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House Hunters

House Hunters is an American reality series that airs on HGTV. Having originally premiered in 1999, there have been three spin-off series that follow a similar format as the original show.

Tiny House Hunters House Hunters International Island Hunters Property Brothers

House Hunters be like: I rock climb for living and my wife sells umbrella insurance from home. We have a budget of 1.3 milli…
Lolol I'm obsessed with House Hunters and all of the tiny house shows. I used to watch TC a lot as a kid, so I've seen them
[Watching "House Hunters"]. Jen is a housewife works on her art all day, her husband Tim manages a Taco Bell. Tim: Our bud…
This couple on House Hunters is looking for a tiny home and are upset there's not a lot of space. I'm confused
The Caucasians on got tired of "House Hunters" they're now buying islands my dear, "Island Hunters" is on
House Hunters usually makes me feel poor. Island Hunters makes me feel flat destitute.
House Hunters always makes Island hunting look so stressful.
Watching the House Hunters where they buy an entire private island and at the end they all cheers using Smirnoff Ice
We've gone from House Hunters to Island Hunters now. ISLAND.
Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, Love It or List It, and House Hunters are such incredible shows. Anybody else obsessed with
When I feel like my life is getting stagnant, I switch from watching House Hunters to House Hunters: International.
& are the House Hunters and House Hunters International of my podcast world
Nothing drives Judy crazier than people on House Hunters International and tiny homes complaining about space for entertaining.
I love 'House Hunters' so much. But ion like the international one.
Guys the new House Hunters episode was shot in my hometown and just what. Why is Columbus, Indiana, getting so much fame lately ???¿
There's more variations of House Hunters than there are opinions on that panel, I think. International, Tiny, Renovation...
Trying to determine if I'm invested enough to watch the end of this episode of House Hunters renovation or if I can turn the TV off now.
Strengths-consistently choose the correct house the couples choose on House Hunters. Weaknesses-completely fall apart on House Hunters Intl.
*watching House Hunters*. "It's a mile from the beach". "A mile is pretty far you can't walk from here.". 😑
House hunters and fixer upper is coming to Netflix next month... I think my life is complete
I only knew it was there bc I once watched an episode of House Hunters that took place there
I feel really betrayed by HGTV these days they've completely brushed house hunters aside for Chip & Joanna
How many times will randos recognize my family from House Hunters? 4 and counting !
Gotta stop watching House Hunters International.. makes me wanna pick up and move to an island 🌴🌊🐡
Is there a "Parade of Homes" in the illegal Israeli West Bank settlements? Will do an episode of "House Hunters" there?
House Hunters International is leaving Netflix January 1 I am so sad
This episode of house hunters has me dying she bout to run this check up on him
The people on House Hunters are all whiny babies that want to find a 5br/3bth house with heated floors and a giant kitchen for $11.
Watching house hunters in Hawaii and I want to move there 🙃
I just spent 2.5 hours in an episode of House Hunters, with all the obnoxiousness that implies. Including a convo about the paint color
Alicia gets so mad at the people on House Hunters it's hilarious
TV YEAR IN REVIEW:. "For the ninth year in a row, the best show I've seen all year is House Hunters International. Truly dominant series."
I've watched 42 episodes of House Hunters and International in the past 3 days I'm
like this family on house hunters renovations just bought $3,000 worth of plants but I can't even find a cute tablecloth so
Mom on Tiny House Hunters straight up forgot she's about to have another kid and dad had to be like "actually it'll be 6 of us in one room"
"For house-hunters in Pasadena, this Romantic Revival blends modern luxury with a splash of Spanish nostalgia.".
Feel like ingudu ye hunters gold. The mission it wi'll be to get into my house...though 😭
house hunters, hh international, love it or list it, flip or flop, Tiny House Hunters, I love it
Signs im getting older: I love Watching House Hunters
All thanks to Fick, House Hunters is now my favourite show on tv.
Photos like this will get a buyer's attention.
Millennials make up the majority of Halifax house hunters.
House hunters: the story of folks who want historic homes without any issues that old houses have.
Rogue hunter’s gunshot strikes house of Lyons Supervisor
I have noticed so many younger buyers are carpet adverse! Watching HGTV house hunters in Alaska, a young buyer is...
We don't just help you look for a house, we'll help you find a home. Find out how here.
You know you getting old when your favourite Tv shows are, House Hunters & Property Brother's. SMH
Can't wait until the day I buy a house with my family.until then, I'll continue to watch House Hunters lol
House hunters and mnf .. But should be sleeping
Big Brand Sale: Up to 50% off all departments at House of Fraser
Looking at selling in the New Year? . The New Year is always full of serious house hunters. Here are 7 great...
Watch as newly single Jerard downsizes to a tiny home for 1
I am trying to enjoy my house hunters sh
why are me and Nicole watching House Hunters International at 3 am
"It's just really small" - husband of family on Tiny House Hunters
watching Tiny House Hunters and they're in Tulsa looking at the tiny houses I looked at 😱
I need to stop torturing myself by watching House Hunters
I thought watching House Hunters would make me fall asleep. It's 2:30AM and I was wrong.
It's very upsetting when a couple clearly makes the wrong choice on an episode of House Hunters.
I had to put on House Hunters to calm down from the second episode of Black Mirror.
Tiny House Hunters makes me so happy!
How many episodes of House Hunters do I have to watch before the pain in my heart subsides?
I'm watching "Tiny House Hunters" with my mom and the husband literally said, "this house is WAY to big." . The house is 150 square feet ...
WAIT is this an episode of House Hunters about Tiny Houses? Bless you 🙏🏼 bless you
I have a love/hate relationship with Tiny House Hunters. I don't understand why and when they complain it's tiny , omg but I love the homes
I was in a good mood and then I watched Tiny House Hunters and it went away
Chopped and house hunters are truly the epitome of quality television
*watching House Hunters International* house hunter: I'm a minimalist. Mom: really bc your outfit & hair are just screaming…
There is no feeling as satisfying as when the couple on House Hunters picks your favorite house
And I've already seen this episode of house hunters 🙄
Oh my god here's why I should never get cable again: I'll watch House Hunters International until my eyeballs fall out my head
I hate when girlfriends watch House Hunters until 2am while I am trying to sleep
House Hunters couple: our budget is $1,000,000+ but we're having trouble finding a house that meets our needs??. Me:
yep! This is why I don't watch house hunters because I get so annoyed with these people's choices
Being sick calls for house hunters renovation al day long 🤒
A growing number of house hunters are setting their sights on micro neighborhoods, like those found in the East Bay.
House hunters in california is hilarious cuz ppl buy these houses for 900k and im sittin here like u could get 13 of that house in buffalo.
I like it when very wealthy, highly educated white couples get on house hunters & start to savage each other in monotone.
House Hunters Needed! Flexible part time hours. You set the pay rate! VIsit >> Want this 🆓?
{at Home Depot job interview}. Any home improvement skills?. Me: No, but I often guess correctly which home they'll pic…
I hate watching House Hunters...these people don't pick a house for the pettiest of reasons.
I tried to watch House Hunters while I ate breakfast, but I had to turn it off because it was making me feel too misanthropic.
Guilty pleasure: watching couples fight over light fixtures, paint colors and other easy to fix renovations on House H…
Tiny House Hunters never ceases to amaze me... 🏠
I am watching the cutest couple right now on house hunters. I want their life.
*cries in not enough money to complain about a dress code*. *takes Hunters quart out of fridge because mom's house h…
Couple on House Hunters Renovation - "Where's my island? Where's my open concept? Why are these walls here?". Me - "YOU ARE RENOVATING."
guy on Tiny House Hunters as he approaches actual tiny house: "this is so tiny"
Fresh start in sunny San Diego! . Will Grerald find a tiny house that fits into his tiny budget on
Calling all house hunters the Roadshow is back in 2017.
The top 10 British places where people most want to live are revealed via
Want to see some Christmas lights?. Follow our handy map around town or nominate a house with a fantastic...
What will desirable neighbourhoods look like in 2036?
Five mistakes house hunters make when searching for a property
Nothing is worse than watching the first 28 minutes of House Hunters only to get distracted and miss the final decision. So unsatisfied -_-
Read our story here about how more considered property prices are attracting more potential new buyers to the market
I'm finally at the age where i'm starting to realize why everyone on house hunters cares so much about having 'a space to…
College house hunters would be a show I'd watch. "I want a banging basement, ramen storage space, and not nosy neighbo…
Watching Tiny House Hunters makes me want a tiny house
My mom really had me up for an extra hour watching Tiny House Hunters.😂😂
House Hunters International has hunter and I dreaming of living abroad
that will be a deal breaker for me if I was rich, and on house hunters right now 😭
I wish I cared about my school work as much as the people on House Hunters care about granite countertops.
Tiny House Hunters is pretty interesting.
Tiny House Hunters:. people:i wish this place had a normal bathroom, high ceilings, lots of storage & modern kitchen . me:BUY A NORMAL HOUSE
I just can't understand Tiny House Hunters- they live in a house the size of a closet
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I think HGTV has the homosexual demographic covered. You'd think half the country was *** watching House…
Every Monday night when we get home from class Robbie Alex and I make dinner and watch House Hunters together
Watching house hunters and all these mf's buying a house to entertain guest 🤔
can you turn down the tv I can't fall asleep listening to house hunters
Ppl on house hunters: we want a colonial house from the 19th century!!!. The ppl once they are shown the homes: y does this place look so old
Tiny House Hunters just makes me want to build my own yurt
Sometime I look at the couples on House Hunters and think "They're not gonna last."
When I'm watching House Hunters and this happens:. Realtor: "it's 5 bed, 4 bath, $2,550,000...". Buyers: "Oh great! U…
I love watching hgtv I love house hunters and shows like that it's so many ideas 💡😬😬😬
The couple on House Hunters right now is stressing me tf out
Thousands of years after humans are extinct, an alien stumbles upon an episode of House Hunters. "I am glad that you are dead…
Tiny House Hunters feel me with such rage, yet I can't turn away. Full-size appliances!
I've never watched Tiny House Hunters &thought "yea! This couple is reasonable and cool." Never.
School has me stressed and exhausted so I'm hate-watching Tiny House Hunters as a distraction
I hate when the women on House Hunters are rude to their husbands
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Hey man I think some of these couples on house hunters be actors. Cuz they don't even look like they like each other
I wouldn't think I could get addicted to shows like House Hunters and Property Brothers, but here we are.
I swear watching House Hunters and Property Virgins is bad for me. These people have such bad priorities!!! It's ma…
If the resident pastor on my tl gets froggy at Tiny House Hunters, I am at peace with the petty it brings out in me.
Tiny House Hunters brings out my hatred for humanity.
This afternoon I'm a captive audience for a Tiny House Hunters marathon (it's a long story) (actually it isn't) (it just doesn't matter why)
I've been home sick watching Tiny House Hunters all day and now I think I understand 2016 a little better.
Tiny House Hunters, a summary:. person: i want a tiny mobile house!! . *person sees tiny house* . person: too small :\
Why does everyone on Tiny House Hunters complain about the house not having enough storage or a spacious designer kitchen 😒
Let's plot our escape and make everyday a saturday, ok? cool! .
Me: yells at people on Tiny House Hunters to get a life. Also me: sitting in my parents basement watching tv for hours, unshowered, no life
I don't understand why people looking for a house on Tiny House Hunters complain about how small it is 🙄
They need Tiny House Hunters: Where Are They Now so we can see how many couples broke up after having to live a 100 square foot house
in the news: Exeter Redrow invites house hunters to Wellies On event - Exeter Express and Echo
Do people on Tiny House Hunters looking at tiny houses with loft beds think about how they'll never be able to have sex in their own bed
It *literally* makes me angry whenever I watch Tiny Homes House Hunters.
Turned on HGTV in my dorm and there's an episode of Tiny House Hunters that takes place in the short north of Columbus.. man I miss home :(
Just heard on Tiny House Hunters on say "you can do your laundry in the dish washer". of the year
Every episode of Tiny House Hunters:. "it's too small" 😑
I almost never see black people on Tiny House Hunters. We know better than to move a family of 4 into a 250sq ft space
Tiny House Hunters is a funny show.
Please sign House Bill 263! It would be very beneficial for hunters in PA. 99% of states allow semi autos for hunting.
Tiny House Hunters kill me. "There's no storage space.. this is TOO small" 😒
House Hunters is so irritating because they never choose the house I like
People on Tiny House Hunters be like "there isn't much space here" well uh yeah that's a tiny house..
Pet peeve of the day: hearing potential buyers on "Tiny House Hunters" complain to the realtors how "tiny" everything is
I'm watching Tiny House Hunters and I just heard "sleeping in the living room" and now I'm thinking about Konstantine
On Tiny House Hunters: "I don't know it seems a little small" YOU ARE ON Tiny House Hunters
Every time I watch Tiny House Hunters all they do is complain about how small it is... 😒🙄
I don't know why I always watch house hunters, I get way too heated   10% Off
People on House Hunters irk me. They'll walk into a beautiful house and be like "this isn't the one..I just really don't like that doorknob"
Everyone on every single episode of Tiny House Hunters: "this is WAY too small! 😕🙁"
Nothing makes me angrier than watching Tiny House Hunters and listening to them complain the whole time that everything is too small
*Tiny House Hunters*. "it seems a little sma...". *I beat this person to death brutally*
WHY do Tiny House Hunters complain when the house is tiny??! 😠
If you don't watch Tiny House Hunters what are you doing with your life
I love watching Tiny House Hunters and hearing people complain about how "tiny" everything is
Tiny House Hunters is on. I recommend turning the channel.
I've never hate watched anything like I hate watch Tiny House Hunters
Tiny House Hunters might give Kyle an aneurism
"Yes, we already have a show about horrible people buying homes, but you know who's REALLY insufferable? Tiny House Hunters!"
All at Hunters Brewery would like to pass on our best regards to our very good friends at The Well House Tavern... http…
On the outside I'm a college student but on the inside I scream 40 year old housewife that loves House Hunters
I tuned in to Tiny House Hunters today and I feel like none of these contestants actually understand what tiny houses are
Sometimes political and theological issues don’t make me mad enough so I watch Tiny House Hunters and that usually does the trick.
Was too frustrated to leave MSNBC on during lunch. Now I'm watching Tiny House Hunters & it turns out MSNBC might just be less infuriating..
I don't know, but it might be a good idea not to credulously believe every *** thing Chaffetz & the witch-hunte…
Pet peeve while watching Tiny House Hunters- when people say "this is so tiny!"
Comey is a Republican that has been pushed into this by the House witch hunters, they have threatened him also.
A chick on Tiny House Hunters just said "It's really small. I don't like it." YOU'RE LOOKING AT HOUSES THAT ARE LIKE 50 SQ FT WHAT DO U MEAN
In a session on digital tools for investigative journalists, references House Hunters, thus becoming my favorite presenter.
Watching house hunters is so much more fun than actually house hunting
A little HGTV Tiny House Hunters as the girls nap this afternoon. Haven't watched afternoon garbage TV in forever
If you was on House Hunters. Where would you want to move to and what would be your budget?
watching House Hunters at work and this lady is looking at Tiny Houses and now I want a Tiny House
Planning on throwing a new coat of paint on before the house hunters show up? Avoid orange, black, and violet and...
I have no idea. Too many *** to keep track of on House Hunters. 😑
They be pissing me off on Tiny House Hunters 😒 how you want a TINY house and then complain about it being small ?
I sometimes think I'm insane, but then there's people on Tiny House Hunters who downsize from a 5 bedroom home to a literal box
Tiny House Hunters is strictly a weird white person phenomenon
House Hunters: family of 11 (?!?!) moving from small-town Indiana to Italy and wanting a fully furnished 4bdrm for…
I used to take a shot every time the couple complained about paint color on House Hunters but had to switch 2 sips of wi…
Watching House Hunters stresses me out. These people keep making the wrong decisions.
I like the House Hunters International renovations. Homes are SO old here in Europe and it present interesting challenges.
not flipping shows no but I do like House Hunters International and HH tiny homes because the homes are so different.
Tiny House Hunters is where it's at
The international House Hunters is fun when you get a lovely couple who bought a beautiful view in the French Riviera. Fun to dream.
Love it or List it, House Hunters, Fixer Upper and Property Brothers are all my fav. HGTV is life
Sad I'm not in Boro or at the beer fest at the aquarium tonight. I'll just have my Oktoberfest and watch House Hunters.
I guess hgtv's way of celebrating Halloween is showing episodes of house hunters where the buyers are specifically avoiding haunted houses.
So were watching House Hunters and about three people don't want to buy an antique house cause they think its haunted.
This episode of house hunters is in Allendale. Which is where I work. How did I never catch this before?
people on House Hunters are annoying. . "appliances need updating.". pfft. I'm excited if a place comes with appliances.
House Hunting? Learn 3 top Power Moves to gain leverage and get the best deals!
You know your old when you actually like to watch "House Hunters"
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"we’ve kept a barrel and a wash bin, some things that we can turn into planters" Tiny House Hunters just out-h…
In a dramatic turn of events the House Hunters couple chose the one house that fit zero of their needs
There's nothing to watch on tv so I'm watching house hunters.
When I'm sad I just want to eat chocolate and watch House Hunters.
I hate how in house hunters the couple picks the wrong house😒
When your watching house hunters and you realize your beach coach was on the show😂
Am I the only one who loves seeing black families on hgtv? Specially house hunters
Have you seen this episode yet, Puerto Vallarta is on international Tv!...
Fall in love with this couple who bought a literal burned-down shack for $155K on Tiny House Hunters:…
Since when was house hunters on Netflix?!
I hate watching HGTV "house hunters" and a friend tags along with the buyer. Like, did they ask for your comments?!jeezus 🙈
LOL the realtor on House Hunters told this dude "I've heard women dig guys that have big decks"
Getting real into this episode of house hunters lol
let's get married & go on an episode of House Hunters to find the perfect house on the west coast to raise our kids
Watching House Hunters makes me want to go buy a house 🙃
Looking for house-hunters or tenants attending at RDS this weekend to join our panel discussions
New DVD! See the of Thornhill on the hunt 4 each other in all 13
I watch everything single House Hunters! Tiny House Hunters is my favorite!
Watching House Hunters and feeling very supremely grateful that I don't have to sell my house/find a new place to live.
No Matthew for us, the forecast shows sunny skies for & house hunters!
Do people not want dining rooms anymore? I want a big dining room in my home for Sunday dinners & holidays. Still watching House Hunters lol
Felt like I was on house hunters going through houses today!
I literally hate the people on house hunters when they want no renovations.
Watching rich people be picky on House Hunters is so intensely aggravating to me but I like seeing the pretty houses. 😣😤😡
This woman on house hunters performed a sage ceremony bc her house was built in 2000 & she's afraid of ghosts...I literally hate her.
This girl on house hunters won't buy a house because it could potentially be haunted...just because it's old
*watching House Hunters. Couple: we don't want any charm. What I Hear: We don't season our food
I'm amazed that there are enough episodes of house hunters where people are worried about ghosts to enable hgtv to have a marathon of them.
These people on House Hunters don't want to buy a beautiful old house because of ghosts. 🙄 👻
An interview with the Tiny House Hunters couple who bought a literal burned-down shack:
Trying to take a nap but house hunters is on
If I come over to your house and you got house hunters on the tv we can't be friends
We've put together a series of guides to help house-hunters, home owners & estate agents
"I can't do stained glass, it makes me think old and haunted.". I can't with house hunters today.
My advice to this guy on House Hunters is to not buy property with her, the eventual divorce will be much easier
“she’s looking for something new, and hopefully, ghost free” . this is a good episode of House Hunters
Nothing makes me angrier faster than couples on House Hunters who complain about the tiniest details
Does anyone else get anxiety when all 3 options on house hunters are terrible lmao like do you have to pick one 😩
This girl on house hunters... I literally can't with her
Third episode of house hunters in a row where the wife is overly concerned about ghosts. East coast needs to chill.
Watching House Hunters with Mother... Rich, white couples have an oh so terrible time of deciding which of their overpriced homes is best.
These people on house hunters right now are annoying and probably on crack
The theme of today's House Hunters eps appears to be prospective homeowners who are concerned about ghosts.
HGTV is running a marathon of House Hunters episodes where the buyers are terrified of ghosts
Treating apartment touring this weekend like house hunters
I was going to start my homework, but my computer needs to update. Looks like I'll watch an episode of House Hunters instead
The couple on House Hunters was 47k over budget on their renovation! 47k over budget! And, they're still not done.
House Hunters: International. The perfect show for when I feel like worrying about the life decisions of people I don't know. 🙈
Hidden Valley Ranch commercials are narrated by the woman who narrates House Hunters *** how have I never realized this
House Hunters: International has a young white couple looking for a house in Pretoria, well "Africa" as they call it
I am mentally preparing to star on House Hunters International if Trump wins.
I am watching House Hunters: Buying a Goddamned Island in Fiji. Ugh.
Alert alert HGTV is showing a House Hunters about an old guy with a young Russian bride looking to buy an island in Fiji fo…
How do these couples on House Hunters manage to have a 700K budget while planning a wedding and taking time off for renovation & they're 25
I miss sleepless nights when I binge watch house hunters for hours
I don't understand why people on House Hunters make such a huge deal about the paint colors. . Painting is easy, pretty quick and can be fun
One of my aspirations in life is to be on House Hunters tbh
Trump: I'll be discussing my health on Dr. Oz, my business dealings on House Hunters and my love life on Game of Thrones
Watching house hunters and millionaire match maker is my life
I yell at the TV during House Hunters like they can hear me and will taken my opinion into consideration
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I watched an episode of House Hunters International with two friends and they gave up having their own rooms so their dog could have a yard.
Oh I'm watching House Hunters. Don't worry. It's not you.
*watching House Hunters*. "This athletic couple needs a house that will keep up with their active lifestyle..." . *changes channel*
People on house hunters make me so mad. They would literally move into house for one *** feature.
A list of my hobbies: screaming at people (on the road, on house hunters) ya know the usual
House Hunters and Cops are the only things helping me keep my sanity being laid up with my foot
I dont know how people deal with electric stoves. Random House Hunters observation lol
Couples on house hunters always upset me
It may seem completely trivial but I love living at a time, when HGTV has two dudes, their 3 dogs, and son home shopping on House Hunters. 🌈
Check out this episode of House Hunters International I directed! .
I was going to pursue doing House Hunters.. but then I found out they only get $500... ✌🏾️
"I don't have a soaking tub." BECAUSE IT'S A TINY HOUSE ARRRGH. (I love complaining about Tiny House Hunters so much.) -J
House Hunters has gone down... where is the money? The big & beautiful homes?!
'Right now I feel like a mom trying to get two of her children to play together in the same room' - Realtor on House Hunters 😂
hate when I'm watching house hunters & they don't pick the house that I would want
There are some awful people on house hunters rn. Former DC residents, naturally
House Hunters is so *** interesting and I have zero clue as to why
House hunters tiny edition. Every person on the show ever: "Wow... This is just... so small...
How these people on House Hunters be so picky is beyond me...I just wanna know is the street quiet bruh
This guy's house hunters wish list is more realistic than the usual open concept floorplan or granite countertops.
My Friday night is probably going to consist of me watching House Hunters and blowing Trel phone up 😭
Want to see Estelia Mesimer in-action?! . Don't forget to tune-in Tiny House Hunters on HGTV this Monday,...
Up watching HGTV w my mom drinking wine. Criticizing everything we see on house hunters
What's this free online house valuation with Hunters for £19.99. Surely that's a bit immoral. You can get it for free from Zoopla.
Sometimes I hate technology but then I remember that I can watch House Hunters whenever I want
Mom: Aw man I missed house hunters... The hard life of a stay at home mom...
Uh i bought the farm has a couple looking for 1 acre. I don't get it. It's house hunters. They aren't buying a farm.
Monaca native finds home on HGTV's 'House Hunters'.
Monaca native finds home on HGTV's 'House Hunters' via
Boxing champ Josh Himes, who was born and raised in Monaca, appears Friday on HGTV's "House Hunters."
That moment when your dad tells you that his coworker and his wife are gonna be on the next House Hunters episode...
I'm watching house hunters and some girl dropped her whole life to live in Honduras with her new man. how do ppl even meet like that
Happy weekend, house hunters! Join us Sunday, September 18, from 12-2pm and see this gorgeous, lushly landscaped...
White ppl move so fast in relationships. This couple on House Hunters met at the beach and decided to live together 3 days later.
Except I read House Hunters only has people on the show who already bought a house.
Des Moines house hunters episode featuring St. Augustin in the backyard
"15 Types of People You Meet On House Hunters" is so true and so funny. The color guard got me 😂
House Hunters farms: this fam is from Johns Creek, wants to move to Madison, but is looking in Loganville? And he still works in Atlanta!?
House Hunters: We have some good open houses planned for this weekend. Come check em' out.
apartment search got me feelin like I'm on House Hunters except my budget is like .03 cents
Things hat I watch to avoid CNN at the gym: house hunters barn edition
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