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Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is North America's largest documentary film festival, conference, and market, held annually in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Bloor Hot Docs Cinema Muscle Shoals South African Fort McMurray

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Two more shows remain this Halloween season! 7pm and 10:30 pm TOMORROW NIGHT at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema...
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Some good news! 416film’s latest 48 hour film “The Pain Inside Diaz” made the best of and will screen at Bloor Hot Docs on Nov. 18 at 3pm!
Please join us at 3pm, on Saturday, November 18th, at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema to watch a screening of the...
“We’re proud to be a hub for vital conversations.” Hot Docs president Chris McDonald at Public Broadcasting & Creat…
Hot Docs: Backstage with viraniarif, Carolyn_Bennett, Lise Lareau & Alex Johnston before town hall on Public Broad…
Docs are out of scope of retention requirements so do not believe are in existen…
Urgg, someone edited my writing but, rather than put in as suggestions on Google Docs, they outright deleted stuff…
SYFF 2017 - Opening night screening of CITY OF GHOSTS co-presented by Hot Docs!
the red dot. on my forehead. binds me. to a man. who's in his own orbit. K.Ramesh
This afternoon at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema! See you soon!
Here is the hot airdrop, etherum launcher is the name.
I do love docs! I only wear them in the winter as make my feet too hot. Shame really.
Doesn’t work as it makes the acid worse even though people think it neutralises it . I drink hot water…
low winter moon. just beyond the reach. of my chopsticks. Fay Aoyagi https:…
That's the first I've heard of the docs being shredded. Rather the docs were…
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So 900 Puerto Ricans died in a hurricane and Joe Arpaio is at home right now finishing off a hot pocket
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harvest moon. the horizon between here. and hereafter. Lorin Ford
Tonight at Hot Docs, An Evening with Dr. Roberta Bondar, astronaut, neurologist and eco-hero.
The people's noodles and elite art feature at Best of Hot Docs
I might miss Hot Docs but I definitely don't miss everyone asking me how to get to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The en……
Last day in TO: Hot Docs, Eaton Centre, Nathan Philips and The Fate of the Furious. I did all the things.
RUMBLE Canadian premiere at Apr 30 May 2. Press is warming up for Hot Docs appearance.
You may have missed this: Music Docs at Hot Docs co-presented with Canadian Music Week announce schedule
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yeah I got to talk with one of the trauma docs about our pt had hopped in the shower after spilling hot oil on themselves
4.13 docs hot off the digital presses: Stay tuned for more, too!
A free opportunity to pitch to CBC and NFB and chat with Hot Docs.
Looking for a brand new super HOT team of book bloggers for the launch of my book blog tours by popular demand! https:…
It was playing at the Hot Docs film festival in Toronto. Check it out if it comes your way. Do you still help out w/ Logan?
Watch past Hot Docs hits like in the now available on Bell Fibe TV on Demand.
South African film Form set to premiere at Hot Docs .
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$75,000 is up for grabs at the Hot Docs Short Film Pitch, courtesy of BravoFACT! Apply now:
Don't forget to RSVP for a cozy PJs and hot chocolate Winter Shabbat by this Tuesday!
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Plan to celebrate 27 years of hot air ballooning @ Hudson WI’s Hot Air Affair "Paint the Sky"
The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema : live feed of the 88th Academy Awards® on the big screen.
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My plan for valentines: give this to all the hot docs
Short are hot again & new media players are commissioning cutting edge work. So who's in the game?
Hi I downloaded the data and try to start the server but I get 'react-hot' errors. Is there any docs for installation?
Br! Come warm up with us in the this AM. Hot coffee and Docs for all! ❄️❄️
Good luck to the reps selling these $14k hot spots right now. Docs don't want to be blamed for the $$ of medicine.
o dear get back to the docs! And try wrapping a hot water bottle in a towel and put it on ur ear for now xXx
I updated my since I'm home for a hot sec. If you see anything here DM me:
a VIP experience at the festival in .
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i found smut in my google docs written by someone NOT ME & i dunno where it came from & it's HOT & it has "cas of chitaqua" in it so
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Submissions are open for Hot Docs Forum - find out how to pitch your film to a renowned doc market here:
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Pitch your film at the Forum, our renowned international doc market! Learn how:
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"Much Love" doc features TIMA winner at our gala. Screening at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema Dec 18 at 6pm
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Among early birds at the Bloor. Hot Docs for TIFF screening of Guantanamo's Child: Omar Khadr
Today in Toronto: Hot Docs, AGO Massive, Kids in the Hall, Anna Karenina in Toronto: T…
The Best of Hot Docs screens at Vancity this week.
Win tickets to The Best of Hot Docs at Vancity Theatre (British Columbia): British Columbia - Enter to win a ...
"No Place to Hide: The Rehtaeh Parsons Story" playing at the Royal Cinema (Toronto) Sunday May 3 as part of Hot Docs:
Arriving April 29 - the premiere of SPEED SISTERS at Hot Docs! Tickets & info:
A sweet SPOTS HOT foal out of Docs Little Kodo, Owned by Butch McCray of Oklahoma.
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"Original Copy" is part of the line-up at the Hot Docs documentary festival in Toronto that will run from April...
WIN 1 x pair of tickets for THE CREATION OF MEANING for April 24 premiere at Hot Docs Canadian International...
On the way to Hot Docs in Toronto soon, with the South African delegation. Excited, pressure, moving, movies . yes!
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obviously I like the storylines too but those hot docs man😏
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may get hot tonight but DOCS ARE LIFE!
We always go to this band merch shop in walsall,and the owners have a really hot son with piercings and wears amazing band merch and docs
I trust yall to keep your own wc if writing in our own docs is easier. plus mwc isn't so hot on mobile
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Canada’s Hot Docs film festival to focus on Indian documentaries
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just announced an impressive lineup, featuring Aussie doc | http:/…
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Cannot wait to work w/ potential "future" tomorrow! They'll screen the video on Sat - May 30th at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema!
- broadcasting job needed in at Hot Docs. Apply now!
FRAME BY FRAME continues a great festival tour at Ashland, Hot Docs Toronto, Nashville, Dallas and more!...
Hi Gurpreet! I'd love to email you regarding a film I'm working on for Hot Docs. Could you DM me your email address?
Just in: Hot Docs film sold out Lots of people want to find out more about us
We're getting excited for Check out our preview of this year's lineup.
Ahhh! Trailer to latest film, Missing People, is now on
Enter to a experience at the Hot Docs film festival in Toronto!
Tonight is the screening in Toronto of Girl Rising @ Hot Docs on Bloor Street. Please join all of us along with tonight at 600.m
Docs are hotter than hot right now. Get the real facts on how to direct, shoot and produce a documentary in 5 nights
Hot air balloon festival in Boise, Idaho
Birthday Party Ideas and Party Supplies on a Budget - Party Ideas and Hot Themes for Parents ...
I'm sure this conversation will continue for awhile.
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Tickets go on sale today for Check out their full schedule including Bloor Hot Docs Cinema screenings here:
Do Activist Social Documentaries make a difference? I think/hope yes.
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why do all the hot docs go into ortho?! It's that way at 2 of the hospitals here too.
I don't like wearing my sk8 hi's or my docs in the summer bc I get really hot in them
I'm on my way back now. I had to change and throw on some shorts. It was getting too hot in there. I guess I'm having Docs again
Leave 'em laughing, that's what I say! (Except the hot docs. Get their numbers.)
When I was in the ER earlier this year with my TIA for about 12 hours, I had two hot docs and entertained two shifts of nurses.
It's so hot and I'm in a sweatshirt and jeans and docs and I'm feeling myself shed kgs via sweat I'm so annoyed I don't want to be here
Why do people eat on plates that get cold? It is silly: – DON’T MISS also:
.Tmrw night at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema is a Mean Girls Quote-a-Thon. Details: featured in NBC s Science of Love
My mom sees me wearing my docs and she's just like "put on sandals, too hot for those" lol okay
And Sunday's bulletin hot off the press.  
Volunteer (@ The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema - for Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory)
Our wish list includes some basics like TP and large hot glue sticks
i wanna wear my docs on the first day of school bUT ITS GONNA BE HOT OUt
Hot off the presses: our "Bookmark" column in Nashville Arts Magazine... and these brand-new books!...
I hope it's not to hot outside cause I'm wearing black and docs but hnstly idk não saio de casa há uma semana or smtg
Q&A following the film Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago Bloor Hot Docs. theatre. Love all those...
The Sheik named as one of the top 20 audience favorite films at Hot Docs this year. So proud of our team.
MELNITZ MOVIES SNEAK PREVIEW OF  AI WEIWEI (2013) Directed by Andreas Johnsen Featured at Hot Docs and the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam Named Best Documentary of 2014 by the Danish Film Critics' Association Thursday, May 8th at 7:30 PM at the James Bridges Theater      While the…
Check out Mission Blue one of the Hot Docs. Sylvia Earle is an inspiration. have to find alternative to fish oil.
Avedon started as ID photog at Merchant Marine. New documentary showing at Hot Docs explores the power of the Mugshot
TORONTO – Documentary provocateur Joe Berlinger came to Hot Docs film festival this week not to bury James "Whitey" Bulger, but to strip away the myth surrounding the convicted gangster as a mob rat. The Oscar-nominated director, in Toronto for fest screenings of Whitey: United States of America v.…
Love is in the air big time! Finnish film Love and Engineering makes number eight on film critic Chris Knight's Ten to see list at Hot Docs. Also recommended by Moviefone, Dorkshelf and Huffington Post, among others. Screening May 1, 2, and 4.
Wrote a speech, shopped at Honest Ed's, went to Hot Docs, did my stupid taxes, got caught up on nurse Jackie and ate a Big Mac
Hot Docs -- the largest documentary film festival in North America -- kicks off tonight in Toronto, and here's 10 films we're excited to see.
This was a video I wrote and produced in 2001 after watching the Ken Burns documentary The Civil War. It was shown in the 2001 Hot Docs festival in Toronto.
Click to peruse the hot new 2014 Wolfe Video catalog for DVD and Blu-ray galore! via
Interested in the digital media industry? Register for at a special Hot Docs rate of $249 (50% off!):
Officially kicking off my Hot Docs gig tonight, 22 screeners in hand!
Hot and very cool magazine for men, this month feat.
Hot Crime in a Cool Clime - Give the best of Writing this Holiday Season.
Hot off the press, virtually... Today's e-edition:
Pitch your project at the 2014 Hot Docs Forum! Applications are now open. Deadline: January 16, 2014
Part 4 of our Doc Accelerator: Mentor Series is this Wed, December 4, 2013 feat. Tara Woodbury. Details:
I love docs on other people. Hot girls in docs. *** yeah
# 3903 Confession- It's really cold and I only want THE HOT ROCKY!RIGHT NOW! "share your confessions HERE .
Supreme Court Justice Lord Sumption hot on the heels of Lord Justice Laws to criticise ECHR > full lecture here:
Check out the latest Channel Opportunities virtual publication to see what's hot this winter
Just being yourself, being who you are, is a successful rebellion,its at hot docs,in toronto,not sure but WILL
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ShowellBros presents the red hot style of Lacee Jae
Great Q&A with Greenwich Village director Laura Archibald moderated by John Einarson @ Best of Hot Docs
I have few few free tix for 6:30 pm directors screening of Pandora’s Promise @ Bloor Hot Docs Cinema First come...
Have you submitted an application for the 2013 Hot Docs-Blue Ice Group Fund yet? Deadline: August 16th.
Bloor street. I remember taking my grade 10s on a field trip to Hot Docs in my second yr of teaching.…
Hot Docs Fest - William and the windmill, The manor, Life and crimes of Doris Payne ...:
lol. we have two film festivals here in toronto (TIFF i'm sure you know, and Hot Docs), that's all...nothin FANCY
The wildly over-hyped THE MANOR opens in Ottawa tomorrow. Review from Hot Docs:
A horror film that anyone CAN watch, and that everyone SHOULD watch.
"I worked at Bloor Cinema BEFORE it was Hot Docs Cinema." LOL!
Some of my favourite recent Hot Docs got Emmy nominations. Congrats to
What happens when a co hiring only people with disabilities gets hit by the recession? We review a
old Bloor cinema sign sits on display in the balcony mezzanine at Bloor Hot Docs theatre @ The Bloor…
with at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema for Deceptive Practice doc about magician Ricky Jay @ The…
I saw bits of this whilst working at Hot Docs but wasn't able to see the whole thing. Looks amazing.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Magic fans unite at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema tonight! Get out of the rain and come see @ 8:45 p.m. in our cozy cinema.
since a few weeks ago when it was made for the hot docs film festival in T.O
A documentary discovers an American soldier in Vietnam 44 years lost Toronto (Canada), May 1 (Reuters). - For 44 years, the United States believed that the army sergeant John Harley Robertson died in 1968 in action over Laos, but now the documentary "Unclaimed", which premiered at the Hot Docs festival has revealed that Robertson has lived all this time forgotten in Vietnam. Robertson, who is now 76, was a soldier in the unit of Green Berets, Army Special Forces, married with two daughters, whose helicopter was shot down by the Vietnamese guerrillas on May 20, 1968 while on a secret mission over Laos . The U.S. military, which fought a war in Laos against Vietcong supply lines (the South Vietnamese guerrillas), was unable to launch a mission to search for survivors. Robertson was declared missing in action and finally, in 1976, officially given died in combat. His name is one of the more than 60,000 enrolled in the Washington monument that pays tribute to U.S. soldiers killed in the Vietnam War. But accor ...
FALL AND WINTER TRAILER from Fall and Winter on Vimeo. At this years Hot Docs film festival in Toronto, I had the chance to catch the beautiful documentary Fall & Winter The feature debut by Va...
Distributed by KinoSmith Inc. “Soulful portrait of a brilliant R&B singer.” – The Hollywood Reporter Official Selection, Hot Docs 2012 For decades he’s been Black Velvet, a soul singer scraping by in Brooklyn’s projects with small club gigs in the evenings and odd jobs by day. But 62-yea...
It's been over a year since Toronto's historic Bloor Cinema was renovated and revamped as a year round cinema for Hot Docs -- North America's largest documentary film festival. Playing nonfiction films almost exclusively, the cinema has proven in the 14 months since it's opened that there is indeed…
Maybe there’s a debate going on about whether we are, in fact, in the midst of a “documentary renaissance,” but the answer seemed self-evident at the 20th annual Hot Docs, that sprawling all-nonfiction festival that serves as a deliberately inclusive snapshot of current documentary culture. Among th...
Music film Muscle Shoals audience favourite at Hot Docs
Points North Documentary Forum 2012 Pitch Winner In Country Film was at Hot Docs pitching. They had a wonderful...
Saw Lucy Walker's riveting The Crash Reel at Hot Docs last night, about snowboarder Kevin Pearce's recovery:
Fort McMurray's locals working in the controversial oil patch come together in song in Oil Sands Karaoke at Hot Docs.
A beautiful film about a wonderful little girl screened .last night -
Update: EyeSteelFilm is pitching tomorrow at the Hot Docs Forum.
Marcia Connolly and Katherine Knight's SPRING & ARNAUD screens at 4pm - read our profile:
Catch up on the best bits from keynote speech at with this article:
Hot Docs Daily: The Ghosts in our Machine, Buying Sex, After Tiller: One week gone, but Hot Docs is going stro...
On Monday we'll be recording a Hot Docs specific episode of the podcast in collaboration with The Documentary Blog. Stay tuned!
After Tiller, a powerful doc about a complicated subject. -
that is heaven there u will love nothing not 2,1st day there fatboy hit champagne in the hot tub fell over £200 docs bill
Be sure to catch 15 Reasons to Live at -
Hot Docs is screening the WAR ROOM this Thursday at 7pm, and while advance tickets are sold out, a limited number...
I saw Declaration of War at Hot Docs last night - excellent work. Very powerful.
you are the winner of the Hot Docs passes. We still haven't heard from you, please follow & DM us and we'll send details.
Our friends at Project HIRED wanted to share with you their current "Hot Jobs" listing. Project HIRED is a...
I'd have overlooked Alphée of the Stars but for you. It's now my Hot Docs pick after seeing 13 films, thanks
Start your day with some coffee and snacks at the Hot Docs Networking Tent at Burwash Quad!
1 May 2013 Raoul Peck's Fatal Assistance makes the same point, although more artfully than some, and focused on
Hot off the press it's our May edition!!!
Hot Docs: Singing a song of Fort McMurray: At least that's what Oil Sands Karaoke director Charles Wilkinson (...
going to Blood Brothers on Friday. is tearing it up at Hot Docs, though.
Still haven't planned out your Hot Docs viewing schedule for today? We're here to help.
After Tiller deals with heated but important issues at -
See all the family craziness of High Five: A Suburban Adoption Story at -
I Will Be Murdered proves the trutch can be stranger than fiction. -
The first ever Hot Docs is presented in 1994.
My doctor never gets into Hot Docs. He thinks it's cause he wears glasses but I'm not sure.
What is it like to be in a band with your 8 brothers? See this film - Brothers Hypnotic.
did you get a chance to check out anything at Hot Docs this year?
nice! dragon girls is on my list too. I think christcore might not be a hot docs thing. i won tix off now mag :P
has been kicking off! thank you Toronto for your amazing support! another brilliant review:
Be the first person to answer this trivia question and win two Hot Docs passes: What year did the Hot Docs Festival first begin?
Looks like our screenings impressed - they awarded us 4 and a half stars!
Yeah, it's on as part of Hot Docs. I think there might be a couple more screenings this week!
At the docs and people complaining "it's too hot we not used to this weather" *** it's only 14degrees!Guess it doesn't help with heating on!
DFI a proud sponsor of Hot Docs KICKSTART series... happening today!!!
Check out all KATIE CHATS interviews for 2013 TO: HOT DOCS FILM FESTIVAL (playlist): via
KATIE CHATS with Filmmaker INIGO WESTMEIER about his film, "DRAGON GIRLS," screening at the HOT DOCS FILM...
Hot docs festival in Toronto with the homie
My Hot Docs schedule tonight is TEENAGE and then donno. Still deciding.
Really enjoyed Muscle Shoals at Hot Docs last night and I'm always impressed by the hard work of the festival's 700-plus volunteers.
Is the logging industry good for See the film Forest of the Dancing Spirits
Hot Docs recommendation of the day: 'The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne'
Monday Memo is all good for Wednesday's too. Get your news for the morning:
Hot Docs Review: Buying Sex This film is a great conversation starter. See it
Hot Docs: Missing Vietnam vet's niece coming to Unclaimed world premiere
6:30 pm tomorrow, April 29 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox cinema 2 Hot Docs hosts the world premiere of Site Media's new film, Spring & Arnaud
No puede ser me lástime el brazo xk me duele horrible
This year Hot Docs (Canadian International Documentary Festival) is celebrating its 20th Year Anniversary!
Como va Tigres Ryados q algien me expliqe
Five Fabulous Films at Hot Docs: … ) – examines the work of Wisconsin neuroscientist Richard Davidson (a self-...
Wow! Thanks, Toronto Star! We're on of their 10 recommended films at Hot Docs!
Chi, a film by Anne Wheeler that I edited, is premiering at Hot Docs in one week! A review in today's Globe and Mail:
Ah yes, am allergic to exercise. Docs warn such patients shld avoid any form of exercise in extremely humid, hot or cold weather. TOI today
Me and are talking about hot docs again and I feel like that just happened
Yo Baldwin, the wife and I want to go to hot docs. Is there any stand out movie there?
Be sure to attend this year's Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, showcasing hundreds of North...
Check out Red Hot Magazine ...I have a photo printed on page 12 (couple walking) that I shot while teaming up for...
Bob Turnbull from Row Three gives us a preview of what's coming up at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary...
If there is any place you belong, it’s at Hot Docs with us in Toronto.
Flight is booked for my first trip to Hot Docs. Really doing it this time.
yes! Been at docs appts will respond in a bit
Can you believe it's just a month until Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival?! Here's a shot of...
Our new film, Spring & Arnaud, will have its world premiere at Hot Docs on April 29 at 6:30 at TIFF Bell...
Help a Black man out today and completely this: A survey on metric system, scientific literacy and attitude
OIL SANDS KARAOKE an official selection of Toronto's Hot Docs! "Fun, balanced and deeply human".
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
First Hot Docs Orientation Session is TOMORROW for all NEW Volunteers who have applied. Gearing up for the FESTIVAL!!
Care for a sneak peek at our hot new features? Add your name here and I'll be in touch! -Brad -
"I began to appreciate what the business is & it was quite different than what I anticipated" - Cohen via
I forgot the Hot Toddy & Tablet at bed time !! And an assisted shower in the morning ! I'll speak to the Brain Docs tommoz
The festival will have a short film on "Full Frontal T.O." (photographer Patrick Cummins:
jealous. There are no hot docs that I get to see at work.
Hot Docs celebrates 20 years with a celebration of its fans
The Hot Docs Film Festival starts a month from today (tickets & sched available now). Here's my preview -->
Thanks to here's the full South Asian lineup!
Mark your calenders ladies and gentlemen, RUFF this year will take place May 8-9th at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema! Hope to see you there! :)
Will do. Was hoping we'd see it in this year's Hot Docs' schedule, but doesn't appear to be.
Think you can a in 140 characters? Here's a chance to give it a try with our new partners
ah cool. lemme see if it is playing Full Frame or Hot Docs.
Tickets for the Toronto, Canada screenings of Bending Steel at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary...
We teamed up with to bring you an online pitching opportunity to fund your short film! Details:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hot Docs 20 started yesterday, but there are still 19 award winning documentaries left to see
Want to join the Hot Docs team? We're looking for 30+ people to help staff our box offices during the festival.
Hot off the press! Our annual review is here. Check out the great year we had (and some nice infographics to boot):
Liz Marshall's "The Ghosts In Our Machine" about the animals we exploit will premiere at Hot Docs:
Check out the April issue of It's hot off the press & features & more:
Hot off the press: the Summer 2013 live schedule for Emma Wells! Pls RT
HOT SPELL: S'pore docs seeing 10% more patients in past wk due to hot weather
Dana O'Keefe made a short film called "Vladimir Putin In Deep Concentration." Was at SXSW, will be at Hot Docs. It is quite special. Great.
Documentaries on David Steinberg, Richard Dawkins to be featured at Hot Docs festival.
A new documentary on war photojournalist Tim Hetherington will have its Canadian premiere at Hot Docs this April.
Hot Docs: SCOTUS relaxes requirements on police dog searches
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