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House Ethics Committee

The Committee on Ethics, often known simply as the Ethics Committee, is one of the committees of the United States House of Representatives.

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Just as soon as the House Ethics Committee and Senate Ethics Committee investigates YOU for raping a 13 year o…
If you think Conyers being investigated by the House Ethics Committee is a big deal/THINK AGAIN! In 2010 Rep Charlie Rangel…
It's vital we replace Rep Susan Brooks(R-IN) as chair of House Ethics Committee &increase its oversight role over a…
House Ethics Committee expands investigation of insider trading by GOP Rep. Chris Collins, an early Trump endorser. ht…
Democrats using the even partisan split on House Ethics Committee -->Byron York: Keeping Devin Nunes out of the game
A House Ethics Committee briefs lender about how corporate financing services would hurt the rate.
Three Democrats are facing scrutiny for possible ethics infractions, the House Ethics Committee announced Monday.
Last year’s gun control sit-in may have Democrats in hot water with the House Ethics Committee
...and he did not leak it! He did not go to the House Ethics Committee! Instead, he agreed probably plann…
That's why he has advisors. And wouldn't the House Ethics Committee step in and advise? What about RNC? How about O…
Congrats to Trey Gowdy being picked to be the new Republican making sure the House Oversight Committee isn't doing anything about ethics!
Attention: Ethics committee - come and get these guys and gals out of OUR house.
I just called on the House Committee on Ethics, and to investigate…
Comey was compromised at that moment. He agreed. He should have gone to House Ethics Committee.…
Yet...not serious enough to go to Senate Intel Committee, House Ethics Commitee, and DOJ. Not serious enough for you to resign
Comey was politicized. Comey should have gone to House ethics committee instead of overstepping his jurisdiction.
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Comey should have gone to the House Ethics Committee and not usurped power of DOJ. He shou…
We will file a case before the House Ethics Committee against one of the House Member who is continously send threats to his former staffs.
House Ethics Committee is another racket. Get rid of it.
A call to the house ethics committee ---must put a stop to this craziness. Who is this guy?
I for one will be calling the house ethics committee. This is over the top - even for the Dems!
three-year House Ethics Committee investigation after abusing her position to funnel $12 million in bailout money to her husband’s bank.
Rep. Waters charged on three counts | TheHill
House Committee on Ethics should file a resolution censuring these two. Antics like this re…
Why is the House Ethics Committee SELECTIVELY [by progressive dogma] investigating a Republican lawmaker for...
He made monetary contribitions to Sen Johnny Isakson-chairman of House Ethics committee.
I believe House ethics committee and will be interested in this.
So what are Democrats on the House Ethics committee doing, .about the case?
Where is the house ethics committee?
I don't know who all is on House Ethics Committee but the need to HOGT…
Why is the house ethics committee not doing anything about the lies on congressman's social media? They took an oath!
Rep. Waters charged on three counts
.House Ethics Committee questioned whyTX would bar a local elected official from pursuing…
Intel Chairman Devin Nunes now under investigation by House Ethics Committee
Devin Nunes under investigation by the House Ethics Committee, stepping aside from the Russia invest…
thx. It's not just that. It's lots of little things. Oh, and I suppose the House Ethics Committee is a little thing :)
Brazil's suspended House speaker, Eduardo Cunha, defended himself before an ethics committee on Thursday, a day after the appointment of hi…
falsely claims he is no longer under ethics investigation. Truth hurts:
House Oversight and Ethics Committee currently passing bill pkg to make gov't more transparent.
Eduardo Cunha is back at Brazil's lower house 2 weeks after he was removed; defending himself in ethics committee
No spin, no sound bites. Is real ethics reform worth a couple hours of your time?
The House Ethics Committee is publicly pursuing allegations that former Rep. Edward Southard sexually harassed several women at Statehouse
Brazil's suspended lower house speaker Eduardo Cunha will be at ethics committee on Thursday to defend himself
is this the same Newt that was the first speaker to be reprimanded by House ethics committee?
Former Rep. Eddy Southard says he's "not worried at all" about ethics investigation.
S.C. House Ethics Committee moves forward with sexual harassment investigation of former lawmaker.
TN House ethics committee hasn't met in at least six years. The Senate ethics committee has gone more than a decade.
Let me get this straight, the new corrupt free leadership have brought the independent ethics committee in house?
Must-see TV: Joy Reid's interview this morning with Alan Grayson over House ethics committee allegations .
He was sanctioned by ethics committee in house and ousted by fellow republicans. Those that do not learn fm history repeat 👎
Use of tax-exempt organization for political purposes; provided false information to House Ethics Committee.
A lot of time was spent in the house, scrapping about this issue today.
Interesting panel of witnesses at the House Ethics Committee tomorrow. Televised for your viewing pleasure.
Rep. Alan Grayson is under House Ethics Committee investigation for a hedge fund he ran in the Cayman Islands.
Hi I'm at the House Committee on Investigating and Ethics this morning. Here's the agenda:
Key MISLED the house yesterday will the speaker ask him to apologise? will he appear before the ethics committee?.
House Ethics Committee confirms it will extend its review of allegations against Democatic Rep. Alan Grayson, a senate candidate.
3 provincial information commissioners appear at House Ethics Committee on Tuesday.
(1/3) I'm puzzled when Members of Congress ask for House Ethics Committee investigation when accused of wrongdoing.
House Ethics Committee and FBI to investigate Republican Congressman Robert Pittenger business dealings:
House Ethics Committee votes to grant continuance for former Speaker Bobby Harrell on previous ruling. Background:
Allegedly grabby state Reps. don't get to be on House Ethics Committee anymore :-(
Lawmakers cited for making out in public park step down from House Ethics Committee.
Minnesota lawmakers accused of "making out" step down from House Ethics Committee
GOP Reps. Tim Kelly and Tara Mack issue apologies to law enforcement & constituents, agree to step down from House Ethics Committee.
2 lawmakers who were cited for making out in a public park have stepped down from the Minn. House Ethics Committee. |
GOP House Speaker Kurt Daudt also says Mack and Kelly have stepped down as members of the House Ethics Committee.
House Ethics Committee finds trip was likely improper but no one in Congress at fault
The House Benghazi Committee lacks ethics for failure to include former Sec State Powells emails in his attempts to damage
LIVE at 3:30 PM on : House Committee on Rules, Calendar, and Ethics
House Ethics Committee has no power to expel them permanently?
I agree, the U.N> would be good. The so-called White House Bio-Ethics committee already brushed off TI's.
House Ethics Committee should release OCE report on SOCAR-funded Congressional travel to
The House Ethics Committee announced that it had cleared 10 lawmakers and 32 House employees of any wrongdoing associated with a trip to
ANCA urges the U.S. House Ethics Committee to publicly release the Office of Congressional Ethic's findings on...
The abject failure of the House Ethics Committee makes Dan Snyder look like a football genius and humanitarian.
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House Ethics Committee says Rep. Davis broke no rules in Azerbaijan trip
WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Ethics Committee said Friday it found no evidence of wrongdoing by a bipartisan group of lawma…
ANCA demands House Ethics Committee of Congress to publicize report on Congressmen secret...
Ask the US House Ethics Committee to release the OCE's findings on (202) 225-7103
Drain the swamp: House Ethics Committee paves the way for Maxine Waters trial
House committee says no Thursday to creation of ethics commission resolution
Sondra Erickson has handed out a code of conduct for House and employees. She heads the ethics committee
LIVE at 11:30 AM on : House Committee on Rules, Calendar and Ethics
Ethics committee meeting got cancelled due to changes in house schedule today.. on purpose, that's one committee that needs to meet
wow...simply wow! So will the House ethics committee investigate? Let's bet on this one
Schock misreported payment for private flight via House Ethics Committee
Apparently Sen. Larry Martin sending House "Ethics" bill straight to full committee, not allowing public to be heard.
Why isn't the Committee on ethics investigation this criminal? Cummings should be ousted from House
A copy of the Ethics Committee's findings on Ed Whitfield. Interesting reading.
> 1/2 of House ethics committee (which decides whom to strip of seats for ethics violations) is on Who g…
reports on changes to House rules governing House Ethics Committee and OCE investigations.
From The Nerve SC: Liberty SC House Rep Has Conflict Of Interest With His Printing Business Rep. David “Davey” Hiott, R-Pickens & Chairman of the House Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environmental Affairs Committee, reported spending a total of $6,500 in 2012 and last year on his business – the Hiott Printing Company – for what he labeled as “printing materials” and “printing for campaign.” He faced opposition in both the 2012 and 2014 Republican primaries, though he had no formal opponents in the general elections in those years. And other lawmakers have spent campaign funds on Hiott’s business, The Nerve’s review found. Sen. Larry Martin, R-Pickens and the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, for example, reported spending a total of $6,905 from November 2008 through December last year, mainly for what he listed as “Christmas cards.” Rep. Bill Whitmire, R-Oconee, reported spending a collective $4,135 in 2012 for what he labeled as “campaign cards” and a “mailer.” State ...
Yes, the MN Job Coalition's tracker is now the assistant LA for the MN House Ethics Committee
House Homeland Security Committee faces ethics inquiry, and to supply them with their respective places and dates. Unholy Trinity
It's hard to believe new House Ethics Committee rules are controversial but they are; a sad commentary: via
Within next 60 days, House freshmen must get an hour-long training from House Ethics Committee:
Boehner should be dragged before the ethics committee, and ousted as Speaker of the House. His ruthlessness is used only against republicans
Hmmm what's the worst House committee you could be sat on as punishment? I'm thinking ethics.
Unsure what the new constraint on the House ethics committee means
the house did what the could only do by law. Send him to the ethics committee where it was recommended he be removed from any .
House Ethics Committee cleans out the attic: No consequences for Rep. Tom Petri in conflict of interest case.
InCREDIBLE. And this whacko now CHAIRS the house ETHICS committee. Opposite world. I believe Jesus, himself, might smack her, and tell her to "SNAP OUT OF IT."
“HSUS and Whitfield in action - look at the documents and emails that are part of the investigation.
House Ethics Committee’s holiday reminder: Ask for nothing
Has the House Ethics Committee studied whether members are more likely to comply with the gift rule when guidance is issued in rhyme?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The House Ethics Committee prepared a sterling holiday guide this year. Kudos, and Highlights to follow.
House Ethics committee issues 2014 holiday guidance on the gift rule:
ICYMI, House Ethics Committee sets gift rules to rhyme.
"There's no soliciting for gifts - it's simply not done / You may not ask for gifts, not even in fun." - House Ethics Committee
The House Ethics Committee releases guidance on the gift rules for members and staff - and then summarizes them in a poem.
Annual reminder from the House Ethics Committee not to have TOO much fun over the holidays.
Just in time: ethics committee guidance on the holidays and the gift rule
TVW is live all day with House committee hearings on television & web:
has coverage of this week's House legislative committee days. See the program schedule here
House convenes on Wednesday at 10:00. Ethics Committee elected Rep Bingham as chair, Rep Weeks as vice-chair, and Rep Pitts as secretary.
Congrats to Rep. Beth Bernstein for being elected to join us on the House Ethics Committee. Her star continues to rise.
House Elections and Ethics Committee adjourns without a vote on the Electoral College reform bill.
My testimony before the Michigan House Elections and Ethics Committee, speaking against Electoral College rigging...
We're headed to the House Elections & Ethics Committee meeting on the GOP's plan to rig MI elections. Watch here:
At the House Committee on Ethics, investigations linger for years.
Hamilton Collection
Thk U to Speaker of the House, . for naming me as Chairman of the Ethics Committee 4 the Ia House.
Here's what TVW will be airing live during this busy House committee week: All other meetings to be webcast.
In case you missed the House Ethics Committee's holiday reception guidance (in poem form!): (last page)
Congressman Dent chosen to lead House Ethics Committee -
Acting House Speaker in SC appoints ethics committee to start "right where things left off" last session bid
Rep. Derham Cole to lead House ethics reform committee
Spartanburg's named chairman of ad hoc committee on ethics reform by acting Speaker of the House. Rep. Tallon also on committee
House Ethics Committee Reviews Petri: The House Ethics Committee will extend its review o...
House Ethics Committee should do full investigation into GOP Rep. Tom Petri (R-Wis.)
PETRI ETHICS UPDATE. Politico. “The House Ethics Committee will not move forward with a full…
House Ethics Committee votes to continue Petri probe
House Ethics Committee votes to continue Petri probe
House ethics committee delays resolution of Petri inquiry
Tom Petri ethics probe extended, with doc. dump laying out details of ethics case against him and his defense:
House ethics committee delays resolution of Petri inquiry: An independent ethics board found there is “substan...
House ethics committee delays resolution of Petri inquiry via
Report finds 'substantial reason' to believe Petri violated House rules, but ethics panel delaying end of its inquiry
"Calandra was named to the House of Commons ethics committee". ...and Atheists claim there is no Satan. Tich tich tich
I'll never forget his House Ethics Committee hearing, where he said the word "crotch" about elebenty billion times.
A bold statement coming from someone being investigated by the House ethics committee for violating campaign finance laws.
$9.3M: House of Reps directed Committee on Ethics & Privileges to probe $50,000 bribe allegedly offered PDP lawmakers in the house
House Ethics Committee to look into conduct of Rep. Guitierrez - Suburban Life Publications
The House of Representatives on Wednesday directed its Committee on Ethics and Privileges to probe the 50,000 ...
The House Ethics Committee just eliminated ethics from Congressional travel.
Palaszczuk referred to ethics board: Accused of misleading the house about the number of...
The Speaker has referred to Ethics Committee for allegedly misleading house about public service sackings.
Rep. Ken King and Sen. Kel Seliger to serve on state ethics committee, from
once Dems take back House they need to refer *** to House Ethics Committee for impeachment! Hopefully jail too
SC House Ethics Committee meeting after the House adjourns from its one-day special session Wed. No names on agenda.
seems House Ethics committee agrees with me, feeling sad Dale?
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: TENNEESSE WALKING HORSE SORERS RETALIATE AGAINST WHITFIELD SUCCESS Monday, July 28, 2014 CONTACT: Marty Irby (202) 225-3115 Congressman Ed Whitfield (R-KY) would like to provide more information regarding a recent referral of an ethics inquiry to the House Ethics Committee, which does not itself indicate that any violation has occurred. Recently, Jim Cortner, Jamie Hankins, Mike Inman (CEO of The Celebration), Doyle Meadows (Former CEO of The Celebration), Duke Thorson, Terry Dotson ( Former Chairman of the Performance Show Horse Association), Gayle Holcomb, Bruce MacDonald, Mickey McCormick (President of the Walking Horse Trainers Association), James Linton Griffith, Jeffrey Howard ( Editor of the Walking Horse Report), Lee Wall McGartland and Buddy Stasney, filed an ethics complaint against him with House Ethics Committee. These individuals have a cumulative total of 53 violations of a federal law called the Horse Protection Act (HPA), and a number of those have occurred this ye . ...
Ethics panel to review Rush, Whitfield via for iOS
Ethics committee opens probe of Rep. Whitfield
Amer. Success story, Cong. Steal cars>Rat out your bro 4 it> Start car alarm co.>make $250Mil>become House Ethics …
Ethics panel to review Bobby Rush, Ed Whitfield - Politico
Congressman Ed Whitfield is being investigated by the House Ethics Committee.
Cong. Bobby Rush says he hopes House Ethics Committee appreciates "cooperation I have shown from the outset" in continui…
“House Ethics to expand review of two congressmen:
House Ethics to expand review of two congressmen:
U.S. House of Representatives: Send Ed Whitfield to Ethic Committee for Ethics Violations via
The House Ethics Committee says it is investigating two congressmen, Illinois Democrat Bobby Rush and Kentucky Repu…
▪ Ethics panel to review Rush, Whitfield: The notice does not detail charges against the lawmakers f...
The House Ethics Committee has opened a probe of an HSUS ally in Congress, whose wife is a lobbyist for HSUS's...
A House Ethics Committee investigation into their travels won't stop Randy Delay from donating to Rep. Don Young:
Editorial: House Ethics Committee changes the rules on congressional junkets: The U.S. House Ethics Committee, in...
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At the request of the Justice Department, the House Ethics Committee has deferred any action against indicted GOP Rep. Michael Grimm (N.Y.) for threatening a reporter, the panel said Wednesday afternoon. The secretive Ethics Committee already announced that it was deferring any probe of Grimm relate…
House Ethics Committee will investigate .friend Michael Grimm over threats to reporter.
Meanwhile, Rep. Michael Grimm is back in the news
Ethics Committee declines to take up Michael Grimm’s confrontation with TV reporter: The House Ethics Committ...
House Ethics will not throw Michael Grimm off a balcony
Remember when almost beat up a TV reporter? The House Ethics Committee is taking a pass on it:
Grimm was the subject of a referral in 2012:
Dept. of Justice asked the House Ethics Committee to not investigate Michael Grimm's balcony-gate, because of, y'know
House Ethics Comm defers investigation of balcony threat to atJustice Dept's request.
he House Ethics Committee announced that they are investigating if violated the law or House Rules by threatening
New: House ethics committee voted to defer any investigation of Rep Grimm for threatening a reporter - at DOJ's request
House Ethics Committee investigating whether Rep Michael Grimm (R-NY) violated House rules or the law by threatening reporter after SOTU.
Don Young Broke House Rules, Ethics Committee and must repay 60K bordering on corruption
Chief Justice Jean Toal focusing on the fact that as of now, there is no complaint against in front of House Ethics Committee
Attorney for says investigations by House Ethics Committee and State Grand Jury can't proceed "in parallel"
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The House Speaker's lawyer says the ethics complaint against Harrell from a private citizen should have gone to Ethics Committee
AG: No complaint ever filed with House Ethics Committee.
Attorney General's office argues, correctly, that no complaint was ever filed with House Ethics Committee.
SC CJ Jean Toal asking over and over if a complaint was ever filed against with House Ethics Committee
SC Atty Gen'ls office agrees House Ethics Committee has exclusive authority for civil violations; but judge failed to see criminal
says his office doesn't need permission from the House Ethics Committee to investigate a House member
Ethics case internal inquiry extended - The House Ethics Committee has extended...
How would the SC Senate or House ethics committee have handled a case like Pinson's? Step 1) tell the suspect he is a suspect, 2) ?
So they must have dissolved the House Ethics Committee. .. too overcrowded
whatever happened to the House Ethics Committee? Disbanded?
The House Ethics Committee has met to consider Rep. Shannon McMillan’s failure to disclose that she had a conflict of interest before voting against a bill, and decided not to take any formal action against her. “The Ethics Committee met to consider the ethics review publicly requested b…
Is it just me or does something smell fishy here.State Legislator's company gets grant from State. Ethical.Why is it we don't trust politicians? The Indiana Economic Development Corp. is giving Mainstreet Property Group an economic development grant of $345,000 for the construction of a nursing home in Terre Haute that is expected to net House Speaker Pro Tem Eric Turner $1.8 million. The financial incentive was originally offered by the state so that Mainstreet, which is owned in part by Turner and his son, could move its headquarters from Cicero to Carmel. But now the grant will go toward the construction of a $15.3 million project in Terre Haute, one of many Mainstreet projects Turner helped save when he defeated legislation that would have banned the construction of new nursing homes. Gov. Mike Pence had placed a hold on the state aid last year after The Associated Press reported Turner's connection to the company. But an IEDC review found "no conflict of interest" and cleared the money for the Turne ...
Of course. Cummings should be facing perjury charges before the House Ethics Committee.
PennLive - Pennsylvania House hires attorneys to assist Ethics Committee
Pennsylvania House hires attorneys to assist Ethics Committee: Bipartisan pact appears likely to be tied to a...
Breast Cancer Awareness
RELEASE: Senate Rules Committee passes new ethics house rule to create fundraising blackout periods
Senate Rules Committee OK's three ethics rule changes. Real reform or just windowdressing for scandal-tinged house? We'll see
A high-ranking House Republican is now under an Ethics Committee investigation
Some might look at the conflict of interest charges investigated by Indiana’s House Ethics Committee involving House Speaker Pro Tem Eric Turner, R-Cicero, and ask why.
Countdown to ‘name and shame’ decision - By George Psyllides THE House Ethics Committee will decide today...
The Powerful 1199 Endorse Congresman Charles B. Rangel district 13. Charles Bernard "Charlie" Rangel born June 11, 1930) is the U.S. Representative for New York's 13th congressional district. A member of the Democratic Party, he is the third-longest currently serving member of the House of Representatives, serving consistently since 1971. As its most senior member, he is also the Dean of New York's congressional delegation. Rangel was the first African-American Chair of the influential House Ways and Means Committee. He is also a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus. Rangel was born in Harlem in New York City. He earned a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star for his service in the U.S. Army during the Korean War, where he led a group of soldiers out of a deadly Chinese Army encirclement during the Battle of Kunu-ri in 1950. Rangel graduated from New York University in 1957, and St. John's University School of Law in 1960. He then worked as a private lawyer, Assistant U.S. Attorney, and legal counse ...
Of course, this is the guy under investigation by the House Ethics Committee.
Ethics Committee announces probe of House GOP leader
Marcus and Michele Bachmann could be heading to prison as the Department of Justice is investigating the couple for possibly breaking at least 11 election laws in 2012. Although Bachmann may have technically retired from Congress, in reality she quit because the criminal investigations were closing in on her. This is the first time that Marcus Bachmann has been named in reports as part of an investigation. The same troubled presidential campaign that the Department of Justice is looking at is also the subject of an investigation in Iowa, an FBI investigation, and a House Ethics Committee investigation. The Iowa and FBI investigations are centered on secret payments that her campaign made to state Sen. Kent Sorenson in exchange for his support and help in the 2012 Iowa caucuses. The House Ethics Committee is investigating Bachmann’s potential misuse of staff and campaign finances to promote her poorly selling biography Core of Conviction. The DOJ investigation stems from information obtained in the FBI i ...
Shameful! Bobby Harrell has been lining the pockets of 5 Republicans who will help decide his fate on the ethics...
The congressman had asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate his investments
How much corruption is enough. Evidently Obama is chair of the ethics committee in the house.
PAC linked to SC House Speaker Bobby Harrell has contributed to campaigns for 5 on Ethics Committee
PAC with links to aided 5 on House ethics panel
Five on House ethics panel have received some $13,000 in campaign contributions from PAC with links to Harrell
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Corruption at its best - PAC with links to Bobby Harrell aided 5 on House ethics panel
SC News: PAC with links to Harrell (repub) aided 5 on House ethics panel
5 GOP House ethics committee members received thousands from PAC linked to Harrell
Cummings is a 'LowLife' who should face charges & be reprimanded by House Ethics Committee, if Congress had any Ethics!
He certainly should be investigated by the House Ethics Committee but I wouldn't bet on it
Through today, 4 House Ethics Committee meetings have been scheduled this week.
Michele Bachmann has been awfully quiet lately. Somebody call the House Ethics Committee and see what she is up to.
House Ethics Committee will not appoint panel to investigate McMorris Rodgers - Christian Science Monitor
should be referred to House Ethics Committee for his unconscionable behavior. he is truly a slimeball of the lowest kind
With the Pa. House Ethics Committee in the news, a 2007 story on the secretive panel
House Ethics Committee will keep investigation, not appoint special panel to investigate Republican Cathy Rodgers
House Speaker Brian Bosma sends a letter to the House Ethics Committee requesting an inquiry into the actions of Rep Eric Turner.
Cam Ward 2h Open Meetings Act will be up for vote today in House Ethics Committee. One step closer to final passage is important because it relates to ASBVME meetings.)
From our State Party Chair, Jaxon Ravens: Statement on retirement of Rep. Doc Hastings SEATTLE – Today, Rep. Doc Hastings announced that he is retiring after 20 years of representing Washington’s 4th congressional district. Jaxon Ravens, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party, released the following statement: “Whereas Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantwell, and Washington’s congressional Democrats fight every day for Washingtonians, Rep. Doc Hastings has ascended the party ranks of a dysfunctional and irresponsible Republican Congress. "Hastings is just the latest proof that House Republicans can no longer defend this reckless Republican Congress that stacks the deck against the middle class. This began with his broken pledge in 1994 to run for re-election only twice. As Chair of the House Ethics Committee, he covered up for corrupt Party leadership and blocked investigation of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. " "Hastings represents some of the most pristine land in the country. But ...
Rangel Tet Chat House ethics trial and censure On November 15, 2010, Rangel's formal ethics trial began. He walked out of the hearing at the start, saying that he was unable to afford representation after having paid his previous lawyers over $2 million, and arguing unsuccessfully that the proceeding should be delayed until he could arrange for a legal defense fund. The following day, Rangel was found guilty on 11 of the 12 charges against him by the adjudicatory subcommittee of the House Ethics Committee (2 of the original 13 charges having been combined). Two of the charges were focused on his actions with regards to soliciting funds and donations for the Rangel Center from those with business before the Ways and Means Committee; four were for improper use of Congressional letterhead and other House resources in those solicitations; one was for submitting incomplete and inaccurate financial disclosure statements; one was for using one of his Harlem apartments as an office when he had Congressional deali ...
SUCH an *** Jan 15, 2014 By Andrew Johnson As Jim noted earlier, longtime Virginia Democrat Jim Moran announced today that he will step away from Congress and not seek reelection. During his time in the House, Moran's career has been awfully tumultuous, filled with police investigations, offensive remarks, gaffes, and a naughty son. Here's a look: in Moran's home county of Arlington, Va., were called to the scene in 1994 after the congressman grabbed a man for handing out anti-Moran leaflets at one of his events. 1995, Moran sparred with California Republican Duke Cunningham on the House floor over Operation Desert Storm. Moran asked him to step outside with him and as the two left the chamber, Moran shoved Cunningham. revelations of Bill Clinton's infidelities with Monica Lewinsky, Moran told first lady Hillary Clinton that if she were his sister, he would have punched the president in the nose. was plagued with a handful of controversial, questionable financial dealings while serving. A 1998 near-$5 ...
correct..Deleo refers Henriquez case to House Ethics Committee.
ALSO the House Ethics Committee has not actually had a formal meeting in years! And Marty Walsh has defended that.
DeLeo escalates take on Henriquez, says he's asking him to resign and referring case to House Ethics Committee today.
DeLeo says he will also refer matter to House Ethics Committee to begin formal expulsion process in case refuses to resign.
Just a reminder, the MA House doesn't have an Ethics Committee Chairman.
Rep Nangle is highest ranking on House Ethics Committee with Marty Walsh leaving for his Mayoral seat.
Good reminder from House Ethics Committee doesn't have a chair, since Martin Walsh resigned and became mayor.
The House Ethics Committee announced that it has decided to continue its review of alleged campaign-finance violations by Rep. Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign.
House Ethics Committee lead attorney Patrick Dennis wouldn't say anything after we tried questioning him about his role in the case.
denied the allegation in May 2012, then the House Ethics Committee sent an unsigned letter out supporting Harrell's story.
News Release: My primary opponent has violated the House Ethics Committee requirement to file a Financial...
I have been blessed to pass on some great job opportunities. Feel free to share with others. It's better when we do it together. This is another posting for the House Ethics Committee. Position Available: Staff Assistant Office/Location: U. S. House of Representatives Closing Date: Until Filled Salary Level/Range: Commensurate with experience Proposed Starting Date: Immediate Job Summary and Requirements: Committee on Ethics has an opening for a Staff Assistant. Duties include: answering telephones; assisting with the committee investigations production process; assisting with the tracking and processing of committee correspondence; providing administrative support in setting up committee meetings; and entering data and navigating databases with accuracy. Applicants must have excellent organizational skills and a professional telephone manner; good computer skills; proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel; ability to work cooperatively and courteously with others; ability to use good judgment in res ...
Revolving door between House Ethics Committee and Office of Congressional Ethics
REP. MARIO BIAGGI (D-NY): In 1988 he was convicted of obstructing justice, tax evasion, conspiracy, extortion, and accepting bribes. CORRINNE BROWN (D-FL): Failed to pay unemployment taxes to the state of Florida; sued by several airlines for unpaid bills and falsified travel reports; failed to report sale of her Tallahassee travel agency; improperly reported the sale of her Gainesville travel agency; sued by Whirlpool Corp. for unpaid bills; pursued by the IRS for $14,228 in unpaid taxes; investigations by the House Ethics Committee for possible acceptance of bribes; refused to file reports in the House about potential conflicts of interest while overseeing airlines she dealt with through her travel agencies; charged with money laundering. REP. ALBERT BUSTAMANTE (D-TX): Convicted in 1993 of racketeering and accepting an illegal gratuity. TONY COELHO (D-CA): Currently under investigation for fraud while serving as U.S. Commissioner General of Expo '98 in Lisbon, Portugal.* He was Al Gore's primary preside ...
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Larry: Corning bakeware, yes? Indestructible. Rumor has it that Hoffa's ashes are in one that is on the meeting table in the least used room in Congress: the House Ethics Committee meeting room. Cheers,
Rep. Trey Radel, R-Fort Myers, has hired an attorney with a Capitol Hill resume to represent him as the House Ethics Committee investigates whether he violated the chamber's rules of conduct by possessing an illegal drug.
Congressional District 7 candidate Lissa Squires has failed to file required financial disclosures with the House Ethics Committee during the 2012 election cycle and now faces up to $50,000 in fines and a year in jail.
YOU AS AN IDAHO CITIZEN CAN WITNESS IDAHO senators AND house members BEING CONDESCENDING AND VERY THREATENING TO ANY WOMAN OR VOLUNTEER OR STAFF IN THE STATEHOUSE AND NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. YOU AS A CITIZEN CANNOT FILE A COMPLAINT. Thank you for your email. Idaho’s rules on these matters are not what they should be. Although the conduct you are describing constitutes conduct unbecoming of a House member and is a violation of the House ethics rules, those rules only allows a House member to bring a charge. Citizens, public employees and even Senators may not do so. Furthermore, when a House member brings a charge against another House member, the charge remains confidential until the House Ethics committee finds sufficient merit to the charge to allow it to go forward. If the accused member resigns, as in the case of Mark Patterson, that is the end of it. Believe it or not, the current House ethics rule is an improvement over what we used to have, but it is not as strong as it ought to be. Too m ...
Thanks to you, Rep. Bill Chumley was exonerated when the SC House Ethics Committee dropped all charges. I'm sure the outcome would have been very different if leadership thought they could sneak this through. Thank you for calling, writing, and attending the hearing last Monday . . . whether in person or by live stream. But, in truth, last Monday's vote should have never happened. When the complaint against Rep. Bill Chumley was first filed by his political opponent from an earlier election campaign, the Ethics committee could have thrown it out as frivolous. His opponent's complaint claimed that bringing an expert academic witness in to testify at a subcommittee hearing on a bill before the SC House violated a SC Ethics Law that bans use of the state airplane for election campaign purposes. Last Monday, committee member Leon Stavrinakis declared that the vote by the Ethics Committee earlier this year to find "probable cause" was unanimous. Stavrinakis even bragged about being the one to make the motion . ...
TOMS House Ethics Committee will consider sanctions for Trey Radel, H. Watch Hot Girls at
Political headline winner for 2013: "You can't just vote with your *** " (Susan Sarandon) OR "House Ethics Committee continues investigation of Michele Bachmann. House Intelligence Committee reports they found nothing"
State Rep. J. Roland Smith (R-Warrenville) told the Aiken Standard newspaper Monday that he will not seek re-election next year. The 80-year-old retired minister and rural mail carrier was first elected in 1989 and sponsored several minor pieces of legislation that became law. He also led the House Ethics Committee investigation of Gov. Nikki Haley in 2012. See story in comments.
Question for Congressman Beto O'Rourke: Did you sell those illegal IPOs and returned your ill-gotten gains as directed by the House Ethics Committee?
Bill Chumley said he did not do anything wrong, but even if he did he had permission from the House Ethics Committee's attorney.
Thank you to all the folks who have written or called me to offer their prayers and support regarding the hearing coming up tomorrow. I truly appreciate it and I am humbled to have so many friends and supporters. This has been a long nerve-wracking process for me and I am hopeful that it will be finally resolved on Monday when I am able to present my case to the members of the House Ethics Committee. Many folks have told me that they want to attend the meeting Monday and lend their support and I certainly appreciate it. There has been a lot of discussion on social media about this case and I would urge everyone to understand that I have every confidence that the House Ethics Committee will give us a fair hearing. I know a lot of folks have communicated their opinions to the chairman and other members of the committee, and I want to encourage you to do that in a respectful and courteous manner. Thank you again for all your help.
Rep. Trey Radel said he plans to stay in office, following 28 days in a treatment program required by his guilty plea last month to misdemeanor cocaine possession."I'm going to return to what …you sent me to do," he said in a news conference in Cape Coral Thursday evening.the Florida Republican's announcement comes three days after the House Ethics Committee announced it would investigate Radel to determine whether he violated rules of conduct as a result of the cocaine case.
The S.C. House Ethics Committee today will not consider the ethics case involving Rep. Bill Chumley, R-Spartanburg, who is being investigated for authorizing the use of a state plane in March to bring an out-of-state witness to testify at a legislative subcommittee hearing.
Some Interesting Facts a bout Senator Ted Cruz...In 1998, Cruz served as private counsel for Congressman John Boehner during Boehner's lawsuit against Congressman Jim McDermott for releasing a tape recording of a Boehner telephone conversation. In the conversation, Mr. Gingrich, his lawyer and several other Republican Congressmen discussed how Gingrich's Congressional allies should deal with the political consequences of his admission that he had violated House ethics rules by giving inaccurate information to the House Ethics Committee for its inquiry into his use of tax-exempt funds. Democrats have described the conversation as evidence that Mr. Gingrich broke an agreement with the Ethics Committee that he would not orchestrate a politically motivated response to those committee findings. He was A lawyer at a private law firm in Houston, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, representing Corporate clients. In the summer of 2013, Cruz embarked on a nationwide tour sponsored by The Heritage Foundation to promote t ...
Bachmann said God told her to resign from Congress.after His call to the House Ethics Committee...
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Group to probe alleged Bishop violations
Forget Hillary - she needs to cry out to God to save her from the House Ethics Committee!!
Ethics panel extends review of lawmaker’s Taiwan trip: The House Ethics Committee is extending its look at a ...
And who says the news is depressing? Bachmann Scandal Slogs On
The House Ethics Committee will not pursue investigation into Congressman John Tierney.
The House Ethics Committee decided to keep digging in Bachmann's finances. Did she break the rules?
Michele Bachmann can’t seem to put her 2012 debacle behind her
Michele Bachmann Investigation Gets House Ethics Committee Extension Extending its probe into presidential campaign.
Can't believe I am still surprised by the awkwardness of Michelle Bachmann
How much of my tax dollars were you paid for this act of human kindness. House Ethics…
The House Ethics Committee announced Wednesday that it is extending its investigation into alleged campaign...
House Ethics Committee will continue possible ethics violations probe. R-MN. . And your thoughts?
Latest on House Ethics Committee investigation of “Bachmannistan." reports:
The House Ethics Committee is extending its probe into Michele Bachmann's 2012 presidential campaign
House Ethics Committee is extending investigation into alleged campaign finance irregularities by Michele Bachmann. .
House Ethics Committee investigation of isn't over yet
“House Ethics Committee drops John Tierney inquiry - still waiting for to apologize
Ethics committee rules that U.S. Congressman violated law with solicitation of donation,
House Ethics Committee's decision on comes next month. In the meantime: "Bachmannistan."
"The House Ethics Committee has announced Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is under investigation. The Republican...
Is Going Down Fast as House Ethics Co Announces Investigation I'm enjoy this one!
Wouldn't we love it if she loses her Government pension and health care.. I wonder if she sucked up to the Koch...
Quote of the Day: Michele Bachmann could go to prison. By: Jason Easley
Shocking! MT “ICYMI: Michele Bachmann under investigation by the House Ethics Committee:
House Ethics Committee confirms that it is investigating Michele Bachmann. broke the news back in March
House Ethics Committee needs another 45 days to look at Bachmann...
2 avoid The citizen to be investigated by the house ethics committee
GOP how's that Karma for perpetuating hate treating ya?
BREAKING: House ethics committee announces it is investigating Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann -
Bachmann to be formally investigated by House Ethics Committee //
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ICYMI: Michele Bachmann and three others are under investigation by the House Ethics Committee:
Bachmann's SpaceShip: ready to wisk her away in a moment's notice, should the House Ethics Committee gets too close to finding the missing L
how do you feel about your congressman, Peter Roskam being investigated by the House Ethics Committee?
U.S. Representative, Peter Roskam is being investigated by the House Ethics Committee. Thoughts?
WLS Radio: Congressman Peter Roskam under investigation by House Ethics Committee over trip...
House Ethics Committee to extend investigation of GOP Rep. Peter Roskam
Peter Roskam, GOP chief deputy whip from IL under investigation by House Ethics Committee as well, along with John Tierney,…
Rangel sues to overturn censure - He argues that members of the House Ethics Committee withheld evidenc...
SERIOUS UPDATE; Low and Behold! .. Right after Carla Bouvier posting the previous post would you believe Lady-Carla Bouvier just recieved a call from a Mary Flanigan with the House Ethics Committee in D.C.! Ms MsCarla Bouvier explained in simple details about her complaint. Unfortunately Ms Bouvier was told she can not file on Sen John Kerry now Secretary of he was saved by his new position) But can certainly file in a federal court. However the letter will be sent to D.C. asap pertaining the House Rep of Hyannis MA., that has participated in this "Mordern Day Lynching" with the alleged and responsible for doing favors for these( lowlifes) people in discrediting (nearly murdered )sabotaging conspiring tearing Lady Lady-Carla Bouvier II's life apart. Ms Bouvier states; "she prays that they will soon feel the excruciating pains they've afflicted upon my family and I and for over 17 yrs plus.
The latest is Jesse Jackson Jr, for stealing 100s of thousands of dollars from his donations, yep, hes going to jail.Heres a crazy list of government that has been convicted, if ya read it, look at what repubs have been convicted on and look at what dems have been convicted on.WOW !!! 2012-2013 Arizona State Representative Ben Arredondo (R/D) has been charged with bribery, fraud and extortion. He was sentenced to 18 months of house arrest. (2012) [1][2] Arizona State Representative Daniel R. Patterson (D) resigned after the House Ethics Committee recommended he be removed for "years-long pattern of inappropriate behavior" concerning domestic violence charges.[3] Arizona State Senator Scott Bundgaard (R) resigned just before the State Senate Ethics Committee was expected to recommend his expulsion after allegations of assault on his then girlfriend.[4] Arizona State Representative Richard Miranda (politician) (D) resigned in February 2012 citing family and health reasons. In March he pled guilty to wire f ...
Jackson Graft Case Further Indicts Black Caucus Posted 02/20/2013 06:48 PM ET Corruption: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s guilty plea to fraud charges raises fresh questions about the Congressional Black Caucus. It's a group with many laudable goals, but why do so many in it succumb to corruption? A disproportionate share of ethics cases have been brought against this exclusive club. According to a 2012 National Journal study, five of the six lawmakers under review by the House Ethics Committee were Black Caucus members. Yet just one in 10 House members belong to the group. It's a familiar pattern. In 2009, all eight lawmakers under ethics investigation were African-American. Besides Jackson, they included Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., who was later convicted of accepting gifts from donors with business before his tax-writing panel and 11 other ethics violations. All told, the Journal says, an astonishing one-third of sitting black lawmakers have been named in an ethics probe at some point in their Hill careers. ...
Please feel free to vote: Will BHO step in and make sure Jesse Jr. doesn't do jail time. TODAY CHICAGO — Former Chicago-area Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has signed an agreement with the government pleading guilty to misuse of campaign funds, and a judge will decide if he should serve time in prison, several Chicago media reported on Friday. But on election day, he won with 63% of the vote: "As of 2 a.m. Wednesday, and with 99 percent of precincts reporting, Jackson had captured 63 percent of the vote" Source: already knew the following: "At the same time, a House Ethics Committee continues to look into Jackson's supposed involvement in trying to be appointed to now-President Barack Obama's seat in the U.S. Senate. Jackson has admitted he wanted to be appointed to the Senate, but has repeatedly denied allegations he sent emissaries to offer campaign cash to then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich in exchange for the seat. The emissary that he denies sending to negotiate with Blagojevich, Raghuveer Nayak, was arrest ...
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