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House Hunters

House Hunters is an American reality series that airs on HGTV. Having originally premiered in 1999, there have been three spin-off series that follow a similar format as the original show.

House Hunters International House Hunters Renovation Property Brothers

It really annoys me on House Hunters when the real estate agent shows them a home out of their price range but says things like "wait until you see the kitchen" or "the backyard makes the price worth it"... unless the backyard has a money tree growing in it, I don't see how $50k over budget is worth it.
.went on a House Hunters: International-inspired vacation.
"House Hunters Renovation" everything you hate about House Hunters & Love It or List It all mashed up in a bad ball.
Home laying in bed watching house doesn't get much better than this 😍
A t shirt and shorts is my wardrobe for the day. Bout to grub and watch house hunters 😂Happy thanksgiving everyone! 💕
my dad wanted to get ghost hunters here one time. But our house wasn't big enough to get evidence :(
this thanksgiving I'm thankful for House Hunters
Our friend Michelle Hammond Turner will be featured on HOUSE HUNTERS tonight (Thanksgiving) at 10 p.m. on HGTV (Channel 60 locally). So - grab a beer, some wine or whatever and enjoy the show supporting our very own Chautauqua County!
How do House Hunters from Canada find USA Agents? Read these Surveys:
Treastman doesn't watch game film during the week. He's watching house hunters.
I present a good problem to have: Knowing a lot of amazing people makes it very hard to acknowledge all of them on days like this. I would tag everyone individually, but it would take forever and you probably know who you are already if you've taken the time to read this. I'm thankful for a lot of things this year, number one being my beautiful wife, Jess, and our amazing daughter, Willow, and also the rest of my family (Katie, Michael, J Marty, Rachel, Patrick, others who I am forgetting and looking like an *** now for, sorry). I'm thankful for all of my new amazing friends and job at Nielsen, who make it easy to go to work just so I can sit through four hours of college basketball plus House Hunters. I'm thankful for my old friends as well, like Nicolesaurus and Daniel who are expecting their awesome daughter Penny this year and their amazing families. I miss my old MovieStop crew, Emon, Miguel, Shelby, Megan, and hope that Black Friday goes off without too high of a body count. And lastly, I am tha ...
I just wanna watch house hunters or 007 all day long is that too much to ask for
Remember when we were filming for House Hunters International back in July? The Bermuda episode that includes a...
Nobody in my house watch sports but me. Lol. My daddy watching movies. My momma watching house hunters and I am screaming LIONS' DEN
Poppin bottles, watching house hunters
I even have hunters at my house rn like please leave 😐
Damiano: Hunters.the son of hunters is in my house Me: Dad calm down
There was an episode of House Hunters last night called "Chicago Couple Needs Room for Chihuahua." Don't worry, I DVRed it.
I am addicted to House Hunters International. And thankful I know you ❤
once on house hunters this woman bought a million dollar house over looking the rainforest in Australia and I cried
.reports a better balance between demand and supply, as number of registered house hunters fell in October
Nothing says thanksgiving like a nice Asiago bagel with some and sitting down to watch some House Hunters International.
Omigod someone I know is going to be on house hunters tonight at 10 😂 this is gonna be interesting.
Idk parades suck anyway im only watching this until house hunters comes on
House Hunters is on Netflix now in case you thought I was gonna be productive ever again.
Thankful for friends and House Hunters and crispitos and Stacey the lunch lady and dogs and escalators and funny vines
This woman on House Hunters really hates shower doors.
Million dollar home hunting going on on House Hunters right now. I see.
I love watching House Hunters International with Julia
House Hunters couples are a warning to the rest of society.
you see these same guys on House Hunters who insist on granite counters and a kitchen built for entertaining.
spending the day watching House Hunters International. bye.
Mystery solved. It’s all the House Hunters my wife watches while I play
The number of house hunters fell during October creating a better balance between available housing and demand
Been watching House Hunters all morning realizing I'm so poor
House hunters highest in nearly 10 years
Watching House Hunters: Revelation, I want a house that has a lot of land. I also never want to have to cut the grass.
Number of house hunters is highest in nearly 10 years but supply at a 12 year low says latest monthly survey.
We are honored to be working with "A Place In The Sun" The show that helps house hunters find dream holiday homes al…
House hunting in France? Our b&b is very popular for house hunters in
Number of house hunters recorded by NAEA members is highest in nearly 10 years
House Hunters International makes me wanna buy a crib in Puerto and be a fisherman
To all the duck hunters out on the water behind my house right now, I'm going to hate you all in the morning. But do ya thang. ✊😝
This house hunters episode makes me want to live in Nashville
tips to attract November house hunters. via
House Hunters Real Estate is 10 years old, Pass by the Kiosk at Arabian Ranches to collect your Celebration gift...
I may be up all night prepping for thanksgiving but I'm okay with that cause I have House Hunters Renovation to comfort me.
House Hunters:. Buyer: Our MAX budget is $300k. Realtor: Perfect! I found a condemned house with none of the things you wanted fo…
I've got 16 episodes of House Hunters recorded so if we start now we can finish by 7 in the morning :-)))
There's a British couple named James and Lily on House Hunters International and my first thought was their last name has to be Potter
I've already blown through all of the episodes of House Hunters and House Hunters International on Netflix.>>
i really miss watching Cops and Alaska State Troopers and House Hunters, this is the reason im most excited to go home
Are there tons of puns on House Hunters: International or is that just the wine??
House Hunters is on Netflix! Sorry to say but One Tree Hill is being put on hold.
i judge how crazy my friday night was based on whether i fell asleep during a House Hunters or a House Hunters International...
House Hunters + International. But lately I am also getting really into Income Property. It's an addiction!
Looks like another Friday night of House Hunters reruns on Netflix. . Maybe I'll spice it up with International episodes.
House Hunters just said Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1493. No, it was 1492 you dumb burger
Slovenia is spotlighted and my family's relocation story documented in the upcoming TV show House Hunters...
Poured wine & watched an SF episode of House Hunters where they bought a 2br condo in Mission Bay for $921k so planning 2 run into ocean now
The people in regular House Hunters are way more annoying than the HH International people. Is there a British version of this show? :P
The Packers just scored again. Reminder: "House Hunters: International" is now on Netflix.
How my wife and I look like when we watch House Hunters and Property Brothers on TV and Netflix! Oh no…
This episode of House Hunters: Renovation is making Gone Girl look like a healthy, loving relationship.
up watching house hunters glad to be off maybe I can get some packing done
My parents have no chill when they watch house hunters.
Boring night. Guess I'll just watch house hunters
This chick on House Hunters is pretty as *** Love a beautiful chocolate woman.
Watching House Hunters & I wanna punch this woman in the face. She keeps pronouncing "bedroom" as "betroom"
I was so excited for a straight four days off with my sweet kiddos. Alas, little Andrew and I have had fevers and coughs for days. He took a long and much needed nap this evening so we are hanging out watching House Hunters. He says he loves this show! Hoping he feels better soon but thankful for special time with him. :-)
I want to go to sleep, but I need to know what house this woman picks on House Hunters. Haven't seen the 3rd yet. Suspense is killing me!
I don't why, but House Hunters is my ish
I am addicted to watching House Hunters International.
I want to ask this girl on house hunters what the difference between cash and cash money is. Just wondering
I just want to punch the people on House Hunters. They're terribly annoying.
I always try to guess which home a House Hunters buyer will choose, but my guess is always wrong.
This client on House Hunters has such an attitude I want the realtor to beat her *** on television
I just wanna watch a bunch of House Hunters.
No big deal, but my legs just got about 1 second of screen time on House Hunters tonight 👖😎
You know you've been together a while when your Friday night is happily spent watching House Hunters.
Anyone else ever embarrassed to be an American when you watch House Hunters International? Resisting the urge to yell at the whiney, pickey narrow minded bleach blonde mother of two on the tv right now. Did you not research where you were moving before you relocated your precious family across the world?! Oh my.
Post Apocalyptic House Hunters couple criticizing mud patches and logs before fainting.
Watching HOUSE HUNTERS, you'd think only horrible garbage people* need places to live. . *People who are garbage, not sanitation workers.
Im still up watching house hunters... I'm about to sleep on the couch.
"I was going to start a house hunters tv show but then I remembered that you have to be able to speak English to be on tv" …
Watching House Hunters International in Africa. Bet they're regretting moving there now.
"How am I going to cook a thanksgiving dinner?" - woman on House Hunters, moving to Africa, who doesn't understand holidays.
I'd like to see the people on house hunters who complain that the house is too small.. try to live in NYC lol
Friday night and I'm on the couch drinking red wine watching House Hunters. Blah.
Oh house hunters how I've missed you 💕😊
house hunters is on netflix! idk why but I feel like this information might be important to you?
Someone please tell me why Abby & I are watching house hunters right now.. 😂
In the next few weeks all of my elk friends behind my house are gonna die to a bunch of hunters bros
wait a second. What upscale club are you in that plays House Hunters? Awesome.
Stop playing they put house hunters on Netflix
Once we're stationed at our last base, I want to be on an episode of House Hunters.
Weirdly excited that House Hunters is on Netflix now...
These people are picky on house hunters feel like slapping them! Omg! I can't! 🙅
I'm already watching house hunters lmao 👀🔥
What they don't tell you on the one episode of House Hunters where the husband gets his way, he dies mysteriously before escrow closes.
House Hunters is on Netflix. I've never waited so patiently for something like this in my life. omg.
She appeared on an episode of House Hunters
When I say I love house shows I mean I love House Hunters and HGTV.
These people on house hunters got hella money
I love that came to Brevard County on one of the House Hunters episodes tonight! Central Florida is a lovely place to live
Watching Celebrity House Hunters...this lady has been living in her house for 7 months and wants to move. Y U KNO HAPPY W…
Willie and the Bees with Head Hunters house music between sets. Awesome
Lord they done put Chopped and House Hunters and Cupcake Wars on Netflix. My weekend is officially booked up.
Im so old. Friday night, watching House Hunters... 😩😂
Honest Bucket List Item:. Appear on an episode of House Hunters or House Hunters International
Home doesn't quite feel like home till its midnight and my mom is yelling about how we can't get sucked into another house hunters episode
So collections of House Hunters, Chopped and Triple D are now on netflix? Awesome!! 👍
Me and Lauren watching House Hunters: "I didn't see anything wrong with it besides the outdated stove." "Yeah, I agree."
Most teen couples have sex when they're home alone, but me and josh lay down and watch house hunters and talk about prices and investments
watching House Hunters International wondering why I can't buy a $250,000 condo in Mexico.
White people on House Hunters get on my nerves, going on about how they want a house with "charm and character." Every. Time.
This guy on House Hunters is named Antione. Birth certificate typo?
On a scale of Seattle hipster couple on House Hunters to buy one/get one free mayonnaise at Dollar Tree, how white are you?
Just sitting in bed crying to baby announcements while watching House Hunters. Stay in school kids.
Typical night: Eating food and watching House Hunters International 😏
Hunters house is so cold and I love it 👌
I could watch House Hunters International for the rest of my life and not even complain
Watching house hunters and this girl is considering spending $400,000 on a studio that is smaller than 300 sq ft. 😱😱😱
If it's any consolation, House Hunters is famously bogus. Google "house Hunters fake."
makes watching "House Hunters" more rewarding. I’m earning great rewards and along with Viggle games.
House Hunters International. This episode is in the Marshall Islands.
while everybody was out at the football games tonight I was just having the time of my life watching house hunters alone all night
Surge of British house hunters for 2nd homes in France, lured by exchange rates and prices. (subscription)
I'm not by hunters house srry to tell ya
If you've had 8 beers and you're settled into your 3rd scotch House Hunters is tolerable with your wife guys, kinda.
This guy on House Hunters International is from Troutdale!
I have my boyfriend watching house hunters with me at 1:30 am. What more could I ask for?
I'm drunk watching house hunters and I miss my mom so much
The divorce rate for couples who go on House Hunters and the guy specifically requests a "man-cave" HAS to be at least 90% right
This episode of House Hunters is in Wilmington, NC. OMG I miss that area. I really really miss it.
"Doesn't everyone have a Kindle now? Who has that many books?" --worst person ever, on House Hunters (obvs)
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New blog post - House Hunters Head for the Hills After Labor Day
Spending my Friday night with my dad watching house hunters.
Watching house hunters with lando on a Friday night because we're just that cool
These ppl on house hunters have a 1.2 million dollar budget. What the ***
Emily's mocking of House Hunters is bringing Sean and I to tears of laughter. "I just CAN'T handle the CHANDELIER!" "WRONG shade of TAUPE!"
I wanna see an episode of House Hunters International where someone wants to live in Stockholm.
Just watched an episode of House Hunters International when they moved to Berlin
I love watching house hunters.. I know, I'm lame 😂😁
he does look like every realtor on House Hunters International
I hate everyone who has ever been on House Hunters International
I also hate most of the people who have been on regular House Hunters, such as 25 year old Colleen and her $400,000 NYC apartment budget
I also love house hunters and stuff related to that like I love looking at the houses 😭
A couple on “House Hunters” said 6,000 sq. ft. was too small. Growing up my mom had to convince my brother it was fun …
I watch that all the time! Are you gonna watch the new series House Hunters Renovstions?
Oh yeah, I love House Hunters. And House Hunters International, great shows!
House Hunters vs. House Hunters International is the difference between night and day, you ***
True that, love the amount of *** couples featured on House Hunters and House Hunters International.
What's the point of showing these House Hunters episodes where they stay in their original home?
Engaging house hunters with online ‘Help to Buy’ applications for -
Switching back and forth between How It's Made and House Hunters...
People on house hunters are too picky sometimes
Can't wait to watch my client, Michael! Bentonville to be Featured on HGTV's House Hunters
House hunters might complain, but the “phenomenal” influx of Chinese money into the local residential property marke…
this guy on house hunters is irish and all i can think of is NIALL SORRY NOT SORRY
Worst House Hunters ever. After looking at 3 houses, she chose to not move at all.
What is the point of a House Hunters episode where the person doesn't pick ANY of the houses.
this girl on house hunters didn't pick a new house but chose to stay where she is, this is not what I signed up for
This lady on House Hunters International from NZ needs to step off her client
House Hunters is just the prequel to Divorce Court.
wait.. I'm watching your house hunters episode!
House Hunters:. “Well I gotta be near the beach. A heliport would be a plus. I need 9 bedrooms, an IMAX theater & a moat. My bud…
I've spent a good portion of this vacation watching House Hunters & Property Brothers
House Hunters has informed me that there are lots of Americans who do not live in the United States but still want to be on House Hunters
I have no idea why I watch these shows It's kinda like shopping through others House Hunters, Flip/Flop Property Brothers & Love/List
House Hunters, Property Brothers, Chopped, Cutthroat kitchen, and Love it or List it are great shows lol
Exactly. They only show House Hunters & Property Brothers, it seems. lol
Watching international right now. House Hunters take England. Everything is "just smashing."
“House Hunters: International is my guilty pleasure.” This is why you're my bestfriend.
House Hunters: International is my guilty pleasure.
If anyone was wondering, Steven is watching House Hunters and playing Clash of Clans rn.
Watching back to back episodes of house hunters !!!
can we go on house hunters as 3 some couple? Our budget can be like 350,000.
this real estate agent is having a hard time containing his seething contempt for these House Hunters
I watched house hunters tonight and my brother said he doesn't like the renovators one 😳😳
It's really unhealthy how much I love HGTV. Especially House Hunters.
House hunters is an addiction!!! I cannot wait to buy myself a house
So it is midnight and I need to be asleep instead of watching house hunters. Problem is the chest is feeling heavy and the palpitations are pretty annoying. To top it off the hip is swollen and has been the past few days. So, I'm rather uncomfortable. Everyone have a good night.
I'm listening to house hunters and km pretty sure they just said this couple has a dog named levi
When you've been without cable and your hotel room has HGTV--House Hunters, please!
if I can't watch house hunters and/or Property Brothers until I fall asleep then tell me what even is the point
House hunters makes me excited to buy my own home one day🙈🙊
Been watching House Hunters marathon, I might be depressed.
Today, I felt like I was on the show 'house hunters' after viewing two houses and being escorted in a 2014 Mustang. Who knows what will happen next.. :)
that's cool and all but i stayed home and watched house hunters SO
There is a fly in my house. There are 2 cats in my house who have appointed themselves Fly Hunters. I'll sleep when I'm dead.
Don't think I could survive without AT LEAST 2 episodes of House Hunters a day...
House Hunters International is my kind of Saturday night
"Is this House Hunters?" -Emily Jaster says as Friends comes on
Watching house hunters makes me want a house of my own 😭
omg that House Hunters game...incredible AND TRUE!
Wow dad stop sucking all the fun out of house hunters
"I think I swear more watching House Hunters than at a sporting event" -
Throwing pillows at the tv because the people pick the wrong house on House Hunters
" my gosh! No wonder those Italians gotta be so skinny .. need to fit on them tiny toilets!!!" - dad watching House Hunters International
I shouldn't be allowed to watch House Hunters International
True life: I can't stop watching house hunters
we found you as an old man on House Hunters.
" my gosh, no wonder Italians are so skinny. gotta fit on them tiny toilets!".my dad watching House Hunters International
A Lafayette native was featured on an episode HGTV's 'House Hunters.'
The only shows HGTV should broadcast are Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, House Hunters and Love it or List it
I like House Hunters so it's sorta like that plus the renovation part. It's a good show.
Well? Who won on HGTV's House Hunters last night?
***FREE BABY YOGA CLASS*** THIS FRIDAY (25th July) from 12pm - 1pm at Yoga Balance in North Finchley. Filmed for House Hunters International TV series. Contact teenytinyyogato book your place. Spaces are limited.
Coming soon! Psychic Tapestry Live inside the Whaley House with the San Diego Ghost Hunters!
House Hunters always gets me irritated at how picky some couples can be.
I'm obsessed with House Hunters. I hope one day I can be rich enough to be on this show
Could probably watch House Hunters all night.
I need to go to bed but can't stop watching house hunters...
Though theyre off the radar for most house-hunters, pre-fab homes could be the future
{|She wrapped the towel she had on underneath around herself, getting up to walk back to house, bringing hunters.|}
Watching House Hunters.. Wishing it was me on there 🙇🏠
I often find myself yelling at what the morons on 'House Hunters' say aloud.
not early for house hunters. It's early for a club or bar... Or Vegas...
These people on house hunters don't seem to realize that I know what's best for them. Really...why house
Between House Hunters and Flip or Flop, I think I've hit my HGTV limit.
Everyone else is still up drinking and hanging out and I'm in bed watching house hunters .. I hate myself for this
oh but like if you ever go to Disneyland in USA, they sometimes don't have fireworks so you can go to their house!
I love house hunters so much but they always pick the most ratchet house???
House Hunters makes me wanna be in the HOA lowkey
House Hunters guy: "I think it might be a time to make a decision." You think? There's five minutes left in the episode.
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I wanna be on house hunters or Property Brothers... & love it or list it.
““House Hunters the GOAT”. Said my Grandmother”. Me and her thinking bout buying a house
House Hunters shows me that people outside of CA must be rich. A 1900 sqft 3bd, 2ba home for only $122k & that's at the top of your budget!?
House Hunters International has taught me that they "both really like to cook" anytime they are just too *** poor to afford a big kitchen.
I could be mistaken, but I think President Roush is on this episode of House Hunters.
Man, House Hunters is the freaking best!!
House Hunters International has taught me that walking up flights of stairs in a "old world charm" building is a deal breaker, motherfukker!
I could care less for "House Hunters". I only care for renovation shows. Speaking of that, "Property Brothers" will have new episodes.
As much as I love House Hunters. Dear what happen to all the interior design, yard, and craft shows? Everything is renovation.
I feel like everyone I see in public tonight has been on an episode of House Hunters: Renovation.
I get SO pumped when House Hunters: International comes on TV.
Hundreds of cable channels but the only thing I will ever watch is House Hunters and/or House Hunters International or a good movie on LMN
House Hunters International makes me want property abroad.
Why would you watch anything but House Hunters? Unless it's House Hunters International.
As much as I love watching House Hunters, I want to shake some of these buyers. Maybe their snootiness is written in the script???
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Said drugs are likely better employed with a "House Hunters International" binge. Anything but Phish. Dear god, anything but Phish.
Are you a home buyer and are confused with the plethora of homes you are shown during the process? Simplify your life with this great app! Download the “House Hunters” app to keep everything in your brain organized. You can take photos of a property your viewing, rate the property according to your likes and dislikes, and keep tabs on which ones you liked.
Western Daily Press published Three barns next to Princess Anne's Gatcombe Park in the...: House hunters with ...
I seriously want to be on Property Brothers or house hunters one day
So many to thank for my sleepless night. where to begin? Rascal and Shannon, you two bratties just love to beat the crap out of each other - it was a joy getting up to separate you both into different rooms at 1am. then Jackson. Oh, my darling boy. Thank you for waking me at 2am to get you a big bottle of milk. If you didn't - I may have missed which home the Smith family chose as a fixer upper on House Hunters. However, waking AGAIN at 3:15 was by far the best. for no reason at all. You had a great time in our bed, clapping and singing EI-EI-O til 4am when tossed your cute butt back in your own crib. This is going to be a super duper long *** day.
**HOUSE SHARE** We are looking for someone to share our big house in Athenry. You will have your own bedroom, own (huge) living room with open fire and your own bathroom with shower at your own end of the house. Shared kitchen with tons of storage space. The house is big enough that you might not see each other for days if you so wished! :D 20 mins drive from Galway city, buses and trains every hour plus late bus at weekends and back holidays. €300pm plus ESB and oil in Winter. I haven't posted on Daft or House Hunters on FB as would rather find a friend or a friend of a friend so spread the word!
House Hunters is showing my house later this week. Hope it's for MJ!!
House hunters is like a more sensible version of pimp my ride.
two things I'm day dreaming about today: 1. getting a Grateful Dead tattoo and 2. being on House Hunters
Do you care if the House Hunters show is fake? Comment YES or No below and share.
I'm forcing you to watch Love It Or List It and House Hunters with me when we live togetha
'Want to be on TV? A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun looking for house hunters for their brand new series
Is it weird that house hunters gets me all hot and heavy?
just finished a film shoot, for House Hunters International! Great experience!
😳 I would have set the house on fire.
Nobody can stop me from going on House Hunters to find a new trap house
I want to watch many episodes of house hunters
I'm sitting here watching House Hunters International.what is my life sometimes 😂
Watching Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (with and at Debby House) —
I need a friend that will watch House Hunters with me
Do like most Europeans have their washer/dryer in the kitchen? I've seen it numerous times on House Hunters International... :D
Watching house hunters bc they're in DR
I swear, one day House Hunters and House Hunters International and Island Hunters are going to start a class war.
HGTV House Hunters episode is in DR right now, so beautiful 🙌
if they had house hunters on netflix I would def binge
House Hunters International is giving me so much hope. These lavish homes on the beach have like 1200-1500 dollar mortgages a month.
I thought I was part of a supportive community, but none of you alerted me to this houseboat episode of House Hunters?
Hate watching House Hunters International. These people are making my slapping hand itch.
Watching House Hunters International has inspired me to want to move to Costa Rica some day.
Eating pop corn and watching house hunters type of night.💚
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What are house hunters looking for on the Costa del Sol? Kyero stats report | Story:
makes watching House Hunters more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
Flipping back and forth between house hunters and wrong turn
the guy on House Hunters tonight in Durham has to live there to feel better since he works in Chapel *** Go Duke!
Just watched a House Hunters on the Central Coast with a Cal Poly couple choosing between Paso Robles, Atascadero and Templeton. Unexpected.
House hunters 'wishing for garden gadgets': BBQs, hot tubs and summerhouses all feature in the wishlist of out...
House hunters 'wishing for garden gadgets' - Houseladder
“Hunters throwing a party at his house on the island 👀” yes
House hunters 'wishing for garden gadgets'
All I do is watch house hunters and cuddle my bf
All I watch is Dateline, Dr. Phil, House Hunters, House Hunters International, and anything on Oprah's OWN network DUH HELLO
Oops I Did It Again: The true story of a man who consistently misses the final moments when House Hunters reveal their choice.
one time I misread 'Mexican Flair' as 'Mexican Lair'. We were watching House Hunters International.
Picky people on House Hunters drive me nuts.
I know I could never be a realtor because I always hate all of the people on House Hunters
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House hunters deserves an Emmy or whatever awards TV shows get
House Hunters International pisses me off. If you want to live by American standards then stay in America!
House Hunters, Love it or List it, Brother vs. Brother... I guess I am addicted to HGTV too. Smh 😔
Watching house hunters with my grandma are my favorite👌
But seriously does anyone else love House Hunters International? Cause it's my fav.
House Hunters makes me want to travel the world.
I love when people on House Hunters won't buy a house because they have a kid under 6 and the house has a staircase--
I am very much an old lady. I just want to cook, clean and watch house hunters
I'm gonna watch house hunters all day
House hunters pisses me off sometimes
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