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House Hunters

House Hunters is an American reality series that airs on HGTV. Having originally premiered in 1999, there have been three spin-off series that follow a similar format as the original show.

House Hunters International Property Virgins Hidden Valley Ranch

Sometimes I hate technology but then I remember that I can watch House Hunters whenever I want
Mom: Aw man I missed house hunters... The hard life of a stay at home mom...
Uh i bought the farm has a couple looking for 1 acre. I don't get it. It's house hunters. They aren't buying a farm.
Monaca native finds home on HGTV's 'House Hunters'.
Monaca native finds home on HGTV's 'House Hunters' via
Boxing champ Josh Himes, who was born and raised in Monaca, appears Friday on HGTV's "House Hunters."
That moment when your dad tells you that his coworker and his wife are gonna be on the next House Hunters episode...
I'm watching house hunters and some girl dropped her whole life to live in Honduras with her new man. how do ppl even meet like that
Happy weekend, house hunters! Join us Sunday, September 18, from 12-2pm and see this gorgeous, lushly landscaped...
White ppl move so fast in relationships. This couple on House Hunters met at the beach and decided to live together 3 days later.
Except I read House Hunters only has people on the show who already bought a house.
Des Moines house hunters episode featuring St. Augustin in the backyard
"15 Types of People You Meet On House Hunters" is so true and so funny. The color guard got me 😂
House Hunters farms: this fam is from Johns Creek, wants to move to Madison, but is looking in Loganville? And he still works in Atlanta!?
House Hunters: We have some good open houses planned for this weekend. Come check em' out.
apartment search got me feelin like I'm on House Hunters except my budget is like .03 cents
Things hat I watch to avoid CNN at the gym: house hunters barn edition
House Hunters International Renovation (2013) is no longer being removed!
House Hunters starts tonight at 8:30pm and what better place to kick it off than in Fiji!
The continues in sequel to A House Near Luccoli. Where will inexpressible secrets lead? htt…
When a House Hunters marathon is on and you find yourself missing
I watched ONE episode of house hunters with yesterday and now I'm hooked on watching HGTV🏡
Tiny house hunters: we want to work less and live more
Alycia's been nesting and watching House Hunters on repeat.
Watching House Hunters with hubby bc we're all about that life
Even with help from parents, and a good income, millennials are being shut out of the Toronto housing market.
Me on house hunters: Listen Sharon I don't care how nice this neighborhood is how far is the nearest pokestop
This *** on House Hunters wants to spend $50k for an apartment in Italy. Couldn't even get one in Topeka for that price.
Always a funny joke when there's a dishwasher in a kitchen & a guy says "Well that'll make your job easier" to his wife on House Hunters. 😐
This guy on House Hunters is a major ***
You can't see from the picture but the Opera House was surrounded by Pokémon hunters. @ Sydney,…
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I think I could watch House Hunters forever and never get bored
so the building that looks like it has a tower, that is the Sterling Opera House. It's haunted. It was on Ghost Hunters.
Netflix recommended Tiny House Hunters to me and I am OFFENDED.
"Don't date anyone from Alabama, they just look wrong.". Why does this cross my mothers mind during house hunters?
I don't watch house hunters. I watch property brothers and fixer upper and also cooking shows.
except replace house hunters with cutthroat kitchen and I'm set :')
Thanks 2 for the support up hunters and amazing performance by it was me on sheep house shouting as I rode up
It’s no wonder to me that House Hunters was in St Pete…we are a world class city!
I'm feeling low so I'm just going to watch House Hunters Collection and eat cookies
Most often buyers want it all when it comes to their next dream home. Here are 17 things HGTV says all houses...
Someone on house hunters just compared Martha's Vineyard and the Cape to Winthrop. Bold.
Fire-damaged homes becoming the real hot property for a growing number of house hunters. Richardson &...
Two new Pokemon hunters in the house.
The house and restaurant are possessed.. They need the whole ghost hunters crew...
Ghost hunters needs to go to spongebobs house.
Although I know it's fake, I still yell at the TV when folks on House Hunters International complain that European houses are too small.
Watching House Hunters on HGTV with my boys Ethan (9 years old) and Dylan (4 years old). . Dylan: "Daddy.". Me:...
I liked, like, THREE of the regular House Hunters couples,. International ones are THE DEVIL.
Folks on "House Hunters" always have champagne tastes, but beer budgets.
Trying to sound knowledgable while apartment hunting so I'm just going to recite things I've heard on House Hunters
house hunters. • SO ADDICTIVE. • watched an entire season in an hour. • they even have tiny house hunters
I love every house hunters renovation that is set in France. It's my dream to live there🌞
My Netflix "list" is comprised of house hunters and bloody action movies with shirtless men. I am officially a menopausal woman.
i totally heard someone on House Hunters with that same rule.
I feel like DFS should be watching some of these Tiny House Hunters.
The closed captions at the gym keep correcting house hunters saying "turn key" to "turkey" and it's making the gym so much more enjoyable.
what is with people on house hunters and their open concept floor plan obsession. I MEAN *** !!
When you watch house hunters and realize there are places in the US you can get a 4 bedroom house for $175,000...
I'm watching house hunters and this guy was like "it's just a phase you're going through" and the other guy said "you're…
Really grinds my gears when all I want is to lay in bed and watch house hunters but have to settle for Tarek and Christina's annoying ***
House Hunters International Renovation is on Netflix... If they ever get the old shows like Color Splash too, I might never leave the house
So, Andy definitely drew the short straw in this task then. Grim!
strangely we live in a tiny village in North Wales and lots of pokemon hunters outside the house. Very strange!!
If you need Grandma Joan, she'll be embroidering a thing in front of House Hunters whilst waiting for her 5 PM food
We live on the edge of town and our cats are hunters. Bright side is that the critters they catch don't come in the house.
Add in a small budget and unrealistic expectations and you have the plot of house hunters
Don't underestimate the power of a young lady and her broom. She's protecting the house from hunters.
TONIGHT! Jason is feeling the pressure! But the rest of the House is having a great time. 9pm
7.52pm: Sam wishes he had a colouring book in the House. Andy is making do with Alex's face.
I just watched this girl on House Hunters International pack up and move to Italy. What am I doing with my life, and when should I leave??
I just disturbed myself by immediately recognizing the Hidden Valley Ranch commercial voiceover as the same woman who does House Hunters.
"I prefer spending money on experiences over things" is to Tiny House Big Living as "We love to entertain" is to House Hunters.
Now, I see all of this nap is that you just watch me yelling at House Hunters.
and house hunters renovation, and beachfront bargain hunt renovation.. All of them!! 😤
I only watch dance moms, LHH, and house hunters.
Some of Simply Ghost Nights full house of ghost hunters from St. Catherine's Hall,…
I'm watching House Hunters Int'l and the mom and son have a crepy vibe.
Post-iftar looks - drafting emails and watching House Hunters eating a Haagen Dazs bar
Flea Market Flip is the best show on followed by House Hunters
Yasss! I love House Hunters and the International one is ridiculous!
It makes up for those international House Hunters and discount lakefront house buying shows I have to watch.
I added a video to a playlist Tucker Real Estate - House Hunters (HGTV) Trinidad and Tobago Part 1
[Video] Upcoming season of House Hunters to be directed by Michael Bay, says HGTV rep
Watching tiny house hunters and i want one
My night consists of watching tiny house hunters lol need friends
Watching House Hunters International and. Girl: "It just doesn't look like Spain when I look outside". . but you're in Spain...
I wish I cared about anything as much as these people on house hunters care about granite countertops
Tiny house hunters drinking game where you drink every time they mention how small it is
"The only thing I don't like about it is I can't home brew." -- some *** on Tiny House Hunters about his new tiny house
I can't believe I used to hate when my parents would make me watch house hunters before bed
[House Hunters]. I want a house in the busiest part of the city but if I hear any street noise or see my neighbors I will…
But House Hunters is the best irritating television show ya know?
and I have been watching house hunters all night which basically makes us an old married couple 🙈
Me watching house hunters right now wondering why on earth I'm still awake
AMG this lady on house hunters thinks that all Victorian houses are haunted, and she's afraid of stained glass.
Cannot view the House Hunters International Collection TV show anymore. I'm like, " Don't buy that condo in Brussels, it's a hellhole!"
I'm currently laying in bed eating cheez-its and binge watching House Hunters, super super content.
I love House Hunters but hate the couples. Just show me houses.
My favorite thing ever is when people say they want a fixer upper on house hunters, but they really don't.
I have never seen House Hunters, yet I have an opinion about House Hunters, as it is required. This age of the Internet is pretty neat.
I've never seen an episode of house hunters where the couple didn't annoy tf out of me
I have several tv shows to catch up on but instead I'll binge House Hunters International!! need some culture in my life
I've been watching House Hunters since I got to work and I just remembered I have to watch the season 4 premiere of
it's 1 in the morning and I'm watching house hunters.
This lady on House Hunters wants a tri-level house but doesn't want any stairs
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Don't let me get started on and House Hunters International with and-I-want my 6...
You can't watch House Hunters rn Sam, go to sleep
I'm ready for bed and watching House Hunters International. Am I an adult yet?
House Hunters International: "we want to feel like we're in America but we're moving to France also only $400 a month."
.Nice! Have you watched Tiny House Hunters yet? The houses are smaller, but the stakes are higher.
House Hunters is what inspires me to not be poor when i become an adult
Tiny house hunters pisses me off. You can't have a California King, four guest bedrooms, large kitchen, and 5 full baths. *** TINY. Get it?
Debating lowering my blood pressure by flipping to Tiny House Hunters.
Watching Tiny House Hunters on HGTV. As punishment for that game the entire Grizzlies organization should have to live in a tiny house
House Hunters is giving me unrealistic home goals
Ladies of Thornhill on the hunt 4 the perfect spot in House Hunters 12
watch Tiny House Hunters with me so I know...
Links to watch House Hunters season 112 episode 4 online could be found on
Dude on House Hunters wants a large yard for sports. Later turns down a gorgeous house bc the yard isn't big enough for his badminton net..🤔
"whatever you do, don't scroll over the blank part. because I'll see spoilers and figure out what they pick" -boy watching house hunters
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i enjoy watching House Hunters so much idk why 😂
Writing my first 5 thank you notes (we've been married 6 months!) means I deserve to eat chocolate and watch House Hunters all night, right?
I have so much extra time I should be studying but instead I'm watching house hunters and makeup tutorials
Me and my moms favourite thing to do is watch house hunters and drink everytime someone says something stupid. We get drunk pretty quick.
Me: Want to watch House Hunters?. L: I never want to not watch House Hunters!. Me: Thanks for agreeing to marry me
Was a lil spooked after watching a Jonestown documentary so I decided to put on an episode of House Hunters
This Buzzfeed article about "House Hunters" is the perfect thing to read before bed --
House Hunters International AKA privileged whites relocate to exotic parts of the world and complain about not having grani…
People on house hunters be like "give me a ready to move in mansion for 100,000$" 🙄
New collections of House Hunters and House Hunters International on Netflix. Yay! We watched one episode and found out Greenland is bleak af
House Hunters & House Hunters International are my current favorite shows. Just wanted the world to know that. . Carry on.
Awesome to see a Johannesburg couple featured on House Hunters International. 🙌
House Hunters: International makes me so MAD but I love looking at houses in different countries.
Adult goals: be at the point where I could actually be one of those people on House Hunters
have you seen Jay Mohr talk about House Hunters? It's brilliant
House Hunters is Law & Order. International is SVU. Renovation is Criminal Intent. Tiny is Trial By Jury.
- Why house hunters shouldn't watch 'House Hunters'
Just saw a home in my hood as an option for a family on House Hunters. Yep! That means I'm watching House Hunters. Judge on judgers.
Last Night on HGTV I watched:. Love it or List it. House Hunters. House Hunters International . .and then I fell asleep.
I'm engaging in my most shameful of guilty pleasures: House Hunters (International).
Just about every episode of House Hunters and HH International is on YouTube. You're welcome.
I miss our HGTV days House Hunters, Income Property, Property Brothers, Property Virgins (or whatever that show did name)
I've had to stop watching the past 2 episodes of house hunters bc the couples are too horrendous to continue 😐
"These hunters look like house dogs."
Ex SecState's & got classified data on personal email acct: What hunters gon do now?
When will Netflix update the House Hunters collection? Asking for a friend...
"Ah yeah I know lets create a tv show were we film house hunters looking at new houses they are never going to afford and buy"
Apartment hunting *** someone put me on an episode of House Hunters
OMG, there is a house hunters collection on Netflix... I CANT WAIT TO WATCH IT ALL NIGHT!!
Can house hunters come find me an apartment?
My life consists of the Lord of the Rings, chicken, and House Hunters.
OHA is testifying before the House Agriculture and Natural Resources in support of the wolf delisting...
When you're creeping your favorite hashtag on insta and you find the insta of someone you just saw on house hunters 😳😂
I always get sucked into House Hunters and it always makes me yell at the TV. So this is funny!
What I miss the most about living in the US is watching House Hunters and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
True Confessions: The GLHC staff LOVES "House Hunters" but we are a bit more realistic about expectations!
When your walking around the house in Ralph Lauren and hunters like a farmers wife 😂
Sorry to miss again today. Hopefully back tomorrow. Email with any questions and I'll take a break from watching House Hunters to respond.
Watching House Hunters International makes me miss being overseas
Nobody doesn't like on Sixteen years on the air and stronger than ever!
"House Hunters Are Ready and Waiting… for Homes to Buy" by on
I could sit in hotels and watch House Hunters all day long, every single day of the week. As long as there's room service, of course.
Some of these women on House Hunters make me so angry
I need one entire day to lounge around and watch house hunters. Feeling tired today
Is there really such a thing as 'slow market' in GTA real estate anymore? Not really!.
House Hunters: Anor Londo would make for a pretty expensive episode imo
I can't remember the last time I spent my Sunday in the recliner watching House Hunters all day. I hate growing up.
Some good points mentioned here for Home Owners & Future Sellers...
Watch Tuesday night 10 PM as I help Christine and Eric find their forever home.
Spring market has sprung! Toronto house hunters jumping in to the market early in 2016
Levels of pesticide spread in France. At House Hunters we give you the full information, for a conscious choice.
Selling a house this spring. See what House Hunters really want from HGTV.
The easiest way to find out when and why your house was built is to look in your local library’s archives
Best laugh I've had in a while: Objectivist House Hunters. via
A couple on house hunters is complaining about vinyl flooring & electric ranges in the kitchen but they're only looking…
There should be a House Hunters for regular people where they talk about HOA dues and check out the neighborhood at nig…
House Hunters: "everything is brand new, but I hate it and I'm going to tear it out." Every. Single. Time.
House hunters know all too well that new homes cost more than used ones. But in Las Vegas, the sticker shock is especia…
You know you’ve seen enough House Hunters and HGTV when you’ve heard the word “dated” at least 1,000 times
Behind the scenes of House Hunters International - trying to make an authentic statement on "r… via
watching House Hunters has become a vital part of my nightly routine
I'll be waiting to see yall on HGTV when you guys buy a house together on Property Virgins or House Hunters
I want my own HGTV show, I can just imagine it. "Kevin Page presents, House Hunters in the Hood"
HGTV House Hunters featuring Wilson, NC. Man, the memories there...
I love on House Hunters when they ask for 5 bedrooms each with ensuites, air conditioning, close to the city - with a top budget of $100k.
I cannot take another episode of Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Antique Roadshow, or House Hunters. 😩😩😩😩
I've watched my way through most of them. Now on House Hunters: Renovation (on US Netflix)
Right, it's like when they made "House Hunters: Renovation" same show, just...a tiny twist to make more "new" episodes.
Woman on House Hunters renovation right now looks like a white Bruno Mars
I'm watching a House Hunters renovation and some *** husband is RIPPING UP original hardwood floors for laminate. THE HORROR.
The voice in this Hidden Valley Ranch commercial sounds like the House Hunters host on HGTV.
Beginning to suspect the same lady narrates House Hunters and My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.
I don't bother with anymore. The show is dull, lacks conviction and a point of view. House Hunters is more compelling.
I asked b/c this is a major complaint on House Hunters lol. Poor tall baes haven't felt that good water pressure on your head in a decade.
Don't miss House Hunters tonight. If you are wondering why my head is shaved, it is because we shot the episode...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I have arguments in my head with the couples on House Hunters. Why can no one ever see past paint color?!
House Hunters International is where its at tho
But be aware they also have House Hunters: International on there so be safe
The only shows I watch on tv are House Hunters, House Hunters International, Love it or List it and Chopped lol
Lesson learned: If I want to fly into a blind rage just watch House Hunters or House Hunters International. People & their demands..
Remember the new open of new fantasyland. Belle had a tough decision. House Hunters
Home Sweet's plea to hunters: 'Please stop shooting at my house.'
The great thing about a bad short-term memory is that I can watch the same ep of House Hunters International every 6 months and it's all new
[house hunters: poverty line edition]. REALTOR: this house is in a good location but it doesnt have a roof. ME: thats no…
Check out this week's schedule on the website: 
A tougher call for younger house hunters, especially in California, if mortgage rates rise
coming soon to a Pleasure Hunters near you ✌️
Watching house hunters and these young couples are looking at $700k homes as their first house. ***
Call me to catch the next boom! Philly House Hunters: Kensington's HOT | NBC 10 Philadelphia
Fort Hood area house hunters need to stop by my open house through 5 pm today at 229 Crossland - off FM 439. Killeen
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Selling your home? Here's an easy "recipe" to make it smell pleasant to house hunters, & it doesn't involve candles.
Know your facts! The complete guide for house hunters in Read for
From house hunters of HGTV to Tiny House Hunting of different...
Maybe Rideau Cottage was chosen after they selected from three residences, House Hunters-style!
I pitched a Milewski-hosted episode of House Hunters last week...
House Hunters: Tiny House Edition, except everyone who wants a tiny house has to buy two tiny houses & give one to a homeless person.
Plymouth house-hunters frozen off property ladder as the number of young ... - Plymouth Herald
"4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a pool, and walking distance to the market, for $800 a month, but there's no dishwasher." ~people on House Hunters.
I love House Hunters International, it makes me want to live outside the U.S. even more
Affordability gap means middle-income Dallas house hunters are out of luck
I've spent my entire morning watching House Hunters. I'm not mad about it 🏡
"- This parody of House Hunters is spot on
in was watching SYTTD and House Hunters
Channel 4 needs House Hunters to view 3 newly renovated properties in Call 0203 823 9145 or sellers
What is the current No. 1 priority for house hunters?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Is real . . . or scripted?! Finally, some answers from the writers' room. via
man...STRESSFUL!!! There were times when I would be like I give up, I'm getting an apt. House hunters makes it look fun
I love House Hunters International 🌍🌎🌏
true life: I'm obsessed w House Hunters International
One day I'm going to be on an episode of House Hunters International. Just you wait 😏
What is the current number one priority for house hunters?
it's a actual accredited haunted house. It was on ghost hunters and the travel channel.
Should have stayed home, I could be watching house hunters right now!!!
"When it's cold but you too lazy to get the blanket hunters house
.- This parody of House Hunters is spot on
Clever house hunters are finding the best bargains close to new-build developments:
SNL should do a parody of House Hunters International where Putin helps Assad pick the Russian mansion he'll live in during his exile.
House Hunters LA:. We have $900k. We want a 600 sq ft house with a kitchen that looks like a hospital cafeteria from the 2…
Today I learned the show Tiny House Hunters is about people searching for tiny houses & not, in fact, a spinoff of Little People, Big World
Watching House Hunters Renovations on HGTV and it's making me sad. I can't wait to move in!!🏡
Do you know what the main reason people move house is?
Haunted House hunters not spooked by spirits - 66% of Londoners wouldn't be put off buying a haunted house,would you?
Watching House Hunters and this guy is looking at a detached two storey house for $99k in Cincinnati.
You do not know "House Hunters" rage until you know "Tiny House Hunters" rage. Had no idea it could go up to that level. cc
Our photographer Mike is going to be on House Hunters! He spent the weekend taking HGTV to some of his favorite...
I used to watch house hunters for fun...I was that kid 💀
House hunters is scientifically engineered to make me hate everyone who is on it
Folks on House Hunters are looking for waterfront property. Gotta say I'm with the wife-buy on a lake, not the ocean.
We're house hunting aka going to ~924 open houses/week but mostly watching House Hunters and getting offended at housing…
A chat with the N.C. couple featured on 'House Hunters' (PHOTOS)
Tune into HGTV's House Hunters tonight at 7pm PST to catch up on FB's own Amy Mahjoory's latest Chicago renovation!
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