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Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam, is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the US states of Arizona and Nevada.

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Its the U inside the circle. A certain kind of kosher.
Hoover Dam, in Blendon Township, near Westerville, Ohio, dams the Big Walnut Creek to form the…
This hits my rubber stamp loving soul. 💕
I want one of those rubber meat stamps and food safe ink certifying me vaguely gentile.
The sun is shining, the ground is covered in snow, and I left my sunglasses in the car. I CAN'T SEE!
I wonder how packed Hoover Dam is gonna be today? 🤔
Hoover dam at night. Wow. Sight seeing. Dope
I need to do a Yuri on Ice unicora, as it's canon he's a Sagan Tosu fan
This we bring you the otherworldly of the Topock Marsh, in the Lower Colorado River Valley…
both are Kosher certifications & you don't need a certification to be kosher :)
First stop Santa Fe, then Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, last but not least Las Vegas.
Did a nice little driving tour of Boulder City and Hoover Dam, with…
do you need pics of Hoover Dam? Or as the locals call it Boulder Dam?
Lake Mead-Lake Overlook. This place is quite hidden I must say. We were getting back to Vegas from Hoover Dam. It was somewhere on slight r…
Lake Mead, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam,Boulder Dam, the Valley of Fire,Death Valley, Zion Natn'l,Bryce canyon. 🚗to all.
H. Hoover was an accomplished civil engineer. The Boulder Dam was renamed to Hoover Dam in the '40s (once FDR had passed. :)
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Just a few final stops today before getting on a plane back to the cold... (@ Hoover Dam in Boulder City, NV)
Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam, is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the …
Hoover Dam - Boulder Dam - Hoover Dam. If can't get this done then should resign
Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and Red Rock Canyon are some great places to see.
Rialto to Williams to flagstaff to The Grand Canyon to Las Vegas to Hoover Dam to Rialto this weekend
My trip from LA to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and finally the Hoover Dam.
yaaa pergi sekali seumur hidup can la. I'd go to Nevada again for the Hoover Dam and Canyon! Not Vegas, deffo! 😂
I liked a video Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon Day Trip
20 something days and I'll be in Vegas/Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam etc etc for 3 weeks.
Who wants to see the Hoover Dam?! Grand Canyon?! Sign up now to tour with a group during
Soar over the Grand Canyon in class, and explore the sights of Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and much more!...
this will be my fifth time! But booking a trip to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam which I've never been to.
CBBC program about the Hoover Dam this a.m. So it's Bob Mould and Sugar all the way today. Now, that's a good idea 💡
Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃 // exploring Hoover Dam + Grand Canyon today then Vegas, again, tonight!…
Road trip to the Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam. Being a tourist today lol 😁
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Fun trip to see the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon
The fourth roadtrip photos post is up. It’s the middle of the third week, with the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.
Going on a virtual trip today..Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Hoover Dam, and Yellowstone!
The view after the first big turn out of our Boulder terminal, on the way to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.…
The perfect road trip starts at The Grand Canyon and ends at Hoover Dam, so you could start and finish right here...
This Day in History... - Located on the Colorado River, Boulder Canyon is located above the Hoover Dam.
Spent the night in Flagstaff, AZ after a long day of driving. Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam and ending in Vegas tonight. Have a great Monday.
Heading home after amazing 5 days... Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Sedona and highlight last night!
My parents flew over the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. without me 🙄💔
Requested compact car for drive from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam, this is what we were given. Works for me. Lake Mead i…
The largest dam in the world is Three Gorges Dam in China. It produces 10 times the electricity of the Hoover Dam.
Hoover Dam! It's dam in the Colorado River, on the border between Nevada and Arizona. @ Hoover Dam
ended up longer day (8 hrs)then planned.. Davis Dam to Hoover Dam // Willow Beach
Jay Ward is now spinning in his grave like a hydroelectric turbine at Hoover Dam.
On This Day. 1929: Herbert Hoover authorized the building of Boulder Dam, now known, of course, as Hoover Dam
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Visit to Hoover Dam! These are some pretty mountains, saw some big horn sheep here too later on
I highly recommend Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, & the parks in Oregon & Washington. I can't remember the names of ones I saw.
*Ryan's science class on electric charge pulls up pic of Hoover Dam* Me: "You've been there." Ryan: "DAM, son...!"
Good for them. I'm on my couch over the river.
there's a bunch of timbers bros in the fort point Starbucks
The Griswoldski Family took on Vegas, Hoover Dam, MGM, Red Rock Canyon in 1995. Vegas Vacation was being filmed.
Is your teaching like the Hoover Dam or Niagara Falls? Open up the world of knowledge for your students on Day 1.
hiking out at the Hoover Dam. Nature is beautiful.
you contacted the wrong person because I took Gnorris to Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam
Stopping here first before hoover dam
Sounds like something would do..."I could totally do a cartwheel on this ledge" she says at the hoover dam 🙈
When it was built, the Hoover Dam was the largest concrete structure in the world.
"so where is The Cube and Megatron hidden" - what max asks the guide during our Hoover Dam tour
I'm unsure it can't be both, honestly, given how seriously some people take their fandoms. But point taken.
Heading to Hoover Dam on the big grey bus!
true; JW's intent has always been to be creepy and unsettling
Don't you believe in global warming? this picture was taken at the hoover dam, water is supposed to reach the top
The *** is like the canals in Venice: Gondoliers should be able to travel through. The *** is more like the majestic Hoover Dam.
Judging by my mentions, people are clamoring for an anime about the black African Jesuit samurai
29 years ago today: my birth. 20 years ago today: first home game. I'm asking for a win tonight, is what I'm saying.
I’m refusing to wear anything 2012 forward for a little while over this UHC-ACA debacle.
I think tonight will be the first time I see with neither nor in close proximity.
On this day in 1986, "Captain Midnight" jammed HBO satellite signal to protest rates for dish owners. More>
I'm not surprised. 3000lbs of towing will pull a small popup camper, but it's pretty easy to exceed that.
Outback is rated at about 2500lbs for towing. Get the 6 cylinder and it goes up to 3000lbs
The only body buried at the Hoover Dam, is that of Nig, the Hoover Dam Mascot.
pretty sure that's at Hoover Dam. We going this summer on vacation
Ha! was developing a story of the first Black retainer for Nobunaga, last year. https:…
Jean-Claude Van Damme built this place with his bare hands. Hoover Dam. @ Boulder City, Nevada
Thank goodness we still have Bob Mould even on the edge of the Hoover Dam!!!
Listening to Bob Mould warm up through the front window of the Turf Club. "Hoover Dam".
Kayaking Colorado River from Hoover Dam to Willow Beach today! Can't wait, been dying to do this for a while now.
When you visit Hoover Dam, remember that building a wall on the border is impossible
Henry J. Kaiser, a Hoover Dam contractor, built/owned Tahoe estate of Michael Corleone in Godfather II - it's all the same.
Me and my uncle John at the Hoover dam. His first time here @ Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Vegas Strip at dust on Sundance…
I'm on a helicopter overlooking the Black Canyon, Lake Mead & the Hoover Dam! Flying between 2 different time zones 🚁
Touring the Hoover Dam & Lake Mead on a Trike Motorcycle with this hotty! What an awesome time!…
A good historical fiction to go along with this is Hoover Dam by Zane Grey.
📷 A pic of mine, taken as we were on the way to Hoover Dam. This is the Millennium Bridge - and a...
crackin' whip @ the episode 7 helm. He's got me busy @ a beaver @ the Hoover Dam. https:/…
Morgan Brian is absolutely my favorite player on the USWNT, adding Horan next to her is equivalent to the Hoover Dam on defense
Tom & Way in Boulder City before going to Hoover Dam.
in 1936 the Hoover Dam (Boulder Dam) was complete. Here's an aluminum model given to FDR by Six Companies, Inc https:/…
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Latest outs: Paul Chuckle, the Toffee Crisp-makers union, the abstract concept of self-doubt, the Hoover Dam and Panthro off of Thundercats.
try to make it to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam if you can. It's worth the drive.
My 2nd visit to Hoover Dam, enroute to Grand Canyon.. @ Hoover Dam
Visited the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam this weekend... my driving legs are busted up! Drove like 9 hours today, the last 6 with no breaks.
Yeah..very.. forgot how big Hoover Dam was for a quick second. Anyways! Lol it was a beautiful sight. Like something you see in movies.
So is huge fan of says he'll road trip btwn races this year. Doing what? Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, beaches...
I'll miss the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, surrounding mountains, sunsets, Freemonts light up canopy but not the fake ppl or loud party ppl
the entire road between Wickenberg, AZ and the Hoover Dam near Las Vegas. Too many ppl travel thru here
Hoover Dam,completed in 1936,it is located in Black Canyon of Colorado River on border of Arizona & Nevada in USA.
This weekend AK and I are going on a road trip😁 Palm Springs➡️ Grand Canyon ➡️ Hoover Dam ➡️ Las Vegas➡️ back to the Bay
Went to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas too! bet IF you go you'll not want to come back home!
Forgot to post a happyday picture, so: Day 7: Took a helicopter ride over Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.
Minutes from Vegas, check out the marvelous Hoover Dam
Thanks to for an amazing flight over Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon today! I highly recommend this trip.
Today spit off of the Hoover Dam and went the Pawn Stars pawn shop. If you ask me that's a good birthday.
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Hoover Dam, an engineering marvel, is surrounded by natural wonders.
the Three Gorges Dam in China generates 20x more energy than the Hoover Dam wow
What I use a "selfie stick" for: Over the edge of the Hoover Dam looking STRAIGHT down. 😄…
Hoover Dam, the Bureau of Reclamation’s _ multi-purpose project, was authorized by the Boulder Canyon Project Act of _?
View of the O'Callaghan Tillman Memorial Bridge from the deck of the Hoover Dam...
View of the Hoover Dam from 880 feet above the Colorado River, on the O'Callaghan Tillman Memorial Bridge...
Selects have arrived at the Hoover Dam. Heading up to the O'Callaghan Tillman Memorial Bridge...
congrats! Make sure you go to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, they're must sees.
Off to visit the Veterans Cemetery, Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon!
We made a quick, early morning stop at Hoover Dam on our way from Las Vegas, Nevada to the Grand Canyon National...
Las Vegas, Utah, Horseshoe Bend, Hiking Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and more made this the best…
thanks for the smooth flight into Las Vegas and the great view of Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon!
Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, those cool arch things in Utah (?) that's all good stuff I wanna see
Lucky they were still available? Hoover Dam completed 1936, Niagara first Dam built in 1917. What the?
Heading home after seeing the Hoover Dam, hiking down the Grand Canyon, and getting stitches on the way up.
Grand Canyon was just that. Ran out of light for Hoover Dam (gotta come back.) Filled our faces at a buffet. Off to Musical!!
Wandered The Strip, had Thanksgiving dinner, and saw Penn & Teller yesterday. Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon are on the agenda for today...
Comfy leather seats might mean a nap on our ride to the Hoover Dam. @ Grand Canyon Tours, Inc.
Lol Pawa just sent a video from the Hoover Dam saying it was the Grand Canyon 😅😂
Thoughts on Vegas...Awesome town!! Rent a car and visit Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon - well worth it.…
Hoover Dam - USA2015. Since about 1900, the Black Canyon and nearby Boulder Canyon had been investigated for...
The fastest route took us near, but not to, the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. At least we got to see the signs. . The signs were OK.
The rarely seen back of the Hoover Dam before it was filled with water, 1936.
Getting ready to go see the Hoover Dam! @ Tropicana Las Vegas
Julie Doucet is already a perfect cartoonist, in my humble opinion
, like Toriyama's cars or Doucet's scissors
one great thing about cartoons is looking at things you KNOW the cartoonist loves to draw
you know who draws good cars? Akira Toriyama. Dang, that fella can draw a car.
we hoped to originally, it was just too much for the time we had. We're headed to mystic springs, Vegas, Hoover dam, then home
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Cool details on Captain Tsubasa's new kits
Early start, now off to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon
Civil Engineers - Bechtel has a graduate programme for you! Their projects include the Hoover Dam - Check them out! .
Is that a tribute to that one tomato throwing festival
YOU should be a cool cat like and sign up to sponsor my capoeira group. 501(3)c tax deductible. Ask me for details.
Cat just chilling in Brockley Sainsbury's. Security tried to remove him. He sauntered straight back in.
Disgusting behavior from students and shows a real lack of leadership there. https…
The Hoover Dam before they released the water.
I have stolen. The cars. That were in your . Race. And which. You were planning. to use. In crimes. Forgive me. They were. So fast. …
This happens at least once a week. No, I did not sign up.
In honor of is giving out free roses to veterans and active military members.
Me: Am I OK to Hoover here?. Warden: No you cant. (Few seconds later). Warden: OK if you HAVE to. Listen lady, I dont give a dam if I hoover-
Same people who rant about "PC culture" are throwing tantrums over a Google doodle for not being white enough.
When u cannot be silent any longer &must speak ur mind (taken in Gladstone Park by Mark Shergold. . Ht ) ht…
I would throw you down if you give me anymore of your bulls***. @ Hoover Dam
The Hoover Dam : The Story of Hard Times, Tough People and the Taming of a...
Ace! Hoover Dam synth bits must have sounded weird
great trip to Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon today!!
Watch me take over the hoover dam before the civil war trailor is out
This is basically a Hoover Dam of denial
I'm not sure watching this film is a good idea, especially since I'll be going by the hoover dam in 36 hrs.
Gonna tour the Hoover Dam. But first, lemme take a dam selfie.
Day 4: Beautiful day at The Hoover Dam & The Mike O'Callaghan - Pat…
Oh!! Wife said no more dang! Notice that three subfloors come together here. It's like Hoover Dam!
"We need Borders." Hindsight is 20/20, Trump. The book industry did its best.
jennagrandi and I on the Arizona side of Hoover Dam on Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge from our trip to…
I lost like all arm strength. Ashima Shiraishi I am not
Tortilla soup with fresh ramen noodles, plus a garlic knot that was on sale
this is an entertaining segment with Sam . Wanted to hear more about Hoover dam.
Now, Cephalopoda, that's a whole other can of crawling things
I mean me an and got a great giant spider chat running
She made several of the one that sold--believe that one is another copy
Wanna see the dude we found in the Amazon?
she must have done a series. Similar work at DIA:Beacon
oh sweet Jesus no do not do that to me.
Oh, and you don't notice Maman is full of eggs unless you're standing directly below, which is part of the concept.
The only real drawback is they're not motorized
Not true. examples, the Interstate Highway System, the Tennesee Valley Authority, Hoover Dam.. too many to list
Colorado River/Black Canyon Kayak Adventure from the base of Hoover Dam to Willow Beach, Arizona - 13…
TWA DC2 flies over the Hoover Dam. Photo via the San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive. .
Lake Mead, behind Hoover Dam, is astonishingly low right now
Go to hoover dam, I don't even know if that's close or near Las Vegas😂 have you ever been to the Grand Canyon?
Hoover Dam on the border between Arizona and Nevada (© George Steinmetz/Corbis)
Hoover Dam and other world icons under construction
*** bro just had his asian homie go under the Hoover dam and a major earthquake just hit he finna have bro blood on his hands
see a show,eat good food,see hoover dam,Do coke off a strippers *** til You OD...Good times in the 702 eh?OORAH Sgt.
we went right behind the Hoover Dam
Just imagine the prospect of taking an old cathode ray TV, putting my head through it, and then throwing me off the Hoover Dam!
Why is everyone talking about Hoover Dam?
Agree it's in an unsustainable region, but Hoover Dam does contribute a ton.
I think he was referring to the use of renewable energy, most notably, the Hoover Dam. At least, that's what I think he was doing
thats like looking at hoover dam and asking where is the water? What debate are you watching?
O'Malley did, and from a pure grid standpoint they do have the Hoover Dam, but he's ignoring the other waste in his answer
Las Vegas is the most sustainable city?! Have you been to Hoover dam lately?
Could not build a city like NYC, or the Hoover dam, or attempt other great risky feats today. Paperwork alone 30 yrs
Governor O'Malley Nevada is one of the most sustainable cities is the US? Have you toured Hoover Dam?
Today we went to Hoover Dam. It's always a pleasure revisiting this monumental piece of history!
Las Vegas is green because they get electricity from the Hoover Dam. Are you going to build more hydro power dams O'Malley? No.
Seems like the Hoover Dam wouldn't implode so easily
shoot, as soon as I make up a good excuse to call off of work. until then, the only bday plans are Hoover Dam :/
Little Giant Ladders
The President needs a Big idea...Hoover Dam, Moon landing, How about California goal to end the state drought
Dude! You need to throw your phone off the Hoover Dam immediately. Nowhere else. Only the Hoover Dam. It’ll get rid of the virus
"I didn't even know there was water there!!!" -talking about the Hoover dam
someone could at least get the poor lad a Gameboy
Dad's in Nevada on business. I got him to get me a Hoover Dam postcard but..I need the Old Mormon Fort. and I can't think of where it is.
i was at least trying to be nice. I want to see your boy Lee Nguyen
for a good time look up Ghanaian movie trailers on YouTube
The Hoover Dam was built to last for 2000 years, the cement itself won't even finish drying for another 100 years!
One common misconception is that the Hoover dam was built with a single, continuous concrete pour!
She looks quite content in her new tank. 😊 So did you visit the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon all in one weekend?
Me vs a haircut and birthday dinner
my mom has been asking me what I want to do since I moved here and I keep saying HOOVER DAM and she ignores me ***
Suzy is playing a movie in the van so this could mean we're driving somewhere at least an hour away & I hope we're going to the Hoover Dam🙏🏼
Hoover Dam Express Tour is perfect when you're short on time
You claim that you cold, but I'm just a little cooler.. Observe my maneuvers, don't give a dam no Hoover
Dam thirsty. Nowhere is the drought in the west more evident than right here. @ Hoover Dam
Watching LIVE on Live from the Hoover Dam with Susan Sly
we don’t really encourage sharing of parking passes. It’s a membership benefit. (Also $10)
Hey Reb is at the Hoover Dam! One of the greatest engineering achievements in history, just 45 minutes from campus. http:…
can we fix this so it actually shows Hoover Dam and not Glen Canyon Dam?
sorry, but image 4 isn't the Hoover Dam. That's Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell on the AZ/UT border.
Hoover Dam build photos reveal the wonder of human invention: c. 1935Officials ride in one of the penstock pipes of the soon-to-be-co...
Some pics from our RV trip last week! Grand Canyon sightseeing & helicopter ride over Hoover Dam! 😊🚍🚁
Amazing day at Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon Skywalk. Having the time of my life
You'll love Dolan Springs, AZ only 42 miles from Hoover Dam and the home of the Grand Canyon Skywalk.
Lake Mead at Hoover Dam. The line shows how much water they've lost over the past few years.
See Grand Canyon West, Hoover Dam & Lake Mead from new heights in a helicopter
"The largest man made lake in the U.S is Lake Mead, created by Hoover Dam."
Awesome day in and around Hoover Dam and Boulder Nevada shooting for the GH Transport 2016 Customer Calendar.
I liked a video from TRAVEL DIARY: Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Arrowhead Lake,
domain names
Want to do comics version of The End of the Tour, which would be Dave Sim & Neal Adams driving to Hoover Dam talking hollow earth theory.
What do Hoover Dam, Yucca Mountain, and Clock of the Long Now have in common? They have to be here long after we die:
longread on the LongNow Clock, the Hoover Dam's star map, Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site & other deep time things.
I walked across the Hoover Dam to AZ. I saw a guy in a Matt Leinart Cardinals jersey. I'm really sorry about that dude
52K rounds of ammo sought for Hoover Dam, Lake Mead officers Photo: Getty Images
Experience of a lifetime today flying over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and best of all through the…
July 7, 1930 – Industrialist Henry J. Kaiser begins construction of the Boulder Dam (now known as Hoover Dam).
Experience Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, all of by helicopter, save $70!
1930: U.S. - construction of the Hoover Dam began by industrialist Henry J. Kaiser over the Colorado River in Boulder …
Kalabagh Dam could become the Three Gorges, Aswan and Hoover Dam of Pakistan only if Jahil agitators agree. .
Xi Jinping goes to the Hoover Dam. 'That's not a dam. That's a Vegas tourist attraction.'
to when I kayaked down the Colorado River. We kayaked Black Canyon starting at the Hoover Dam to…
Water level in reservoir formed by Hoover Dam dips record low: Reuters
Time is precious in See Grand Canyon,Hoover Dam,Lake Mead, & more by air 4hrs,lifetime memo…
Back of the Hoover Dam before it filled with water, 1936 (Bureau of Reclamation, United States)
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With all of the issues about putting a new face on why not use locations? Hoover Dam, Twin Towers, Sears Tower, Plymouth Rock?
Great place to Live, Work and Retire. Only 42 miles from Hoover Dam.
At -- View of the Hoover Dam from O'Callaghan/Tillman Bridge.
At -- The view from the top of Hoover Dam and that scary high bridge!
View off the Hoover Dam of the bridge & the Colorado River📷
Hoover Dam by Sugar from the album Copper Blue
Apr 30 1947- In Nevada, the Boulder Dam is renamed Hoover Dam a second time
Last week at the Hoover Dam (aka Boulder Dam) USA Look at the normal high level mark.
Fun day out at Lake Mead, Boulder City, and Hoover Dam today. Hope y'all had a great day too!!. http:…
At the Hoover Dam on the way back from Las Vegas.
Afternoons at Hoover Dam, crossing state lines and checking out the Colorado River.…
John Fleck:It’s not all Hoover Dam and giant canals
WebBot question - what if not Boone Dam, but Hoover Dam? 2.89 million dead, 220 million diaspora. Certainly a NWO target.
At -- Visited the Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam yesterday! Wind was blowing so ignore my hair.
what did you think of Vegas? Did you get across to the Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon?
Had a great day at the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. The bus was long but the view was worth it! Sick kids stay home.
Had this little gem for the trip to the Gran Canyon @ Hoover Dam, Las Vegas NV
Only 42 miles from Hoover Dam. On the main road to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.
Whose the *** who started advertising the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon together?
Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Palm Springs, San Diego & LA. There will be no relaxing allowed on this vacay.
A woman here just had an epiphany when someone explained to her that the Grand Canyon is different and separate from the Hoover Dam.
the Delusional. Apr 10, 1921 US announces plans to build highest *** in Boulder Canyon. u know,it BECAME Hoover Dam.
I added a video to a playlist Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Construction Time Lapse
On the road: Hoover Dam from the o'Callaghan Tillman Bridge near Boulder City NV
The biggest dam built by beavers is twice as long as the Hoover Dam
I have a 6, which works on my thumbprint or a number lock.
at the WC final you expected them to flash a crowd noise meter to see who was getting booed louder, him or Dilma
Like what, having to pay back the entire state of Rhode Island
Ever look back in the dressing room mirror and your poor legs look like they're holding up the Hoover dam 😂😂 I see spillage on the sides
The NHL Center Ice Roku stream delay is helping me train for the one
At -- First time at the Hoover dam with the familia today 😄👌
Studio almost cleaned up for season. Painting commences this week.
Hoover Dam! Walked back in forth between Nevada and Arizona 😎 @ The Hoover Dam & Lake Mead
Today in 1936, Hoover Dam is completed. 5 yrs, 100 deaths, $49M ($833M today). Can power 840,000 homes.
So whoever thought to do this commercial deserves a *** bonus.
Might have been a Cambridge licensed one. But still--usually this side of the river it's all Haitian or West Af gents
I seriously considered it, but it was driving past me, not my cab
I saw a Boston cabbie the other day who was a white lady. I know rite? Maybe she is Russian.
At -- Took Dan and Alvin to Hoover Dam today
At -- Got a great shot of the Hoover Dam!
I was now slightly awake enough to take a turn behind the wheel. I drove to the Hoover Dam.
Watching transformers and feeling depressed when I see the Hoover dam
Took this photo at the Hoover Dam. You guys get around!
I wish it was warm enough to go to the Hoover Dam
Today In Business, '36 - In what is considered by many as the greatest engineering job of all time - the Hoover Dam project is completed.
“Showing off the Lips, Jawline and teeth 🙈 your face gave me life and the hoover dam thank you
Bird's eye view of the majestic Hoover Dam
At -- No one got to the hoover dam its so boring -The Boy In Blue
1936 – The Hoover Dam is completed. 1946 – The Bank of England is nationalised
This Day in Diesel Punk History. In 1936 the Hoover Dam is completed.
Matt's friend last night was pretty cool but he was wearing a trilby and I had a hard time not going "nice hat, did yo…
Mom just tried to make me watch a Hoover Dam documentary...
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