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Horatio Sanz

Horatio Sanz (born June 4, 1969) is a Chilean-born American actor and comedian best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1998-2006. Sanz most recently starred alongside his former SNL castmate Chris Parnell in the Comedy Central series Big Lake.

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Will Horatio Sanz come back to guest on SNL to do Kim Jong Un alongside Alec Baldwin's Trump?.
We broke like Katan and Horatio Sanz at the end of "More Cowbell."
i've spent like at least six months trying to think of a way to frame the punchline "Prince of Persia: The Horatio Sanz of…
You are indeed asking for trouble. Even worse, Horatio Sanz will play you on the SNL sketch about the…
And why is Horatio Sanz so gd happy?
Ive had my doubts over theYrs but tells the truth here,&I believe WPN should quote Horatio Sanz…
This picture reminds me of Horatio Sanz' impression of Elton
this sean spicer thing confirms what horatio sanz said about Will Ferrell's GWB impression. people start thinking the lovable parody is real
If you're struggling to remember which one is Bobby Moynihan, he's the one you just assumed was still Horatio Sanz.
Pele, Horatio Sanz and that guy that played at Duke? Random
Andy Samberg, bleached blond hair, out of nowhere. Horatio Sanz as Jon Connington
Anyone in the comedy world knows that Horatio Sanz and Chris Parnell are two of the funniest guy
SNL thinks equivocating betw and Trump is still cool. Smug right putdown artists.
It's telling that my bucket list includes seeing Horatio Sanz performing live.
What I've learned from sketch is you can get it as perfect as you want, and it's n—
I was inspired by Horatio Sanz and his band "Uptown Girl", from the movie "Step Brothers"! I'm glad it brought you a smile!
I like the episodes when you're on with Horatio Sanz.
yes, Horatio Sanz might be in the back putting your waffles down his BVDs. That's the chance you take...
If I were a dad, I'd have my kids watch 'I Love Lucy' and 'The Honeymooners.'
's avatar looks like when Horatio sanz would start drawing a naughty picture only to turn it safe on Weekend Update
I'm at a point where I recognize the new, thinner Horatio Sanz in every guest spot he appears in, and I don't know how I feel about it.
I thought Horatio Sanz was the first Latina on SNL
Oh, that was Horatio Sanz. Thought it looked like him.
Asia, . Ground animal parts do not help your *** dysfunctions. Animal Lover (Not that kind of lover)-. Horatio P. Sanz
I'm watching Boat Trip with Cuba Gooding Jr and Horatio Sanz, this may be the movie they show serial killers on repeat in ***
242 Live from UCB Sunset: Al Scorch, Charlie Sanders, Horatio Sanz and Seth Morris by improv4humans
Somewhere Horatio Sanz is polishing his "Veep, but with Ted Cruz" pitch to HBO.
In the latest ep, I was laughing so hard at Horatio Sanz giving directions to LAX I had to rewind and listen to it twice more.
That woman is awesome. I'm telling you she HAS to be related to Horatio Sanz. She's hilarious!
Jags lady, by a mile. I can't stop watching her. She looks like Horatio Sanz!
"Horatio Sanz wanted to be one of those SNL cast members that died. But he wasn't talented enough."
Watching some old Girls eps. Forgot about dat DOPE Horatio Sanz cameo.
got another 500 pesos from Horatio Sanz this week...not even making this up lol
I think people are purists about what sketch comedy should be, and I think ...
BANNED Official 2014 World Cup Song with Becky G & Horatio Sanz Look at your girl
Horatio Sanz is rolling over in the shallow grave I put him in last night.
I've seen a lot of at Night for the Gretest Horatio Sanz tribute ever.
Roy Choi was an episode on Getting Doug with High with Horatio Sanz.probably saw him there
The Debbie Downer skit with Jimmy Fallon, Horatio Sanz and Rachel Dratch is top 10 sketches of all time
Celebrity lookalikes on the 6 train: Russell Westbrook, Sammy Haggar, an obese Fergie, J Law, Horatio Sanz, Edie Falco and Richard Nixon.
I just saw that! Don't worry, in a few months it'll be Rachel Dratch, then in 2016, Tim Meadows and then Horatio Sanz.
Best clip, added Horatio Sanz, weird times:
Not knowing any better, I'm assuming that this is an SNL movie based on that Horatio Sanz character.
Good Lord I just realized that Horatio Sanz and Tim Meadows were leads in movies before. UGH.
Do yourself a favor & follow & because Horatio Sanz Presents: The Hooray Show is only the best podcast.
My uber driver has a severally deviated septum and is breathing like Horatio Sanz.
that was the weirdest Horatio Sanz bit
'yep, i should definitely use this pic of me looking like Horatio Sanz for my profile'- more girls on dating websites than you would think
Is that a younger Horatio Sanz on bass?
I liked a video Commercial for Schick Hydro with Horatio Sanz
Horatio Sanz, Jerry Minor and Matt Besser - Pay the Bills - midnight with Chris Hardwick.
Horatio Sanz giving directions on Comedy Bang Bang is my favorite thing. Thank you
Horatio Sanz doing Aaron Neville makes me laugh every time.
so is definite and so is The others are Greg Proops, Natasha Leggero, and Horatio Sanz.
Tonight i went to a UCB show with Ben Schwartz, Horatio Sanz, Adam Pally, and Matt Walsh, but we didnt actually see them the entire time
Boutta get ready to go out for Thai food and then watch a movie with Ben Schwartz, Adam Pally, Horatio Sanz, Matt Walsh, and Gil Ozeri.
So, apparently the old (bigger) Horatio Sanz still exists and is a competitor on this season's Drag Race.
.ranks Pamela Stephenson over Jay Pharoah, Tracy Morgan, and Horatio Sanz? this list is null and void:
Cecily Strong and Horatio Sanz screwed on that Weekend Update montage.
I'm with everyone that Cecily Strong should've been in last night's Weekend Update montage - but wasn't Horatio Sanz missing too?
Can't forget about Horatio Sanz & Rachel Dratch lol. My other favorites from SNL.
wait until we get Horatio Sanz as the "Hey Rodgers!" guy wearing the cheesehead.
Jimmy Fallon definitely started off the week with a bang tonight on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, with his guests Oprah Winfrey (Selma) and Horatio Sanz as Santa Claus. The musical guest of the Tonight Show was Idina Menzel. Oprah even was in a comedy skit with Jimmy Fallon, called Midnigh…
A car commecial just used the Christmas song from SNL that Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, and Tracy Morgan did.
Just saw Acura commercial using the "I Wish It Was Christmas Today" song that Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgian, and Horatio Sanz did on
The is up! For this post I had the pleasure of working with Cheri Oteri & Horatio Sanz..
I've smoked outside the Getting Doug shows on 3 seperate occasions with everyone but Doug Benson a few & Horatio Sanz
Jimmy, Rob Riggle, Horatio Sanz, The Roots and Steve Higgins accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and Jimmy nominates the New York Jets. Subscribe NOW to The...
SNL is great because it has really talented guys like Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz, Dana Carvey & Will Forte & casts them off into oblivion.
I see it as a skit w/ fat Horatio Sanz and the guy that did the really bad Obama impressions.
Last night Linwood convinced me that the drummer from diarrhea planet was Horatio Sanz's little brother cus I'm a sucker
My, oh my. I already thought was hilarious but when did he get so *** hot?!
There is a moment in episode 2 where Matt Besser, Horatio Sanz, Stephen Tobolowsky, and NKOTB Joey McIntire are all in one frame together
Wow. Didn't recognize Horatio Sanz on The Hot Wives of Orlando. He's no longer 'RICK! RICK! RICK!' from
I find myself watching SNL reruns, which are still awesome. Lately, the ones with Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and Horatio Sanz..
up on deck now is comedy bang bang the podcast's "273- Jim O'Heir, Horatio Sanz"
Breast Cancer Awareness
What a night last night! Thanks Jimm Pardo, Horatio Sanz, Darrin McAfee, Alex Cohen, John Mason and the Hollywood Improv team. And to every great Phil Hendrie fan who made the show, I love you all!
Next Month Highline Ballroom: Upright Citizens Brigade TourCo Saturday, May 24, 2014 The UCB Theatre is the greatest producer of comedic talent in America today and the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company brings the very best of our theatres in NYC and LA directly to you. It’s your chance to see stars of today and tomorrow live on stage from the theatre that brought you comedy greats like Horatio Sanz, Amy Poehler, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, MTV's Human Giant, The Daily Show’s Rob Riggle and many many more! We are excited to have a great lineup of critically acclaimed comedy shows, workshops, and events featuring some of the best comedians in the business. We have shows for all occasions and budgets. Get your tickets here:
Bill Hader as Batman. David Spade as Guy Gardner. Tracy Morgan as G'Nort. Horatio Sanz as Rocket Red.
I've been excited to announce, and finally can, that I am an Executive Producer on Matt Walsh's (Co-Founder Upright Citizens Brigade, aka Mike McLintock on HBO's 'Veep') new film that features the talent of some amazing people like Brian Huskey (This Is the End, Superbad), Horatio Sanz (Saturday Night Live), Joe Lo Truglio (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Reno 911!, Paul), Andrew Daly (Easbound & Down, Comedy Central's Review) Reid Scott (Veep), Mo Gaffney, (That '70s Show, Absolutely Fabulous) among many others as well as picking the brain of Producer Kirk Roos who is a great new friend and who has a very big brain. Matt is about to change the game with his approach to how movies are made and best of all, he is going to Im thrilled to be aboard for the ride! Topher Cusumano Beau Kester Chasity Jordan
SNL, you know my love for you is always & forever, but why make such a big deal out of adding a black woman if you're only going to have her play stereotypes? Maya never did. As long as we're talking about race, you've only ever had 2 Latinos. Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen, who both played stereotypes.
Did you see the one with Horatio Sanz and Jon Daly?
Julie Klausner, Horatio Sanz, and Jon Daly played with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central last night. The topics included Grammys, American Apparel, 300: Rise of the Empire, the now-infamous sugarless gummy bear reviews on Amazon, and really bad...
Tonight on Julie Klausner, Jon Daly and Horatio Sanz battle it out... to the death!
Here is my ninth appearance on the fantastic Comedy Bang Bang Podcast. This episode features host Scott Aukerman, me and Horatio Sanz as Groucho Marx’s grandson Coco Marx. Listen by streaming above or...
I mean Horatio Sanz & Fred Armisen have Latino backgrounds but I bet most classify them as white.
Number of Latinos on SNL in 39 years: TWO. Horatio Sanz & Fred Armisen. That's all. No Latina women.
Watching a 2000 episode of Saturday Night Live on my folks' Netflix - incredible! Almost every single one of the cast members became household names: Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Tracy Morgan, Horatio Sanz and Molly Shannon, wow! Eminem's the musical guest and he seems so young, playful and happy - love it! Song of the Evening: "The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem.
Jennifer Morrison, Allison Janney and Horatio Sanz each have a single line in this film (Miracle on 34th Street, 1994). What a treasure.
Tonight was the Benson Interruption of "New Years Day," and of course I was hoping that Mr. Garry Marshall (call me Garry) would be in the house. Then I remembered that it was the last full moon of the year and that he might be out hunting werewolves. Luckily Garry decided to share a little time with us, though I reckon after midnight he'll be out and armed with some silver bullets. John Lithgow has a small cameo in the movie, and he managed to slip into the Cinefamily for a bit too! Horatio Sanz and Rory Scovel were also on hand with Doug, and it went off well to an appreciative crowd.
I could watch Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Katan, & Tracy Morgan play Christmas jams on a Casio all day. All day.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Jimmy Fallon, Chris Parnell and Horatio Sanz were all promoted to repertory status, with ... the star a set $75,000 for the first film
Flying to LA with Rob Schneider and Horatio Sanz this morning. Cause that's a thing that happens.
We came. We saw. We encouraged trust falls. Live in living colour at Thursday Night Live with Horatio Sanz, Chris Kattan, Ed the Sock and Rob Schneider. You're welcome.
At the New Yorker Festival panel w/ Christopher Guest, Aubrey Plaza, Horatio Sanz, Rachel Dratch and Parker Posey who happened to be in the audience and decided to chime in on Waiting For Guffman chat
Also Christopher Guest and Horatio Sanz. also Parker posey is in the audience. What a day
This is painful to watch... It's not as funny as when Tina fey, Amy Phoeler, Horatio Sanz, Rachel Dratch etc were on the show
I'm super bummed that I missed out on regular seating for the Horatio Sanz event at Columbia and that I have to watch it on a screen. Totally wish I had one of those VIP tickets to see my favorite SNL alumni at my old College. At least I get to see him talk. Silver lining!
lol at Abbot and Costello in the category "Witty NBC Comedies" next to SNL's Best of Horatio Sanz Volume 2
Bill Cosby at UCA: Also, Horatio Sanz and Matt Besser at the University of Arkansas. THURSDAY 9/26 It's sold out,...
Joan Rivers and Horatio Sanz comedically converse at Columbia.
Only a few days until Matt Besser and HORATIO SANZ come with the UCB Tour Co. For more information:
UP Comedy Committee presents: UCB Improv Comedians Matt Besser and Horatio Sanz, this Friday, 7pm, in the Union Ballroom.
YO: Upright Citizens Brigade ft. Matt Besser and Horatio Sanz, THIS Friday, 7 p.m. in the Union Ballroom. Laughs all round
Hey what are you doing Fri. Night? Wanna go see and Upright Citizens Brigade at U of A?
Has anyone registered “Reid 2: Cruz Control” yet as a movie title? I see James Cromwell and Horatio Sanz.
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As much I'll love rallying some pep with the band friday night, I would also really love to rally the pep w horatio sanz at the UCB show tbh
What do Amy Poehler, Horatio Sanz and Adam McKay all have in common? . They all were members of the Upright...
I decided to take a break writing my paper for the night shortly after my pen blew up on my laptop... As Horatio Sanz said it in Superbad... FML...
Arkansans! I'm at UA this Fri w/ & in LA improv4humans is at on Oct. 4 at 2-4pm
UCB featuring Matt Besser and Horatio Sanz at the Verizon Ballroom this FRIDAY at 7 p.m. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind improve show!
My associating Horatio Sanz with ruined the play for me in high school. No longer does now
I miss Horatio Sanz and his Elton impression.
Patrick- "Elton John looks like Horatio Sanz acting as Elton John..."
Jarret's Room Jarret.Jimmy Fallon Goby.Horatio Sanz Skyler.Lindsay Lohan DJ Jonathon Feinstein.Seth Meyers (screen appears with Jarrets Room website and Jarret fixing the camera) Jarret: What's up guys, it's me Jarret; how you doing. Coming to you live here at Hampton College; we've got a great show for tonight. Give it up for my house DJ Jonathon Feinstein. (“Toxic” by Britney Spears begins playing as DJ Feinsten, dressed in a nude unitard with sparkles on it, dances inappropriately) Jarret: Dude, dude that’s gross. DJ Feinsten: Is it. Jarret: Yeah it is. DJ Feinsten: I agree. (Jarret nods his add in confusion as he moves the camera) Jarret: That was weird. Now give it up for my best friend and my roommate Goby. (Goby walks in and places his face in front of the camera) Goby: Domo we already got the weed smoking robot. Domo (turns head toward Jarret) Domo, Domo, Domo. (Laughs while he sits down) Jarret: What a minute; weed-smoking robot. What are you talking about? Goby: I'm talking about my master ...
Can't find a clip of the Will Ferrell/Horatio Sanz wedding singers sketch anywhere. I thought this was America.
Be cool, donât be that guy, and instead listen as Tim Meadows, Horatio Sanz, and Brian Huskey join Matt Besser for part one of a very special improv4humans recorded LIVE from Bumbershoot!
Amazing live ep of Improv4Humans at Bumbershoot 2013! Myself, Horatio Sanz, Tim Meadows, and of course Matt Besser. We make an example of a TERRIBLE audience member:
It's Jimmy Fallon's birthday. Horatio Sanz made him a macaroni card and they both laughed at it for hours.
Has there ever been a non black or white SNL cast member besides Horatio Sanz?
Kitt Crusaders Come join Kitt Crusaders on Friday the 13th as we team up with the Los Angeles Center for Inquiry! Noon til 3, info below! Help us put an end to the black cat superstition, and find homes for our black cats. Black cats and kittens will be there as bearers of GOOD LUCK! Press release below: Superstition Bash Flouts Friday the 13th! Hollywood Celebs and Skeptics Test Their Luck Hollywood, CA: On Friday, September 13th, celebs, skeptics and investigators at the Center for Inquiry will be smashing mirrors, walking under ladders, and pushing the limits of centuries of superstitions. There will be a special mirror smashing at 1:13 pm (13:13 military time). Former Saturday Night Live star Horatio Sanz and others will be on hand to break a mirror on this first Friday the 13th in 14 months. Why do people knock on wood, step around ladders, and stay home on Friday the 13th? Do spilled salt, an open umbrella indoors, and a hat on a bed really portend bad luck? How many mothers’ backs were really bro ...
Met Horatio Sanz at the girl in a coma show in la.pretty cool
so.. Is anyone spontaneous enough to go to NY with me for the New Yorkers Festival and watch an improve comedy show with past featured SNL members like Rachel Dratch, Horatio Sanz, and more importantly Aubrey Plaza???
The only two people I've heard of that was on drunk history tonight was Chris Parnell and Horatio Sanz
Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan and Chris Kattan are literally the dream team
Horatio Sanz, Ben Schwartz, Corey Stoll from House of Cards, Adam Palley, and Max Greenfield from The…
So Snowpants was Ben Schwartz, Max Greenfield, Horatio Sanz, Adam Pally, and Corey Stoll. It was blissfully hilarious.
at with Ben Schwartz, Adam Pally, Horatio Sanz, Thomas Middleditch and special guests…
At last nights ASSSCAT the UCB 4 (Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Amy Poehler) performed with Zach Woods, Horatio Sanz, Jason mantzoukas (.the list goes on) with guest monologist LOUIS CK, and Nick Kroll and John Mulaney were in the audience
Got my comedy fill for the year Saw Jason Mantzoukas, Matt Besser, Horatio Sanz,Nick Kroll, Amy Poehler and almost Louis CK.
Comedy for Bumbershoot has been announced! Patton Oswalt, Todd Barry, Tim Meadows, Matt Besser, Horatio Sanz, Comedy Bang Bang with Scott Aukerman & Reggie Watts, Marc Maron, Doug Benson, Joe Mande, Natasha Leggero and so much more!!!
Performing tonight as the house band for the Bear Down podcast in UP Comedy Club. Features Matt Walsh, Horatio Sanz, Brad Morris, and more. Special guests include Steve Mongo McMichael and Anthony Spice Adams. 10:30pm. Gonna be ridiculous.
Come out to McAlester Public Library tonight to see a funny documentary about the 25th anniversary of Chicago's iO Theater, home of the some of the greatest improv comedians in recent memory. This unrated film features Mo Collins, Andy *** Rachel Dratch, Dave Koechner, Tim Meadows, Joel Murray, Mike Myers, Amy Poehler, Andy Richter, Horatio Sanz, Jason Sudeikis, Matt Walsh and many more of your favorite improv performers. It starts at 6 p.m. in the Whiteacre Room.
The idea so silly and nice they've done it twice. Adam Scott (Actor) and Amy Poehler recreate the opening credits to Hart to Hart, with Horatio Sanz as Max, Paul Rust, Paul Scheer, Jeff Probst, David Wain and Nick Kroll. On Adult Swim, it's "The Greatest Event in Television History," take two!
I want to wish a happy birthday to Angelina Jolie, Noah Wyle, Horatio Sanz, Russell Brand, Dr Ruth Westhiemer, El Debarge, Al B Sure, Former Knicks forward Xavier Macdaniel, Former wrestler Barry Windham and Michelle Phillips from the mammas and the pappas!!
Just a bit of time before my next appointment, so here are today's celeb birthdays. Actor Bruce Dern over-emotes at 77. Michelle "Mamas and the Papas" Phillips is (gasp) 69; Parker Stevenson searches for clues in the case of the missing career as he turns 61; Scott "Party of Five" Wolf howls at 45; funnyman Horatio Sanz is 44; Noah Wylie of "ER" fame watches the sky fall at 42, and finally Angelina Jolie and Russell Brand wish each other a happy 38th birthday. Happy Birthday to one and all!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Angelina Jolie, Joe Walsh, Keith David, Al B. Sure, Horatio Sanz, King George the III, Dr. Ruth freaky *** and I hate Russel Brand but he is a Gemini. THese people were all born on this date. Gemini, We Da Best!
you don't remember. Janet Jackson was the host, Jimmy Fallon, Horatio Sanz, Italian wine makers..
6pm Reception 7pm Mini-Camp: How to distinguish your ideas and fully develop your material conceptually 8pm Speaker, Horatio Sanz (Saturday Night Live)
Holy crap the guy in front of me looks just like Horatio Sanz
line from Salk today on WEEI, Welker looks like Horatio Sanz
Probably something about ruining everything Horatio Sanz does.
I'm looking for the scene where Horatio Sanz sings "Won't You Be My Neighbor" on SNL. I think those monsters might have edited it out.
I saw thin Horatio Sanz and I thought Russell Crowe had turned Mexican.
This has to be the next Greatest Event in Television History starring Adam Scott, Amy Poehler, and Horatio Sanz:
Horatio Sanz is what you will look like once you start to look older than 15
"Comic Sanz MS" - newspaper headline revealing Horatio Sanz has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
Horatio Sanz? I would watch a CSI with Horatio Sanz.
I just found out that Horatio Sanz is not at the bar with us. His name is Olivio Palmadores. I'm very angry with myself.
I don't care what anyone says: Horatio Sanz is in this bar right now.
and I may or may not be sitting next to horatio sanz?
Amy Poehler, Horatio Sanz, Adam Scott and Jon Hamm to star in The Greatest Event in Television History 2
I thought it was Spanish for Horatio Sanz?
Just casually photoshopping my friend into pictures with Horatio Sanz, you?
Sequel to parody, “The Greatest Event in Television History,” will star Amy Poehler and Horatio Sanz.
Horatio Sanz and Natasha Lyonne are going to the ER (Day 17)
Who would Horatio Sanz be then? I don't remember its opening all that well.
I immediately thought "Hart to Hart" too. Horatio Sanz has a gravelly enough voice to be Max.
Adam Scott is reprising this idea (for a new show, with Amy Poehler and Horatio Sanz. "Hart To Hart"?
'Greatest Event in Television History' sequel to star Amy Poehler, Adam Scott, Horatio Sanz
How did I never see this? Why am I so pulled in by the name Horatio Sanz?
Adam Scott announced that Adult Swim will air a special with him, Amy Poehler, and Horatio Sanz on June 6!
I've become a big Kenan Thompson fan. He was Horatio Sanz-level unfunny for a while there but is very good now
Bachelorette. Lizzy Caplan's *** ranking talk on the plane with Horatio Sanz is dead on.
Date with to see UCB with Horatio Sanz and Rachel Dratch at the Wilbur Theater
excited to go to the UCB: Queens of Improv with Horatio Sanz and Rachel Dratch tonight at the !
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I love u but did One Short Night get based off of the holiday skit with Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz?
I have an idea for a WHM - Tomcats: Jerry O'Connell, Jake Busey, Shannon Elizabeth, Horatio Sanz. Enough said.
"Anyone know what Horatio Sanz is doing this Saturday?" -- Lorne Michaels.
Created by iO alumni, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, Matt Besser and Matt Walsh, the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre (UCB) opened in New York City in 1999 and has emerged as a new force in the training of comedic actors. Founded in Chicago in 1990 as an improv team, the original Upright Citizen’s Brigade line-up included Matt Besser, Adam McKay, Ian Roberts, Ali Farahnakian, Drew Franklin, Rick Roman and Horatio Sanz. Through their success, the team earned a sketch comedy show from 1998-2000. UCB (as the team is informally known) began hosting instructional workshops in New York City in 1995 that proved so popular that it evolved into a full-blown improv acting school. In 2006, UCB opened their comedy Training Center in New York City and now has theatres used for training in both New York and Los Angeles. The instruction is noted for a combination of experimental and surreal. Many students have gone on to appear in and write for stage, television and major motion picture productions, including The Office ...
Dana Carvey and Horatio Sanz in the unreleased made for video film "Two Birds and Mustache" (1996).
Though any Improv4Humans episode feat. both Horatio Sanz and Tim Meadows makes me laugh the most in any given week.
Tune in LIVE now to with Matt Besser, Tim Meadows, Horatio Sanz & Sean Conroy at
Horatio Sanz, Tim Meadows, & Sean Conroy on the LIVE STREAM of improv4humans at 6pm PST today on I said LIVE!
Tonight The Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company comes to Washburn! They've brought us the likes of Amy Poehler and Horatio Sanz; now they're here to perform at Washburn. Don't miss out!
So me and my daughter are playing a fun lil game about who would play my family and friends in a are some.Miguel morales played by Jon seda Leo Vega played by Sylvester stallone Sylvia Cruz played by kristy alley rick Jr. Played by Eric Balfour arelis morales played by America fererra nick Muniz played by Elvis Presley anymore ideas please share and hope no one is offended.;) one more loren Mata played by Horatio sanz from s.n.l. ;)
i've seen was a UCB improv w/ Amy Poehler, horatio sanz & Rachel Dratch--all SNL cast members. they made my abs hurt!
Nothing washes down double cherry pie better than a nice frosty glass of disco lemonade.
That one time I went to snowpants and it was the entire cast of House of Lies and Horatio Sanz okay bye
Their funniest game show bit was the 1970s overloaded with a million stars vintage bit, with Horatio Sanz as Truman Capote!
Every time I see Matt Walsh randomly on anything (though not really random on Parks and Rec), I get a big smile on my face. Also of note, that's two UCB founders (not counting Poehler) on Parks and Rec in as many weeks. Next week I assume Ian Roberts will appear, then the next Horatio Sanz.
Horatio Sanz teaches us all how to stay safe from muggers in NYC.
Pre-sale tickets are available for the Queens of Improv w/ Horatio Sanz & Rachel Dratch! Use the pre-sale code "UCB":
Tour de France Champion with Horatio Sanz for tony Oconnor yet
Farley, Sandler, Forte...Horatio Sanz will always be in my top 5 as well.
I'm telling the Iran Russia Horatio Sanz hach pew! He give you old country way, make you humble!
Some one should start a petition for SNL to hire a Latino to play Rubio.just saying
I am being told Horatio Sanz isn't on that show any more. And Gobi was Horatio's thing. And it was in Jarret's room (whoever that is)
Horatio Sanz is SO gonna play me on SNL. Maybe I can show up in Gobi's room! That would be awesome. Gee Gobi, why you so thirsty?
It's cool Horatio Sanz could make it out for this show.
Quick memo at SNL.get me a Latino to play this guy!
When I go to a restaurant and have to wait 15 minutes to be asked what would like to drink.. Then my beverage be brought out by a cook with sweat literally pouring down there face.. Then have to wait another 40 minutes on my food... My expectations when the owner asked how everything was going and I say... "We'll it was ok but I had a really long wait.." I expect his response to be . Something like... I am so so sorry. You are valuable customer.. What can I do to make this situation right.. Not a bunch of excuses about why te employees didn't show up for work or there were too many other tables . I just wanna hear I am sorry Sorry just had to vent
Forgive me but who is the Horatio Sanz looking dude with you? (live on
At one point, I thought Horatio Sanz was gonna be the next hilarious fat guy ala Chris Farley.
Now that Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his titles for using performance enhancing drugs, the next man in line who wasn't found guilt of doping is ready to don the yellow jersey in victory.
SNL commentary: Bieber should stick to autotune. He needs it.
Horatio Sanz (born June 4, 1969) is an American actor and comedian best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1998-2006. Sanz most recently starred alongside his former SNL castmate Chris Parnell in the Comedy Central series Big Lake.
I am ready to laugh...going to a comedy show...with SNL alumni Rob Schneider, Chris Kattan and Horatio Sanz @ Living Arts Centre.
Reunion tour with We're seeing Chris Kattan, Rob Schneider and your BOY Horatio Sanz, should be "deece"...
About to see former SNL greats. Horatio Sanz. Chris Kattan and Rob Schneider live. I have no idea what to expect.
Great first night of the HubCap Comedy Festival! Thanks to the 1600 people who came out, Rob Schneider, Chris Kattan, Cheri Oteri and Horatio Sanz for a killer night of comedy! See you all at the rest of the fest!
Wow! I had a great night working with some folks from the Saturday Night Live crew from the nineties tonight... Chris Kattan, Cheri Oteri, Horatio Sanz and Rob Schneider. They were super down to earth and excellent friendly people. Hat's off to them and a big thanks for all the fun! I flove comedy gigs!
Rob Schneider, Chris Kattan, Cheri Oteri & Horatio Sanz tonight at Casino NB. :) Gonna be surreal to see 'em live. Been a fan of SNL for a long time.
What are Chris Kattan, Horatio Sanz, and Rob Schneider up to these days? Touring together to Mississauga.
When are Artie Lange, Horatio Sanz, and Bobby Moynihan going to admit they are all the same dude?
Didn't Marnie make out with Bobby Moynihan, not Horatio Sanz?
Look at the photo. It was an SNL sketch with Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz. :)
You know? Five years ago, I'd never thought I'd see a show starring Horatio Sanz on the Science Channel
Season 25: Episode 1699p: Christopher Walken / Christina Aguilera    Behind The Music: Blue Oyster Cult    Bruce Dickinson.Christopher WalkenEric Bloom.Chris ParnellBuck Dharma.Horatio SanzAlan.Chris KattanBobby.Jimmy FallonGene Frenkle.Will Ferrell   Announcer: After a series of staggering defeats, Blue Oyster Cult assembled in the recording studio in late 1976 for a session with famed producer Bruce Dickinson. And, luckily for us, the cameras were rolling.   [ dissolve to recording studio ]    Bruce Dickinson: Alright, guys, I think we're ready to lay this first track down. By the way, my name is Bruce Dickinson. Yes, the Bruce Dickinson. And I gotta tell you: fellas.. you have got what appears to be a dynamite sound!   Eric Bloom: Coming from you, Bruce, that means a lot.   Buck Dharma: Yeah. I mean, you're Bruce Dickinson!   Alan: This is incredible!   Bobby: I can't believe Bruce Dickinson digs our sound!   Bruce Dickinson: Easy, guys.. I put my pants on just like the rest of you -- one ...
I bought tickets to your show in Toronto with Rob Schneider and horatio Sanz
When did early 200s Horatio Sanz buy the Jaguars?
My secret is that I took all of Horatio Sanz's weight and buried it in treasure chests across America
With the movie awards quickly approaching one must wonder what ever happened to Pia Zadora and most of all Cuba Gooding Jr.
Former SNL stars presents a night of comedy Jan 26,8pm at Living
Saturday Night Live, at the Living on January 26th! Kattan, Schneider & Sanz!
You're invited to reflect on the meaning and importance of connection on January 11! As the inaugural event in our new Connect Through Purpose series, it will help you start to be more intentional in your connections in 2013: with YNPN Twin Cities, other young nonprofit professionals, and with the e...
To be pedantic, Horatio Sanz is Chilean and The Emperor's New Groove is about Incans. I agree with your point, tho!
Has anyone noticed that Horatio Sanz hasn't been in many skits lately?
Watching Horatio Sanz put French toast down his pants never gets old
I have only just realised that both Matt Walsh and Horatio Sanz are in Step Brothers.
You enter an old forest courtyard. Behind you spans the mossed mass of an ancient stonewall. You see latticed designs cut out much like the vines that vein on them now. Beneath your feet is damp compacted earth, aside the path, shin high grass. Above you are broad, shoulder like branches of low-hanging trees. Pre-dusk light filters through. Orange and pink speckles the ground, raying between the shadows of leaves blown with the wind. The trunks neck down to the outer sides of the path. Before you is a split; a dissection leaving an oval patch shape of an eye of land plotted afore. It is here which rests a snug abode. Made of mudbrick, fashioned by the husks of various sapkin, this humble cottage is a mystery in waiting, but not shy or unkindly by any affect. You see the warm glow of candlelight spill through a few small dotted windows. The charm of a fire flickers inside. A chimney puffs a warm herby aroma to your senses, delightfully served by the light evening breeze. There ports a red wooden door. A .. ...
We are very excited for our SNL Alumni show on January 26th 2013 starring Rob Schneider, Chris Kattan and Horatio...
This week's remarkable Comedy Bang Bang has sparked a newfound love of Horatio Sanz -
I make my seventh appearance on Scott Aukerman’s beautiful Comedy Bang Bang Podcast alongside special guest Horatio Sanz as Shelly Driftwood. We had a great time with this one and it’s the first...
I think you should get a discount for Aaron Neville songs because he only makes noise for half of each word.
Horatio Sanz interviewing Rob Riggle on FOX NFL Sunday. This is too funny.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
OMG the Muppets are singing Horatio Sanz's Christmas song on SNL!!! And Animal is doing Chris Kattan's part!!!
*The Jon Lovitz coverband from Wedding Singer “hope instead of Billy Joel we get the Horatio Sanz coverband from Step Brothers
DREW OR FALSE!?!?!?!?: (Which is the correct statement?) A.) Angus T. Jones graduated from Harvard Law School! B.) Jason Bateman is set to be Batman in the Dark Knight 4, where they change The Batman's name, to The Bateman! C.) Horatio Sanz is taking it upon himself to reboot Ratatouille as director, with Judd Hirsch as the mouse, and Don Cheadle as the chef!
Bobby Moynihan is basically just an Irish version of Horatio Sanz.
Horatio Sanz keeps the tradition of the SNL Christmas song alive with help from Muppets.
some fat horatio sanz lookin muhfugga was closer to her than Micah was
I need a mixed drink more than ever... I need Horatio Sanz's Big Pale of Everclear Alcohol.
"All I know is that Santa's sleigh, is making it's way to the USA!"- Horatio Sanz Everyone needs a little Christmas SNL in your life!
Aaron Neville has the funniest voice. i had to change the song. i miss Horatio Sanz. Lol Even If My Heart Would Break
I can't help but think of Horatio Sanz every time I hear Cutting Crew's (I Just) Died in Your Arms.
Got pretty close to some fans of the girls. Joe Nunez(Prison Break,BridesMaids,SuperBad) and Horatio Sanz(SN
Going to pass on Call of Duty 3D cause I don't want a crazy Horatio Sanz look-alike barging into my house.
I have been try to find the Will Ferrell/ Horatio Sanz "Tercel" sketch myself.
I've tried to find it for awhile, to no avail. Anyone have the Horatio Sanz as Aaron Neville w/ Chris Parnell "cocoa butter" sketch? It's >>
Horatio Sanz lost a lot of weight, but now calls people jabronies. I need to catch up with ALL the Ex SNL cast members.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
But the guy filling Booker's slot looks like Horatio Sanz's twin lol. And he loves pot
What did I do today? Oh nothing, just stripper danced with Horatio Sanz!! It was for the sake of comedy.
I watched Bachelorette at Hoyts Warrawong. It has Rebel Wilson, Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher, the guys in it are Horatio Sanz, James Marsden and Kyle Bornheimer and Adam Scott.
My Hubs: Apparently if Kevin Smith & your brother had a baby it would look like Horatio Sanz. Me: Strange but I see it.
Horatio Sanz runs down the latest headlines to buzz around the Internet, like the new five-second rule, why daredevil Felix Baumgartner is retiring and the tablet wars between the new iPad Mini and Microsoft's Surface.
I picture me in the snl skit w horatio sanz and Jimmy Fallon "leatha" but I'm looking forward to Pt. 3
Just spent 15 minutes trying to remember Horatio Sanz's name. Finally got it.
“At least 3 of my ex girlfriends look like Horatio Sanz in a wig.” You've got an eye for beauty
I can already see Horatio Sanz playing Candy Crowley in the SNL debate skit
Mitt thinks that the lady who is sitting next to Horatio Sanz is named Gallorraina..
Good to see Horatio Sanz sitting in the front row tonight. He really cares about the country.
When is horatio sanz gonna ask his question?
I think it's impressive SNL actually planted Horatio Sanz' doppleganger on the front row.
I think I saw Horatio Sanz in there somewhere, too.
I think that's Horatio Sanz sitting behind Mitt
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Horatio Sanz back there is being very attentive.
Who let Horatio Sanz into the debate?
I love the guy who looks like Horatio Sanz, the big guy who looks like he has to drop a deuce.
If these debate tickets were like airlines that horatio sanz guy would have had to get a seatbelt extension.
Glad to see Horatio Sanz made it to the
That son of Horatio Sanz and Seth Rogen sitting next to Lorraine is suddenly feeling less confident about his Doritos Loco taco question.
I keep waiting to see Kenan Thompson or Horatio Sanz ask a question RT:did they find these imbeciles in the audience?
Is that Horatio Sanz in the front row? I hope he asks a funny question
yo how'd Horatio Sanz get front row seats to this debate?
Celebrities at the debate: Mike Jones in the building and is this 90s snl horatio sanz? weigh in.
Dude, is Horatio Sanz at this debate?
Is that Horatio Sanz sitting next to Loraine?
"Good to see Horatio Sanz getting work again." -
Hey, is that Horatio Sanz next to the woman who wore unfortunate leggins to tonight's debate?
Is that horatio sanz in the audience next to the current questioner?!? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Is that Horatio Sanz in the front row? Guy seems a little cramped...
Yo is that Horatio Sanz next to that woman?
I can't wait until they have a queation from horatio sanz next to her.
Was that Horatio Sanz next to the woman that just asked that?
I didn't know Horatio Sanz was going to be at the debate.
Was that Horatio Sanz sitting in the debate crowd?!
Horatio Sanz would play a great Candy Crowley.
This month's guest:The Upright Citizens Brigade's Touring Company!!!You don't want to miss this special night of improvised comedy!  The UCB will bring their performers from the theater that spawnedAmy Poehler, Horatio Sanz, Bobby Moynihan, Zach Woods, Donald Glover, and more of today's biggest name...
Wait. Horatio Sanz shows up on Girls sometimes? I take it all back.
My landlord looks like Horatio Sanz with down syndrome.
Cut from dress rehearsal on April 20, 2002, Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz get nervous while working at a pizza parlor.
Get your weekend grub on at Horatio Sanz's favorite L.A. restaurants! The SNL star's favorite burrito, pizza, and pie:
Jimmy Fallon would be a lot funnier if he had Horatio Sanz with him at all times.
Horatio Sanz's business cards just say "Comic. Sanz."
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