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The hot air balloon is the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology.

Hillary Clinton

So China is basically banning Islam in one western province - Hot Air
Jewish Community Center association asks for meeting with AG Sessions as threats continue « Hot Air
Hot Air is the best. Of the rest, James Taranto, Noah Rothman, Charles C. W. Cooke, and Kevin D. Williamson.
Professor left in neck brace after Middlebury College mob goes nuts over Charles Murray speech « Hot Air.
Ted Cruz: Why not John Bolton for national security advisor? - Hot Air
WHEN IS GINSBURG LEAVING THE COUNTRY? Which Supreme Court justice will Trump get to replace next? - Hot Air
So the courts want to fight the President on immigration policy - Hot Air absolutely do not matter to leftists
Ninth Circuit Court rules that Second Amendment is “not a second class right” - Hot Air
Michael Bay to produce movie about Trump-like dystopian America – Hot Air
Time Warner CEO: ‘Threat to the First Amendment came from the Democratic side’ - Hot Air
Breaking: Green Party withdraws PA recount demand - Hot Air where did all the millions go ?
Disappointed in "Luke"... Mark Hamill says Trump cabinet ‘who’s-who of despicable people’ - Hot Air.
Why are State Department diplomats meeting with Nicolas Maduro? - Hot Air
Cop who shot Walter Scott faces new problems - Hot Air
Ben Carson spars with Morning Joe hosts over Trump allegations - Hot Air
victory: Bushmaster granted immunity in Sandy Hook case - Hot Air
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hot Air reports that Fox News host Sean Hannity used his nationally syndicated radio show to launch a verbal...
Chelsea Manning is on a hunger strike or something - Hot Air deserve to starve to death
Colin Kaepernick’s jersey now the top seller in NFL online store - Hot Air bunch of Rich
What do you think: Legitimate lawsuit? Or overblown? "Hot Air: Man Sues Nebraska Cornhuskers To End Balloon Release"
Reporter covering Milwaukee riots was attacked because he wasn't black - Hot Air
Gov. Scott Walker calls in National Guard after night of rioting - Hot Air
State Department refuses to say when cash plane landed in Iran An error occurred. - Hot Air
Khizr Khan’s speech to Trump at the Democratic convention: “You have sacrificed nothing and no one” - Hot Air
Hot Air: ACC Network announcement leaves the Big 12 as last major conference in 'network Siberia'
Unity convention, day one: Paul Manafort takes a shot at Ohio Gov. John Kasich — in Cleveland - Hot Air
No, the GOP platform isn’t calling to eliminate all national parks - Hot Air
The Republicans, full of Hot Air should fly and colonize the Moon or Mars. as all the members of the house are up for elections, boot them
Reporter: FBI ordered ‘no photos, no pictures, no cell phones’ during Clinton/Lynch meeting - Hot Air.
Sturgeon still playing to the Cameras just more Hot Air. via
Led Zeppelin cleared in Stairway to Heaven copyright lawsuit - Hot Air
Hmmm: Someone out there is polling a Paul Ryan/Hillary Clinton race - Hot Air
yo Hot Air balloon Festival friends in my mentions 💀
Dear yr10&11 complaining of being tired. Get some fresh air, drink water, turn off social media, have hot bath and go to be…
"James Bond is competent, but is he practical?". *rides in on a Union Jack hot air balloon with a machine gun*.
Dryer vent tape gave way last night and vented hot air into the basement for a good 20 min before I noticed
Jordan from the American water is like Hillary Clinton nothing but hot air
is a great passenger, he'll make sure the heat is right, air if it gets too hot. Closes the sunroof if it's too windy.😂
The hot Cheetos puffs taste like air
Chariot of Fire hot air balloon tour promotion: via
Anc mp's are just a bunch of HOt air merchants who know nothing about the rule of law,I agree with station.
It's to do with the air currents, I think - hot air moves one way while cooler air from outside the shower moves differently.
More photos from this morning's 5th grade Hot Air Balloon Launch, a favorite science tradition at Swain!...
He's so weak if Trump wins, we will be the ones paying price - he has NOTHING that can possibly help. Hot air, empty man, ego only
How silly since wars have been scaled back, HRC has PLAN not just rant to get $$ out of politics. Bern is just hot air.
It must be hot outside cause it's hot asf in this house ain't no air blowing 😭
Feel like my air ain't working it's so *** hot
This is the "warm bath" room of Terme Stabiane. The water was heated from beneath with hot air.
The latest plots to stop Trump at the convention are looking rather… desperate - Hot Air
Its so hot and my mama don't wanna run the air..
Delighted to have been invited as a guest speaker at Hot Air Stoke Literary Festival Thurs 9-6-16 & launch of my new book "Clay,Fire & Gold"
“Every time you write, ask yourself: Could this scene take place in a hot-air balloon? If the answer is yes, then it pr…
If your office or place of business gets too hot for comfort in summer, consider getting a central air system.
So i flew last night in a hot air balloon and managed to shout to my mum in her garden!
JK Rowling: Silencing speech that offends you is standing with tyrants: Author: John Sexton - » Top…
Jay must just shut up.Only Malema is bold enough to call a spade a spade in SA,all of you are just a bunch of HOT air merchants.
Pictures from yesterday's 'Hot Air Balloon Festival' in Franklin . (via
looking forward to workshop tomorrow - I hope no 'hot air' after tonight's adventure 😉
Gonna crank my air conditioning and peep some movies on Hulu before they go the way of the dodo.
Man Utd topped at least one league then - we'll call it the Hot Air Cup ;-) . cc
A leak hole. Freon $.160. Keep all air vents open not in here I'm always hot. Too hot. I need to put something on it. It won't be on long.
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Hot air balloon, Blaise Castle walk, Lido, Thai food. I do pre-birthdays well. Not sure I can top it Thurs.
.on folly of APD cut. Tourism deficit flagged by for 8 years. ht…
Great news from the White House: ObamaCare has made things so much better « Hot Air
because Republicans point out facts and democrats spend the next 9 hours bellowing hot air trying to change the facts?
Yes they are. I stopped reading Hot Air and Ed Morissey years ago.
5 undeniable truths connected to Hillary’s plan to put Bill in charge of the economy - Hot Air
Donald Trump is going on two weeks without a campaign event - Zigging When Media Expected Zagging Hot Air
I'm going to ride an hot air balloon this summer no matter what
Apparently a trip in a hot air ballon is my next adventure😂
Dear my future partner, you have to be okay with impulse hot air balloon chases and how excited I get when I see one
We have wide noses because being natives to Africa near the hot equator it allowed us to breathe more air to cool our brain…
Chased hot air balloons this evening, makes me feel 7 again, can't believe I'm 17 in less than a week.
This is the source of all the hot air. Enlist & view our site at Read the truth there!
Sanders is peddling hot air..even with both houses in the hands of Dems his agenda…
The baggage that Clintons bring will sink the balloon no matter how much hot air HRC blows. https…
If cold air sinks and hot air rises, how come hot water sinks and cold ice rises?
Bring your facts with documented proof or you are just blowing hot Cheetos air.
Parents ALWAYS have the air blasting, literally nobody is that *** hot all the time
Hot air balloon festival So beautiful to see the colorful balloons!
Finals, bridal shower, speech, and a hot air balloon to make all in the remainder of this month. Why was I so blessed? 😅
Paul Ryan: If Trump wants me out as convention chairman, I’ll step down - Hot Air
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