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Hot Tamales

Hot Tamales are a cinnamon candy manufactured by the Just Born in the USA. They are shaped like Mike and Ike candies and were introduced in 1950. Their name refers to their piquance, using the name of the tamale, which can be spicy.

Rite Aid Happy Sunday

Christmas snacks, hot tamales, brownies, milk and cereal lol
I can't wait for all the tamales and Mexican hot chocolate πŸ˜›πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
Craving the *** out of some Woodville, MS hot tamales.
Bur, cold weather starting? Then come over for Hot, Hot Tamales. They are handmade and fresh and ready for you a…
YES they look like Hot Tamales, the candy
Literally the cheapest DIY way to bleach ur *** without paying for those pretentious procedures. Eat 4 pounds o…
One time my sisters threw hot tamales at me & told me if i didn't pick them up and eat them they would haunt me in…
I am making it through this SIP afternoon with the help of popcorn, Twizzlers and Hot Tamales.
Because the coolest people bring tamales as their dish... 8am-1pm & Lake St Louis 9am-noon this Sat…
The hot chocolate was far too sweet for my taste, but I can't fault the rest of the food. Loved the tamales.
Can not be trusted with a dozen hot tamales
I never regret ever giving you the rest of my hot tamales the first day we met πŸ’—
Omg these tamales with reaper hot sauce is the best
HMU if you want a box of hot tamales. I've got quite a few and I won't eat them
Can I wake up to chocolate covered strawberries, tamales, & hot chocolate? :/
This weekend, the C.C. Hot Tamale Fest will be showcasing South Texas' best tamales. Don't miss it!
What's happening? Oh, nothing. Just some hot tamales on this fine hump day πŸ”₯😈πŸ”₯Here is our lineup
Back by popular demand! The Senior Center is selling tamales, hot or mild beef tamales will be on sale for $16/dozen ht…
Hot Tamales! Join us for an interactive class on December 1st. .
I want some hot tamales but I don't need any candy πŸ˜•
I just wanna go home and eat pumpkin pie and my mom's tamales and hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies with my sister
I really wish I had some gummy bears, hot tamales, sour patches & a snicker 😩😒
Weather brought to you by WolfChili Today, Hot Tamales
I didn't see the "hot" part of hot tamales & my first reaction was, who tf eats apple cinnamon tamales u nasty but then ..
I need hot tamales to cure this sadness
you bring the tamales I'll bring the hot chocolate 😊
Abuelita's hot chocolate and tamales tonight at our fall program From Casa to Career! Who's ready?!
I liked a video from HOT TAMALES CHALLENGE
I got four boxes of Hot Tamales and chocolate covered potato chips for my birthday today and I honestly couldn't be happier.
Hot tamales and chocolate milk. Not a good combination
Anyone feel free to send a box of Hot Tamales to 6302
If anyone wants to bring me some Hot Tamales I'll ❀️ u forever
My mom needs to stop making tamales it's hot af in the house rn
I about did when I tried hot tamales
I just had a baked potato, salad, and hot tamales for dinner. I'm getting there
omg WyattπŸ˜‚. All he cares about is those hot tamales.
My softball group chat went from swim team to track is life to soccer team to ugly squad and now hot tamales. All irrelevant to softball πŸ˜…
eats hot tamales after her workout so I do too
Red Hots, Hot Tamales, or some other type? Personally I love Red Hots.
your as hot as these hot tamales. They aren't hot
I cannot express how much I love hot tamales. If I'm mad at you and you give me hot tamales. All is forgiven !
It's hot tamales out today 12 everywhere
Eating Hot Tamales for breakfast. Must be my birthday. Or a regular Wednesday. :)
They are good just like Mike N' Ike & Hot Tamales.
My mom put hot tamales in my Easter basket πŸ˜»πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Hot tamales, where the red fern grows, fire ball
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I want candles, hot tamales, and flowers to plant for my birthday πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸŽˆ
But seriously, can we refer to Red Pillers as Hot Tamales from now on?
Stop by this Tuesday: basted conservative hot tamales slathered with ice cream and kit kat.
Damian in the bathroom after eating nachos - . "uh it feels like hot tamales coming out". ...He's lactose intolerant
Bought my mom a 4 pound the old hot tamales... Company sent the wrong one I told my mom to try the new ones and she says they taste the same
Last day of unlimited hot Cheetos, sun, and tamales 😭😭
I think you're forgetting about hot tamales
Thinking about investing in a candy dispenser with hot tamales, skittles, m&m peanuts, and mike n Ike's 😍😍
I use to give my lil cousin hot tamales an hot Cheetos when he was 2 when he would *** me offπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm allergic to artificial cinnamon and I'm over here stealing hot tamales thinking they're mike and Ike's killing myself.
Chipotle, sweet tea, Chick-fil-a chicken minis, Hot Tamales, Twizzler Bites, ranch, good wifi, USA... You're the best. Next stop, Colombia!
Someone please come take all these Hot Tamales away from me.
I dream of vegan tamales and vegan hot Cheetos
Growing up I was always taught that as long as you have hot links, boudin, and hot tamales in the freezer you should never be hungry
Listen Hot Tamales are like crack, highly addictive. I've been eating them since I lived in Germany. No such thing as eating a few.
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Happy Anniversary to my hot tamales :-) it feels like its been so long & we've been thru alot, thx dad https:/…
I just told Lydia that there's horse meat in hot tamales & she believed me
It's about that time to be thinking about lunch. We've got hot tamales ready for you from our specials list.
Betchya don't have your own Mexican lady who delivers you fresh hot tamales at work 😜😜😜
I used to eat hot tamales and skittles by the pound. Oh, and don't even get me started with pop-tarts!
"Unfortunately, cyber criminals tend to cosplay Max Headroom & Hot Tamales chewy candies at the same time."
most deff. I'm as good as them hot tamales I ate at your spot.
My best brings a box of hot tamales
Someone please buy me some Hot Tamales ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜«
I forgot how hot hot tamales actually are.just put like 7 in my mouth.
Hot tamales! It's what for dinner! At least when you are still at your desk at 9pm. Lol
For my birthday all I want is pizza, hot wings, sweet tea, tamales, a cherry slush, spam and potatoes for breakfast and I want tacos 😊
I was there. Survived on hot tamales and frequently warming up with the hand dryer in the men's room. So cold.
Hot tamales prolly the worst candy on earth
[Buncha you guys must look like some hot tamales~
I'm offline for like two hours y ahora 5/5 of last episode are part of hot tamales, nICE
5/5 of the last episode are in the hot tamales IM CRYING
Here's a tip I just learned: Mixing a double IPA with Hot Tamales candy is not a good combo. Stick with a nice Pinot Grigio. You're welcome
me bc hot tamales has 5/5 of last episode JDJAJD CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING dont let us get cold tho
follow the HOT TAMALES please we love you πŸ’–
follow me or one of the hot tamales so we can add you into the GC believe me it's always lit in there
Happy sweet 16 (+30) to me! With Hot Tamales, lottery tickets, the kids, and red roses too!
I eat a very unhealthy amount of hot tamales
I only run into hot *** guys when im out in public with my parents why??
So Trevor popped into the Hot Tamales and gave us a s/o. It's lit.
I have your homemade tamales hot and ready for your birthday ❀️
and I are eating Hot Tamales and watching Disney πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š
I put "hot tamales" in a "mike n Ike's" bag and I gave it to my little brother.☺️
Hey guys we are selling tamales for our youth funds! Come get em while they're hot! Selling today!…
Tamales are basically Mexican hot pockets.
All good things must come to an end. *my thought as I finish a box of hot tamales!*
All I want in life is green pepper n cheese tamales with black beans n rice n a seriously large cup of my mamas Mexican hot chocolate
Only good thing of being up before the sunrise is getting tamales while they're still steaming hot.
so Mexicans tho, got some very hot tamales around here
"I was going to get a candy that described you, but you're not sweet tarts, hot tamales, or honey buns"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thanks Trystan
i just learned how to make hot tamales and wontons from Carlton hmu
Watching movies with mah man, hot chocolate and tamales. AdiΓ³s.
Moved on to hot tamales because I'm out of wine 😳
Since at this time nine years ago my sweet grandma died it's only right I have her favorite candy and mine ever since Hot Tamales. Miss you
It's getting serious. I've pulled out the Hot Tamales & Dr Pepper for this last push.
Update. Fries, Hot Tamales & Wine hasn't made me feel less sad. It has made me feel more barf-o-rama. Back on clean eating tomorrow.
"One time I got a hot tamales stuck in my ear" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
The Wreckoning is here for some action against The Hot Tamales
Babes the best❀️ hot Cheetos & tamales lol dropped off the minion gunna relax & enjoy the rainπŸ‘­
Toasted tamales with a side of hot coffee😍
Hot Tamales & Pina Colada...I think that's what's for dinner! If it is going to Rain for 3 days ...Might as well drink something tropical!
Hot tamales burn my mouth so fricken bad omg
Everytime I go candy shopping I think of and her hot tamales ❀️😘
Hot Tamales, chili-cheese fries and mini wontons? We're already drooling. Unwrapped 2.0 is tonight at 8/7c on
Made my own trail mix! It's all Hot Tamales. I bought a box of Hot Tamales
Fresh hot breakfast delivery... Jose's mama made fresh tamales, still hot and piping. She has a new…
Why can't this be a happy place, where my mornings start off with hot tamales waiting for me in the kitchen...
I don't trust people that like hot tamales or fireball
Also remember that one time I dumped my whole bag of hot tamales on the floor of my car, because I'm me.
I picked some of these up for Scott. He loves hot tamales.
Never trust somebody who likes Hot Tamales
Sunday slop mix: grilled. pushy venison with a side of banana splits with a pile of hot tamales.
literally all I need in life is hot tamales
Lol just spilled an entire box of hot tamales in my room, but no one should worry bc I have another box.
my house has been hot all day but I got some tamales out of it so it was worth it
watching the Cowboys play in the Super Bowl while eating hot homemade tamales and drinking a cold Coors Light.
What's better than watching Cowboys football and eating some nice hot homemade tamales???
Have you tried the Spicy snack for you hot tamales!
Happy Sunday!---Have you liked our neighbor's page Juke Joint Tamales?---Check it out--They have some FINE FINE Delta Hot Tamales!
I hate hot tamales that aren't spicy... It's so disappointing
you bring the hot I bring the tamales πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
awwwe)): well if I had friends there if go to hamilton's too they have some hot tamales πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
I'm stuffing myself with spicy hot tamales right now. I love Mexican food and my friends from Mexico.
If she had tamales I'd be down but it's too hot for menudo
I have the taste for some Hot Tamales and Mike and Ikes.
I am willing to walk in the rain to get a box of cinnamon hot tamales. Sad but true...
I'm tearing these hot tamales and starburst up today.
Come support ND Cheer at Hot Tamales Mexican Bar and Grill in Seymour from 3-9!!πŸŽ€πŸŽ‰
I am feeding my best friend hot tamales and listening to what mental illness sounds like
Genuinely my doctor left me for a bipolar =/ all I have is hot tamales and a baby talking about bep polaur
Hot Tamales are seriously so good, I can live on them 😍
Homemade Hot Tamales: BTW This is β€œone” of most time consuming pain in the *** culinary adventures you can do ...
It breaks my heart when a corner store doesn't have hot tamales
I'm glad you liked the letter , the hot tamales and the bracelet thank you for wearing it means a lot !
You smell like Rob Ryans underwear after eating hot tamales
Celebration of the Independence of Mexico with dancing in the streets, pupusas & Hot tamales! Que…
. Arlene ur such a cutie. Thanks ur hot too. Like Chile or like hot tamales
5sos look like hot tamales today and I'm not there to see it with my own eyes. Bite me.
I'm in heaven right now. My friend from Mexico just gave us a big bag of extra hot tamales. They're awesome.
Hot Tamales-- 80 wrapped in an hour! That's kitchen whiz Iliana go say 'Ola' .
I'm in. I'll eat *** near anything that purports to be a tamale. That includes Hot Tamales.
Free Hot Tamales Tropical Heat Theatre Box 5oz! This is from Rite Aid for the first 33,000 requests.
My papa made me try johnny tamales "hottest sauce" which is slightly more intense than just hot sauce & im tearing up &im a wiener thats all
When I transfer to state I'm going to have to b on fleek 24/7 cause so many hot tamales
My tongue is burnt from hot tamales and hot chocolate.. 😭
Alright, I need some hot tamales and licorice.
Public Service Announcement: Hot Tamales are the best candies in the world.
I've had an Americano, 3 mini peanut butter cups and a handful of Hot Tamales so far today. πŸ’œ βœ‚
At for hot tamales before we get to the hotel. Last stop of the day.
When you are laying in bed having a bad and you think let's eat som hot tamales!!!that makes you day so much better πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š
2 sad things about Hot Tamale time. 1) when all the hot tamales are gone 2) no to…
It's gonna be HOT like " Tamales" at Ziggys tomorrow night!. Tyler, The Creator will be ripping up the stage while...
So if I make hot tamales yall think he'll fall for me
So.I was supposed to start back my clean eating today, right?. Yeah well I woke up late so now I'm eating a hot pocket and two tamales
Got make sure while I'm on the sip to get them bomb *** hot tamales!! Y'all just don't know
Should of never ate those hot cheeps, m&ms, or tamales.
you don't need a boy we can go be hot tamales at the mall or something LOVE U
Uniquely beautiful and special in your own way! So stop talk down about yourselves! You're all hot tamales! 😍❀️ -Brooke
My brother may die from 6 hot tamales at once.
Mane somebody buy me some hot tamales 😩😩😩😩
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I hate to admit it, but I have a real genuine problem with Hot Tamales candies. It goes against everything I want to be, but I lubb them...
I practically torture myself every time I eat Hot Tamales but they're just soo goood πŸ”₯
I could eat Hot Tamales all day and live with no regrets.
Wow I could really go for some hot tamales
I wonder if Hot Tamales and vodka taste good together. And lots of other important things I think about while I'm at …
Rascal Flatts blaring in the speakers, tamales waiting, and coffee piping hot in my mug… Sounds like a beautiful start to finals week.
Did an event that required me to wear a T-shirt that said Hot Tamales. To make matters worse it was bright red...
We are at HERBSTALK today at the Somerville Armory. Come by for some fresh, hot tamales and our Tamal Bomb(!) with...
Tfw you burn your tongue with some of dem hot tamales. I cri.
I like my famales like I like my tamales: hot
I did! That mom made me feel like the hot tamales I ate. πŸ‘ΉπŸ˜’
Hard to describe but it ends with a fire kinda like hot tamales
When you remember that your best friend put hot tamales in your graduation present>>> 😍😍😍
my night has gone from "meh" to "hot tamales, why have I not listened to all these band's music before in my life???"
My parents thought they were funny 😐 Trynna put hot tamales in my mike and Ike's 😐😐😐
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Bring me hot tamales and Mountain Dew and I'll love you 5 ever
I have an affinity for Hot Tamales "Tropical Heat" candy, which I thought was discontinued. But tonight found them @ FOREVER 21
My cinnamon roll recipe? You're going to need four boxes of Hot Tamales and a rolling pin.
Laying in bed watching bms eating hot tamales πŸ˜‰ I am very content right now
If you buy me hot tamales, I will love you forever ❀️
You've NO idea how happy that makes me.!The books pictured sold like hot tamales except for mine. I don't know why.
--> Is eating refried beans with HABENERO rotel mixed in and yes, it's HOT and GOOD. Spanish rice and beef tamales.
to yesterday final assembly and liturgy with these hot tamales - love you girlies (I couldn't…
The only food I packed for this work day turned out to be a chicken salad and *** pack and a box of Hot Tamales oh good Lord
Made out like a bandit at the st johns farmers mkt this morn. Hot mama salsa, Gabriels bagels choc croissant, and raw local
just had a memory of hot tamales and brad thor books in Spain
"I love mexican food" I say as I eat a box of hot tamales
Mike & Ike or Hot Tamales Theater Box Candy only $.35 each at Rite Aid after BOGO Sale and Coupon!
My bro has eaten all the peeps, 2 packs of mentos, all of our pastries, all my moms truffles, and a whole box of hot tamales. Happy easter
Happy birthday to my bish. I love you more than my mawmaw g's hot tamales πŸ‘―πŸŽ‰
Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales, Only $0.35 at Rite Aid!: Theater box candy is buy one get one free at...
If someone gets be hot tamales candy I will love them forever
When you buy your dad a whole box of hot tamales and he still insists on taking yours. πŸ˜‘
"what r tamales". caroline: isn't there a song like hot tamale I'm sweating or something?
I literally inhale hot tamales. 20 pieces is a serving size? Uh, no.
Saturday M: steaped. popular hot tamales blended with lima bean with a splash of liver.
Can't wait 4 only a few tix left for & Tacos&Tequila
If dollar tree ever stop selling hot tamales idk what I would do
"One was selling 'hot tamales' out of a bucket. This is a cornmeal tube filled with spicy meat that they eat in Old Mexico."
I'll pay someone to get me hot tamales
Just got stopped by airport security bc I had 14 bags of hot tamales in my bag πŸ˜„
Tamales for lunch 😍😍 YUM🍴this hot sauce it life to me rn lol
To all the tamales gisu makers:. Please make the orange side REALLY pika. If it's too hot for someone, let them drink …
Some kid I have never even talked too turned around and said. "Who are you to judge somebody How dare you". Bc I said Hot Tamales aren't hot
"No our theater doesn't have Hot Tamales please get better taste in candy"
My life has seriously got to the point where I can't physically leave to house without hot tamales..
"Hot Tamales. Not to be mistaken with firecrackers." Rookie mistake.
I want 18 bags of hot tamales for my birthday and a surprise party
Enter to win some MIKE AND IKE & Hot Tamales from Confessions of a Frugal Mind
Delicious hot tamales, sold to me by the neighborhood unlicensed vendor. $2. Great fringe benefit to living here.
Who know how to make some good hot tamales? I want some so bad!
The sun is out, the sky is blue, and everyone is smiling at the Tatum Ranch Farmers Market! Come by and say hello to TJ Farms, Tim's Citrus, and Horny Toad Farms. We also have Hot Tamales, Local Raw Honeys, Big Reds Hot Sauce, Saucy Lips Vinegarettes, Organic Baked Goods, Artisan Breads, Hand Made Jewelry and Decor, and lots more. (Pst, it's right here in your neighborhood)
Tamales and hot chocolate sound sooo good rn!
After living in Texas for over 30 years, I did something today that I have never done. I ate Tamales and really enjoyed them. I went with some of my dear friends from church to Tellez and had steaming hot tamales. They have asked me to go for years so this year when I said I would GO they were shocked and then to see me eat tamales was another shock. The line in this place never ended. They received an award for the best Tamales in Texas and they are good. I figured we only live once so why not. I am usually game for anything new! Happy Sunday to all.
My family is saling hot tamales for are family reunion.. $20 dozen and $10 half dozen!
Hello. Everyone,. It's Sunday brunch . Come by for some hot rosemary pancakes with hot mex coffee . We also have hot tamales & molletes
Apparently eating tons of Hot Tamales over a few days gradually destroys your tongue. . Come back to me, Taste. I miss you.
I ate half a box of hot tamales last night, now I'm having the other half for breakfast.
Tonight's the night! Join us for A Wisepecker Christmas Fundraiser at Hot *** Tamales! There will be food,...
Being home is tamales and hot chocolate before bed
Sweet. Are we talking Sour Patch Kids, Hot Tamales or Dum Dums? No, I haven't considered sharing. Only with you, Tom.
What I'm saying is I love hot tamales
Love me some Hot Tamales.I like your mom already!
this is alyssa she likes hot fries and tamales I think
You'll have an unlimited supply of hot tamales inserted in to your *** if you bring my Kanye back.
I swear if my ex don't give me some tamales this Christmas imma be hot af
"Will are you fr eating tamales with ketchup?" "uh yeah what do you eat them with?" "Hot sauce or something" "well this is spicy ketchup?"
I bet they were half Mexican, what kind of Mexicans can't make decent hot tamales? Mexican love isn't all that. Lol
I have 2 separate notes in my phone and one mentions hot tamales and the other mentions cold tamales what's up what's going on
So full but I gotta make room for the tamales de dulce and hot chocolate
Who would decline tamales and Abuelita hot chocolate?
menudo, brisket, tamales, hot chocolate, buñelos, fruit, we got everything up here for mom bday 🎁🎈😍
I just said "popped a Molly I'm sweatin". And my dad said "maybe that's what we will have for dinner tonight, hot tamales" lol
Only Greenville have the best hot tamales πŸ™Œ
Check out this Candy Portrait made of chiclets & Hot tamales of me! Thx Jason! I love It! htt…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
We are selling fresh tamales,tacos , and hot chocolate for tonight's 24th Annual Lights Fantastic Parade! Come get some! 󾁈
Why. Why does everyone hate hot tamales. Why.
I think my new favorite candy is Hot Tamales(:
Tamales and hot chocolate hitting the spot rn
I'm depressed I want hot tamales out of the machine & I only have a 20
Is a box of hot tamales too much to ask for for Christmas
Are addiction to hot tamales is bad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
Come get tamales, fresh tortillas and hot chocolate from me at Christmas At Fort Concho πŸ˜„
Buy me hot tamales so I know it's real
We won't have our famous Holiday Tamales this year, but the Austin Chronicle's here to help you get your fix!
Chocolate milk & hot tamales. Life can't get any betterπŸ‘Œ
*talks a bit louder* Gee.. You are so cute. Woah..too hot. Like tamales.
We have lots of locally made gifts for sale at the Dream Theatre. We also have hot tamales! We will be open until...
going to be sunny all day. Hot tamales arriving any minute.
Me right now bc my mom just bought tamales and she made hot chocolate. I think I'm gonna cry😭
I was almost done eating all hot tamales until I remembered I needed to share with
Those hot tamales just blessed my soul! LawhhhπŸ˜‹
Currently reading Ecclesiastes during Saturday School and hot tamales this is some good stuff
Hot tamales (plus sweet and savory ones) today at the Oxnard Tamale Fest. See item No. 2:
So excited for Christmas, especially 'cause I get to see these hot tamales πŸŽ„πŸ’›
why am I eating hot tamales at 4 a.m. that's the real question
well since im mexican i will giveaway Hot tamales
Someone should bring me hot tamales
These hot tamales got me and Reanne feeling some type of way
does the T in queen T stand for hot Tamales?
yep I want the d. As in deez hot tamales.
Gingers are the hot tamales of life. Red, fiery, and only a few can handle them. πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯
Hot tamales burn my mouth but i just endure itπŸ˜‚
"I sneeze around people who are eating hot tamales."
Grrr I send and after RED HOTS and they get HOT TAMALES πŸ™ŽπŸ”«
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β€œObsessed with hot tamales and sunflower seeds. πŸ˜‹β€ πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Obsessed with hot tamales and sunflower seeds. πŸ˜‹
β€œCONGRATS to Sandra Garcia (She guessed the right amount of hot tamales & is going 2 meet One Direction!”. Remember🌻
Those hot tamales n milk shake was off da chain.
Oh snap. Someone’s bringing the hot tamales to the table
Kiwi lemonade calypso, hot tamales and mike&ikes= my night
dude!. I've been eating since has been in diapers! . Jimmy ❀️ hot tamales! πŸ‘Š
PSA: do not buy hot tamales tropical heat they are nasty
Yes, Alisha. Eat these hot tamales before this rotel.
There's something amusing about watching American Ninja while sipping Knob Creek Rye and munching Hot Tamales
I have been missing out, those hot tamales at the Citgo are everything!
If you buy me hot tamales the chances of me loving you forever are very goodπŸ”₯πŸ”₯
I asked Andrew for 3 mike n ikes and one hot tamale and he brings 3 hot tamales and a lemon head???
I love it when munch lets me eat her hot tamales
Maybe I should stop eating all these Hot tamales
Try the HOT TAMALES variety pack for a taste explosion so hot, your taste buds won’t know what hit β€˜em! At PEEPS.
These hot tamales will be the reason I have an armory n my living room, basement, AND garage.The future ain't ready.
Pics from the ribbon cutting this morning at Sho-Nuff Hot Tamales, located near Reed Rd. & Main, next to Sherman's.
Eating lunch/ much fun and great food!! β€” at Hot Tamales
Buying hot tamales for this hot *** day probably wasn't a smart investment
Tamales ✨ tamales ✨ tamales Peruanos! Have your hot tamale for your Peruvian Independence Day! Buy/order today! :)
That's good stuff. A smoke, an ear and a bologna...with some hot tamales. Feeling good.
I've been wantin some hot tamales for a minute
Another day another dollar...spent on Hot Tamales. I'm probably gonna buy some Hot Tamales.
Look there is a new hot tamale spot in Greenville! Sho-Nuff Hot Tamales on Main Street!
I just want to know I'm going home today and I'm FINALLY getting my hot tamales. πŸ˜’
Sho-Nuff Hot Tamales ribbon cutting. Now located at corner of Main and Reed. Next to Sherman's.
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