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Honourable Members

The prefix The Honourable or The Honorable (abbreviated to The Hon. or formerly The Hon'ble) is a style used before the names of certain classes of persons.

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So glad to see honourable members getting along
Good Morning to the honourable members and Good morning to you Queen of soul..bless us my sister..
Honour? This is something that most of the general public don’t recognise in the ‘honoura…
Only members of the Privy Council are Right Honourable. Not MPs per se.
"Blah blah blah... look at smiley me thanking honourable members blah-blah but, I hope they will withd…
Today , President of Iran Hasan Rouhani and the honourable members of 'Majlis Khubgaran' (delegation of Ayatollah K…
And those members of the body, which we think to be less honourable, upon these we bestow more abundant honour; and…
honourable members there's a member across the room who's saying PHEZ KOMNYE!
Congressional Hearings. All the Honourable Black Congress Members are appearing to be straight race baiters. The pr…
Frank Field is an honourable man. The one that told Blair of Browns plan to scrap dividend credit on…
in Westminster Hall "I Join my Right Honourable friends, the Members for Richmond and Newbury, in suppor…
I'm no Tory, but to imply that you can't be a Tory and fight racism is widely generalising and wasting an honourabl…
Please make the cheque out “To whom it may concern, here is the undisclosed amount of money for 2 diesel…
Honourable members of the parliament!😂
Speaker: All in favour, say yea. MLA Jesperson: It's time for another legislature t-shirt tosss…
Open Letter to the Honourable John Horgan, Premier and MLA, B.C. Cabinet Ministers and all…
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Sadly the high quality of most of our honourable members means that they only twigged this today. This w…
.The level of brainwashed minds in Kenya is simply amazing. Even honourable members of parliament have dishonourable brains.
. Wow she (Nicky) is not a Tory. She has done nothing else but complain about various members of her…
15/ Key economists, including Nobel prize winners, tell us there’s no chance we can be better off outside the EU. A…
have submitted 23 out 187 letters to 23 House of representatives members on Friday 9th November 2017. We request the…
My Speech. Mr. on behalf of my colleagues, Distinguished Senators and Honourable Members of th…
. Greetings honourable Speaker of Diski Parliament and all Members of this august house
Honourable members of ssdiski & e president in advance dumelang, in point of oder ke yona
Honourable members I need to crush on somebody ngsizeni pleaselp
Congratulations to all the members of BJP party for a huge win in UP. AND specially to our h…
i tender an apology on behalf of all people of Sheikhupura to all family members of Murad Saeed n his honourable tribe.
This is the right way of putting this matter. Mr. RG & Mrs. Gandhi are honourable members of parliament.
And from the "honourable" members expenses fraud, we know how pennies matter to them...
I wonder how many "honourable" members are self-employed? After all, the changes affect only high-paid..
I've seen enough of the "honourable members" shouting "hear,hear" in the so-called 'mother of parliaments'. Schoolyard behaviour.
On Thursday, 09 March 2017, the Members of the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature led by Honourable Speaker BT...
Pity me i missed the drama due to current Drama of NA honourable members
Please, Who is paying for this? WIVES of Honourable Members Hold Retreat in Abuja 😲
."When they are 50 yards from Parliament Hill, they are no longer honourable members, they are just nobodies."
I hope a member of this faith does engage you on this matter,any honourable members we can engage?
. Nobody tries to make valid arguments now, just simple lies by supposedly "honourable" members of Couincil.
Mr. Karena: Members of carry titles of "Honourable members" only because they are required to transform…
'Honourable members always blame executive for taking over work of the officials' says Min Dlamini at on
Dlamini: the very same honourable members that are here want to blame the executive
I wonder how much of this presentation the Honourable Members have understood... I'm trying my level best to follow without success
Um just waiting for the part where honourable members start asking questions.
I'm waiting for Honourable Members to start asking hard questions, like why in the "new contract" is CPS charging R26 fee per grant
Good Job EVA. Thanks for attending..I agree, starts with
honourable members and our commentory president skotlolo size 11 Mthethwa. Marawa u now our general in parliament
That confirms everything I believed about the honourable members of the house. Jail bait dunces. Oh dear.
- Don’t allow PAS bill to divide the nation - By G25 To all honourable Members of Parli...
We want instant gratification, therefore honourable members you can forget
True but just shows that we can't even trust our "Honourable" members
As the honourable Members are aware, the so-called lapse of paramountcy was a part of the Plan announced on June 3, 1947
Can't say much, celebrating one of our honourable members.
Honourable members my man of the match is Pelembe
I genuinely am not, please tell me more. I know Gerard as a genuine hard working honest man who puts members first
The Honourable John McCallum, Canada's Ambassador Designate to China, spoke to CCBC members in Montreal today.
The way some of these Members of Parliament behave at parliamentary sessions, I wonder if they deserve the Honourable titl…
Honourable Chief Minister of Assam Sri Sarbananda Sonowal interacted with the students and faculty members of...
The Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller along with drpeterphillips and other members of the…
Gov and his Deputy are at the Venue for a Retreat organised for the Honourable Members of Kaduna…
Courtesy visit by Honourable Members of Kogi State House of Assembly led by their Speaker, Rt. Hon. Umar Ahmed.
If ever there were a time for Honourable Members of Parliament to prove to the British People that they represent them, it is…
Rather surprised the Honourable Members for Uxbridge & South Ruislip and Surrey Heath managed to dodge the Post Referendum. debate
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I'm sure all Honourable Members appreciate the wicked mustache possessed by the Member for Bow River.
"Honourable Members, let's not make *** of ourselves" IFP Leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi
READ ALSO: Jonathan And Buhari’s New Rival Read the full statement titled ‘Time to rebuild Nigeria’ below: The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, National leaders of the APC, Members of the National Executive Council of the APC, Your Excellencies, State Governors, Distinguished Senators, Honourable Members of the House of Representatives and Assemblies, The Chairman and Members of the Convention Committee, State and Local Government Chairmen of the APC, Distinguished Delegates, Members of the Press, Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen. 1. First of all, I wish to express my gratitude to the Chairman and members of the Convention Committee for planning and conducting a hitch-free convention. The same appreciation goes to the chairmen of National and State Executive Councils of our party. Thank you very much for doing an excellent job. 2. I would like to pay tribute to Chief Bisi Akande the first chairman of APC and his National Executive for managing the party in its early stages. 3. ...
Lisbon, 12/06/2014 - His Highness the Aga Khan today received the Council of Europe’s annual North-South Prize for his commitmen June 30, 2014 at 11:20am Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim Mr Prime Minister, Speaker Kinsella, Speaker Scheer, Honourable Members of the Senate and House of Commons, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Honourable Members of the Diplomatic Community Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Prime Minister’s generous introduction has been very kind. I am grateful for this invitation, for our association, and for so thoughtfully enabling leading representatives of our community and institutions, around the world, to join us on this occasion. I am thankful they will have this opportunity to see for themselves why Canada is a leader in the community of nations. I must also thank you, Prime Minister, for inviting me to become an honorary citizen. May I congratulate you on the gold medals of your remarkable hockey teams in Sochi. As an ex-player myself I was hoping you would requi ...
Pink to passify the *** out of all the excited "Honourable" members in their various parties paraphernalia, YES
I enjoy Parliamentary service this channel 408 is entertaining I'd love to be amongst the honourable members *one day*
well beaten today... You see honourable members.. take note... nothing wrong with apologising when you've made a mistake
Bercow begins with a cautious: I rely on honourable members to exercise restraint
Let Him Without Sin Cast The First Stone- especially that lot in the House Of Commons- Honourable Members- :D
Isn't it time that stringent law that regulate such level of indiscipline be instituted for these honourable members?
Do all you can to assist young people in everything they do addressing honourable members
some people when they lose close family members are overcome with grief, I think it's honourable of them to continue
Free All Fight in Edo House of Assembly: These men are better address as Dis-Honourable members. SMH
These Honourable Members of Parliament are on a roll of their own.
the cape brothers singing tomorrow in the parliament of the republic of Uganda. while Honourable members of parliament giving thanks to God
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So Comrades...sorry, honourable members, we have come to the end of our meeting -new BasicEducation com chair NomalungeloGina
Honourable Members in parliament clearly all left their manners in the toilet especially Honourable Malema.
The show of shame in Edo state by 'Honourable members'.
I don't know what they vote You for "Honourable members" to seat and look others talk or to deliberate on issues affecting your people?
The write honourable members -good title for article in Disraeli and Churchill both wrote novels,nice to be in good company!
i was hearing the Honourable members of the ruling party preach no corruption in their party .Hope they deal with this guy's
Thirteen honourable members of the Adamawa State House of Assembly withdraw their signatures from the...
The honourable Lechesa Tsenoli even expressed concern that members of NA are making house impossible to run
At the Lagos State Assembly, on one of the two elevators is written; "Honourable Members Only"...really, isn't this Apartheid!!!
There are NO honourable members in the government. More like - dishonoured Liars.
there is nothing honourable about members of parliament. They continue to squander state funds unashamedly! !
not sure if this will help! (when in doubt, phone the fabulous APH librarians!)
Honourable members and Up next is the US of A and Portugal, who's yo money on, sirs?
Was it not un parliamentary for Madam Speaker to refer to you as 'Morena'? Or these rules refer to some honourable members?
I feel like our Parliament just loves using the word 'honourable', "Honourable members, what kind of ice cream shall we desert with today?".
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are hanged; Old-Constituent Honourable members, though of
I do I do but these honourable members are ungovernable
Hi , Honourable Members in parliament advised that you're in exile, how is Harvard treating you?
These Honourable Members and their squabbles though. Now it's about whistling :'D
Although I think some of these 'honourable members' need to be given more time. Would love to hear more of what they have to say.
its for the best interest of the party Honourable Members
Our honourable Group members after a combined 79yrs of dedication to residents
Many critics accuse honourable members of being non-constructive in their debates in the Parliament.
General Bantu Holomisa is a straight up G! He even warns honourable members not to fight with him.
certain 'honourable' members chewing gum like ruminating cows in Parliament during the is it common?It's sickening..
Honourable members se foot! Respect is earned, nil of those members in parliament deserve to be called Honourable.
How t is goes todae wt da honourable members of parliament, any one withdraw or maintain statements lol
"Andile Mngxitama, Pieter Groenewald in a near fistfight outside the National Assembly members?
Say what you like about Malema. He is rattling honourable members comfort zones qha ke. LOL
I think he needs to learn on how to conduct himself and how to speak to other honourable members. Respect goes a long way
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Hon. Malema s disturbing the peace. no more nap time for our HUGE and HONOURABLE members.
Do we really have to call our MPs honourable members? Just thinking abut travel gate MPs and those with doggy tendencies
Funny that Thandi Modise reports on how disruptive EFF MPs were yet won't part away with the words "honourable members".THE HONOURABLES bleh
Msholozi reminds "some honourable members" to debate in a way that helps to push SA forward.
I'd be humiliated to see My Dad or Mom or Grandma etc.. acting the way some "Honourable Members of Parliament" do.
You see those people that was sitting in parliament when all the apartheid laws was passed was called Honourable Members
Our money is being wasted in parliament debating whether "honourable members" should be called young men or not.
Honourable Members, it is unparliamentary to speak the truth, it's been the tradition of this auspicious house since inception!
All members of parliament must conduct themselves in an honourable manner.
And left with the say-so of certain honourable members who have a sometimes shaky relationship with the truth.
"You represent the very best of our profession." The Honourable J. Strathy to members at End of Term Dinner
Parliament must have more police patrols these honourable members will stab each other now
There are stupid *** who do no deserve to be honourable members of our parliament! Shame to these fools!
Have the Honourable Members that like to wear gumboots n overalls really understood parly's etiquette during induction??
LMAO.honourable members you are out of order.
Honourable you borg out of order. please withdraw that statement honourable members of the House!
Malema can't respect the rules of the National Assembly and honourable members,yet he wants respect.He got alot to learn
Parliamentary address by Mmusi Maimane MP Parliamentary Leader of the Democratic Alliance Where are the Jobs Mr President? Note to Editors: This was the speech delivered by the DA Parliamentary Leader, Mmusi Maimane MP, during the State of the Nation Address debate in Parliament today. Madam Speaker, Chairperson of the NCOP, It is my most sincere honour to address this House today. I greet the Honourable President, it is good to have you back in good health. I extend greetings to the Honourable Deputy President, Premiers, Ministers and their deputies, Leaders of other opposition parties, Honourable Members of this House, and those who honour us with their presence in the gallery. Honourable Members and Fellow South Africans, I am a son of Soweto. I have grown up to see both the good and the bad of South Africa. I am a child of migrant labourers who moved to Gauteng, to find work in dark days. I am the beneficiary of the freedoms that Nelson Mandela fought for, and the product of a decent education. I am a ...
REMARKS BY GENERAL MUHAMMADU BUHARI TO NEWLY ELECTED PARTY OFFICIALS, LADI KWALI CENTRE, ABUJA, 18 JUNE 2014 Ø Mr. Chairman, Your Excellency Chief John Odigie Oyegun, Ø Former Chairman, Your Excellency Chief Bisi Akande, Ø Your Excellencies former and present Governors, Ø Distinguished Senators, Ø Honourable Members of House of Reps. and State Assemblies, Ø Party Executives, Ø Invited Guests, Ø Members of press With your permission Mr. Chairman, may we observe a minute’s silence and prayers for the safe release of the abducted Chibok girls and for return of peace to our dear country. Ladies and gentlemen, I congratulate you for the honour and privilege bestowed on you by the party to run our affairs. It is an onerous task. We have internal and external enemies ready to sabotage and frustrate our efforts. You are our spear heads and our leaders. I would like, with your permission Mr. Chairman, to thank, on behalf of our party the Interim Management Committee under the leadership of Chief Bisi A . ...
THE HISTORICAL PLIGHT AND PRECARIOUS FUTURE OF IGBO PEOPLE IN NIGERIA: A Speech Delivered By Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, (Former Governor Of Abia State, Nigeria, founder and international Coordinator of Njiko Igbo), to The British House of Commons On April 18, 2013 Honourable Members of the House, Ladies and Gentlemen, I must express my profound gratitude and deep sense of humility for the kind invitation extended to me to speak in these hallowed chambers. It is my understanding that the only other men to have enjoyed a similar honour were President Nelson Mandela and Rev. Jesse Jackson. For the cause I espouse to be found worthy of audience on this historical palace and for me to tread the footsteps of these giants of not just black but world history is an honour of immense magnitude. WHO ARE THE IGBOS? I will not detain you with genealogical or anthropological exercise here. Let it be sufficient for me to just say this about the origins of the Igbo: serious studies based on verifiable evidence indicate that the ...
Quotation from Parliament Hansard dated 2 August 2011 "FIRST DAY Tuesday 2 August 2011 The Parliament met at 2:00 pm; according to the terms of Resolution of 24 June, 2011. The Speaker Mr Jeffrey Nape took the Chair and invited the Member for Finschaffen, Honourable Theo Zurenuoc to say Prayers; ' In the name of the Father, and of the Son and the Holy Spirirt, Mr Speaker and Members of Parliament let us go before our Lord, God, Almighty in prayer by reciting the prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.' BROADCASTING OF PARLIAMENT PROCEEDINGS – STATEMENT BY THE SPEAKER. Mr SPEAKER - Honourable Members, I have to inform Parliament that the Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Broadcasting of Parliament Proceedings met today and resolved that the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), the National Television Service Kundu 2, EM TV and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) will be allowed to broadcast live Question Time for these purposes only for the duration of this Meeting. CERTIFICATION OF ACT M ...
Government of Sierra Leone Budget and Statement of Economic and Financial Policies for the Financial Year 2014 short) MR. SPEAKER, HONOURABLE MEMBERS I. INTRODUCTION Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, I rise to move that the Bill entitled, “An Act to provide for the services for Sierra Leone for the Financial Year 2014” be read for the first time. 2. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, you will all recall that His Excellency, the President Dr. Ernest Koroma, made a commitment to improve the lots of youths and women of our beloved country, Sierra Leone. Government has therefore dedicated this budget to the youth, women and our workforce. Hence, the Theme: “Improving the Livelihood of Youth, Women and our Workforce.” 3. This budget is the first annual plan of the Agenda for Prosperity (2013-18) aimed at charting the road to our collective prosperity and to a Middle Income Country (MIC) Status. This budget offers new opportunities, it provides for a new economic model and a paradigm shift in our national ...
: Thabo Mbeki I am an African - Thabo Mbeki`s speech at the adoption of the The Republic of South Africa Constitution Bill 8 May 1996, Cape Town Chairperson, Esteemed President of the democratic Republic, Honourable Members of the Constitutional Assembly, Our distinguished domestic and foreign guests, Friends, On an occasion such as this, we should, perhaps, start from the beginning. So, let me begin. I am an African. I owe my being to the hills and the valleys, the mountains and the glades, the rivers, the deserts, the trees, the flowers, the seas and the ever-changing seasons that define the face of our native land. My body has frozen in our frosts and in our latter day snows. It has thawed in the warmth of our sunshine and melted in the heat of the midday sun. The crack and the rumble of the summer thunders, lashed by startling lightening, have been a cause both of trembling and of hope. The fragrances of nature have been as pleasant to us as the sight of the wild blooms of the citizens of the veld. Th ...
A nation at work for a better life (Thabo Mbeki's first speech as President in Parliament on 25 June 1999) In his opening address at Parliament on 25 June 1999, President Thabo Mbeki recommitted the Government to the building of a caring society that will guarantee the dignity of every citizen. He promised renewed action to address the scourge of crime and corruption, to work towards job creation, rural upliftment, improved education and development to put the nation on a winning path to a better life for all. Mesdames Speaker and Deputy Speaker, Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces and Deputy Chairperson (one revolving, the other one permanent), Premiers of our Provinces, Distinguished representatives of local government, Deputy President of the Republic, Honourable Members of our National Parliament, Your Excellencies Ambassadors and High Commissioners, Distinguished guests: We are on course. Steadily, the dark clouds of despair are lifting, giving way to our season of hope. Our country whic ...
ARE THEY BLEEDING MY DEAR COUNTRY ??? A career more lucrative than the post of a CEO of any Multi National Company We, the ‘cattle class’ - the ‘mango people’ – the honest tax payer, working all day for our family and for tax – pay each of the 786 Honourable Members of Parliament – 545 in Lok Sabha and 241 in Rajya Sabha (never mind if some 150 of them have criminal cases against them, with 73 of the more honourable ones having serious cases ranging from rape to murder), the following:- (a) Salary per month - Rs 50 – tax free (Lalu Prasad Yadav and Mulayam Singh demanding 80001 per month) (b) Daily Allowance – for attending Parliament sessions / committee meetings – Rs 2000 per day (committee sittings conveniently manipulated to cover days when Parliament is not in session to manage 2000 x 365 = Rs 7,30,000 per year) (c) Travel - 34 free air journeys in a year with his / her spouse or any number of companions or relatives. Spouses of MPs can travel free by air from their residence to N ...
New credit amendments give paid-up consumer amnesty National Credit Amendment Bill: Address by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies, to National Assembly 27 Feb 2014 Honourable Speaker and Honourable Members, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the National Credit Amendment Bill (NCAB) in the National Assembly. The NCAB follows intensive assessments of the effectiveness of the National Credit Act, 2005 (“the Act”), as well as extensive consultation with various stakeholders, both within and outside Government. As the banking sector accounts for about 90% of the credit market, consultation with National Treasury was critical as these matters relate to this sector. During the assessment of the effectiveness of the Act, all reviews revealed one thing in common, that this is one of the best pieces of legislation to have been passed by this Government. It was far sighted and its existence cushioned this economy from what could have been a disaster when the world was hit by the financial cr ...
my colleague,honourable members &Friends.I seriously need your support:im in the Mr South Africa competion &seriously need your votes in order for me to make it to the top12:To vote for me just sms MRSA 092 TO 47439 As many times as you can &you all are invited to my charity event on the 30th ds mnth sunnyside campus.Check my wall for More details.Thank you ver much in advance!
All honourable members haq mojood you are humbly requested that plz promote the group by sharing poetry and quotations of sufyae kiraam .to aware the common man pore the light of noorani words in the hearts of people plz.
Well done to DPS Members won a total of 10 medals and 2 Honourable Mentions in the various categories in recent IPF Print & Projected Image.
Unionism!It's politics,bt not as dirty as some guys want to play it.'The power of the dollar' is making some of us mad.Can 200/= change a paid-up kuppet member's mind on wh 2 vote 4 chair in da impendin poll?Ridicule! Don't ridicule our honourable members.God knows u need da cash more than some of us do.
When it is about sex work there r a lot of Honourable members prepared to tell & believe dishonourable lies.
Hellow dear all honourable members of this unique group.. I have recently joined this group..and have been made administrator of this group by my sweet frend arpita mahaur.. Let me introduce myself..i m an advocate by profesion doing practice at district court in kasganj(u.p.).. Actually frend i am unmarried and looking for a suitable girl to be my life partner.. u all belong to same caste as of mine.. so plz help me.. thank u..
what motivated the number of maximum sittings awarded to honourable members in the place of a better pay pack? Any objectivity?
Yogendra Yadav, Subroto Roy, kumar Biswas and Baba Ramdev are honourable members of India Inkorporated. May their ranks swell.
Please DO NOT SIGN this PETITION. This man has done and continues to do so much for our whales and...
The way honourable members should do RTJozi..this is goina be one *** of an outing..we going in..
All eyes on Honourable members of Parliament,will they take a pay- cut too? Only God knows!
I think this is for you. I'm sure their hearts are in the right place. :).
CALL FOR ATTENDING PARLIAMENT TODAY By ZAMBIA SOCIAL FORUM The constitution debate in parliament has become more interesting. Today, the motion raised by Hon Garry Nkombo is expected to be responded to by Minister of Justice. The motion is about the Road Map of the Constitution making process. As a way of providing moral support to our Honourable Members of Parliament, who have chosen to side with people and demand for a People Driven Constitution, I wish to call upon all citizens and CSO members in their own capacity to join the MPs on the galleries. Today, Parliament sits in the morning. Please be there!
Honourable Members And The Royal British Legion - That this House notes with approval an independent survey...
They have the responsibility to ensure that the citizenry access their rights, these honourable members. Not to steal from them.
PDP, APC Reps clash over kerosene subsidy: Is this so-called honourable members really serving Nigerians:
Yet another example of the lack of respect from these supposedly "honourable" members.
Now what are the honourable members trying to say here?
:) Join the club of the honourable members whose questions could not answer.
I strongly condemn the cowardly attack on honourable members of bench and bar in Islamabad
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members.a country is not simply judged by how long it's democratic structures
It is on behalf of the majority of honourable An Garda Síochána members that a light is shone on the minority with none.
"Honourable Members, We have made good progress in the land reform programme." - His Excellency President Jacob Zuma
That's all your Minister had to say about budget...great 2 know that Passman :D was included in the speech... 2014 BUDGET SPEECH By Honourable O.K. Matambo Minister of Finance and Development Planning Delivered to the National Assembly on 3rd February 2014 Website: Printed by the Government Printing and Publishing Services, Gaborone Price: P I. INTRODUCTION 1. Madam Speaker, I have the honour this afternoon to present to the National Assembly budget proposals for the financial year 2014/2015. 2. Madam Speaker, Honourable Members may recall that in April last year, the Mid-Term Review of NDP 10 was adopted by this House. The Review emphasised the importance of making strategic choices on revenue mobilisation and spending, while maintaining macroeconomic balance, so that we could continue building a productive economy that would provide sustained growth, employment creation, and reduce poverty. The Mid-Term Review and 2013 State of Nation Address, also underscored the importance of mainta ...
DETAILS OF 2014 BUDGET OF OUR DEAR STATE TEXT OF THE 2014 PLATEAU STATE BUDGET TAGGED “BUDGET OF CONTINUITY AND INCLUSIVE GROWTH IV” PRESENTED TO THE PLATEAU STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY BY GOVERNOR, JONAH DAVID JANG, ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19TH, 2013. Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, At the inception of the second tenure of this administration under Redemption II, we asked ourselves three fundamental questions. First, what will it take to secure our position as the Home of Peace and Tourism? Second, how can we provide equal opportunity for all persons regardless of ethnicity, religion and political affiliation? Third, how can we transform and secure the livelihood of our people, thereby give them the best quality of life? My presence here in 2011, 2012 and 2013 was all geared towards providing concrete answers to these fundamental questions. We equally realise that attaining these goals is an uphill task which we have remained committed to achieving. It is out of our deep desire to succeed in this direction ...
CONCLUSION Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members of Parliament, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, Last week I attended the funeral service for a great African, President Nelson Mandela. The measure of his life was the heights he scaled to move his people to the realization of their aspirations; and in so doing he restored his country’s dignity in the eyes of the world; a great country blighted by the deprivations of apartheid became an example of progressive politics. What led Mandela to take that great role came on in little pieces; in little indignities he suffered as a black man, until one day he took the decision to join the battle for dignity, progress, and democracy. Every nation has that which blights its credentials, every nation has that which hinders its progress, and it is the call of progressive men and women to remove these hindrances and unleash the energies of their people for achieving the full potentials of their humanity. Many amongst us have usually been taken aback by the irritations and ...
l, Omen Kalu on behave of the entire Honourable Members of the 2011/2012 Students' Representative Council, Institute for Distance Education, Abia State University,Uturu and the President, Students' Union Governing Council,ABSU-IDEA. Commiserate with Hon Isaac Greatfellow Uko and the entire Uko's family on the death of their beloved wife, mother, aunty. Please accept our condolence and console yourself and other members of your household with the fact that mama is asleep waiting for that glorious morning, when she will ask "Oh death were is thy sting" till that glorious morning Mama rest till we meet to part no more. While we pray God to accept her gentle soul. Adieu
Ogun Word ADDRESS DELIVERED BY THE GOVERNOR OF Ogun State, HIS EXCELLENCY, SENATOR IBIKUNLE AMOSUN FCA, AT THE PRESENTATION OF THE 2014 Appropriation Bill TO THE Ogun State HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, HELD ON TUESDAY 19TH NOVEMBER, 2013. Protocols, Mr. Speaker. I have the privilege and honour to present the Year 2014 Budget Proposals which has been titled, “Budget of Consolidation” to this honourable House. 2. The focus of the 2014 Budget is to consolidate on the progress made in the last two years of our Mission to Rebuild our dear state. The policy thrust will be on the completion of existing projects and the continuation of our commitments to the people as outlined in our 5-Cardinal Programme. 3. A year ago, on Tuesday, 20th November, 2012, I presented to this House, the Appropriation Bill for 2013 tagged, “The Budget for Sustainable Growth”. Forty two days later, the Bill was signed into Law on Monday, 31st December, 2012. This showed that our Honourable Members worked tirelessly, especially in that fe ...
Petition to save school kids bonus via
PLease sign! many families rely on this payment. Stop the cruel punishment to Single Parents already struggling...
Your petitioners ask that the SenateAppose the abolition of the via
"what Canadians want, Mr Speaker" is good faith decisions by truly Honourable members, not means spriited cronyism."
Con't Yet the NDP and CONS (not all NDP members, they do have some Honourable hard working members I respect), however the overall 2bcont!
What are we going to do with our honourable members?
Are there any honourable members left on the blue team? If so, please step forward out of Harper's shadow.
into disrepute and misleading honourable members. Any mp from any party should publicly challenge grayling and wright now or ..
I think Honourable Members of Parliament should take this seriously and dress nicely. Aag!
Travelling to Toronto December 4th in support of survivors. On September 27, 2013, the Honourable Justice...
Now the right honourable Brandon Lewis has withdrawn his offer I encourage all London members to back F32 motion for 8 day strike
Apparently our honourable members simply want to "remedy" journalism's ills, or so a mejea lecturer tells TT. Why didn't I see this earlier?
Serviced apartments for MPs would prevent many of the expense abuses currently employed by some less honourable members
As this photo shows, there is nothing "Honourable" about Robert BORSAK, MLC
No one is trying to be somehow truthful when it comes to our honourable members,hey its shameful
Honourable members dont act like children, act like honourable members with childern.Kaukonde# Budget retreat, Vic Falls
Would DA spearhead a list of Honourable Mentions for members of community who volunteer or serve without pay?
I was taken aback watching honourable members relentlessly trying to find ways to nail Stella Oduah as if that is their goal
When the Chairman of the House says "Honourable members, let me listen to the Honourable member" and they can vise "Listen to what?!" WHAT?
Honourable members?? They are getting on dixie enough in parliament!!!
Uduah said inter-alia - 'accusations and trial in the media had affected the sense of outrage of the Honourable members'
if it's good enough for Mike Reid, Sir, it's good enough for honourable members
Stella Oduah: Honourable members, another falsehood in the public domain relating to this Lease Financing ...
We now know why they are after the Honourable Minister of Aviation, . It is now left for the committee members to do their job.
VERBATIM OF THE KIRINYAGA COUNTY ASSEMBLY PROCEEDINGS HELD ON SUNDAY JUNE 30 2013 AT THE COUNTY ASSEMBLY KERUGOYA. (SPECIAL SESSION) The session started at 3.55 PM Prayer {Hon. Speaker Ann Wangechi Githinji} {Hon. Speaker Ann Wangechi Githinji} Order of business. {Clerk Stephen Nzioka}; Thank you Madam Speaker, Honourable Members the Order of today’s business is as follows 1. Administration of oath 2. Communication from the Chair 3. Messages 4. Petitions 5. Papers 6. Notices of motion 7. Statements and 8. Motions and Bills Thank you. {Hon Speaker Ann Githinji } Communication from the chair. As we all know we had agreed we were to resume on July 9 2013, however due to the urgency of the matter at hand and also you find out that other counties are doing the same. We have decided to resume and I appreciate that members made it despite being on a Sunday. The reason we are here, it has been communicated that the Kirinyaga County Appropriation Bill was not assented to by the governor to become law and when t ...
Štefan Füle European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy What Bosnia and Herzegovina needs to do to move on EU path Plenary session of the European Parliament/ Brussels 22 May 2013 President, Honourable Members, Let me first of all thank Doris Pack for an excellent Draft Report on Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Last year I told you that when speaking about Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is difficult to be overly positive. Unfortunately I have the same problem this year. As your Draft Report points out, progress has again been extremely limited. I am just as concerned about the political elite's continued lack of a shared vision for the overall direction of the country. As the motion states, the country is "falling further behind the other countries of the region". Because of our concerns, the European Union has increased its engagement with Bosnia and Herzegovina and increased political facilitation efforts at all levels. Over the past several months, considerable political and diplomatic a ...
"Mr. Speaker, Sir, I am happy once again to address this august House this morning. This time we are not meeting in the State House Banqueting Room but in our own state-of-the-art purpose built Assembly Chamber. This structure is very distinctive and the ambiance befitting of a nation on the move." "On my part, I am naturally overjoyed because I have worked relentlessly to give the Honourable Members a Parliament Building you can be proud of. I am happy that I have delivered what I promised". - Bingu Wa Mutharika May 2010
ADDRESS BY President Jacob Zuma IN RESPONSE TO THE DEBATE ON THE PRESIDENCY BUDGET VOTE National Assembly, CAPE TOWN 13 JUNE 2013 Honourable Speaker, Deputy President, Ministers and Deputy Ministers, Honourable Members, Good afternoon to you all. This year’s Presidency Budget Vote debate took place during a critical time in our country. There is still no end in sight to the global financial crisis and economic growth still seems a bit elusive. We are therefore going through a period that requires unity and common purpose. It requires leaders from all sectors to lead the country towards action that builds confidence in the economy and which makes our economy more resilient. It is a period of focusing on solutions and of working together to solve our problems. It is the time of counting our achievements and our blessings as a nation. In our achievements, we draw lessons and the strength to overcome whatever challenges we may be facing at any particular time. In this regard, I raised yesterday the need to ...
REASON FOR GOV.ROCHAS VISIT TO ROME EXPOSED Posted by admin on May 16th, 2013 and filed under Frontpage, News. By Ohanele Casca The reason for the recent shuttle visit to Rome by Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has been uncovered. The visit, it was revealed by one of the governor’s aide was packaged by Cardinal Arinze who secured an appointment for the governor to meet with Pope Francis I, in the wake of the continued resistance by Mbaise Nation over the imposition of Monsgr Okpaleke on Ahiara Diocese. During the visit, the governor was urged to provide security for the installation of the Ahiara Diocese Bishop designate to which the Governor promised to carry out. The governor it was understood has already briefed the three Honourable Members of the House of Assembly from Mbaise and the three Solads to ensure a water tight security for a smooth installation of the Bishop. This development coming at the wake of continued distaste of the manner the Bishop is being forced on Ahaira Diocese by Cardin ...
Budget Vote Speech by the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande, MP, to the National Assembly, Cape Town 8 May 2013 Honourable Speaker / House Chairperson, Cabinet Colleagues and Deputy Ministers, Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee, Honourable Members of Parliament, Director-General and Staff of the department, Heads and Executives of all our Post-School Organisations and Institutions, My family, Honoured guests, My special guests Ladies and gentlemen and comrades. Introduction This year 2013 marks the 60th Anniversary of the Bantu Education Act which introduced and systematised a racist system of education aimed at severely restricting the educational opportunities of blacks in this country. Most of our government’s efforts with regard to education since 1994 have been aimed at overcoming this burdensome legacy together with the entire oppressive inheritance of colonialism and apartheid. Great progress has been made over the past 19 years in expanding access and success in post ...
"Governor seeks approval of another bond. Gives to lobby State House of Assembly. 26 Honourable Members. Each gets Source Prodigal Sons of Ogun.
Here is the full text of the our respected President’s address in which he laid out the government’s agenda in the forthcoming session. “Honourable Members, 1. I welcome you to this session as I address this joint sitting of the two Houses for the first time as President. I hope this session will be productive and useful. Pranab Mukherjee spoke on issues including safety of women, economic slowdown, inflation and cross-border relations. 2. As I speak to you, I am aware that an aspirational India is emerging, an India that demands more opportunities, greater choices, better infrastructure, and enhanced safety and security. Our youth, our greatest national asset, are a confident and courageous lot. I have no doubt that their passion, energy and enterprise will take India to new heights. 3. Amidst these aspirations, we are also burdened by gathering anxieties about economic slowdown, job security and employment prospects. People are concerned about the security of our women and children. They are als . ...
Honourable Members, Fellow Kenyans, Ladies and Gentlen, let us vote in a leader especially A PRESIDENTIAL candidate who will: 1. Fully enact our constitution 2. Ensure the safety of kenyans 3. Respect God 4. Ensure good relationship of kenya and other Nations 5. Unite all communities 6. A leader with no integrity matters AND THAT IS HON. RAILA AMOLLO ODINGA.
Zuma speaks on Health (14.02.2013) - with thanks to Health-e News Alerts received today, 21 February 2013 President Zuma discussed a range of health issues in his State of the Nation Address, specifically National Health Insurance, TB and lifestyle diseases. Read the part of his speech dealing with health here. Honourable Members, Five years ago, South Africa had such a low life expectancy that experts suggested that by 2015, our life expectancy would have been exactly where it was in 1955. It was with good reason that we were delighted when late last year, studies from the Medical Research Council, the Lancet medical journal and others began reporting a dramatic increase in life expectancy from an average baseline of 56 years in 2009 to 60 years in 2011. These reports also noted significant decreases in infant and under five mortality. Increased life expectancy is a key to the country's development. People are returning to work, they are being productive, economically and socially. The family structure . ...
SoNa gives some clarity in what might be meant by 'essential service': …Honourable Members, On education, we are pleased that the Grade 12 pass rate is finally on an upward trend. We congratulate the Class of 2012, their teachers, parents and communities for the continued improvement. … The Annual National Assessments in our schools, have become a powerful tool of assessing the health of our education system. We welcome the improvement each year in the ANA results, but more must be done to improve maths, science and technology. The Department of Basic Education will establish a national task team to strengthen the implementation of the Mathematics, Science and Technology Strategy. We urge the private sector to partner government through establishing, adopting or sponsoring maths and science academies or Saturday schools. …We declared education as an apex priority in 2009. We want to see everyone in the country realising that education is an essential service for our nation. By saying education is a ...
SONA im happy the country is taking a different direction towards the goal of five priorities few words from the president during his SONA: Honourable Members, I would now like to report on progress made since the last State of the Nation Address and also to discuss our programme of action for 2013. I will look at the five priorities – education, health, the fight against crime, creating decent work as well as rural development and land reform. Last year, I addressed the nation on government’s infrastructure plans. By the end of March this year, starting from 2009, government will have spent about 860 billion rand on infrastructure. Various projects are being implemented around the country. I will discuss just a few. The construction of the first phase of the Mokolo and Crocodile River Water Augmentation has commenced and it will provide part of the water required for the Matimba and the Medupi power stations. The construction of the bulk water distribution system for the De Hoop Dam began in October ...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
KEYNOTE SPEECH BY HON. PETER MSIGWA (MP) – SHADOW MINISTER FOR NATURAL RESOURCES, ENVIRONMENT AND TOURISM AT THE WORKSHOP ON DEVELOPING A CLIMATE CHANGE POLICY FOR TANZANIA HELD AT NEW AFRICA HOTEL, 26TH NOVEMBER, 2012. Honourable Victor Kimesera, executive Secretatary in the Chadema secretary General's office. Honourable Members of Parliament, Honourable Stefan Reith – Resident Representative of Konrad Adeneur Stiftung for Tanzania Hounourable CHADEMA leadership cohort, Distinguished Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel honored to be given this opportunity to officiate this important programme. I also acknowledge the esteemed efforts by the steering committee for preparing this great event which in principal, aims at a discussing and finally develop a climate change policy for Tanzania Mr. Chairman, Climate Change is a complex science, but its complexity unfortunately, does not rescue us from suffering its adverse consequences. Since whether we like or not we are subjected to the hazardous e ...
Hon. Speaker, Honourable Members, I am once again honoured to present to this esteemed House of Assembly, the 2013 State Budget Proposal. This budget reflects the collective determination of Gove...
European Parliament Plenary debate on the Report of MEP Maria-Eleni Koppa "Enlargement: policies, criteria and EU strategic interests".Strasbourg, 21 November 2012Mr Chairman, Honourable Members,It was an important debate today with important messages. What a perfect time to remind ourselves, to rem...
Honourable Chairperson of the NCOP, Mr Mahlangu,Hon Deputy Chairperson Ms Memela,Ministers and Honourable Premier,Deputy Ministers and MECs,Honourable Members of the NCOPNational and provincial chairpersons of SALGA,Chairperson of the provincial house of traditional leaders,Provincial Speakers,MPs a...
emissions of carbon dioxide the Honourable Members opposite will tax into submission.
Just a simple question. The National Assembly has, over the years been appropriating more than enough of Tax payers money to themselves. There had been public out-cry, and the out-cry continues... Now do Honourable Members and Senators from "above-board" parties like, CPC, and ACN also partake in the obvious looting of the people's money by the PDP led Government?
The Senate President says that the Information Minister Labaran Maku is a 'Careless talker!'. Meanwhile the same careless talker - mr. Maku has apologised profusely to the 'Honourable Members' of the National Assembly for his 'slip' of tongue!!
European Commission José Manuel Durão Barroso President of the European Commission State of the Union 2012 Address Plenary session of the European Parliament/Strasbourg 12 September 2012 Mr President, Honourable Members, 1.
Re-Adamawa Parliament:- Hon. Jibrin Usman Yelwa. We elected men and women who our society refer to as Honourable Members to represent us in the decission making of our State and by extention, our country. Now, the boggling question is, how effective do you think your Member's representation is?. Good? Bad? Average? Last time I wrote about my own representative, Hon. Jibril Usman Yelwa, representing Ganye Constituency about his performance in the SHA. I called on him to help fullfil his campaign promises and move a motion on the floor of the House for a speedy supply of fertilizer in Ganye LGA-Home Basket of Adamawa State. Some believed the medium used to call on the Hon. Member was wrong. That I should meet him privately and advice him on issues of governance. That being in the same party, I shouldn't criticise him but mend fences. Some even thought that the criticism is politically motivated, sponsored by Jibril's political rivals. However, I have come to realised that the major set-back we have as a pe ...
No right thinking person will believe that all the names left out of Farouk Lawan Fuel Subsidy Report deserve to be left out as Hon Farouk Lawan must have received bribes to do so . Similarly, not all names in that Report can have a sustainable prosecution in the law courts as cases against them may not be watertight. If the public wants them to be convicted is it as a form of miscarriage of justice or to give the thieves who have been deleted from the lists cause to rejoice that they ripped Nigeria and used paltry sum which they offered as bribe to (Dis) Honourable Members to remove their names from being punished? I think a thorough and comprehensible job have to be done. All oil marketers should have a searchlight beamed on them. I am surprise that oil marketers like OandO, AP , Texaco and a host of others were not indicted in the Reports yet few of these Companies constitute 70% of fuel importers into this country. I can not imagine.
Several important implications follow from these cases. First, no matter what our legislators say or do, they will have a hard time convincing a sceptical public why they should continue to be addressed as Honourable Members. To be sure, not all House members are dishonourable. Nevertheless, the corrupt practices associated with the House; its tardiness in passing bills; the inexplicable death of its probe reports; and its members’ jumbo pay make all Representatives accomplices. That’s why, until they prove otherwise, the public and the news media are being encouraged to stop addressing them as Honourable Members. Second, these cases further reveal that the PDP, which has been ruling the country since 1999, is a very corrupt political party. Recall that all the leading House members allegedly involved in corruption are members of the PDP. All the indicted or imprisoned former governors, from Joshua Dariye and Diepreye Alamiesieyegha to Lucky Igbinedion and James Ibori, are members of the party. Most, ...
N900 Milion gift:Dankwambo defends House of Reps Members- News. I am so pleased that our Honourable Members in the House of Reps have finally opened up that before now constituency allowance was given which was either eaten or lavished on private things. That fact that this set of reps from Gombe state are donating that same amount that was never seen or used for any project in the state need to be commended. Pls. Dankwambo make sure you use the money for what its is meant. We are waiting for our Senators to declear their own constituency allowances for the good of the state. God Bless Gombe State.
Adabanija AristoTwo-Semmy Abidemi wrote: Is wishing all Honourable Members of the Nig. Youth Parliament journey mercies as we storm our Speaker's Home State-Niger (The Power) State for the Youth Conference (Town Hall Meeting) on Federalism & Pluralism in a Secure Nigeria. Tue, 22nd May '12 (Arrivals) Wed, 23rd May (YTHM). We're Welcome!
Deputy Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, Hon. Sam Condor's statement yesterday in parliament.Mr. Speaker, I beg leave to make the following statement. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, earlier this month, the 21st of March to be exact, I celebrated 23 years as an Elected Representative of the people of my beloved Country. I use this opportunity to congratulate two other Honourable Members for Christopher and Nevis who also celebrated in like manner. I give thanks to the Almighty God for his guidance, sustenance and manifold blessings on my life. Mr. Speaker, I am eternally grateful to the people of Constituency for the confidence reposed in me; in fact for the love and unwavering support they have showered on me throughout the years; and even more so in these challenging times. Indeed Mr. Speaker, I have been blessed to have had the support and encouragement of the Nation as I have endeavoured to serve my people and Country in a fair, just and truthful manner at all times. I am fully of the view Mr. S ...
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