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Hot Tamales

Hot Tamales are a cinnamon candy manufactured by the Just Born in the USA. They are shaped like Mike and Ike candies and were introduced in 1950. Their name refers to their piquance, using the name of the tamale, which can be spicy.

Red Snapper Mary Jo Red Hots

Gingers are the hot tamales of life. Red, fiery, and only a few can handle them. 👌🔥
Hot tamales burn my mouth but i just endure it😂
"I sneeze around people who are eating hot tamales."
Grrr I send and after Red Hots and they get HOT TAMALES 🙎🔫
“Obsessed with hot tamales and sunflower seeds. 😋” 🙌🙌
Obsessed with hot tamales and sunflower seeds. 😋
“CONGRATS to Sandra Garcia (She guessed the right amount of hot tamales & is going 2 meet One Direction!”. Remember🌻
Those hot tamales n milk shake was off da chain.
Oh snap. Someone’s bringing the hot tamales to the table
Kiwi lemonade calypso, hot tamales and mike&ikes= my night
dude!. I've been eating since has been in diapers! . Jimmy ❤️ hot tamales! 👊
PSA: do not buy hot tamales tropical heat they are nasty
Yes, Alisha. Eat these hot tamales before this rotel.
There's something amusing about watching American Ninja while sipping Knob Creek Rye and munching Hot Tamales
I have been missing out, those hot tamales at the Citgo are everything!
If you buy me hot tamales the chances of me loving you forever are very good🔥🔥
Update your maps at Navteq
I asked Andrew for 3 mike n ikes and one hot tamale and he brings 3 hot tamales and a lemon head???
I love it when munch lets me eat her hot tamales
Maybe I should stop eating all these Hot tamales
Try the HOT TAMALES variety pack for a taste explosion so hot, your taste buds won’t know what hit ‘em! At PEEPS.
These hot tamales will be the reason I have an armory n my living room, basement, AND garage.The future ain't ready.
Pics from the ribbon cutting this morning at Sho-Nuff Hot Tamales, located near Reed Rd. & Main, next to Sherman's.
Eating lunch/ much fun and great food!! — at Hot Tamales
Buying hot tamales for this hot *** day probably wasn't a smart investment
Tamales ✨ tamales ✨ tamales Peruanos! Have your hot tamale for your Peruvian Independence Day! Buy/order today! :)
That's good stuff. A smoke, an ear and a bologna...with some hot tamales. Feeling good.
I've been wantin some hot tamales for a minute
Another day another dollar...spent on Hot Tamales. I'm probably gonna buy some Hot Tamales.
Look there is a new hot tamale spot in Greenville! Sho-Nuff Hot Tamales on Main Street!
I just want to know I'm going home today and I'm FINALLY getting my hot tamales. 😒
Sho-Nuff Hot Tamales ribbon cutting. Now located at corner of Main and Reed. Next to Sherman's.
Hot Tamales hints at ways to use hot peppers for these hot days.
Not even sure why I came to work... Leavin at 11 and I've been eating Hot Tamales for the past 25mins. 👐
Eat this: Grilled Chicken Avocado Salad w/ Fresh Strawberries at Hot Tamales in Sturgeon Bay Door County!
Just ate all of the hot tamales got me 4 graduation I miss u 😪
You'd think it was too hot to walk around selling tamales, yet people are out hustling to survive.
Woohoo! So proud of the Hot tamales! Seriously.. I am so glad I am apart of a company with such comradery, passion and excitement for enriching women's lives! I am so glad that 9 months ago I said "Yes" to becoming a brand new Mary Kay Consultant, I have so much to look forward to in my business adventure and leading our future Unit!!
I have an odd obsession with hot tamales
Spent a good 30 minutes out in the hot sun changing a blown out tire off the expressway.. All we wanted were some tamales from Delia's 😪
Idk what the world would be like without hot tamales
Great day spent with my grandson, Kolton! He spent the night with us Went to movie and had popcorn and hot tamales and cokes. And being the gentleman he is, he opens my car door for me! Made sure I was in and politely shut the door!! How cool was that? Made me SO proud! Nana"s boy! Awesome day!!! Dwayne Ferguson Brandi Ferguson
I can't eve hear my hot tamales cause they make so much noise
I love hot tamales! But in a brownie? This sounds awesome from Sweet Treats and More!. RECIPE HERE:...
There's a Double Bubble in store for you TONIGHT at AllWays Lounge! COME at 7pm for the FREE comedy open mic, Local Uproar, with some of the city's top comics telling jokes with their mouths, and then STAY with $5 OFF the asking price for the great Freakshow To Geaux presentation at 10pm. In between, enjoy the tamale combo of three hot tamales, a margarita and a bag of Zapps for just $10. All the goodnesses!
Harper ate some of your hot tamales! Lol I'm sad I didn't get to see you so we need to plan something ASAP! Love you!!😘
Every time I eat hot tamales i regret it
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I am eating Hot Tamales, in my comfy's & watching the Kardashians. How lame is my Saturday.
Congratulations Ali on your teams win this morning!!! GO HOT TAMALES!!
5 seconds of summer?. More like 5 seconds of sex bc dang son those boys are hot tamales am I rite ladies.
$5.95 Steak Saturday... $4.95 Caesars... what a combo !!. Kings/Rangers... HOT TAMALES heat'n things up on stage... gonna be an awesome Saturday
Being a reporter is scary. Today I almost got hit in the head by a pack of hot tamales and had to listen to Pharell's 'Happy'
Finally found the Hot Tamales set! Left 8 rigs hanging. Very nice looking cars!
This morning I woke at 7:30, ate a box of hot tamales, and then went back to bed till 11:30
they made fireball taste like hot tamales and I hate those
Great food here at Hermanos. Burrito was superb! . Here's a pic of the Hot Mexican Tamales…
Come see us at Spain's for some pulled pork, tamales, hot dogs and sausages :)
except maybe hot tamales, candles, and sweet tea & only sometimes Col
Chef Mary Sue Milliken will visit Pakistan for a culinary diplomacy program this June! Her visit will include fusion cooking at local restaurants, master classes, & food entrepreneurship talks. Chef Milliken is the the co-chef/owner of the popular Border Grill restaurant in Los Angeles, a cookbook author, star of Food Network TV’s "Too Hot Tamales," and Season 3 finalist of Bravo TV’s "Top Chef Masters." She specializes in Mexican food - spicy!
I probably shouldn't be eating Hot Tamales...
gotta get me some hot tamales as soon as I make it to ferriday . 😩
My mama really be teasing people with her hot tamales. They so *** good mane but it's a shame you gotta catch her! Lol smfh
*** kinfolk from where. I bet they don't taste better than Tamaneka hot tamales!!
I want a large pizza, sweet tea and hot tamales.
really telling today's yoga class to go stick its *** in its ear with ramen, ice cream, and Hot Tamales.
Speaking of hot tamales, I need to learn how to make those succulent masterpieces.
Hot Tamales is poppin like the bar in Newport on Fridays. Except it's 50 year olds. Then there's little ole me
"You know it's good when you can't even open your hot tamales."
I would want to toss in a strawberry milk shake, hot coffee and apple pie a la mode!! Tamales, refries and Choriso lol.
Eatin ice cream, eating hot tamales and listening to the storm with Jayton. ☺️😍😘
All I did at work tonight was eat hot tamales and look at myself in a mirror
I'm eating hot tamales and it's making my tongue bleed 😂
I love my mom more than air and I love my dad more than hot tamales! Lol I LOVE HOT TAMALES!!
So Kroger has Hot Tamales 10 boxes/$10. When I reached my hand in to take out a box, I really had to struggle to get them out of the larger box they were in. My first thought: is this God's way of smacking my hand?
Fried cabbage and potatoes from my granny house. 😊 salt and vinegar lays hot tamales (candy) and sour skittles with a cranberry apple raspberry minute maid juice! After this is in me a nap will be my next step!
We would like to Thank all of our Friends here in Meridian Ms , surrounding counties and the countless Tamale lovers who have stopped by the Mall to support us. Our Lease is expiring and we will be closing tomorrow 6-07-14 at the end of the business day. We have been overwhelmed by the blessing this amazing opportunity has given us. We would also like to thank Tyler Florence,Gordon Ramsey and all of the amazing people at the Food Network Channel for this life changing gift. We will miss Bonita Lakes Mall and the staff and thank you for your support. We look forward to our future and the continued success of Mary Jo's Hot tamales continued , stay tuned.
We have power at TAMALE FACTORY! Come on in out of the rain for the best steak and hot tamales in the Delta!
This weather got me feeling some type of way:)..but thinking of a laid back rainy Friday night for me and my crew along with hot tamales,grilled cheese and cinnamon rolls...
Several months ago, my in-laws happened upon a red van in old Olathe selling hot tamales. They don't remember if there was a name on the van. These tamales were the best! Anyone know what I'm talking about or how to go about finding them again?
Hot tamales today at The Cito on third Street at 5pm... Go and get u want be disappointment and you will be going back for me... oh and let me know what if you had the BEST HOT TAMALES IN TOWN EXPERIENCE!
THE WAIT IS OVER!! starting tomorrow Saturday we will be selling HOMEMADE SOUTHERN STYLE HOT TAMALES! Get them while supplies last..Pre-Orders are allowed:):):):)
We'll have Blues great Max Russell & his Shakedown Kings tonight @ 8pm! We'll fried chicken, farm-raised catfish, & delta hot tamales all day long! You'll enjoy yourself! Come on!
Looks like we will have a super day at the Oakdale Farmers Market. I cut the grass late yesterday so the place is looking good. Lots of fresh vegetables and berries expected today including fresh picked Blueberries and delicious Blackberries. Fresh and pickled eggs, quail, fresh homegrown tomatoes from Lake Arthur and local squash, cucumbers, zucchini and potatoes. Jams, Jellies, including Mayhaw, Pepper, Crawfish, and Wanda is back with her fantastic Garlic Pepper Jelly. She also has a new Pineapple Pepper Jelly. Please tell your friends to check out the hot Red Beans and Rice for lunch. Hot Tamales will be available as well. Marie will be back today with her fresh baked pies and her delicious Chicken Boudin balls. Lots of hand made crafts, swings and rockers too. We are located at the corner of Highway 165N and Talambass street just across the railroad track from the laundromat, Oakdale Glass and H&M Motors. We will be open from 9am till 1pm ... so come when you can, we will be happy to see you.
The work party this evening went great, didn't really even seem like work!! Everyone worked like Hot Tamales & got the job done!! We didn't have any Lemon Heads or Sour Patch Kids!! Lol. Thanks everyone!!!
Today was a *Perfect* kind of day. I got to jam on my drums for a bit with Giselle LoPresti on bass, then went and visited a couple friends for a while, then ended the evening hanging out with most of my Red Door Brothers. I love those guys.. They're always good for a laugh :) Now it's time to end the night with a lil Netflix and some Hot Tamales. Good Night My Friends, Have the coffee ready for me in the morning *wink, wink* 💕🎶💕
Hey Marine City. My name is Wes Ward. Im from your city. Anyway, i dont do a lot stand up locally and have been asked when I would be local next. Well this Saturday April 26th ill be performing at Hot Tamales next to Premier Lanes in Chesterfield. Show starts at 9 and...
Hot Tamales! We love this Tamales de Huitlacoche dish from Aaron Sánchez.
Okay, I've got my laundry in progress. It is drying now, for the second time. I ate what was left of Mister Isaman's Hot Tamales. I warmed them up, put then in my purple, plastic bowl. Poured a layer of "Tostitos" over them. Then I put the "Reser's Brand Macaroni & Cheese" over that. Sprinkled on some black pepper, and that was breakfast. Iced tea too. But eventually, I had to have a small bowl of "Pace Picante Sauce" and more chips from the bag. Orange Juice too. Sox Socks and I watched one episode of, "Days of our Lives", and two of, "Hollywood Game Night". Ah ha! I suspected that Nick might show up, thanks to the DVR menu's episode description! :-) By the way, I used the phrase, "murder conspiracy", earlier, because that's how they usually refer to it as being. But I saw it as self-defense, so I'd say, "involuntary manslaughter" unless she was let off for "justifiable homicide". But hey, he's still alive now, so it is a whole other problem now.
On tonight episode of The Munchies Menu: Menstruation Edition.Hot Tamales & tuna casserole. But not at the same time cuz that's gross.
A very special thank you to my son Alex and my future daughter-in-law, Alicia. Thank you so very much for my Christmas surprises.. I love the Red Sox World series shirts and hat. The different sauces will come in handy here for sure. Alex can relate know what he knows about military DFACs.. lol.. And finally, are you seriously trying to kill me with a HUGE box of Hot Tamales??? My teeth started hurting when I just looked at the box. (Which by the way is 1.5 lbs of candy.. Thank you both. Love ya..
speaking of hot tamales.. I can't wait to et my hands on EL PATO!
A balanced breakfast of tamales and salsa with a nice hot cup of peppermint mocha coffee to get this beautiful Sunday started
Cause grandma said I am the beautiful princess so she brought me menudo, tamales, and hot chocolate!
Like she just snap chatted me a picture of the bag of hot tamales I got her with a peace sign over it 😞
Two hot tamales in my bag and i can't have them until after mass.the lord is testing me
lol no promises. Tix are going like hot tamales. Easy on
We will be in Terrell and Fairview today. Stop by to pick up delicious hot tamales if you are in the area doing some holiday shopping. Eastbound side of 80 in Terrell, cant miss our pink tents! The second stop is At The Village in Fairview with FOUR SEASONS MARKETS. Have a great Sunday!
Getting ready for today's sexy Santa shoot with - Mike55 Photography Hot tamales! :P I have along ride . but hot pics to follow best believe that, he's awesome and hey so am I lol :P
I ate a box of red vines, skittles, bottle caps, and hot tamales... I feel really bad.
Hot chocolate and Tamales at 2 in the morning :}
2 Dozen hot tamales in 2 days... I am rethinking my love of spicy food...
Momma is still up checking on the hot tamales 😮
It's healthy candy! Hot tamales are fat free, Reese's are made with peanut butter, & junior mints with DARK chocolate. Healthy :)
Ever since I spent the night at house I've been addicted to hot chocolate and tamales for breakfast 😔
Thank God I bought hot tamales last night because, let me tell you, they are hitting the spot right now.
I need hot tamales , gobstoppers , some pretzels and a can of coke ASAP !!! Smoke weed urday . ✌❤󾌰
Made tamales, had Mexican hot chocolate, and went to candy cane lane. Great day with the family.
Only JR would walk in in the middle of the night with a giant jar of hot tamales saying "I am the ghost of Christmas Paast."
Who wants to hangout with 3 hot tamales?!
This justin beiber kid is pretty sick like yo turn up dope he is fire hot like tamales
omg you guys don't get it either. When ale said tamales y chocolate she meant hot chocolate
Nothin' like some tamales and Louisiana hot sauce 😍😋
I came up eating tamales that me grandma made. So when my white friends introduced me to "Hot Tamales" the candy i was slightly confused
“They have different kinds of Tamales what? lmao i just thought it was only hot ones lol
Went to a Christmas concert with friends, my 8th grade art teacher was with them. She brought hot tamales & PB fudge.
Hot Tamales... Hershey Kisses... Pepsi... now if only Lions Football was on tonight lol I'd be having a great night.
Eating hot tamales but they're just warm...
Mm homemade tamales ... Fat girl status ! Courtesy of my granny and I ... &they are HOT too ...…
I rediscovered "big red" gum. My new favorite thing. I love cinnamon! It's like having a box of hot tamales w/out the cals..
Eating hot tamales. Haven't had these in forever.
This is melodic melodies if you got it. Mix it hot as tamales, you singing off-key is garbage
From hot links to tamales to jambalaya
AY S/O to for cooking good vegan hot tamales, on other hand Nick Astro can cook a mean vegan bowl of banana oatmeal ayy
My dog can never complain about her life.. She gets fed hot tamales on a road trip!
I don't think anyone understand how bad I want a giant box of hot tamales and pop rocks
Can someone go buy some Hot Tamales?
My addiction to hot tamales is real! Seriously it have a problem. Yet I'm ok with it :)
I look way too hot right now to be home making tamales all night...oh well
I had a good day today with my family. Tomorrow were making tamales with New Mexico Chile. Going to b hot but good!
Crunch n Munch and Hot Tamales does so count as dinner.
Ah...the lady who sells hot tamales just came over a little while ago. I am gettin' my tamales on tonight!!!...
Like I'm just sitting here drinking a half gallon of trumoo chocolate milk and eating hot tamales...
Here is Day 21 of our Advent Calendar. Today's hot tamales is Lee Dong Gun. He is from Korea and has been in tons...
I want some hot tamales and ice cream real bad
Bring me hot tamales so I know it's real
I have a strange strange addiction to hot tamales.
Off to Hot Tamales to rock with the boys in JBM!!! Come down and buy me a drink!!!
You know you have problems when you think hot tamales are fireball
The only things in the vending machines at this school are hot tamales and Reese's cups. Interesting
Hot tamales will alway be one of my fav candies
There was a woman yelling "HOT TAMALES" throughout HEB, and I took one because she stared me down and told me too... ?
You left me to go to pep band. I do have Hot Tamales for Larry.
What's your favorite snack to pack for road trips? Beef jerky, M&M's, carrots, Hot Tamales...?
It's snowing .. Hot tamales snow and movies with my fam bam .. Can't wait to eat tamales ...
Come in tomorrow and get hot tamales, menudo and other breakfast items. We also have pork meat for tamales and plenty of german sausage for your holiday meals! Open 6am till 2pm Saturday morning.
Got some hot tamales yum but hot as *** ! I'm thinking made with peppers gees.
Starting Monday we will have hot tamales for sale! We'll cook them for you or you can get them by the dozen or half dozen to take home.
I need 6 dozen hot tamales for Christmas Eve! I need them ASAP!!! Come on y'all help me out!
Cold beer and hot tamales at work...and getting paid til 4:30? I THINK YES!
I just heard an 11 year old boy describe Hot Tamales as "fierce cinnamon"
Real Mexican, not street fare. American consumers' attitudes about Mexican food certainly have evolved since the 1940s. One early Bugs Bunny cartoon featured Porky Pig as a Mexican street vendor selling “hot tamales” that were far too spicy to be eaten! Sadly, for many years, that was the erroneous American perception of most Mexican fare. This is a far cry from today's Americans, who openly embrace real Mexican cuisine. What brought about this change in attitude? Will the current demand for Mexican food continue, or will the trend evolve into something entirely new and different? “Mexican ingredients are the cornerstone of the cuisine that has built Chili's very successful menu,” says executive chef Stephen Kalil CRC, CEC, director of Culinary Innovation for Chili's Grill & Bar (Brinker International). “The proliferation of authentic Mexican ingredients has allowed for great innovation in America's restaurants. Look at how fast products like cilantro, chipotle, ancho, masa and poblano have beco ...
This girl advertising her hot tamales at the HEB on Alameda and Roberts is HILARIOUS.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Hot Tamales are smelling good, they will be hot and coming out the pots in about two hours. Place your orders now we have a few extra. Thanks
Hot Tamales in bed alone with my TiVo, need to shake off the bad work days been in a Rut!
It's a Jam session tonight at George's Sports Bar @ 1533 Bandera Rd. Come out and check out all the great talent that comes to perform. Tonight Mr.Mike Arocha makes a special appearance former vocalist of Hot Tamales. Come and enjoy this special night. It's also Ladies Night and No Cover.
Coming at these fools like hot tamales (:
We have some hot tamales for sale for the Salinas Reunion. $10 dz call 316-8590. Thank you for your support.
Just had some great hot tamales and corn on the cob thanks to GW Walker
Wake up to some fresh hot tamales..grubbin.
Don't forget to pick up some Hot Tamales and Chili for your Christmas get together! We sell them by the dozen and they are so yummy!
Got more Christmas Hot Tamales being made today, so when I tanker your barge/barges in Corpus Harbor, you get 18 delicious hot tamales (and a local newspaper)!
We will have Hot Tamales Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. Place your orders now. Thanks
Lunch Report: Hot Tamales (one down & two to go) with salsa, avocado, marinated mushrooms and a killer sauce made of avocado, lime & hot chilies.
Chevysss peepsss... *alarms blasting* my hot tamales.. does anyone want a lil 4:30 shift??? ;)
You asked for them! You got em' ! FRESH HOT TAMALES! All week until we sell out, and we will! Get yours before they do!!
Darlevia Blakely How we're your hot tamales?
Helen's hot tamales will be on main street in New Iberia tomorrow from 2.30 to and on Saturday at west end park on field street from 8 am. to great Christmas gifts.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Ready to eat these hot tamales that me and my mom done fixed: -)
Jovan musk, hot tamales and laffy taffy. That was quite similar to a 'break up' shopping spree.
Hot Tamales & Manhattan Movers LD Xmas parties this week: Wed 18th - Darren Busby - SOLD OUT Thurs 19th - Calico - Few tickets left! Wear plenty of tinsel. See you on the floor.
Eating fresh and hot tamales at 2 in the morning. Fantastic. 2 dozen more for the house. Ate six while at daves. Now home and some eggs
I got some warm hot tamales and regular for sale..
Oh my. homemade hot tamales for supper!
*** All these Hot Tamales. Guess I will just have to eat em myself!!
Anyone want delicious hot tamales 10.00 dollars a dozen call me 448-0629 it's a lady I buy from ?
We got some HOT TAMALES for sale today. We got CHICKEN, PORK, and JALAPENO W/ CHEESE. If you would like some inbox me. Free Delivery in Kennett.
Come out to the Ladies Guild Christmas Bazaar this weekend at ICC. Many hand-crafted items for sale. Jambalaya and hot tamales for good eating. Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Who know how to make hot tamales I'm finna try to cook em
Hot tamales at Hopps Corner. $10. A dozen. Hot or Mild. And i have my special avocado cream Sauce today if anyone wants it w ur tamales
Come see all the beautiful gifts! we have hot dogs chocolate..and baked goods!! y'all come on down now!!
Man! i just want some hot tamales and hot ponche!!!:)
Walter will be at 941 N. Main selling Chilito's Express Hot Tamales all day. Pork, Cream Cheese Jalapeno, and Cream Cheese Chicken.
This year the Just Born company has introduced a pair of brand-new designs for their holiday editions of Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales. They're both fun designs so I thought it was the perfect oppo...
Eating some hot tamales and drinking a ice cold beer before I go DJ at vapor lounge hookah.
This just in.Hot Tamales candy will clear your your 100 degree stuffed up nose. For a good 30 seconds. :D
Making green and red hot tamales tomorrow.. Who wants to come over and help me?? Anyone!! Lol..
Come out and get your hot tamales at the square!!!
Join two of B'ham's favorite entertainers, Jan D. Hunter and Kristi Tingle Higginbotham, for "Christmas with the Hot Tamales" tomorrow night at Shelby County Arts Council. For tickets:
**Attention David Blight Students** The WB dance studio will be closed tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 14th due to the weather reports of a snow storm. Our Christmas show is approaching quickly and we want our dancers to perform at their best! So we are moving Saturday's rehearsals to Sunday. We understand this holiday time is precious, as it is for the staff as well. So we have done our best to keep our rehearsals as efficient as possible! Please do your very best to attend at your scheduled time. We appreciate your understanding! Sunday Dec 15. Christmas Spectacular Rehearsals (WB Studio) 1:00 - Skittles Miss Jessie Hot Tamales Miss Chrissy Xtreme Miss Lindsey 1:30 - Truffles & *** Jax Miss Chrissy Skittles Miss Jessie Xtreme Miss Lindsey Hot Tamales- Break 2:00 - FULL RUN-THROUGH of Scene 2 Inclues: All Competition Dancers (Rockettes!) 2:45 - Rockettes Miss Lindsey (learn Rocking Around Christmas Tree tap dance & Scene 3 tap sections) 3:00 - Further rehearsal may be needed for Truffles & Boys as wells ...
Today is Friday! We have Special is Conch Soup, Oxtails, Stew Lobster, Fish Balls, Baby-Back Ribs, Curry Goat, Stew Chicken, Red Snapper, Filet Fish and Fry Chicken with your choice of Stew Beans or Rice & Beans. Hot Tamales, Panades, Garnaches, Salbutes and Conch Fritters! Lots of Desserts and Fresh Juices.Visit us today at 3957 S. Western, La. 90062 Telephone number to call us is 323- 298 1310
Good Morning, if everything goes as planned we'll be having hot tamales made here in house, served with chili.
Ugh shouldn't have ate those hot tamales. 󾌳
Had swarn off hot tamales. However some days I just need a little hot sweet spice.
Im out of HOT TAMALES (my fave have to have everyday candy) i need atleast 2 boxes a day. Movie theater sized. Thank goodness theyare fat free
Yummy Mama's Hot tamales will be served at the consensus training Thurs 12/12!
Sounds good for some hot tamales some hot chocolate and some Mexican type of food
Have 4 dozens of hot tamales left, pork meat, $10.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Hot Tamales & Coca-Cola for lunch..:) visit my baby at school..I wish u all have a fabulous nooner..# Its a nice day but dress warmly. GOOD AFTERNOON PEEPS. ..:) God is Good..
HOT TAMALES!! HOT TAMALES! Ill have some pork tamales ready in the morning. If yall want some let me know. They are hot and fresh and delicious! 2 for 5$ or 20$/dozen :))
Needing some FUN dirty santa / white elephant gifts for a Christmas Party or for a fun gift?!! I can custom make these with anything you prefer I have Merry Movie Night Includes: dvd Popcorn/ m&ms/ hot tamales/ pop rocks and baby ruths! Merry SPA night includes: Shower gel/ lotion/ spa mask/ peppermint vanilla candle and loofah
E's Hot Tamales make a great holiday snack.give me a call for stupendous holiday specials!.you can find my # under my profile ;-)
Just found a can of hot tamales in my cabinet... SCORE!
Activity List for the December Market and Christmas Extravaganza, this Saturday Dec 14th from 8am to Noon December Market and Christmas Extravaganza Events 8-noon Market open to the public, shop, eat enjoy! 8-noon Food Sales ~ Hot Tamales, Hot Dogs, Breakfast Burritos 8-noon Pictures with Santa 9-9:45am Live Music with Dr. Amy Arton the Rockstar Chiropractor 10 am Welcome Address by Mayor Foucard 10:30 –11:20 Free mini—Massages with Jeanerette’s newest professional Dr. Amy Arton 11:30—noon Live Music with Dr. Amy Arton Iberia Medical Center will also be on hand with wonderful free health information for all.
Thinking about making some hot tamales soon. Does anyone want to order some?
all *** breaks lose when I run out of hot tamales
I need some more red hot or hot Tamales
Rg smells like hot tamales and old taco meat
These Hot Tamales are making my stomach hurt.
If you trick or treat in SCP there is a 90% chance you will have a pillow case full of hot tamales,not the candy,but actual spicy tamales.
Mississippi bound.. with two dozen of mild hot tamales...
I think I'm getting addicted to Hot Tamales again ! I can't stop craving them !
Baby it's real out here for these hot tamales
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I think they usually have them at Target near where the Hot Tamales are. They have lots of boxed candies.
*sitting in bed eating hot tamales* "no I need something healthy bring me ice cream"
Program reminder Moncton, Hot Tamales at the Igloo tonight.
Gas stations with no hot tamales will not continue to get my business
?Hate to leave you baby but you're so unkind, Hot tamales, better let yourself cool down Ramblin' on my mind so I can leave this town?
Thank goodness for getting me these hot tamales... It clears my allergies.
HOT TAMALES. RRB never failsss to give a good show
Could really go for some Hot Tamales right now.
I can't decide which is the best cinnamon candy of all the cinnamon candies: Hot Tamales, Red Hots, or Sizzling Cinnamon Jelly Bellies?
I might be the only person u know who had a Gatorade mixed drink, then hot tea, and now Hot Tamales all in a row. Maybe not. Oh well
Say tho grab u a box of Hot Tamales sum Big Red Gum and 20oz of Listerine and that shud kill allat evil out ya breath
I'm missing out on our family tradition of making hot tamales 😭
I should be eating hot tamales right now.
Why do old people like hot tamales so much
DIY salad!! Dangerously close to Hot Tamales though =|
Not even hot tamales can fix tonight
Buy me hot tamales candies so i know its real
Doe's for dinner 😍 tonight is great. YAYAYAYAY steak, hot tamales, and tons of foood
My boo bought me hot tamales, gum, wheat thins
The hot tamales are hot but delicious!
Blake said he thinks fireball is for *** and it's offensive to whiskey. I believe it tastes like hot tamales. Not complaining. 👌
Tonight Is the Night for Hot Tamales! The Departed live 9-10 pm central. RRB coming live at 10:30 on
I just bought an orange to even things out. but it doesn't work that way after six cupcakes and a box of hot tamales
Hot tamales shouldn't be considered candy
Tamales guzzled at the Delta Hot Tamales festival, - Sent via the FOX News Android App. Sounds so good !
I was supposed to give him a box of hot tamales with a sticky note that says "I think you're hot"
Craving Hot Tamales the Red Hots. Had Hot Tamale the human last night.
There are hot tamales wrapped in the foil, and not the candy from the red box. Nom.
Tamales guzzled at the Delta Hot Tamales festival | Fox News via
Hot tamales with with swimmer's bodays 😉🏃💪👙
just md me cry like a big baby giving Mary Jo's Hot Tamales their own store on "Food Court Wars". ❤
im literally crying so hard right now last year during the 997 hot tamales i was caller 99 and the number i guessed was FIVE away from the
They don't sell peanuts on the side of the road like they do in Georgia here, they sell Hot Tamales
Note to self: do not touch eyes after eating Hot Tamales.
Shop for Hot Tamales apparel, golf accessories, candy and more
Ur gonna say ur sorry to me or I will do bad things to ur hot tamales.
Yummy I haven't had Hot Tamales in forever!
Well i won't be complaining about not having hot tamales for a while.
I could throw down on about 4 dozen homemade hot tamales right now.
Eating hot tamales in a hot parking lot.
I need 10 more Hot Tamales to follow me. 😁😋😍😘 I follow back !
Fresh out o da pot. !!! Hot tamales this am til 10 at hopps corner!
My Hot Tamales box.. It's just sitting there. Empty. Why. Why.
Just ate the last of my Hot Tamales.if anybody wants to buy me more, That'd be nice. They're my favorite so yeah...
Found an M&M in my box of hot tamales. How does that happen?
I'm about to burn Chelsea with my hot tamales
I need Hot Tamales, it's been too long.
Say these hot tamales cinnamon candy is life rite now
Oh my gosh I LOVE Hot Tamales! Why don't I eat Hot Tamales more often?!
I finally get off of work at 11:15, rush to my car to see letters written to me&a box of hot tamales and my bf in the front seat!
Reigning champion of the hot tamale competition, fit 63 hot tamales in her mouth, beating Laura by 2
Dude bring me home some hot tamales!
This girl is addicting. It's worse than a drug. Or ur favorite food. Or hot tamales when I'm on my Period
Is it, or is it not SO fitting that my favorite candy is hot tamales… the extra hot kind?
It's a Grey's Anatomy and Hot Tamales kind of night 💁👌
Burger King, Pepsi, wundarbar, and hot tamales then bed...
Lol I be leading em on, but I drop em like some hot tamales.
3 out of 5 days this week when I finally remembered to go to lunch, I ate hot tamales. I also drink 5-7 caffeinated beverages a day
Dear . I hate it when my Hot Tamales® have a strawberry taste. That is all. .
You know that moment when you have a really spicy mike and Ike? No deena those candies are hot tamales
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I now have a lifetime supply of hot tamales...
Who thought leaving me alone with this box of Hot Tamales was a GOOD idea?
So I've pretty much eaten an entire box of hot tamales today
If you ever wanna make my day buy me some hot tamales! ^_^ i'd love you forever!
One does not simply casually eat hot tamales. You eat them in massive amounts until your tongue goes numb.
Too bad I'm not seeing t swift tonight , my tounge is red from the hot tamales
16 rice krispies, 4 sodas, box of hot tamales, 5 applesauces , a sweet tea all to the face 😩 I'm just asking for diabetes bruh 😪😔
Guys quick...cookie dough bites or hot tamales
Husband who goes to get you Hot Tamales while you're writing.
You know you grew up in the 60's if: You can sing the theme to "Gilligan's Island." You ever wore a corduroy jumper with fishnet tights. You were a member of the Beatle's fan club. You owned at least 20 Little Kiddle's You ever told someone to "look it up in their Funk and Wagnalls". You watched Captain Kangaroo. You'd invade the kitchen for some "Shake-a-Puddin" with a Lick-a-Maid chaser. Red Hots, Hot Tamales. Otter-Pops. You put playing cards in the spokes of your bike because it sounded cool. You had a pixie haircut You got up early on Saturday mornings to watch The Flintstones. You drove your parents nuts singing all the songs from Mary Poppins. You'd go to the dime store for taffy sheets, wax lips, candy cigarettes (and pretend to smoke them), Fire Sticks, Green Apple Sticks, Razzles, Sweet-Tarts and Chik-o-stiks. You ever watched the Ed Sullivan Show with your parents. You had "groovy" Tie dye shirts. You ripped up your bell bottoms and sewed patches all over them You thought the Monkees were a rea ...
Tyler James Lankford trying to catch Hot Tamales in his mouth
Still searching for food at ? Mama's Hot Tamales near 7th / Alvarado has vegan tamales and other goodness!
It's a must I get me some hot tamales tomorrow..
Someone visit me at work 4-12 and bring me candy like hot tamales or skittles omg ill love you
"Two red hot tamales and one orange mm or skittle"
"“I love hot tamales” I want some 👀" they in all stores walgreens cvs kroger race track
I think I have an obsession with hot tamales.
I demolished an entire box of hot tamales in an hour, I can't wait for the next time I go to the bathroom! 😳. 💩🔥 😂😂😂
😂😂✋ u can't be serious.. But for real tho. Where could we get some hot tamales from?
I've followed Chef Susan Feniger's career since she was one of two young 'hot tamales' on PBS' "Chefs of the Great...
"We're having hot tamales to fire up our attitude"
Our last meal with and the Too Hot Tamales. Those ribs were outstanding! Time to go…
whoever left hot tamales in my mail bag: you are my soulmate, I'm sure
Hot tamales and pretty little liars ? Yep. Tonight's a good night by myself 😌☺
At the BMI awards. It's got a red theme. They have hot tamales in the centerpiece at the table. Is it bad that I'm eatin…
I have goldfish, teddy Graham's, hot tamales, and sour patch kids. Get on my level
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