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Hot August Night

Hot August Night is a 1972 live double album by Neil Diamond. (Hot August night is also the opening lyric to Diamond's 1969 single, Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show .) The album is a recording of a Diamond concert on August 24, 1972, one of ten sold out concerts that Diamond performed that month at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

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A hot August night in April. Bring it on Jess Rabinovitch.
Stars will not just be at the sky, but also on stage☆ August 20th is going to be a hot summer night, pe…
It's gonna be HOT throughout the day and NIGHT! 😕😕 no. August was perfect
the OM was 'upset' with me I bought him a remake of Hot August Night cd n he never let me live it down!!
The entry into this hot, august, night.
We review the front cover of Hot August Night.
. Dig it..!! See you all in a Hot August 10th Night @ the LA Forum!!! Can't wait!!
Diamond or Young? The Hot August Night look be album kind of made his career didn't it?
Amazing...Hot August Night still seems like yesterday. See you in L.A. ♡
My favourite album of Diamond's is "Hot August Night." I rank it among the truly great live albums of…
I saw Neil on a hot August night about 40 years ago. I brought my wife Ann this time
Sometimes are hot night, specialy july and 1st week of august, afternoon all sleeping, Shepherd too...
I remember in early ‘70s listening to Hot August Night album & Neil Diamond mentioned Guy Kibbee, I had no idea who he was
What a buzz when I read the "tree people" reference! Hot August Night will get a serious workout over Easter now, for sure!
Don't get me wrong I LOVE Neil Dismond. . Especially Beautiful Noise and Hot August Night and Jonathan Livingston...
Your hot August night will be the one album I would take with me in my coffin, love you Neil thanks fo…
Now playing: "Holly Holy" by Neil Diamond from 'Hot August Night [2010 remaster]'
Wonderful August,you have also so much fans like me that love you!i love your so perfect boobs!another italian night hot!kiss
snap. Hot August Night was drilled into me!
ooh yes. Hot August Night was on high rotation at ours.
Back online guys for USA 31.July at 12 night/9pm for europe 1.August at 6am! And new videos coming with me💋 https:…
I know it's not fashionable, but... I still adore Neil Diamond. Hot August Night is da bombdiggity! (and I've just blown *all* cool cred).
My Mom must've played Hot August Night 15 thousand times - I still love it.
assuming it's Hot August Night you've got on your itunes there.
August Night is about as hot as they *** Serious
Get Wrecked: Cheap Cassettes stream new video “This was filmed on a sweltering hot August night at……
Hot August of the all time great live albums that has somehow become cliche.
Neil Diamond - Cherry Cherry (Live from the Greek Theatre in L.A.) Hot August Night - 1972
Hot af and at night it's like we we take steps back to August
I read last night had the most violations since August. And now tonight is pretty hot. Must be that "aid convoy" with their goods.
I like the sound of the hum of an air conditioner on a hot August night.
Good morning all..a strange night of leg in & out of the quilt. Too hot,too cold malarky...October in the bedroom, August under the quilt!
During Oct-Jan my room is gets cold at night. During Feb-August it's so hot even with the fan on. It's humid.
tree people remember Niel Diamond album hot August night ?
well if she was brought up on Neil Diamond, I know where the blame lies...that said still have Hot August Night.
. been to 133 concerts and can't find copy of the original "Hot August Night" is there such a thing. thanks for the music
Today's commute was to the sound of Neil Diamond, Hot August Night NYC. Altogether now."Swet Caroline."
Moon bathing on a hot August night.
How did the Hot August Night album cover not get discussed. Holy crap!
Good night!. ---. Thanks to for sharing this photo on a hot summer night in August!
For you a Summer Slam is a quikie in a hot august night.
Been a fan from 'hot august night' loved all his songs! one of his best is 'pretty amazing'grace! i do it in my music ministry!
Check out our latest concert review In on a hot night! is available...
And the grass won't may no mind. Driving to Portsmouth with Mum . Hot August Night flashbacks.
May-August ice cold showers twice a day . September-April hot baths at random hours of the night every day
I still have Hot August Night, and I'm proud/not proud/conflicted about it.
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Hot August Night 1972 Neil Diamond. This live album is so facking good. Diamond at…
no need for sorry sweet,,,Hot august night Live glad you like a couple of his songs at least hehehe :) xx
We ended summer in style with our Hot August Nights family night.
"It was a hot night in August. HUMID."
Great night at TWISTED .. Big thanks to .. Look out for more from this hot party in August 😈 https…
This Saturday night is date night at Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course. Hot August Night - Neil...
It was a hot night in August... HUMID... Hit Tha sto to get some OJ to shroom wit
Can we just talk about how HOT looked last night on red carpet?! 😍
Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy: A good old cuppa on a Hot August Night
"Summerslam is like what you do on a hot august night" to August 6th 2001 😂👊
Fine...I'll say it. Neil Diamond's "Hot August Night". Dammit, the shame.
Hot August Night by Neil Diamond 2 CDs - VERY GOOD COND! with sleeve
It was a hot night in August , humid ..
August Night is a hot little blonde Latina
A few Discount Tickets are still available for Saturday's Neil Diamond Tribute in https:/…
Soft breezes remind. of wind that shook the corn. that hot August night. so long ago. Her hand in mine. our future like stars. …
Hot August Night. Cape Cod Canal at looking at the Sagamore Bridge.
who had the "pleasure" of cleaning the hot tub after Joe and Sam did the "dirty" last night?? :(
Let's put the hot, hot, hot into summer! On August 29th, please join us for a night of music and poetry,...
In business in Saltash, Torpoint or Looe? Come to the Plymouth Six O'Clock Club this Thursday
Just watched "Wet Hot American Summer" for the first time last night … the entire movie takes place on my exact birthday, August 18, 1981!
Family Night Supper menu for Wednesday, August 19: Hamburgers & Hot Dogs. Get your reservations/cancellations in...
Fix & Feed question of the day. Now that Hot August Night BBQ is over what is the next big event that you look forward to?
the sun will be up at August 17, 2015 at 06:10AM Too or too last night? Call (205) 956-4…
From all of our staff we would like to thank all who attended Hot August Night. What a great event we had! Thanks...
It was a hot night in august.. humid
Why so so many business owners like the Plymouth Six O'Clock Club? See for yourself Thurs 20th August
This Thursday be at the Six O'Clock Club, Plymouth's Brightest Business Networking in
Even in the middle of August I have to take scolding hot showers and sleep with a heating pad every night because I'm so cold and anemic.😅❄️
Best shower over after almost 12 hot, sweat August night miles!
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New York on a hot August night is the sound of a million air conditioners all at once
Crickets and cicadas on a hot August night
There's nothing like sitting on an NYC fire escape on a hot August night...
Having a peaceful Sunday night, listening to some Gothic Music, wishing it was slightly cooler out , quite hot for mid August.
Wow, I can't believe that tonight is the anniversary of Neil Diamond recording his live album Hot August Night.
So what does one listen to on a hot August night? . Hot August Night by Neil Diamond
Hot August night, cicadas buzzing like a hydro substation, beer in hand. Wonderful.
Schultz returns to Warrensburg winners circle: A hot August night turned into a hot night of racing at Central...
Had an awesome weekend at Hot August Night 2016! Thanks for all the love and support from all our fans.
Bree *** short just like me 😂😂. She was in all black at hot August night 😶🙅🏽
I was so mean & dry to him the night of hot august night 😫💙
Are you ready for the Six O'Clock Club? Plymouth's Brightest Business Network this Thursday
Photos from this eve's 5k in Montford.
Join Warner Center Chapter for the Hot August Night Mixer 8/20. Meet & network with fellow Bruins
Enjoyed a hot August night at The bats were hot too.
Anyone but me thinking about Neil Diamond 'Hot August Night'?
We're coming back to Mt Lebanon's First Fridays in August. It's going to be a hot night.
But this custom makes us feel August's dark & long night as ecstasy, though it's mere hot & damp night in late summer. Love the custom, BON!
I was honestly at the Thekla that night many years back. A great night but so hot after a scorching August.
March outside, but it's a Hot August Night in with
And he still wears his shirts buttoned low!! Hot August Night baby
I suddenly want to photoshop a Pringles can onto Neil Diamond's Hot August Night cover
Maybe it was a hot August night and he needed some fresh air??
it's not gonna be cold when nicki comes in august. It's gon be hot *** *** so that's good cus it ain't gon get cold at night🙇
- Ellie and Logan's love story begins one hot August night - oh bring on summer!
It was a hot night is August .. Humid ☁️
Mary Lou Williams in her apartment with Tadd, Hank, Milt, Dixie & Jack, on a hot August night in 1947
that was my Mums fave too, she owned every single ND album he released up until her death. Hot August Night is my fave live (1/3)
This one took over where Hot August Night left off for Dad. I did more vigorous loungeroom dancing
The Hot August Night version of Crunchy Granola Suite remains one of my favourite road trip tunes
Young, in love, and dead. Murder on a hot August night. THE GANGSTER'S SON
Saturday morning, Neil Diamond (Hot August Night) on Vinyl, a nice cup of coffee and I'm not being nagged! Perfect -:)
It was a hot night in August, it was humid, hit the store get sum OJ to shroom it
Celebrating graduation with my dad listening to Hot August Night! Amazing!
No church in the wild, hot *** Denirro ferrar-no first night sex, Numb-august alsina, Lotta that, 25 bucks,
I've been nominated by Bruce Springsteen to list my 10 favorite NON-METAL albums of all time. In no particular order they are: 1. Darkness on the Edge of Town - Springsteen. 2. Transmission - The Tea Party (Official). 3. Grand Illusion - Styx. 4. Animals - Pink Floyd. 5. The Distance - Bob Seger. 6. i'm kinda cheating here, but "Greatest Hits" - Three Dog Night. (this was the first album I ever owned) 7. Hot August Night. - Neil Diamond. 8. Elemental - The Fixx. 9. Boogaloo - Nazareth. 10. Reconciled - The Call. I nominate Matthew Danbeck, Alan Robb and Laura Wilson-Lewand.
Rumour has it Neil Diamond wrote "Hot August Night" while on vacation in Palm Springs. It's after 8:00 pm and...
Thinking about heading along to Hot August Night at Founders Theatre tonight? Then check out this interview with...
TONIGHT at Pilgreen's of Lake Dow.Join Gezzo's Surf & Grille, Miller Lite and Kona Ice at Hot August Night...
Rotorua set for a Hot August Night! Neil Diamond tribute artist Peter Byrne will be performing at the Energy Events Centre next month.
Hot August Night introduced itself to the public in the summer of 1998. Dean Colley, the Neil Diamond in this superstar tribute has toured all over the world...
"U are the sun, i am the moon u are the words i am the tune, play me." - Neil Diamond, Hot August Night
I was there===> Neil Diamond's greatest album, Hot August Night, recorded live at the Greek Theater.
“Pong blew your mind I remember playing Pong while Neil Diamond's Hot August Night played in the back round.
Brian Adams is one that springs to mind Neil Diamond lost me after Hot August Night
What's the top selling live album of all time? Furthermore, what are YOUR favorite live album of all time? We'll start. Nirvana's "Unplugged in New York," Neil Diamond's "Hot August Night" and The Clash's "From Here to Eternity." Honorable mention? "Frampton Comes Alive" because Brad likes it. And U2's "Under A Blood Red Sky." Now it's your turn.
Pop/Rock/Classical Vinyl LP's for Sale: - Artist/Album Name - Deep Purple - "Made in Japan" Dbl Album - Wings - "Band on the Run", and "Venus and Mars" - America - "Homecoming" - Cat Stevens - "Foreigner", "Teaser and the Firecat", Catch Bull at Four", and "Tea for the Tillerman" - Neil Diamond - "Hot August Night" Dbl Album: - Bread - "Guitar Man" - Leo Sayer - "Just a Boy" and "Another Year" - Paul Simon - "There Goes Rhymin Simon" - Rolling Stones - "Sticky Fingers" - Seals and Crofts - "I'll Play for You" - Neil Sedaka - "Laughter in the Rain" - Art Garfunkle - "Angle Clare" - Carly Simon - "No Secrets", and "Anticipation" - Rod Stewart - "Atlantic Crossing" - Elton John - "Greatest Hits" ... all purchased in the 70's ... have not been played for 20 odd years - still in good condition, covers a little jaded. There are a total of 21 Albums - sell all for $150 ono ... some of the greatest songs ever written included in these albums. Will throw in a bonus triple album of Classical Music - "The Philadelph ...
the hot august night shows were so special neil. I have HAN2 on cd. It is the neil record to own. Thanks neil for u. God blessu
Photo : Mistress Elysa after a hot night with a new lover in august on the French Riviera.
that mans voice is smoother than listening to the rain hit a tin roof on a hot August night
It was a HOT night in august, humid ! ♫ "She Neva Seen" by Mac Dre (@ Vallejo, CA, USA)
My 4th ex-girlfriend on a hot July night in June. Trust me,it happened like that. Word for word. Unforgettable.Then came August
Listened to Hot August Night while cooking. Grateful for all the things your music has gotten me through over the years.
BBC Playlister seems to have expunged Hunting High And Low, Hot August Night and Life Thru A Lens from history.
look, guys, I know you just want to chug white zin and listen to Hot August Night in the bathtub (we all do)
And recorded it well before UB40. My dad played the Hot August Night record all the time when I was young.
I love Neil Diamond songs! Holly Holy, Brother Love, Hot August Night, Sky Bird! They all make me smile. :D
Fun fact: I lost a tooth at an game one hot August night. Kept it, of course! Thanks for a lifetime of memories, O's!
First heard Arik einstein on a hot August night 1969 at Hebrew U. Still have my vinyl Poozy album after all these years. He'll be missed.
Today’s 2 of 3 random selection by the mp3 player on my phone. Cherry, Cherry (live--Hot August Night 1972) by...
Recorded some more Gunpoint last night. The ending is... pretty interesting :P. Also it's so hot today -_-
“Haven't been home since August 13th... Today's gonna be a good day”so a hot minute or fort night?
It was a hot night in August... Humid
Did you know is famous for his award winning tribute to Hot August Night concert?
deep purple's made in Japan and Neil Diamond's hot august night come to mind
Rock Music History: 1972 Neil Diamond double album *Hot August Night* a hit (recording of sold out concerts at Greek Theatre in L.A.)
Hot August night in Redwood Valley. Have a great weekend!
I knew ours was working when I came home from shopping one day & heard "Hot August Night" belting out.
all it takes is a bit of luck on one hot August night in viva las vegas.
If no one mentions the Neil Diamond 'hot august night' tour shirt I'm wearing I'm going to set this school on fire.
even though it was yesterday, i had to postpone your bday until I found Hot August Night
"I Dreamed A Dream" (from Les Miserables)-Neil Diamond (Hot August Night...: via Never knew he did this!
"How can I hurt when holding you?" Neil Diamond via Hot August Night @ Whaley Park Fri nite - perfect lyrics...
Had an up close and personal chat with Ron Perlman this evening. Happy to report that not only is he a brilliant actor but an all round lovely (and very funny) bloke. I will never listen to 'Hot August Night' the same again lol!
Busy doing the washing and listening to Neil Diamond - Hot August Night. Bringing back good memories of Dottie and thinking of my good friends the Norvals- whom I love to death. I love how music evokes good feelings and memories.
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Johnnie Walker Radio 2 featuring tracks from Hot August Night on his show today. Great! X
In a career that began in the 1960s, Neil Diamond became a major recording artist, an internationally successful touring act, and a songwriter whose compositions produced hits for himself and others. His earliest recognition, in fact, came as a songwriter associated with the Brill Building era of Tin Pan Alley in the early '60s. But he soon branched out into recording and performing, and by the early '70s was topping the charts with the self-written singles "Cracklin' Rosie" and "Song Sung Blue." This enabled him to be one of the more noticeable figures in the singer/songwriter movement of the period, as he made a transition to more of an album artist and those albums began to earn gold and platinum certifications. He also developed into a dynamic concert performer, as demonstrated on his 1972 album Hot August Night. At the same time, however, his music became generally softer, which broadened his appeal while earning him opprobrium, when he was considered at all, by the rock critics who dominated pop mus ...
I hate that many performers become bad parodies of themselves. In the 70s Neil Diamond was amazing. I wish there was a concert film for Hot August Night!
Any fan pages on tonight? I would LOVE to have you tag your shop below and I can return the LOVE!
So here i am at a 5 star hotel...and it's amateur night on the lobby/bar grand piano. No amount of alcohol can make some of these fools sound good.
Kendrick Lamar Duckworth[3] (born June 17, 1987), simply known as Kendrick Lamar, is an American rapper. He hails from Compton, California, currently signed to Top Dawg, Aftermath, and Interscope. Lamar is a member of hip hop supergroup Black Hippy, along with fellow West Coast rappers and label mates Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul.[4] He first gained major attention after the release of his fourth mixtape, Overly Dedicated, in 2010. In 2011 he released his first independent album to critical acclaim, Section.80, released exclusively through iTunes and instantly ranked as one of the top digital hip hop releases of the year.[5] Early in his career, before releasing his major label debut, Lamar amassed a large Internet following, and had already worked with Dr. Dre, Game, Drake, Young Jeezy, Talib Kweli, Busta Rhymes, E-40, Warren G, Bun B, Tech N9ne and Lil Wayne among other popular artists. His major label debut studio album good kid, m.A.A.d city, was released October 22, 2012 to universal acclaim, go ...
the full throttle sloonshine hit west Tennessee today. So we are now all the way across the state. I just seen it in dyersburg at city liquor. I think they are doing a tasting tomm between 2 and 4, Go grab a jar!
20 Mishaps That Might Have Started Accidental Nuclear War by Alan F. Philips, M.D. Ever since the two adversaries in the Cold War, the U.S.A. an the U.S.S.R., realized that their nuclear arsenals were sufficient to do disastrous damage to both countries at short notice, the leaders and the military commanders have thought about the possibility of a nuclear war starting without their intention or as a result of a false alarm. Increasingly elaborate accessories have been incorporated in nuclear weapons and their delivery systems to minimize the risk of unauthorized or accidental launch or detonation. A most innovative action was the establishment of the "hot line" between Washington and Moscow in 1963 to reduce the risk of misunderstanding between the supreme commanders. Despite all precautions, the possibility of an inadvertent war due to an unpredicted sequence of events remained as a deadly threat to both countries and to the world. That is the reason I am prepared to spend the rest of my life working fo ...
Who wants to go see Luke Bryan in Morgantown, march 24?
12 hours till Walt Disney World mode is in full effect. Can't wait to let the kids know tomorrow.
..there's a smokin hot duet on Royal brother, Devon Allman's, new CD "Turquoise" w/ Blues Music Award winner Samantha Fish. They cover the Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks classic "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" with a bluesy sexy feel. Check it out on iTunes y'all !
Wallpost...Bit of a weird one, has anyone had this though? My c-section scar is sore and itchy. It's been 26 months :s what could it! It's driving me mad! X ~Karen
The full lineup details and ticket information announcements are coming soon. Please mark your calendar for July 5th & 6th at The Gorge for this premier event.
OK...when people tell you that foot surgery is better believe them! I just thought none of them were as tough as me.wrong! It hurt like *** Thankfully, the pain was pretty much controlled by drugs after day 1. I am looking at this like a diet plan. Was too sick to eat the first two days and now it's too much effort to get up and make food.
has anyone been to Tunisa on a summer holiday.if so would they recommend it?
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Roll on 6 months time when we'll have just arrived in Egypt!! :-)
That picture with Clary and Jace, we all freaked out and they weren't even kissing yet. When we go see it in theaters, I feel very bad for the people who haven't read the books. Because we are going to go crazy, there will be screaming and crying cause it's just that beautiful! ~Sami Lightwood
Good morning.. Going into Denny's to treat myself to a veggie omelette .. Hope your morning is good. Life is good ., going to be cutting north somewhere to climb up over 93 and 95 .. will be going through Vegas.. I'll try to take some pictures I downloaded an awesome camera app last night.. Ok breakfast time for me then off n running :)
tea and biscuits and I feel like I'm in heaven. So easily pleased and need to get a life. End Me. On a plus note my little brave baby soldier is back from the vets and on the mend!
Anyone wanna road trip with me to Dallas tonight?
Andy's 20 favorite music pieces Meatloaf Paradise by the Dashboard Lights Bob Seger Night Moves Basia Promises Frank Sinatra Strangers in the Night Jethro Tull Aqualung Neil Diamond Hot August Night Album (all songs) Cher If I could bring back time Rod Stewart Tonight’s the night Pink Let’s get this party started Marty Robbins My woman, my woman, my wife Dion and the Belmonts Run around Sue Beatles Ballad of John and Yoko Led Zeppelin Rock & Roll Elvis In the Ghetto Chopin Polonaise Marvin *** Me and Mrs. Jones Patsy Cline Crazy Willie Nelson and Julio Inglesias To all the girls I’ve loved before Barbara Streisand Memories (Cats) Heinje Mama
Two weeks ago (sorry about the delay..) we posted a birth story from one of our TDB doulas, Julie Grube. It was the story of her first baby. Here is the next installment of “Julie’s Amazing Birth Stories” “It was a very hot August and I was closing in on 42 weeks of pregnancy. I had been having practice contractions for weeks, and feeling very ready to have this second baby of mine! My mom was in town, as was my sister, my niece, my mother in law, and my sister in law. My husband and I were really looking forward to sharing this birth with our family- we also were planning to include our three and a half year old son on this birth, if he wanted to be around. One evening as we were making dinner, I thought that maybe my contractions were becoming a bit stronger than they had been on previous nights. However I had serious doubts that this was the night, so I only mentioned the sensation to my husband. We finished eating and around 7:30 the contractions were coming closer together. I took thi ...
Where would everyone like to see a bikini competition at, for the prelim round of the 2014 ShowGirlz Billboard Model Search?
Summer holiday booked - yippee abroad and everything for the first time since Alex And Lara's arrival. So excited.
Dear Pappa I'm not gonna mention my name, I'm a 23 yrs old *** guy from soweto.I met my bf when I was 20 yrs old and that was 2009. My bf loves me so much he even took me to school to do admin cause though we were not staying together . This guy does every thing 4 me I don't want to lie. * in 2010 I met this other guy (won't mention his name) @ some *** scene , this guy is hot and I obviously fell for the guy , bt I didn't tell him I was involved , this guy is populour in da *** scene and almost every bottom wants a piece of him. * me and him got so close and my bf started asking me questions bt I said there was nothing... And he believed me coz he really really digz me. * in 2011 me and this guy I've been cheeting with decided to call it quits, it ws in August I remember , I dumped him coz I found out that he was busy with some1 . He ws not happy abt the break up though bt we both moved on still and I then focused on da guy that really loves me. * November 2011 I got a call from the guy that I was cheat ...
Can't wait to see The Dunwells tonight - so looking forward to it!
Ok coaches and throwers I have a question for you. Back when I was throwing, I would take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours off training, except for stretching, before a meet. What does everyone do 24 to 48 hours before a track meet now? Thanks in advance.
Craving hot slap chips with lots of vinegar! 10th August not far off so I guess I can't have it!
Broken furnace and it's supposed to get down to 35 this weekend. With me and Austin sick that's no good. Glad for space heaters!
Alright, who went to the Maroon 5 show last night at the Palace? How was it?
Did you join Challenge America and now have a success story to tell? Let's hear it!
Someone told me long ago theres a calm before the storm i know its been coming for some time
I dont like being sick. Ive been up since 4:30 rolling around, trying to sleep. Im just gonna stay up and make the best of it :)
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Did I ever tell you about the time I was working at sea on the largest cruise ship in the world (S/S Norway) and we were dead in the water for 3 days with 3,000 people off the cost of Haiti in August?..
Coming up this week at your favourite golf club we have the nine hole weekly comp on the front nine today, Saturday is a medely stableford and the semi final of the Summer Cup (for those who made the grade), Sunday is a medley stableford and next Wednesday is the same game. Last week in the Twilight comp RCAM won the battle of last years top two with a win over the Silvan Hot Shots and The Pink Panthers took the points from Cupper and Saucers. Tonight The Pink Panthers play the Hot Shots and Cupper and Saucers play Carol’s Corkers. RCAM have the bye. A group of our own attended the Northern Mallee Sports dinner last week, below is Ruth’s report on the night, thanks Ruth. Last Friday evening the Blagus's, Walkers, Sandra Marwood and myself attended the Northern Mallee Sportsman Dinner. We attended because Tim Walker was the sportsman nominated for August, vying for the Northern Mallee Sportsman of the year Award, whilst the Ladies Monday Pennant team was nominated for Senior Team of the Year. It was a ...
my mother, again. I know Hot August Night as well as anyone who owned it. :) It's Kate I have no ear for.
What a story :D About Latin Percussion The story of Latin Percussion or LP is the passion of one man. A passion which drove him to create, innovate and unmistakably change the face of percussion forever. In 1956 a young mechanical engineer and avid photographer from the Bronx named Martin Cohen happened upon New York's famous Birdland jazz club. He walked in and was greeted by the sounds of Cal Tjader's hot Latin jazz. Cohen was so taken by the infectious music that he became a regular at the Monday night jam sessions, which were headed by flutist Herbie Mann with percussionists like Candido and Jose Mangual, Sr. It was Mangual in particular who was an inspiration to Cohen. "Up until then, there was no role model that exemplified greatness," Cohen said. "That's what I saw in Mangual, and that's what I wanted to be, somebody who had that mastery of something." Cohen became a student of the 1960's Latin scene, and soon wanted his own set of bongos. It was then that he learned about the politics of Latin per ...
Them shrooms keep me up, so I ain't got no worries.
I'm off to enjoy my weekend. But before I go here's a question. What in your opinion are the most overrated albums of all time? I will get the ball rolling with Pet Sounds. Look I love the Beach Boys but I just don't get why this good (but not great) album appears near the top of all those Greatest Albums of All Time lists. And I always did think The Beatles (aka The White Album) was a little bloated and over indulgent. If you are still talking to me perhaps you might care to share some of your own secret musical doubts.
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Good luck to all the golfers playing in the social club golf weekend. It's going to be a hot weekend so make sure you stay hydrated...I'm sure you all will!
If anybody's been thinking about when to come and visit us I'd suggest 26th of feb as that's when the rodeos on!! Awesome how exciting and stay for my bday on the 28th ;) x
You guys want to know what I think about valentines is just a holiday about money is covered up according to people love and friendship. Love for u love one should be showing everyday with real love from your ❤ not with materialist presents.
chapter 2: “Baby Where are we going we’ve been in the car for 30 minutes ?” “Babe I told you it was a surprise” “Baby Can you please tell me?” I said with an sad face. “Usually that would work but not this time Baby” He said rubbing my cheek still looking on the road. “Can you speed or something ?” “What ! No I cant do that ! And Ruin the surprise by dying ! I don’t think so sweetie” he said smirking and its not a regular smirk it was an he’s up to something kinda smirk I know he’s up to something. “What are you up to ?” “Halo Baby ! Wait We’ll be there in a little bit” “Ugh Trey !” “Ooo Yeah say my name baby !” “Eww it wasnt even like that you little perv” ’you know you love my pervertedness !" “Keep on thinking that if you want” After that akward moment! We were in the car for another 35 minutes when we finally pulled up at somebody’s house. It was an big ol’ Beautiful house. Who ever live here must have alot of money. Roc came a ...
What a great valentines day I had. NOT :( At least I got to talk to Savannah for a few minutes n see Olivia for a while, I wish she would have stayed n I'm hurting for her now but I guess thats what u get when u love someone that dont gaf bout u. Good night every one
Red Sox president Larry Lucchino says he thinks the team's sellout streak at Fenway Park will end in April, a month shy of 10 years of a packed ballpark.
Let us now come to the dawn of my existence in the character of a thinking being. The organ of memory began to develop itself in me at the beginning of August, 1733. I had at that time reached the age of eight years and four months. Of what may have happened to me before that period I have not the faintest recollection. This is the circumstance. I was standing in the corner of a room bending towards the wall, supporting my head, and my nose to the ground. My grandmother, Marzia, whose pet I was, came to me, bathed my face with cold water, and, unknown to everyone in the house, took me with her in a gondola as far as Muran, a thickly-populated island only half a league distant from Venice. Alighting from the gondola, we enter a wretched hole, where we find an old woman sitting on a rickety bed, holding a black cat in her arms, with five or six more purring around her. The two old cronies held together a long discourse of which, most likely, I was the subject. At the end of the dialogue, which was carried o ...
Do you remember the first song you bought? Online downloads are cutting deep into the retail sales, so much so there is news today that one of the major retail stores will stop selling DVD’s, CD and video games because of low sales. These days people just download a song. Not like ‘in the old days’ when you went to your local store, asked to hear a song and you went to the listening station and put on the headphones to hear the record. Buying the first song was such and important day in a young person’s life. What was the first single or album you bought?
For my upcoming big bday I told jay. If i cant get the bling i need then the next best thing will Clearly be Beyonce. Floor or box seats only as usual.
What a pain in the *** that was. Now I get ready for another, my Colonoscopy! I'll be silent for a while (cheering from the stands)!
Listening to "Just You & I",on the radio. My mind goes back to Saturday, August 4,.1984 on a hot humid night in...
Rick Williams is offering to do a "Jacuzzi Jump" live in the air with water temperature as low as 95 degrees!
So my friend C.P. is getting married soon and looking for a great place in Orange County to have her wedding on a budget. She will have 100 guests and wants to spend $5000 or a little more if she has to. In August.
2 weeks til we leave for the 311 Cruise. Good God this is going to be awesome!
Smile and be happy it could be worse. So I did and sure enough it got worse.
Visiting Dubai towards the end of summer.can anyone provide info,tips etc. I've never been.
Well I had a hot date tonight, UnfortunatelyI had to cancel due to employment obligations...Depressing!!
Tugs have been slowly dragging the crippled Carnival Triumph back to shore after an agonizing trip ruined by a power outage. The cruise ship is expected to arrive at port in Mobile, Alabama, Thursday night.Passengers have been stranded on board with limited services -- including food, running water…
We wanted to let you all know that we have scheduled another World Competition Work Day, followed by Round 4 of our Winter Series!
Its was a hot night in august..humid
If we're going the cassette route: Neil Diamond - Hot August Night.
I'm an avid ironer and I recorded Hot August Night over Christmas however I am yet to watch.
I am an avid ironer and I am yet to watch Hot August Night I recorded over xmas
I've had to endure Neil Diamond whenever my mother irons. Clothes pressed = Good, Hot August Night 2 = Bad.
it was a hot night in august... HUMID!
oh great ! August is a little hot for Jamaica anyways. See you Saturday night !
It was a hot night in August, a hot August night..😏
Who's down for Hot Import Night in August?!?! Its my last month in korea.
Movie of the night : August Rush. Accompanied by some hot cocoa.
I like Neil Diamond and I've been admitting it since Hot august Night (1973)
The original Hot August Night, one of rock's greatest albums, is on Spotify. If you think you don't like Neil are very wrong.
So... who's going to Hot August Night's in Reno this August with Mike n Me?
FRIDAY SMS: THE VINYL YOU STILL HAVE (confession time!) I have all my vinyl (records), just can't part with them. Everything from Pink Floyd's The Wall, Neil Diamond's Hot August Night to Nik Kershaw's The Riddle! 0467 922 684
Block Party fun at the OC Fair for NYE January 2nd, 2013 · No Comments digg OCpicThis year’s setup was more contained By Valerie Milano Irvine, CA (Hollywood Today) 1/2/12 The OC Fairgrounds knows how to throw a party, be it the middle of the summer for the county fair or the last night of the year! The Block Party advertisements boasted Music.Food.Fun yet it was so much more! The OC Fair New Year’s Eve Block Party is a mini one night winter tribute band version of Coachella without the heat and overnight camp sites. The festivities started at 7:30pm till 1:30 a.m. The big halls were transformed into concert halls with four stages covering the four decades of music from the 60′s to the 90′s for the 12 tribute bands. The 1960s stage featured Neil Diamond hits with the Hot August Night band, then crossing the pond for the Brit beats of Abbey Road band/ Jumping Jack Flash -The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones). True Stone fans would have appreciated the presence of Brian Jones in the band’s lineup wh ...
Neil Diamond shared the following link and had this to say about it: Today is the last chance to get 20% off Hot August Night 40th Anniversary bundles, including the limited edition Greek Theatre poster. Plus, all orders placed in the store will receive a free 2012 "Honk If You're A Believer" Bumper Sticker. These offers end tonight at midnight, so take advantage now!
It was a hot night in August .. Humid.
"Working the phones for Obama... If I call you, don't hang up. It's really me" will u sing something from Hot August Night?
Friday 9th November - it may be a little chilly and not a "Hot August Night" but if you want a night of dancing &...
hot August night was a top album in its day 👍
Listening to hot august night to cure my mondayitus
Electricity back; just put on and watched Mariners game "on a hot, muggy August night" Nice memories.
I remember that day. Lol night of hot August smh
Hot August Night will be performing at the O.C. Fair, along with other tribute acts from the 60's 70's, 80's, and 90's... NYE !
Too *** hot for high school football in November, I'm sweating like an August night down here in Hattiesburg
Congrats to who played in the P&L August for the Q104 Hot Country Nights free show. He won BIG at the last night!
Definitely, Hot August Night is a standard in my parents house. Thankfully some Beatles & Stones thrown in.
Alright, so few I seem to meet on the webs. Hot August Night, Fleetwood Mac, etc! Not me but parents, Yeah!
With a hot chocolate provided, bring a cosy blanket and enjoy the Night Sky over Penrhyn event today 7.30pm
Listening to Neil Diamond's Hot August Night and making salsa. This is my life now.
It was a hot night in August, humid
I would do anything to go back to that hot August night at The Klipsch Music Center and watch Mac and Wiz tear it up.
"It was a hot night in August, humid..." Hit the store to get some O.J. to shroom with..
It was a hot night in August, humid...
special playlist for sure! Maybe some Neil Diamond, Hot August Night???
It was a hot night in august.. Humid...
Hot chocolate & August Rush- the perfect way to end a perfect night. (:
memories of this roller coaster on Casino Pier the first night my kids ever visited the ocean - while visiting with a friend on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights . . . ironically, that hot night in August, there was also a hurricane moving in . . .- with Dustin Kamoon, Katy McCoon, Christie McCoon and Bob Municci from Tye 1 On
Hot August summer night in the Mediteranean on a yacht anchored near a island with your dream man spoiling his princess!
"Hot August Night" prelude and Crunchy Granola always... every time... make me dance. :-D
Not sure, very uncool star gazer has missed the action. As for tree climbing I can only think of Neil Diamond's Hot August Night
Hear the great music of Neil Diamond live this Sunday at 2:00pm! I'll be performing with Hot August Night!
Our first annual Hot August Night - great music in the cave, good friends and lots of fun.
"I want to stand in the panic of emotions so real, I swear it feels just like religion..." -Jim Mitchell *My buddy, Jim Mitchell, is a super talented underachiever from Zumbro Falls, MN. Lincoln High School Class of '80, in neighboring Lake City, MN. [20% Gary Cooper + 30% James Dean + 10% Neil Diamond circa "Hot August Night" when he was still COOL + 30% Bruce DylanSteen + 10% "Pre-Chair" Clint Eastwood = Jim Mitchell] Jim and I used to write songs together back when it mattered. Mitchell unintentionally FORCED me to become a much better lyricist than I was at that time, because even at the age of 18, his lyrics raised the bar so embarrassingly higher than my Sluggo "drive vs. effort" machine was able to scale, that my ego and my indolence had... well... they had themselves a reckoning, folks. It happened one dreary afternoon in 1981 as I was reading a compilation I'd made of our combined lyrics...side by side. I couldn't help but notice that, when critically comparing his verses to my own, the one that ...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Live acoustic performance Saturday, August 25th 2012 by Josh Smith. (sorry about the shakiness!) Hot August Night at the Stark Homestead in Forest Grove, OR.
Spent a fantastic cool August night at the Greek Theater last night helping Neil Diamond celebrate the 40th anniversary of his Hot August Night album while we celebrated 33 yrs of marriage. Spent this afternoon playing old LP's from Moody Blues, Doobie Brothers, Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and even Johnny Cashs' Live from Folsom Prison. Great weekend!
Waiting for a very special last Neil Diamond concert at the Greek Theater. The Last Hot August Night 40th Aniversarie!
Hot August Nights Part II !! 8 Dancers, Free BBQ, Giveaways, Drink Specials, Salem's Hottest, friendliest dancers! A serendipitous celebration for the summer season. $5 Slow Comfortable Screw, $4 Sea Breeze, Free Cheeseburgers (1 per person please), potato salad, baked beans, Lays potato chips, get your grub on with the price of cover and 1 drink minimum (ladies are always free at the door!!). Bliss, Luna, Flayre, Lana, Hannah, Alazae, Trouble, and Aundrea tearing up our stage =P You can't beat it for your Saturday night party. It's a Hot August Night, come cool off at the Firehouse =)
set list from Hot August Night anniversary show at the Greek Theater
Saw Neil Diamond at the Greek Theater last night - 40th anniversary of Hot August Night (8-24-72) - it was amazing - he was awesome - a magical night!
Stuff To Do In Youngstown This Weekend: Tonight, head to the Morley Pavilion in Mill Creek Park at 7pm for 'Hot August Night' (beer, wine, food and music from The Strange Familiar, Ryan Humbert Band and Jordan DePaul)...and/or head downtown for Party on the Plaza featuring Geo C and Tha Storm & Winslow (8am-Midnight). On Saturday morning at 8:30am, lace up your hiking shoes for a 7-mile trek through Mill Creek Park (meet at Fellows Riverside Gardens). Not into hiking? Then head to Lanterman's Mill at 9am for a demonstration on how to cook with whole grains (using flour from the mill). Grab lunch at the Northside Farmer's Market - Youngstown, Ohio...and grab dinner at any one of a number of local establishments in bustling downtown Youngstown later in the evening. Work off dinner (with 5,000+ others) on Sunday morning at the 3rd Annual Panerathon at the Covelli Centre (registration begins at 8am).
Nothing better on a rainy, dreary AUGUST night than a hot bath and a chilled glass of white :)
Went to see Neil Diamond on a cool (not hot) August night last night at the Greek Theatre 2 1/2 hours on stage without a break. That guy can still sting up a storm. Sooo many people with gray hair John and I felt young.
Hot August Night on a Boat pin packs! If your attending this event on Sunday then your gonna get one of thes
New blog post: Southeastern Athletics heat up at Hot August Night
Forty years ago tonight one of the greatest music concerts of the 20th century took place. It was at the Greek Theatre in LA, CA. A 31 year old man took the stage relatively famous. He left the stage a legend. And fortunately, the event was recorded for us to enjoy. Thank you, Mr. Neil Diamond for a HOT AUGUST NIGHT.
Gonna be pickin' with Coffey Anderson sat night opening for John Micheal Montgomery. It's gonna be a good time.
Martin, Steve & Estelle wrap up their VIP trip to LA after being Chauffeured to Neil Diamond's Hot August Night...
Polynesian dancing with staff and members of Apple Athletic Club at the August 23, 2012 "Hot August Night" Member Appreciation Luau & BBQ.
Looking for a Campari cocktail perfect for a warm summer night? Why not try a Campari Margarita? via
Just booked a 3 night retreat at Kilcot VIP Lodge at Ford Farm Lodges from 17th August with a hot tub! Very Excited!
Neil Diamond put on an incredible show yesterday. He sang for 2 hours straight and of course all my favorites: Sweet Caroline, Cracklin' Rosie and Forever in Blue Jeans. What a great way to spend a Hot August Night!
Tonight, August 24th is Ed's Trophies Night at the races at Lakeside Speedway. Gates open at 5:00, hot laps 6:45,...
thanks, an I like how you ant speak hot august night 😒
Friday, Hot August Nights, and a No-kid night. I smell trouble. I like trouble. What is the haps tonight?
Would love to hear you on with to celebrate 40th anniversary of Hot August Night!
heartfelt thks for Hot August Night 40 Yrs on, who'd thought an app release 40 yrs on, well done keep growing
Pinch and a punch for 40th Anniversary of Hot August Night album
Many thanks for being part of last night's 'Hot August Nights
Thanks to all who joined us for Hot August Nights last night to benefit St. Jude's Kids...a good time was had by...
Today is the 40th anniversary of the ww release of Neil Diamond's Hot August Night. Where we're you when you bought it?
With apols to on 40th ann. of Hot August Night,belts it out in Victoria Square - FIVEaa Videos
Amazing energy from the crowd at the tonight. Many fans were at the original Hot August Night shows 40 yrs ago!
A Lesser Offense: On a hot August night in 1987, Beth Brolin forgot to lock her back door. She never forgave the...
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Just came home from the Neil Diamond Hot August Night Concert at The Greek Theater. IT WAS AMAZING!
sweetie I will. U should come down to hot august night at the skate park. Labronte is going to be in the skate board competition.
Me too, on Saturday. Was there 40 years ago and so I must be there for this Hot August Night too! Love love love him!
Father Diamond brought me to the promise land, brothers and sisters. on a hot august night.
You can just imagine it, a hot LA night, August 1972. The performers paradise, The Greek Theatre. That, was a 24/8/1972
Hangin' with the old folks @ the Greek. Somehow, I think the hot August night was diffe @ the Greek Theatre
Show polishes Diamond's 'Hot August Night': A Neil Diamond tribute will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the...
I am seriously jealous my Sster is at the Greek with Neil Diamond having a HOT AUGUST NIGHT!
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