Honey Badger & Tyrann Mathieu

The honey badger (Mellivora capensis), also known as the ratel, is a species of mustelid native to Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent. Tyrann D. Mathieu (born May 13, 1992), nicknamed Honey Badger , is an American football cornerback for the LSU Tigers. 5.0/5

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Honey Badger don't care? . explores a side of Tyrann Mathieu you may not have seen.
Honey Badger don't care ? You don't know anything about the new Tyrann Mathieu.
Tyrann Mathieu is all grown up now - SportingNews
Honey Badger do care: Tyrann Mathieu shoots PSA for PETA showing what your dog feels like abandoned in a hot car.
Tyrann Mathieu I'm getting back into that Honey Badger thing
One play last week was "vintage Honey Badger" -- and Tyrann Mathieu's ready for more :
The legend of Tyrann Mathieu —otherwise known as the "Honey Badger" — was already evident even before he was selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the third round of the 2013 NFL draft...
Surprise, Honey Badger is 'the best player on the field' at Cardinals camp: "Tyrann Mathieu is a lottery ticket"
Remember I told you guys about the "Honey Badger", Tyrann Mathieu? I said I saw Troy Polamalu...remember? Well, he starts at fs for Arizona!
NFL free-agent news tracker: Honey Badger isn't good at drug tests ...: Tyrann Mathieu isn't good at drug test...
"I need to start hanging out with people who are doing what I'm doing" - Honey Badger (Tyrann Mathieu)
Henderson also says he wants the to draft Tyrann Mathieu ... AKA ... "Honey Badger."
I thought was the Honey Badger, whats going on here?
You're an NFL Scout: More likely to draft Manti Te'o or Tyrann Mathieu? I'm picking Honey Badger!
Tyrann Mathieu ran a 4.43 today. All aboard the Honey Badger to the Browns train!
maybe we should grab him? INDIANAPOLIS -- Tyrann Mathieu came to the NFL Scouting Combine with the intention of losing his "Honey Badger" moniker and proving to teams that he's not as slow as his reputation. Consider the second goal accomplished. The former LSU cornerback posted an unofficial time of 4.43 seconds in the 40-yard dash Tuesday. His second time: 4.50. That's not as quick as potential top-five draft pick Dee Milliner, but it's plenty fast enough for a slot cornerback like Mathieu. As Evan Silva of Rotoworld pointed out, it's a little surprising there was so much concern about Mathieu's speed. Back when he still was "Honey Badger," Mathieu ran down speedsters like Tavon Austin and Chris Rainey from behind. Mathieu has always been seen as a better football player than an athlete. His instincts and playmaking ability will get him drafted. Mathieu's speedy time shows he's not a bad athlete, either. If the St. Louis Rams could look past Janoris Jenkins' off-field troubles in the draft's second roun ...
During his marathon conference call on Monday, NFL Network draft czar Mike Mayock surmised that former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu would struggle to make an impression in drills at this week's NFL Scouting Combine. "He's a better football player than an athlete," said Mayock, who sees the "Honey Badger" as a fourth-round prospect. Still, the combine is a hugely important event for Mathieu, who was suspended his entire junior season following failed drug tests and an arrest for marijuana possession. It's been reported that Mathieu has cleaned up his act in recent months and he's prepared for the combine by training at the workout camp of Patrick Peterson Sr., the father of the Arizona Cardinals star. But will he be ready?
In this "Final Score" podcast, Advocate Online Sports Editor Pierce W. Huff and Advocate sportswriter Scott Rabalais will do a weekly preview of the prospects of former LSU players heading into the NFL Draft. In this podcast they will take a look at former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu and former Ti...
Everyone keeps saying this about Tyrann Mathieu (Honey Badger) "If teams are able to see beyond his tarnished past, they still may have trouble with Mathieu's measurables. At 5'9", Tyrann isn't exactly the prototypical size for an NFL cornerback. He also has never been exceptional in man coverage." "What the guy formerly known as the "Honey Badger" does bring to the table is an uncanny knack for creating big plays. He's a deadly punt returner and has a ton of value as a ball-hawking, fumble-causing game-changer on defense." Sounds like a great safety to me. And a great kick returner. Give him an alternative to smoking weed and he will be fine! He needs an *** coordinator to keep his head on but WAY to much talent to pass on. I mean he almost won the Heisman playing backup corner. College kids party and make mistakes and its not like he was behind a Target smoking crack or something.
At one time this might have been Tyrann Mathieu but the 'Honey Badger's' snout got into more than honey. Also this is a good
Must tyrann mathieu pull a Chad Ocho Cinco and change his name to "Honey Badger". Absolutely, what NFL group wouldn't want him then???
Cornerback Tyrann Mathieu had one of the coolest nicknames in sports while at LSU — the “Honey Badger,” which is classified as an animal that “has few natural predators because of its thick skin and ferocious defensive abilities.
Former LSU star Tyrann Mathieu says goodbye to the 'Honey Badger'
Hopefully the lions draft Tyrann "Honey Badger'' Mathieu in the third round.
Tyrann "Honey Badger'' Mathieu reckons if he was on the field he would have stopped T.J. Yeldon. I think he has been smoking dope again.
If Tyrann ''Honey Badger'' Mathieu is available in the fourth round. The Skins need to get him
[Shreveport Times] Ex-LSU star Tyrann Mathieu no longer the 'Honey Badger'
interview with was incredible. You can tell that Tyrann is broken and remorseful. We love you, Honey Badger.
Tyrann Mathieu talks about how the "Honey Badger" persona was masking pain that he was feeling inside
Portions of interview today with Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu air starting tonig...
It's that time of year again. That's right, kiddies, it's time for the Jeffy Awards for Sports and Entertainment. Espy's? Who needs 'em? Oscars? Bunch 'a libs!! Grammy's? Well, lets put it this way...anybody who would give an award for rap"music", does not belong on this list. So here we go...Sports Catagory... Best team: After close consideration, I'll go with Ohio State. Not the "best" team, but they got more out of less than anyone else, and had nothing to play for. Best coach: Tough call, but I'll go with Penn State's Bill O'Brien. Best player: Mante'i Teo, LB Notre Dame. If I split this into offense and defense, it would be Teo and Johnny Manziel...kid is phenomenal. Biggest *** coach: Easy...John L Smith Biggest *** player: Silas Redd. He abandoned PSU for USC b/c PSU was down and he wanted to play for a championship. PSU, 8-4 and full of respect...USC, 7-5 and full of Kiffen. Honorable Mention to Tyrann Mathieu, the Honey Badger. Worst Conference: How do I call this one? A tie between Big ...
I liked a video The Fearless Tyrann Mathieu aka the Honey Badger
I wonder if the Honey Badger (Tyrann Mathieu) will be transfering to the University of Colorado? LOL!
I guess we should say thanks to the Honey Badger aka Tyrann Mathieu for once again getting in trouble for drugs. It is an opportune time with Red Ribbon Week to once again tell Quinn (who once saw the Honey Badger as a hero) how dumb choices can really be a huge waste of talent and a letdown to all the kids who admire you.
The tyrann Mathieu went from being the Honey Badger to the *** Jail Bird.
Evan Kelly"What if I told you that the Honey Badger doesn't give a s**t?" ESPN's 30 for 30 presents Tyrann Mathieu: Up in Smoke
First of all, let's dispense with the nickname. For good. He is not the Honey Badger anymore; college athlete with a colorful moniker. He is Tyrann Mathieu; apparently a troubled young man.
At least it's clear who will play Tyrann Mathieu in "Honey Badger." James Franco.
Disgraced LSU football star Tyrann Mathieu -- aka the Honey Badger -- was arrested earlier today on drug-related charges ... this according to the Baton…
I'm really getting tired of Tyrann Mathieu doing drugs. he got caught 2 days ago with 18 grams of marijuana. - straighten up your act Honey Badger!
A C'mon Man moment! Tyrann Mathieu AKA Honey Badger was arrested on drug charges! REALLY DUDE!! .I really hope that young man gets the help he needs.
Matthew 7:3 "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? . Right now I am not a "Honey Badger" fan I am a Tyrann Mathieu fan and a fan of every young person that is fighting to beat a drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, or whatever vice you may find yourself in. You have my prayers!
Real Talk: Look like L.S.U.Tigers need & miss Tyrann Mathieu A/K/A Da Honey Badger...Young & old ppl makes mistakes in life..If God can forgive,Les Miles you should too..We hv all did something in our life dat we wish we could take or change in our life..Dats why we call it the past *** I hv smoke a little dope back n the dayz..I wasn't perfect then or now,but my mistakes hv made me stronger as a man..Let's keep it real ppl!! I got ur back Honey Badger,sometimes it who raising you as a parent dats gets in ur way,no role models,& the only ppl who think is showing you some love is the streets,hood,or gangs members..Young ppl those are wut holding you back to become the best you can be..I love my hood(Plain Dealing,La. Mott/Hilltop)& will all ways be in me cuz I dnt forget where I am from..But the best person I can be,father,friend,& role model,my mindset had to change & leave the hood behind..You can take the man out the hood,but you cnt take the hood out the man..Real Talk!
Did Pete Thamel offer a $2,500 bribe to lie about the Honey Badger?
Sports Illustrated ran a cover story on Tyrann Mathieu and has received a number of reports stating that Pete Thamel bribed a club owner and made up details in the story that defames the Honey Badger.
The cover story is on Tyrann Mathieu, LSU's Honey Badger, who is presently sitting out the 2012 season after failing drug tests.
Ah just when I thought things were looking up for the Honey Badger, things might have hit a snag, and he may not even realize his faults in the situation. The former Heisman Trophy finalist may hav...
Oregon led 6-3 early in the second quarter in this season-opening marquee matchup when Tyrann Mathieu recovered a Kenjon Barner fumble on a punt return for a TD. LSU went on to win 40-27, and the legend of the Honey Badger began to take root.
Even though Tyrann Mathieu is not on LSU, how many times will Brent Musberger say Honey Badger tonight?
Could Tyrann Mathieu be back with the LSU Tigers in 2013? It will depend on whether or not the Honey Badger...
Look, we all know that the LSU Tigers are overrated. But if you look at it they only lost Morris Claiborne last year for HUGE losses other than that their are the same team. But the loss of the Honey Badger has changed this team completely. He made plays EVERY game that other players make once a season, And they lost that. If the Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu was playing this season we would be looking at a team who can do what BAMA did to LSU last year, but without that they're gonna have to wait another season for the Honey Badger.
Honey Badger might come back next year to LSU? Can we get him back for Bama game in November. I just want both teams with best players on field.
Could the "Honey Badger" be on his way back to the LSU football roster for 2013? Les Miles suggested he might be on the Scott Van Pelt Show Tuesday.
If Tyrann Mathieu is the Honey Badger of the Football field, I will be the Turkey Vulture of the frisbee field.
Tyrann Mathieu, aka the Honey Badger, was booted from LSU's team on Friday, shortly before the season began. He'll be eligible to enter the NFL Draft in 2013 and CBSSports.com's Mike Freeman reports that as of right now, many people see him as a third- or fourth-round pick, though he's a very divisi...
"Former LSU teammate: Tyrann Mathieu headed to McNeese State" Wonder what it cost them to get the Honey Badger
Is the Honey Badger back at LSU for good??
Southern U's Tyrann Mathieu request denied by LSU. So will the Honey Badger be a Tiger next year?
To Tyrann Mathieu: welcome back to LSU, beloved Honey Badger. It has to take a lot of courage to come back, look your former ( & hopefully future) teammates in the face & say I'm sorry, I screwed up, & I'll be back next year. Hang in there, & I hope you get things straightened out so we see you on the field next year. Best of luck!
Im all for Tyrann Mathieu and him bettering himself and returning next year, but am I watching an LSU football game or the Honey Badger show? ESPN is being ridiculous by keeping that camera on him so much. One time and a couple of comments is plenty. Leave it alone
Tyrann Mathieu "The Honey Badger" Career Highlights HD watch it on youtube best video:)
Tyrann Mathieu has enrolled at LSU for the fall semester, even though the star cornerback cannot play for the Tigers this season and will be eligible for the 2013 NFL draft.
Oh My God.The 'Honey Badger' Tyrann Mathieu has re-enrolled to LSU, I wonder if they will welcome him with open arms.
you gotta do that think days before! it helps!!The Fearless Tyrann Mathieu aka the Honey Badger: via
Tyrann Mathieu, I have never respected you more than in the last month! The College Football broadcasters might destroy your decision, but all I have to say is thank you for standing up for yourself and your future above all else! I respect you "Honey Badger" and hope to see you next year back in College Football!
Who will spend more time in rehab in there life Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu or Honey Boo Boo?
Father: 'Honey Badger' won't play this season
First it was LSU's "Honey Badger" Tyrann Mathieu, now TN Da'rick Rogers "drugs" WHY, WHY, WHY! Theses young men need some serious help and a Godly mentor.
After seven full days of work, the Honey Badger has successfully completed phase one of the three phase program.
Had a great service with the 412 Student Ministries tonight. The title of my message was "There is Still Hope for the Honey Badger!" Just like Tyrann Mathieu...if you have ever made a mistsake, there is still hope for you. The Grace of God is bigger than your failure. Don't allow your past transgressions to define your future...Let the Grace of God define you!
Tyrann Mathieu (A.K.A. LSU's Honey Badger) won't be playing football in the 2012-13 season, as the former LSU star is to remain in rehab. According to Fox 8's Jen Hale, Mathieu and his family have decided that "Tyrann will remain at a drug rehab center in Houston for the near future, instead of returning to classes at LSU or any other college - in order to play football this fall." Sorry Mike.
Props to Tyrann Mathieu my favorite football player, no body is sicker than u, get better man and get back on the field, were gonna miss your forced fumbles, interceptions at the line of scrimmage and your filthy return skills, your an inspiration to more than youll know... Honey Badger takes what it wants!!
"Football is paramount and perception is reality, and, you know, National Championship chase and everything else...but what's more important here? The 'Honey Badger', or Tyrann Mathieu as a young man?" - Kevin Carter, ESPNU
Never would have thought Tyrann Mathieu would be going to rehab...who'd have thought a guy that dyes his Mohawk blonde and accepts the nickname Honey Badger would be into drugs?
I read that LSU's "Honey Badger" Tyrann Mathieu is actively pursuing treatment for his addiction to Marijuana. Does this remind anyone else of the scene from Half Baked? lol
Up early, reading about Tyrann Mathieu. I'm glad he's going to rehab. When I was 19, I flunked out of college and enlisted in the Army. A week before I was supposed to report to basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, I got a letter from Uncle Sam saying I had too much THC in my system to serve. And you know, my life just got worse and worse after that... Good luck, Honey Badger! You're only young once. And it goes by fast!!!
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All week, we have all have been waiting on some form of an announcement to see where the 'Honey Badger' will go play football this season after being
This whole Tyrann Mathieu is starting to spin out of control. Of course Friday we all know that LSU kicked the Honey Badger off the team for team violations. Since then there have been crazy rumors about what Mathieu plans to do next. Some say he’ll transfer to McNeese State, another rumor has him s...
Update on the Honey Badger: Reports today from ESPN’s Joe Schad suggest that Tyrann Mathieu is talking to LSU of...
Tyrann Mathieu dismissed from LSU and Scholoaship revoked for Violation of Athletic Department rules. He tested Positive for Drugs and people say he is the Victom here? Looks like the "Honey Badger" was into more then just Honey?
I guess we see how stupid smokin weed can make you.. .LSU shocked the College Football world today when they announced that Tyrann Mathieu, known as the Honey Badger, was dismissed from the football team and the University for violation of team and school rules (sources say a failed drug test). “This is a very difficult day for our team,” Miles said. “We lose a quality person, teammate and contributor to the program. However, with that being said, we have a standard that our players are held to and when that standard is not met, there are consequences. “It’s hard because we all love Tyrann. We will do what we can as coaches, teammates, and friends to get him on a path where he can have success. We are going to miss him.” It is speculated that Mathieu failed repeated drug tests. He was suspended last year for failing a drug test, and multiple failed tests can result in team and school dismissal. The Honey Badger was arguably the most exciting player in the conference and all of College Football ...
I'll miss watching the Honey Badger taking what he wanted.I'll miss seeing plays like Tyrann Mathieu's...
The reaction to the LSU Tigers' dismissal Friday of Tyrann Mathieu, aka the Honey Badger, has been varied,...
Tyrann Mathieu was a game-changer for LSU last season. The definition of a ball hawk, the Honey Badger turned games in the Tigers' favor with an uncanny ability to make big plays when they were needed most.
Help me recruit Tyrann Mathieu aka the Honey Badger to enroll at Texas Southern University
Tyrann Mathieu dismissed: Honey Badger must get blame for mistake, but so should we:
It's amazing how stupid people can be. Tyrann Mathieu, The Honey Badger, from LSU has been dismissed from the team for a failed drug test.
Alabama Football: What the Tyrann Mathieu dismissal means for the crimson tide:   The Honey Badger has been let ...
Sad...all that talent...Tyrann Mathieu dismissed from LSU
"Honey badger" Tyrann Mathieu kicked off LSU Team... SU better be goin after him!!!
Maybe it's just me but I'm astounded whenever I see a young man (Tyrann Mathieu aka the Honey Badger) totally screw up a golden opportunity. Kicked off the LSU football team after repeated failed drug tests. My brother Chill always says "These cats don't come from the same hood I come from otherwise they wouldn't go back". Some ppl NEVER get a break and others continually squander golden opportunities!
Wow, Tyrann Mathieu, aka the honey badger, dismissed from LSU. UNREAL. He was the best defensive player in College Football last season.
Tyrann Mathieu, how did you go from Heisman Trophy finalist to dismissed from the team? Leave the weed alone honey badger.
"Honey Badger" Mathieu kicked off LSU football team Rather unprecedented news out of Baton Rouge today -- the No. 1 preseason-ranked College Football team has kicked their star player off the squad. Tyrann Mathieu, better known as the
Tyrann Mathieu was kicked off the LSU football team today for reportedly failing a drug test. We will miss the Honey Badger in the SEC this fall & here's a highlight reel of his college career.
So sad that Tyrann Mathieu didn't care about his own teammates and fan base. He is a very high energy player who I loved to watch fly across the field reargdless of the fact that he played for ELEZU, isn't that how it's pronounced? They always said Honey Badger don't give a s*!t, well I hope he get's his s*1t together before it is too late. As I told Renee Roberts Cooper, no one is bigger than a team and The Louisiana State University Fighting Tigers will be just fine thank you!!
Looks like the Honey Badger (Tyrann Mathieu) should have cared a little bit more. Glad to see some of these top level schools sticking to their rules instead of covering it up.
It’s a steep fall from Heisman finalist to a man without a college team for cornerback Tyrann Mathieu, LSU’s Honey Badger.
Tyrann Mathieu aka the Honey Badger is the stupidest person ever. He has all the talent in the world he can flat out ball and he gave up a 1st round draft pick and millions for weed!? r u kidding me? why? and this wass his 3rd failed drug test. wooow it was worth it
1. As a Heisman Finalist, one has to literally try to get kicked off a powerhouse football team in the SEC. Honey Badger found a way. This afternoon LSU head football coach announced that Tyrann Mathieu had been dismissed from the team.
Huge news out of Baton Rouge today: The cornerback they called the Honey Badger will have to take what he wants elsewhere next year. Tyrann Mathieu was
Tyrann Mathieu "The Honey Badger" was dismissed after Les Miles found him using RGIII & Trent Richardson on LSU team on NCAA Football '13
No more LSU Honey Badger?! Oh, say it isn't so! LSU's National Championship hopes were hurt today when Heisman Trophy finalist Tyrann Mathieu, better known as The Honey Badger, was kicked off the football team for breaking team and school rules, head coach Les Miles announced at a news conference.
Tyrann Mathieu (the Honey Badger) should come to Fresno St. Since LSU is letting him go for violating team rules. I hear the rule here are a little more "lenient".
Tyrann Mathieu "the Honey Badger" is no longer on the LSU team, head football coach Les Miles announced moments ago in a press conference.
Pre-season # 1 ranked LSU, has lost their star defensive back, (# 5 in the Heisman vote for 2011) Tyrann Mathieu, a.k.a. "Honey Badger" for violating team rules. Details to follow. That's not going to help them when the South Carolina Gamecocks roll into Baton Rouge on October 13th. GO ***
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I guess there's only one good thing about Tyrann Mathieu's dismissal from the LSU football team -- we may never again have to hear Brent Musburger talk so freaking much about the "Honey Badger."
Who's Tyrann Mathieu.? Collin Klein is still on the K-state roster! Honey Badger still on the team no worries.
Thank God! If I heard Brent Musburger say "Honey Badger" one more time, I was going to blow a gasket! ESPN SportsCenter - LSU dismisses 2011 Heisman Trophy finalist Tyrann Mathieu from football team (violation team policy)
Tyrann Mathieu could be the first defensive Heisman winner since Charles Woodson in 1997. But LSU is keeping him off-limits to the media. Yet Kevin Van Valkenburg in ESPN The Magazine hunted down the true story of the Honey Badger.
what do you think about Tyrann Mathieu aka Honey Badger?
Them Dawgs betta be ready... Or the Honey Badger will make dem look a fool again lol.. Anthony Colden
who is better Cam Newton or Tyrann Mathieu "The Honey Badger
As a sophomore last season, LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu was a first team All-American, the Bednarik winner and the only defensive finalist for the Heisman. Oh, yeah, he earned that "Honey Badger" nickname too. So, entering 2012, Mathieu (is … Continue reading →
Agree with the Honey Badger? If not, who do you say is the best defensive player in college for 2012?
Tyrann "TM7" "Honey Badger" Mathieu! I do not own any of this footage... Watch in 720HD Like and comment! (Song is By the Way - Young Jeezy)
Tyrann Mathieu a.k.a Honey Badger is now calling himself King. These fake kings just keep coming out of nowhere.
This is a video showcasing the highlights of one of the best College Football players ever. Tyrann Mathieu of LSU. Keep it up Tyrann Mathieu. You got Moves L...
College GameDay profiles the explosive Tyrann Mathieu and Les Miles talks about his similarities to the honey badger.
Highlights of Tyrann Mathieu's! Go Tigers! Let's BEAT BAMA. Tyrann Mathieu's "Honey Badger" keep it up you are fabulous! Finish Strong!
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