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Honor Guard

An honor guard, or ceremonial guard, is a ceremonial unit, usually military in nature and composed of volunteers who are carefully screened for their physical ability and dexterity.

Baton Rouge

Corporal Kostelnik and Deputy Bell, Honor Guard team members, moments before the start of our Quarterly Awards Cere…
Where's the Honor Guard for this hero? Missing, perhaps because he was Black?
Camp Nelson prepares to say goodbye to honor guard horse.
Constables who are denied pay commission/benefits did not turn up for the guard of honor to Rajnath.No Pay No Work. .
Dear god, the honor guard happens when they take the casket OFF the plane, crazy lady doesn't have to create one in coach.
BANAZIR blamed that she has "LIFE-THREATS" from "MUSHRAFF & P.ELAHI". But. ZARDARI gave GUARD of HONOR to MUSHRAFF. &. Madae CHOHDries ALLIES
The 11th consecutive honor for the 43 yr old guard.
...Delta Honor Guard is one symbol of Delta’s pledge to the men and women of the armed forces, and it r…
A Philippine Army soldier stands as Honor Guard at the wake of the late retired Col. Benigno Casio, Jr. at the...
Full Honors. Honor Guard members participate in a full honors funeral for Col. Robert Anderson at
Left a Honor Guard coin at the memorial for the Vegas Officer killed at the Mandalay Bay Shooting t…
Please know, I have nothing but respect and honor for marines, army, navy, Air Force, coast guard. 🇱🇷🇱🇷
Maybe he should attend a military funeral. As new LT 40 yrs ago, I was officer of honor guard in 2, fo…
In honor of the start of the nba season, who would be the hardest to guard 1 on 1 🤔🏀?
Good intentions or not -a few moments of silence is to not divert attention away from the solemn procession of the honor guard
He was in my unit and I participated in his Honor Guard. 4-4 CAV in Kandahar 2011. PPIED on a night mission. RIP Brothe…
You’re supposed to sit in silence when the honor guard removes the body of a fallen soldier. She just wanted attention.
Wary of reduction in Pay Scale,Rajasthan police go on leave,disrupt Guard of Honor. 👉Imagine repli…
Rajasthan police refuse guard of honor to HM Policemen protest with family against the…
Hi, Eric. thanks. I will forward to our teams. Please review *HJH
In honor of the NBA Season starting peep the starting point guard for the Miami Heat 6’6 athletic slasher…
buy a f'ng clue. Honor guard observance for the fallen are always somber silence.
Today, our Honor Guard joined several others in El Paso to honor the life of Officer Floyd East Jr.
I partook of the "honor" guard while on Active duty at Camp Lajuene. It is a privilege to honor the falle…
Honor Guard tribute on PHL-ATL flight shows Deltas commitment to military
🙄🙄🙄 go to a military funeral watch an Honor Guard fold and present the flag to a…
Honor Guard pays tribute to Patrol Inspector Theodore Newton Jr., who was killed in the line of duty 50 years ago wi…
If I get this honor guard spot I will be so happy
my step father was JFKs honor guard detail (USMC) told me lots of stories about him. Great man
When I lived in NC I saw them at bragg all the time and even tonight saw an honor guard for a fallen soldier
Seniors and Honor Guard members - Please join us for light refreshments before Graduation rehearsal tomorrow morning. 9AM in the lobby 🍩🎓❤️
My big strong honor guard captain hero
Salute of Moslem Brotherhood, popularized in Tahrir Square. See video of Turkish military honor guard giving same s…
This looks like my foot tan from junior honor guard 😭
His Honor Guard looks Regal, like the time of the Tsars.
IOW SUMMER SOLSTICE. CELEBRATION. SATURDAY 12 pm slt. Greeted by Honor Guard. Help us bring in summer!. All creatures great n small are welcome
Loving the latest episode featuring "The Skill of Dan King" :p .
They have interesting stuff on the TV shows but I'm not sure how Alan Martin vs. referee Ed Faulk or The Honor Guard are gonna sell tickets.
Mark Young having his hair shaved off so he could become "Private Pyle" and join the Honor Guard.
I think I really might try to get this honor guard spot
The Honor Guard was privileged to participate in the memorial service of LTG Andrew Chambers last week i…
your non-iTunes link for another KoW formation reveal!
i still cant let you marry your Imoutou. on my honor as a guard i will not allow it.…
Sign up for the Dennis Rodeman Golf Memorial Tournament on Thursday, June 22! Proceeds go to the IAFF Local 421 Hon…
Family, friends and law enforcement officers from across Georgia gathered Tuesday to honor the memory of the...
Honor Guard - 14.3 % Propiconazole ~ A generic Banner Maxx, Honor Guard is a systemic fungicide for use on...
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Guard of Honor to Sh. S.Bandopadhyay, IG, SLG FTR by 17th Bn Falakata during inspection of IG SLG FTR
Honor marriage, and guard the sacredness of sexual intimacy between wife and husband, God draws a firm line against casual and illicit sex.
I'd say it's not just fiction. I've been part of an honor guard that attended four funerals some days…
Part of Marion Fire Fighters Local 379 was able to attend the National Honor Guard class at the OFA hosted by Madison Twp FD…
COUNTER CHARGE 181 - Reveal of the Honor Guard of the Green Lady Formation
Champaign Mayor reading Proclamation proclaiming July 1st as Honor Guards Day as Honor Gu…
General Bajwa receiving the guard of honor.
Elijah Johnson from Wolf Pack 40 learned proper care of Old Glory last night courtesy of Honor Guard members Denny…
Duties for Honor Guard for Deputy Wade, Logan County SO, OK, are fulfilled as per the Deputy Chief. 💙 ~M
Honor Guard members represented the MSO at today's annual Patriots' Day Parade in Lexington
I'm responsible for this entire space sector and I'm called to help other sectors as part of the honor guard
😭😭😭 I love you too. 🌚 you gonna get honor guard at your wedding? They add a nice touch.
🤣 Too funny.I'm just now discovering everyone probably thought I was a fan of the Empire.The Dark Honor G…
Ditto! We need to honor and guard the true Deaf history Been seeing too many erroneous posts, unfortunately.
Sometimes work travel provides this type of perk! War returning via
What *** is our last two games not against top 6 sides. Would have loved a guard of honor from one of them, just for banter 😂
This morning I put on my old fire department Honor Guard Uniform and…
Tonight, Honor Guard will be presenting the colors tonight
Was really hoping we'd have won the league by now. Guard of honor tomorrow would've been amazing.
Soldiers of the The Old Guard participated in a Joint Forces Color Guard for members of the Chicago Honor Flight at…
WPD Honor Guard at this morning's opening day ceremonies for
Extra surprise for our winners - they are proudly forming our guard of honor for today's match…
Honor Guard looking Sharp last night at with Berkshire County LE including…
Don't forget about the THPD Honor Guard golf outing. Let us know if you'd like to sponsor a hole and/or team. $ is used for fallen officers.
Beautiful ceremony for my dad at of the Alleghenies. Thank you and honor guard
Honor Defense introduces new Honor Guard pistols for law enforcement
Congratulations to Lourdes Regional senior guard Carmella Bickel on her second consecutive Class A all-state basketball honor.
Sheriff's Honor Guard presents the colors at the annual APCO Western Regional Dispatcher Conference at Ontario Conv…
Humbled to serve for a few moments as an Honor Guard at the home-going of Presiding Prelate,…
Deputies J. Graves and R. Countess serving MCSO Honor Guard detail in Bibb County today for Sheriff Keith Hannah.
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This weekend I was honored to speak at the Society of the Honor Guard's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Banquet.
Proud to have Honor Guard perform the 21 Gun Salute for our Vets at Veterans Day Celebrat…
I bet when Judas had the Roman soldiers and Temple Guard to arrest JESUS, I Imagine he thought what an honor to be so impotent 😄
I NEVER Considered being an MTI, but after being in honor guard and seeing the positive impact that could be made its been on my mind...
Thank you Honor Guard for participating in the flag raising ceremony at
I only know my schedule last minute cause I'm on that good ol honor guard
I also need to find out if they're sending me to honor guard before I go to the education center
1987s:: Rajiv Gandhi attacked & Hit by a Sri Lankan Soldier during Guard of Honor in Sri Lanka.
Teens-Guard Legacy and Honor the Sacrifice of our Veterans-Enter Veterans Video Contest:Cc:
Horrible job of signal dept and they were fighting and putting life with dangerous only to safe guard public.honor htt…
Army Sgt. Christopher Wilbur's visitation drew veterans who stood guard to honor him and old friends.
The car and my honor guard are already on the way :'-(
Jefferson County Sheriff's Honor Guard presented the colors flawlessly as always!
Catering Coast Guard auxiliary family appreciation dinner. Thank you to these guests of honor…
The Awesome Maryland National Guard Honor Guard - watch my convo with them here:
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
If you love God, honor Him with your mouth! Bless others. Psa 34:13 "Guard your tongue from profanity & no more lying through…
They for kukuma give an guard of honor
The CFPD Honor Guard is trained and ready to exhibit professionalism, respect, reverence and support for
What an honor to have the U.S. Coast Guard Band here in City of Quincy
Congrats Honor Guard member FF Ocasio, on his award for assisting in several rescues.
Hmm, good question. I haven't read flag code since the last time they had girls do an honor guard (read: elem school)
I've never been able to decide which is more touching and saddening, honor guard burials or the final call out for first responders.
I sent to an email about possibly helping with a fundraiser for our honor guard. Have you seen it?
Chickasaw Nation Honor Guard presents colors to begin 2016 Chickasaw Nation Day of Prayer.
Want to learn more about our Honor Guard?
honor guard practice is today i didnt vene Known
Monday, the King of Norway’s Guard visited Scotland to honor their resident king, Sir Nils Olav. Or rather,...
The Massachusetts State Police Honor Guard will join the parade with the Cellucci Family at the site of the Paul... https:…
Vintage photo of Charles de Gaulle inspecting the guard of honor of Algeria. -
Jay County Youth Camp Honor Guard raising the flag at the 2016 Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Show.
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Ohio here they come our Rowan County Veteran Honor Guard
The strength of one. The courage of ten. (
Congrats to Deputy Ernesto Arroyo, named Employee of Quarter for leadership, Honor Guard & always going extra mile! http…
We're honored to have 2 OXPD Honor Guard members representing the Department in Baton Rouge today.
Southern NV Honor Guard representing our community in Baton Rouge. More photos here:
June 20, opening night Hillsboro Hops. Love our Honor Guard, fireworks, new cup…
The YPD Honor Guard participated in Memorial Day ceremony at Southern Connecticut State University. From left...
Sheriff's Honor Guard posting the colors at the Ventura County Fusion soccer game for law enforcement night.
Huntington High School Jr ROTC Honor Guard - Thank you for your excellent handling of the colors and for honoring the memory of the 9/11 vi…
Corazon Aquino's funeral with an Honor Guard of servicemen from each branch of the Philippine Armed Forces.
Here's a couple photos of our Honor Guard from the Police Memorial Service held at the Toledo Police Memorial Garden this past Friday.
For National Police Week, our Honor Guard will hold memorial ceremony / 21 gun salute @ Safety Palooza at
😄 He can win it in OT. But guard of honor?! He can get it, may be in stamford bridge 😂
The true story of President John F. Kennedy's death, as told by the JFK Honor Guard
How many graves are spinning now that Romulans can be in the Klingon Honor Guard?
Given Warden's repetitiveness, I feel like this is the best bet. They look exactly like a Forerunner Honor Guard would look imo
12 years ago Roman Abrohmovic said that Ranieri would never win the league. He's on course to receive a guard of honor…
Would've been an honor to wear these colors w/ the boys. Toughest sport in the world.
Scenes when Leicester wins the Title at Old Trafford..Celebrates the victory at home to Everton and receive a guard of Honor at Chelsea
If Leicester beat Man Utd they'll receive a guard of honor at Stamford Bridge. Abramovich sacked Ranieri, stating he'd never…
Leicester will win the League at Old Trafford and Chelsea will give them a Guard of honor. I will tell my kids what I witn…
2004: Abramovich sacks Ranieri, claims he'll never win the league. 2016: Ranieri set for guard of honor at Chelsea. http…
& the Honor Guard invite you to the Harris County Peace Officers' Memorial Day Ceremony
Thanks to Miami Fire-Rescue Quint 8 and Honor Guard FF Lazaro Isla for helping "The Bridge" teen shelter raise...
Thank you to the Brookline Police Honor Guard for presenting the colors at the 2016 President’s Dinner
Covington Police Dept. Honor Guard takes pride in precision (& it requires lotsa practice):
Thank you Wyoming Army National Guard Honor Guard for honoring our Veterans during the bi-monthly Memorial...
Our Honor Guard attended the 2nd funeral of DMPD Officers killed in a traffic accident. RIP Officer...
I did honor guard in the past, but luckily that photo was from my Command Master Chief's retirement ceremony😊A much happier occasion
Its an honor to be right next to the states best point guard in the year book!
.. Every American knows the real Patriot honor guard. They don't set up websites. Use fake promos. Beg for cash online. Please stop
Got my Honor Guard shirt from finally. Love these guys and I'm so happy to be a part of it
Today, the MCSO celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Marion County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard.
We are reuniting the JFK Honor Guard for a historic interview!
In honor of our Nashville trip here is a throwback of the hateful goat at strings camp at camp cambell guard
The Knights of Columbus and the honor guard are here at Iowa Veterans Cemetery
How unprofessional, Soldiers Looking at different directions during Guard of honor ceremony.
A guard of honor passes out as Queen Elizabeth II rides past during the Trooping the ... - https:/…
Members of the Norwalk Policue Emerald Society Pipe Band with the Westport Police Honor Guard at the Westport...
Thank you and Mesa Police Honor Guard for a terrific national anthem. 🇺🇸
4 Rs 1,000 bail after 1 year...for stealing entire guard of honor, bail, treatment in Dubai, London or New York
Today I had the honor of handing my large burial flag to a member of our local National Guard. She's helping a...
Honor Guard presentation with San Bernardino Police at the Stater Bros Charity Dinner honoring 1st responders!h…
Sheriff's Honor Guard privileged to present the colors at Baker 2 Vegas ceremony for the 2nd year in a row! htt…
Was an honor to have JT Torres teach and train with us this evening. We worked on passing guard.
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When you made honor guard and everyone starts questioning how😑
This looks like the Guard of Honor Dial of Mercy, uniting with Masses continuously.
It's a huge honor to be best buds with Dave Harrigan, today he was sworn into the National Guard. Everyone be sure to wish him luck❤️
cadet collapsed & died in training. Honor guard just arrived w/American flag
Dad is doing honor guard at a t-rats game this summer. Couldn't decide if I wanted to go until he said it was Orlando Arcia bobblehead day.
Today we had a home going celebration for my Dad.. So proud to be his son!! Want to thank the Honor Guard!.
Gavino Limon dances with Honor Guard for the 27th MAICC Dinner at Mystic Lake.
Thank you Honor Guard for presenting the Colors at the Julian E. Jackson Boxing Championship.
Pleasant Hill FD Honor Guard stands guard over FF Shoemakers urn at The church as public arrives.
Quabbin Regional Junior ROTC Honor Guard on the Garden floor for the national anthem before Celtics game.
LT Schalinske and Deputy Walters participated in the joint Honor Guard at the Attorney General's Summit. 504
The sign-up form for Honor Guard activities at National Police Week 2016 is now available:
Delaware State Police added Pipes and Drums to the Honor Guard unit and the members perform at funerals, parades,...
MCSO Honor Guard invited to perform 21 gun salute for Law Enforcement Memorial Service at State Capitol May 6 by FOP htt…
In honor of the playing against the 2nd best Point Guard in the league tonight... Kyrie Irving
CCCA 2016 Winter Conference kicks off with Larimer County Honor Guard and the Presentation of Colors
What does look like? Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard via
gave up 28 2nd chance points. Vogel: "We don’t honor one-shot defense and we don’t guard, we’re not going to b…
AAZ gave him guard of honor upon departure ...
ur father gave him Guard of honor dear.Urdu speaking MQM will defend him like u r being defended by Sindhis n NS by Punjabi elite
Y your party didn't it, whole cabinet took oath from him & ur father gave him guard of honor
Guard kiting has been fixed and a PJ timer has been added in a hotfix for the honor grounds!
Your daddy's govt gave him a guard of honor when they could have arrested him.
New Special Representative inspects a guard of honor as he arrive in
The 138th anniversary of Honor Guard at Royal Tombs in Rome by Stefano Montesi
Nannas form a guard of honor for the 3 Nannas as they are released from Narrabri police station
It was a privilege to serve alongside the Honor Guard today at the National Cemetery in Beaufort, SC. Job. Well. Done.
Please wear Air Force BLUE on Wed to honor Sgt Hillary. Also, at 7 am the Honor Guard will present in his honor.
Check out the MBFD Honor Guard at the Annual Beach Ball Classic. Great job!
a Marine Corps veteran it was great to see USMC Honor Guard and Band open parade. God bless our military
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I spent a few weeks as Honor Guard in Ft Bragg,NC. Freezing rain! It's still an honest honor. I gladly...
You should join our Honor Guard in Russell Co. We serve Russell, Adair, & Pulaski doing funerals. We are w/ the DAV & VFW.🇺🇸👐🏻
Thankful for the students, athletes, coaches, trainers, cheer, Strutters, Honor Guard, and Code Red. 12 and oh, baby
*** yes , man! Honor Guard , Partners! Coincidentally Jay's favorite GL is Kyle Rayner and mine is Guy. Read C>
Thank you to the Hayward Police Department's Honor Guard services today at our opening ceremony!
Mrs. Kennedy requested that Green Berets participate in the Honor Guard for his funeral. Csm. Howard McRae was one of them.
UDPD Honor Guard paying tribute to the life of Councilman/Fire Chief John Rankin. RIP
Bobcat Pride Day 11/12 at 8:30am. We will have the Honor Guard, Fabulous Footworks, ROTC, many vets to honor Our 6th grade performs and SOM!
Bob Jones' AFJROTC Honor Guard sporting the Airman Battle Uniform prior to the downpour.
Secretary of State and part of the Honor Guard with our original SD state flag.
Barry Wilson..played FB at UGA, Honor Guard at Tomb of Unknowns, Head Coach at Duke..WOW speaker today
Honor guard in recognition of 97 year old Don Levine's heroism in WW II.
the_art_of_honor A Mexican soldier stands guard in a checkpoint of the road that links Navolato and Los Mochis, …
The Ashwaubenon Public Safety Honor Guard opened the conference and Ashwaubenon's Volunteers in Police Services...
Our southern region Alberta Sheriff Honor Guard presenting the flags at the game tonight. https:/…
"It is an honor to meet you. My name is Tanith. I am deputy commanding officer of Begnion's holy guard."
Getting my honor guard cord soon. Hype
Bagpipers, honor guard open memorial service for fallen firefighters
Liberals forget terrorist murdered Canadian Honor Guard liberals never learn-terrosist will kill them too.
Oct. 23 - The Patriot Guard Riders Nationwide asked to honor one of the last World Trade Center beams to CO:
Nothing compared to FM Ayub khan or Musharraf eras ! Both leaders got proper protocol in the USA including guard of honor at White House
I'm sure they are similar in many respects... The solemn formality of an honor guard is always tear inducing...
never been to an ex-cop funeral, but I have done honor-guard duty at funerals of former firefighters
G-d Bless these men and women of Delta's Honor Guard. They get it. And they show the respect that these fallen...
Also had the honor of speaking with troops this morning. Can't thank them enough for what they do.
They held hands, stood with their backs to an Honor Guard, before the fallen and their grieving loved ones, and lied
Honor Guards for Christ on Honor Guards For ... will air 10/25.
At the WH, Military Honor Guard prepares to line driveway to West Wing for arrival of Pakistan PM Sharif.
It was a year ago today Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was gunned down while standing guard in Ottawa.
Midland High School AFJROTC Honor Guard raise the American flag to the national anthem and return it to half mast...
At tonight’s Boomers Game The Hanover Park Police Department’s Honor Guard will be presenting the colors for Home...
Thank you to our friend, Paul Brennan, who a member of the Honor Guard at Mountjoy Prison in Dublin Ireland for...
yea, can't wait for first full transgendered honor guard at Tomb of Unknown or Presentation of Colors at sport events
Honor guard? The proper way to remove that flag is to yank it off the pole, rip it up, spit on it, set …
Guard of honor for Ayan Ali . Thanks to the screwed up justice system
Yes it's true - But only for the guard of honor and those who are selected to go on parade (I'm probably too tall for either).
Yay! My Meta Misha arrived & has taken his place in Shephard's Funko honor guard (Mikey is to Leo's left but didn't…
DeKalb Letter: Veterans needed for honor guard
DeKalb: Letter: Veterans needed for honor guard
I was surrounded by distractions in their book and somehow got promoted early, did honor guard, and ran a npo in the same showers.
The shouldn’t have a guard of honor. It should be taken down by a dude smoking a Newport and holding a cup …
CHPD Honor Guard holding the flag before the California Dream tennis match at Sunrise Mall.
Love being a member of the Ohio Patriot Guard Riders w/my hubby! It's so nice to do the events to honor the veterans.
Burlington Police and Alamance County Sheriff's Department honor guard at the Burlington Royals game this evening.
the_art_of_honor Federal police guard a drainage pipe outside of the Altiplano maximum security prison in Almolo…
~honor to meet you im blaze. the guard of the gates of Hades.~
that is because the Red Guard has no honor! **tips hat**
Dear Firemen, If you're looking for a safe place to get real, join the Honor Guard our free community for men...
The honor guard of the Tomb of the Unknowns. They guard this tomb with both honor and pride.
Deep and powerful symbolism as a black man in the honor guard carries off the Confederate Flag of South Carolina.
Learn how you can help guard the legacy and honor the sacrifice of America's heroes
Guard of honor and team photo for the man of the moment
Back door? Probably front door with Marine honor guard!
Priests processing into Cathedral through an honor guard. Knights ofColumbus in full regalia for new bishop Greensburg
Military honor guard + children dressed as Swiss guards on way to plane.
In a video that continues to make its rounds across the internet, the Delta Airlines Honor Guard remembered a...
The KHP Mounted Police provided a nice looking honor guard for the opening ceremony of the AVTT…
LIVE: Honor Guard approaches to remove Confederate flag at South Carolina Statehouse:
He will deserve an honor guard.. I'll check with the VFW.
nah, I'll just not risk pissing him off or being part of the prison guard massacre in his honor
Watch what Delta Honor Guard does for a K9 hero
On honor guard mondays, I really miss my husband! 😒
tore honestly asking this question? Who won the league following season and received a guard of honor at the Emirates?
Honor Guard member Brandon Murray guards the during event at St. Louis Univ. Hospital.
Because of two years without trophy, spying on directors and authoritarian rule. People forgot "Guard of Honor" at
Lynch Family We honor the Lynch family for their service htt…
“Guard your honor. Let your reputation fall where it will. And outlive the *** ” (Bujold) ht…
So glad to have Dr. Jim McAfee and Frank Fazian from the Veterans Honor Guard on the show this morning. Below is...
All the best to RvP at Fernabahce! Last min winner vs City, guard of honor at the Emirates, hattrick to win us the league. W…
Be advised has ordered flags be lowered to half-staff 7/13 in honor of Ma Army National Guard First Sergeant Dennis J. Sparrow
Interesting. Re: Honor guard, do we know if families of victims were told / asked about this?
I'm not a national Guard but girls honor me 🗽💯
This man is the only US Coast Guard recipient of the Medal of Honor
How is 1000 fans seeing Casillas off 'Pathetic'?. Madrid shoul've paid unwilling fans to go give him a guard of honor at the airport!
LBPD 47th Annual Awards Ceremony at Carpenter Center begins with LBPD Honor Guard posting of the colors
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Lord Louis Mountbatten accompanied by Lady Mountbatten salutes an Honor Guard at a ceremony. Karachi, Aug 14,1947.
Young children and the Honor Guard look on at Sgt. Kelley's honor ceremony.
Honor Guard: Giving the final salute of Air Force honor - Robins Rev Up
Huge day for Dad-got selected as a United States Air Force Praetorian for the Honor Guard-basically…
What it's like to be in the Honor Guard.
Shame on leaders 4 not sending Honor Guard to My Dad w/wounded, a Korean combat medic, his men knew how 2 pray!
I would like to congratulate Honor Guard. Probably only a few might see this. You guys kick *** good job. One more year guys, enjoy it!
Marine Corps League 750 Honor Guard @ Matthews Memorial Day service..we owe a debt to those lost and all veterans
EBRSO Honor Guard was proud to participate in Baton Rouge Community College 's 16 Annual Commencement today.
South Knoxville Home Depot honors veterans with a breakfast and Honor Guard service.
Walking down those red carpets accepting their guard of honor with a pride of a lion makes me proud Indian
Photos of ASO's Honor Guard leading the Newberry Watermelon Festival Parade on Saturday.
National Guard 1st Lieutenant Robert L. Henderson II will be on car to honor US Armed Forces members who have fallen.
A Soldier and his Dog were killed. WATCH how Airlines and Delta Honor Guard RESPECT them
The York City Police Department is starting an Honor Guard we are raising $2,000 to equip them If you…
It is highly improper to have gossip while inspecting guard of honor !
Seminole County honor guard traveled to Hattiesburg to pay respects for fallen HPD officer Liquori Tate htt…
Jiangyin-made service worn by Chinese guard of honor shone at during parade.
As the Honor Guard along w/ the Pipes & Drums Recessed, they saluted the New Survivors as they passed
Archive Photo: President Barack Obama and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi stand in front of the honor guard as…
I've heard Sterling will be leaving Liverpool... Sad news :( should have said it before so you'd get a guard of honor as well.
Yep. King Vermaelen about to have his first guard of honor
aye but guard of honor for Cameron and Bercow ha ha,right at front Pete,like our
One of my precious junior honor guard students!
…The Acting Police Commissioner led a police guard of honor at his graveside on Aboriginal country…
ash ji, screen guard makes any difference in touch after long uses of phone. Asking for my honor 6 and tab.
just like you said "Come for the guard of honor, stay for the mediocre football."
🐸☕️🙌 ima need you to come through with breakfast! You're so cute& small. That honor guard uniform was hilarious! Love you & all u do for us
Back to working on jets. I already miss honor guard
Now to find a white dress for Honor Guard. 😁
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I took the pledge in honor of the men in my brother's National Guard unit who didn't get to come home.
Join us for our 19th Annual Memorial Day Commemoration! We will be hosting the U.S.A.F. Honor Guard.
City of ceremony is next Monday @ 9am. The Honor Guard will be there as well.
Proud to honor Cubans who served in the Cuban & US Navy/Coast Guard in World War II.
Chief Simpson's ceremony has concluded. and CCPD Honor Guard escort the casket.
Honor to those who in the life they lead define and guard a Thermopylae
Coleman hasn't been to teacher honor guard in 6 years and he came this year because I chose him and I wanna cry 😭
The Longview Fire Department Honor Guard would like to extend its deepest thanks to all departments who have...
2015 four-star shooting guard KeVaughn Allen will honor his commitment to Florida and new head coach Mike White, accor…
I'm already going to a 3rd store to find an honor guard dress /:
Tonight, it was a honor to present Blue Star banners to David Garrison (Army National Guard), Matthew Moss...
HPD honor guard posts the colors at Hooksett Citizen of the year honoring former police commissioner McHugh May15th
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