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House Hunters

House Hunters is an American reality series that airs on HGTV. Having originally premiered in 1999, there have been three spin-off series that follow a similar format as the original show.

House Hunters International Property Virgins Property Brothers

New collections of House Hunters and House Hunters International on Netflix. Yay! We watched one episode and found out Greenland is bleak af
House Hunters & House Hunters International are my current favorite shows. Just wanted the world to know that. . Carry on.
Awesome to see a Johannesburg couple featured on House Hunters International. 🙌
House Hunters: International makes me so MAD but I love looking at houses in different countries.
Adult goals: be at the point where I could actually be one of those people on House Hunters
have you seen Jay Mohr talk about House Hunters? It's brilliant
House Hunters is Law & Order. International is SVU. Renovation is Criminal Intent. Tiny is Trial By Jury.
- Why house hunters shouldn't watch 'House Hunters'
Just saw a home in my hood as an option for a family on House Hunters. Yep! That means I'm watching House Hunters. Judge on judgers.
Last Night on HGTV I watched:. Love it or List it. House Hunters. House Hunters International . .and then I fell asleep.
I'm engaging in my most shameful of guilty pleasures: House Hunters (International).
Just about every episode of House Hunters and HH International is on YouTube. You're welcome.
I miss our HGTV days House Hunters, Income Property, Property Brothers, Property Virgins (or whatever that show did name)
I've had to stop watching the past 2 episodes of house hunters bc the couples are too horrendous to continue 😐
"These hunters look like house dogs."
Ex SecState's & got classified data on personal email acct: What hunters gon do now?
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When will Netflix update the House Hunters collection? Asking for a friend...
"Ah yeah I know lets create a tv show were we film house hunters looking at new houses they are never going to afford and buy"
Apartment hunting *** someone put me on an episode of House Hunters
OMG, there is a house hunters collection on Netflix... I CANT WAIT TO WATCH IT ALL NIGHT!!
Can house hunters come find me an apartment?
My life consists of the Lord of the Rings, chicken, and House Hunters.
OHA is testifying before the House Agriculture and Natural Resources in support of the wolf delisting...
When you're creeping your favorite hashtag on insta and you find the insta of someone you just saw on house hunters 😳😂
I always get sucked into House Hunters and it always makes me yell at the TV. So this is funny!
What I miss the most about living in the US is watching House Hunters and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
True Confessions: The GLHC staff LOVES "House Hunters" but we are a bit more realistic about expectations!
When your walking around the house in Ralph Lauren and hunters like a farmers wife 😂
Sorry to miss again today. Hopefully back tomorrow. Email with any questions and I'll take a break from watching House Hunters to respond.
Watching House Hunters International makes me miss being overseas
Nobody doesn't like on Sixteen years on the air and stronger than ever!
"House Hunters Are Ready and Waiting… for Homes to Buy" by on
I could sit in hotels and watch House Hunters all day long, every single day of the week. As long as there's room service, of course.
Some of these women on House Hunters make me so angry
I need one entire day to lounge around and watch house hunters. Feeling tired today
Is there really such a thing as 'slow market' in GTA real estate anymore? Not really!.
House Hunters: Anor Londo would make for a pretty expensive episode imo
I can't remember the last time I spent my Sunday in the recliner watching House Hunters all day. I hate growing up.
Some good points mentioned here for Home Owners & Future Sellers...
Watch Tuesday night 10 PM as I help Christine and Eric find their forever home.
Spring market has sprung! Toronto house hunters jumping in to the market early in 2016
Levels of pesticide spread in France. At House Hunters we give you the full information, for a conscious choice.
Selling a house this spring. See what House Hunters really want from HGTV.
The easiest way to find out when and why your house was built is to look in your local library’s archives
Best laugh I've had in a while: Objectivist House Hunters. via
A couple on house hunters is complaining about vinyl flooring & electric ranges in the kitchen but they're only looking…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
There should be a House Hunters for regular people where they talk about HOA dues and check out the neighborhood at nig…
House Hunters: "everything is brand new, but I hate it and I'm going to tear it out." Every. Single. Time.
House hunters know all too well that new homes cost more than used ones. But in Las Vegas, the sticker shock is especia…
You know you’ve seen enough House Hunters and HGTV when you’ve heard the word “dated” at least 1,000 times
Behind the scenes of House Hunters International - trying to make an authentic statement on "r… via
watching House Hunters has become a vital part of my nightly routine
I'll be waiting to see yall on HGTV when you guys buy a house together on Property Virgins or House Hunters
I want my own HGTV show, I can just imagine it. "Kevin Page presents, House Hunters in the Hood"
HGTV House Hunters featuring Wilson, NC. Man, the memories there...
I love on House Hunters when they ask for 5 bedrooms each with ensuites, air conditioning, close to the city - with a top budget of $100k.
I cannot take another episode of Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Antique Roadshow, or House Hunters. 😩😩😩😩
I've watched my way through most of them. Now on House Hunters: Renovation (on US Netflix)
Right, it's like when they made "House Hunters: Renovation" same show, just...a tiny twist to make more "new" episodes.
Woman on House Hunters renovation right now looks like a white Bruno Mars
I'm watching a House Hunters renovation and some *** husband is RIPPING UP original hardwood floors for laminate. THE HORROR.
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The voice in this Hidden Valley Ranch commercial sounds like the House Hunters host on HGTV.
Beginning to suspect the same lady narrates House Hunters and My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.
I don't bother with anymore. The show is dull, lacks conviction and a point of view. House Hunters is more compelling.
I asked b/c this is a major complaint on House Hunters lol. Poor tall baes haven't felt that good water pressure on your head in a decade.
Don't miss House Hunters tonight. If you are wondering why my head is shaved, it is because we shot the episode...
I have arguments in my head with the couples on House Hunters. Why can no one ever see past paint color?!
House Hunters International is where its at tho
But be aware they also have House Hunters: International on there so be safe
The only shows I watch on tv are House Hunters, House Hunters International, Love it or List it and Chopped lol
Lesson learned: If I want to fly into a blind rage just watch House Hunters or House Hunters International. People & their demands..
Remember the new open of new fantasyland. Belle had a tough decision. House Hunters
Home Sweet's plea to hunters: 'Please stop shooting at my house.'
The great thing about a bad short-term memory is that I can watch the same ep of House Hunters International every 6 months and it's all new
[house hunters: poverty line edition]. REALTOR: this house is in a good location but it doesnt have a roof. ME: thats no…
Check out this week's schedule on the website: 
A tougher call for younger house hunters, especially in California, if mortgage rates rise
coming soon to a Pleasure Hunters near you ✌️
Watching house hunters and these young couples are looking at $700k homes as their first house. ***
Call me to catch the next boom! Philly House Hunters: Kensington's HOT | NBC 10 Philadelphia
Fort Hood area house hunters need to stop by my open house through 5 pm today at 229 Crossland - off FM 439. Killeen
Selling your home? Here's an easy "recipe" to make it smell pleasant to house hunters, & it doesn't involve candles.
Know your facts! The complete guide for house hunters in Read for
From house hunters of HGTV to Tiny House Hunting of different...
Maybe Rideau Cottage was chosen after they selected from three residences, House Hunters-style!
I pitched a Milewski-hosted episode of House Hunters last week...
House Hunters: Tiny House Edition, except everyone who wants a tiny house has to buy two tiny houses & give one to a homeless person.
Plymouth house-hunters frozen off property ladder as the number of young ... - Plymouth Herald
"4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a pool, and walking distance to the market, for $800 a month, but there's no dishwasher." ~people on House Hunters.
I love House Hunters International, it makes me want to live outside the U.S. even more
Affordability gap means middle-income Dallas house hunters are out of luck
I've spent my entire morning watching House Hunters. I'm not mad about it 🏡
"- This parody of House Hunters is spot on
in was watching SYTTD and House Hunters
Channel 4 needs House Hunters to view 3 newly renovated properties in Call 0203 823 9145 or sellers
What is the current No. 1 priority for house hunters?
Is real . . . or scripted?! Finally, some answers from the writers' room. via
man...STRESSFUL!!! There were times when I would be like I give up, I'm getting an apt. House hunters makes it look fun
I love House Hunters International 🌍🌎🌏
true life: I'm obsessed w House Hunters International
One day I'm going to be on an episode of House Hunters International. Just you wait 😏
What is the current number one priority for house hunters?
it's a actual accredited haunted house. It was on ghost hunters and the travel channel.
Should have stayed home, I could be watching house hunters right now!!!
"When it's cold but you too lazy to get the blanket hunters house
.- This parody of House Hunters is spot on
Clever house hunters are finding the best bargains close to new-build developments:
SNL should do a parody of House Hunters International where Putin helps Assad pick the Russian mansion he'll live in during his exile.
House Hunters LA:. We have $900k. We want a 600 sq ft house with a kitchen that looks like a hospital cafeteria from the 2…
Today I learned the show Tiny House Hunters is about people searching for tiny houses & not, in fact, a spinoff of Little People, Big World
Watching House Hunters Renovations on HGTV and it's making me sad. I can't wait to move in!!🏡
Do you know what the main reason people move house is?
Haunted House hunters not spooked by spirits - 66% of Londoners wouldn't be put off buying a haunted house,would you?
Watching House Hunters and this guy is looking at a detached two storey house for $99k in Cincinnati.
You do not know "House Hunters" rage until you know "Tiny House Hunters" rage. Had no idea it could go up to that level. cc
Our photographer Mike is going to be on House Hunters! He spent the weekend taking HGTV to some of his favorite...
I used to watch house hunters for fun...I was that kid 💀
House hunters is scientifically engineered to make me hate everyone who is on it
Folks on House Hunters are looking for waterfront property. Gotta say I'm with the wife-buy on a lake, not the ocean.
We're house hunting aka going to ~924 open houses/week but mostly watching House Hunters and getting offended at housing…
A chat with the N.C. couple featured on 'House Hunters' (PHOTOS)
Tune into HGTV's House Hunters tonight at 7pm PST to catch up on FB's own Amy Mahjoory's latest Chicago renovation!
I absolutely loved working w/ Trevor and Bethany on House Hunters
What's going on at Lee University on a Friday afternoon? House Hunters and baking pumpkin cookies at Megan's apartment. 😂😂
every time a couple on House Hunters requires a bathroom with dual shower heads I'm like ok cool we get it you guys have a lot of shower sex
HGTV grows on you . House Hunters and Property Brothers lit lmao.
lets do it together next time. Watch the Mike Tyson Mysteries episode "House Hunters." So good, and HGTV-esque.
Tonight on House Hunters: Colonialism, Americans relocate to Spain to work at the U.S. naval base in Rota, Spain. Does Spain have no navy?
We have House Hunters and House Hunters: International already; clearly the next step is the future.
House Hunters International is on, folks. Let me get my culture on.
Lol everyone who just watched that episode of House Hunters just rolled their eyes when they called Suffolk Co. part of "northern virginia"
House Hunters episode in Norfolk and Virginia Beach makes me miss home even more.
This rich couple on House Hunters are seeking a "southern plantation style" house in Pacific Palisades.
I want to see Ted Allen from Chopped and Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue buy a house together on House Hunters.
Is it weird that I'm still confused that chose to watch House Hunters instead of the Chris Farley Documentary?
How does one dislike House Hunters or any of the home renovation shows?
Just watched House Hunters renovation on from yesterday and I'm SO PROUD of Buffalo! Those guys did an amazing job!
NDAR President Elect Cindy Harvey will be appearing on House Hunters on Wednesday, August 12, 9pm. Don't miss it!
You're like a House Hunters renovation episode. ha ha.
Watching house hunters in france makes me want to live there so bad 😩
Check out House Hunters - Detroit Digs on the HGTV Watch app for iPad and iPhone.
International house hunters makes me want to slice my wrists with a passport.
seriously. just hoping to be as good of a writer as whomever writes the banter between couples on House Hunters. flawless.
"what's a good episode of House Hunters"? - none. they're all great.
If someone can come pick me up by hunters and take me to my house that would be greatly appreciated
Watching House Hunters Vintage on and holy crap. $205k for a 6 bed gorgeous colonial estate in Baltimore. Why do I not live there???
House Hunters International is so annoying this guys forcing his kid to go from Florida to Lithuania ?
The real estate agent on house hunters started roasting this poor lady
Why do I torture myself with House Hunters? I love the homes but usually hate the people looking at them
Is there a particular reason for House Hunters International (the only one worth watching) to not be on as often anymore?!
watched House Hunters last night for the first time in years and it was delightful... textbook Vivian Ward Effect.
The lady who narrates House Hunters needs to narrate my life
Did everyone enjoy seeing Destin on last night? What did you think of the home?
HBD to the best little ever, can't wait to use lily glasses, smoke cigs n watch house hunters! sigmadick for life❤️❤️
Congrats to our own Kevin Paton, Realtor at our Macomb​ office! He will be on House Hunters!
If I hear one more person on House Hunters who wants a suburban house but complains about neighbors I'm gonna... do nothing but watch more.
.I watch House Hunters International . .I've considered doing just that
Finished house hunting by doing what all good hunters do...went to
Ghost Hunters marathon while folding all the laundry in the house? Absolutely.
I scream at the TV when I watch house hunters some people are just so dumb on that show
i was watching House Hunters and this family was looking at houses in Boca Raton... coincidence? nah
Spending my days watching house hunters & scrolling through pintrest waiting to be a wife
House Hunters is what I watch when I need to remember my place in life.
I really like watching house hunters on Netflix.
Watching House Hunters International.god I love America
I've always loved watching house hunters even when I was younger 😐
I hate House Hunters International so much
White girls in House Hunters International provide the best entertainment. “You mean, this is the kitchen?? No granite countertops?
House Hunters International more like white people trying to live somewhere exotic 💁✨~
I want to throat punch every person on House Hunters.
Me and Cody love watching House Hunters together. Yes we are a 40yr old married couple already.
What do you think of tools like this so consumers can gather data? Does it help or hinder an
Watched House Hunters last night and laughing at how the guy was still stuck with his HS glory and it effected the house selection
😭😭😭 I can see it though. If I was on house hunters I would make things so painfully awkward. Deer in headlights 👀
Thanks for mentioning our Help to Buy event that takes place this weekend
Luxury Livingston within reach for West Lothian house hunters
Staging your home involves creating an environment that house hunters can envision themselves living in. .
House Hunters International be like "we want a penthouse in Paris overlooking the city for $80,000"
I'm watching "House Hunters International" and earning great rewards from . hunters international
Watching House Hunters International while studying is the perfect motivation to grind so I can afford an island holiday home one day
why am I watching house hunters at 5 in the morning
Video: b–i–g: zenaxaria: bout to watch house hunters and drown myself in ice cream god is good…lord
According to Rightmove, nearly 38% of UK house-hunters say their biggest concern is that house prices are too high
the culture of death is people buying 3 bedroom houses on House Hunters but all they have are dogs.
Jill and Tim Langhus-Griffin filming House Hunters International at the lovely Hotel Villa Alba in Torrw del. Mar
This boy that was just on House Hunters. ✊🏼
ok why am i watching house hunters.AGAIN
house hunters and flip or flop and the two Property Brothers shows are all on netflix I am going to cry is this cali
I'm watching "House Hunters" and earning great rewards from . hunters # mini me
It's Saturday night and I'm laying in bed eating chocolate and watching House Hunters on Netflix. I know, my life is crazy!
Since when did House Hunters add checklist? This ain't Property Virgins
Lds couple on House Hunters looking near Salt Lake City. San Diego temple pics abound. "I want a big pantry because I do coupon."
I just wanna watch House Hunters and Flea Market Flip in HD.. 😢
House Hunters: yes hi I have a budget of $1.50 and I would like to live in downtown San Francisco overlooking the bay
However house hunters has me wanting to buy my house now 😫
people on house hunters are crazy.I would kill to live in a home like that 😫
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Why are people so picky on House Hunters
Nothing. Just drinking coffee, social media and watching House Hunters.
Watching house hunters makes me wanna go out and buy a house so bad 😍
This guy on house hunters is making fresh tequila like same
Do people on House Hunters understand the concept of budgeting? Like "Oh that house is only $50,000 more than I have, I'll just get that"
THERE ARE SO MANY *** GUYS MARRIED TO WOMEN ON HOUSE HUNTERS. *** marriage is legal so go be free! 👍
Husband Hunters inter house sports. I can see the ones already doing pressup for 100 metres. Nne softly.
I watched like 3 straight hours of House Hunters on this flight.
Do you watch House Hunters? This BuzzFeed commentary is priceless.
These people on house hunters are upset because he doesn't know where he is going to put his tequila bar
Watching house hunters makes me so excited for the day I get to buy my own house 😁
Watching House Hunters and says I want 6 bedrooms.Why you ask? Cuz she wants 3 kids...3 kids? You lucky if you get 2 outta me
Every time Hershey hears the doorbell noise in the house hunters theme song he LOSES IT and goes and sits by the door for 10 minutes
I have an unhealthy obsession with House Hunters
Oh, you know. Just a little live action shoot for HGTV's House Hunters at lunch today.
I found out that house hunters is fake , I haven't watched it since 😩😩😩😩
This guy on House Hunters wants a whole room devoted to tequila.
This couple on house hunters is getting brutal 😂😂😂😂
There's a couple on House Hunters right now looking for a big *** home in Chesapeake.
Perfect day to finish some laundry and watch loads of House Hunters 😍
People with lofty expectations and small budgets ruin my house hunters experience
Watching House Hunters, & maybe it's just me.. But how you live w/o cooking!? I couldn't do take out every single day & you have a family?
Ted & I are officially adults because we chose to watch house hunters over sponge bob & we are eating fruit
Know anyone who would love to be on the TV show House Hunters? They are looking for someone in the OKC area: .
House Hunters: This giant kitchen island is the wrong shade of granite. House Hunters International: At least the bathr…
House Hunters International round 2 - wish me luck!
I would totally watch a House Hunters companion show that explains how some of these *** have so much goddamned mon…
I've been in bed, sick, watching House Hunters for 8 hours straight...
Whose watching the kids is always something I want know when watching House Hunters?
Watching house hunters and this man said he needs a room just for his tequila
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Just discovered that House Hunters is on On Demand so that's what I'll be doing the next couple of days 😊
"If hunters were house-sitters..." A short, wild ride into the convincingly bizarre: by
You guys should riff episodes of House Hunters. Plenty of jokes to be made about people who "can't live" w/o granite counter tops.
The couples on House Hunters are annoying.
Ugh house hunters why are you always so freaking whiny?
I hate when people on house hunters complain about the color of the wall as if paint doesn't exist
Picky people on House Hunters make me want to punch them.
Where do they get the people for House Hunters!? Wanted: a bratty couple who complains about paint and no crown moulding with a tiny budget
Watching house hunters makes me so excited to buy a home someday and start a family😂
I hate when I'm in the middle of a good house hunters marathon and then a picky brat comes on and makes me change the channel.
So I guess the only thing I can do all summer is watch house hunters every *** day.
The people on house hunters make me so mad
There's a house hunters marathon today 💙
This episode of House Hunters takes place in Scottsdale and I'm way more excited than I should be right now
House hunters makes me want to be a realtor so bad.
What do you think? Liverpool house hunters can buy a property for £1
Filming a House Hunters episode for HGTV at one of our fabulous listings!
House Hunters, House Hunters: International, and House Hunters: Renovation are the only HH's we need please stop this nonsense.
Not feeling this House Hunters because it's Renovation, so it's an hour long, so no International. Hmm. I think I might watch Star Trek
I believe the television show House Hunters was a contributing factor to the rapid change of public opinion on marriage equality.
Sick Beard: Download Finished: House Hunters - 63x06 - Seeing Eye to Eye in New Hampshire
I'm truly addicted to Honestly been glued with minimal eye-breaks for 6 days straight. Flip or Flop, House Hunters, HH: Intl. 😍🙌🏽
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