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Hope Solo

Hope Amelia Solo (born July 30, 1981) is an American soccer goalkeeper playing for the Seattle Sounders Women.

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Why so many alcohol issues with the ? Alex Morgan, Hope Solo, AbbyWambach ...
Ugh, don't ask Hope Solo. She's an awful human being and brings shame to us women that pl…
Whatever the truth, I hope we'll see all 5 of them together again, either reunited as a…
A huge congratulations to Havana is her very first UK Top 10 single as a solo artist 🌴
ign:;DjWizzyAcar. I hope i can win because i play everymap and I am always solo so I dont get good stuff..…
Have a safe flight Taeyeon. Hope you come back for a solo/soshi con next time. ☺️
Hope it's not just Destiny with monsters and you can play it solo
Yeah maybe once he's really established his solo career like he wants it to be. But I hope the othe…
hope you learned your lesson and pay some respect to Zhong solo from now on
Youngjae..ILove you ;-; happy birthday you soft bean I hope your solo is soon
Kyungsoo said a "solo" it's probably just a sm station not a solo debut album but Anyway I hope that they let him d…
Girl I understand u but ur fans spend the life to see u, we are pobre flower te manca and comeback for a solo tour…
Happy birthday Small Jost, I'm still mad about the time you tripped over a table during my solo but I hope you have a good day
But Daehyun's solo got me totally emotional, his voice is so different from what we're used to, I hope the members got moved too -
Is it bad that im excited to sleep dart Genji's dragonblade? Or sleeping other big heroics? Hope she can solo ok.
Happy new year my ❤. . I love you. You deserves more in this 2017. I HOPE THE BETTER FOR YOU 🙏🙏🙏. I hope also a…
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📝 | Harry on the process of making his first solo album.
A whole heap of new followers today and loads of interaction . Hi everyone hope you like our media solo dudes + *** Avi say bye bye sorry
How you run over someone and leave the scene. I hope whoever did that feels guilty and turns themselves in.
yeah I only hope that this is a one-time fluke bc it's the last solo event and later score matches…
that's sad, i hope it doesn't affect Bobby's solo in any way :-((
I hope the drum solo spot wasn't given him in lieu of a pay rise! Also very impressed by the tenor…
I hope you have a *** for your solo circle jerk, handy McGee.
After his solo comeback promotion end, he need to diet again for group comeback. I hope Gikwang stop diet 😭
i hope soonyoung's hurricane, jihoon's solo song from DE and cheol's are included in the album
Hope kyungsito (and pcy) goes solo soon so i have to stop pretending i still care abt exo
. Happy birthday! Wishing you all the best and I hope you'll have your solo album too, soon! 😘😘
happy birthday my sunshine 😘😘I hope you can be happy everyday and I expect for your next solo song 😘생일 축하해 🎂🎂
I hope this is a step towards the direction of a Sunny solo some time in the future, I love listening to her voice
Ah yes of course. Well...As a Hope Solo stan, I need every single goalkeeper who ever plays soccer, male or female, to fail.
Please check out the info for my upcoming solo gigs!Visit my website for dates + times. Who…
High starting position, tracks the ball its entire flight, intent to catch despite traffic of players. Fantastic in…
We, EXO-Ls are always willing to help. I hope Bobby's solo will be a success together with your faves! Godbles…
And since Ram is my favorite not-Wings Macca solo album, I think that's high praise. (Or at least I hope TL…
The acoustic version of Modern Love is outstanding hope Liam plays it at his solo acoustic gig
Ya, that solo was dope. Hope you were recording! Lol
Omg I will literally pay anyone for a Hope Solo bobblehead. Please s.o.s save one for me 😭
i hope there will be something like IU's The Shower in Kyungsoo's solo album. an easy-listening song with kyungsoo's voi…
Thrilled to be spending the next two weeks touring solo with the legendary Hope to see you! Tickets: ht…
Since, Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi, Bangalore Days, just wish 2 see more of his movie…
Imagine amber in the fantasy mv tho!! I hope she makes a cameo just to sing her solo
you take a hard stance against Floyd Mayweather? What's your take on Hope Solo, domestic abuser?
You should go this hard at Rhonda Rousey, LoLo Jones, & Hope Solo... but you never will!
Alexi Lalas, Brian McBride & Hope Solo (not like she'll play regularly again)
How much does Hope Solo look like Jennifer Carpenter though
Hello guys~ i wanna share my latest solo cover~ hope you enjoy it~.
I hope this collab is the stepping stone towards the "Holy Jinki Solo" this time.. I am greedy 😭
Great Escape continues - I hope - as head to East London to face high flying - solo on the 0936 from Doncaster
20 years ago, we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Han Solo. Now we have no Jobs, no Cash, no Hope, and ankh chi bugie S…
I really hope bey will go back to the Beyoncé Experience style of performing. band interludes, the solo's, the vocals! man i do miss that
Hope Solo Roast Beef with extra horseradish sandwich
Han Solo had a different name when he was younger. I hope this name comes from a George Lucas script and is something li…
I srsly hope bh compiles all the boys' solo masterpieces into one album, i rly wanna hear their diff styles
Hope you know is a Puppet of the system,he can only Bark to opposition
I hope that despite of the divergences that we've, is right. Because what did was purely crimi…
I hope baekhyun got a whole solo album and i'll see how you fakes gonna react.
He will be amazing.His anxiety is gone and he's working so hard.I hope we can have more years on solo because slaying is world.❤❤
we finally get to see James!!! I hope he keeps using the goat Han Solo tho!
The solo stages was Amazing 😍😍😍 . Really love the song 👍. For today Fighting as well, I hope the concert…
"Mannil Indha Kadhal" solo performance by me on iPad. Ilayaraja-SPB magic! Hope the current issues resolve amicably. Ma…
I'm sorry it's so draining for you - hope you can rest well this weekend.
Me: hey Jaz do you know who Hope Solo is ??. Jaz: Yeah, doesn't she go to chiawana... 😂😂😂
Has anyone seen lately? I miss their questions - was a nice alternative to chats when you don't have much time. Hope they're OK.
I wonder if Hope Solo knows her name is an introverts deepest desire.
jin singing his solo with b-army singing together, I hope he felt like he was on top of the world, because that's was our go…
I hope armys in the states shout at Jin during his solo "YOU CAN FLY". Sounds cheesy but it makes me emotional
I hope face in 1v1 solo mid. Goodluck bois
I really hope that all these rumours about Harry's single are true. Him releasing his first solo single would be incredib…
Hey, how are you this week? Looks like you've been scarce around here just like me. Hope you have a good weekend.
I hope we can have group FP instead of solo fan projects. And I hope not only VIPs and standing will be participating. 🙏
This article is less than a year old
Congratulations 🎉 to for the completion of that is his first album as a solo artist. Hope, you have a great day ahead
Solo bike parking in Amsterdam 🚲 Pansies make a lovely early Spring accent to any photo. 🍃 I hope flowers are...
thank you jungkook! Your solo was awesome! I hope you enjoy the rest of the tour!
namjoon! Thank you so much for your amazing performance. Your solo stage was Phenomenal!! I hope you have a safe journey. Thank you
"Honestly, legacies are something people realize over time. I know what I stood for. I know I never changed who I am."…
"I am proud of who I am, and nobody's going to steal that." - Hope Solo
All the ones I hope would stay, are the ones that fade away..
Ahhh youngjae's solo stage is so beautiful I'm so proud of him😭😭😭 I hope he releases more this is perfect 😭😭❤️
Never tell me the odds. Help me bring hope to a young refugee with my new campaign from Represent at
announcer: what a save by hope solo, she kept it out. me: THATS WHY SHES REGARDED AS THE BEST FEMALE GOALKEEPER IN THE WORLD…
Please help me fund the education of refugees! Every purchase from this shirt campaign gives a young person hope!
The USWNT, thanks to Jill Ellis and her "respectful process" and stupid decision of getting rid of Hope Solo dropped our ranking to no. 2
Kerri Walsh Jennings, the anti-Hope Solo in 1st Olympic defeat via
Seriously do Duck fans even like Blount? He's their Jerramy Stevens and Hope Solo in one ***
Goal USA reports that Hope Solo accusing Sunil Gulati of giving bribes to former members of FIFA.
So not like Hope Solo or Ryan Lochte -- humility/humanity in a sports star. I like that.
I still can't believe Hope Solo got fired from the USWNT because of a dumb comment 😢
Hope Solo is still a bad b who achieves great things
I honestly can NOT picture football without Heather O'Reilly /and/ Hope Solo
The moment Hope Solo reacts to termination is uncomfortably raw via
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What a surprised for us in concert today ? Cause Ys said "be ready to be surprised". Maybe Ys will sing solo japan ?. I hope xD
we suspended and terminated Hope Solo's contract for using coward but Kaepernick can sit during the national anthem with no punishment 🤔
I am pushed by my critics. I don't want to say I want to prove them wrong, but it pushes me on
I guess everyone is disgraced at the actions of Kaepernick...Were you just as disgraced with Hope Solo and Ryan Lochte?
Hope Solo's contract was terminated. She may be a good goalie, but she's an absolute garbage person. She disgraces the entire game of soccer
Hope Solo at career crossroads, will not return to Seattle Reign
It's interesting to hear everyone's opinions on the Hope Solo decision. Like it or not, karma is a b and she has had a punishment coming.
You secretly hope the Ian Kennedy HR would be a solo shot. Not tonight.
I hope after Mino's solo, we can get exit project do ur job
Some terminations go better than others...
Watch this. Pride in the next generation. (Looking at you, Hope Solo)
Am I the only one who gets happy and then immediately sad after reading Hope Solo in the news? We all want Han Solo news.
Video shows Hope Solo's angry reaction to being cut from U.S. Soccer
"We all fall, the key is knowing how to rise." -Hope Solo
I think Hope Solo was treated differently than most male athlete counterparts... Tiger Woods, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens. And more.
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Looking fly AF rockin polo on ya *** Never disrespect I'll go hope solo on ya ***
Will fans ever see Hope Solo represent the again?
USWNT just made a big mistake by terminating Hope Solo's contract 😭😭
⚡️ “Hope Solo was fuming about her suspension from U.S. Soccer”.
I hope Kang Sira could make solo debut too
*** they suspended hope solo from the USA soccer team & terminated her contract just for calling the Sweden team a bunch of cowards!
Is this the end of Hope Solo's career?.. Related Articles:
Hope Solo is THE REASON I ever started watching the She deserves better.
When people who don't keep up with soccer try to make Hope Solo into a victim of the oppressive patriarchy.
Crazy how male athletes wouldn't be treated the same way as Hope Solo. She only called the Swedish team "cowards" 😐😐
Still can't believe they terminated Hope Solo...
yes, I hope to come, a solo gallery show is a big deal for any artist, and your artwork will rock it!
no goalie better than chey. If you told me Hope Solo was better than her I would have to tell you that your lying.
Why does Hope Solo get punished for things male athletes do all the time?
guess there's no Hope for this Solo ride
Male athletes come back from actual crimes. Hope Solo's career is over because she (stupidly) called oppo…
"Seventeen f---ing years and it's over!". This is how Hope Solo reacted after learning her contract was terminated:
Behind-the-scenes footage of Hope Solo's reaction to her terminated contract.
Hope Solo decides to end her season with NWSL's Seattle Reign.
VIDEO: Hope Solo's furious reaction when she learned of suspension and contract termination! ht…
VIDEO: Hope Solo’s reaction to her contract being terminated:
think it's time for whoever has a Hope Solo jersey to throw that in the garbage💀
For my Pacific time zone friends: our will be on talking Hope Solo at about 7:35 a.m.
Hope Solo makes comments and gets fired. Ryan Lochte lies to police and gets to be on Dancing with the Stars.
Hope Solo plays for the soccer team for 17 years and gets her contract terminated. Ryan Lochte lied to Rio police and is gonna be on
So when does Jennifer Carpenter play Hope Solo in the soccer star's biopic?
Hope Solo takes leave of absence from Seattle Reign in wake of U.S. Soccer suspension
Hope Solo trash talks: suspended 6 mo. Ryan Lochte lies his way into an international incident: boys will be boys.
happy happy birthday my king I hope you're doing fine and you have the time of your life, I hope it all works out with your solo+
Hope Solo takes indefinite leave from Seattle Reign.
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I just poured my heart out to my man and sent him a million cheesy quoted pics but it's so FINE I hope he sees them even tho it's a solo dm
Happy Birthday to a great guy, good luck with your solo work, hope this year will be full of joy for you
Part 2 of the Mario Party 2 Solo Live stream. Hope you guys dig it
"At her peak, Hope Solo was both a problem for women’s soccer and its solution" 
This looks so effortless & cheap ! . It gives me hope its actually his solo 😭😂❤
It took putting one foot in front of the other every single day to get through it to the point wh
Goalkeeper Hope Solo banned from for SIX MONTHS after comments
U.S. Soccer suspends goalie Hope Solo for 6 months over comments made after loss.
Hope Solo suspended from for 6 months for sensitive comments during .
Hope Solo is banned for six months for calling Sweden "cowards" at Full story:
Hope Solo will not play for USA for 6 months due to a ban for remarks made at .
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING hope you have a great one I can't wait to see what your solo career brings I love you so much 💕
Hold up hold up hold up so Hope Solo got a bigger suspension than the time Phelps used a bong and as big a suspension as when…
Turns out what I *thought* Brazilian fans were chanting at Hope Solo in rio, is actually the Portuguese word for coffee. Who knew? 😝
i saw that 조 too..i hope Joy get to sing solo..
Yeah, Sheva definitely has the worst AI. Died 49 times on Professional mode solo in RE5. Died 5 times an entire No Hope campaign in RE6.
I hope u are getting good at this birthday and success in solo career babe! My daddy😘
Hope Solo taking indefinite leave from Seattle Reign
Messenger: The lesson in Hope Solo needs to filter down to youth ballfields via
And a solo 3000 but we've given up hope for that.
uh... I might have misread this... but it SOUNDS like you're defending Hope Solo? That can't be right; you're smarter than that
happy bday Lili hope your wishes come true I'll support you always I'm so excited for the solo career! ❤️
oh god! it's gonna be a Bobby solo??! for real!? I'm so ready ❤❤❤ hope he release it around iKON anniv 🙏💕
If Sungyeol is continuing that solo, I hope he performs AKB48 or Perfume or any of the Love Live! songs 😆
Hope Solo’s behavior, and play, spells end with U.S. team.
I never wanted to go to college in the state of Washington because I was so embarrassed and asham
hope you have a good one!! Can't wait to hear your solo stuff 💗
That's awfully lucid..I felt everything..Plants, branches, grass..I hope that's not a vision or something.
hello, happy birthday beautiful hope you Liam the pass very well, all to support your solo album,
Solo teaser pics are going to be released everyday let's hope the stylists will do their job right
Hope solo gets a 6 mo suspension for speaking her mind and Ryan Lochte gets on DWTS for vandalizing another country and lyin…
yes Cuzzo! Then I would get to see you more often. 😘 hope you had fun last night!
Your Hope Solo piece is naive and childish. The USWNT failed to suspend her for DV and the van incident to…
well I'd hope that if she did go solo that she'd get the attention she deserves
"I hope you know I meant what I said tonight...". "Lol you crazy. Wyd."
I thank you and the boys for what you do for the fandom and your selfs and a hope your solo career go's great have a great b-day
Hope Solo should have never been suspended, player's say mean words to each other all the time. The punishment don't fit the crime
Is it too much to compare Hope Solo's and Ryan Lochte's disciplinary actions?
hope they release it in 2017 with jyp girl have solo each month XD
Hope Solo's conduct in Rio was as embarrassing as Ryan Lochte's...TheU.S. team would be b…
Kelly: Hope Solo’s career reminds us being nice doesn’t matter in sports
Ah... Forgot this happened.. Solo'd last night in desperate hope of gaining Mio.. Got idolised Akira... -v-' Welp.
happy birthday babe. I hope that your solo career prospers 💕🔥
Not sure why Hope Solo took a vacay
Hope Solo takes leave from Seattle Reign after suspension over Olympics comments.Via
Can you really compare Hope Solo and Ryan Lochte's disciplinary actions?.
Controversy may have ended Hope Solo's contract, but her performance in Rio didn't help
USA Soccer should have just made Hope Solo do Dancing With the Stars with Ryan Lochte.
Ryan Lochte makes up being robbed in Rio his punishment is Dancing with the stars, Hope Solo calls Sweden "Cowards" and gets suspended. 🤔
Hope Solo got suspended longer for taking trash than NFL players get for beating women & killing people while driving drunk…
Hope Solo's actions and words have been questionable at times but this is just harsh & unnecessary. you got my full support
Hope Solo has been suspended 6 months. This will give her ample time to fix those beef curtains.
Hope Solo suspended for 6 months, Ryan Lochte should be too. If not longer.
Still less roast than Hope Solo tho
Hope solo gets suspended for 6 months for voicing her opinion but Ryan Lochte was "just trying to have fun" ***
Hope Solo has been suspended by the USA National team for calling Sweden "a bunch of cowards". What a ridiculous ban h…
US Soccer has suspended Hope Solo 6 months for "conduct that is counter to the organization's principles" following her Olym…
Hope Solo suspended for six months 🔓
Hope Solo gets suspended for 6 months? Wow she's still the best looking goal keeper I've ever seen
Hope Solo has been suspended six months after calling Sweden "cowards" following the USWNT's Olympic loss:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hope Solo 'saddened' by decision to suspend her for 6 months over 'cowards' comment.
Hope Solo suspended six months by US Soccer for comments after Olympics loss
It's funny how Hope Solo is almost the leader of those demanding equal pay & now for a comment she gets suspended & her c…
U.S. Soccer has suspended goalkeeper Hope Solo for six months:
Hope Solo being Hope finally caught up with her I see.
So wait. Them nudes that graced my feed were Hope Solo? Whet? Ok.
.The press release hints at a zero tolerance warning that Hope Solo ignored.
U.S. Soccer bans Hope Solo for 6 months over "cowards" remarks at Olympics via
Hope Solo suspended from US soccer team for 6 months (AP
Liam's "pay attention I hope that you listen cause I let my guard down, right now I'm completely defenseless" > any other…
Hope Solo loses her contract for speaking her mind while Ryan Lochte's antics land him on Dancing With The Stars? https:/…
I would want Hope Solo on my Hockey team! Maybe not polished but very intense and passionate.
The disparity between Ryan Lochte and Hope Solo is the definition of sexism in the system
The media portrays Hope Solo as a villain (she's the exact opposite, people don't listen), 8 news sources straight just posted on FB
Hope Solo received a 6 month suspension for comments after Team USA's lost to Sweden.well that's what she gets for be…
SI: Response to Hope Solo suspension from Rich Nichols, executive director, USWNT Players Association
Ryan Lochte dumped by sponsors. Hope Solo suspended for six months. It's easy to come down *** athletes you don't need…
My opinion on the whole Hope Solo situation. PLZ READ
talent always seems to buy additional chances US Soccer just needs to cut ties
Today Hope Solo got suspended 6 months for inappropriate comments while Ryan Lochte is now rumored to join Dancing With th…
So Hope Solo gets suspended for speaking her mind meanwhile Ryan Lochte gets cast on "Dancing with the Stars"?
Hope Solo got dropped like a hot potato tf
This is the letter informing Hope Solo her contract with the USWNT has been terminated.
If Hope Solo got knocked for 6 months, then Ryan Lochte needs at least a full year suspension for his silver hair alone.
You won't be seeing Hope Solo in a jersey for the next six months.
So Hope Solo talking smack about another team earns a suspension of 6 months, but domestic violence gets swept under the r…
Maybe Hope Solo wouldn't have gotten suspended if she made up a story about being robbed at gunpoint instead.
Reminder that Hope Solo beat up a child.
Hope solo gets suspended for 6 months for calling a team "cowards" but Lebron flops daily and still no suspensions. ht…
Hope Solo's response to SI on her suspension.
Hope Solo treated like a sports criminal as Ryan Lochte might be rewarded with Dancing with the Stars. Our planet is about to implode.
I don't get why athletes and champions can't be cocky. Hope Solo was punish more than Tom Brady.
Whenever I see Hope Solo's name in the news, I think for a split second that it says "Han Solo" and then I remember Han Solo is dead
so if Hope Solo's words caused her to get a suspension from USWNT, Ryan Lochte should be banned by for his actions…
Ryan Lochte causes international incident, US swim team is chill. Hope Solo calls Sweden's team cowards, gets suspended for 6 m…
Hope Solo: 6 month suspension from team. . Ryan Lochte: Nothing. Me:
Hope Solo suspended and Ryan Lochte is going on Dancing with The Stars?
.I know I've been harsh to you at times. But I still love you Hope Solo. Stay strong and keep America proud!
Hope Solo comes back in the next Star Wars movie...
So, we're agreed that Jennifer Carpenter gets to play Hope Solo in any movie about the US Women's soccer team, right?
I really thought Hope Solo and Jennifer Carpenter were the same person
Hope Solo has that Jennifer Carpenter look going there.
FYI I know the deal with Hope Solo now
Hope Solo should take a few lessons in magnanimity. What a poor loser but what else would you expect from trash like her.
"Hope Solo" it's a classic case of being a poor sport, too bad she had to do it on such a big stage, now she's getting just trashed😳
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We kept looking the other way for Hope Solo. What happened today is the culmination of that.
Armour: Calling Sweden 'bunch of cowards' should be last straw for Hope Solo
If Hope Solo has a son in the future and doesn't name him Han, I will be more disappointed than my mom whenever she saw my rep…
I'll bet that shot would still have beaten Hope Solo
Hope Solo changes her glove, giving us more time to freak out. Very nice.
“I get she’s frustrated…but I disagree with her completely.” on Hope Solo.​ https…
Hope Solo should be ashamed of her comments. The US lost a tough game, show a little class.
Hope Solo labels Swedish soccer team 'cowards' after USWNT loss
Hope Solo remains the epitome of a sore loser & a disgraceful winner. Way to Hope. 🙄
Harambe once went on a date with Hope Solo. Was one of the low points of his life he admitted. Said she ordered a lot of…
Hope Solo = the opposite of the awesome Simones & Michael Phelps
Hope Solo's comments reflect growing trend of rationalizing & blaming others when things don't work out. Sweden played by…
Just find it funny how Hope Solo gets all these passes when it is obvious she is a pretty terrible person IMO
Hope Solo's consistent & unruly, badass persona, her looks, and talent have gotten her far in life (especially w/me). Don't F it up.
Hope Solo's family better watch out when she gets home. .
Full Hope Solo quote on Sweden after US was eliminated from the Olympics today.
After loss, US goalie calls 'cowards'. We are big fans Hope, but sour grapes, unbecoming.
Seeing that Hope Solo's schedule just opened up maybe she can volunteer to be a javelin catcher.
Hope Solo really called Sweden cowards because they built a lead and employed a strategy to preserve it. Unbelievable.
Future TV reality show: Hope Solo and Tonya Harding, traveling cross country together in an RV and stopping to argue with people randomly.
Hey - Hope Solo is an *** Congrats on the big upset win and good luck going forward.
Hope solo is officially my least favorite US player in any sport. Disgraceful. Hope she doesn't take her anger out on her fami…
BREAKING NEWS: Alleged garbage human Hope Solo confirms she is, in fact, garbage. She should never again represent the Unite…
Post-game comments aside, Hope Solo's Olympic performance mixed. She's 35 and next major tournament is three years out.…
Hope Solo disgracing the Solo family name more than Kylo Ren.
US women's football goalie called Hope Solo. Her nickname better be 'Hands' or there is no justice in the world.
Hope Solo is the new name of our Christian singles' ministry.
It's a Movement, for peace and good sportsmanship.
Pia's quote is the sweetest revenge. Hope Solo approaching WWE villain status.
Sorry about Hope Solo. She's such a bad sport and poor loser.🙄 Congrats on your victory!!!
Hope Solo ripped into the Swedes, saying they had played like “a bunch of cowards’’
Just heard from Hope Solo. Here's what she had to say.
Hope Solo didn't hold back in her post-match comments.
Hope Solo's remind me of Ronaldo after Iceland draw in Euro2016. A team plays to their strength not to your game plan.
Hope solo, I love you in the field baby, but yous is a !!
As a 45 year long football player, that Hope Solo glove swap on the final penalty was the most cowardly thing I have witnessed…
For everybody who was like "No, men don't say stuff like Hope Solo did", may I present to you Ronaldo?
Former California Chrome co-owner Steve Coburn could have told Hope Solo that things can go south fast when you invoke the…
Hope Solo is my least favorite Star Wars character besides Jar Jar Binks.
Sweden's Pia Sundhage respond2 Hope Solo cowards comment: "I don't give a crap. I'm going to Rio, she's going home."
Got to read every piece "Hope Solo, tolerated and excused in victory, exposes herself in Olympic defeat"
Most discussed topic in Denver right now: Hope Solo
Professional athlete beats their disabled nephew to a pulp then claims their loss was due to other team's cowardice. Wow H…
These Olympics are all about girl power, women smashing records and killing it! We have to keep building each other up...…
Dear Sweden: Hope Solo does not speak for all Americans. Maybe any Americans, except herself. Congratulations on your win.
Don't go full on me, bro. Never go full Hope Solo.
The more Hope Solo talks, the more I applaud for dealing with her on What horrible sportsmanship.
Hope Solo will forever be Han's less gracious cousin
I love how the internet is ripping Hope Solo a new one just because she talked smack. Trash talking is normal and kinda fun.
Hope Solo, the Donald Trump of soccer. Sorry, world, neither of them represent the USA.
Hope Solo is the kind of person that proves that you can have shiny medals,prizes and outside praise but still be a loser inside.
Not saying I agree with Hope Solo, but I enjoy when athletes/coaches speak their minds. It’s sports, not international dip…
Hope Solo calling another group of people cowards would be like Jared Fogle criticizing Michael Jackson, Mark Foley or Jerry Sandusky.
What ever happened to sportsmanship? After the US lost to Sweden in soccer today, goalie Hope Solo called the Swedes a bu…
I just realized how much Hope Solo looks like Jennifer Carpenter
I can't tell the difference between Hope Solo and Jennifer Carpenter anymore 🙄
Richard Sherman never beat up his sister and nephew. Hope Solo has. "Allegedly"
Soccer: Hope Solo rips Swedish team as ‘cowards’ in sour-grapes rant | New York Post
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