trump campaign's contact with Russians
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This guys has got to step down from leading this committee. He's so obviously co-opted!
Great thread here on politics, Senate Intelligence Committee, and what Burr's White House calls means for future of…
Sound like GOP are circling Trump. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes set wheels in mot…
BREAKING: ‘No evidence’ yet of campaign contacts with – House Intelligence Committee Chair
Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman doesn't want to answer questions about doing PR for the White House in an issue he's inv…
Cleared ! Rep. Devin Nunez, Chairman House Intelligence Committee says there is no evidence against
I need an answer to why this non-issue issue stays alive. The House Chairman of the Intelligence committee said the…
Like putting Muslims in charge of IT security in House intelligence committee? .
Dispute erupts over investigation into alleged Trump-Russia contacts
Guild member reports House Intelligence Committee says in contact with
I went ahead and wrote a post on that House Intelligence Committee report.
Here's the link to the executive summary of US House Intelligence Committee's report on disclosures:
Proud to welcome to House Intelligence Committee. His experience and background will be invaluable to o…
How do spies conduct dead drops?: Former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and 'Declassified' host…
Adam Schiff is the ranking Democratic on the House Intelligence Committee. He cannot confirm this, so why is the media confirming?.
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Interesting lunch today with two Members of the House Intelligence Committee discussing differences between Radical & A…
sits on House Intelligence Committee, minimizes IG report on HRC mishandling of emails.
I urge Congress to look into Rep Adam Schiff's fitness to serve in the House Intelligence Committee. A FOX GUARDING A HEN.
Go Joe! Andrea Mitchell must be dying talking to D- Rep. Adam Schiff. He is House Intelligence Committee!
resign from the House Intelligence Committee as you believe her use of private email for classified information was okay!
Rep. Schiff: Terrorism is a possibility: Top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Congressm...
Pretty sure the House Intelligence committee has the ability
House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Maybe Issa didn’t meet the intelligence threshold
discusses his time as Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top Democrat on the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee called on Wedne...
Look how stupid this is folks. 'House Intelligence committee' which is an oxymoron.
Gowdy Aug 2014 the House Intelligence Committee issued a statement that after 18 months the attack on Benghazi, admit found no wrongdoing.
As a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, I will be partic...
Curious about what I do on the House Intelligence Committee? Watch my interview:.
House Intelligence Committee opens investigation into whether misled Congress about deal with
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
it was actually Congress under Pelosi's leadership in the House Intelligence Committee that authorized it in the first place
because he's on the House Intelligence Committee. It's not a strange assertion.
.Someone needs to shake up that House Intelligence Committee! Good Lord, please !!!
House Intelligence Committee ranking member is scheduled to be on Sunday.
Andre Carson,House Intelligence Committee says ISIS is not a religious group...does not represent Islam. Doesn't know their agenda he tells
House Intelligence Committee chairman receiving regular updates on aftermath
Two members of the House Intelligence Committee appear on "This Week" to discuss the investigation of the downed Russian plane and the
Ranking Member on the House Intelligence Committee -->
No they didn't. NINE military officials told the House Intelligence Committee there was no order to stand down.
I've got lots to discuss w/ House Intelligence Committee ranking member who joins me live during 1PM ET hour.
. Read the House Intelligence Committee's investigation report. There were 6 investigations prior to 2015, all led by Republicans
Interesting session with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence re information sharing n cybersecurity bills.
member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, discusses Iran’s recent missile test
Bradley Podliska fired as Intelligence Investigator for U.S. House Select Committee on Benghazi
The House Intelligence Committee, which oversees the CIA and other spy agencies responsible for tracking the...
actually the biggest report was done by the GOP controlled House Intelligence Committee. Zero wrongdoing found.
AUDIO: Would you vote for MPS talks on & more with -
Would you vote for Tune in as MPS chats & more with Chair of the House Intelligence Committee
The House Committee has conducted only one of the dozen interviews that its chairman said were planned with prominent intelligence,
Intelligence officer alleges he was fired by the House Committee for refusing to focus his probe on
Who actually decided to put this bundle of aggressive ignorance of the House Intelligence Committee?
Isn't it an oxymoron that states you sit on the House Intelligence Committee?
Did know there's a Black Muslim on the Intelligence committee right now in the House of Representatives?
The head of the intelligence committee should be speaker of the house until the ISIL-ISIS days are ended.
But a conspiracy wld require some House intelligence. & as some1 who once worked 4 House Intelligence (Committee)…I doubt it.
The Select Committee abandoned its plans to obtain public testimony from Defense & Intelligence Community leaders https:…
The chair of the House Intelligence Committee discusses the latest on the fight against ISIS.
Daily reminder that the Republican lead House Committee of Intelligence (Ironic?) found no wrong doing in Benghazi.
. Testimony presented to House Homeland Security Committee, Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence on May 22, 2013
Fmr. Intel Chair: U.S. need more aggressive ISIS campaign: Former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee...
Are terrorists trying to get a dirty nuclear bomb? of House Intelligence Committee joins me live in
Per at $4.6 mill Benghazi committee has spent more than the House Intelligence and Veterans’ Affairs Committees
My opening statement to the House Intelligence Committee on the need for international cybersecurity agreements.
All Australian Phones at Risk of Hacking: Devin Nunes, Chairman of the US House Intelligence Committee in the ...
House Intelligence Committee Benghazi Report-Eyewitness John Tiegen *would give it an F*
well here's one Republican controlled investigation.
I chat with my local congressman, member of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Jim Hines about the Iran Deal VIDEO:
House Committee chairman calls for new intelligence assessment of :
House intelligence committee chair asking to review deal
head of D House Intelligence Committee was called for deal with D regime's intelligence assessment.
Lets ensure Congressman Schiff remains the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and becomes US Senator for California
SUNDAY: sits down with the new chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. We'll talk and more.
Americans for Peace, Prosperity, and Security (APPS) has been established by former House Intelligence Committee...
USA Freedom Act was the result of careful compromise between House Judiciary Committee & House Intelligence Committee
all 22 Members of the House Intelligence Committee voted for
House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence reports out the Protecting Cyber Networks Act (H.R. 1560).
Congress is moving fast to give companies protection from consumer suits when they share info on cyber threats http…
is huge gov’t concern. House intel leaders unveil new cyber-security bill
You can put lipstick on but it's still CISA. via
The House Intelligence Committee approved a cyber-security bill that will improve data sharing between govt. and private sector
Lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee unveiled Tuesday legislation that would make it easier
The House Intelligence Committee just unanimously passed its information-sharing bill
House intel leaders unveil cyber-security bill Supposed to have strong privacy protections.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee voted unanimously on Thursday to advance a bill that ...
Talk about being a TRAITOR, appoints an Islamic Radical on the House Intelligence Committee.
Ma'am, can I ask why you're carrying TWO huge phones?. Officer, I'm-. *turns to camera*. Doing Benghazi. *House Intelligence Committee starts br
House Intelligence Committee resets cyber hearing, with legislation to follow
Democrats have named aggressively obnoxious far-left Muslim to the House Intelligence Committee http:/…
.appoints to House Intelligence Committee. He also remains on Financial Services Committee
Democratic has been named the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.
Jane Harman raised concerns about CIA practices when she was the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.
Gohmert would be a better fit for House Intelligence Committee, besides Bachmann is leaving.
The U.S. House Intelligence Committee has denied a Florida congressman’s request for access to 28 classified...
After lobbyist-run SuperPACs and big money efforts dominated the last election, legislators are now appointing lobbyists to literally manage the day-to-day affairs of Congress. For the House Intelligence Committee, which oversees government intelligence operations and agencies, the changing of the g…
Looking through the legalese - The Benghazi Whitewash from the House Intelligence Committee
Today published the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture. The house worked…
House Intelligence Committee to be managed by Blackwater lobbyist:
URGENT NEWS USABreakingNews has confirmed from the House Intelligence Committee that Osama bin La
(SICK!!! and dangerous) Lobbyist Will Manage the US House Intelligence Committee -
Robert Siegel talks to Peter "Pete" Hoekstra, who was chair of the House Intelligence Committee from 2004-2007
The U.S. gov't gets more corrupt every day-> "Blackwater Lobbyist Will Manage the House Intelligence Committee -
First it was Bachmann on the Intelligence committee, now this?
A former Blackwater lobbyist will now run the U.S. House Intelligence Committee.
Today in terrifying DC news: a former Blackwater lobbyist will now run the House Intelligence Committee.
Republicans appoint Blackwater lobbyist as staff director for House Intelligence committee.
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House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Benghazi Report- Witness John Tiegen “I would give it an F”
FROM THE 1450 WNBY NEWS CENTER (12-8-14) Police struggling to get through a chaotic scene aboard an Amtrak in southwestern Michigan are credited with preventing more bloodshed after a man stabbed four people. Passenger Tyler Vandermolen says, (quote) "It was pretty incredible that they may have saved some lives.'' Michael Williams of Saginaw is charged with attempted murder. The stabbings happened while the train was stopped Friday night at a depot in Niles, about 10 miles north of South Bend, Indiana. The victims were in stable condition at hospitals Saturday. The financial emergency in Detroit may soon be at its end. The city's emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, says he will submit his resignation letter to Governor Rick Snyder later this week. Orr told the State Financial Review Commission last week the two-year city budget is done and exit financing is also close to complete. The Republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee supports the President's authorization of a failed rescue attempt of an al- ...
Official Benghazi report: . "In summary, the committee first concludes that the CIA ensure sufficient security...
A 2 year investigation by House Select Committee on Intelligence -
Funny how this came out after the election:
"A two-year investigation by the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee has found that the CIA and t...
House Intelligence Committee finds no wrongdoing by Obama administration during Benghazi .
Benghazi. E. Nothing to see here. G. House. A. Z. Intelligence Committee finds
House Intelligence Committee debunks Benghazi Conspiracies like the 6 other investigations by Republicans
Controlled House Intel Committee finds "no intelligence failure" before Has cleared this report? http:…
THIS JUST IN .Republican House Panel Finds 'No Intelligence Failure' Before Benghazi Attack After a nearly two-year investigation, the final report by the House Intelligence Committee concludes that the CIA "ensured sufficient security for CIA facilities in Benghazi and ... bravely assisted the State Department" on Sept. 11, 2012, during a deadly attack on U.S. facilities in Libya. That's the first conclusion of the report, the result of thousands of hours of investigation into the events that led to the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Noting that the report "was released with little fanfare on the Friday before Thanksgiving week," the AP says, "Many of its findings echo those of six previous investigations by various Republican congressional committees and a State Department panel." SO, AFTER 2 YEARS, 7 REPUBLICAN LED INVESTIGATIONS, MILLIONS OF OUR TAX DOLLARS SPENT, LIE AFTER LIE SPREAD BY FOX NEWS AND FAR RIGHT REPUBLICANS, IT ALL COMES BACK TO WHAT WAS SAID IN THE F ...
The Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee has issued a report roundly rejecting a number of conspiracy theories about the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The report, which was released on Friday after a two-year-long investigation, responded to a number of long run…
House Intelligence committee finds no wrong doing by CIA, the military or Obama administration. Will this finally...
House Intelligence Committee finds little to support questions raised about CIA actions in Benghazi.
Since won't mention it, we shall: House Teabag Committee finds no wrongdoing regarding
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Next, after the break, Emily Litella offers her thoughts on the House Intelligence Committee's Ben Gazzara report.
When the House Intelligence Committee concludes you did nothing wrong re: Benghazi
House Select Committee on Benghazi says it received Intelligence Committee's report on the 2012 attack 'months ago'…
A House Intelligence committee report on the 2012 attack in Benghazi finds no intelligence failure:
A leading Republican wants to expand the House investigation into the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack by adding a Senate probe, as a new House Intelligence Committee report Friday concluded that the initial CIA assessment found no demonstrations prior to the assault and a primary purpose of the CIA o…
Sobering chat with Congressman Mike Rogers tonight, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Passionate rebuttal of isolationism.
Michele Bachmann retains her seat on the House Intelligence Committee, despite being investigated by the House Oxymoro…
PARTING SHOT... Here we go again. After a five-week break, Congress is back in town for two more weeks - before taking another, two-month break. And House Republicans under John Boehner insist they’re going to be here so briefly they won’t have time to do anything about minimum wage, or immigration, or ISIS. But somehow, wouldn’t you know it, they did find time for – guess what? – a big hearing on Benghazi. What a total waste of their time and our money. They’ve already held 15 hearings on Benghazi. There’s already been one investigation, led by Admiral Mike Mullen and Ambassador Thomas Pickering, which concluded there’s no evidence to support GOP conspiracy theories about Benghazi. Not only that, Mike Rogers, the Republican Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, came to the same conclusion: conspiracy theories about Benghazi spread by FOX News are totally bogus. There’s only one reason why Republicans are holding yet another Benghazi hearing: They’re so afraid of Hillary Clinton i ...
CIA director Brennan has entered the closed House Intelligence Committee briefing on "ongoing intelligence activities," reports
When life has you down, when you feel your self-confidence slipping.keep this thought in mind.Michele Bachmann made it all the way to the US Congress and was appointed by John Boehner to the House Intelligence Committee.
Fox News has gone silent on Benghazi amid reports that the House Intelligence Committee concluded that there was no intentional wrongdoing in the Obama administration's response to the 2012 attacks...
So, your theory is that the Republican led House Intelligence committee, that likely has access to more facts than your, not less
You are aware the GOP House Intelligence committee found no evidence of a coverup or any wrongdoing, right?
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers has asserted that Benghazi was an "Al Qaeda-led event!
It's official, led by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee. The Obama Administration is completely...
Thanks & for their leadership on HPSCI Bipart Rept To Improve Purchase of Intel Satellites. h…
A wry primer on the latest round of the never-ending struggle between the CIA and the House Intelligence Committee:
Q. for Darrell Issa: Since GOP led House Intelligence Committee has found no wrongdoing re will you be apologizi…
"In the House Intelligence Committee hearings, California representative Jane Harman (Democrat from..."
House Intelligence Committee has been unable to find a link between politicians and intelligence.
FACE THE NATION _ Outstanding today. Interviews with the leader of Hamas and Ukraine's Foreign Minister plus the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee . Discussions covered Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Gaza, Israel, Iran and the delicate issues of allegiance in/surrounding the middle east. Bob Schieffer said (sincerely...) " We are living in a world gone mad". All of their points made me remember 1.) The inscription (top or left photo, below) on the Ministry of Truth building in Orwell's novel - 1984. 2.) "All great civilizations rise and fall" and that "An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide." (1889 by Arnold Toynbee). So much hatred, suffering, terror, death, corruption, abuse, pain these days. Perhaps "globalism" has some expectations (IMHOpinion) too challenging to fulfill. My heart breaks to see the sheer destruction of our magnificent earth and it's all about, oddly enough, real estate. Land, with ownership, grants almost absolute power. The USA is not immune from ...
Catherine Herridge is an award-winning Chief Intelligence correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC) based in Washington, D.C. She covers intelligence, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security. Herridge joined FNC in 1996 as a London-based correspondent. A lead correspondent for the network’s coverage of the 9/11 Benghazi terrorist attack, Catherine was first to report on September 12th, based on an interview with the chairman of House Intelligence Committee, Congressman Mike Rogers that “It was a coordinated, military-style, commando-type raid." On September 17th, one day after Ambassador’s Rice’s controversial claims on the Sunday talk shows, Catherine was first to report there was no demonstration at the consulate when the attack unfolded. Herridge has also reported from Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, Israel and Guantánamo Bay. She has covered stories including the ethnic conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, the Northern Ireland peace agreement, the investigation into Princess D ...
...and served on the House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Armed Services Committee, and the Senate Government Affairs Committee...
1.) President Obama DID give (way more than) a 30-day notice to congress that he was going to transfer the five Taliban prisoners to the custody of our ally Qatar. a. From his first day in office, President Obama told congress he intended to close Gitmo. Congress blocked him from putting Gitmo detainees on trial in civilian courts and the military tribunals never tried them, so they were never convicted of anything which would allow us to hold them. If Gitmo is to be closed and we have no convictions upon which to imprison them in American civilian or military prisons, the ONLY remaining option is to transfer them to the custody of another country. So they knew. b. On Nov. 30, 2011, White House special envoy Marc Grossman and seven members of the military and intelligence communities gave a full briefing to Speaker Boehner and the Republican chairs of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, House Armed Services Committee and House Intelligence Committee, telling them of White House plans to swap the five Tal ...
I am off to the The 2014 Faith-in-Action Award Dinner in Alexandria, VA. Where we will honor Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf & Daisy Khan for their work promoting peace and understanding between Islam and the West. The special guest is Robert C. McFarlane, former U.S. National Security Advisor, and keynote speaker is Honorable Michael J. Rogers, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.
It’s called the USA Freedom Act, but a more fitting name might be Edward’s Law — as in Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor charged with violating the Espionage Act. I’m referring to a bill cleared by the House Intelligence Committee that would end the NSA’s bulk...
On Sunday, May 4, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a senior Member of the House Intelligence Committee, spoke with host Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday about the Benghazi investigation and situation…
From Catherine Herridge : Three leading Republican senators are calling on the Obama administration to identify who briefed former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice in advance of her Sunday show appearances where she blamed a video for the Benghazi attack. Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., and John McCain, R-Ariz., wrote to leaders on the House and Senate Foreign Relations committees asking them to compel the administration to explain the "taking points." In the letter, the senators cite the recent testimony of former CIA acting and deputy director Michael Morell before the House Intelligence Committee, where he said it was Rice, not the CIA, who connected the obscure Internet video to the deadly Sept. 11, 2012 attack. "How could former Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, during the five Sunday talk shows on Sept. 16, 2012, claim that the attacks on our compounds were caused by a hateful video when Mr. Morell testified that the CIA never mentioned the video as a casual factor and made ...
The video is another sign that Al Qaeda remains a dangerous threat, says the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.
Mike Rogers as Chairman of House Intelligence Committee runs the Benghazi investigation, yet his wife was CEO of co. that provided security.
Seventeen Democrat members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee have issued a terse letter to Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, declaring that his “partisan investigation” into the Benghazi attacks is “characterized by wild and unsubstantiated political accusations.” The Democrats, who clearly see the danger to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s political future, are demanding that “it is time to end these seemingly endless and unsubstantiated political attacks…” Not coincidentally, they are calling for an end to the investigation as more and more of the lies, deception, and subterfuge by the Obama administration and Clinton’s State Department are finally coming to light. The ill-advised letter was sent one week prior to the testimony former CIA Acting Director Michael J. Morell gave to the House Intelligence Committee on his role in espousing lies to the American people following the 9/11/12 attacks on our facilities in Benghazi, Libya. ++Republican leaders are ...
Is WaPo story on torture real reason Rogers leaving the House Intelligence Committee and Congress?.
Russia President Vladimir Putin is absolutely not looking for a way out of recent tension over Ukraine and his nation's annexation of Crimea, despite phone calls and other overtures made to President Barack Obama, according to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike...
US House Intelligence Committee chair Mike Rogers, Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein see no foul play in mystery
THE LISA BENSON REPORT A Benghazi Reveal? Possibly. Late Thursday, news surfaced regarding the retirement of Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers, R-MI (8) of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.  While his 2014 re-election committee was in full swing, he decided to call it quits beginning next January, 2015.   With a campaign war chest of $1.8 million -- healthy assets for a 14-year congressional member -- the blockbuster news story with the trappings of an espionage novel, got cursory attention and then the nation was back to the missing Malaysian airliner.   The nation, the press and the State of Michigan were satisfied to learn that Rep. Rogers was going to pursue a radio broadcasting career beginning in January.   Rep. Rogers is a well liked member of Congress; a good pal to Rep. Boehner -- he plays by the rules and was awarded a coveted chairmanship in Congress for his loyalty.  He is also liked my his constituents who feel a bit betrayed by his recent decision.   It is odd to say ...
WASHINGTON -- House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) announced this week that he would not be seeking reelection in order to pursue a career...
On Fox News Sunday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) revealed that Russia is moving equipment into South Ossetia, and warned that he may be contemplating an invasion of Armenia.
Rep. Mike Rogers, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee shows interest in running as a GOP presidential candidate in 2016
U.S. lawmakers see no evidence of terrorism in Malaysia jet crash: House Intelligence Committee Chairman and S...
U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R, Mi.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and a key congressional voice on national security, announced Friday that he will not run for reelection and he will become a radio talk show host. I'm sure his show will be full of lies and misleading state propaganda. I will monitor his show closely and cut through the lies and misinformation. You can count on it!
Rep. Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News today...
Murder trial Rep. Mike Rogers, House Intelligence Committee chairman, says it can tax describing it as Ru...
Can you trust these Marxists? House Investigates Saudi Intelligence Involvement in 9/11 via
Russian President Vladimir Putin is showing telltale signs that he intends to extend his control over Ukraine and perhaps elsewhere in Eastern Europe, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep.
The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee raised concerns about recent Russian troop activities near Georgia and Ukraine.
So long Mike, hope you enjoy your new extremely lucrative career as a lobbyist. : House Intelligence Committe...
Current House Intelligence Committee chairman not seeking reelection by
Malaysia Airlines MH 370 …was it an American plot of hijacking? Why did CNN's aviation correspondent Richard Quest visit MH 370's 1st Officer Fariq Ab Hamid in a Malaysia Airlines cockpit and preserve all records carefully? Why did passenger Jonti Roos (another American) obtain an invitation to check out the cockpit during a flight from Thailand to Malaysia that Fariq was flying with another pilot and preserve pictures with care? She made pictures available as soon as plane disappeared to prove security licks in Malaysia Airlines aircrafts. To establish Iran connection, two Iranian got opportunity to board the aircraft using stolen fake passports from EU countries. Two Chinese companies represented on the plane’s manifest list are declared U.S. national security risk due to its spying with backdoor computer technology. Congress ousted them from business in the U.S. and warned American companies to halt business with them, only two of five such companies tight with military. 25 high-tech passengers, em ...
House Intelligence Committee chairman not seeking re-election
US chairman of House Intelligence Committee said today Putin wants the land bridge to Crimea, and Russian intelligence officers are working in east Ukraine to convince population to join Russia. My thoughts, Russia cannot support its forces and activities in Crimea without over land access. Invasion will occur or a deal to allow Russia to move through Ukraine. Like US forces through Pakistan to Afghanistan. Ukrainians are preparing to evacuate eastern Ukraine.
The BEST man to replace Rogers as chairman of the influential House Intelligence Committee,would be - -Ok Sen.Jim Inhofe.
POLITICAL MOJOPREVIOUS | NEXT → Civil Liberties, Top Stories 5 Things You Need to Know About Obama's NSA Proposal —By Dana Liebelson| Fri Mar. 28, 2014 3:00 AM PDT 17 Christopher Dilts/Flickr On Thursday, the White House released its proposal to end the National Security Agency's bulk collection program, which hoovers up the phone records of millions of Americans. Currently, the NSA stores Americans' phone metadata (which doesn't include the content of calls) for five years. Under the President's new proposal, phone companies will instead be tasked with holding onto this data, which will they will store for 18 months. Additionally, the government would only be allowed to query these records if it gets approval from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court, though the president's plan includes an exemption for as-yet-unspecified "emergency" situations. Here are five more things you need to know about the President's proposal: 1. It only addresses the bulk collection of phone records. The ...
Our 4th Amendment Rights John Krause The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. 4th Amendment, U.S. Constitution Rumors are my Congressional opponent is in the running to be named U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chair. Yes folks. The same guy who voted against the American people every single time when it came to inviting our own government to spy on us could end up overseeing….our own government spying on us! Is it any wonder We the People are burned out on trying to take our government back? Mr. Miller voted YES on the Patriot Act. He voted YES on extending PATROT Act authority to allow the FBI to demand private business records. He voted NO on Congressional oversight of the CIA. Time and time again. FBI Patrio ...
Good thought Brylene, but its the high, powerful, brokers, that control the world markets that seem to be pushing for these ideas and they are mostly white men in $500.00 suits. For example, Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is resigning to join the radio, hee, hee, with the 3 guys he was investigating for Benghazi. MAKES ME SAFE AND SECURE.
Leading Republican, Chair of House Intelligence Committee on Fox News Sunday thinks Crimea is on the Baltic Sea. Good intelligence!
Listened to Mike Rogers talk last night at our Lincoln Day Dinner.he's the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.there were 41 MILLION cyber attacks against the US last month...yes just in one MONTH.when he mentioned our nearby Nuclear Power Plant getting a lot of them I's a very, very scarrey time folks...not a good time to cut the military. Call your Congressman or Rep.Here's Cy with the always accessable Fred Upton.and later in custody.
Edward Snowden helped Russian invaders to avoid American monitoring US military satellites spied Russian troops amassing within striking distance of Crimea last month. But intelligence analysts were surprised because they hadn't intercepted any telltale communications where Russian leaders, military commanders or soldiers discussed plans to invade America's vaunted global surveillance is a vital tool for US intelligence services, especially as an early-warning system and as a way to corroborate other evidence. In Crimea, though, US intelligence officials are concluding that Russian planners might have gotten a jump on the West by evading US eavesdropping. "Even though there was a warning, we didn't have the information to be able to say exactly what was going to happen," a senior US official says. To close the information gap, US spy agencies and the military are rushing to expand satellite coverage and communications-interception efforts across Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states. US officials hope the ...
Rep. Mike Rogers, House Intelligence Committee chairman, says he won't run for re-election.
Mich US House member Mike Rogers to retire -- to host a radio talk show. From Chair of House Intelligence Committee to .? Odd choice.
Rep. Mike Rogers not running for reelection: Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee an...
In a stunning move, Rep. Mike Rogers (D-MI), the chairman of the powerful House Intelligence Committee, announced today that he would not run for re-election in 2014 -- and instead will leave Congress to host a radio show.
Rep. Mike Rogers, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, is leaving Congress at the end of his current term.
Image Credit: Mike Rogers Privacy advocates are undoubtedly pleased with today’s announcement that U.S. Representative Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) has decided to retire from Congress in 2015. Rogers is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and is… [ 185 more words. ]
Here is the news round up for 3/28/14: 1. The federal appeals court for the 5th Circuit upheld the challenged parts of a Texas abortion law, which requires doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital less than 30 miles away. The case will probably go to SCOTUS next term. 2. Republican Congressman Mike Rogers, who serves as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee will retire. 3. Over 6 million people have now signed up for health insurance under the ACA + another 3.5 million people who are now insured under Medicaid. According to the NYT, "With the first open enrollment period set to end Monday, the Affordable Care Act looks less like a sweeping federal overhaul than a collection of individual ventures playing out unevenly, state to state, in the laboratories of democracy." 4. Wal-Mart is suing Visa for $5 billion over claims that the credit card company was violating antitrust regulations and gouging the retailer. 5. Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson is pushing to outlaw onlin ...
I've read some awesome retirement announcements in my time, but that of Michigan's Mike Rogers--chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Sunday talk-show hobbyist, and diviner of proofless foreign conspiracies--is unquestionably the awesomest yet. Rogers is moving on and up to...
With Mike Rogers' regignation, the next chairman of the House Intelligence Committee may be two-term of Kansas.
The House Intelligence Committee fails to explain what it was doing while catalogued evidence of US
A House Intelligence Committee Hearing looking into worldwide threats to U.S. national security focused in on Edward Snowden and the ongoing NSA disclosures.
american house intelligence committee are holding hearings. fearmongering clearly. US govt paranoia is a threat to us all.
"Porter Goss (Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee) promised no intelligence failure led to 9/11 & praised the CIA's 'fine work'..."
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers charged Tuesday that Americans are in greater danger as a result of limits President Barack Obama imposed last year on U.S. drone strikes overseas. “The President’s May 2013 policy changes for U.S. targeted strikes are an utter and comple...
New reports indicate that the United States may use a drone attack to target an American terror suspect. Officials say the member of Al Qaeda is planning attacks on Americans overseas. Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported that officials are discussing how to handle a number of Americans who have pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda. In this case, President Obama has not signed off on using a drone attack against the suspect because of legal hurdles that were introduced when he heightened drone guidelines. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) previously warned that the new policy changes could put American lives at risk. Griffin reported that CIA drones are watching the American suspect in an undisclosed country, but cannot strike while they await a decision from Washington.
The reporter also reacted to recent accusations from House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI), who called him a ?thief? ?selling stolen material.? After watching a clip of Rogers making his remarks, Greenwald listed off the ?extraordinary aspects? to a member of the U.S. Congress sug...
Mike Rogers -House Intelligence Committee Chairman, you seem to think information is a tool for you to control but your just an Employee...
House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) accused a group of journalists of committing a crime yesterday, falsely stating at a committee hearing that NSA reporters are “selling” the leaked Snowden documents and are breaking the law.
Definition of an Oxymoron appointing a moron to the house intelligence committee where is she is any indication of...
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Top lawmakers from the U.S. House of Representatives' intelligence and homeland security panels on Sunday warned of a serious threat of attacks in Russia during the Winter Olympics, though U.S. officials say the Olympic grounds are secure. The Olympics formally opened on Friday in Sochi. Islamist militant groups based in the nearby north Caucasus region have threatened attacks during the February 7-23 Games. "I've never seen a greater threat certainly in my lifetime," said House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, a Republican from Texas. "I think there's a high degree of probability that something will detonate, something will go off, but I do think it's probably most likely to happen outside of the ring of steel and the Olympic Village," he said on "Fox News Sunday". Some 37,000 security personnel are on high alert in Sochi and U.S. officials on Sunday said cooperation has improved, though still not enough, between Russian and U.S. intelligence authorities. "We're ...
'This Week': Rep. Mike Rogers: House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Mike Rogers on security threats to the ...
Little leaks ??? . . . NOW what are they up too ? Snowden's leaks: .Are journalists 'fencing stolen material'? In a House Intelligence Committee hearing, Rep. Mike Rogers and FBI Director James Comey discussed whether journalists' stories based on stolen, classified materials is a crime and if reporters are protected by the First Amendment. Rep. Rogers continued to call journalists who have worked with Snowden "accomplices," a troubling suggestion for the future of journalists reporting on government misbehavior in the United States.
.should have to RESIGN as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee! C'mon - make some noise!
Despite Escalating Government Intimidation, Greenwald Will “Force The Issue” And Visit U.S. 'Months after the first insinuations that he risks arrest if he visits the US, Greenwald is more concerned than ever' By Brian Beutler February 06, 2014 "When big-name public figures and Edward Snowden critics first started suggesting Glenn Greenwald and other writers who’d published his surveillance disclosures might be in legal jeopardy, Greenwald assumed that both the clamor and the actual risk to journalists would quickly subside, and eventually disappear. That was about six months ago. Today, Greenwald believes he miscalculated. In an exclusive interview Wednesday he said that the ominous rhetoric directed at him has actually escalated. It’s discouraged him from visiting the United States, where he still has strong family and professional ties. And though he intends to reenter the country sooner rather than later, he’ll do so despite the fact that he believes he faces a much greater risk of detention ...
Tuesday Feb 4, 10AM - DNI James Clapper presents the worldwide threat assessment to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.
Will the law that justified the invasion of Afghanistan outlive the U.S. combat mission there? One prominent lawmaker worries that it will. President Obama’s drive to rewrite America’s main “war on terrorism” legislation has stalled, a victim of national security staffers’ heavy focus on NSA spying and the charged partisan climate of a mid-term election year. That’s the diagnosis from Rep. Adam Schiff (D.-Calif.), a leading voice in his party for changing the legislation conceived to authorize the war in Afghanistan but also used to justify everything from drone strikes in Yemen to an unprecedented expansion of government spying. “I don’t see any real movement in the administration on this. And apart from some discussions during various hearings I don’t see much congressional appetite on it either,” Schiff told Yahoo News in a telephone interview on Thursday. Asked how much progress he’s seen from the administration on rewriting the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) ...
The New Dark Age Don’t say we didn’t warn you... by Justin Raimondo, February 07, 2014 For years, this space has been arguing – railing, really – that the ideological and legal currents unleashed by America’s response to the 9/11 attacks have been leading us down the road to dictatorship: see here, here, here, and here. Back in those halcyon days, circa 2007 and much earlier, it was easy to dismiss such charges as the mental effluvia of the somewhat overwrought libertarian imagination: after all, if we’re headed for an authoritarian order of Orwellian proportions, then where are the Thought Police? What we didn’t know was that they were lurking in the woodwork all along – spying on us, recording our phone calls, scooping up our emails, and tracking our every move. We didn’t know about the National Security Agency’s data dragnet: we hadn’t heard of PRISM, or any of the other programs that allow government snoops to sniff out dissidents and other "subversives" who might be "linked" to ...
It is quite an honor to have President Obama sign the Farm Bill at Michigan State University. For the last 158 years, MSU has been at the center of our state's $90 billion agriculture economy, and I am proud to represent this world-class university. I was also proud to support the bipartisan Farm Bill, which reforms and strengthens critical agriculture and nutrition programs. Unfortunately, I cannot be there in person due to a previously scheduled overseas trip related to my duties as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. We are always pleased to welcome the commander in chief to East Lansing. I applaud the bipartisan commitment to this legislation that continues to support our strong agriculture community in Michigan.
I liked a video from House Intelligence Committee Floats Idea of Jailing Journalists
"What is the United States doing about all this? The United States has stationed two warships, which can launch helicopters into Sochi in case an evacuation is needed, in the nearby Black Sea. The United States is also stationing at least two dozen FBI agents in the area and may be sharing sophisticated counterbomb equipment with Russian authorities. US athletes have also been warned not to wear their uniforms outside of the secured perimeter. Several US congressmen, including House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) have expressed anger that Russia is not cooperating fully with US security efforts." Sounds Fun. Yikes.
The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee suggested that journalists who have reported on illegal NSA surveillance should be prosecuted.
US grants Iran a seat at the next round of Geneva II conference on Syria - alongside big powers The second round of the Geneva II conference on the Syrian conflict opens Monday, Feb. 10 – this time with a seat at the table for the Iranian delegation provided by Washington, debkafile reports exclusively. Washington relayed this abrupt turnabout from its ban last week on Iranian representatives to the Tehran delegates quietly attending the secret alternative conference taking place unannounced in Bern. This event has proceeded in parallel to the public gathering in Montreux with the participation of Assad regime and opposition delegates, as well as senior US, Iranian and Russian officials. It was there that the real business was contracted behind closed doors – not in Montreux, where rigid official positions were presented for public consumption as a decoy from the Bern meeting, for which the Swiss government rather than the UN had provided the necessary technical and logistic facilities. The Bern chann ...
You believe Reps Rogers + Schiff on house intelligence committee (most classified intel US has) over some dude at NY Times??…
In other news today: Intelligence Committee granted access to classified DIA Snowden report to 94 lawmakers. Story on the way.
HPSCI held an open business meeting today to vote on Member access requests to review classified committee documents .
US threats mount against journalists, Snowden. Chairman Mike Rogers of the House Intelligence Committee...
Is Glenn Greenwald a Criminal? -- The Republican in charge of the House Intelligence Committee says journalists...
Intel Cmte chair is the threat, not journos. House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Mike Rogers
Matter is before Congressional Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.You can urge them here:
This should worry you:. House Intelligence Committee Floats Idea of Jailing Journalists - YouTube
Perhaps citizens thinking for themselves are also breaking the law?.
Intelligence heads admit they know nothing re. threats to individuals and Gov. databases to House Intel Committee
House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that 7,500 foreign fighters are in from 50 countriesThats all? I thought it was every rebel!
.should RESIGN as Chair of House Intelligence Committee. He has betrayed his oath to Constitution
Chair of US House Intelligence Committee accuses journalists of "fencing stolen material"
If Mike Rogers is chairman of the House intelligence committee then where's the intelligence?
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike ­Rogers (R-Mich.) does not work in the interest of the American people.
Giving the lie to its name, House Intelligence Committee had chronic and habitual liar Clapper testify yesterday
"the [House] Pike Committee...discovered quickly...that the entire intelligence apparatus was a dangerous boondoggle"
If you missed this AM's House Select Intelligence Committee. hearing on the leaks, the whole thing is here: http…
As concerns over security threats to the Winter Olympics in Sochi mount, House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., said the safety of U.S. athletes can’t be 100 percent guaranteed and called on Russia to provide greater cooperation over security preparations for the Olympic Games.
What's next for Mike Rodgers and DiFi? Looking for "communist subversion" in the House Intelligence Committee?
THE ORCHESTRATION OF LYING TO THE NATION. SEEN AGAIN ON THE ...Sunday talk shows: Snowden is a Russian Jon Rappoport January 20, This is how media propaganda is done. Outlets that are supposed to be coming to their own conclusions present the same story, as one united front. "Everybody ready? Got your lines straight? We all agree? Both sides of the aisle? Okay, go!" In this case, the occasion was the Sunday network news-talk shows, and the target was Edward Snowden. The shows followed on the heels of Obama's Friday speech, in which the President defended the NSA and its "necessary actions." To bolster that message, the Sundays shows hit Snowden hard. The specter of Russia was rolled out. Both Democratic and Republican legislators had their ducks in a row. They did innuendo, suggestion, "expert" inference. Republican Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, appeared on Face the Nation (CBS) and Meet the Press (NBC). Rogers: "Let me just say this, I b ...
NSA defenders question Snowden's motives - WASHINGTON - The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee on...
The chairman of the US House Intelligence Committee alleged that Edward Snowden had been working with Russia before he leaked NSA files to the media.
A protester against the practices of U.S. security agenices sits in the audience as U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Deputy Attorney General James Cole and General Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency (not pictured) testify at a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, October 29, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Jason Reed/Files
People love to throw the "contact your Congressman" quip around; however, if you have a similarly unfortunate situation as I do, you are represented by people like U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski, Senator Ben Cardin, and worst of all Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger. Babs is one of the longest serving senators and the longest serving woman senator and she is an obnoxious male bashing, leftist with an accent to make the worst Hon from Highlandtown cringe at how ignorant she sounds. Benny is a career politician and Obama and OweMalley rubber stamp who never saw a tax, regulation, or liberty erosion he didn't like, unless it was a GOP idea. Worst of the worst, is Dutch. Dutch and I go back aways. This is the drunk who threatened one of my employees, and then me, during an irish festival some years ago. The former county executive whose son made a mint off his eminent domain abuses. The Congressman with no real background who ended up on the House Intelligence Committee and was publicly schooled, more ...
Some of the main operatives in the Benghazi terror attack were part of the Al Qaeda network and likely sought to communicate with Al Qaeda leadership in Pakistan leading up to and after the strike which killed four Americans, according to the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.
UPDATED: 08:08 PM EST 11.15.13 CIA contract security officers who responded to the terrorist attacks on the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi, Libya, last year were told by the CIA to sign nondisclosure agreements just before a memorial ceremony at the CIA's headquarters in Langley, Virginia, this past May, a congressional source told CNN. The source says this was disclosed by the contractors during closed-door testimony on Capitol Hill this week, and it seems to contradict information sent by CIA Director John Brennan to the House Intelligence Committee investigating the events in Benghazi. The CIA has repeatedly denied reports by CNN that the CIA has tried to prevent its personnel from talking to members of Congress investigating the September 2012 Benghazi attacks. When it was first reported by CNN, Brennan released a letter showing that he strongly encouraged CIA operatives to cooperate with congressional investigators. Brennan even went so far as to directly answer a question from House Intelligence Commit ...
Yes, and Michelle Bachmann is on the House Intelligence Committee.
"... Edward Snowden is the former CIA employee and computer analyst whistleblower that in 2013 provided the Guardian (newspaper) with top-secret NSA documents leading to revelations about US surveillance. Some US officials, such as Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, condemned his actions as having done damage to US intelligence capabilities while others, such as former president Jimmy Carter, applauded his actions. Snowden was granted temporary asylum and work in Russia, his lawyer said. After it emerged that the US monitored the phones of 35 world leaders, the White House forced NSA to scale back monitoring. In Washington, demonstrators held up signs reading «Thank you, Edward Snowden!» But Mike Rogers, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN, if «citizens knew exactly what that was about, they would be applauding and popping champagne corks.” A possible «Snowden Act» could be the act of a legislature that declares the Technological Singularity has finally kicked in. Ma ...
"These folks in Congress, on the House Intelligence Committee, are completely taken off guard by what may be the excesses of American intelligence gathering, and they have every right to be outraged and surprised. Well, not every right, no right. They have no right. Here's why: In 2001, Congress passed the Patriot Act giving our intelligence agencies access to "any tangible thing..." and that Act was renewed twice by Congress. In 2007, Congress passed the Protect America Act, giving those same agencies blanket surveillance powers without even having to name specific people as targets. In 2008 and 2012's expanded and extended powers, they explicitly rejected an amendment calling for more disclosure of said surveillance. So, the very legislature that is bewildered that the scope and reach of our spying apparatus, granted them the scope and reach. Uhh uhh uhh if I may, I can't believe you stayed out all night and got drunk just because I left you with a keg of beer and a note that said, 'do whatever the f*c ...
President Barack Obama is using the government shutdown and lack of cooperation with Republican lawmakers to divert attention from his failed policies, former U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan says. "The president wants to have this fight. He doesn't want to talk about the failures that we're having with a very, very weak economy . . . the failures that are happening as Obamacare rolls out . . . his failures on foreign policy," Hoekstra told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV. "His poll numbers have been going down for the last few months because of the ineffectiveness of this administration. He believes that [the shutdown] is going to be able to enhance his numbers. . . . He wants to win the House back. The only way this guy can govern is if he controls all branches," Hoekstra said Tuesday. Hoekstra, former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid "want it all . . . I hope the Republicans don't cave and walk away from this fight. There'll be a ...
with chair and ranking member of House Intelligence Committee (@ Canadian Embassy -
This op-ed written by Congressman Alan Grayson appeared in The New York Times today. Read it, share it with your friends and family, and join more than 75,000 others who oppose U.S. military intervention in Syria by signing on at WASHINGTON - THE documentary record regarding an attack on Syria consists of just two papers: a four-page unclassified summary and a 12-page classified summary. The first enumerates only the evidence in favor of an attack. I'm not allowed to tell you what's in the classified summary, but you can draw your own conclusion. On Thursday I asked the House Intelligence Committee staff whether there was any other documentation available, classified or unclassified. Their answer was "no." The Syria chemical weapons summaries are based on several hundred underlying elements of intelligence information. The unclassified summary cites intercepted telephone calls, "social media" postings and the like, but not one of these is actually quoted or attached - not even clips f ...
Giving her a seat on the House Intelligence Committee is worse than giving John Dillinger the keys to Fort Knox
THE WORLD WE LIVE IN BIPARTISAN HOUSE OPPOSITION IN SECRET HEARINGS, BLOCKS ARMING SYRIAN REBELS June 28, 2013 • 9:00AM Associated Press (AP), whose telephone records were secretly seized last year by Obama, disclosed on June 26 that the House Intelligence Committee unanimously rejected an Obama request to arm Syrian rebels, delivered through Secretary of State John Kerry, in a secret hearing last week. Both Democrats and Republicans alike demanded a more detailed plan before allowing it to go ahead. The other House Committees to which the administration presented the request, rejected it nearly unanimously as well. Sources told AP that the administration needed approval from several Congressional committees, because the plan involves taking money currently being spent on other U.S. intelligence activities. Obama responded to the flat rejection by the Congressional panels last week, by asking Speaker Boehner to come to the White House Tuesday to discuss the plan, and followed up Wednesday with a White H ...
This is *exciting* -- David "Fluffy" "Stretch" Gregory's hair just told me that not only will he have Glenn Greenwald as his guest on today's edition of Meat The Press, but also Mike Rogers! Oh, wait, never mind. It's Mike Rogers, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, not the Mike Rogers we all love and adore. *Confusing!*
It has been determined...The Secretary of State, John Kerry has briefed the House Intelligence Committee...Aside from Ground Troops, All Options are now on the table. US airstrikes to start asap against Assad, the regime, military bases, etc. Apparently, US National Security, US economic and geo-political interests at stake. (protect that place called israel and further that degenerate plan 'greater israel', pave the way for another Rothchilds take-over and increase pressure on Iran to assimilate). It has been decided, the US must change the calculus and must show Iran and Hezbollah that zion is in control and resistance is futile. They claim America has no other option. ^V^
If you were wondering how the NSA and FBI felt about the very friendly hearing the House Intelligence Committee invited them to today, a hot mic has your answer. "Tell your boss," NSA Director Keith Alexander told the FBI deputy director, "I owe him another friggin' beer."
A meeting of the House Intelligence Committee was convened as a joint effort to attack whistleblower Edward Snowden and downplay the assault on democratic rights that he has made public.
NSA helped foil terror plot in Belgium A potential Al Qaeda plot targeting Belgium was thwarted in part by e-mail information provided by U.S. Internet providers, according to Belgian court documents and Western counterterrorism officials. The case, which came to light in 2008, shows how U.S. intelligence capabilities can aid in disrupting plots. On Tuesday, American counterterrorism officials revealed that more than 50 plots have been thwarted since September 11, 2001, using National Security Agency surveillance programs. Many of those plots were overseas. The officials, testifying before the House Intelligence Committee, revealed only four of those plots and promised to provide details on the others to Congress in a classified setting. The Belgium plot, though not confirmed to be one of the 50 that relied on the recently revealed secretive NSA program to monitor online messages, appears to fit the bill. On December 11, 2008, Belgian authorities arrested an Al Qaeda cell in Brussels that they feared had ...
BTW, FISA was created by Congress, not by the president, in 1978 to ensure there would no longer be any foreign intelligence surveillance without court oversight. House Intelligence Committee hearing shows Congress created FISA (FISA requires the government to get search warrants and wiretap orders from a court even when it is investigating foreign threats to national security). In order to get authorization, a significant purpose of the surveillance must be to gather foreign intelligence information — information about foreign spies, foreign terrorists, and other foreign threats — instead of evidence of a crime. Most importantly, the probable cause standard is very different. Instead of having to show probable cause that a crime is being, has been, or will be committed, the government must show that the target of the surveillance is a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power.
What these types are saying in front of the House Intelligence committee, basically, is R.I.P. Democracy. Secret orders no…
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