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House Hunters

House Hunters is an American reality series that airs on HGTV. Having originally premiered in 1999, there have been three spin-off series that follow a similar format as the original show.

House Hunters International Chad Gaudin Kansas City Property Virgins Las Vegas New York Property Brothers Spring Break

Just got an email from House Hunters International about being on the show :-( Too bad we are no longer looking. That would have been fun!
With Jay, having the quintessential "House Hunters" discussion. We've eliminated one. Now going over the pros and cons of the two remaining properties we saw today. I think we've come to an agreement. Time to call up the realtor for the big climatic reveal.
Question When was the last time you visited your local High Street Estate Agent before looking on the internet? In 2012, an independent report, published by ‘The Sunday Times’, wrote that 90% of all property enquiries came through the internet. A further 8% from estate agents websites, search engines, local newspapers and for sale boards with the remaining 2% of enquiries produced from the High Street. So Why do estate agents still have High Street branches when 90% of house hunters now find their next home on sites like Rightmove and Zoopla?” For a full estate agency service; including advertising on all the major property web portals like Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation, our prices to sell your home are £597+vat with no further fees. We can literally save you thousands of pounds in comparison to other traditional estate agents; who in some cases, still charge a whopping 1.5%+vat commission fee on the sale price. Options : £595 +vat upfront, with £0 upon completion Property is listed until . ...
House hunters have revealed their top decorative turn offs, and its bad news for fans of taxidermy, woodchip wallpaper and mirrored ceilings.
People on House Hunters really like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.
I love watching house hunters when they're in Atlanta & Property Virgins because I get to see different kind of neighborhoods & see houses & what I can expect when I buy my house. You get so much bang for your buck.
Any of my realtor friends interested in being on a MAJOR NETWORK reality TV show? It will be similar to house hunters but it will focus on properties on the water or near the water + fun things to do in the city. Let me know if you're interested.
So I'm watching House Hunters and this lady is complaining that she doesn't like the "outdated" faucet fixtures and saying it's a deal breaker for her. Really lady?! Go spend $100 at Home Depot and you'll be fine. We're excited when ONE room in a house has flooring that doesn't need to be replaced.
House Hunters: dated fixtures are a deal breaker?! Is this woman smart enough to own a house?!?
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Hi Everyone!!! Well, I'm back from sunny Florida (I tried to bring home with me as much sunshine as I could). I'm ready to take on some happy house hunters.. lets do it!! Its going to be a gorgeous weekend (perfect for driving around for your dream house) and an ICE CREAM on me :) Call or email today if you need me to send over some listings in your preferred area
This weather is getting me antsy to move. Bring on the house hunters I will be ready!
Oh my God! I'm watching house hunters and these people bought a house with the most beautiful parquet floors ...and put carpet over them. They were somewhere north of Atlanta who wants to go with me to find them so I can slap em
Guests from near and far flocked to Ace Hotel & Swim Club Monday night for Game Night with the weekly Bingo at 7:00 and Trivia at 9:00. We celebrated the wrap of Kraft Nabisco ‘Dinah Shore”, Spring Break, gorgeous Palm Springs and warm temps, upcoming Coachella Music Fests and the newly married Seattle couple, and other guests attending from Brazil, London, Philadelphia, Colorado, Los Angeles, Desert Hot Springs, Michigan, Dallas, Canada, Minnesota, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Portland, Cathedral City, Palm Springs and beyond. Questions and answers centered around Howard Hughes, the fear of thunderstorms, Lady Iris has her eye on you, MTV, Elizabeth Taylor and her awards, flights between Miami and New York, Shakespeare’s mighty pen, Wacky Races cartoon, four letters on the cross, Tiger Woods, LBJ, and more. Kurt Cyr from TV’s House Hunters was among the guests. with Jimmy Boegle, Brian Blueskye, Mike Courtemanche, Kurt Cyr, Jeff Clarkson, Amy Lewis and many, many more.
Young black couple on house hunters, husband says he met his wife in 2001 got married in 2003, but THEY have a 9 year old daughter. He didn't say the daughter was his step daughter but THEIR daughter! Love it!
Did the guy on house hunters really just cover his grass with fake rollout green carpet-y grass? Omg!
Dear Kim,I recently watched an episode of House Hunters™ featuring you and your husband Keith (love the alliteration, by the way) as you searched for a "starter home" in the "Minneapolis suburb" of...
House Hunters - Doha Qatar - Colin, Gordon and the Zig Zag Building
House Hunters | on Fine Living | CH. 924 | 8-4-14 by 11:25AM Open Week House Hunters International focuses on properties around the world. Normally it features an individual, couple, married couple, or family moving from either the United States or Canada to another country (primarily in Europe, Asia, Central America, or South America) with a different language and culture either for a retirement or vacation house, schooling, or job opportunities.
Attention house hunters! Hit the ground running for that perfect home this spring. We are offering a FREE Home Buying Seminar TONIGHT at our West Allis Branch. Browse through our online Mortgage Resource Center, and bring your questions with you to ask our experts:
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An article Georgia Kohart had in the Crescent yesterday. I guess Sue and I aren't the only ones who think some of those house hunters are crazy. I’m coming out of the walk-in closet and fessing up to my Home and Garden Channel addiction. I especially love watching “House Hunters” and “Property Virgins.” Based on our own house searches and selling experiences, in addition to situations portrayed on the television shows, I’ve come up with some general categories. Buyers: 1. The stainless steel appliance, granite countertop and open concept set. 2. The weird hobbyist. Includes everything from buying a house to suit turtles to a dance studio. 3. The en suites. They used to be called master bedroom suites. Why do you need a closet the size of a semi trailer? 4. The couple who should be spending their money on marriage counseling instead of a house. 5. Buyers with a princess/prince complex. I may have just graduated from college, but I deserve just as nice as the house that dear old Mom and Dad scr ...
For all my house hunters out there! Message Simone Jowell if you're interested. Looks beautiful!
Jen and Bob on house hunters on Thursday!
There comes a point when u have to admit u have a problem. U have to be able to say I have an obsession. Hello my name is Sandra and I am a HGTV addict! I can't get enough of Flip or Flop/House Hunters/Rehab Addict/Love it or List it. I will be seeking help for my issues.Thank you
TV TONIGHT NBC - "The Voice" - Blake Shelton was just on Sunday night for 3 hours. Does he ever give it a rest? FOX - "Glee" - Tonight, the songs from the Broadway musical "Funny Girl." Way to stay current. CBS - "NCIS" - If you like rotting corpses on an autopsy table, this is the show for you. DISCOVERY - "Amish Mafia" - Levi turns out to be just as big a scum bag as I thought. MTV - "Teen Mom 2" - Why can't MTV go back to the more mature hotties of Spring Break? HGTV - "House Hunters International" - A couple moves from New York to Shanghai, so they must like crowd scenes. CBS - "Person of Interest" - It's a rerun so they better worry about holding our interest.
Well now that I've told my kids & fam, I can be honest :) ... I have a beautiful home for sale in an awesome culdesac in a ridiculously amazing subdivision! Yup, that's right... We're moving! BUT b/c our subdivision rocks, we're not leaving it! Just moving to a much more manageable home! SOOO, if u know of any house hunters, PLEEEASE send them my way, along with prayers for the right buyer in the right time for the right price that would be a perfect fit for my awesome neighbors! God is crazy good!
Fully furnished units for rent, for more info please give us a message and will get back to you. Follow are pages House hunters for empty nesters and your property selection- philippines for more listings Thanks
I was planning on going to sleep... Then House Hunters International came on... And they are in Japan. Ooh.
I think it's time to change the channel. I want to punch the lady on House Hunters.
OMG .. Can't sleep...watching HGTV .House Hunters and they are on Fort Lauderdale Beach! Home Sweet Home!!.Aw
Sometimes I get stuck on HGTV and watch episode after episode of House Hunters, Love it or List it, and House Hunters International... it's like an architect's crack...
Really need to go to sleep!! Butt nanny got me watching house hunters lol
I know they have headhunters, but do they have house hunters? I need more than a realtor.
House Hunters International is in Osaka right now. It's been well over 20 years since I lived there, and I still get massively homesick sometimes.
I think I'm addicted to House Hunters on HGTV 😳
Toshiko Matsuda Yamada, I am watching House Hunters International. They are in Osaka. Cool!
Actually getting to watch adult tv time watching House Hunters and not Disney..yay me!!!
Who knew sitting on my floor, eating dinner, while watching house hunters could cause such soul filling joy and peace? Glorious.
Watching House Hunters on HGTV. Call me crazy but you can keep the rain shower! And those shower doors that open out and drip water all over the floor have to be for the birds. I think I'm the only woman in the world who would NOT want a fireplace.
Watching " House Hunters" makes me buy a condo in Hollywood Beach or Hallandale
I think I'm Watching House Hunters too Much . I'm Thinking about Moving to Hawaii and Getting A Job Shining SurfBoards 😎😎
GREAT 2hr workout! Soon time for House Hunters to come on! Yes! I love HGTV! LOL! + TD McNutt
About 51 per cent of Ontario house hunters surveyed said they allowed emotion to influence their purchase.
Well guess I'll flip a coin on what to watch tonight... Love It Or List It followed by House Hunters or three hours of Family Feud... Really excited for either one...
I would be a terrible real estate agent.. I watch house hunters and think all house's are haunted.. or the buyers are full of crap.
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Showed 19 houses today in 3 the rain! Should have my own version of HGTV's House Hunters 🏠
Every time I watch house hunters I become so judgy of the annoying people. "I really don't like this paint color " "How hard is it to paint a wall?! You are the one wanting to move to Ecuador! Suck it up buttercup. " I think Jon may make me take this off the DVR.
"MONDAY GREETINGS" to my FB family & friends ~ Wow, what an amazing weekend it was here in RVA ~ Just sorry I can't say the same for today however ~ That's right, it's one of those OVERCAST & RAINY days that drains me of all energy leaving me feeling totally LAZY ~ Please bring back that beautiful SUNSHINE because I need to be reenergized immediately in order to "take care of business" ~ I've become completely addicted to HGTV programming, especially the HOUSE HUNTERS series ~ Can't get enough of the INTERNATIONAL shows or the ones hunting for homes in HAWAII ~ Makes me want to pack up the bags and head out the door for "island life" and warm year-round temperatures ~ I've put my research on "hold" about living in SPAIN in exchange for checking out BELIZE ~ Seems it's inexpensive currently, but becoming quite popular for that same reason ~ Guess I'm being unrealistic as far as relocating to another Country, but it's such fun to close my eyes and DREAM ~ I likewise love the TRAVEL CHANNEL which offers so . ...
Now we know it is truely a bad eppisode of house hunters... The house we just did an offer on... Way back wgen was zoned commercial. Cant do a home loan on a commercial property
Whoa hey! We had our three year blogiversary last week and we totally forgot about it. I don't think CNN had any coverage of it either. Losers. Anyways, go us! In belated celebration here's a link to one of our more popular posts over the years. It's about how I'm inadvertently stalking an HGTV House Hunters couple. Or maybe they're stalking me? Huh. I had never considered that before. Now I'm a little scared.
Loving my staycation day complete with pajamas, hot tea, and House Hunters. You're not so bad after all Monday. :)
Nannies house hunters member lol don't let it be hot...
Whenever I mention the popular HGTV series House Hunters, I get e-mails from readers asking, "Do you know the truth about that show?" I just got another one from someone saying, "I'm surprised more...
Florida was on both House Hunters & Property Virgins shows last night & this morning- Love It.
For you House Hunters out there: I am holding an Open House today at Town Park in Port Orange from 1:30-4:00 for my colleague Mary Ginter Matero. The address is 4224 Bristle Cone right off of Town Park. It's an excellent 3 BR/ 2/BA backing up to a natural wooded area listed at $200K. I'll have good coffee and Texas Sheet Cake! Come take a look. Message me if you know of a buyer.
House Hunters *** me off sometimes. You ain't gonna get that mansion with that $100,000 budget.
Come on, HGTV, quit trying to get me to watch something new. Stick to House Hunters, Property Virgins, or Property Brothers at night plz
Guy on House Hunters is enthusiastic about finding a new house to be hen-pecked in.
So I'm addicted to House Hunters and House Hunters International on HGTV, but when you get an episode with an American couple, I want to drown them in the pool that's too small (yet the house is well within there alloted budget) and in the end they choose the house well above there alloted budget, because the house is "Texas" sized.OH the American dream!!! debt, then possible foreclosure, living in there luxury SUV till that gets repossessed too. Then your in a mini van with 4 kids down by the river. MURICA!
House Hunters had an episode in Sea Isle tonight. Can't wait to get back. Is it Summer yet!?
Just stumbled onto a show called "Surprise It's a Puppy". It's essentially House Hunters for Animal Planet. I'm not sure how to feel about the show but I feel confident that that is the best show title I've seen in a long time.
There's nuffin like house hunters all morning and my cool cat coffee cup
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: House Hunters is an abomination. (See also Crocs, socks with sandals, and Cameron Diaz)
Forrest Properties to debut on HGTV's HOUSE HUNTERS! Set your DVRs for Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 7pm PST.
Watching House Hunters always makes me want my own house 😞🏡
I'm not really a fan of International House Hunters. I have no sympathy for people rich enough to buy a vacation home turning their nose up at parquet floors. You can open your wallet and buy mahogany floors get over it!
I'm a lil lame but I love the show House Hunters
Watching House Hunters makes me very angry...
Lol @ this couple on House Hunters. You didn't get your artwork from Key West, it's from Tjmaxx- I have the same picture. 💁
House Hunters: Key West omg you are killing me
Tilson is an example of a man committed to hi/lo: he's obsessed w/ House Hunters & also docs about indigenous ppl
I can't stand the people on House Hunters because they're all so picky! Like, STFU!
Literally the ONLY thing I miss about having cable is watching House Hunters International and Anthony Bourdain 24/7.
Pretty sure I saw my dream home on house hunters last night and I can't get it off my mind! 🏡💕
I have a more involved relationship with House Hunters than I did with my ex boyfriend.
House hunters of When you have arranged to view a house, have the common courtesy to cancel if you can't be bothered to show.
I'M ABOUT TO FAINT! HGTV just contacted me and told me they're interested in using us for House Hunters when we move to Lexington! I submitted an application on a whim a month ago and never dreamed it could really happen me! Pinch me ...
If I strap a GOPRO on my head will it make this episode of house hunters more exciting?
Go on House Hunters, have a low budget, but still want granite countertops, updates, & an open floor plan.
Stephen, House Hunters is on HULU, just need a subscription to stream it.
Grow house bust underway in south Orange a hunch not a tip.
Last night I dreamt Lulu and I took a trip to Paris - just the 2 of us (thanks to Instagram and House Hunters International)!
Great job last night on George Medina! 'House Hunters' to feature KC homes, Realtor via
Nice article in today's - last chance saloon for Bristol house hunters!
I feel like I am on an episode of House Hunters every time Steph and I go look at houses.
House Hunters at St. John, let's go back!
So I tuned across House Hunters last night and saw a couple looking for a house in the Brookside area of KC. Nice area for a young couple. Beautiful shots of KC and the Plaza. They referred to the Plaza as "Downtown", but all in it was pretty good. One of the Posts on the HGTV site complained that the voice over commentator called it Kansas, but I didn't hear that. Hey, I'm used to hearing it where I travel. No one in California can figure out why KC is in MO, so I've given up correcting them.
Everyone on house hunters insists the house is too small for dang I forgot you guys were jesters.
Wednesday night's episode of House Hunters featured the Rochester area. They looked at houses in Brighton, Penfield and Farmingon. They picked the one in Farmington! But I'm thinking they might be south of the thruway so not a close neighbor to us.
i didn't realize buying & selling wasn't in Canada. You could definitely just go House Hunters, they are in Raleighwood a lot
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Brilliant campaign for New Fantasyland puts Belle & Beast on House Hunters Intl as they search for a home. So good.
It's a shame that my house doesn't have a bar because a hunters would go innn right now
DO NOT LET YOUR HOUSE WITH BINGLEY HUNTERS ESTATE AGENTS! email me for info, I will show you why.
Kansas City is featured on tonight's episode of House Hunters!
Nice!: 11-Year-Old Girl Shoots and Kills Cougar that Was Stalking her Brother, 13, Outside their House
'House Hunters' show to feature homes
Want to add value to your home? Here are some ideas from our friends at House Hunters
The latest technical glitch for Ulster Bank, and a house of horrors has been snapped up by property hunters - more on at 12
PLL. Scandal. Law & order. Snapped. Bates Motel. Sex and the city . House hunters.
House Hunters in Pisa 💜 one of the most beautiful cities I've been to.
Can't afford vacations so me and Courtney watch house hunters in our swimsuits
Watching international house hunters with mom
I have a weird addiction to House Hunters International
Fell asleep on the couch during House Hunters International tonight. So, there's that. 👵💤
tied for first with House Hunters International
House Hunters is still my favorite show
House Hunters International seems to go to great pains to keep any same-sex romance between prospective housemates on the TOTAL DL.
house hunters with Chad Gaudin. The giants pitcher from last year. This is crazy watching this
Watching House Hunters International: my beautiful sweet friends Elizabeth Lee Grace Jasmine Nicole Grace and their son Kaden are on it!!!
I love watching House Hunters International but it makes me want to rip the eyes out of everyone who gets to just move overseas on a whim.
Infuriating episode of House Hunters! "We really like and want old world charm. But no dark trim. We'll just paint all of the original wood work anyway." Wish their relator would punch them.
Itz 2am and im up nerd to be my black behind sleep lmao oh well bout to watch house hunters
If you're on house hunters and you complain about the paint color on the walls, chances are I hate you
"I'm going to be on TV... What should I wear!?" - no one who has ever been on House Hunters...
This *** couple on House Hunters is totally getting a divorce after this episode
Not about to watch House Hunters International *** edition. Goodnight y'all.
Okay this episode of House Hunters Int'l is obvs the best b/c 1) interracial *** couple, and 2) THEY'RE FROM PETALUMA HI MY TOWN ON TV.
House Hunters, Kansas City- one of the houses across street from Loose Park and beautiful old home. 20 something's- complaining about everything. Too much money and no brains.
This couple on house hunters is making me mad.
I can't go to sleep without watch some house hunters! 😁😁
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I find it so irritating when the people on House Hunters talk about the houses lacking "character."
House Hunters International is weak compared to the regular House Hunters.
I so find myself talking to Tv when house hunters is on! Lol
I am convinced that 90% of the couples on House Hunters secretly hate each other.
This woman on house hunters just said she wasn't going to like that all these houses would have basements. YOU MOVED TO TORNADO ALLEY. 1/2
Woo hoo I get to be on a reality show tomorrow! Don't know when it will air but me and Troy are gonna be on House Hunters for a second at end of my buddy Mikey's episode! Thanks Mike and Char for askin us! Troy's tap shoes are packed and ready! hunters about to come on. I'd rather watch Rehab Addict all day
Im obsessed with the show House Hunters.
Nobody who moves to the Caribbean on the show "International House Hunters" has the exact same career as me.
This evening I was watching a House Hunters International on HGTV. The agent showed this couple avilla entitled Seychelles. I wonder, is this confirmation that Tracy should travel there or purely coincidence? Idk, but stay tuned and let's find out together. :)
Dear House Hunters couple, If 4 adults (one of them being the cameraman with a big, heavy camera) can stand in the middle of the bathroom, and no one is touching a toilet, bathtub, shower, sink, or each other, that bathroom is not "too small."
House Hunters International you make me wonder what these people who think the 3000 sq foot 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house for $195,000 is not good enough would say about the market here! For that price I could show you a closet!
House Hunters International..i want to move to the yesterday:)
Sitting here watching house hunters on tv with my honey. Alyssa is with my in laws tonight.spending quality time with grandma n grandpa. Hope I actually sleep good tonight.
House Hunters International just makes me want to move all over the world.
Watching house hunters and the couple is moving to St. john! Linda Gossman it sure looks awesome! One of these years Cody and I will come with you and Wayne!
Every time I watch House Hunters International I wish more and more we could pack up and move to a different country. I would so love to take the kids and just live a different experience for a while. How cool would that be?
House Hunters is in Honduras where I'll be in 9 days and it's making me excited!
CC is ticking me off, Chi'kwe's having Doggatude, gonna slip into my "I don't care" attitude and have me a house hunters marathon with a bag of chips that I'm not sharing with her. Lol
House hunters on Hgtv had A couple wanting to buy a home near the plaza,went through three homes in KC. Great watching your city on TV.
COL House Hunters International is in Roatan!! My favorite place so far in the cheaper world lol
I'm convinced it takes a special person to be a realtor. After watching I don't know how many episodes of House Hunters I am convinced that I would smack a lot of these people right up side the head.
I want to punch this chick on House Hunters in the neck.
Sometimes I just want to yell at the people on House Hunters "do you realize how lucky you are to get to buy that house??". Stop complaining people. Obviously I get way too involved while I fold my laundry. 😝
Jim and Joe are at Karate. Enjoying my 60 minutes of me time reading Paleo and LCHF blogs while watching House Hunters.
Did you know that you can watch house hunters on Amazon prime? Evening booked sold!
When there's nothing on TV... Darla and I always wind up watching House Hunters.
Watching House Hunters. They're in Kansas City tonight. Brookside, actually. They showed them eating at Jack Stack -- yum!!!
House Hunters should be called whiny *** I'd like to punch.
Why are the women on House Hunters always vain, narrow-minded twits?
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House Hunters is in a great city tonight-Kansas City!!
Watching house hunters and it is in Kansas City!! Pretty neat!!!
HGTV now is in my hood! House hunters is going to be awesome. George!
All I see is Scandal Scandal Scandal on my timeline... lol. I cant get into it. Just give me HGTV...House Hunters, International House Hunters.
House Hunters has its KC episode on RIGHT NOW! it was shot down the street from us. and the start is like an awesome promotion for KCMO!
Our new neighborhood on house hunters right now !
House hunters is in Kansas City now!
The dog tripped MJ as he was running. Max started screaming that his leg was broken ( it wasn't). So then he starts doing a zombie walk and saying his leg isn't working. I told him he could sit on the couch and watch House Hunters with me then. He ran upstairs. Easy peasy. - Jess
House hunters is on KC tonight on hgtv
For anyone who loves House Hunters like I do, it's in KC on the new episode tonight! (9pm) 🏡♥️
Not on the 'wagon. So, holla Fbookers. HGTV's 'House Hunters' here I come.
I decided that looking for a new job is like house hunters! I have to decide about upgrades or living without luxuries:-( decisions decisions!
Check out House Hunters on HGTV tonight at 9:00 central to see our friend/neighbor/realtor George Medina showing houses in KC!
First Brooke came home from school yesterday because her stomach was hurting her. Then she woke up last night because of it, and complained of it when she got off of the bus today. Now we're snuggling watching house hunters because she woke up crying about it. Looks like yet another trip to the doctors if it doesn't change by morning. :-/
Norma Payne Robin Payne watching house hunters in georgetown!
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At 9pm on HGTV they are showing Brookside on House Hunters.
If you get the channel HGTV, watch tonight because Kansas City, MO is featured in the city of Brookside!! It is at 9 p.m. on House Hunters, the couple is looking for an older home.
We had awesome fun with the cast and crew of the HGTV House Hunters Beach Front Bargain Hunt. They filmed using St. Croix Water Sports kayaks and paddle boats :) Show will air in April.
One thing people probably don't know about me is: I watch approximately 2 hours of tv a week, if that much. Unless there's a marathon of House Hunters International on :-P (once a month).
Just got a call from a private realtor and I'm now apart of a California match making house hunters program in California! Yeee. That private realities list tho! I get what I want, what else can I say? Time to find a dream home
At home sick watching house hunters. Love that show, can't stand the buyers from Midwest who complain about a 4 bedroom 3 bath with an acre of land for $130,000! What!?
See George on Channel 9 News at 5PM for a sneak preview of tonight's House Hunters!
Check it out. Kansas City will be featured on House Hunters on HGTV tonight at 9pm.
Watching House Hunters...why do they only show three houses? It's like they pick a crappy one, an even more crappier one and a *** hole. It's making me want to go look at houses though.
Since I woke with a migraine I decided to watch HGTV which was showing a marathon of "House Hunters" which included the one with Lyndsi Crum Harvey, her hubby, Brad, & Pastor Ron Crum and his wife, Phyllis. Made me smile to see you all!! I just feel like you guys are part of our family. ♥
watching House Hunters International, and this american woman is in france saying that the fridge is so tiny. you do realize that a lot of times you don't NEED all that food, because they go shopping everyday and maybe don't eat things that are full of super ick and need to be eaten faster because they don't have preservatives. FRENCH.
Watching House Hunters International and the couple is moving where I'd love to one day burgundy ,France
Watching House Hunters International and this girl said she has a very stressful job as a sales person for a television company.she doesn't know what real stress is. I'd take that job any day.
Wonder how many episodes of house hunters ill watch today?? Hate being stuck at home with the flu!!
I struggle to take 2 kids to Kroger & the latest House Hunters International has a family w/9 kids moving from Indiana to Italy. I have failed as a mom!
House Hunters are relocating a couple to Charleston WV, wooho
Torn in between the 2: House Hunters Renovations or Property Brothers.
It's not healthy how irritated I get at the families whilst watching House Hunters... Kate Schaaphok
RE/MAX Agent, Wendy McLaughlin, will be featured on House Hunters International, on February 27th. For those who have never been here, you will be able to have a first hand view of how things work here when you purchase that spectacular piece of paradise that you have always wanted. For those who ha...
I need to be writing my art paper, but House Hunters is calling my name.
Watching House Hunters and it just blows me away that a few states away a house with 96 square feet less than mine in way worse condition would cost 114 times the amount of mine!! Crazy!!
Raymond turned on HGTV this morning which we both love. While laying on the sofa I'm watching house hunters. They couple looking for a house say "our budget is 1.3 million" later I hear "we just can't find anything" REALLY! I just want to slap ppl sometimes!
Ok...I do give up...I'll return to watching my SVU marathons...this hgtv is hunters renovation ...budget 860k to 1.5 they find an 849k HANDYMAN special.are you kidding me?
Colleen Veit Mathias I was watching House Hunters (could not sleep again). And there was a family that had 9 children, they sold their business and moved to Italy. They had to find a house to rent that would hold 9 children. I thought about you...could you imagine doing that? Oh and the mom.not nearly as HOT as you after having 9 children!
House hunters renovations!? How come I've never heard of this before ?!
House hunters in looking for luxury by should act fast.
House Hunters featured 3 area homes last night. Watch for reruns & on On Demand
Tonite on House Hunters: Jill wants 4 bedrooms, granite countertops and a home spa. Bob wants to be stabbed in the driveway.
House Hunters Renovations... I want to have a house built and do all of the inside ourselves floors kitchen bathrooms and all the little details. I can dream. :)
7:30am and House Hunters - Where are they now is on comp day ever
Watched an incredible House Hunters International tonight. A couple relocating from Indiana to Veneto, Italy because they fell in love with Italy on their honeymoon. Plot twist? They are the proud parents of NINE children...
Watching House hunters. Am I the only person in the world who doesn't want an "open concept" living, dining room and kitchen. Everyone says they like it so when they entertain, they can talk to their guests while cooking. I get nervous when cooking and trying to play hostess at the same tine. Also, if the tv is on, the noise is played throughout the common areas. I can't be the only one who feels this way. Right? Right? RIGHT?
If anyone is watching HGTV at the moment.House Hunters International is hilarious!..,,, best I've ever seen. 9 kids, 2 parents, 11 people total. Budget of $1,000 a month in Italy!.so far they've found a nice 2 bedroom apartment for the parents and a large barn for the kids who are going to know a lot about Pinot Grigio grapes in their future.
Apparently House Hunters was in Rochester tonight but the city they showed had sunshine and green grass. .. They were clearly confused with the real snow covered, frozen tundra that Rochester truly is. Yay 8 degrees outside.
there is a family from Fortville on House Hunters International!
Watching House Hunters and the featured couple are looking for a home right here in the ROC! Interesting!
House Hunters...another production for my TV show checklist at work!
Ugh! House Hunters, killing me with this Italian episode.
House Hunters International has a family with 9 kids moving to Italy. Italy, where I have always wanted to go. If they can do it then so can I? :)
Watching house hunters: um there is no such thing as "move in ready". Why is there no vision?!
House hunters on hgtv is in Rochester NY! My city!
House hunters on HGTV is featuring Rochester New York!!! Tune in 56..
HEY watching HOUSE HUNTERS on HGTV - they are in ROCHESTER, NY!
I really shouldn't watch House Hunters.the buyers that can't move in until they remodel the kitchen or don't ever want neighbors drive me a little bit crazy. We've been here 15 years...maybe next year I'll get curtains in the upstairs landing ~ lol
Your favorite house hunters return with new episodes on March 1st! at 12pm/11c and at 10/9c. If you could tackle one home improvement project what would it be?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Are you selling in the next 60-90 days and moving to another city? Do you want to be on a House Hunters type show? Ive been contacted by a producer who is looking for sellers in this position. Please contact me ASAP if interested!
Homeowners: Knowledge is Power The housing market is heating up, yet many house hunters are not prepared to take on the biggest purchases of their lives. When it comes to home loans, homebuyers answered basic questions about terms, how to choose a lender and financing wrong nearly one-third of the time, according to an April survey of more than 1,000 current and prospective homeowners by real estate website Zillow. Among the survey’s findings, 31% of buyers don’t think it’s possible to get a home loan for less than 5% down; 34% don’t know what the term “annual percentage rate” (APR) means and one in four believe you must close with the lender that pre-approves your home loan. And 24% of buyers believe the best deals are available through the banks where they currently have their savings and checking accounts, but often competing lenders can undercut those banks by large margins. “If a homebuyer can lower their interest rate by even half a percentage point, they can not only increase their pu ...
Tough decisions House Hunters or Downton Abbey then time to plan a superbowl party,
you might need to look up the House Hunters episode from yesterday featuring Chad Gaudin.
So Chad Gaudin was on House Hunters last night looking for an offseason home. My analysis: His wife is quite hot.
HGTV's House Hunters is in Beaufort! -BOB Thanks for the heads up Eat Sleep Play Beaufort
Just watched House Hunters with Chad Gaudin, his wife & son for an off season house in Las Vegas. He pitched for the Yankees from summer 2009 to spring 2010. Long enough to get a ring! He only made six starts (all of which the Yankees won) and five relief appearances. Just thought I'd share ;-)
This morning at, burlesque dancers, musicians and actors will take over Gramercy's Players Club for an immersive theater performance that lets guests roam the 125-year-old mansion. NYPD said the mayor's motorcade sometimes breaks traffic laws, including speeding and running stop signs, to maintain security. settlement has been reached to determine the future of the struggling Long Island College Hospital, with the details set to be announced Friday. for house hunters looking to buy in historic buildings, check out the the properties listed in this week's Open House Insider column.
The Frenchman, Chad Gaudin, was on House Hunters. Second home bought in Las Vegas
Chad Gaudin and wife are on House Hunters!
Random: Chad Gaudin is on House Hunters right now picking a house in Las Vegas.
His top request: proximity to hospital “Chad Gaudin on "House Hunters" on , buying a House in Vegas.
Just watched Chad Gaudin & his wife on House Hunters! Trust me, it's a must see. Blooper during "decision" breakfast. 😉
Chad Gaudin was on House Hunters idk how to feel this is just amazing
Just watched House Hunters with Chad Gaudin trying to buy a house in Vegas. Did not ask about proximity to the hospital.
Watching Chad Gaudin on House Hunters. Hes looking for a party pad in Vegas with his wife.I wonder if this was before or after he fondled a lady in the hospital.
Ex sf giant Chad Gaudin and wife on HDTV House Hunters. Chad wants a party house. Like to booze.
How did Chad Gaudin get an episode on House Hunters? (on now)
Recently released Phillies pitcher Chad Gaudin is on House Hunters right now
FWIW Chad Gaudin is randomly on House Hunters tonight.
watching Chad Gaudin on House Hunters. His wife said he can't carry luggage down the steps. Wonder why he failed physical.
Watching our friends Syndal Doneene Gaudin and Chad Gaudin on House Hunters right now! So fun to watch!
Reality TV is back in the Lowcountry. "House Hunters," which airs on HGTV, has contacted Beaufort and Port Royal officials, organizations and businesses about filming a show in the area.
I wouldn't mind being on house hunters in the future
a woman on house hunters is looking at a gorgeous house and she keeps saying "it's nice but it's not the French country feel we want" SHUTUP
People on house hunters are crazy! This house is gorgeous under budget and where they want! You can redo the bathrooms I promise!
I think it's a problem when house hunters stresses you out cause the couple doesn't pick the right house
International House Hunters until I collapse into some sleep.
I just got cable again this week, which basically means that I'm spending $50 bucks a month to want to punch the dumbasses on House Hunters.
Watching House Hunters International makes me want to just get up and move to Italy
Did you know that nearly 3/4 of house hunters take Internet speed into account when looking to move?
Developer urging house hunters to 'call now prior to Hong Kong launch'
I use to go to hunters house every single day after school but now he's gonna have baseball everyday till 5 😒
How ‘House Hunters’ Explains America - It turns out you can learn a whole lot about this country:
Forever watching House Hunters International on HGTV.
A couple on House Hunters was complaining about being almost an hour away from the city. . Hah! They obviously haven't lived in Ferry County
Gonna have a career pretty soon. Should probably figure out how to get on house hunters now then..
This young couple on house hunters gives me hope ☺️👌
FYI there is a film crew from the show House Hunters coming to our shop shortly to film some scenes with a local couple.
I could watch house hunters all day everyday
Getting addicted to hgtv. House hunters in boston!!!
I get way to emotionally invested in house hunters
If you've ever wondered why the world hates Americans, just watch an episode of House Hunters.
I spend a lot of time watching House Hunters. I just want to move into my own place already.
The couple on House Hunters was just about to pick a house and the TV goes out. 😑
I hate when the people on House Hunters don't pick the correct one. What are they thinking?!
Folks on house hunters make me roflmbo
I die every time I watch House Hunters International and the country is Spain 😭
Does anyone else love watching House Hunters on HGTV and imagine all the other places to move to? If only I could pack everyone up :)
House hunters episode in my hometown 😱. Love having 2 of my favorite things on my TV right now!!
Anybody else wanna move everytime they watch house hunters or Property Virgins
Tomorrow, we're listening back to our show with - and tonight, watch them on HGTV's House Hunters at 5:30!
They are in Texas on house hunters. 😍😍
I love watching hunters . It relaxing me when watch other people normal lives.
Watching house hunters helps know what I want in a future home of my own.
House hunters is such an addicting show
Join student Jojo on her search on to find the perfect home
Watching house hunters and seeing sunshine, blue skies, and Palm trees makes me even more depressed.
House vote for the TV programme and they say Ghost hunters 😒 How can they do this when Ice Age 2 is on? 😠
I'm starting a mob. Were going to Noah Hunters house tonight with a noose.
My wife's episode on HGTV House Hunters is on at 5pm today.
I am sad to admit how much I want to have a house hunters watching party with a drinking game.
LOL i love House Hunters though they always go over budget
Bands, Brews & BBQ this weekend in the Town of Port Royal! Rumor has it HGTV's "House Hunters" will be filming at...
I have a crazy obsession with House Hunters International.
I feel like House Hunters is tearing this couple apart
Literally crying watching House Hunters International cause I want to live in St. John and these houses are gorg
Then again this episode is two years old man I love House Hunters
All you will ever see me watching is documentarys,nat geo ,house hunters or investigation ID lol
Kayla's more of a house hunters girl
Is it me or does it seem like when you go to Faris house he's either watching the cooking channel or house hunters?
I love when House Hunters International goes to Paris...
House Hunters International is my favorite reality show hands down.. I don't care if it's fake.. The rest are too!!
Tune in to see our House Hunters International Show on HGTV USA re-aired tomorrow night (Friday Feb 21) at 11 PM EST. This episode highlights my client Sarah Starkey and her desire to build a home in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica!!! Pura Vida!
No clue why I torture myself watching "For Rent" and "House Hunters" lol I fall in love with the houses on House Hunters and imagine them in the country
A House Hunters episode featuring Richmond Virginia realtor Cabell Childress as he assists a couple find just the right house to meet the needs of their grow...
I could watch House Hunters: International for days.
Here I go again watching House Hunters? I want to get up and tear down walls!!!
How much would you pay for a house in Malaysia ? A survey done recently showed that Malaysian's consider RM200K - RM400K affordable. Do you fall in this category ? People’s perception of affordable housing Due to the exponential price expansion of the residential property market in Malaysia, the words “affordable housing” have taken on new meaning. There are also people who are stuck in the middle-income trap who do not qualify for low-cost housing and yet, can’t afford to purchase even “medium-cost” residential projects. In order to understand the sentiments of the market, conducted an online survey to gauge the public’s perception on this issue using both quantitative and qualitative methods. According to answers obtained from 104 respondents, 46% of them have defined affordable housing as being priced from RM200,000 to RM400,00 per unit. From this figure, 35% rated affordable housing as those priced below RM200,000 per unit while 13% thought that affordable housing are tho ...
This home has actually been on HGTV's House Hunters! 13225 Bright Sky Overlook Hunters Clip:
Ok more chalk then Super Fun Night and House Hunters !! We my night is complete !
Oh here's a new Wednesday night show..."Buying Naked" essentially House Hunters featuring nudists. Bare butts are visible, but the camera angles to hide the rest are pretty inventive LOL
There's something so mindless and relaxing about House Hunters. I don't know why I like it so much. I don't even like decorating. I especially love House Hunters International.
HGTV's House Hunters will be filming at Bands, Brews & BBQ Saturday!Put on those smiles when you come!
Im so proud of my mother in law! She made her national television debut on House Hunters last night!
To the Bechard and Sinkway families: Saw a HGTV House Hunters episode on St. Simon's Island. Looked amazing! I am ready to retire there! Well, in 5 years.
I love the way the repurposed brick walls are bleeding - Haunted House Hunters
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