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A Honor Flight is conducted by non-profit organizations dedicated to transporting as many United States military veterans as possible to see the memorials of the respective war(s) they fought in in Washington, D.C. The Greatest Generation is a term coined by journalist Tom Brokaw to describe the generation who grew up in the United States during the deprivation of the Great Depression, and then went on to fight in World War II, as well as those whose productivity within the war's home front made a decisive material contribution to the war effort. 5.0/5

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WWII Veterans on Honor Flight welcomed to San Diego after visiting WWII Memorial in DC. Our "Greatest Generation" Godspeed.…
Awaiting the return of the Greatest Generation. Honor Flight Tallahassee.
Looking forward to another presentation. This year- Honor Flight: Connecting with the Greatest Generation. Thurs 11:45
To all my friends in Austin. This Saturday night at 8:30 PM a group of 12 WWII veterans will return via an Honor Flight from Washington DC & their visit to the WWII memorial. Please join me in the Southwest Airlines ticketing lobby on the upper level to welcome these Greatest Generation heroes back home. Semper Fidelis.
Spent about 2 hours tonight with members of the Greatest Generation as they got prepared for their Honor Flight back to their memorials in Washington DC. It was almost as if my grandfather was back with me for a little while. The emotions came pouring out of me in the airport parking garage. I miss the *** out of that man. I can't wait for Sunday to welcome them back home!
Today was the first Honor Flight of the year. So honored to meet all of our veterans, and hear their stories. Such priceless pieces of history each one has to share. Please view the video & hear about our Greatest Generation from our President, Chris Cosich. Please remember that we can only make these flights happen with donations from our supporters. Thank you & God Bless the U.S.A.
This morning I had the privilege of seeing two of "the Greatest Generation" depart from Conyers as part of an Honor Flight to DC today. They left at 5:15 with a full escort. Hugh Steele from the Covington Rotary Club and Ed Norwood, who serves on our GACS Board, were part of today's flight. Thanks to both Hugh and Ed for their service.
Great evening speaking to Honor Flight of Northeast TN. This wonderful group takes World War II Veterans to DC to visit the World War II Memorial and other monuments at no charge. I had the honor of meeting many World War II Veterans and hearing some of their incredible stories. They truly are our greatest generation!
Sad news for those Veterans from World War 2 and Honor Flight groups and those of the 'Greatest Generation". It was reported today the Senator Bob Dole has been admitted to Hospice care. My prayers are for him and his family and thanks a million for being there when he could for the Greatest Generation.
This is a note Honor Flight Buffalo received today worth sharing, Names removed to protect privacy. I was at the Saturday viewing of Honor Flight the Movie and was incredibly moved. I attended the October 22, 2011 flight to DC as Guardian for my uncle, WWII vet, and the film took me back to one of the most compelling experiences of my life. Most important, it was a day my uncle still talks about as a great day. He is a member of the Greatest Generation, and they all deserve every day to be a great day. I am a Navy vet from the Vietnam era and all this gives special meaning to me. I was also struck by, and reminded of, the line about thanking a teacher. I am a retired English teacher and, and especially enjoy seeing that. My grandmother was a Gold Star mother, as her son, my uncle, was killed in the South Pacific in 1943. My father, a Marine during WWII, was one of four brothers who served. Military service has been important to our family. I thank for all you do and will continue to do. written on Vetera ...
Another successful Big Sky Honor Flight flew members of the Greatest Generation to DC to honor their service:
These are the scenes you did not see on the poorly reported story on channels 6 and 29 on the Honor Flight of 6 busloads of WWII vets. An amazing day honoring members of the Greatest Generation.
Just a comment or better yet, a little braggin from the proud dad of TSgt Charles Kouder Jr USAF. My son was chosen as an escort on an Honor Flight which honors the veterns of WWII the "Greatest Generation" . When he told me he had been chosen, I told him it will be a life changing experience. I had to text him during the day Saturday and asked him how it was going. His response, "very rewarding". As a "baby boomer", a product of the "greatest generation", I am glad that my son from "Generation X" got to have the experience and meet the WWII vets. Who because of them, we enjoy the freedom we have today. I can only say, that if any of you have the oppurtunity to be at an airport when one of these flights land, please stand in line and shake their hands and say "thank You". You will see tears, smiles and receive some of the hardiest hand shakes you will ever experience. Also a special thanks to all the Patriot Guard units that escort the motorcades to and from the airports and stand guard at the airports. . ...
Our "Pop" was one of the 93 men that got to take the last Honor Flight out of Nashville Wednesday! How blessed we are to have such a good man from the Greatest Generation still in our lives! Hoping our family never looses the pride, morals and values that are ingrained in our heritage!
Our pic of the Day is from Indy Honor Flight. How do you thank our Greatest Generation? This is how Indy Honor...
Legion/Auxiliary/Sons Members, I recently had the opportunity to see this "Honor Flight" movie, and it brought me to tears with its poignancy and actual footage of military men and women who served us well during WWII. Now we have an opportunity once more to honor them by offering a free overnight trip to Washington, DC to see first hand the memorial built in their honor. I've just received updated information about additional showing of the movie. If you at all can see this movie, wherever you are, it does our "Greatest Generation" proud, and allows us to reflect our gratitude for their service. For God and Country, Karen M. Boehler President, American Legion Auxiliary Department of Colorado
I must share: Saw a older guy at Lowe's wearing a ball cap today that said "Navy Veteran". As Barb and I always do, we stopped and thanked him for serving our country and welcomed him home! Then we got to know him, one of America's finest from our Nation's Greatest Generation, 90 year old Frank Ellis of Oak Harbor, a WWII vet who was medic at Normandy on a LST who treated the brave injured solders after Normandy beach invasion! We had a wonderful hour discussion in Lowe's by the lighting dept. and we heard stories of guys who lost limbs, travels across the equator, funny stories from his 13 years as a 7th grade boys Sunday School teacher. Frank also shared photos of his hand crafted woodworking skills - an elegant wood nativity, and very ornate Biblical charactor wooden chime clock. He showed us the two small wooden crosses in his pocket (Frank makes hundreds of small crosses) and gives them away with a short poem 'The Cross in My Pocket'. Frank was in great shape for 90 years, loved life, told of ...
On the weekend of the 71st anniversary of Pearl Harbor, join us at the historic Byrd Theatre in Carytown for the Virginia premiere of the documentary "Honor Flight". Help us to celebrate the Greatest Generation and honor the service and sacrifice of World War II veterans! "Honor Flight" gained n...
There r 3 places in DC you can see this great especially if u have been there for our Greatest Generation and greeted or guardian or etc...
Check out part 3 of our "Flight of a Lifetime." It's at 6. We honor veterans on the Oklahoma Honor Flight. Great words from the "Greatest Generation."
Honor Flight returning to Ocala Airport this evening. I will take pride in welcoming home the Vets that went on plane These men and women are my heros. I had a heavy heart this morning having to help the Veterans get off plane when it was grounded, then I was humbled. Every one of them, every last one, were standing tall, proud, happy, yes disappointed but you would never have known it. The spirit and positive attitudes of these men and women are my inspiration. They made me feel selfish in my attitude when I reflect on my own actions during times of disappointment and adversity. I will learn from them. Please join me this evening starting around 830 in welcoming plane home. God Bless our Greatest Generation and the United States of America!
Just finished our last Honor Flight yesterday and got this today. Thanks to ALL of the Greatest Generation.
Went to Austin Airport and was assigned an 88 yr.old WWII Navy vet, who had amazing stories, I was riveted, His Name is "Hurschell C. "I was his guardian from 0730 hrs. until the "Honor Flight" to D.C. took off at 1230 hrs. I took pix with my phone, I need to but the adapting transfer line... Once we boarded the tram from the Hotel to the Airport, the rivalry between sailors and Marines began, With the Navy taking the first punch, yelling at the Marines that they were "Sea Going Bellhops" The Marine Corp. shot back with a barrage that left everyone laughing, it was friendly banter, we all had a grin on our faces.these guys and 2 gals became instant friends and it was jovial.The City Of Austin pulled out all the stops and rolled out the Red Carpet, for the "Greatest Generation" I was speaking to a 92 yr. old gentlemen who was in combat with the 30th Infantry "Old Hickory" and was the only survivor out of his platoon.It was the treat of my life, to experience this event, to be around these Great American ...
Bradenton Herald, The (FL) September 15, 2012 World War II veterans appreciate Honor Flight to D.C. memorials As we return home from our Sept. 8 Honor Flight to Washington, D.C., I reflect upon our trip at 32,000 feet. We take pride in honoring the 50 World War II veterans who traveled with us. They came to not only represent themselves but fellow Americans who fought valiantly and their families as the "Greatest Generation." This trip brought memories and those of their ill and fallen colleagues who would have been proud of this memorial to them. For many of them, I see this brought closure. I think each of us took a moment to honor those with us and those who sacrificed so dearly for our country. Our soldiers received a long overdue greeting of thank you for their service. Hundreds of Americans greeted our veterans on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Wherever they turned, our veterans were greeted with thank you and respect – from a greeting as they Fort Myers Airport to DC, from the World War II M ...
Honor Flight is a program which gives veterans an opportunity to visit the World War II Memorial, designed to pay tribute to America's Greatest Generation.
Field of Honor: A Salute to the Greatest Generation This once-in-a-generation event will bring together thousands of World War II veterans and veterans from other conflicts, their families, friends and communities. The event will feature the world premiere of the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight doc...
Honor Flight Buffalo is pleased to announce we will again be flying our Greatest Generation on October 13, 2012.
This story is a reprint of a blog, written by an Southwest Airlines employee. I personally have not had the honor to man one of these flights, but having stood at the gate of an arriving flight filled with these WWII veterans, I can tell you there is no greater pride that I take in being an American, than recognizing their accomplishment. I have witnessed two arriving flights in Chicago, and one in Baltimore. Passengers from every flight in the concourse pause when they realize why EVERYONE is cheering. Many tears are shed, some by me, but much joy and admiration is felt for this Greatest Generation. Enjoy the blog below….. “As I rushed through the Dulles Airport, the only thing on my mind was that I cannot miss my flight, it’s Mother’s Day! I received my boarding pass with moments to spare—the last boarding position! As I boarded the plane, I noticed smiling faces all around me, wearing Honor Flight shirts and hats. I had heard of these flights before and was immediately honored to be flyi ...
THIS IS TONIGHT! COME SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! YOU HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE THIS!!! IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN, YOU SHOULD MAKE IT A PRIORITY! The 2nd Columbia Honor Flight for this year is finally here and is scheduled for this Wednesday, May 23rd. I know many look forward to these flights as being one of the most fun & heart wrenching flag lines we stand all year. It is such a joy to see the excitement on the faces of these WWII Veterans as they walk through our “Flag Corridor of Honor” at the beginning of a day trip to Washington DC, for a long overdue visit to their WWII monument. The emotions run high for both our PGR flag holders and these aging Heroes from the Greatest Generation. The return home later that evening overflows with tears of joy and frequently sorrow for their brothers in arms that weren't fortunate enough to make it home before giving their lives for our country. If you have never been to an Honor Flight mission you are missing out. Please join us in making this day one they ...
Had dinner with the Greatest Generation, & the Slient Generation tonight in Davenport. Tommorrow they will be off to DC. This is the 19th Honor Flight from our area.
My godfather Bennie Bauer (Front row, red jacket, snazzy yellow socks) at the Tomb of the Unknowns today, courtesy of Badger Honor Flight. We thank you and the Greatest Generation, Sir!
Just spent an awesome evening welcoming home South Alabama's 7th Honor Flight of WWII vets. It was so heart warming to see their reaction to the massive crowd to welcome 89 men and women of the Greatest Generation.
I just returned from the airport, welcoming home the next to the last Honor Flight carrying WWII veterans to DC to the WWII Memorial for the day. It was awesome.I hope if you have never welcomed home an Honor Flight that you will do that next time.(Sept. I think) that you will plan now to wear your red, white and blue, bring your flag and welcome home "the greatest generation".
I had the pleasure of traveling with my Dad on the OKlahoma Honor Flight for WWII veterans. It was terrific! The vets go free. I picked up Dad 4:00am and returned him 10:45pm Long day but it seemed short on the flight home. Had a couple of hic-ups so missed 2 stops...instead of getting off the bus they became drive by but the send off and receptions for these guys unbelievable!!! Police escort all the way... and people meeting and shaking hands with these man and women. I don't think we truly understand without these guys what kind of country we would have. the reflection of a wall of 4,000 stars represent over 4000,000 lost in WWII. Yes, I do worry and am sorry for losses in wars since but remember there was no cell phones inter-net, skype. Mail was slow at best. I was 2 months old when my Dad left and 2+ years old when he saw me again. We are quickly losing these vets and they REALLY were and are the greatest generation. Thank you DAD and all of those who severed and are serving. Peggy
SC's family of electric cooperatives teamed up with Honor Flight of South Carolina to transport 100 WWII Veterans to Washington, D.C. to see their memorial. We hope these photos cause you to reflect for just a moment on the accomplishments of the Greatest Generation.
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