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Hot Tub

A hot tub is a large tub or small pool full of heated water and used for soaking, relaxation, massage, or hydrotherapy.

Log Cabin Steve Bannon

Love this beer so much. - Drinking a Vanilla Porter Draught by @ Hot Tub β€”
A. Where you get some acid? B.Why do you need acid to destroy the hot tub? C. What is he hiding from?
Run 2 miles then get in a hot tub.. best decision of my life ❀
no hot tub...but there are two beds! One just doesn't have any pillows πŸ™ˆ
Yeah I noticed after being in a hot jacuzzi tub yesterday it only hurt worse. I put a wet towel in a plastic bag/freezer.
An author is hardboiled & bobbing in a hot tub, a home is ransacked, 2 grandmothers are battling.
So giant snowflakes caressing your head while you sit neck deep in a hot tub are delightful.until it's time...
I need to run to the hot tub from just reading y'all's forecast!
I would turn down any invitations for hot tub parties at President B's place.
A few months ago we rented this awesome portable hot tub from and obviously fell it…
When I first heard Planez I thought he said "I could put you in my hot tub" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Hi Steve. What did you really do in that hot tub? Acid? Oy.
In Bannon's defense, who amongst us HASN'T had our landlord withhold a $9,800 security deposit for filling the hot…
Having a hot tub to get into everynight is fantastic 😍😍😍
Nights in LA is a must. Especially relaxations in the hot tub. 😍😌
I'm a much better person after sitting in a hot tub and drinking a bottle of wine
Left a hot tub covered in acid. Bannon? Acid? Wait - we're NOT talking about LSD?
I got in the shower and it was so hot that I ran out and tripped on the side of my tub and fell on my face
When you take away the blur from a hot tub WooHoo πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
Steve Bannon, Trump's far-right hand man, allegedly had home with acid filled hot tub. Even writers are astounded.
I could really go for a hot tub right now
Hot tub full of acid is scary stuff. Now, kiddie pool full of shrooms? That's my kind of party
Hot tub outside in 17 degrees. Rick Ross "trap trap trap" the anthem rn
I wish I had a hot tub so I could just sit in it all night & listen to music & chill
Mad because this being the ad on the WaPo Bannon acid hot tub story is too perfect for the internet.
My side of Cali finally hits the 80s this week. Hot tub coming! πŸ‘…
Dior said she got in the hot tub and got hot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
But seriously why was a hot tub in the Florida house of White House strategist Steve Bannon destroyed by acid
Why was Steve Bannon's hot tub allegedly filled with acid?
did Steve Bannon dissolve a man in acid in his hot tub in Florida? I'm just asking questions, folks.
β€œAmerica is too politically correct for my xenophobia and racism! Lets smoke cigars in my acid hot tub” –
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The hot tub is very much needed after all the running I do πŸ˜…
I ate chicken nuggets in a hot tub on the side of a mountain today and it was the best thing ever-
Old picture of G1 Flutter Pony Hollywood in a hot tub
Finna make the executive decision to take a bird bath instead. The sink water hot but not the tub water. πŸ˜” I jus wanna 🚿
lots of those emails are easily explained; there really is a walnut sauce for pasta; kids were in pool NOT hot tub
I feel like I need to write a formal apology to my neighbours with the hot tub that have to hear my dog bark at them every time he goes out
Brand New Heated Pool and Hot Tub Jacuzzi just completed at one of our new properties...
It's true, The world's first beer hotel wants to soak you in a hot tub full of beer!
I just want a hot tub, golden retriever, sushi, and an endless supply of money is that too much to ask, jeez
yes!! My dads hot tub works now too lets party
Saw a 8 bedroom crib with a pool hot tub and s crazy balcony to rent for a weekend. It could be lit but no one is coming to Albuquerque 😒
I need a hot tub to sit in and melt off all the stress and pressures of school, work, and life.
I'm glad I got this gym membership. I'm just here for Basketball & the hot tub.
Looks like we've got a few days of pow to come yet. Get in that hot tub and break out the Rub A535. We're not done yet.
Happened upon this inflatable hot tub while looking for patio furniture... So tempted...
Me and Madison met the HOTTEST boy ever at the hot tub I'm crying
The Hot tub is waaay over there. What do you mean? trek across the yard in the dark, naked, frozen. Getting back is the hard part. -18C
B.C. man given 1-year probation for having sex in stranger's hot tub
til the sunshine's in our face, come meet me in the hot tuUUB GIRL THE HOT TUB GILRLRLRL
Not exactly sure how, but sitting in the hot tub at least once a week feels beneficial lol
When you don't have a hot tub so you just fill your bathtub with extremely hot water πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‚
If you have a hot tub and you haven't invited me over yet, consider our friendship over
πŸ“· In The Hot Tub on my Patreon for the $25 and up support level.
This awful old white lady yelled at 3 hijabi girls for wearing "clothes" in the hot tub at the gym... ignorant
How tf do they get the exact same thingy majiggers, like it looks exactly like their freaking hot tub
I was enjoying the hot tub all to myself until a creepy crooked buck toothed hillbilly walked in & started sounding a little too pedophile 😠
You can cash me in my new hot tub. Howbow dah?
There's no way this is considered a crime within a 10 mile radius of Kelowna.
Sitting in a hot tub by yourself has to be one of the best times ever
Getting married is a lot like getting into a tub of hot water. After you get used to it, it ain’t so hot.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I liked a video from WINTER HOT TUB PARTY!
Someone's outside our cabin using our hot tub in Colorado and I'm trying very hard not to have a panic attack but my feet are numb.
Corolla. Hot tub. Yes. Too bad wife is in RVA...
~ touches were giving me chills. "You and me sharing a hot tub together... another first." I grinned at him as I made ~
you know how to lure me with a hot tub! & udon noodles! (But no more for three weeks..).…
Here the email of him being invited to a party with 7,9 and 11 yr olds in a hot tub http…
Making small talk with the strangers in the hotel hot tub.
Note to self: spend less time in the jacuzzi/hot tub.
just typed YouTube without the e, pretty shocked that custom hot tub designer hasn't snatched up
Wish there was really a hot tub time machine
In the hot tub at -22 degs in Whitehorse. My hair has frozen but feels so good :)
~ tub of bubbly, hot water. "Yeah, there's that, too, I do love you." I looked into those blue eyes and leaned in for a ~
Spa and hot tub accessories like pillows and rubber ducts can add more fun.
My grandfather's "wool suit" circa 1920s, as modeled by my father on his way to the hot tub.…
If you stay in a hot tub for too long you will be cooked and turn into a robot.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Most people want a vacation to the beach, I want a cabin in the mountains with a hot tub.
Leaving work & the boat behind today for a week in a Log Cabin & a hot tub.
If you need me, I'll be in the hot tub πŸ’¦ @ The Lautner Compound
If you're interested in coming out to see let me know, spots available at our Airbnb, Pool, Hot Tub, DM for info
Reddevil lands rocket voltic in yacht hot tub on the first attempt
My Mom used up all of the hot water so now I am sitting in the tub wet and soapy until the water gets hot again.πŸ™„
Nothing is more soothing than relaxing in a hot tub πŸ›€
Cheyenne had the nerve to hop in my hot tub eating a bag of lettuce? Plain *** lettuce
A new beer hotel will Have a private hot tub full of IPA.
At the gym in the hot tub, the guy across from me is on grindr... and he's cute
I added a video to a playlist 10 Million Orbeez In Hot Tub!
I added a video to a playlist hot tub for dogs YOUTUBE VIDEO. in USA . PUPPIES new york
This week has been extra rough.. But I cant stop thinking about how great our view from our hot tub is about to be next week😍
Where is the craziest place you have ever had sex at? β€” hot tub or roof. not that crazy
Hot Tub dude is 6000x the interviewer professional reporter Bryan Alvarez is
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I'm raising money for Hot Tub for Me and my Dog. Click to Donate: via
Mediterranean Chicken in a Hot Tub of Capers, Olives, Sauvignon Blanc and Tomatoes
This cabin is amazing in the to hit the Hot Tub @ Pigeon Lake
Explore the 'Hot Tub of Despair,' an underwater lake that kills -
We are going to do 'Hot Tub' until we die. Every Monday. Then we'll ...
Thinking about scuba diving in the Hot Tub...@ The Ritz-Carlton,…
Squaw Valley's Swimming Pool & Hot Tub is one of the most breathtaking places in the world to…
Anybody with a hot tub can hmu no charge!!
I love having access to a hot tub 24/7 ☺️
Catching the last rays of sun in my parents' garden before our neighbours let themselves in to use our hot tub at 5pm
Me, enjoying the hot tub last night πŸ˜€πŸ· @ Forest Holiday Blackwood Forest
My mom bought a hot tub at the auction, then sold it to a lady for the same price she got it for. I had a glimpse of the good life.
What's happening today and I think tonight's for sure a hot tub night so hit me up
Boarding up my bedroom window after 2 days of the neighbours having a hot tub. 50 year olds in speedos al owa the place. Do not want.
Who wants to jump in the hot tub with Aubrey
Have u ever wanted the hot tub to yourself? Lol
View from the hot tub today..on our jollies!
I never knew I needed an indoor hot tub and fireplace until right now
Is it too early to go sit in the hot tub? πŸ€”
Hot tub party at was so much fun ily 😜😘
I leave the house for 2 hours and I come home to my mother showing me a picture of a hot tub she bought. This is why I can't leave her alone
Because we had much needed girl time/talk in the hot tub and. My bathing suit matched my glow…
With Bsb wage packet has the hot tub returned to the commentary box for all at the boys
Help prevent needless pool and hot tub accidents this summer by taking these seven simple steps.
Stay at the Ushuaia Beach Hotel and you'll wonder how you ever holidayed without a hot tub
Hot tub before prom sounds like a good idea
I wanted to lay out today but it's hot tub weather so that'll do
May Madness! Come get your turns in at the $19 lift tickets for passholders of other resorts. Hot Tub party at noon.
Trump is the seman that floated to the top of the hot tub this election. Timing is everything.
Was having a perfectly nice Easter Eve until the hot tub overflowed in the living room
I wonder if getting in my hot tub will help my hangover
Went to to pick up new wrestling gear. Ended up in a hot tub eating bakewell pie.
A good soak in the hot tub is a great way to start my day 😌
HBD HKW :) I love you so much thanks for all the JJ runs, the many hot tub story's, and so many laughs πŸ’• ily
New Feature of Gales Haven! Relax and unwind in the fire stoked cedar hot tub! πŸŒ…β€¦
My son & uncle in hot tub on holliday in Narberth, cider & sunshineπŸŒžπŸ‘Œ
I want a cup of coffee so big that it doubles as a hot tub.
Woke up this morning and mom says "dad just called and wanted to see if we wanted to go out and get a hot tub" UM YES!
Peace. Quiet. Private hot tub. What more could you want for a weekend break away. 01507 463118 for details
We LOVE sitting in our hot tub listening to Mellow's relaxes us :-).
Buzz to get in Shannon's hot tub tonight
Cleaning the hot tub and Gemma decides to jump in πŸ™ˆ @ Harlow, Essex
I have a hot tub if anyone wants works fine but the outer cover is screwed up in the garden and Boy Cat...
I really swore someone was in the house when the hot tub was open 😬😬😬
me and chris have been drinking in Anna's hot tub since 8:30
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
. dinner then dessert in the hot tub *Leans in to kiss her* That way you have an incentive to work fast.
Outrage as Danny Simpson dodges curfew for throttling his ex to join teammates in Thailand.
Is it wrong to use the baptistery for a hot tub?
Kenny found a hot tub of his very own!
Stone patio w/firepit & Gunite hot tub w/waterfall..and more fine features of this estate
"Do u remember those 4 amazing hours we spent on the hot tub after winter formal?...Well this is so much better than that!" . LOVETHISPARTπŸ˜‚
Never Have I Ever, Ever: been on a hot tub
Bobcat Goldthwait is doing a set at Hot Tub next week. The actual excitement is beyond my control.
Tonight! Twilight Thursday! Join us for Hot Tub Time Machine and a dip in our Hot Tub! Plus, popcorn bar &...
How Much for a Chestnut Hill Home with a Pool and Hot Tub?: Can you guess the asking price of a 3-bedroom home?…
But seriously who wants to let me use their hot tub?
At least your flower logo doesn't look like three people in a hot tub.
Honesty cant wait to get in my hot tubπŸ’–
Rough day of chilling in a hot tub and shopping. by ammanndderr
princess Bridget: if it's raining I'm literally bringing an umbrella in the hot tub
Website Builder 728x90
We haven't even been here for ten min and I'm already in the hot tub
Chili in the hot tub great way to end the night.
Lolol being that sex in water is a lil difficult (besides hot tub) I just mean regular fun lol
well I'm not going to lie. Currently in my tub of hot water. My feet hurt from work
We definitely tryna get some girls in the hot tub
Still can't believe my phone got dropped in the hot tub a few days ago... What a week
So there are two polar bears in a hot tub. One polar bear says to the other, "Can you pass the soap?" The other one says, "No soap, radio."
Erin's hot tub made me so sleepy how am I supposed to lineart when i want to cuddle
Really wanna sit and a hot tub and drink alcohol rn
Update the hot tub was closed so I ate my weight in mozzarella sticks and I regret nothing.
That scene in the hot tub is still weird after all these years.
if I owned one of those big fancy circular baths? Or a hot tub? Yes. Yes I would lol.
When you are reading a book in a hot tub and you drop it right into it. Into the fridge it is, don't take it personally
Looks like & turned into pool toys in this hot tub.
If Gary was a real *** he'll have the hot tub crackin tonight..
I wanna be in a hot tub right about now!😍
I never really liked the dating pool. I always preferred the dating hot tub.
- oceanic orb. Using her forefinger, she invited to join her and in the hot tub, and she was already -
What was that song Steve was singing in the hot tub?
I'm HOLLERING at them tossing Adam's *** into the hot tub & him popping up bout some look at my dab
It's 48 degrees in El Paso and I'm alone in hot tub so spring break 2016 is starting off with a bang
+ to his hot tub, clearly not expecting and At all.|]
Family plus beers and hot tub:.. Always a good time
Soaking in a hot tub brings many health benefits, such as..
Made my first list!. . Dark elves, but would be cool to run my sweet Hot Tub of Blood!
What a day. I need to go to Shropshire Pools & Spas for a Hot Tub. I feel so urggghhh would love to sit in one with a huge glass of wine.
Then today I watched Hot Tub time Machine 2. I think they made have travelled in time and stole my idea.
Boyne Mountain Photo 9 of More to Come:. Been hittin the Hot Tub hard every night. (
"I can put you in my hot tub, what's up, let's take a trip". "haley what was that". "is that not how it goes"
Just want a girl who will hot tub and watch scary movies with me
*8 college girls having bible study* . Two wet 32 year old men: hey you guys want to hot tub? We've got some beer!! .
Not sure if I'm witnessing two people having sex in the hot tub or not???
Im watching million dollar bathrooms and making myself mad bc i want a gold and diamond engraved hot tub in my bathroom
Horny babe in the hot tub. Bitach posing in freeones
I don?t need a hot tub, I prefer for a mildly attractive tub with a great sense of humor and a good job.
well I've never met u and don't even know your name so I'd have no idea you're a hot tub kind of guy
(She turns and smiles at before walking onto the deck. She then loses her clothes once more before getting into the Hot tub)
I really want to plan a mini vacation where we can get away, just the two of us. Preferably with a fireplace and a hot tub.
UCLA QB Josh Rosen in an inflatable dorm hot tub w/U. of Arizona sorority girl jersey chaser ht…
I walk into the hot tub as well, blushing deeply
Breaking into multiple hotels just to find a working hot tub😌
Him: "I'm gonna pick you up from school tomorrow and we can go to my house and relax". Me: "Nah". Him: "I have a hot tub" . Me: "Yes ok sold."
I bought a fruity drink to sip by the hot tub and then quickly remembered that I prefer beer. 😞
LA QUOTE OF THE DAY "UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen has a hot tub in his dorm room - what about the drought?!"
Drinks in the hot tub at midnight. That's Miami
ALEXIS is waiting in the hot tub for some fun with a handsome gentleman...
Hot tub sesh with the bros never gets old. πŸ€‘πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Wonderful would buy my family a hot tub!
Huge fan (I mean, c'mon, you looked on fire in Hot Tub 2 and Ballers), would be honored with a follow from you.
(2/3) say o baby she hot t...'So wash your on bath tub u star rum my u ask me ok if u get wash of o y lisa pp not with water like this o...
yep, I have a glass right now. Kids asleep. I'm in the hot tub.
. Is all I need. It's like a hot tub. I just never wanna get out
A hot tub is a giant bowl of soup without the noodles
Urine big trouble if you pee in the hot tub πŸ›€πŸΏ
And if you ignore the imposing mothership framework in the skybox, my hot tub is pretty *** fresh.
Dream home… indoor hot tub RIGHT NEXT TO the fireplace! Can it get any better? I suggest that it can
I'm tryna have some popcorn and hot cocoa in the hot tub πŸ’†πŸ½
All I want rn is a pretty lady and a hot tub
Hot Tub on the Carnival Freedom. Wouldn't that be nice today?
5 star gold cottage in the heart of BrontΓ« Country.Hot Tub with a view
Consumer Alert! - Helpful Tips When Purchasing a Hot Tub. 1. Are you really getting a deal at this travelling...
Sapphira A - Hot Tub . Sapphira A is wild at heart! At 21 years old sh
OK Kim in Fort Johnson New York. Vacation in Gatlinburg,TN. Stay in a luxury Log Cabin. Relax in your own Hot Tub.
Duck Adventure! Learn more about raising ducks, enjoy the priceless cute series ,"50Ducks in a Hot Tub" linkbhrbht6.
Jumped off a roof, pole vaulted onto a hot tub and broke the cover last night
Watched Hot Tub Time Machine 2 last night because I have alot of respect for the first film, however that was taken, spat out and stepped on
Nothing like a morning soak in the hot tub
thanks hunni! I'm just looking forward to a fruit cider in the hot tub πŸ˜‚ xxx
25 backyard ideas that will make your hot tub area look AWESOME!!!
Even chlorine water wasn't helping, I had to hop in the hot tub to rid the itch hehe! So allergic to cats, but I LUV animalsπŸ˜…πŸ˜’
Life, is like a hot tub. I don't have a hot tub
"Isn't this hot tub above your means?". "Of course. If I lived at my means my life would be crap."
Turn about is fair play for our Red Sox friends. Did we say play? Hiking trail, on-site massages, hot tub, Heated...
Top story: Hydropool TV spot featured on Hot Tub Britain see more
Man patika videoklips βœ” Minecraft: How to make a Working Hot Tub.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Yeah, I can't see doing a pool with how little nice weather we have. Hot tub, though, *** YES.
Last Day for the Tax Free Holiday!!! If you have been thinking of getting a pool, hot tub or just need parts or...
Maybe I need a Kickstarter for a combo hot tub/sauna. Everyone who donates gets a weekend to enjoy it, lodging & meals included!
Just another day, 5 hour shift then coming home to some hot tub time... Much needed relaxation
Next project is to renovate my kitchen and bathroom in my apartment. Get rid of all my moms stupid furniture, and get a hot tub in my yard.
I miss the resort but I miss the bath tub, hot water and the scene the most. tub and we'd hear their laughing and glasses clinking. Not sure why I haven't managed outdoor water here yet.
Incredible Savings New 6"/ 4" Taper Hot Tub Cover 2 lb Foam for Spas up to 96"
that's the BBQ PIT & hot tub bring some burgers Ima b chef-bo-r-H! πŸ˜‚
Going hillwalking is so much more enjoyable when you know there's a hot-tub waiting for you at the other end... πŸ’
Indoor pool and hot tub with a view
Indoor pool and hot tub with a view, Minnesota
Rub a dub dub,. I want 3 men in. my tub!!. . - htt…
Fancy an indulgent Hot Tub session w/at GM15 this year? Some slots now fully booked so get booking
Hot Tub at the OG Gabby Johnson's, who's in? 😎
Deja-View Beautiful 3 bedroom Log Cabin with Mountain Views, Hot Tub, and Pet Friendly!!! Check it out!...
Avoiding the Avengers Tower today. Tony's decided to hold Olympic trials for a new event he created. "How Many Hotties in a Hot Tub. "
I liked a video from The Sims 4: Perfect Patio Stuff- Review | Woohoo in a Hot Tub?!
Fabulous evening with Jason Hayes, Paul C Reed, and Brian Gee !!! Nice and relaxed after some time in the Hot Tub with the guys and a few …
then the hot tub and Liam and niall saw...and your hand was down her shorts.need I say more???!!
I want a hot tub party. But I don't have a hot tub πŸ˜”
*sprawled out in his back yard hot tub* Oies... work at SAA was harder than usual. What's going on with those trees? x.x;
Louie's for the hoops and hot tub bc i deserve it
Mums just decided to do both now, because I couldn't decide and she wants a hot tubπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I want to get in the pool or hot tub
The floating hot tub is just as fun as it sounds (& it's the only one in the UK!)
First night at home spent in the hot tub with some bubbly πŸ‘Έ
If you own a pool/hot tub, have the right equipment, such as throwing equipment, a cell phone, life jackets and a first aid kit.
*texts Mac asking for invite to watch game and have a hot tub sesh* πŸ’πŸ’
Why did I think it was a good ideal drink three bottles of wine and sit in the hot tub until I'm a prune with my mother? My alarm is in 5hrs
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Imagine a hot tub for the mind. That is what meditation is; it can bathe your mind in relaxing thoughts. – Virginia Satir
U know what? I like how you think! Always did want to install a Lazarus Pit hot tub at the Lair! Lemme w…
What happened to the days when children weren't allowed in the hot tub?
U only come around when u wanna play pool in my hot tub, ice cream paint job
You can upgrade a Hot Tub with a Stereo :D (reading the game files)
A year ago I was in a hot tub and then I went to castle island and walked a dog and shared clam strips w/ someone and look at me now
Because a private hot tub is the only place to be at 4pm.
Me too dude. I'd be in a hot tub, soakin' it up with.. With my soulmate makin' big bucks.
I just met the coolest old lady in the hot tub next door and my life is changed forever
Ottawa radio ratings are out and congrats to the station And the Morning HOT Tub is the show!
ALSO I bought US Weekly today for a flight. It says Cliff & JJ had a bromance that included "hot tub time" and mutual adoration
Now in new hot tub area, just got to fill it and enjoy. Nice one nice one :-)
Swimming in the rain and then getting in the hot tub is amazing.
Hot tub toy time for busty Sophie Dee Wicked
Always bring a swimsuit because you never know when you'll end up in a hot tub - my motto. (Been in about 3 hot tubs in my adult life.)
"It tastes like a hot tub feels on a cold winter day"
It's the middle of the day and I'm sitting in a hot tub drinking coffee.. wait wut?
So thankful I have a nice pool an hot tub to go home to 🏊🏻😎
Thinking about going to sit in the hot tub.
Last year I nearly bought a hot tub with my student loan
Fire building and hot tub fun with and
-He leaves the dessert on the counter.- Meet you at the hot tub?
The fact that I can't swim or get in the hot tub for ten days until my stitches are out πŸ˜‘πŸ”«
I want to keep watching hot tub time machine 2 but I have to go back to work 😭
TBT remember the time when we were supposed to be resting in the hot tub @ Miss Nebraska but instead…
Fact: I have never been drunk in a hot tub.
Some guy in my math class told me i should get in a hot tub so I can get better πŸ˜…
I swear we only have a gym membership so my dad can go in the hot tub and the sauna
Ooh, hot tub guy's still mad about that comment. Yes, it's best to confront a man when he's drunk and belligerent - go!
I'm going to win this awesome hot tub! I shouldn't have said this. Now you might win.
Woke up in the hot tub . spilling MoΓ«t in the water
We were the only ones who wanted to go to the hot tub. So much fun with my sista! ❀️
Nice stay at from lwyd long house in Powys with Vicky and Adam wood fired pizza and hot tub brilliant check it out for great venue
movie with her and fat kid from Hot Tub. Totally blanking on his name, shame cuz I like him
I could've lived the rest of my life quite happily w/o the image or thought of in a hot tub
anyway who wants to swim can come over. I have a pool + a hot tub. just DM me
You in a bra...or panties...or bikini...or hot tub
BeyoncΓ© casually pouring my tuition fees into a hot tub
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