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Horace Grant

Horace Junior Grant (born July 4, 1965) is a retired American basketball player.

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.Wow...Horace Grant, Mark Madsen, Brian Shaw, Tyronn Lue, Isaiah Rider, AND A.I. in the same pic? Happy Friday to me.
A.I. Doin The Step-Over" on Tyronn Lue, w/Isaiah"J.R."Rider in the Suit, Mark Madsen,Brian Shaw and Horace Grant!
Chicago Bulls rosters for their first 3 Championships all included Michael Jordan , Scottie Pippen , Horace Grant , Bill Cartwright , Paxson , BJ Armstrong , an Will Perdue all of which were Great Players that 90-91 , 91-92 , and 92-93 Miami Heat first three soon to be championship rosters 11-12 , 12-13 , 13-14 are very comparable with Lebron James , Dwayne Wade , Chris Bosh , Haslem , Mario Chalmers , Shane Battier , Being on all three and Chris Anderson and RayRay Allen on last year and this year. Along with help from Lewis and Cole now look at both of those and tell me they are not similar in talent? COME ON LETS DEBATE!!! Not arguing , debating. *
The Lakers still have cap holds for Ron Harper, Malone, Horace Grant, Richmond, J Salley, Shaw, Jim Jackson, Theo Ratliff and Joe Smith!?!?
Michael Jordan's Bulls or LeBron's Heat? It's a great debate, but serial coattail rider Horace Grant isn't worthy of opining that the Heat would have no chance.
Horace Grant: MJ's Bulls will win against LeBron's Heat. With four more wins, the Miami Heat will match one of Michael Jordan's greatest feats -- three straight NBA championships -- but former Bull Horace Grant says that doesn't mean LeBron James' team could have beaten those Chicago teams. "The Heat wouldn't have had a chance," Grant said Tuesday on WSCR-AM in Chicago. "We would have locked them up. We would have locked them up. Especially with the rules today, Michael would have had a field day." The Heat are in their fourth straight NBA Finals and will face the San Antonio Spurs for the second year in a row. Game 1 is Thursday night in San Antonio (9 ET, ABC). Jordan led the Bulls to three straight titles from 1991 to '93 and then did it again upon coming back from retirement with three titles from 1996 to '98. The Los Angeles Lakers were the last team to win three championships in a row (2000-02). If anything, Jordan can point to the fact his three-peat run was utterly dominant. Jordan and the Bulls s ...
Add another opinion to the LeBron James-Michael Jordan debate. Former NBA forward Horace Grant, who won three straight NBA titles with Jordan and the Bulls from 1991-93, argued during an appearance...
Horace Grant is obviously an *** MJ didn't even play against that good of players compared to today's time.
obviously this shows your ignorance..Horace Grant..John Paxson..Dennis Rodman..those guys sucked right? Get your knowledge up
Robert Johnson Spencer Simmons Merlin Simmons Joseph Perez Roel Salazar Jared Carter Dwight Mcgee and the rest of I AM ESPN... What exactly did Michael Jordan win without the help of other great players?? Since so many people wanna down LeBron for tryin to play on a great team with other great players and tries to act as if Jordan won the titles By himself LOL SMH, Jordan had an elite superstar wit em, great role players like Steve Kerr, John Paxson, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman, and arguably da Best coach ever in Phil Jackson, Jordan never won anything without dose guys But why does LeBron get downed for wantin to play wit a great team?? If U ask me Jordan supportin cast is equal or Better to what LeBron has But hes loved for playin wit great players But LeBron is hated SMDH, EVERYONE NEEDS A GREAT SUPPORTIN CAST TO WIN TITLES, ITS A TEAM SPORT
and you're comparing that to Horace Grant, Ron Harper, Tony K, BJ Armstrong, Luc Longly, and Phil Jackson as a coach?
I dont understand why people hate Lebron so much. He always been a model citizen and has done so much in his Akron community. Theres no news of him getting in trouble (Kobe fans see adultery and rape charges and MJ see adultery and kids outside his marriage). If the decision is the worst thing hes done in his life, than he has lived a good one. People try to find every reason to undermine this man greatness. MJ played with a Top 5 SF in Scottie Pippen and one of the greatest defensive PF in Dennis Rodman. Toni Kukoc is better than anybody the Heat bringing off their bench. Horace Grant was doing comparable numbers to Bosh during their first 3 titles. The Lakers and Celtics were loaded with future Hall of Famers in Magic and Bird's run. Kobe is great player as well but lets be honest Shaq was the centerpiece of his first 3 titles and this man only owns 1 MVP trophy. All the ultra elite players have at least 3. All these players are great just let Lebron be great in his own way.
This is one is for everyone who has been there from the very start. All the life long heat fans who stuck with this team through thick and thin. From Rony Seikaly and Horace Grant to Tim Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning. From Glenn Rice (G-Money) and Steve Smith to Jamaal Mashburn and PJ Brown!! All the Life LONG HEat Fans!!! All the fans who followed them through their droughts back in 1993, 1995, 2008. Go HEAT!
Steve Kurr, Horace Grant, Pippen, Rodman, Tony Kukoc all key factors to Jordan getting all his rings
man . MJ had guys like . Steve Kerr, Bill Cartwright, B.J Armstrong, John Paxson, Scottie P, Horace Grant.
Jalen Rose just called Chris Bosh a hall of famer, for real??? Chris Bosh is the modern day Horace Grant! I don't care how many championships they win he don't deserve hall of fame status...LBVS
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I forgot John Starks crossed Kerr made him fall dunked on Mike JordAN & Horace Grant in the SAME PLAY😳 SUPER HIGHLIGHT👀
John Starks lights up the Garden when he slams down on Horace Grant & Michael Jordan during the 1993 East Finals:
So Scottie Pippen or Dennis Rodman or Horace Grant or Toni Kukoc weren't paid for? They played for free?
Coolest thing just happened while I've been waiting for my next flight... I just met Horace Grant (former NBA/Laker forward) and after chatting with him discovered that he and his family are living in Arroyo Grande and he hopes his 16-year old daughter gets accepted into Cal Poly, SLO! It's a very small world indeed! 😎
McGrady, Horace Grant, Penny Hardaway, Scott Skiles, Nick Anderson, all didn't so you sound like a fool
Finally . I've been waiting for a chance for Van Gundy to make a comeback to the knicks for years (check my past 8 years of posts). However that dream will be spoiled thanks to the probable hiring of Steve Kerr. If his assistants end up being Horace Grant, BJ, Scottie, and Luc Longley I might have to pick a new favorite team.
This *** just told me BJ Armstrong and Horace Grant were a MILLION times more popular than Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer. A Million!
'95 East Finals...Magic vs Bulls Game 6. Orlando was my team! Penny, Shaq, 3D, Nick Anderson, and Horace Grant
Orlando's starting line up was Shaq, Horace Grant, Dennis Scott, Nick Anderson, and Penny. Too crazy.
There’s the 4 freak athletes in this series, then the “normal” athletes Kukoc, Ron Harper, Horace Grant, Nick Anderson, Dennis Scott, all
Video: Horace Grant explains to Bill Simmons what it was like to play with Michael Jordan during the Bulls’...
CRIMSON LEGEND: DERRICK WAYNE McKEY: Derrick Wayne McKey was born October 10, 1966, and he attended Meridian High School in his Mississippi hometown, where he excelled on the team's basketball squad. In addition to being a star basketball player in high school, he was a shortstop on the baseball team despite being 6'10". He attended the University of Alabama for three years, leading the Tide to a regional No. 1 seed in 1986-87 and to the Sweet 16 (where they were eliminated by Providence). He played for the US national team in the 1986 FIBA World Championship, winning the gold medal. McKey declared for the NBA after his junior season and was selected by the Seattle Super Sonics with the ninth overall pick of the1987 NBA Draft, ahead of, notably, Reggie Miller, Horace Grant and Reggie Lewis. In the 1988-89 season, McKey averaged 15.9 PPG, his best scoring average in a single season. McKey spent the following six seasons in Seattle, where he was known as one third of the "Big Mac" team of the late 1980s and ...
Karl Malone dunks on Michael Jordan and Horace Grant in a triple overtime classic in 1992.
Chris Paul, the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition and No Kid Hungry teamed up with NBA Cares Ambassadors Felipe Lopez and Ruth Riley, NBA Legends Bruce Bowen, Horace Grant, and Avery Johnson and members of the National Basketball Retired Players Association to stress the importance of eating a power breakfast and hosted a basketball clinic with for students at Wilson Charter School in New Orleans, LA.
Hey New Orleans! Get ready as NBA All-Star Jam Session tips off this Thursday, February 13 at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center! Appearances by Kevin Love, Michael Carter-Williams, Kenneth Faried, James Harden, Trey Burke and NBA Legends Darryl Dawkins, Horace Grant, Ron Harper, George Gervin, John Starks and more! Doors open at 4 pm! Get your tickets today! note all appearances are subject to change; autographs are not guaranteed.
After the game in Cleveland I looked at who played for the Lakers, almost non of the players is a recognizable name. So I decided to look if I recognize anyone from 20 years ago & 10 years ago on the roster… 1993/94 Roster (only the names I recognized) Elden Campbell (PF) Doug Christie (SG) Vlade Divac (C) Anthony Peeler (SG) Kurt Rambis (PF) Nick Van Exel (PG) James Worthy (SF) 2003/04 Roster (only the names I recognized) Bryant (SG) O’Neal (C) Fisher (SG) Rick Fox (SF) Malone (PF) Gary Payton (PG) Horace Grant (PF) 2013/14 the Unknown Roster & the bizarre story of the win On Feb. 5 Lakers won @ Cleveland 119-108 Lakers center Robert Sacre played the final 3:32 after picking up his sixth foul, thanks to a rarely-applied NBA rule. Los Angeles began the evening with eight players in uniform, but lost shooting guard Nick Young (left knee bruise) and point guard Jordan Farmar (left leg cramps) during the game. Lakers center Chris Kaman fouled out earlier in the fourth quarter, allowing Sacre to remain on ...
Who are these characters in the throwback black pinstripe Magic jerseys? Shaq, Penny, Nick Anderson, Dennis Scott, Horace Grant is that you?
I survived.I think I was the Horace grant of snowboarding
I had no idea Grant's whole fam played ball. Uncle is Horace Lol
U know you old when your watching the grant twins Horace&Harvey son/nephew playing
Y'all know Jerami is Horace Grant's nephew right?
yo is tht Grant kid, Horace Grants son?
Is the Grant kid playing for related to Horace Grant?!?
Horace Grant sons better ballers than he was
Some heat fans don't know he Alonzo Mourning is😴. Some bull fans don't know who Horace grant is. Smh
it's okay I'm hanging out with Horace Grant
This is why Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time. since i saw so many comparisons between Kobe, Lebron and MJ, i decided to do a big research and come up with a factual data. this took me very long to figure out. but as expected, he is the best. before i compare MJ with Kobe and Lebron, i started with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, who also played at the same time as MJ and they were considered the best of all time as well. Larry bird turned pro at age 23 - 1979. played 13 season and retired at 35 years old. stood out right from the get go. boston celtics were bad, almost the last team on the division when Larry joined. every good players left boston right before Larry. from 1979, almost all players were traded or changed. the team needed someone good. so they drafted young fresh out of college Larry. right after he joined, Larry led the team to playoff on the first season and became team on the division. boston won 3 championships with Larry and pretty much the same members throughout ...
and rodman only came after the first three peat which they had Bill Cartwright and Horace grant
That Magic squad was LOADED. Shaq, Penny, Nick Anderson, Dennis Scott, Horace Grant. Top 3 guys win with that.
My wife and my mom are two great women... They have a Jordan/ Pippen relationship and I appreciate that... I'm just Horace Grant :-)
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Aaayyyeee! Good to meet you! Thank you! Need that Horace Grant shirt fa'real! 😁
Yo took me a while to fiqure it was a q on u mixtape we already had the talk at reg. salute get that horace grant shirt fo real
Horace Grant tho >>>> helped us Sweep the West . Derek Fisher was the key key piece killin . . Bandwagon fans can't remember
Kinda ruins the "athlete" identity ... unless you're Horace Grant.
Just beat someone who had MJ, Horace Grant, Jerry West and others in MyTeam in 2k by 43. My best player was a 70 overall.
Nobody has time for this conversation unless Horace Grant gets mentioned.
“Follow me for fantasy basketball advice and you’re taking Charles Barkley in the 1st round” . Hoping Horace Grant drops
Just found my Horace Grant action figure from '91. That's what's up.
Brey said he talked to Jerian Grant today. Working out with his uncle Horace Grant. Will definitely be back in the summer.
When people talk about the old Bulls teams Rodman always gets love but nobody ever talks about Horace Grant. Even Kukoc gets more love. When he was winning 3 rings( I don't count the Lakers ring), Grant was the best or second best defender at his position. MJ doesn't get the first 3 without Horace Grant
Just played a game of and my entire team was Horace Grant from various years in his career
oh stacks time, you look like a young Horace Grant
Springfield Public Schools Foundation to use Horace Mann grant for technology via
Factor grants - complete. Music BC travel grant - complete. Public records grant - complete. Call me Horace GRANT of the league
Horace Grant, Paxson, Kukoc, Longley, he had some great teammates
Horace Grant's nephew was a beast on the glass. 12 rebounds.
I'm Indonesian my friend, since MJ, Horace Grant era, never watch the All-Star if there's no Bulls player :)
Jerami of House Grant, first of his name, son of Harvey, nephew of Horace, King of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men
closer to Duncan than Horace grant. Fact
you'll be the Horace Grant of rugby.
Nope. You 2 are just silly if you think he's Horace Grant 2.0. His numbers are better than Horace and Harvey combined
Jordan had pippen and Horace grant .. Bird had Mchale and Dennis Johnson .. Magic had Kareem and Cooper
My black studies professor's name is Horace Grant, so imma go 'head & assume son be chillin w/ Paxon & Hodges on the weekends.
Horace Grant on that Orlando team made me sick to my stomach
touché.. Did Trevor Booker and Horace Grant come back to play with Clemson or.
Going to need you to go on E Bay and find me some vintage Horace Grant goggles.
NICE pull but I suspect only 2 of us just picked up on ur Horace vs Harvey Grant reference, Grant :)
Jordan had Pippen, Rodman, Horace Grant etc much better supporting cast than Kobe.
i like Horus Grant because he is the most steampunk of all The Bulls alumni (Rodman included)
Not if they don't retire Horace Grant's first. Bigger role in 3 titles IMO. Not that they should retire either
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"The Generals" Horace and Harvey Grant, Sixers 114-108 behind the great Hollis Thompson, and Pizza
Just beat a guy that had Michael Jordan and Horace Grant in 2k. My best player is Mike Miller. He's 70 overall
Ya know Daft Punk is really NBA Legends Harvey and Horace Grant under those helmets..
This is the video honoring Horace Grant between the first and second quarter of the Magic vs Charlotte game.
London won't back away from the TV!!! I told him if he needs glasses from standing too close he will get the ugliest glasses ever!!! Sports goggles all day everyday! I will have him walking around looking like Horace Grant 24/7!!!
Seeing Orlando Magic tonight but the last players I remember seeing are Shaq O'Neill, Penny Hardaway, Nick Anderson, and Horace Grant. Oh dear.
The Magic just honored Horace Grant a couple of nights ago.
Did anyone complete the 90-91 bulls collection to collect the G.O.A.T., Horace Grant?
Took pictures of Horace grant just now
Chris Sabo, Horace Grant, Eric Dickerson.kings of the rec specs!!!
Check out this picture from Horace Grant Night
Photo: stuffbyberry: IT WAS THE GOGGLES. Here’s to Horace Grant, who the Magic honored Friday during their...
Taj Gibson is another Horace Grant! Now all we have to so is find another Pippen and Jordan
Love watching these 90's Bulls videos. A young Stacey King is pure comedy ... & a good piece to the first three-peat puzzle w/Horace Grant.
Jerami Grant looking a great deal like Uncle Horace today, has played solidly, Syracuse presently up 39-36 in a tightly-contested ACC game
Horace Grant addressed the media prior to being honored Friday night.
SU's Jerami Grant is the nephew of Horace Grant? Apparently Uncle Horace never educated him on eye safety.
Horace Grant returned to Orlando for the first time in almost ten years today to be the most recent player honored in the Magic's 25th anniversary "Legends Night". Grant played with the team from 1994-1999 and 2001-2002, and he was an influential part on some of the best Magic teams, most notably t...
ORLANDO – Stuck in the shadows of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen and never fully appreciated for all of the dirty work that he did while playing in Chicago, Horace Grant knew things would be different in Orlando after two of the most joyous moments of his life.
Big ups to Kirk Hinrich and Amar'e Stoudemire for keeping the dream of Rec-Specs alive in the NBA. Hashtag Kurt Rambis hashtag Horace Grant.
Horace Grant wants NBA to return to "fundamentals": The Magic legend, honored at Friday's game, thinks the lea...
[Sports News] Horace Grant wants NBA to return to "fundamentals" - More On
Horace Grant wants NBA to return to "fundamentals"
The NBA has trended away from players like Horace Grant since he retired in 04. He wishes it'd change back.
Riding in the same car that Horace Grant used last night.
Horace Grant dons the goggles once more
Horace Grant - played in 411 games for Magic 94-02, was honored as part of the team's 25th anniversary celebration
Horace Grant one of my favorite lesser know/recognized players ever.
I always thought NBA Jam was a video game. But I'm fairly certain that I saw KD shooting basketballs with flames tonight. I cannot verify that this was a live rendition of the game because there was not a Horace Grant or Larry Johnson siting. Thanks for the tickets Brian Patrick O'Neill, it was a great game to be at!
If genetics were everything then Harvey Grant would have made it as big as Horace Grant.
Little Giant Ladders
Horace Grant still has three to four pairs of goggles that he takes out and looks back at from time to time.
spotted on curb your enthusiasm season 2 with Horace grant. How were you not nominated for an Emmy?
You just knew Jason Maxiell was going to go all out in honor of Horace Grant this Legends night.
It was great to see Horace Grant again!!
Magic fans give Horace Grant a standing ovation as he's honored as part of the team's continued 25th Annive...
Horace Grant: "It's so humbling to be part of such a great organization, great team & great community here in ORL." http…
- Magic - Horace Grant: Don't take anything for granted:
“Ode to Horace Grant - Very underrated - One of the best defensive power forwards ever to play in
Man Horace grant has his bald spots spray painted...
So dope to see Horace Grant at the Magic game right now!
Magic time again! Hardwood Classics night! Horace Grant being honored tonight! What are the chances this game goes into triple overtime?
Tonight the Magic are honoring Horace Grant. He was one of my favorite players growing up and was a very underrated player.
The Orlando Magic will honor Horace Grant during their game against the Charlotte Bobcats tonight as part of the teams 25th anniversary “Legend Nights.” “The General” as he was known around the league played 17 years in the NBA,… [ 263 more words. ]
Opinion of the day: LeBron IS the best player in the NBA for THIS era (Kobe's era was the early 00's), but if he played in the 90's his talent would be equal to or less than Horace Grant's.
Me and my hubby Rahsaan Ames was watching the. NBA game playing a called game who you would rather have I would name a basketball player on our era and a new school basketball player and he would have to's funny how these new guys are nothing like the past...I couldn't find no one like Horace Grant... Me: who would you pick Horace Grant or (long pause) Me: Dang who now is like Horace Grant? Rahsaan Ames: Nobody because these new dudes one dimensional...(both of us shaking our head in silence). Where are the Horace Grants at in the Maurice Whitfield
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Orlando Magic fans will take nostalgic turn with Horace Grant tribute Orlando Sentinel In the spirit of celebrating the good vibrations of another era, the Orlando Magic will honor Horace Grant as part of the festivities for a Friday-night matchup against the Charlotte Bobcats. Horace, he of...
The Magic will honor Horace Grant this week as part of their Legends Night promotion.
So someone hit my arm today and proceeded to say " woww, have you been hitting the gym ?" Maaan I'm too ampd (insert Horace grant NBA jam fist pump )
In continuation of the Orlando Magic`s 25th anniversary season-long celebration the team will honor former Magic great, Horace Grant, at the...
Rare Footage: Shirts & Skins Pick Up Game feat. Jordan, Reggie Miller, Rodman & many more. From the summer of 1995, a very rare pick up game featuring Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller, Juwan Howard, Rodman & a few more former players. Taken at the Jordan Dome in Los Angeles, this was the same location that the movie Space Jam (1996) was shot. Many say that these games were designed for Jordan to see if he still had what it takes to play in the NBA, after leaving the first time. Other than the players already mentioned who else can you see? I spy Eddie Jones, Jack Haley (sometimes referred to as Rodman's babysitter), Horace Grant, Lasalle Thompson, Cedric Ceballos & Sam Cassell. Can any sneakerheads make out what Rodman's wearing? More at The Pick and Roll - Everything NBA
By: Barry Barnes, Founder/Senior Writer After solid 17-year career, former NBA power forward Horace Grant will be honored by the Orlando Magic for “Legends Nights” on Jan. 17 when the team host the Charlotte Hornets.
Orlando Magic to Honor Horace Grant on January 17 -
Is it the goggles? It will be this Friday when the Magic honor Horace Grant.
Bill Collins writes Saturday from Baton Rouge: “Wanted to update you that Horace Grant broke the world record in the indoor 800 meters today. The meet was the Southwest regional championship at LSU. (See results here.) He ran 2:14.23, which breaks the American record of 2:14.75 by Sid Howard. The ol...
I may have mentioned this before, but if you want to find out what goes on behind the scenes in an NBA locker room, check out "The Jordan Rules" by Sam Smith. People get on Lebron for being egomaniacal; if they only knew the domineering autocrat that Michael Jordan really is. Some excerpts: "You're an *** You've screwed up every play we ever ran. You're too stupid to even remember the plays. We ought to get rid of you." - Michael to Horace Grant "They've got no idea what it's all about. The white guys, they work hard, but they don't have the talent. And the rest of them? Who knows what to expect? They're not good for much of anything."
TBT: John Starks of the New York Knicks DID NOT dunk on Michael Jordan. He dunked on Horace Grant.
Not to jump off a bandwagon, but Dennis Rodman was one of my all-time favorite Bull players, because I like defensive / hustlers, up there with Jerry Sloan, Norm Van Lier Scottie Pippin, Michael Jordan, Horace Grant, and Tom Boerwinkle. Rodman gave his best, every play, like very few else.
Future teammate Horace Grant trailing him down the court.
Day 13 Day 13 Rescheduling their Top of the Rock experience, the boys pulled themselves out of bed, found their own breakfast in the streets near the hotel and headed off for the days activities. Charged with finding the fastest way to the Rockefeller centre, temporary group leader and navigator Ryan Crowley took point as the boys found their way through the subway. Arriving at one of the tallest buildings in New York City, we made our way up the elevator to the 69th floor where we were lucky enough to experience the breathtaking aerial view of the city. A few of the lucky ones including Matty T were lucky enough to be part of one of Chris Kemp's world famous selfies including the Empire State Building. The next stop on our schedule was our tour of the Madison Square Garden, named after the fourth president of the United States. We passed by famous New York memorabilia inside the stadium including shrines to 'The Dunk', a famous play in which New York Knick John Starks drove baseline and dunked over the m ...
Although he was passed over in the draft, Starks signed with the Golden State Warriors in September 1988 as a free agent. He was cut a year later, but worked his way back into the NBA after stints in the Continental Basketball Association (Cedar Rapids Silver Bullets, 1989–90) and World Basketball League (Memphis Rockers, 1990–91).[3] In 1990, he tried out for the New York Knicks. In one practice, he tried to dunk on Knicks center Patrick Ewing. Ewing threw him down and Starks twisted his knee. The team was not allowed to release him unless it healed by the end of December. When it did not heal by that time, the Knicks could not release him.[8] As a result, Starks has referred to Ewing as his saving grace. He eventually became the starting shooting guard, becoming a key player on the team and playing 8 seasons in New York from 1990–98. Starks was a posterchild for their physical play during that era, along with teammates Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley. He was a participant in the 1992 NBA Slam Dun ...
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My boys and I became Chicago Bulls fans during the magical Michael Jordan years. Scottie Pippen, Steve Kerr, Toni Kukoc, BJArmstrong, John Paxson, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman, and their larger than life coach Phil Jackson. Now, many years later, as basketball season gets underway toward a full head of steam, an article in AARP's Bulletin reminds me what I saw, what many saw, in Coach Jackson. "You have to be true to yourself as a leader," he said. "I believe events and forces change the course of our lives. I was brought up in the home of ministers; much of my outlook in life is from a spiritual direction. I knew things of a higher calling could unify groups of men." He found ways to unlock those truths with a simple round ball. We all need to reach deep, work hard, deal with life as a team, and use our own unique gifts to make this a better place. Nice reminder coach. And thanks for your words, your lessons, and those glorious years!!
Who would you rather have as power forward on your team Horace Grant or Chris Bosh and why?
Patty Patterson is the new age Horace Grant. Get the man some googles!
Any way we can bring back Rick Fox, Glen Rice, Horace Grant...etc?
Split Feet have been replaced by Horace Grant. Flier coming son.
“The rules have changed so much from our days and the Heat's days. It was more physical back then. Today you can run around without getting touched. Today, Michael Jordan would average about 45 points.” -Horace Grant
I studied Bears' offense whole heartedly. I know what is the missing ingredient. It is the lack of true slot receiver position for offense to benefit having one next season. That would fill in the void. Just like when Horace Grant had departed from Chicago Bulls, the team lacked a power forward to do the dirty work: rebound, play defense and be physical. Dennis Rodman filled in the void, was the missing puzzle to a winning formula! Bears don't have a true slot receiver with the caliber of Wes Welker, Larry Fitzgerald, Jordy Nelson, Reggie Cobb, Hines Ward... I hope for Bears' GM pick up a veteran slot receiver in the off-season. If that happens, I envision that future slot receiver to be open often around mid-field when Marshall and Jeffery are double teamed deep! Bears currently have specialized back-up wide receivers for blocking purposes like Earl Bennett and a couple other dark horses. Their blockings were often not recognized due to TV frame not show full field vision. It makes sense to consider a .. ...
Oh just getting my car washed and Horace Grant is here u know lol Cali living :)
all time + Horace Grant Plus rodman who averaged nearly 17 rebounds a game, scoring was Jordan's primary job
Other players in video: Eddie Jones, Horace Grant, Cedric Ceballos & Sam Cassell. . Who else do you recognize?
Wonder what y'all gonna say if Horace Grant gets honored
I hate picking out frames. Half these joints have me lookin like Horace Grant
I wonder if they call upon the fine work of Horace. Not Horace Grant, rather, the Roman poet...
I can't decide how I feel about the Avery:Horace Grant comp. Horace had a way better mid-career.
Ok, Glavine isn't really BJ Armstrong. Maddux is Jordan, Glavine is Pippen, Smoltz is Rodman. Avery is Horace Grant.
Let me chill *** might want ah game of 21 and run my azz off the court *** b out there lookin like Horace Grant😔
gotta get you some goggles...Horace Grant edition lol
Scottie Pippen, Steve Kerr, Dennis Rodman, Horace grant. It would have to be more than just Len bias
Matt Barnes wanna be Horace Grant so bad 😒
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Those are Hinrich protective goggles, tho. Nobody has the sack to go full Horace Grant these days.
if only someone was wearing Horace Grant goggles.. the look would be complete.
IG video has revealed that a lot of these *** are bad but have bland personalities & speak like Horace Grant
Jordan had Pippen, a top 50 all time player. Dennis Rodman, top 3 all time rebounder, Horace Grant, Ron Harper
About the one curious thing about the 1993 Xmas game was that Horace Grant was facing the team that would sign him in the 1994 offseason
Edward, Horace and Ernest Grant came down and stayed to dinner. Mr. Daniels also came and dined on his way to Bellevue.
Andre Stoudemire with those goggles is like a modern day Horace Grant lol
Amare look like his game ... From MVP candidate to Horace Grant
Why did my cousin say Horace Grant, not Ulysses, was on the $50 bill? Smdh!
The Bulls have Horace Grant's white cousin on the court right now
smh. Now you gotta hoop in googles. Horace Grant.
That is just how I imagined it...only with Horace Grant goggles.
nah but u wear Horace grant goggles when u hoop
However, Horace Grant and those other unrenounced free agents do NOT count in the luxury tax calculations.
Horace Grant, and others, will indeed count against LA's cap until they are renounced as free agents.
Smiling doesn't necessarily mean you're happy. Sometimes it just means you're strong.
Jason Maxiell out there looking like Horace Grant
I thought Jason Maxiell was Horace Grant for a minute 😂
Smdh I just though maxiel was Horace grant for a moment lmao *** are the knicks doing here we go wit the bs
When asked to comment on the fights breaking out over the new Air Jordan's, Horace Grant said: please, give me money.
Jason Maxiell lookin like Horace Grant out there
did the Magic just put Horace Grant in?
yeah, Horace Grant, saw it to give it its last chance. 👎
same here, even had the Horace Grant specials when I played ball lol
This lil *** in house lookin like Horace Grant, goggles & all lmaooo.with the strap!!
"I couldn't even tell ya" One of Horace Grant's sons, he failed out.
I'd say Horry and Horace Grant were just as effective as big men as Fisher, Harper and Shaw were as guards.
I'm weak AF at basketball but just got the urge to play. Last time I was out there niggaz couldn't tell me I wasn't Horace Grant!
Apparently Horace's son cant hack it but Rudy could? Notre Dame loses Jerian Grant because of academic issue
I'm confused. This page shows Horace Grant still on the book for LAL. Is that true?
I'm not getting goggles I ain't tryin to look like Horace Grant
Not saying they don't matter, just saying it isn't as clear cut as you make it. Horace Grant is not better than Karl Malone
true but the magic also beat the bulls with their best player Horace grant who came to what team? The bulls
Grant may also work back at his alma mater, DeMatha Catholic and spend time with his uncle, Horace Grant, in California
When did the NFL become such a league full of blithering *** It's becoming unwatchable. Green Bay has the ball on the 2 yard line and false starts. Not only a 5 yard penalty but by rule a :10 runoff which takes the clock to :10. Also by rule the clock will start when the ball is set for play and the whistle blows. :10 is enough time for two plays. Instead Green Bay lets :06 run off and snaps the ball with :04 left which results in an incomplete pass and the end of the game. Completely idiotic! Not only that, Matt Flynn goes to Boykin in the corner instead of jordy Nelson on the post? Nothing against Boykin but that would be like choosing Horace Grant to take the last shot instead of Michael Jordan. I thought this was professional football. Why then is there such a complete lack of professionalism? Unbelievable!
Rayvon look like Horace Grant with autism in that pic
Up here watchin my nephew's bball game..every team has that one kid with the Horace grant look 👓 lol
MJ AND the greatest double team , with BJ Armstrong , Horace Grant!!'
you aren't soft enough for those Amare' glasses. I'm telling you, you need to be about that Horace Grant life!
Yep.were called Dannon girls same time Horace Grant played there&his goggles were on the H2Otower
Bethune Cookman forward Allan Dempster is rocking the Horace Grant goggles!
I need some Horace Grant goggles for basketball buh
The 94/95 Magic team with Shaq, Penny, Horace Grant, Nick Anderson, & Dennis Scott may be thee greatest team ever to not win a chip!
Since Rodman has cornered the market on ex-Bulls in North Korean diplomacy, I'm hoping this means good things for Horace Grant in Seoul.
what's the rate on the Horace grant jersey?? And does it come with Rec Specs?
John Starks the GOAT he dunked on MJ and Horace Grant
Jordans comments of "If I had my way Carmelo whould in Charolotte". should he be fined for tampering I mean this is the same NBA who fined The Magic who got fined cause Horace Grant said the Shaq and Penny situation "intersted" him.
they had Horace Grant, Scottie, and I believe BJ Armstrong
George zimmerman traced a picture and its about to sell for 110 thousand dollars. Only in america can u shoot a child and become a celebrity. Follow me check out my new song on my page chalie pippen-horace grant
Who were the Bulls players in NBA jam? I know one was Horace Grant-was the other guy Scottie Pippen?
remember the little kid with the Horace Grant Goggles back in the day. Always in the gym
I remember the days when Lamar Odom, Rasual Butler, Caron Butler, Damon Jones, Horace Grant, and a young Flash were the face of the Heat.
kerr didnt start but half a season and attention was off horace grant because of Jordan! Next...
Aint nothing like a weak as couple arguing on fb...mfs laughing at u not with u...both yall *** popped...follow me check out my new song horace Grant
Dude, talking about Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant and mid-90s Bulls has saved me numerous times. I thank NBA Jam all the time.
Check out the song on my page Horace grant..
What do John Madden, Horace Grant, Robin Ventura and 17 other well-known athletes have in common? The life:
Power forwards for with - samaki walker, ac green, horace grant, and horry finishing games
You want D. Wade to mention Chris Bosh but you always say "Jordan and Pippen". What about Horace Grant and Bill Cartwright?
Horace's Grant's famous goggles will live on with Detroit's Jason Maxiell who will wear similiar eyeware
I'm smoother than an 8 pointer shot by Horace Grant
Pippen? The region isn't that high on the food chain, it's more Horace Grant.
Barnes has gotta come back into the game wearing Horace Grant-esque goggles.
I love playing with the 92-93 Bulls on 2K so that I can play with my favorite player of all time, Horace Grant
you're good to go but we gotta get those Horace Grant science goggles on you...
Pretty sure A.J. Hammons is being guarded by Horace Grant circa 1995,
Yo imma go play ball with my ai braids & my Horace grant googles lol bet I picked 1st my *** lol
we'll make it a little harder...Horace Grant
. . The CowHead show is great. saying Horace Grant was the funniest line of the show! :-D
1987: get Pippen & Horace Grant in draft to help Jordan. 2004: get Luke Jackson & Varejao for LeBron.
If they ever made a movie about Horace Grant… I’d hope Tommy from Martin would take the role
In 1994, when Horace Grant feigned interest in signing with the I said I'd get a tattoo of his jersey if he came to Detroit.
All I want for Christmas is Horace Grant goggles.
Nick Anderson, Dennis Scott, Shaq, Penny, Horace Grant is my favorite starting lineup of all-time
it's like looking at a more psycho Horace Grant lol
Just seen this chic that looks just like Horace Grant.. Crazy
Kobe Bryant is the greatest player to ever dawn a uniform, bar none.period. Here's a list of former All Stars Kobe Bryant has played along side in his legendary 19 year career. Byron Scott Jerome Kersey Nick Van Exel Cedric Ceballos Eddie Jones Robert Horry Glen Rice Dennis Rodman Ron Harper J.R. Reid Shaquille O’neal AC Green Rick Fox Horace Grant Mitch Richmond Gary Payton Karl Malone Brian Grant Lamar Odom Aaron Mckie Pau Gasol Ron Artest Joe Smith The Ratliff Steve Nash Dwight Howard Antawn Jamison 12 of witch are present or future hall of fame inductees. Kobe may be the best simply because the Lakers surrounded him with the best, to learn from, practice against and still was the best player on the court.
Jerami Grant with the block of the year (Horace nephew)
Yeah jerami grant is an athletic player he will be in the NBA just like his uncle horace grant
Nick Anderson, Dennis Scott, Penny Hardaway, Horace Grant and Shaq. *** that was a *** of a squad.
A young. Brian Shaw Horace Grant 3D Penny AND Shaq! Name me a better starting five in the NBA today??? Should've hung a banner. Dang
Loved catching up with Horace Grant in Rio de Janeiro. We've come a long way since 1987!
peeping classic NBA moments. Remember when Starks dunked on Jordan and Horace Grant!
If it were the champion Bulls, D'Antoni would put Jordan at point, Pippen at power forward, and screw Horace Grant complete out of his career. D'Antoni belongs with the Toronto's, Milwaukee's, and Phoenix's of the world that don't have first rate players and can be thrown in to a gimmicky system such as his.
Jordan wasn't in NBA Jam. Bulls were Pippen and Horace Grant
Dwight Howard. $22 million of selfish, underdeveloped power forward. Give me Horace Grant any day.
kobe, Rick Fox, Horace Grant, Ron Harper and shaq was their starting 5.
One night ima walk into the bar with some Horace Grant goggles like this. So badass!
I'm a fan but that could've came with more tickets, skybox seats, D Rose crutches, Horace Grant goggles etc
Why Context Is Important: "I didn`t wear anything for a long period of time." --Horace Grant.
no doubt. No one can compare to Hakeem, Ewing, Barkley, Horace Grant, Shaq, or Kareem
I rock two headbands some Horace Grant Glasses and a wristband with a watch in it with Grey Sweats LL Style
Matter fact I'll that for whatever John Starks was wearing when he dunked on Jordan and Horace Grant
Horace Grant being lifted on shoulders after beating Bulls in 95 playoffs
Richard Jefferson is now tied with Horace Grant for
Watching this documentary on John Starks and that *** did not dunk on Jordan. He dunked on Horace Grant bruh smh
With the amount of NBA'rs running around with glasses on off the court,im surprised there arent more Horace Grant lookalikes running around
Amare can gon head and retire. He Horace Grant now
Not bragging, but I've been referred to as the fat, non-athletic Horace Grant.
Is that Horace Grant that just checked into the game? Lmao with glasses amd a big body...
domain names
Horace Grant now in the game for Orlando.
Kenyon Marin been missin dat Horace grant shot since he played in Denver
You about to get some Horace Grant glasses bruh?
Have you ever wanted to spend time with Horace Grant? It's now possible with
I can't believe i missed the Superbowl of the WWE Raw Wreslting world to have the Cowboys loss that bad to the Bears but again they were in Chicago and we all know the chicago teams all play better as host vs visiting and i only think that because of how the Chicago Bulls owned the NBA world with Jordan Pippen and the rest of the supporting cast of John Paxson BJ Armstrong and of course Horace Grant as their PF in 91-93
C Richard Solomon rocking some SWEET goggles tonight. Wearing the Kirk Hinrich's, not the Horace Grant's.
Trap house jumpin like Horace Grant "Traphouse jumpin like kobe!"
Wow, Kobe Bryant signed an extention with the LA Lakers for over 48 million dollars in the twilight of his career over the next two years, there is no cap room for the Lakers basically over the next two years, the Bus family and Mitch Kupchak are complete fools for this, greed is *** is all I can say, the two Jerry's never gave Michael Jordan that kind of money, the two Jerry's would have never even thought about giving Michael that kind of cheddar!!! I will say this, if it came down to it, he would have not have excepted it and would have loved to keep is team together for less, Scottie Pippen, Bill Cartwright, John Paxson, BJ Armstrong, Craig Hodges, Will Purdue, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman, and so on. That is why the "Mamba" will never be Mike Jordan, nor his the "freak" in Miami will not ever! Keep your head up Derrick Rose!!! Go Chicago Bulls!!!
Nick Van Exel, Horace Grant, and Dolph Lundgren have shoutouts on this new Action Bronson album.
I never liked Shaq. But Nick Anderson, Penny, Horace Grant and Dennis Scott were my dudes.
Horace Grant. Dennis Rodman. Ron Harper. Lamar Odom. Pau Gasol. Bynum all good on defense all win rings with Phil
Derek Willis got that old-man, Larry Bird game.. I'm gonna need him to wear some Horace Grant specs on the court to complete the retro look
Horace Grant expecting big things for - Chicago Tribune
Show up to your job wearing Horace Grant googles, Patrick Ewing kneepads , and AI arm sleeve
Lt Daniels from the wire look like Horace grant in his rookie year before the goggles brah
Horace Grant giving Udonis Haslem that work lmao
You know what doesn't make things easier? Having a 36 year old Horace Grant as your 3rd best player.
The most metal thing about is that he wears sports spectacle headband just like the great Horace Grant.
said Horace Grant was better than Shaq.. You a 😂😂
thought I was looking at Horace Grant for a minute
Just ask Horace Grant! Amiright? . *sigh* Your sporty boyfriend will get my reference. :/
I wasn't saying he was with them, just an 80s player. Horace Grant, 80s. Cartwright, 80s. Paxson 80s.
Substation 2 is the Michael Jordan of subs. Subway is Horace Grant.
that game 6. Bulls had the game won and all. So many mistakes by Jordan. Then they carried Horace grant on their shoulders
This *** look like Horace grant with these thick *** goggles
The fact that neither one of yal wanna go there wit me especially CAM he better chill fo i apply pressure to his horace grant lookin ahh
John Starks didn't dunk on MJ. He dunked on Horace Grant. Jordan just happened to be in the picture.
hey shake I just got Horace grant on a gold pack, is he good and any any tips?
yeah that's true, but back in the day the bulls were called " the dream team" also and MJ had Scotty Pippen and Horace Grant
my *** I had a fade with the Horace Grant part down the middle. They *** near smacked my soul out my body.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Istomin rockin them Horace Grant goggles man I gotta cheer for him
name two other players than ai. Kobe had shaq, horace Grant, Derek fisher. Ai had an old mutumbo.
Classic Sonics game on NBA TV right now. On the floor: Brent Barry, Horace Grant, Vin Baker, Shammond Williams & Rashard Lewis.
I'm a huge Sonic fan, but I don't remember Horace Grant playing for us AT ALL.
We used to be at the beach looking like Horace Grant bruh.
Im swolled this *** knocked my contact out my eye. I need some Horace Grant goggles
some regular glasses would look great on you. Not them Horace Grant goggles
Nick Anderson, since I could partner him with Horace Grant and dominate NbA jam
The comparison of what I think TT can be is Horace Grant when on the Bulls. Great defense, solid offense, just a very solid, reliable big
Ka menel going throwback with the Horace Grant goggles
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