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House Hunters International

House Hunters is an American reality series that airs on HGTV. Having originally premiered in 1999, there have been three spin-off series that follow a similar format as the original show.

French Riviera

My moms friend is on house hunters international right now and I've never seen my mother so supportive
International House Hunters... is that considered reality tv?
House Hunters International is really good at showing Americans as privileged, disrespectful jerks
Currently in Germany, and I feel like I'm in an episode of house hunters international
"House hunters international" usually makes me cringe at Americans (freaking out about kitchens, space, how they can't ge…
Cute!! My mom keeps sending me listings lol I told her I wanted to international house hunters
I told my wife about Tina's statement, she was so offended she had to pause house hunters international... 😡😜
i finally found a link to watch house hunters international and i started to cry goodNIGHT!
House Hunters International is no longer on Netflix. What the *** am I supposed to do with my Saturday night?
We see these places on House Hunters International all the time on HGTV. So why not get
Thank you Tina for telling it like it is. p.s. Didn't vote Trump, but I do like House Hunters Inter…
You realize you're old when you genuinely enjoy House Hunters International...
I ain't got time for renters on House Hunters International.
I am an American moving to Athens, Greece in September. How do I apply to be on House Hunters International?
Dog passport? I never knew about them. Ke a leboga house hunters international
I've become a fan of Ur work on House Hunters International. Ur cool attitude is alluring. Home more episodes to come.Cheers!
It 10:47 on a Friday night and I'm watching house hunters international
not sure if youve done this but; HGTV AU who would be on what house hunters series? off the grid, tiny, international, island, etc
House Hunters: International might as well be called "Rich People Do the Darndest Things"
"I saw it on house hunters international!!" -Madi 🤔
I'm going to be a realtor so I can be on house hunters international
Yeah, I watch a lot of House Hunters International so I'm familiar with how expensive it is there in OZ.
Seeing this international house hunters in Panajachel really has me missing Guatemala 🇬🇹🙁
All 7-year-olds wake up and turn on House Hunters International, right? That's just a normal thing kids do?
I added a video to a playlist Xavier and Nicole Flores House Hunters International part 2
Gotta figure out how I can get one of my daughters to marry the sweet guy on House hunters International in london
I'm watching House Hunters International (don't judge me) and the couple from the US are looking for their dream home in Wollongong 😂 😂 😂 😂
Watch House Hunters International all the time. Always enjoy seeing you, Richard. Cheers, ***
I feel like dude on House Hunters International needs to have a lil talk with his moms. Like, a serious talk.
Why does this brother on House Hunters International have that 1992 Wesley Snipes Nino Brown New Jack Cut?
This guy on House Hunters International is like "I only want to live in central London" too, dude, but it's EXPENSIVE AF
I'm currently watching House Hunters International in case you were wondering. . If you know Hubert please connect us. cc:
48 Photos of Our Family Filming with House Hunters International in Mexico via
I love how on House Hunters International I there's always one person in the couple who's super salty about moving out of the states.
it's the only thing that keeps me from cutting my cable. This and international house hunters.
Want to watch house hunters international episodes strictly on New Zealand I love the style of homes there 😫😩😍
I just told a guy my fav show is house hunters international
[house hunters international episode somewhere we'd like to live]. How did they manage that? Oh they're Canadian. God it *** here.
please put House Hunters International back. I need it.
Watching House Hunters International is painful. Entitled people who have done zero research into the country they are moving too.
Yeah, they keep eating all of my cookies and filling my DVR with episodes of House Hunters International.
international house hunters never miss it. ..It makes you work hard😢😢
Netflix took off House Hunters International, im so hurt
According to House Hunters International, it is impossible to slow down, relax and enjoy life unless you move to a foreign country.
Too — watching HGTV house hunters international
Watched House Hunters International during bout of insomnia last night. Americans have laughable expectations. Get over it, s'il vous plait.
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I have over 40 episodes of house hunters international recorded, so one day over spring break imma sit my *** down and watch them all 😇😍😂
Can please have a marathon of house hunters international soon
so I'm watching House Hunters international & this american couple & they're terrified of spiders. This seems like an oversight.
Lately I find myself watching HGTVs House Hunters International with a more open mind. 🙄
Is it more or less crazy than House Hunters International?
House Hunters International is easily my favorite of the series cause these Americans are absolutely ridiculous with their wish lists.
If I've learned anything from House Hunters International it's that Americans are very concerned about being able to cook a turkey
My wife and I love seeing on House Hunters International! Definitely a colorful character!
Now a guy on House Hunters International is bringing 2 pick up trucks to the Netherlands where they mostly use bicycles for transportation
Horny HGTV. It's all the HGTV shows, but the horny versions. Horny House Hunters. Horny House Hunters International. Hor…
House Hunters International Catch up on House Hunters International - Ep 2 Racing Back to Vilnius, broadcasted by F…
Wasn't this house on House Hunters International? "Gezellig appartement Groningen"
literally the worst. House Hunters International and Tiny Houses are tied for second.
But on my mom's I'm not stanning for House Hunters International, Renovation, OR Tiny house hunters. It's the original or nothing for me
All I do is watch Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, Property Brothers, Tiny House Nation, and House Hunters International.
The people on House Hunters International right now are moving from San Diego to Switzerland and one of them is complaining. El oh el
If you don't hear from me, you'll either see me on House Hunters International or Banged Up Abroad.
HGTV has suspended House Hunters International series. No government will allow Americans access to their housing. (no proper emoticon here)
Check out my latest “sanity break”. I play my own home version of House Hunters Int'l on my phone or computer.
My prof was on house hunters international but he also said the whole thing is a scam and he already had a house so my life is over
visits Pink Dog artist see it tonight on House Hunters International 10:30pm
We started the Fall watching all of West Wing and have retreated to HGTV, House Hunters International.
Liz + Lina's casting video for House Hunters International on HGTV! Watch their episode TONIGHT ON
Lina + I make our TV DEBUT in the US tonight!! The story behind our House Hunters International…
I'm going to be one of those people on House Hunters International with zero budget but looking for a penthouse that you love to hate.
They did an episode of House Hunters International about us - and it airs TONIGHT!
I have a love/hate relationship watching House Hunters International. Seriously people, what do expect for that budget in London?!
I need to seriously stop watching House Hunters International... I can't afford a mansion in St. Thomas, Spain, or…
"we're relying only on his income right now so it worries me", said the wife on house hunters international. their budget is $1.8 MILLION
I don't think this House Hunters International relationship is going to work out. She has like zero desire to live in St. Thomas.
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Just trying to find someone to be one house hunters international with
When I feel like my life is getting stagnant, I switch from watching House Hunters to House Hunters: International.
Thing I've learned from House Hunters International: Americans don't google an international locale before uprooting the family & moving.
When your boss introduces you to the Rolex Roma owner and the International House Hunters executive producer.. 💯💎
& are the House Hunters and House Hunters International of my podcast world
No. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. I'll rather watch House Hunters International on CH179. 😜
Was watching HGTV (my addiction when I travel) when I recognized the girl from the couple on international house hunters from high school😱
Okay. That whole haunted house crap was so staged I can't even. 👋🏽. GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL isn't even that dramatic.
On house hunters international I've literally never seen a renovated house why do other countries suck at interior design so bad 😵
I can't wait for this couple on House Hunters International to get a divorce. This woman is annoying.
Depressing watching House Hunters International. Them Got a job opportunity to move overseas. Me all I have are you want fries with that jobs
They will put this on my headstone. "He watched every episode of House Hunters International".
why am I watching House Hunters International instead of doing my homework
House Hunters International is now must see television.
Watching House Hunters International because no politics + takes place in France.
Watching House Hunters International for escape and also because it's in France.
It's finally here! Tune-in to HGTV for an all-new episode of House Hunters International NOW, EST/CST fans!
my mom and I just crushed a bottle of wine and watched 4 episodes of house hunters international and I don't know who I am anymore
Maybe International House Hunters should show how difficult it is just to buy property in a foreign country. Not so easy peasy.
I'm convinced the producers of House Hunters International pay the people to live in the worst apartment! Some of them are a joke! 😂
So, on this episode of House Hunters International, there's a lady with her 8yo., Bug. You read that right. The kid's name is Bug.
Watching international house hunters and crying because I'm not in Europe
They're doing an episode of House Hunters International in Paris and it makes me want to go back one day
apparently has good taste in travel or perhaps inspired by a marathon of HGTV house hunters international
what's your favorite show? lol I fw house hunters and house hunters international
Tonight’s Premieres:. Freeform: Switched at Birth at 9p. HGTV: House Hunters International at 10:30p
Realtor on House Hunters International? you really can do it all!
3) watch HGTV House Hunters International for somewhere else to live. 😉😳
I want to be on House Hunters International when I'm older
I swear... Watching Perfect Home or House Hunters International, can annoy me. The closest it is to the city, the expensive it gets.
Nothing drives Judy crazier than people on House Hunters international and tiny homes complaining about space for entertaining.
Low key jelly of this couple looking for a house in costa Rica on house hunters international 😣
"Why isn't this house exactly like what I can get at home?" - arrogant Americans on international house hunters stressing me out lol
I love 'House Hunters' so much. But ion like the international one.
House Hunters International is the team Jordan version of the show.
Sorry MSNBC, we need a break. Time for some House Hunters International.
I have a feeling House Hunters International ratings have skyrocketed in the past few months
If I do 30 minutes of writing, I'm allowed to watch House Hunters International.
Make sure you watch my directorial debut on House Hunters International tonight at 10:30
That's a wrap! House Hunters International finished filming episodes on Tune in for the new Bonaire…
We're on tv this Thursday in the Us!! Mountain Xpress
Lakewood couple is on House Hunters International tonight @ 10:30 pm! Check it out.
The woman next to me paid for internet on our 40 minute flight so she could watch House Hunters International. (cc
Honestly manifestation is real I used to dream about living abroad when I watched house hunters international and here I am!!!
I like house hunters international bc it showed me I can live anywhere around the world for any amount of $
House Hunters International almost always makes me angry why do I do this
God please strike down this monster family with nine children on House Hunters International.
Family bonding: yelling at dumb Americans on House Hunters International
This is why is the only show on TV that matters... Okay and House Hunters International but I digress
These cribs on house hunters international be something else.. this show just let me know I ain't built for living in another country
I have yet to see a single likable person on House Hunters International.
Low key evening watching house hunters international!
I have a much greater appreciation for the food network and House Hunters International since my youth.
"the splitting of our media with a channel for every taste...". *changes channel to Millennial Liberal House Hunters International marathon*
I agree with yah Johnny boy. International is my fave but I also like tiny house hunters
I can live with that, as long as every variation of that is included like Caribbean life, house hunters international, etc.
I just learned there are 75 seasons of House Hunters International and none of them are available for streaming on :(
Lakewood family to appear on HGTV's "House Hunters International"
I'm not huge on International and prefer the domestic one but would probably go that 1, Island 2, Tiny House Hunters 3
You know you're Canadian when you're watching House Hunters International and automatically assume it's St. John, NFLD when it's really USVI
Lakewood Family to Appear on HGTV's House Hunters International: The adorable, all-American family above is none…
House hunters international as I plan my trips this year ✈️🌈✨
House Hunters International can rent a house in Thailand for $600/mo. & you can't even live in downtown Columbia MO for $600/mo. 😂
A couple of Northeast Ohioans are going to be on "House Hunters International"
Studying for my real estate exam by watching House Hunters International.
Lorain native & family will be on an upcoming ep of your DVR for 10:30p Jan. 24:
The only thing my wife hates me because she turns on House Hunters International.
'House Hunters International' helps Lorain native find home in the Netherlands by
We're currently accepting auditions for House Hunters International episodes in 2017. If you have ever dreamed of...
Watching House Hunters International and are amazed by the couples who are shocked on how small European flats are.
I am late for work bcs I was watching International House Hunters and I needed to know what house these couple woul…
I never got to see House Hunters International while I was here.
Me watching house hunters international wishing I was 29 and married looking for a cottage in Salzburg
everything the couples on house hunters international DON'T have.
One of my favorite activities is yelling at couples on House Hunters International.
The people on house hunters international make me mad sometimes.
I hate this woman on House Hunters International. BE NICE TO YOUR HUSBAND!
Omg these Americans on House Hunters International looking for a home in Germany, can you stop being so obnoxiously American?
We've moved on to house hunters international, w suburban Americans moving to Europe for work, my favorite subgenre
House Hunters International:. We want to move because our white children live in a white bubble. So we're moving to white Augsburg, Germany.
House hunters international is literally my favorite
House Hunters International has an American couple looking for a home in the Czech Republic. 😍
House Hunters International here. They are buying their first place in Brnu, Czech Republic…
*Mom and dad watching house hunters international*. Mom: what country are they in. Dad: Kentucky . Mom: 😑
House Hunters International is leaving Netflix January 1 I am so sad
TV YEAR IN REVIEW:. "For the ninth year in a row, the best show I've seen all year is House Hunters International. Truly dominant series."
*watching House Hunters International* house hunter: I'm a minimalist. Mom: really bc your outfit & hair are just screaming…
Oh my god here's why I should never get cable again: I'll watch House Hunters International until my eyeballs fall out my head
[TV] House Hunters International (Travel Channel) Sat, Nov 12, 8:30 AM Reunited in London, UK: Crystal and Tony met while she was completi..
As a House Hunters International fan, this was scenario was a fear I never knew I had. Thanks a lot.
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Happy to see on House Hunters International on last night.
This is so very true of me.😆😆😆😆. And these pain meds for my neck aren't helping, oh look House Hunters Internatio…
I'm addicted to house hunters international late at night 🙈
The international House Hunters is fun when you get a lovely couple who bought a beautiful view in the French Riviera. Fun to dream.
Guys, who is the real estate agent in France on House Hunters International? Her life is clearly everything she ever hoped it would be
you know what's worse than the ppl on house hunters? the ppl on HH international (all dwarfed by the ppl on tiny house hunters, obvs)
Uh yeah ... I'm not missing a new episode of House Hunters International for this. It's on the French Riviera!
Omg. House Hunters International's episode rn is in the French Riviera and I'm CRYING 😭😭😭
My roommate, intensely concentrating and sounding a little concerned: “Oh my god I had no idea…House Hunters International is on
Happy birthday little house hunters international for the boys this weekend
Watching House Hunters International Renovation makes me wish I had 3 million dollars to buy and renovate my dream house.
Filming another episode here in Paris begins tomorrow! And don't forget to watch the latest episode airing...
My favorite tv shows are game of thrones, trailer park boys and house hunters international. That's basically all you need to know about me😅
Me. What the *** else would I be watching? It's either this or House Hunters International
Free idea for creative types: Found Footage remake of Dracula with Harker working for International House Hunters
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Love me an evening of knitting and house hunters international. I swear I'm not 60.
Can already tell it's one of those days where I go home, rip off my pants, and watch house hunters international for hours
Who loves House Hunter International? You can see the show that features the B&B on Thanksgiving at 10:30 PM...
Just found out there's over 80 seasons of House Hunters International... I honestly think I've watched 95% of them. 😂
Tune in to House Hunters International tonite JULY 9th. Find out why we moved here and started the Ecuador...
Josh Mezger & Itchy Feet Media will be shooting their 10th episode of House Hunters International in stunning...
She is unwatchable. I'll watch House Hunters International reruns before tuning into her show.
I love the couple on house hunters international! Portugal is such a beautiful country they really showed off its beauty!
im watching house hunters international and this couple's MAIN PRIORITY is room for a ping pong table inside
I've gotten to that point where i'm rewatching episodes of house hunters international
Josh is out of town so I've been watching a lot of House Hunters International. WHY DONT THESE PEOPLE EVER CHECK THE VIEW FROM THE WINDOWS
The next place I want to move to is wherever was featured in the last episode of House Hunters International I've watched
Love it so much. After that ke House Hunters International. My favs 😍
I miss Europe 😭😭 I need to stop watching house hunters international
House Hunters International is my guilty pleasure.
My anthropology professor was on an episode of House Hunters International 😱😱😱😱
yes I've been watching since I was a wee one! I also hate house hunters international couples-not as much as us couples
omg yes. endless. I love it. And house hunters international 😍😍
Watching house hunters international and they're in western Sydney, australia. PICK THE HOUSE WITH THE AC TRUST ME
Only thing worse is a house snob looking for a beach house on House Hunters International.
This episode of house hunters international is in Manchester. The prices of these homes are so much more reasonable than the London prices.
I was in one a few weeks ago that didn't have HGTV. is it even really business travel without House Hunters International?
I'm convinced House Hunters International is the reason the world hates Americans
Game coverage drops out... *changes channel to house hunters international*
November is going to be a crazy fun month filming "House Hunters International" around Australia & NZ with some...
I'm going to have to start paying for the full DSTV buquet. The only thing on this half buquet is HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL. CAN'T GO ON!
so who do we at House Hunters International have to thank for that great shout out?
This Red Bungalow was featured on House Hunters International. It has a super unique office loft:…
God already switched over to House Hunters International
This couple on House Hunters International is in Sicily with a budget of $100,000... I am SO intrigued
I wonder if everyone yells at the tv when they watch house hunters/ house hunters international/ island hunters the way my parents & I do🤔😂
Especially house hunters international. That's the best show
The people on House Hunters International are INFURIATING but I can't. stop. watching.
Going to have to watch three hours of House Hunters International tonight.
I literally JUST watched this Andrew Cristian guy on House Hunters International and now he's on
House Hunters International is the best show on tv tbh
House Hunters International is a masterclass in First World Problems omg
According to recent studies, I actively wish homelessness on 96% of all couples who appear on House Hunters International.
House Hunters International: You speak more than one language? *rolls eyes* Hee hee hee. Oh, my. How *** .
House Hunters International: You're a three-dimensional, fully realized human being--but what about the charming Gaulic stereotype I crave!?
House Hunters International: France is made of charm and cheese!
House Hunters International: You mean people die in France?! But that doesn't fit into my naive narrative!
House Hunters International - I hate when the reality doesn't match my whimsical fantasy version that's based on movies and books!
This episode of House Hunters International is very dark
Been on a House Hunters International binge lately. I need to start traveling more. There's a whole big world out there.
Remember how cari & I were gonna move to Australia? Well, House Hunters International wants to cast us😂 I knew we were made for reality tv!😂
House Hunters International is yt pipo going to developing countries to live in an air-conditioned beachfront property just like the locals
House Hunters International *Renovations*. Tuscan chateau to be specific plz k thx
Things I need: . Motivation. A job. A new season of House Hunters International
Ah, this Canadian couple on House Hunters International, eating "supper" and worried "aboot" a 30-minute commute.
Anyone watching the crazy controlling sister on House Hunters International telling her brother where he should live in Finland?!
Dude on House Hunters International said he was "Literally a country mouse moving to the city." Nah, bro.
If I'm being honest, I dream more about going on House Hunters International than my wedding day.
I've never seen black people on House Hunters International
House Hunters International is becoming my shiet.
I'm watching House Hunters International now. I think this is bad for my ability to have healthy sleep.
I yell at the TV during House Hunters International like most people do while watching sports. $900 budget for a 2 br in city center?! C'mon
Let's all donate tonight. Let's be honest, we can't all make it on to episodes of 'House Hunters International'.
well……time to tune back into House Hunters International.
And it's back to watching House Hunters International!
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For anyone tired of this awful presidential debate.House Hunters International is on HGTV.thinking int'l might be a better option...
Sorry, reached my breaking point. Switched to House Hunters International which normally makes me irate but rn feels like a soothing breeze
Settled on House Hunters International, "Settling down in Costa Rica" maybe they have room for one more? 🙈
I am turning on House Hunters International so I can plan our escape should America vote a fascist into the White House.
I'm looking at past episodes of House Hunters International for my next residence. We are screwed either way !
Time to put on House Hunters International to see if there's some cheap place to live in a 3rd world country.
Oh, look--I have a House Hunters International episode from Vienna on the DVR!
Oh, happy days! Our new cable package gave us new channels, including one with an all-time favorite of mine--House Hunters International! 😆
TONIGHT! Tune into House Hunters International for Designer Andrew Christian search for dream home in Puerto Vallarta…
Go to a party or binge watch House Hunters International?. So anyway, I'm basically an expert on the global housing market now ...
It's that time of year again and we are accepting auditon's for House Hunters International in Western Australia.
Meanwhile on House Hunters International the American moving to Scotland went out to eat and ordered deep fried pizza
Green Bay native Elizabeth Kee and her husband will be featured on "House Hunters International" on Wednesday night.
if Hill gets elected we better get more episodes of House Hunters International on the *** netflix. i mean. not sure it's related. but still
Although I know it's fake, I still yell at the TV when folks on House Hunters International complain that European houses are too small.
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The couple on House Hunters International look like brother and sister and it’s creeping me out.
Followed by house hunters international renovation, and tiny house hunters, followed by tiny house hunters international.
Next on HGTV; house hunters, followed by house hunters international, then house hunters renovation...
Not at home TONIGHT? Watch LIVE from your mobile or tablet on .
Yasss! I love House Hunters and the International one is ridiculous!
.Chinese buyers have already moved $ out of China, into Canada — our data supports that:
I was torn between watching gangland and house hunters international lmfao
Watching House Hunters International trying to see how much money I need to move out the country & live comfortably.
Honestly the most toxic relationship I have ever witnessed is on this episode of House Hunters International Renovation on air right now
TiVo> House Hunters International Renovation: "A Scandiwork Project in Sodermanland County" at 1:00 PM on 39 HGTV
I'm actually obsessed with house hunters international
International House Hunters reveals the selfishness in relationships.
I can't stop watching House Hunters International. Please send help. And money. So I can go to all these places.
this is in relation to an episode of House Hunters International, I'm not actually moving to Belize im not that exciting
I do my traveling vicariously through House Hunters International
Get your iPhone insurance today!
you're disrupting my viewing of House Hunters International
House Hunters International is more suspenseful than the Blair Witch Project
YEAH im watching house hunters international
Yo is the agent in House Hunters International in Belize really named Sandy Beech...Beach?
the real estate agents name on house hunters international is Sandy Beach...
food network is the best channel. Tied with HGTV. Idk why I mess with international house hunters so heavy, but I do.
lol throwback to good times in the attic getting 352675 paper cuts and watching House Hunters International
it's on in the background in between House Hunters International 😀
everyone saw beyoncé this week and i caught up on house hunters international
Luckily I've been watching house hunters international on Netflix scoping out a new crib for the low
Watching house hunters international to prepare myself for an escape from post-election America
Now available on - House Hunters International 72.8 for 29 days
Now available on - House Hunters International 72.7 for 29 days
Ending up on House Hunters International is the dream
I can be cultured too! I watch house hunters international
Remember to tune into a brand new HGTV episode of House Hunters International airing TONIGHT, June 9th at 8:30pm...
I LOVE watch International House Hunters!!! I'm going to purchase me a house in Bali one day,lol. frfr
Foreign buyers indeed looking to second-tier cities
There is no more frustrating show than house hunters international
Please make a show that tracks the dissolution of the marriages of the couples on House Hunters International.
...or even better, you get a better deal with House Hunters International!
I wouldn't be here to answer this because hunters international 😄
Episode one of tonight's house hunters international marathon: family with 8 kids moves to a beautiful home in Mexico, oh joy.
This family on house hunters international has 10 kids (!) But they're only brining 7 to Mexico...$650k is getting them 3 bedrooms.
My dad broke the tv remote downstairs so the tv is stuck on HGTV. The only thing worth watching is House Hunters International.
It's almost admirable how the House Hunters International narrator makes basically no attempt to properly pronounce the names of places.
I'm about to turn on House Hunters International!!!
Whenever I watch House Hunters International I have this burning desire to move sooo far from America
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