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House Democrats have chosen attorney Richard Brown to replace former Rep. Heather Bishoff.
"It's time for Nancy Pelosi to go": After Georgia loss, some House Democrats says it's time for a leadership change
House Democrats seek answers on Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn's security clearances
Labor Sec. Acosta was accused of speaking in contradictions by House Democrats ($) via…
Would you please look into the IT House Democrats & any illegal activities associated with House members.
Bank denies House Democrats' request for info on Trump accounts: report
House Democrats are asking Deutsche Bank to hand over information on Pres. Trump's relationship with Russia:
House Democrats just asked Deutsche Bank for information on Trump's accounts. The reason: Russia. ht…
U.S. House Democrats seek info from Deutsche Bank on Trump accounts
House Democrats expand list of target districts to flip in 2018 midterms
Check this out—House Democrats told VP Mike Pence about Flynn and they kept the receipts to prove it
NEW: All 33 Democrats on House Oversight and Judiciary call for investigation into Pres. Trump, AG and top WH aides
Democrats' agenda: Win House in 2018 and investigate Donald Trump
I guess it's too bad that under Obama Democrats lost the House and Senate.
Does anyone remember that POUS just got his full cabnet.Give him time to…
I've moved down to the House, which is just getting started. Democrats indicating it'll be a long night.
House Democrats introduce bill for independent commission on Russia - -
House Dems circulate petition to force vote to create independent commission: [[ This is a…
Democrats are headed toward a takeover of the House and, with it, never ending investigations of President Trump.
Lousy Democrats don't like the way the money is flowing so they want to make trouble for the White House. They are crooks from the word go~
Watch live: House Democrats hold news conference on President Trump and Russia
House Democrats have been plotting this for a little while; events of the last few days raise the stakes for Republicans.…
If the repugs have any brains, they'll latch on to this fast. But that's a really big "if". Big. YUGE.
What's with the ? This guy is in play in Montana and no help? isn't it your job to expand rank…
Problem not at White House. Democrats lie and media swears to it. Quick to convict with no evidence.
House Democrats have filed a discharge petition to force a vote on an independent commission.
Democrats want to force a vote on probing Russian interference in U.S. elections
All Democrats on Oversight & Judiciary Committees demand immediate investigation of Trump, AG, top WH aides. Letter: https:…
52% of those who know how House rep voted on want to elect Dems in 2018. Next up, debt-free healthcare?.
I couldn't even finish watching this b.s. Dems have lost it. House Democrats hold news conference on Comey memo
Either Democrats take over the U.S. House or Senate in 2018 or we're stuck emailing each other SNL skits. Friedman
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Congressional Democrats are now calling into question whether or not Pres. Trump committed an obstruction of justice
Republicans better grow some balls and start taking down some DEMOCRATS we have enough to arrest most of them ETC. CLEAN HOUSE, do your jobs
Key Democrats challenge GOP but call impeachment talk hasty
Democrats need to take the House in 2018. But Trump's wounds are self-inflicted and he will continue to do this to himself
.on House Democrats discuss POTUS Trump, Russia and more
New: All Democrats on House Oversight and Judiciary Cmtes are demanding an immediate investigation of Trump, the AG, and…
Democrats taking off the backs of hard working American's & doing all they can to obstruc…
Rep. John Larson's Social Security 2100 Act, which would protect and expand benefits, is co-sponsored by over 80% of House Demo…
Watch live as House Democrats hold news conference on Trump and Russia
House Democrats circulate petition to force vote to create an independent commission -
78% of Americans want an independent Trump-Russia commission, but the GOP doesn't care. Democrats will force a vote. https:…
U.S. Democrats want to force vote on independent Russia commission
House Dems using EVERY tool at their disposal – and double-dog daring the GOP. By me for
House Democrats want Kushner's security clearance suspended - POLITICO
House Democrats call for revoking Kushner’s security clearance
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House Democrats are asking FBI to revoke security clearance over his undisclosed contacts w/ Russia. . It's not…
House Democrats want Jared Kushner’s security clearance revoked over Russia ties
House Democrats are asking the FBI to revoke Jared Kushner's security clearance over his undisclosed contacts w/ Russian…
Is it time for House Democrats to replace Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi? POLL= YES 👍
If Democrats nominated Chelsea Clinton for president, it would prove nepotism is as rampant in Dem party as it is i…
House Democrats to see intelligence documents soon
"House Democrats expect to see intelligence documents soon" -
Democrats recruit veterans early for 2018 battle
House Democrats to Trump: "We won't consider until you release your Return."
Not really a but follow the of the glowing (TV) in their house RT
House Democrats expect to see intelligence documents soon - Reuters
"Republicans warned that the rule change could haunt the Democrats if they lost the White House and the Senate.". https:…
Democrats' chances of flipping GOP House seats in 5 special elections, ranked
House Democrats urge teachers to trash book by climate scientists on global-warming dissent - Washington Times
Remember kids, the Democrats don't need anyone they disagree with. That's why Hillary is in the White House after a…
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House Democrats spoke outside the U.S. Capitol to draw attention to
This Veteran has been ALL IN for a long time! We need just more Vets to join me!
House Democrats expect to see intelligence documents soon via
Dems using our playbook by running vets and non-politicians but omitted the page that forbids corporate donations. https:/…
House Democrats expect to see intelligence documents soon
Belief builds among House Democrats on Russia probe: People are going to jail
US House Democrats expect to see intelligence documents soon
House Democrats to Trump: We won’t consider tax reform until you release your tax returns
2 new Democrats running in 2 Republican-held VA House districts. This November, Virginia will be the biggest battlegroun…
House Democrats that act like House Republicans need to be primaried. The latest list of "Democrats" currently against Medi…
members strike a deal with Trump that all House Democrats can embrace. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said negotiations would
Joe Biden will join House Democrats on Capitol Hill for a rally to save Obamacare
It is time for Senate & House Democrats to deny unanimous consent until an independent commission is created & we get 45's taxes.
Illinois’ House Democrats pen letter to Rauner urging him to fight against ACA repeal
House Democrats finally take bold action on the Trump-Russia scandal.
NEW: House Democrats write Pres. Trump urging immediate removal of Steve Bannon from permanent position on the NSC https:/…
House Democrats demand meeting with DHS chief over Trump ban
Perhaps this was what enraged House Democrats (and Senate Ds like Wyden) were alluding to after their classified in…
44 House Democrats have announced they'll skip Trump's inauguration of hate: Zero U.S. Senators h…
As of Saturday night 18 House Democrats were planning to skip Trump's inauguration. Now it is 25 House Democrats
UPDATE: 25 House Democrats have now announced they will skip Trump's inauguration
House Democrats press FBI on Russia, possible link... via toledoblade
MT Democrats have been chanting “not my president” in the streets and vowing not to work with the White House
During civil rights era 1960s, Dr. King was fighting Democrats who stood in school house doors, turning fire hoses on blacks &vicious dogs.
House Democrats press FBI on Russia, possible link to Trump camp
This is why the Democrats can't have nice things like the White House, Congress 😂
if you have info to back this up you need to get on CNN, ABC, CBS and to Senate and House democrats. This stuff is crazy
Why are we talking about John Lewis and Democrats?? We WON!! We are going to the White house. They're irrelevant.
18 House Democrats to skip Trump's inauguration - via
16 House Democrats to skip inauguration: More than a dozen House Democrats announced they…
18 House Democrats to skip Trump’s inauguration - POLITICO Not the actions of leadership.
As of Saturday morning, a dozen House Democrats have announced they’re skipping Trump’s Jan. 20 swearing-in.
18 House Democrats to skip Trump's inauguration - Politico
Quick little anecdote from two weeks ago: During the House speaker vote, Democrats were saying why they were voting for Nanc…
House Democrats make renegotiating a top priority for the 115th Congress.
The most important advice in 2017: When Hillary Clinton voters confront you as if Democrats didn't lose Congress and t…
More Democrats in the House say they are going to skip Trump inauguration after he blasts Rep. John Lewis
Senate Intel chiefs promise investigation of Trump-Russia ties as House Democrats accuse FBI chief of stonewalling https:/…
Longest-serving House member will boycott Trump inauguration.
Congress certified Donald Trump’s presidential victory Friday over the objections of a handful of House Democrats.
The Washington Post - Vice President Biden overruled several protests from House Democrats who sought to challeng...
House Democrats say they have been told by a federal agency that President-elect Trump must sell his stake in a luxury Washington hotel
How livestreaming dominated 2016: In June, House Democrats live streamed a sit-in to protest the Republican…
Great conversation between incoming House Democrats and Republicans. Poor Tim Skubick did a great job keeping a...
Rep. Darren Jackson replaces Larry Hall as the leader of NC House Democrats.
Full text of letter to by top House Democrats, led by whip Steny Hoyer, can be read here: (2/2)
House Democrats to offer bill calling for a formal probe into Russia vote hacking
One-hundred and thirty-four House Democrats collectively lost their minds last week.
House Democrats are in disarray today. House Republicans unanimously nominate Paul Ryan as speaker today.
Why did House Democrats stick with same old corruption? The Iron Law of Institutions.
The more things change, the more they stay the same. It's up to us to .
Rep. Nancy Pelosi won another term as the leader of House Democrats.
In secret ballot vote, House Dems show what they really think of their leader.
Meanwhile, Democrats just reelected Nancy Pelosi as House minority leader.
.We because no one has done more to ensure that remain in the minority.
Democrats elect as House Minority Leader the same woman who helped them lose 63 seats when she was House Majority Leader.
I think they also need to put debbie wassername-schultz back in as DNC Chair too.
Great news for the Republicans that won another term as house minority leader. Shows the Democrats are still out of touch
Reckoning for Pelosi as House Democrats vote for leader
House Democrats just proved they're a failed party OWNED & controlled by Wall Street...Nancy Pelosi shld never have been…
BREAKING: House Democrats re-elect Nancy Pelosi as leader despite disenchantment in party over disappointing election results.
Democrats still have more seats to lose. They kept Nancy Pelosi in charge of losing them.
Nancy Pelosi beat back a challenge from a fellow Democrat who said the party had lost its ties to the working class
Dear House Democrats . Thank you for re-electing Nancy Pelosi. The republicans just love winning. Time to .
In 2018, President Trump will have a SUPER MAJORITY thanks to stupid Dems.
.on incoming Trump administration: "Where we can engage, we will. Where we need to oppose, we will."
Pelosi elected by House Democrats for another term as minority leader - Wed, 30 Nov 2016 PST
Nancy Pelosi defeated Tim Ryan for a post that had become a proxy battle for the future of the Democratic Party.
Meanwhile, do their part to by keeping ensuring majorities as long as she lives.
By the time leaves the House, Democrats will only have 1 seat left. . That woman sure knows how to clear…
House Democrats have reelected as their leader. Vote tally, per a source in the room:. Pelosi 134. Tim Ryan 63
2/3 of House Democrats like, "Pelosi may have been in power during hemorrhage of our party, but she's right leader for this…
What Democrats learned from the last election is that they didn't learn anything from the last election:
The House Minority Leader is White. The House Minority Whip is White. . And right now, House Democrats are arguing about re…
Rep. Tim Ryan explains why he thinks House Democrats should elect him to replace Pelosi:
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House Democrats in Disarray as Ohio Congressman Challenges Pelosi. Will the Democratic Party remain the party of...
Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan says he's going to challenge Nancy Pelosi for the leadership of the House Democrats.
Pelosi needs to go, Each year since Obama elected Dems lost seats in House except this year small #
"We just got a shellacking." House Democrats delay their leadership election to "recalibrate" after losses
Ms Pelosi is a fat at of D.C. Must go. - -
House Democrats delay leadership elections until after Thanksgiving.
Dems delay leadership elections in blow to Pelosi...
Nancy Pelosi could be in trouble as House Democrats delay vote – CNN
George Soros had a Meeting with all the Democrats 2. Say no 2 all Trump promise on campaign Trail .
."want porous borders for votes. They know that's where their political power is."
What's it like knowing you lost the Democrats the Senate and House?
This evening, the Oregon House Democrats elected our new leadership team for the 2017 legislative session. Rep.
Anti-Semitism and the Alt-right have no place in the White House. I'm proud to join on this letter. https:…
he predicted Hillary win April 2016 on Viewpoint as per
is a perfect poster child for term limits! Here's hoping House opt to choose a new, younger Minority Leader!
Hannity implies that media outlets deemed too friendly to Democrats should be banned from Trump's White House...
How about going after Criminal Hillary. She was the reason the Democrats lost the White House! And also Golfer in Chief Obama!
170 representatives (all democrats) are calling on Trump to withdraw Bannon's appointment:
Not all Mass. members of the House are against Nancy Pelosi keeping her leadership post
Democrats continue to hammer Trump for his appointment of Steve Bannon as chief strategist in the White House
3) All the data we had for a long time indicated Sanders was more electable. It is even stronger today.
Many democrats call for to rescind Steve Bannon White House appointment
House Democrats delay leadership elections and decision to reinstall Pelosi - PBS NewsHour
The money I am saving from not buying Ivanka Trump shoes is going towards Senate and House Democrats.
In The deluded say Sanders would've coasted into White House. They never saw GOPs oppo research. I did. http…
Miller: Don't believe House Democrats spin that last week's losses weren't big deal
Trump has a serious conflict-of-interest problem. Maybe Congress will investigate him.
House Democrats Postpone Leadership Elections for Soul-Searching: The Democrats will not go forward with the……
keep track of who votes him the 2018 election for seats in the house and the senate the democrats will rise again I bet !
Nate Silver predicts Democrats will win the White House & Senate, which is great! But we can also win the House IF WE ALL VOT…
Comey may not deny Hillary the White House, but he may cost Democrats the Senate ensuring the gridlock GOP base supposedly hates.
Disagree. Romney won 224/435 districts. Gerrymandering could cost Democrats the House just as it likely did in 2012 https…
I feel like the House would elect Trump... they wouldn't side with the democrats :(
Republicans hope to avoid anti-Trump wave in the House: Trump's unpopularity in suburban areas boosts Democrats,…
Utah Democrats should vote for McMillan to block Trump from the White House
“Lawmakers call for investigation of pipeline company after deadly explosion” by
Instead, Obama made Democrats take the hit & they lost both the House and the Senate. He was too arrogant to care.
Democrats promise swift passage of Equality Act if party wins Senate, White House: pic…
Thank you all you Patriotic Republicans who support us Democrats coming together to put the ultimate Patriot into the…
Make a deal: the House Democrats can investigate Trump. The Republicans can investigate Hillary. But all this BS stops Election Day.
But it's detestable that House Democrats would drag Gen. Powell into the controversies surrounding their faulty Presidential candidate (2/2)
House Democrats release email from Colin Powell advising on personal email use
Hacker posts personal info of House Democrats & staff (
Hacker posts personal info of House Democrats and staff
Obama admin. suddenly complies to Democrats’ request…after ignoring same request from
BREAKING: Hacker publishes phone numbers of Democrats.
Donald Trump doxed a Senator's personal cell phone # a year before Guccifer2.0 did the same to House Democrats.
Democrats hacked again with private contact details of party’s members of House of…
How can be trusted to protect America?. BREAKING: Hacker publishes phone numbers of Democrats
Guccifer 2.0 doxes hundreds of House Democrats with massive document dump by
"Guccifer 2.0" strikes again, publishes list of cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses for most House Democrats:
.What kind, gentle, person would want to join now? ..
. You might be interested in this:.
FBI investigates at House Democrats' campaign committee
House Democrats are fighting for a by returning us to a gov't https…
Told y'all Gangsters in the White House with the dirty gang Democrats.
This is the livestreaming election. See inside the Democrats' in-house studio streaming all-Clinton all the time
House Democrats mistakenly release transcript confirming big payout to Clinton friend Sidney Blumenthal
Democrats booed the defeat of ISIS because the White House is an ISIS safe house.
To me, the democrats can roll out as many celebs as they want, because that's not gonna thrust Hillary into the White House at all
Top story: FBI investigating hack of House Democrats' fundraising committee | T… see more
1/2 "I wake up each morning in a house built by slaves and the slave owners were 100% Democrats because not 1 Republica…
A few days ago I warned that we Democrats don't live in a glass house. We do not. The party never has. The...
Very interesting that Mochella say she sleeps in a house built by slaves, it was her party the democrats that supported slav…
Yes with the Republicans in control it is the Democrats Fault The Speaker of the house has more power then the Pres
Hillary Clinton rocks the house! “Democrats, we are the party of working people.”
Democrats reward donors with government positions. SCANDAL
Lmao I guarantee you all democrats in the White House are Warriors/Steph fans especially Obama.
Whether u call it Obama's 3rd term or Hilliary's 1st. Democrats controlling White House for next 2 or 3 terms
Bernie Sanders urges Democrats to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.
Update on family reunion:My uncle asked when everyone arrived,"there aren't any democrats in this house are there?If so, get out now"! Lol👋🏼
House latest ex of awesome impact of
FBI investigates hack at House Democrats' campaign committee
Give him a break. He is getting old. Time to retire into White House courtesy Democrats.
Down-ticket they go ... DCCC raises money for Democrats running for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.
FBI investigates hack at House Democrats’ campaign committee
Hilary must take the iron throne that is the White House! Mother of democrats! Lol
FBI investigating hack of House Democrats' fundraising committee
FBI Investigates Hack at House Democrats' Campaign Committee: The FBI is investigating a hack at the House De...
the house you live in built by slaves. Maybe should watch
Why House Democrats are screwed: via clip and save!
FBI investigating hack of House Democrats' fundraising committee -
Now Americans have to vote for Hillary and down the ballot to give the Senate and the House back to the Democrats!
Great night for us Democrats, for Hillary, for history, for America. Onward to the White House.
HRC killed it. Democrats are 1000 x better than Republicans, who are no longer a party with any public policy whatsoever…
FBI investigating hack of House Democrats’ fundraising committee
House Democrats troll House Speaker Paul Ryan for Instagram selfie with interns.
BREAKING: House Democrats, led by Rep Elijah Cummings stage sit in over truck control measures.
Congressman Dan Kildee Leads Letter from 137 House Democrats asking Speaker Ryan to Act on Flint Before House...
House Democrats urge Senate to ratify UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (after South Sea ruling
House Democrats hit with ethics complaint over sit-in
WATCH: Sit-in showdown in congress; House Democrats demand gun control action with
Bernie Sanders has arrived at the House Democrats' sit-in on gun control.
Democrats are disrupting the work of the People's House w/ a publicity stunt in support of a proposal that violates right…
Democrats shout as Speaker gavels in House
This is LEADERSHIP. Thank you and House Democrats for your efforts to get a vote on common sense gun safety…
‘Shame! Shame!’: House Democrats shout Paul Ryan down as he tries to stop sit-in
Thank you and House Democrats! This is what leadership looks like:.
...House Democrats, we are bringing in the sleeping bags, coffee, & snacks.
Democrats stage a sit-in on the House floor over gun bills
Bernie Sanders gets a standing ovation as he joins House Democrats in Sit-In
If Paul Ryan gets the police to forcibly remove the democrats from the protest on the House floor, he will lose this war.
House Democrats, chanting "No bill, no break," plan to stay on floor until they get gun vote
Let's review: Democrats r sitting on House floor, standing up for will of the people. Paul Ryan threatening to arrest them.
As tries to bring House back into session, the Democrats chant Dems, http…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
.playing the moment Democrats began singing "We shall overcome" on the House floor.
Democrats this sin't about the bills, its about inaction by the House, stop concern trolling
House Democrats broadcast 'sit-in' on social media after cameras shut down
Just called in on to say how extremely proud I am of the House Democrats. Lives matter more than guns. Thank yo…
During sit-in, Democrats held photos of gun victims and papers with their names.
“No bill, no break!” House Democrats staged a sit-in to push for action on gun control
Paul Ryan says the House won’t vote on gun legislation touted by
The House was controlled by Democrats for two years under President Obama (w/ Senate). Didn't bring any of these measures t…
This is why what the house Democrats are doing is important
House Democrats participate in a sit-in on the House floor seeking a vote on gun control measures.
To all Democrats in the house, if crawls in your sleeping bag tonight, that isn't a pack of lifesa…
Democrats are staging a sit-in on the House floor. They refuse to leave until our Constitution replaces due process with s…
WATCH LIVE: U.S. House back in recess, but Dems continue unprecedented sit-in over gun bills
Democrats singing "We Shall Overcome" in the House Floor, tremendous symbolism! Now Paul Ryan is effectively Bull Conn…
The stream from the floor of the House has come back online. Watch live:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
With House cameras turned off, Democrats are using streaming apps to broadcast sit-in.
Instead of confronting the real problem, Islamic terrorism, Democrats are laying on the House floor right now.
Man...You said it. If & can't handle these lawless House Democrats, they need to resign!
Democrats protest as Republican leader tries to end gun control sit-in
House Dems chant 'shame' as House takes procedural vote on business unrelated to gun control https…
The Democrats are acting like SJWs on the floor of the US House of Representatives. SJWism isnt fringe.
JUST IN: House Democrats sing "We Shall Overcome" on House floor. Tune in to MSNBC for the latest.
Black Caucus leads chants Speaker Paul Ryan was ran out by House Democrats, failing to retake control https…
UPDATES Rebellious Democrats disrupt House, stage protest over guns (from
House Democrats, holding a sit-in on the House floor over guns, shout down Speaker Paul Ryan.
Are you honestly comparing the House Democrats to Civil Rights protestors? . Sides ejected into the asteroid belt.
Hey, House Democrats. Why didn't the gunman just lay down his arms as Diane Feinstein said?
Why the House Democrats' gun control sit-in is only playing out on social media
House Democrats have staged a sit in so Republicans can't obstruct gun violence prevention.
Politics: House Democrats stage dramatic sit-in to demand vote ->
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“Now is the time”: John Lewis leads House Democrats in sit-in over gun control
Clinton to meet with House Democrats on Wednesday: Politico
House Democrats probably need a Donald Trump loss of historic proportions to have any chance at a three-part sweep: ht…
House Democrats say Republicans may be leaking information to anti-abortion groups
House Democrats & Republicans finally agree on something: a shared--and justified--annoyance with the Saudi Regime: http…
A majority of House Democrats and eleven Democratic senators sent a letter to Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen on Thursday, urging the
N.C. House Democrats submit bill that would expand Medicaid program to cover 500,000 more North Carolinians.
Big pharma's campaign against Obama's proposal to cut drug costs is getting support from some House Democrats.
House Democrats calling on Gov. Rick Snyder to use legal defense fund to pay for legal fees in regards to Flint water event.
Gov. Bruce Rauner is a big proponent of redistricting reform, but House Democrats have their own plan:
House Democrats proposing to tap into $367 million reserve fund to find $ for Department of Health and Department of M…
Pelosi wants to cancel recess to deal with Zika, Flint and opioid crises: House Democrats want Speaker Paul Ry...
Budget crafted by House Democrats restoring higher education cuts passes out of committee
Pelosi, 15 House Democrats to join Obama trip to Cuba
Gov. Rauner rips on Madigan, House Democrats for session break
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Gov. Bruce Rauner is none too happy with the House Democrats' and Mike Madigan's schedule.
Perez told House Democrats final fiduciary rule for advisers will be out in "weeks, not months," according to Xavier Becerra.
ICYMI - WA - House Democrats need to hear your disappointment with their vote on HB 1645
The House has 246 republicans and 188 democrats. If you're interested in actually passing policies, start with electing in m…
We must vote other Progressive Democrats into the House&Senate to help the Democratic President pass these plans
From - The Space Leadership Preservation Act and the Need for Stability at NASA
Democrats Introduce Keep It in the Ground Act into House via democracynow
Debbie Wasserman Schultz facing serious primary challenge for her House seat https:/…
Dems ready to attack if GOP skips budget House Democrats are set to pounce if GOP leaders decide to skip a budget
if Trump ends up being your nominee to run for President,Democrats will be in the White House again.He's as bad as Palin.
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