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House Hunters

House Hunters is an American reality series that airs on HGTV. Having originally premiered in 1999, there have been three spin-off series that follow a similar format as the original show.

House Hunters International House Hunters Renovation Property Brothers Alaska State Troopers

House Hunters, House Hunters: International, and House Hunters: Renovation are the only HH's we need please stop this nonsense.
Not feeling this House Hunters because it's Renovation, so it's an hour long, so no International. Hmm. I think I might watch Star Trek
I believe the television show House Hunters was a contributing factor to the rapid change of public opinion on marriage equality.
Sick Beard: Download Finished: House Hunters - 63x06 - Seeing Eye to Eye in New Hampshire
I'm truly addicted to Honestly been glued with minimal eye-breaks for 6 days straight. Flip or Flop, House Hunters, HH: Intl. πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ½
Advisory: Alumni couple Robert and Rebecca Warden won't be featured on HGTV's "House Hunters" television show...
It is! Property Brothers is good. House Hunters is so dry. Ain't no personality.
it's Friday night & I'm eating a hot pocket while sprawled out on my couch watching House Hunters with my mom this is the life hold on tight
Since when is my 11 year old brother so interested in House Hunters and Property Brothers?
HGTV got me nervous bout gettin the wrong size fridge..especially House Hunters Renovation
Literally watching two *** tear up carpet on House Hunters: Renovation Edition. HGTV just became my new Crash Pad Series.
A Ted talk about why the people on House Hunters never look like they should even be a couple much less buying a house…
Can my gym stop showing House Hunters? Dude, I can only strive toward one unattainable goal at a time.
Lesson learned: don't disrespect House Hunters or Match Game '75 in the court of Judge Listen to my case:
Crazy British Diane Keaton on House Hunters right now hurry it's almost over
Few things disappoint me more than when I check to see if House Hunters is on and House Hunters International is on instead.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
We just ate dinner with the former VP at HGTV who created House Hunters. Really cool experience for us!
Ive been watching House Hunters al morning. I should be a real estate agent lol
I'm addicted to House Hunters and house renovation shows.
I always watch HGTV before I fall asleep. I like the renovation shows more than House Hunters though.
How about House Hunters? New Jersey loves you, Johnny. Good luck with the hunt!
I go from watching Alaska State Troopers to House Hunters
House of Cards, House of Lies, House MD, House Hunters, House Hunters International. I watch all shows with the word "house" in the title
House Hunters International on Netflix now!!! No one told me
nah I'm a House Hunters gal, and not the international. I'm not trying to leave this country.
This couple on house hunters seems like they are serial killers. Very very creepy
"It looks a billion times different." -white people on House Hunters
What millennial house hunters need to know:
some of the wives on house hunters are annoying AF & the husbands are 🐱's for letting them act that way
that and house hunters WHEN THEY ALREADY LIVE IN THE HOUSE
Only criteria to be on House Hunters:. -Must be whiney. -Must disagree on everything with your spouse
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."Obssesed with house hunters can't wait to buy our 1st home” ~ hi Amanda~ Let's get started!
Open House this Saturday & Sunday 12-5 at 10540 Hunters Crossing Blvd, Indianapolis! This home has a fireplace,...
I'm a lame .. I can sit up and watch Property Brothers and house hunters all day
If you like House Hunters check out my good friends tonight at 10pm!
Like houses? Like hunting? Enjoy seeing me in the background of reality tv? Watch my sister on house hunters tonight at 10!
other wise, let's go. I guess Demon House story has really affected my thoughts on what ghost hunters do and the risk involve
Since we can't all afford "craft rooms" like those women on House Hunters..
Are you looking for a agent? Make sure you consider these points before making a decision
The woman on House Hunters won't take a house if she thinks it's haunted. I've never been more angry at my television
Rinfo is A free App for house hunters based on . . please
I'm watching House Hunters, I think you might like it too! via
House hunters makes me want my own house asap.
your house? Thought it was hunters. Alright I will come by and get them sometime😏
4 roomy bedrooms available in the heart of Hunters Bar house is recently renovated & great transport links
Hi my name is Emma Gilliam, and I have an obsession with House Hunters International.
Great stuff!! What millennial house hunters need to know
Does the fact that House Hunters has become my favorite show make me an adult?
Nice video. ;) It's all in good fun. I promise I'm mean about everyone on House Hunters. Im prob. jealous cuz Im a renter. :P
I just watched your international House Hunters episode
All I do is watch house hunters and eat goldfish. I'm like half 5 year old boy half 80 year old woman.
Watching house hunters in a waiting room. JFC people are high maintenance.
If I do end up moving to England, I am going to try to get on House Hunters International when I go apartment hunting! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ 
Don't forget to look for Brit Roberts on tonight! via
did you catch the new episode of House Hunters International RENOVATION???
Penguins AND men (who must be smart, if they're scientists) AND warmer weather. House Hunters: Antarctica
How exciting! My hometown will be on display tonight on House Hunters! you should watch!
House Hunters International, in Paris more like but whatever
My day consists of watching House Hunters and eating pop tarts
200k in Charlotte NC can get you a big *** house (according to this episode of house hunters)
Must see TV in Cincinnati tonight? Maybe. Miami Twp couple to appear on HGTV show 'House Hunters' via
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Greater Cincy couple to appear on 'House Hunters'
House hunters would be wise to check radon levels.
You sound like someone on House Hunters. Lol
Hunters only 2 hours late coming to my house . It okay though , I'm only waiting impatiently for him πŸ˜‹πŸ˜’
Take a look @ these ads that didn't quite send out the right message to
Support Cincinnati House Hunters tonight at 10pm on HGTV!
What millennial house hunters need to know -
when I come home from my morning class I make a nice cup of tea & watch house hunters marathons on hgtv, I swear I'm not 80.
woman to be on HGTV's House Hunters International, Italy.
What millennial house hunters need to know
Woke up at 7 AM & Cleaned the whole house, which is pretty much just organizing Hunters toys now.
Watching House Hunters International and they're looking for a house in Serbia
I've almost quit House Hunters- international and otherwise. . People are ***
is that international House Hunters? Watch with you a bit?
When I run for office, I'm going to count House Hunters International as my foreign policy experience.
Usually I favor House Hunters, but House Hunters International has been really fun and interesting to watch
Remember when HGTV stopped by the Family Museum over the summer? That episode of House Hunters will air Mon, Feb 9 at 9:0…
People are too picky on House Hunters International. You get to live in another country, why do you need 5 walk-in closets?!
Finding housemates and then an actual house can be a stressful time. . Gareth has some advice for house-hunters:.
We keep it for dumb stuff like House Hunters and random "hey let's try this this might be good" shows. But… eh?
Deposit is 'biggest barrier' for house hunters, says North Devon developer:
Although a shouty malodorous vulgarian he nevertheless enjoyed most episodes of House Hunters International.
GIVE AWAY!!. Has anyone watched The Tiny House Hunters show on HGTV? . I have wondered how they do it and this...
HOUSE prices are on the rise in Scotland with some areas reporting double-digit increases in the value of property.
Deposit is 'biggest barrier' for house hunters, says developer
We would like to announce that all 3 Hunters ladies have signed up to do The Rat Race at Burghley House May 9th!!!
House prices on the march. Looks like the recovery is here to stay, for a while:
Hunters are finished with slaughter + transport dolphin bodies to butcher house in Taiji
I've been watching house hunters since 9pm...
I could be studying for my test but I decided to watch House Hunters International
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This couple on House Hunters is looking for a house with a large outdoor area for their. Turtles 😐
Looking for a new home in See for details of an early evening out for house hunters.
Love House Hunters Renovation! Always interesting to see the final design.
Lol i have such an exciting life,,, Partying with mom and hbu watchin house hunters well trying,,,
Luv spending my nights watching House Hunters 🏑
My inner 65 year old is living over the fact that House Hunters International is streaming on
On "House Hunters: Where Are They Now?," I always assume the answer is: divorced.
79 Thoughts You Always Have While Watching "House Hunters" -- so funny because I truly think most if
omg and it didn't record house hunters! I hate yall
I don't want to look for places to live next year someone sign me up for House Hunters
I think this episode of House Hunters is guest directed
I'm watching House Hunters: Where Are They Now? and earning great rewards from
HOUSE HUNTERS.. Don't forget to download my FREE Real Estate Mobile App - Check it out!
Same people that go on House Hunters and insist on a great outdoor space for "entertaining". In other words, white people.
Wynn should have a "house hunters" style spinoff to find him his forever home.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
i really think in the past year I've seen you out the house once and it was down the street at Hunters.
Takes us 1 hour to get out of hunters house cause we can't shut up. πŸ˜‚ what a good time.
Hey Matt from Phoenix on Tiny House Hunters, I'm sorry you and your fiancΓ© didn't work out but I'll come hang w you in your tiny house.
sheesh, I hate when House Hunters isn't on at its usual time. What,s up with that?
Should be studying, instead I'm watching house hunters.
I'm just glad no one can see how many times I've watched House Hunters on Netflix
I love watching House Hunters, it's like yay I want to watch people buy my dream homes that I'll never be able to affor…
I can't stop watching house hunters ! can I just win the lotto already and buy my dream house
Enemies List Starter Kit includes Reality TV Housewives who say "my *** and people on House Hunters Intl who complain…
Um...where is House Hunters? Fixer Upper is ok, but disappointing when you're expecting HH. Guess I'll go to bed instead.
I love House Hunters and house renovation shows but they stress me out a little because I want my own perfect house.
This guy on House Hunters: Renovation is crying because his kitchen peninsula isn't 6 inches longer lmao
On the plus side, House Hunters is in Bradenton Beach/Anna Maria Island.
yea they win but idk my favorite show on here is Property Brothers and House Hunters especially House Hunters International
Would you listen to a podcast where I just sassed House Hunters? What about House Hunters International? What about Four Weddings?
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1. EVERYONE on "House Hunters" and "Buying Alaska"looks too young to be buying a house. Seriously, they are like 12. 2. All of these ^^^...
I cry every single time I watch an episode of House Hunters in Colorado πŸ˜žπŸ—»
Need 3M for vacation home in Colorado?!! Always enlightening watching House Hunters.
I feel like to get on house hunters you have to be a weirdo
Watching house hunters and realizing all I really want is somewhere I can put a basketball goal.
Life goal: make it on to House Hunters
I could watch 'House Hunters International: Where Are They Now' all day.
Caught dalton watching HGTV again by himself and I made fun of him then the next thing I know two episodes of house hunters has gone by πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
These a**holes on House Hunters International looking for a $2 mill vacation home while I'm eating ramen.
There should be a show like House Hunters, but for rich husbands.
I've been watching house hunters since 12 please stop me with a quick death
Someone turned on House Hunters in the break room. Can I just work from here for the rest of the night?
I wonder if the new show "tiny house hunters" is harder to do than a normal sized house. You know, because of the tinyness.
Of course they got a black Santa at hunters house
*Me on House Hunters*. Agent: What's your monthly. budget for rent?. Me: I feel comfortable going as high as $36.17. Agent: Get out.
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Why does everyone on house hunters have a premature baby
Looked at houses this afternoon. Tried hard not to be someone I'd make fun of on House Hunters. Not sure if I succeeded.
Just glanced up at the House Hunters episode playing in the living room and saw a nice couple searching for a vacation home in St.John. He - nice seeming Indian man and she - a very..bubbly.. blonde woman. She says to the camera "How much does he work? many hours are there in a day?" I wish I could say with complete confidence that she was making a witty joke, but I think she may have really been asking...
"House Hunters: Where Are They Now?" . You'd better hope they're in the same bloody house where you left them.
I'm addicted to watching house hunters 😍
People on house hunters budget for a house is 2-3 milli 😳
House Hunters makes me realize how expensive it is to live in California compared to the rest of the US
I want to a Dolls House from Big Game Hunters with – RT&Follow to enter
Husband on House Hunters straight up pretending to cook a salad, croutons and all, in a pan on the stovetop.
Can we do a realistic "House Hunters: Where Are They Now?" where the couple is divorced after the experience?
These house hunters NEVER pick the house that I would've picked.
sharing Ghost hunters conducted paranormal investigation at the Lawrence House in ... - Sarnia O..
House hunters where are they now is my favorite show
jk the Golden Girls is but house hunters is next
House Hunters: Where are they now is my favorite show
Oh House Hunters, I just can't quit you.
Is winter a good time to sell your house? What do you think?
House Hunters: Where Are They Now is on til 8. I'm fine with that.
Its gonna feel like im on house hunters lol
Pretty much spent my day watching house hunters.
Every time a husband on House Hunters says, "This is my little area where I do my thing" ...I don't have a finish here, it's just a bummer.
I could watch House Hunters all day tbh
Can't stop watching 😏 Someday, you'll see me on House Hunters renovating a house into my dream home 😍
Stuck inside watching house hunters with my cats.. 🐈🐈🐈
I might as well be, maybe she'll be my companion for house hunters
House Hunters RV.? and they've been doing it for three years?!?! How are they funding this?!?!
You know you have a problem when watching House Hunters: Where are They Now? feels like an actual reunion with friends..
Finding a living arrangement for next year is not going so well. Help get me on house hunters, stat!!!
Watching house hunters by yourself will never be as good as watching with someone else. Who am I suppose to banter with about houses?
Procrastination level: just watched three straight hours of HGTV's House Hunters: Where are they now?
Update your maps at Navteq
I have realized studying for exams involves a lot of nineties cartoons, harry potter, and House Hunters International...
I'm sitting on my couch drinking coffee and watching house hunters.. 😾
Ahhh I'm watching a House Hunters episode from Royal Oak πŸ’•
Watching house hunters & getting super unrealistic ideas for my future home... Ahh a girl can dream 😍
House Hunters: Where Are They Now , I'm in my bed for the rest of the day. My favorite show.
Every time my dog hears a door bell ring on House Hunters, she thinks someone is at the actual door.
Must study for last final... Can't stop watching House Hunters.
I watch House Hunters way too much for only being 18...
When watching house hunters it just blows me away how some women are straight rude and wear the pants in the relationship no matter what
Background noise aka chill shows like house hunters or chopped helps me keep sane when I'm home alone
Who hates built ins and plantation shutters!? Oh this crazy lady on house hunters
House Hunters makes me want to be rich enough to design my own house asap. So many ideas!
Can I be on House Hunters International pleasse
House Hunters make me hate people :/
It really annoys me on House Hunters when the real estate agent shows them a home out of their price range but says things like "wait until you see the kitchen" or "the backyard makes the price worth it"... unless the backyard has a money tree growing in it, I don't see how $50k over budget is worth it.
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.went on a House Hunters: International-inspired vacation.
"House Hunters Renovation" everything you hate about House Hunters & Love It or List It all mashed up in a bad ball.
Home laying in bed watching house doesn't get much better than this 😍
A t shirt and shorts is my wardrobe for the day. Bout to grub and watch house hunters πŸ˜‚Happy thanksgiving everyone! πŸ’•
my dad wanted to get ghost hunters here one time. But our house wasn't big enough to get evidence :(
this thanksgiving I'm thankful for House Hunters
Our friend Michelle Hammond Turner will be featured on HOUSE HUNTERS tonight (Thanksgiving) at 10 p.m. on HGTV (Channel 60 locally). So - grab a beer, some wine or whatever and enjoy the show supporting our very own Chautauqua County!
How do House Hunters from Canada find USA Agents? Read these Surveys:
Treastman doesn't watch game film during the week. He's watching house hunters.
I present a good problem to have: Knowing a lot of amazing people makes it very hard to acknowledge all of them on days like this. I would tag everyone individually, but it would take forever and you probably know who you are already if you've taken the time to read this. I'm thankful for a lot of things this year, number one being my beautiful wife, Jess, and our amazing daughter, Willow, and also the rest of my family (Katie, Michael, J Marty, Rachel, Patrick, others who I am forgetting and looking like an *** now for, sorry). I'm thankful for all of my new amazing friends and job at Nielsen, who make it easy to go to work just so I can sit through four hours of college basketball plus House Hunters. I'm thankful for my old friends as well, like Nicolesaurus and Daniel who are expecting their awesome daughter Penny this year and their amazing families. I miss my old MovieStop crew, Emon, Miguel, Shelby, Megan, and hope that Black Friday goes off without too high of a body count. And lastly, I am tha ...
I just wanna watch house hunters or 007 all day long is that too much to ask for
Remember when we were filming for House Hunters International back in July? The Bermuda episode that includes a...
Nobody in my house watch sports but me. Lol. My daddy watching movies. My momma watching house hunters and I am screaming LIONS' DEN
Poppin bottles, watching house hunters
I even have hunters at my house rn like please leave 😐
Damiano: Hunters.the son of hunters is in my house Me: Dad calm down
There was an episode of House Hunters last night called "Chicago Couple Needs Room for Chihuahua." Don't worry, I DVRed it.
I am addicted to House Hunters International. And thankful I know you ❀
once on house hunters this woman bought a million dollar house over looking the rainforest in Australia and I cried
.reports a better balance between demand and supply, as number of registered house hunters fell in October
Nothing says thanksgiving like a nice Asiago bagel with some and sitting down to watch some House Hunters International.
Omigod someone I know is going to be on house hunters tonight at 10 πŸ˜‚ this is gonna be interesting.
Idk parades suck anyway im only watching this until house hunters comes on
House Hunters is on Netflix now in case you thought I was gonna be productive ever again.
Thankful for friends and House Hunters and crispitos and Stacey the lunch lady and dogs and escalators and funny vines
This woman on House Hunters really hates shower doors.
Million dollar home hunting going on on House Hunters right now. I see.
I love watching House Hunters International with Julia
House Hunters couples are a warning to the rest of society.
you see these same guys on House Hunters who insist on granite counters and a kitchen built for entertaining.
spending the day watching House Hunters International. bye.
Mystery solved. It’s all the House Hunters my wife watches while I play
The number of house hunters fell during October creating a better balance between available housing and demand
Been watching House Hunters all morning realizing I'm so poor
House hunters highest in nearly 10 years
Watching House Hunters: Revelation, I want a house that has a lot of land. I also never want to have to cut the grass.
Number of house hunters is highest in nearly 10 years but supply at a 12 year low says latest monthly survey.
We are honored to be working with "A Place In The Sun" The show that helps house hunters find dream holiday homes al…
House hunting in France? Our b&b is very popular for house hunters in
Number of house hunters recorded by NAEA members is highest in nearly 10 years
House Hunters International makes me wanna buy a crib in Puerto and be a fisherman
To all the duck hunters out on the water behind my house right now, I'm going to hate you all in the morning. But do ya thang. ✊😝
This house hunters episode makes me want to live in Nashville
tips to attract November house hunters. via
House Hunters Real Estate is 10 years old, Pass by the Kiosk at Arabian Ranches to collect your Celebration gift...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I may be up all night prepping for thanksgiving but I'm okay with that cause I have House Hunters Renovation to comfort me.
House Hunters:. Buyer: Our MAX budget is $300k. Realtor: Perfect! I found a condemned house with none of the things you wanted fo…
I've got 16 episodes of House Hunters recorded so if we start now we can finish by 7 in the morning :-)))
There's a British couple named James and Lily on House Hunters International and my first thought was their last name has to be Potter
I've already blown through all of the episodes of House Hunters and House Hunters International on Netflix.>>
i really miss watching Cops and Alaska State Troopers and House Hunters, this is the reason im most excited to go home
Are there tons of puns on House Hunters: International or is that just the wine??
House Hunters is on Netflix! Sorry to say but One Tree Hill is being put on hold.
i judge how crazy my friday night was based on whether i fell asleep during a House Hunters or a House Hunters International...
House Hunters + International. But lately I am also getting really into Income Property. It's an addiction!
Looks like another Friday night of House Hunters reruns on Netflix. . Maybe I'll spice it up with International episodes.
House Hunters just said Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1493. No, it was 1492 you dumb burger
Slovenia is spotlighted and my family's relocation story documented in the upcoming TV show House Hunters...
Poured wine & watched an SF episode of House Hunters where they bought a 2br condo in Mission Bay for $921k so planning 2 run into ocean now
The people in regular House Hunters are way more annoying than the HH International people. Is there a British version of this show? :P
The Packers just scored again. Reminder: "House Hunters: International" is now on Netflix.
How my wife and I look like when we watch House Hunters and Property Brothers on TV and Netflix! Oh no…
This episode of House Hunters: Renovation is making Gone Girl look like a healthy, loving relationship.
up watching house hunters glad to be off maybe I can get some packing done
My parents have no chill when they watch house hunters.
Boring night. Guess I'll just watch house hunters
This chick on House Hunters is pretty as *** Love a beautiful chocolate woman.
Watching House Hunters & I wanna punch this woman in the face. She keeps pronouncing "bedroom" as "betroom"
I was so excited for a straight four days off with my sweet kiddos. Alas, little Andrew and I have had fevers and coughs for days. He took a long and much needed nap this evening so we are hanging out watching House Hunters. He says he loves this show! Hoping he feels better soon but thankful for special time with him. :-)
I want to go to sleep, but I need to know what house this woman picks on House Hunters. Haven't seen the 3rd yet. Suspense is killing me!
I don't why, but House Hunters is my ish
I am addicted to watching House Hunters International.
I want to ask this girl on house hunters what the difference between cash and cash money is. Just wondering
I just want to punch the people on House Hunters. They're terribly annoying.
I always try to guess which home a House Hunters buyer will choose, but my guess is always wrong.
This client on House Hunters has such an attitude I want the realtor to beat her *** on television
I just wanna watch a bunch of House Hunters.
No big deal, but my legs just got about 1 second of screen time on House Hunters tonight πŸ‘–πŸ˜Ž
You know you've been together a while when your Friday night is happily spent watching House Hunters.
Anyone else ever embarrassed to be an American when you watch House Hunters International? Resisting the urge to yell at the whiney, pickey narrow minded bleach blonde mother of two on the tv right now. Did you not research where you were moving before you relocated your precious family across the world?! Oh my.
Post Apocalyptic House Hunters couple criticizing mud patches and logs before fainting.
Watching HOUSE HUNTERS, you'd think only horrible garbage people* need places to live. . *People who are garbage, not sanitation workers.
Im still up watching house hunters... I'm about to sleep on the couch.
"I was going to start a house hunters tv show but then I remembered that you have to be able to speak English to be on tv" …
Watching House Hunters International in Africa. Bet they're regretting moving there now.
"How am I going to cook a thanksgiving dinner?" - woman on House Hunters, moving to Africa, who doesn't understand holidays.
I'd like to see the people on house hunters who complain that the house is too small.. try to live in NYC lol
Friday night and I'm on the couch drinking red wine watching House Hunters. Blah.
Oh house hunters how I've missed you πŸ’•πŸ˜Š
house hunters is on netflix! idk why but I feel like this information might be important to you?
Someone please tell me why Abby & I are watching house hunters right now.. πŸ˜‚
In the next few weeks all of my elk friends behind my house are gonna die to a bunch of hunters bros
wait a second. What upscale club are you in that plays House Hunters? Awesome.
Stop playing they put house hunters on Netflix
Once we're stationed at our last base, I want to be on an episode of House Hunters.
Weirdly excited that House Hunters is on Netflix now...
These people are picky on house hunters feel like slapping them! Omg! I can't! πŸ™…
I'm already watching house hunters lmao πŸ‘€πŸ”₯
What they don't tell you on the one episode of House Hunters where the husband gets his way, he dies mysteriously before escrow closes.
House Hunters is on Netflix. I've never waited so patiently for something like this in my life. omg.
She appeared on an episode of House Hunters
When I say I love house shows I mean I love House Hunters and HGTV.
These people on house hunters got hella money
I love that came to Brevard County on one of the House Hunters episodes tonight! Central Florida is a lovely place to live
Watching Celebrity House Hunters...this lady has been living in her house for 7 months and wants to move. Y U KNO HAPPY W…
Willie and the Bees with Head Hunters house music between sets. Awesome
Lord they done put Chopped and House Hunters and Cupcake Wars on Netflix. My weekend is officially booked up.
Im so old. Friday night, watching House Hunters... πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
Honest Bucket List Item:. Appear on an episode of House Hunters or House Hunters International
Home doesn't quite feel like home till its midnight and my mom is yelling about how we can't get sucked into another house hunters episode
So collections of House Hunters, Chopped and Triple D are now on netflix? Awesome!! πŸ‘
Me and Lauren watching House Hunters: "I didn't see anything wrong with it besides the outdated stove." "Yeah, I agree."
Most teen couples have sex when they're home alone, but me and josh lay down and watch house hunters and talk about prices and investments
watching House Hunters International wondering why I can't buy a $250,000 condo in Mexico.
White people on House Hunters get on my nerves, going on about how they want a house with "charm and character." Every. Time.
This guy on House Hunters is named Antione. Birth certificate typo?
On a scale of Seattle hipster couple on House Hunters to buy one/get one free mayonnaise at Dollar Tree, how white are you?
Just sitting in bed crying to baby announcements while watching House Hunters. Stay in school kids.
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