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Hope Not Hate

Hope not hate (stylized as HOPE not hate) is a pressure group based in the United Kingdom that campaigns to counter racism and fascism. It was created in 2004 by Nick Lowles, a former editor of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight (from which it split in late 2011).

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Hope Not Hate are a small group of people, the left wing makes up around half of the country. Not really related.
Nigel Farage faces threat of legal action over Hope Not Hate accusation
Regarding Farage/Cox issue. Hope Not Hate is an organization that smears Muslim reformers as anti-Muslim extremists. http…
Conformist will feature on the forthcoming Hope Not Hate charity compilation alongside legendary artists Chris...
More than £500,000 floods in for close to Jo Cox's heart. via
When will hate end - Bomb threat forces Cathedral of Hope evacuated but worshipers vow not walk in fear
I'm meant to respect that she supported fascist organisations like 'Hope Not Hate'?
.So not PC & hate to say it, but after wins election, hope heads will roll at and and…
Hope Not Hate waste no time before using the murder of Jo Cox to beg for donations.
Just be aware if you donate to the Jo Cox fund money is going to the odious Hope Not Hate who exist to thuggishly silence…
Spread the message of hope, not hate because we all stand together.
not sure what the goal with this season was. Very painful to watch. TRULY hope this doesn't spark more hate instead of love!
Jo Cox backed ultra-left militia group 'hope not hate' - reap what you sew I guess... Live by the sword...
But remember if you do donate you're giving money to the anti-free speech fascists of Hope Not Hate
Anyone actually feel or experience hate from Nigel Farage?. Hope not Hate etc hate and physically attack him...
I will never fund Hope Not Hate whose behaviour suggests Hate Not Hope would be a more appropriate name. Ex Labour.
Jo Cox. Brendan Cox. 15/6/16. Geldof flotilla . &. drinks with Hope not Hate . all Zionist linked .
Why do hope not hate, the SWP and the UAF,who gave a voice to Lee Rigby's killer not come under press scrutiny?
- Hate Not Hope actually and they're Government funded, proven connections with MI5, Special Branch
PM used the term "hope not hate" that group has been targeting Nigel and his family for 2 years. Violent protests
Learning not to hate Fathers Day and instead just hope people appreciate theirs and understand how lucky they are to have one.
So go contribute to her charity and you can pay Hope Not Hate to beat up all the people who disagree with you
No better recipient for Hate Not Hope (sic), if you want to bankroll nasty, foul mouthed bullies who instigate violence..shames Jo.
Math may not teach us how to add love or to subtract hate, but it gives us every reason to hope that every problem has a…
Hope not hate the charity had income of £542,000 approx in 2014.
The dignity, humanity & love shown by all in Jo Cox's family is a true inspiration to all UK pp hoping that her legacy will…
Hope not Hate patrons are Izzard, Bragg, Glenys Kinnock amongst others.
Hope not hate Ltd is registered with the electoral commission so it's a political organisation. 1.
I am not stupid and hope there's somebody that trust me and want the best for me. I hate fighting for nothing. Hope to find good people
WOW. charity fund has raised more than £400,000 in first 24 hours
I hope hate-filled Roger Jimenez one day accepts he is *** Do not be afraid pastor.
Interesting,Brendan Cox was out drinking with Hope not Hate outfit night before the attack
Now neatly £565,000 . Jo Cox charity fund raises more than £400,000 in first 24 hours | The Guardian
->Searchlight, Hope Not Hate's 'parent', was widely distrusted in anti-fascist circles for its sectarian plotting + agenda-driven inaccuracy
I want to donate money to Jo Cox's memorial fund but I'm sorry, I didn't know Hope Not Hate were beneficiaries. I simply ca…
'Times' autopsy VII: National Action show of solidarity with Thomas Mair crass publicity-seeking - as is Hope Not Hate's publicising it. ->
Nasty 'Hope Not Hate' being given tens of thousands of £ from the Jo Cox fundraising. And they moan about people 'politicis…
And one, daughter of trade unionists, is a director of Hope Not Hate...
I hate snow but I'm not tryna come to school tomorrow so hope we're blessed with a blizzard
Nah, I follow them with the hope that they follow back so when I hate on em it’s *not* behind the scenes.
Not only do I dislike these donkeys but why all the negativity and hate against CAM. Makes no sense to me. Hope these Panthers put on a show
😂😂😂 i'd hope not. I'd hate for some 13 & 15 year olds going on 21 to throw shade at me
hope it comes back I would hate not being able to talk matey
I hope y'all don't think I'm rude bc that's NOT my intention but hate how people get mad when we treat them the way they treat us -S
Actual HATE seeing greys anatomy spoilers, mostly cause I hope it's not true
I'm sure it's gonna look amazing. I hope they do not use the dynamic resolution. I hate that on X1
yay for it not being finished. Hate that it's on a break, hope it won't lose the momentum- it's such a great show
hope you get better Ash hate to know you're not okay :(
Hate being sick, hope I'm better before rehearsals start 🤕
I really hope I don't die today cause I'm not wearing underwear and I'd hate for someone to find me like that
I genuinely hate not going to the salon to dye my roots but ohmygod money. *pls hope me hair doesnt loose any good qualities*
everytime Kuam News post a mugshot I always hope it's not a Chuukese.. The hate they have on us over there smh.
I feel so strong in my hate for Trump lol. And no it's not cause the stupid memes of him like I hope y'all are actually keeping up w it all
i hate drama & im not a petty person but im SO salty today 😒
I hope around the country are well compensated for NOT offering free wifi. I hate it when tries to force me to use them!
GMB West Midlands choose hope not hate
I cry I cry I cry I should not but I do I hate it I hate it I should not but I cry and I so really badly wish and hope to die please please.
Hope you have a good time in your tour. To bad you're not coming to PR but I don't hate you for that. I'm still a fan of you😊☺✈
Whether you love me or hate me I just hope it's the real me and not the wrong impression.
I hate when jobs require you speak Spanish. We're America not Mexico I hope their company goes bankrupted
I'm not even a huge superhero fan but I hate him so much omg. I hope the movie's trash and they give up on doing other movies.
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Hate this! Hope its not true. They don't need him.
I just hope people will let him do his take and not hate the movie just because it isn't like the 80s versions
ugh I hate humans :/ I hope you're okay,, people like that are just so disgusting and not worth anyone's time
I hate to say it, but something about Cruz does not feel right. Hope I'm wrong.
Look at this Internet hate mob I hope you're not affiliated with any certain candidate there pal
Hope to be back on here before Saturday! Leave you with one last thought NEXT: We are all your eyes in fr…
I do not thank the GOP for teaching me how to coldly hate from the bottom of my soul. I hope you are voted down so you never rise again.
I know. Just *** She lives 2500 miles away. Has kids. Just hate that she even has to go through this. Hope it's not cancer.
Hope not Hate - This is an invitation to join with over 70 community leaders of all faiths and non to an...
Well, now we know. We can cross her off the list of suspects. Drake, maybe? I hope it not friggin Burke. Hate that guy.
I hate him in when final exam mode and mode training. He really that serious. I hope not gonna face this lepas kahwin. Amboii
I hate to hear that you are leaving but, I hope it is not the last I hear from you. You are a unique talent.
Message from Hope Not Hate Deputy Director Jemma Levine:. Tommy Robinson (formerly of the EDL) is launching the...
Not Hate event in Central Mosque 1:15pm tomorrow
I want the panthers to win but not for the former Vikings. I hate when Vikings get rings but hope we get there next year
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I should hope not, because you'll be loosing a customer if/when it happens😡 Hate change and don't like using cards✋🏽
Well its not snow but I'm glad its raining. O and I hope SINKS INTO THE EARTH!! I hate you all
West Chairman and Bradford Hope Not Hate leader suspended from party . . https…
Jewish Chronicle says, 'Hope Not Hate has now lost its claim to be taken seriously':
The Jewish Chronicle weeps over Jewish-run Hope Not Hate's list of Islamophobes.
So-called 'anti-extremist' group 'Hope Not Hate' found to be targeting Muslims:
Anne Marie Waters and Paul Weston come together to debunk Hope Not Hate's OUTRAGEOUS lie about our Draw Mohammed...
Smoking hella weed waiting for my ride I hope they hate me because they paying me we not friends !
I hope everything goes as planned if not im going to hate my summer
A lot of Hate not Hope coming from the Natz & their Republican pals today.
I hate false hope so I'm not being bothered with anybody today
I hate having an injury and having no idea how it happened. I hope I'm not twerking in my sleep again.
Dear boss. I hate you. And I hope you fall and die. Just kidding. Not really fall you pig
and they do ban hope not hate members from joining UKIP
I absolutely hate the smell of cigarettes. Hope that's not only me.
We hate not seeing our customers on the weekend. Hope to see you on Monday!
oh dear, I hate that! Hope you're not missing the south too much. X
Westboro threatened to appear at the Biden funeral today. I hope they changed their mind. It's not a day to display how much you can hate
Excuse making, blame, criticism, hate, ridicule, hope, and wishing are not strategies.
I hope hate is not the avenue we choose in judgement of others. You seem to have become a reverse bully in words.
sometimes I hate to trust Allkpop but sometimes not everything is false with what they said. But... however I just hope the queens
I hope you know that we aren't friends. Soo I'm not included in this "i kinda hate my friends, low-key."
Made my first green smoothie, but I haven't tried it yet. Hope it's not nasty b/c I hate wasting food.
I hope my buses be on time this morning and not on games.. I really do hate to be late to work.
giving good parental advice to my lil cousin. I must say, I hope he takes the whole thing as well meant not as hate
The person who allows love to conquer hate is not weak; He or she is very strong and a beacon of hope for all of us.
I really hope all the hate stops please do not wish death upon people
1st thing that came to mind was a Brett Lawrie hate joke, but not going there. Hope the Boston fan is going to be ok.…
Really hope Enrique goes me hate his bird, an hate how much he posts of them on holiday Not played in about a year been on about 10 holidays
Super pumped for Jurassic World next week. I just hope it's good and it's not a love/hate film like Man of Steel.
As much as I hate you I still wanna date you, you better just hope I don't tell nobody 🎶
Hope Not Hate call counter-jihad activists "anti-Muslim" again, even though they are actually only anti-Islam. Yawn.
Hate seeing absolute legends finish careers like that, effing knees. Hope it's not over Juddy.
"the people you hate are a reflection of your own flaws" . ... . christ I hope not
People are not the same everywhere its a big world I hope you dont hate me.
I'm not a Juventus fan but I do hate Barcelona so I hope Juventus wins tomorrow.
I'm sorry for immature ppl in my fandom too. don't hate on idols it's not their faults hope u guys don't hate on jb
Question for Why do you support violent organisations such as Hope not hate & UAF. They both create more hate t…
I hate school. I see the primary school kids visiting my highschool and I hope for their sakes they are not like me when they get to yr11.
I really don't know. It's possible. I hope not all blacks hate whites. Maybe all hate comes from fear.
Some casual racism from Hope not Hate, along with sexism and poor geography
Hope not Hate's 'evidence' of UKIP candidate being racist homophobe was photoshopped by Carl Morphett-
I hate when people use the Bible for hateful issues. The Bible is a supporter hope, strength, etc. NOT something to be held over ppls heads.
hate this. … something I found hope its wrong and not FIXED!! Prove them wrong and GO WINGS!!
I hate the way Mayweather fights. I'm not paying $100 to see that scared stuff. I hope Pac knocks his *** out.
Ugh! I hate being unsure of things! This whole Eunjung and Elsie thing is making me hope it's not really Eunjung! She belongs to Jiyeon! Dx
god I hope not, I hate having my picture taken
I hope he quit that crap. Well I hate the book not have watched the movie & never will. the fall is the one of his best jobs.
I hope you boys stay up. Gave us a good game. Not sure on your manager lol but hey haters will hate
Hope the new Mad Max also hates Jews. If not, then I'm not seeing it. I hate it when remakes deviate from the source material.
I hope so. I'd hate to think that you only hang with me because you want to shag me. That's not me, honey.
I hate not knowing if things are going to work out
I hope my baby can get fixed 😔 I hate not being able to leave the house
I hate when people say 'I'm not going to vote but I hope they get it', seriously how many people say this when them votes could help them👊
Rory finally about to tee off, hate not picking my favorite golfer to win but hope he can surprise me
But why us hope not hate bad who ever runs it?
Its not anti immigrant to curb immigration, hope not hate are politically motivated and has some rather insidious elements
Why is funding hope not hate a problem? Surely we all want more hope less hate?
Well do you expect me to hear the words "yeah well I hate you so much I hope Edward Scissorhands tries to finger you" and N…
2. I do have a problem with them commenting on Immigration, voting UKIP, Israel, funding hope not hate, supporting UAF etc
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HOPE not hate news: asks police to investigate the BBC over Have I Got News for You
Win or lose, I hope not to hear from Breda O'Brien for quite some time. Her capacity for generating hate out of thin air would shame Satan.
Rowntree who sponsored CAGE also fund Hope not Hate & The Runnymede Trust (who brought the word 'islamophobic' into common english).
"I just hope he doesn't end up like he who shall not be named". You really do hate him don't you 😂😂
hope so. Hate this club by far the most. Not one aspect of it is appealing.
hope in bo3 you can choose wether or not you want to join in progress... Hate joining 18-0 uplink Matches
that's the cutest thing ever 😭😭 I hope so, just hate being told I'm not good enough and picked on day in, day out 😔 xx
HOPE not hate news: candidate jokes Durham river deaths are work of 'a serial killer'
HOPE not hate news: North Ayrshire candidate spells her own name wrong on election leaflet
HOPE not hate news: are 'anti women, anti diversity, anti NHS and downright dangerous', says union boss
I really hope you don't hate me & I'm not annoying and sorry if I am but I love you so much 💜
I’m not saying I hate her, but I just hope she gets fingered by Wolverine.
up to being nominated for and a finalist in the ITV Local Hero awards for Wales (2) Shame on you Hate Not Hope!
I hope to see the United States balkanised in my lifetime but not because I hate the people there. Quite the reverse in fact.
Here it made Hope Not Hate as well, read the one and only response ***
Theresa May's proposals to ban extremism are an affront on liberty as they would extend to stopping the rights of peaceful protest by political activists. This could be used to topple UKIP and freedom of speech. This could well mean demonstrations by the likes of EDL/BNP/Britain First are all banned, along with the UAF, SWP, Hope Not Hate, and Anjem Choudary's merry band of followers. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with these groups , UKIP believes in the right to peaceful protest and the right to freedom of speech and Theresa May's proposals are going to be brought in via the back door under the handy cloak of 'terrorism' and 'extremism'. These terror laws are being abused by this government and this is why UKIP understands we need a firm approach to address the problem and this must start in our schools and prisons. Education is key. It seems the Tories are changing strategy here and they are finding they can kill more than two birds with one stone as well as halting a political UKIP surge. ...
From the archives Joe Strummer chatting with Stevie Wonder and Hope Not Hate concert confirmed
LOL! Quite possibly. Hope Not Hate seem to do a lot of 'hating' these days; and Unite Against Fascism seem fond of the Jackboot.
Here we go again Nigel Farage on BBC Sunday politics and again Andrew Neil opens the interview with silly ridiculous questions! Let's start discussing UKIP policy and not what expelled members had said. This is absolutely ridiculous BBC have no interest in actually discussing the issues of these elections. Let's discuss the EUROPEAN ELECTION!! We are a party under scrutiny like no other. on top of my normal calls and duties I get letters and phone calls from the likes of Pink News , Hope Not Hate, Animal rights groups. The pink reporter in particular rang past 9x at 12am one Wednesday night and started bombarding questions at me as soon as I answered all because I have UKIP attached to my name I get all types of calls from English groups looking any kind of story at all.
Leeds Student Resistance has heard some reservations about us merging our event with the Hope Not Hate Day of Action against UKIP that will take place tomorrow. Here are some points of clarification so that people understand where we are coming from. 1. Leeds Student Resistance by no means supports Hope Not Hate. We understand that they are a Labour front and less than supportive to POC communities. 2. The West Indian Centre is in heart of Leeds Afro-Caribbean and Asian communities. It is frequented by members of those communities and serves as a base for community events. 3. Leeds Student Resistance is made up of Leeds area university students and those who are former students of some of the many higher education institutions in and around the Leeds area. Apart from myself and a few others, for the most part, many of the member are largely white. 4. We are attending the Hope Not Hate event at the West Indian Centre to make links with those in the Leeds Black & Asian communities and also to see what Hope ...
Indeed, the Jewish brother of the Jewish leader of the Labour party David Milliband in a speech to the Rothschild org the Fabian Society, congratulated Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge MP for the help given by Jewish groups like Hope Not Hate, Nothing British, UNITE and the UAF; funded to the teeth with election shekels by Zion, for their conclusive destruction of the BNP in that election through a campaign of anti-white hate, bile and lies all beautifully and luxuriously printed and distributed to every member of the electorate no expenses spared. This as communist Post Office trade unionist postmen dumped many thousands of BNP leaflets into rubbish sacks and over bridges into canals. It was down the drain for the indigenous but “first post comrades” for the boys from the B’nai Brith. Nick Griffin an arm of the state intelligence apparatus or is he real? He is certainly either an MI5 plant or a criminal or a coward or all of the above. There are those who say that if all we have is a coward in British na ...
This morning: Should Theresa May ban Gabor Vona from entering Britain for a rally on Sunday - even though the Hungarian fascist is a democratically elected MP and leader of his increasingly powerful Jobbik party. Yes, say diversity campaigners Hope Not Hate. But what about his right to free speech? Or does a man branded anti-Semitic who rails against gypsies have no right to preach his politics of hate?
UKIP-Hope Not Hate story updated with quote from UKIP: >> "It is no surprise that…"
As the EDL plan their upcoming protest in Bradford during October I wonder when the extreme right wing will get the opportunity to debate the extreme left wing. We must understand that both extremes have elements dangerous to freedoms but that should not takeaway from freedoms of expression. On the other side of the coin the Muslim Defence League, The UAF, Hope Not Hate and the Respect party to name a few left wing extremist groups are given the platform for debate and indeed are often listened to by the centre parties yet the right wing extremists are excluded from debate and often ridiculed. In the spirit of peace and non violence a serious debate should be had and the media has a duty to facilitate that debate. Better debate than riots! Give Tommy Robinson a voice and let people draw their own conclusions. Debate taboos such as Islam, racism, fascism, intolerance and radicalisation. If we are to bring extremists towards the centre for the good of civil society a dialogue between extremist must be esta ...
Seeing other people make it should give yu dumb *** hope, not hate.. *** backwards.
I really wonder what Hope Not hate do all day as they seem to spend too much time trying to smear UKIP members and attempt to ruin people
Countryside Alliance, Christian Aid, Hope not Hate all calling for to be scrapped at packed Glasgow meeting
Have made it to Hope Not Hate fringe on the Lobbying Bill with - first fringe I've been to with a sit down meal!
Good spot by the Hope not hate brigade: Thurrock UKIP Councillor's Nazi Past
The Daily Mirror and HOPE not hate celebrate 6 years of partnership: Last week some of our top activists joine...
Is it me or does Nick Lowles from hope not hate, look like Alan Carr?
I hope you are well, I hope not hate us, we love you and want the best for you! please follow me? thank you! :) ♥
Nick Clegg left antisemites in his party yet hope not hate are campaigning against UKIP .Why the warped obsession?
HOPE not hate international: Greeks protest against Golden Dawn attack on Communists
you know I support you in your decisions you make, I hope not hate us, please follow me? thank you i love :( ♥
I hope not!!! Hate being sick in summer esp living here in GY
HOPE not hate blog: UKIP leader fights back amid furore over selection of West Midlands candidates
HOPE not hate international: Breivik starts studying politics at Oslo University
HOPE not hate news: EDL leaders deny Lee Rigby march charges
HOPE not hate international: Communists attacked and beaten by Golden Dawn gang
HOPE not hate news: Mosque plan dropped but EDL protest to ‘go ahead’ in Sheffield
HOPE not hate blog: Haverhill town council at war after 'joke' race comment from UKIP councillor
I hope not, hate Carlton. Yeah I think the same for the GF
Hope not Hate: Exposed!: Hope not Hate : Aggressive hypocrite supporters (Billy Bragg)
An interview I did with 2011for as part of campaign,
Hope not Hate accused me of being 'dull' earlier, I took it as a victory and wore it with great pride!
Great turnout for Hope not Hate meeting with Wavertree residents and
& Nigel Farage telling blatant lies about Hope not Hate: Watch video here
Time to stop telling lies about Hope not Hate,Your interview with Coventry Telegraph was laughable and full of untruths
Hope Not Hate attacking the late Sir Patrick Moore? Sounds about right. By classless society, do they mean displaying no class or decency?
How the People of Britain are being lied to Category: EDL News Published on Tuesday, 25 June 2013 19:33 Written by William Tyndale Hits:1182 Hope Not Hate or, as we prefer to call them, Hate not Hope, have written and published an open letter to the Home Secretary, Theresa May. In the letter they call for the Home Secretary to deny visas to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. They are asking this on the grounds that Pamela and Robert incite hatred against Muslims, and are racists. The basis for this misleading claim is complex and for the moment we will not go into detail, suffice it to say, this is all part and parcel of the lies, deceit and fact- twisting that the left and organisations such as Hope Not Hate are and have been perpetrating on the British public who largely rely on the intellectual and ruling elites of Britain to tell them the truth and guide their opinions on truth and fact. Unfortunately for nearly 50 years, the political left have been subtly twisting the facts and the truth. They have . ...
Drummer Lee Rigby's family asked that people should not use Lee Rigby's tragic death as a reason to attack other people. Nick Lowles from Hope Not Hate posted "We are aware that the EDL want to turn Saturday into a day of hate with events all over the country. We so far have a list of 31 events in towns and cities across Britain but we are expecting there to be many more. The EDL will be using these events to stir up trouble and incite violence and in doing this they will be helping to ensure that Michael Adebolajo’s boasts of starting a war in England is proved correct. We need to reject their hatred and ensure that our communities hold firm against this provocation and aggression." I'm sorry did I read that properly?? According to all the video footage the only groups that turned today into a day of hate, stirred up trouble, incited violence, and actually were violent (beating up a lone man) and 58 arrests were UAF, Antifa and HnH. Talk about hate, it was literally pouring out of every pore, I have ne ...
The news that 'Hope Not Hate' (HNH) is funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government should come as no surprise to UKIP members and supporters. This Tory-led regime is desperate to c...
The EDL Hatred spread by Hope Not Hate Let me make this perfectly clear first of all, I have no connection to the EDL, I do not support them, I have no vast knowledge of them, other than what I have researched for myself and I do not condone violence as a means to an end in any situation whatsoever. There has been an ever growing amount of hatred blasted around about the EDL since the death of Soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich and some of the things that have been occurring have left me somewhat kind of bewildered as to the anger people are showing. It is almost as if some people actually hate the EDL more than they hate the two that slaughtered Lee Rigby in broad daylight on the streets of London. To me that clearly shows there is something seriously wrong with the way we are reacting to such an horrendous crime. Hope Not Hate & Anonymous seem to have joined forces in directing so much hatred at the EDL people are actually forgetting what the real crime is all about, does this worry anyone else? So lets take ...
'Supping with the Devil'... 'Hope Not Hate' declares dirty war on and its growing legion of supporters...
supporters have no idea yet what to expect from 'Hope Not Hate' fanatics... we'll show you how this dirty war works in real time...
This weekend, the EDL are holding hate-fuelled demos across Britain. Add your name to Hope Not Hate's letter to the Daily Mirror to stand with the fair-minded majority of Britons.
Hi, This weekend, the violent English Defence League are holding demos across Britain, exploiting the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby to try to stir up Muslim hatred. Please take a few seconds to join with me and take a stand against this ignorance; sign Hope Not Hate's letter to the Daily Mirror, being published in Saturday's paper:
I bet he was a member of Unite Against Fascism. Also Hope Not Hate. Wouldn't surprise me. Lovely work. x.
Now seeking: Young Aspiring Interfaith Leaders! Americans for Informed Democracy (AIDemocracy) is a national youth network debating and speaking out about US global engagement. We are young global citizens demanding a more peaceful, healthy, just and sustainable world. We are seeking a new class of Innovators in Cultural Diplomacy, as part of our flagship Hope Not Hate program fostering greater understanding between the US and Muslim worlds. Innovators are proven young leaders eager to lead dialogue and events promoting interfaith understanding on their campuses and in their communities. Innovators will spark dialogue around US-Muslim understanding, receive high- level training, lead campaigns in their communities, and draft an action plan and curriculum for empowering young leaders around interfaith issues. This is an exciting opportunity to build strong leadership, organizing and communications skills, and to draft and lead concrete projects that make a difference in your community. About Hope Not Hate: ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Nazi Nick from Hope Not Hate to Ban the English National Ballet ! (More Anti-English behaviour from Labour's Dirty Tricks Department)…
It is the final week of the UK election and Hope Not Hate needs your help. Sign up at to get in...
Hope Not Hate, UAF and Searchlight are headed by White males. This is clearly institutional race bias. Unacceptable racism.
A great one from our friends at Hope Not Hate and Nick Lowles
Now at the Hope Not Hate curry evening. Great speeches from Kevin Maguire, Eddie Izzard, Nick Lowles.
Hope Not Hate threaten 'severe consequences' if Tommy Robinson airs infamous Islam film. Should be broadcast on national TV.
Screw you Aidan Burley & Daily Mail, this is my country. Sign Hope Not Hate's wall
Billy Bragg, there is power in a union, manchester acadamy,12th march 2011,Hope Not Hate.
The man accused of threatening a suicide bombing as he stormed an office on Tottenham Court Road was a candidate for the British National Party, Hope Not Hate have revealed. The news leave Nick Griffin with egg on his face – after the BNP leader used the incident to make jokes about Muslim extremist...
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