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Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate (also known as hot cocoa) is a heated beverage typically consisting of shaved chocolate, melted chocolate or cocoa powder, heated milk or water, and sugar.

Errol Brown West Plaza Malibu Rum

I'm Registered for the 2017 Hot Chocolate 15k/5k - San Francisco!
Yummy.. white Hot Chocolate.. I am at Gloria Jean's Coffees in street my second home…
This is happening NOW, Winter Market at Patch Barracks. FREE Hot Chocolate and Cookies, Thanks to our sponsors!
It may be Bonfire night🔥, but it's also a perfect evening to sit and watch The Phantom Menace with Hot Chocolate, because why not.
my grandmother thought it was 'I believe in milk bottle' not 'miracles' in You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate.
What does it take (to win your love) - Santana, You win again - Hot Chocolate, Winners and Losers - Hamilton Joe Frank & R..
what's wrong with being bald...thought Errol Brown of Hot Chocolate made it sexy
Hot Chocolate in the pit lane over night, is that accompanied by the voice of the late, great Errol Brown ?
No 1 on this day in 1977: Hot Chocolate - So You Win Again .
Had such a Blast with Chad Michaels, Derrick Barry, Coco Montrese, and Hot Chocolate on this Panel from Drag Con
Pre-disco Hot Chocolate, the original "You Could Have Been A Lady" before Canada's April Wine got their hands on it
Best Breakfast in Lower Garden District and a Hot Chocolate at HiVolt, New Orleans, USA…
This is my friend "Hot Chocolate". She is a TV and radio personality and a work in progress with Skinny Fiber!!...
I can't abide restrictions on my art, karaoke bar manager, so when I perform Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing" I WILL wear…
No shade to ANA, but may be my new favourite airline. Cadbury's Hot Chocolate service, complimentary Tim Tams, and Bu…
First aid station at Hot Chocolate run. Great day for all!
munchies + OUAT Mug with BGT tomorrow night = Hot Chocolate and good Saturday night thank you
I drink it on a rare occasion I do have it in my kitchen so Malibu Rum, Hot Chocolate & Frangelico or just Malibu Rum?
Try it with a little Malibu Rum in Hot Chocolate. Tastes like an almond Joy. Although you prob don't drink hot choc!
Vinyl, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Hot Chocolate are the way to start a good day 😊
"Can I get a hot chocolate without milk?"
My hot chocolate decided to fly and make a mess in my car
you call Milo and Nesquick hot chocolate instead of 'tea'
. He takes the last sip of the hot chocolate before shaking his head. "Nah...Jus'… stay 'ear with me fer a bit... Please."
There's only one thing I can do. Grab some hot chocolate, throw on my thinking pj's, and chill
need that hot sb bod but here I am eating chocolate syrup on bread
If you study in the library, on Tuesday from 10-11 p.m., ASI will provide free coffee, hot chocolate, snacks & Scantrons!
True, that. But even a buttery oven-hot croissant hasn’t the decadence of a chocolate donut with sprinkles and grated coconut.
Gemma posted this lovely photo of 'Hot Chocolate' from the 'Chocolate Collection' 🍫💅🏽 Why don't…
Just fell asleep with a hot chocolate in my hand , it didn't end well 🙈
Suddenly honeycomb hot chocolate wants me dead.
domain names
Yesterday, laurahallett made the most ridiculous hot chocolate with whisky and peppermint oil!…
it's 9:50 and I just made a Nesquik hot chocolate blEsS
oh honey. I know it seems impossible but deep breaths, good cry, hot chocolate, anything 💜💜💜💜
I'll probably just end up getting hot chocolate like I do every night
I just wanna cuddle and watch Pirates of the Caribbean and drink hot chocolate 😩😍
I had a great ride on the motorbikes to Akaroa! Great hot chocolate, breat breakfast bagel, great scenery xx ☀☀
3-Ingredient Frozen Hot Chocolate - this drink takes a minute to make and is SO delicious!! https://
! I hear they may offer a free hot chocolate at high camp from 4:36-4:39
Love to find pics of me! (not my pic) It's very nice to eat ice cream on a hot day.
He was Portland hot, with a new tattoo. Offered me free chocolate
This is She made me the best hot chocolate ever tonight. Where you can get it you…
I had a great day:. - spilt hot chocolate on my shirt. - got 2 detentions. - got told I have an English essay due tomorrow. fml
Room has finally reached an acceptable level of clean. I will now celebrate with hot chocolate & Netflix, followed by regret in the morning.
I make the best hot chocolate in the world
after asking ms. Zado for an extension my diet will consist of tears, hot chocolate, and peanut butter cups.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I am a hot chocolate bean u cannot tell me any different
The house is FULL of chocolate, I can SMELL IT and I just wanna eat all of it. And someone need to bring me hot...
I really want some hot gooey chocolate chip cookies right now.
mofia and PARTY say its time to meet Tami having some coco hot chocolate
Hot chocolate with some pan dulce. This strep throat is kicking my ***
I want some hot chocolate white chocolate
up sippin hot chocolate glad I'm off work tomorrow ... Ha 👑
so they have this great beverage called Hot Chocolate. Been meaning to try it myself actually. Seems like a delectable drink.
Still staring at my hella homework and tucked up in bed with hot chocolate in the morning
He's Snug As A Bug In A Rug Steve Austin when he's curled up in front of the fire sipping hot chocolate
I went to go buy a hot chocolate & she was like do you want the Mexican one I was no I want the white one . I was mad 💀
Go to in Lincoln Park! Best pastries in the city. Hot Chocolate is great. And XOCO in River North
Wow - Errol Brown's voice at the end of Hot Chocolate's Emma. Real anguish.
Out of this world Hot Chocolate with my best one today ❤️ Miss you already La
playing Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing reminds me of T'Full Monty, Hot Chocolate not Sean Goldsmith I'd like to make clear!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
And Johnny Kemp, Errol Brown of Hot Chocolate, Brownstone's Charmayne Maxwell, and Louis Johnson. fails all over the place.
Hot Chocolate has just came on in the cafe and I'm honestly fighting myself not to sing mighty death pop over it
Just had a Tuna toasty and a Hot Chocolate, nom.
Did you know today was National Hot Chocolate Day? I think you need to try the Hot Chocolate for One on
Check out Tammy Smith in the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K - Atlanta Results
The sixth annual Hot Chocolate is back!
Hot Chocolate and this song ...Perfect way 2 begin a cold and slightly windy DC Morning.
Watchung 50k done! Hot Chocolate now, Heady Topper later...
Finishing off the Holidays with Hot Chocolate and The Da Vinci Code…
Featured Event ► Hot Chocolate 15K & 5K at Turner Field on Sunday, January 24th starting at 7:40am!. For more...
Just listened to a mix from 'Hot Chocolate' Everyones 1's a Winner mixed with Miami Vice theme. AWESOME!
Njoying a Hot Chocolate looking at the merry crowd. 😊🎉 (@ Haagen-Dazs)
Sea Salt Caramel Fudge & Hot Chocolate on a Stick: This time of year like so many I indul... via
And To All, A Good Light! Join us in our West Plaza, TODAY at 4pm. for Music, FREE Hot Chocolate too!
Visit on the West Plaza, tomorrow at 4pm for Music, cookies & FREE Hot Chocolate.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Remember this upcoming week you can dress up festive AND buy Hot Chocolate in the Commons before school!!! $2 w a candy cane! 🎄☕️
Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate tomorrow morning in the welcome center. Tell you friends and bring money!
Am listening to the brilliant Errol Brown and Hot Chocolate. Talented guy. What a shame he left us so soon. RIP Dude.
Happy Holidays Raiders! 2018 will be selling Hot Chocolate in I-2 for $1! go grab some to keep u warm!
Great job everyone that ran the marathon or half marathons yesterday. Have fun to those doing the Hot Chocolate in Chicago today
Owl House Day Spa for 2 inc. 2 Treatments and Hot Chocolate: £69 instead of up to £171.90 for a luxury...
Christmas is Awesome!!:-)) Every year we go to the tree farm and cut down our own tree and drink Hot Chocolate!!:-))
The is at today. Come & have a Hereford Beef burger, Proper coffee &Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate date with my second best girl! @ Paris Baguette
James Beard award-winning Chef Mindy Segal shared Hot Chocolate & cookies at today!
Im about to be drunk off hot chocolate this winter.
I want hot chocolate but I also want pickles.
I just wanna curl up in a blanket with some hot chocolate and watch Disney movies all day bc it's too cold to do anything else. 😌
hot chocolate is my partner , whenever and wherever .. Goodmorn~…
Hot chocolate is amazing I make the bomb 💗💗💗
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I will give the naming rights to my first born to whoever brings me hot chocolate.
Hot chocolate with pan dulce sounds good right now 😋💗
No but really I want to get some hot chocolate so who's down
i just want it to be winter so i can watch Christmas movies, make cookies, and drink hot chocolate
Just wanna cuddle, drink hot chocolate and watch scary movies😭😭
Ehem hot chocolate would go nice w this weather ☔️
The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire and hot chocolate in a Dan and Phil pixel…
Moms hot chocolate and some Xbox 1 😁✊🏽
I just need a bonfire, fuzzy socks, and some hot chocolate
michael is so cute I wanna wrap him in a blanket and give him hot chocolate
sipping on hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music
Maybe the hot chocolate part was too much lol I'm finna start sweatin😂
It's raining... What i wouldnt give up to be with u watching movies and drinking hot chocolate...
I want to go on a date to the pumpkin patch, pick out a pumpkin, carve it, and then drink hot chocolate while watching sca…
Super time means Avocado and egg on a brown b free bagel and Hot Chocolate xx Monday again tomorrow…
Set the Tone this with Dorothy Perkins - Hot Chocolate
This conversation piece makes amazing Espresso Creations as well as teas, Chai Tea, and Hot Chocolate.
Which Is Better: Eggnog or Hot Chocolate?: Food Network Magazine editors want to know which side you’re on for...
Amaretto or Which flavour Hot Chocolate do you prefer?
Look forward to today's Sunday Panel with and most definitely NOT Errol Brown from Hot Chocolate as I said earlier.
Saturday Evening Fact: Errol Brown left the band Hot Chocolate to pursue his passion for cookery. It started with a quiche.
Heard him on radio, so mentioned that Errol Brown was dead. Response- what, with Hot Chocolate? My reply- no, actually think it was cancer.
The life of Errol Brown, Hot Chocolate singer and icon
= Errol Brown, Hot Chocolate singer, dies aged 71 on
good to see you have an action figure of the Hot Chocolate lead singer Errol Brown ( bottom left)
Hot Chocolate from Sunday ~ Mörk Chocolate is amazing. Vanilla bean sparkling water who would have thunk it?!
Hot Chocolate with Caramel Shot, so good it's already been tucked into @ 190 Elliot Street, Tyldesley
Planet Grooves next funky platter is serving up some Hot Chocolate! Soul Stack! Shuggie Otis! 24th st Wailers!...
Hot Chocolate Fridays:Starting Friday 5th June the PTA will be offering Hot Chocolate at lunchtime for $1. Every Friday to the end of Term 2
RIP Errol Brown/Hot Chocolate. 🎶🌟 prayers and love to the family. 1943-2015
Breast Cancer Awareness
Errol Brown, frontman of British soul band Hot Chocolate, has died at the age of 71
Last night on the news Huw Edwards oddly resisted the temptation to list "You Sexy Thing" among Hot Chocolate's hits.
a Hot Chocolate number would be fitting in your Thurs.night show as tribute to
In 1975 Errol Brown offered me a job as roadie with Hot Chocolate. We were in Scene 2 in Scarborough. (Jimmy Savile's club)
Hot Chocolate singer Errol Brown has died aged 71, his manager says
Hot Chocolate frontman Errol Brown has died aged 71, his manager said
4 amazing Hot Chocolate recipes by that WILL help you find love
Hot Chocolate with Tim Tam Crusted Marshmallows is the answer to every problem you may have…
Scrambled Eggs and Cadbury's Hot Chocolate the perfect Easter treat at Jacks !
We help our neighbors in Brooklyn by giving out hot chocolate. That is how we show compassion!
Apparently Sunday school traumatized Sammy because she spilled hot chocolate on the bible..
(TMI but as a young teen I lied that blood on my undies was hot chocolate :/ )
A little afternoon pick me up. Pair with a delicious hot chocolate or latte from our cafe! 👌🐰
Can I have this again right now please realy want hot chocolate 😴
One last hot chocolate before we're all, "Let's drink gin & tonics all day long"?
yes, rock n roll is overrated, and the joys of unsweetened almond milk hot chocolate are not! Goodnight 💋
30 year old men ordering hot chocolate at Starbucks, what's it like to still be a virgin?
Nailed it. These guys are hot and dangerous...! Gonna need a smart recovery plan post-game.
Great run today at the Hot Chocolate 15k in Philly!! Back on duty at Bethany Baptist Church to prepare for our...
Spilled hot chocolate everywhere and the closest thing to hand to wipe it up was some worn boxers and they're now a VERY interesting colour.
I may not be rock and roll, but at least I'm seasonal. (And a PR Wanker too - this hot chocolate is with almond milk)
well done hun you look hot! I need 2start back at gym too much cheese and chocolate! See you soon u ba…
*makes perfect hot chocolate with a white milk dot on top and then the till operator says as your serving "with cream"* NAH
All I want is s hot shower and hot chocolate and a warm bed to sleep in🚿☕️😴
You can never beat a hot chocolate last thing at night or is it signs of getting old or over worked so you can sleep
Really want McDonald's hot chocolate rn
I like rain. It's good weather for curling up on the couch with some hot chocolate.
Just added my best ever hot chocolate recipe to link-up...
Woman poisons herself and family with hot chocolate that was 25 years past sell-by date:
Flapjacks . Hot chocolate . Speckled eggs . Marshmallows. Muffins. Bacon pasta. Pizza. I got 'em all for you, but they just went to waste
Late afternoon hot chocolate and fire craft.
Want some mexican hot chocolate or coffee rn
includes fires at Hot chocolate is nice.
Yikes! "Grandmother accidentally poisons children with hot chocolate that expired 25 years ago.
All I can think about is a toasted chocolate hot cross bun, a beautiful milky coffee and some Lindt chocolate
My dad and Maryam are making hot chocolate at this time but when I was 8 the lastest id be in bed was 9 😑
I wanted me some chocolate!!! Guess hot chocolate will have to do... 😜
When mum comes back from the home country with all the right goodies: Rum, Chocolate and Hot Sauces. .
How good is easter! Hot cross buns and chocolate for breakfast plus 1 hour extra sleep! Best day ever :)
And my fav hot chocolate place is closed.
neither do I, but I like Costa better! Hot chocolate is SO much nicer 😁💁
Hot chocolate before bed was not a good idea.
It's Easter Sunday! Hot cross buns, chocolate for breakfast and madness all around! Have an…
ha, i didn't think it would, i'd try it though. I love tea, hot chocolate and beer. I have lots of tea.
This hot chocolate that Nat made is amazing
Hot New! LV, Chanel Variety Chocolate mold. 25 pieces only left
Shoutout to for hooking me up with some hot chocolate 😏
Let me probably introduce to you "Hot Chocolate" another Sable Tri Ace son and Mufasa littermate…
Mums actually the best making me hot chocolate and marshmallows 💜
I just want to be outside a café in paris drinking a hot chocolate under a heater talking french and watching the world go by
poor phill try anime and hot chocolate it helps when I'm ill
Someone at work stole my souvenir hot chocolate mug :( I live in Florida. I can't just go get a new one.
Great days are the ones where your main reason for making a hot chocolate at 11:30 is because you're bored
Only me would go and spill my hot chocolate all over the car, didn't even have one sip
The whole world seems to be out partying. Me? I'm stuck at home with an infection in my gob drinking hot chocolate, through a straw.
The fitness family...the good luck charm...the support system and the results! Hot Chocolate…
I hope you got home ok without any "hot chocolate" incidents. 😉
That staple of American dinners, Mac&Cheese, Beef Stew, and Hot Chocolate. Yum.
Good luck Lisa Serrano, Jim Murff and Alexis Barnes in the Hot Chocolate race and Marcus Serrano if you're racing...
Now that I can start working out again my goal is to train for a 5k and beat my time at next year's Hot Chocolate 5k.
Sushi and hot chocolate at midnight.
I like marshmallows on top of my hot chocolate sometimes...
Up... Sipping hot chocolate.. Thinking about it all.
Sippin' hot chocolate in my lovely 1D mug from 😄☕
Easter is actually one of my favourite times like chocolate and hot cross buns 😍
I made the best hot chocolate ever today using real chocolate too 😋
Hot chocolate at 1:30 in the morning☕️
What is the beverage in your DP? Makes me crave hot chocolate every time!
Did just run all the way from uni to the train station whilst holding a hot chocolate
I'm at Anna Millers and I just ordered a hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin. JFC.
Maybe hot chocolate wanna be called beautiful chocolate just one time
I hate that feeling in my stomach after drinking a hot chocolate or a cappuccino
It's a good thing that I live near a 7-11 because I can get their shabby hot chocolate anytime.
Maybe the power will go out and school will get cancelled and I'll get to stay home and watch disney movies and drink …
Nah. I'd rather have that Starbucks hot chocolate 😂☕
Still up bc . I drunk too much hot chocolate . Ashley keep making me laugh. Me and my bf went to bed on bad terms so I never sleep
ok wen, thank you! and this is the drink, hot chocolate. Enjoy~
Hot chocolate made by the newly appointed at-home barista. 😌
Bring me hot chocolate and your bae
we r literally so funny like funniest human beings in the world I got Sara melted frozen hot chocolate Bc Im ***
Made Mexican hot chocolate because why not?
Bring me hot chocolate and I'll give you a dollar
Nights like these I just miss those nights where I'm eating hot chocolate and toast w/ my papa.
Don't miss the offer! CHOC-O-LAIT - Belgian chocolate on stick in hot milk for only AED 25 at the Tea Lounge!
Im home for a few days! Homemade chocolate mousse, hot ginger lemon tea & a fire in the wood stove.
Only hot chocolate will be there for me 🔫
Remember when I spent half a day with nice boy who brought me hot chocolate when we volunteered together and I was so awkwardly unattractive
I'm using a brown one that I got at a hair party. It basically looks/smells like hot chocolate mix.
"I love it when Hot Chocolate gives me a buzz" -
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Absolutely loved the new look A Piece of Cake Coffee Shop in Coltishall yesterday, good to meet Liz and a yummy Hot Chocolate
"Money can't buy Happiness, but Money can buy a cup of Hot Chocolate and I think it's… (at Robert Harris) [pic] —
I want a hot chocolate, some giant marshmallows and a snuggly blanket
Hot chocolate, popcorn & a movie best thing on a cold night
Every time I have hot chocolate I just spill it on myself
I think I'll go mad and have a hot chocolate!
Might have got addicted to soy hot chocolate... :s
Ordered a hot chocolate from the Starbucks machine in the library and got some hot, beige, dishwater-y drink instead. Not okay, Starbucks...
It's snowing. Who wanna cuddle? I got hot chocolate and sugar cookies :).
You're like a hot chocolate on a cold winter afternoon: sweet & necessary! Would you mind following me? All the love! x83,715
wanna go to greystones? I need to shop and we could get hot chocolate 🙌
So happy with a hot chocolate in bed ☺️
When you get your coffee mixed up with hot chocolate 😡
"Of course! Where would we be without our hot chocolate?"
Tomorrow 12 - 2pm! Purchase your discounted tickets for Hansel & Gretel AND get hot chocolate
Hot chocolate with rum and lemon cheesecake.
I made pancakes and hot chocolate, who needs ihop?
Splendid! If a mug of hot chocolate became a beer, this would be it. Gentle ... (Cocoa Wonderland)
"Not always about coffee" Single-Origin Hot Chocolate Is Taking Off, and We're Into It - Bon App ***
Raspberry Coconut Hot chocolate. You'll love this recipe:
Malteaser hot chocolate in bed after a hard night at yoga 😻☕️
thanks for the hot chocolate without marshmallows, Brenda. maybe later you could kill my family with a spear
Two cups of bad hot chocolate in a row? Gross.
Perfect weather for staying in with netflix and hot chocolate 😴☕️
If this cup of coffee+1/4 cup of cream+hot chocolate mix cannot save my mood…nothing can.
A back massage and hot chocolate sounds like heaven to me right now
Hot chocolate be for bed is so good👌🙌
"Granny's huh? And just what are we going to find there? Some hot chocolate I hope?"
I'm really sad bc I used up the last of my favourite hot chocolate n I don't know where it was from so I can't buy it again😩
Only went and won our netball match for the first time in months didn't we? Celebratory hot chocolate is in order 💃🏀
[Don't let hot barrista know I'm a goose]. "Can I get you a coffee?". Just a honk chonklate for me. "A what?". CHOCOLATE, a hot ch…
it's snowing out .. Yall got hot chocolate ?
The Mr made me a hot chocolate. If that isn't love I dunno what is! 😍☕️
Home safe and sound. Maybe some Hot Chocolate and a few episodes of 'Everyone loves Raymond' before…
TEAM NIKI G out in full force for the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k run in downtown Nashville! . Wa…
Good morning from downtown Nashville at the Hot Chocolate 5K!
"Nothing like tall mug of Hot Chocolate after a long days work!
The most decadent Hot Chocolate with BUTTER and BEER!
Call in for your Earl Grey. The Prince's tipple. Or on such a cold day a steaming Hot Chocolate!
I want hot chocolate and ice cream. .
Perfect weather for a hot chocolate.
Thanks to all the students out in Tent City! Hope you enjoy the hot chocolate!
I've never been so cold in my life, hot water bottle and hot chocolate are on the go ❄️
Stuck between watching a movie with ht chocolate or hot bubble bath with some music and my book...
I just need my chipotle and some hot chocolate then I will stop being so mean to ppl
VideosOfScience: This is how chocolate and vanilla ice cream bars are made
I have the biggest bowl of ice cream and a hot chocolate I win
Finally got marshmellows for my hot chocolate. ❤️
I wish dunkin donuts delivered I could go for some hot chocolate right about now 😍
Come on down to the Grand Opening of Origins! There is free coffee & hot chocolate, games, prizes, & more!
Warm milk will help with both. A bit of hot chocolate powder (not too much!) or nutmeg if you need help with the taste. Good luck
Cinnamon hearts in my hot chocolate tonight
"What if hot chocolate just wants to be called beautiful chocolate"
Jan 30 Snowshoe Trip with the Southborough Senior Center. Great day with snow falling and a hot chocolate and snack break.
YES!! The crepe and grandma's hot chocolate were so good (as they always are) 😍
my white hot chocolate is so way better than sam's white frappa cappa crunch or whatever @ The Ugly…
Good friends, road trip, tight wet suits, Manatee hugs, & hot chocolate made this a day for the books. 🏊🐄💕👌
My new favourite cafe The Botanist at City Works in Auckland. Best breakfast and hot chocolate! L x ☕️
--to him "It's like drinking hot chocolate for me. So tasty and sweet..." said her as she caress his cheek "you alredy give--
Hon. You sound like you could use some hot chocolate and movies.
Hot chocolate and chirps with my tweedle dee! @ LeChurro
Hot chocolate is the absolute best.
National Hot Chocolate Day = Happiness. Tell us what flavor you’re celebrating with!
Mmmh perfect weather to have white and milk hot chocolate while saying goodbye to school friends. OnlyInBolton ;)
Celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day with the perfect song!
One more photo! Hot chocolate spoons with printable that I designed for Check out…
When I was a kid I thought soft drinks were coffee, or hot chocolate. Clearly I know what they were afterward.
(Sits down beside you two, taking a sip of my hot chocolate)
Hot chocolate on my Sunday morning. 🍵😘 [pic] —
- coffee? I just need it for my throat so no hot chocolate either..
Time to curl up in a ball on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and watch some TV.
The perfect book for these cold nights with a hot cup of chocolate. A Boy From Down East …
I'm making my mom make me hot chocolate because it's cold af outside
enjoy the show, brother! Grab a hot chocolate from the café next time 'round. Warm you right up.
It's cute to have someone come drop hot chocolate to your job and for you to be on their mind. ☺️☕️
My school serves hot chocolate and coffee before class. every day. yes
Lots and lots of Hot Chocolate, Eggnog and Hot Spiced Cider Recipe
It's Stock show time!! Please come out to the county barn (by the airport) and support our local 4-H and FFA kids with their animal projects. Old Settlers will have a full concession stand starting with Breakfast Burritos, Sausage wraps, Coffee and Hot Chocolate. Also on the menu is Pulled pork sandwiches, nachos, Frito pie, water, soft drinks and candy. Show starts at 8am!!
The only reason and I are actually running the Hot Chocolate 5K
Day -16 Tried New Peanut butter Hot Chocolate and man it was a pot better than I expected :]]]…
This is the Hot Chocolate that will keep you warm all winter long!
And in true Carrie Carpunky fashion, I waited until the last minute for mini session slots! Where has the time gone?! Here are the slots for the Hot Chocolate mini on January 24th. 11:00~Kelly Mitchell 11:30~Erika Ramirez. 12:00~Amanda Hoekstra 12:30~Christina Snyder 1:00~Cindy Hoxsey 1:30~Tammy Buffington I am not sure on locations as of yet! I will announce ASAP!
I made the mistake of looking at Koko Monk's selections for the Hot Chocolate festival—I need to come back NOW.
Hot Chocolate, staying home by the fire. How do you stay warm when the temps are so cold??
Shattered after tonight's shift. I'd kill for a hot chocolate with marshmallows right about now...
Picking up my family from their day of school/work having a hot chocolate
Hot chocolate and fuzzy socks are a must today. ❄️
On my 3rd cup of hot chocolate so far today
I really need to get a Brita filter cause as soon as my water gets hot it taste like something that shouldn't be nowhere near ya mouth 😷
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