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Per SI/, Hope Hicks denied, SI explained the reporting, stood behind it + as a "courtesy" noted the denial.
Hope Hicks is going to win the Iron Throne.
Hope Hicks looks down at her notebook. With a red pen she neatly crosses out the name:. -PAUL J. MANAFORT. She smiles a…
Over dinner, Hope Hicks tells President Trump that Ponzi scheme conmen are moving in next door. Charles Krauthammer learns to cook.
Hope Hicks does a hilarious impression of North Korean propaganda in this quote to
Hope Hicks (supposedly). Senior communications advisor. I'm sure she's really needed…
Kimberly Guilfoyle way Hotter than Hope Hicks, ..just sayin.. Plus is a Lawyer.…
Had a dream last night where Hope Hicks was urinating on a bust of William Howard Taft. Woke up & every tap in bathroom was running. Spooky!
Congratulations to President-elect killer communications team Hope Hicks,
HUGE congrats! This dream Senior Communications team is headed for the WH! Hope Hicks,
Congratulations to & Hope Hicks - a fantastic communications team for
DJT selects Hope Hicks as Assistant to the President and Director of Strategic Communications. Congratulations Hope 👍…
Congratulations to our great Comms team of Hope Hicks, and
Thank you for this amazing honor. Excited to join Hope Hicks
FOUR STARS*! Hope Hicks. Trump names his White House communications team ht…
See Michelle Obama, we do have hope. Her name is Hope Hicks, Assistant to the President and Director of Strategic Commun…
Trump announces Sean Spicer as press sec; Hope Hicks director of strategic comms; Jason Miller director of comms; Scavino…
"Hope Hicks is the new Sam Seaborn" was never a sentence I ever thought I would need to type out.
WaPo: President-elect Trump named Sean Spicer, Hope Hicks, Jason Miller & Dan Scavino to senior roles on the White House communications team
Strange. Hope Hicks told the Dallas Business Journal Trump sold his Energy Transfer Partners stock in July:…
Juanita Broaddrick telling reporters Breitbart paid for her travel expenses to the debate… BUT: Trump spox Hope Hicks tells…
happy birthday Brooke Marie, hope you have a great day! 💕✨
To the Hicks who used young foxes as captured sacrifices to a pack of dogs - I hope only bad things happen to you.
Hilarious article on right hand woman, Hope Hicks, and their errant campaign to lead the free world.
Sources tell me Paul Manafort is now the campaign manager. Hope Hicks will stay on, but more Comms staff will be added.
*** hath no fury like a Hope Hicks scorned.
I've wanted to read a Hope Hicks profile for ages & delivers the strange goods.
I hope I don't get sick from eating this
pt. 2: I hope the summer brings more hand holds🎓🎉✨
Here's where you recognize Donald Trump's press secretary, Hope Hicks, from: via
Please stop what you're doing and read profile of Hope Hicks:
Finally,Hicks said that the hope is will be released this year, once the marketing budget has been raised. https…
MT Ever wanted to read a GREAT longform about a clown? This one is a classic:
Deep thoughts by Hope Hicks: Trump supporters don't read Vogue.
The crazy, unexpected rise of Donald Trump's 27-year-old campaign press secretary
Hope Hicks came out & intervened w/ security officials trying to escort reporters out, found space for us http…
GQ’s profile of Hope Hicks tells us a lot about Trump's view of women:
The story of the 27 year old woman running Trump's PR. So worth the read. (And screaming to be a musical hmm)
The Mystifying Triumph of Hope Hicks, Donald Trump’s Right-Hand Woman - GQ and the brain trust
This is fantastic profile of Hope Hicks, Trump’s press secretary. MUST READ!
Turnbull: 'normally I wouldn't make a political speech to a volunteer group' - but you're probably gullible hicks (I hope)
I hope chapman gives all those fat hicks some chin music
5 things you don't know about Donald Trump's unlikely spokeswoman . vs.
"I literally will suck the f***ing blood out of his skull by the time I'm done with him"
This is CRAZY. I'm technically older and more qualified to be Trump's Press Sec. than this chick
You know, I hope for the length of time we have all been waiting for console is worth it!
This article is so bizzare and fascinating all at once.
14 Things to Know About Hope Hicks, only young woman in Donald Trump's inner circle ...
.spox Hope Hicks confirms they surpassed $2 million in online $ raising less than 12 hours yesterday.
Donald Trump's press secretary was the OG It Girl. Mind blown.
Thank you for an amazing year! Sharing behind the scenes moments of Here is Press Secretary, Hope Hicks! https:…
People are searching for: hope hicks - - June 22nd 2016
Things Melania Trump should consider... 1)How DOES Hope Hicks "relieve" Trump's stress on the trail?
I thought this Hope Hicks profile by was really, really well done. Particularly loved the lede:
GOSSIP GIRL HERE. A little bird told me that there's more to Little J than meets the eye. .
Interesting profile on her yesterday
This is the queen of all scoops!!! Also remember how Chuck Bass had a pet monkey in the books?
Hope Hicks, Trump’s press secretary, was the cover model for a 2005 Gossip Girl book
Miller U will say anything to stalk Hope Hicks including making up new lies about Trump campaign.
If Hope Hicks uses it, I'd ask the campaign for compensation for the idea, but they don't have the money. har har har har
Trump begins each day by reading 30-50 of the top Google News results for his name, printed out and handed to him. https:/…
Hope Hicks saved a copy her notecard dictation of Trump's statement on Muslim ban "as a piece of history"
Interesting read about how a 27-year-old became press secretary for Trump:
Hope Hicks was the cover model on the It Girl series this is FANTASTIC news
I interviewed Donald Trump for my profile of Hope Hicks, out today and on newsstands in the July issue: https:…
Positive story about the Trump office and his press secretary. Nice read in the midst of all the negativity.
Trump’s spokeswoman doesn't mind upsetting the media and harbors no reverence for the civic duties of a free press
when is hope hicks gonna be fired along with Katrina. The entire Donald campaign is garbage
Now that Trump's campaign manager is gone, Hope Hicks is more important than ever:
Who is gonna tell Hope Hicks no one cares what has to lie about?
Trump's spokesperson: 27-year old with no experience. Interesting profile piece on her | GQ
Fascinating Trump campaign interaction brought to you by
What we know about Hope Hicks, SMU grad and Donald Trump's secretive press secretary, reports:
Fascinating profile of press secretary, Hope Hicks. via
What we know about Hope Hicks, grad and secretive press secretary
Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks: "There are no fundraising concerns whatsoever. The money is pouring in.”
Trump campaign Spokeswoman Hope Hicks did not respond to repeated requests for comment.
Hope Hicks tells me tomorrow's speech is the delayed anti Hillary Clinton speech.
You suck at your job don't take it out on Hope Hicks. Don't worry, Paul Manafort fix it. As per usual
Lewandowski & Hope Hicks screaming on the street in Manhattan over public disclosure of changed roles.
Hicks & Lewandowski argue on a NY street about campaign roles. Article not eventful but stunning pic of Hope Hicks.
Trump spokesman Hope Hicks and campaign manager Cory Lewandowsky get into fight in the street
Hope Hicks was seen screaming “I am done with you!” at Corey Lewandowski on the street in Manhattan
Corey Lewandowski and Hope Hicks were seen having a public screaming match on 61st Street in Manhattan last night
"spokeswoman Hope Hicks &campaign manager Corey Lewandowski were seen having a public screaming match on the street"
Trump's hot PR woman Hope Hicks sighted after
Important Trump update, per campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks to me: "There are no changes to the earned income tax credit."
Hope Hicks describes the white people in South Carolina
Congrats to the winners of the Distinguished Young Women Competition for Greenup&Boyd Co! Morgan Casto & Hope Hicks
Griffith, David Parry – With great sadness the family announces the passing of David Parry Griffith, who passed away peacefully at home on Saturday, October 27th, 2012 surrounded by his family. Born 1939, in Wales, UK, he was the son of the late Harri and Nancy (Jankins) Griffith. David was owner of Spuds “N” Things for many years and had a passion for playing games with his children. He was an avid Bridge and Crib card player. David was a sports enthusiast who enjoyed watching his Welsh Team Swansea. David will be sadly missed by his only son Ronald (Denise) of Kingston, NB; daughters Dawn Snyder (Lloyd) of Lower Sackville, NS, Rhonda Goucher (Ray) of Kingston, NB, Gail McKay (Colby) of Norton, NB; grandchildren David, Dan, James, Shawn, Johnathon, Courtney, and Emily; aunt Dilys; special friends Dave and Hope Hicks; several cousins, nieces, nephews and many friends. Besides his parents, David was predeceased by his wife Erma, sister Ann, and granddaughter Sarah. The family would like to offer thei ...
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