Honor Flight & Korean War

A Honor Flight is conducted by non-profit organizations dedicated to transporting as many United States military veterans as possible to see the memorials of the respective war(s) they fought in in Washington, D.C. The Korean War (25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953) was a war between the Republic of Korea (supported primarily by the United States of America, with contributions from allied nations under the aegis of the United Nations) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (supported by the People's Republic of China, with military and material aid from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). 5.0/5

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'It was very emotional': Honor Flight veterans visit WWII and Korean War Memorials - KVAL
Spent the evening welcoming home an Honor Flight for WWII and Korean War vets.
Korean War veterans from Lakeway go on Honor Flight of a lifetime
Eighty-five World War II and Korean War veterans boarded an Honor Flight
Our project is well underway! Help us find more WWII and Korean War veterans for an Honor Flight!
Wish the Honor Flight included Korean War vets when my Dad was still alive. He was so proud to serve and would have loved it.
Welcoming Grandpa home from his honor flight for his service in the Korean War ❤️🇺🇸 such a stubborn,…
WWII, Korean War vets from Lafayette take Honor Flight to D.C.: World War II and Korean War veterans from the…
Throng of well-wishers welcome home Korean War vets from Honor Flight to Washington DC. Read more in Kris Capps column Monday.
Korean War vet TJ Wanta talked to this week about the power of Honor Flight
Alaska Guardsmen escort WWII and Korean War vets to Honor Flight - DVIDS (press release): Alaska...
Korean War vets join WWII vets on Honor Flight: Five veterans from Green Valley and one from Tubac will be par...
This is the first all-women veterans Honor Flight event. 70 women from WWII & Korean War, 70 from Iraq/Afghanistan era. Touring DC together
IHS Junior Juan Diaz served as one of four student escorts for WWII and Korean War veterans attending Honor Flight
Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter escorts WWII and Korean War veterans on Honor Flight to DC
Honor Flight looking for Korean War Veterans for special flight | TexVet
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Many WWII/Korean War vets go on their Honor Flight with son/daughter. New idea for 2 honor vets!
Attention TexVet: Honor Flight is looking to honor Korean War Veterans. Follow the link to learn more. Help...
Spent yesterday as a part of Honor Flight escorting WWII and Korean Vets to the Memorials in Washington DC. 7 different Honor Flights were there from around the country with approximately 600/700 Vets. Talk about a humbling experience...my veteran served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam! The stories I heard from him and from other veterans were pretty amazing…one man was as a B-17 Bombadier, another was in the Battle of Porkchop Hill during the Korean War, while another vet I met, from the Oregon Honor Flight, flew with Jimmy Doolittle! Greatest Generation for sure!! If you ever have the opportunity to participate in your area for Honor Flight I highly recommend it!! Awesome experience and great day! Thanks Matt!! www.honorflight.org
Honor Flight takes WWII, Korean War veterans from Tuscaloosa to nation's capital...
Very humbling experience while traveling today. From Little Rock, I boarded a plane with 90 veterans from WW2, Korean War and Viet Nam war, and their chaperones who were returning from their Honor Flight from DC. I had the privilege of sitting with a veteran from the Korean War. To all of you, I say THANK YOU!
80 World War II and Korean War veterans make Honor Flight trip to Washington ... - The Kalamazoo...
We have a great weekend coming up! On Saturday, stop at the Port Washington Fish Days festivities to see Harvey Kurz and Joe Demler in the parade and leave a donation at Margie's SSHF booth near Sir James Pub. Or, head south to West Allis for a book sale and signing of "Honor Flight: A Visual Journey" at the ProBuColls Bookstore at 9633 W. Greenfield Avenue from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and meet Julian Plaster, Marion Lemke and 9 other WWII and Korean War heroes. Thanks so much to all of our volunteers who make these events happen, and we hope to see a great crowd at both of these events!
WICHITA - A fifth Kansas Honor Flight of the year will return on Friday, June 13, carrying two World War II veterans and 18 Korean War veterans and their guardians.� Because all flights returning to Wichita are full, the veterans will return to Kansa
ONE LAST REMINDER! On Tuesday, May 27th, we will be escorting 73 WWII veterans, 15 Korean War veterans and one Vietnam War veteran on their Honor Flight to Washington, DC, to visit the memorials dedicated in their honor. We will be gathering in the C baggage claim area of the Spokane International Airport for our 6:00 am send off ceremony. The flight will depart Spokane at 8:00 am. We will be dedicating this flight in memory of Capt Mark Voss, Capt Victoria Pinckney and Tech Sgt Herman Mackey III, the crew of the KC-135 based at Fairchild Air Force Base which crashed on May 3rd, 2013, near Chon-Aryk, Kyrgyzstan. Our flight will return on Wednesday, May 28th, with an estimated time of arrival at 8:00 pm in the main terminal of the airport. All are welcome to attend both the departure ceremony and the welcome home celebration on the 28th. This flight has become especially exciting for our program! A reporter from France will be joining us to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day and to document the ...
Monroe veterans take their Honor Flight Two Monroe residents who served in the Army during the Korean War era will be among 33 other veterans on today’s Honor Flight to visit various War Memorials in Washington, D.C. Story:
My dad spent the day in Washington DC on Tuesday with WWll and Korean War vets, as part of the Honor Flight. They saw military monuments and statues. Dad liked seeing the Iwo Jima Memorial, and the changing of the guard at the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier. But what he kept coming back to was how the public reacted to seeing all of these vets. "They would just come up to us to say thank you. Regular people,ladies, and kids. They would hug us, thank us and clap. Just regular people,not part of a greeting group, workers, tourists, shoppers,they would stop what they were doing to thank us." Specially memorable was the Japanese guy thanking them and asking them to sign his flag,one of the vets asked the guy what he was going to do with the flag,the 'kid' looked up and answered " I'm keeping it." Dad ended the story by stressing that this happened IN THE RAIN! On behalf of the Honor Flight Vets I'd like to thank the city and tourists of Washington DC. If you know someone who lives there will you thank them fo .. ...
Sheri Briley Dear Friends, In 1943, at the height of World War II, a young 18 year old left St. Louis to join the Navy. His journey would take him around the world in service to the United States aboard the USS New Mexico (BB-40). While on board the battleship, he survived two Kamikaze attacks, and was present at Japan’s surrender that ended the War. He also served aboard a radar ship during the Korean War. After the Wars, Mr. Vernon Dascher returned to St. Louis where he would raise his family (that includes his eldest grand-daughter, Rebecca Davis onbaord the Bush!). He retired from McDonnell-Douglas, and has settled in St. Charles, MO where, later this year, he will celebrate his 90th birthday. He remains connected to the rest of the USS New Mexico Crew, and has served as their Association’s president for nearly 25 years. On May 20, 2014, “Ole Vern,” as he is fondly known, will join a World War II Veterans’ Honor Flight that will leave Lambert Field for Washington, DC to visit their memorials ...
WWII & Korean War veterans visited their respective memorials in Washington DC as part of the Old Glory Honor Flight.
“Korean War veterans embark on Honor Flight: didn't grandpa go on this
Looking forward to greeting Korean War veterans this morning who are traveling to visit Washington via Honor Flight
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460 veterans, mostly from the Korean War, on the biggest single day Honor Flight out of Omaha today - We THANK...
More than 450 Korean War veterans and families at Honor Flight banquet. Great night honoring veterans.
A Korean War veteran poses by a military jeep. More than 450 veterans ready for banquet and Honor Flight.
Students are raising $$ for World War II, Korean War vets to take Honor Flight to DC. Donate @
Jeff Gural to sponsor Honor Flight trip for WWII, Korean War, and terminally ill veterans - News - Daily Review
B. F. “Frank” Jennings (USN RET) 1926-2014 REACT International, Inc., regrets to announce the passing of Benjamin Francis “Frank” Jennings, RI Life Member 20, at approximately 5 p.m., Monday, 13 January 2014, at the Harrison Hospital in Bremerton, Washington. Born 9 September 1926, Frank was 87 years old. Frank was retired from the US Navy with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He originally enlisted in the Navy in 1943, was commissioned in 1960 through the Navy’s limited duty officer program, and retired in 1973. He served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War and received numerous awards and decorations throughout his career. In 2012, Frank participated in the Honor Flight program which takes WWII veterans to Washington, D.C., to visit the World War II memorial. His son Mike Jennings accompanied him. While there, they had the opportunity to have a photo-op with Elizabeth Dole and her husband, Robert Dole (himself a wounded veteran of WWII). Ms. Dole and Frank had previously met ...
Just watched 27 Korean War vets receive there last mail-call ending the honor flight they have been on
My dad is a WWII and Korean War vet. He went on the Honor Flight out of Kansas in June. He is still tough, and I know for a fact, he would have been tearing down those barricades. The greatest generation waited 60 years for their memorial. Nothing should keep.them from accessing this. They earned it for sure.
One simple act can mean everything to so many. For more than 150 Korean War veterans, a donation from the Iowa West Foundation means they are going on an honor flight.
A $30,000 grant from the Iowa West Foundation secured an honor flight to D.C. for Korean War veterans.
My grandfather returned home to a hero's welcome along with other Korean War and WW II vets on the Honor Flight. They didn't know the families would be there to welcome them as they entered walking in formation. Very proud of him!!
Korean War vets to Honor Flight organizers: What about us?
Dad left yesterday for his "Honor Flight" to Washington, D.C. He said he had a great time with everyone. There were 160 veterans, most of them were Korean War vets, and a chaperone for every 2. They were met by 3 buses and taken to the WW2 Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Iwo Jima Memorial and a lot of other places too numerous to mention. The plane was met by almost 2000 people at the Springfield,IL airport.
Found out today I'll be going on an Honor Flight to DC this Monday w/ a group of WWII and Korean War vets to see their monuments. Amazing.
Father's Day was extra special this year...Tim escorted his father on the Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. on Saturday. Bob is a veteran of both WWII and the Korean War. It was a memorable day for both. Wesley was baptized on Sunday morning and he was perfect!! Then we topped off the day with a T-ball game. It was great to spend the day with 3 great fathers.and also to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary!
Right about now, my father is on his way home from Washinton, DC having experience the Honor Flight for WWII and Korean War veterans. This is the letter, along with many other notes and well wishes from friends and relatives will be given to him at the airport when he returns: Dad, I owe you my life,.having spent your youth enduring the hardships of one of the most difficult eras in American history, The Great Depression, where it could be construed that your country had failed you,...you unflinchingly, as heroes do, went, when called on, to serve your country in the European theatre during WWII. From your harrowing trans-Atlantic crossing on the Queen Mary, to the airfields of the Eighth Air Force in England prior to the D-Day, to landing at Utah Beach during the invasion, taking part in the liberation of Paris, the difficult campaign in the Netherlands, the winter in Belgium punctuated by the Battle of the Bulge, and ending the war crossing into Germany via a pontoon Bridge, driving a truck loaded with ...
Great River Honor Flight - May 9 veterans and itinerary Nearly three dozen Korean War veterans will take part in the latest mission of the Great River Honor Flight taking off early Thursday morning. Thirty-two veterans will depart from St. Louis in route to Washington, D.C. to see their memorials. The group will return to Hannibal to the popular homecoming ceremony, scheduled to arrive at Hannibal-La Grange University at 10 a.m. You can follow the group's flight through updates and photos at WGEM.com/HonorFlight. Following times are Central •1:30 a.m. Check-in for participants of Honor Flight •2 a.m. Guardian Briefing at Hannibal LaGrange •2:15 a.m. Bus Loading •2:30 a.m. Depart Hannibal •4 a.m. Arrive at St. Louis. •6 a.m. Southwest Airlines Flight 1649 departs STL Following times are Eastern •9 a.m. Flight arrives at BWI (Baltimore) •9:45 a.m. Board bus for trip to Washington and Korean War Memorial •10:45 a.m. Arrive at Korean Memorial, Lincoln, Vietnam Memorials. •12 p.m. Depart Ko ...
SC Honor Flight adds dozens of Korean War veterans to military memorial visit ...
The Honor Flight Network has transported 63,292+ WWII, Vietnam, and Korean War veterans to DC since 2006. Great org. nobody has heard about.
This Thursday is a first for an Old Glory Honor Flight from Outagamie County. It will take 10 Korean War veterans...
If you know of a World War II or Korean War Veteran..here is some important news. There are plans for another Honor Flight from Fort Dodge to Washington, D.C. with the date to be announced. You can read more on this on our KQWC website home page!
Tonight I was truly humbled, I was fortunate enough to sit anong World War 2 and Korean War veterans and view the movie "Honor Flight" I have always had great respect for these men and women but this movie is so moving . These truest of heroes are simply amazing. I have submitted my application to be a guardian on a flight this year, please pray that I may be honored with this privilege . We loose 900 World War 2 veterans everyday
Fasten your seat belts, Korean War veterans.
Honor Flight extends applications to Korean War veterans to visit Washington, D.C. and memorials:
What are you looking for as you read the Saluting Grandpa/Honor Flight essays? Great writing, emotional story, inspiring narrative? Maybe you are just voting for someone you know? see all essays KWQC TV-6 News
Link to a video that documents the Quad City Honor Flight 20th trip. This is a trip that my father was on. The segment that captures the Korean War monument is pretty touching.
Heard magnificant 30-minute presentation this morning on the Korean War (the "forgotten war") by former middle school teacher and Honor Flight Director Bill Richards. Made more interesting by my having recently read "The Coldest Winter" -- I highly recommend it.
Chris Gilson, Just wanted to thank you for the use of your WHBF camera light. I got what I would call an amazing photo of my Honor Flight Veteran Richard Pianca by the memorial of the Korean War. I am so grateful and I apologize for any delay that might have cause you in performing your duties. Richard served in the Korean War...interesting fact is that his daughter was born the day he landed in Korea.it was 13 months before he met his child.anyway your the best.
2 more hours and Central MO Honor Flight will be underway. Weather sounds good in Washington DC. Over 65 of WWII & Korean War Heros are starting to show up and are ready to go. A great way to spend Election Day.
Tomorrow November 6th my Dad goes on a trip of a life time. He and other Korean War Vets will be going on the Honor Flight from Columbia Mo. I am so happy he gets to make this trip.
To all my friends, friends of friends, and etc... Tomorrow, Oct 25, is the final Honor Flight out of Ocala. We will be taking about 180 World War II Veterans to Washington DC to visit the WWII memorial, Korean War Memorial, Arlington Cemetary, and various sites around the DC area. PLEASE join in welcoming home the GREATEST generation to Ocala airport tomorrow night when they get back home. The festivities start around 8:30 in the evening, we will arrive back somewhere around 10 PM. If you can, I ask that you please honor these Veterans and show your support as we welcome them home when we arrive. I promise a great time and fantastic memories you will have forever.
One week from today my father and my daughter will board a plane in Ocala, FL to take the Honor Flight to Washington, DC. This is a specail flight for veterans of WWII to honor them for their service to their country. My Daddy was in both WWII & the Korean war. I'm am so excited that he has this opportunity!
I had the pleasure and honor of assisting and helping board an Honor Flight which is carrying approximately 45 veterans from the Korean War and World War II from Reno to Baltimore where they will go to D.C. The oldest of these veterans is 95 years old who is still walking without any walker or wheelchair. One of these heroes was wearing his original captain's hat he wore in 35 missions including Berlin 5 different times. His son was wearing his original brown leather Bomber Jacket which his father also wore during those 35 missions. On the left front side of the jacket was 35 bombs (silver in color) signifying each mission he flew. It is days like this I wish everyone could experience in order to honor and appreciate these heroes that have given us the freedom we have everyday. It is important to realize at this critical time we choose the direction of OUR great country. We MUST NOT take these freedoms for granted. GOD bless these veterans and all our military and GOD BLESS THE USA!
My dad, Jim Grady, will be in Washington, DC on Tuesday. He left for the Honor Flight this evening. Dad served in the Air Force in the Korean War. Proud of my dad!!
Korean War Vet Visits Memorial: Warren Dexter arrived in D.C. Sunday morning thrilled to be on the Honor Flight.
"Honor Flight of the Quad Cities" has another WELCOME HOME on Thursday September 20th. Please come to the Quad City Airport in Moline by 9PM to greet our returning Korean War and WWII Veterans from their trip to Washington, DC. They deserve our thanks for their service. This is a true blessing for all who attend.
Thanks to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday. We spent a beautiful afternoon and evening in Milwaukee at Miller Park honoring "The Greatest Generation" - the World War II veterans at the Stars & Stripes Honor Flight event. There were nearly 30,000 people in attendance. Watch for the documentary movie "Honor Flight" that we saw presented last night on the JumboTron at Miller Park to be shown at some point (presumably) on Public Television. The Honor Flights are offered free of charge to WWII veterans so they can fly to Washington DC to see the WWII War Memorial. It was an honor for me to be at this event, to share the day with my parents and Debbie's parents (both Dads served around the Korean war time) and also get to talk to several WWII veterans.
Waterloo Honor Flight organizers are opening the upcoming September 18th Honor Flight to Korean War veterans.
Ninety-three World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans from Toledo and Finley, Ohio, were warmly greeted by Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) director Lt. Gen. Ronald Burgess, Jr. on June 7, 2012 as part of the "Flag City Honor Flight" here.
Ninety World War II and Korean War veterans are traveling to Washington D.C. today on the latest Land of Lincoln Honor Flight.
The Great River Honor Flight prepares to take its first group of Korean War veterans on a free trip to Washington, D.C.
A great day!!! 72 WWII veterans, 16 Korean War veterans, a couple dozen Active Duty military helpers and 250,000 Girl Scouts. Absolutely the busiest Honor Flight and worst traffic I've seen in DC. Headed to the airport for the trip home. Come welcome the heroes who helped secure your freedom for that cookout you had today! 8:45 PM at Port Columbus tonite.
Be sure to tune in at six and ten tonight as Katie Jones takes us on the Honor Flight. Korean War veterans get a...
Coming up tonight during WVIK news: - Honor Flight of the QC's honors Korean War era veterans. - MidAmerican asks for help naming three peregrine falcon chicks living on the roof of one of its buildings. -and this week the city of Rock Island will celebrate Boetje's Day. Listen to WVIK News during All Things Considered from 4 until 8 pm.
Hy-Vee stores in eastern Iowa and western Illinois will send a contingent of military veterans on the first-ever Honor Flight devoted exclusively to those who served during the Korean War.
I just got confirmation, that on what would have been my father's 86th birthday, I get to be a guardian/escort for 2 Korean War Veteran's on an Honor Flight to Washington DC. We will visit all of the major War Memorials. Leave the Quad City airport about 6 am and return the same night about 10. Long day, but sure to be a life changing experience.
Leaving shortly to take my dad and 2 of his buddies, 91 years old each to St Cloud to spend the night so they can leave St Cloud airport to go on the Honor Flight to WA DC at 5:00 AM.Sat. They will see the WWll wall and tomb of unknown soldier and so much more. 100 Vets (Korean war vets,too) and 65 gaurdians going. They return at 10:30 PM. Please all pray for safe trip and they are feel the best of health ever all day long to enjoy the trip.
Korean War-era vets get their own Honor Flight
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